Thursday, June 4


    I wake up at 11pm with really bad stomach cramps. Obviously I'm in labor. My due date isn't till next week, but my doctor said the baby could come early or late. I guess I should get my things together and head on over to the hospital. I need to call the couple who will be adopting my daughter. I'm doing the right thing giving her up right? I'm not financially stable enough to take care of a child right now. I could of had an abortion, but I decided to give her to someone who can't have children. I honestly don't care what people say. I'm doing what's best for my child. Anyway, off to the hospital.

    This labor thing sucks! All this waiting. I need pain medicine and this guy is taking his time to get in here and give me my shot. I'm not ever getting pregnant again. I don't see how women can do this all-natural. I feel like punching someone right now. The couple who are taking my daughter won't be here for at least two hours. My parents won't come here to be with me. Going through this alone has to be the worse part of it all. I just need to relax and get this over with so I can go on with my life. Finally, start dating this kid from school I've had a thing for. But first I need to know if he really called me a whore. I don't think he did because he's hitting on me for a while. Why would he call me a whore and mess up his progress? I'll give him a call tomorrow and see what's going on. No... I'm calling him now. I need someone here. I know he'll come.

    "Come on answer... Please..."
    "Hey! I'm sorry. Did I wake you?"
    "Yeah. But it's cool."
    "Oh... Okay."
    "Are you okay?"
    "Ye... Um..."
    "Do you need me to go see you?"
    "I'm... Oh god!"
    "Hey... I'm on my way."
    "I'm at the hospital already."
    "What room?"
    "All right. I'm comin'."
    "Thank you."

    "Are you ready for some pain meds Ms. Toledo?"
    "I was ready for them an hour ago!"

    Now that shot straight into my spine hurt pretty bad but it was oh so worth it. Now I can really relax and maybe take a little nap before I have to push this kid out of me. Although I'm finding it hard to sleep with my doctor coming in every hour or so sticking her hand inside me. *rolls eyes* Just let me sleep for like two hours please. Let me snuggle my man for two hours! This went on for maybe three hours before I was ready to push. The baby's parents haven't got here yet, and they wanted to be here for the delivery. I can't hold her in any longer. I pushed for a good fifteen minutes and she was here. The most beautiful thing I ever saw.

    "She's perfect. Do you want to hold your daughter dad?"
    "Uh... Yeah."
    "Be careful... Hold her head."
    "I know. I've held a baby before Melissa... Hi there."
    "Oh my god."
    "That was fuckin' cool what you did just now."
    "Mmm hmm. No idea how the fuck you did it. But it was fuckin' amazing... You wanna hold her now?"
    "Here... She has your nose."
    "Hi there little girl. I'm so sorry I can't keep you. But I'll always love you... Thank you for being here."
    "I promised I would be... Man..."
    "Nothin'... She's perfect."
    "Can I have a kiss?"

Saturday, June 6


    I slept so good last night. I didn't even want to get out bed this morning, I just wanted to lay there and hold Elizabeth a little bit longer. I need to get up and get shit together. I need to wake her up and send her home before her mom decides to show up. Her mom leaves tomorrow morning and it'll just be me and her all weekend. I need to plan something good. Get out of San Jose for the weekend is my plan. Elizabeth starts to roll around on the bed next me.

    "Good morning my Love. Sleep well?"
    "Best nights sleep I ever had Beautiful."

    The next thing I know Elizabeth is taking off her clothes and then positions herself on top of me.

    "What are doing Beautiful?"
    "Do you have time to make love to me before I have to leave?"
    "Yes. If we cut out all the foreplay and just get down to it."
    "I wanna ride you."
    "Then get on it. It's ready for you."

    She slides herself on to me before I even had a chance to get or mention a condom. She lets out a moan when all of me is inside her.

    "Let me know when you're going to cum." she whispers in my ear.

    I do love when this girl wants to suck me dry. Drives me insane! She didn't even start off slow. She started thrusting on top of me fast and hard, straight to the point.

    "Fuck Beautiful! I'm not going to last long if you keep this up."
    "You said we had to cut out foreplay. Going slow is foreplay to me."

    I just lay back and enjoy her doing all the work.

    "Does that feel good Michael?"
    "Mmm. I'm going to cum Elizabeth."
    "No, not before me." 

    I quickly set up and then get on top of Elizabeth.

    "Let me help you then." I whisper in her ear.

    I rub on her clit while I go in and out of her slowly. I feel her start to tighten around me.

