Wednesday, June 24


     Poor Sean. He didn't get any sleep last night. Just like Flinch's dad, he was up all night puking. He would lock the bathroom door so I couldn't go in with him and check on him. I eventually got him to just puke in his trash can that I sat next to his bed. Then he felt bad because I was getting up and cleaning it for him. I didn't mind at all! He's my Love and I wanted to take care of him.
     "My Love? The alarm went off. Time to get up."
     "No. I don't feel like going to school today."
     "Are you serious?"
     "I was up all night Liz. I still don't feel good."
     "Okay. But, how am I supposed to get to school?"
     "Take my truck."
     "No way! Not by myself."
     "You drive my truck every day. You'll be fine."
     "What if something happens? I'll be alone and no one will find me."
     "I can't drive alone. If something happens I don't wanna be alone."
     "Are you scared to drive alone?"
     "At some point, you'll have to drive by yourself Liz."
     "Can you at least drop me off?"
     "If I do that, I might as well go to school. Cole lives right around the corner. You want me to call him and have him pick you up?"
     "Then I'd have to stay with him after school."
     "What if he follows you in the truck?"
     "What about after school?"
     "Have Jacob follow you. He coming by after school to get some clothes."
     "Oh! That's right. I forgot that he's taking Melissa out. Shit! I need to have my mom get them a table. I’ll call her when I get to school I have to get ready. I think I'll be okay if Cole follows me."
     "You won't be alone. If something happens he'll be right there. Same with Jacob after school."
     "True. Okay! I'm getting ready now. Get your homework together for me and call Cole."
     "All right."
     "Then rest!"
     "I'll probably sleep all day."
     "Good. Favor!"
     "Gimme money."
     "My wallet is right there on the dresser. I think there's some cash in it."
     "Take it."
     "All of it?"
     "Does the truck need gas?"
     "No. I filled it up Sunday night. You're good."
     "Okay. I'm just taking a 20 and the three ones. Thank you."
     "You're welcome."
     "Kiss… Love you."
     "I love you too. Hand me my phone and go get ready."
     "Get your homework together!"
     "I will!"
     "Don't yell!"
     "I'm not!"
     "Love you Sean!"
     "Love you too Beanstalk!"
     I love our yelling fits. They're fun!


    I had the best night sleep since I've been here. I'm also getting used to this pullout bed. It's still super uncomfortable but It's okay now. I guess. What the hell? My phone? Holy crap! It's seven and my dad didn't wake me up. Oh! James.
     "I woke up and had a text from your dad."
     "Yea. It says Regan needs a ride to school."
     "Hold on, let me turn off this alarm. There's a note on the table. Yay!"
     "Decided to give you a free pass. Do your homework this time. I'm sure you can find a way to school this morning. Do not be late. Dad."
     "Did you kiss your dad's ass last night or something?"
     "No. I don't think so. Well, kind of. But not too much! I think he's kissing mine."
     "He might be. I like your doughnut jammies."
     "Knock knock."
     "What the?... How long you been out here?"
     "About five minutes."
     "Put my bed away, please? I need to jump in the shower."
     "Can I take one with you?"
     "A shower?"
     "Um… Is that something couples do?"
     "Some do."
     "I woke up and came straight here hoping you'd let me take one with you. My clothes and shit are in my car. If you don't want to at least let me go first. I'm faster than you."
     "No! Shower with me!"
     "Go get your stuff, I'll be upstairs."
     "Come here."
     "I want a kiss from my girl is all."
     "I have yucky morning mouth."
     "Mmm… I love those bites."
     "And here?"
     "Uh! Yes."
     "Mmm… I love the sounds that come out of you."
     "Go get your things."

     I'm a little bit uncomfortable taking a shower with James. No idea why. He's seen me naked more than once. He said couples do this. I'm going to ask Liz later today at school if her and Sean shower together. I'm sure they do.
     "Did you and Becky shower together?"
     "Only once."
     "I'm a little bit uncomfortable."
     "I don't know. We've seen each other naked before… I don't know!"
     "Are you uncomfortable standing there naked?"
     "Not at all."
     "But naked in the shower does?"
     "Yeah. Weird right?"
     "A little bit."
     "I see your moles."
     "Come on."
     "Do you want to wash my hair or something?"
     "Not wash your hair. But, I do want to do something."
     "Oh… Uh!… Why... Why did you stop?"
     "Get in here with me and I'll finish."
     "Okay. Can I suck this?"
     "Please suck it."

