Friday, June 26


     I slept extremely good. Sex before bed does it. No doubt. To be honest. I'm pretty pissed off at myself for even having sex with Reg. I didn't want to do it. It was way too soon. I feel guilted into it. Reg threatening to leave my house because I apparently don't want her. I couldn't let her leave like that. It's just the way I am. I just can't have sex right away with someone. But, I felt like I had no choice. I had to show her that she's the only one I want. I have no idea what would of happen if I just let her leave. Maybe she would have left me. I didn't want that. Having sex this soon is either going to hurt us or it's not. Too soon to know. I do know if I tell Reg how I feel, it'll hurt her feelings. I don't think she meant for me to feel guilted into it. Or maybe that was her plan. I don't know. She's a lot like her dad though. I'm sure she can do to people what her dad does. Maybe I should mention it. Honesty in a relationship is good. This is something that's bugging the hell out of me. Yeah! I was driving myself crazy trying to keep myself from having sex with her. I did want to have sex with her. Just not right away. I think I'm over thinking this. It happen. Can't change that.
    "Mmm… What are you doing Reg?"
    "Doesn't feel like nothing."
    "It was hard before I started touching it."
    "It happens."
    "Why do you want sex?"
    "Just because it's hard doesn't mean I want… Oh fuck! You're putting your mouth on it... That makes me want sex… Why?… Did you stop?"
    "What do I get in return?"
    "What do you want?"
    "I don't know."
    "You don't know? How about this, get on top."
    "Get on top of me."
    "Turn around the other way."
    "Like this?"
    "Yeah. Now suck it."
    "This isn't giving me something in return."
    "Yes it is. Suck it and I'll show you."
    "Oh!… Oh my god! I can't do it when you lick me."
    "All right."
    "That didn't mean stop."
    "What do I get in return Reg?"
    "Whatever you want."
    "Hmm… What if I just want to make out a little bit?"
    "No sex?"
    "Reg… Pull your pants up and turn around so I can talk to you."
    "Are you okay?"
    "I'm fine. I told you I don't want sex to become a habit. This is what I meant when I said having sex too soon will base our relationship on it. It becomes habit. I don't fucking want that Reg. I enjoy having sex with you, I just don't want it every day."
    "I never said we had to have sex every day."
    "I know you didn't. I'm saying I don't want it every day. And… You can't get all pissed off and guilt me into like you did the other night."
    "I didn't guilt you into it."
    "You said, I've come to the conclusion that you don't want me at all, so I am leaving. You said that. Not me. Then you started crying and walking toward the door. There was no way in hell I was letting you leave my house thinking that shit. Look at it this way Reg… What if it was me telling you that and then walking toward the door. How would you feel?"
    "My feelings would be super hurt."
    "I hurt your feelings?"
    "Yeah. I have no idea where you even got that from. That I don't want you. And yeah! I feel hella guilted into it."
    "But you said you wanted it."
    "I never denied the fact I wanted it. I wanted to wait is all. I don't want it to ruin us. I did it because I had to prove to you that you're the only one I want."
    "I'm so sorry I made you feel that way."
    "What ever happen to that, I want to be a one boy girl?"
    "I still want to be that girl James. I only want you. You look at me different. Look at me! I don't look like a thirteen-year-old girl. My grandma says I blossomed too soon. The boys at my old school thought I was older than I am and I got all the wrong attention. You don't look at me like that. You see me. Make sense?"
    "I don't look at you as a piece of ass?"
    "I don't look at you for your body. I see you for who you are."
    "Yeah! You took the time to get to know me. You're my first everything and I love it all. I only want what you give me. For as long as possible."
    "Shit happens Reg. There's a chance we might not last. We don't know that."
    "You don't think we will?"
    "No, I'm not saying that at all. I'm just… Not promising you forever. Because we don't know yet."
    "Okay. I understand that. What about right now?"
    "What about right now?"
    "You know you want to be with me for a while right now."
    "Yeah. I want you as long as possible. If we last and we get married, that's the day I'll promise you forever."
    "I can deal with that. You don't want to promise me forever now and it may get broken."
    "Yeah. I don't like to break my promises to you."
    "You haven't broke any so far."
    "I don't plan to break any."
    "I love you."
    "I love you too. How's your head feeling today?"
    "A lot better. Still sore, but it doesn't kill like it did yesterday. The Ibuprofen helped a little bit. But not all of it."
    "I have Tylenol in the bathroom. Might work better."
    "I'll take one. Having fun squeezing my butt?"
    "I like your butt. Bubbly."
    "It's not big!"
    "No! I like how squishy it is. I like how I can smack it and it bounces. It's hot."
    "Ever do kinky stuff?"
    "During sex?"
    "The most kinky thing I have ever done was lick your butt."
    "That was so weird."
    "Didn't like it?"
    "Did I stop you?"
    "So... You and Becky didn't have good sex?"
    "It was all right. She only wanted it hard from behind all the time. Wasn't bad or anything."
    "Did you guys have a good relationship?"
    "I guess. We dated over a year."
    "Tell her you loved her?"
    "Nope. Never."
    "Yeah. I don't say it unless I mean it. I loved her… But…"
    "Not in love with her. Like you are with me."
    "Yeah. I love you and I'm in love with you. You're the winner."
    "Aw! You love me!"
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Stop trying to put your hand in my pants."
    "Don't smack my hand away."
    "You said no sex."
    "Me playing with your pussy isn't sex Reg… Stop!"
    "No! Ah! James! Ha! Opie! Help me!"
    "Get out of here Ope. I'm not hurting her."
    "Get him off Opie!"
    "Ow! You fucking asshole! I don't have a shirt on! Fuck!"
    "Oh my god! Are you okay?"
    "Hella fucking scratched my back."
    "Let me see."
    "Am I bleeding?"
    "No. It's not that bad of a… Ah! James!"
    "I'm having fun."
    "Me too! I've never wrestled with a boy like this before. Kiss now?… Thank you."
    "I have to get up."
    "My phone is going off. I have to take my pills and get in the shower. You're coming with me."
    "Do I have to?"
    "For another kiss… Oh my god! How did you just ripped my pants off like that?"
    "Not the kind of kiss I wanted… Oh my god… No, don't stop."
    "I gave you a kiss now come on."
    "You suck. Got me all excited like that."
    "You want me to finish you off?"
    "Okay. Get up."
    "On the bed. On your knees and face the wall."
    "Like this?"
    "Yeah. But don't sit on your feet. Up like this."
    "Oh! There… What are doing?… Oh! Oh god!" 

    Eating pussy without killing my back. She eventually just leaned back against my leg after a few minutes. Then started moving with me. She's pretty damn hot. The moans she lets out are pretty damn hot too. I was so into what was going on that I didn't stop her when she started to ride me. I don't have a condom on. Why am I not stopping her? I just rolled her over so I was on top and I kept going.
    "Harder this time… Uh!"
    "Am I hurting you?"
    "No… Oh my god."
    "You hella soaked my bed just now."
    "I'm so sorry."
    "No… It's hot."
    "Why are you slowing down?"
    "I keep going like that I won't last much longer."
    "James?… Fuck… Don't get off inside me."
    "I'm not going to."
    "Let me suck you when you're about…"
    "Uh huh!"
    "Ow!… Don't bite so…"
    "Oh fuck… Unwrap your legs Reg…"
    "Ew! My mouth James! Not my face!"
    "I'm so sorry!"
    "And in my hair! Stop laughing!"
    "Here's my shorts. I'm so sorry I gave you a money shot."
    "A what?"
    "When a guy cums on a girls face. Money shot."
    "Did you pull out in time?"
    "None is in me?"
    "No. I got some right here on your leg. None is in you."
    "I think it feels better without a condom."
    "You have no idea. We can't do this again Reg. Not until we can anyway."
    "You're positive none got in me?"
    "Yeah… That was a first for me."
    "No condom."
    "Did you like it?"
    "Yeah. I'm actually paranoid about getting a girl pregnant. I don't know why I was okay with you."
    "Because you love me."
    "I guess."
    "Did it feel different to you?"
    "Yeah. I like, really felt it. Nice and soft."
    "Shut up!"
    "You asked!"
    "I love you."
    "I love you too. Come on. Let's go wash the cum out of your hair."
    "Yes! It's so gross."
    "I'm so sorry!"
    "Stop laughing James!"
    "I can't!"

    I seriously feel so bad for doing that to Reg. I didn't mean to do it. She actually wasn't too pissed off. She licked her lips and gave this, you fucking asshole, look. It was great. She washed her hair like three times in the shower. Saying it was still sticky. She's good now! Her hair is officially cum free.
    "Opie! Get the fuck off the bed!"
    "Why are you yelling at him to get off the bed?"
    "He's licking the sex spot."
    "Gross Opie!"
    "Come help me real fast."
    "One second. I'm almost done with my hair."
    "Opie! Stop!"
    "What now?"
    "Still licking the bed!"
    "He's acting like you never had sex on your bed before."
    "You're the first girl I've had sex with on my bed."
    "You said Becky stayed here before."
    "We never had sex here. Always at her house because her mom works nights."
    "Oh. Okay, what am I helping you with?"
    "I'm thinking… If we flip the mattress he'll stop."
    "You have another sheet?"
    "No. I'm throwing that one wash. I have a whole load right there."
    "Stand on that side and I guess just catch."
    "All right, I'm ready… Oh my god!"
    "Hold on… Okay, I got it. Thanks."
    "Beds are heavy."
    "I didn't kill you."
    "Nope. Do I look okay?"
    "I think this is the first time I've seen you wear a girly shirt."
    "Yeah. I don't look pretty?"
    "You look beautiful Reg."
    "Aw! So do you!"
    "Umm… Okay. I need to brush my teeth and we can get going."
    "Want me to throw this in the wash for you?"
    "Could you?"
    "Yeah. Do you wash a certain way?"
    "No. I just throw it all in and start it."
    "All right. I won't get in trouble?"
    "No. Why would you?"
    "I don't know."
    "My mom and dad aren't here if that's why you think you'll get in trouble."
    "Oh! Okay. I'll be downstairs."
    "Thanks Reg."
    "You're welcome. Come on Opie! Keep me company."
    "He's starting to love you more than me."
    "No! He still loves you."

    Reg really seems to like doing things for me. I don't ever ask her either. Like how she plays Opie at school. I don't mean that in a bad way. Opie's job is to lean on me or pull if I go off balance. I told her that's what he does, and she just does it. She never really holds my hand. She links her arm with mine and either leans on me or pulls me. I like it. Been with her for one week and I haven't bumped into anyone while walking down the halls. Hmm… One week. A lot has happened between us in one week. I never thought I'd fall for a girl as hard and fast as I did. Just… I don't know. She's treated me amazing since day one. Becky was never like her. Example! The push and pull thing. I didn't have Opie at the time. Well, I did. But he was still a puppy and wasn't ready to be taken from his mom just yet. Becky thought it was funny to give me an extra push so I fell or hit someone. The wrestling thing me and Reg did this morning. Becky would take it too far and actually try to hurt me. Our relationship had its ups and downs, mostly downs. But for the most part, we got along pretty good. I guess. So far Reg is better in every single way. Just one more thing to try out. A little car fun.
    "What are you doing?"
    "Trying to unbutton your pants."
    "Want me to tell you why or show you?"
    "Show me."
    "Unbutton your pants and scoot down a little."
    "How about this?"
    "Pants off works too!"
    "Uh! My god!"
    "Made you twitch."
    "I hope no one sees you rubbing on me. Hold on… Put my leg up like this. Better?"
    "Mmm hmm. And no one will see you. My windows are tinted."
    "Wait… Let me take my undies off."
    "Waist down naked in my car. You're pretty hot Reg. You're learning to move with me."
    "It feels better when…"
    "I move with you."
    "You should get used to this car fun."
    "Oh yeah?"
    "Can I suck you while you drive?"
    "My center console doesn't go up. I don't think you'll be able to."
    "Can I try sometime?"
    "Yeah… God I love those faces you make."
    "Are they sexy."
    "To me they are… Fuck!"
    "It's Sweep. I have to answer it."
    "No no! You stay naked… Hello?"
    "Little car rubby you interrupted."
    "Nice. Want to call me back?"
    "No. About at Dutch to get breakfast. You are on speaker so don't say shit you don't want Reg to hear."
    "Morning Sweetheart."
    "Morning… Uh my god! Don't do that with him on the phone!"
    "That was a heavenly sound."
    "Right? Wait… Don't put your pants back on."
    "You keep rubbing me and I don't want him to hear."
    "Don't be mad."
    "I'm not mad Reg. Promise. Anyway, what's up?"
    "Jennifer showed up at my uncle's house at like five this morning."
    "As a mother fucking heart attack bro. Chelle got here maybe five minutes ago and even she was like, what the fuck."
    "What's wrong with him? That girl doesn't want him."
    "He thinks she does. Chelle is waving at me. She says hi."
    "Hello! She bring Harlyn?"
    "No. She left her with my mom. She excited to meet Regan. She said she's adorable."
    "She is."
    "Aw! Thank you."
    "Jennifer is excited too."
    "No idea!"
    "I don't need her meeting Reg."
    "I didn't want her meeting Chelle either, but that happen. That's why I told her to leave Harlyn home. I don't want my daughter around her."
    "How many people are showing up today?"
    "No idea. Nick posts everything online so who knows."
    "Yeah! That's why I asked."
    "A shit ton went to his school a few weeks ago. Might be the same outcome here."
    "Yeah. I wasn't happy about that. Every girl was like, oh my god! Take a picture with me. Flinch! Ah! I seriously hate it. One or two is fine. But a swarm at one time, hell no! I get like claustrophobic and need to get the fuck out! My P.D doesn't like that shit either."
    "I hear you. UHH has security and shit like that don't happen."
    "How's Regan gonna handle it?"
    "I don't know."
    "I'm just going to hang all over you so they all know you're mine."
    "That's basically what Chelle does to me."
    "Does it work?"
    "Mmm… A little bit."
    "I'm hanging on you James."
    "Okay… Really Reg? Did you seriously just spray me with your dough boy anus?"
    "Her vanilla body spray stuff."
    "That vanilla smells hella good. I smelled her last night when I hugged her."
    "It does smell good, but I don't wanna smell like it."
    "Everyone will know you're my boyfriend. Just like Sean and Liz."
    "Liz doesn't spray Sean. It just sticks to him. I probably smell like it without you spraying me."
    "I hope you do."
    "I do not want to smell like a girl."
    "Not even like me?"
    "I do smell like you. Smell my fingers."
    "Smell my fingers! Fuckin' great bro!"
    "The only way I want to smell like you Reg."
    "Are you going to wash your hands when we get to school?"
    "He's not even lying!"
    "I don't want everyone to know we mess around James. It's not their business."
    "It's for him Sweetheart."
    "Yeah. I'm not going around telling people to smell them. Only I will be."
    "Okay, whatever."
    "So what's going on with lunch? She's coming too?"
    "Most likely."
    "What's wrong with me meeting her?"
    "She said some shit to Zoey when her and Flinch dated."
    "Like what?"
    "Do you know Flinch messes around with every girl he meets?"
    "She said that to her?"
    "Yeah, and tells everyone her and Flinch mess around."
    "Do you James?"
    "Flinch turns down all fan girls Sweetheart. Even the smoking hot ones. You have nothing at all to worry about."
    "They don't like me for me! They like me because of what I am and because of my Gold rank in UHH. I do not want a girl who's only with me for fifteen minutes of fame. Not fucking happening. Nick is a fucking idiot. Hold on… Same thing you always get Reg?"
    "Yeah. Number one with orange juice and an extra hash brown."
    "Gettin' your grub on at Dutch."
    "Reg has never had Dutch before meeting me."
    "Why does that surprise everyone? We don't have a Dutch where I'm from. Or Carl's Jr."
    "She had Hardies."
    "That's Carl's."
    "I know that now. I thought Carl's Jr. copied the star and James told me it's the same just a different name."
    "You paying Reg?"
    "I guess."
    "Buy your girl breakfast!"
    "I'm broke! I have to wait until after school to get my money out of my mom's safe."
    "We take turns paying anyway. How much?"
    "You have 64 cents?"
    "12 and 64! See! We take turns!"
    "Flinch put in 64 cents. Oh! You check your email this morning?"
    "No. Why?"
    "Jaz got the verdict on her knee."
    "How bad?"
    "She destroyed her ACL."
    "Oh fuck! ACL shit is no joke."
    "Yeah! I'm surprised you haven't destroyed yours yet. You tear it every year."
    "Anyway! She won't be finishing UHH and they pulled her from the web series she does. They want us to take over for her."
    "We have to go to LA to film that every Thursday?"
    "No. We can film it every Tuesday ourselves like she did and send it to them so they can have it up on Friday. They do all the editing and shit. All we need to do is make sure we have about 45 minutes or so of footage. They'll cut it down to 15 minutes or however long it is. Jaz recommended us since we been on there with her like four times and we basically know what to do. They need to know by Monday if we can do it. Or want to."
    "Can we do it at my house? I work and that's a two-hour drive to your place."
    "Yeah. That works for me."
    "All right. I'm in…"
    "Oh my god!"
    "Son of a bitch!"
    "Uh oh!"
    "Fucking hate when these assholes fill the fucking cups to the top!"
    "My pant leg is all wet."
    "At least your car is leather Flinch."
    "Fuck that! It's still going to be all sticky. Come back to the window!"
    "Pull around and I'll go in. I'll get a bunch of wet napkins too."
    "Take some change in case they make you pay for a new one."
    "Okay. I'll be right back. Don't eat my hash brown."
    "I won't… Fucking orange juice everywhere."
    "That's why you tell them not to fill it all the way."
    "I don't even know if it was too full or the lid just popped off. I pulled it out of the thing to hand it to Reg and just dropped it. Got all over her and shit."
    "She'll live."
    "Yeah… So… My pull out game is weak as fuck."
    "So is mine. That's why I have a kid."
    "Yeah. Why are having sex with that thirteen-year-old without a condom?"
    "Just happen and it felt good so I didn't stop her."
    "It was her?"
    "Yeah. She was on top and just did it."
    "First time raw?"
    "Yeah. Felt so good."
    "Did you even try to pull out at all?"
    "Yeah. I knew I wasn't fast enough. She told me to pull out so she could suck my dick and I got her with a money shot instead."
    "How hot was that?"
    "She licked her lips and was like, damn you!"
    "Did you tell her you nutted in her?"
    "No. She asked if I did and I told her no. I wiped the little bit off her leg and she laughed, and I saw it drip out."
    "She's too damn young for a kid Flinch."
    "I was scared to tell her."
    "Hold on… Chelle?"
    "What are the chances of a girl getting pregnant?"
    "Um… When did her period end?"
    "You're on speaker Flinch."
    "Her period ended like three days ago."
    "When did you cum in her?"
    "This morning."
    "You're fine. Girls ovulate about twelve days before their period. If she has a normal six day period, and you came in her this morning, you're fine. If she's one of those girls who has a short three or four day period, there is a higher chance she might be pregnant. But! A girl can get pregnant at any time as well. Me and Stephen know this and we know only a tiny bit of cum can get a girl pregnant."
    "He didn't tell her he nutted in her."
    "I didn't say anything because she was on me about not cumming in her."
    "Then you should've put on a condom James. But if her period ended three days ago, you're fine. But you need to tell her. Just be like, I think I got it in you."
    "She's getting on birth control on Monday."
    "If she is pregnant birth control won't do anything. It doesn't harm the baby or cause a miscarriage. Are you positive it got in her?"
    "It wasn't just on her?"
    "No. I got some on her thigh and when I wiped it off, she laughed and I saw it come out."
    "I think you guys are fine. When she gets on birth control they'll do a test… That won't help! It'll be too soon for a positive. But, like I said. Birth control won't prevent a pregnancy if she's already pregnant. So! If she's pregnant, she's pregnant."
    "She can take the Plan B pill like you did."
    "That's an option if you guys are worried at all. You can get at any pharmacy. You need to tell her though James. Me and Stephen will get it for you guys if you want and she can take it at lunch."
    "Yeah. Get it for us, please. She's going to fucking hate me for lying to her. This is huge! Not something tiny and petty."
    "Chances are she's going to know. It leaks out. If you're scared to tell her just wait until she says something."
    "I don't think she will. We got in the shower right after, so I doubt she felt it leaking out."
    "You're right. I need to tell her."
    "We'll get that pill for you."
    "Thanks Chelle. I gotta go Reg is walking up."
    "Okay. Good luck."
    "Yeah. Bye."

    Please god, don't make Reg hate me. Please don't make her leave me.