    "I'm not going to last much longer Beautiful."
    "Just a little bit more Michael."

    Before I bust I quickly pull out and slide two fingers inside her and start sucking and biting on her clit.

    "Michael!" she screams as she yanks hard on my hair.
    "Come here and suck me Beautiful."

    She got hers and I got mine and now I'm good.

    "I don't want to be a dick or anything but I need to kick you out."
    "That's fine Michael. I need to get home because I have no clue when my mom is going to be home. Last thing I need is for her to pull up as I'm walking out of your house with "just had sex hair" you know."
    "So no hard feelings?"
    "None at all! Now come here and give me a kiss before I leave."

    She puts her hand on my chest and kisses me softly.

    "I'll see you in a few hours Mr. Avalon."
    "That's it? That one little kiss?"
    "You're gonna have me all weekend to yourself. So yes, that's all you get."
    "Speaking of this weekend. You ever been to France?"
    "Are we going to France?"
    "Do you want to?"
    "Then we're going to France"
    She grabs me around my waist and kisses me hard and passionately.

    "Mmmm… now go home Beautiful. I need to get shit together."
    "See you in a few hours. One thing before I go. How's the weather in France? I have no idea what to pack."
    "The weather is nice this time of year. Pack whatever you want."
    "How about I pack nothing and just stay naked the whole weekend?"
    "Hmm. That works too. We'll talk later. Right now, I need to take care of a few things."
    "Alright. I'll see you later tonight then?"
    "Then I'll see you tonight my Love."

    I wonder what time my mom leaves in the morning. Or if she'll be home tonight. I know she doesn't work. Maybe I'll get lucky and she'll go stay the night at her baby daddy's house. I still can't believe my mom has been seeing my principle, and why she kept it from me for so long. Well I'm sure she has her reasons. But as her daughter she should of told me. For a teenager I sure do have a lot going on.

    "What are you doing mom?"
    "Nothing Lizzy. Just packing my things for the weekend. Look at all these clothes. You think after the baby is here I'll fit in them again?"
    "Well I'll gladly take them off your hands if they don't fit."
    "How was your day Lizzy?"
    "It was all right. Same thing different day."
    "I hear you there. You want to help me pack?"

    I look at the bags on her bed and realize she's already packed up and ready to go. I still say yes.

    "So what time are you leaving in the morning?"
    "Around 5. I need to get to bed soon if I even want to get up in time."
    "Just set your alarm like an hour before you even need to get up."
    "Yeah, I can do that. So what are your plans for the weekend Lizzy?"
    A very hot guy is taking me to France for the weekend!

    "Uhh, nothing really. I'll be here watching over things."
    "Just don't throw any wild parties."
    "Like I said mom I don't have friends. So you don't have to worry about me throwing a party."
    "Just no parties."

    After I finished talking to my mom, I hop in the shower hoping by time I get out she'll be asleep so I can go next door and see Michael before I go to sleep. I get lucky when I find my mom passed out cold in her bed by time I get out of the shower. I need a little bit of Michael before I go to bed myself. I see one light on downstairs at Michael’s house so I decide to send a text before I walk over.

    "Are you still awake my Love?"
    "Just heading to bed. Do you need something Beautiful?"
    "I'm feeling a little bit feisty. Make love to me before I go to bed please?"
    "Come over and I'll make love to you."

    I put my cell in my pocket and quickly ran to Michael's next door who was waiting for me as I went to ring the doorbell.

    "Good evening Beautiful."
    "I hope I'm not keeping you up Mr. Avalon."
    "I don't mind."
    "I can go home and go to bed if you want to sleep"
    "No, come here."

    Michael grabs me around my waist and undresses me then sets me on the couch and kneels in front of me. I love living next door to this man. I have dick on tap, pretty much whenever I want it. I never met a guy who was so nice to me. Maybe it's because he's older and wiser, I guess. I don't know. All I do know is I love him, and he loves me.

    "Feel better now Beautiful?"
    "I do. I can go to sleep happy and satisfied now."
    "What time do we leave tomorrow?"
    "Around six or so. Are you excited?"
    "Yeah, I am. I was trying to look for things to do."
    "Don't worry about that. This isn't my first time going to France."
    "Really? How many times you been there?"
    "I grew up going back and for from Hawaii and France. My parents have a house there where we will be staying."
    I raise one eyebrow at him.