     We didn't take much of a shower. We messed around the whole time and I enjoyed it. I was uncomfortable for no reason at all. Once I stepped into the shower with him I was completely fine. I accidently left a bite mark on his neck. He told me to bite him and I did. Then he said to bite harder. So I did. I feel so bad!
     "That bite hasn't went away yet?"
     "No. It won't for a few days."
     "What? Why?"
     "It's a hickey."
     "Oh! I'm so sorry."
     "Why are you sorry? I told you to do it. It's a good one too."
     "It doesn't hurt?"
     "So… This bite on me won't go away for a few days?"
     "At least my shirt covers mine. I like it."
     "Most girls get pissed. I honestly didn't mean to leave one on you."
     "I'm not pissed. I like it. Your shirt doesn't cover yours at all."
     "Yeah. That's not good."
     "No, it's not. My dad is going to see it."
     "Right? I can't really avoid him either."
     "Want me to try to cover it with makeup?"
     "You think it'll cover it?"
     "I don't know."
     "Won't hurt to try."
     "I don't understand why you girls wear all this shit."
     "To look pretty."
     "You're pretty without it though."
     "You don't want me to wear makeup?"
     "No, I'm not saying that. I'm just saying you look just as good without it."
     "Oh. Did you get my song?"
     "I haven't even checked my email."
     "It's not covering it all the way. You can still see it."
     "Only if you're looking for it. If you just glance you can't tell."
     "True. You're good. Now me. Check your email while you're waiting for me."
     "All right. Was the program hard to use?"
     "Not at all."
     "I told you it was pretty easy. You sent me two songs?"
     "Yeah. The second one is the song Cole wants me to do with him. It's just a small part so he gets an idea on how I did the music. He told me to do it however I wanted."
     "That's his bass line."
     "Yeah! He was super happy I used it because he said, he's being trying to fit it with something for so long."
     "Yeah. He's been trying to use it for a while. Does he like it?"
     "He does. He said the chorus is killer."
     "It is. You sing with a lot of emotion. Like, if the song is sad you sing it so we all feel it."
     "That's what my grandma says."
     "Now this song… There's a lot of hate in this one Reg."
     "I hate my mom right now."
     "I don't blame you."
     "You like it?"
     "Yeah. You need to do something with me sometime."
     "I will if you want me to."
     "I make beats. I don't write."
     "I got the lyrics, you make the music."
     "Do I look okay?"
     "Mmm hmm. Ready?"
     "I am. Did you grab all your stuff?"
     "Yeah. It's all right here."
     "All right. Let's go."


     Sean was right. I was okay with Cole following behind me. At one point I had to follow him to stop by Hailey's house to get her, and I was okay with that too. I was surprised when she hopped in the truck with me and not in Cole's car. Cool! I have a riding buddy.
     "Where's Sean?"
     "He's sick."
     "Is he a big baby?"
     "No… Kind of."
     "All boys are! They get a tiny little cold and it's the end of the fucking world. So, are you scared to drive alone because of your dad?"
     "Cole told you?"
     "Yeah. He told me to ride with you when you guys got to my house."
     "I just don't wanna be alone in case something happens. When I drive alone I go real slow."
     "You were okay with Cole following you?"
     "Yeah. It gave me piece of mind."
     "You smell good."
     "Ha! Thanks!"
     "Sean's truck is boring. No loud stereo or anything cool to play with."
     "Right? He likes it the way it is."
     "Have you guys fucked in it?"
     "No. But I suck him off while he’s driving."
     "Cole can't do that! He for real has to pull over when he's about to cum."
     "That's funny."
     "Did you know Regan could sing?"
     "Yeah, she showed me and Cole a video yesterday in class. She's so good."
     "I know right? Check this out. It's the song Cole and Regan are working on. The chorus is dope as fuck."
     "She gives me goose bumps."
     "Huh? She a mean voice for her age."
     "Yeah! So what's up with Heather? She hasn't been at school."
     "No idea. I talked to her on Saturday to, quote check up on her end quote, and she was at her dad's house. She might still be there."
     "Probably. Everyone and their mom knows what she did."
     "Did you know she got Devin and his brother kicked out of their apartment?"
     "Yeah. She said she was going to tell her mom about Ode that day Dev flipped out on her in class. I didn't think she'd do it! She loves the free coke Dev gave her."
     "You do coke?"
     "Nah. I drink and I'll hit a joint here and there when Cole is smoking around me. You?"
     "I like beer and vodka."
     "Vodka with pineapple juice."
     "I don't get how some people can drink vodka with milk."
     "Blah! Me either. It's gross."
     "That's how Sean drinks vodka."
     "Well, it is called a White Russian."
     "Them Russians fancy their vodka."
     "I've seen his mom drink a small glass before bed. She drinks that shit straight! I'm like, how!"
     "Sean can drink it straight too."
     "I know. I got drunk with Sean. We ran out of pineapple juice and he just chugged from the bottle like nothing. I couldn't do it."
     "Sean is super fun when he's drunk. His accent get's so bad! You can't even understand him. It's fucking great."
     "Right! I was laughing so hard at him, then he was laughing because I was! Hours of nothing but laughing. Then we passed out on his couch. He was on the floor the next morning."
     "Hard alcohol will make yo ass wake up on the floor."
     "I might have pushed him off. I don't remember."
     "So… What's up with you and Em?"
     "She's so fun! She's trying to steal me from Sean."
     "You eat the pussy?"
     "I love the pussy."
     "Fist bump! Pow!"

