Chapter Three - Melissa

Thursday, June 4


    "Don't stop Michael!"
    "Lizzy wake up! You're going to miss the bus!"

    I don't remember falling asleep. I still have my headphones in my ears. I must have fell asleep listening to that song on Michael’s iPod.

    "Lizzy! Get up!" My mom yells at the door.
    "I'm up mom!"
    "You have ten minutes before the bus gets here. Now hurry up!"

    Shit! I won't be ready in time. Maybe my mom can drop me off. I crawl out of bed and head for the living to find my mom who's doing something on the computer.

    "Mom? Can you drive me today? I won't be ready before the bus gets here."
    "Yes, Lizzy I can. I need to run into town, anyway. But you still need to hurry. I'll be ready to go in about fifteen minutes."
    "Make me grilled cheesy?"
    "Yes, now go get dressed."

    I had the most awesome dream. Basically, a replay of my adventure with Michael last night. I never had a wet dream before. I kind of like it. Hey maybe I should give these panties to Michael since he likes the smell of me. I giggle to myself as I put them in my backpack. When my mom and I pull up at the school she hands me my phone before I get out.

    "My phone! Yay!"
    "I'm working a double tonight so I won't be home until about three in the morning. I need to be able to get a hold of you and you me if something happens."
    "Are you going to be when I come home from school?"
    "Yeah, I'm not going into work early. I'll leave the same time."
    "Okay mom. Thanks for giving me a ride today. I'll see you later."
    "Have fun learning."
    "Oh, I so will!" I say sarcastically.

    First class of the day starts in an hour. That means I have time to talk to Michael this morning. I head down the hall to his office and just in to find he's not there. Where is he? As soon as I turn around to leave, he walks in with one of the kids from my science class. I'm not sure what her name is. I think maybe Rebecca or something. She's the only girl in the school who's pregnant. There's something different about her today, her big sunglasses didn't hide her black eye very well. I look at her then to Michael, who just give me a crooked smile.

    "Are you okay?" I ask
    "I'm fine." She snaps back.

    Well, fuck you to bitch.

    "Need anything Elizabeth?" Michael asks.
    "It can wait. I see you have your hands full this morning. I'll come back at lunch."
    "I'll be here."

    I give him a smile as I walk out and down the hall to my English class to finish up my math homework. It only took me about ten minutes to finish. I can't listen to Michael's iPod because it's dead. I can't play on my phone because they aren't allowed in school. Man I'm bored! Maybe the media room has an open computer I can play on. When I head down the hall toward the media room, I see Rebecca walk out of Michael's office and he's just standing there watching me walk toward him.

    "I'm free at the moment Ms. Sanders."
    "You sure? Because it can wait."
    "Get in here."

    Michael closes the door behind us as we walk in. As I turn around to talk to him he pulls my backpack off and tosses it on the floor, then picks me up and pins me between the bookshelf and himself. I let out a surprised yelp when he presses him lips hard against mine filling my mouth when his tongue.

    "I've missed the taste of you Beautiful."
    "And you! Now put me down before someone walks in here and catches us."
    "One more kiss."

    I give him one kiss as he puts me down, then I give him a little love bite on his chin before picking my backpack up off the floor.

    "I got something for you Mr. Avalon."
    "Is it possibly you naked on my desk?"
    "No, sorry. But I know you'll like it anyway."   

    I reach into my backpack and hand Michael the still slightly damp panties.

    "I had a wet dream about you last night and I thought you might want these so you can smell me today."
    "You're an evil woman Ms. Sanders." He says as he puts the panties up to his nose and breathes me in before putting them in his pocket.
    "Oh, and your iPod."
    "You got yours back huh?"
    "No. I fell asleep listening to some music. So it's dead and besides there's nothing on there I like. Most of the bands I never even heard of."
    "I'm sure there's something on here you'll like. I'll tell you what, I'll plug it in and charge it for you and I'll make you your own playlist with songs I think you'll like. I'll have it done by lunch for you."
    "All right. That works, I guess."
    "So tell me about this wet dream of yours you had." He asks as he sets on his desk and pulls me between his legs.

    Before I could answer him and tell him about my dream someone knocks on the door.

