Saturday, June 27


     Me and Sean had an eventful day yesterday. We got followed in Flinch's car. And! Someone actually did find Jacob's car. I called him and told him what I did and why, and he was okay with it. Someone is knocking on the door! It is not even six yet people!
    "Sean… Someone is at your door."
    "Go away!"
    "Открой дверь!"
    "Fuck… It's my dad. Get off me."
    "He sounded mad."
    "Yeah, because I yelled at him."

     Now I see where Sean gets his good looks from. Oh my god! But he has blonde hair and blue eyes. And he's tall. Oh my god! Meow! Ivan! Meow! Dayum! Hello father in law. I approve! Lizzy… Approves.
    "My love?"
    "Get up and let's go down stairs."
    "I'm nervous."
    "Your dad is so fucking hot!"
    "Get up! Come on."
    "Get up and come on."
    "Shut up."
    "Morning Rye!"
    "No! No is not! Coffee first! Then maybe it be a good morning."
    "Yes! Coffee. Your dad is so fucking nom nom nom!"
    "She knows not to act like this in front of dad right?"
    "Don't do that Liz. The this and that thing. You'll offend him. It's okay with me and Rye because we know you're joking. Don't even do it."
    "Okay. Quick dad 101!"
    "Be polite! Shake his hand or hug him. Which ever he does. Don't interrupt him."
    "Nothing with the way we talk. Like Ivan said, that's a big one."
    "Don't fart."
    "Don't fart!"
    "When they are teaching us this Tango don't bitch and cry. Just do it."
    "Our dad will think you're not taking it seriously."
    "Don't ever loose your frame."
    "I never do."
    "Sometimes we get tired and lose it. Even me."
    "Hmm… True. Anything else?"
    "Yes! Don't talk to Ivan as you talk to our dad."
    "Oh yeah. Just talk to him in English and he'll look over at one of us for translation, then answer you, then we'll tell you what he said."
    "Eye contact!"
    "Don't tell him he's hot either."
    "Oh hell no!"
    "Don't kiss and hang all over Ivan."
    "Yeah. My dad isn't big on the whole PDA thing."
    "I can't just hold your hand and give you a simple kiss on the lips or cheek?"
    "Yes. Just no ass grabbing and tongue play."
    "Okay! Anything else?"
    "Are you sure?"
    "Do I look okay?"
    "Change your shirt. Give her a tee Ivan."
    "I got a tee. I'll be right back."
    "Liz… You look fine."
    "Please Sean?"

(Some text will be repeated in this section. It's Sean talking to his father in Russian and then translating for Elizabeth)

     Liz is so nervous. I understand though. She wants to make a good impression and she wants my dad to like her. What surprised me was he didn't even shake her hand. He stood up from the table and gave her a hug. Anyone who knows my dad, knows that he does not do that. Ever! I do feel bad for Liz. There's going to be a big language barrier this weekend with all of us talking in Russian. She'll be fine. But, I know she'll feel left out. Maybe. She's weird.
    "She's tall and very beautiful Ivan. Strong legs. I can't stop looking at them."
    "Did I do good this time?"
    "Very much so."
    "He said, you're tall and beautiful, with strong legs."
    "You're welcome."
    "He said, you're welcome."
    "He understands some English?"
    "Very little. What he doesn't know he'll ask one of us."
    "You need teach Russia Ivan."
    "I have been. She knows a little bit."
    "Maybe we should buy me some Hooked on Phonics."
    "Rosetta is better. That's what me and Rye had."
    "I'm down."
    "We're telling her to get a program like we had to learn Russian so we can talk easier."
    "Not a bad idea if she really wants to learn."
    "She does. I have been teaching her a little bit here and there. She wants it to be easier for mom… What are you doing Liz?"
    "No, no, Leez. We go out for food. Is fine."
    "Oh. Okay. Can I make dinner later?"
    "You want Liz to cook dinner tonight?"
    "She cooks too?"
    "Oh yeah!"
    "Then yes."
    "Yeah, cook dinner."
    "What all did you guys say?"
    "I asked if he wanted you to cook, he said, she cooks? I said, yes. He said, good? I said, yes."
    "Cool. Is he allergic to anything?"
    "Just mushrooms like me."
    "Anything else? I don't want to kill him the day I met him."
    "Are you allergic to anything besides mushrooms?"
    "Just mushrooms."
    "Okay. Coffee? Me and Rye need coffee. Anyone else?"
    "I'm fine."
    "We all fine Leez. Come sit. We talk."
    "She's nervous."
    "Is fine Leez. No nervous. Ivan like you. He say he don't if he don't. Sit."
    "Relax Elizabeth. Everything is fine."
    "Come here Beanstalk."
    "I am. Give me a second to finish making my cup of coffee."

     As soon as Liz sat down, my mom pushed a folder across the table to my dad and then he pushed it in front of us. Really? We're doing this right now. I'm not even fully awake yet.
    "You know what's in that folder right?"
    "Yes. It needs to be done."
    "What if she doesn't want to sign it?"
    "Then you two won't get married."
    "I'm marrying her no matter what."
    "Then you'll find your own way to make money."
    "Stop arguing with your father. She already said she would sign one."
    "Okay… Prenup papers. My dad wants us to do this now."
    "All right. Let's have a look see… I don't read Russian."
    "Any money, property, assets, cars, bank accounts, and all that… What's mine right now, stays mine. What's yours, stays yours. Uh… The money I make is mine, and money you make is yours. We'll have our own bank accounts. If we get divorced you can't take my stuff and I can't take yours."
    "Okay. What if we… Like… Say we open a dance studio together. How will that money work?"
    "Um… Right here. Third bank account. When you open a business you need a bank account basically. A business account. Money earned together, example, shared business goes into a business account and is divided equally after all bills and employees are paid at the end of each month."
    "Who gets the business if we divorce?"
    "We can agree to continue sharing the business and income as normal, or one party signs off his or her half to the other. Upon doing that, you'll get 50% of what's in the account and nothing more."
    "Okay. So... How does the business account work? Is it like a shared account?"
    "I don't know… With a business account is it like a shared account?"
    "While you two are married it's a shared account. If something happens or something needs to be repaired, you both will have access to it. If you two get divorced and choose to continue sharing the business, you both will still have access to it. Unless the account becomes sort every month. As in, one of you are taking money out for yourself. In that case, it becomes locked and only one person has the say over where the money goes. That's your uncle Nikolay. He's the same person on our prenup. He'll make sure the bills are paid, employees, and then divided 50/50 between you two."
    "Okay… While we are married it's a shared account. If something happens or something needs to be repaired, we both will have access to it. If we get divorced and choose to continue sharing the business, we both will still have access to it. Unless the account becomes sort every month. As in, one of us is taking money out for ourself. In that case, it becomes locked and only one person has the say over where the money goes. My uncle Nikolay. He'll make sure the bills are paid, employees, and then divided 50/50 between us monthly."
    "All right. Your bank account is yours blah, blah, blah. Mine I get is mine."
    "Yes. The third only comes in if we open a business together. If you open a business alone. That's account will be yours and so on."
    "Got it."
    "Both of us will agree to decline spousal support."
    "…Liz won't agree to this part."
    "Tell her anyway."
    "Kids… If we get divorced I get physical custody. You get the kids on the weekends and signed holidays. This part is blank so we can divide them how we want… The address is my house in Russia."
    "No. My kids aren't going to Russia if we get a divorce. I don't agree to that."
    "She doesn't agree with this part. I told you she wouldn't."
    "What would she like to do?"
    "What do you want?"
    "I want to be able to see my kids whenever I want and I want you to see them when ever you want. Weekends and signed holidays? That's stupid. You want to see the kids, call me and come over and see them."
    "Do we have to do this? She just wants me to be able to see the kids whenever I want."
    "Custody is automatic when children are involved. You two have to figure it out."
    "We have to do this custody thing."
    "Can we do it later when we actually have kids?"
    "Can we do it later? When we have kids?"
    "Easier to do it now. If you two don't do it now the divorce will drag on for months."
    "He said it's easier to do it now, because if we don't it'll make our divorce drag on for months. Let's just change it so you get the kids and I get weekends."
    "Are you okay with that?"
    "Yes. I just want this done with."
    "Okay. Even if we change it will you be able to see the kids when you want? I won't ever keep them from you. You know that."
    "Can I see the kids whenever I want?"
    "Yes. Only if the other party agrees to it."
    "Yes. As long as you say it's okay. I can see them whenever I want."
    "I agree to that."
    "Okay… Change it so she gets physical custody."
    "All right. The address will be this house. When you two buy your own house, you can have the address changed."
    "He's putting down this address and when we buy our own house, we can change the address."
    "Now… Right here… We own a home together. Whoever has physical custody gets the house in the divorce."
    "Are you okay with that?"
    "Yes. We can figure this shit out later. Let's just get the important stuff done."
    "Change that so Liz gets the kids."
    "Holidays and birthdays. Figure it out and write it all down on the folder."
    "Holidays and birthdays. Let's figure this out."
    "Our birthday? Or the kids?"
    "Our birthday or the kids?"
    "My birthday I have the kids and your birthday you get them."
    "Write it down on the folder."
    "Okay… For the kids birthday can we just spend the day together?"
    "Just put you down. Easier."
    "Okay… Holidays. Mothers day me, fathers day, you. Yeah?"
    "I want Thanksgiving."
    "How many holidays is there?"
    "I think like eight. Main ones anyway."
    "There's Russian holiday I celebrate."
    "You can have all the Russian ones. How many is there?"
    "Hold on… Main holidays? Or Presidents days too?"
    "Just main ones. Christmas."
    "Okay. I was asking if we had to figure out Presidents day too. Just main holidays like Christmas."
    "Are you Jewish?"
    "Okay… Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July…"
    "I don't celebrate that."
    "4th of July?"
    "Yes. You can have that one."
    "All right… Halloween, New years, Valentine's day. Russian holidays."
    "Our Christmas is different. It's Orthodox on January 7th, City Day on August 31st, and Saint Petersburg on May 27th."
    "Okay… Twelve holidays and none overlap. Cool! Now we divide. You get the three Russian ones, Fathers day."
    "You get your Christmas and Mothers day, Thanksgiving, and the 4th of July. That's four and four."
    "How about you get New Years since it's close to your Christmas."
    "I want Easter. I like to color eggs."
    "Halloween and Valentine's day. Which one do you want?"
    "And I get Valentine's day. Done. That wasn't too hard. Look okay?"
    "Looks good to me."
    "Anything else?"
    "No, not really."
    "Will we have to do this again when we get married here?"
    "Yes. He'll want us to."
    "Can it be this one? Or the same?"
    "We're getting married here when Liz turns 18. Can we use this prenup too?"
    "No. A new one will need to be made up."
    "She wants it exactly the same as this one."
    "That's fine."
    "Okay. Anything else?"
    "On the prenup? No."
    "Does this screw Liz in any way?"
    "No. Does it seem like it does?"
    "No. Everything has loopholes though. I don't want her screwed in any way by this."
    "It won't. Here… You sign here and she signs here."
    "You sign right here."
    "Elizabeth… Whitney… Sanders.... Done."
    "Fill this out and leave the address the way it is so there's no issue with her in Russia."
    "We need to fill this out."
    "I don't read Russian!"
    "Marriage license."
    "Here… Let me fill out my part and then I'll help you with yours."
    "Okay. I'll be right back. Coffee makes me go potty."
    "All right… Why does the address have to be in Russia for Liz?"
    "Makes things easier."
    "Makes her look like a citizen?"
    "No. It's just easier. Trust me."
    "My turn yet?"
    "Yes. Right here… Last name, First name, and Second name."
    "Second name?"
    "Middle name."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Leave the address, your race here, birthday here, birthplace, and make sure you put U.S.A at the end."
    "Like that?"
    "Yes. Social number, dads name, his birthday place. Only the state and U.S.A. Mom's maiden name and her birth state."
    "Write your name here… I need to write mine in… Write my name right there. I think that's all. Is that all?"
    "Yes. The rest will be done in Russia."
    "That's all."
    "No more papers?"
    "Go get dressed so we can go eat."
    "Come on… Get dressed so we can go eat."
    "I like food."
    "I know."


     I'm kind of sad that Sean didn't want to take a shower with me. I really wanted to play. Sad face! Marriage license though! How exciting was that? I seriously can't wait. I started messing around with my Paso while Rye was getting ready. She takes forever! Hold on… I feel someone looking over my shoulder! Oh! Hello Ivan. Meow!
    "My Paso Doble… Um…"

    I pull out my phone and go to Google Translate. Please work. Success! He pulled out his phone and did the same thing for me.

    "My Paso Doble for our competition."
    "Tempo is fast."
    "Sean doesn't like it. He cries."
    "He has never done one this fast with no sort of breaks or pauses."
    "That's what he said. I want it to be good. Look at this part. He totally afraid of it."
    "Tricky. That takes a lot of trust."
    "I trust him. But he's so scared to hurt me."
    "I am the same way with my wife. I don't ever want to hurt her either. Trust is key. Can I look at your book?"
    "Of course."

