Chapter Twenty Eight - Caught     

Thursday, June 25

       I slept well. Surprisingly, Regan was extremely quiet. She usually wakes me up at least once playing games on her phone. She did a lot yesterday with the cleaning and doing all the laundry. She probably went to bed not too long after I did. She surprises me. She does a lot around here and I don't even have to ask her. She definitely loves her freedom points. The smell of coffee in the morning. That's another thing! Most of the time I forget to set the coffeemaker before I go to bed. Not Regan. She sets it every night for me. She even bought me one of those to go cups. Always washed and sitting right next to the coffeemaker. When you wake up at five every morning for work coffee is a great thing to have ready for you. What's not a great thing? Seeing your thirteen-year-old daughter in bed with a boy. When the hell did he get here? I can't be mad at her. I allowed her to stay at his house and they slept in the same bed together. This really isn't that different. What I can be mad at is the hickey on his neck. I know for a fact Regan has a matching one. Samantha was right. I cannot stop her from doing things with him. I can tell her no over and over again but she'll do it anyway.

      Shit! I left my phone on the desk. At least I was only to the street and not halfway to work before realizing I left it. Mr. Larson is a smart kid. Parking on the street so he didn't risk waking me up. Playing it safe. Okay! I have my phone. Is that everything? Coffee is in the car, paperwork is also in the car. I have everything. Then I saw it. I just happen to look down at Regan and Mr. Larson before walking out and I saw it. A condom on the bed. I thought I was mad at the hickey. Oh no, no, no, no! I am fucking furious now. I grab it and put it in my pocket. At least they won't be having sex in my house. Regan will come see me when she gets to school. I'll return it to Mr. Larson.
      "Good morning."
      "Morning. I'd say good morning, but it's not one."
      "Uh oh! What happen?"
      "This was on Regan's bed, along with her boyfriend who has a hickey on his neck."
      "You took it?"
      "At least they won't be having sex when they wake up."
      "A condom doesn't necessarily mean they had sex Hun. You should have left it."
      "No. She does not need to be fucking some kid in my house."
      "I'd be upset if this was only a wrapper. This is an unopened condom... Michael! Stop spying on your daughter! I can't believe you put that tracker on her phone."
      "My mom's idea."
      "You gave her a hard time yesterday for not answering the phone, then you checked the tracker and realized she wasn't lying."
      "She wasn't home last night. 10:52 to 2:30 in the morning."
      "The green dot is our house. The red dot is her phone."
      "Whose house is right up the street?"
      "Mr. Larson's house."
      "Stop spying on her Michael. That girl has been nothing but honest with you."
      "You think if I asked her, she would tell me she snuck out? Because according to these texts between her and Elizabeth, I don't think she would."
      "That right there proves she wasn't alone with James. Elizabeth was probably at his house last night working on their Waltz for class."
      "Until 2:30 in the morning Samantha?"
      "Maybe! We don't know that."
      "Sounds like you're defending her."
      "No, not at all. I'm saying do not jump to conclusions."
      "What if this was your daughter?"
      "I'd beat her ass and ask questions later."
      "Mmm hmm."
      "You told her you would not be mad when she had sex. You can't go back on that Michael. You don't even know for sure if she even had sex. You have not given her the chance to tell you. Regan said she would tell you Hun. Why are you looking up birth control?"
      "This is on Regan's browser history. What does this look like to you?"
      "A lot of girls are on birth control to stop their period. I'm on birth control to stop mine."
      "What does it look like Samantha?"
      "It looks like she may have had sex. But you can't jump to that! You haven't given her the chance to tell you."
      "How do I ask her?"
      "You don't. You let her tell you."
      "If they are having sex, they will know the condom is gone."
      "I don't know. Ask her why he had it. I told you, you couldn't stop this from happening."
      "Yeah. What do I do?"
      "What do you mean?"
      "I said I'd buy her condoms when she needs them. But, she's looking into birth control."
      "Oh… Let her decide. Do this, I got the implant in my arm right?"
      "This birth control lasts seven years. If she chooses birth control, agree to it. But make her get the implant. That way you know for a fact she won't get pregnant until she's twenty."
      "I like that idea."
      "So will she. It'll be a win for all three of you."
      "You get your peace of mind, Regan has no more periods, and James doesn't…"
      "Shut your mouth."
      "May I finish?"
      "No. I know what you're going to say."
      "What was I going to say?"
      "Something along the lines of, do me and you have sex with a condom?"
      "You're smart Mr. Avalon."
      "I'm a man. We don't like condoms. We have a chance to have sex without one, we take it."
      "Mr. I don't want any more kids having sex without a condom."
      "You don't want kids. You have sex without one."
      "I'm on birth control. I'm protected."
      "Not aginst STD's."
      "What are you? My high school sex ed teacher?"
      "Do you know about genital warts?"
      "I'm leaving now!"
      "STD's are no joke Samantha."
      "Bye Michael!"


     I love waking up with James. He snuggles. It makes me feel good just being held. I'm actually still sore this morning. I wonder if the Ibuprofen I have will help with the pain. Wouldn't hurt to take one. I guess my dad wasn't mad that James was here. He didn't wake us up or anything. I'll know for sure when I see him at school. And there's my alarm.
    "Let me up so I can turn it off."
    "The alarm is annoying."
    "Fine. Can you get me a glass of water since you're up?"
    "How about a bottle of water?"
    "That works too."
    "Where are your pills? Oh! Never mind. Here you go."
    "You're welcome. Coffee?"
    "I don't do well with caffeine."
    "I can't eat right when I wake up. We can stop and get some Dutch."
    "You're paying right?"
    "If I need to I will. How much money do you have left?"
    "Uh… Like $40. I get paid tomorrow. You buy breakfast and I'll get lunch."
    "Lunch is more expensive. You want to trade?"
    "Okay. Did you sleep good?"
    "Yeah. You?"
    "I did. I love how you snuggle."
    "When I roll over you snuggle me."
    "I like snuggles!"
    "So do I."
    "I'm still sore."
    "I'm sorry."
    "It's fine. I'm sure I'll live. I'll be right back, I need to pee."
    "All right. I'm going out to move my car and get my shit out of it."

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     Liz told me that I wouldn't bleed for days. I had blood on my undies and some on the toilet paper. Well, not dark blood. Just a super light pink. Black undies and dark jeans for today. James is sitting on the bed with a really odd look on his face.
    "Are you okay?"
    He doesn't respond. He just holds up one of the condoms. I should say no. But I can't.
    "Oh! I thought something was wrong."
    "Stop Reg… Something is wrong."
    "What is it?"
    "I had two condoms with me. This is the only one that was in the pillowcase."
    "It probably came out and fell under the couch."
    "Nope. I looked."
    "You're positive you had two?"
    "Yeah. You saw them both when I pulled them apart and stuck them in the pillowcase. They were both right here in the corner of the pillowcase. When I got this one out it was like right here in the middle."
    "You think the other one fell out somehow?"
    "Then it has to be here. You pulled off all the blankets and looked?"
    "It's not here Reg."
    "What happen to it?"
    "I don't know. You think your dad took it? Maybe he saw it on the bed and just took it."
    "That's what you think happen?"
    "I would take it if you were my daughter."
    "Shit! I'm so sorry James. I shouldn't have asked you to bring one las… What are you doing?"
    "Might as well have sex with you one last time before your dad kills us both."
    "Only if you're gentle. It's still sore."
    "I won't be taking you to pound town anytime soon Reg."
    "Nothing. Let me undress you."

     It did hurt. Not nearly as bad as it did last night though. He was also gentle like I asked. I love it. I also loved our shower together. We both wanted each other again. He got his with my mouth and I get mine with his fingers and mouth. We were both happy. Then I realized I had a missed call from my dad. I have to call him back. I can't avoid him.
    "I need to call my dad back real fast."
    "Dad, call, speaker, and I finish my hair."
    "Morning dad. Sorry I missed your call. I was in the shower."
    "It's fine."
    "Are you mad James stayed the night with me?"
    "Nope. Not at all."
    "Yes. You two need to come see me as soon as you get here. Understood?"
    "Good. Do not be late."
    "We won't. Bye… Dad?… He hung up on me!"
    "He's fucking pissed Reg."
    "He did sound irritated."
    "He's going to interrogate us, and we can't lie to him."
    "Right… When you're done with your shoes can you put my bed away for me?"
    "Thanks. Are you okay James?"
    "No. I do not do well under pressure. Certain chemicals the body releases makes my P.D act up. This probably won't be good."
    "Make sure you have a shot on you."
    "I'll put it in your bag. You might need to do it for me."
    "Okay. Do we need to go by your house?"
    "No, I have one in the glove box."
    "Okay… Hey!"
    "Oh damn! I never noticed that."
    "Noticed what?"
    "When I smack your ass like that it jiggles."
    "Ah! My butt isn't fat!"
    "No! It's nice. Love that jiggle."
    "Stop spanking me and go put my bed away."
    "One more time."
    "Thank you."
    "Kiss here… Thank you!"
    "Mmm hmm."
    "I love you."
    "I love you too Reg."
    "I don't regret having sex with you."
    "Worth getting in trouble?"
    "Finish getting ready. Kiss…"
    "The soft ones are my favorite."
    "One more?"
    "Please? Mmm… Thank you."

     Both of us are super nervous right now. We both know my dad knows something. He seriously sounded very irritated on the phone. James was right when he said we can't lie to him. My dad and my grandma are human lie detectors.
    "Liz is asking what happen last night."
    "What did you tell her?"
    "I told her, it still hurts, and she said, poor Purple Head. It'll get better, I promise."
    "Did it hurt earlier like it did last night?"
    "No. But it did a little when you put it in me. After that I was fine."
    "Sorry. Maybe you need a day or two to… You know… Heal I guess. I don't know."
    "Ready for this?"
    "Let's just get it over with."
    "Right… I got your shot thing in my bag. I got your homework in there too. I'm ready."
    "I need to run over there and talk to Sean real fast."
    "To thank him?"

     They both had huge smiles on their faces. I think they might be happier than I am about it. Here we are… At dad's office. I knock super gentle hoping he doesn't hear it. He heard it. Man!
    "Morning dad."
    "Sit. Lock the door behind you Mr. Larson."
    "Why are you having him lock the door?"
    "The three of us are going to have a chat and I don't want us to be interrupted."
    "Are we in trouble?"
    "That all depends on if you both decide to lie to me or not."
    "So, I woke up this morning thinking, damn I slept good. You usually wake me up at least once cussing at your phone…"
    "Shut up."
    "I get dressed and go downstairs to make my coffee and leave. I see you, Mr. Larson. In bed with my daughter. Now, I'm not pissed off about that. I allowed her to stay at your house and you two slept in the same bed together. What does bother me, is when you moved around and I saw the hickey on your neck, which seems to be covered nicely right now. This pisses me off because I know for a fact Regan has one too. Right?"
    "Show me."
    "One is here on my chest, one here on my shoulder, I had to cover one with makeup, and I have one on each thigh."
    "On your thighs?"
    "Sit!… You don't need to show me Regan."
    "I'm guessing you have more than one as well Mr. Larson?"
    "Hmm… This right here on the computer… The green dot is our house Regan. The red dot is your phone."
    "You put a tracker on my phone?!"
    "It was your grandma's idea since you enjoy sneaking out. Not only does it track your location, I can also see who you called, your text messages, and your browser history."
    "Oh crap! Wait! Does it show the pictures I send in text?"
    "No. Only says media text. No pictures."
    "Oh thank god."
    "Mmm hmm… You want me to get rid of the tracker on your phone?"
    "Yes! That's not cool at all dad. All you had to do was ask me and I would tell you!"
    "According to these texts between you and Elizabeth you had no intention to."
    "Spying on me is not how we build trust dad!"
    "Fucking lying to me and going behind my back and doing shit you promised me you would not do doesn't fucking build it either Regan!"
    "Oh geez..."
    "You get loud and really scary like Grandpa."
    "It's the Irish in me."
    "I don't like it dad."
    "You want the tracker gone?"
    "Fine... That is if Mr. Larson can be honest with me... Don't look at Regan. Look at me. Do you want to earn my full trust the quickest and easiest way?"
    "Shut up! Keep your goddamn mouth closed. Do you understand me?"
    "Yes. Sorry. Just… James… He doesn't do well under pressure. I don't want his P.D to go crazy because of this dad."
    "He'll be fine Regan. I'm aware how Parkinson's works. I actually did a little more research on it when you made me aware of the fact he has it. All mental disabilities need to treated gently. Right Mr. Larson?"
    "Yeah. Certain chemicals your body releases, mine doesn't like it."
    "The easiest way to avoid that right now Mr. Larson is to just answer each question I ask you honestly. Understood?"
    "You start feeling anything, you say so. You have my word, I will stop and you can leave."
    "Okay… Thanks."
    "Mmm hmm… Are you aware of what Regan was looking up on her phone yesterday?"
    "Birth control."
    "At the time it had nothing to do with sex or anything like that. At least not to me anyway. The hickey on my neck. Reg covered it yesterday with her makeup and apparently had some sort of latex powder in it. I'm allergic to latex. She asked Liz for help and Liz called Sean's sister. She does hair and makeup for a living. Um… Sean's sister said to use liquid and then powder, so Liz texted Mills… Melissa. Liz asked her for her makeup. After the girls did whatever to me Liz asked me how I have sex since I'm allergic to latex and can't use a condom. I told her I buy the latex free ones. Then she told Reg to get on birth control so I didn't have to use one. I think Reg looked it up because Mills said something about not being able to get on birth control unless you're sixteen. Reg said you'd kill her if she asked for birth control and Liz said to just tell you that she wants to stop her period. Last night we talked about it and Reg said you don't have to be a certain age and you don't need a parents okay to get it. She wanted something to stop her period like Liz and Mills I guess. I don't know honestly. I told her that you're not stupid and you'd notice her not having a period every month since you buy her what she needs. I also told her not to go behind your back and get it."
    "Okay. You know Regan has a curfew. Why was she at your house until almost three this morning?"
    "I had nothing to do with that. I had friends over working on a dance routine and Sean and Liz were there too. Me and Liz wanted to work on our dance for class. Liz and Reg were texting back and forth and Liz said that Reg felt left out because everyone was at my house and she wasn't. Then Liz said she was trying to get her to sneak out, and I told her not to encourage her to do it. I was a little upset when she showed up. But at the same time, I wasn't. Reg is my girlfriend. I enjoy spending time with her outside of school."
    "Did you lose something at my house this morning?"
    "What did you lose?"
    "A condom."
    "This one?"
    "That would be the one."
    "What did you and Regan do before going to my house?"
    "Hung out. She took a shower with me."
    "What else?"
    "Why are you making me tell you this? You already know. You read her text messages."
    "What else did you two do Mr. Larson."
    "We had sex."
    "I'm guessing if I didn't take that this morning you would have had sex with her again?"
    "I had two with me. We had sex before we got ready."
    "I'm sorry dad."
    "Give me your phone."
    "Why? You said I wouldn't be in trouble."
    "I'm a man of my word Regan. Give me your phone."
    "Here… Tracker is gone. Refresh the page on the computer. Tracker unavailable or has been disabled."
    "How do I know you just didn't disable it?"
    "Go to settings."
    "Recent uninstalled apps."
    "Parent Tracker?"
    "Thank you."
    "There's not really anything I can do or say here. You guys are going to do what you want together. I told you both I would not be mad. Honestly… That was a lie. I'm fucking pissed. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I kind of wish you guys would have waited like…"
    "It just happened Mr. Avalon. You know just a well as I do that it just happens sometimes."
    "James! What the hell?"
    "What? Your dad knows what I'm saying here Reg."
    "I know very well it just happens sometimes."
    "All right… I said I was going to do this for you…"
    "Do what?"
    "I said I'd buy you condoms when you need them."
    "You seriously don't have to do that Mr. Avalon. I don't mind buying them. I don't want a kid anytime soon, and I won't ever have sex with Reg without one. I will always have some."
    "I'm giving Regan a choice here."
    "What choice?"
    "You looked into birth control…"
    "Only to see how old you had to be dad."
    "Let me finish."
    "Sorry. Continue."
    "Do you want condoms when you need them or do you want me to take you so you can get on birth control?"
    "Um… James?"
    "Don't ask me Reg. Your choice, not mine."
    "Um… I think I want birth control."
    "Okay. Here's the deal. I'll call this morning and make you an appointment for Monday. But! I get to choose what kind you get."
    "Okay. What kind am I getting?"
    "It's an implant that goes in your arm. Called Norplant. Samantha is the one who told me about this. Also, the same kind she has. Lasts seven years and it stops your period. According to what Mr. Larson said that's something you want."
    "Would be nice not to have to worry about monthly surprises."
    "Anyway… With the Norplant, at least I know you won't get pregnant until you're twenty. This does not mean you have sex without a condom Regan."
    "Would it be okay to not use one?"
    "For once I'm not the uncomfortable one. Your dad is."
    "That's the point of birth control."
    "No, it's not Regan. The point of birth control is to protect you in case something happens. Like a condom breaking. Does not protect you from STD's. Only makes it so you don't get pregnant."
    "But James doesn't have STD's dad."
    "Are you sure?"
    "He's only had sex with one other girl."
    "I've been tested Mr. Avalon. Cootie free."
    "What if you start dating someone else? Are you going to assume he's clean?"
    "No. I'll ask."
    "Most people don't even know they have something Regan."
    "Oh. But I know James doesn't. Maybe he won't want to use one anymore."
    "Really Reg?"
    "Why would you say that?"
    "Mr. Larson?…"
    "Let's be honest here. You know damn well you won't use one anymore."
    "I don't want a kid right now… Yeah… I won't be using one knowing she's on birth control... Hey! You said be honest! What's up with the look? Okay, okay! You and Samantha use one?"
    "This isn't about me Mr. Larson."
    "Uh huh, what I thought."
    "What? I'm just proving a point to your dad. He's not pissed about me asking that."
    "Are you dad?"
    "Not at all. He was proving his point just like he said."
    "What point? What am I missing?"
    "Nothing Regan. Go to class. I need a minute alone with Mr. Larson."
    "You just said you're not mad. Why do you need a minute alone with him?"
    "I'm not mad. I just need to have a chat with him Regan. That's all."
    "I'm good Reg."

    That was the first time James kissed me in front of my dad. A small kiss on the hand. Still counts!


