Chapter Four - I Love You

Friday, June 5


    The sound of my house alarm woke me up I had just fell asleep and I have school in two hours. Give me a break! Just as I started to get up my mom barges through my bedroom door and tosses her cell phone at me.

    "Stay here and call the police Lizzy."
    "What? Mom what's going on?"
    "Do what I said damn it!"

    I quickly dial 911 and tell the operator that there's someone in my house and the alarm has been triggered.

    "Yes ma'am we see your alarm has be triggered. Police are already on the way."

    By the time I get off the phone, I hear the police officer in the living room and my mom talking. Apparently, nothing in the house was stolen. I can't say the same for the other people he hit tonight. The police officer was telling my mom they been getting calls all night about this guy. I guess thank god for our alarm going off right? The police were able to catch this guy. It's so weird though. I have been here over a year now and we never had any issue in this part of San Jose at all with burglars. I hope my mom doesn't get spooked and decide we have to move. That would be so uncool. I don't want to leave my sexy stud muffins next door most of all. Speaking of Michael I wonder if he's awake because of the alarm. It is a little bit after 5. He gets up at five to get ready for work. Maybe if my mom goes back to sleep, I can sneak over.

    "Lizzy try to get another hour of sleep before you have to leave for school please."
    "You're right mom I should try to go back to sleep."

    Who am I kidding I'm grounded for like 2 months already I don't need to be in anymore trouble. Come to think about it Michael is what's keeping me in trouble. I think I need to slow it down with him. Take a break, serve my time here in Jail Oh Sanders. I also don't want to break his heart either. It might break my heart to tell him I can't see him for a while. Ug! Fuck my life! I need to sleep on this. But in reality I have to do this. He'll understand. He has to. Next thing I know I'm waking up on the couch a little bit after 7. I need to shower and get dressed within 30 minutes or else I'll miss the bus. Then I'll be walking to school. So much to do today. First things first. A shower!

    I managed to catch the bus in time this morning. Just barley too! I had to yell because she was taking off. No time to talk to Michael this morning, I didn't even see him in the hall as I was walking to class. He's hiding this morning I guess. I know where he lives! He can't hide from me. I head to my locker and grab my Science book for class when I hear a whistle behind me. I turn around thinking it was Michael, but it wasn't. It was Jacob.

    "You're looking extra hot today Liz."
    "What did you say?"
    "I said you look hot today. It's a compliment. I say you look hot, and you say, Aww thank you Jacob you look hot too."
    I raise one eyebrow at him before closing my locker and walking away. "Not gonna happen Jacob."
    "Well, you still look hot."
    "Are you done? I need to get to class."
    "I guess we are. I'll see you in class."

    What the fuck was that? When did I become attractive to Jacob? Don't get me wrong. Jacob isn't ugly or anything, he's just not my type. Rumor has it his parents shipped him here to live with his uncle because he got expelled from his old school. I don't need to be hanging around with people like him. Hell, I get myself in trouble, I don't need the help from him getting me in anymore trouble. That's why I need to break things off with Michael for a while. Today Science drug on forever. I got way too much on my mind. Only 45 minutes to go then English class. Yippie! Just as I started to start on my class work there was a knock at the door. Me sitting in the front of the class I got distracted of course, but I continued to do my work when I heard Michael's voice at the door.

    "Sorry to interrupt, you mind if I steal Ms. Sanders?"
    "Ms. Sanders... Gather your things and make sure you write down your homework assignment."

    What could he possibly want right now? Oh well, we need to talk anyway. Let get this over with. I gather my things and head down the hall to his office. When I walk in he's standing right in front of the door waiting for me. He closes the blinds and locks the door behind me, then he grabs my butt and picks me up and sets me on his desk.

    "Michael what are you doing?"
    "What does it feel like Beautiful." he asks as he pulls my panties to the side and slides two fingers inside me.
    "Michael stop! We need to talk." I push him away and get up off his desk.
    "What's wrong?"
    "A lot is wrong Michael. My mom knows we've been having sex."
    His eyes got wide. "What do you mean she knows? You told her!?"
    "No, she doesn't know who I'm having sex with I didn't tell her it's with you. But she knows because of this!"

    I pull my hair back and pull my shirt down off my shoulder to show him the hickies he left on me.