     Vey switched seats to look at my book with Ivan and Sean grabbed my hand and walked me outside to sit on the back steps. Ah! Finally a kiss from my love.
    "Thank god for Google Translate. You were talking to your mom, and I had no one to help me talk to your dad for me."
    "That's pretty much what those little things are I was telling you about."
    "I told him you're a cry baby."
    "I said you cry because of the tempo of my Paso. He said you've never done one this fast without too many breaks in the choreo."
    "I haven't. This Paso seriously kicks my ass."
    "How's your Viennese Waltz coming along?"
    "I finished it yesterday. Working on our Salsa right now."
    "Cool. Now we can finish it."
    "Do you know that one drop some people do in their Salsa?"
    "How I pick you up at school and…"
    "Oh! And I drop forward and my face is in your wiener?"
    "Yes. I have that in our Salsa."
    "Never done that before."
    "It's easy. But tricky. Since my dad is here we'll work on it and get it down."
    "Yes. It's easy. But since you never done it, it might be tricky. AND! I have an idea to do it different. I want us to do that drop in a way no one has seen before."
    "I love that idea! Come with something epic and new."
    "Yeah. The drop... It's timing on your part. You're a second off you fall right on your head."
    "Please don't kill me."
    "I won't. You die it's your fault."
    "Shut up."
    "What else do you know besides the ballroom and ballet stuff?"
    "Yes. My mom loves all the hand movements and wanted to learn it and they taught me and Rye."
    "The hands are so pretty. I wanna learn. Teach me."
    "I will."
    "They spend time in India learning?"
    "Yes. They lived there for maybe two years. Then they left right before Rye was born and then went back."
    "Wanted her born in Russia?"
    "You're hot."
    "I know."
    "So full of yourself!"
    "Girls want me like the boys want you."
    "Not Blaine?"
    "Blaine is second to me. Mills is second to you."
    "Who's after Blaine?"
    "I would say, James."
    "I'd put Flinch before Blaine. He's adorable with that killer ass smile."
    "Yeah, but Blaine is popular. James isn't part of that crowd."
    "Who would be after Melissa?"
    "Hmm… A tie between Hailey and Em."
    "Lee Lee is actually pretty fucking hot."
    "She's not ugly at all."
    "You don't think Piper is pretty?"
    "No. She's just cute to me."
    "She has no boobies or booty."
    "She wears padded bras. What until you see her in a swimsuit. Flat!"
    "Poor thing... I hear Scott's Chevy."
    "…How do you do that?"
    "I like cars."
    "Kind of weird."
    "Right? Hi Scott!"
    "You look tired."
    "Too damn early for me."
    "Fuck you."
    "That's what you have Rye for."
    "…I don't need that image of my sister in my head Liz."
    "I don't mind it in mine. Rye is hot."
    "Yes, she is."
    "Shut up now."
    "Can I smoke right here?"
    "You're fine. Just step over there a little so the smoke doesn't go in the house."
    "Your girlfriend takes ages to get ready Scott."
    "I know. She washes her hair twice and all kinds of other girl shit."
    "Is that why her hair is so shiny Sean?"
    "I don't know. Ask her."
    "I will."
    "So… Ivan make you two sign some papers bright and early?"
    "He woke us up all early and then Sean yelled at him."
    "Aren't you a brave little toaster."
    "He was just knocking and not saying anything so I yelled at him to go away."
    "Then he yelled at Sean and Sean got scared."
    "No I didn't."
    "Yes, you did."
    "…Anyway. He made sure Rye was paying attention to the prenup."
    "We don't need no damn prenup."
    "Then Rye will learn how to make her own money."
    "She can do just fine on her own if she had to. Hayd offered her a job on her show in New York. $500 a day. That's not bad."
    "How many days does Hayden work?"
    "Seven days a week. Five in the morning to about eight at night. Sometimes longer. She has to be camera pretty so the makeup person has to be there as long as she is. Something about sweat and makeup running off. I don't fuckin' know."
    "Mascara makes your eyes hella burn."
    "I don't speak girl Blondie."
    "Why don't you want a prenup? It was pretty basic. What's mine is mine and what's Liz's is hers."
    "That shit right there. I grew up in a house where whatever my mom and dad made was ours. Not his, not hers, ours."
    "That's what I told Sean. The money we make while we are married is ours. Even though we'll have separate accounts the money is ours."
    "We really only did it to please him. We won't be following what it says. The one for you and Rye will be the same. It's not bad and doesn't fuck either one of you. I'd sign it if I were you."
    "I do like to stay on his good side. That man is fuckin' mean."
    "He can be."
    "He's so hot!"
    "She's not acting like an idiot in front of him is she?"
    "It's eating me alive trying to act like a muggle Scott."
    "You poor thing."
    "здравствуйте Scott."
    "здравствуйте Ivan."
    "Нам нужно поговорить о вас и моей дочери. Скажи ему, чтобы потянуть это перевести и погулять со мной."
    "He said to go to Google Translate and take a walk with him. He needs to talk to you."
    "All right."
    "…Why does he want to talk to Scott?"
    "About Rye."
    "I don't know."
    "Mail you and Leez."
    "From Seneca."
    "That fast? Is that good or bad?"
    "I don't know Love."
    "Open. We see."
    "I'm scared. You open it Sean."
    "Elizabeth Sanders, Welcome back to Seneca Industries. We've missed you in your absence."
    "Aw! They miss me."
    "We are writing you to inform you that there is an issue with your application form…"
    "Uh oh."
    "While doing background checks, we have become aware that Mr. Lebedinsky is not an American citizen and will not be able to compete in this years Seneca Classic."
    "However, if he can show proof of residency in the US for the past ten years, he will be able to compete."
    "Can you prove this?"
    "Yes. Right mom?"
    "Yes. I have all paper work dat show you and Raisa live here since little. I have paper show you work if they need dat too."
    "I also have paper sign over studio to you."
    "I give you on birthday. I sign over all studio. Is yours on birthday. You own dat and you get citizen here."
    "Oh. There's a list here for everything they need."
    "Let see… I have all dees. I send all plus other to be safe."
    "Okay… Upon reviewing the background checks we are… Fucking kidding me?"
    "We are aware of the family he comes from and feel he will be a perfect addition to Seneca. The information we will need is special treatment we rarely give out."
    "What's wrong with that?"
    "Just a kid in my parent's shadows."
    "If it wasn't for them we wouldn't even get this chance Love."
    "I guess. Here's the fax number mom. You need this cover sheet too."
    "Okay. I go do now."
    "Thank you Vey."
    "Welcome Leez."
    "Once we receive all information listed on the attached form, we will proceed with the final registration and scheduling."
    "We're in!"
    "Did I miss something?"
    "Keep reading."
    "That's all it says."
    "Next page."
    "Oh… After reviewing your application and submission video, we have decided to put you into full rotation in the Seneca Classic."
    "Dad is interrogating Scott."
    "You take forever to get ready Rye!"
    "I know. Dad sound mad when he asked to talk to him?"
    "No. Just asked normal. Tell Rye about our mail we got. I need to go piss."
    "Me and Sean are in full rotation in the Classics."
    "They gave us special treatment and Sean is kind of mad."
    "They know his family."
    "I told him if it wasn't for your parents we wouldn't even get the chance. He's not a US citizen yet and they would have denied us."
    "Ivan likes to fail or succeed on his own. Not because of our parents. He wants to be Sean. Not Ivan and Vey's son. Make sense?"
    "That's why he gets upset. He's nothing like our parents and all he's ever done is try to become his own person."
    "I'm trying to help him too."
    "Help me what?"
    "Become Sean."
    "Become Sean?"
    "Rye said you want to fail or succeed on your own. Not because of your parents."
    "I get special treatment all the time. I hate it."
    "Mmm.... Did your mom fax everything?"
    "Not yet, she's still getting everything together."
    "What does mom need to fax?"
    "Papers showing I lived here for ten years."
    "Okay… I'm going away now."
    "I'm excited. My first U.S competition."
    "The scholarship though!"
    "Yeah. We need to come up with the best shit possible."
    "We got this Love."

     Classics! Yes!

    "What's all in that book?"
    "It's the Classics rule book. We need to bring extra shoes, laces and all that stuff."
    "Our own hair and makeup people. The limit is four."
    "Rye is just fine. I don't change my hair at all really."
    "It's a week long."
    "Camera blocking, learning the ballroom, dress rehearsals. It's televised, so they want it to look good."
    "Schedule… Everything starts in August. Photo shoots, interviews, and the bios."
    "How do the bios work?"
    "We go to L.A and they film us for one or two days and they talk to us, ask us where we are from, why we love to dance, and all that crap. And they film us dancing. Or rehearsing. I think the week before the show in fun. Uh oh!"
    "I don't know this number. Ignore."
    "I think we should get my Paso down and out of the way first."
    "Agreed. Папа?"
    "Моя Сальса имеет то падение в нем. Можете ли вы помочь нам в этом, прежде чем уехать? Просто опознавать нас."
    "Я буду здесь, пока мы не оставить на день рождения."
    "В самом деле?"
    "Хорошо. Таким образом, вы поможете?"
    "I asked him for help with our Salsa before he left and he said he's staying until my birthday."
    "Does that mean I can't sleep with you?"
    "In my bed?"
    "No. You can sleep in my bed."
    "Она очень громко. Предварительное предупреждение."
    "Я могу слышать ее три комнаты прочь."
    "О чувак. Прости."
    "Why are they laughing?"
    "My mom just told my dad she can hear you three rooms away."
    "She did not."
    "I told you she'd tell him."
    "No sex for two weeks."
    "Why not? All you have to do is shut up and not be so loud."
    "Your mom is telling your dad everything isn't she?"
    "Oh god… Is this the same number that called you?"
    "Um… Yes."
    "Speaker… Hello?"
    "May I speak to Elizabeth Sanders?"
    "This is her."
    "Hi, this is Sharna from Seneca Industries."
    "I'm sorry to bother you, I needed to speak with Sean Lebensky.…"
    "Lebedinsky. All Russian names get me."
    "I feel you. It took me a while to get it too."
    "A lot of people are excited about your return."
    "I bet. I had some family issues, and I just needed a break. The last Classic I did beat me up pretty bad."
    "I remember. I was working backstage that year. I saw you change your shoes, and I saw your feet."
    "I got Velrose shoes this time around."
    "I hope they help. Question?"
    "I'm processing you and Sean. So I saw your video you sent in with your form. Did you choreograph that Argentine Tango?"
    "No. Sean did."
    "It's amazing. Foxtrot was you?"
    "Yeah. The Jive was Sean."
    "I have to admit. I showed a few people your Jive. They cannot believe how fast and sharp your flicks are. Most women who are tall like you have an issue picking up that kind of speed. I think you may have gotten better in your time away."
    "Wait until you see my spins."
    "With David. I was two to his one."
    "With Sean, I'm five to his one, staying in count."
    "No idea."
    "Paso… How amazing is it going to be?"
    "Ah! You have to wait and see."
    "Darn. Anyway, my reason for calling. I need to speak with Sean. Can you have him call me?"
    "He's sitting right next to me. He doesn't answer numbers he doesn't know. Sean?"
    "Sharna from Seneca… She needs to talk to you."
    "Oh… Hello?"

(Some text will be repeated in this section. It's Sean talking to his parents in Russian and then translating for Elizabeth)

