Chapter Six - When The Guardian Is Away

Saturday, June 6


    "It feels damn good to have this house all to myself this weekend."
    "This is like the first time that your uncle has left you alone. We should throw a party. I'll have my brother buy us some beer." Dev replies as he passes me the joint he just rolled.
    "With my luck, the cops will show up and then Jim will ship me off to some boring ass boarding school for fuckin' up again."
    "You have no neighbors! You're just being a pussy."
    "No, word travels fast in this town. Where'd you get this weed?"
    "My brother. Good shit right?"
    "Yeah. Tell him I have about $100 to give me some. I'll pick it up on my way home later. Now get the fuck out of my house."
    "Whatever fag. I still can't believe you're tappin' Melissa. Is her shit all loose from having a baby?"
    "Yeah, it's like the fuckin' Grand Canyon. What are you an idiot? Naw man, it's still good."
    "I need to break up with Heather so I can fuck random bitches like you do."
    "You'd be an idiot if you left her. Fuck bitches on the side. Anyway, there's the door. I need to take a shower, now get the fuck out."

    You would think the fire chief would be a straight edge guy, right? Dev's brother sells hella drugs and smokes mad weed. He's a good guy though. Saves a bunch of people and their house, pets, dildoes, and what the fuck ever else. On another note I'm dreading going to Melissa's. Her sister is here in town from New York and she rented an apartment for them. The backside of the story, when shit went down with Melissa, it went down, down DOWN! Mr. Tunnell sold the house from under her, had her car repoed. Apparently, her sister has some sort of money because she bought Melissa a new car. It's a used car, but still a fuckin' free car.

    Halfway across I look down and realize I'm only going 30mph. Yeah, I'm super baked right now. Devin's weed was defiantly a creeper for sure, and this cotton mouth I have going on fuckin' blows. I need a Rockstar, maybe that'll help. I honestly don't wanna be this high moving boxes and meeting Melissa's sister. If she's hot I'll end up sayin' some shit. Bad shit. Before you know it I'm driving down the road laughing out loud for no reason at all. Yup, I'm super high. This is going to suck. Then my phone starts ringing and I'm thinking to myself, "Please don't be Jim. Please don't be Jim". I was relieved when I saw Dev's name on the screen.

    "What it do baby?"
    "Dude! My brother neglected to tell me this weed is a creeper."
    "Yeah, no shit! Try driving all the way to the other side of town with cotton mouth from hell. I feel like Jim Carey in the fuckin' Irene movie."
    "I walked in and sprayed my mouth with the sprayer in the sink, and Kim walked out of the bathroom laughin' her ass of at me. Then yelled at me for getting the floor all wet. Apparently I missed my mouth. WHO DOES THAT!? Jacob! I have a huge nug of a head, and I fuckin' missed! Water everywhere. EV-ER-Y-WHERE!"

    I can hear Kim busting up in the background, which of course sends me into another laughing fit.

    "Kim's hot."
    "Kim! Jacob said you're hot!"
    "Thanks man."
    "She said to shut the fuck up or she's gonna have Ode kick your ass."
    "Yeah, Ode is huge. I don't want an ass kickin' from him. I've seen him fuck dudes up for touchin' Kim, and I've seen Kim kick dudes asses."

    I head Kim say something to Dev that I couldn't make out.

    "Kim asked if you're comin' to Nitro tonight."
    "Is she gonna work the pole tonight?"
    "Then yeah, I'll come. But hey, I gotta go. I pulled over to talk to you and I have like three missed calls."
    "Okay. See ya later. Wear something sexy for me tonight girl."
    "We both know you're the bitch in this relationship."

    I had to give Melissa a call and let her know I was right around the corner. She told me I had to load all the boxes into the truck. I chug half my Rockstar hoping it helps with my cotton mouth. Of course it doesn't. This shit is gonna be fun!


    I really do hate moving. Thank god I'm only taking my personal things and leaving the rest. I don't really care about anything in this house. I'm so happy my sister decided to come home. I mean, I feel bad because she was making good money in New York doing the house flipping thing. She had her own show on T.V and everything. I guess she's going to try to do her thing here. There's plenty of run-down houses here she would love to get her hands on.

    "Milly! Where's your boyfriend?" my sister yells from the house.
    "He isn't my boyfriend. I just talked to him, he said he's right around the corner. So he'll be here soon."
    "He needs to hurry. I want to get out of here and away from that pond. I'm getting eaten alive here."
    "Yeah, I know. Sorry."

    My sister got way to use to the city. She grew up here, she knows about the bugs. I love my sister, I really do, but New York turned her into a diva. She bitches more than I remember.

    "Hayden, do you know New York made you a sissy?" I ask.
    "What are you talking about? I'm the same as I was."
    "No you're not, you're bitching about everything."
    "Yeah! Because I hate this place. I love you, and you're the reason I'm here. Mom and dad can go straight to hell. They aren't ever going to change. You remember that Milly."

    For as long as I can remember our parents have been in this really fucked up relationship. Our mom, like us is a short woman. The nicest person ever honestly. Dad is a drunk. He boozes up and hits our mom. He even sexually abused Hayden when she was just fourteen. So I know she dreads being here. Our mom believes marriage is forever. I say fuck that!