    "Three more weeks, Michael! She added three more weeks. I can't fucking do this right now. We can't see each other anymore."
    "What are you talking about? I live next door there's plenty of time to mess around when your mom is gone. We just won't go out to places anymore."
    "I don't want to be in a relationship that's just based on sex. We can't go out to dinner, or a movie, or even a fucking walk in the park."
    "I thought we were both enjoying each other? Where is all of this coming from?"
    "I do enjoy being with you. But that's not the point! You've become a big distraction in my life right now. I need to keep my head clear and get through the rest of the school year."
    "Please don't this Beautiful."

    I couldn't hold back the tears anymore.

    "I need you to leave me alone!"
    "I can't fucking do that! Are you scared of me ending up like your science teacher? What the fuck is the problem? Tell me!"
    "Yes! That's one thing I am scared of. Like I said we can't go out like a normal couple. We get seen or I end up pregnant like Melissa. Shit can go all downhill so fucking fast."
    "You want to go out like a normal couple we can. I never said we couldn't! As for you getting pregnant, I don't plan on getting you pregnant ever, I don't want kids. Ever."
    "Well then, you and I will never work. Never!"
    "I want to get married and have kids someday. You don't want kids. This ends right now Michael. I need to go."

    As I turn to walk out, he grabs me, pinning my arms to my side.

    "Please don't leave."

    At this point I can't see tears keep flooding my eyes and all I want to do is get far away from Michael as possible.

    "Let me go."
    "I won't, I can't." He grips me tight making almost hard to breathe.
    "Michael! Please, you're hurting me. Let go!"

    When he releases me, I turn to look at him. He's just looking at the floor.

    "Michael?" I softly say.

    As he picks his head up to look at me, I notice one single tear fall from him left eye. I don't what happen. I just turned and ran out. What did I just do? I ran straight to the bathroom and into one of the stalls, barely making it before I got sick and threw up. Just as I was getting up to walk to the skin to wash my face, the bell rang. Come on Lizzy! Pull yourself together. I just can't seem to stop crying. I feel like I want to throw up again. Why the fuck do I feel this way? I've only known Michael for what a week? Why was he crying? I'm nothing special there's no way he could have liked me that much. Right? I finish cleaning myself up and head to my next class.

    When I get to my next class, I notice a note on the door. All classes meet in the gym. Thank you. The door is unlocked, so I went in and sat down. I just need a few minutes alone.

    "You all right Liz?"
    "Go away Jacob I just need to be alone right now."

    Jacob grabs a chair and sets down next to me.

    "No. Not till you tell me why you're crying."
    "What do care?"
    "I'm not a bad guy. Tell me who the guy is. I'll go fuck him up right now for you if you want."
    "How do you know I'm even crying over a guy Jacob?"
    "Because of the huge love bite you got on your neck. Whoa! It's huge! Some night huh?"

    He actually made me smile a little bit.

    "See! Like I said Liz. I'm not a bad guy. You gonna be good? Or do I have to go get Mr. Avalon to talk you through this mess of yours?"
    "No, I'll be fine. I already talked to him today. I'm good. See you made me smile."

    Jacob grabs my head and wipes the tears away with his thumbs.

    "Good. Now come on hickey girl. We gotta go to the gym. I don't know about you but I can't afford to get into any more trouble."
    "Are you kidding? I'm grounded for a total of five weeks from the shit I been doing."
    "You get grounded for fuckin' your guy? Man, if I got grounded for fuckin' girls, I'd be grounded till I was twenty."

    I laugh out loud at him.

    "So you're the school whore huh?"
    "I have a dick and I use it. It's what guys do. Now come on before someone notices we aren't in the gym."

    Jacob Sullivan is a nice guy. Who knew! But I'm still not into him!


    I roll out of bed around noon, feeling horrible. Been feeling this way for a few days now. Lizzy has me so damn stressed out. I don't know what to do with her. I leave out of town Friday and won't be home till Monday morning. I know she's going to do whatever she wants while I'm gone. I'll talk to Michael later tonight and make sure he's keeps an eye on her. No parties and no boys at the house. I'm sure he won't mind. Did I eat something bad yesterday? I must have. Because I need to puke!

