Tuesday, June 2


    Eventful day! I made myself look like a complete idiot! I knew I should have just kept my mouth shut. Honestly, I think a little part of me wanted him to know that I think he's sexy. Still I made myself look like an idiot. My mom, on the other hand seems to be in an awesome mood today. As I make my way to the front door, all I hear is Knock Knock by Mac Miller blearing from my house. When I open my front door, I see my mom dancing around the living room. I'm glad to see her so happy.

    "Is this your jam mom?" I shout over the music.
    "No Lizzy I didn't get jam at the store today. I'll get you some tomorrow."

    I couldn't help but laugh at my mom for that one. mom's have no clue about teenage slang.

    "No mom. Is this song your jam?"
    "My jam? Meaning what?"
    "Do you like this song a lot?"
    "Oh! No, I just felt like dancing. Come on Lizzy! Come dance with me!"
    "Okay, but not to this. I'll be right back."

     I go into my bedroom and grab my MP3 player and the cord to plug it into the stereo. I got just the song to play for my mom. I think she'll love it.

    "Okay mom, let me introduce you to Burno Mars."
    "Who's that?"
    "You said you wanted to dance! So trust me."
    "Whatever, I need to go pee. Wait for me to get back."

    I just give her a thumbs up and continue scrolling through my music. I know you're in here song. Where are you? I found it just as my mom walks back in.

    "Okay, Lizzy are we dancing or what?"
    "Yep!" I replied as I clicked the play button.
    "Oh! I heard this song at on my way to work last night."
    "This mom is my jam! And I don't mean the kind you put on toast."
    "What's the name of this? I like it!"
    "Bruno Mars, Locked Out Of Heaven."

    It's been a long time since I had so much fun with my mom, and all we did was dance.

    "Okay Lizzy, I need some air. Thank you for the dance young lady."
    "Anytime mommy! All right I'm going to go do my homework."

    My mom really is in a good mood! Did she get laid by the Nathan guy from her work? Or have an awesome masturbation session? Ew! I need those pictures out of my head! Yep, those pictures are officially stuck. Fuck my life. Well, at least she's in a good mood that's all that matters.


     Lizzy has always been good at knowing what I would like. She keeps to herself these days. Ever since her father died. No child should have to see one of their parents die. We used to talk about everything. Like I said these days we don't talk about anything. I do wish I knew what was going through her head sometimes. Who the hell is this asshole in this loud ass car? I don't have anyone coming by, and the car is too nice to belong to a high school student so it can't be for Lizzy. New neighbor Lizzy mentioned perhaps? Well, I hope he isn't a night owl because he'll wake the whole neighborhood with that thing.

    "I think your car needs a muffler!" I yell from my chair.
    "It has one. Sorry I disturbed you." He answered.

    Why is he walking over here? Just go inside your house.

    "Mrs. Sanders, right?"
    "Ms. Sanders. Or you can just all me Amanda, and you would be?"
    "Michael. I just moved in."
    "I figured that much, where are you from?"
    "Hawaii. Got a job at Wes McCain High and moved here."
    "Oh, you took Maria's job?"
    "Yes ma'am I did. She actually hand-picked me at the college."

    Ma'am? I hate being called ma'am. At least he has manners though. I give him an A+ for that.

    "Oh god. Please don't call me ma'am. Just Amanda."
    "Sorry, my mom pounded being polite in my head growing up. She didn't want me to end up being a "good for nothing punk." And I'm quoting her."
    "Well that's good. Most kids these days don't have manners what so ever. So Maria hand-picked you at the college? Are you doing this job for credits?"
    "No, I graduated. At the top of my class. I worked hard for my degree. I just happen to be in the right place at the right time when I was introduced to Maria."
    "Good for you! I hope this job works out for you."
    "Me to. I like this place; it seems nice and quiet."
    "It was quiet until some asshole with a loud ass car move into town."
    "Who me? No, you must be thinking of some other asshole. You should introduce me to him sometime."

    I have to admit that this kid has a sense of humor. That last statement made me laugh.

    "So Michael, have you met my daughter Lizzy yet?"
    "Yeah, she came into my office today. Unlike you, she thinks my car is sexy. Her words, not mine."
    "Oh, I believe it! Her father drove a Dodge. Lizzy is the one who picked it out for him."
    "She seems like a good kid. We didn't talk about much today. I guess she'll come around in time."
    "At least she talked to you. I can't get that girl to open up and talk to me."
    "She seemed a little nervous."
    "Well, you have to understand Michael. She and Maria became good friends. I was jealous because Lizzy would talk to her and not me. I just didn't understand it." I explained.
    "Well, maybe Elizabeth feels like talking about her father with you would be too hard on you. There's a reason for everything we do in life. She most definitely has her reason or reasons why she won't open up to you. Give her time. I bet she'll come around. Just don't push her."

   Okay , this guy is good. I can see he knows what he's doing. I can deal with him talking to Lizzy.

    "I don't push Lizzy."
    "She told me about her driving lesson."
    "I just want her to be safe. Her father died in a car accident. I don't want to lose Lizzy the same way. It would kill me."
    "I understand that. But you need to trust her more. I'm trying to think of a way to explain to you how you made her feel. Okay, how did you feel when Elizabeth lost her virginity?"