     Mr. Larson is usually noticeably nervous when I ask him certain questions. Right now he seems fine. Maybe because I assured him I wouldn't push anything that made his Parkinson's act up. I also appreciate the fact he doesn't lie to me. He knows not to and he doesn't even try. But I did catch something he wasn't honest about. That's what this minute alone is about.
    "How did you and Regan end up having sex?"
    "I made sure you caught that."
    "You looked out the window for a second when you said it. You chose a very obvious giveaway."
    "Thanks for not saying something in front of Reg."
    "You’re welcome. Now tell me the truth."
    "The truth is, I didn't want to have sex with her. I was planning to wait like we said. We were messing around and she said she wanted to and when I told her no, and she got up and went to leave."
    "And you stopped her?"
    "Yeah. She started crying and saying I don't really want her at all because I turned her down. I guess I had to prove to her that I do want her."
    "Sounds like you were guilted into it."
    "A little bit. But I also don't regret it one bit. I couldn't let her walk out of my house thinking that. I didn't want to lose her over something that wasn't true. If she ever leaves me, I don't want it to be because of something like this... You know?"
    "Yeah. You know Mr. Larson… Every time I see you two together; you look at her different. Does that make sense?"
    "Impossible to stop falling isn't it?"
    "Driving me crazy trying to stop. I never really felt this way for a girl. All she has to do is smile at me and I fall all over again. She's really everything I want and I don't want anything or anyone else."
     "Have you told her you love her?"
    "Yeah. She actually told me first. But at the time I don't think she really meant it. Or at least she played it off that way."
     "Do you think you two will last?"
    "I hope so."
    "You have to understand she's only thirteen."
    "I do understand that. That's the only thing that bothers me. I mean… I don't care that she's thirteen. Just… I don't know how to explain it."
     "Maybe she'll want to try something else?"
    "Yeah. Maybe she'll want to see if there's something better out there. I'm her first everything and I'm afraid it won't be enough after a while."
     "She seems to enjoy what you give her now. I guess continue doing whatever it is you're doing and just hope it's enough."
    "Did she happen to mention to you that she wants to be one of those girls who has sex with only one person?"
    "Yeah. I asked her why she would waste that on me, to wait until she was married."
    "Married would have been ideal for me."
    "How pissed are you?"
    "Let's just say I'm really good at hiding my emotions sometimes. It doesn't matter what I said. This was going to happen. You guys basically told me it would."
    "Go to class Mr. Larson."
    "Mr. Larson?"
    "That belongs to you."
    "Oh… Um… Am I still helping you guys this weekend?"
    "Yes. Man of my word. You were honest with me. Regan is not in trouble. All I ask is if you plan to stay at my house again ask first."
    "Can I tonight? If Reg wants me to?"
    "Will you be having sex?"
    "I don't know."
    "Regan doesn't have a room. I can hear what goes on downstairs."
    "I do not need to hear it."
    "I understand."
    "Maybe your house is better for those kinds of sleep over's."
    "You're allowing her to stay at my house?"
    "If she asks permission first."
    "Go to class."
    "All right… Are we good? Be honest."
    "Yes. Now go."

     Mr. Larson really is a good kid. I see it in him. I do understand what he means when he said Regan may want to try something different. Her mom and I were each other's first and she wanted something different after time. I get it. I don't see him hurting Regan at all, I just hope she's not the one who hurts him. I do not want what my mom said to be true. Like mother, like daughter. Speaking of my mother. I don't really want to tell her about this. But I have to. I gave her my word I'd keep her updated.
    "Good morning Darling."
    "I wish it was a good morning."
    "What's wrong?"
    "My daughter had sex last night."
    "Vous plaisantez j'espère?"
    "I wish I was."
    "You let her stay the night with that boy again?"
    "No. She snuck out and went to his house. I woke up this morning, and he was in bed with her and there was a condom on the bed. I tracked her phone because I was thinking about how quiet it was last night and then the condom. Text messages between her and Elizabeth talking about sneaking out. At least they were both honest when I asked them about it."
    "Your daughter is friends with Elizabeth?"
    "Yes. Regan likes her."
    "Careful with that one Michael. Some secrets come out in friendships."
    "I know. Elizabeth won't say anything to her."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Okay. Was I right when I told you to put that tracker on her phone?"
    "Yes. I installed the first one."
    "But the backup is still on there?"
    "Yes. But I really shouldn't be spying on her."
    "She's thirteen. You have every right to."
    "I guess."
    "How are you handling this?"
    "I'm making her an appointment to get on birth control. It's what she wants."
    "What kind?"
    "With that one, we know she won't be getting pregnant anytime soon."
    "She's going to continue having sex, might as well make sure she doesn't get pregnant at thirteen."
    "Having sex at thirteen is no better."
    "I know."
    "Like mother, like daughter."
    "No. I'm making sure she does not end up with a kid as young as I was. I'm trying to make sure she doesn't end up like Leah."
    "Okay. I have to go. My client is here."
    "All right."
    "I love you Darling."
    "I love you too mom."

    She didn't flip out like I thought she would. That's good.


     I trust Mr. Avalon… The thing is... I know what parent tracker is. It automatically installs a backup in case the kid finds the first one and gets rid of it. It's a hidden app basically and it's pretty hard to find. If you know a smart computer kid, they can get rid of it for you. I just happen to know one.
    "James… Are you sure it's still on my phone?"
    "Yeah. It installs a backup Reg."
    "I've looked everywhere on my phone. It's not here. Maybe we should just leave it alone."
    "No. I'm getting rid of it for you Reg. You even said it's not cool that your dad spied on you."
    "Dev? I need your help with something real fast."
    "Car again?"
    "No. Reg's phone. Her dad put Parent Tracker on it and he uninstalled the first one."
    "Let me see you phone… Security code?"
    "Look what I'm doing"
    "Go into the system menu, put in this code. It's a hack code. It's what the people at the store use to get to the root menu. Parent Tracker has to be installed different. You buy it and an apple store clerk installs it to a hidden menu in the root menu. See?"
    "Text me that code James."
    "Not till I'm done! Wait till I'm done. Text or a phone call while you're in the root menu will kill your phone. Dead. Gone. Buy a new one."
    "Okay. Let me know when to send."
    "Okay… Hack code, boom. Root menu. See all this shit?"
    "Your phones brains."
    "Scroll down to Hidden, click it. There you go. Parent Tracker. Click on it. It hasn't been activated."
    "Okay. Leave it on there. I can just go to this menu and it'll say when it's been activated?"
    "Yeah. Look, right here at the bottom. Open app or uninstall. Click open. You can activate it and deactivate it yourself."
    "All right. I'm trusting my dad and hoping he doesn't activate it. Now that I can see when he does I can be like, what the hell dad?"
    "Little Cricket done been hacked by daddy."
    "Right?! I'm not happy about it either. Liz got me to sneak out last night, and I got caught because of this thing."
    "Here's your phone. You can send that text now."
    "How do I get out of the menu?"
    "Home button. Enter the same code to exit to the home screen."
    "Cool. Thanks for showing me that."
    "You're welcome. You're Mr. Avalon's daughter right?"
    "Yeah. We haven't met yet."
    "Regan. I like the color of your car. It's pretty."
    "Your hair is the same color as my car. I like it. Not hittin' on her dude!"
    "I didn't think you were Dev."
    "Right arm."
    "He says right arm instead of right on Reg."
    "Are you laughing because I looked at my arm?"
    "Yeah! Everyone does when he says it. It's pretty funny."
    "Anyway… I have to dye my hair soon. Bye-bye purple hair."
    "Daddy making you dye it for sneaking out Little Cricket?"
    "No. The principle said I have to."
    "My uncle has been on my ass about my hair since I been here."
    "Also Hailey. Girl with the red hair, shaved sides right over there. Not much she can really do about it other than wearing her hair down."
    "I love her red hair. Natural?"
    "No. Her hair is brown. But the principle isn't on her about the color. It's the shaved head that's against the dress code. My Babe here… His hair is too long."
    "Oh. What about your red? Is it natural?"
    "Mine is real. People don't believe me when I say that because of the black tint to it, which is also natural. Everyone thinks redheads are only the girls with the orange-colored hair. Not true. We come in burgundy too."
    "He told my dad my hair isn't a natural color so I have to dye it. I love my purple."
    "The color really is nice. Whoever did it, did an amazing job. Defiantly knew what they were doing."
    "She bleached my hair so it was like white. Then put the purple in and left the tips bleached."
    "That's the way to go."
    "Hey Mills?"
    "Um... Can I show Mills your video and the two songs you emailed me?"
    "All right… Here's the video first."
    "Oh! Your natural hair color is black."
    "You totally look like your dad. But your nose doesn't point up on the end like his does."
    "Mom's nose. Rest is dad."
    "Is wrong to say she's hot as fuck with black hair?"
    "James is right there Babe."
    "I'm very aware she's hot. I don't care if people says she is. Just... Don't fucking touch her."
    "Hell naw man! That's your girl. Real men don't another mans girl. She's hotter with black. Go back to black."
    "Stop Babe. But he's right. You do look much more beautiful with the black."
    "Thank you. It will be black. Not because of you guys, but because James said it too."
    "Aw! Flinch and Little Cricket are cute."
    "Shut up. Press play."
    "Tellin' my girl to shut up."
    "You don't care."
    "Really Devin?"
    "Shut up."
    "How about you both shut up so I can press play."
    "You shut your hole!… What the fuck dude! Kickin' my sheen under the table."
    "Don't tell my girl to shut her hole."
    "Are you two done? Can I press play now?"
    "No… Yes."
    "You're going to enjoy this video Mills."
    "The piano is beautiful. Your music?"
    "Very beati…"
    "Ooo holy fuck Little Cricket! Hold on! Let's get Mills chin out of the dirt. You got competition!"
    "Holy shit!"
    "Oh! Mills never cusses. She likes it."
    "Wow! How?! Seriously! How does this come out of you? You're thirteen! Your voice isn't even mature yet! Oh my god!"
    "Wait for the chorus Mills… Bam!"
    "Uh! You can feel it. Goosebumps. Damn! You have to do one of my songs. Hold on… I finished this one last night. Be you. Music, arrangement, everything. Just do you. I have to see how you sound in one of my songs."
    "Okay. I'm working on something right now with Cole. But I'll mess with it when we're done."
    "No rush. You said there're emails too?"
    "Oh, click the home button and then click the gmail icon. Click on the second email first. It's the song she's working on with Cole. It's only a small little part though."
    "Music is mine and lyrics are Cole's."
    "You play guitar too?"
    "Yeah. Piano and guitar."
    "This is so good. I can't believe how much power you have behind your voice. It's insane. You make the emotion shine super bright too. Forcing people to really feel it. Like this chorus! More Goosebumps! I have to hand it to Cole. He writes so good."
    "Yeah! I love how the song is turning out."
    "Shoot! I was getting into it."
    "It'll be done tonight. I can email it to you."
    "Could you!? That would be awesome."
    "Of course. Text me your email. My number is 559-0056."
    "I text you Little Cricket."
    "I got it. Number saved. Thanks for the add on Facebook."
    "You're welcome."
    "I sent my email. Add me on Facebook also. I'm friends with Em, you should be able to find me."
    "Okay, I will."
    "Last song James."
    "Press the back arrow on that email and it'll take you to the first one then press play."
    "Got it. Your music is good. Is… This from experience? Or just something you saw?"
    "Experience. It's my mom's song. Why I'm here with my dad. I really should have been here all along."
    "I'm sorry. I can understand some people have family issues. Which is why I live with my sister."
    "Writing and creating heals me."
    "Same. But I also write for fun from things I see. A lot of my songs don't have a meaning to me. Like you two. They way James is holding you, the way he smiles when all you have to do is look at him. See! I could totally write a song about you guys."
    "Inspiration from everything. Stars in the sky, to a tiny speck of sand. Not everyone can see it though."
    "Sadly, most can't."
    "You're very good Regan. Amazing."
    "I hope you don't mind, I forwarded these to my email. I should have asked first."
    "No! It's fine! Not mad."
    "Cool. Here's your phone James."
    "Thanks… The bell was supposed to ring ten minutes ago."
    "I didn't hear it."
    "Me either. Sean and Liz are right there. No one has gone in yet."
    "Your uncle is slackin' dude."
    "Jimmy doesn't sit at his desk and push a bell button."
    "Me and Reg are walking away now."
    "Wait! Melissa?"
    "Your book. You want it back until I need it?"
    "No. Feel free to look through it and play around with whatever you want. The songs that have orange highlighter over the title are the ones I've recorded. You can mess around with those as well if you'd like. But the page I folded is the one I want you to do."
    "I heard the ones on James' computer. They were awesome."
    "I have literally have 100 songs recorded. If you like, I can burn them to a disk for you."
    "Yeah! I share, you share."
    "Cool. Now we can walk away. Can we go to your car real fast?"
    "Bye guys."
    "Bye Little Cricket."

     Reg isn't mad at all that the tracker is still on her phone. I like her idea though. To use it against him since, she can see when it's activated. Maybe he won't even activate it. We'll see.
    "Does this bother you?"
    "No. You're not heavy at all you won't dent my hood."
    "Come here so I put my legs around you."
    "Spend the night with me. At my house."
    "I don't think my dad will let me."
    "He will. He basically told me the next time I plan to stay at your house I need to ask first. So I did. Then he said, are you guys going to have sex? I said, I don't know. He said, he doesn't need to hear us and maybe sleepovers with sex would be better at my house."
    "Yeah. I asked if he was really allowing you to and he said as long and you ask and not sneak out. So you need to ask him later."
    "I will. I won't be able to go until Cole leaves."
    "That's fine. Just call me and I'll go get you."
    "Okay. Have you had sex in your car?"
    "Would you?"
    "I don't know. Why?"
    "Maybe we should sometime."
    "Sex in a car is uncomfortable Reg."
    "Sounds like fun."
    "Maybe… Love you."
    "I love you too… Mmm… More neck kisses… Are you okay?"
    "Yeah. When you scratch the back of my neck, I have to stop and enjoy it."
    "By burying your face in my chest?"
    "The principle just walked out with a megaphone."
    "Time to go in."
    "Aw! I wasn't done scratching you."
    "You can scratch me all you want later."
    "I promise."
    "Get on. I'll have to put you down when we get to the stairs though."


     The bell system thingy is broken today. Everyone got like an extra fifteen minutes this morning to do whatever they wanted. I think everyone knew it was time to go in and just didn't go. Me and Sean knew and we just didn't go in. Purple Head and Flinch though! It's a little bit exciting! Speaking of Purple Head!
    "Go sit next to Emily."
    "Just go! Purple Head! Sit next to me. Emily?"
    "Don't hit on my boyfriend."
    "Why not?"
    "…Whatever! Hi!"
    "How are you feeling?"
    "I'm fine."
    "Jay still sore?"
    "What! Wait, wait, wait! Little Cricket and Flinch? Aw!"
    "Don't say anything please. The whole school doesn't need to know about me and James."
    "Lips are sealed. How was it?"
    "Her jay still hurts."
    "Mine did too for like two days. You'll be fine.
    "It hurt, and you said I'd only bleed a little. I'm still bleeding today."
    "Are you sure it's just not… Aftermath?"
    "I had pink on my undies. It's not a lot."
    "I had pink on mine the next day."
    "Me too."
    "Oh! So it's normal?"
    "Yeah. For the three of us anyway."
    "My dad found out."
    "Oh snap!"
    "James stayed with me when he took me home. He had two condoms with him and put them in the pillowcase. One of them came out somehow and my dad saw it. The thing with my dad, you can't lie to him. My grandma either. But! He had this tracker on my phone. He could see my location, my texts, my calls, my browser history, and everything. He already knew."
    "Aw! Fuck! We were talking about it this morning."
    "Yeah! That's why me and James just told him the truth. He knew, but he wanted to hear it from us you know?"
    "Is he pissed?"
    "Yeah. But he knew it was going to happen no matter what he said or did. He's just pissed that it happened so soon and the fact me and James said we were going to wait a while. He's making me a doctor's appointment for Monday to get Norplant."
    "When my birth control is up in about two months I'm switching to the Norplant."
    "My dad gave me the option, condoms when me and James needed them or birth control. Since James is really uncomfortable with the idea of my dad getting us condoms I went with birth control. I think he was happy I chose that because he was like, at least now I won't have to worry about you getting pregnant until you're twenty."
    "And no periods for seven years! What!?"
    "And no more condoms James."
    "And he can eat that jay all month long."
    "That's really his favorite thing to do."
    "Is he good at it?"
    "Yeah... Well... I don't have anyone else to compare him to. So yes! He's very good at it."
    "Nice! You should get on birth control for Devin."
    "Yeah! About that Liz. You ruined my boyfriend. He's seriously nonstop about that. Thanks."
    "My bad."
    "Wait, you had sex with Emily's boyfriend?"
    "She had sex with mine."
    "Me and Liz pretty much swapped boyfriends."
    "Well, me and Devin broke up and Emily left Sean for Devin. Long story! But it all happen, in like the same day. So yeah! Pretty much."
    "You said you and Sean had sex before you were a couple."
    "Did you cheat on Devin?"
    "No. Me and Sean had sex that night we called you. We weren't really officially a couple until the next day when we sat down and talked about it."
    "Devin was asking me a shit ton of questions about Sean. Don't lie to me Liz. Did you and Sean have sex before you and Devin broke up?"
    "No! I swear we didn't. I'm not that type of girl."
    "Did you and Liz fuck before they broke up?"
    "No. The only thing I did to Liz while they were a couple was sniffed her."
    "I stood up for you Sean. I told him you don't fuck around with other guys girls."
    "We didn't have sex until that night like Liz said."
    "That night on the phone you and Liz were a couple."
    "I said I got her Em. We didn't really talk about it until the next day. I have never lied to you. Why would I start now?"
    "That's true. Sorry I went off on you guys like that. I hope my period isn't about to start."
    "You know how you get cranky a few days before?"
    "Sorry you guys."
    "I have nothing to hide Emily. I love Devin to death and I would never do him like that. Ever."
    "No! I believe you guys. But Devin hates you for sniffing Liz."
    "I know."
    "Why do you sniff Liz?"
    "He's weird Little Cricket. He likes the smell of sweaty girls."
    "Ew. Why?"
    "I have no idea. My dad is the same way. All I know is I like it."
    "He sniffed Emily too."
    "I thought it was weird as fuck and he kept doing it."
    "I like it!"
    "So, you would sniff me?"
    "What?! I would! If somehow me and her danced together, and she got sweaty, I would sniff her. Just like I did to you."
    "Why only when you dance?"
    "More you smell the harder you worked. I guess it tells me if you worked hard or not. I don't know."
    "He's weird Purple Head."
    "I love smelling James all sweaty. Like last night. Mmm."
    "Before or after he popped your jay?"
    "Before. After you guys left and right before we got in the shower. Does that make me weird?"
    "Sean says no!"
    "It's not weird! I do the same thing."
    "Hubba hubba Mr. Ballas."
    "I'm sorry I said that about you and Sean."
    "It's fine. You didn't know."
    "Did you cheat on him?"