    "Here's your change."
    "They didn't charge you?"
    "No. I told the guy at the register what happen and asked for a new one, when I held out my hand to give him the change he said, it's fine and apologized. And! Gave me this washcloth to clean the seat and stuff. He was nice!"
    "Can I tell you something without you getting pissed and leaving me?"
    "Uh… I can't promise I won't be mad if it makes me mad. But I promise I won't leave you."
    "I didn't pull out in time Reg."
    "Sex.... I didn't pull out in time."
    "When I wiped the little bit off your thigh and you laughed, I saw it come out."
    "Oh! Okay! It came out when I laughed. We're fine."
    "No… It doesn't work like that Reg. Only a little bit came out. Not all of it."
    "Oh god!… Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! What are we gonna do?! I don't want a baby! Oh my god!"
    "Reg… Look at me. Stop crying… I talked to Michelle. She's in school right now to be a nurse. She knows about this shit okay?"
    "She asked when your period stopped and I told her three days ago and she said it's most likely you are not pregnant. Okay?"
    "She said if your period is a normal six days we're fine."
    "My period lasts four days."
    "Oh… That's a problem."
    "She said, girls with a shorter period have a higher chance of getting pregnant sooner."
    "Oh god… Don't freak out… Don't freak… I'm freaking out! My dad is going to kill us!"
    "He's not even going to know."
    "There's this pill you can get called Plan B. If you have sex without a condom and you're worried you might be pregnant… You take the pill so you don't get pregnant."
    "An abortion pill?"
    "I have no idea how it works Reg. Michelle told me she's taken it before and it worked and told me if we have any doubts to get it."
    "How much is it?"
    "I don't know. I told her to get it for you and she said okay."
    "I don't believe in abortion James."
    "It's not one Reg. Please take the pill."
    "I… I don't know."
    "Are you fucking kidding me? You're freaking out and all of a sudden you don't want to fix this? I don't want a fucking kid Reg."
    "I don't want one right now. I'm sixteen. I don't want a kid in high school. You're thirteen... You don't want a kid with me right now."
    "Any kid I have will have Parkinson's. You're not ready to take that on Reg. You don't even understand it completely."
    "How do you know it will have it?"
    "It's hereditary Reg. It runs in my family on my dad's side. I'm the sixth one to have it… I can't believe you right now."
    "Why are you getting mad?"
    "I'm not. Do whatever you want. Take the pill, don't take it. I don't fucking care."
    "I don't want to kill a baby James."
    "There's no fucking baby to kill!… I'm… I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you like that. Sorry… Look it up. I'm sure it's not what you think it is."
    "Okay. What's it called?"
    "Plan B."
    "Plan B One-Step emergency contraception… What are you doing?"
    "Driving to school."
    "Oh. Anyway… Plan B One-Step emergency contraception is a backup plan that helps prevent pregnancy when taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex or birth control failure. The sooner it’s taken, the better it works. It contains levonorgestrel, the same hormone used in many birth control pills just at a higher dose. It should not be used as regular birth control, because it’s not as effective. Plan B is generally safe and effective when taken as directed, helps prevent nearly 7 out of 8 potential pregnancies. Some women may experience side effects, such as a period that is lighter, heavier, early or late, nausea, lower abdominal pain/cramps, tiredness, headache, dizziness, breast tenderness, and vomiting. Plan B is the first FDA approved emergency contraceptive to be available over the counter. It can usually be found in the feminine care aisle at many retail stores when you need it. Is it at the store where you work?"
    "Yeah. In the back at the pharmacy."
    "Over the counter, blah, blah, blah, you can get it without a prescription or ID, and with no age restriction. Plan B is not an abortion pill. It will not work if you are already pregnant and will not harm an existing pregnancy. It is not intended for routine use because it is not as effective as regular birth control methods. It does not protect you against HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases. How it works… It works mainly by stopping the release of an egg from the ovary… Hash brown… Thank you. It is possible that Plan B may also work by preventing fertilization of an egg and preventing attachment to the uterus. How to take it… Plan B is a single pill you take by mouth. It must be taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex or birth control failure to help prevent pregnancy. The sooner you take it, the better it works. You will know Plan B worked when you get your next period. If your period is more than a week late, it is possible you may be pregnant. How will we know if it worked? The birth control I'm getting stops my period."
    "It says 72 hours. The sooner the better. You'll have the pill at lunch."
    "Okay. Keep in mind, Plan B is less likely to work if you've already had unprotected sex or birth control failure earlier in your menstrual cycle, as you may already be pregnant. You have unprotected sex or birth control failure again in the same menstrual cycle after taking Plan B, because it only protects against one incident of unprotected sex or birth control failure. You vomit within 2 hours of taking Plan B talk to a healthcare provider to find out if you should repeat the dose. Who should take it… Plan B is available for any woman who needs it with no age restriction. The sooner you take blah, blah, blah. Plan B is a backup method of birth control you can use when you didn't use any birth control method. Your regular birth control method failed. You made a mistake with your regular method. You should resume your regular method of birth control or start one, if you don’t have a regular method. Who should not take it… If you're already pregnant, because it won't work. If you're allergic to levonorgestrel or any of the ingredients in Plan B. In place of regular birth control, because it’s not as effective. And last! Side effects! A period that is lighter, heavier, early, or late, nausea, lower abdominal cramps, I read these already. A rapid return of fertility is likely after taking Plan B. Mmm… That's it."
    "It's not an abortion pill like you thought."
    "Nope. Stops the egg from getting fertilized. So it kills the egg? I don't get it."
    "I don't think it kills anything Reg. It's your body. Your choice. Do whatever."
    "Will you still be here if I decide not to take it?"
    "Not if your dad kills me. If he lets me live, I'll still be here. But… We are too fucking young for this Reg. I don't want this at all. I'll still be here either way."
    "Stephen is getting it for me?"
    "Michelle is… This orange juice tastes like shit today."
    "Right?… James?"
    "I love you."
    "Love you too."
    "You look sad."
    "I'm fine. Just… I don't know."
    "Are you mad at me?"
    "Why would I be mad at you?"
    "I don't know."
    "I'm mad at myself. I know better. I really should've put a condom on. We wouldn't be having this conversation about a pill to keep you from getting pregnant. What's even more fucked up… The more we talk about it, the more I'm starting to not want you to take it. I don't want a kid at all right now… But… We need to stop talking about it."
    "I'll take it. We have to! We are too young. It's done. I'm taking it."
    "That okay didn't sound sure at all James."
    "Do you want to take this pill?"
    "No. But I have to."
    "Maybe… I can take it tonight."
    "Have sex then take it."
    "No. Just get it over with Reg. I have this feeling the longer you put it the more you're not gonna want to take it."
    "You're fucking crazy."
    "A little bit."
    "No more sex without a condom Reg. Not until we can. Are you done eating? We need to go let daddy know you're here."
    "Almost. I still have this other hash brown. Want half?"
    "For a kiss… One more. A super soft one. I love those… Thank you."
    "Hash brown me."

    That actually went well. Honestly, the more I think about this… No! This is the right choice. We both know this. What the fuck is wrong with me? I just need to get it out of my head.
    "Oh! Son of a bitch!"
    "There's a door there."
    "That fucking hurt. My arm is still all jacked up and shit. Fuck. I'm not having a good day am I?"
    "Let's see. Opie scratched the crap out of you. You got soap in your eye in the shower. You fell down your front steps. Spilled orange juice all over your car and on me. And you just hit your elbow on the door."
    "And you might be pregnant."
    "I thought we weren't going to talk about that anymore."
    "I can't get it out of my head. I'm sorry."
    "It's the right choice James."
    "I know."
    "Relax. Knock, knock dad… It's locked."
    "He's probably in there with someone. Just send him a text letting him know you're here."
    "He texted right back! Good. Go to class. I'll see you at lunch. He's not even here."
    "Probably had an errand to run. Come on."
    "Calling him."
    "Hey dad. Where are you?"
    "Home. Your bed and stuff are being delivered today. Amanda wasn't able to be here. I'll be there before lunch. Everything okay?"
    "Yeah. Just wondering where you were is all. I forgot about my bed and stuff."
    "Yeah. I moved everything out of your room for now. Everything is going in there and we'll put the bed together and set everything up the way you want it tomorrow."
    "And three big boxes came for you."
    "From where?"
    "Oh! Some of my stuff! I emailed her and told her I needed a few of my things."
    "You didn't need her to send them. Her and grandpa will be here Sunday. They could have managed somehow."
    "Oh. I didn't know they were coming. I thought sending my stuff would be easier I guess. Bless you."
    "James is having a bad day."
    "Is that right?"
    "Yeah. He spilled orange juice all over his car and on me."
    "Hit my elbow."
    "Yeah! His arm is still funny, and he hit his elbow on the main door walking in."
    "Pinched nerve. He needs to keep it straight as much as possible and keep pressure off of it. For example. No push ups."
    "Huh? James doesn't do push-ups. Do you?"
    "He's talking about sex Reg."
    "Are you really?!"
    "Dad! I have you on speaker. People can hear you."
    "Speaking of sex…"
    "Shut up."
    "I made you a doctor's appointment."
    "The only opening they have is at 8:30 in the morning. Sunday night you need to stay home and after we're done there we're taking care of your hair."
    "Mmm! I love my purple though."
    "I told you there was nothing I could do if the principle said you had to get rid of it Regan."
    "I know. Why is grandma and grandpa coming out this weekend?"
    "Only for the day Sunday. Grandma wants to meet Mr. Larson."
    "Should I be worried?"
    "Be scared James. Be very scared!"
    "Nothing to worry about Mr. Larson. Be sure to have that hickey nicely covered and you'll be fine."
    "It's starting to go away. Thanks for the heads up."
    "She will ask you why you decided to have sex with her thirteen-year-old grand daughter."
    "You told grandma?! Why? Grandma is super mean!"
    "Is she seriously mean?"
    "Just be honest with her Mr. Larson. The same way you are with me and you'll be fine."
    "She's better than my dad."
    "The way my dad reads people. My grandma is better."
    "Oh. No pressure!"
    "Regan is making it harder on you. You'll be fine Mr. Larson. I need to go. Get to class."
    "Okay. Love you."
    "Love you too. Bye."
    "Oh god… I hate talking to your dad when we are guilty as fuck."
    "You suck."
    "Only on you."
    "I do enjoy it."
    "You enjoy money shots too."
    "It was so hot."
    "Shut up! That was so wrong. It got in my hair."
    "We washed it out. You're fine. Plus, it's supposed to be good for your hair."
    "It's what everyone says."
    "Then it must be true."
    "Yeah. Let me do it again."
    "No! You do it to your hair."
    "That's not even possible."
    "Do it in your hands and rub it in like gel."
    "That's so gross."
    "Now you get it!"
    "Oh, I get it."
    "Ah! I liked that."
    "The smack and grab?"
    "Yeah. It was so loud. Some people looked at us."
    "So. I don't care if they look."
    "Me either. Kiss."
    "Purple Head and Flinch are kissing! Look at them!"
    "Morning Liz!"
    "Morning Purple Head!"
    "Are you just going to stand there and watch me and Reg?"
    "Where's Sean?"
    "Forgot his phone in his tru… Ah!"
    "Hi My Love!"
    "Pick me up like that! That looks super fun."
    "It is! Let me down and do it to Purple Head."
    "Please don't kill my girlfriend Sean."
    "I won't."
    "All right Purple Head. The safest way to do this. Stand like this."
    "Like this?"
    "Yep. Like you're taking a step. Sean, grab me... Hold on to Sean's arm like this. Then jump up like this. Boop. And Sean does the rest. Wee! See! Fun way down, just flip forward like this… Tada!"
    "I'm standing right here to catch you just in case."
    "Nothing will happen. Just hop like Liz showed you."
    "On three?"
    "Don't kill her. Please?"
    "He has her Flinch."
    "I'm nervous for her."
    "The only way I will drop her is if she freaks out and kicks her legs."
    "I won't freak out. Stand like this..."
    "One… Two… Three! Whoa! That was easy!"
    "Sean does all the work."
    "Could you do this James?"
    "I don't even want to try. Piggy backs are all you're getting out of me."
    "How do I get down like you did?"
    "Put your head down and hug Sean."
    "Like this?"
    "Yep. Kick both legs up kind of hard and Sean does the rest."
    "Oh!… Hold on! One more time. Ah! I can't do it!"
    "I'm kicking hard like you said!"
    "Kick one leg hard then the other one right after just as hard… There you go!"
    "Oh my god! That was so fun!"
    "I'm not flexy like you. That hurt my back kicking like that."
    "You don't have to be flexy at all. You have to have a strong core."
    "You have to be stronger. Weakling."
    "Cute belly button by the way."
    "Her button is pierced."
    "James plays with it."
    "I like it."
    "Did it hurt?"
    "No. It was done real fast."
    "Lemme see it again."
    "It's cute! I wish I could pierce my button."
    "Why can't you?"
    "Dance. All jewelry is fake and breaks away real easy and most earrings are clip on. You don't really want anything to catch."
    "And there's the bell! Kiss My Love… Thank you. Bye Purple Head! Bye Flinch!"
    "Bye Lizzy!"
    "Only my mommy calls me Lizzy!"
    "No chill Sean. None!"
    "She's not too ashamed of her glasses anymore."
    "She is. She has an eye appointment today at four to see if she has to wear them still."
    "What happen?"
    "Infection from her contacts."
    "She doesn't clean them?"
    "She does. We don't know what happen."
    "Why do you guys smell like oranges?"
    "It's me. James spilled orange juice and it got all over me."
    "Not on purpose. The lid wasn't on good and when I pulled it out of the cardboard thing the lid popped off, and I dropped it. Got all over my car and on her."
    "At least your car has leather seats."
    "I guess. I'm not having a good day."
    "He got scratched by Opie, he got soap in his eye in the shower, fell down his front steps, spilled orange juice, and hit his elbow on the main door walking in."
    "It's only nine!"
    "We all have those days."
    "I hate bad days!"
    "We forgot your laptop for Cole."
    "Son of a bitch!"
    "Aw! Poor James."
    "Fuck my life right now."
    "You'll live."
    "Fuck you Sean."