    "Hold that thought Beautiful. Come in."
    "Mr. Avalon, I'm ready to talk to you now if you're not too busy."
    "Of course Melissa. Come in and have a seat. We'll finish our conversation at lunch Elizabeth."
    "Alrighty." I say as I pick up my backpack and walk out the door.

    Okay, so I was wrong! Her name is Melissa, not Rebecca. Either way she's still a bitch who got knocked up in high school. Now off to Science. Don't get me started on Science. I hate it!

    "All right, you guys today we're talking about the reproductive system in the human body, or in other words sex." Mr. Tunnell announces.

    Really? Sex? Come on! I quickly raise my hand in anger.

    "Yes Elizabeth?"
    "Sex really? I mean come on we all took the same sex ed class our sophomore year."

    A student named Devin agreed with me by saying, "Yeah! Plus, we can't talk about sex today. Melissa isn't here!"

    Few students laughed and few students booed him, but Devin's friend Jacob Sullivan, not looking up from this doodle he's drawing in his Science book replies to Devin's statement.

    "I don't think it matters much man. She's already pregnant. She knows all about sex and what happens when her boy toy doesn't wear his raincoat."

    I don't know the girl nor do I like her because of the shitty attitude she gave me today, but I'm not going to sit here and say nothing. I wait a second to see if Mr. Tunnell was going to step in and say something. When he didn't, I did.

    "Fuck you both!" I yelled. "You don't know anything about the girl, all you want to do is talk shit about her when she's not even here to defend herself."
    "That's enough Elizabeth!" Mr. Tunnell shouted."
    "Fuck you too! You just stood there with your thumb up your ass not saying a damn thing to them!" As those words flew out of my mouth, the class as one just gasped.
    "Principle now!"
    "Fine by me. I'll be sure to tell him what these two dumbasses did and how you just stood there like a retard and did fucking nothing!"

    As I stormed out of the classroom, I damn near knocked Melissa out with the door, who was going into class.

    "Jesus! Watch out Liz." She says covering her stomach.
    "Yes. You came very close. But, I'm okay."
    "Thank god... I would avoid going to Science today if I were you."
    With the same snobby attitude as this morning she replied, "Why?"
    "You know what I'm not in the mood for the fucking attitude. I just stuck up for your ass and cussed out Mr. Tunnell."
    "You cussed at the teacher? Why did you do that for?"
    "Devin and Jacob basically calling you a whore."

    Before she could respond I pushed passed her and head down the hall to Mr. Hands office when I hear Michael yell behind me.

    "Not now Michael!"
    "You go to the office Mrs. Aimes is just going to send you to me. So come here!"
    "What? Why would she send me to you?"
    "Jim is at an all-day meeting at the district office. I'm playing principle today. So get in here now."

    He's really pissed off at me. I don't think I did a damn thing wrong. Can my day get any worse? Fuck!

    "What the fuck is the matter with you Elizabeth? Cussing at a teacher? Really? Come on Beautiful you're smarter than that. What happen?"
    "Two boys in class were talking shit basically calling Melissa whore, Mr. Tunnell just stood here like a fuck tard and didn't do shit so I did. End of story."
    "You know I can't let this slide Elizabeth. I have to send you home for the rest of the day."
    "Come on Michael! I'm already grounded. My mom will just add on more weeks. Give me a break!"
    "Even if I give you detention, your mom will find out. You fucked up Beautiful."
    "What about in house suspension?"
    "All day in here with me? I like that idea. Hold on I need to make a call and see if I can even do that."
    "Mr. Hands does it."
    "Give me a minute"

    As Michael picks up the phone and begins talking, I pull out a chair and just sit there watching him as he talks. He's so damn handsome.

    "Jim, it's Mike. Yeah, everything is fine. Listen, I have a student here in my office, apparently his parents are out of town and the family he's staying with are at work. So I can't send him home. Now he mentioned in house suspension and that you do it? All right, Jim will do. Sorry for interrupting you. No problem have a good day."
    "Well? What did he say?" I ask
    "Looks like you get to spend the rest of the day with me. You'll have to take some paper home to your mom and have her sign in and bring it back. BUT! I don't have those papers so you're off the hook."
    "You're the best Michael. Thank you."
    He leans over his desk and kisses my lips, "You're welcome Beautiful. You owe me and if a student comes in you have to go sit outside."
    "Whatever. So what happened to Melissa?"
    "If I tell you, you can't say a word to anyone. Got it?"