    "Someone has a really loud stereo in their car."
    "That would be Jacob. Please be nice to him Hayden."
    "Why wouldn't I be nice? I've never met the guy, therefore I have nothing mean to say."
    "He drives a Mustang."
    "Maybe I won't talk at all."
    "Just be nice! Please!?"

    My sister is Ms. Green! She's a vegan, she hates all non hybrid cars, all the stupid vegan stuff. Keep in mind Ms. Green eco-friendly Hayden Toledo drives a Yukon.

    "At least Jake is nice enough to turn down the stereo before pulling up."
    "Jacob, not Jake. He hates being called Jake."
    "His car is nice. I was expecting an older Mustang."

    That's her being nice believe it or not.

    "Finally, you show up!"
    "Sorry. Dev showed up and brought some good fuckin' weed."
    "Yeah, I can tell you're high. Your eyes are all red and Chinese."
    "I know. Shit was a creeper. I was high, then half way here I was super high."
    "I can't believe I'm going to introduce you to my sister while you're this high. Oh Yeah! She doesn't like your car."
    "It's not her car so she shouldn't say shit about it."
    "I know. Be nice, I told her to be nice as well."
    "I'm a nice guy!"

    Let this meeting go well! Please!

    "Hayden, this is Jacob, Jacob this..."
    "Holy shit! I know you!" Jacob interrupted.
    "How do you know my sister?"
    "I seen her on T.V"
    "You said no one would recognize me here Milly. Are you high? Or do you have really bad allergies?"

    I shoot Jacob a look that said, "Please say allergies!"

    "Allergies. I like to smell the weeds and flowers and... stuff."

    I look over at my sister then at Jacob.

    "You like to smell weeds?" she asks.
    "Yeah. Sometimes I like to smo..."
    I quickly interrupted, "Okay! Can we please start loading up these boxes?"
    "Hold on Milly! You smoke the weeds?"
    "Yes... I like them."

    I look over at Hayden who just laughs then walks over to a box and picks it up.

    "Are you too stoned to help Jacob?" Hayden asks.
    "Naw! I'm good. So Hayden, do you smoke weed?"

    Kill me now!

    "I used to back in high school and a little bit in college."
    "You smoked weed in high school?" I ask.
    "Yeah. I used to steal it out of dad's sock drawer."
    "Do you still smoke at all?" Jacob asks.
    "No, well, yeah, I guess. When I'm at a friend’s house and They’re smoking and if they pass to me I'll hit it. Party foul to fuck off the rotation right?"
    "There you go!"

    They both laugh and walk to the truck with a box. Okay, so this is going good. They both smoke weed, I guess.

    "So wait! Hayden, you're okay with me hanging out with someone who smokes weed?"
    "There's nothing wrong with weed Milly. You don't do anything else do you Jacob?"
    "No, just weed."

    Thank god he wasn't high enough to say, "Yeah! I snort coke with my best friend and his brother!"

    "So you know the apartments you're moving to are the same ones Dev lives in right?"

    I sigh at the question.

    "Yes Jacob. I know, Heather told me."
    "Dev a friend of yours Milly?"
    "No, Devin is Jacobs’s friend."
    "Oh. Okay."
    "You know Hayden. You know his brother."
    "I do?"
    "Yes. Oden Hart."

    Hayden stopped what she was doing and looked at me with her eyes all huge.

    "Yeah, I know Oden. I know him very VERY well!"
    "I remember him sneaking in and out of your bedroom window each night."

    Jacob busts into a roaring laughter.

    "You fucked Ode?! That's great!"
    "I remember his nerdy little brother. Glasses, braces, followed Oden around everywhere."

    Even more laughter, this time even louder.

    "Wait! Wait! Dev wore glasses and had braces? Why didn't you tell me this Melissa?"
    "I bet she didn't tell you Oden's little brother popped your girlfriends cherry either."
    "HAYDEN!" I shout.
    "No, she didn't but he did."

    And even more laughter. This time from Hayden.

    "Wait! Jacob, Devin told you we had sex? When was this?"
    "Right around the time people started to notice you were pregnant."
    "What exactly did he say to you?"
    "I said, "Oh that's the pregnant girl." He said, "Yeah, I fucked her freshmen year."
    "The past is the past Milly. Forget about it! So, is Oden still dreamy? Single?"
    "I don't know Hayden!"
    "Stop being mad Milly. Jacob, dreamy, single? Yes or no?"
    "Single, no. Dreamy. Well, he is the fire chief and you girls like firemen. So yeah! He's super dreamy sister!"

    I raise an eyebrow at Jacob.

    "Oh my god, Ew. Don't ever talk in that voice again Jacob."
    "But wait! His girlfriend Kim is fuckin' crazy. If you're into girls at all you might be able to get at Ode in a three way."
    "No, not at all into girls. That sucks he's not single. And I can't believe he's still in this shit town."
    "It's like you two. He didn't want to leave Dev to his parents."
    "What do you mean? I remember his parents being super nice."
    "Well, Ode smokes mad weed. And Dev started smoking weed, started to fuck up big time, and his parents were like, NOPE!"
    "Oden is still a pot head. That doesn't surprise me."
    "I buy my weed from him."
    "Fire chief who sells pot on the side. Risky, don't you think?"
    "He's smart about it."