    I don't need all this bullshit today. My head is all crazy, my back actually hurts from Opie scratching me, falling on my ass, spilling orange juice all over Reg. I really want this day to get better. But I doubt it will because Jennifer is going to be at Boarder with all of us. Plus side, Cole is okay with me forgetting that laptop. He said he'd go by my house or Reg's house tomorrow at some point to get it. I'm supposed to be helping her dad move shit. Then! I have to meet her grandma on Sunday. Busy weekend. I hope Opie doesn't eat my bed.
    "Hi there."
    "Hey! Mmm… One more."
    "Do we need to go see your dad before heading over to Boarder?"
    "Um… Yeah. What's Boarder?"
    "Good ass Mexican food."
    "Oh. Who are you texting?"
    "My mom."
    "She's coming to watch you guys?"
    "Yeah. Her and my dad come watch us whenever they can. We do need to introduce them to your dad."
    "Okay. Knock, knock! Hi!"
    "Did my stuff come in one piece?"
    "Yes. Afternoon Mr. Larson."
    "Hi… Uh… Sorry I was texting my mom. My parents are coming to the rally today. Me and Reg want to introduce you guys."
    "All right. Names?"
    "Lily and Theo."
    "Alright. Find me after lunch."
    "Grandma called."
    "Those notebooks you asked about. Grandma said she went and bought you ten of them. She'll bring them Sunday."
    "Oh cool. Did you open any of my boxes?"
    "No. Was I supposed to?"
    "You could of if you wanted."
    "I will not go through your things Regan."
    "Uh oh!"
    "Yeah… I need to go to my car."
    "Get out of here you two."
    "Okay. Bye dad."
    "I was nervous as hell in there."
    "You don't like my dad do you?"
    "I like him. He makes me nervous is all… Holy shit."
    "Uh… Where did all these people come from?"
    "Yeah! Walk fast. Come on."
    "…Ah! Oh my god."
    "Fuck! I'm so sorry. Are you okay?"
    "My effing knee again."
    "I'm so sorry Reg. I didn't mean to make you fall."
    "I'm fine. Promise. Come on."
    "Pill in the glove box, water in the back. Here you go!"
    "Thanks. Mmm!"
    "You're totally hiding!"
    "I hate this shit Reg. You have no idea."
    "Oh god! That scared the crap out of me."
    "Right?! Hello?"
    "You guys on your way?"
    "Yeah. We're backing out now."
    "He's slouching in his seat hiding."
    "Yo! We drove by the school on the way here. Shit is crazy!"
    "Right? I had Reg's hand and we were running to my car, and she fucking fell and hurt her knee."
    "I'm okay James."
    "I'm having a fucked off day."
    "You need to get out of your head Flinch."
    "Yeah. You guys get that pill?"
    "Nick know?"
    "No. It's not his business."
    "Okay. Is Jennifer there?"
    "Do you have it or does Michelle?"
    "It's in Chelle's purse."
    "How much do I owe you for it?"
    "Yeah. It was like 47 something."
    "Alright. My mom has my money I'll pay you after the rally or something."
    "That works."
    "How are we doing this? Michelle giving Reg the pill?"
    "No. Jennifer will follow them if Michelle is like, come to the bathroom with me."
    "I'll sit next to Michelle and sit my bag next to hers and she can put it in mine."
    "That works. I'll let her know."
    "Alright. I'm hanging up now. We'll be there in about ten minutes."
    "Okay. We're outside on the patio. We told the waiter we're waiting for two more."
    "See ya."
    "At least the principle blocked the student parking lot."
    "Ms. Cooper did."
    "Yeah. I told her she might need to and she said okay."
    "That group saw you."
    "You're noticeably nervous James."
    "I don't like it Reg."
    "I'm right here. I'll protect you like a mama bear."
    "Against a swarm?"
    "Yep!… You smiled!"
    "Just… Stay close to me and don't ever let go of my hand when we get back to school. I've seen girls knock Michelle down and shit. I don't want that to happen to you. Don't step away from me at all. Even is someone asks for a picture."
    "Does Michelle leave Stephen's side?"
    "Never. He never lets go of her. Just trust me."
    "Chances are, you and Michelle will be between us and she'll probably hold your hand."
    "Human chain?"
    "Check that text for me please."
    "Stephen. He said to text when we pull in and Chelle will meet us to give me that pill."
    "Text back and tell him we're pulling in right now to have her walk to the front by the fountain. We parked next to his car."
    "Okay… Is that her?"
    "Yeah. Don't be nervous or shy or anything. Michelle is real cool."
    "I'm not nervous!… Hi!"
    "Hey! Open the glove box. There, done."
    "Mmm hmm. Hi James."
    "Hey. Reg's idea wouldn't work?"
    "Stephen wanted it to be discreet. It's no one's business what's going on with you two."
    "Ah! Good call."
    "Open your trunk please so I can put my bag in there."
    "Do I still have your card?"
    "Uh… I think so. Check your wallet."
    "…Yeah. I got it."
    "This one is so cute in person James. Pictures do her no justice. None!"
    "Sweep didn't tell you that?"
    "He did! I just had to see for myself. I friend requested you on Facebook."
    "Oh! Okay. Let me check my phone. Accepted! Your daughter is super cute by the way."
    "Thanks. I would have brought her but dad said no."
    "She's not cool?"
    "She's okay. She's not mean or anything like that. Just has the wrong intentions. You know?"
    "What he is, not who he is."
    "Yeah. She doesn't even like Nick."
    "Stephen said she wants James."
    "Yep. They all want James."
    "Thank you for that Michelle."
    "She doesn't know?"
    "She does. She just doesn't need to hear it all the fucking time."
    "I don't care. They can want you all they want. But they can't have you. You're mine."
    "Ow! Why did you bite my face for?"
    "But… It's mine."
    "Fair enough."
    "We're sitting in a way where you're in between me and her. Stephen is sitting next to Jennifer."
    "All right."
    "That tall blonde is here. She said hi to me."
    "Liz? Right?"
    "She's so goddamn tall! And hot! That ass! My god. Bang bang for a white girl."
    "Bang bang?"
    "Big booty."
    "Hug me!"
    "She smells like oranges Flinch."
    "My bad."
    "I still smell like orange juice?"
    "Smell me James."
    "Top half is dough boy anus and the bottom is oranges."
    "Are you sure the bottom is oranges Flinch?"
    "I didn't smell that part."
    "She's confused! Look at her!"
    "No! You're talking about my vagina smelling."
    "Why are you laughing?"
    "Sweetheart… I'm sure it doesn't smell."
    "She's so cute!"
    "I told you Chelle!"
    "Does it smell?"
    "No. I enjoy it. A lot."
    "Peachy peachy!"
    "Is it peachy?"
    "All peach. Very nice."
    "Are you guys done talking about my vagina?"
    "One last thing! Do your fingers still smell?"
    "He fuckin' sniffed them!"
    "How else am I going to know if they smell or not?"
    "Should of gave me some car rubby on the way here."
    "Oh girl! She has some kink in her!"
    "A little bit. Where's Nick?"
    "Went to the bar with Jennifer."
    "He's not drinking is he?"
    "I hope not."
    "She better not buy him anything. He's a lightweight for a chub. One and done."
    "Right? I can see them walking… She has a drink. He doesn't."
    "Don't let her get under your skin girl. She'll talk shit."
    "I been warned."
    "Hug on James more. Head on his shoulder. There you go… Oh! She's sitting next to you."
    "Hi Flinch."
    "I'm Jennifer."
    "You need to hit your roots."
    "My what?"
    "Girl, don't listen. Your roots are fine."
    "My roots?"
    "Your hair. The black is growing out."
    "Um… Okay?"
    "Your hair is fine Sweetheart."
    "I'm not worried about my hair. I'm wondering why you said that. What was the point of that?"
    "No point. Only letting you know. How you been Flinch?"
    "Why don't I ever get full sentences out of you?"
    "Reading the menu."
    "The torta looks super yum."
    "Right? Is that what you want?"
    "The king burrito looks bomb."
    "Don't get the King. Get the regular one."
    "The King is massive! I can't even finish it."
    "All right."
    "He can speak in complete sentences but when I get one-word answers. Why is that?"
    "Really Flinch? You just shrug your shoulders at her? What's your problem?"
    "You know damn well what my problem is Nick."
    "Purple Head!"
    "Saved by the tall blonde."
    "Okay? Is this yours Purple Head?"
    "My Pandora bracelet! Where did you get this?"
    "It was under your chair when you left English. I dropped my pencil, and I saw it when I bent down."
    "Thank you!"
    "Hi Flinch!"
    "Hi Lizzy!"
    "Ah! Only my mommy calls me Lizzy!"
    "She has no chill!"
    "I love her and her bang bang booty."
    "Thank you."
    "Don't forget the legs Butter Cup."
    "Oh! These?"
    "She put her leg over your shoulder! I'd beat the fuck out of you if you weren't so hot."
    "Damn! That Russian is one lucky son of a bitch."
    "Bring them to me. My Quesadilla got to touch one. My turn."
    "I like your girlfriend Sweep."
    "She likes your ass and legs."
    "Are you kidding? Look at them! I'm black! This white girls booty is better than mine."
    "You're black? Like full?"
    "You're light skinned. I would of guessed half."
    "Huh!… You're hot."
    "No chill."
    "I'm okay with the no chill. I'm black! We don't know what chill is either."
    "That's why I love black girls! You guys are loud and crazy like me."
    "I might have been offended if these legs weren't so damn nice. I'm just caressing it."
    "Totally fine!"
    "Purple Head?"
    "Are my roots bad?"
    "No. The black growing out blends hella good with the purple. Why?"
    "She said I need to hit my roots."
    "Ah! Well, she needs hit her face with some proactive cream."
    "Oh! My lord! The white girl has fire in her."
    "Why are you talking shit to Purple Head?"
    "I wasn't."
    "Good. I'm just a text away."
    "But seriously, proactive cream. Clear those pimples right up."
    "Serious? Go back to your boyfriend!"
    "Liz will fucking hit you Nick."
    "She's being a fuckin' cunt to my girl."
    "Aw! He's mad cause I put his girl's pimples on blast. That's oh so cute!"
    "I've seen you put people on blast harder than that Liz."
    "Me too!"
    "Ha! I'm going back to my boyfriend now… That red-haired girl has pimples! I big one on her chin! Right there! Look at it!"
    "Holy shit!"
    "So… That's Liz."
    "She's a black girl trapped in a white girl's body. She's just like you and your sisters! Holy shit! I feel like an asshole because I can't stop laughing. You two! I seen you put people on blast harder than that! Oh! Me too!"
    "That shit was uncalled for. You need to go tell her something Flinch."
    "Hell no."
    "Does everyone know what they want? Me and Regan are going to go order."
    "Pen… Everyone write down what you want on this napkin… Thank you. Let's go order Reg… I can call you Reg right?"
    "Yeah. I'll be back."
    "All right."
    "Unless you want me to stay."
    "I'm good. Kiss."
    "Flinch was in heaven for a minute when she put her hand down his shirt and scratched all the way up as she walked away."
    "Scratches get me and she knows it."
    "She was putting your ass to sleep the other night when you had your head on her lap. She stopped for a second and you grabbed her hand and dropped it on your head. More!"
    "I love it."
    "Nicky still all pissed off over there."
    "You go talk to Liz. All she'll do is tell you to shut up. There's no talking to her. Trust me."
    "Make her boyfriend tell her something. He's Russian. Those guys are mean."
    "Not to their girlfriends."
    "Her boyfriend is Russian? Like full blown with the accent and everything?"
    "Oh… Interesting."
    "Butter Cup!"
    "That white girl's boyfriend is sexy as shit!"
    "I know."
    "He talked to me in Russian. He said, drawchet? Right?"
    "Something like that!"
    "Yes! Flinch speaks Russian too!"
    "That's all I know. It means hello."
    "Ms. Regan! Can speak French. Say something sexy in French."
    "Like what?"
    "Uh… Tell Flinch what you want to do to him."
    "Hmm… Je veux l'embrasser ici et ici. Et ses lèvres et le cou et sur tout le corps. Ensuite, je veux établir avec lui et lui faire l'amour avec moi toute la nuit."
    "Look at him blush!"
    "No idea what she said, but she got me excited."
    "And she touched him under the table!"
    "Yeah she did!"
    "He's not lying. I'll show you what I said later."
    "Not even a little bit right now?"
    "First thing I said was, I want to kiss you here… And here… I want to kiss you right here on your chest. And right here… On your chin…"
    "Oh! He's in heaven!"
    "Shh… Ut up! Yeah! Show me the rest later. I'm about to flip the table over."
    "Flip the table over!"
    "Reg is a lucky lady if you're big enough to flip the table."
    "I do enjoy my nights with James. And mornings."
    "She sat on my face this morning."
    "Nice! Did she enjoy the chow from behind?"
    "Oh yeah!"
    "I told you she would."
    "He smacks my butt just to watch it jiggle."
    "I can get like four good bounces out of Chelle."
    "I get like three out of Reg."
    "I wonder how many that Russian can get out of Liz."
    "Probably none. I grabbed her ass and it's pretty toned like her legs."
    "Bang bang!"
    "How did you manage to grab her ass?"
    "I just did it."
    "She didn't care?"
    "No. One thing about Liz… She knows she's hot."
    "She's a 10."
    "I'm not?"
    "You're a 20 Butter Cup."
    "Mmm hmm!"
    "Help me James."
    "Where did you get this bracelet?"
    "From my dad. I always have it with me. I would've died if Liz didn't find it."
    "Is that a real Pandora?"
    "Switch me seats James. I want to check it out."
    "24kt white gold. Nice."
    "Each charm is 24kt. All the diamonds are .50c. Real! Not fake. This diamond is one karat."
    "Damn! I want a Pandora Stephen."
    "Yeah. Let me just pull that money out of my ass for you."
    "There's different ones. Not all of them are expensive like this one. Remember what my dad said James? To buy me something nice with your money?"
    "I have room for more charms."
    "How much are they?"
    "The ones with diamonds are a lot. The regular ones not so much. And there's silver too. You don't have to get the white gold."
    "Do not buy your girl silver Flinch."
    "I wasn't planning to. It'll be white gold like the other ones."
    "I don't pick it though! You pick it."
    "What if you don't like the one I get?"
    "Don't just get any charm. Think about it. For example! If you got me a charm with a key on it. I know it means it's the key to your heart."
    "Buy her one with a little cherry on it."
    "That will work!"
    "Wait! Is James your first?"
    "Yeah. He's my first everything really. Boyfriend, kiss, love, everything."
    "Aw! The cherry is a good one."
    "I don't get it."
    "You lost your virginity to James. In other words, he popped your cherry."
    "Oh! Buy me a cherry charm!"
    "I'll buy you a cherry charm."
    "Thank you."
    "She's all smiles over a cherry charm."
    "It's a charm that means something!"
    "You're so cute! She's so cute James."
    "I know. Give me my seat back now."
    "How many girls does she make now?"
    "All the UHH fan girls. Now her."
    "I never slept with anyone from UHH."
    "Zoey, Jaz, Pherella, Megan."
    "I never fucked them. Nick is the one who fucked Pherella and every single fan girl he thinks is hot."
    "There's tons of pictures of you and Jaz on the UHH website."
    "So! There's pictures of Jaz with Sweep too. Is he fucking her? No! This is the shit me and Michelle were telling you about Reg."
    "Why are getting mad? She was going to find out eventually."
    "Find out what? She knows everything there is to know about me."
    "I'm getting mad James."
    "I'm sorry."
    "Your girlfriend isn't tough at all."
    "I don't need to be. I don't need to be mean or anything. I just have to sit here and enjoy the show as the click send on this text. Done."
    "Oh… You didn't just text Liz."
    "I did."
    "Oh shit… I'm scooting way over here. You're scooting too."
    "What the hell is that skinny ass blond girl going to do to me?"
    "Hi Liz!"
    "What am I settling?"
    "She's talking crap on James and it's making me mad. But I'm not mean like you."
    "I am not talking shit about Flinch. I'm saying the truth."
    "What's the truth about Flinch?"
    "That he's slept with every girl he's met from UHH."
    "My Love?"
    "How long have you known Flinch?"
    "Since I was seven. He's the one who taught me how to speak English outside of school."
    "Cool! How many girls has he been with?"
    "Girlfriends, three. Sex, two. That includes Regan."
    "Aw! Flinch isn't a fuck boy."
    "Thank you Liz."
    "I don't believe this Russian guy. I've seen you with girls! I've seen you walking with your arm around them and hugging them."
    "That doesn't mean shit! I've hugged Michelle, I've hugged Liz, kissed her on the cheek, and grabbed her ass. I've even kissed Michelle. And guess what!? I am not fucking either one of them. Seriously! What the fuck is your issue with me? We met you what? Like a year ago? You been on my dick ever since! Are you mad because I don't like you? Mad because I turned you down. What's the issue?"
    "I gave you so much attention! I was nothing but nice to you. And you treated me like I was nothing!"
    "I have done nothing to you. I told you nicely! That I was not interested in you. Then you moved on to Sweep, then on to Nick after you found out Sweep has a kid."
    "You guys have a kid?"
    "One year old daughter named Harlyn."
    "Right here."
    "Aw! She's fucking adorable! I want a baby Love."
    "Right now?"
    "I'm with Flinch. Why you move from boy to boy Acne?"
    "Oh my god!"
    "No chill!"
    "I do not like you."
    "You need to chill the fuck out and stop being a cunt to my girl."
    "Really? My boyfriend is standing right here."
    "I'm not scared of that fuckin' guy."
    "Hmm… Flinch?"
    "He can knock you out with one punch if he wants to Nick. He can bench twice his weight."
    "This guy is a fuckin' ballroom dancer. Probably only with this girl to cover the fact he's a fuckin' fag."
    "Oh fuck!"
    "Ha! He's snoring. Listen!… Ha! That was awesome Love."
    "Bro! That looked like a fucking tap! What the fuck!?"
    "Ballroom dancers ain't weak Sweep! Check out my guns."
    "Fuck! I hella like these two Flinch!"
    "They're cool. Don't piss them off. They can both be mean as fuck."
    "Liz can handle herself. But if some guy acts like that to her or me while I'm standing right here… That was just stupid."
    "Let's show them how mean I can be. You wanna take a nap with Fuck Boy?"
    "Punch her Purple Head. She won't hit you back."
    "I don't want to. Her face will make my hand oily."
    "Don't do it Acne. I see the look on your face. Hit her and you'll be right down there with him."
    "Stop kicking him!"
    "I'm nudging him! Fuck you! He won't wake up. Give me your water Sweep… Water worked! Have a nice nap Fuck Boy?"
    "What the fuck… Happen?"
    "Got knocked out by Sean. I fucking told you he could do it with one punch."
    "That eye is gonna be purple like Purple Heads hair later. Dumb ass."
    "Do any of you have Tylenol or anything?"
    "I do in my glove box."
    "I'll go get them. Keys Flinch?"
    "I think the remote will reach… Yeah!"
    "Okay. I'll be back My Love."
    "My bad bro. Just pissed off because she wasn't letting up on her."
    "She would of hit you if I didn't."
    "She would of knocked you out like Sean did!"
    "Uh… Um… Regan… Uh… Get my text?"
    "Uh huh! You sent Liz to get those out of your glove box James."
    "Yeah… Oh! Add that shit to my fucked up day list. I completely forgot Reg. I'm so sorry."
    "I forgot too. It's okay."
    "You saw nothing in my glove box Liz. Please!"
    "I have no idea what you two are talking about."
    "Thank you Liz."
    "Yeah. You ready Love?"
    "Want me to put these back Flinch?"
    "Okay. I'll yell for you to lock your car… Ooo! Food!"
    "Come on! No one is going to share with you."
    "Wait! Who does the torta belong to?"
    "Gimme bite?"
    "Uh… Okay."
    "Nom nom nom! Thank you! Now we can go! I'll yell from your car."
    "Bye Liz!"
    "Bye Purple Head!"
    "Bye Lizzy!"
    "Bye Lizzy!"
    "Ah! You three suck! Only my mommy calls me Lizzy!"
    "That was super funny! Only her mommy calls her Lizzy guys."
    "She knows we're fucking with her Reg. She doesn't care."
    "I love her!"
    "She's fucking cool."
    "She yelled."
    "I heard her."
    "What's so secret in your glove box?"
    "Something is there. Why else would you tell her she saw nothing?"
    "Let it go Nick. It's his business."
    "You know what it is?"
    "It's a picture of me and James."
    "Oh. I'm guessing from your reactions it's not a normal one."
    "Reg is doing something to me in it."
    "Got you… My fucking eye kills!"
    "Bro, he didn't even hit you that hard. It looked like he touched his fist to your face."
    "Yeah! Can he really lift twice his weight?"
    "Yeah. The last time we were at the gym messing around on the benches, he fucking benched like 275."
    "Holy shit! How many times?"
    "Only like five. But 275! No joke for someone who only weighs like 195."
    "Hell naw!"
    "How is a ballroom dancer so fucking strong?"
    "They do lifts and shit."
    "Sean lifted me today. It was super fun and he did it like nothing."
    "You're not that heavy Reg."
    "I will be after this torta."
    "Is it good?"
    "Yeah. Bite?"
    "Yeah… I love avocado for some reason."
    "Me too!"
    "Nothing. I like looking at you. Even with a mouthful of burrito."
    "His smile is so cute."
    "Shut up."
    "Hold on… Okay."
    "Thank you."
    "New love is so cute. I hope you guys last a long time. You look great together too."
    "Do we really?"
    "Yeah. And you make him hella smile! It's been a good minute since I've seen that smile. Glad to see it back."
    "She makes me happy."
    "Do I really?"
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Aw! Love you."
    "I love you too."
    "Can I try your burrito?"
    "It's the same as your torta but in a tortilla."
    "I'm missing avocado."
    "It has red sauce. It's hot."
    "I told you!"
    "It's super hot! How do you eat that?"
    "I like spicy food."
    "I guess I'm just used to simple food like cheese and crackers."
    "With a glass of wine?"
    "You drink wine?"
    "I'm French! My grandma gives me a glass of wine with dinner sometimes."
    "So it's true!? French people give their kids wine."
    "My dad hasn't given me any. Only my grandma."
    "BeauSoleil wine Reg?"
    "The O series!"
    "As in, Olivia?"
    "I've had BeauSoleil wine before. The E series. I think it was a white wine."
    "The E series is a white wine. The O series is a red wine. The M series is a Vin Gris, or a rose wine. The R series is a Champagne."
    "I'm guessing your grandma fancy's the BeauSoleil wine."
    "Something like that."
    "Okay… I get the O, M, and R series. What's E?"
    "Elwin Series."
    "Who's Elwin?"
    "Michael Elwin Avalon II."
    "Oh! That’s right, he's named after your grandpa."
    "What are you two talking about?"
    "O series is Olivia. M Series is Michael. E series is Elwin. R series is Regan."
    "As in… You?"
    "Yeah. Olivia is my grandma, Michael is my grandpa, Elwin is my dad's middle name, and Regan is me."
    "I'm lost."
    "Reg's family in France is the BeauSoleil family. It's her families wine."
    "BeauSoleil is the biggest imported wine in the states. You ballin'?"
    "Are you rich?"
    "I'm comfortable."
    "According to this wiki page, she's billionaire comfy. 2.6 comfy."
    "Flinch got himself a sugar mama."
    "Hell yeah.
    "I'm not his sugar mama!"
    "I'm joking Reg. I loved you before I knew about your money."
    "You made her buy breakfast this morning."
    "I'm broke! I don't get my paycheck until tonight."
    "I don't mind paying. I even put gas in his car because he takes me places. My dad says, split the bill sometimes. So we do!"
    "I should've known you had some sort of money the night you came in and bought all that music and tracking shit. Then! Busted out with a fucking gold card. Over two grand worth of shit you got."
    "Then her laptop."
    "And yours!"
    "I can't wait to start tracking on it. I booted up the program last night after you guys left. Popped right up. No waiting at all."
    "Will it save faster?"
    "I think so. We'll find out."
    "You make music like James does?"
    "I sing. I play guitar and piano."
    "You know Sweetheart… You should learn how to use that beat pad Flinch bought. Make your music wider."
    "My keyboard does a lot."
    "You did get the best model."
    "Does your little thing do more?"
    "The beat pad distorts and does a few things that your keyboard won't do."
    "Teach me?"
    "Yeah. If you want to learn how to use it we can mess around on it."
    "That fucking thing is hard to work."
    "Yeah. It may have keys on it like your keyboard, but it doesn't play like a keyboard. Well… You can set it up so it does… Kind of. It's hard to explain. But yeah, it's pretty hard to work and get it to do what you want and get it seamless. Took Sweep like a year to figure it out completely."
    "And I still suck at it."
    "You'll get to my level eventually."
    "I'd like to try."
    "We will."
    "This girl can fucking sing Butter Cup."
    "Fuck yeah! She showed us two songs she did last night… Fucking blew my ass away."
    "I'd love to hear something."
    "I have them on my phone. Which one first Stephen?"
    "The one by yourself. With Flinch's music."
    "All right… And play!"
    "This is good."
    "Wait for the chorus to kick in Butter Cup… Boom!"
    "Oh!… That gives me goose pimples."
    "Show her the other one with you and that guy. I love the music in that one. The blues feel… It's good."
    "And play!"
    "I see what Stephen is saying! He loves blues music for some reason. This guys voice isn't bad!"
    "He's really good."
    "I like the underlay they did. They harmonize fucking good."
    "Shh! My guitar solo!"
    "And her outro!"
    "Damn! Your soul is hella old girl!"
    "The way you're singing raspy and blues… It sounds like a legend! It's good."
    "I told her Janis Joplin."
    "Yeah! Janis Joplin for sure. She's a keeper Flinch!"
    "Yeah. I plan to keep her a while. I love her too much to let her go."
    "Then don't let me go you Goober."
    "Isn't a goober a peanut?"
    "Yeah. Or someone who's goofy. My grandma calls me goober all the time."
    "You two need cute pet names for each other. I call him Quesadilla and he calls me Butter Cup."
    "I call her Reg."
    "I call him James."
    "Not even Babe?"
    "No. I don't know what to call her. Rebecca was Becky. Zoey was Zoey. Regan is Reg. I guess I'm not good with pet names."
    "She's looking up pet names. Look at her!"
    "You're my monkey! Playful and fun. We wrestled in bed this morning. You're my monkey."
    "I don't like monkey."
    "You can't just pick one online. I call Stephen Quesadilla because he loves them. He's eating one right now. He calls me Butter Cup because I love those Reese's Cups."
    "I like Jelly Beans."
    "That's cute! Call her Jelly Bean."
    "My Jelly Bean."
    "Look at her blush! Jelly Bean is the one."
    "I love it!"
    "You want me to call you Jelly Bean?"
    "Yeah. You don't like it?"
    "I like the smile it puts on your face."
    "That means it's the one! Now a pet name for Flinch."
    "I'm fine with James."
    "Finding Nemo! I'll never let you get lost."
    "No! I hate that word. Bea!"
    "Peach in French. You like my peach."
    "You're hard James! What about avocado?"
    "Say that again."
    "Mien... He blushed and smiled!"
    "What does that mean?"
    "It only means mine?"
    "Yeah. Mine in French. Tu es toute à moi."
    "You are all mine."
    "Mien… Did I say that right?"
    "I like Mien."
    "Mien and Jelly Bean! Aw!"
    "Jelly Bean."
    "She's so cute!"
    "Mmm hmm."