    What?! When? Where? How? And to who?! I turn around to look at the back door and see Lizzy standing there. All I did was give her the look only kids know. The "you're in deep trouble" look. She turns around and walks away. Fast as hell too.

    "My daughter told you she had sex, and not me? Her own mother. Oh, that girl is in deep shit."
    "No, she didn't. It was in her file. I assumed you knew."
    "Oh, fuck you! I just got finished telling you she doesn't talk to me! I was right; you are an asshole."

    I get up and storm inside. I'm going to kill her!

    "Elizabeth Whitney Sanders get your ass out here now!" I yelled from the living room.
    "What did I do now, mom?"
    "Sit!" I shouted pointing at the couch.
    "Can we make this fast mom? I need to do my homework."
    "Anything you want to tell me Elizabeth?"
    "No, why?"
    "You sure? Because your new friend Michael next door had no problem letting me in on something."
    "What the hell did he tell you?"
    "Okay, let me make this simple for you Elizabeth. When the fuck did you let some boy put his dick inside you?"

     "Oh, it was David. We had sex about two weeks after dad died."
    "Instead of being a slut to solve your problems why didn't you just come talk to me?"
    "A slut? Mom, David was my boyfriend, and he was the only one I ever had sex with. I swear!"
    "You're grounded for the rest of the month. All the house cleaning, taking out the trash, and whatever else I tell you to do you will do it. Do you understand?
    "Yes, mom."
    "Good. Give me your phone and MP3 player."
    "Are you serious? My MP3 player? Mom please!"
    "Now Elizabeth!"
    "This is fucked up."
    "And that's one more week for cursing. Keep pushing me and I'll keep adding on the weeks. Now go clean the bathroom. Something! Just go!"

     I'm starting to think I was a little harsh on Lizzy for something she did over a year ago. I know for a fact I was too harsh for calling her a slut. David was a wonderful kid. He and Lizzy dated for a good two years. I make sure Lizzy is cleaning the bathroom before heading outside to apologize to Michael. It's almost 10pm maybe he's asleep because all the lights are off at his house. I'll tell him next time I see him, no big deal.

    "Mom! I'm done!" I hear Lizzy shout from inside.
    "Homework now."
    "Can I take a shower first?"
    "Yeah. You hungry Lizzy?"
    "No mom. I'm fine."

    Lizzy really is a good kid. Just young and dumb like all kids. Something fast to make and yummy to eat. Since Lizzy isn’t hungry, I don’t need to cook a whole meal. Yogurt it is!

    The smell of cigarette smoke punches me the face as I walk outside to eat. I set down my bowl and look over the bushes to see Michael sitting at his patio table, in nothing but his boxers just finishing up with his cigarette.

    "Smoking kills you know." I say smiling at him.
    "Yeah. I thought you were going to come over your fence earlier and kill me." He replied as he put out his cigarette in the ashtray.
    "I'm sorry. You're not really an asshole. I was just pissed off."
    "And I apologize. Elizabeth's file is confidential. I shouldn't have said anything I read in there."
    "Well, in a way I'm glad you did."

    Michael is actually very sexy in nothing but his boxers. Too bad I'm currently seeing someone.

    "Mom, help me with my science homework please?" I hear Lizzy ask behind me.
    "Yes Lizzy, one second."
    "I'll leave you two to it than." Michael says.
    "Yeah. Mother duty calls. Goodnight Michael.”

    I grab my bowl and sit down next to Lizzy who had started working on her homework.

    "I thought you were good at science Lizzy?" I ask.
    "No mom, math is what I'm good at. Science is just stupid."
    "Well you're my daughter that's for sure because I suck at science too. Science and math was your father’s thing."
    "Yeah. I know but he's not here to help me mom."
    "I'll do my best. Give me a question."
    "At what temperature do bacteria die?"
    "WWW.GOOGLE.COM!" I snort.
    "Did you just snort? That statement wasn't even funny mom."
    "I thought it was clever."
    "Plus, I can't Google it. You took my cell phone."
    "Go use the desktop Lizzy."
    "Okay. Oh, and Mom can I still go to the festival tomorrow?"
    "Oh, I know the answer to that! NO!"

    Now that last remark was funny!

Wednesday, June 3


    No phone, no MP3 player, and no festival. This totally blows! Why the hell did Michael tell my mom I had sex for? I'm going to have a chat with him today. I'm so pissed off at him. Telling my mom shit isn't doing his job at all. As I finished getting dressed, I hear a loud noise outside. Damn raccoons knocked over the trash can again. I guess I better go clean it up before my mom rings her "Elizabeth's grounded" bell and makes me clean it up. Michael hasn't left yet I thought to myself. As soon as the thought crossed my mind, I heard his front door close, and I quickly hid behind my mom’s car. What the hell are you doing Elizabeth? Why are you hiding like a dumbass? As soon as he takes off I go back to picking up the trash when I find empty boxes of condoms. I hope these don't belong to my mom.