       I was listening to my parent's conversation in the front seat when something Liz said caught my dad's attention. He turned and gave me a real crazy look.
    "…I'm five to his one, staying in count."
    "Can she really spin that fast?"
    "She can do 74 pirouettes in one spin barefoot."
    "She did 77 last night mom."
    "Your mom could never spin five to my one. Three to one is all the speed she could get."
    "I wish I was still as good as her. She's amazing."
    "You're still great. You and dad won another World just last year."
    "Five to one and staying in count is amazing. I don't think I have ever seen anyone do that. I was close to four and that's when my ankle gave out on me. After that, I was too scared to try so I stayed with three."
    "Are you jealous of Liz?"
    "Not at all. She's the one you been waiting for Ivan. You're already amazing, and she's making you better. Our shadow won't be casted on you forever. I just hope it doesn't go from Ivan and Svetlana's son to Elizabeth's husband."
    "It won't. She wants to help me become me. I love you guys for introducing me to this world. Just tired of being compared to you guys. I'm so different from you and everyone expects me to be like you. It's not going to happen."
    "Me and your mom lived in our parent's shadows too Ivan. It took awhile, but we eventually become what we are outside those shadows. If you two have kids and they choose to dance they will be in your shadow. We never wanted you to be in our shadow like this. It's just the way it works. You will become your own person. You are not afraid to create insane choreo. Either is she. Her Paso Doble is insane."
    "Create great things. Tell everyone loud and clear, I am Sean. Not Ivan and Svetlana's son."
    "I will. Watch."
    "We will be."
    "Sharna from Seneca… She needs to talk to you."
    "Oh… Hello?"
    "Hi Sean, sorry I had to catch up with Elizabeth."
    "It's okay."
    "I called you and it went to voice mail but, I was unable to leave a message. It said your voicemail isn't set up."
    "Oh, I never set it up. Most people just text. But I know the number now so I'll answer."
    "Okay good. First, thank you for the quick response on the forms we needed from you."
    "You're welcome."
    "You sent some extra forms we didn't need. But, it helps. In one form, it shows your mom is a business owner. Is that right?"
    "And you work for her?"
    "Yes. Both of my parents have dance studios. I'm here on a work visa through my dad's studio in Russia. He set it up as a transfer to her U.S branch. That way I can stay here and work."
    "Have you been deported?"
    "Yes. That's where the work visa came in."
    "You been working for her since the age of 12?"
    "Very young."
    "I work for my mom."
    "Why aren't you a citizen yet?"
    "I only been working in the U.S for five years. Not ten. But when I turn 18 in a few weeks I will be a citizen. The dance studio I work at is mine, but I have to be 18 to be a full owner. Right now I'm only part owner."
    "How long did it take for your mom to get citizenship from the business?"
    "A few days. But that's because it's a branch of the studio in Russia. So it went a little bit faster than usual. It'll be the same for me too. My paperwork has already been approved, but it's void I guess. Until I turn 18 on July 13th. Then it becomes active and I'll get my citizenship."
    "As long as you get your citizenship before August 1st there won't be any issues at all. But because you don't have it, we have to go through this. I have everything I need and I'm processing it myself. You and Elizabeth are good to go. But! If you can, fax your citizenship papers to me when it becomes active. Just to be extra safe."
    "I'll have that paper no later than July 20th and I can fax a copy as soon as I get it."
    "Okay. I'm faxing you a cover sheet for that right now. Put it in a safe place for now. I'm also faxing a copy of my card. Use the fax number on that instead of the main number you have. Since I'm processing you it'll be easier to just fax it directly to me."
    "I am also sending you and Elizabeth an email with your schedule. When you need to come out to L.A"
    "That's all I needed."
    "I have a question!"
    "Yes Elizabeth?"
    "Jason and Allie in this year?"
    "I didn't process them. Let me check in the computer… Yes. They are in full rotation. Dancing first in each round. You two are last to dance in each round because your paperwork was a day late. But Phil saw your name and told me to process you."
    "We took someone's spot?"
    "No. We started processing on Monday. We stuck you last not just because your paperwork was a day late. But because of you. You've always been last to dance and we figured that's what you want."
    "I do like going last."
    "I can also tell you that your Argentine Tango is in the third round last dance of the night."
    "Nice. Where's my foxtrot?"
    "First dance, third round. Paso is second dance, third round as always. Your Jive is third dance, first round. The rest will be generated into its own spots. Your dance order will be in the email as well."
    "I need to finish this up and send out your emails. Thank you for speaking with me Sean."
    "You're welcome."
    "See you guys soon. Good luck."
    "Thanks. Bye."
    "We're talking Jason and Allie to church!"
    "Why is my Argentine Tango last?"
    "Same reason my Foxtrots have always been last. It's officially our secret weapon."
    "So… My Argentine Tango is better than your Foxtrot?"
    "…I hate you."
    "Aw! Come here."
    "I love Sean kisses."
    "Your freaking Argentine Tango is better! That's not fair."
    "No crying."
    "I'm going to rub it in your face forever."
    "I know. Asshole."
    "I may be an asshole but at least my Argentine Tango is better… Oh! Liz is getting mad!"
    "You suck!"
    "I love you."
    "I love you too… Do I even have to ask why your mom and dad are laughing?"
    "They're laughing at the fact that my Argentine Tango is better and I'm rubbing it in your face."
    "So mean!"
    "We love you Leez. We give hard time to you."
    "Aw! I love you guys too. Even Ivan. Even though we only known each other for three hours."
    "When meet mom?"
    "Meet my mom?"
    "Uh… Her best days are weekends. I can call her later and we can set something up for dinner."
    "Dat sound good. We meet before leave to Russia."
    "You want to meet her fiancée too?"
    "Yes. We meet both."
    "You met him before mom. He's the school's principle."
    "I meet Jeem. He marry mom?"
    "Yeah. They were going to wait, but my mom found out she's pregnant and they both want to be married before the baby comes."
    "How far baby?"
    "About ten weeks. I'm so excited! I can't wait to meet my brother or sister."
    "You and Ivan talk baby?"
    "Having one? Or my moms?"
    "Have one."
    "Yeah. We want kids. We want to finish college and get a house and stuff first. And we both agreed we are too young for a kid right now."
    "We want grand baby."
    "We'll give you a couple Vey. We promise."
    "She wants to name the boy Maksim."
    "After you?"
    "More grandpa."
    "You go Russia names? Maksim Ivanovich?"
    "I don't know."
    "Russian names are different. The kids get the dad's name as the middle name. A boy would be Ivanovich and a girl would be Ivanovna."
    "Not Seanovich?"
    "No. My name is Ivan. Not Sean."
    "Why isn't your name Ivan Ivanovich?"
    "My mom wanted it to be Ivan Maksim. My mom's middle name is Maksimovna."
    "Rye is Ivanovna?"
    "Do we have to go Russian?"
    "No… Do we mom?"
    "No. Is your kid. Name what want."
    "Maksim Ivanovich Lebedinsky… Hmm."
    "That sounds good."
    "Why are we going to Monterey for breakfast?"
    "They need to go to the studio and my dad likes the Ihop there."
    "Banana pancakes. Nom, nom, nom!"
    "I never had the banana ones."
    "So good! It's like banana bread, but a pancake."
    "I've never had banana bread."
    "Are you joking?"
    "I'm making you banana bread later."
    "If my dad lets you out of this Tango."
    "We no work on steps yet. Do what want today."
    "Viennese Waltz!"
    "Paso… Damn it!"
    "Paso Sean! We both agreed to get it out of the way."
    "Why not take a day off and go to the mall for your pretty homecoming dress."
    "Oh! I need shoes too. Maybe get my nails done too."
    "My sister can do your nails."
    "She does nails too?"
    "Yes. Show Liz your nails mom."
    "Ooo! That's a nice French nail. Will she do them?"
    "Yes. Ask her."
    "My hair and makeup?"
    "She will always do your hair and stuff."
    "Awesome! Can we go shopping Vey?"
    "After eat me and dad go to studio and you can take truck."
    "Do me and Liz need to come in today?"
    "I call if need too."
    "Can we take my dad some flowers?"
    "Yes… No! Look this way at me."
    "What wrong?"
    "The guardrail on the right is where Liz's dad died. I'm making her look out this way and not at it. She's good."
    "I'm good… Oh! They threw the glass vase away from last time."
    "Did they really?"
    "Yeah. I told my mom what we left and when she came out here to have lunch with Coralie's mom she went by to see him too. She told me the vase was gone but the flowers are still there."
    "That's cool they left the flow…"
    "That was my stomach! I swear!"
    "We almost there Leez. My stomach rumble too."
    "Boop! You're hot."
    "I know."
    "So confident!"
    "Shut up."
    "What did he say?"
    "So confident!"
    "Haha all you want Beanstalk, but you know what?"
    "…What Sean?"
    "My Argentine Tango is better than your Foxtrot."
    "You suck!"
    "I think both are good."
    "You asked if the drag in her Foxtrot was a good idea."
    "That's probably why your Argentine Tango is better."
    "Why are you guys laughing?"
    "No reason."
    "Sean! Sad face."
    "He said he likes both. I said that he asked if the drag was a good idea and then he said that's probably why my Argentine Tango is better."
    "Still not changing it."
    "I think drag beautiful. No change."
    "Your mommy has my back. What!"
    "She may have your back, but you know what?"
    "Shut up!"
    "Argentine Tango…"
    "Is better than your Foxtrot."
    "You're asking to be beat!"
    "I might like it."
    "Ooo! Meow!"
    "Head block mirror when kiss Leez."
    "The Ihop! Banana pancakes, here I come. Yes!"


     I didn't sleep well at all. I kept tossing and turning and crying. James woke up a few times and held me. I thought I'd be okay today. But I'm not. Uh oh!
    "Move! Move!"
    "You okay!?"
    "Reg?… You okay?"
    "Oh my god."
    "Here… Wet washcloth. You scared the fuck out of me."
    "I'm so sorry… Opie… Not right now."
    "Sit Opie. What's wrong?"
    "I have no idea. I think it's the pill. Or I just might be worked up."
    "Anything I can do?"
    "Yeah. Opie… She's okay."
    "I'm okay Opie. People puke too."
    "Thanks. What time is it?"
    "8:30. The box says vomiting is a side effect for some people."
    "How long will I be sick for?"
    "I don't know. Did you puke last night?"
    "Okay. The box says, if you vomit within two hours the pill won't work."
    "What if that's what I just puked up?"
    "No. It's gone by now. The pill is already dissolved and in your body."
    "It'll be fine Reg."
    "Yeah… We need to get dressed and get to my house."
    "You want to take a shower? It might make you feel better."
    "All right. I'll go grab a towel for you and then ask my mom to make you something to eat."
    "I just want some toast with butter and cinnamon."
    "Thank you."
    "For what?"
    "Making me feel better."
    "You think I'd let you puke alone? I'd hold your hair back for you if it was down."
    "I'll be right back with your towel. Come on Opie, she doesn't need you to stand guard as she gets naked."

     The shower did make me feel better. The toast… Did not. I puked it up right after I ate it. Then James brought me a glass of apple juice and I felt better again. Apple juice when I don't feel good always does the trick. Now all I have to do is get though the day without puking and my dad asking questions.
    "My dad said it was fine to go to the store. I told him I'd buy a box of doughnuts."
    "Okay. How are you feeling?"
    "Better after the apple juice."
    "Apple juice makes me feel better when I feel like shit. Opie! Car ride, let's go."
    "He's so happy."
    "I hope he doesn't get in the way."
    "Bring a few toys to keep him busy."
    "Good idea. He'll chew on this bone all day."
    "That bone is huge."
    "Yeah. My dad got it for him."
    "I like your dad."
    "He likes you too. Said I did good getting a young one that's crazy cute."
    "Funny… That burp tasted gross."
    "You'll live. Come on."
    "I need to grab my stuff."
    "Leave it. We can come back later and grab it."