    "Are you rich?" I ask.
    "No, not really. I'm comfortable."
    "How can you say no, not really when you have a house in France?"
    "It's my parent's house Beautiful. My mom was born and raised in France, that's how they have a house there. Has nothing to do with money."
    "So you know how to speak French?"
    "Yes, my mom taught me when I was young."
    "Say I love you in French."
    "Je t'aime."

    I couldn't help myself I had to giggle at him. It was sexy as hell.

    "Say something else."
    "Okay. Umm. Je vais te faire l'amour toute la fin de semaine jusqu'a ce que vous ne pouvez pas marcher plus."
    "Okay, English now."
    "I pretty much said I'm going to fuck you all weekend until you can't walk."
    "Oh. Well, I think I want to be able to walk when we come home though Michael."
    "You told me to say something else in French. So I did."
    "Okay! Well, I need to go. Thank you for the bedtime sex."

    I slept like a rock. I've noticed I sleep much better after having sex. Is it just me? I find Michael under his car doing something.

    "What happen to your car?"
    "Nothing. I'm disconnecting the starter so if someone tries to steal it they have a hard time."
    "Oh. How are we getting to the airport then?"
    "We are taking a cab to the airport."
    "Oh. I'm going to go take a shower before we go. Join me?"
    "I would love to Beautiful, but I still need to pack."
    "You're no fun."

Friday, June 5


    I hope Elizabeth has a good time in France. Feels good to take her somewhere that she's never been to and show her part of my life not many people know about. She only survived about three hours of the flight before falling asleep. I couldn't sleep on a plane if I tried. Way to uncomfortable for me. I figured I should let her sleep. This is a nine-hour flight. Some turbulence before landing woke Elizabeth up in a panic.

    "Oh, my god what is that?"
    "Relax it's normal."
    "Oh. Okay. First plane ride kind of scary."
    "Well, you did sleep the whole flight, you didn't even get to enjoy anything."
    "Did you sleep?"
    "No. I can't sleep on planes. Never could."
    "Are you tired at all?"
    "A little bit. I'll be fine. By the way, bienvenue en France!"
    "Welcome to France."
    "You need to teach me how to speak French."
    "Why didn't you take it in school?"
    "I took Spanish instead."
    "Ah! Que te pasa?"
    "I'll take that as no."
    "What did you say Michael?"
    "I asked if you passed."
    "I passed. Spanish class was learning basics. I don't know any good stuff. For example! Tengo gas maloliente que se quema."

    I don't think she had any idea what she had just said. I just looked at her and started laughing hysterically.

    "Why are you laughing at me?"
    "What did you just say?"
    "I said you refill your car when you run out of gas."
    "That is not what you said."
    "Okay, Mr. College Graduate, what did I say then?"
    "You said you have stinky gas that burns Beautiful."

    The look of horror on her face was pretty priceless.

    "If it burns when you fart, you might have something wrong Beautiful."
    "It doesn't burn when I fart Michael."
    "Eww, you fart?"
    "Don't you?"
    "Doesn't everyone?"

    We are officially at the point in our relationship where we now talk about random dumb shit. This is good.

    "Before we go to the house, we need to go and get food. I'm not sure if there's any there or not. Is that okay Beautiful?"
    "I like food."
    "Come on we're walking this way."
    "We're not getting a cab?"
    "No. We're going over here to this parking garage. I have a car here."
    "How many cars do you have?"
    "Curious is all."
    "I have four cars Elizabeth."
    "And you're not rich?"
    "No. Why do you think I'm rich all the sudden? Does it even matter? If I was rich why would I have a minimum wage job at a high school?"
    "Well, you said your parents have money, so I assume you did to."
    "Yeah, they have money. When I turned eighteen and moved off to college I got on-campus job and supported myself. But they did pay my tuition for the first semester. I don't want to live off my parents my whole life."

    So many questions from this girl. Maybe I should come out with it and tell her who I come from. A simple google search would give her all the answers to the questions she's asking. I'm telling her what she needs to know. The last thing I need in my life is another female who's after my money, and yes I have a lot of it.

    "So does France really have the best wine Michael?"
    "I guess. You want some wine?"
    "I'm not old enough to drink wine."
    "Are you kidding me? Most parents around here give their kids a glass of wine with their dinner."
    "Did you get wine with your dinner too?"
    "Sometimes. Do you want wine with your dinner too Beautiful?"
    "Yes please. Can we buy some?"
    "There's some at the house, and most of it is significantly better than anything we'll get here."