    These two talk more than Jacob and I do. I like that. I like the fact my sister approves Jacob. That will make her easier to get along with for sure.

    "So are you nervous about living in the same building as Oden?"
    "I little bit Milly. That man, Wow! Great memories with him in the back of his 69 Charger, and in the back of his dad's Hemi Cuda."
    "Doesn't Devin drive a Cuda Jacob?"

    Gasping for air from laughing so hard Jacob finally gets out his response.

    "Yeah! He does! It was his dad's! And Ode drives a 69 Charger. Might be the same one."
    "Black with chrome trim?"
    "Hayden, are you blushing?"
    "Milly! You have no idea about Oden Hart! The man is a beast!"
    "I've heard him fuck his girl. He sounds like a beast."
    "Yeah, me and Hayden shared a wall growing up. I'm done with this conversation!"
    "Come on Milly! Jacob isn't a beast in bed?"
    "I try to be."
    "Shut up Jacob." I snap.
    "Try harder Jacob! Milly is all tense and needs to be loosened up."
    "I hate you both so much right now. I'm going to load the rest of these boxes now. You two do whatever you want."
    "Sooo... Hayden, you wanna finish this blunt with me?"
    "Sure! Why not!"



    Nitro tonight! Fuckin' stoked! My brother doesn't always let me and my friends in. Mostly because it's a titty bar. Kind of. Mostly Kim's. They're nice. Man, this dude on T.V is funny as shit!

    "What the hell are you laughing at out here Devin?" That's Kim. She came out of the bedroom with no shirt. Just a bra. Mmm Nice!
    "Check this guy out on T.V!"
    "Devin, honey the T.V is off. Are you laughing at your reflection?"
    "Oh! Hold on!"

    I stand up and wave my arms around. Holy fuck! I am laughing at myself!

    "Yes! T.V me is funny!"
    "Go make yourself some coffee or something. You're torched beyond, beyond..."
    "Fuck you kid! You're high as fuck! Go sober up. Go take a god damn nap."
    "You're so cute when you're mad."
    "Aww! You're so cute when you want me to bust all them pretty little teeth out."
    "You won't hit me."
    Out of nowhere, Kim straight busts me in my nose and blood just starts pouring out.

    "What the fuck Kim? That was fucked up."
    "I bet you're sober now aren't you?"
    "Yeah! And you're a fuckin' bitch."
    "Remember that kid. I'll fuck you up again too. Now go away and put a tampon in your nose."
    "Your tampons are too big. They only fit your gaping hole of a vaginer."

    I jumped up off the couch just in time to dodge Kim's fist. I run and lock myself in the bathroom. I'm so dead when I open the door. Like Kim said, I did stick a tampon in my nose. I was debating to take a shit or not when I heard Jacob in the living room.

    "Devin! Get out here, Jacob and Melissa are here."

    The massive destruction of my toilet can wait! As soon as I opened the door, Kim nails me right in the nose again. I stumbled backwards and fall on my ass on the bathroom floor. Then I hear Jacob laughing at me. Hard too! Like snort and squeak hard.

    "That's for saying my vagina is a gaping hole you little douche bag."
    "What the fuck Kim! I got this shit to stop bleeding."
    "Fuck you!"

    She gives me the finger as she walks away.
    "What are you guys doin' here? I thought you were helping her move."
    "We came up for more manpower to carry their boxes upstairs."
    "What? Upstairs? They? Who's the ey of the th?"
    "Yes. They. Melissa and her sister. They got the apartment upstairs. Do I need to talk slower?"
    "Heather didn't tell you?"
    "Heather said Melissa. Not Hayden."

    Kim comes walking out of the bedroom, taking out the rest of her jewelry in her face out.

    "Who's Hayden? Another friend?"

    I give Kim a smug smile and answer her question as cool as possible.

    "Hayden is my brothers high school sweetie pie!" 

    Yep, that was as cool as possible!

    "Dev! Melissa's sister just got back into town and you already want her to have an enemy? The fuck?"
    "It's fine Jacob. I'm not worried about some woman my fiancée used to date back in high school. He has clearly moved on."

    Hmm really?? Let's see!

    "Are you sure Kim?"

    I see in Melissa's face she's getting pissed. No! I'm tryin' to piss Kim off not Melissa! Melissa smells good. Oh well!

    "Come on Melissa! You know the story!"
    "Wow! One, you have a big mouth. Two, please don't involve me in this. Three, I just met Kim and honestly she scares me."
    "Don't worry honey. I'm only mean to this big mouth. Now You!..."

    That would be me. I'm Devin. Hi!

    "Talk! Or I'll bust your nose up again."
    "I'm just sayin' how do you know he wasn't supposed to go to New York with her after college."

    Kim raises one eyebrow and turns to Melissa. Uh oh.

    "Is you're sister still hung up on Oden?"
    "I honestly have no idea."
    "She called him a beast when they fucked in the back seat of his car and his dad's car."