     This Liz and Devin thing is going to bug the fuck out of me forever. It just doesn't add up to me. What Sean said on the phone and shit. I need to figure this shit out. The one girl who knows the dirt on literally everyone! My bestie Mills.
    "Hey Mills, Jacob, Loverboy. Me and you need to talk... Alone."
    "You guys go on ahead me and Mills will catch up."
    "Order my usual Babe."
    "All right."
    "Me too Devin."
    "You eat different shit every day though."
    "The double with bacon."
    "All right."
    "Thank you."
    "So what's up Em?"
    "What do you know about Sean and Liz? Like before they were a couple."
    "Regan said something in class that just isn't sitting right with me."
    "What did she say?"
    "That Liz and Sean had sex before they were a couple. The timing, how everything happen, just does not add up to me. Liz and Sean swear the first time they had sex was that night they called me after they left the lake with you guys. Sean said he had Liz already."
    "Yeah. Devin told him he could have Liz."
    "Right. But Sean said him and Liz didn't talk about being a couple until the next day. But on the phone! He told me he had her already. That's where I'm confused. You know the dirty on everyone! Help me figure this out."
    "Okay. I'll tell you what I know. From what Liz told me. In private! So keep the lips closed."
    "I always do with you Mills you know that."
    "Sean and Liz had very very very! Strong feelings for each other while she was still with Devin. But she wasn't going to dump him for Sean. She loves Devin and she didn't want to hurt him. She wanted the relationship to play out and end on its own. Which it did. She told me about Sean sniffing her and how she loved it. I honestly don't know Liz that well. I don't know for sure if her and Sean messed around while Devin was camping. Everyone says Sean doesn't hit on girls who are dating someone and you and I both know that's not really true. We know he'll hit on them and flirt with them a little bit, but he would never actually try anything with them."
    "So we both know that there may have been flirting going on. Like I said, I don't know Liz well enough. So, I don't know if she flirted back or messed around with him. That's all I really know."
    "Sean has never once lied to me. That I know of! So I believe him. I'm with you on the Liz thing. I don't know her well enough either. But she's pretty open and doesn't seem to have anything to hide. Then again, we all have our secrets you know?"
    "It just doesn't add up. The weekend all you guys went camping she was with Sean. I don't know if she stayed at his house or anything. I know they went shopping, and he bought her clothes. He bought her panties and a bra. What does that tell you?"
    "That she may have stayed at his house."
    "He was probably just being nice as well. We don't know."
    "Also true. Here's the big one… He bought her douche."
    "Wait? Douche?"
    "How do you know that?"
    "Becky. She works weekends stocking at the store. She saw Sean get money out of the ATM as you walk in and hand it to Liz. Then said her and Sean were girly isle and Liz had the box in her hand and heard Sean ask her if she had enough money for both. Liz said no, and Sean said, I'll buy your vanilla cupcake lotion and you buy your douche. She was on the other isle ease dropping, then she walked passed the girl isle and luckily they were facing the other direction and she said Sean had his arm around her and his chin was on her shoulder."
    "That's Rebecca though Em. She was also saying they were cuddling in dance class remember?"
    "Yeah. The store thing I actually believe, the dance class thing, no. Sean was still with Travis when she said they were cuddling. Single Sean will flirt, taken Sean will not. Minus the random girls he fucks in Russia."
    "You actually have a point."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Why the hell would Liz need douche though?"
    "She's either one of those really clean girls or she needed to rinse out Sean's cum before going to see Devin. You know, just in case Devin wanted to chow down on her while she was there."
    "Gross Em. Uh! That made gag. Devin going down on Liz and some of Sean's cum… Leaking out… Into his mouth."
    "Right. The biggest one Mills!... About 10 minutes into class, I asked Liz if she, by any chance had any lotion."
    "It was vanilla cupcake lotion."
    "Wow! But I don't see Sean having sex with Liz while she was dating Devin. That's not Sean and we both know that. Flirting is all he would ever do."
    "You think if Liz flirted back?"
    "If she flirted back?"
    "Yeah. He flirted, and she flirted back and one thing lead to another."
    "Oh! Hmm… I have no idea. I never saw Liz flirt with anyone while she was with Devin. I take that back! She flirted with Oden."
    "That wouldn't bother Devin."
    "All this happen during the weekend behind closed doors."
    "Also true. I don't know Liz well enough. I can't say she flirted back and maybe one thing lead to another."
    "Very easy for one thing to lead to another."
    "Yeah. But I can't say Liz flirted back because I don't if she's that kind of person or not. Her flirting with Oden was nothing."
    "This is gonna kill me! Everything points to Liz cheating on Devin."
    "It does look that way. But what we did was put facts together that may or may not be 100% true. Like the store and douche thing."
    "You hate Liz now?"
    "I love Liz to death. Sean, I love him with all my heart, you know that. No! I don't hate them. I won't even hate them if this happens to be true. Shit happens, and shit leads to another so fucking easy. We both know this. You and Jacob. Me and fucking Cole! Uh! You have no idea how disgusted I was when I woke up next to him. He's so ugly."
    "Cole isn't that ugly. He's cute!"
    "Yeah! I know. But still! Yuck! I'm just gonna leave this alone. It's the best thing to do. Devin will be so heart broken and he'll end up getting the fuck beat right out of him, because you know he'll try to take a swing at Sean."
    "Not to mention, Liz might kick his butt for hitting Sean."
    "That would make me mad if Liz jumped in and beat the shit out of Devin. Then I would jump in and get my ass kicked by Liz."
    "Liz definitely would not stand by and watch Sean get his butt whooped. I know this for a fact."
    "Liz is mean like Lee Lee."
    "It is true!"
    "It's done! It never happen!"
    "Lips are sealed."
    "It's still gonna bug the fuck out of me Mills!"
    "It would me too."
    "Okay! Gossip time!"
    "What's currently going around now?"
    "It's not! It's a secret! Lips stay sealed."
    "You know me Em. I don't repeat anything."
    "Flinch and Regan… He popped it."
    "Did he really?!"
    "Last night. The poor thing is still sore today. She was freaking out I guess because she had a little bit of pink on her chonies this morning."
    "Devin made me bleed a little bit for like two days. I actually had to wear those thin panty liners."
    "I believe it! Devin isn't small and you are tiny as fuck. He was defiantly the wrong choice to pop your puss Mills."
    "I had no idea he was as big as he is, and I didn't think me being so short and small was going to matter because of Oden and Hayden."
    "Ode didn't make your sis bleed for days?"
    "No! I told her about Devin and how I was bleeding for days and she was like, Oden didn't make me bleed for days. Then she said, every girl is different, and every girl had a different kind of pussy. Or hymen. Cherry! Whatever!"
    "Either way, it's still skin getting ripped."
    "It's either getting stretched out or ripped. Every girl does have a different hymen. I guess I had one that just ripped instead of the kind that just gets stretched out. I don't know. But honestly. That's why I didn't have sex with Devin again. His size was seriously so uncomfortable for me."
    "You're making me feel like my puss is huge as fuck right now."
    "I'm 5'0 and 110  pounds Em. You're way bigger than me."
    "Not by much. I'm 5'4 and about 120 pounds. That's not that much bigger."
    "Well, I was also a virgin when I had sex with Devin. You weren't."
    "It wasn't really uncomfortable with Sean."
    "Was he gentle?"
    "Mmm... Yeah. He didn't just ram his dick inside me. But Sean wasn't a virgin when I had sex with him. So I guess he knew what to do with one."
    "You weren't Sean's first?"
    "No. I was like his third."
    "Oh! I thought you were his first."
    "Nope. Sean lost his baby balls at like fourteen to some nineteen-year-old in Russia."
    "That's what he told me."
    "How many girls has Sean been with?"
    "Including me and Liz?"
    "Eight girls, one boy."
    "Eight girls? How many from school?"
    "Just me and Liz."
    "Is he like this Russian slut when he goes home?"
    "I have no idea! I never asked about his Russian girls."
    "So he's cheated on your brother?"
    "Yeah. Travis knew about it. His thing was, Sean likes girls too. So do whatever you want in Russia."
    "Never bothered him?"
    "It did. Him and my brother argued a lot because of the fact Sean is bi. My brother would call Sean a greedy mother fucker all the time. Say shit like, why can't you just decide what you want? I can give you everything a girl can."
    "No he can't."
    "Right!? A butt doesn't get wet like a puss does."
    "So what happen with Devin? Your first time, did he just plow into you? Is that why it was uncomfortable?"
    "No. He was trying to be gentle. Pointers from Oden. But he didn't exactly fit. So he had to force it I guess."
    "It really hurt."
    "I'm sure it did."
    "It still hurts when I have sex. When Jacob first puts it in. But once it's in there I'm okay."
    "I wanna see your tight little puss now."
    "Oh yeah?"
    "Maybe lick it."
    "Maybe someday."
    "You should take a picture of it for me."
    "Yeah! Why not?"
    "Okay! When I get home I'll take one for you."
    "Nice! I'll even show you mine."
    "I wouldn't mind seeing yours!"
    "These guys didn't even wait for us. Already eating!"


    I feel so bad for saying Liz and Sean had sex before they were a couple. I really hope I didn't start something. It'll be fine. So, Ms. Cooper is cool! James asked if he could use the dance room at lunch and she let him. His headlining thing is coming up and he's trying to squeeze in all the practice he can. Ms. Coopers went to subway and got the four of us food. James actually didn't really eat much. Only about half of his sandwich. He usually eats the whole thing. He must be in dance mode. I love watching him dance. The cool thing is Stephen and Nick showed up too. Stephen is nineteen. He's not in school anymore, Nick is seventeen, and he cut school to come. The rest of the day they'll be at Stephen's uncle's house until James gets off work and then more practice tonight. My dad actually looks impressed! Ms. Cooper too, but I'm sure she already knows about James and his dancing. Last night I only saw one routine. Today I got to see two and the second one is so cool! James can do a back flip. It made me smile all huge like a goober. Now I see what James meant when he said Nick was mostly muscle. Nick is kind of chubby. But he's fit too. The way James did the back flip was off of Nick. Nick stood a certain way with his arms crossed and James ran toward him and like hopped on Nicks' arms and just flipped backward. It was cool! One time James fell flat on his back. He landed the flip. But he lost his balance and took a few steps backward and just fell down. He laid there for like five seconds laughing and then got up. I think he was laughing so hard because of Stephen. He saw James stepping backward, and he was all, whoa, whoa, whoa! But in a real funny stupid voice! And he was waving his arms around all crazy as he did it! It made me, my dad, and Ms. Cooper laugh real hard. My favorite thing! The chest thing James does. He's not flexing his boob muscles. I had him do it without a shirt! It's like… A pop. It's so hard to put it into words. But trust me! It's cool and it's sexy! The one thing I love the most? I was sitting on the floor watching and I guess they all needed a tiny break. James came over and laid down and put his head on my lap. He grabbed my hand and kissed it, then made me scratch his head. That's what I loved the most.
    "Bro dawg?"
    "Since your girlfriend is puttin' your ass to sleep I'm eatin' the rest of your sandwich."
    "Fuck. I was gonna ask him for it."
    "You can have the rest of mine Nick. I'm about to eat my cupcake."
    "Has your mouth been on Flinch's dong in the past 24 hours?"
    "I'll take it. Thank you."
    "You're welcome. How's your back James?"
    "Mmm… Why did you stop?"
    "So you would answer me."
    "My back is fine."
    "He falls all the time. He always bounces back."
    "We all do. Your man will be just fine Sweetheart… Has anyone ever told you, you look just like that teacher."
    "He's my dad. He's the school's guidance counselor and physiatrist. Not a teacher."
    "Your dad is a shrink?"
    "Real deal? Or just for kids here?"
    "He has his own clients that he video chats with every day and they call him on his work cell when they need him. Went to college for like seven years too. He's certified. So yeah, real deal."
    "He's cool with Flinch's head all in your crotch?"
    "It's not in her crotch. I just have my head resting here. If he had a problem with it, he'd tell me to move."
    "For real?"
    "Yeah. He'd be like, Mr. Larson, with a long awkward silence. Just the way he says my name and I know I'm doing something wrong. He hasn't said shit, so I'm good."
    "He uses different tones with James just like he does with me. He didn't even give me a weird look when you put your head on my lap."
    "Is he seeing the dance teacher?"
    "They got real cozy a few times. I saw them in the mirror."
    "They're dating."
    "Ah. How long ago did your parents divorce?"
    "They were never married. But my mom left my dad when he was eighteen. I was three, so yeah! Eighteen."
    "He was fifteen when you were born?"
    "Yeah. Just turned fifteen, and I was born three days later."
    "Damn that's young. I'd kill my daughter if she got pregnant before thirty."
    "You have a kid?"
    "Yeah. She'll be two in October."
    "You didn't tell me he had a kid James."
    "I'm sorry? Sweep has a daughter and she's cute as hell too."
    "Do you have a picture?"
    "Yeah. She's my wallpaper."
    "Aw! She is super cute. Is that her mom or your girlfriend?"
    "She's mom and my girl."
    "She's very pretty."
    "My black beauty."
    "She doesn't look black. Well, her nose does."
    "Both parents are black. She has three sisters, and she is the only one who came out with the light skin."
    "Same dad?"
    "Yeah! She told me when she was born her dad flipped out and asked for a paternity test. Her mom said okay, and it came back he was 99.99% her dad. He was cool after that."
    "What's your daughter's name?"
    "I love it! I love how parents come up with unique names for their kids. What's her mommy's name?"
    "Plan ole Michelle."
    "What about you Nick?"
    "My girlfriend?"
    "You wanna meet her?"
    "Say no Reg."
    "Just say no."
    "I want to meet her."
    "Here she is!"
    "Your hand?"
    "I don't get it… Why are you guys laughing at me?"
    "He's single and jerks off."
    "I told you to say no Reg."
    "Wanna meet my side chick?"
    "No. I'm okay."
    "Bro dawg… Your girlfriend is super cute. She didn't get it."
    "Stop laughing at me!"
    "Pop it and put a ring on it."
    "Shut the fuck up."
    "Wait, you told him I'm a virgin?"
    "No, but you just did."
    "I assumed because you didn't get the hand joke."
    "Nice job on the fresh fruit."
    "Again, shut the fuck up."
    "You boys have about fifteen minutes before I have to lock up."
    "All right."
    "New routine one more time?"
    "I wasn't done scratching your head."
    "You have all night to scratch it."
    "Your dad is watching me."
    "Fine. Scaredy cat."
    "No… It's a respect thing Reg… There… Better?"
    "Thank you."
    "Now he's giving me a weird look."
    "You'll live."

    He was right. My dad was totally giving him a stink face. He also gave it to me. Get used to it dad! He's my boyfriend, I'm going to kiss him.
    "Stop giving my boyfriend stink face dad."
    "I am not giving him stink face."
    "Yes, you are Michael."
    "See! Small little kiss and you give him stink face. And me too!"
    "Maybe you two shouldn't kiss in front of me then."
    "I do not kiss Samantha in front of you."
    "Fine... Now put away your stink face."
    "It's gone."
    "What… Are you doing Regan?"
    "Putting your stink face away… There!"
    "So… Can I… Um… Stay the night with James? Maybe?"
    "We'll see."
    "Aw! That means no."
    "No, it does not. It means, we'll see. You want me to say no?"
    "Okay. We'll see."
    "Mmm… Ms. Cooper make him say yes."
    "Honey, if you were my daughter, I'd tell you no."
    "Uh! Fine!"

    We'll see means no! Man!


    I cannot stop thinking about Sean and Liz. I just can't! Even Mills thinks they may have had sex before Liz and Devin broke up. I can't tell Devin. I can't ask Piper or Lee Lee for advice. I love them to death, but they gossip to damn much. Well… If it has to do with Sean, Piper will keep her mouth shut. Lee Lee won't. Fuck this! I'm asking Sean and he will answer me. I know how to get under his skin.
    "Did Liz cheat on Devin?"
    "Did Liz cheat on Devin?"
    "Why did you buy her douche?"
    "Who said I bought her douche?"
    "Becky. She works weekends at the store and she was stocking and saw you guys. Why did you buy it?"
    "I didn't. She did."
    "Becky saw you get money from the ATM and hand it to Liz."
    "So. She asked to borrow some money to get it."
    "Why did she need it?"
    "I don't know. Ask her not me."
    "Was it to wash out your cum before going to the lake?"
    "No. I have no idea why she needed it."
    "Why did you buy her clothes and stuff? You bought her chonies and a bra."
    "She thought they were cute and wanted them."
    "Wasn't your place to do that."
    "Mad yet?"
    "A little bit."
    "Good. Did Liz cheat on Devin?"
    "Are you sure?"
    "Stop it now."
    "Because this is stupid."
    "Did Liz cheat on Devin?"
    "Did Liz cheat on Devin?"
    "You can tell me. Come on. Did she cheat on him."
    "Yes! Me and her had more sex in one day than they did their entire relationship. Happy?"
    "Now you're going to go tell him?"
    "No. He'll kick your ass."
    "Oh yeah?"
    "You think I won't hit him back because of you?"
    "You're mistaken Em."
    "Hit him back and I'll tell everyone about you and my brother."
    "Then everyone will know about the abortion you had… Both of them."
    "You wouldn't dare."
    "We can test it if you want. I don't think Hailey would like the fact you got pregnant by Cole. I know damn well Cole would fucking hate you for the rest of his life for killing a baby that was his. You know? Since him and Hailey are actually trying to have one."
    "Lee Lee is on birth control. She doesn't want a kid like he does."
    "You need to let that statement sink in Em. She doesn't want a kid like he does."
    "Fuck you."
    "Are we done? Can I finish my work now?"
    "Does Liz know you'll go to Russia and cheat on her?"
    "Do you know the next time I go to Russia, Liz is going to have citizenship there and she'll go with me when I go? You should know because of Hayden and her big mouth."
    "Ah! That's right. You and the dancing queen are getting married."
    "To answer your question, Liz knows I've slept with girls in Russia while I was with your brother. Anything else you want to try to tell Liz?"
    "What if I tell her you got me pregnant and paid for the abortion?"
    "She knows."
    "You told her I had an abortion?"
    "Yes. Liz knows more about me than my own parents do."
    "She's gonna hate you for telling me the truth."
    "No she won't. She'll hate you if you tell Devin."
    "Where are going?"
    "Away from you."
    "You can't just leave class."
    "Watch me."