    So! That was the first time I've seen Sean really really! Hit someone. It was so fucking cool! Fuck Boy was for real snoring. It was great! Flinch and Purple Head did a bad thing. A really bad thing. Like, Michael is going to kill them both bad thing!
    "Does your hand hurt?"
    "No. Why would it?"
    "You knocked a kid out."
    "I'm fine."
    "So… Flinch and Purple Head are dead."
    "There's a Plan B pill in his glove box."
    "Are you serious?"
    "Yeah. That's why Flinch said I saw nothing. I flipped open the cover, and the pill is still in it."
    "Right? I wonder if something happen or they just didn't use a condom."
    "Thirteen and maybe pregnant."
    "That's so bad."
    "At least they are taking care of it."
    "With an abortion pill."
    "It's not an abortion pill. It's a birth control pill with a higher dose of whatever in it so the egg doesn't turn into a baby."
    "How do you know that?"
    "I've bought it a few times."
    "Really Sean?"
    "Not for girls I been with!"
    "Piper and Em. Piper and Blaine were too embarrassed to get it and Em just didn't have the money."
    "You just said you didn't get for a girl you been with. You had sex with Emily."
    "That second baby wasn't mine."
    "Wait… What? She's been pregnant twice?"
    "By who!?"
    "For real?"
    "She gave Heather a hard time because she had an abortion and she had two? That's fucked up."
    "Nobody knows about either one. Only me, you, and Em know."
    "Cole doesn't?"
    "No. She never told him."
    "She's gonna end up pregnant by Devin. Just watch."
    "She doesn't ever want kids."
    "Then she needs to get on birth control."
    "She doesn't sleep around. Her and Cole just happen. They both freaked out the next morning."
    "Where was Lee Lee?"
    "You call her Lee Lee now?"
    "Yes. Where was Lee Lee?"
    "I don't know. It was during Spring break. Piper and them all go to Mexico during Spring break and I guess Hailey just didn't go. All this happen at the same time. With Blaine and Piper and them. Blaine asked me to get it the day they got home. Then Em asked me like a week later. She took it but she was already pregnant. I guess you have only a few days to take it. But she didn't tell me at first because Cole was paranoid that I would fuck him up. So I know nothing. Hailey doesn't know either."
    "What would Cole do if she didn't have an abortion?"
    "He would have been happy."
    "Yeah. He wants kids. Him and Hailey have been dating since like… Seventh grade! They had sex when they were like twelve."
    "Yeah! But anyway! He told Hailey he wants a kid with her and she told him okay and then went and got on birth control. She wants kids too, just not right now. She's planning to stop taking her pills about a month before graduation. Cole thinks she's just not getting pregnant for some reason."
    "The dark side can be so confusing."
    "Is Flinch part of the dark side?"
    "Mmm… No. Not really. But everyone knows who he is. He's like 50% famous. All these people are here for him."
    "So many people here. All because his little group is dancing."
    "Yep. Watch what happens when they get here and they see James."
    "Keep an eye on him please Love."
    "You think he hasn't asked?"
    "Did he?"
    "You gonna manhandle a bunch of girls?"
    "No. He said to keep an eye on Regan mostly."
    "I'll do the manhandling if someone touches Purple Head. But speaking of!"
    "Come on… Let's walk over there."
    "They're talking Sean. Give them a second to get out of his car."
    "It's fine. Come on."
    "Okay. If they get mad it's your fault."
    "All right."
    "Hi Purple Head!"
    "Is Flinch okay?"
    "Yeah. He's talking to mom, telling her how to get to my dad's office. And he's hiding."
    "So many people!"
    "I know! He's hiding until his parents get to my dad's office."
    "Are you guys gonna hide out until the rally?"
    "I think so. James is like claustrophobic with huge crowds of people swarming him."
    "Will your dad be okay with Sweep and Michelle hanging out in his office too?"
    "Yeah. I'm sure he won't mind."
    "What about Fuck Boy?"
    "He loves the swarm of girls."
    "Where are they?"
    "They had to park like a block away. They're walking here now."
    "That girl talk any more shit after me and Sean left?"
    "No. Nick asked why Sean is so strong for a ballroom dancer though."
    "He was hella dazed after you hit him."
    "Shouldn't have been talking shit."
    "My Love isn't a fag."
    "No, I am not. I think I made that point loud and clear."
    "Shut up."
    "Why can't you pronounce your T.H's?"
    "I don't know."
    "His mommy and sister can't either."
    "What about your dad?"
    "He doesn't even speak English."
    "Does he understand any?"
    "Very little."
    "A group of girls are walking over here to see you!"
    "Aw! Purple Head is holding on all tight."
    "Oh. I got this! No one interrupts me and my friends while we are talking. Bitch mode… Engaged."
    "Don't be mean to them."
    "I thought you don't like them?"
    "I don't like being constantly bugged. One or two is fine. And that's not a swarm. It's only four girls."
    "Okay! I'll be nice."
    "No… You stay."
    "I don't want to be in a fan girl picture."
    "Too bad. They want one with me they get one with Jelly Bean too."
    "Jelly Bean? That's so cute! Why don't you call me something cute Sean?"
    "I call you Beanstalk."
    "Where the fuck did you get Beanstalk from?"
    "A video her dad made her. He calls her Beanstalk in it."
    "I'm tall. He said I shot up like a Beanstalk."
    "That's super cute. It doesn't hurt to be called that?"
    "Nuh uh. Why?"
    "My dad told me about your dad and how he died. I was saying you're tall and so is your mom and I wonder if her dad is tall. My dad said I assume he was. I said is, not was. Then he told me about it."
    "Oh. I like when Sean calls me it. My ex before I came here called me that once after my dad died and I don't know why… But it really pissed me off. Maybe his death was still too new to me? I don't know. But I like it when Sean calls me it."
    "Maybe. Or you and Sean have a stronger connection than you and your ex. Something like this that you actually hold dear could seem hurtful from someone who's not really close to you. With Sean, you love him to death. So, when he says it to you it's comforting you, not hurting you… What?"
    "You're defiantly Michael's daughter!"
    "Oh! Yeah, my dad was just as surprised. Living with my grandma for so long I picked up a few things I guess."
    "Can you read people like him?"
    "No. Not really."
    "Hi… Sorry to interrupt you and your friends. But… Could we maybe get a picture with you? If you're not busy or in a hurry or anything."
    "Can I be in it? If you say no I'll just photo bomb it."
    "You have flat shoes on and you're tall."
    "I get that a lot. Picture? Yeah?"
    "Sure. But Flinch hasn't said he would or not."
    "If you want to wait a few minutes the other two are right there walking this way."
    "Oh. Could we get two? One with you and one with all three?"
    "I guess."
    "Thank you so much… I didn't think this through."
    "Gimme camera."
    "Thanks. It doesn't have autofocus. You have to gently press the button and see how it focuses?"
    "Just press it gently and once it's focused push the button all the way down."
    "Sounds easy enough… Oops! Sorry! One more… There! Nice a clear. The first one is blurry. Hi Sweep!"
    "These four want a picture with all three of you."
    "We got stopped like ten times. They were all mad that Flinch wasn't with us."
    "Me and Reg got good parking."
    "Okay! Everyone squeeze in. Don't touch Flinch! His girlfriend right there is real mean and she'll hit you."
    "I'm not mean!"
    "I'm mean. I'll hit you. Don't touch him."
    "We won't touch him. People say he doesn't like it when you hug him and stuff and he gets mad."
    "No I don't."
    "Yeah you do bro."
    "Not at first I don't. After a while I do because I just want to be left alone."
    "People say that too."
    "Where are hearing this about me?"
    "UHH Forum in the FSN section. People talk about meeting you guys and stuff. They say you and Sweeper are pretty cool for like the first hour or so depending on the crowd. Then after that, you guys turn down all autographs and pictures. That's why we waited a minute to come over here. We don't want to upset you at all. None of you guys."
    "UHH Forum says me and you are dicks Sweep."
    "I don't fucking care."
    "We need to go see my dad still."
    "Oh shit! I forgot. Come on, quick picture and we have to go."
    "Want me out?"
    "No. You're Flinch's girl just like she's Sweeper's girl. You both are fine. We also know not to ask your girls to step away."
    "Your both very beautiful by the way. And lucky."
    "Thanks girl."
    "What am I? An ugly giant with a camera? What the fuck?"
    "You're beautiful too!"
    "That's my boyfriend. Say Hello to them in your native tongue Sean."
    "Am I the only one who heard the panties hit the floor?"
    "No. Hold on… Flinch needs help with his."
    "Fuck off me! Fucking asshole. Hurry up with the picture Liz."
    "Pick up your panties first."
    "No chill Sean!"
    "I know this already."
    "You made that girl blush Sean!"
    "It happens more than you think."
    "I am in love with your accent. Sorry! I know he's your man."
    "Ha! It's fine! I'm in love with it too... Okay, picture time! Then Flinch and Purple Head have to go see daddy."
    "Are we good? We really need to go."
    "Yeah. Thank you guys so much."
    "You're welcome. You and Michelle coming?"
    "Yes! Oh my god yes!"
    "Fucking suck! Only my mommy calls me Lizzy!"
    "What? We really have to go, my parents are waiting."
    "I want a picture!"
    "Sad face!"


      So crazy! From the parking lot to my dad's office we got stopped like fifteen times. I got pushed away twice. James just grabbed my hand and walked away. Fell once. Liz pushed that girl back. Then she pushed Liz and then Liz bitch slapped her so hard! Everyone grab their face and was like, Ooo! She was bleeding from the ring Liz had on. She didn't want anything to do with Liz after that. Liz made her say sorry to me and James and then told her to walk away. She did! She was scared. Stephen made it clear to everyone that Michelle stays next to him in all pictures or they won't get one at all. James said that for me too. I guess all fan girls know each other. A lot of girls know who Jennifer is. They don't seem to like her. I don't know if it was because she was all close with Nick or just because she's stupid. I don't know! Then one girl just plowed her way through the swarm and Liz was like No! And James was like, no, no! She's cool! She's a fan girl too. But, all three gave her a hug and took pictures with her without a problem. Her name is Morgan. She's a Flinch fan. Since before his first UHH. She's also an Eldritch Crew fan. That's James's dance crew with Stephen and three other people. And now she's an FSN fan. She's actually really nice. Like, super nice! She saw me and introduced herself and said, nice to meet the girl who makes Flinch smile again. We all laughed. I like her.
      "You guys known Morgan forever?"
      "She's been around since day one with Flinch."
      "She found me on YouTube before my first UHH. She's never really been crazy like these other girls. Always very chill and respectful and not pushy at all."
      "She doesn't even consider herself a fan."
      "At this point, I don't consider her one either."
      "She's real nice."
      "Yeah. Whenever we need to set up a gofund for travel or to do a video, she gives us about half of what we need."
      "Huge fan girl!"
      "We give her special treatment as a thanks. Non stop support from her. We hella appreciate it."
      "Cool. Knock, knock dad!"
      "Finally made it through the crowd huh?"
      "This crowd is for you three?"
      "Yes sir."
      "Oh! This is Michelle dad. Stephen's girlfriend and the mom of his super cute daughter."
      "Nice to meet you."
      "You look so much like your dad girl."
      "Moms nose. Rest is dad."
      "You got the good traits… Oh! My apologies! Sorry! I'm over eighteen. It's not wrong. Oh god, shut up… I'm sitting down now."
      "She can't help herself around men she thinks are attractive."
      "Yeah. I'm sorry."
      "It's fine. You three can have a seat with Ms…"
      "Michelle Little."
      "Have a seat with Ms. Little. Mr. Larson, Regan, right here."
      "You guys introduced? Or do me and Reg need to?"
      "No. Your parents have been in here having a chat with me for the past ten minutes. Mostly about Regan cleaning your house."
      "I do not ask her to. She just does it herself."
      "It's not a bad thing James. Me and your dad work and it's nice to come home to clean dishes and folded laundry. Take notes from her."
      "My thing is, if I stay at someone's house I have to do it. No idea why. I guess it's a thanks for having me. And I hate messes. Huh dad?"
      "My house has never been so clean and organized."
      "Because you're a boy… Goober!"
      "Your daughter is cute as a button."
      "Thank you Mr. Larson."
      "What else did you guys talk about?"
      "Evan and Autumn."
      "My grandparents."
      "We talked about the two of you. Your parents now know everything I do."
      "She's thirteen James. Me and your dad thought she was your age."
      "You're five years younger than dad. Why is this a big deal?"
      "Her age isn't a big deal James. What is a big deal, is the girl who lost her virginity way too young. And you know better."
      "It's something we both wanted… I wanted to wait… Did you tell them how this happen? I don't want to repeat this in front of these guys on the couch."
      "They know."
      "Okay. So you get it? Right? I didn't force her to do this with me. I didn't take anything from her."
      "We understand James. It's obvious you two are very close. You two met, and it was the end. You know?"
      "Yeah. I feel like I'm done. Only Reg."
      "The thing is… And her father agrees… This relationship is way too new…"
      "UHH isn't even half way done James. Then you guys are going straight to Spain after. You guys will be gone until March. How is she going to feel about this?"
      "The answer is no Mr. Larson. Regan stays home."
      "Michelle is going."
      "Ms. Little is not my daughter Regan. And she's over eighteen."
      "We have two months left in UHH and then three months home before Spain."
      "Two months bro."
      "We leave to Spain in November to work with the current dancers."
      "Aw! I forgot about that. No! It's winter break Mr. Avalon."
      "Not even like… A week each month? You can come with her."
      "Please dad? At least let me go see him on his birthday."
      "Which is on Christmas?"
      "Regan… Winter break is already planned for you. You know this."
      "I don't want to go to France! I been there five times already. Aunt Sophia is weird! She calls me Little Michael."
      "I'm aware."
      "It's not funny dad! This is not fair!"
      "That was my point when I said this relationship is too new Sweetie. James being gone that long is not fair to you."
      "Really mom?"
      "I'm being honest with her James."
      "She dumps me, it's your fault."
      "I'm not dumping you James. We have Skype. Remember?"
      "It's not the same Reg. My bad day keeps getting worse. I can't catch a break to save my life."
      "Life has it's curve balls Mr. Larson. This will pass."
      "At least he doesn't know about the secret in your glove box."
      "What the fuck is wrong with you Jennifer!?"
      "Regan! Watch your mouth and sit your ass back down."
      "Mmm... Okay... I don't feel…"
      "James, James. Here… Insulin pen. Breathe. Don't hold your breath James. Breathe."
      "Deep breaths bro. You got this."
      "You're okay James."
      "I got him."
      "That… That's not hurting him is it?"
      "No Sweetie. Me and Theo know what do to. He's unlocking his jaw. It's not hurting him. Me and James do it for Theo too. He's okay."
      "Don't bite me. Leave your mouth open…"
      "Oh my god!"
      "He's fine Sweetie! That pop was a good thing. Are you okay James?"
      "…Mmm hmm."