    "Lizzy why are you digging in the trash for?" I hear my mom ask from behind her car.
    "I'm not digging in the trash. Raccoons knocked it over and I'm cleaning it up. Well, I was until I found your boxes of condoms."
    "That's none of your business. But if you must know, that one is mine, and that box is not. Now go wash up and get ready to go to school."
    "I just puked in my mouth a little bit mom. I didn't need to know you been getting freak nasty with that Nathan guy from work."
    "Whoever said it was Nathan?"
    "Wait! It's not Nathan? Who are you making the bedrock with mom?"
    "Go wash up now, Lizzy. And remember straight home after school. No Festival."
    "Yeah, yeah."

    When I get to school, I see Michael talking to Mr. Hands in the hall. Then I remember the empty box of condoms. Who is Michael seeing? He just moved here, he couldn't have met anyone yet. Unless he's a smooth operator with a twelve-inch dick. Oh well. He's too old for me anyway, plus he would lose his job if we did anything. I just need to get over my schoolgirl crush. But damn it he's so hot. As soon as Mr. Hands walks away and Michael walks in his office, I run over to his office before the bell rings and I barge in.

    "Lunch time! We need to talk."

    That's all I said. I didn't even give him a chance to respond. But he looks amazing in the black suit. The blue shirt really makes his blue eyes stand out. Yum! Lunch rolls by I stop by my locker to toss my backpack in before heading to Michael's office. As soon as I walk in he puts one finger up and mouths "one minute." I stand there at his desk with my arms crossed giving him the "I'm gonna kill you look. As soon as he hangs up the phone, with no hesitation, I begin yelling at him.

    "What the hell is your problem? Why the hell did you tell my mom I had sex with my ex-boyfriend for?"
    "I assumed she knew Elizabeth. I apologize and I hope you didn't get in too much trouble."
    "You have no idea!" I shouted as I pulled out a chair and plopped down.

(Click the computer for some Sims Goodies!)

    "That bad huh?"
    "She grounded me for the rest of the month, plus an extra week for saying fuck. And to top it all off she took my phone, MP3 player, and I can't go to the Festival today"
    "I'm sorry. Why don't you just sneak out and go?"
    "Are you kidding me? She'll kick my ass and ground me until I'm thirty."
    "Doesn't your mom work tonight?"
    "Yeah. 3 pm to 10 pm."
    "So you go home so she sees you're there and when she leaves you just go. Just be sure to be home by 10 pm."
    "I'm starting to think you enjoy getting me in trouble Mr. Avalon."
    "If you're smart about it you won't get in trouble Ms. Sanders."

    I can feel myself start blushing. For some odd reason it turned me on being called Ms. Sanders by him.

    "Why are you blushing Elizabeth?"
    "I found a box of your condoms in the trash this morning."

    Damn it Lizzy! Words just fly out of my mouth when I'm nervous.

    "Okay you're blushing because you found an empty box of condoms?"
    "No, that just came out. I'm blushing because you called me Ms. Sanders."
    "Ah! I see. So you blush when everyone calls you Ms. Sanders?"
    "Oh! Is it because I'm Mr. Sexy Voice?"

    Face Palm!

    "I knew you heard me say that!" I say shaking my head.
    "Be honest Elizabeth. We're both adults here."
    "Be honest? Fine! I have a silly schoolgirl crush on you and yes I blush because you're Mr. Sexy Voice. There are you happy now?"
    "Very happy Ms. Sanders."
    "Shut up. I need to go get lunch before it's over."
    "Alright. Just remember what I said about sneaking out. Be smart and don't get caught. You're a teenager! It's what you're supposed to do."
    "We'll see. I'm not good at not getting caught."
    "Play it smart is all I'm gonna say. Maybe I'll see you there."
    "Maybe. Okay, I need to go. See you when I see you."
    "Have a good day Ms. Sanders."
    "Shut up Mr. Avalon."

    I blush again and then walk out. What kind of spell does this guy have over me right now? Whatever it is, I like it. A lot!

    "Mom! I'm home!" I yell from the front door. "Mom, you home?"
    "I'm in my room Lizzy." She responds from the bedroom.
    "What are you doing, mom?"
    "Does my new uniform make my butt look flat?"
    "Yeah Mom, it actually does."
    "Oh well. Okay Lizzy, I need to go to work. I'll be home around 10:30 or so. Do the dishes and you homework and try not to burn the house down."
    "I'm seventeen mom, not retarded."
    "Sometimes I wonder Lizzy."
    "So mean!"
    "Love you hunny."
    "Love you to Mommy.”

    I'm starting to wonder if I should sneak out or not. I stand out in the front yard until I don't see my mom’s car anymore. Once her car is nowhere in sight, I start walking to the street just as Michael pulls in. I thought he was going to be at the Festival. What the hell is this?

    "Chicken out Elizabeth?" he asks.
    "No, I was about to start walking over."
    "Well, give me ten minutes to change my clothes and I'll give you a ride."
    "Uh, okay sure."

    I get to ride in the Challenger! I'm super excited over a car ride. I am a moron! I'm afraid to even touch his car.

    "You ready Ms. Sanders?"

    Whoa! He has tattoos too? Why did I not notice those before?

    "Yes. I like the sleeve you have going on there. And please stop calling me Ms. Sanders. You say it too much and the blush effect won't work anymore."
    "I can make you blush just by looking at you. Watch, wait for the smolder."

    I bust up laughing because his "smolder" was nothing but a duck face. Man, I wish I had my phone to snap a picture of that.