    I nod my head yes and he continues telling me about what happened to Melissa.

    "Well, the father of her child found out she told her parents who he was. He got pissed off, flipped out on her and hit her in the face. Hence the black eye she's wearing today."
    "That's fucked up. Some kid here at school gets her pregnant, gets all pissed off, then hits her. That's wrong."
    "Not a kid Beautiful. The father is a teacher here. That's why Jim is out for the day."
    "Wait! Jim Hands is the father?"
    "No. Jeremy Tunnell is."

    Holy shit!

    "What? No way! Mr. Tunnell is married, and has kids."
    "This is what I was told. Jim is meeting with police and Melissa's parents today at the district office. He's trying to keep it quiet. He doesn't want the cops coming in and arresting him in the middle of class."
    "What happens now? With Melissa?"
    "Apparently, she and Jeremy have had a secret relationship for over a year now. He bought her the Scion she drives, got her the house she lives in now. She doesn't want the baby. She lives by herself, has been since she turned eighteen about five months ago. She works part time and comes to school. She's going to put her daughter up for adoption when she's born."
    "I didn't know she had her own house. She defiantly has her shit together. Minus the fact she's pregnant and has to give away her baby."
    "Yep. So! Ms. Sanders, tell me about this dream of your last night."
    "Pretty much just an instant replay of our sexy time last night."
    "Mmm, when are we going to have another play date Beautiful?"
    "How about tonight? My mom is working a double shift, so she won't be home until around three in the morning."
    "I won't be out of here till about seven. I have to take care of some stuff here for Jim. But other than that tonight sound great."
    "So... Then it's a date?"
    "Indeed, Ms. Sanders"

    Mrs. Aimes brought me all of my classwork I had to do for the day. Michael and I didn't really talk much. I did all of my work and he did his work. I only had to go sit outside his office twice. Which was fine with me. When I finished my work, I went and took it back to the main office and got my homework. I was thinking a lot throughout the day. I get why Mr. Tunnell didn't say anything to Jacob and Devin. He couldn't. That or he just plain didn't want to. For spending the day with Michael, it sure did drag on forever. Plus side, I did finish all of my homework before the school bell rang at the end of the day. I didn't know if I should leave or not so I just sat there and waited for a minute to see if Michael was going to let me go. When he didn't say anything I decided to go ahead and get up and head for the bus to go home.

    "Hold on Beautiful. I'm almost done."
    "This, and here take the cord in case it dies on you again."
    "Oh yeah, your iPod. I need to go and catch the bus before it leaves. I'll see you around eight?"
    "Yes, Ms. Sanders. Now come here."

    He grabs me by my hips and pulls me close and gives me a nice long kiss before I go. Not one care in the world when it comes to me it seems. It's like he doesn't care if someone walks in and sees us kissing. But I care! I don't want this guy to end up like Mr. Tunnell. Now that would suck.

    "Come on Beautiful, I'll walk you out. I need to lock up and go take care of some paperwork for Jim."
    "All right."

    As we head out of the office and down the hall, I hear Jacob call my name from behind me.

    "Hey Liz! You didn't get suspended? How the hell did you pull that off?"
    "Mr. Hands isn't here today so I'm off the hook I guess."
    "Lucky you. But hey, you wanna go grab something to eat or go do something else right now?"
    "No, I can't. Mr. Avalon called my mom to let her know what happen and well, I need to go home."
    "Where do you live I'll give you a ride."
    "No thanks I'm just going to ride the bus."
    "Well, maybe some other time then."
    "Yeah, maybe."
    "See you around."

    As I turn and look up at Michael's face he's giving me a look like I did something wrong.

    "What did I do now to make you look at me like that?"
    "Nothing. Are you going to go out with him?"
    "Fuck no! That's Jacob, he's one of the guys that was talking about Melissa today. I'm not at all interested in him after that shit today."
    "Good. Now go before you miss the bus."
    "Yes, Mr. Avalon. I'll see you tonight."

    When I get home, I notice three laundry baskets on the floor behind the couch. All of our clean clothes and blankets and whatever else. Shit! I bet it's going to be my job to fold everything.