    Blackmail does not work when the person you are trying to blackmail has more dirt on you than you do on them. I feel better though! And who am I kidding? Devin kick Sean's ass? Sean will beat the fuck right out of Devin.


     What the fuck is the matter with Em? Why couldn't she just let this shit go? Liz is going to be so mad at me for this. I don't keep anything from Liz. I have to tell her I did this. I'm not keeping it from her.
    "Hey My Love!"
    "Aw! No ride today?"
    "Wee! Thank you!"
    "I told Em the truth."
    "What? Why? Sean!"
    "She's not telling Devin."
    "Are you sure?"
    "How do you know?"
    "She knows I'll beat the shit out of him if he hits me."
    "Would you really?"
    "Yes. I will not stand there and let someone beat the shit out of me."
    "My Love?"
    "I'm mad at you."
    "I know."
    "Why did you tell her?"
    "Because of this…"
    "Aw! My ride is over?"
    "Yes. This is why I told her. Ready?"
    "Why did we have Mexican food for lunch?"
    "Because that's what we decided on."
    "I don't know."
    "Why don't you know?"
    "Okay, stop it now."
    "Come on! Just tell me why don't you know!"
    "Sean! Shut the fuck up!"
    "Wow! That's seriously how that went down?"
    "Damn! That was annoying as hell."
    "Sorry I told her."
    "Oh! I understand Love. I'm still annoyed."
    "But you are absolutely positive she won't tell him?"
    "Okay. Love you."
    "Love you too."
    "I'm still mad."
    "Is she mad at us?"
    "I don't think so. Chances are she won't even mention it. But you'll know if she's mad at you or not."
    "She'll tell you."
    "Straight out tell me?"
    "Wee! Thank you! We have to test this."
    "Hi Emily!"
    "You okay?"
    "Yeah. I'm good."
    "Sean told me."
    "I knew he would."
    "Are you mad?"
    "Don't lie."
    "I'm not! I am not mad. I still wanna steal yo ass from Sean and have my way with you."
    "You gonna tell him?"
    "Hell no! Sean will literally beat the fuck right out of Devin. The fuck will come out and splatter all over the floor. I only needed the truth. I'm good now."
    "Hold on! Flinch and Purple Head! Woo! Look at em! They're kissing!"
    "With tongue! Woo!"
    "Control your girls Sean!"
    "Me and Liz don't have no chill Flinch!"
    "Ah! Ha ha ha! They're kissing again!"
    "Ow! Ow! Owww!"
    "Are you two serious?"
    "Do you need to change Liz?"
    "Yeah, let me down. Let's go change and look at each other Emily."
    "I'm down!"
    "I'll be in class."
    "Sean and Lizzy are kissing!"
    "Only my mommy calls me Lizzy!"
    "Go change!"
    "How do you deal with that?"
    "I love her too much."
    "Em is right. No chill what so ever."
    "Trust me, I know."
    "Does Liz know no one is dancing tomorrow?"
    "Yeah. She's known since Tuesday."
    "Why the fuck is she working me so hard then?"
    "She wants you to do good."
    "Oh. At least dancing with Liz I know I'll be getting A's."
    "Yeah. Are you guys ready to dance tomorrow."
    "Yeah. We get shit down pretty fast when we just work our asses off."
    "Are you guys doing an older routine or the new one I saw last night?"
    "The new one."
    "So… How did it go last night?"
    "Oh! it was pretty good."
    "Pretty good? That's all?"
    "It's new to her… Why are you looking at me like that?"
    "You got a virgin and all you can say is, pretty good."
    "The pop was awesome."
    "There you go!"
    "I think I may have fucked up. I went all slow and told her to tell me when it hurt and I'd stop. But I didn't pull out. I just stopped. I think going slow like that made it hurt her more than it should have. I should of just got it over with."
    "You would've fucked up if you rammed it into her."
    "No! I wouldn't have done that! Instead of stopping like I did. I just should of kept going you know?"
    "Oh. It may have been worse. I don't know."
    "I think it was."
    "She'll be fine."
    "How many virgins have you had?"
    "Do you just ram it in?"
    "No. I actually just put it normal."
    "So you don't go slow?"
    "I always put it in slow."
    "Oh. She wants to have sex in my car."
    "Sounds like fun!"
    "Did you tell her car sex is uncomfortable?"
    "You guys might do it eventually."
    "You have sex with Liz in your truck?"
    "No. She likes to suck my dick when I drive though."
    "Has Regan sucked your dick in the car?"
    "No. I don't think it would really work because of my center console."
    "It doesn't go up?"
    "She might surprise you."
    "Maybe! Liz takes forever to change."
    "Probably putting her hair up."
    "Why does it take girls hours to put their hair in a ponytail or a bun thing?"
    "I have no idea!"
    "What the fuck? She didn't even change! What took you so long? You didn't even change?"
    "I left my effing clothes in the dryer this morning."
    "Did you check in the truck?"
    "Yeah. My bag wasn't in the back seat."
    "Took you that long to walk to Sean's truck?"
    "It's a secret!"
    "She was playing with herself Sean."
    "Probably. Em was with her."
    "Yeah! We had your three dildoes in the locker room pounding each other away."
    "All I heard was Sean has three dildoes."
    "I don't own one."
    "According to Liz, you have three."
    "I hate you guys right now."
    "Do you still love your dildoes?"
    "Your girlfriend does."
    "Not cool Sean."
    "I'm sorry. It just came out."
    "Don't say sorry to me. Say sorry to your three neglected dildoes. Liz and my girlfriend apparently give them more love."
    "Score one for Flinch!"
    "I basically walked right into that one."
    "Pretty much!"
    "It's okay My Love."
    "Yeah, yeah."
    "Are we dancing first Flinch?"
    "Doesn't matter to me. Ms. Cooper usually goes in order on her roll sheet."
    "Oh! Flinch!"
    "Don't drop your elbow."
    "Or stick your butt out."
    "Yeah! No poof butt."
    "For the most part, I got it."
    "You really do! I'm so proud of you, you have no idea."
    "Whoa! You okay?… Flinch?"
    "Hold on."
    "Uh… I'm… I'm good."
    "Are you sure? I can run out to your car if you need me to."
    "I'm fine. I... Didn't eat much at lunch."
    "Want Liz to run and get you something from the vending machine?"
    "Yeah. Something with sugar."
    "A Monster?"
    "No. That has too much caffeine. Get me a Snickers or something like that."
    "Okie dokie! I'll be right back."
    "Here... Put my keys in your pocket just in case."
    "Been a while since this happen here at school."
    "I'm supposed to eat with my pills and I hardly ate today. I'll be good as soon as I get some sugar in me… Oh fuck!"
    "My shot isn't in my car."
    "Where is it?"
    "In Reg's bag. In her locker, with her phone."
    "The principle has a master key."
    "Does he?"
    "Yes. I locked my key in my locker before and he opened it for me."
    "What's Regan's locker number?"
    "569… Okay, I texted it to myself. We're good."
    "You're all jittery right now."
    "I come with chocolate!"
    "Really Liz? Seven candy bars?"
    "And a bag of cookies!"
    "No chill Sean. None!"
    "So… Can I have those cookies if you don't want them?"
    "Thank you! Nom, nom, nom!"
    "Is she like this after school?"
    "Hey Flinch?"
    "Sean! Did you just shit your pants?!"
    "That was so loud and long! She blamed that shit on you! Oh shit that was funny. How… How does something so huge come out of you?"
    "This is what I live with."
    "Everyone is laughing at you!"
    "Smell it yet?"
    "Don't wave it at me! You need to find your girl's chill button Sean."
    "She doesn't have one. No more tacos Liz. That seriously sounded like you may have shit your pants."
    "My panties don't feel squishy."
    "I can honestly say Liz scared my P.D. attack away. Thank you for speckling your panties with shit."
    "No problem Flinch."
    "She's pretty good at cheering people up. Even if she has to shit her pants."
    "I still don't understand how that huge air biscuit come out of you."
    "They are always like that.
    "It was funny this morning. We were in bed and I farted. Sean, all calmly… Liz… You just farted on my dick."
    "That's fucking funny. Your girl has no shame or a chill button."
    "She's half chill in front of my mom."
    "I was loading the dishwasher the other night and I didn't notice her walk in and I farted real loud. She said something in Russian and walked out."
    "Probably called you a nasty ass."
    "Yes. Farts offend her for some reason."
    "Aw! Sad face!"
    "Did she talk to you after that?"
    "Yeah. Like an hour later."
    "You're fine."
    "Happy face!"
    "Okay guys! Sorry I'm late. Let's see these dances. Paper bag, Sean? Pick a couple to go first."
    "Ashley and Brandon."
    "Okay... Next?"
    "Jessica and Ross."
    "Hilary and Max."
    "Liz and James."
    "Sarah and Rodney."
    "Elisa and Mark."
    "Robyn and Ty."
    "Sophie and Dan."
    "And last?"
    "Lorie and Craig."
    "All right. Everyone's name is written on the board here. Have your music ready to go. There will be no vote this week. All of you know that James is headlining and competing in UHH again this year. Him and his trio crew, not the five-man crew will be performing tomorrow at the rally."
    "How cool!"
    "Him and his crew are extremely good."
    "I danced with them last night. Or at least I tried too."
    "You almost got the pop lock down."
    "I don't do stiff."
    "The only vote we are doing today is next weeks dance. This bag here. Show of hands, who wants the dance style today?… Okay! Sean? Pick the dance for everyone."
    "There's only one paper in here."
    "I know. What does it say?"
    "Yes! Thank you!"
    "I don't do hip hop!"
    "I don't do ballroom and you made me do it. My turn to be a dick to you."
    "I'll have your song choices on Monday. Again, it will be random. Ashley and Brandon, you're up. Bring me your music."
    "Hey Sean?"
    "Will Ms. Cooper mark me and Liz down if we use different music from what we pick?"
    "She might mark you guys down a whole grade."
    "I'm okay with a B if you got something good."
    "I actually do."
    "Okay. When do you wanna start?"
    "Maybe tomorrow night. I'll let you know. But when I get home from work I'll email you the music so you can check it out."
    "Sounds good. Brandon has poof butt."
    "And his elbow is down."
    "Missing steps everywhere! Wa, wa, waaaa!"
    "It didn't look too bad to me."
    "It was bad James."
    "Ms. Cooper is even shaking her head."
    "Thank you two. Before we move on. Sean?"
    "What is the one thing I am constantly saying to everyone?"
    "Strong frame and keep count."
    "Yes. Join me please. Gentleman, frame. Left elbow up and even with your shoulder. Chest out and back straight and your behind will not stick out. Same goes for the ladies. Keep your back straight and your behind in. C. Jessica and Ross, music please… Stop! Stay in frame. Show of hands and please be honest. Who else has a frame that looks like this?… Really? All of you? All right. Frame, everyone has an automatic B. You miss a step or lose count you get a C. Let me restart your music."
    "Ms. Cooper!"
    "Yes Elizabeth?"
    "Me and Flinch didn't have our hands up. Do we have a B too?"
    "From what I saw yesterday, James has the best frame in this room. Besides Sean. So, no. You two do not have a B. Yet!"
    "You two ready?"
    "Yes ma'am."
    "And there went the count."
    "They are going 1-2-3-4. Adding an extra step."
    "C. Hilary and Max. Music please."
    "We're next Flinch."
    "I know."
    "Don't drop your elbow on the turns. Your poof butt and your back are good."
    "I got this Liz."
    "Okay. I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with their frame."
    "She holding on to his bicep almost at his elbow."
    "Okay, I see it. At least they got the count down."
    "That's the only thing they got."
    "You two are tough critics! This is wrong, and that is wrong."
    "Would rather us tell you you're right when you not?"
    "No. I want to do it right. That's why I don't get mad when Sean or Ms. Cooper say something to me. I like the constructive criticism. Becky, not so much."
    "She listens to me."
    "The day you were all, boom ballerina bitch and walked out she started crying."
    "She shouldn't have been telling me I was wrong."
    "That was an epic exit. I couldn't stop laughing."
    "Sean liked it too."
    "B. You guys kept perfect time as usual. Work on your frame. Ask for help."
    "Okay. Thanks Ms. Cooper."
    "Elizabeth and James! Come on down!"
    "Thank you madam!"

     Best dance! James held his frame and kept his back straight like he's supposed too. His elbow! Almost fell during one of the last turns. But Liz is good at recoveries like I am. We know little tricks to prevent shit like a falling elbow. Liz felt his hand twist when the elbow started to lower. One of many things you have to pay attention to. Well… Not really. But me and Liz do. Anyway, when she felt James' hand twist, she twisted it back upright and made the elbow pop back up. Not sure if Ms. Cooper caught it or not. They were facing the opposite way. But she sometimes watches in the mirror when she can't see something. We'll find out.
    "Yay! He didn't poof his butt or drop his elbow! Go Flinch!"
    "You added two gold syllabus steps in that Waltz. Turning Lock Right and the Reverse Fallaway. Very nice choreography Elizabeth."
    "Thank you! Notice his butt?"
    "It was tucked under. You got the frame down too, and your elbow kept falling."
    "I seriously just got the elbow down last night."
    "Question James."
    "Did you feel when Elizabeth took lead?"
    "You saw nothing Ms. Cooper!"
    "If the elbow feel any more than it did I would have marked you guys down."
    "My elbow didn't fall."
    "It did James. Elizabeth corrected you before you even noticed."
    "How did I not notice her doing that?"
    "It's a small trick ballroom dancers learn."
    "I'll show you Flinch. Frame with me. Now, lower your elbow slowly until I say stop… Stop!"
    "My elbow isn't down."
    "It's below your shoulder."
    "Oh! My bad."
    "No! I corrected you. That's why Ms. Cooper asked if you felt me take lead. Look, pick up your elbow again."
    "Now, lower it slowly again, but watch what your hand does."
    "It's twists."
    "Exactly. Leave your elbow right there… Higher… Stop. Okay. When I felt your hand twist like this. I did this… Boop!"
    "Oh! That's a nifty little trick. I felt you grab my hand a little bit tighter but I thought you were adjusting yourself. Not me. That was cool."
    "All dancers who have been dancing for 10 plus years learn little tricks like this. I'm sure you and Sean have tons."
    "We actually do! The tricks make good recoveries. Good recoveries and quick! No one will ever know you messed up."
    "The elbow was quick and very seamless. A, you two."
    "Ms. Cooper?"
    "Yes Hilary?"
    "Well, Liz actually."
    "Can you do the hand thing one more time? I actually didn't see. But Max kind of fights with his elbow sometimes and I'd like to help him like you did Flinch."
    "I'll show you guys after class."
    "Will you?"
    "Yeah! I'll show anyone who wants to do it. But! You guys have to seriously fix your frames for that hand thing to work. I'm not trying to be a bitch. I been dancing for fourteen years. I know what needs to be done for something to work. Day one with Flinch. That hand thing would have never worked. Another thing! Once you get your frame solid, all other ballroom dances will be a breeze. Flinch is really good at keeping count. But his frame was shit."
    "It was poo poo! But it's pretty solid now and once it was he flew through the choreography."
    "I'll say it again. Ask for help if you need it. I'm here, Sean is here, and Elizabeth is here. We all have been dancing for over ten years and we know what we are doing and we are all willing to help. James is a perfect example. He's really the one who constantly asks for help in and outside of class. I would be on James as well about his frame. When he thought he got it, he would ask if it was."
    "I just want it to be right. I didn't think the frame was that big of a deal until Liz made me do it over and over until I got it. Plays a huge part in balance and we all know I got crap for balance sometimes."
    "One strong frame is enough. The first two days I pretty much carried you across the floor. Remember how you said I was pushing and pulling you?"
    "Yeah. leading me."
    "Mmm hmm. When we got your frame down, what did it feel like I was doing? Think about it for a second."
    "Uh… You were moving with me. Not pushing and pulling me."
    "That's because you were leading Elizabeth."
    "I felt the push and pull. I was such a bitch to you about that elbow for a reason. In most ballroom dances, the male leads the female with his left arm. Elbow up and even with your shoulder and the female has a straight arm like this. Strong arm. Meaning don't bend your elbow when you grab his hand. If you're tall like I am, turn your body like this. Bring your arm in and boom! Solid. See? Straight solid arm grab his left hand and he pushes or pulls it."
    "I hope every one of you listened to every word Elizabeth just said. Every single word that came out of her mouth is Ballroom 101. Basics you guys! The first two weeks we all went over this. Do we need to take a week and go over it again? Because It feels like a few of you are only here to pass time at this point. If that's the case please leave and go sign up for study hall."
    "Maybe homework over the weekend. Have everyone work on their frame. You can work on it alone. Flinch did. Then on Monday before we get our music why doesn't everyone do their Waltz again and see if the frames are any better. If not… Basics week."
    "That sounds like a good idea. Homework over the weekend then I'll decide if we need to take a week. It'll be three groups, three couples. Sean will be in charge of one, myself will be in charge of one, and Elizabeth will be in charge of one. You two don't worry about the homework. You guys did very good today. If we do basic week will you and James be able to work outside of class?"
    "Hip Hop routine I assigned."
    "Oh! Yeah. Giving me double duty!"
    "I'm sure you can handle it Elizabeth."
    "Yeah. Flinch can't though."
    "James is a ten time gold medalist in UHH and he's ranked number one in the state for his dancing. He can handle it."
    "That's not including the six gold's I got in UHH International."
    "Teach me hip hop so I can take your gold medals!"
    "Hell no! I'll teach you silver medal crap."
    "Sad face!"
    "Anyway! Sarah and Rodney, you guys are up."

    Basic week? Does not sound like fun.


    How many times am I going to get hurt in PE? I know I'm not clumsy or anything like that. So what the hell? It's softball today. I tripped over first and twisted my ankle a little bit. It's not broke or sprang and I can walk on it just fine. It just hurts a little bit. That's all! I still got sent to the nurse. And I would've made it if this kid didn't plow into me on his way out of the main office. Flat on my back! Head hit the floor! Now I have a headache! Hooray!
    "Ow man!"
    "Oh shit! Here… Are you okay?"
    "Yeah. Just a mean headache now. I'll be fine. Thanks."
    "Regan. I have a boyfriend."
    "I have a boyfriend."
    "I didn't ask if you were single. I only introduced myself."
    "Okay. I gotta go. Excuse me."
    "Hey, why are you running off? I knocked you down and help you up. I don't think I did anything wrong."
    "Nurse's office. You helped me up. Your Gianni, I'm Regan. There's nothing else we need to talk to each other about."
    "Wow! You're kind of a fuckin' bitch. Here, let me take that help up back."
    "Hey! Why did you push me down like that?"
    "I don't like to help bitches out. Move."