    "Oh, my god! You're an idiot! That face wasn't sexy at all  Michael."
    "I know I just haven't heard you laugh for real yet. Come on, lets go."

    He opens the passenger door for me to get in. Before I get we make eye contact and I immediately start blushing. Well, he wasn't lying. As he closes the door I hear him say, "I told you" in a smug tone.

    "Your car is way quieter on the inside."
    "That's good engineering for you."
    "I guess. My mom hates your car by the way. She says it's too loud, and you think you're cool because of it, and that you’re compensating for something. Whatever that means."
    "I'm well aware your mom hates my car. And compensating for something basically means I have a small dick because I have a nice car."
    "Oh! I say fugly guys drive nice cars."
    "Did you just call me fugly?"
    "No I did not! You're far from fugly. But the question is, are you compensating for something like my mom said?"
    "You saw the empty box of condoms. Why don't you ask her."
    "You boned my mom!?"

    He looks at me and starts laughing.

    "It was a joke Elizabeth! I didn't bone your mom."
    "Good, please don't. You must be screwing around with someone.  She hot?"
      "Just because I have condoms doesn't mean I'm hooking up with someone Elizabeth. I have them in case I do. It's called being safe and prepared."
    "So you have one in your wallet just in case?"
    "No. My glove box."

    I catch myself reaching for the glove box than quickly pull away. Okay so he's not seeing anyone. Does he have his eyes on a certain someone? I'm thinking about this way too much! Let's ask him some penis questions.

    "So you didn't answer my question Mr."
    "What question Ms.?"
    "Compensating!" I say with a big grin.
    "If you really need to know, and you do not speak of this to anyone. I don't want to lose my job."
    "Anything we do or talk about stays between me and you Michael. It's not anyone else's business."
    "I like your attitude on this. Anyway compensating I am not."
    "Oh. Cool."
    "I'm quite fond of him."
    "Okay, enough about your dick."
    "Well, how big is yours?"
    "Well, if I had one I bet it would be bigger than yours."
    "Oh! Low blow Elizabeth. Low blow."

    I haven't had this much fun in over a year. Hanging out with someone who can dish shit and take shit. I love people like that! Makes everything so much more fun. Not to mention I got to ride shotgun in a cool car.

    "We may have to walk around the block. I can't find a parking spot for Suzy." Michael says.
    "Suzy? I thought you said you weren't seeing anyone."
    "Suzy is my car Elizabeth."
    "You named your car?"
    "Of course. You're supposed to. Your mom didn't name hers?"
    "Not that I know of. Oh! Right there! Someone's leaving."
    "Good eye."
    "And we don't have to walk a mile."
    "I would have given you a piggyback ride if you wanted one."
    "I'm not ten Michael. I don't need a piggyback ride."
    "Hey! Just because you're sixteen doesn't mean you have to deny a piggyback ride."
    "I'm not sixteen, and I'm just saying I don't need a piggyback ride."
    "Not sixteen? How old are you?"
    "I'm seventeen. I'll be eighteen in September. Now hurry and let's go skate."
    "I don't know how to skate."
    "No way! Come on I'll teach you."
    "Will you catch me if I fall?"
    "Hell no I won't catch you Michael."
    "Wow! And all this time I thought you liked me. You'd let me fall and bust my ass trying to skate."
    "It's all part of learning! Now come on!"

    Now I don't know if Michael was faking it or not, but he was horrible at skating. He fell a total of seven times before he got the hang of it. Even than he was struggling to stand up. He was hopeless! It was fun as hell watching a big tough guy on roller-skates. It was cute!


    This girl actually believes I can't skate. I used to fruit boot around the college campus. I just wanted to give her the pleasure of "teaching" me. I love her smile. She's beautiful. From what I can tell, inside as well. She’s tall with long legs. She’s almost as tall as me and I’m 6’2.

    "How well can you dance Michael?" She asks while pulling off her skates.
    "I can dance very well. Why? You want to go over there and dance?"
    "Yeah. I have a good song to dance to. You like Bruno Mars at all?"
    "No, not at all. I'm not a fan of pop music. But I'll make you a deal. I dance to your choice and then you dance with me to my choice. Deal?"
    "Works for me."

    Elizabeth runs over to talk to the DJ while I walk over to the dance floor. I really hope she doesn't pick that Locked Out of Heaven song. One of my roommates in the dorm at college would play that song over and over. Now when I hear it, it just makes me mad.

    "He's playing my song next."
    "I hope it's good."
    "Well, you don't like Bruno Mars Michael. So either way you're going to hate it. So suck it up and just dance."
    "So bossy! I kind of like it."

    Fuck! She did pick that damn song! Oh well. I'll deal with it for her. I hate this song so much that it felt like hours before it ended. Honestly, I didn't hear much of it. My mind was on her the whole.

    "All right I'll be right back. It's my turn."
    "Pick something good Michael."
    "I'll try. Anything is better than Bruno Mars. Just saying!"

    That remark made her mad. She gave me the look of death. Her buttons are fun to push. I want to find all the right buttons.

    "Hey man, what can I play for ya?" The DJ asks as I walk up to his booth.
    "You have Finger Eleven by any chance?"
    "You see this computer? I can get you any song you want with just a click of my mouse. What song and by who?"
    "One Thing by Finger Eleven."
    "For your pretty little lady over there?"