    "Lizzy is that you?"
    "Yeah mom, it is I your awesome daughter who you will not make fold all this laundry because she had a long day at school."

    My mom walks out of her bedroom, buttoning up her shirt.
    "Nice try Lizzy. All right I'm about to leave."
    "Ew mom I didn't need to see your boobs."
    "Hush Elizabeth! You have a pair of boobs too. So it's not like you never saw a pair."
    "I know but still! Mommy boobs le ew!"
    "All right, I need you to fold all this for me."
    "Yeah, yeah I'm on it."
    "You have your phone and everything in case I need to call?"
    "Yes, mom now go away and go to work."
    "Okay! Love you, Lizzy."
    "Love you too, mommy."

    There's nothing I hate more in this world than folding clothes. As I'm sitting on the floor folding a bath towel, I notice my MP3 player cord still plugged into the stereo. Michael's iPod! I plug in the iPod and go to my playlist Michael made for me. Better than listening to the bullshit on TV while I fold clothes. The first few songs I didn't care for at all. Michael and I defiantly have different tastes in music. He likes rock music and I'm your typical teenage girl who likes pop. There is one song that caught my attention while I was folding. I had to stop what I was doing to go look and see who and what song this is. Hmm, Light Em Up by Fall Out Boy. Never heard of them, but this song rocks. I like it so much I had to put it on repeat and dance around for a while. Sorry, Burno Mars, but this is my new jam. I have no idea how long I danced around my living, but by the time I looked up at the clock it was 6:30 and I still had clothes everywhere to fold. I turn off repeat on Michael's iPod and go back to folding the rest of the clothes.

    When I finally finish up with all the laundry, it's 7:15 and Michael isn't home yet. Should I call him? No, I don't want to seem needy. I do need to take a shower though. I grab my cell phone and send Michael a quick text. A text isn't to needy right? I type out my text and click send. All it said was, Jumping in the shower see you soon. Yeah, not too needy at all. I set my phone on the kitchen counter then head off to my room to grab some clean clothes. On my way to the bathroom, I hear my phone go off. I set my clothes down on the toilet and go check my phone real quick before jumping in the shower to get ready. Michael's text made me roll my eyes. Don't jump in the shower Beautiful. You might slip and fall.


    I feel bad for running late. I'm almost positive Elizabeth won't be upset. When I pull up and park, I send her a text letting her know I'm home. I didn't get a response right away so I figured she was still in the shower. If only I had her house key so I could go join her. I decide to have a quick smoke while I wait for her. Why is it all females take forever in the shower? I never understood that. Still no response by time I finish smoking. Well, I might as well take a quick shower. First, I need to send her a text. Getting in the shower. Ten minutes tops. And grab the iPod. As soon as I click the send button, I hear her phone ring behind me.

    "The iPod huh?"
    "Because I'm taking you out somewhere and we'll want it."
    "Go take your shower and I'll go grab it. I'd say come here and kiss me, but not after you been sucking on that cancer stick."
    "Sorry. Give me ten minutes."
    "Something to think about in the shower?"
    "What should I be thinking about?"
    "The fact that I'm not wearing any panties."
    "Oh, Ms. Sanders that's mean. Alight! Ten minutes then we leave."
    "Where to?"

    While in the shower I was debating if I should rub one out or not. Thinking about Elizabeth with no panties got me turned on. I decide not to. I want to save this for her tonight. When I get out of the shower and head  downstairs I find Elizabeth naked on my couch.

    "What are you doing Beautiful?"
    "I want you naked right here in front of me licking this wet pussy. Then I want you to bend me over this couch and fuck me from behind."
    "Been watching Skinamax?" I ask as I take off my clothes and  kneel in front of her spreading her legs open.
    "No, I just want you really bad right now. Please lick me Michael."
    "As you wish Beautiful."

    I start licking her clit as I run one finger up and down her before inserting two inside her.

    "No Michael. No fingers. Just your tongue."

    I gently bite on her clit and she lets out a loud moan saying my name. I push my tongue inside her and move it around and in and out till she climaxes. I quickly stand up pulling her to her feet with me and I bend her over and stick my hard dick inside her hard and deep. She tilts her head back and lets out a scream.