    We finish getting some food and other things when I notice a woman smiling and waving at me.

    "You're about to meet my aunt right now."

    "Michael! Comment allez-vous? Je ne t'ai pas vu depuis un moment!"
    "Oui. Anglais N'hesitez pas mon ami ne parle pas francais."
    "Well, then, you better teach this pretty girl some French if you plan on being with her for a while Michael."
    "Yeah, she said I need to teach her earlier today."
    "Manners Michael. Introduce us."
    "Elizabeth, this is my aunt Sophia. Aunt Sophia this is Elizabeth."
    "How long are you here for Michael? We need to catch up."
    "Just for the weekend. But if Elizabeth and I get some free time we'll come by and catch up on things."
    "Sounds wonderful!"

    She gives me a big hug and kiss on each cheek before walking away to finish her shopping.

    "C'est une tres belle jeune femme Michael."
    "Yes, I know she is." I reply smiling at Elizabeth.

    Elizabeth raises one eyebrow at me.

    "I'm what?"
    "She said you're a beautiful young woman."
    "Aww! How nice."
    "Are you ready to go?"
    "I'm following you my Love."

    As we get to the house and walk through the gate to go inside Elizabeth stops and stares at the plaque hanging on the fence.

    "Something wrong Beautiful?"
    "This word right here is the same word on the sign at the market we were just at."
    "Yeah. Is that what's wrong? I don't understand."
    "We were at BeauSoleil Market just now?"
    "What's this sign say?"
    "BeauSoleil Garden House."
    "What is BeauSoleil?"
    "So many questions. Can't we just enjoy this time together?"
    "I'm curious Michael! What does it mean?"
    "BeauSoleil is my mom's maiden name. Her dad, my grandpa, owns the market and several other places in town. When he died, it all went to my grandma. This house was bought as a wedding gift for my parents when they got married."
    "Oh! What's your mom and dad's names."
    "Michael and Olivia."
    "Nope. Only child."
    "I'm sorry for being a pest. It's just you know some much about me and I know nothing about you."
    "All you have to do is ask Beautiful. I have no problem telling you about me."
    "That's good to know. Beautiful house by the way."
    "Come on lets go inside."


    It really is an amazing house. Michael's aunt was really nice and very pretty.  If his mom owns like half of this town, I wonder what his dad owns. If he owns anything. Who knows, maybe his dad married into money. I still have so many questions I want to ask Michael, but it feels like I'm making him mad asking all sorts of things. I guess if I don't ask about money he won't get mad at me. I really do hope he doesn't think I'll be after him for his money. I'm not at all like that. I fell in love with him before I even thought he might be rich. Which he is but he doesn't want to admit it, and that's perfectly fine with me.

    "What are we going to do tonight Michael?"
    "Whatever you want Beautiful."
    "Wine and watch the stars out in the awesome garden."
    "Dinner first."
    "Right what are we having?"
    "The only "French" thing I can make and is halfway decent. Boeuf Bourguignon"
    "That would be?"
    "Basically beef stew but better. I guess."
    "I'll let you know if it's yummy or not."
    "Oh god you're going to be my worst critic aren't you?"
    "Hey! I'm only gonna be honest Michael. So you better make it good!"
    "Yes ma'am!"

    Dinner was actually pretty good. Not as good as my mom's food, but it was good. Three glasses of wine and I think I may be a little bit drunk.

    "It's really beautiful here Michael. Thanks for bringing me."
    "You're welcome. In the morning I'm taking you to this little bistro in town for breakfast. I think you'll enjoy it."
    "So tell me more about you."
    "What do you want to know about me."
    "What does your dad do for a living?"
    "That's not something about me. But if you must know, he owns his own business."
    "Cool, what kind of business?"

    I can tell by the look on his face he's getting upset by my questions. Time to back track.

    "So what's so special about this bistro you're taking me to in the morning."
    "Nothing really special about it. It's just a nice little bistro in the middle of town that has really good food."
    "I have a question. Is French Toast French?"
    "Funny you should ask that. No it's not."
    "What about French Fries?"
    "I don't think so. But here they don't call them French Fries. They call them frites."
    "Frites. Fries?"
    "Yeah. Frites means fries."
    "How tall are you?"
    "6'2. We went from talking about food to how tall am I."
    "Sorry. I think I'm drunk."
    "Well, you are on your fourth glass of wine Beautiful."
    "You drank more than me, how are you not drunk?"
    "Well, I'm bigger than you, and I been drinking wine a good part of my life. I have a higher tolerance than you."
    "I'm horny."
    "Are you now? What do you want me to do about that?"
    "Wanna have some sex?"