     Lee Lee is awesome!


     James keeps rubbing his neck and whipping off all the foundation I put on him. I redid it for him twice already! Now his neck is super red.
     "Sean is still sick."
     "I knew he would be."
     "Liz, help please."
     "What? Oh! Trying to cover a hickey so dad doesn't see huh?"
     "Yeah! But he keeps rubbing it off and look how red it is now."
     "Ew! That's an allergic reaction."
     "My makeup isn't cheap though. See?"
     "Doesn't matter. Are you super itchy Flinch?"
     "Hold on."
     "Who are you calling?"
     "Sean's sister. Speaker for you guys."
     "Makeup emergency!"
     "Uh oh! What happen?"
     "My friend is having an allergic reaction to Sunflower powder foundation."
     "Okay. One, throw that crap away. It has a soft look because of all the different powders in it. One being something similar to baby powder. But! There's a lot of people having allergic reactions to it because it also has latex powder in it."
     "I'm allergic to latex."
     "A boy is wearing that?"
     "Trying to cover a hickey."
     "Oh. Best bet for a hickey is liquid foundation. Then use a little bit of powder if it's shiny. But not the crap he's allergic to. Is it his girlfriend's powder or yours?"
     "His girlfriends."
     "She needs to get rid of that. If they kiss and hug a lot it's better to just toss it just to be safe you know? Any other powder is fine. The Sunflower is the only one I know of, that has the latex in it."
     "I have the regular Cover Girl."
     "Cover Girl is fine. But go with the liquid, then a little bit of powder. Your powder! Not the latex crap. Throw it away. Seriously."
     "Okie dokie. Thank you Rye."
     "You're welcome."
     "Throw your crap away."  
     "This is the only foundation I have though."
     "What color is it?"
     "Natural beige."
     "Mine is natural beige too. I've only had this like a week, there's still a lot in it, and it has the brush like yours. You can have this one. I have an unopened one at home in my box."
     "Rye does hair and makeup for a living. She knows her shit. If she says to toss it I'd listen. Plus! Flinch is allergic and you don't want him all itchy. What if you guys make out and he gets itchy around his mouth and people think he has the herpes?"
     "Gross. I don't want people to think I have herpes. I definitely don't want them thinking you gave them to me Reg."
     "Okay, Trash can?"
     "Over there."
     "Here's my powder. If I need it at all during the day I'm texting you for it."
     "Deal. It's soft and light."
     "Yeah. Totally worth $27."
     "I still have a hickey here."
     "Oh! Right! Hold on. Let me text Melissa. I know she uses liquid. I been in her makeup box."
     "All this trouble just to cover a hickey."
     "Suck his wiener instead Purple Head."
     "How do you think he ended up with the hickey?"
     "Nice! Spitter?"
     "She swallows it all."
     "Ha! Purple Head is a thirteen-year-old freak. Nice! Do you have a matching hickey?"
     "Yes. I like it."
     "I hate having hickeys. Feels good getting them. All mine are hidden so no one sees them. Sean knows better."
     "You have one?"
     "I have like seven."
     "Few on my stomach here and the rest are on my thighs."
     "I want one on my thighs."
     "Hook her up Flinch."
     "She hella laughs when I kiss on her thighs."
     "It tickles! How does Sean leave them on your thighs? It doesn't tickle you?"
     "It does. But I guess I get so into it sometimes that it doesn't. Usually, there's a finger or two in me when he does it. Hint hint Flinch."
     "Hey guys! Liquid foundation."
     "Thank you! So Rye said liquid then a little bit of powder if it's shiny."
     "Here's my powder."
     "Oh. You want me to put it on him?"
     "I really don't care who puts it on me."
     "James doesn't care. You go ahead."
     "Okay. We need to get this stuff off first."
     "I have hand wipes."
     "Thanks Liz."
     "How do you have sex if you can't wear a condom?"
     "I buy the latex free ones."
     "Get on birth control so Flinch doesn't have to worry about condoms Purple Head."
     "We aren't having sex. Plus, my dad would kill me if I asked for birth control."
     "Just tell him you wanna get on it to stop your period. When mine is up in three months I'm getting this implant in my arm. No period ever!"
     "I was going to get that one and then you said the depo is good."
     "Rye is the one who told me about it. It lasts seven years and zero periods. She's been on it for about five years now."
     "I'm all done James. I used the powder because my foundation was a tad darker. But you can't see it at all."
     "Thanks Mills."
     "You're welcome. Here's your powder. Now! Back to birth control. I think you have to be sixteen to get it."
     "Me and James are not having sex you guys."
     "He can lick your jay all year long. For seven years."
     "I like that idea."
     "My dad would kill me if I asked. But speaking of him. I need to go see him and let him know I'm here."
     "Do I have to go in with you?"
     "You don't have to."
     "I'm gonna go flirt with Jacob."
     "That's my man Liz."
     "It'll be hella fun watching him squirm. Come on."
     "True! He will not have a clue what to do to you. You can join us over there James."
     "No, I'm going in with Reg."
     "The hickey is gone Flinch. You're good."
     "He's scared of my dad."
     "No I'm not. He knows to word shit to get shit out of you. He's going to know we messed around."
     "Oh! Girl question."
     "Okay, we are listening."
     "Do you guys shower with your boyfriends?"
     "Me and Sean shower together just about every night."
     "Jacob and I shower together as well. Not every night though."
     "Reg was scared to shower with me. She didn't know if it was right or not."
     "It is."
     "Yeah. She's so cute how inexperienced she is."
     "I know!"
     "I can feel myself blushing."
     "You're still pretty when you blush."
     "Purple Head and Flinch are cute!"
     "Thanks. I need to go see my dad now. Bye guys."
     "Bye you two."
     "Bye Purple Head! Bye Flinch!"
     "Bye Lizzy!"
     "Hey! Only my mommy calls me Lizzy!"
     "Shut up!"