    "You're not using a condom."
    "I'm not going to cum inside you Beautiful."
    "When you're ready let me know. I wanna suck all of it out of you."

    She relaxes and lets me take her all in. I don't know what got me more turned on, her naked on my couch waiting for or the fact she wants to suck my load out of me. Maybe a combination of both. Either way I'm feeling myself reaching my climax faster than usual.

    "Now Elizabeth."

    She quickly drops to her knees and starts sucking me, taking the whole length of me into her mouth. As soon as I feel my dick goes past her throat, I bust. Releasing everything it all down her throat. I grab the back of her head and push myself even more inside her mouth as I let out a moan just for her.

    I stumble back trying to keep my balance. "Fuck. I love that mouth of yours."
    "You said we were going somewhere. I figured we didn't need a mess we had to clean up. So come on let's get dressed and go."

    I hope this girl doesn't put me in a sex coma. She's a firecracker that's for sure. I can't seem to help how fast I'm falling for this girl. My mom would kill me if she knew how young she was. My dad would congratulate me on how young she is. I'm getting all of these weird feelings inside me. I hate the fact we have to sneak around. I just want to be with her and I want everyone to know it. It's a lot of pressure. I'm starting to feel it. But I can't dwell on it now. We get in the car and start heading our way.

    "You ready to go Beautiful?"
    "Yep. Will you tell me where we're going now?"
    "You'll find out soon, but let's get rolling it's a long drive."
    "Okay, Michael start the car and push in the clutch."
    "Hush and open the glove box. Plug my iPod into the cord right there."
    "Can I pick the first song?"
    "Sure, but there's no Bruno Mars on there."
    "Yeah, Michael I'm well aware of that thank you. I wanna hear that Light Em Up song anyway."

    We had to of listened to that song five times in a row. How she's not tired of it is beyond me. All I know is I can't hear it one more time, so I hit the mute button on my stereo.

    "Michael! Why did you do that for?
    "I can't hear it again. Two times in a row is okay. But five is pushing it."
    "Fine! You pick a song then and stop crying."
    "Ozzy Osbourne, Flying High Again."
    "Is it good?"
    "I like it."
    "But will I like it?"
    "Probably not. Just play it. We're almost there I won't get to hear the whole song anyway."
    "Out in the middle of nowhere? Are you gonna murder me and toss my body in that pond?"
    "No, not tonight Beautiful."
    "Good, because I don't feel like dying tonight."
    "And I'm not in the murdering mood tonight."
    "Where are we exactly?"
    "Guppy Gill Pond. Jim told me about it."


    Michael thought of everything to make tonight perfect. Late night picnic, no one around for miles, just me, him, and all the little fireflies.

    "Since you're so good at picking romantic songs why don't you go pick one Michael."
    "I will but you have to get off me first."
    "You're so comfortable though."
    "You can have your spot back after I pick a song for you."
    "Nothing fast! Or heavy. Something like we danced to at the Festival."
    "Okay. I think I have one for you."

    He actually picks a song I know and love. Secrets by One Republic. I love listening to music but I'm no good at picking songs for moments like these.

    Michael sits back down and pulls me back onto his lap. "How's this Beautiful?"
    "I have this song on my MP3 player. I love it. You know you have so much music on your thingy that I have never even heard of."
    "Oh yeah? Like?"
    "Led Zeppelin is one."
    "You're joking, right? Led Zeppelin is classic!"
    "I'm only seventeen! We got a big gap in music."
    "What am I fucking fifty here? Led Zeppelin isn't my generation of music either Beautiful. I like it because I grew up with it from my dad."
    "You're still old!"
    "Hey! I don't have grey hair or wrinkles, and my dick still works. I'm not old."
    "Okay grandpa."
    "What am I going to do with you Beautiful?"
    "You can start by fucking me on the hood of your car."
    "I can do that. Are you sure you want all these fireflies watching us?"
    "The fireflies are romantic!"

    I stand up and start taking my clothes off as Michael watches me.

    "Come on Michael, get undressed."
    "Undress me."
    "It's kind of cold. So come on!"
    "You're no fun!"

    He stands up and starts taking his clothes off as I walk to his car and get the condom out of the glove box he mentioned the day before. When I turn around, he scoops me up and sits me on the hood of his car.