    There's something wrong here. Is something going around right now? I know Lizzy was sick a few weeks ago. Am I finally getting whatever she had? It better pass quickly because I can't afford to miss this trip. These people are paying me big bucks to cater to their wedding. I need the money. Bills have to be paid. I clean myself up and go on about my day. I need to clean this house since Lizzy didn't clean it yesterday. She did fold all the laundry, but she didn't put any of it away. I guess I'll do it. Might as well. I do love how Lizzy folds the laundry and perfect in their own piles. She's pretty organized for a teenager. When I open Lizzy's dresser to put away her clothes I find an iPod. Where did Lizzy get an iPod? Well, since she's grounded and can't have her MP3 player she can't use this either. I notice Lizzy's calendar as I'm walking out. Is today June 5th? Wait, a minute. Then it hit me. I don't have the bug Lizzy had.

    I know I have a pregnancy test in my room somewhere. I bought a box with two in it a few months ago when I thought I was pregnant. I can't be pregnant. Not now! I just got promoted, Lizzy is graduating soon, this will mess with everything in my life. All right, I found it. Let's go pee on a stick. Pee on the stick blah blah blah and wait five minutes before reading results. All right. I'll pee on this, then go make the beds and by time I'm done we should know the verdict. I go make the beds and do the few dishes that were in the sink. House is all clean and now we go find out the verdict. I pick up the pregnancy test and quickly look away. I don't want to know! I have to look. Shit! It says positive. What am I going to do? I can't afford a kid. Jim is off of work today. Lizzy is going to be pissed. Principle Hands got her mom pregnant. I'll never hear the end of it. I need to go see Jim.

    When I pull up at Jim’s house, I find him outside working on his motorcycle. Always working on that damn bike of his.

    "Hey darling, I was wondering when you were gonna come see me today."
    "Always working on that bike of yours."
    "I have to keep her in good condition."
    "Can we go inside? I need to talk to you."
    "Of course. Give me a minute to clean up this mess and I'll be right in."

    I start pacing in his kitchen. Jim has no kids, but he has to like them. He works with them all day, and he loves his job. After he walks in and washes his hands, I fall into his arms and start crying.

    "Hey, what's this all about Mandy? What happen?"
    I pull the pregnancy test out of my purse and hand it to Jim. He then looks up at me with a big smile on his face.

    "You're pregnant? Really?"
    "Yes. Sorry I'm not all smiles like you about it."
    "You don't want anymore kids?"
    "No it's not that. I just got promoted and I have so much on my plate right now. Plus, I can't afford another child at the moment."
    "I don't plan on letting you support our child by yourself. I'm the father I'll do my part. I want kids."
    "So, you want to do this then? Have a baby together?"

    That went better than I expected! I knew he wanted kids, I shouldn't have doubted it in my mind.

    "How am I going to tell Lizzy about this?"
    "Just tell her I guess."
    "She still doesn't even know we been dating for this past year."
    "Well, you have to tell her. You're smart, you'll figure out the best way to tell her."
    "Yeah. So a burglar broke into the house last night."
    "What? Are you serious?"
    "Yep. Nothing was taken. The alarm you had installed for me worked like a charm!"
    "Oh yeah? How quickly did the police show up?"
    "By time Lizzy called them there was a cop at the front door. So I would say four, maybe five minutes tops."
    "Not bad."
    "So what do you want to do today? I don't want to lay here and watch TV all day."
    "I say we throw our condoms away and have dirty kinky sex."
    "I love the sound of that idea. I want to sit on your face right about now."
    "Hmm, I wouldn't have it any other way."

    This man can eat me out for hours and hours, and I love it!. After we make our way to his bedroom and undress, I push him down on his bed and crawl on top of him straddling his face. He reaches and grabs my ass, pulling me to his mouth. Violently licking and sucking on me. He knows exactly what I like and how I want it. As I grab his hair and grind on his face, a little bit he pulls away for a second to stick one finger inside of then reaches around and sticks it my rear.

    "Oh yeah! You know I like that." I moan loudly.

    Flicking my clit with his tongue as he sucks on it and fucking my ass with his finger. Gets me every time. The faster he goes, the closer I get to my climax. Pulling his hair and grinding on him more and more. I finally reach my destination.

    After he's done I move down and slide onto his already rock hard cock and start thrusting on fast and hard. He stops me for one second to lube up and finger inside of before fucking my ass again. Getting fucked in both holes is amazing.