    I look over at Elizabeth and she gives me a big smile than taps her wrist telling me to hurry up.

    "Yeah, It's for her." I finally reply.
    "You got it, bro! It'll be up next for you."
    "Thanks." I say as I pull out a 5 and put it in his tip jar.

    My song choice starts playing before I get back to Elizabeth.

    "You picked a slow song?"
    "One slow dance isn't going to kill you. May I have this dance, Ms. Sanders?" I ask, offering her my hand.
    "You may Mr. Avalon." She says as she grabs my hand.
    "I like this. Who is it?" She asks
    "Finger Eleven."
    "Never heard of them. But this song is really pretty."
    "Just close your eyes and listen to the lyrics."

    She closes her eyes and puts her head on my shoulder. I couldn't help but sniff her hair. I had to see if it smelled good or not, and it did. It smelled very good. I got lost in the song and caught myself singing the words softly in her ear. As I sang, I could feel her heartbeat speed up against my chest. She pulls away as the song ends and looks me in the eyes and the next thing I know her lips are on mine, and she pulls away as quickly as it happens. For a minute, everything around us blurs and I just stand there in a daze.

    "Oh, my god! I'm sorry Michael." she says as her eyes fill with tears.
    "It's okay." I reply with a smile to insure her it was okay.
    "No it's not! I'm seventeen and you’re like what thirty? This is all bad. Your job! Everything!"
    "First of all I'm only twenty-four. Second, you need to calm down. It was just a kiss. Relax Elizabeth."

    "I have to go! Thank you for the ride and coming here with me. But I really need to go."
    "Damn it, stop running away Elizabeth! Stop being afraid of me, I'm not here to hurt you in any way shape or form."
    "I'm not running. I'm not afraid of you hurting me. I'm afraid of hurting you."
    "You're over reacting Elizabeth. Stop thinking about the if's, when's, and what fuck ever else. Think of now, this second, and stop running from it, stop saying you're sorry. Because I'm not sorry and I don't give a shit what happens to me in the end."
    "Why are you raising your voice at me Michael?"
    "Because I'm trying to make you see what's going on. You only live once Elizabeth. Stop being scared and live it how you want. Fuck the consequences."
    "YOLO." She whispers with a giggle.
    "YOLO? What the fuck is a YOLO?"
    "You Only Live Once. YOLO!"
    "Should I have known that?"
    "If you were cool like me you would."

    I just shake my head. Witty and beautiful.

    "At least your sense of humor doesn't run away too. You feel better?"
    "Yeah. You know exactly what to say to make people understand. Maria didn't do it as good as you."
    "I'm more blunt than Maria. Plus, I spent seven years in college."
    "So did she."
    "No Elizabeth. She finished one term that's not even a half of a degree."
    "Oh. What time it?"

    I pull out my phone to check the time for her.

    "4:30 you want to go?"
    "Go where?"
    "Can we go to your house instead?"

    Did she seriously just ask me to go to my house? I'm defiantly not going to tell her no that's for sure. With any hesitation, what so ever I grab her around her waist and kiss her deeply. I feel her slowly start to relax in my arms.

    "We can go wherever you want Beautiful." I whisper in her than kiss her behind it. I feel her exhale against my neck.
    "Your house." She whispers back as she pulls my hair and kisses my jaw.

    Hair pulling is one of my weaknesses. One of many that get me turned up.

    "Mmm, don't do that here Beautiful."
    "Do what?"
    "Pull my hair. Don't do it here."
    "Oh, I'm sorry. By the way I like it."
    "Pulling my hair?"
    "Yeah, but I meant you calling me Beautiful."
    "Good. Shall we get going than?"
    "Yeah. So, can I drive back?"
    "Me, let you drive my car? I don't think you can handle her."
    "I drove my dad’s Charger. I think I can handle your car."
    "I don't think you can Beautiful, but you know what? Fuck it! I have insurance; I'm covered if you wreck it. Here are the keys."

    Elizabeth snatches the keys and takes off running toward the car. This will be fun trying to see her drive my car. I'll be amazed if she can pull it off though. I actually can't believe I gave that girl my keys.  What the hell was I thinking?

    "Hey Michael, what's this extra pedal for?"
    "The clutch."
    "Ah! What does it do?"
    "You use it to change gears."
    "Wait, so I can't just start the car and go like my mom and dad's cars? I have to push this pedal to make the gears change?"
      "You push the pedal and change the gears with this." I explain pointing at the gearshift.
    "Okay, hold on! Let me get this straight. I have to push the gas, then this pedal, and move this stick all at the same time?"
    "Basically, yeah. Do you want me to drive?"
    "NO! Teach me Michael!"
    "Okay. I'll teach you. Lesson one, the pedals from left to right, clutch, brake, and the gas. Don't forget that. Lesson two. Look at the gear shifter. It has the gears labeled on it. 1 through 6 and R for reverse. When it's not in gear and in the middle like it is now, that’s neutral. Before you start the car, make sure the car is always in neutral. Lesson three. When you shift gears let off the gas, push in the clutch, and change the gear. Lesson four. When you stop push in both the brake and the clutch and shift into neutral or first if you want. Then when you want to go shift to first and go. Go got all of that?"
    "Uh. Yeah, I think so."
    "All right. Start the car."
    "Clutch and reverse now?"
    "Yeah, but now listen. This isn't your mom’s car. Gently and I mean gently give it gas and back up."
    "You sound like my mom Michael. Gently give it gas."
    "Trust me Elizabeth. Just barley give it any gas."