    Pill in the glove box! Fuck! Sent my P.D into overdrive without a hint. Reg got scared as hell when my dad stuck his fingers in my mouth and unlocked my jaw. The point of that… When my jaw locks up, I grind my teeth. So does my dad. We have to get our jaws unlocked or else we break our teeth. The pop Reg heard was my dad popping my jaw out of place. Once I close my mouth, it pops back in on its own most of the time. Reg did what she thought would help. She started scratching the back of my neck. It worked a little bit. Jelly Bean can handle this. Not the jaw thing! But she'll be okay. She put her head on my shoulder and whispers to me…
    "Mien… I'm right here. Not going anywhere. Breathe."
    "Shh… He won't ask."
    "No. I promise you he won't. You know he won't. He will not make this worse Mien. You know that… Freedom points in exchange for a pass on the glove box? Please dad… Look at him. Please?"
    "Deal. Tonight you won't be seeing Mr. Larson. Tomorrow you may."
    "Thank you dad."
    "How are you doing Mr. Larson?"
    "Jelly Bean stopped scratching my neck."
    "Now I'm good. I just… I need a minute."
    "Jelly Bean?"
    "Thinking of cute names for each other. Michelle calls Stephen Quesadilla because he loves them. He calls her Butter Cup because she likes the Reese's. I said I like Jelly Beans. Then James said, my Jelly Bean to me and I super blushed and Michelle was like, that's the one!"
    "You still eat those things?"
    "Yes. I love them."
    "Oh my god! Hold still! I'm sorry!"
    "What the hell are you doing Reg?"
    "It's not me. My bracelet got stuck in your hair somehow. I'm sorry Mien."
    "Mien? What language is that Sweetie?"
    "French. It just means mine. James likes it."
    "Your daughter speaks French. Impressive."
    "Should hear her sing mom. Then the French won't be so impressive."
    "Is that right?"
    "Lily! That girl is so damn good."
    "The first song I heard her sing was, Can't Help Falling In Love."
    "Oh! I love Elvis."
    "He told me you're an Elvis geek."
    "Yeah, I am."
    "My dad used to sing it to me when I sick. I didn't know it was an Elvis song until James told me… There you go. Not stuck anymore."
    "Let me see that bracelet Regan. Take it off and hand it to me."
    "I kept it safe like you asked. The necklace is gone though. The lady who gave me the necklace told me there was a box in the bush by grandma's mailbox that was from you. She said the necklace was a gift from her… Hayden!… Her necklace is gone."
    "Toledo Mr. Larson. The mastermind behind the box in the bush."
    "You know Hayden?"
    "From her show right?"
    "Hayden is Melissa's sister."
    "Is she really?"
    "Oh my god! I totally see it now. This earth is small dad."
    "Mmm hmm… There's more charm on this. There was only six on here when I got it for you."
    "Tell me what they mean."
    "This one karat diamond is your birthstone. This one that says dad represents your first word. The shoe is from when you walked…"
    "You taught me?"
    "The piano… You used to sit on my lap when I played. You wouldn't hit any keys. You'd just sit there and listen and smile."
    "I saw the pictures. Grandma gave me some. They're in the boxes at home."
    "…This one… I had made. R.O.A, turn it over, 4-7. Self-explanatory right?"
    " My birthday and initials."
    "This last one… The tear drop. Also self-explanatory."
    "When mom took me away."
    "Yeah. Tell me about these other ones."
    "Grandma got me that one. The wine glass for my first glass of O series BeauSoleil. Grandpa got me the sad face because I hurt myself on a dirt bike. He made me feel better. This one is when I learned to play guitar. There was no guitar charm, so I got a music note. This double charm with the pen and paper is my writing. The wine bottle is from Aunt Sophia. She got it for me when I went to France for the first time. Wine Country! This one… Grandma had it made for me. She gave it to me about a month ago. It's a little locket. But she didn't tell me what it means. She said, one day your father will tell you."
    "It means this…"
    "It's a pocket watch? J.C.B… J.C.B… They're the same!"
    "Open it."
    "Me and great grandpa."
    "What's in your hand in the picture?"
    "A pocket watch… This one!?"
    "I get it now! Look… It's a locket. It opens. There's a tiny piece of paper in here. I have no idea what they mean… It's just numbers."
    "Pull the picture out of the pocket watch."
    "Same numbers. A-001 - 12, 01, 07, 10."
    "Great grandpa's security box at his bank in France. Box A-001. Code to open it is 12, 01, 07, 10. Everything he left us… Me and you. Is in that box. That's why he gave me the pocket watch and grandma had that made for you with the little piece of paper."
    "What's in the box?"
    "No idea. In his will it says, I cannot open the box unless you are present and at an age of understanding."
    "Age of understanding?"
    "Age where you know right from wrong. You can open the box."
    "Let's go open it!"
    "Winter break."
    "Mr. Avalon?"
    "Where do you buy those charms?"
    "Jared's. The stores only have so many, but they give you a book to look through as well. There're thousands of charms. Blank ones you can have engraved like this one. You really won't be able to get a custom one like this little locket. They run six grand and up."
    "Reg said to buy her one with my money."
    "Simple 24kt charms are anywhere from $200 and up. Not too expensive."
    "He's buying me a cherry charm."
    "Why Reg?"
    "He doesn't know why!"
    "Mr. Avalon… Inform Reg you're not stupid."
    "A cherry charm means you are not a virgin. The boy buying it for it the one who…"
    "Popped it."
    "Thank you Mr. Larson."
    "That's only part of it! James is my first everything. Kiss, real hug, to love me. Not like you love me. A different love. He's popped all kinds of my cherries. Not just my vagina one."
    "Reg… Wow! Everyone is laughing at you."
    "He popped all kinds of cherries. Not just my vagina one."
    "Well you did!"
    "Stop talking."
    "Still cute as a button."
    "Yeah. Even when the nonsense is flowing."
    "I still get my cherry charm right?"
    "Yes Reg. Unless your dad says no. I really don't want to piss him off."
    "Point of the bracelet Mr. Larson. Buy her a cherry charm if it makes her happy."
    "Right here Mien... Look. Only $24.99."
    "That's silver Reg. White gold like the other ones."
    "Oh! 24kt white gold... $125.99."
    "Can I use your card mom? I'll give you the cash."
    "Yes... Here."
    "Thanks... Express next day shipping... There. You got your cherry charm."
    "Thank you!"
    "Why did you bite my face again?"
    "Because it's mine."
    "At least your dad isn't giving us a look."
    "It's not a kiss."
    "She's right... Excuse me… Come in!"
    "Hello! I hope I'm not interrupting."
    "Not at all."
    "Afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Larson."
    "Afternoon Samantha."
    "Okay! I have a section of the bleachers taped off to accommodate you Mr. Larson."
    "Thank you."
    "Very welcome. I counted you Mrs. Larson and you three. I did not count the girls. I'll go fix that right now in a minute. FSN people have to stand or sit butt down on the floor under the basket hoops. If I knew this many people were showing up I would have had leadership prepare better."
    "Ms. Cooper?"
    "There's one more person besides all of us. She's a good friend of ours and we don't want her with the rest of the crowd. Michelle is meeting her by the fountain before the rally to walk in with us."
    "Okay. Who's Michelle?"
    "Okay. Wrist please? Red yarn so I know who you are at the door. And you?"
    "Red yarn. The young lady joining?"
    "Okay. Tie this on her wrist for me Michelle."
    "Anyone who is not a student here gets yellow at the door as they walk in. That means they cannot sit on the bleachers. Okay Michael?"
    "Mr. and Mrs. Larson get green yarn. Parent. I'm sorry your fans have to sit on the floor. James asked to run the new routine for the school. No extras."
    "Yeah. I had no idea this many people would show up. I'm sorry."
    "Can you guys do two performances? I know we said one but I have about ten minutes at the end of the rally to fill."
    "Uh… I don't have extra music."
    "Can we plug in somehow with a phone and use the music from one of our headliners?"
    "With an auxiliary cord?"
    "We could but the soundboard is missing the cord."
    "Is it small like this?"
    "I have one in my car. Reg can go grab it. Right?"
    "Yeah. I give it to you Ms. Cooper?"
    "Yes ma'am."
    "Now, which UHH performance."
    "The Hand Fighter!"
    "Oh! Nicky Nicky! Hand Fighter."
    "Really? My solo from last year?"
    "I haven't seen the Hand Fighter one!"
    "I uploaded it to our YouTube yesterday Sweetheart."
    "Oh! Hand Fighter! I wanna see it."
    "Okay… Two sets and you guys want me to do my solo from last year?"
    "That solo got us 50/50 extra points. My set only got us 42/50."
    "Is that one up too?"
    "Sure is Sweetheart… But which one? 42 Sweeper or perfect 50 Flinch?"
    "Come on Flinch! You know you're bad ass. Don't try and play it like you're not."
    "Why a solo though? Why not two FSN sets? If Fiction, Terry, and Wes were here I'd do the Spotlighter."
    "But they ain't here bro dawg."
    "Oh! The most bad ass thing me and Flinch created. Ever!"
    "It's going to look so good at the UHH Awards."
    "Yeah! Matter at hand! Do the Hand Fighter! All these girls are here to see you. Give them what they want."
    "I want to see it too!"
    "Give Jelly Bean what she wants. You love seeing her smile."
    "Fine! Which one first?"
    "FSN then you."
    "One last thing boys. The Film Program is working this rally as a live test. Big monitors will be on and four students with cameras. The point? They will get close and low and all of that stuff. Can you deal with that?"
    "Yeah. We're used to cameras doing that and we take them into consideration. We won't hit them. My solo… I'm not moving around too much. So there's no issue there. Uh… Is Piper filming or running the soundboard? Do you know?"
    "She's filming. She just got a new steady cam rig, and this is her first run with it."
    "Okay. I'll find her and talk to her. I won't need four cameras on me during my solo. But I know they will be. But I want Piper to be the main one. She's good."
    "Okay. Here's my tablet… The browser is open go ahead and get the video for me so it's ready."
    "Run out to my car real fast for that cord Reg. It's in my center console. Wait… Go with her Michelle. Morgan is sitting right there. Just come in with Reg. We're going through the locker room not the side door like everyone else."
    "Okay. Ready to walk when you are Reg."
    "Keys Mien."
    "Oh… Thank you."
    "Mmm hmm!"
    "Flinch in crunch time telling people what to do."
    "My bad."
    "Every part of this rally will be uploaded to the schools public server. So you guys will be able to watch them, download them, and add them to your YouTube if you want."
    "If the quality isn't HD for 4K we won't use them."
    "That's why I'm talking to Piper. She has a Sony PXW-Z100 Pro."
    "That's what I'm talking about!"
    "Piper will be our center camera and she'll have it on the highest setting."
    "Mr. Larson?"
    "Conversation with your parents about your grandparents."
    "James… If Regan is someone you see yourself with for awhile, you need to take her out there to meet them. So she can see what your grandma does every day for grandpa."
    "If we last that long I'll make her put me in a home."
    "Mr. Larson… I don't think Regan will agree to that. It's obvious she wants to take care of you."
    "I will never make Reg feed me like a baby and change my diaper. I can't do that to her."
    "I'm not putting your dad in a home James. I'm committed to him and to this. Just like grandma is to your grandpa. You should take her either way."
    "All right. I'll let her know."
    "Why would you be put in a home Flinch?"
    "He has Parkinson's. He damn near had a seizer just now when you mentioned his glove box. That shit ain't none of your business."
    "Sorry. I didn't know a picture of him and his girlfriend was a big deal."
    "Shut! Up! What are doing? Are you trying to get Reg to leave me or something? What the fuck?…"
    "Mr. Larson…"
    "No! Let me finish!… What the fuck is your problem? I do not like you. I do not think you are attractive. I do not think you are cool or anything! I been telling you this shit nicely from the day we fucking meet you. You know what? At first, I thought you were an okay girl. Until people started asking me why I fucked you. No idea why you started that. My issue with you is your fault. The reason I don't like you at all is your fault. If you kept your mouth shut and didn't tell a bunch of people we slept together we would be cool right now."
    "I never said we slept together."
    "Fucking bullshit! You posted it on the goddamn Forum! Morgan took a screenshot and showed me. I still have the fucking thing in my email. Would you like to see it?"
    "I been nice this whole time. Maybe right now with me being a fucking dick you'll get it. I do not like you! I do not want to fuck you. Ever! Stop talking shit to my girlfriend trying to get her pissed off at me over shit that's not even true. Do you fucking understand? Do you get it now?"
    "Damn bro dawg."
    "Yeah I get it! Don't have another seizer on us. Fuck."
    "Oh! Low blow… Low Blow."
    "That was fucked up Jen. You fucked up."
    "Get her the fuck out of here Nick. That shit was uncalled for."
    "It was only a joke. Relax."
    "I don't joke about my disability Jennifer. I'm pretty sure my dad doesn't appreciate that shit either. He has P.D too. What you just saw happen to me… Happens to my dad at least six times a fucking day. My mom has to hold him down and pop his jaw out just like he did to me. Six times a fucking day. My dad has dentures because he broke all his teeth out from his jaw locking up like that and my mom wasn't able to pop his jaw open. It's painful as fuck when that happens. This is not a fucking joke! Get… Her out Nick… Or I will."
    "Naw... This bitch can see herself out."
    "Serious? I said I was sorry."
    "Me and Flinch may not be the best of friends, but I would NEVER! Fuckin' pull that shit you just did. You just fucked up. I'm with Flinch... Get the fuck out of here."
    "Nick... Please... Do me one and get her the fuck out."
    "All right... Which way do I go for the rally?"
    "Locker room. Ms. Cooper will show you. Here's your tablet. I don't know how… To minimize the brow… The browser!... Yeah."
    "I'll get it… You okay?"
    "Stop grinding your teeth and breathe James. The day is almost over."
    "Oh… Excuse me. Bathroom?"
    "Locker room. Follow me."
    "I'll be back. Let Chelle know I went to piss will you Flinch?"
    "Relax James. You can't take another shot."
    "I'm fucking frustrated. I'm having a bad day, and that dumb fucking bitch… I don't like those jokes."
    "I know James."
    "I fucking died mom!"
    "But you came back! You're fine."
    "I need that box of tissue before I use my shirt Mr. Avalon."
    "Sure… If you don't mind… What happen?"
    "It was right before I got Opie. This scar right here behind my ear…"
    "I was at home getting ready for work. I made myself something to eat and I had a glass of water. And I started to feel…"
    "Knock, knock!"
    "Reg only please."
    "You two lady's mind stepping out? There's seats to your right. This is a private conversation."
    "Sweep went to piss. He'll see you guys sitting there."
    "Lock the door behind you Regan."
    "Mien… Are you okay?"
    "What's wrong? You're gonna… I'm already crying! What's wrong?"
    "Sit Regan. Start over Mr. Larson."
    "I had to kick Jennifer out."
    "My parents want me to take you to meet my grandparents. So you can see what my grandma does for my grandpa every day. I said if we last that long I'd have you put me in a home so you don't have to change my diapers and feed me like a baby."
    "I'll change your diaper! You shut up about a home!"
    "…You were right."
    "I knew I would be."
    "Anyway, Jennifer asked why I would be put in a home. Sweep told her I have P.D and what we just saw was Flinch damn near having a seizer because you mentioned his glove box again. I went off on her so hard. She got it this time. I hope she did. She basically said, sorry don't have another seizer on us."
    "What?! Fuck that bitch! Oooh! Sorry dad!"
    "Thank you!"
    "I do not like comments like that Reg. What you saw, what my dad had to do to me. The same thing happens to him daily. Multiple times. My mom has to get him on the floor and sit on him and pop his jaw open like he did for me. That's what you would have to do Reg. Stick your fingers in my mouth and twist as hard as you can until one side of my jaw pops out of place."
    "That was the pop I heard?"
    "Oh… How do I do it?"
    "Um… I… Don't know? I guess me and my mom will have to show you when it happens again. Next time you're at my house and my parents are home. If… I start feeling weird, I'll let it happen. If you really want to know how to do it."
    "Okay… Does Sean know how?"
    "Yeah. He's done it to me before. You can't be afraid to hurt me. It does hurt. I won't lie. But you can't be afraid to hurt me. You can't stop half way either. You just have to do it."
    "Do I have to be strong like Sean?"
    "No. You just have to know how to do it."
    "I… I died from this Reg. I was unresponsive for fourteen minutes at the hospital. No pulse. Nothing… I came back somehow. I had no brain damage at all. Which freaked out every doctor. I should be a vegetable right now. I only had a little swelling and blood in my head. They put a stint in to drain it all and reduce the swelling. I can remember everything that happen after I woke up. I knew the day, the month, the year, my name. The doctors were stumped. Fourteen minutes is way too long. No one really comes back from that. I did."
    "They usually pronounce someone dead around ten minutes."
    "They called it on James. The nurse in charge of cleaning him up and getting him ready for the morgue… Sorry… She was pulling off those little stickers for the heart monitor. This is what she told us. She pulled one off and the monitor beeped behind her. Like a heartbeat. She said it does that sometimes when you don't turn it off before pulling those stickers off. She turned to hit the power button, and she just looked at the screen for a second and it beeped again. Then again. She yelled for the doctor to come back in and he basically told her… Muscles contract when you die. The body jerks. He's gone. The heart is jerking like his body would. Clean him up. For some reason, she couldn't do it. She knew if she went against her boss's order she was going to get fired. She grabbed the paddles, and she shocked him and she brought him back. We actually stay in touch with her. She's in Nevada now. She lost her nursing licenses and couldn't be a nurse anywhere here in California. She was a nurse for thirty-eight years. And she lost it all to save my son's life."
    "I'm completely fine."
    "No. Your balance issue is because of that."
    "True. My balance was still bad before but this did make it worse. My left foot has no feeling in it. Well… It does. My pinky toe and the toe next to it… That side of my foot and that ankle has no feeling. Other than that, I'm completely fine."
    "What happen? Or How?"
    "My scar you like to run your finger over."
    "Yeah. You said you fell in your kitchen."
    "I did fall. I was getting ready for work and I had a glass of water. I started feeling weird. Being home alone and an episode kicks in, it's pretty scary. And I didn't have Opie yet. I went to sit the glass on the counter and I ended up hitting the side of it. It broke the glass, and I dropped it on the floor. I was going to go up to my room for one of my shots then go back and clean it up. I didn't see the big piece of glass on the floor… Where the tile goes to the carpet… I stepped on it and instead of it breaking, It made me slip and I fell flat on my back. The bottom of the glass broke in a way where the bottom was still intact and one side had a big point on it. When I fell… I landed on that. I was awake. It didn't knock me out or anything. You know how I said my P.D doesn't like certain chemicals in my body?"
    "Yeah! I started to freak out when I realized I have this huge piece of glass lodged in my head. I had a hold of it trying to pull it out and I had a big twitch in my neck that caused me to slam my head on the floor. That broke the bottom of the cup off. I couldn't get a grip on it after that. That's all I remember. Next thing I'm waking up in a hospital. All I know is my boss called my dad and my mom went home to check on me. She's the one who found me."
    "It was horrible. Trust me… You don't ever want to see your only child lifeless on the floor. He passed out from blood loss. He actually flat lined in the ambulance. Not at the hospital. He came back. Just fine like he said. We don't even own glass cups anymore."
    "I noticed all your cups are thick plastic."
    "We don't want that to ever happen again."
    "Yeah. I'm glad you came back Mien. My life would suck right now if a cup killed you."
    "A cup did kill me."
    "You laughed. That's not funny."
    "What about this… The term YOLO doesn't refer to me."
    "You only live once."
    "Stop it now you Goober! We get it! You're special! You're part zombie."
    "Yeah. Just… Don't ever make jokes about my disability. It's the fastest way to lose me forever."
    "I would never James…"
    "…Is he looking at me weird?"
    "I had to kiss her. Sorry."
    "I understand. Hell of an experience you had Mr. Larson."
    "Makes you realize just how delicate a human life is."
    "Yeah! I do take more risks now. Life is too short to really sit around and hope something will happen. Have to get up and make it happen. My proof is right outside. This crowd… I did this. I worked my ass off and broke many bones to get where I am. I don't let my disability keep me from anything I want. I'm ranked number one in the Hip Hop community. Number one in the state, number 2 in the US, and number 4 in the world. I'm only sixteen."
    "You can do anything an able-bodied person can. Nothing is limitless Mr. Larson."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Life is too short for matching socks! See!"
    "Do I need to buy you a pack of white socks Regan?"
    "No. I like the colored ones."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "I'm tired."
    "The day is almost over Mr. Larson… Come in!"
    "I am currently unable!"
    "Regan, unlock the door for Samantha."
    "Hi Ms. Cooper!"
    "Not at all."
    "Most of the students are in the gym and everyone else is lined up outside. Five minutes. Let's get to it."
    "Mr. Larson needs a moment."
    "No. I'm good. I still need to find Piper."
    "She's in the gym."
    "All right. Cool. I'm good to go."
    "Let's get out here."


    I can't believe James actually died and came back. That's amazing. I wonder why he didn't tell me the whole story before. I guess he had his reasons. It doesn't change how I feel about him. I still love him just the same. And I'm glad I got to see how fast one of his episodes can kick in. At that point, I knew my dad wouldn't question us about the glove box. My dad had a worried look on his face. He stood up to help calm James down but saw his mom with an insulin pen. My dad isn't a doctor or anything, but I think he knew how to help James. I had no idea what do to. I had to think for a second and I just scratched his neck like he likes. It worked. He slowly calmed down. I scooted super close to him and held him tight. He was okay after that. The jaw pop thing freaked me out. I didn't like that at all. But I do want to be with him for a long time and I do want to learn how to do that if I need to. I just want to be able to take care of him.
    "Hi! Regan? Right? I'm horrible with names."
    "Yeah. And you're Morgan."
    "Yep! So… How long have you been dating Flinch?"
    "Are you a crazy fan girl?"
    "Not at all… Maybe a little bit."
    "Funny. Me and Ja… Flinch have only been a couple a week."
    "Really? You guys seem like you been a couple a while. It's so obvious he loves you."
    "We are in love. We both thought it was so stupid how fast we fell for each other."
    "It happens like that sometimes."
    "How long have you known Ja… Flinch for?"
    "You can call him James. You know him on a different level."
    "How long have you known James? Like been friends?"
    "Like four years or so."
    "You guys ever date?"
    "No. He's taken me out on a date before, but we're just friends. I never wanted anything more with him. Don't trust her though."
    "Yeah. All of us fan girls know each other in one way or another right? Well, me and Flinch actually talk each other. Not every day, just every so often. But, he has blocked her from all his social media pages like five times already. She makes new accounts and stalks him on a daily. She's pretty pathetic if you ask me."
    "She made him have an episode in my dad's office."
    "What did she do to set him off?"
    "We have something private in his glove box and we don't want my dad knowing about it and she mentioned it. My dad makes him nervous. So when she said that it was like, instant."
    "Why does your dad make him nervous?"
    "He's a shrink and he's very good at reading people. You can't really lie to him. What we have in his car is something my dad would pretty much kill us… If my dad would have asked we couldn't lie to him. That's why his P.D acted up."
    "Is it a pregnancy test?"
    "No… Nothing like that!"
    "That would be cool."
    "I'm only thirteen."
    "Ah! Flinch defiantly would no longer be alive."
    "Yeah! I'd be dead too!"
    "Sweeper was saying something about it to Michelle, I didn't really hear them. They know what it is huh?"
    "And Nick is out in the cold again?"
    "Flinch and Nick don't really like each other that much."
    "They do argue a lot."
    "It all started when Flinch came into the group to cover for Ronnie. They pretty much decided that this is a new crew we need a name for ourselves. Sweeper is the one who came up with FSN. Flinch, Sweeper, Nick. Nick is a bitch. He doesn't like the name. He was like, what about NSF? That sounds good too."
    "They would've got in trouble for that. NSF is a trademarked name."
    "That's what Flinch said! National Science Foundation. Then he was like, NFS, or SFN. He just didn't want Flinch's name to be first pretty much. So, he went on his Twitter and did a little pole for all the fans to decide and like 95% chose FSN. He was and still is pissed off. Sweeper just went in the order of who's best. Flinch, Sweeper, then Nick."
    "Nick can't really do the poppy robot like they do."
    "No. Nick is more street hip hop. The smooth loose moves. Sweeper is straight robotics. Flinch is the fucking man! He can do it all. He can do the shoulder spins and head spins and all that cool shit."
    "Flinch isn't skinny like Sweeper, but he's stronger. But! Sweeper… Because he's skinny, can do some crazy ass shit that Flinch can't really do"
    "Like what?"
    "Here, I have a video on my phone… Forward, forward… Wait! Flinch chest pop! That's so hot. Sorry!"
    "I love it too! It's okay."
    "Does he do it for you all the time?"
    "Only if I ask him. He says it makes the girls go crazy."
    "It does. He does it again in this video and the girls get so loud."
    "What video is this? I haven't seen this one."
    "This is from Nick's school about two weeks ago. Sweeper won't put it on their YouTube because it's just a crappy cell phone video."
    "Flinch has it. I emailed it to him. I'm sure he'll send it to you if you ask."
    "Other chest pop… Ah!"
    "He looked right at your phone and did it. His smile makes me melt."
    "He does have a great smile. The chest pop is his thing! No one in UHH can do it. Other dancers have asked him and he just will not tell anyone. He won't even tell Sweeper! They have been friends for like six years."
    "Does he do it randomly sometimes?"
    "Yeah. If he sees a girl in the crowd do this on her chest… He'll pop it for her and give her a smile. Only if he's single! If he's dating someone he won't do it. He won't even do it for me."
    "What if I did it?"
    "He'd do it for you. You're his girl. Back to this video."
    "Right here… How Sweeper is flat on the ground and he does that hand stand flip thing all slow… Flinch can't do that."
    "I don't think he's that flexible."
    "I think if he worked at it, he could do it. But bendy, popping out the shoulders, is Sweepers thing."
    "The Ritual video! He had his shirt off and did that. Ew!"
    "Flinch can pop his shoulders out like that too. But it's Sweepers thing. So he doesn't do it in the crews. Solo, he'll do it."
    "Did you follow Nick and Sweeper before James joined?"
    "Nick, no. Sweeper, yes. Flinch came into UHH as a solo dancer and in a crew. So he could compete in his off season. One season solo then the following season in his crew. Flinch and Sweeper meet his first year... Sweeper is also a solo dancer and has two more UHH seasons on Flinch. They met Flinch's first year… Now… The top dog in UHH, who is retired now was going for his tenth gold. He's fucking awesome! He's like thirty something, married and kids... He wanted his tenth gold. Flinch came in and stole that fucking medal from him at twelve years old. Sweeper was like, this kid is bad ass. At the time he was trying to put a crew together. He asked Flinch if he wanted to compete in his off season in a crew, and he said yeah. But they messed up. Sweeper should of took a season off. So him and Flinch aren't competing against each other. This season he took off. So next season he's doing solo and crew. Sweeper is good. But as long as he's going against Flinch, he has no chance at gold. He has all the silvers to back that up."
    "Funny. Was Ronnie good?"
    "Yeah. Very good!"
    "How did he get hurt?"
    "You know how Nick flips them?"
    "He… Well, I'm not sure what exactly happen. But if you watch the video in slow speed, It totally looks like Nick did it on purpose. But Ronnie swears it wasn't Nick's fault. When Nick flipped them, Ronnie was too low and he ended up landing on his shoulder and it broke his collarbone."
    "Ouch! This happen during competition?"
    "Yeah! At the finals. Luckily, the flip was at the end of their second set. He was able to finish as good as he could, but they ended up in third."
    "Was James competing that year?"
    "Yeah. It was his solo season."
    "How does the seasons work exactly?"
    "Each state has its own little competition. There's solo division, duo division, trio division, and crew division, four or more people. First, second, and third place winners in each division in each state go to the finals. Anyone who goes to finals have to take a season off. I don't know why. But! You can come back the next season in a different division. That's what Flinch and Sweeper do. Solo then crew. First, second, and third place winners in each division at the finals come back the following season as headliners. FSN and Eldritch Crew are headliners this year because they got gold in the trio division last season and gold in the crew division. Uh… That's pretty much it. One thing you need to know about Flinch, if you don't know already. This is his life. He works his ass off. Last season I felt so bad for him. He was headlining as a solo and… I don't know what happen. But half way though he tore his ACL in his knee... Which happens every time he headlines! But he tore his ACL and because of that he had to change the way he dances so he doesn't hurt his knee more. He ended last season with a broken finger, broke foot, numerous pulled muscles, and a fucked up knee. He pushes himself way too hard. And most headliners have two or three sets and they alternate each city right? Flinch… No! He choreographs a new set for each city. Number two! Nick fucking hates that! Crudix Crew... Sweeper, Ronnie, and Nick... Are one of the headliners who had two or three sets. Flinch came in and was like no… That's stupid. Sweeper was with Flinch. He's cool with a new set each city. Sweeper… When he headlines as a solo. He does a new set for each city like Flinch. So he was cool with it. I don't know Nick's issue. I guess he just… Doesn't take it as serious as they do. But Flinch… He does way too much! After this year he's going to be so sore and broken. Sweeper too. They get hurt and it doesn't stop them. It worries me sometimes. They are so great! I don't want to see them get so hurt that they can't dance anymore."
    "I don't want that to happen either."
    "No one really does."
    "Hi there… Making friends or talking shit to Reg."
    "Ah! I told you he'd do it for you!"
    "What did you tell her?"
    "When you see a girl do that you pop your chest at them."
    "Only if I'm single."
    "She said that too. Will you do it for me and give me a cute smile?"
    "I just did."
    "No… When you're dancing."
    "Only for you… Mmm, kiss."
    "You guys are perfect."
    "There's no room for me to sit."
    "Right here on my lap."
    "No Morgan."
    "On mine?"
    "Right here on the floor between my legs. I'll scratch your head."
    "Yes… That works."
    "Look up at me…"
    "One more…"
    "You're getting some dirty ass looks from fan girls Regan."
    "I don't care… So you took Morgan on a date before?"
    "Wasn't really a date. We went to the movies."
    "You paid for me. That's a date."
    "Okay… I took her on a date."
    "Did you guys kiss?"
    "No. She likes to kiss a guy called Fiction though."
    "Shut up!"
    "He misses you."
    "Does he?"
    "Yeah. I told him to call you."
    "He hasn't called. I actually tried to call him like a week ago. I was in his town and wanted to hang out but his phone was out of service."
    "He got a new phone. New number. Here... I text you his number."
    "Thanks… You're putting him to sleep!"
    "No! I'm just really relaxed."
    "Flinch got himself a personal body scratcher. Does it come with happy endings?"
    "Yeah. Sometimes twice!"
    "Sex after scratching."
    "So! Rumor is! FSN is taking over Jaz's web series for UHH."
    "Yeah. We film our first episode this Tuesday."
    "Already killing yourself Flinch."
    "I'm good."
    "Last year you weren't."
    "Are you going to bitch at me like my mom?"
    "I might!"
    "Me too. Dancing with a broken foot."
    "It happens more than you think."
    "Why do you do that?"
    "No one remembers the guy that gave up Reg."
    "What's with the tone?"
    "I don't like getting a hard time over something I love to do… Son of a bitch!"
    "Oh my god!"
    "Twice today Reg!"
    "I'm sorry! Hold on!"
    "It's not funny…"
    "You're laughing too! There! Unstuck… Again."
    "Give me your wrist so I can take that fucking thing off."
    "Can I see it?"
    "Yeah. Just be careful. It's really special and I'd die if it got broke."
    "Is it a real Pandora?"
    "Any charms from Flinch?"
    "Not yet. He got one for me. Should be here tomorrow."
    "What he get you?"
    "I got her a cherry charm."
    "As in?"
    "I popped it."
    "Nice! Flinch was your first?"
    "First everything really. Not just sex."
    "That's cool… Your scar healed nicely."
    "Yeah. Still won't grow hair."
    "Your hair is long enough to cover it."
    "You know about his scar?"
    "Yeah. Slipped in the kitchen and hit the counter."
    "Horrible right?"
    "Nice and relaxed Mien?"
    "Uh huh."
    "He's totally going to sleep!"
    "No I'm not…"
    "Says Flinch in his sleepy voice."
    "Shut up."
    "Hi Ms. Cooper."
    "Hello… Are you alive down there?"
    "Says Flinch in his sleepy voice."
    "Really Reg? Stop rubbing off on my girlfriend Morgan."
    "My bad!"
    "Anyway... After homecoming announces the four couples, you guys are up. So if you need to get ready or anything you need to go do it now."
    "We already changed."
    "Okay. Don't fall asleep on us."
    "I won't."
    "Says Flinch…"
    "…In his sleepy voice."
    "Fucking hate you guys."