    "Slow down Mandy, I don't wanna cum yet."
    "Sorry, but I need to get home soon I can't slow down."
    "Then fuck me harder."

    I reach down and put one hand on his throat as I thrust on top of him as hard as I can. I feel Jim’s hard cock start to throb inside me and as he fills me up he props up on his elbows and pushes himself against my hand wanting me to choke him harder.

    "Is that what you like?"

    He collapses on the bed under me breathing hard, dick still throbbing inside me.

    "Oh, yes. Daddy does like it."

    So Jim opened up a whole new sex world for me. I've never been so violently fucked in my life. I love it! We do the vanilla sex to. With my husband it wasn't like this. It also was never bad. This is new and like I said. I love it!

    "Thank you."
    "Mmm, anytime darling."
    "I need to get home before Lizzy gets there. Then I'll talk to her too."
    "Telling her you're pregnant?"
    "Yeah. Are you free this weekend?"
    "I am. Why?"
    "I have a catering job to do at a wedding in Malibu. You want to come with me?"
    "Yeah. I'll tag along. I'll get things in order here and let my nephew know I'll be gone. He might throw a party or two."
    "Do you think Lizzy and Jacob are having sex?"
    "I know Jacob is fucking girls, but he's not fucking your daughter. I'm positive. Why?"
    "She came home with a hickey. She's messing around with someone. I just don't want her to end up pregnant or something."
    "Take her downtown to the Health Clinic and put her on birth control. She's going to have sex no matter what. If you don't want her ending up pregnant take her down there. The clinic closes up at 5."
    "She's seventeen. She is old enough. You know what Jim, you're right. I'll take her today."

    I give Jim a long passionate kiss before heading home to Lizzy. She's going to love the deal I have for her!

    When I pull up I find Michael sitting in his patio smoking and looking all depressed. I need to talk to him anyway. Lizzy can wait 5 minutes.

    "Hey Michael, did someone poop in your cereal? Why so glum?"
    "Oh, hey Amanda. I'm just tired is all. Long day."
    "Same here. Turns out I'm pregnant."
    "No shit? Jim right?"
    "How did you know? I don't recall telling you I was with Jim."
    "Me and Jim talk, and don't worry I didn't tell Elizabeth. But I bet you have to now right?"
    "I have no choice. But speaking of Lizzy can I ask you something?"
    "Has she told you who she's been seeing recently? She came home last night with a huge hickey on her neck and I flipped out."
    "No she hasn't mentioned anyone to me. I didn't even talk to her today."
    "Are you just saying that because it's confidential?"
    "No. I honestly have no idea. Truth."

    Damn! He won't tell me anything!

    "Jim says I should take her and put her on birth control. She's going to have sex no matter what I tell her. Getting birth control for her will make me feel better."
    "Jim is right and so are you. But overall it's Elizabeth's decision whether she wants to go on birth control or not. You can't really force feed her a pill every day."
    "True. Thanks for the advice Michael."
    "No problem."
    "Oh, I almost forgot! I also need a favor if you don't mind."
    "Well, that depends. What do you need?"
    "I have a wedding to cater this weekend. I leave Friday and won't be home till Monday. I trust Lizzy, but can you just keep an eye on things? Like make sure she doesn't throw a party or do anything stupid."
    "You want me to babysit Elizabeth?"
    "No. Just keep an eye out."
    "Will do."

    Now it's time to go talk to Lizzy.


    Where the fuck is it! How could I lose Michaels iPod? It was right there in my dresser. Fuck! I bet my mom took it when she put my clothes away. I really need to give it back to him. I give up! It's not here. My mom has it!

    "Lizzy what are doing under there?"
    "Oh, hey mom! I'm looking for something."
    "The iPod?"
    "Yes, I need it back mom it belongs to a friend."
    "All right. We need to talk Lizzy."

    I can see in my mom's face that something is wrong.

    "Are you alright mom? What's going on?"
    "Lizzy hunny, I'm fine. Come on sit on the bed with me."
    "What's going on mom."
    "I'm pregnant."

    What the fuck!? She has a shitload of rubbers and she's pregnant!

    "For real?"
    "Yes. Here look."
    "No, no. I don't wanna touch your pee stick. Just hold it out for me."