    I can tell by her body language that she's starting to get nervous as hell. Deep down I'm rooting for her. If she can drive a manual, she can drive anything.

    "Do you want to back out for me?"
    "No. You said you wanted to drive, so drive."
    "Okay." she sighs.

    As she puts it in reverse the car jerks backwards and dies and Elizabeth lets out a scream.

    "Gently give it gas. Now start the car and try again."
    "I did gently give it gas! Do I need to give it even less gas?"
    "Yes. Now try again."

    Come on Beautiful you can do this. I try to look calm, but I'm actually terrified. I don't want this girl to wreck my car. Elizabeth is in the driver seat talking to herself, she has everything right. All she needs to do is remember gently give it gas. Slowly the car pulls out of its parking spot into the street.

    "I did it! And the car didn't die."
    "Now put it in first and go. Watch your gauges and when you see a red light pop on shift to second and so on. You got this."

        She shifts the car into first and takes off perfect, shifts into second and then third. Even though she missed a few gears, and the car died at 3 stoplights, she eventually got the hang of it. I should let her drive all the time. It’s pretty hot watching her drive my car. As she pulled into my parking stop at my house, she hits the trash can. Okay, it may be hot as hell, but I can’t have this girl hitting trash cans in my car.
    "Oh, shit! What did I just hit?"
    "The trash can."
    "I'm sorry Michael. I hope I didn't mess up your car."
    "I don't think you did. But I'm not cleaning up that trash. You are."
    "Well aren't you a gentleman."
    "I'll help you if it makes you better."
    "If you want to. I made the mess, so it's whatever."
    "Come on I'll help you."

    Basically, all she did was stand there while I picked up everything.

    "Hey this wasn't the deal! I said I was going to help. Not pick all of this up by myself. What kind of shit is this?
    "I am helping you! I'm supervising! Plus, I picked up the can for you."
    "Yeah, yeah! Here are the keys. The bathroom is upstairs if you want to wash your hands or whatever."

    I continue to pick up the rest of the trash as Elizabeth goes inside. I hope I don't have any dirty clothes lying around. She might see my dirty boxers. Well, she'll see them eventually, I hope. When I make my way upstairs to wash up, I see Elizabeth already made herself at home sitting on the end of my bed.

    "You can go downstairs if you want Beautiful."
    "Can we stay up here?"
    "Yeah, if you want to." I reply walking into my bathroom.
    "Hey Michael. What is that in the corner by the stairs?"
    "The pole?"
    "Yeah, is it a stripper pole?"
    "No! I use it to tighten my ass cheeks. I climb to the top and hold on with my ass. Look, feel how firm my ass is." I explain, hoping she grabs one of my butt cheeks."
    "Oh nice! Do you really use that to make your butt nice?"
    "No. I just wanted you to grab my ass. It's a stripper pole one of my friends from college bought me for my birthday for some reason. Maybe I can get you on it someday."
    "Maybe. If you're nice to me!"
    "I'm not nice to you? Let's see I took you to the Festival and I let you drive my car, which by the way no one drives but me. So you should feel pretty damn special Ms. Sanders."
    "I do feel special." she says as she pats the bed next to her wanting me to sit down.
    "So tell me about this ex of yours. You still talk to him?" I ask as I sit next to her on the bed.
    "No, not really. The last time I talked to him was about six or seven months ago."
    "I see. First love?"
    "Well, kind of I guess. We dated for about two years. What about your ex? You still talk to her?"
    "No. I believe my mom still does. She likes her a lot for some reason. Even after she cheated on me and sold the engagement ring I gave her.
    "Oh, you were engaged to her?"
    "Yep. I was with since my freshmen year in high school. Asked her to marry me a few days after graduation. Went off to college, and she cheated on me."
    "So you haven't had sex since her?"
    "I've had sex since her. She was my last girlfriend, not my last fuck. I'm a guy! We like sex."
    "Even if the guy is awful at it?"
    "My ex was horrible in bed! I had to masturbate when I got home just to get mine, because he couldn't do it for me."
    "Two years and the boy couldn't get you off. I'm sorry."
    "Not two years Michael. We only had sex maybe a total of ten times, and each time was no better than the last."
    "Ouch! So he never went down on you?"
    "Yes. Not good at that either. My side chick was better."
    "Your… Side chick?"
      "Yes. I eat pussy too."
    I couldn't help myself I had to laugh.

    "He stuck his dick in there and wiggled around for about thirty seconds than he was done. Like I said it was horrible."
    "Thirty seconds? He needed to masturbate more, or you needed to give him head more."
    "I did suck his dick."
    "Okay, what have you done and have you not done with this guy?"
    "Most of the time I just laid there waiting for it to start feeling good and it never did."
    "That's fucked up. You don't even really know how good sex can feel."
    "Then show me."
    "Right now?"
    "Yes, right now. Why not, It's gonna happen anyway right?"
    "Yea, I was hoping it would. But what do you want me to show you."
    "How it's supposed to feel. All of it."
    "All right." I say standing up and grabbing her hand to follow  me.
      "Wait. Where are we going? I thought we were going to do this."
    "We are. But first you're getting in the shower with me. Now hurry up."