    Turns out, Emily is homecoming president or something. I've never done homecoming. I think it would be fun to be part of. That is if me and Mien get chosen.
    "Good afternoon! I hope everyone had a good lunch… Holy crap! There's a ton of people here! Wow!… Anyway! Myself and the amazing, beautiful, and tiny Melissa are up here to announce your homecoming candidates. You guys should know how it works already. We choose your four couples and you guys vote!"
    "Each couple can fundraise for votes if they wish. All free! For example, if you do a little bake sale or a car wash, it has to be free. Or you can simply do posters and flyers and post them around the school. Please be kind to each other. If you see a flyer on the floor in the hall, pin it back up instead of throwing it away."
    "This is war Melissa."
    "Be nice to each other! If you're chosen and you don't want to be part of this, simply don't promote yourself. But! You'll still need to attend next weeks homecoming football game. The homecoming dance is on Saturday and we'll announce the winners. Kind of like prom king and queen. You need to wear something nice for the football game, unless you're a football player or cheerleader. Your uniform will be just fine. The dance the following night is formal. So all you ladies get to go shopping. Tickets for the homecoming dance go on sale Monday through Friday at lunch. $25 for a single ticket and $40 if you buy the couple package. Photo packages will also be on sale. They usually run from $35 to around $75. Cash only! And please! No $50 and $100 bills unless you are buying both tickets and a photo package. We had money issues last year and students had to run to the store to break their bills. So make it easy on all of us, no big bills!
        "Take me to the dance Mien?"
        "If you want to go."
        "And shopping for a pretty dress?"
        "Yeah. I'll need to buy something too."
        "Pictures too? I'll buy them for us."
        "Thank you."
        "You're welcome Jelly Bean."

    "When we call your names, please come on up here with us. First couple! Surprise, surprise! Piper Stiles and Blaine Price!"
    "Second couple! Elizabeth Sanders and Sean Lebedinsky!"
    "Yay! Vote for me!"

        "No chill."

    "Third couple! Lee Lee! And Cole Eller!"
    "And your last couple. This was the first couple Emily, and I chose. Drum roll on the bleachers!… Regan Avalon and James Larson."
        "Are you fucking kidding me?"
        "Come on! It'll be fun!"

    "Looks like Little Cricket has to wake up her man! Give them a second… There we go! Your four couples ladies and gentleman. Why do you look mad Flinch?"
    "I don't want to be part of this."
    "I think it'll be fun."
    "I think it would be cool if a freshman won. You would be the first."
    "Wait!… Don't vote for me and Sean! Purple Head and Flinch!"
    "Flinch!… You got some major fans here Flinch... All I have to do is… Flinch!… See! Now, now ladies! Flinch belongs to this cutie right here."
    "The sound of all the hearts breaking just now! Purple Head is making all these girls jealous."
    "I don't think she means to Liz."
    "I would. Loud and clear too."
    "That's because you don't understand the term, chill."
    "No… My man is my man. Touch him and you'll see me get real mean."
    "I'm touching yo man right now."
    "I love you though."
    "I love you too…"
    "Now we made everyone get loud!"
    "It was all the boys. They like seeing two girls kiss."
    "Moving on! You guys can take your seats now… This is the part of the rally where a couple from the Dance Program dances for us."
    "This is the reason why we all these extra folks are here."
    "They all came to see FSN…"
    "…Is that loud reaction normal Flinch? Yeah? Wow."
    "I think all these extra folks have waited long enough. How about everyone else?"
    "Yes! You guys need to give our Film Program about three minutes to… You guys are at my school! Don't boo me. Geez! They booed me!"
    "Because you told them have to wait three minutes… Really?"
    "Me and Melissa can just stand here and not let FSN dance. Is that what you guys want? Okay… Three minutes to set up and get the cameras rolling and the sound up."
    "We do have an extra dance for all you extra folks at the end of the rally. A Flinch solo!"
    "I think they are okay with that! All right! Monitors are on, cameras are in place… Hi Piper! Now all we need is a thumbs up from the guys in the booth up there… Pow! We're good to go Mills!"
    "Film program is ready. Wes McCain High ready?! Extras?!"
    "Ladies! Gentlemen! Parents! And extras! FSN!"

        "Have fun!"
        "Kiss… One more."
        "Murder it guys!"
        "Kill it Quesadilla!"

    He did the chest pop for me!


    Flinch and his friends are so awesome! I love seeing the raw dance then the finished product. I really wish I could do what he does. I think hip hop would look good on my dance résumé. I also want to learn India dancing. Sean said maybe we go spend time in India like his parents did after we graduate and before we start college. That way we can both learn. His parents could teach us, but I want to travel and learn from the best. But first! I'm rigging homecoming.
    "Hey cheerleaders! Can I pop a squat too?"
    "Yeah… Sup?"
    "So… Who's down to rig homecoming so Purple Head and Flinch win?"
    "I'm down. Lee Lee?"
    "Me and Cole won last year. So yeah, I'm down."
    "That's cheating. I can't do that."
    "Stop being a party pooper Mills."
    "It's not cheating. Instead of making flyers and stuff for ourself, we just make them for them."
    "Me and Mills are in charge of the votes. Don't change your flyers. They'll know what you're doing. Keep it low key and we'll just say they won."
    "That's unfair Em."
    "Each couple is fine with it. I'm sure Piper will be too. It's done."
    "James said himself he doesn't want to do this."
    "So. Regan wants too… Woo! Flinch!"
    "Shake your pom-poms more! You guys call yourselves cheerleaders?"
    "Here's Piper's poms. Shake em Liz."
    "Gotta shake em like salt shakers! Uh! Uh!… Hi Piper! We're rigging homecoming so Purple Head and Flinch win."
    "I'm in. We got our routine in like ten, so we have to get ready… Where the hell did my poms go?"
    "Liz is shaking em like salt shakers."
    "Oh! Here you go."
    "Join cheer and you can have your own poms Liz."
    "I'm in dance!"
    "We will convert you!"
    "Cheerleader rule number one Piper! If you're head cheerleader and you move to a new school you can't join the Cheer Squad. It's bad luck."
    "That's a myth! It's not bad luck."
    "Have you ever dropped the spirit stick?"
    "…That's a myth too."
    "Mmm hmm!"
    "I've seen videos of Pacific Grove cheer squad Liz. We need you. You're a mean high flyer!"
    "I try."
    "Join cheer."
    "I said I'd help you guys! I can't join though."
    "Do the half time routine for homecoming with us. We go an extra uniform... Not Heathers! But an extra one! I will pay myself to have it fitted and cleaned for you. One routine!"
    "I know what you're doing!"
    "Step one of the conversion! Piper is making you do a routine!"
    "I'll let you know Monday."
    "Blah, blah, blah! Let's go girls."
    "Don't forget your high kicks and spirit fingers! Throw a flip in there too!"
    "I'll make you a deal Liz… If you can do a round off and stick the landing without stepping back, I won't ask you to join again."
    "Right now?"
    "Right now! In front of the entire school and all these extra people."
    "You first."
    "…Ah! You stepped back on the landing!"
    "I never said I had to stick it!"
    "I'll show you what's up right now. I'll do a double rotation at the end and stick it."
    "A double rotation and stick it?"
    "No way you can stick that with the momentum you need to pull a double."
    "Wanna bet?"
    "Bet what?"
    "Mmm… Your pretty diamond earrings."
    "Hell no! Blaine bought me these for my birthday."
    "Your shoelaces then."
    "My shoelaces?"
    "Yeah. You have to give them to me right now. Before your routine."
    "You're about to do a cheer routine barefoot Piper!"
    "If you stick it! I will gladly do the routine barefoot."
    "Ready!… What?!"
    "Boom! Stuck! Give me your laces!"
    "Shoelaces please!"
    "Join cheer!"
    "Nope!… Thank you! I got Piper's shoelaces!"
    "Liz took your fucking laces!"
    "Haha! Silly Piper!"

    I got me a new set of shoelaces! Ha!


    This weeks rally was super fun! Piper almost fell down doing a flip, and then Liz did the same one, only better and took her shoelaces from her. During the cheer routine, Liz was waving them around and laughing because Piper had to do it barefoot. Me and James and all of us were laughing too. At Liz! Not the routine. The routine was great. I'd like to join cheer. Maybe! I don't want to if it makes me not see James as much. Speaking of James! Him dancing alone at the end of the rally was awesome. Super awesome! He wanted to go through the locker room to avoid the crowd of girls but he had to go with his parents to get his money from his mom to pay Stephen back. These girls don't care if he's walking and talking to his parents. I told him to go ahead and go to class and I would go with his parents, but he didn't want me to. I did walk with them though. I got to see James be mean to some girls. He wasn't super mean and rude or anything like that, but he had to use his mean voice a few times. He's just super tired and cranky right now. Poor Mien! In math, Liz finished her test super fast and was whispering the answers to me as she was pretending to do her homework from other classes. Thanks Liz!
    "What happen with you and Flinch?"
    "The pill."
    "Oh. He didn't pull out in time."
    "Have you took the pill yet?"
    "No. I don't want anyone here to see me take it. I'm going to when he drives me home."
    "What made you guys not use a condom?"
    "It was me. I was on top and just… You know…"
    "He was planning to pull out the whole time?"
    "Yeah. He told me he barely made it. He didn't tell me right away that he did get it in me."
    "Why didn't he tell you?"
    "He was scared to."
    "At least you guys are taking care of it."
    "Yeah. We don't need this right now. We're way too young."
    "And your dad will kill you."
    "That too. What we did this morning was super stupid really."
    "Just a little bit."
    "It felt good though."
    "It does feel better without a condom."
    "Monday I have a doctor's appointment to get birth control. We won't have to worry about it anymore."
    "You have to wait like seven days before you can have sex without a condom."
    "Yeah. The doctor will tell you everything you need to know and give you a little booklet and stuff."
    "I know I won't miss my period."
    "I don't miss mine."
    "How many kids do you want when you get older?"
    "No. Me and Sean want two. We want a boy and girl. But we're stopping at three. If we end up with three girls or three boys, oh well."
    "How do you know you and Sean will last and have kids together?"
    "This ring."
    "You guys are engaged?"
    "Yeah. We're getting married next month on his birthday."
    "But, you're seventeen."
    "We're getting married in Russia. Seventeen is okay there."
    "Oh. That's cool."
    "How many kids do you want?"
    "100. 50 boys and 50 girls."
    "Am I crazy for wanting what might be inside me?"
    "James was right."
    "About what?"
    "The longer I put off taking that pill and the more I think about this… The more I'll want it."
    "I'd just take it. Get it over with. You'll have kids one day."
    "I want this one."
    "There might not even be one. You're going to get your hopes up and then be so hurt."
    "You need to take it."
    "I'm not sure I can."
    "You need to. I mean, it's your choice to take or not. You're only thirteen. That's way too young."
    "Yeah… You're right."

    Of course she's right! I know this is the right thing to do. I think I might be driving myself crazy right now. Uh!
    "Hi there."
    "Hey. It's going to be so boring tonight."
    "Yeah… Don't forget Melissa's notebook."
    "Oh! Thank you."
    "Don't sneak out again just to come see me tonight Reg."
    "I won't. I'll be moving stuff and setting up my room. I'll still ask my dad if I can go over there or if you can come by after work just to say goodnight. Something!"
    "Something is better than nothing."
    "Right? Knock, knock!… Hi."
    "On my way home."
    "You don't need to come see me on your way out Regan."
    "I like to."
    "Okay… How are doing Mr. Larson?"
    "Tired. I still have to go to work tonight."
    "I'm sad I won't see you tonight."
    "I'll see you all day tomorrow. I'm helping your dad move stuff."
    "I know. Can James stop by after work for like five minutes to say goodnight?"
    "We'll see."
    "Okay… You want me to move more stuff?"
    "I guess you can if you want, but you really don't have to."
    "It'll give me something to do if I get bored. Maybe I can find some drugs."
    "Or you can move some shit next door."
    "I made you laugh! Is my bed set up?"
    "No. It's leaning against the wall and the frame is the box still. Your desk is also still in the box in the living room."
    "We have to put the desk together too?"
    "Should I sweep or mop or anything next door?"
    "No. We'll wait on that until we're done. Walking back and forth will track dirt in."
    "True. If I get bored I'll move the rest of the dishes and stuff."
    "You really don't have to Regan."
    "I want to."
    "Go ahead and do that then. Take all the pans and kitchen stuff next door. Leave the coffee and stuff. I'll bring home dinner."
    "So leave two plates and two forks?"
    "Get out of here you two."
    "Mr. Avalon?"
    "Cole will be going by your house tomorrow to pick up my old laptop. Is that fine? He might even help with the real heavy stuff."
    "That's fine. We will need help with my bed and stuff."
    "...How… How the hell did you get your stuff up the stairs?"
    "Notice how the windows upstairs are bigger?"
    "That's how I got the mattress and stuff in there."
    "Do we need a ladder? I know who we can borrow one from."
    "No. You and I are tall enough to handle it. But one extra person will help."
    "Okay. I'll tell him. I'm sure he won't mind. If he's busy I can get a hold of Sean. He's big and probably stronger than both of us."
    "Can you bench 275 dad?"
    "Sean can."
    "Only five times."
    "275 once is pretty impressive for a teenager Mr. Larson."
    "Mmm hmm… Anyway, thank you for letting me know about Mr. Eller stopping by. Get out of here."
    "You're welcome."
    "Bye dad. Love you."
    "Drive safe."
    "James always does!"
    "Go away."
    "Bye Mr. Avalon."
    "…You didn't seem nervous in there."
    "I am dead tired Reg."
    "Holy crap! There's still tons of people here?"
    "Fuck! I don't any of these people following me."
    "Okay… Um… Come on, I have an idea… Maybe my dad will swap you cars. He's parked in back in the teachers parking lot. No one will see us that way. Knock, knock again!"
    "What's wrong?"
    "There's still tons of people here."
    "I don't want any of them to follow me. They don't need to know where I live or where you guys live."
    "What do you need from me?"
    "Let James take your car and you take his."
    "Can you drive a manual?"
    "I can't help you Mr. Larson. Sorry."
    "Fuck… Sorry. Crap."
    "Uh… Sean and Liz are right there."
    "Oh, Sean will work. Thanks anyway Mr. Avalon."
    "Sorry I couldn't help you."
    "Come on… Sean!"
    "Trade me cars."
    "Look outside."
    "Oh shit."
    "I don't want any of these people to follow me."
    "Okay. They might see you get in my truck though."
    "Drive around to the staff parking lot and me and Reg will meet you back there."
    "Thanks for this."
    "This is crazy."
    "I told you… I would've liked to have driven your dad's car."
    "It's a cool car."
    "Oh. Your car is more fancy."
    "Is it?"
    "Yeah. My dad's car is old. Not new."
    "It's not that old."
    "Make sure you get your house key off your keys."
    "Oh! Thanks for that. I would've just gave Sean my keys."
    "Is Sean's car nice?"
    "He drives that truck."
    "Oh… Hi again!"
    "Here's my keys."
    "House key?"
    "Oh… Yeah. I need that… Oh! I have to take Liz to her doctor's appointment right now."
    "So… Take her in my car. It's fine."
    "All right. There's a half a tank in my truck you should be fine. There's $30 in the center thing if you need to put gas in it at all."
    "My car is on empty and the light is on… Here's $120, fill it up for me if you don't mind."
    "All right."
    "Premium Plus! Not unleaded."
    "Okay. Unleaded is fine in the truck."
    "Liz needs to go to the store later to get shit for dinner. You want to trade back then?"
    "What time?"
    "I don't know."
    "Probably about seven or so. Because I have no idea how long we'll be at my eye doctor."
    "That's works for me."
    "Do I need to know anything about your car?"
    "Not really. Start it and go. Oh! The Bluetooth will scream at you as soon as you start it. Just press do not connect on the screen and it'll shut up."
    "Don't wreck it either."
    "I won't."
    "Thanks again for this. I really appreciate it."
    "You're welcome."
    "Sean's truck smells like dough boy anus."
    "So does my car."
    "Not orange juice?"
    "No. Reg sprayed her dough boy anus around at lunch."
    "Bye Purple Head! Bye Flinch!"
    "Bye Lizzy!"
    "Only my mommy calls me Lizzy!"
    "You're lucky that smile is cute Flinch. I might punch you in the mouth."
    "Reg will hit you back."
    "No I won't. Liz is a meanie! She'll beat me up easy."
    "I'd never hit you Purple Head. Promise."
    "Don't steal my shoelaces either Flinch!"
    "You still have Piper's laces?"
    "Those are my laces now!"
    "Bye you guys. Thanks again."


    Flinch's car is crazy nice! All leather with a touch screen stereo and he has a nice system in it. Like Oden's car, not crazy loud like Jacob's. A nice clear boom. But! It rumbles just as loud as Jacob's car. It's a loud car. I love it! Sean won't let me drive. He knows I'll drive it fast so he said no! He didn't get mad when I drove Rye's car all fast! But then again, Sean drove it fast too. Her car is fucking fun. I wanna see how big the balls are on this car! Sad face!
    "Stop going through his shit Liz."
    "His car is so nice… Uh oh!"
    "Did she take it?"
    "Nope. Still in the box."
    "She needs to take that. We need to take it to her."
    "Not with her dad there!"
    "Oh… Put it back in the glove box."
    "Flinch's pills."
    "Oh shit! He needs those. Text him."
    "He said he's fine. He doesn't need to take another one until ten and he has an insulin pen at his house he can grab."
    "Okay. In a hurry to swap cars, we didn't think everything through."
    "Yeah. He better not steal my shoelaces."
    "I can't believe you took Piper's laces."
    "She shouldn't have bet me I couldn't do a perfect round off and stick it. I did a double rotation at the end and stuck it."
    "She bet you her shoelaces?"
    "She wouldn't bet her diamond earrings. So I said shoelaces."
    "Those earrings were like three grand."
    "So they're real?"
    "Yes. I loaned some money to Blaine so he could get them for her."
    "Did he pay you back?
    "Yes. It was only like $700 I gave him."
    "Rich boy."
    "You don't complain when I buy you things."
    "You're my boyfriend. You're supposed to buy me things."
    "That ring should last you awhile."
    "Aw! No more pretty things?"
    "That ring alone was $8,000 Liz."
    "Look how pretty it is though."
    "It was worth it."
    "You're the one who wanted to buy it with the set instead of by itself."
    "Might as well."
    "Yeah. Your ring makes you look sexy."
    "Yup. When I put it on your finger you're not allowed to ever take it off."
    "You're not allowed to take yours off either."
    "It will never come off my finger. This ring makes a good weapon."
    "Yeah, you made a girl bleed today because of that ring."
    "She shouldn't have shoved me."
    "Did you turn it around just to slap her?"
    "No. It wasn't all the way around. It was to the side like this."
    "There's like five cars following us. Have been since we left school."
    "I noticed that too."
    "Purple Head doesn't want to take that pill."
    "She wants what might be inside her, but at the same time she knows she has to."
    "She's only thirteen. That's too fucking young. She needs to take that pill."
    "She said, Flinch said, the more they think about and the longer they put it off, the more they are going to want it."
    "So… James wants this too?"
    "Kind of what it sounds like right?"
    "Yes. He's too young too!"
    "Are me and you too young?"
    "I think we are. I don't want kids until after college."
    "Same here… Flinch and Purple Head will do what they want. I told her she's going to get her hopes up and then be so upset when she's not actually pregnant. But she still wants what might be."
    "Why did they even have sex without a condom? James knows better."
    "She was on top and got on him and he didn't stop her. He didn't pull out in time."
    "He knows better! Any kid he has is going to have Parkinson's and he does not want to take that on anytime soon. He's still dealing with it himself. You know? It's still new to him."
    "He didn't have it when he was born?"
    "He did. Symptoms don't start until you're in your teens… Juvenile Parkinson's is what he has right now."
    "How long has he been this way?"
    "Uh… He first started falling and shaking when he was ten, I think. My English was still real bad and I would try to ask him what was wrong and it never came out right. It's something that gets worse over time. Not better. So, as it progresses and he gets new symptoms it becomes new again. Make sense?"
    "There's certain things you have to do… When he has one of his episodes. You haven't seen it yet… I have. If it ever happens at school and you are with me… Do not stop me when I grab his face and pop his jaw out of place."
    "It's like a seizer he has. His jaw snaps shut. Hard! His dad has no teeth. He has the fake teeth he takes out at night."
    "Yeah. His jaw locks up so tight that it'll break all his teeth. That's what happen to his dad."
    "Yeah. James had his four back teeth pulled because of his Parkinson's. He didn't break them. He got them pulled out so someone can fit two fingers in his mouth and pop his jaw out on one side."
    "It doesn't hurt him?"
    "It does. Either a few seconds of pain or a mouth full of broken teeth."
    "I'd want my jaw popped out."
    "You done that to him before?"
    "How does it feel to hold someone down and do that?"
    "Not good. I felt bad every time."
    "You done it more than once?"
    "Yes. The nurse at school won't do it. She said she can't do that student. She'd lose her job. He asked me to learn how to do it."
    "Did you want to?"
    "Not really. He's my best friend. Not Cole or Blaine. James is. In a way, I had to learn how to do that for him. You know?"
    "Is it hard to do?"
    "It's actually not. Well… I guess, I'm strong enough so it's not hard. But there's a trick to doing it and it just pops right out."
    "How is it done?"
    "There's a few ways to do it. His mom grabs his chin and twists it toward her. Me and his dad put our fingers in his mouth and yank down real hard."
    "I think it's faster to just put your fingers in there and yank it down."
    "So gross. Do you have to pop it back in for him?"
    "No. I have to keep my fingers in his mouth until the episode passes though. Once it's over he usually pops it back in himself."
    "Does he bite?"
    "Yes. He doesn't mean to."
    "Flinch bites… Does he know you like guys too?"
    "Yes. He was actually my first crush ever."
    "Really? Does he know this?"
    "Yes. It freaked him out, but then he was like I don't like boys, I'm sorry. I'll still be your friend though."
    "How old were you guys?"
    "Mmm... I was maybe 11. I didn't understand crushes at the time. I just knew I liked him a lot."
    "It's cool it didn't scare him away. You still like him and think he's cute?"
    "Yes. Like I said... He's my best friend... He's the only one besides you that knows everything about me. I will never play on my feelings for him because I don't ever want to lose him as a friend."
    "He's like the one that got away."
    "He really is. When we got older and understood better, we talked about it. We talked about it not too long ago actually. About a year ago. He knows I still have feelings for him, he knows they won't go away. It doesn't bother him at all. All he asked is I don't hit on him. Which I would never do because I know he's straight. I won't hit on any guy I know is straight."
    "So he's open minded like me?"
    "Yes. He doesn't care if you're white, black, gay, bi, or even trans. You are a person. End of story. One of the guys in his 5 man crew is actually a girl."
    "Yes. Terry Tran. He mentioned him the other night."
    "I knew that little Asian guy is a girl! I didn't wanna say anything."
    "He's really nice. You'll like him."
    "Do people know he's a girl?"
    "No. Only his close friends. So don't go asking him questions. If he wants you to know he'll tell you. He told me."
    "I won't say anything... These cars are pulling in too? What the fuck! They act like Flinch is famous or something!"
    "Can you go pay for me?"
    "Yeah. Do you have cash so I can get a water?"
    "Uh… No. Here... You remember my pin?"
    "Yup. I'll get a big one. We can share it."
    "All right."
    "Premium Plus! Don't forget."
    "I know."
    "About to piss off some fan girls!"
    "Hurry up, we still need to go to your eye doctor."
    "Oh! That's right! $120 on pump number 7. I'll be right back."