     He kicked my legs out of his way as he walked away. I didn't even bother getting up. I scooted to the vending machines and just sat there and cried like a baby. I saw shoes walking by then they stopped and turn to me. They came over to me and stopped. He kneeled down. I recognized his voice. Jacob. The T.V kid.
    "What's wrong?"
    "Stop lyin'. What's wrong?"
    "I got called a bitch by a boy then he pushed me to the floor. He ran into me on my way to the nurse and I fell. He helped me up and then introduced himself. James told me about him so I was like, I have a boyfriend I have to go. He asked why I was running off. I told him again, the nurse's office. You helped me up, you introduced yourself, I told you my name, there's nothing else to say. Then he called me a fucking bitch and pushed me back down and said move and kick my legs out of his way."
    "Where did he go?"
    "I don't know. I crawled right here and started crying."
    "Are you hurt?"
    "Just my head from when he hit me coming out of the office. I landed flat on my back and my head hit the floor."
    "Let me see."
    "Ow! Why did you... Do that for?"
    "Hey, hey, hey! Don't cry. I'm sorry. I barely touched your head Reg. You have a massive bump. Come on, let's get you off the floor. There's a seat right here."
    "You just picked me up and sat me here… Thank you."
    "You're welcome. You want a water or something sweet from one of these machines?"
    "A water please."
    "Thanks Jacob."
    "Mmm hmm. Why were you goin' to the nurse?"
    "Softball day. I tripped over first base and twisted my ankle. It's perfectly fine. Not broke. Not sprang. Only hurts a little bit when I walk. I told the teacher that and she sent me anyway."
    "I think they have to no matter what."
    "Yeah. Just in case I guess. I don't know."
    "Hi Puppet Boy and Melis… Purple Head? What's wrong!? What did you do to Purple Head?!"
    "Not a damn thing! I found her curled up in the corner by the vending machine cryin'. I picked her up off the floor and sat her right here and bought her a water. Fuck you!"
    "What happen Purple Head?"
    "A boy called me a fucking bitch and pushed me to the floor, then kicked my legs out of his way."
    "She said she was goin' to the nurse and some kid named Gianni was comin' out of the main office and hit her and she fell on accident and she hit her head. She has a massive bump on the back of her head Liz. Massive!"
    "He helped me up and introduced himself. I remember what James and Cole told me. Cole told you too. About Emily."
    "Yeah, I remember."
    "Yeah, so I didn't want to talk to him at all because of the things I know about him. So I was like, I'm Regan, I gotta go. He asked why I was running off. I told him, you helped me up, you're Gianni, I'm Regan, there's nothing else to talk about. Then he called me a fucking bitch and said, here! Let me take that help up back from you and pushed me to the floor and was like, move! And that's when he kicked my legs. Did I say or do something wrong? All I did was act like I was in a hurry. Maybe I was a tad rude. But you don't push girls. That's mean."
    "I don't think you did anything wrong Purple Head. Are you hurt from being pushed down and kicked?"
    "Her feelings are."
    "Yeah. My feelings are for sure. Look at me! I can't stop crying."
    "You'll be good in a few hours."
    "Aw! Puppet Boy hugged you."
    "I put my arm around her and gave her shoulder a squeeze. I didn't hug her."
    "It helped though!"
    "Fucking Gianni."
    "I don't know this guy."
    "He hit Emily with his car and broke her arm. He basically got out of his car and was all, watch where you're going blah, blah, blah!"
    "The fuck?"
    "The fight Cole told us about Liz, with Hailey and Rebecca. The one James broke up. That fight was because of Gianni. Him and Rebecca were messing around and Hailey saw them and she told James. James asked Rebecca about it and he told her Hailey saw you guys. That's how that fight started. Rebecca got in Hailey's face and James broke it up."
    "You don't mess with another guy's girl! You just don't fuckin' do it. I don't like this guy. Fuckin' douche."
    "Me either. Especially after this! Calling you a bitch and shoving you to the ground and then kicking you! That's just bullshit right there."
    "No dude should lay a hand on a girl no matter what. The girl pisses you off, you walk the fuck away. Don't hit her. We are bigger than you guys. Put your hands on a women, that makes you nothin' but a straight piece of shit."
    "Jacob is gonna kick Gianni's ass Purple Head."
    "If I knew what he looked like, I'd find his ass and pound the fuck out of his face. Not even jokin'."
    "Ask Melissa."
    "Hell naw! She'll ask me why and when I tell her she'll be like, Babe, don't hurt him. Use your words."
    "Yeah! Then I'd have to find this fuckin' guy and be like, excuse me sir! That was unkind of you to push the nice girl with the purple hair to floor."
    "Purple Head is laughing! We fixed her!"
    "That was super funny! That was unkind of you! You're really cool Jacob."
    "I'm a nice guy… Don't give me that fuckin' look Liz… Okay! I'm only nice to girls! Better?"
    "That's okay Jacob. You treat girls good. That matters a lot to some girls. It mattered to me when you pick me up off the floor and sat me here. He got beside me and scooped me up off the floor. That was really nice of you."
    "Purple Head likes you."
    "Not in that kind of way!"
    "I know! I'm just teasing you. Jacob has a mad crush on me."
    "I won't lie. You're fuckin' hot."
    "I'm your cousin!"
    "Not yet you fuckin' ain't. I still got time before it's weird."
    "The principle is my uncle and he's engaged to Liz's mom. When they get married, we become cousins."
    "Only by marriage."
    "It'll still be weird Purple Head."
    "Crap! Class is out. I was supposed to take this to Jim and have him sign it and take it back to Ms. Cooper. Meh!"
    "Does it look like I been crying?"
    "Yeah. Your eyes are all red and your makeup is running. Wanna come with me and then we can go to the bathroom and I'll fix you up?"
    "There's my girl! Lates!"
    "Bye Puppet Boy."
    "Fuck you!"
    "Jacob is really nice."
    "Yeah. Tough outer shell, but he is sweet. You okay?"
    "I have a headache. See if my bump is massive like he said."
    "Ow Liz!"
    "Oh! Don't cry!"
    "It hurts. Is it massive?"

    I think Liz made it hurt even more! Ow!

    "Ms. Cooper was wondering where the hell you…"
    "I'll let you two talk. I still need to take this paper to Jim."
    "Sean is still in the dance room waiting for you."
    "Why are you crying?"
    "I met Gianni."
    "What did he do to you?"
    "I hurt my ankle in PE. Not broke or anything. It's fine. But I was sent to the nurse anyway. He was coming out of the main office and run into me and I fell and hit my head on the floor and I got a massive bump now. Look... Ow!"
    "Oh!… I'm so fucking sorry Reg. I didn't even touch it. I only moved your hair a little. Don't cry. I'm sorry."
    "It hurts. But anyway. He helped me up said sorry and all that, then introduced himself. All I said was, I'm Regan, I have a boyfriend. Then he was like, I didn't ask if you had one I only introduced myself. Then I said I gotta go, and he put his arm up like this and I bumped it, and he asked why I was running off. From what you and Cole told me, I don't want anything to do with him."
    "Then I said, you helped me up, I'm Regan, you're Gianni, there's nothing else to talk about. I have to go see the nurse. Then he called me a fucking bitch, and said, here, let me take that help up back and shoved me to the floor and told me to move, and he kicked my legs out of his way. I scooted over here in the corner by the machines and just cried. Then Jacob happen to be walking by and found me. He got down beside me and scooped me up off the floor and sat me here and bought me this water. He stayed with me pretty much until you came."
    "The dance room is right there Reg. Why didn't you come to me?"
    "I didn't want to get in trouble. So I stayed here."
    "Reg… Ms. Cooper is the coolest teacher here. If you just walk in and sit down, she won't care at all. You can come in and watch whenever you want."
    "Yeah. Why didn't you go see your dad?"
    "I'm not the type of person who snitches."
    "Jacob really stayed with you the whole time?"
    "Yeah. I didn't ask him to. I guess he was making sure I was really okay. Then Liz showed up. She thought I was Melissa for a second. They both wanna beat him up. Jacob doesn't like anyone who puts their hands on a girl. Jacob was like, if I knew what he looked like I go find him right now. And Liz told him to ask Melissa. And he said, hell naw! She'll make me use my words!"
    "That's straight Mills right there."
    "He had me laughing so hard. He said he would have to find the kid and be like, excuse me sir! That was unkind of you to push the nice girl to the floor. He said it in that stupid voice and everything. I made me laugh, and I felt better. But my feelings are hurt. A lot too."
    "Come here… No more crying... Hey! Come here!"
    "What's goin' on?"
    "Thanks for staying with her and making sure she was okay."
    "No problem. Let me know if you need help with that issue though."
    "The guy put his hands on her and shoved her to the floor then kicked her Melissa. That shit ain't right. If he wants back up he's gonna fuckin' get it."
    "Wait! What? Who shoved her to the ground and kicked her?"
    "Geoffrey… Right?"
    "There you go. That guy."
    "Gianni shoved you!? And then kicked you!?"
    "She has the massive lump on her head to prove it too."
    "You poor thing! Yeah! Do whatever Babe. Have fun."
    "Yeah! Fuck Gianni! He hit Emily with his car and broke her arm and then had the nerve to say it was her fault she got hit. Then there's Becky! She is so damn stupid for messing around with him after he dumped her ass on the side of the road drunk at one in the morning in Monterey! Wow!"
    "I remember that! I went and picked her up. She didn't want me to take her to Em's or home, so I took her to my house and put her in the spare room. The next morning she comes in my room screaming at me asking me what the fuck I did to her the night before. I told her to call Em and to get the fuck out and she fucking called Gianni to pick her up."
    "Em told about that. But yeah Babe. Have fun."
    "She's giving me permission to fuck a dude up."
    "I better get something nice in return."
    "Whatever you want."
    "Nothin' fuckin' gay woman!"
    "No! It'll just be me and you."
    "Right now?"
    "At home."
    "Let's go then... Seriously, you want help you let me know."
    "Yeah. Thanks again."
    "Yup. Hang on to that one."
    "I am."
    "You don't seem mad."
    "I'm very mad Reg."
    "What are you going to do?"
    "What do you want me to do?"
    "I don't want you to do anything that will make your P.D. go crazy. Cole told me about the time him and Sean had to carry you to the office."
    "Yeah. I get real nervous, scared, or pissed, it really fucks with me."
    "So you can't fight?"
    "I been in a fight. It's after it's done and over with when it hits me. Not during."
    "I don't really ever want to see you like that. I understand I will eventually and I'm okay with that. I'm not okay with you doing it to yourself."
    "You want me to do nothing?"
    "Are you okay with that?"
    "No. But if you don't want me to do anything I won't."
    "You're welcome. If he pulls some shit again, I am doing something about it."
    "Okay… I love you."
    "I love you too. Let's go get your stuff and get you home."
    "All right."
    "Oh! You need to put that shot back in my car."
    "I did this morning."
    "Did you really?"
    "Yeah. I didn't want it in my bag in case something happen."
    "You're awesome. You know that?"
    "Why do you have six candy bars?"
    "I wasn't feeling good and I thought my shot was still in your bag. Sean had Liz go get me a Snickers, and she came back with seven candy bars and a bag of cookies."
    "Where are the cookies!?"
    "She ate them."
    "Then farted so loud and bubbly I swear she shit her pants."
    "How loud?"
    "Everyone was talking, then got all silent and just stared at her. It was seriously a wall rumbling one, and it lasted like a good thirty seconds. Then she blamed Sean."
    "That's super funny."
    "She has no chill I swear."
    "She's funny."


     Sean doesn't want to work on our Paso at all. He's so afraid he's gonna kill me because of this crazy drag I have in it. He needs to stop being a baby and just do it. Sissy. We worked on our Viennese Waltz! It's my turn to work on my dance! Hours and hours of begging he finally gave in. Paso time!
    "Oh my god…"
    "What's wrong Love?"
    "Stop laughing at me."
    "But what's wrong?"
    "I've never been this fucking tired from a Paso. This sucks."
    "I knew it was going to be insane… But fuck Liz."
    "Not having fun anymore?"
    "I stopped having fun an hour ago."
    "Come on, let's do this section one more time. You're still like one count off somehow."
    "No crying Love. You wanted to do the Classics. I told you to be ready to work until you puke."
    "I might puke right now."
    "One more time and then we can stop and work on your Viennese Waltz some more if you want. We have to hit this step at the same time after these spins right here. You're off by one."
    "Fine. Where do you want to start from?"
    "Let's just start from the beginning."
    "Oh! Your speakers beeped!"
    "Thank you god!"
    "I need to use your truck."
    "Delivering couches to this lady who bought them from Hayden."
    "You can't use Scott's?"
    "Scott is at his parent's house. Someone bought that Mustang, and he went out there to get his money. He doesn't like taking his Chevy out there because of that long dirt road. I only need it for maybe an hour. I'll leave you my keys in case you need to go somewhere."
    "All right. Do you need help?"
    "No. Jacob is going with me. I think we can do it."
    "Hey! Stop trying to get out of this Paso!"
    "You guys are working on a Paso right now?"
    "I am. Sean's crying."
    "Look how sweaty I am right now!"
    "I'm just as sweaty Sean!"
    "You're trying to kill me!"
    "I am not!"
    "Fuck you!"
    "How many Paso's have me and you done Ivan? Stop crying and just do it."
    "Here... Look at Liz's choreography. This section right here. Fucking look at it."
    "Holy crap!"
    "Yeah! I'm crying for a reason."
    "This is insane! I don't even think mom and dad have done anything like this."
    "Their hardest Tango is nowhere near this fucking thing."
    "We haven't even started on the part you're showing Rye and you're already crying."
    "This Paso has no pauses. I'm tired."
    "No… There's this tiny pause right here Ivan."
    "That's what we're working on right now."
    "Sean is somehow one count off. He's not hitting this step right here… Bam! On time."
    "I don't even think I can. These?"
    "Yeah. The spins, then bam."
    "1-2-3-4… Only 4 counts?"
    "8. The section starts here."
    "Oh! 5-6-7-Pow!"
    "Let me try. I'll do Ivan's part."
    "Tempo Rye! Look at the fucking tempo."
    "Oh my god!"
    "It's a fast Paso."
    "Holy crap! Can you really spin this fast?"
    "Liz can do 75 pirouettes in one spin, barefoot."
    "Stop lying."
    "…Show Rye."
    "Okie dokie. My feet are sweaty, I bet I get more than 75 right now."
    "Watch… Count"
    "Holy fuck!"
    "Told you. Sweaty feet got you 77 that time."
    "Happy face!"
    "She beat the little girl’s record... And the adult one."
    "They both had tap shoes on. I'm doing it barefoot."
    "Those legs are so strong to be able to do that many in one spin."
    "How many can you do?"
    "It's been so long, I don't even remember."
    "Do it!"
    "I need different shoes… Hold on."
    "Okay… I don't even know if I can spin and not get dizzy anymore."
    "We're about to find out."
    "Ha! 17!"
    "I got dizzy and had to put my foot down. I don't have my dancer head anymore."
    "Sean can do more than you."
    "How many?"
    "29… With shoes!"
    "I can't do it barefoot. Show Rye your en pointe. What you did at school. When you when up on just one foot and over."
    "I need to dry my feet first… Okay, here we go…"
    "Oh… Perfect bow on your feet!"
    "This is what Sean was talking about..."
    "And over... Tada!"
    "Did you do gymnastics at all?"
    "None. I can do just about everything they can though. Head cheerleader, dance queen. That's me."
    "Has mom seen her en pointe?"
    "I don't think so."
    "She hasn't. Why?"
    "Ballet is our mom's main thing. En pointe."
    "I think she might be better than mom."
    "Mmm… Mom isn't as flexible anymore. But if you watch some of her old videos, the ones before I was born. She was just as bendy. She's still real good though! She can stay on her toes forever."
    "So can Liz."
    "No. I can stay on them maybe a good thirty minutes."
    "Our mom can on them as long as she wants. Forty-four and she still has it."
    "Your mommy is only forty-four?"
    "How old are you Rye?"
    "Just turned?"
    "I'll be twenty-four on August 10th."
    "Your birthday is right after Sean's."
    "How tall are you?"
    "Like 1.68 meters."
    "Why don't you guys just say it? Why say meters?"
    "We say our weight different too. We don't say pounds like you."
    "You guys say kilograms?"
    "No. It's just where we're from."
    "Are you still gonna do this section with me?"
    "Oh yeah! I don't think I can do it, but it no hurt to try."
    "No hurt to try?"
    "Don't hurt to try?"
    "But it won't hurt to try."
    "Won't hurt to try."

     Rye couldn't even keep up with the tempo. We did this section about six times and she finally got it and messed up the end part just like Sean. She wanted to keep trying, but Hayden called. She actually forgot she only came home to borrow Sean's truck.

    "Fuck!… I am counting right! I fucking know I am. You have to be off Liz, not me."
    "This is my Paso Sean! I know I'm not the one who is off here."
    "Slow down the tempo so I can see what's going on. I'm starting to get fucking pissed now."
    "Okay! We'll go slower."
    "…Stop! Look at your position on 7."
    "This is 8 Sean. Not 7."
    "No, it's not. I'm counting from 4 just like you told me. This is 7, not 8."
    "From here Sean! 4-5-6-7… Wait, give me my book."
    "You have 9 counts! Right fucking there!"
    "No! 4 is here."
    "I know where 4 is! Look! 4-5-6… You didn't mark this step on your side. Look at my steps. Turn the page. See! 9! That's why I'm off by one and you're not."
    "Turn back. Fuck! I didn't want a 9 count here. I have it here!"
    "Take out one of the spins on my side. Because you are not counting one anyway."
    "There! Unmarked. Normal tempo, let's go."
    "I'm sorry Love! You were right, and I was wrong!"
    "Fuck you Sean... Let's try it now."
    "…Bam! What Liz?! I told you I wasn't off!"
    "Huh?!... I'm sorry Love..."
    "Yeah, yeah! I'm sorry. You were right."
    "Oh! I'm done with this Paso now."
    "One more time!"
    "Fuck... You."
    "Sad face!"
    "No crying… What's so funny?"
    "We're always a hairline away from ripping each other's faces off."
    "I can already feel the gray hairs popping out of my head because of you."
    "But… I love you."
    "…I love you too."
    "Wait! What's the evil look for Sean?!"
    "You will know when we work on my Viennese Waltz Liz."
    "Ah fuck!"
    "No crying."
    "Fuck you."