    As I walk Elizabeth to the bathroom, I feel the man start to push against my pants. I sit down on the toilet and stand her in front of me. I than unzip her skirt and let it fall to the floor. I run my hand down her right leg take off her shoe and then kiss her from her ankle to her inner thigh. Then I do the same to her left leg. Her fucking legs are amazing. I can already smell how much she wants this. How much she wants me. As I stand up after taking her panties off, I slide one finger inside her. As I start to kiss her neck, I feel her reach down and button my pants. She then bends down to pull them off along with my boxers. As she stands up, she licks the length of it and then pulls my shirt up over my head. I finish undressing her than we get in the shower.

    "Why are you hard already for Mr. Avalon?"
    "He gets excited when he's around beautiful naked women like yourself, Ms. Sanders. You about ready to get out?"
    "I'm ready whenever you are."

    After we get out of the shower I go relax on the bed while Elizabeth braids her hair to one side. I take her all in as I watch her standing there in front of the bathroom mirror. She so incredibly beautiful.

    "What?" she asks as she walks over and crawls onto the end of the bed.
    "Nothing. Come here."

    I grab her around the waist and lay her down on her back and position myself between her legs.

    "Michael wait. I'm not on birth control or anything you need to put a condom on first."
    "Relax Beautiful. I'm not putting this inside you yet."
    "Oh, well, what are you doing then?"
    "Just trust me."
    "I do trust you Michael."

    I start kissing her neck behind her ear and her heavy breathing on my neck is driving me insane. As I move down to her left breast, I slide one finger inside her and I feel her heart start to beat faster. I then slowly move down to her stomach and as soon as I get between her legs she stops me and covers herself with her hands.

    "What's wrong?"
    "I'm shy, I don't want you to look at it."
    "You're beautiful Elizabeth. You don't need to be shy around me. You're just nervous. Relax and let me do this for you. I promise you'll enjoy it."

    She looks at me for a second than moves her hands away on opens her legs wider for me. I rub her opening with one finger before putting it inside her. As I slowly move my finger in and out of her, she begins to moan. With my one finger still inside her, I begin to lick her clit. She arches her back, pushing herself into my mouth. As soon as she did that I pulled out my finger and grabbed her waist and pushed my tongue inside her. She begins to moan more and more and louder. I move back to her clit and begin sucking on it and flicking it with my tongue. She starts pulling on my hair and pushing my head onto her more. As she gets hers, she wraps her legs around me and I quickly put my finger inside her while still sucking on her clit. As I move my finger in and out of her fast, I feel her tighten around me as her whole body shakes and she screams out my name. As she starts to come down from her climax, she relaxes and let’s go of my hair.

    "How was that Beautiful?"

    All she could do was look at me and give two thumbs up.

    "Good. Hand me that please?" I ask, pointing at the condom on the nightstand.
    "More? I don't think I can get off again this soon." she replies handing me the condom.
    "Yes you can, and if you don't that's okay too."
    "Okay, but be gentle. You're bigger than my ex and I don't want you to hurt me."
    "If I hurt you, just tell me and I'll stop."
    "All right. Can I put that on you?"
    "Yes." I reply handing back the condom.

    She rolls the condom on my dick a little bit then uses her mouth to roll it the rest of the way on, and I feel my dick go down her throat. I let out a moan and look down at her and she's looking back at me.
    "Whoa! What the fuck was that?"
    "The condom trick I saw on skinamax one night."
    "You have no gag reflex though. I have yet to be with a woman who can take all of this. Now you! Wow!"
    "I knew it would be a nice surprise for you. You like?"
    "No Beautiful. I don't like. I fucking love it!"

    She gives me a big smile and lies down on her back. I grab her by the hips and pull her to me. I kiss her shoulder and she scratches the back of my neck and down my back. I slowly put the tip inside her and she moans loud in my ear and digs her nails deep into my back. I kiss her chin, and then her mouth and I feel her tongue push through my lips. As we make out, I push myself into her and more and she digs her nails in my back even more. I push the rest of myself inside her and she lets out a moan into my mouth.

    "Am I hurting you?" I whisper into her ear.
    "Yes." she moans
    "Do you want me to stop?"
    "No Michael, keep going"

    I move in and out of her slowly not to hurt her any more than I have. I reach down and start rubbing her clit as I start moving faster in and out of her.

    "You feel so good Elizabeth." I moaned.
    "Keep doing that right there. That's feels so good."

    I start moving even faster inside of her, she arches her back and I start to feel her tighten around me. I feel her tighten more and she starts to pulsate around me. I couldn't take it anymore.

    "Fuck Elizabeth!"

    I nearly collapse on top of her.

    "Wow! That was amazing. Thank You."
    "You're welcome Beautiful. Oh, and I'm sorry."
    "Sorry for what? Hurting me? It's okay. It only hurt for a minute."
    "No, I made you bleed."
    "Did you? Well, I'm sorry I ruined your sheets."
    "It's all right. So your ex never made you bleed?"
    "Our first time he did. Why?"
    "Just wondering.”
    "Hey, what time is it?"
    "About 9:45. Are you leaving?"
    "I have to. My mom will be home around 10:30 and I still need to do the dishes and my homework before she gets home"
    "All right." I say getting up out of the bed.
    "Can I use your bathroom?"
    "You don't have to ask me to use the bathroom. But yeah, you can. Me first though."
    "Well, you can just toss me my clothes."