    Ooooo! Melissa is mad!

    "What?! They fucked in the backseat of my car? Dude! Me and Heather get down back there!"
    "Everyone calm down! Devin shut the fuck up..."

    You shut the fuck up Kim. If only I had the balls to say that shit out load.

    "Melissa, saying Oden is a beast doesn't mean she's still hung up on him. Relax honey, no need to be scared of me. Jacob go loosen this girl up."
    "She doesn't want sex."

    Uh oh I feel an inappropriate remark making it's way out. No! Stay!

    "She had a baby not to long ago."


    "Aww! Really?! What did you have?"

    One look at Melissa and Jacob faces I knew they were both pissed. Melissa was right. I do have a big mouth. Before storming out of the apartment, she managed to answer Kim. Kind of.

    "I... I have to go!"

    And another hit to my face! This time from my best friend. Jacob hits like a bitch!

    "What the fuck Jacob?"
    "What the fuck Jacob?! You know damn well how Melissa feels about the situation! What the fuck is wrong with you man."

    I'm just gonna chill on the floor for a minute. Kim That's your queue.

    "Did the baby die?"
    "No. She gave the baby up."
    "Ah, I see. She has her reasons. And please don't tell me. It's none of my business or anyone else's. Nice shot to this guy by the way..."

    Fuck your face!

    "Come on you two. You need to help Melissa bring up boxes. I'll walk down with you."

    My fuckin' face hurts!


    My day went from bad to good, to total shit storm! I'm so embarrassed! I can understand why Devin said that. He doesn't really think about things before he says them. Jacob. He's just honest. About everything! That's why he and his uncle get along. Jim has this thing, you be honest and straightforward with him he'll meet you halfway. For example. Jacob told him he smokes weed. Jim, meeting him halfway basically said, "Okay. At least do it here so I know you're not doing anything stupid." That's him meeting Jacob halfway. Right? But my point is! I can't be mad at Jacob. He is who he is! Honestly he's kind of an asshole, and I like it. A LOT! What can I say? I'm like my sister. We both love ourselves a bad boy. I'm questioning myself about my sister. Is she still into Devin's brother? Was he really supposed to go to New York with her? I don't want my sister to have Kim as an enemy. Yeah, Hayden can hold her own against another woman. But Kim is scary! As I make my way down through the lobby and out of the garage, I see Hayden has most of the boxes out of the truck and stacked nicely on the ground.

    "Just a heads up Hayden. Devin told his brother's girlfriend that you're still hung up on Oden."
    "What? Why would he say something like that?"
    "Was Oden supposed to go with you to New York?"

    The look on Hayden's face told me everything I needed to know.

    "It's a long story, Milly. But yeah, he was supposed to come to New York when he finished college."
    "What happen?"
    "Devin. He got kicked out of his house and was squatting in one of those shacks outside of town."
    "When was this?"
    "His sophomore year. All I know is Oden had one last semester to go. I was already in New York. Oden was able to finish the rest of the semester with online classes, and he came home to take care of his brother."
    "Like you're here for me."
    "I'm here because I love you, and dad is a no-good piece of garbage. Oden is here because... Well because he loves Devin. Devin needed Oden and Oden came home."
    "So, you two broke up?"
    "Well, we understood the situation. But neither one of us said, "Hey let's break up." Or maybe he did and I didn't get the message."
    "He met Kim in college. I think he was cheating on you."
    "And I was messing around with other guys. We had an agreement. No strings, no feeling, get in, get off, and get the fuck out. If that woman is someone he met in college, then he broke the no feelings rule."
    "That doesn't bother you?"
    "No, not really. Well.... maybe a little bit. I was excited to see him again."
    "Oh, my god! You are still hung up on him!"
    "Okay! I am! But he has a girlfriend Milly, and I won't cross that line."
    "If you want ass, I believe my school guidance counselor is single."
    "Is he hot?"
    "You'll meet him on Monday. But yeah. Tall, tan, and handsome."

    My sister needs to get over Oden and stay on Kim's good side. I don't want any problems with neighbors. As she hands me a box, I notice her looking toward the door with a big smile on her face. I look back and see Kim, Jacob, and Devin walking up to the truck.

    "Hey Look! Four eyes doesn't have glasses anymore!"

    Both Kim and Jacob start busting up laughing.

    "No, he still has them! He wears them at night when he takes his contacts out. You must be Hayden, I'm Kimball. Everyone just calls me Kim."

    Hayden hops out of the truck and shakes Kim's hand. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Kim grab Hayden's arm. I turn to break up what I thought was going to be a fight I see a huge smile on Kim's face. Confused, I just stand and wait.

    "Oh, my god! You have a My Little Pony tattoo! I love it!"
    "The color is amazing. How old is it?"
    "About five years give or take."
    "Your artist is amazing. Where do you go?"
    "His name is Diesel, he works in Monterey."
    "Oh! My fiancée goes to him. I also heard you know him."
    "Oden? Yeah, we had a thing in high school. We went off to college and went our separate ways."
    "Four eyes made it sound different. But the past is the past. Well! I have to get out of here. I'm already late for work. I'm sure I'll be seeing you around. Nice meeting you two."