    I needed to think last night. I came up with an idea and I hope it works. Thankfully, Regan called and told me Mr. Larson had to run to the store, and if it was okay if she went as well. I said yes because I needed a little more time. Well… She was right about her husband coming with her. This should be interesting.
    "Good morning."
    "Mr. Hart."
    "Mr. Avalon."
    "Come in, I have these letters right here I told you about."
    "Can we get one thing straight right now?"
    "Ode… You promised."
    "I promised not to be a dick Hayd. I ain't about to be a dick."
    "It's obvious we don't like each other…"
    "I have no issue with you Mr. Hart. Even after our confutation in my office."
    "Okay… I don't like you."
    "All right."
    "I know you didn't ask Hayd over to see you. She told me everything. Your daughter, her mom, and what she did to you. Pretty fucked up when you're the better parent."
    "I also find it weird as fuck that you're one rich ass mother fucker who works at a high school."
    "I love what I do and I like to keep busy."
    "I'm not a bad guy. I just have a really bad temper. But I assure you, I will be a complete gentleman in front of your daughter."
    "That's all I want."
    "Also… I may not like you. But if you show me respect, I'll show it right back. I hope whatever it is you're trying to do here works out the way you want."
    "I hope so too. Like I told Hayden over the phone, Regan… My daughter. She wrote all these letters to me and she mentions Hayden in a few of them. It makes no sense. Hayden has only met her once and talked to her on the phone once."
    "I saw her all the time. I would run into her and your mom at the grocery store and we would chat for a few minutes."
    "Why didn't you tell me?"
    "This was all after we… You know."
    "Some of these letters are heart breaking."
    "Yeah. I had no idea she felt this way."
    "Right? Every time I saw her she seemed really happy."
    "Yeah. But she wasn't."
    "I am happy for you. You tried so hard to just see her. For like five minutes! Now… Here she is."
    "This is her doing. Here… Guardianship papers. So she could live with my parents. My mom helped her fill it all out."
    "Michael Elwin Avalon II. And Leah just signed them?"
    "Yeah. Then the next day went over there asking where she was, and my mom showed her the paper and she got pissed off. Saying we all tricked her into signing them because II is written too small."
    "Did you know about this?"
    "No. My mom called the day before she was coming out… For a different reason. She said Regan is comin too and she'll be staying here a while. When she got here, she slapped the paper on my desk. I'm still re-learning to be a dad."
    "You're doing fine."
    "She already had sex with her boyfriend."
    "I lost my virginity at thirteen too Michael. Plus, it would‘ve happen even if you said no."
    "Then asked for birth control."
    "That's good."
    "I guess."
    "Get her Norplant. That lasts like seven years."
    "That's the one she's getting. I don't want her pregnant this fucking young."
    "Who is she seeing?"
    "James Larson."
    "Larson… Hmm… I don't think I know him."
    "I do. The kid fell in his kitchen and died. No idea how in the fuck he came back. He was down for almost twenty minutes and just came back. No brain damage or anything. What the fuck?"
    "He fell and died?"
    "He dropped a glass cup. He went to clean it and slipped and fell on the glass. The point went into the back of his head."
    "Oh my god!"
    "How do you know about this?"
    "I was the first at his house. If the hospital is more than an hour away, the fire team shows up first. Uh… Small towns like this one. Rural areas. All the men and women who work for the fire department have EMT training. Myself included. We show up and do what we can to keep the person alive until the ambulance shows up. He died on the way to the hospital. I was with him. His breathing was a little shallow, so we had to bag him and breathe for him and all of a sudden… Gone. He should not have come back from that. Confusing as hell trying to figure out how."
    "I actually had no idea that rural fire houses require EMT training."
    "Most stations now. Rural or not require it. I'm the fire chief who saves lives when I need to."
    "My daughter would be lost without him. Thank you for doing what you could."
    "He's a good kid. One hell of a dancer."
    "Dancer like Blondie?"
    "No. He's a hip hop dancer. Ranked #1 in the state."
    "Nice! I'm glad she's happy."
    "Me too. She wants to take care of him forever."
    "That's right! How is the P.D? You know?"
    "Stage one. He's doing fine. Certain things set it off. I saw his father pop his jaw out of place."
    "Either that or risk busting out all them pearly whites."
    "I'm lost. P.D?"
    "A hip hop dancer with Parkinson's? Odd."
    "He's fuckin' killer Hayd. Blows my ass away at the booth too."
    "The DJ booth?"
    "Yeah. A lot to that kid you don't see. Your daughter really does have a good one."
    "I'm aware. I got to know him. He helps take care of his dad. Shit like that is always a plus in my book."
    "If anything ever happen to my pop, I'd do the same thing."
    "Same. My dad helped give me life. It's the least I could do is feed him if he needed me to."
    "If he needed to! Hell, he changed mine when I was a baby."
    "Fuckin' great! So true though."
    "I love how you two are being good right now."
    "Don't jinx it Hayd. I'm actually havin' a good time right now. I still don't like you though."
    "Fair enough."
    "Are you… Moving?"
    "Yeah. Just next door to the two bedroom."
    "Maybe you should help Ode. So me and Regan can catch up."
    "I guess I could if you need an extra hand."
    "More hands the better. Mr. Larson is helping out today as well."
    "Oh… You need to be careful with the spot on his head. It's not covered."
    "I'm sorry?"
    "He's supposed to have a metal plate and his insurance didn't cover it. Unless they somehow got the money. I haven't seen him in about a year."
    "I have no idea about a plate."
    "I'll ask him. If he says no, I'll stop by his mom's shop and give her some money."
    "How much is it?"
    "The plate is about 35 grand and the surgery is about the same."
    "You have that in your safe right now Ode."
    "And I also have bills Hayd."
    "Yeah, yeah. Hey Michael?"
    "Do you have a recent picture of Regan?"
    "Not on my phone. Hold on… My laptop, I'm logged into my Facebook and this is her profile."
    "Damn! That girl is defiantly your daughter man."
    "She's grown so much in only three years. She's gorgeous."
    "That's James right there Hayd."
    "Oh! He's a cutie! Look at his smile! They even look good together… Is this Stephanie?"
    "This picture of you three."
    "No. That's Samantha."
    "Ah! Sammy Sam. You seeing her?"
    "I am."
    "She's here?"
    "Yeah. History teacher."
    "What about Stephanie?"
    "I don't think I've ever met her."
    "Are you sure? They are identical. Stephanie has a mole on her forehead. Only difference."
    "I don't recall ever seeing Samantha with a mole."
    "Oh… Next time you see her tell her I said, sup Sammy."
    "I will."
    "You need to make Regan get rid of that purple hair."
    "It's getting taken care of on Monday."
    "Is her natural color black?"
    "It is."
    "Man... I can't get over how much she looks like you."
    "Strong genes on my mom's side. They all have black hair and blue eyes."
    "Her nose is Leah. Rest is all you."
    "Beautiful girl. Good job on making her."
    "That's a compliment Michael."
    "How old are you?"
    "And she's 13?"
    "I told you Ode. She stopped taking her pill, so she had something to hold over him forever."
    "Right. Sorry… Why do women do that?"
    "I don't! Trapping men is not my style."
    "Says the wife."
    "You asked me to marry you. If anything, you're trapping me."
    "Can't trap a woman who agreed Hayd."
    "Fuck you."
    "No while you're bleeding. Come back in a few days. Then! Maybe."
    "Why are all men assholes?"
    "The way we're wired. Girls bleed and bitch and we laugh because we don't have cramps and you do."
    "Score one for the shrink."
    "I walked right into that. I fucking knew you'd say something like that."
    "Well… All men are assholes."
    "We can be assholes too."
    "I live with you. You're an asshole once a month for like a week. Kind of a drag Hayd."
    "…I’m just going to shut up now."
    "Bout fuckin' time."
    "Shut up."
    "Make me."
    "Not while you're bleeding. Rain check."
    "Why are you laughing Michael?"
    "You guys are perfect. Talk so much shit together. I'm very entertained right now."
    "This shit right here. Is mild shit talk. We say some fucked up shit to each other and her sister is like, stop being mean to my sister Oden."
    "Sounds right. Ms. Toledo has a very kind heart. No offense to either one of you. She needs to toughen it up just a tad."
    "I been telling Milly that for ages! She's to damn nice and everyone takes advantage of her."
    "She needs to be fucked over real good."
    "It's fuckin' true!"
    "It is. As kind as she is, it might take something drastic to toughen her up. Mr. Hart just worded it the asshole way."
    "That's not asshole. I'm blunt as fuck. I call it how I see it and damn sure don't sugar coat a damn thing."
    "I can't be blunt in my work. I actually have to ask my clients for permission."
    "Most people need blunt man."
    "True. But I can't do it. I would love to just look someone in the face and tell them, you fucked up you fucking idiot. But I can't."
    "What made you become a shrink?"
    "My mom. She likes helping people. Growing up I always saw how happy it made her. She would have a breakthrough and she'd be happy all day. It made me want to do it too. She's a Clinical Psychologist, she works with the crazy people."
    "Like 51/50?"
    "Yeah. I'm a Social Psychologist. I work with couples, marriage counseling, parent issues, stuff like that. Hayd seen what I do."
    "You're good at your job."
    "I love it. I love the break though moments. Example… Your sister and Mr. Sullivan."
    "She had that smile all day."
    "I know she did. But… This job does have a downfall, and I hate it."
    "What is the downfall?"
    "I can't help myself like I help others. No idea why. My mom is the same way. I need advice, I call her. She needs advice, she calls me."
    "That day with Heather and my brother… How would you go about trying to fix that?"
    "Some things can't be fixed Mr. Hart. That was done when she said the baby wasn't his."
    "That shit was done a long time ago. He knew she was cheating on him, but he stayed just to have a girl."
    "Why did she stay?"
    "No idea."
    "No idea?"
    "He knows you're lying Ode."
    "Can't help someone who's living a lie right? We had eye contact the whole time and then you looked at my mouth for a second… No idea."
    "I'm good at my job Mr. Hart."
    "Teach me that shit."
    "I just did. Eye contact is a big one. If you have eye contact the whole time and the person looks away for a second then back at you. Most likely a lie. But me… I can hear the tone in someone's voice change. But, there's also good liars out there. They tell one lie so many times that they believe it. Becomes true to them."
    "Pretty smart."
    "Graduated summa cum laude."
    "Is his smarts what attracted you to him?"
    "No. He's good looking."
    "Yeah… He is."
    "You're so stupid."
    "Looks like you have a visitor."
    "That would be Mr. Larson and my daughter."
    "The kid is driving a brand new fuckin' car."
    "It's only a Ford."
    "Mopar man?"
    "I own a 69 Challenger and that one out there."
    "69 stock?"
    "And it's purple like Devin's Cuda."
    "Nice. 426 or the torque monster?"
    "That one out there the STR8?"
    "No. R/T."
    "Why man?"
    "Better gas mileage."
    "Oh! They have a dog with them!"
    "Incoming! Hi da… Hayden?"
    "What? I don't get a hug?"
    "What goin' on kid?"
    "Me and shrink were talking shit about your car."
    "Because it's a Ford?"
    "Right… Doughnuts Mr. Avalon… Opie! What's wrong with you today?"
    "That's fuckin' Opie?"
    "Last time I saw this guy he was the size of a shoe and had ears. He's lookin' good."
    "He's an asshole."
    "Whoa! Oh my god!"
    "Opie! I'm sorry Hayden. He likes girls."
    "You didn't have to go a try to eat my face off! No! Yous a handsome boy huh!?"
    "He farts too. They stink."
    "He needs to chill. He's on one today. For example… Opie! Work… Nothing!"
    "He wants a day off Mien."
    "I guess."
    "Oh! This is my husband Oden. Oden, Regan."
    "You're big."
    "Look at Ode and tell me who his brother is."
    "Mmm… Smile… Oh! The kid with the purple car! Emily's boyfriend. Oh! Crap what's his name… Devin! Brain fart on his name. I'm friends with Melissa and James told me that's your sister."
    "The world is too small. Hey! Don't eat all the maple bars dad."
    "I want one."
    "That was funny. Don't eat all the maple bars, why? I can't wait to have kids so I can pick on em like I did Dev."
    "You were and still are an asshole to Devin."
    "Why are you guys here?"
    "These letters."
    "I had no idea you saw Hayden so much."
    "I saw her all the time. Then she vanished. I got sad because I like you."
    "Aw! I'm sorry. I got a job and had to move away."
    "Everyone left me."

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     Not the direction I wanted this to go. Stay positive.

    "Regan… No one left you. We all just had to take a detour. You mentioned Hayden in some of you letters and I thought inviting her here was a good idea. Just following your bread crumbs." 
    "Oh. I see what you're doing now. Grandma was right?"
    "She always is. Hayden is here. I'm sure she wouldn't mind seeing from time to time. Sadie is here, and so is Beth. This side is still here. Understand?"
    "I been trying to get you to realize that Mr. Larson is not the only one here for you. He's your favorite, but not the only one."
    "I know. We been hanging out more and talking. Fresh start, just like grandma said. I know stuff about you that I probably shouldn't know."
    "And he knows my brand of condoms. Still weird Mr. Avalon."
    "My apologies."
    "He bought you condoms?"
    "He bought my brand Ode!"
    "And latex free."
    "See! No one should know that."
    "He remembers everything James. Tampons dad."
    "Yellow, Tampax, cardboard."
    "Oh my god! Do you remember mine?"
    "Yellow, Tampax, pearl."
    "Oh my god."
    "I can't help it. I just remember things."
    "Why are you laughing Ode?"
    "This kid is laughin' too. It's not just me."
    "Do Ode now."
    "I don't know him on that level."
    "What shirt was I wearing that day?"
    "Which day?"
    "The day I met you."
    "White Strokes shirt."
    "Is he right?"
    "I don't know. I don't remember what shirt it was."
    "Strokes shirt. Second time was a plain white shirt."
    "…I feel you now James."
    "Oh! We were talking about you."
    "What about me?"
    "You ever get that metal plate?"
    "Yeah. My grandparents gave us the money."
    "Good deal."
    "What plate?"
    "I have a metal plate right here from when I fell in the kitchen."
    "Do magnets stick to it?"
    "That's no fun."
    "She got a magnet off the fridge."
    "Let me see."
    "It won't stick Reg. It's titanium, and I've tried it before."
    "Your daughter stuck a magnet to this kid's head."
    "I did too! The day I came home from the hospital me and my mom were curious… You okay?"
    "Are you all right?"
    "Yeah! I'm fine. I need to go pee real fast. I'll be back in a minute."
    "…Michael… You should go up there. She went pale and… She's puking. Go check on her."
    "Is she okay?"
    "She woke up not feeling good. You want me to go up there?"
    "Okay. Take her the apple juice. It's right there on the table."

     I hope she's not coming down with something. I'm one of those men who still needs my mom when I get a simple cold.
    "I'm good."
    "What's wrong?"
    "I don't know."
    "Here's your apple juice."
    "You woke up like this?"
    "Yes. I pushed James off the bed to get to the bathroom."
    "You don't feel warm. Did you eat something before you went to bed?"
    "No. I ate with you."
    "Something has you sick."
    "I don't know."
    "Did you take something for your head and maybe took to much?"
    "No. I didn't take anything."
    "Regan… Stop lying to me."
    "I can't tell you what I took. You'll just get mad."
    "What did you take?"
    "Do I need to go and ask your boyfriend?"
    "Please don't."
    "Does he know what you took?"
    "Did he take it too?"
    "No. I didn't take any drugs dad. Just let it go. Please?"
    "I'm worried. Whatever it was that you took has you sick."
    "I'll be fine."
    "How many times have you puked today?"
    "This is my forth time."
    "If you're not feeling better by two, you are telling me what you took and then I'm taking you to the emergency room. Understood?"
    "Don't get mad."
    "I'm not mad."
    "Uh! It hurts to puke right now."
    "Your stomach is empty. Drink some of your apple juice."
    "I'm dizzy too."
    "Hayden's husband is kind of a paramedic. Do you want me to go get him to look at you?"
    "I guess."
    "All right. Lean on the wall. I'll be right back."

     Did she maybe take something for her head and take Mr. Larson's pills instead? What the hell did those two do last night.

    "Mr. Hart?"
    "My daughter isn't doing fell good right now. You mind? Since you know some basics."
    "What's wrong?"
    "I have no idea. She's puking and saying she's dizzy."
    "Did she take something?"
    "She won't tell me."
    "I need to know if she took something."
    "Mr. Larson?"
    "What did she take?"
    "…We didn't… We didn't know it was going to make her sick. It's FDA approved…"
    "What did Regan take?"
    "Uh… Oh… I don't feel good either right now."
    "Mr. Larson… Look at me… Breathe... Dropped. I will only ask you this… Did she take something for her head and maybe took one of your pills by mistake?"
    "No. I know you want me to be honest with you, but… I'm sorry… I can't tell you. She has to."
    "Fair enough. Maybe she’ll tell you Mr. Hart."
    "She’s gonna have to. Otherwise I might not be able to help her."