    When I give him a hard time during a dance, he get's me back! Like 100x worse too! Plus side to us fighting right now? The sex is going to be awesome tonight!


     Homework is all done! Lasagna is in the oven like dad asked. He did call three times already. This time, we figured out the ringer on the phone and it was on and I answered. He said he is going to be about thirty minutes late. Something about him needed to pick something up for me. But, he won't tell me what it is! I did talk to him for a few minutes. He didn't seem mad anymore. I don't know. I didn't really ask him if he was or not. I really wanted to go through Melissa's notebook! I dug in my bag… Not there… Texted James to check his car… Not there either! I left it in my locker at school. I decided to get online and look into this Sound Cloud thing some more. I think I want it. I have the money for it. But I'm thinking I'm just going to go with the free account first and see what it's like. I'm sure Cole can help me. So I went ahead and made an account. The free one. For now. I added the song I wrote for my mom. I'll check it a little later and see how many people listened to it. Right now I'm going to get my things ready to go to James' house. Just in case my dad says yes. I'll have everything together and ready to go. I took an Ibuprofen that James got me for my knee. My head is feeling much better! Dinner is still cooking, the house is picked up. Now! I want to work on my dad's song. He loves and hates it. I want to do something else to it. Make bigger and clearer. The video is just a crappy cell phone video with bad sound. So I am going to fix that! It's still going to be the piano but I want more. James said I can use anything I want in his folders and I found a perfect one. I found a simple bass line. It's not heavy at all, but it's kind of fast. But that's okay! I can fix that. I can make the bass line a tad bit slower. If that doesn't sound good I'll just speed up my stuff. Either way, I got this! I also listened to his folder with his full tracks. No vocals on them, just instrumentals. I found one I love! I'm totally using it for my song I been writing for him. That is if he lets me. He might want it for something. I hope he lets me. I never really done a hip hop song. It should be interesting. Or plain crap! Good news! I finished my dad's song! I slowed down the bass line and it wasn't hitting with what I wanted it to. No matter where I moved the track to. So! I speeded up my music to .5 and it freaking worked! Now my video is a big pretty song! Check on dinner… Ten minutes left. Now I am bored again! Might as well sit here and play some Bubble Witch.
    "Can you please give me the fucking bubble I need?"
    "Watch your mouth."
    "Hey dad! Where's your car?"
    "I parked on the street just in case you were doing something on your piano."
    "What are you playing?"
    "Bubble Witch."
    "Is this the game you cuss at all night?"
    "Yeah. It never wants to give me the color bubble I need. Look! One bubble left and I need one more star. Two blues there, two reds there, two purples there. I got a freaking yellow bubble!"
    "There's two yellows right there."
    "I know. But look, see the five stars up here?"
    "I need to uncover one more. Up here, 5 out of 6 stars."
    "Screw it. You try! I have to get dinner out of the oven."
    "No idea how to play these games Regan."
    "All you do is match the bubbles. Three of the same color to make them pop. It's pretty sim… What's that?"
    "Your laptop for your music."
    "It's purple!"
    "Yeah. Here, I'll get this out of the oven."
    "Thank you dad."
    "You're welcome."
    "Wait… This is the wrong one! This one isn't like James'."
    "No. But Mr. Larson is the one who told me to get that model. Look at the specs on the box."
    "Whoa! This is like twice as much space and stuff I need."
    "Yeah. He said, it’s a bit overkill but ideal for what you guys do."
    "Is this what you needed to talk to him about yesterday? I asked him and he said I had to wait until today."
    "Who's that one for?"
    "That one belongs to Mr. Larson."
    "He asked you to get him one too?"
    "No. He's been saving a while for it. Just a nice gesture. Me showing him I appreciate him making sure you get to school on time and all that. He follows my honesty rule as well. Regardless of the consequences. I like that."
    "You remembered I said his favorite color is burgundy."
    "I remember you say Regan. Just like the latex free condoms in the bag on the desk."
    "Really dad! That's gonna make him uncomfortable."
    "He knows it'll give me piece of mind. He'll be uncomfortable, but he will take them please me. Come over here and eat. You can play with your computer when you're done."
    "My homework is on your desk."
    "Yep. Even math. I actually do my math at school. Liz has been helping me. She showed me how to break down each problem and make it simple. Long! But it helps."
    "All you need to do. Break it down to make it so you understand."
    "Yeah! She told me… No! She showed me! I actually have the paper still. But what she did was… Fork please?… Thank you. She wrote down three problems and told me to solve them. I got them wrong. So I erased my work and stuff then she showed me how to do them. She did the first problem for me so I could see how she broke it down and stuff, then had me do the other two. I got them right! You and Liz are good teachers."
    "I hope you thanked her."
    "Duh! I have manners dad."
    "What exactly is your issue in math?"
    "Uh… I can't multiply big numbers or divide them. Fractions are plain stupid, and so are powers. Like three to the fourth power."
    "How did you figure that out?!"
    "That's all it is?!"
    "Yes. Okay... How many fourths make a whole?"
    "Fourths. One on top, four on the bottom."
    "Oh! I have no idea."
    "Okay… Think of money. 25cents is a quarter right?"
    "A quarter in fractions is one-fourth. Okay?"
    "How many quarters make a dollar?"
    "Now how many fourths make a whole?"
    "Yes. Four-fourths make a whole. Simple way to add wholes with fractions. The top number has to match the bottom. Okay?"
    "Mmm hmm."
    "How many halfs make a whole?"
    "Yes. Simple right?"
    "Yeah. But I'm talking about the fractions that are like 2/9 x 3/4. That's hard."
    "Those, I can't do off the top of my head. But the answer is 6/36. Then you reduce that down and you get… 1/6."
    "How did you figure it out?"
    "Broke it down. Multiply the top numbers. Which is 6. Then the bottom, which is 36. Then I reduced like this… Look how I did it on this napkin.
    "Okay! Also! The problems where you have to find X or Y. I hate those."
    "No idea!"
    "1 minus what equals 1?"
    "Yes. X=2."
    "Oh! Dad?"
    "Anything exciting happen in PE today?"
    "I tripped over first base and twisted my ankle. Not broke. Not sprang! Just hurt a little bit and still got sent to the nurse."
    "It's policy. They have to send you if you get hurt. Even a little bit."
    "How about you tell me about you and Mr. Moretti outside the main office."
    "Me and Mr. Who?"
    "…Gianni Moretti."
    "Oh! And how do you know about that?"
    "Elizabeth was telling Mr. Lebedinsky what happen and Samantha overheard."
    "All she heard was you got pushed to the floor and then kicked and you were crying. What happen?"
    "He called me a… Free pass on cussing because I’m telling you what happened!"
    "He called me a fucking bitch and pushed me down and kicked my legs out of his way."
    "What did you do to make him do this?"
    "Tell me what the hell happen."
    "I don't snitch dad."
    "We're home having a conversation. This is not school. I want to know what all happen. That's all."
    "Okay! First, Cole and James told me a few things about this guy. He's the reason why James and his ex broke up. Rebecca, the girl who got pushed down her front steps. Broken leg."
    "Anyway, I don't want anything to do with this guy at all. He's a jerk. But um… I was on my way to the nurse and he was coming out of the main office and he ran into me. I fell back and hit my head. Massive bump to prove it. That was on accident. He helped me up and stuff and then he introduced himself. I said, I'm Regan, I have a boyfriend. Then he was like, I didn't ask if you had one, I only introduced myself. Then I said I gotta go and went to walk around him and he put his arm up like this and asked why I was running off. I said, I have to go see the nurse. I fell, you helped me, you're Gianni, I'm Regan, there's nothing else to say. Then he called me a fucking bitch and said, let me take that help up back and he shoved me to the floor and said move and kicked my legs out of his way. I scooted to the corner and cried like a baby until Jacob found me. He scooped me up off the floor and sat me on the bench and bought me a water and stayed with me until class was out."
    "Are you hurt at all from him pushing you down and kicking you?"
    "Only my feelings. I'll live. You want some more?"
    "I'm putting the rest in the fridganator."
    "Am I saying it wrong?"
    "…You're joking? Right?"
    "Fridganator… Wow."
    "Grandma told me you used to call it that until you were ten! Splurgetti and fridganator!"
    "I'm glad I can amuse you Ms. Raked Tatos."
    "I love raked tatos."
    "I know you love baked potatoes."
    "But I love you more!"
    "Damn it Regan!"
    "Aw! You don't like slobber cheek kisses?"
    "That wasn't a kiss at all. You just licked my face. Pretty gross."
    "There! Better?"
    "Much better."
    "It's your turn to do the dishes. I'm going next door to get my program to install on my computer."
    "All right."
    "Oh! I sat the key right here. Did you see it?"
    "That's your key. I got the other one today. Also, Amanda wanted to know if it was you who finished packing her kitchen."
    "If she's happy, yes. If she's not, no."
    "She said you did a wonderful job wrapping each plate and bowl so nothing got broke and said to give you this."
    "Ten bucks! Woo! And thank you for the cute key."
    "She also said to make sure you got the flower key."
    "She's so nice."
    "She's very nice."
    "Okay, I'm going next door now. Those dishes better be done Mister!"
    "Yes ma'am!"
    "Oh! You remember Cole is coming by right?"
    "I remember."
    "Um… So… How is James getting his computer?"
    "I plan on giving it to him when he picks you up later."
    "You're letting me stay!"
    "Yes. Do not tell him about it Regan. This is my gesture. Not yours."
    "Not a word! Now do the dishes."
    "What does it look like I am doing?"
    "Talking to me."

(Click the computer for Sims goodies!)

     That was a super yummy dinner and an awesome chat with my dad. He's pretty easy to talk to. I like that. I love my new computer! And it was super cool of my dad to get James one too. My dad said he's been saving a while. So, I hope he won't be upset that my dad got it for him. I texted Cole. He said he'd be over as soon as he's done eating with his mom and dad. Take a picture of my cool computer! And text!
    "Looky James!"
    "Very nice. And it's purple."
    "Are you busy right now?"
    "No. Just walking into the back to take my break. I was going to text you but you beat me to it."
    "Will you help me with my computer later? Installing that program and stuff? Please?"
    "Yeah. At my house?"
    "He's letting you stay?"
    "Nice. You do know I'll have company right?"
    "Yeah. I won't bug you guys. I'll hang out with Opie and just watch."
    "Is Cole going over there?"
    "Yeah. We are almost done with this song."
    "Have him drop you off here on his way home."
    "You can't come get me?"
    "I can if you want me to. I thought it would be easier if he dropped you off is all."
    "I want you to come get me."
    "Then I'll go get you. Just call or text when he leaves and I'll go over there."
    "I get to sleep in a super cozy bed tonight!"
    "More happy about my bed than me. That's fucked up."
    "Cozy bed next to you!"
    "Better. What are you doing?"
    "Texting you."
    "Besides texting me."
    "Waiting for these updates to finish on my computer. I booted it up and a whole bunch started going."
    "What all came with the computer?"
    "Windows disk, Norton's anti-virus disk, and a code for a OneDrive account."
    "You need to put that anti-virus on your computer before you start playing around on the internet."
    "Can you do it for me?"
    "Thanks. Send me a picture of you."
    "Do I get one of you?"
    "Okay… Hold on."
    "You're so hot when you smile."
    "Now you."
    "Hold on."

     My dad is upstairs on the phone. Shirt and bra up! And send!

    "I'm at work! Why would you do that?"
    "Aw! I thought you loved the ladies. I'm sorry."
    "No, no! I do love the ladies, but not the hard on at work."
    "You want to play with them later?"
    "More than just play with them."
    "What do you want to do with them?"
    "Something different."
    "Like what?"
    "You have to wait and see."
    "How are feeling?"
    "My head or my thing?"
    "Mmm… Better I guess. I took an Ibuprofen for my head and I guess it helped out the lower lady too."
    "The lower lady?"
    "I know what you meant. How’s the bump? Smaller? Bigger?"
    "I'm afraid to touch it. But I promise I'll live."
    "I hope so. You're too pretty to die from a bump."
    "I have to get back to work. Call or text me when Cole leaves okay?"
    "I will."
    "Love you."
    "I love you too. Muah!"
    "*ass grab*"
    "Go back to work you goober."
    "I'll see you in a few. Bye."

     By the time Cole showed up, it was after nine. He knows my dad likes to be in bed by ten. I also wanted to be at James' house by ten. This really gives us no time to really work on this. If we really need to, we can work on it some more tomorrow. But my dad said he wanted to start moving some things next door tomorrow night to get a head start. Amanda said she'd hang around for my bed and stuff since it should be here tomorrow. My dad went next door and moved all my stuff out of my room to his just so it's out of the way. And! My computer is still doing updates. When are they going to stop? I want to play on it!
    "Crunch time Cole! No talk, just sing."
    "This here. Will either make you hate me or love me."
    "It's your flash drive. Why would I hate you?"
    "I finished our song."
    "Oh! I don't hate you for that."
    "Load it up. It's saved as a project file so all the lines are where they should be. Nice laptop by the way."
    "Thanks. James said it's ideal for this program and all the stuff I do."
    "Doing all this shit take up a lot of space. Is that one the model with the 1T hard drive?"
    "Nice. This file won't take ages to load on your laptop like it does on his. This laptop is good and runs this program just fine. But it takes forever! Not enough RAM to boot it fast."
    "James' new laptop is under the desk right there."
    "You bought him one too? That's like a $4,000 laptop."
    "Nice gesture is all. Don't tell him about it. It's a surprise."
    "Not a word. Must be ballin' to be about to spend eight grand in a day."
    "You have money. Eight grand in one day is a lot."
    "Oh. Me and my dad are comfortable."
    "How much is you allowance a week? If you get one."
    "A fucking week?!"
    "Comfortable? You're straight ballin'. Don't lie."
    "Have you heard of BeauSoleil?"
    "Like that wine?"
    "What about it?"
    "My grandma… My dad's mom, is Olivia BeauSoleil."
    "Are you fucking with me?"
    "Nope. Google her. You'll see a picture of my dad with her."
    "Net worth… 2.6 billion. Uh… Are you serious?"
    "That's only an estimate. I've seen my grandma's bank records. It's close to 4.7 now."
    "Why does your dad work at a high school with this kind of money?"
    "He loves what he does. And he doesn't want to sit at home all day. Same with my grandma. She works too. Please don't like me for my money or tell anyone. I don't want friends for the wrong reason."
    "I understand. People hit Sean up all the time for money. It pisses him off."
    "He's rich?"
    "Only in the millions. But all the fundraisers leadership does at school… Help raise money for blah, blah, blah! They all go to him and ask for some sort of donation. He hates it."
    "I would too."
    "I wish I could buy whatever I want like you guys."
    "I don't buy what I want. It's my money and I can buy whatever with it, but I ask my dad first anyway. He really doesn't want me spending money on junk."
    "Yeah… Okay, before you hit the play button. I changed it a little bit."
    "All right."
    "The underlay we recorded for the chorus. I looped it. It still kicks in at the first chorus like we wanted, but now it's looped through the whole song. I think it sounds dope. But if you hate it, we delete the bottom line and unmute this one and bam! Back how we originally planned it. Made it easy to go back just in case you hate it."
    "If you hate how I decided to sing my vocals, we can change those too. Press play."
    "Vocals are super clean!"
    "Yeah. I have the same mic at home."
    "I like it."
    "Chorus!… Now listen."
    "Oh! Good call on that! Sounds so good!… Whoa! Wait... You change the second chorus."
    "Yeah. Last-minute thing. Lyrics are the same, I just re-recorded them. I wasn't feeling it when they were identical."
    "I like them recorded separately. Another good call."
    "Thank you."
    "My guitar solo! Woo!"
    "Is dope! The blues set it up perfect for your vocals too. Because you chose to sing a little raspy. Perfect flow for real."
    "Oh! You looped the underlay into my outro! Love!"
    "Made you pop more."
    "Hell yeah!"
    "Good? Done? Yay or nay?"
    "Amazing! Done! Yay!"
    "Up top!"
    "High five."
    "Oh! Pow! Hey dad! Come here! Come listen!"
    "Relax a bit Regan."
    "Is dope dad!"
    "Is dope Cole?"
    "Is dope means it's fire. Or… It's good! There."
    "Okay. I'm listening… Hmm."
    "Surprisingly good voice Mr. Eller."
    "Thanks. People see me, soccer player, football player, popular kid and you wouldn't think I could sing. I love this shit just like your daughter does."
    "Don't cuss in front of my dad."
    "Oh… My bad."
    "You're not allowed to cuss in front of me Regan. You're fine Mr. Eller."
    "No, it's a respect thing. It just slipped out."
    "They do sometimes."
    "Look at Regan taking it all in."
    "I love just sitting here with my eyes closed letting it sink in. Especially at this guitar solo."
    "So damn proud of that guitar solo."
    "I am! I love how it came out."
    "And now Reg's outro! Bam!"
    "What did you think dad!?"
    "That was really good."
    "Okay! Export and save. Now! I want to show you guys what I did today."
    "You recorded today?"
    "Yeah. It's the video I showed you. I re-did it and made it bigger!"
    "Which video?"
    "Your song dad. I made it awesome."
    "Okay. Let's hear it."
    "Wait… Pause… You wrote this for your dad?"
    "This is like a sad breakup song though."
    "Remember what I said last night about my mom keeping me from my dad?"
    "The lyrics are all letters I wrote to my dad. But I never sent them. I turned them into a song."
    "Play now?"
    "And unpause!"
    "It already sounds 100x better. Cleaner and clearer."
    "Wait for the chorus."
    "That's Flinch's music."
    "Yeah! He said I could use whatever I wanted."
    "Uh! The chorus socks your ass right in the face in the best way possible. It's almost eerie. That's why we get goose bumps. Where the hell does this power come from?"
    "My belly? I don't know."
    "Your belly. That's funny"
    "I’m super proud! I think it came out awesome."
    "Hell yeah! The video was just as good too. But this version with full music… Fire!"
    "Fire dad."
    "I agree. This version is… Pretty amazing."
    "My daddy likes his song!"
    "This one is a million times better than your mom's song. Can I have it? Save it to my flash card with ours?"
    "Lee Lee is gonna hear this."
    "That's fine. I told Melissa I was going to email her our song. Is that okay?"
    "You should email both to your grandma Regan. Grandpa will love the one you did with Mr. Eller. The blues in it. He'll like."
    "I know huh?! I'll email them both to them."
    "Play it one more time."
    "I agree with pops. One more time."