     That was fun and entertaining. I feel so bad for putting latex on James. I had no idea he's allergic to latex and that my makeup had latex in it. Poor thing! And! He's still itching too!
     "Stop scratching James."
     "It's hella itchy Reg."
     "Smack it. Watch."
     "My mom has a tattoo, and the guy told her when it gets itchy to smack it."
     "It actually works."
     "Cool. Are you coming in?"
     "I don't… Yes. I will."
     "Just don't look guilty."
     "Do I look guilty?"
     "You do now."
     "Damn it Reg."
     "Relax! Ooomm!"
     "I needed that laugh. Okay! I'm good. Let's go."
     "Knock knock dad!"
     "Come in."
     "Morning! I am here on time and thank you for the free pass. You get hugs and kisses for that."
     "I was thinking about it, and you had a really bad day. You did what you had to do to heal. I thought about it, then I started feeling like an asshole. What happen yesterday, never happen."
     "Thank you."
     "Rules still apply."
     "I know. Homework, chores, no one at the house, blah, blah, blah."
     "You need to let Mr. Eller know that he is not allowed over until I'm home."
     "He has football every day until six."
     "All right. Go to class. Mr. Larson? A minute?"
     "Go to class Regan."


    No! Don't leave me alone with your dad Reg. Fuck! This sucks. This is not good. Not good at all. Breathe.
     "Have a seat Mr. Larson."
     "Did I do something?"
     "No. I need a favor."
     "Okay. What do you need?"
     "Your laptop. I just need to know what it is. For you music."
     "Oh! I only got the minimal for my program. I been saving for a better one. Hold on… Here. This one right here is ideal for the program Reg got."
     "Yeah. It's a bit overkill with the one terabyte hard drive. But! I think Reg will need it. She seems to really enjoy what she does and she'll need the space. I track stuff all the time. That's why I need to upgrade. But this laptop is only online."
     "That's fine. She told me she was getting the one you have."
     "Yeah. But this one will be better. Sean has this one here. The desktop version with his complete studio soundboard hooked up to it and it runs like a champ. My laptop I have now, I hook up my small soundboard and it takes ages for everything to run."
     "Should I get her the desktop?"
     "You could if you want. It costs a little bit more. I go places and track. I don't always do it at home. That's why I'm going with the laptop. Reg might want to track at different places too. I don't know."
     "Hmm. Good point. Can you text me that link?"
     "How much do you have saved up?"
     "About $2,600. I give my mom $200 out of each paycheck and she puts it in the safe we have so I don't spend it."
     "How are you going to buy this if it's only online?"
     "My mom will put the money in her bank and she'll give me her card to buy it."
     "I see. Why not get your own bank account?"
     "I don't like all the fees."
     "They don't take money out of your check when you cash it?"
     "No. I cash my check at the bank my boss has. They don't take money out."
     "How much do you make an hour?"
     "You're the assistant manager?"
     "Mmm hmm. Almost a year now."
     "How long have you been working there?"
     "Since I was fourteen. My dad is actually friends with my boss. That's how I got the job so young. My dad works part time now and we needed extra income. I said I'd look for a job and he said to go to the grocery store and he'd get me a job."
     "Is that how you got the assistant manger job so quick?"
     "No. I worked my ass off for it and I'm honest. Every time I got over paid I'd take my check to my boss and show him instead of just keeping the money. Because of the honesty he'd let me keep it anyway. I work weekends when he needs me to, I sometimes stay late and stock if a truck comes in late. I'm pretty reliable I guess you can say."
     "How many hours do you work a week?"
     "Depends. No weekends or late nights I work 30. With weekends and late nights around 45."
     "Paid weekly?"
     "No. Every other week. Why are we talking about my job?"
     "I asked why you don't have a bank account."
     "Oh. That's all you wanted? The laptop?"
     "What do I tell Reg? She's going to ask what you wanted."
     "Tell her she has to wait until tomorrow."
     "Okay. May I go now?"
     "Yes sir. Thank you for the help."
     "You're welcome."
     "One more thing."
     "Mind helping us move the big things this weekend?"
     "Yeah! I'll help."
     "Thank you Mr. Larson. You're free to go."
     "All right."
     "Thank you again."
     "You're welcome."

      Whew! I have to admit! I was a little bit on edge in there.
     "Hi there!"
     "Hi. I waited for you. Everything okay?"
     "He didn't see your neck?"
     "No. Everything is fine Reg."
     "Why did he want to talk to you alone?"
     "He needed my help with something."
     "With what?"
     "I can't tell you. You have to wait until tomorrow."
     "Sorry. I told him I wouldn't tell you. I want your dad's trust."
     "Okay. I understand."
     "I promise it's nothing bad. It had nothing to do with me and you. We're all good. Okay?"
     "All right. I understand you want his trust. It's a good thing to have."
     "Exactly! His trust is my freedom points to see you and take you out places. All that good stuff."
     "Yeah. Hi Liz."
     "Hi Purple Head. Hi Flinch."
     "Morning Ms. Cooper."
     "Bye Purple Head! Bye Flinch!"
     "Bye Lizzy!"
     "You're mean. Only her mommy calls her Lizzy."
     "It's funny."