    Every girl was shocked when I got out of the car and then all their hearts broke when Sean got out. Aw! Haha! Bitches.
    "Flinch went that direction! He's in an orange Mustang that says Boss on the side."
    "You're welcome!"
    "That was fucked up."
    "Jacob can lose them is he has to."
    "Jacob has a date tonight."
    "Oh!… He can lose them."
    "They may not even find him."
    "They might if they stick around town long enough. He has to drive down Main to get to my mommy's work."
    "Did $120 fill it?"
    "No. $117.87 did."
    "Okie dokie! I'll be right back again."
    "I'll pull over there."


    I have a secret hiding spot in my room. It's my same spot I always have. I pull out the bottom drawer on my dresser and put stuff under it. It has worked for years! That's why I still have my bracelet. I put a few things under there that my grandma sent. Like my diary. I get tons of inspiration from it. All the letters I wrote to my dad are under there too. Maybe I'll read them all again and give them to him. I did write them to him. I know a couple of them will hurt him, but I think he'll be okay with that. I think… No! My grandma said! I should give them to him. She read them before putting them in the box to send to me. She left a note with them. She knows how to fix things like me and my dad better than anyone I know. If she says I should give them to him I will. House phone!
    "City morgue, how may I direct your call?"
    "Making sure you're home."
    "Technically I'm not! I'm next door. I just grabbed the phone and brought it with me."
    "So… I like where my dresser is and I put my bed together. I'm happy."
    "By yourself?"
    "Uh… No. James did it for me. He had a little bit of time to kill so I asked him if he could help me. He put it together, kissed me bye, and then left. Sorry! I know I'm not supposed to have people over."
    "It's fine Regan. One last thing for us to do tomorrow."
    "Okay. My room is pretty much done. I still have to put my desk together. But, my bed and everything is where I want it. And! I love! The bedding and extra pillows you let me buy. Thank you!"
    "You're welcome."
    "The black cherry wood looks so good! I'm glad I went this instead of the red cherry."
    "I didn't want to tell you it looked good. I wanted you to see it yourself. I thought the same thing as they unloaded the dresser and nightstands."
    "I'm super happy! My room wasn't nice like this with mom. I had the cheap like cardboard wood. I didn't really have my own dresser and stuff at grandma's house either. I stayed in your old room."
    "I had nice things."
    "Yeah! It's all still there! But it wasn't mine. You know? This stuff is mine. And I'm happy."
    "That's good."
    "I'm actually not sure if I'll have room for my desk."
    "You can take the bigger room if you need to Regan. You already have more things than I do."
    "I don't even think I need a desk to be honest."
    "We can give it to Sadie for Beth, or we can send it back."
    "Okay. I'll drag the box back into the living room for now."
    "Did you do your homework before messing around?"
    "All right. I'll see you in a bit."
    "Okay. Bye dad."

    I like how much bigger this bathroom is. And the fact I don't have to walk to my dad's room to go pee. I can stand against the wall and get a full body picture. That's what I did! Naked!
    "Why Reg?"
    "I'm at work!"
    "I know."
    "If you're going to send me nude at least send me a good one."
    "That one isn't good?"
    "It is."
    "What's a good one?"
    "A peach one."
    "Yes! Much better. Mmm mmm mmm!"
    "You want it?"
    "Very much so."
    "I want you to lick it."
    "You know I'll do more than just lick it."
    "I want you to come over."
    "I would if I could Jelly Bean."
    "We need to break in my bed."
    "I'm sure we will soon enough. Are you having fun sending me all these pictures?"
    "Yes. Want more?"
    "How do you want the next one?"
    "Put a finger in it."
    "Um… Okay."
    "Are you scared to? I've put two of mine in it."
    "I'm not scared!"
    "I'm waiting."
    "Which finger?"
    "Anyone you want."
    "How's that?"
    "Nice. Now spread open."
    "Google spread open vagina."
    "How am I going to do that and take a picture?"
    "Use two fingers to do it."
    "Ooo! This one is now my wallpaper."
    "I would never make your pussy my wallpaper."
    "Where's my picture?"
    "That's all you get until I go on my break."
    "A cute picture of you smiling will hold me until your break. Thank you.
    "You're welcome."
    "I miss you."
    "Do you?"
    "Yeah. I like looking at you and just sitting with you. Makes me happy."
    "You have tons of pictures of me on your phone to look at."
    "I know. It's not the same."
    "I'm sorry. You need to delete all the ones you sent me and the texts."
    "I did as I sent them."
    "I love you."
    "I love you too. Too damn much."
    "Can you love someone so much?"
    "I think you can. My mom had point Reg."
    "Are you dumping me?"
    "No. We need to figure this out. Because it really isn't fair. It scares me now. After my mom said that… I don't want to leave and then come home and you're gone."
    "It won't be like that Mien."
    "I catch myself trying so hard to keep you happy."
    "You don't need to try hard at all to keep me happy James. You make me happy. Not the things you do. YOU! The extra stuff is only a bonus. I am not going anywhere."
    "I know. You scare me Reg. I'm your first everything and I'm afraid it won't be enough after awhile."
    "James… I love what you give me. Our relationship is great! And it's getting better not worse. You need to get out of your head and just go with it."
    "I know. Give me about ten minutes and I'll text you back."
    "Okay. Love you."
    "Love you too."

    Literally nothing to do. I done all I could. I took all the dishes and the pans next door and put them away. I talked to my dad again. He told me what stuff in the fridge to take over. I did that. I took all of my dad's books over and stacked them nice in the corner. He said not to move anything on his desk because he has important papers and client files and he doesn't want them lost. What else? I took all the towels but two next door. All of my clothes are next door except for a pair of jammies and change of clothes for tomorrow. Everything left is big stuff and I'm not moving it. I had James text his mom for me so I could walk over and get my laptop. I told my dad! He said okay. But she showed up in her car. That was nice of her! Now I can mess around with some music for this song Melissa wants me to do. She has so much good stuff in her note book! I folded a few more pages I would like to do as well. My dad! Brought home BBQ ribs, mashed potatoes, and some macaroni salad. It was so good! I feel like a super pig right now.
    "What are you doing?"
    "I got ribs in my teeth."
    "So you're using your pen to dig it out? Go get floss out of the bathroom."
    "I'm too fat to walk upstairs. I ate all the macaroni salad."
    "I had a small pile and you had the rest of the box."
    "It was good."
    "Regan! I can hear you picking your teeth. Go get floss! You'll fuck up your teeth using a pen."
    "Don't cuss at me."
    "I did not cuss at you."
    "How do you not have ribs in your teeth?"
    "I flossed them."
    "Oh. Go get me floss."
    "But you love me dad!"
    "Not that much Regan."
    "That was mean! Fine! I'll go walk my fat butt up the stairs for floss. Lazy!"
    "I'm lazy?"
    "Don't call me lazy! Look at all the stuff I did today! Not lazy! There's toothpicks in the take-out bag! Yes! I don't have to walk upstairs."
    "Yep! Can I show you what I found today?"
    "I still want a desk. So, I went back to the place online where we got my stuff and I found this cute little corner desk. It's super perfect! We can exchange the desk for this one and with the extra money I can get these cute hanging lights. I talked to someone on the 24 hour help and they said as long as everything equals the amount of the other desk there won't be an issue. They take the desk when this one is delivered."
    "Sadie wants the desk."
    "Oh. So, I can't this one? It's super perfect dad. I just love those lights."
    "Let me see… You put in the cart already."
    "Yeah, to see the grand total with shipping and stuff."
    "Why didn't you just order it? You have enough money."
    "I wanted to ask first and I don't know the address."
    "Tons of mail here Regan. Same address except you put unit A. Not unit B."
    "Oh. Okay, can I get it?"
    "Cool!… Crap! I don't have my card!"
    "Where is it?"
    "In James' wallet. I lost it and he found it in his car and put it in his wallet and told me I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached. I lost it twice… Three times."
    "Three times? In one day?"
    "It's super safe in his wallet dad."
    "He's not using it is he?"
    "No. He uses it to pay when it's my turn. But he's not using it on himself."
    "Okay. Nice to hear you're taking turns paying."
    "He's been broke all week, and I offered."
    "Don't offer Regan. Just do it. He should not be the one paying 100% of the time."
    "I know."
    "Here, order your stuff."
    "No. I'll wait until I see him later tonight and get mine from him."
    "Tonight? Did I approve this?"
    "He's coming by for five minutes after work to say goodnight."
    "Did I approve this?"
    "I moved a lot of stuff for freedom points."
    "Fair enough."
    "I'll text him and let him know you said it's okay… Dad?"
    "Can I ask you something?"
    "Do you miss Ms. Cooper at night after work?"
    "Not too much."
    "I talk to her all day at work, I have lunch with her every day. Her and I work different Regan. We enjoy our time apart. Why?"
    "I miss James all the time when I'm not with him."
    "Couples work different Regan. Me and her get along better with a little bit of space and some can't live without each other for thirty minutes."
    "It hurts because I miss him. I want to cry sometimes and I don't know why."
    "You want advice on this?"
    "Well… This is your area. So, yeah."
    "Try to take a weekend and not see each other. Don't call each other either. The way you say you miss him, the time apart will strengthen the relationship."
    "Really? You're not trying to sabotage us?"
    "I would never do that to you Regan. Take away something that makes you happy? I don't want you to be a sad, lonely teenager. I want you to be happy. Seeing you smile makes my day a hell of a lot better. I don't ever want to see you sad like the other night. Seeing you that way hurt me. I did not like it."
    "What if it hurts us?"
    "Now, that is possible too Regan. Reaction to every action…"
    "Is 50/50 no matter how it's laid out."
    "Correct. I observe people for a living. I know how people work. Take you and Mr. Larson for example. I observe you guys more than you think. You come in my office every day. And I see the little changes in both of you. The way your faces have changed, the way your touches have changed. They become softer. That tells me you are growing closer. Right?"
    "Mr. Larson doesn't see anyone but you. You became the center of his world in only a week. I've seen him talk to Elizabeth and his face stays the same. When he talks to you, or just being close to you. His face goes soft and there's only you. Your face and your body changes the exact same way when you talk to your friends and then to him. I also see the fear he has for you. It's actually  something him and I talked about privately. I helped him get over that fear. From our conversation today I saw that fear again. I don't think it was for the glove box issue. I haven't put my finger on it yet. But the rest of the day it was still there."
    "He's afraid to leave and then come home and I'm not here. It's because his mom said our relationship is too new."
    "I'm getting to that. Seeing you both from the outside, tells me the time apart will hurt. Not the relationship Regan. You guys will be sad. Okay?"
    "As much as you two want to spend every single minute together you have to learn to be apart. Which brings me to this…"
    "The relationship is too new."
    "Yes. It was me who said that to his mother. This dance thing he's doing… You won't see him for months."
    "I know."
    "That is what will hurt you guys. Mr. Larson's fear might be correct Regan. You two need a solid trust for something like this."
    "I do trust him. He said we to figure it out because he's scared."
    "I'm helping you figure it out right now. This is what I am doing for both of you. I understand you two trust each other. Now… Girls work differently. They hold grudges and they tend to let their mind wonder when they're lonely. Do you feel lonely right now?"
    "Okay, close your eyes and think about this… Mr. Larson is already gone doing his dancing. All the girls you saw today are there with him. Let that roll around in you head for a minute."
    "He's giving them more attention."
    "Trust has nothing to do with it."
    "I know for a fact he won't cheat on me."
    "I don't think he would either Regan. He's not worried about that. It's you."
    "I won't cheat on him."
    "Are you sure? That's what he meant when he said he'd come home and you'd be gone."
    "Oh. He doesn't trust me?"
    "He doesn't trust you… Don't cry. Look, what it is, is he still feels like you'll want something better over time. Because you're so young. That's where the trust issue comes from. He loves you too much, that it's causing him to over think things."
    "I told him he needs to get out of his own head and just go with it."
    "Yeah. That would help… This… Sugarcoat?"
    "Never. Be mean! Please."
    "This relationship will never ever make it passed this unless he rids himself of this fear. He does trust you! When he's with you. His trust is 50/50. Okay?"
    "The weekend thing will work. I promise you it will Regan. But… There may not be enough time to figure this out before he leaves. It's not a light switch."
    "I wish it was. Should we break up?"
    "No. Take more time apart. Speed the progress. Pick one night out of the week you would like to stay with him and the rest of the week stay home. Do not have him come over every night for a kiss good night. Instead, have him to that every other night. You want this to work, you want him to trust you, you need to learn to be apart. Understand?"
    "I do. Just… reaction to every action. I don't ever want to lose him. But…"
    "If this ends it won't be my fault. Will it?"
    "I don't know what I would do without him. Him being gone… We have Skype. But it's not the same like he said."
    "It would help."
    "How much?"
    "I don't have an answer for that."
    "Love does hurt."
    "Yeah. In more ways than you know."
    "I can't lose him dad. I don't ever…"
    "Shhh! My pen? My pen! Give me yours! Something good popped in my head I have to write it down before it's gone."
    "What are you doing?"
    "I been working on a song for James. I got bits and pieces. Just needs to be put together."
    "Let me see what you have."
    "Make sure this is done before he leaves and give it to him the day before. This is good. This well ease some of his issues."
    "It'll help?"
    "I think so. Just tell him to listen to it after he's gone."
    "Okay. Um… When he comes by later can we talk about this again? The three of us? This is your area. We want to figure it out and what we just did was only half. We need James to close it."
    "Sure. If Mr. Larson is okay with a shrink session, then yes. The three of us will talk."
    "Thanks. You are good at your job. You know that?"
    "As a dad or as a shrink?"
    "Both… Mmm! Squeezing you to hard?"
    "So… I opened up. It's your turn."
    "Okay. What do you want me to open up about?"
    "Why you never wanted kids and now being a dad."
    "I never wanted kids because… I hate them."
    "You laugh!"
    "I laugh because I work with kids all day long, and it's because of you."
    "Me? How so?"
    "I hated kids because of Sadie and her friends. They are all younger and they drove me fucking crazy on a daily basis. I would go to grandma crying and telling her to make them leave me alone, and she would tell me to stop it. I was just as bad and I drove grandma and grandpa crazy like that at that age. I hated it so much that I decided I never wanted kids. Shit happens and shit falls apart. Shit happens and shit becomes clear. Works both ways. I was pissed when your mom told me she was pregnant. I did leave her. I did. But grandma sat me down and did the ole shrink session on me. I did love your mom with all my heart. She was my first real love. My first everything. I left not because the was pregnant. I left because I was mad. It had nothing to do with you at all."
    "You think you and mom could ever work again?"
    "No. Never. She never loved me the way I loved her. She loved the money I have. She loved how she got everything she wanted. All she had to do was bat her eyes at me and she got whatever she wanted. I was blind. Grandma… Wasn't. She never told me until the day I left your mom and told grandma why… You're a stupid blind child who needed to learn your own lesson and now look at you."
    "You were stupid and blind too huh?"
    "Oh yeah. All teenagers are Regan. Grandma is known not to sugarcoat anything. She didn't. She told me everything I've done for your mom and ask what it was I got in return."
    "Which was?"
    "I don't even recall her saying thank you. Got her what she wanted I got a kiss and we went where ever we could and had sex."
    "Sounds right."
    "Derek. When he had a job he would sometimes bring flowers home for her. She would put them on the table and take him to the bedroom."
    "Is mom a whore?"
    "Uh… What do you think?"
    "She cheated on you and she's cheating on Derek. So I would say, yes."
    "She's actually not. Your mom has had a thing for Alec for a very long time. As far as I know, your mom has only slept with four men. That's not considered a whore. Fifty different men... Yeah. Back to me now…"
    "Are you a whore?"
    "How many girls have you been with?"
    "I've dated quite a few women. I couldn't tell you a number. Sex… Why am I telling you this?"
    "Because I asked."
    "Seventeen. That includes Samantha."
    "Did you love them all?"
    "No. Only your mom. Sex doesn't always happen because you love someone. In my case, I had a great college life."
    "One nighters?"
    "A few. But most were women I dated. I do have standards Regan. So no! I'm not a whore. People consider whores being someone who just goes around having sex randomly or as you said it, one nighters."
    "You had sex with a whore?"
    "Probably. I don't ask the woman if they are one."
    "Back to our original conversation! Grandma saw what I didn't and she said If I didn't want your mom to ruin my life I needed to work things out and take her back. That and I had to take responsibly for my action. I had to be a father. I had to do the right thing. Like I said, I loved your mom. So taking her back and being there for her and you was okay. Grandma said to keep my eyes open. Because you were created for the wrong reason. And she was right. I never wanted kids and your mom knew how much child support she would get. It was so amazing when I first felt you kick. Up until that point, I was still mad about having to be a father. We were just lying in bed talking before we to sleep and she rolled over and put her across me and I felt you kick me on my side. That! Was like a light switch. I still have no idea why the one little kick did that to me. It was just one! I had your mom roll over and I had both hands on her stomach and you wouldn't kick again. The next day is when we found out you were a girl. Same thing, we were in bed talking. About baby names this time. I had my head on your mom's stomach and we were shooting girl names back and forth. I said, what do you think about Regan? And you started kicking like crazy. We both said she likes Regan!"
    "That's cool!"
    "One little kick is all it took for me to fall in love with you. I was so happy to be a father after that. I couldn't wait to meet you and hold you and all that. You are the best thing that has ever happen to me. No woman in this world will ever come before you. They even try to make me put them first, I'll show them right to the door."
    "What was it like without me?"
    "Mmm… I was free to do what I wanted. I guess. When I stopped trying hard to get you… Seventeen."
    "Masked your pain with sex? Or… trying to replace me?"
    "I was with your mom so long that it became hard to be single. I was fine when it was just me and you. Once I was alone… I didn't like it. Sex really had nothing to with it. It happens in a relationship. I needed someone to fill my sadness. And it never worked. All I needed was one girl in my life to make that pain go away and I couldn't have her."
    "You. Most people mask pain with drugs and alcohol. I had girls. Every single one left me when I told them about you. Every single one."
    "Samantha didn't."
    "Me and Samantha go way back Regan. I didn't meet her when I moved here. She's known about you the whole time."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Did you have sex with her way back?"
    "Never. We were just friends."
    "Do you love her?"
    "I think I could love her eventually. I do care about her a lot. She doesn't care about the money or that fact I am a single father, she likes you! That's a big plus in my book."
    "What if she asked you to have a baby with her?"
    "Possible. Not anytime soon. We don't even know where our relationship is going just yet. We're taking it slow and figuring it out as we go. Marriage and kids are not even close to being put on the table."
    "I'd like to see you get what you deserve."
    "As in?"
    "A woman who loves you for who you are. Samantha seems like that woman."
    "She might be. Like I said, we're taking it slow."
    "I have something for you."
    "Oh yeah?"
    "Mmm hmm… Here."
    "What are these?"
    "All the letters I wrote to you."
    "Grandma read them before sending them and she left a note in the box saying I should give them to you. They're in order from oldest to newest. Um… A few will hurt."
    "All right."
    "A lot… I wrote them to you and you might as well read them."
    "You… I actually have something to take care of in the morning. Unless you want to wake up at six and go with me, you can go stay with Mr. Larson. Your choice."
    "Will we still talk when he gets here?"
    "Okay. Um... I'd like to go stay with him."
    "All right. Just try to be up and around before nine. Start early."
    "Okay. Thanks."
    "You're welcome. Go get your things together and give him a call."
    "All my stuff is at his house still. I just need to grab my clothes off your dresser and take a shower."
    "It's after nine. Get to it."
    "Let me put this food away real fast."
    "I got it Regan. Go on."