    She holds up the pregnancy test so I can read it. Yup! Knocked up!

    "Who's the dad and how long you been with him?"
    "We been dating for a year."
    "And I don't know who he is? What the hell mom?"
    "You know him Lizzy. I just didn't tell you I was seeing him."

    I raise one eyebrow at her.

    "Who is he?"
    "Jim Hands."

    Oh, I puked a little in my mouth.

    "Ji... Jim Hands? As in... MY FUCKING PRINCIPLE?! Mom! Uhh! I wanna puke now."
    "Lizzy calm down please. Jim and I had a talk. About you and you having sex..."
    "Let me finish! You're going to have sex no matter what I say. I know this and you know this. He recommended I take you to the Health Clinic and get you put on birth control."
    "Mom, I'm safe. Yeah, I been seeing someone and yes we had sex. But he's smart and so am I. We use protection. I don't need the pill."
    "Lizzy, Jim and I never had unprotected sex. Shit happens. You do this for me, I'll clean your slate and give you back your phone and MP3 player and you'll be off the hook for everything."
    "What kind of trickery is this?"
    "None Lizzy. Look at me. Please. It'll make me feel better."
    "All right. I'll do it. When do you wanna go?"
    "You ready now?"
    "MP3 player and phone first?"
    "Yeah. I'll go grab them."
    "Ok then I'm ready to go now!"

    When my mom walks out of the room, I do a little happy dance. Yes! No more being grounded! I get my phone back! I'm one happy Lizzy right now!

    "Here you go. You ready?"
    "Yep! Lets go get some birth control!"

    The clinic was kind of empty. It was my mom and I and two other people. Weird pictures of dicks and vaginas hanging on the wall. Looks like my sex ed class from sophomore year. Ha!

    "Have you chosen which one you want Lizzy?" My mom asks, looking at the pamphlet the receptionist gave me.
    "Yeah. I like this one here. Depo Provera. It's a shot you get every 3 three months. Knowing me I'll forget to take my pill and that won't be good."
    "Lizzy being on birth control doesn't mean you go screw guys without a condom."
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah I know STDs."
    Just as my mom was about to respond, a lady opened the door to call back the next patient.   

    "Elizabeth Sanders!"
    "I'm here!"
    "The doctor will see you now."

    I spent an hour back there! I had to watch a stupid video, had to pee in a stupid little cup to make sure I wasn't pregnant. Of course I'm not pregnant. I knew this already! I walk out into the waiting room rubbing my right butt cheek to meet my mom and go home.

    "Mommy! My butt hurts! Kiss it to make it feel better?"

    She just looked at me and laughed. That's what I wanted to do!

    "Why didn't you get the shot in your arm Lizzy?"
    "She said the butt wouldn't hurt as much. Can we go I need to ice my bum bum."
    "Yeah let's get out of here."
    "Can I drive? Pretty please? Cherries and sprinkles?" I give her the pouty lip.
    "I suppose."

    This time me driving was much better! My mom didn't yell or anything. I think I did good. If I can drive a car with a clutch, I can drive this one.

    "You did good Lizzy."
    "Thank you! Thank you!"
    "Will the amazing Lizzy please take a bow!?"
    "I like seeing you in a good mood, mom. Makes me happy."
    "I'm taking off for the night."
    "Baby daddy sleep over?"
    "Yeah. Oh! I have a catering job this weekend. So no parties while I'm gone."

    Weekend to myself? Nice!

    "I don't have any friends to even throw a party! So we're good."
    "All right. I'm going to go get some stuff together and take off."

    I wait for my mom to leave before walking over to Michaels to give back his iPod. I notice him lying on his living room floor just looking up at the ceiling. Poor guy. I knock on the door and wait for him to get up and answer it. He's still laying there. I try the knob to see if his door is unlocked. Which it is. So I just let myself in.

    "Are you alive down there?"
    "Dead people don't talk Michael."

    He closes his eyes and just lays there. I kick the bottom of his shoe trying to get him to open his eyes. But it doesn't work. I toss his iPod on the couch and turn to walk away.

    "There's your iPod. I came here to talk to you but I guess you don't feel like talking. I'll see you around Michael."
    "What's there to talk about? I thought you said everything you had to today."
    "Whatever Michael. I wanted to let you know my mom let me off the hook and I'm not grounded anymore. But I see you wanna be a dick now. So fuck you."