    I hate working from four to midnight. I get off work at nine, then I dance until we think we're done. Right now I just need a small break. I fell and hit my elbow real hard on the floor and now my hand feels weird. You know how you hit your funny bone and your arm and hand tingle for a minute? That's what I have going on right now. It's been like ten minutes and it's still all tingly. I put my arm straight, and the tingling stops though. Bend it, and the tingling comes back. Whatever. Right now, man talk. More like asking a twenty-year-old for girl advice.
    "How you doing?"
    "I'm good. Weird how I straighten my arm and I get feeling back in my hand."
    "I bashed my elbow so god damn hard on my car door one day and the same shit happen. It took a day or two for it to go back to normal. You'll live."
    "Who's Nick talking to?"
    "Some girl he has no chance with."
    "Friend zoned?"
    "Jennifer. They talk all the time and she asked about you."
    "Still thinks he has a chance?"
    "I guess. Fuckin' fan girl."
    "I hate fan girls."
    "How do I make a girl feel real good in bed?"
    "Eating pussy works."
    "Other than that."
    "You planning to pop the virgin?"
    "She's not a virgin."
    "She lied?"
    "No. We had sex last night after everyone left."
    "How did you make your ex feel good?"
    "Me and Reg don't have sex like me and her did. She always wanted it rough and shit. The only foreplay we did was me going down on her and her sucking my dick for like thirty seconds. Me and Reg take our time I guess. She likes it all slow and shit. I go a little bit faster and she tells me, No. go slow. She tells me what to do and I do it for her. I just want to make it 100x better for her. Something different and something that'll drive her crazy. Gentle stuff. Not rough. Too soon for rough."
    "You eat the pussy obviously."
    "Yeah. It's all shaved and pretty."
    "If it's shaved she's not a virgin bro."
    "No. One of her friends told her to do it. She was a virgin. Blood all over my dick was proof of that. And the pop."
    "Mmm… That pop."
    "Mmm hmm. She's tight and her ass jiggles when I smack it."
    "She's a ten."
    "Yeah. Help me out here."
    "Have you ate her from behind?"
    "Do it. Since you like her butt jiggle. Handful of ass while chowing down."
    "Have her lay on her stomach. Naked… Start here on the back of her neck and kiss real soft all the way down her spine. Soft kisses. Hold out your arm."
    "Don't kiss me."
    "I'm not. Kiss her this soft…"
    "Oh! The barely there kisses."
    "She loves those. But I've never done it down her back.
    "I promise you the sounds that come out of her will be heavenly."
    "The sounds are already heavenly."
    "These ones might be different. Okay! Once you get down to her butt, cheek kisses are optional I guess. Sometimes I do it and sometimes I don't. But if you do, choose left or right, then go all the way down to her ankle. Okay?"
    "Then go to the other ankle and kiss her all the way back up to her neck."
    "I finger when I eat. Doesn't sound like I'll be able to do that. She likes that."
    "Finger it out."
    "Play on words huh?"
    "Yup. Or you can finger her butt."
    "No! Way too soon for any kind of ass play."
    "Lick it."
    "Yeah. When you're eating her from behind just lick all the way up. I swear to you, she will love it."
    "All right. If she hates this shit I'm fucking you up."
    "Opie! You done?"
    "Fuckin' dog loves that mirror."
    "You think he acts like that because he's lonely?"
    "Naw. He seems completely happy chasing himself."
    "Opie loves the fuck out of Regan."
    "He's a fucking traitor when she's around. All up her ass and shit. He normally lets the girls pet him a minute then he walks away. No. He's her shadow."
    "He thinks she's pretty too!"
    "That's what she said, he thinks I'm pretty just like his daddy does."
    "Was she offended at all that I was calling her Sweetheart today?"
    "No. She would've said something if it did."
    "I need to stop calling the fan girls that. Some of them get the wrong idea."
    "That might be wise."
    "Flinch… Talk to this girl."
    "Hell no!"
    "Nick brought you the phone to talk to Jennifer."
    "Just say, hi."
    "Fine… Hi… There."
    "Come on."
    "I have a girl! You know that! I do not want to talk to some crazy ass fan girl. Especially Jennifer!"
    "Oh! I can hear her heart breaking!"
    "Hang up the fucking phone and let's finish this routine. Asshole this fucking guy is. He knows I hate that shit."
    "The fan girls love Flinch! That sexy smile bro dawg."
    "I can't help it that I was born this good looking."
    "So fucking full of yourself!"
    "That was fucked up Flinch. She got all pissed and hung up on me."
    "I do not like Jennifer or any other fan girl. They only want you because of what you are not who you are. Fuck that. I got a perfect fucking girl right up the street and I do not want anyone else. The only fucking girl that exists in my life is Reg. Fuck the rest of them."
    "Even Chelle?"
    "No. I love Chelle and Harlyn. They exist. And my mom. And grandma."
    "Regan got Flinch catching some mean feels."
    "Fucking in love with her."
    "I can tell."
    "Let's finish this shit now."
    "Yes sir!"

     We got two good runs in when Reg called. My arm is still all wonky. I guess I just need to rest it. I really don't have time to waste though. If it's still fucked up come Monday, I'm having my mom make me a doctors appointment. In other words, I can't afford to be hurt. It's competition season. I am not sitting out. Nothing really new either. I've done UHH with sprang ankles, broken toes, pulled and torn muscles, my ACL in my knee rips every year. Have yet to fuck up my knee bad enough to where I need surgery. That's good I guess. Suck it up and dance it off. I tried to get out of the house while Opie was chasing himself in the mirror, but that didn't happen. He enjoys car rides, even if it's only six houses down.
    "Hi Opie!"
    "He always has to come with me."
    "He likes that area of grass over there."
    "Are you okay?"
    "I smashed my elbow on the floor. You know when you hit your funny bone and your arm tingles for a second?"
    "Mmm hmm."
    "The side of my arm right here all the way down and my pinky are all tingly. Been like this for almost an hour."
    "Aw! I'm sorry. Come in for a second and help me grab my things."
    "All right. Opie! Come here."
    "He's so happy. Incoming dad! James hurt himself."
    "Hit my elbow and my arm and pinky have been numb like an hour."
    "Is it numb when you straighten your arm?"
    "Pinched nerve. You'll be fine in a few days."
    "My computer is still doing updates. If I close it, will they start back up at your house?"
    "They should. When you close your laptop, it just puts it to sleep, doesn't shut it down."
    "Cool. Here's your computer and mine, the anti-virus thing and my program. I got these two bags and you can grab those."
    "Okay, the trunk should be open."
    "It is."
    "Opie… Leave him alone."
    "He's completely fine Mr. Larson."
    "You look busy. I don't want him to be bothering you."
    "Just checking and responding to emails. My night time ritual. These are for you."
    "Uh… Really?"
    "Piece of mind Mr. Larson. Use them. I do not want my daughter pregnant at thirteen."
    "Okay. Little bit uncomfortable."
    "You knew I was going to buy a box."
    "You actually got my kind. It's… Kind of… Weird."
    "Did you forget I had one of them in my pocket today?"
    "I remember everything that goes on Mr. Larson. That includes the brand of condoms you buy and how they have to be latex free."
    "Are you just trying to make it uncomfortable now? You shouldn't know these things."
    "My apologies. Be happy I didn't go to Costco for them."
    "I'm done talking about condoms Mr. Avalon."
    "I was waiting for you to bring out the rest."
    "I got sidetracked."
    "By what?"
    "Oh! This awesome gift from your dad."
    "The look on your face! Thanks for making my boyfriend uncomfortable as hell dad."
    "You're welcome."
    "You both knew I was buying them."
    "He bought my brand. He's not supposed to know what brand I buy. That's what made me really uncomfortable. It's weird."
    "What kind of tampons do I get dad?"
    "Tampax, yellow, cardboard, and you get those other things that are long over night. Blue with a purple ribbon across the bottom."
    "Feel better now James?"
    "A little bit."
    "I didn't tell him either. He just remembers."
    "Three bags for on night Reg?"
    "You know the deal!"
    "It can wait until we are not standing right here by your dad."
    "Thank you Mr. Larson."
    "Wait for what?"
    "He wants a kiss Regan."
    "Oh! Turn around and don't… You got stink face on dad."
    "This is the face I make when I'm about to take freedom points away."
    "You have everything?"
    "Uh... Yeah. All we need is Opie."
    "I got him. Come on Opie, car ride."
    "Yeah?… Oh! My phone charger. Thanks."
    "Don't forget that under the desk Mr. Larson."
    "Reg won't need her laptop box."
    "I might! Grab it James."
    "…What the hell is this?"
    "My dad bought it for you!"
    "Yeah! You like it?"
    "No… I can't take this Mr. Avalon."
    "I also cannot return it. You said you been saving a while for that computer."
    "From day one you have been honest with me. Regardless of the consequences. You've kept my daughter out of trouble, made sure she got to school on time and have made sure she got home safe. That in your hand is my way of saying, thank you."
    "At least let me give you the money I've saved."
    "It's a gift Mr. Larson. Those are free of charge. Use the money and take Regan somewhere nice. Or buy her something pretty. I don't know. I do know, I do not want your money that you've worked hard for. Trust me, my first job was at a grocery store too. Some people can be… Fucking retarded when you tell them their coupon is expired. I know your job can be hard."
    "I had one of those today. No! It came in the Sunday paper! Ma'am the expiration date is 2014. Oh no, no ,no! I need to see the manager. I am the manager. Right here on my name tag. It's expired."
    "What was the coupon for?"
    "Orange juice. Buy two get one free. She got mad. She didn't buy the orange juice, but on her way out, she grabbed our store paper and came back in like a minute later with the coupon that wasn't expired. Luckily I hadn't walked away and put back. It was still on the counter."
    "If you knew the non-expired one was in the paper why didn’t you get it for her? You're mean!"
    "It's not my job to cut coupons for old ladies. If there was no one else in line, I would have. There was like five people behind her. She was mad she had to stand in line again… Don't give me that look Reg. You try working retail. It sucks. People are… I'm quoting your dad... They are fucking retarded. And rude. Trust me… I am not the rude guy or the mean guy at work."
    "You could've got the coupon for the lady."
    "Not in my job description."
    "Anyway… Keep your money. Take her out or buy her something pretty. Or buy yourself something nice."
    "Buy her something pretty? I think we both know if I offer to buy her something she's going to want a video game so she can blow people up."
    "It's true."
    "I'm sure you'll figure something out."
    "And look! Yours is burgundy like your car."
    "Yeah… Thanks for this."
    "You're welcome Mr. Larson."
    "Give your daddy a hug and kiss good night and let's go. Sweep and Nick are waiting on me. I said I'd be only ten minutes or so."
    "Oh! Okay. Love you dad. See you in the morning."
    "Don't be late."
    "We won't. Love you."
    "I love you too. Get out of here."
    "Opie… Come on. Car ride for real. Night Mr. Avalon. Thanks again."