     Why am I dying right now? Apple juice isn't making me feel any better. Where's Mien? Uh! It comes and goes! This sucks! I hate being sick.
    "What's goin' on?"
    "Bathroom is spinning. It's making me want to puke again."
    "What did you take?"
    "You know… I can't help you if you don't help me. What did you take?"
    "Where's my dad?"
    "Will you tell him?"
    "I will not tell him."
    "I took a Plan B pill."
    "Oh… Are you allergic to anything?"
    "Are you sure?"
    "Yeah. You think I might be having an allergic reaction?"
    "If you were you'd have rashes and be all itchy. And it would of happen already."
    "I don't have rashes and I'm not itchy."
    "Okay. The Plan B pill has a very high dose of levonorgestrel. It's the same thing as in a birth control pill just a shit load more. Some girls can't handle it. That's when the side effects come in. Most common is puking, dizzy, and stomach pains."
    "My belly does hurt. But I think it's from puking."
    "Where does it hurt?"
    "Right here."
    "Yeah, that's right puking. The stomach pains from the pill will be below your belly button, along that area."
    "Am I going to die?"
    "No. You'll be fine. As soon as it's all out of your system you'll feel better."
    "How long?"
    "About three days."
    "I'll be sick that long?"
    "No, that's how long it stays in your system. It lowers as the day passes. What I meant was, once it lowers you'll feel better. But the first 24 hours are gonna suck."
    "What happen? Why did you need to take this?"
    "James said, his pull out game is weak."
    "You laugh."
    "That's funny… Thirteen is pretty young to be doing reckless shit like this."
    "I know. That's why we took care of it."
    "Reg?… You okay?"
    "I'm not dying."
    "Her dad downstairs?"
    "She's gonna be fucked up the rest of the day. Next time use a fuckin' condom."
    "She told you?"
    "I had to know to help her. I won't say anything."
    "The pill will stay in her system about three days. But once it lowers she'll start feelin' better."
    "She getting birth control on Monday."
    "What kind?"
    "Oh, that might fuck you up again."
    "Maybe. The pill you took… There might still be enough in your system to where it won't make you sick. But if it's not all gone… You might get sick for a day. It's very common when girls start birth control. The doctor will tell you that. So, if you do get sick again, your dad won’t question why."
    "I feel like I'm dying."
    "I promise you'll live."
    "She's stinkin' cute kid."
    "Don't laugh at me… Stupid boys."
    "She smiled. She's fine… For now."
    "It comes and goes. I hate it."
    "By the end of the day you'll feel better."
    "You're smart."
    "I only know basics. I'm not a doctor."
    "If Ode says you'll be okay, then you'll be okay."
    "I'm hungry."
    "Eat something light. Try to eat crackers or toast."
    "I had toast, and it made me sick."
    "Plain toast. No butter, no nothing. And drink a lot of water."
    "Okay. Apple juice isn't good?"
    "Apple juice is fine. But something like Gatoraid would be much better."
    "My dad has these Naked drinks in the fridge."
    "Stay away from stuff with acids. Like soda and shit. And don't even think about orange juice. It'll burn like a mother fuck coming back up. Water or your apple."
    "All right… I'm going back downstairs to see if your pops is ready to move shit."
    "Wait… You're helping?"
    "Yeah. Hayd wants to hang out with this one today and I offered."
    "He said all the stuff up here has to go through that window."
    "That's shitty."
    "You're big. You can manage."
    "Yeah. I'm leaving. Take it easy today. By the time you go to bed you'll feel better."
    "Okay. Thank you."
    "Yup. And you… Flinch… She's only thirteen kid. Use a fuckin' condom."
    "I know!"
    "Plus side to birth control… Once the seven days are up, you can practice your weak pull out game."
    "Fuck you."
    "We all have a weak one at first. Trust me… I did too."
    "Bye Ode."
    "He's hot."
    "And a fireman."
    "Mmm… That feels good."
    "Neck rubs always feel good. You okay?"
    "You got your color back. You went all pale downstairs."
    "Yeah… My dad was asking me questions."
    "He asked me too. I gave him a fake freak out and then he said, sorry."
    "That's funny."
    "It worked."
    "I'm sorry that pill fucked you up Reg."
    "I'll be okay Mien."
    "I don't like seeing you sick Jelly Bean."
    "Aww. I think it's cute that you want to take care of me."
    "I always will Reg. You ready to go back down?"
    "Here… Help you up."
    "Hi Opie!"
    "He's thirsty!"
    "He's an asshole."
    "He's funny."


     I love shopping! I love it even more when I don't have to pay. Ha! Sean is happy with the two dresses I got. He didn't pick anything sexy. Well! One dress is super short. I got me some shoes too. I could of wore my silver cloud shoes, but I wanted black ones. And! We got them at Velrose. They're black cloud shoes. I love them. Sean did end up buying a few things for himself. Shoes, socks, and laces. And! He bought a pink dress shirt! My dress for the dance has pink in it and I told him he had to match somehow, so he got the pink shirt. He can pull off pink! He's sexy as hell in it. Checklist time! Took my dad some flowers… Check! Shopping for homecoming… Check! Now… Lunch.
    "I love your pink shirt."
    "I can pull it off and no one will make fun of me because they know better."
    "It's perfect. Thanks for picking out my dresses."
    "That short one is hot."
    "I love it. You chose good Love."
    "You're the first girl to make me pick a dress for them."
    "I'm your girlfriend! I'm only dressing pretty for you so, you pick what you like."
    "You look good in anything."
    "You look good in pink."
    "I think the only color I can't pull off is blue."
    "You looked fine in that blue jacket for our Jive."
    "Oh god!"
    "What the hell are you doing?"
    "Did he see me?"
    "David… He saw me… He's walking over here. Fuck my life."
    "Who cares."
    "I do not want to talk to him."
    "Too late now Beanstalk."
    "You suck."
    "How you been?"
    "You still look good like Lindsay said."
    "Where's Melody?"
    "I have no idea."
    "She's your girlfriend. You should know."
    "No she's not."
    "Not what Lindsay said."
    "We haven't been a couple for a month."
    "Moved on to Stephanie Hooker?"
    "You are still a bitch."
    "Yeah. Moved onto Stephanie."
    "Dump Melody for her?"
    "No. She left me for Mark."
    "Still that same back and forth?"
    "Pretty much… So… Seneca released the rotation list today on the website."
    "Oh yeah?"
    "Yeah. Your partner… Is he related to Svetlana and Ivan?"
    "He's from Lebedinsky Dance Studio here in town."
    "Oh! So not the same Lebedinsky's?"
    "Just curious on how you would've met him. He lives in Russia."
    "He's sitting right there."
    "You… You're Sean?"
    "What's wrong David?"
    "He's… Uh…"
    "Svetlana and Ivan's son."
    "Wait! That dance studio and the tailor place next door to it is owned by you?"
    "Why doesn't anyone know you're here?"
    "Why would they?"
    "Are your parents here too?"
    "Do not go to my studio and bother my mom. She came here to get away from the crazies for a while. Stay the fuck away from her."
    "Don't piss him off David."
    "No, no, no! I'm not trying to… You're dancing with a fucking Lebedinsky. No one stands a chance."
    "Oh yeah?"
    "You're the fucking queen Liz! No one even comes close to you. This guy! I've seen your videos. The last competition you did in Russia… That Viennese Waltz… Legendary! The way you created the rise and fall. Fucking brilliant."
    "That's what I told him. You saw his videos, why didn't you recognize him when you walked up?"
    "I wasn't paying attention to him. Only you… You left, and we never ended things."
    "I thought it was obvious. Plus! You were sleeping with Melody. I knew the whole time. The most popular girl in school… Me! Head cheerleader… You fucked up."
    "What's going on with you now?"
    "She's my wife."
    "The ring is huge, and you missed that too?"
    "Did you marry Liz to get citizenship here so you can dance in the Classic?"
    "No. I own a business. That's how I'm a citizen here. We got married because we wanted to."
    "Or was it because of who she is?"
    "Me and Sean got married because we love each other. Has nothing to do with who I am or who he is."
    "You sure?"
    "I'm positive!"
    "Are you jealous?"
    "No. I popped it and broke her in for you."
    "According to Liz, you lasted 30 seconds and never ate her out. Broke her in? No, you just unwrapped her for me. I broke in myself."
    "It was never good David."
    "Now you know why I cheated on you."
    "I need more than 30 seconds David. And it has to at least feel good."
    "Melody is better than you."
    "Melody is also a whore. Go ask your brother."
    "She never fucked Cris."
    "Are you sure? Ask Rodney, or Terry, or Felix, or Taylor. Want me to keep going?"
    "How many does he make?"
    "You're a lying ass bitch."
    "Unlike you David. When I am with someone I am with them."
    "You got drunk and passed around like the rest of your cheer team."
    "No. I just had my side chick like you did."
    "I know. She's never had a dick in her."
    "She never will. Lindsay is a lesbian."
    "The Lindsay I met?"
    "Yeah. She was my lover."
    "Nice. She's cute too."
    "She eats the jay like no one's business."
    "Better than me?"
    "Sorry Love."
    "I should ask her for some tips."
    "Ha! You're just as good Love. I don't ever complain."
    "I know what I'm doing and I last longer than 30 seconds."
    "Why don't you eat pussy?"
    "Yeah! Why don't you eat the jay?"
    "I don't like the smell."
    "Whose jay stank?"
    "Only takes one girl to ruin it for the rest."
    "You never had a stank one Love?"
    "Mine don't stank?"
    "Yours is good. If it smelled bad I'd tell you to go wash it."
    "You would too!"
    "I don't do hair and I don't do stink."
    "You like my arm pits."
    "Sweat is different from pussy stink Liz."
    "You sniff sweaty girls?"
    "I smell her."
    "David has a sensitive nose. I got all sweaty dancing and he'd gag."
    "No I didn't."
    "You bitched about it."
    "Girls are supposed to smell good."
    "He would love Melissa."
    "Where did you two meet?"
    "School. Why?"
    "Wondering. So… you go to his studio now?"
    "We have a private studio we work in. I'm an instructor at his studio just like he is."
    "Teaching what?"
    "You're offering Contemporary now?"
    "Corlie is one of my students. By the way! Why wouldn't your mom transfer her progress over when Sean needed it?"
    "My parents won't transfer anyone's papers anywhere."
    "Too much personal information in the paperwork. Anyone can open a dance studio. My parents are just playing it safe. But If Nicole went by and asked for it, my mom will give them her."
    "I'll tell her to go by and see your mom then. Because we actually do need her progress papers."
    "Liz said you can't lead."
    "I can."
    "You memorize steps David. And followed as I counted out loud for you. That's me leading you."
    "I been dancing since I was ten. I know what I'm doing."
    "Hey Sean?"
    "Watch this… What's the difference between a Waltz and a Viennese Waltz?"
    "The tempo. Waltz is 2 beats per measure and a Viennese Waltz is 3."
    "I wish you could see the look on your face Sean!"
    "I'm waiting for him to finish."
    "That's all."
    "…Your parents own a studio. They are good teachers. How do you not know the difference between a Waltz and a Viennese Waltz?"
    "The tempo is the difference."
    "He can't Waltz. He can Viennese Waltz."
    "Viennese Waltz is an advanced dance. Waltz is the most basic ballroom dance."
    "I can Waltz."
    "No. You think the only difference is the tempo. You just praised me on my Viennese Waltz! Every dancer has one or two dances they… Specialize in… I guess. Viennese Waltz is one of mine. Don't tell me the tempo is the only difference."
    "But it is."
    "I carried you David."
    "We did a Waltz before Liz. The only difference was the tempo."
    "No it wasn't."
    "What's the difference between a Tango and an Argentine Tango? And please don't say the tempo."
    "Argentine Tango you move more smooth. Tango is more straight up and stiff."
    "…Don't quit your day job for dance."
    "Give him a little bit of credit on the Argentine Tango and Tango difference Love."
    "He knows the speed is different in a Waltz."
    "Mmm hmm… Are you in full rotation this year?"
    "Do a Waltz so I can see it."
    "We didn't put a Waltz on our list."
    "Viennese Waltz?"
    "What dances are you doing?"
    "You'll see in September.
    "Me and Sean are doing a Paso and a Viennese Waltz."
    "I hate your Paso's."
    "So does Sean."
    "That last one we did was fucked up Liz."
    "Wait until you see ours."
    "I feel so bad for you."
    "The one you guys did was easy. This one is not. I want to puke thinking about it."
    "It's bad ass though!"
    "Well… I have to go. Training time."
    "Have fun trying to beat us."
    "No one stands a chance. See ya."
    "…He doesn't know the fucking difference!"
    "I carried him."
    "What are you doing?"
    "Looking at the Seneca website. Whoa!"
    "Look at forums."
    "All new posts are about me and you."
    "Ivan and Svetlana's son is this Sean. I need tickets to go see him… Ha! He's mine bitch… What the fuckery?"
    "Those are all your pictures on Facebook."
    "My profile is private. These are the ones I had set as my profile picture. But why did she save all of them?"
    "What's shipping? I would ship them so hard if they weren't a couple. What does that mean?"
    "I don't know. Google it… All these girls think you're hot."
    "I am hot."
    "I know… Meow!"
    "Shipping… Shipping is fans or people who wish two celebrities or people would date."
    "So, if we weren't a couple they would want us to be?"
    "I guess."
    "What did you mean when you said your mom came here to get away from the crazy?"
    "Got to a point where people would climb our gate and ring the doorbell and shit. One day she got a teddy bear from someone. Her and my dad did a small set for a T.V show. Security usually scans everything before taking it to the dressing rooms. My mom brought it home and gave it to Rye and a few days later Rye was like, mom the bear is hot. Feel him. He's hot. There was a fucking camera inside this bear… All I’m going to say is… My dad sees my mom naked or in a swimsuit. He has to touch her."
    "Like you with me?."
    "Yes. But anyway, like a week or so later all these nude pictures of my mom and dad started popping up everywhere! And a sex video."
    "No way!"
    "Look… You can still find some. It took them a while, but they finally got that video off the internet."
    "Oh my god! It didn’t ruin their reputation at all?"
    "No. Like a two weeks later they won another World, and no one cared about the pictures anymore. They proved that a few pictures, and a video wasn’t going to stop them. But after all this, my dad told her to take us and come here. Because there were still people hung up on that shit."
    "And here we are doing a competition. They already know who you are. And that you're here."
    "It's fine. If my mom and dad had any worries at all, they would've said something."
    "Will it be crazy when we go to Russia?"
    "I don't know."
    "Was it last time you went?"
    "Only in the airport."
    "Is it scary?"
    "No. Just keep walking and don't talk to anyone. But we have our own private jet now. So it’s not bad at all. You get off the plane and right into a car."
    "You seriously have your own jet?"
    "I love you."
    "I know."
    "Wanna fuck?"
    "Right now?"
    "Dressing room or my truck in the parking garage?"
    "Are you done eating?"
    "Yes. I want dessert now."
    "Let's go."

    I am way too tall for car sex. We made it work though! Sorry about your backseat Sean! It was your fault and you get to sit in the wet spot on the way home.