    Hayden waits until Kim's car leaves the driveway before ripping into Devin.

    "Want to feel me in Devin? Or do I need to beat it out of you?"
    "It's Jacob's fault! He told her about all the loves you made with Ode in the back of his car. And in mine. I don't appreciate that!"
    "Did you tell her that Jacob?"
    "Yes, but he said something about New York."
    "Devin knows all about New York! Don't you Devin?"
    "Yeah! I fuckin' know! I'm the reason you and Ode broke up. I'm fuckin' sorry Hayden. I thought you two would make it work. Then he came home with Kim. I felt bad. I tried to talk to Ode, and I got was a big fuck you out of him."

    Hayden grabs Devin's shoulder and gives it a squeeze before heading up to unlock our apartment.

    "Wow. Devin has feelings."
    "And possibly a vagina to go with em."
    "Fuck you guys!" he shouted before grabbing a box and storming away.
    "He's really upset Jacob."
    "He'll smoke some weed and he'll be all better, and his vagina will convert back into a penis."
    "Masking doesn't make them go away Jacob. I grew up with Devin. You've only known him for what? A year?"
    "Somethin' like that."
    "You're his only friend you know? Only real friend."
    "He has Heather."
    "Heather... You didn't hear this from me. She's only with him for the cheap drugs he can get her."
    "The coke queen is a fuckin' strawberry? You're fuckin' with me right?"
    "Yeah, strawberry. She fucks Dev, Dev gets her the coke. It seems like she likes him. When her mom goes out of town, she stays with him."
    "Maybe she does, but I don't know Jacob. I mean they been together for like two years. She didn't start doing coke until maybe a year or so ago. All I know is she said it's great dating a guy who can get her cheap drugs. She told the whole cheerleading squad."
    "I miss you in that little skirt. Are you going to go back and do the cheerleading thing for the football season? If you do, you have to let me fuck you in that get up."
    "I don't know. Maybe, Heather said I make a good bottom girl. Which is weird because I'm short. And I was the high flyer. But whatever."
    "I like you better on top. Bouncin' on my cock."
    "Why do you have to turn everything dirty?"
    "I'm horny! I want sex."
    "In time Jacob, calm down."
    "How long?"
    "I don't know. The doctor told me I could bleed up to three weeks.
    "I'm not afraid of blood. Man made showers for bleeders, paper bags and light switches for the uglies baby."

    I grab Jacob around his neck and kiss him. Long and sweet. When he grabs my butt and pulls me into him, I feel it. He is horny! I pull away and look down at his crotch.

    "Down boy. Come on, we need to move these boxes upstairs."
    "Denied again! Fuck! You're killin' me here woman."
    "Do a good job here and I'll give you an award. I have a new bed in this truck. We can put it together and then! I... Will... Make... You... Cum... AND! You get to pick wherever you want it to go on my body."

    We both laugh before grabbing a few boxes and heading upstairs. Jacob and I need to hang out more like this. We aren't exactly an official couple. But I can defiantly feel something more between us. Something more than just sex. I like it, a lot!


    Fuck tards calling me four eyes. SO KINDERGARDEN!

    "Where do you want this box Hayden?"
    "Anywhere is fine. Devin come sit with me for a second please?"

    She pats the floor next to her. I think of it as my butt for a second. Fuck it! I'll sit down for a minute. She then pulls a diaper wipe of some sort out of her purse and wipes the blood I missed off my nose like I'm a baby. I like it.

    "You look so much like Oden. You have your mom's eyes though. Why was your nose bleeding?"
    "Kim punched me twice. Then Jacob punched me for sayin' somethin' about Melissa."
    "Oh? What did you say about my sister?"
    "I mentioned the baby."
    "Yeah, she's still tore up about that."
    "I know! It just fell out of my mouth."
    "What the fuck happen to you Devin? I remember you were happy. Loved it when Oden would steal the keys to the 'Cuda and take you for a ride around town. You idolized him."
    "I.... I had braces, with headgear and everything. I wore glasses. I still wear glasses. The only person who didn't tease me or kick my ass was Oden. I got the braces off and got contacts. And you know what? It didn't change a fuckin' thing. I slowly got mean, started to hate everyone and everything. I'm just tired."

    I blink and try to wipe away tears before Hayden sees I'm being a pussy baby ball bag. Then she uses one finger and wipes the other one I was going for next. She was smiling. The way she used to when Ode made her smile. Reminded me of the better days. Believe or not Hayden was a big part of those days. She's so hot.

    "Look, you're not the reason Oden and I broke up. You need to get some of that weight off your shoulders."

    Hey look Jacob and Melissa just walked in!


    Jacob you dick!

    "Come on, let them talk."

    Yes Melissa, make your boyfriend go away.

    "Jacob is my only real friend I have. He hella rags on me hard. It's cool though. It's sarcastic not for real, you know? We connected right away. Like a week after he came here, I got a flat on my car and Jacob drove me home. His car hella smelled like pot. I just laugh and said, "Hey I think we'll get along just fine." And I pulled a blunt out of my backpack. Been buds ever since."
    "When did Jacob come here?"
    "Right after Christmas break Junior year."
    "I guess."
    "You don't talk to anyone about your issues do you?"
    "No. I don't want pity from anyone...." I point at my chest. "I keep it in here."