    Michael and I finish our glasses of wine and head inside. Michael gave me a quick tour. Since he really didn't give me one when we got here. This house as big as it is is only a 2 bedroom house. I guess that's all they need. Since Michael is an only child they never really needed more than 2 bedrooms. The master bathroom upstairs is super amazing! It's so amazing here. It's going to suck going back home. Going home means we have to go back to not being a real couple. Being here, we can go out and not worry about anyone saying anything about our relationship. I love it here.


    I wake in the middle of the night noticing Elizabeth isn't in bed beside me. I put on my boxers and head downstairs to see if I could find her. She couldn't have gone too far.

    "Elizabeth what are doing down here?"
    "I couldn't sleep. So I figured I'd make me something to eat."
    "Everything okay?"
    "Yeah, just thinking about some stuff."
    "I like it here. We can actually be a real couple and go out and do things. We don't have to hide the fact we love each other."
    "That's why I brought you here Beautiful. I know you want to go out and do things with me. This is one way I knew how to give that to you."
    "France though? You could of taken me to a few towns over from San Jose. You didn't need to bring me here."
    "I wanted to bring you here."
    "How many girls have you brought here?"
    "You are the first girl I've brought here."
    "You're lying! You had a fiancée you had to of brought her here."
    "Nope. I've never brought her here. Honest."
    "I feel special."
    "Well, you are very special to me. How long have you been down here?"
    "A couple hours. I'm getting tired now though."
    "Come on. Lets go back to bed Beautiful. I got some things we can do tomorrow."

Saturday, June 6

    I managed to go into town and meet with my aunt Sophia for a few hours and get back to the house before Elizabeth even woke up. My aunt had more to talk about then I thought. She wanted to know everything about Elizabeth and myself. How long we been together, how old is she, am I going to marry her. Of course I couldn't tell her how old Elizabeth really is. Other than that I was able to answer all the other questions she wanted to know. Now all that's left is a phone call from my mom wanting to meet her to. By the time I make it back to the house it's about eleven in the afternoon. I guess breakfast is out of the question now, but I can always take her to lunch at the same bistro I told her about.

    "Oh, my god this bathroom is amazing Michael!"
    "My mom designed it."
    "Well, I like your mom. She has awesome taste."
    "Hurry up and get ready we're going to lunch since you slept in till' noon."
    "Are we going to the same place you mentioned last night?"
    "Yep. Now hurry up."

    As Elizabeth takes a shower and does whatever it is she does, I grab my cell phone and book tickets for the flight back home for tomorrow morning. Always have to keep in mind it's a ten-hour flight and we have to be back home for work and school and before her mom gets home.

    "Michael I'm ready to go. What are you doing? Talking to some girl?"
    "No, booking flight back home for tomorrow morning."
    "Aww so soon?"
    "I know. Come on lets go to lunch."

    The bistro looks the same as it did the last time I've been here, which is about four years ago. Must be the same owners and everything since the name is still the same.

    "Monsieur Avalon! Bienvenue a nouveau ce que je peux faire pour vous et cette belle jeune fille aujourd'hui?"
    "Monsieur Avalon." Elizabeth mocks.
    "Emile, comment allez-vous? Une table pour deux s'il vous plait par la fenetre."

    Emile sits us at his best table by the window like I asked. It's been four years, and he still recognized me. Either I haven't changed much or my aunt has been around telling folks I'm in town. Either way I'm not at all worried.

    "Order whatever you want Elizabeth."
    "I would if I could read the menu. I don't read French Michael."
    "Do you trust me to order for you?"
    "Might as well."
    "All right."

    I call Emile back over to our table to order.

    "Pret a commander monsieur Avalon?"
    "Yeah. Deux Filet de Saumon, pommes de terre ecrasees au beurre et ciboulete sur coulis de tomate et poivron rouge."

    "Do you want an appetizer? Salad or something?" I ask Elizabeth.
    "Um. Sure. Whatever you're getting. I trust you."

    "Plateau de fromages, avec une bouteille de Chateauneuf-du-Pape."
    "Tout de suite monsieur Avalon."

    I look over at Elizabeth, who has a big grin on her face.

    "What is it Beautiful?"
    "What did you just order for us?"
    "And what is the appetizer?"
    "Just cheese?"
    "And a bottle of wine."