(Some text will be repeated in this section. It's Vey talking to Ivan in Russian)

      My husband feels so out of place. The language barrier. The translator Elizabeth showed him works really good. He's been putting words into it and listening to the English translations. He wants to be able to talk to her a little bit. But we also don't mind translating for them either.
    "What do you think of Elizabeth?"
    "Tall. She's taller than you and half your age."
    "She's very tall."
    "She's… Weird."
    "Yes. We told her not to be so blonde around you. She's one of those blondes that… She farts and acts stupid. But I do love her. She makes me laugh and not many people are able to do that."
    "She farts?"
    "Louder than you. I thought it was Ivan, and I yelled at him and he was sitting at the table behind me laughing. It was her in the other room. She has no shame."
    "Everyone farts Vey. Even you."
    "Not like that girl. Wait until she's comfortable around you. You'll see."
    "What does Ivan see in her? Besides the dancing?"
    "Everything. She makes him laugh. She's sarcastic like he is. He thinks she's beautiful, and he loves her legs."
    "The length of them or the strength?"
    "She's in excellent shape."
    "She has a ruptured muscle in her leg. Not repaired. Left calf. Take a look when she's walking away. It's pretty bad."
    "She needs to get it taken care of."
    "One reason they are getting married actually. My idea. Ivan wanted to pay for it and I said, why don't you marry her? Your insurance in Russia covers it. But they aren't going to do anything until after this competition."
    "How long has it been like that? There are times on things like this. If she goes too long they'll have to do more to repair it and then the recovery time can be anywhere from six months to a year."
    "I know. I have no idea how long it's been like that. I'm sure Ivan knows."
    "So, they aren't getting married because they love each other?"
    "No, they are. He told her, marry me for me, not for dancing. She said yes."
    "Just because she said yes doesn't mean she meant it."
    "It's for love Ivan. They fell fast for each other. You saw it happen. That Rumba. The crying was for Ivan."
    "I remember it was just one dance for us."
    "Hi Vey! Hi Ivan!"
    "Hello Leez."
    "I made Sean's day."
    "We ran into my old dance partner David at the mall, and I was like, Sean... Watch this… What's the difference between a Waltz and a Viennese Waltz David? And he was all, the tempo is the only difference. You guys should of seen Sean's face… That's the look! Your mommy has the same look you did."
    "He was trying to tell me I was wrong when I told him the tempo was not the only difference. After he just praised me for my Viennese Waltz I did in Russia. Viennese Waltz is one of my favorite dances… He doesn't know the difference, he shouldn't be dancing. How… Can you claim to be a ballroom dancer and not know the difference? How?!"
    "Let see if Leez know."
    "The difference between a Waltz and a Viennese Waltz?"
    "Okay. Tempo is one. The footwork and the patterns are different. A Viennese Waltz is also called a Rotary Waltz because you move across the floor in rotations. In a Waltz, you move in straight lines. Pauses. Waltz is a slower tempo so you have time for a small pause to gaze into each other's eyes or something. Viennese Waltz having a faster tempo you only have time to release hands and do a turn. The tone. Waltz is more romantic and Viennese Waltz isn't. It's more upbeat I guess. And last! The biggest difference! The female moves backward and the male moves forward in a Viennese Waltz."
    "That! Is what I was hoping he was going to say. Viennese Waltz, she moves backward and in a Waltz, she moves forward. I would have gave him credit for that. The tempo is the only difference. Come on!"
    "So angry."
    "He like me and Ivan. If you no know the difference between two simple dance, then you no be dancing."
    "He can't Waltz. He can Viennese Waltz."
    "The Waltz is a beginner ballroom dance! He should know it. All those trophies are not 50% his Liz. Those are all you."
    "I know. Then he was like, you're Sean… Ivan and Vey's kid. No one has a chance."
    "Then tried to say I'm with you because of who you are. That pissed me off."
    "Just trying to get under your skin Love."
    "Dis boy know who you are?"
    "Yes. And he knows we own this studio."
    "I know! It just came out. Sorry."
    "If you guys want us to drop out of the Classics we will. I don't want any problems."
    "I told Liz about that bear you got and she doesn't want anything like that to happen to you again."
    "No, is fine. You need dis Ivan. Shadow you no like might go way. Just make dance big."
    "Argentine Tango Sean."
    "That's a nice Argentine Tango."
    "He said, that's a nice Argentine Tango."
    "He understood us? Cool."
    "No... Translate you show. He press talk button and it give him Russia translate."
    "Oh! Google translate is a lifesaver."
    "You finish shop?"
    "Yeah. Sean bought a pink shirt. I love it!"
    "Ivan look nice in all color. No blue. Look odd in blue."
    "See, I told you blue isn't my color."
    "Pink is. Ha! It looks so good on you! The dance is the pink and the game is the short dress."
    "Uh! That short dress. Oh my god."
    "I made Sean pick out my dresses. I picked out three for the dance and three for the game and chose two. He picked good."
    "Dat how I shop with Ivan. I pick couple and he pick favorite. I only need to impress one man, not all."
    "That's what I told Sean… Kind of."
    "You're hot."
    "I know."
    "So... Who do I need to talk to about my Classics clothes? I'd like to get some sketches down as soon as possible."
    "Teresa next door. Or me. I make time to talk to her if you want her to do all clothes."
    "I do! She did such an amazing job on my Rumba dress. All she had was my sketch and a few notes. She's… Amazing."
    "Yes. You talk to her anytime. Come see me and we walk together and we talk to her. I make sure she only do you. I also pay extra if I need to. If something on deadline."
    "In our paperwork, me and Sean are allowed a seamstress backstage for free. Just like Rye. Do you think she'll want to go?"
    "Ask. Maybe. If she say no I get someone else."
    "I'd like her to come. She made the clothes she can fix them. You know?"
    "Yes. Talk to her. She nice. She help."
    "Okay. So! We have twenty tickets coming, and four all-access passes. Those are mommy and daddy passes. You guys are coming right?"
    "We no miss Leez."
    "Okay. The passes come with seats. So you can watch us and then come backstage in between dances. My mommy knows what's up."
    "We need run something by you two."
    "What's up?"
    "I get call from Phil Seneca.... He ask if we do dance at first break. I say I have to talk to husband and I get back to you. We won't do if you guys no want us to. Dis is your thing. Not ours."
    "You guys aren't competing against us. It's one dance. I'm fine with it is Liz is."
    "Totally cool with it if you guys want to."
    "We like to."
    "Do it!"
    "Okay. I call back soon."
    "What dance will you guys do?"
    "We always do Tango. Maybe we do something else?"
    "Do a Paso."
    "Your Paso's are good. But show everyone what's up with a Flamenco."
    "Flamenco is so hard!"
    "I know. My parents are the only ones I know that can do it good."
    "Flamenco take years to make good."
    "Can you do it at all Love?"
    "Yes. I'm not good at it though. You?"
    "Same. What Flamenco I do know I usually add it to my Paso's."
    "Yeah. The speed of your Paso is Flamenco count."
    "Mmm hmm. Scared?"
    "No… A little bit."
    "You guys need to do a Flamenco. I wanna see it."
    "No one will be doing a Flamenco in the Classics. That's a good choice."
    "They want us to do a Flamenco."
    "I'm okay with that."
    "We do Flamenco."


     Hayden took me to the store to get a box of crackers. It was funny. Oden wouldn't let her drive his car because she grinds the gears. Then my dad said no because he doesn't want her to grind his gears either. They were totally picking on her. Finally, James just handed her his keys. Opie went with us and he peed in the store! James was right. Opie is an asshole today. He's not really listening to any of us and just being really irritating. We also stopped and got lunch for everyone and rented a movie from the Redbox. I have no idea how to set up the internet for Netflix. So we figured this was easier, and it would give us something to do. Hayden is actually upset at me. She asked why I was sick and I told her. She said that's pretty stupid for a thirteen-year-old and I shouldn't do it again. She's right. It was stupid, and I promised her I wouldn't do it again.
    "How long have you been married?"
    "Only a few weeks."
    "How long were you a couple before?"
    "Me and Ode have known each other pretty much our whole life. He asked me to marry him our senior year in high school."
    "Things happen and we went our separate ways. Then I came back to help my sister, and I actually had no idea Ode was still here. Not until her boyfriend said something. We saw each other, and it was like nothing had ever changed. The feelings were still there."
    "That's cool. I'm glad you're happy… Why did you and my dad break up?"
    "Our relationship played out is all."
    "I don't understand that."
    "It was at a point where is wasn't going anywhere and I was moving. We just thought it was better to end things and be friends."
    "Not everyone is meant to be in the end."
    "How did you know Oden was the one?"
    "I couldn't stand being away from him for more than thirty minutes. I needed to be with him."
    "That's how I am with James. I get super sad and cry when I'm not with him. I just miss him so much."
    "Well… Me and Ode didn't date right away… I take that back. We didn't know what boyfriend and girlfriend was, so we were just friends for a real long time before we… You know."
    "How many guys have you had sex with?"
    "Only Ode."
    "I want to be that girl. Only one boy."
    "You could be."
    "My dad is a whore."
    "He's had sex with seventeen girls."
    "How do you know that?"
    "He told me when I asked."
    "Oh… I don't think he's a whore. I think he just dated a lot of women. He's a faithful man. We dated for over a year, never had sex, and he never looked for it anywhere else."
    "Oh… Opie!"
    "Uh oh! Did you go peepee on Regan's dresser? That's a no no Opie!"
    "Opie peed on my dresser."
    "…What the fuck is wrong with you today? Did he go pee when you guys got back?"
    "Maybe it's because your stuff is new."
    "He peed in the store too."
    "Did he really?"
    "Yeah. I forgot to tell you."
    "Maybe I should take him home. He doesn't deserve to have fun. Pissing in the house. You know better!… Really dude! Come on! I'll be back in ten minutes."
    "Kiss!… Thank you."
    "I'll be back."
    "I'll be here. Cleaning pee."
    "Make sure you clean it good. He might piss on it again if you don't."
    "I'll help you Regan."
    "You want me to grab your bags at my house?"
    "All right. I'll be back."
    "Are you staying the night with me?"
    "I don't know yet."
    "Okay um… The box my dad bought you…"
    "Bring it for here."
    "Bring the box of condoms."
    "Thank you Hayden."
    "No problem."
    "Can I go now?"
    "One more kiss."
    "I don't kiss my husband in front of you child."
    "Yes you did!"
    "Oh… Kiss her and go."
    "Thank you Mien."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "…He has the best smile I have ever seen."
    "Right?! Oden has a nice smile too."
    "Not as nice as his. Ode smokes so his teeth aren't super white. Same as you dad."
    "My dad has nice teeth."
    "Not as nice as your boyfriend."
    "True… Okay, let's clean pee."
    "Do you have bleach?"
    "White rag and towel?"
    "Warm water?"
    "I'm pretty sure it gets hot."
    "Big bowl or bucket?"
    "We are good my lovely."
    "It won't hurt my dresser will it?"
    "Regan… What do I do for a living?"
    "Right… Hi dad."
    "Feeling better?"
    "I actually do after I ate my sandwich."
    "Her boyfriend is bringing a box of condoms to put in her night stand."
    "What?! He doesn't care."
    "I don't actually."
    "See… Where's my husband?"
    "He left."
    "Opie peed on my dresser."
    "Mr. Larson told me."
    "How much stuff is left to move?"
    "My room."
    "You guys worked pretty fast."
    "I don't have that much stuff and Regan has been moving things all week."
    "Move stuff or find some drugs. My dad said to move stuff."
    "Child… You are still young enough for an ass whooping. If I find out you're doing drugs, I'll beat your ass myself."
    "My dad won't let you."
    "I'll have grandma come do it."
    "She's afraid of your mom?"
    "Grandma is mean."
    "From what I remember, your grandma was a very nice woman."
    "You're not her daughter or granddaughter. She would use the belt on me, today. If I fucked up bad enough."
    "You're a grown ass man. Stop doing stupid shit."
    "I don't do stupid shit anymore."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Don't sass me."
    "Can I sass you dad?"
    "Why not?"
    "Because I said so."
    "Because I said so."
    "Ooo sassy! You need to find a woman who gets along with this one."
    "Samantha likes her."
    "Do they get along?"
    "We gang up on dad like we are right now."
    "Nice. You and Sammy gonna married and have kids?"
    "I don't know."
    "Still don't want kids?"
    "Hi dad."
    "Hi… Really!?"
    "I think you might have your hands full with this purple headed goofball."
    "You think?"
    "Yep. Do you lick your boyfriend like that?"
    "Not his face."
    "The look on your face right now! Honest little thing aren't you?"
    "I guess."
    "I don't lick his face… Wow!"
    "I don't lick his face!"
    "We get it Regan. Stop talking."
    "And that's how you know your child is too young for sexual contact."
    "Yeah. Yesterday she was talking about popping cherries and how her vagina one was not the only one he popped. My office was full of people when she did that."
    "That's funny as hell."
    "It took every ounce of me to not lose it like everyone else did."
    "I wasn't trying to be funny."
    "We know."
    "You love me though. Even with all the popped cherries."
    "Okay, get the bucket and stuff and let's clean your dresser."
    "Yell if you need any help with anything Michael. All we're doing is watching a movie that we both have seen. We can help put things away."
    "Regan did all that. The only stuff to put away is my paperwork stuff and I'm doing that myself later."
    "Okay. Still! Yell if you need any help."
    "Will do. Hey... You do know I'm sorry right?"
    "Yes. We are fine Michael. Promise."
    "Let's clean this pee child."
    "Can I just watch you do it?"