    I turn and walk out before he has time to respond or even get up. What's his problem? Yeah, I know I was harsh on him today. But still I don't like this Michael. All I wanted was to talk. I make it just passed his car when he comes out.

    "Elizabeth come back."
    "Fuck off!"

    Next thing I know I'm being picked up from behind.

    "Michael! Put me down!"
    "You wanted to talk and now you don't? That's not fair Elizabeth."
    "Fuck you! You're the one who didn't wanna talk. You laid on your floor and ignored me."
    "Talk to me now. I'm right here. I'm not putting you down."

    I feel the tears start falling from my eyes. I somehow managed to squirm out of Michaels's arm and I fall hard on both knees on the ground. Sobbing so hard I can hardly breathe. Then I feel Michael's arms around me and he kisses me twice on the head.

    "If you won't talk to me can I at least say something to you Beautiful?"

    I nod my head yes.

    "I have no idea what you've done to me. I have never in my life fell so fast and hard for a woman like I did for you. I cried for you. No woman ever besides my mom has made me cry. Call me crazy if you want, but I'm speaking the truth from my heart. If you want me to marry you and give you a hundred kids, I will. Just not yet. I need time for that, and so do you. Whatever you want me to do for you I'll do it. Just tell me. I'll do whatever you want if you just stop this bullshit and come back to me. Do you even feel the same way I do?"
    "I feel the same way Michael. The only distraction I want in my life is you, and only you. I couldn't stop falling for you. I kept wanting more. You made me so angry when you left the hickeys on me. Please don't do that again. At least not where everyone and their mothers can see them."
    "I promise to not leave them anywhere so people can see them."
    "I don't want our relationship to be all about sex. We don't have to go out on dates. We can just hang out and talking and nothing else every once in a while is what I want."
    "Done. Anything else?"
    "Can I sleep in your bed with you tonight?"
    "What will your mom do when she comes home from work and you're gone?"
    "My mom is at her boyfriend's house for the night. Can I sleep with you?"   
    "Of course Beautiful. There's nothing I want more than to share my bed with you."
    "Let me go grab a change of clothes and lock up my house. Give me like 10 minutes?"

    He grabs my head and softly kisses my lips and then my forehead before helping me to my feet.

    "The front door will be open. Just make sure you lock it behind you."

    It took me all but five minutes to get my things together and lock up my house. Phone? check! Clothes? Check! Toothbrush? Check! I finally get to spend the entire night with Michael. I just want to hold him all night and sleep. I walk back over and head upstairs to his room.

    "Don't you look sexy in nothing but your boxers."
    "You've seen me in my boxers before what are talking about?"
    "Never mind. Are you just gonna lay there and watch me change my clothes?"
    "Yes. Unless you want me to help."
    "No. We both know what'll happen if you undress me. I just want to sleep with you tonight. No sex."
    "Did your mom talk to you about birth control?"
    "How do you know about that?"
    "She asked me for advice today. Ask me if you had told me about your guy friend you're sleeping with and if I thought it would be a good choice to put you on birth control."
    "What did you say?"
    "I told her no, you haven't said anything to me and I told her she was right. That you're going to have sex even if she told you no and that it was ultimately your decision to go on birth control."
    "Nicely said."   
    "Are you going to get on birth control?"
    "I am on birth control. We went tonight."   
    "So you're on the pill now?"
    "No. The shot. I go in every three months to get it and I don't have to worry about taking a pill every day. And! No periods!"
    "I like that. So, do I get to make love to you without a condom now?"
    "Not for a few days. But why do you not want to use a condom? Does it feel different?"
    "Few days I can deal with, and yes it feels different. It feels 100 times better. Hey look he's happy now."
    "Put it away Michael. I told you no sex tonight."
    "I know. You ready to come lay down with me Beautiful?"

    I crawl into his bed and put my arm around him. I started to drift off when he rolls over to face me.

    I open my eyes and look deep into his. Even though the room was dark there was enough light shining though the windows for me to see his teary eyes.

    "I love you."
    "I love you too Michael."

    He kisses me softly on the lips.

    "Goodnight Beautiful."
    "Goodnight my Love."