    Hayden put both hands on my shoulders. Please kiss me.

    "No, you're piling it up here."

    She pulls me into and gives me a super tight hug. She smells good too!

    "Come on. Let's go help those two out there."

    She stands up and offers me a hand to help me off the floor. Why the fuck didn't I think of that?!

    "Hey Hayden?"


    It took damn near three hours, but we got the entire truck unloaded and took upstairs. Apparently where ever Hayden got Melissa's bed fucked up. Some screws or some shit were missing so we weren't able to put her bed together. Me! It's no big deal. Throw the mattress on the floor and bam! A bed. But Melissa was cryin' about how cold she would be so close to the floor. She's really pissed off. Dev came up with a good idea to use wood pallets to raise the bed for the time being. So Hayden gives us the keys to the moving truck to head out to Nitro and get some out of the old barn that's behind it. Giving me the keys was probably a bad idea. But fuck it! Let's have some fuckin' fun!

    "Man for a big ass moving truck this bitch goes fast!"
    "Fuckin' aye! Just try not to kill us Jacob. I'm almost positive that I in fact don't wanna die today."
    "This ain't nothing! Wait 'till we get to the dirt road."
    "I have a bad feeling my balls that you might flip this big as truck."
    "Oh well! Hopefully Hayden got the insurance."
    "I'm not high enough for this shit."
    "You got weed on you?"
    "Rolled a joint before we left. It's not the creeper weed so we are good!"
    "Nice. I didn't like that weed. It tasted good and shit, but fuck man! That cotton mouth was fuckin' not right."
    "Yeah, no shit."
    "So how's your nose?"
    "Still fuckin' hurts. Kim hits harder than you."
    "Man, I didn't even give you a full blow. What I gave you was a pussy punch to prove a point."
    "Yeah, but it still kind of fuckin' hurt. Speaking of blow. Remind me when we get back I have to get some for Heather."

    When he says that I remembered what Melissa had told me earlier today. I wanted to tell him, but he seems really into her. The guy has very little friends and honestly the few he has probably only talk to him because of Ode. Me, I'm the only real friend he has. Yeah, I buy from Ode, saves me an hour drive back home to my guy for bunk shit compared to Ode's. But that's not why I'm friends with Dev. He's a cool ass guy. And that's why I'm friends with him. This Heather thing is eating and eating at me. Sorry, Melissa. I have to ask!

    "So! I have a question about you and the coke queens relationship. Is it going good?"
    "I don't know. Lately she's been weird. Kim tells me she comes by a lot when I'm at work to get her fix."
    "When was the last time you guys fucked?"
    "Last night."
    "Wait, she didn't go see her dad?"
    "No. She had some cheer meet thing today or some shit. What's with the 20 questions about me and Heather?"
    "Honest truth or full out lie?"
    "Honest truth."
    "Alright. Don't fuckin' tell Melissa I told you this. But Melissa told me she's only with you because of Ode. You get her cheap coke."
    "Yeah, I know. We're in high school dude, people talk. I just act like I don't know."
    "That shit don't bother you? Come on man! The girl is a fuckin' strawberry. She fucks you so you won't leave and fuck off her connect with Oden. Bitch be gone if I were in your shoes."
    "She's like the hottest chick in school. And you even said I'd be an idiot if I left her."
    "Yeah, that was before I found this out. Now I say fuck her, then tell Ode and Kim not to sell her a mother fuckin' thing. And no man, she ain't the hottest chick in school. Liz, on the other hand! Have you seen the legs on that girl and that body? GOD DAMN! And she's fucked up in the head too. So you guys might get along nicely."
    "Liz is cute yeah. But she doesn't like me. She said my ears and I quote are "fucking retarded." Why do you even give a fuck about this?
    "You're my boy. My brother from another mother. I came here and you got me blazed out of my mind that day I drove you home after that cock smoker Blaine sliced your tires. Then I helped you fuck him up, and you had my back when he threw the brick through my back window. Bottom fuckin' line Dev. You're family. You fuck with my family, you fuck with my girl, you fuck with my friends, you're gonna get fuckin' hurt. I been to jail! It doesn't scare me. Hell, we spent a night in jail for doing lawn jobs and mailbox smashing."
    "We should do a lawn job in this truck right now!"
    "Fuck it!"
    "Right up here on the right is a house with a shit ton of garden gnomes. Right here comin' up."
    "Yeah! I see it!"

    With no hesitation, I give the moving truck all it had and went up on the lawn full drift. Taking out about ten gnomes, the fence, the trash can, and of course the mailbox.

    "Fuckin' aye! You managed not to flip the truck! I felt the lean!"
    "That lean scared the shit out of me, to be honest!"
    "What's the longest you were in jail for?"
    "Two weeks. Then they sent me to a juvenile boot camp and I was there for seven months."
    "What the fuck did you do?"

    I pulled out my switchblade and let the blade out.