    The forum on this page is going crazy for Sean. Some people are being nice and some people are being mean. I don't get it! These people never met Sean, so why talk shit? Right? They need to shut up. Oh! The speakers beeped!
    "My Love!"
    "Give me your wrist."
    "Give me… Your wrist."
    "Ooo! Thank you."
    "Thank my dad. He got them for us. Help me with mine."
    "What are they?"
    "Shamballa bracelets."
    "From Russia?"
    "Yes. Did you notice the one my dad wears?"
    "I seen it. I didn't really look at it though. What's special about them?"
    "It's a spiritual thing. We have white ones for new beginnings, clarity, and inspiration."
    "Clarity? Too tight?"
    "No. You know what the chakras are right?"
    "Yeah. I do yoga."
    "Each bracelet is a different color for each chakra."
    "So… Red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, and violet?"
    "Yes. And there's white which is all colors and black being no color. My dad has a red one. Root chakra. He's the support of the family. That's what he says. All of them but black have clarity really."
    "White is also… Uh… Bringers of life and endless love."
    "I guess."
    "Is that why we got white ones?"
    "I told him to get white. The white fits us the best I think. They also, in a way prevent negative energy. It's something we all do when we prepare for something like the Classics. I always get these bracelets. Well… Not the Shamballa ones, but there are other ones in Russia you can get that are only for bad energy or whatever. It's supposed to keep your mind clear so inspiration can come through."
    "Bad juju destroyer and babies and love. Okay."
    "I told my dad to get these, but tell him thanks anyway."
    "I will. I like my new bracelet."
    "Superstition of mine is all."
    "Like a good luck charm."
    "Pretty much."
    "I'm never taking it off."
    "You're really not supposed to. The one on my dad's wrist has been on there for as long as I can remember."
    "Cool. I like my bad juju destroyer… What?"
    "You been looking at me different most of the day."
    "I have?"
    "Yeah. What's wrong?"
    "I'm just used to kissing you when I want. I don't want my dad to get offended because I kiss you."
    "You kissed me in front of him."
    "A tap on the lips is fine."
    "Oh… I love you."
    "I love you too."
    "So… This forum is going bananas over you."
    "I don't care."
    "I do. Some people are being dicks."
    "Read something from a dick."
    "Okay… That Lebedinsky kid will never be as good as his parents. Why do you guys think his sister stopped dancing? She realized they suck. Now it's his turn to realize that and hang up his dancing shoes. And Liz is an idiot if she thinks she can win with him. Then there's a reply, Liz can win with anyone. As for Sean, you should do your homework. He's just as good as his parents. He's amazing. I've already pre-ordered my VIP package and I can't wait to meet him. Reply from the dick… You wasted $375. He's not worth that. He needs to stop and get a normal day job. He'll never reach his parents level. Then! A reply from someone else… Of course he's not at his parents level. He's only 17. His parents are in their forties. They have years on him. You just jealous. Watch this Viennese Waltz. There's a link to the video and a reply from the dick… That Viennese Waltz isn't that great. That's all really."
    "You think you won't win with me?"
    "I think we have the same chance as everyone else."
    "I think we can win."
    "I do too. I'm just being a good sport by saying we all have the same chance. They ain't got shit on us."
    "Do you have an account on the forum?"
    "Let's run through your Paso and post it on YouTube for that guy."
    "I thought you didn't care?"
    "I lied."
    "Can we be like, what's up JuniorHandler90 at the end?"
    "Let's do it!"
    "Get this crazy fucking drag down first."
    "We got it Sean."
    "I'm sorry now. Just in case I snap your head off your body on accident."
    "Grab me like this… Run six steps! And do the slide. Don't worry about me."
    "Everything is easy on paper and when you say it."
    "I trust you 100% Love."
    "This is seriously the last hard part. The rest is easy. I promise."
    "Alright. Take your ring off."
    "Do I have to?"
    "I don't want to get caught on it. So, yes."

     Sean did not snap my head off my body. I'm still alive! We had to do it like a million times, but it's done. I did forget about the ending. I spin real fast into a dip. I got punched in the face five times. Okay! Make that six!
    "Ah! Ow!"
    "Stop spinning so fast."
    "We got it a few times."
    "Liz... I hit you more than we got it. I really don't like hitting you, even if it's just an accident."
    "One more time. If you hit me again we'll slow down and then build up the speed. Yeah?"
    "Can I just hit you now?"
    "No. Ready?"
    "Woo! See! We got it. Now all the way through."
    "Speakers!... Hi guys."
    "Hello. What doing?"
    "Just finished our Paso. Kind of. Wanna see?"
    "Yes. Ivan look tired."
    "This Paso is kicking my ass."
    "No crying Love."
    "I'm not crying."
    "You are a little bit."
    "Yes. A little bit."
    "Okay… Four beeps before the music and let's do this."
    "Give me like five minutes."
    "Okay. Thank you for the bracelet Ivan."
    "Спасибо за браслет."
    "You're welcome."
    "Have you guys thought about our Tango yet?"
    "Little bit. We got little moves down. Be done tomorrow."
    "Cool. I called my mommy. She said we can all go out for dinner or they can come here or us go there."
    "Tomorrow. Her and Jim made plans for tonight."
    "They swim? They come here and swim. Chat when Ivan cook on grill. Yeah?"
    "I'll let her know. They have no plans at all tomorrow, so I'm sure they'll be okay with that."
    "My dad cooks real good."
    "Is it gonna be a big ole Russian feast?"
    "Maybe. Rye and Scott will be here for sure. Scott likes Russian food."
    "I have yet to get in the pool."
    "I got in it a few times this year. It's nice."
    "No. I'd get in trouble for that."
    "Do it at night. Duh!"
    "We no want naked in pool Leez."
    "No naked and no gold fish."
    "No. No fish. Get one in bowl."
    "Did you tell Ivan what Sean did with the fish?"
    "Yes. He think Ivan stupid for dat."
    "Liz wanted fish to look at."
    "Как долго они длятся?"
    "Все выходные. Тогда парень бассейн пришел в понедельник и включил насос. Тогда все они начали исчезать. Она получила все грустно."
    "He asked how long did the fish last. I told him all weekend then the pool guy turned on the pump and they all disappeared."
    "Oh. Ready to Paso?"
    "Don't punch me in the face at the end."
    "Don't spin so fast."
    "Oh! Wait!"
    "Вы хотите, чтобы увидеть ее пируэты?"
    "I need to learn Russia!"
    "Do your pirouettes so my dad can see."
    "In shoes?"
    "No. Take them off."
    "You take them off."
    "Lazy… At least give me your feet!"
    "Wow… There, now spin."
    "How many did I do last time?"
    "Seventy seven."
    "Okay. Ready?"
    "Yes. Граф."
    "Это было быстро."
    "Да. You got seventy five."
    "Dang! Vey?"
    "Can you show me your En Pointe?"
    "You have to see Liz do hers."
    "I show Leez mine and Leez show hers?"
    "Deal! Sean said you can stay on your toes forever."
    "No. I stay long time. Not forever."
    "Aw! You got a better bow than me. Not fair."
    "I be doing longer Leez. Let see you… You got good bow too. Is no bad."
    "Do the one leg over thing."
    "Она гибкая."
    "Dat beautiful. I no bend far over like you. Only dees far. No flexy like use to be."
    "Your toes don't hurt yet?"
    "Mine do. You got beat on the toe strength for sure."
    "Keep do and toes get strong too. I do almost every day. You should do too."
    "I do. You just got years on me."
    "Do you do yoga?"
    "Want to do yoga with me in the morning?"
    "Cool. Are you ready to Paso for real now?"
    "Let me put my shoes back on.... This Paso isn't 100% yet. We got all the choreography down, but it's still a little choppy in some spots."
    "We no judge."
    "Ready to Paso Paso?"
    "Four beeps."
    "I know."

     That was perfect! Well, not perfect. He didn't punch me in the face and he didn't snap my head off my body. I am still alive people!
    "I need to start running again. This Paso is killing me."
    "Это было безумие."
    "Вы хотите сделать это с ней?"
    "Это очень трудно. Я все еще учусь ее скорость."
    "Эти повороты и спины настолько хороши, хотя."
    "Dat so good."
    "My dad said it's insane and he doesn't want to do it with you because of the speed. I told him it's hard because you spin too fast. I'm still learning your speed."
    "I can slow down."
    "No way."
    "No… No slow."
    "Dat what make you good. Fast and perfect. You no lose spot on turns."
    "Yeah… What do you think of it?"
    "Fast but Amazing."
    "And Ivan thinks it's insane."
    "Yes. We go up and leave lone now. We cook. Unless you still want to."
    "Oh! Me and Sean haven't went to the store. You guys can go ahead and cook dinner."
    "Okay. Beep and come eat."
    "Kay… So! I don't think I want to upload this Paso to YouTube for this asshole."
    "Why not?"
    "I don't want someone to steal it. Let's do your Argentine Tango instead."
    "Hell no."
    "Wanna just let it go?"
    "I guess."
    "Even if we did do that he'd still talk shit anyway."
    "True. I didn't even think about that."
    "I do want to do something though."
    "Something David never wanted to do."
    "I have a Youtube right?"
    "Yes. I seen the videos."
    "There's only like five hella old ones. But! What I want to do, is make a new YouTube. Do you have one?"
    "Let's make one together. Our first upload will be our Rumba at school. Piper emailed you the video. Yeah?"
    "But that's not what David didn't want."
    "What didn't he want?"
    "I want to do vlogs. Road to the Classics Part 1 and so on. We have all the footage from our Jive, Foxtrot, and Argentine Tango. I want to use pieces of that including the fuck ups and make little vlogs. Part 1 will be our Jive, part 2 will be our Foxtrot, part 3 will be our Argentine Tango, and part 4 will be our Paso. But we won't add the finished dance. Just pieces. Yeah?"
    "Sure. I'm down. Get us some exposure for other things."
    "I know! That's why I wanted to do something like this before. Do you know how to edit videos? Or do we need Pipers help?"
    "I taught Piper what she knows. But, she's a little bit better than me because she does it more than I do. So it's up to you."
    "Who has the better quality camera?"
    "We have the same one."
    "Let me do a quick video with our Jive and if you don't like what I do we can ask Piper."
    "Okay. Make a YouTube ."
    "I am right now."
    "And upload our Rumba."
    "Yes Beanstalk."
    "Love you."
    "Love you too."
    "Ah! Hi!…"
    "I just wanted a kiss. Bye now."
    "…What do you want me to do with that?"
    "Lick it."
    "Not when it's all sweaty. Go wash it while I set up this YouTube."

    He didn't even let me finish my shower. He came in there with me and we had a little bit of fun. Finally got my shower I wanted this morning and I got my vlogs! Happy face!
    "This video finished. What do you want the description to be?"
    "The date it was filmed on and where. Make sure you put that we don't own the rights to the music and all that stuff. You don't want the video to get blocked."
    "Okay. Which one of these pictures do you want the thumbnail to be?"
    "Um… The second one. Aww! You put a cute picture of us for the channel picture. The header is awesome too."
    "Name for our channel?"
    "Mmm… S.E Lebedinsky."
    "E.S sounds better."
    "Okay. We need to make a channel video."
    "Like an introduction video. Telling people what this channel will be used for. Maybe we can do tutorials if people ask?"
    "Tutorials is what my studio is for."
    "You don't want teach for free?"
    "Okay… Done?"
    "Yes. The password is your email without the gmail part. Login is my email."
    "Okay. Can I get on the forum on the computer and post a link to our channel so people can subscribe?"
    "Yes. We'll do that introduction video after we eat."
    "Okay… Mmm... One more… Thank you. Have you checked your email for our schedule?"
    "Yes. I printed it out."
    "The computers are all connected. The printer is upstairs in my mom's office."
    "Oh... That thread about you is gone."
    "Like it was deleted?"
    "Yeah. Seneca is big on respect. We have to be nice and respect each other and our work. It's in the handbook."
    "I need to read through it."
    "Yeah… Done. Now we wait. Something popped up saying you have an email."
    "Uh! I feel like I'm having period cramps right now."
    "I'm sorry. Maybe it's from me. I made you bleed a little bit."
    "Could be my period."
    "I thought you didn't have one?"
    "I don't. But I'm cramping down here like it is my period."
    "Do I need to go buy condoms?"
    "I don't think so. I thought you had some?"
    "I gave them to my dad."
    "Yes. He asked, and I gave him the whole box and said I don't need them because you're on birth control."
    "Your mommy is gonna get some sex tonight! Woo!"
    "Don't you dare say something like that in front of them."
    "I won't. I think it's cute your mommy and daddy still get down and dirty in bed."
    "I guess."
    "Is that image in your head yet?"
    "We got subscribers."
    "How many?"
    "127. I posted the link on my Facebook too. So my family in Russia can see the videos."
    "Cool. I need to post it on mine too. How many views does the video have?"
    "Already? No way."
    "3,000 likes! Comments?"
    "Yes. They all say the same thing pretty much. I subscribed us to James' channel and his crew's channels. I texted him and he said he'd get on later and subscribe back. I also subscribed us to Seneca Industries, UHH, and Classic."
    "Okay. All the replies on the forum say they subscribed and they can't wait for the next video and Sean is so hot. Can't wait for meet and greet, blah, blah, blah."
    "We have to sign autographs?"
    "Yeah. Everyone gets a poster and we…"
    "I know."
    "We all sign the poster. You still have your old posters?"
    "Yes. They're in one of the trunks in the other room. You still have yours?"
    "In my mom's storage somewhere. Mine are signed."
    "Why not? I signed everyone else's too. I want your autograph too."
    "You have it on our marriage license."
    "Hehe! We have to get ours signed."
    "You have to sign mine."
    "You have to sign mine."
    "I will… Ooo! Speakers beeped! Food me!"
    "I'm always hungry Love."