    "Oh my god, that's cold!"

    Michael just laughs and begins kissing and biting my neck and shoulders. I reach down and start stroking his cock and it makes him bite me even harder. He steps back so I can put the condom on him, then picks me up and slides me onto him. I start digging my nails into his back and he bites my neck even harder than before making me moan loudly. He thrust hard and fast into me, making me scream his name. Just as I start to reach my climax, I hear my mom’s ringtone on my phone. I ignore it and continue enjoying Michael inside me. He picks me up and adjusts me a certain way that makes me get mine instantly. As I throw my head back and call his name, I feel him throb inside me. My climax making him get his as well. I lay back on the hood of his car and pulls out of me and kisses my stomach then my thigh.

    "My mom called. I need to check my voice mail."

    When I grab my phone, I notice the time. 2:25 Am.

    "Fuck!" I yell.
    "What's wrong? Are you okay?"
    "Its 2:25! My mom gets home at three. What the fuck am I gonna do?"
    "Call your mom or your voicemail, whatever you need to do. I'll pick all this up. I can get you home by three if I need to Beautiful."

    I call my voice mail, put it on speaker, and set my phone on the roof of Michael’s car while I get dressed. As I pull my shirt over my head, I hear my mom’s voice through my phone.

    "Elizabeth Whitney Sanders! I have no clue where you are. But you better get your ass home quick!"
    "Fuck my life!. Hope you had a good time with me because my mom is gonna kill me when I get home."
    "What do you want me to do?"
    "You need to drop me off like a block away from my house. Then wait like fifteen minutes before you start heading to your house. My mom isn't stupid. She'll put two and two together."
    "All right. Let’s get you home to face the music."

    It was a long, quiet drive home. I didn't even want to go home. I knew the dragon mommy was there waiting for me to walk through the front door. I was so off in my head that I didn't even hear Michael talking to me.

    "Elizabeth! Hey! You okay over there?" he yells.
    "What? Yeah Michael, I'm fine."
    "Is this okay, or you wanting me to go closer?"
    "No. This will be fine."
    "Okay. You have your phone and everything?"
    "Yeah, I'm pretty sure I have everything."
    "Don't forget the iPod. Text me if anything happens while you're walking."
    "I will. I won't have my phone after tonight so no calling or texting."
    "All right. Now kiss me and go home."

    God, the walk seemed longer than the drive. Maybe my mom went to sleep. Shit, I doubt it! She'll stay awake just to kill me. When I reach my house, I pull out my phone and text Michael. I'm home now. Wait 15 minutes then come home. As I reach my front door, I see my mom through the window sitting on the couch waiting. Just waiting. Fuck! Here we go. I take a deep breath and walk in.

    "Hey mom."
    "Where the hell have you been?"
    "At a friend’s house, up the street. Me and her watched a movie. I guess I passed out after."
    "You weren't supposed to leave this house Elizabeth, and why are you lying to me? You already got one week for leaving. Save yourself another week and tell me the truth."
    "I'm not lying mom!"
    "So you and your friend were rolling around in the grass together?" she asks, pointing at the grass stain on my skirt. How the fuck did that get there?
    "I don't know how I got that. I fell in PE today so maybe that's how it got there.
    "Stop being stupid Elizabeth!"

    My mom can see right through me and yet I just kept on lying. Why am I digging my own grave willingly?

    "Give me your phone."
    "Why?" I ask, handing her my phone.
    "Unlock it Elizabeth."

    Shit! The texts between me and Michael! I unlock my phone and quickly hit delete all messages and hand back my phone.

    "What are you trying to hide Elizabeth?"
    "I'm not hiding anything mom." I answer as I turn my head to look out the window as Michael pulls in.
    "Okay, I can't deal with you right now. I'm tired and pissed off, and that asshole next door with his loud ass car dragging himself home at three in the morning. You got a total of three weeks added on."
    "Three weeks! That's not fair! Why three weeks!"
    "One for leaving, one for lying, and one for the hickey on your neck. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to bed."

    I turn off all the lights then head to my bedroom to see this hickey my mom said. Not only did I have one, but I had four! One on my neck and three on my shoulder. Why did Michael do this to me? Well, on the plus side my mom didn't give me a week per hickey. But three weeks still royally sucks!