    I can't believe Reg's dad bought me this laptop. That was pretty cool of him. I do like the idea of getting something nice for Reg. I do have to go get clothes for the UHH Awards next month. Liz was saying she needed to go shopping too. Maybe I can tag along with them and have Liz help me find something nice. But then again, Reg doesn't wear jewelry. That's what I was thinking of getting her. I have seen her with a charm bracelet or something. It has things dangling on it. Sometimes she wears it and sometimes it's in her pocket. I'm sure if I got her something like that she would wear it. Maybe I can give Mr. Avalon some money and have him get her the Zombies expansion for her game on Xbox. I never really bought a girl anything. I buy my mom flowers for her birthday and shit. I don't think Reg would care for flowers. She might kill them. Reg might be a hard girl to buy shit for. Maybe I'll just take her to the mall and let her pick something herself. That'll work. We need to get back to work. I had Reg open my laptop and boot it up so all those updates start. I showed her how to install the anti-virus and to install it on mine when the updates finished. Started transferring all my files and what not from my old laptop to an external hard drive. I told Cole when I started saving money that he could have this laptop when I got my new one. There's good news and bad news. The program on my old laptop comes with two serial codes. It can be installed on two computers. That's the good news. Bad news! Opie ate that disk when he was a puppy. And more good news! Regan is letting me use the second code for her program. Pretty cool of her right? If something happens, and she needs a third code, she'll have to pay $5 and get a new one. $5 for her is literally nothing. She also said, she wants the three of us to hear the two songs she finished today. One of them is apparently the video I have. She said she made it better, and I must hear it! The other one is the one with Cole. I had already started transferring everything when she said that, so it'll have to wait until we're done working on this routine.
    "How's the transferring going?"
    "It's done."
    "Did you text Cole for me?"
    "I did. He said to go ahead and delete your stuff off and just leave his folder."
    "All right. Is my laptop still doing updates?"
    "Yeah. Mine finished and rebooted. I'm installing the anti-virus right now."
    "Show us these two songs before I start clearing off this laptop."
    "Oh yeah! The first one is in Cole's folder."
    "Go over here and plug into the good speakers."
    "Does she sing good?"
    "She's amazing."
    "Flinch loves you."
    "I love him too."
    "Which song is it?"
    "The one featuring me. It should say it in the filename."
    "Look in my folder."
    "Okay, here it is. Let's move it to his folder."
    "I want it on my laptop too!"
    "I put your folder on the hard drive. You still have it."
    "Oh. Thank you."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "I have a guitar solo in this."   
    "What all do you play?"
    "Piano and guitar. All the music in this song is mine. Lyrics are Cole's."
    "This Cole guy ain't bad at all."
    "He's really good. Right here is that underlay I was telling you about James. Cole decided to loop it so it plays through the whole song."
    "I like it. You guys harmonize real good."
    "When do you come in?"
    "I end the song. I come in right after my awesome guitar solo. It's after this chorus. What for it! Bam!"
    "Already gettin' use out of that electric huh?"
    "Yeah. By the way! Thank you for the employee discount on my stuff."
    "You're welcome Sweetheart."
    "Here I come! Shhh!"
    "Damn Flinch!"
    "I told you she was amazing."
    "You remind me of Janis Joplin. The raspy way you sing."
    "I love Janis Joplin!"
    "She sings different too. Wait for the next song she wants us to hear."
    "It'll surprise you too James."
    "It's not just me and the piano anymore."
    "You'll see! Play it!"
    "That was hella good Reg."
    "Thanks. Is Nick even listening?"
    "Texting and listening. You're awesome."
    "Okay… This song is James' favorite."
    "It's awesome. But listen to how she sings in this one. Blow your mind."
    "This you normally? Or the other song?"
    "I sing how I need to."
    "Hey! This is my music!"
    "Yeah! You said I could use whatever I wanted."
    "Did you rename the file you used?"
    "I sure did."
    "I like this version better."
    "Because it has your music?"
    "No. It's better quality, and the full music instead of an acoustic made it big. It was great before. This one got 100x better."
    "She's hella good Flinch. This guy over here is texting his fan girl not even listening."
    "I'm listening! She's awesome."
    "Really bro?"
    "Nothing! Please don't let me take you away from your fan girl who asks about Flinch more than you."
    "Sweep!… Why?!"
    "My bad."
    "I'm not mad some fan girl is asking about you. You hate them. But, why are you talking to a girl who obviously doesn't like you Nick?"
    "She likes me."
    "Okay… Your updates are done and your computer rebooted."
    "Start the anti-virus install for me."
    "Mine is still going."
    "The one in my box."
    "Oh! Dur!"
    "I don't feel like burning a disk for Cole. I'll just give him a couple and he can do it himself. Does he want your songs?"
    "Uh… I don't know. Just leave my folder, and Melissa's. He can delete them if he doesn't want them."
    "That works."
    "Anti-virus is done! Reboot. You're going to help me install this right?"
    "Yeah. With this laptop, you can install everything. Even the video editor."
    "Will I need that?"
    "You can always install it later."
    "Pretty cool of you to buy Flinch that laptop. He has like five or six hard drives because he ran out of space on this laptop."
    "You have more music than I saw on there?"
    "Yeah. All my hard drive are 1 terabit. All full. Except this one and the two in their boxes on the shelf right there."
    "He makes all the music we dance to."   
    "And for friends!"
    "Sometimes I will if they ask. Most of it is dance music. But what I do, when I run out of space. I transfer everything to a hard drive. Look... See how its several folders labeled month and year?"
    "Open one of the folders. All the filenames start with the date I made them. If I plan to use it, I give it some name after the date. Like this one here, Lizzy Get Down. Ms. Cooper gave us Hip Hop and me and Liz are going to be marked down a grade for changing our song. But this song is dope."
    "The Asian feel one?"
    "Yeah! I wanted to use it for us, but Nick doesn't like it. Anyway! I label everything this way. I might have OCD."
    "I'm super organized too James. I'm not OCD, I just like knowing where my stuff is."
    "Yeah, same. All the stuff that stays on the laptop is all recent, and I transfer it off after a month. Oh!"
    "What happen?"
    "This laptop has a thumbprint for your security code. Man, this laptop is nice."
    "And burgundy! Your favorite color."
    "Your girl bought you a laptop worth four grand. Lucky fuck."
    "My dad got it for him as a thank you. James makes sure I get to school on time and he makes sure I get home safe. He wanted to say thanks."
    "He could've just said it. He didn't need to buy this laptop for me."
    "You got money Reg?"
    "I have $10 in my pocket. Do you need it?"
    "No Sweetheart. Family. You guys have money."
    "Oh! Yeah, we're comfortable."
    "Rich girl, cute as all hell, and a virgin. Fuckin' winning bro dawg."
    "Shut up. Her having money doesn't matter to me. At all!"
    "You take care of Flinch if you had to?"
    "Yeah. Of course I would."
    "I like you. This one is cool Flinch. I didn't like Zoey."
    "Zoey is a fucking bitch."
    "Zoey is a dancer from Atlanta. We met her this year at UHH. She competed in a crew and they didn't even place. She's cute and shit and her and Flinch dated for about… What? Two months?"
    "Something like that."
    "They never had sex. They really never saw each other too much because she lives in Georgia. But Flinch would pay to fly her out here and there to where we were."
    "Not seeing her isn't why I never slept with her. I don't like having sex right away is all."
    "Right. Well, that actually upset her. But that is not why she dumped Flinch."
    "Why then?"
    "Um… You do know that Flinch is disabled right?"
    "He's not disabled to me and I don't think he considers himself disabled either. But yeah! I know about his P.D."
    "I love her."
    "I love her too."
    "Anyway! Back to Zoey! If Flinch takes his pills too late his P.D goes all psycho. We figured out that sugar helps him a little bit. Like a tiny bit. We were doing a show in Phoenix, and Flinch flew Zoey out there. We were running late, and we rushed out of the hotel room and Flinch left his fucking pills on the nightstand. He never ever! Forgets his pills, but rushing out. He forgot them. The first half of the routine he was struggling. You notice sometimes that Flinch will grab one of our shoulders randomly?"
    "He does that for his balance. That’s the beginning of not taking his pills. His balance was going, and we had to stay close so he could grab one of us if he needed to. Me and Flinch talk to each other while we dance. All the time! But I told him, next opening walk off. I can handle your parts and mine. So, when we rotated, and he was in the back, he just walked off. Our manager knew he needed his pills, but he wasn't back from the hotel yet. This fucking guy! Was chilling with the most hottest paramedic woman I have ever seen in my life!"
    "Hanna! Married for twelve years and has three kids. Two boys, Troy and Luke, and one girl, April."
    "Yeah! But he got his pills and Hanna gave him some insulin and he was good as new. Each venue we go to, they set up a huge tent or a hall, whatever! For all the headliners to eat dinner at the end of the day. Zoey was asking Flinch if he was okay and what happen…"
    "I told her about my P.D and that sometimes happens. She was all confused. She didn't know what P.D is. I told her what it is and how I have to take a pill three times a day for the rest of my life…"
    "I shit you not! That girl straight said, I do not what a boyfriend who I will have to take of. Stood up and walked away. Never talked to him again."
    "She dumped you because of something you have no control over?"
    "That's pretty damn selfish."
    "Yeah. Everything is off this laptop. You didn't save any passwords did you?"
    "No. I made sure not to when I checked my email and stuff."
    "Okay. Anti-virus is still going on my laptop. How are you doing?"
    "I'm at a window I need help with."
    "Click music and audio. Check all the boxes."
    "Tracking and voicing. Check all the boxes in there too."
    "No. Scroll down."
    "Effects, check everything. Then click on save and export. Check everything except wav."
    "Last one, bitrate and channel encoding. Click constant bitrate and set it to 320. Check high quality. Channel encoding, check stereo and surround sound."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Click next and put in the top serial code."
    "What do I put for the company?"
    "Regan Avalon, your email, and the serial code."
    "Click install and let it go."
    "Thank you."
    "Kiss here... You're welcome."
    "Do you have a Facebook Sweetheart?"
    "Yeah. I'm friends with James. Oh! I sent you a relationship request."
    "I haven't been on Facebook in over a week. Hand me my laptop… No… My every day."
    "Here you go."
    "You're the only person I know who has two laptops."
    "This is my everyday I use for homework and shit. I only use my music one for music."
    "How much was your every day?"
    "No idea. It was my moms. She gave it to me when she bought her new one. There you go Reg. James Larson is now in a relationship with Regan Avalon."
    "Thank you!"
    "It's 100% official now! Shit is on Facebook. I sent you a friend request."
    "My phone… And! Accepted!"
    "Opie! Stop it."
    "Even Flinch's dog thinks you need to get off that fucking phone with that fan girl."
    "Come on! Flinch call your dog."
    "He likes you."
    "Push him off bro!"
    "I did twice! He thinks I'm playing with him."
    "Then get off the phone and give him some attention."
    "You're mean."
    "Why? Because I won't make my dog stop begging for attention?"
    "Yeah. Opie Opie!... There. Better now?"
    "Oh! Son of a bitch Opie! He can't jump off the couch to go to your girl? He has to walk along and step on my dick?"
    "It's his thing. Punching guys in their dick."
    "This install is done James."
    "Click done. Take out the disk and reboot."
    "Okay. Here's the disk and the other code for you."
    "Why are you looking at me like that?"
    "No reason."
    "She wants the D!"
    "You want the D?"
    "She's so cute!"
    "Dick Reg. You want my dick?"
    "I might."
    "I can think of something you can do to it."
    "Oh yeah?"
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Like what?"
    "Maybe put your mouth on it."
    "I'll put my mouth on it for a second."
    "Not suck it? Just touch your lips to it?"
    "What do you want then?"
    "Jerk it or suck it."
    "How about a bite?"
    "Why not?"
    "It hurts! You never bite the dick Reg. Never bite… Did you just take a fucking picture of us?"
    "I'm talking to you."
    "No. Nick. I heard his camera click. What are you doing?"
    "Sending his fan girl a picture of you."
    "Please don't."
    "Only one!"
    "Don't fucking send her any!"
    "If you're going to send her a picture of James, send her one of me and him kissing."
    "This fan girl shit is pissing me off. I can't even log into my Facebook because I have a million messages. This is also why I had to uninstall the Facebook app and messenger off my phone."
    "Block your shit so only your friends can see your profile and send you messages. You can set it so no one can send you friend requests too. How mine is set."
    "Here… I'm logged in. Just set it like yours please."
    "All right. You still need to go though your friend requests. 2,387! That's fucked up!"
    "Go into my messages and go to message requests. Shit's crazy!"
    "Fuck! 6,483! Take you forever to delete this shit. Facebook needs a delete all button."
    "Open one of these with a picture… Oh! Flinch got some peach pictures!"
    "Why are girls sending him pictures of fruit?… Oh! They send you nudies."
    "Let me see! Turn it this way… That's a good-looking one."
    "Check it out Flinch."
    "No. Just delete it. The only vagina I want to see is hers."
    "Look at it James! Tell me if mine is better."
    "I don't care Reg. I only like yours."
    "All peach and no roast beef bro dawg."
    "Reg doesn't have roast beef either."
    "Roast beef?"
    "How old are you?"
    "I get it now! You're not dumb. Only young."
    "You thought I was dumb?! You're so mean!"
    "Sweetheart? You're cute as all hell. So it's okay."
    "I have to explain so much to her."
    "But you love me, so it's okay."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Really only thirteen?"
    "Yeah. I thought I told you that today?"
    "No. You just said your dad was fifteen when you were born."
    "He just... Lets you stay the night with Flinch?"
    "My daughter would never be at a boy's house at thirteen. Why does he let you?"
    "I do all my chores and my homework and I'm honest with him and he lets me do what I want."
    "And she only lives six houses down."
    "And across the street."
    "He's not worried you guys might have sex?"
    "He knows Reg."
    "I kept my mouth shut for a reason!"
    "I know. And her dad knows we had sex too."
    "Bro dawg… How the fuck are you still alive right now?"
    "We were honest when he asked."
    "My dad is huge on the honest thing."
    "Yeah… He wouldn't have found out if that fucking tracker wasn't on your phone. He saw all the texts between her and Liz talking about it."
    "The tall blonde from last night?"
    "Is he pissed?"
    "Fucking furious. He told me he was. He told me to tell him the truth and Reg wouldn't be in any kind of trouble and he'd take the tracker off her phone."
    "Sounds like a decent guy."
    "It's parent tracker."
    "Oh! Backup ain't gone."
    "No. But I have a friend who showed her how to find it and delete it. She kept it on there to see if he'll activate it. But hey! The guy bought me a bad ass laptop."
    "Still not activated."
    "You should use it against him."
    "She plans to if he activates it."
    "Elbowing your girl in her ribs. You are so uncool Theodor."
    "Oh! She doesn't know?! My bad Flinch!"
    "I don't know what? That James is named after his dad?"
    "Okay! She knows. I'm good."
    "Reg knows everything there is to know about me."
    "How often do you elbow her like that?"
    "Not often. Only when she sits close to me like this. It happens, and she understands."
    "He usually doesn't hit that hard. Just now was the hardest you've hit me."
    "I'm sorry, I'd say it won't happen again. But we both know it will. One reason they call me Flinch."
    "The shaky hip hop dancer."
    "That's me."
    "Seriously fucking 1:15am right now?"
    "Is it really?"
    "Yeah. We gotta get."
    "Be at your uncle's house?"
    "Yeah. Text me or call me during your lunch hour and we'll all go get our grub on."
    "All right."
    "Can't wait to see you guys dance tomorrow."
    "You been watching us since yesterday Sweetheart. It won't be any different."
    "You'll have your mask on."
    "Only difference. Nicky! Get off the phone and let's go. I'm hugging your girl."
    "Don't touch her butt."
    "I won't. Come here. Goodnight Sweetheart."
    "Night guys."
    "She smells good."
    "Yeah. Walk you guys out. Come on Ope, let's go take a shit before bed."
    "Can you take our homework out to your car?"
    "Yeah. Oh! You need your two bags out of the trunk too."
    "Okay. I'll grab your stuff if you do me a favor."
    "Put my sheet on my bed for me please. It's on my dresser."
    "Come clean?"
    "Yeah. Grab a couple towels out of the closet on your up too."
    "Are the laptops okay down here?"
    "Yeah. I close the door so Opie can't come down here. Is that install done on mine?"
    "Yep. Click done and reboot?"
    "Okay. I'll be upstairs. Night guys."
    "What are doing Reg?"
    "Picking up all these bottles and food wrappers before I go up."
    "Here Sweetheart. Let me help. Nicky never picks up after himself."
    "I can hear you."
    "So. Learn some manners. This ain't your house."
    "All clean! Thank you and goodnight for real."
    "Goodnight Sweetheart."
    "Thank you for picking up Reg. You didn't have to."
    "You're welcome. I'll be upstairs letting the shower get warm."
    "I'll be as quick as possible."


    Super awesome night. I got my computer all set up. James even transferred my music for me. He said he'll look through all his music he hasn't used and give it to me to look through to see if there's anything I'd like to use. Even though he labels everything and it's super organized, there's a ton of music. I just told him to go through it when he got bored. No rush. We also had an odd shower conversation. I found out what all peach and no roast beef means. Honestly, I should've left it alone. Roast beef is vagina lips. Big ones. So, all peach and no roast beef is a very pretty vagina basically. Apparently, I'm all peach and no roast beef. I didn't know how to respond to that! James said it's a compliment. Okay! Now I get to give him head scratches.
    "Does it bother you when Stephen calls me Sweetheart?"
    "No. He calls all girls that."
    "Oh. Who was Nick talking to? He was pretty rude all night."
    "Some girl named Jennifer."
    "And she likes you?"
    "Yeah. They talked all the time, and she asks about me constantly."
    "Why does he talk to her?"
    "He thinks she's hot."
    "Is she?"
    "I don't think she is. She's a redhead. I'm not into girls with red hair for some reason. I'm fine with girls who dye their hair that dark red. Like Mills. I'm okay with the dark red. Jennifer has that orange color hair. It's ugly."
    "Want me to dye mine dark red?"
    "No. Go back to black."
    "Okay. I was thinking something other than black, but since you want me to go back to black I will."
    "You don't have too. You can do whatever color you want."
    "You want it black. So, black it is."
    "All right."
    "Am I going to get any attention tonight? Or am I just going to scratch your head until you fall asleep?"
    "What kind of attention do you want?"
    "Kisses and stuff."
    "Like this?"
    "Mmm hmm… Why did you stop?"
    "Roll over."
    "I want kisses though."
    "I will be kissing you."
    "Okay… Mmm."
    "Pulling at the sheets means you like these kisses?"
    "You never kissed me soft like this on the back of my neck and shoulders. Gives me crazy tingles. I love it."
    "Something different."

    These back kisses are super awesome. He's kissing down my spine and as he goes lower he scratches my sides all gentle. It tickles but feels so good! He kissed my legs and my feet. Loved it! He kissed down my right leg then up my left, and when he got to my butt he grabbed my hips and pulled me up so I was on my knees. Threw me off a little bit and scared me for some reason.
    "James! Stop, stop, stop!"
    "I'm not ready for anything like this. It's scary."
    "What are scared of?"
    "It'll hurt me."
    "Reg… Nothing I ever do to you sexually will ever hurt you."
    "I promise."
    "Okay. But, I don't want sex this way. I like to look at you."
    "Okay… No, no. Don't roll over. I'm not done."
    "We aren't having sex yet. Just trust me."
    "Will I like it?"
    "You'll love it."
    "Want my butt back up?"
    "Let me… Damn."
    "Sexy arch."
    "Are you spanking me to watch my butt jiggle?"
    "Yeah. Other side?"
    "Go ahead… Oh! That one hurt."
    "Sorry. Left a hand print too."
    "Did you?"
    "Kiss it better!"

    The butt cheek kiss made me laugh. I thought it was so cute that he actually did it. He was kissing the back of my thighs and I was still wondering what was going to happen. Then he licked me. Or should I say, my peach! My favorite thing he does to me. I like it this way. He grabs and squeezes my hips just like he does the other way. On point, he licked all the way to my butt. It was really weird. But I liked it. The last thing he did… Fingers. This time was different. James can do weird things with his fingers, and he was doing that inside me. And pushing on me weird. It was almost uncomfortable. But it wasn't. Then he used his thumb to rub on me at the same time. Wow!
    "Oh my god, oh my god!"
    "Want me to stop?"
    "Oh god no!"

    This time, when I got off was super crazy. I think I peed a little. Then a lot. When that happen James moved his fingers fast and hard. It actually didn't hurt at all. I couldn't take anymore! I straightened my legs and fell on my belly. Super weak! Then he opened my legs and licked me again. No!
    "Ah!… James! No... No more."

    Kissed up my spine to my neck. Mmm! Love!

    "That was the loudest I've ever got you. How was it?"
    "Oh… I loved it. You made me pee and you licked it."
    "I promise you, that was not pee."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Positive. Just another way a girl can get hers. But it's not pee."
    "Okay. I was about to feel real bad."
    "Do you want more or do you want to go to sleep?"
    "More. Can I roll over now?"
    "Yeah. Scoot up more too."
    "No… Why are you watching me put this condom on?"
    "Can I put it on you?"
    "I guess. Here… Don't unroll it… Get another one out of the drawer. Don't unroll this one."
    "Sorry… How do I do this?"
    "Put it on him like a little hat."
    "That's funny."
    "Roll it down."
    "It's not rolling."
    "Flip it over then try."
    "Ah! Easy! Is it on there right?"
    "Yeah. You're the first girl to do that."
    "Liz said she used to put a condom on her ex… She used her mouth to do it. I don't get it."
    "She just rolled it down with her lips like you did with your fingers."
    "Next time can I try it with my mouth?"
    "Yeah! I might enjoy that."
    "You're so stupid. Oh! Kisses on this side too?"
    "You did say you love the stomach kisses."
    "I do. I love all of your kisses. Oh god!"
    "Bite to hard?"
    "No! That was a really good, oh god. Not an ouch, oh god."
    "I have to show the twin ladies love too."
    "Mmm… They enjoy it."

    Why does it feel so amazing the way James slides into me as he kisses my neck? I love it super slow and how he holds me and kisses me. I love when he buries his face in my neck and I feel him breathing heavy on it. He even lets out moans here and there. I love those too! Last… I love how he lies on me, and holds me, and kisses my neck, and behind my ear super soft when he was done. He never pulls out right away. He just lays there for a few minutes and I just scratch his head, and the back of his neck, and sometimes down his back. He loves them all! He likes how I learned to touch him softly. He loves when I trace his face with my finger and when I grab his chin softly for a kiss. I just love him to death.
    "Do you enjoy having sex with me?"
    "Yes. Why?"
    "I'm still new to this and I only like it this way. Slow and soft. I guess, I think I might be boring to you."
    "You're not boring at all. I like this kind of sex. A lot! Slow and gentle. It's more intimate and affectionate. I love this, just laying here with you after. I don't care if it's this way every time. I enjoy making love to you."
    "Soft and slow is called making love?"
    "Mmm hmm. Fucking is pound town."
    "Is pound town exactly what it's name is?"
    "Yeah. I won't be taking you there anytime soon."
    "Uh… Only when you're ready though. Defiantly won't happen tomorrow. Or the next day."
    "It doesn't hurt anymore though."
    "I know. But… It's me. I don't want to really do it to you like that. Pound town is... As hard as I can go. I don't want to hurt you with my dick. But I can go fast and hard without hurting you."
    "Then let's do that instead of pound town."
    "I like that idea better. But it still won't be tomorrow or the next day."
    "Deal. Have you ever made love before?"
    "Yeah. With Becky, she always wanted it hard and from behind. I never looked her in the eyes like I do you. Never held her after like we do. Just fucked her got dressed and came home."
    "Do you like it that way? Hard and stuff?"
    "Yeah. I actually enjoy doggie style."
    "From behind. What you were scared of."
    "I like it that way because I can chill on my knees and grab your hips and move you. And! Most of the time you end up moving with me and I don't have to do shit but watch."
    "Would it be nice with me?"
    "Oh! Your butt would jiggle so much. I would love it."
    "I bet you would. You'd probably spank me as we had sex that way."
    "Yeah. For sure! Without a doubt."
    "I knew it!"
    "But, I enjoy this sex a lot too."
    "I'd like to try different stuff when I'm ready."
    "We will."
    "I love you."
    "I love you too."
    "You sound super sleepy."
    "I'm hella tired."
    "Let's go to sleep then."
    "Yeah. Ready?"
    "For what?… Oh! The pullout."
    "Your clothes you sat on my dresser."
    "Welcome. Opie! Bedtime."
    "Oh god! He loves to just plop on me."
    "He loves you."
    "I love him too. He just growled at you for putting your arm around me."
    "Kick his fucking ass off the bed if he pulls that shit again. You hear me asshole? No growling at me!"
    "Aw! He put his ears down. He doesn't want to share me James."
    "Opie? This is mine. Not yours."
    "He gave you a look! He's funny."
    "He's a good boy. Huh asshole? Funny he tried to protect you like that. He only does that shit for me. You should hit me one day and watch what he does."
    "Will he bite me?"
    "No. He doesn't actually bite. He gets real low to the ground and growls and shows hella teeth. If you hit me, he'll do that and if you go to hit me again, he'll bark at you, and put his nose on your leg, and growl and bark. He will never bite you. He'll scare the shit out of you. That's it."
    "He's trained to do that?"
    "Yeah. He's trained to protect with a sound I make. Not a word, but a sound. Then he'll get all crazy like I just said. To get him to stop, I make a different sound. If I want him to protect someone else, I point at the person, tell him, look. Then I make the sound."
    "What sound?"
    "I am not doing it right now. Next time Sweep is here, he'll be here Monday. I'll show you then."
    "Okay. Oh my god!"
    "Opie! Lay down."
    "He was giving you a good-night kiss. Ah! Really Opie? That was the inside of my mouth. Gross!"
    "Giving you a good night French. Lay down now."   
    "Where's my good night kiss James?… Thank you."
    "I love you Regan."
    "I love you too James. Night."

      Sleep with my two favorite boys. Love!