    I actually had a good day. Had a good breakfast, spent the day with Rye out at my parents. We met this doctor my old man told me about. He's very nice and respectful. Obvious he likes Anna a lot. I did mention Ryan to him and it turns out my old man beat me to it. Doesn't seem to bother him. He seems to be okay with it, and with the fact he may go out there looking for her. I know my old man can handle Ryan, but this guy… He seems too nice. But we'll see.
    "Did you have a good time today?"
    "Yes. Hayden is mad at us. I told her we were hanging out with her mom."
    "She hasn't gone out there to see her yet."
    "That little horse is too cute."
    "Have you seen the video on Hayd's phone with that little horse?"
    "Yes. It's funny."
    "What time are your parents wantin' us to be there tomorrow?"
    "I don't know. She said she would call me when Elizabeth knows for sure. I guess her soon to be cousin is coming too."
    "Soon to be cousin?"
    "Blondie's mom is marrying Jim?"
    "I did not know that. I won't be bored as fuck if Jacob is there."
    "Mmm… You look so tired."
    "I am. Woke up to damn early and then we left my parents house later than I wanted. I'm ready to crash out."
    "Let's lay down and go to sleep then."
    "Actually… We need to talk."
    "Your dad is fuckin' pissed at me."
    "I know."
    "A warning would've been fuckin' awesome Rye."
    "He said he wanted to talk to you himself."
    "Yeah… That Google translate shit was a pain in the ass. I had to show him how to click the talk button."
    "He blames me for what happen to you."
    "I know. I tried to tell him it wasn't your fault."
    "I agreed with him. He said I should've known somethin' was goin' on when you stopped callin' everyday and shit. And he's fuckin' right. I should of realized it right away."
    "I was praying you'd catch on."
    "This all happen close to finals. I guess I figured you were busy."
    "This is really bothering you."
    "Yeah… I don't want you to be my girlfriend anymore Rye."
    "What? Why? Don't let my dad get to you like this Scott."
    "I didn't let him get to me. I been thinkin' about this shit since you told me what happen."
    "You're just going to leave me? Why?"
    "I said I don't want you to be my girlfriend Rye."
    "Huh? Okay… I'm confused now."
    "I want you to take this… And be my wife."
    "What the fuck!… Stop hittin' on me woman!"
    "You are an asshole. Why would you make me think you're leaving me? That was not nice!"
    "Aw!… Stop! Damn!"
    "So that's a no? I should just give this back to my mom?"
    "No… You have to ask me right."
    "Like get down on one knee and shit?"
    "Because you were so mean… Yes. Right here. One knee."
    "Fuckin kidding me?"
    "Other knee."
    "Mmm… You looked better on the other knee."
    "Will you marry me?"
    "All that bullshit for a simple yes?"
    "Yes my dear Scott, I will marry you."
    "Did you ask my dad?"
    "Yeah. Why does that surprise you?"
    "It doesn't. You may be a dick, but you are also a gentleman."
    "I was raised right."
    "Have you decided if you are coming to Russia with me?"
    "I'm probably not."
    "I don't like planes."
    "You are scared to fly?"
    "Yeah. Blame my dad for that shit. Fuckin' crop-dusting plane."
    "That's not a good excuse."
    "Yes it is. You ain't gettin' my ass on a plane Rye."
    "Yes, I will."
    "No, you won't."
    "Fine. You can go sleep on the couch."
    "This is my house."
    "Do somethin'... Fuckin' dare you."
    "Mmm… I like it too much."
    "Okay… Night."
    "Get back over here."
    "Are you naked?"
    "I will be if you come undress me."


    All moved! I finally have my own room. James helped me with the rest of my stuff and even took the boxes out to the trash for me. His mom called to tell him that Opie ran out the front door all crazy when she went out to check the mail, then all of a sudden here comes Opie into my room on my bed. My dad said he was at the door. What else happen? Oh! James brought me some blank CDs. I put my songs on one for Hayden. I didn't let her hear them. I told her to wait until she got home or when she was in the car. I told her about them and James told me to put them in a certain order. My mom's song, Cole's song, then my dad's song. What else? Oden has a lot of tattoos! I thought it was just his arms and then he scratched his stomach under his shirt and I saw them. He lifted his shirt and his pant legs to show me all of them. Then Hayden said his butt is tattooed too and then he asked if I wanted to view the moon, and I was like, no thanks. Oden gave my dad a BBQ. It's small and perfect for our little patio. Jacob, Melissa, and Devin brought it. I got a hug from Jacob and he asked if my head was okay. He's super nice! And! Devin has a tattoo too! It's in Spanish. I don't know Spanish. But Oden told my dad to wait on his room until they got here with a ladder. He said they use it like a slide and it would be easy as hell. He was right! They leaned it on the carport thing and slid everything down it. Nothing got broke or scratched. My dad ordered pizza for everyone, we all ate, hung out a bit, and then everyone left. James and Opie are still here. He's actually chilled out. James tested it by saying, work and he went into work mode. I told him that his feelings got hurt, and it made him snap out of asshole mode. He said I was probably right.
    "Your bed is more comfortable than mine."
    "I know. It's memory foam. I can jump up and down and you won't feel anything."
    "I'm jealous."
    "Aw! I'm sorry."
    "No you're not."
    "I'm not."
    "Mmm… I just noticed, those hippie beads hanging on you door frame has a design in them."
    "Yeah. They match my curtains and bed. My dad said my door has to stay open when you're here, so I got the beads. It's kind of a door."
    "Yeah. Gives us a little bit of privacy. But he can hear us. It's funny as hell that Opie is scared of them."
    "Right? He just stands there like, what do I do?!"
    "He'll figure it out. Just don't hold them open for him, make him walk through."
    "He'd do it for you."
    "Yeah... He's hella snoring on the floor."
    "He likes my rug."
    "So do I."
    "I know. You laid on it for like an hour."
    "It's so soft. It's not real fur is it?"
    "No. It's faux fur."
    "It's nice."
    "You decide if you wanted to stay the night?"
    "I did bring my shit in case your dad said I could."
    "You want me to ask him?"
    "Not right now. Wait until he's all finished with his desk."
    "Oh, I brought two of my insulin pens to leave here."
    "I know. I saw them in my bag. I put them in that nightstand with the box of condoms. That's your side. Boys sleep closer to the door."
    "In case of monsters."
    "That's what Opie is for."
    "He's scared of beads."
    "As long as the monster isn't made of hanging beads, we are good."
    "Bead monster."
    "You need to put your bear somewhere. Like on top of your bookshelf before we leave this room or go to bed. Opie will seriously eat it."
    "He better not eat Teddy."
    "That's his name."
    "Teddy is old as shit. And he only as one eyeball."
    "I ate the other one when I was two."
    "My dad bought him when I was born. When I was two his eye fell off and everyone assumed I ate it."
    "So… Teddy is thirteen years old? How the fuck do you still have him?"
    "He was at my Grandma's house. When I started staying over there, I stayed in my dad's old room and I was putting some of my clothes in the dresser and he was in the bottom drawer. My Grandma told me my dad got him for me when I was born."
    "Just hanging out in a drawer huh?"
    "Yeah. I opened the drawer and there he was. I knew he was mine. I like, remembered him somehow."
    "He was probably your sleeping buddy."
    "I think he was."
    "I'm not sure where to knock."
    "On the door you goober. Stick your hand through the beads."
    "You may enter… Hi dad! James wants to know if it's okay if he stays here tonight."
    "I guess he can. Grandma and grandpa will be here around seven in the morning. So it's your call if you want to stay."
    "I don't want to piss off your mom."
    "Mmm… It won't piss her off if I warned her first. I can send her a text before I go to bed. She won't yell at you or anything."
    "Yes, she will."
    "No, she will not. Regan… Stop giving him a hard time."
    "My Grandma is mean."
    "If you disrespect her or anything along those lines, then yes, she is mean."
    "I'm not a disrespectful person."
    "I'm aware… What is that?"
    "It's Teddy!"
    "She needs to put him up on the shelf so Opie doesn't eat him."
    "I… Can…"
    "Here. I found him in a drawer in your room and Grandma said you bought him for me the day I was born."
    "Yeah. At the hospital gift shop. Your first best friend."
    "Why did you have him?"
    "When your mom was carrying you out of the house, you dropped him."
    "Did you sleep with him?"
    "For like two years and then I went to college. I put him in a drawer so he wouldn't get lost or messed up."
    "You kept him safe for me."
    "Yeah. Sorry I couldn't his eye."
    "Grandma said I ate it."
    "We think you did."
    "You guys didn't check my poop?"
    "No… I think Samantha might know how to…"
    "No! I love him the way he is."
    "Okay… Here."
    "Can you put him up on the shelf for me?"
    "Yeah… Are you two going to eat any more of that pizza?"
    "I can put the rest away if you're still busy dad."
    "I'm done. I'm taking a shower and going to bed."
    "Do I need to move my car?"
    "No. There are other places to park."
    "All right. Let's take Opie out one more time. And then I need to run to my house and get some of Opie's food."
    "Okay. Opie!? Potty?… Don't hold the beads open dad."
    "He has to learn to walk through… Go on Opie… He's not having it James."
    "I'm pretty sure I don't have to tell you two to keep the noise level down."
    "Yes Mr. Avalon… Sex Reg."
    "I do not want to hear it."
    "Come on Opie. Night Mr. Avalon."


    We did our first vlog and our introduction video for our YouTube. The vlog came out real good. Sean knows what he's doing for sure. We have tons of views and comments already. Tomorrow night we'll do the vlog for our Foxtrot and his Argentine Tango. Maybe! We don't know if we should do both yet. We looked over our Classics schedule. We have the last week of August. The whole week. It's gonna be so fun. I love all the pre-Classics stuff we have to do. What I love more is cuddling with my Love after a nice workout. What I mean by workout, is sex. We had some sex. And yes! I was quiet. Kind of. Who cares! Sean doesn't.
    "This week is gonna suck. Tango with your parents, Hip Hop with Flinch for school, what else do we have to do?"
    "This is James' last week here."
    "He's moving?"
    "No. UHH is picking back up. What I should've said was, this is his last semi free week. That's why Ms. Cooper gave us all Hip Hop."
    "Oh. It would be so much easier if he came here after work. Would your parents mind?"
    "No. As long as it doesn't interrupt us in the middle of their Tango we'll be fine."
    "I feel sore all over."
    "That Paso."
    "I must be. I twisted weird and my back kills right here. Feel it."
    "You want me to rub it out?"
    "Yes please… Oh! My garsha!"
    "Oh my garsha?"
    "Feels so good… Uh!"
    "You make sex noises with back rubs."
    "Do I really?"
    "Yes. Same when I rub your legs and feet. Oh my garsha is new though."
    "You're rubbing out a tight muscle. It hurts but feels good. You know?"
    "Spanking my booty!"
    "Now the other one…"
    "I love when you kiss my back like that."
    "Your back isn't the places I want to be kissing."
    "Did your period cramps come back after this time?"
    "No. I don't know what the hell was going on. It could have been you."
    "Uh! You're squishing me."
    "No I'm not… Now I am."
    "Oh my god!"
    "Mmm hmm. I love cuddling."
    "Я люблю тебя."
    "I love you too. Gonna do some yoga in the morning with me and your mommy?"
    "No. Me and my dad are going to run to Cedar Lake and back."
    "That's a long ass run Love. It takes like an hour to drive there."
    "I told him I need to start running again, and he said he'd go with me. He runs every day."
    "He's in pretty good shape."
    "I know. He does all the same training I do. I just stopped running mostly because I didn't have a partner to run with."
    "I'll run with you."
    "Yoga then a run?"
    "Yeah. Why not?… Hand me my phone please… Jacob isn't coming with Jim tomorrow. He's going with Melissa to see her mom."
    "Scott will be bored without Jacob here."
    "He'll live. Is he coming to Russia?"
    "I don't know. Rye has been asking but he hasn't really gave her an answer. Oh! Scott is asking her to marry him."
    "Yes. He asked my dad for permission."
    "Aw! You think he did it yet?"
    "I don't know. We'll see tomorrow if she has a ring on or not. Don't worry. She won't say anything to take your day away."
    "So exciting! Scott doesn't seem like the type of guy to get married. But seeing him with Rye, he's a totally different person."
    "He loves her. Has since High School."
    "I think they'll make cute babies."
    "Oh yeah?"
    "Or ugly ones. I don't know."
    "That's fucked up."
    "It's 50/50! Cute or ugly."
    "What about our babies?"
    "They'll be cute."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Yeah. Look at you and look at me. We hot."
    "I was an ugly baby."
    "No you were not! I see baby pictures all day long. You were a cute baby. So was Rye."
    "I hope our kids don't want to dance."
    "I don't want them to be in our shadow. Constantly being compared to us. Telling them they aren't as good as they should be, because of us. It sucks Liz. Hurts a little bit."
    "You won't be in that shadow forever Sean."
    "People in Russia talk to me, then all of a sudden they are asking me questions about my parents. They are like, interested in me to get information about my parents. I hate it and I don't want that to happen to our kids."
    "It won't."
    "Yes it will. Same thing happened to my parents. Some people still ask about my Grandparents. Then it moved to me and Rye, and it'll move on to our kids."
    "You're over thinking this Love. It'll be fine."
    "I hope so. I hope I don't somehow drag you under here with me."
    "I'm dragging your ass out. Watch."
    "Ow! Don't bite my nipple that hard."
    "You bit mine like that before."
    "Shut up and go to sleep."
    "Boop! Night."
    "Доброй ночи."

    He's totally over thinking this shadow thing. I don't know what he's going through or even how he feels. But I am going to help him. Watch me. Just watch.