    It's been awhile since I've had lunch all by myself. Melissa invited me to go with her, Jacob, Devin, and Emily. Then Lee Lee, then Purple Head. I told them all no. I don't really like being a third wheel you know? I did ask Jacob to follow me home, and I told him why, he said he would. Then said I have to get used to driving by myself, because I'll have to do it at some point. Everyone is telling me that, and everyone is right. I was thinking about driving around but then I remembered I have to call my mom and see if she can reserve a table for Jacob and Melissa.
    "Hello Lizzy."
    "Hi mommy."
    "What is this I hear about you driving by yourself to school?"
    "Jim told you?"
    "He did."
    "Oh. Sean is sick today, and he told me to take his truck. I had my friend Hailey with me. She has her drivers license."
    "Did you do okay without Sean?"
    "Yeah. I'm scared to drive alone."
    "Dad. I just don't want to be alone if something happens."
    "You'll be fine Lizzy. You need to get over that fear because you'll have to drive alone at some point."
    "Everyone is telling that."
    "Ease your way into it. Start with having a friend follow behind you, or you follow behind a friend."
    "Yeah! That's what I been doing. My other friend, Cole lives right around the corner from Sean and he had Cole come by his house and he followed me to Hailey's house. I was actually okay."
    "See. There will always be other drivers around d Lizzy. If something happens, someone will call an ambulance."
    "True. I have a favor."
    "Can you reserve a table at work for Friday around 7:30?"
    "I sure can. Is it for you and Sean?"
    "No. Jacob and his girlfriend Melissa. He bought her a pretty necklace and wants to give it to her over a nice dinner."
    "Okay… Jacob Sullivan, table for two at 7:30, Friday night. The table will be held until eight. If they don't show up before then the table will be given to a walk-in."
    "Okay, I'll let him know."
    "There's a dress code as well."
    "I know. He's borrowing some nice clothes from Sean today. He's following me after school."
    "He doesn't need anything fancy. Just a nice shirt and slacks."
    "And shoes?"
    "Yes, he'll need a nice pair of shoes."
    "Okie dokie mommy."
    "Drive safe Lizzy."
    "I will mom. Love you."
    "I love you too hun."

    Done! Now we text Puppet Boy.

    "Table for two at 7:30, Friday night. Be there before eight or your table will be given away."
    "Nice. Thank you ma'am."
    "No problem Puppet Boy."
    "Fuck you."
    "Mmm… No."
    "Is Sean gonna be okay with me going over there with him bein' sick?"
    "Yeah. I'm calling to check up on him here in a minute. I'll make sure it's still okay."
    "All right. Let me know."
    "I will."

    And now! We call My Love!

    "Hi My Love! Feeling better?"
    "Yeah. I slept for like two hours after you left, then I got up and took a shower. The shower made me feel better."
    "Yay! Jacob was asking if it was still okay to come by. I told him, yes, but I'd ask you and be sure."
    "Yes. I'm good after my shower."
    "Cole did something cool for me."
    "Oh yeah?"
    "Mmm hmm. When we went by to get Hailey, I guess he called her and told her to ride with me so I wouldn't be alone. I thought it was nice of him."
    "I told him to call her."
    "Oh! Well, thank you My Love."
    "You're welcome."
    "What are you wearing?"
    "No shirt?"
    "Send me a picture of your wiener."
    "Are you serious?"
    "Yes. But first, send me a picture of you right now. Go downstairs and take a picture in front of the mirror."
    "Okay. What do I get?"
    "You have me."
    "Hmm… I want something else."
    "What do you want?"
    "Let me do whatever I want to you tonight."
    "All about me?"
    "No. All about me."
    "Wouldn't it be me doing what I want to you?"
    "No. That would be all about you."
    "You're doing what you want to me. That's all about you."
    "But you did what you wanted to me and it was all about me."
    "Because I made it about you. I did the things I know you like."
    "Oh. Where's my wiener picture?"
    "I have to get off the phone to take one."
    "What do you want more? To talk to me or a picture of my dick?"
    "Can you call me back after?"
    "Why not?"
    "I'm busy with something."
    "Viennese Waltz."
    "Oh! How's it coming along?"
    "Haven't done much. You called as soon as I sat down."
    "Don't mock me."
    "Don't mock me."
    "Sad face!"
    "Sad face!"
    "I'm a sissy little girl who wears pink panties."
    "I know."
    "Wait, wait, wait!"
    "Wiener picture!"
    "Don't yell!"
    "I'm not!"
    "People are looking at me like I'm crazy."
    "Do you care?"
    "Not really."