    "I sliced a guy's face open in five different spots for taking advantage of my girl. Dude was the quarterback, and he was my friend. We all went to this party he threw at his house one weekend and at some point, he put something in her beer. She said she didn't feel good and wanted to go home. So I gave her the keys to my car, and I told her I'd be right out, I wanted to say bye to my boys. I go outside to my car, keys are on the ground and she's nowhere in sight. I go back inside, and her cousin runs up to me, telling me Derek carried her to the pool house. Said she passed out, and he was putting her somewhere quiet. I go out there and literally kick the door of it's fuckin' hinges. There she is right there on the couch passed out with no pants on, he's standing there with his dick out looking all scared and shit. I pounded his big ass to the ground and just kept hitting him over and over until he was begging for me to stop. That's when I pulled my knife. The first four cuts were fast. Two on each side. The last one, I stuck the blade to his face and pushed it with the palm of my hand and cut it slow."
    "Dude, that's fuckin' brutal!"
    "Don't fuck with my family, my girl, and my friends! Just don't fuckin' do it."
    "Is that why you got shipped here to live with your Uncle?"
    "Yeah. Parents figured hey it's a small shit hole he can't get in trouble there!"
    "There's trouble everywhere! No matter what shit hole town you go to!"
    "Right!? Let's get this shit done. Melissa promised me some head."

    It took about thirty minutes to load up all the wood for Melissa's bed. After that we went and smoked weed with Tank. He lives behind the barn and keeps an eye on Ode's property. He also the bouncer at Nitro. Cool guy, big black and scary as shit. On the drive back to the apartments I guess Dev's curiosity got the best of him like it did me. It was his turn for 20 questions about me and Melissa.

    "So Jacob, what's the deal with you and Melissa?"
    "Two friends havin' fun."
    "So she's not your girlfriend?"
    "No, we haven't made anything official. She's hinted at it a time or two, but I just ignored it."
    "Why? Melissa is hot. And she always smells good."

    She does smell fuckin' amazing!

    "Yeah, she does. I think it's her shampoo. I never see her spray anything on herself."
    "So what the fuck? Give her what she wants."
    "She doesn't know what she wants. We talk Dev. She's still all fucked up over that Jeremy guy, the baby, and everything fuckin' else. She likes the company of me. She wants to spend time with me. I know what I fuckin' want out of this. I'm just giving her the space and time to really think about what she wants. But like I said, I know what I want."
    "Which is?"
    "I just.... I just want fuckin' her. I want her to be my girl, and I wanna kick her baby daddy in the face for hurting her."
    "Is that why I got sucker punched in the face? From what I said earlier?"
    "Yeah! You fuckin' ripped off the not ready scab she's been building up. You fuckin' hurt her feelings man."
    "I guess I know you're for real about dudes and your girl."
    "Not just my girl. Any girl! I see a dude hittin' on his girl I flip out. It's not fuckin' right for any man to hit a girl period!
    "Yeah, I agree. If Melissa is smart, she won't ever let you meet her dad."
    "Why is that?"
    "You said you two talk, she never talked about her parents?"
    "We talked about her mom. But she never said much about her dad."
    "Oh! Yeah, her dad is a drunk who beats the shit out of her mom on a daily basis."
    "You fuckin' kidding me?"
    "He ever hit her or Hayden?"
    "I don't know. But I wouldn't past him. So yeah! If she's smart she won't take you to meet him."
    "Yeah, that would be a big fuckin' bad idea!"


    Putting this bed together is a real pain. Me and Hayden are way out of out leagues here. Well, maybe not Hayden. But I sure am.

    "Milly that piece goes over here."
    "Oh. I never put a bed together so I don't know!"
    "Should have let the boys do this instead of hiding these parts."
    "I promised Jacob something and I need him to go away for a while."
    "Sent them out for nothing at all. You're a sly sly girl aren't you? Okay! This last part screws in here and then we can put the mattress on."
    "Cool. So do you have anything sexy?"
    "Like lingerie?"
    "Yeah, but super sexy."   
    "Yeah. Go look in the box in my room that says nighties on it. I'm sure you can find something in there you like. Go, I got this."

    When I open the box all I see is sexy, sexy, and more sexy. Even her bras are sexy. All different colors. I'm your typical black and white normal panties girl. Hayden has thongs, boy shorts, this cut, that cut, things that cover nothing at all. Wow!

    "Find something you like Milly?"
    "I need help over here Hayden."
    "Move away from the box you plain little bitch. I got you! First! Do you know Jacobs’ favorite color?"

    She digs around in the box for about a minute or so before handing me these red lacy panties, with matching bra, and a long robe.

    "Go try those on and come back and let me see!"
    "Um... Okay."

    I stand in front of the bathroom mirror and I can't help but smile. This is defiantly going to get Jacob going.

    "What do you think?"
    "Oh, my god! I hate it! It looks better on you than it does on me!"
    "So, you like it?"
    "Yes! It looks beautiful on you Milly. Look at you. My baby sister all grown up having sex. YAY!"
    "Whatever. Anyway, I got a text from Jacob when I was in the bathroom he said him and Devin will be here in about five minutes or so. SO! I'm going to my room and when they get here say something so Jacob goes in my room alone. Okay?"
    "Alright. I'll go unpack the kitchen and wait."
    "Thank you Hayden."