    Quick text!

    "Can I stay the night Mien?"
    "I always want you to say with me."
    "That's a yes?"
    "That's a yes."
    "I'm getting my things together and stuff and I'll be ready when you get here."
    "Okay. I do need to go. I'm locking up right now."
    "All right. See you soon. Love you."
    "Love you too Jelly Bean."

    Quick shower! Clothes are in my hand. I need a bag… Take-out bag! That works! I'm ready!
    "Hi there!"
    "You're here already?"
    "I get off at 9:00. It's 9:45."
    "Oh. I got my clothes in my fancy take-out bag. My charger is at your house I think."
    "It is."
    "My dad wants us here around nine in the morning."
    "I know. We been talking."
    "Anything bad?"
    "Okay… Uh... Dad?"
    "Have a seat on the couch Mr. Larson. The three of us are going to have a chat. I assure you, it is not about the glove box and that is the last time I will ever mention it. Okay?"
    "Okay… Did… Did I do something wrong?"
    "No. Have a seat with Regan."
    "Relax Mien. This is something you mentioned and my dad wants to help."
    "What did I mention?"
    "This relationship being too new and we need to figure it out. My dad's area is this. He works with couples and helps them through their issues. I asked him for help and we both need to be here for it."
    "Are we about to have a shrink session with your dad?"
    "You two are allowed to get angry at me and you are free to leave whenever you like."
    "Come sit."
    "How about you start with what you told me earlier Regan."
    "Okay. I was telling my dad how much I actually miss you all the time when you're at work, and how much it hurts me. I feel like I need to cry sometimes, and I don't know why. He told me couples work different. Him and Samantha get along better with time apart after school and I guess me and you are the type that can't really live without each other for thirty minutes."
    "True. I try to keep myself extra busy at work so I don't have to think about it and get depressed."
    "Yeah. It's when I get bored that it hurts the most."
    "Why do you two think that is? Why you can't seem to separate each other?"
    "She makes me happy. I'm not perfect… Health wise… I've tried to pick up on girls at school and they… They all seen what happens to me and they want no part of it. Reg knew all along and she's seen what it does to me and she just… She doesn't care. She likes me for me and she wants to help me through this and she's the first one ever, who is willing to take this on with me. I love her for that. She see's through everything and just sees me. I guess... Because it's something I've wanted for so long that I can't let her go. She's the one I been waiting for."
    "I just love the crap out him."
    "Your fear of her age was gone for a minute Mr. Larson. What's the new fear?"
    "The conversation with your parents formed a new fear in you. What is it?"
    "Did you tell him something or is he just that good?"
    "He's that good."
    "I observe people Mr. Larson. I see the changes in people. You were fine until your mother said, this relationship is too new for this kind of time apart."
    "I'm afraid I'll come home and she won't be here."
    "I'm not going anywhere."
    "I know. Just… I don't know."
    "You don't trust her."
    "Yes I do."
    "No, Mr. Larson you do not. Your trust is 50/50 with Regan. You trust her now. While you are here. You don't trust her while she's alone. That's why you're afraid she won't be here when you get back. This goes back to the original fear. I'm her first everything and I think over time it will not be enough. You think this is going to happen when you're gone."
    "No… I trust her. She won't do anything to…"
    "This can be fixed Mr. Larson. This is why Regan asked me for help. It's true. This relationship will not last when you leave unless you fix it now. Understand?"
    "Yes. I don't want this to end and I don't want it to be my fault."
    "It will be your fault Mr. Larson. It may also be Regan's fault as well. What I told her, you'll get lonely and your mind will wonder."
    "You'll be giving the fan girls more attention."
    "No I won't."
    "I know. That was his way of showing how my mind can wonder. He made me close my eyes and think for a minute. Then he said, Mr. Larson left already and all the girls you saw today are with him. What do I see."
    "Do you see the problem now Mr. Larson?"
    "We're never going to work… Are we?"
    "We will if we fix the problem before you leave."
    "You two need to learn how to be apart."
    "Are you saying we should break up?"
    "No. When do you leave Mr. Larson?"
    "July 10th. Um… Next month... July 10th for a show on the 11th. Then I'll come home and leave again on the 17th. I'll be gone three days. Then I'll come home and leave again on the 24th."
    "So you won't really be gone the whole time?"
    "I will be. Each city we do a new set. My week or so at home… All my extra time goes into building a new set for the next city. I'll see her at school and that's about it."
    "I can't go watch at your house?"
    "Reg… When UHH picks back up… I go to school, work, then work with Sweep, Fiction, Terry, Wes, and Nick until two or three in the morning every day. I guess you could. If you really want to. But when you have only a week to build two sets. I'm not much fun and I won't be able to give you the attention I know you'll want. I won't be able to do it. You'd probably pass out on the couch with Opie."
    "This is what I love to do Reg. My body won't let me do this forever. I have commitments I can't break. These were made way before you came."
    "You're putting this before me?"
    "I can't drop out in the middle Reg. They lose money. They pay for a certain amount of time at each venue and if someone drops out and the show ends early they lose money and person who left has to pay it back. I don't have that kind of money."
    "I do."
    "I'm not the only one Reg. I have two crews. That's five other people I would screw over. And none of them have the money to pay back either. Especially Sweep. He needs the money to take care of his daughter."
    "Oh. I didn't think of that."
    "I'll take next season off if that's what you want. But, I can't drop out in the middle of a season."
    "If you win, you'll headline."
    "Only if I want to. I can turn it down and it'll go to someone else. FSN is done after this season. Ronnie is better and he's taking his spot back. Fiction is taking next season off. We haven't decided if we want someone to fill in or take a season off. If you want me to, I will. But I can't do it this season."
    "This season is the problem."
    "I know. It may seem like I'm putting this before you Reg… But I'm not. Both my crews are headlining this season. That's two sets we have to learn in a week. I was already committed to this when you came."
    "Is it a contract? The headlining?"
    "Yeah. I have a copy if you want to see it."
    "No. If it's a contract Regan, there's really nothing he can do. Like he said, he's not the only one here. So… We go back to this. Treat it as if you're gone the whole time. Because this is creating a new issue. Regan is feeling like you're putting her second."
    "But I'm not. I have a contract I can't break. That's all."
    "I understand. She doesn't. Look at me Regan… This can work for you guys. The nights?"
    "Oh! Okay!"
    "I'll get to it."
    "We're treating this as if you're gone. Okay?"
    "You need to learn to be apart. This is something I have most of my clients do. Some couples this won't work for. Take next weekend from each other. Don't see each other, don't call each other. This is…"
    "I leave the following weekend… My calendar on my phone. It's all marked. Maybe it'll help. The green is when I leave. That weeks before the greens is when we work."
    "That's not enough time for this. Like I said to Regan earlier, this is not a light switch. It takes time. This is a nasty schedule Mr. Larson."
    "Yeah. I do it every year."
    "What about the speedy version?"
    "Me and Regan already talked about this. A way to speed this up, I recommended not seeing each other at night. Choose one night you want to stay together and then the rest of the week stay home. You can pick her up and take her to school and be with her there. Cut out the rides home and nights together. Stop by after work every other night to say goodnight."
    "This will work?"
    "I think so. I wouldn't be giving you guys this advice if I didn't think it would. Still take next weekend away from each other. You two care about each other a little too much for your dancing Mr. Larson. You both hurt when you're apart. Today as an example. How do you guys feel when you saw each other?"
    "I literally fall in love with her all… Oh!"
    "Still think this might not work Mr. Larson?"
    "You're pretty fucking good man."
    "Oh my god! My dad is laughing just as hard as I am!"
    "That was funny. We know Mr. Larson is getting it."
    "I do get it. What you're doing is making it so it's easier for us to be apart. It's still going to hurt like hell, but when we see each other... Well... In my case, because I seriously do just fall in love over again. So... The time apart will make us stronger in the end? Right?"
    "UHH isn't what I'm worried about. You shouldn't worry either Reg. I’ll see you all week at school and stuff like your dad said. All UHH events are on weekends. I leave Friday after school and most UHH events are on Saturday. I'll be back Sunday night. The fear we talked about, is when I go to Spain. That's when I'll be gone for three months straight."
    "When do you leave to Spain?"
    "Uh... November 6th. FSN are going to be backup dancers for a Spanish Hip Hop singer. We're touring Spain and Mexico. I leave November 6th and the last tour date is February 20th."
    "When is your last dancing thing?"
    "Finals, September 11th and 12th."
    "Let me see your schedule again."
    "Three weekends and then a weekend off. Correct?"
    "This will work. Taking a weekend apart. You guys will obviously want to spend these weekends together."
    "If I'm not super busy. Two crews two sets those weekends we use. You said to pick a night and the rest of the week not see each other. Sunday is my least busy day and we don't work that night. I can always get a late night flight on Saturday and be home Sunday morning. I'm doing this for you Reg. I am making time for you based on what your dad is saying. He said the rides to school are fine. Cut out the rides home. Spend one night a week together. Sunday is the best day to do it based on my schedule. Right?"
    "Looking at your calendar… Sunday is the best day. Just continue this routine and you guys will be fine when you leave for Spain."
    "My dad is good at his job James. I trust him."
    "So… This works for you?"
    "Be honest."
    "I'm gonna miss you!"
    "The only day you won't see me is Saturday."
    "Oh. I'm gonna miss you too. You asked your dad for help. This is what he gave us."
    "I know. I'm still gonna miss you."
    "Let's just do what he's saying. If it works, it works."
    "It is 50/50."
    "Yeah. Everything is."
    "Mmm Hmm."
    "You trust your dad and his advice Reg. So, I trust him too. I don't want to lose you over this."
    "I know."
    "No UHH next season. All you."
    "I don't want to take UHH away from you. If you win at the finals you'll headline."
    "Headlining is what's keeping me from you Reg. Competition is only one day and then Finals."
    "Speaking of… I was going to wait until tomorrow to talk to you Mr. Avalon about this…"
    "My schedule. July 17th is UHH Awards. The next day is Los Angeles competition. I'll be competing and headlining that day. The awards are Friday night at seven in Los Angeles. I'm nominated for eight awards this year. I'll be dancing there too. Uh… The awards are a big deal to me. I want Reg to be there, and I want her to be there the next day when I compete. Sean and Liz, my parents, and Samantha are going to be there both days for me as well. I want you both to come. Not just Reg. I know the Awards are on a Friday and…"
    "Mr. Larson?"
    "We'll be there."
    "Okay. I'll get two more tickets. Let me get them. If you buy them you'll have crappy ass seats. If I get them for you guys, you get a table on the floor right in front of the stage. And you get to walk in with me on the carpet. Not the main door. Uh... It's formal. Black tie. The carpet where we all walk, there's people taking pictures and I'll be pulled aside for interviews. If you don't want to be in any pictures just step aside. There's people there who tell you where to stand so you're not in any picture. But Reg… I don't want her to leave my side. If that's okay."
    "That's up to her if she wants to be in a bunch of pictures."
    "Can I kiss him in some?"
    "Please do if your dad says yes."
    "…I don't care."
    "Another thing… Me, Sean, and Liz are leaving Thursday after school. I have to be there because I'm dancing and they like to do rehearsals because this is going to be televised. And Liz is actually filling in for someone, so she needs to be there too for the last minute rehearsal we all set up just for her. I'm assuming you don't want Reg to miss school. Samantha isn't taking Friday off. She's packing her car up and heading to Los Angeles right after school. I was thinking you guys could do that with her?"
    "Maybe Regan will want to go with you guys Thursday instead of with us."
    "Can I!?"
    "We're leaving right after school Reg. We'll be leaving for school early to go to Sean's house and I'm leaving my car there and riding with them to school. He get's better gas mileage. That's why we're doing it like this."
    "His truck is big enough for all four."
    "I know. Your dad just said yes. I don't care and I know they won't. Liz will have riding buddy to ride with in the back seat."
    "I wanna go with you guys!"
    "Okay... I'm happy I won't be a third wheel now."
    "I'm happy too. What about Opie?"
    "He's coming with us in the truck."
    "And to school?"
    "Will you be able to keep him in your office again like last time?"
    "That will fine."
    "Okay... Um... One last thing Mr. Avalon."
    "Homecoming. Can I take Reg shopping Thursday? I actually have two days off work. Well… I took them off since you want to do homecoming."
    "Aw! I need a pretty dress!"
    "You can take her."
    "Thanks… Does she bite your face like this?"
    "No. She licks mine and calls it a kiss."
    "My dad can't get mad. It's not a kiss."
    "He's still looking at us weird Reg."
    "Are you ready to go now?"
    "Uh huh."
    "Stop it!"
    "You pushed me away by my face."
    "How else was I supposed to stop you? Your daughter is a little bit weird."
    "No I'm not."
    "Yes you are Regan."
    "Give your daddy a kiss goodnight."
    "…Really Regan?"
    "I gave you a kiss!"
    "Get out!"
    "Thanks for the advice... And everything else too."
    "You're welcome. Good night you two."
    "Night dad. See you bright and early! Love you!"
    "Love you too."
    "Goodnight Mr. Larson."

    I wonder if my dad really has something to do in the morning. Usually, he'll say something, and this was out of nowhere. Who cares! I get to stay with James.
    "Sit these on the nightstand for me. I'm getting in the shower real fast."
    "My pill."
    "Yeah. Sean texted me and reminded me about it. He was telling me Liz was going through my shit and saw it and got worried. But you need to take that before we go to bed Reg."
    "I know."
    "Shower with me?"
    "I took one before you showed up at my house."
    "All right."
    "I need my card to order something online."
    "It's in my wallet… Here."
    "Thank you."
    "Did you tell your dad I been using your card?"
    "Yeah. I said you use it to pay when it's my turn."
    "Oh. I guess I misunderstood him. I don't want him thinking I'm spending your money."
    "If you ever need to use it, I don't mind."
    "If I ever need money you'd be the last person I'd ask."
    "Why not the first? I don't mind. Really."
    "Just the way I am Reg."
    "Kiss… I'll be out in a minute."
    "I'll be right here."
    "Not even naked?"
    "Should I be?"
    "It would be nice."
    "Hmm... Okay, I won't be long."

    All my stuff is ordered! Card is back in James' wallet. I had to text my dad for the address. I hope I didn't wake him. It is after ten, but it's Friday. I don't know. Should I get naked? Will James come out naked? I bet he does since he left his clothes on his dresser. Okay! I'll be naked since he kind of asked. And he's not naked! Well, he has a towel wrapped around him. That's naked enough.
    "Hi there."
    "You wanted me naked and you're not naked."
    "Yes. I opened my legs and you didn't even look at it."
    "I'd rather look at you… No. Don't close your legs."
    "You just said you rather look at me. What are you doing?"
    "Oh! Never been licked this way… No! James?"
    "I can't do it! Opie's nose keeps touching my leg."
    "Come up here then goober. Kisses all over like the other night."
    "What else do you want?"
    "Sex all slow."
    "That's happening no matter what."
    "No condom. Don't pull out."
    "…You take that pill right after."
    "I will."
    "All right."

    Yes! Kisses. Lots of kisses I love them so much! I love how he takes his time too. The occasional rub and then on or two fingers in. I love that too. Neck and shoulder bites. Oh my god!
    "James… Ja… Mmm! God! Stop, stop, stop! Oh my god."
    "Mmm… One."
    "One what?"
    "You'll see. Number two now?"
    "I'm so confu… Oh! I need a second James!"

    He wouldn't let me push his head away no matter how hard I tried. The way he was holding, I couldn't scoot away. I just gave up and let him go for two. I moved with him the way he likes and scratched and pulled his hair. I think licking me is his favorite. He's not aggressive or anything. He's gentle and takes his time. He didn't use his fingers this time. But he did do something new. He grabbed my ribs and squeezed them and then scratched super light down my sides to my hips. Then grabbed my hips and pulled me on him more. Gave me all kinds of good tingles. I sat up on my elbows and watched him. I never done this before. I love watching him. When he went to run his hands up my sides again he realized I was watching him. He opened his eyes and looked me right in mine without stopping. I ran my fingers through his hair and ran my finger down his cheek real soft. That's when he closed his eyes and stopped just long enough to kiss the palm of my hand. I also did something else different. Usually, when my legs start shaking I grab the sheets and pull on them, this time, I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him on to me. He liked it! When I did that he grabbed my hips and pulled me just as hard. It was amazing. Number two! I loosened my grip, and he kissed me all the way up to my lips. I was expecting him to put it in on his way up like he always does, but he didn't. He just kissed me for a few minutes. I guess he's being nice this time and giving me a second.
    "Number two was better than number one."
    "Mmm hmm. I love how you watched me."
    "I don't know what made me do that. You look like you enjoy it."
    "I do. Sexually… It's my favorite. I like watching you squirm."
    "Do I squirm?"
    "Yeah. You bite your hands too."
    "You watching me all the time?"
    "Every time."
    "Ah! Hey!"
    "Stop hitting me with your thing."
    "My thing?"
    "Yeah. Stop it!"
    "I like how it makes you flinch every time… See!"
    "No! You stop."
    "Not with your hand either you goober!"
    "Do you not like it?"
    "I do like it… Stop!"
    "Nu uh!"
    "Come here!"
    "Mmm… You have no idea how crazy I am for you."
    "Mmm hmm. You really are everything I been wanting. My everything."
    "You're my everything too. I hope my dad is right about all this."
    "We'll be fine Reg... We'll be fine."
    "Scratch my back some more like that."
    "Like this?"
    "Mmm… Yeah."
    "I love the way this feels."
    "Mmm hmm… Fuck."
    "Why did you stop?"
    "I need a minute."
    "Are you okay?"
    "I'm completely fine."
    "I love you."
    "… I love you too."
    "Oh… I love how you go all the way out like that and then back.... Uh…"
    "Woo... You feel so fucking good right now Reg… Fuck."
    "Bite me right there… Uh…"
    "Oh Fuck…"
    "Bite me more!"

    The bites get me every time! I just love how he holds me after. I love feeling him breathe on my neck. I can feel him when he cums, but this time was different. It seemed longer. I guess it was the condom. But without one, I felt it more. I felt it inside of me. I love it.
    "I feel it all inside me. I like it… Don't laugh."
    "You're full of cum and you like it."
    "Is it wrong?"
    "No. Wait until you stand up."
    "You'll see."
    "Okay. Did you enjoy that?"
    "Cumming inside you?"
    "I did."
    "Feel good?"
    "So fucking good."
    "You okay there?"
    "You pulled out super slow that time. Felt good."
    "Don't look at it!"
    "I put my face all over it and you tell me not to look at it."
    "…I need that towel after you."
    "I laughed. I need it."
    "Let me see… Mmm… Why do I think that's so hot seeing my cum leak out of you?"
    "How about this?"
    "…That makes me want to go for number four. Do that and lick your fingers again."
    "Now you."
    "Fuck you! I'm not licking my own cum."
    "I've licked mine."
    "That's different."
    "No it's not."
    "Yeah! It is. Here."
    "Ew! Cum towel to the face… Ah! Don't smack it!"
    "Where are going?"
    "Grabbing my clothes right here."
    "Here… Since you're standing you can take this towel to the bathroom."
    "Dresser is fine for now."
    "Can you hand me my clothes please?"
    "You need to take that pill Reg."
    "I will. Let me get… Towel please."
    "What happen?"
    "Shut up! It's gross going down my leg."
    "It's not all warm?"
    "It is… Anymore going to come out?"
    "I don't know. I never came in a girl before."
    "You did this morning."
    "On accident and it wasn't all of it like just now."
    "Can I have a drink of your water to take this?"
    "I just take it and that's it?"
    "Yeah… I guess."
    "You're looking at me funny."
    "Oh… Sorry."
    "…Are you okay?"
    "Come here… What's wrong?"
    "I didn't want to take it at all."
    "Part of me didn't want you to either Reg. But you had to."
    "I know."
    "Stop crying Jelly Bean."
    "I wanted this so bad all of a sudden."
    "I don't know."
    "If we get married one day, I'll give you kids. It's not the right time for all this right now. You know that."
    "I promise."
    "100 kids. 50 boys and 50 girls."
    "How about we start with one first."
    "Stop crying… I love you Reg."
    "I love you too."
    "Ready for bed?"
    "Quick shower? My leg is sticky."
    "Don't laugh!"
    "It's funny."

    Both of us are crazy for wanting this. We both know it's the wrong time. We both know it was the right thing to do. Why do I feel like it was the wrong thing? It's not an abortion pill. There was no baby at all. But there might have been. No! This was the right choice! I'm only thirteen! James is only sixteen! We're too young. I just need to close my eyes and go to sleep. I'll be okay in the morning… I hope I'm okay in the morning.


    I had no idea Regan was so lost and alone. She had no one. I understand her strong connection to Mr. Larson. She knows he won't ever intentionally hurt her or leave her anytime soon. She doesn't want to feel alone anymore. I'm still a little bit lost with her. She needs to understand I am here too. Not just Mr. Larson. I would never betray her like Leah did. She's my world. I may be at a loss, but with these letters, I know where to begin with her.