      I sure do love that man of mine.
      "What the fuck?!"
      "Cry Flinch."
      "Did you just spank James?"
      "His butt was poofing."
      "I'm walking."
      "You spank James because his butt poofs?"
      "His butt isn't poofing."
      "It does with his frame."
      "What frame?"
      "Oh. Does spanking him make his frame better?"
      "Yeah. He doesn't like being spanked by me."
      "Reg is the only girl allowed to spank me."
      "Liz wouldn't spank you if you didn't poof your butt."
      "You're allowing her to spank me?"
      "She won't spank you if you don't poof your butt."
      "Yeah Flinch."
      "...I'm going to class. Kiss."
      "What about me Flinch? Where's my kiss?"
      "You're really bored with Sean at home aren't you?"
      "Yeah. So no kiss?"
      "…Bye Flinch!"
      "Bye Lizzy!"
      "Only my mommy calls me Lizzy!"
      "You're boyfriend is mean."
      "He's giving you a hard time."
      "I know."
      "Does spanking him really help his frame?"
      "Yeah. He doesn't like me spanking him so he makes sure his butt doesn't poof out."
      "Thank you for adding me on Facebook last night."
      "You're welcome. Did you request Emily?"
      "Yeah. I sent one to you, Sean, Piper, Blaine, Cole, and Hailey. You have a lot of pictures of you and Sean."
      "Yeah. I like taking selfies with him. Take one with me."
      "Photo bomb!"
      "Ha! That was a good one too."
      "Hi Cole."
      "No more photo bomb. Only me and Purple Head now."
      "All right."
      "I like it! Can you send it to me please?"
      "Send picture, Regan, and send."
      "Aw! That's a cute picture of you and Flinch on your wallpaper."
      "He has such a great smile."
      "He really does. He's cute. You don't have Sean as your wallpaper?"
      "I do. See?"
      "Oh wow! He looks good without a shirt."
      "Right!? He's yummy. Nom nom nom. Cole?"
      "Do you look good without a shirt?"
      "Not as good as your boyfriend."
      "Ew! You look at guys with their shirts off?"
      "I've been to the lake with the guy. Guys swim without a fucking shirt."
      "You still looked… Gross."
      "I'm not gay."
      "Are you sure?"
      "I'm positive… Wow!"
      "She's so bored with Sean at home."
      "Separation anxiety Liz?"
      "A little bit."
      "You poor thing."
      "Shut up. Class is starting. I'm trying to learn."
      "Come over here and fucking make me."
      "What the actual fuck? Why? Why did you slap me?"
      "You told me too."
      "No I fucking didn't."
      "You… Wow!"
      "I didn't even hit you hard. I cupped my hand so it made a loud noise."
      "It also didn't shut me up either."
      "Want me to hit you harder?"
      "Please don't."
      "I'm bored... Cole? Look."
      "You looked at Sean without a shirt again. Ew!"
      "Will you three quiet down back there?"
      "Sorry Mr. Luis."
      "It's Cole talking. Not me."
      "…Really Liz?"
      "Shhh… Learning."