    I feel my heart racing as I try to figure out how to set on my bed all sexy.

    "Come on Melissa, you've seen romance movies. You got this." I say aloud to myself.

    Finally, I decide to set on the edge of my bed, leaning back, legs crossed. I hope I look sexy. I'm so confused about Jacob. I really want to be with him. I hint at it all the time! He's kind of a mean guy. Fights a lot. Hayden and I grew up watching our parents fight. But Jacob and I get along! When he's with me, he's a totally different person. He's sweet and gentle. All I know is Jacob is a risk I'm willing to take. I will talk to him, and this time he will listen to what I'm saying. I plop back on my bed and stare at the ceiling for a few minutes when I hear Jacob in the front room.

    "We have returned with wood!" I hear him say.
    "I hope you're talking about the wood you're carrying and not the wood in your pants" Hayden replies.
    "I like you! All right we'll take this to Melissa's room."
    "Wait! She wanted to be alone. Then I heard her crying. She has the door locked and won't let me in."
    "Why is she crying?"
    "No Idea. She just yelled at me to go away. I mean you can try. Maybe she'll let you in. You! Devin! Come help me unpack and put these dishes away."

    I run back to my bed and hop on in and back into my sexy pose just as Jacob knocks on my bedroom door. I'm Nervous!

    "Melissa? Can I come in?"
    I take a deep breath... "Yeah. Come in."

    He walks in and closes the door behind as he begins talking.

    "What's going on? Hay... Ayy..."
    "You want to lock that door?"

    I love the way Jacob's eyes change when he's turned on. He locks the door and walks over to me taking his shirt off in the process without saying a word but looking me straight in the eyes the whole time. He grabs my ankle and uncrosses my legs so he could stand in between them. Using both hands he brushes my hair back into a low ponytail and pulls my head so he could kiss my neck directly below my chin. With soft kisses, he follows my jawline then down to my shoulder where he bites it. I immediately let out a soft moan into his ear before biting his earlobe.

    "Tell me how much you want me Jacob." I whisper into his ear.

    With one swift movement he grabs my ass with both hands and tosses me up further onto the bed and crawls on top of me. I wrap my legs around him and pull myself closer into him.

    "Tell me how much you want me Jacob."
    "I want to kiss every inch of your body."

    As he starts kissing my neck, I feel his hand slide into my panties, and he starts rubbing me.

    "If I can't be inside you let me get you off like this." he whispers in my ear.

    I open up more for him as he continues to rub on me faster. His kisses and bites getting more and more intense. My legs start to shake, letting him know to finish me off. I arch my back and tilt my head back giving him full access to the sweet spot on my neck that turns me into Jell-O. With one good bite, I was done for. Trying to find a pillow to cover my face with, then realizing I hadn't brought them in I bite my bottom lip. Which didn't help at all. Digging my nails into his back I take a deep breath and try not to moan loudly. My whole body shakes under him I latch onto his shoulder and bite down hard enough to taste blood in my mouth. When he bites down harder I let go and lean my head back.

    "Oh, my god Jacob!"

    I hear Devin in the front room cheering. Ignoring him I tell Jacob to bite me harder. When he does, I feel myself let go.

    "Oh, my god!”
    "You want me to stop?"
    "Don't you dare stop! Go faster."

    He looks me directly into my eyes as he rubs me until I just can't take anymore. Saying his name once more, I grab his hand and say, "no more."

    "You look amazing in red. Next time I see this get up, I wanna see it on the floor and your legs wrapped around my head."
    "You want what I promised now?"
    "After that. I won't last any more than a minute."
    "But I want to get you off Jacob."
    "I'm good. You owe me one though, and I'll hold you to it."
    "Can I ask you something Jacob? And get a straight answer from you?"
    "All right."
    "Where are we going with this? I know we said just friends, but we been doing this for what? Four months now?"
    "Let me ask you something. Do you even know what you want? Or are you attaching yourself to me for all the wrong reasons? I know exactly what the fuck I want. What is it that you want Melissa?"
    "I'm not attaching myself to you for any wrong reason Jacob. You're the only person who saw me all fat and pregnant and didn't think I was some kind of slut. You stood up for me and you didn't even know me. You're the only person who saw me with a black eye and demanded I tell you who did it. You're the only person who knew the whole story, the only person who tried to make sure I was okay. You held my hand when I gave birth. YOU! Being here with me makes me feel better in every way. My problems don't exist when you're here. So what do I want? I want you! You dumbass! Just be with me Jacob, and not just for this. Really be with me, be my man. That's what I want. You Jacob. Only you!"

    Jacob says nothing at all and I start to feel the tears fall down my cheeks. When I go to get off the bed, he grabs my arm and pulls me on top of him. Using his thumbs he wipes my tears away.

    "What do you want Jacob?" I ask quietly.

    "I want you to be my girl." he whispers in my ear before kissing me softly behind it.
    "What do you say, Melissa? Will you be my girl?"

    More tears fall down my cheeks and I simply say, "Yes."