    I do my thing in the bathroom than walk to my dresser for a pair of boxers when I notice Elizabeth looking for her panties I took.

    "What are you looking for over there?"
    "My chone chones."
    "Chone chones?"
    "Yeah, my underwear. You see them anywhere?"
    "Yes. You can't have them back."
    "Seriously Michael? You're gonna make me go with no panties on?"
    "Yep. Are you mad?"
    "No. Now come here and give me a kiss I have to go."

    I pull her close and kiss her deeply not wanting her to go home just yet. It really was a perfect ending to a great day.

    "Hold on Beautiful. I have something for you. Actually it's in my car. Let me get dressed real fast and I'll meet you downstairs."

    I quickly get dressed and head downstairs to my car.

    "Okay Michael, what do you got for me?"
    "This, you said your mom took yours from you."
    "Your iPod? I can't take this."
    "No. I'm letting you use it until you get yours back. Only one request though."
    "Don't add any Burno Mars to it please."
    "I promise I won’t add any Bruno Mars. But I'll add plenty of Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys for you."
    "Oh god help me. Go home! I'll see you tomorrow."
    "Kay. Goodnight Mr. Avalon. Thanks for a wonderful day and night."
    "No. Thank you Beautiful. Sweet dreams."


    Michael really is an amazing guy. I need to find a good hiding spot for his iPod. If my mom sees it she'll take it. Good thing there's only a few dishes to do and I only have math homework tonight. But I'm having trouble keeping my mind on it. My girly parts still hurt a little bit. I also wasn't going to tell Michael to stop. So, yep. My fault. Oh well, I need to finish this math and take a shower.

    "Hey Lizzy." My mom says walking from work.
    "Hey mom how was work?" I answer trying to shove the iPod in my pocket.
    "Fine. I brought home some leftovers. Can you put it in the fridge for me? I need a shower."
    "Yeah, oh, this smells and looks yummy!"
    "Oh, it's very good."

    After I put the leftovers in the fridge, I noticed Michael sitting outside. I'm gonna go say hi. My math homework can wait. I grab one of the patio chairs and stand on it so I can see over the bushes.

    "Don't you know smoking kills Michael?"
    "So I've heard. Still not wearing any panties I see." he says with a big grin on his face.
    "You like?" I ask, lifting up my skirt, giving him a better look at the goods.
    "Mmm hmm. Felt and tasted good too."
    "Well I'm glad you liked it."
    "I didn't like it. I loved it Beautiful."
    "It still hurts a little bit too."
    "What still hurts Lizzy? Are you alright?" my mom asks from behind me.
    "I twisted something in PE today. I'll be fine." I say as I hop off the chair so my mom doesn't see my business.
    "Evening Michael. I brought home some Bouillabaisse from work tonight. Please take some." my mom says handing Michael a big container of food.
    "Thank you. Smells great." he replied.
    "You're welcome. Okay, Lizzy I'm going to the shower, don't stay out here too late.

    I wait till I see my mom go into the bathroom before climbing back on the chair.

    "You could have signaled me or something letting me know my mom was behind me."
    "I was sitting down! I didn't see her. Now this food, is it going to be good?"
    ""Yeah. My mom made it. She was a 5 star chef in Monterey. And she’s the head chef here at Bernat."
    "Nice, and I'm sorry your vagina still hurts. I told you I'd stop if I hurt you too much."
    "That wouldn't have been fair for you. You had to get yours too."
    "I could’ve used my hand later Beautiful. I only care if you get off. I'm here to make you feel good."
    "You did make me feel good."
    "Well good. But hey, I hate to leave you but I need to go to bed. I get up at five to go to work."
    "Aww Boo! Kiss goodnight?"
    "Now how can I say no to that?"
    "You can't, now come here."

    I hop off the chair and walk over to his gate and kiss him on the lips.

    "Thank you for the dick Mr. Avalon."
    "Anytime Beautiful. Now goodnight for real this time."
    "Mmm! One more kiss!
    "Night Beautiful."


    I go into my room and lock the door. My mom walks in all the time like she owns the place. I pull out Michael’s iPod and scroll through his music. There's nothing in this thing I like.

    "Goodnight Lizzy!" My mom yells from the hall.
    "Night Mommy!" I yell back.

    Okay, I'll look through this in a minute. First, I need a shower to wash the smell of sex off of me. Plus, I'm starting to feel weird wandering around without any chone chones on. I wonder how and when Michael got my panties without me knowing and where the hell did he hide them? I thought about that the whole time I was in the shower. All right back to Michael’s iPod now that all fresh and clean. I don't know any of these bands on here. For example who's Led Zeppelin? Or Ozzy Osbourne, or even Stone Temple Pilots? Okay. let's look at his recently played list. Finger Eleven is in here. Maybe the one we danced to today. I click the play button. Yes! It is! One Thing by Finger Eleven. I have to remember this song. It's really pretty. I close my eyes to listen to the song and I drift off.