      That was the first time I got yelled at by Mr. Luis. Poor Purple Head, she wasn't even talking. I have to walk to the dance room today. I miss My Love! Plus side! Flinch got most of our Waltz down yesterday. We didn't worry about the frame and elbow too much. We wanted to get all the steps down first. We Skyped for a little bit last night and worked on it as good as we could. Defiantly not going to be perfect, but it'll be good.
      "Don't step forward! Nice… Left, down, step, step, dip! Nice! Very nice! Okay… We got up to here. These two rotations then the drag. These are the two parts you are worried about."
      "Yeah. I can do the turns. I worked on it last night."
      "Did you? Show me… Nice!"
      "I can't do it like Sean does in the video. I need my arms out a little bit for balance."
      "That's completely fine. As long as you're comfortable, that's all that matters. Let's do all the steps with the turns… Woo! Now! The drag. I think we're both a little bit nervous about this."
      "Yeah. But, the deal was I try everything once."
      "Okay. Let's look at the video… See how Sean has his knees bent slightly?"
      "That's because you lift with your knees, not your back."
      "Wait… I'm lifting you?"
      "Kind of. It's not like the dips where I hold my own weight with my hips. This time, you're holding most of my weight. That's why you bend your knees slightly so it doesn't kill your back. If we can't seem to get it we'll change it to a few rotations and end the same way."
      "All right, squat just a little bit… Too far… There…"
      "Hold on…"
      "…Ha! Hi!"
      "Okay, put me down."
      "I had to see how much you weigh."
      "I'm like 110."
      "No you're not."
      "Whatever. Squat!"
      "Okay, I'm ready."
      "We are doing this different from me and Sean. Only because you're not as experienced as him. Instead of you having one arm behind your back like Sean, you're going to have both on my hips right here almost on my back… You just grabbed a handful of my ass and squeezed it. Hard."
      "I had too. Sorry. Don't tell Reg."
      "Lips are sealed. Promise."
      "I'm telling Sean though."
      "He won't care."
      "I know. I'm still telling him."
      "All right! The drag now! Me, I open my legs and hold you around your neck like this."
      "Mostly on my shoulders. Okay."
      "Yeah. Ready for the weight?"
      "Ready as I'll ever be."
      "When my weight pulls you down, hold me up with your knees. I seriously do not want you to hurt your back."
      "How's that?"
      "I'm good. You're seriously not heavy at all. You're like 90 pounds like Sean said."
      "Shut up. Once we hit this position you're going to turn to the right three full rotations."
      "What do you do?"
      "Nothing. You're dragging me. At the third rotation, I close my legs and stand and end the routine. Don't lose count. Remember where you are and count 1,2,3. Got that?"
      "This is the last thing and we do it all together. Your frame is pretty good today, so we might have it."
      "I been working my ass off on my frame."
      "I can tell. You still lose it and drop your elbow here and there but, It's really good."
      "Now the drag. Ready, ready?"
      "Can I try to hold you like Sean does?"