    Michael and I had a great lunch. The salmon was actually awesome. Way better than my mom's salmon. After lunch we walked up the street to this little park I guess is what you would call it. We just sat for maybe two hours and just talked.

    "So is your dad French too?"
    "No he's Irish."  
    "Oh, so your dad is a big red-headed guy?"
    "No. Not anymore. He has grey hair now."
    "So your black hair comes from your mom?"
    "Yep. Black hair from my mom, my height from my dad."
    "So you're saying your mom is a tiny little French lady?"
    "Hey, she may be small, but she can be mean as hell too. Just stay on her good side."
    "What makes you think I'm going to piss your mom off?"
    "I didn't say you were. Now come on. I got one more place to take you before we head back to the house."
    "Where are we going?"
    "You'll see. Come on."

    The drive to where ever we were going was very long. Almost an hour. When we get there all I see is a hill with some big rocks. Michael wants me to see big rocks? Really?

    "Where are we? You didn't bring me here to show me big rocks did you?"
    "No. Walk and look around Beautiful."

    As I begin to walk around, I trip over a small tombstone on the ground and nearly fall. That's when I noticed all of the other grave sites.

    "What is this place Michael"
    "My mom's family is here. I figured if you wanted to know a little bit about me and where I come from this would be the best place. At least here in France."
    "What am I supposed to learn?"
    "Go read the name on the big tombstone in the middle."
    "Joseph Jacques Cesaire Joffre, 12 January 1852–3 January 1931. Joseph Joffre, why does that sound familiar?"
    "History Beautiful. Think about it."
    "World War I? Battle of the Frontiers?"
    "Wow. This is awesome. Thank you for showing me this."
    "You're welcome."

    I walk around and look at the other graves some go back as far as the 1800's. I really am glad Michael brought me here. Before walking back to Michael, I notice a little old lady sitting on a bench with flowers in her hand crying.

    "Michael there's someone over there."
    "I know, It's my grandma. Ever since my grandpa died she's been... Not herself. She spends most of her time here. That's what my aunt told me."
    "She looks so lost. She's so heart broken."
    "Yeah, she is."
    "How long ago did your grandpa die?"
    "Almost a year ago."
    "Hey, how do you say hello, may I sit with you?"
    "Elizabeth don't bother her. Let her be."
    "Look at her Michael. That's your grandma. Please tell me how to say it."
    "She doesn't speak any English at all Elizabeth. She will try to talk to you. How are you going to talk back to her?"
    "Then, walk over there with me.
    "Fine. Let's go."
    "First, how do I say hello may I sit with you?"
    "Bonjour, puis-je m'asseoir avec vous."
    "Bonjour, pews juh masser afoose."
    "Close enough."
    "No, make me say it right."

    It took me about six times before I got it right. I wanted to be able to say it perfect. I don't know why. But here we go!

    "Bonjour, puis-je m'asseoir avec vous." I say as I walk up to the little old lady.
    "Non! Allez-vous en! Laissez-moi tranquille!" she snapped back. I look up at Michael horrified.
    "Grand-mere." Michael says from behind her.
    "Michael? Mon petit cul muffin. Venez venez me faire un calin."

    I'm guessing she asked for a hug because Michael walked around and gave her a hug.

    "Grand-mere, c'est ma petite amie Elizabeth."
    "Ravi de vous rencontrer Elizabeth. Je m'excuse pour crier a vous." she said holding out her hand to shake.
    "She said nice to meet you and she's sorry for yelling at you."

    I just sat there and listened to Michael and his grandma talk. She seemed so happy to see Michael. They must have talked for a good thirty minutes before his aunt pulled up to pick her up and take her home. She linked her arm with Michael as he walked her to the car. Before getting in the car I see her pull of her wedding ring and hand it to Michael. Before kissing her on the cheek, he puts it in his pocket. Probably hoping I didn't see it.

    "Are you ready to go Beautiful?"
    "Why did she give you her wedding ring?"
    "To give to you."
    "To give to me? Give it to me then."
    "Not a gift Elizabeth. She said to give it to you when I ask you to marry me."
    "You're going to ask me to marry you?"
    "Not like tomorrow or something right?"
    "No Beautiful. Honestly, not anytime soon. I will ask you to marry me though so don't take that as I won't."
    "At least wait till' I'm out of college to ask me."  
    "Can we go get some dinner Michael? I'm hungry."
    "Of course. Let's go eat."