      "Sure. Left arm behind your back, right arm all the way around and hold this hip. Lift with your knees the same way and if you feel me about to fall, or you feel like you're going to, just let go and let me fall."
      "I don't wanna just drop you like that."
      "Trust me, It's better to just let me fall. I'm tough, it's all good."
      "Okay… Like this? Do I need to hold this hip tighter?"
      "No. Ready?"
      "Yeah… Ah shit!"
      "Knees! There you go! Are you okay?"
      "Yeah. One more time. Squat... Okay."
      "I'm actually not comfortable this way. Not your weight or anything like that. I feel like I don't have a good hold of you."
      "That's why I want to do it the other way. You're not as experienced as Sean."
      "I like the other way. I just wanted to try it this way too."
      "You'll eventually be comfortable doing it this way. This is still new to you and I'm going the safer route for you."
      "Drag now… Ready, ready, for real ready?"
      "Ready, ready!"
      "…Nice! Turn, don't step forward, walk away. Ha! Flinch can Waltz! What!? All together now?"
      "We got this. Ms. Cooper? Favor?"
      "Yes ma'am"
      "Me and Flinch are basically done. We wanna dance it though once real fast. Can you record us with my phone please?"
      "Thank you! Frame! Nice! Keep your back straight, elbow up and even with your shoulder, and don't step forward on the turns. Ready?"
      "On four."
      "Press record on three Ms. Cooper."
      "On three. Got it."

      Flinch got it! A little bit of fine tuning and this Waltz will be done. He did drop his elbow one time. Other than that it was perfect. Happy face for Flinch!
      "That was awesome! Your elbow fell once but, you killed it"
      "Very good you two. Here's your phone."
      "What did you think?"
      "You got James to tuck his behind in."
      "His poof butt was bugging me so much! I started spanking him and it worked."
      "My girlfriend is the only one allowed to spank me."
      "But did me spanking you work?"
      "There you go!"
      "Very well done. Fine tuning and it'll be good."
      "Yeah. I'm so proud of him."
      "So am I. You taught him well."
      "Thank you!"
      "We need to do it with the music now."
      "You can come by Sean's house or we can go to yours."
      "I get off work at 9:00, home around 9:30."
      "You want us to go to your house then?"
      "Yeah. Sean knows where I live. I'll call one of you when I get home."
      "Sounds good. We got time to dance this through a few times. Dance or quit?"
      "Let us Waltz!"

    I finally get to go home to My Love. I've missed him all day, and Jacob remembered to follow me after school. He has to be back at the school at 5:00 to pick up Melissa so that gives him like an hour to pick something he likes. I told him to hang out and have Emily bring her over, but he said no. I guess Melissa is still unpacking, and he said he'd help her. How cute!
    "You drive too damn slow Liz."
    "I don't like driving alone."
    "Okay. Doesn't mean you have to drive under the speed limit."
    "Shut up and come on."
    "Hold on woman! I'm grabbin' my weed."
    "Pot head."
    "Nothing! Ready now?"
    "Yeah. So… You live here now?"
    "Yes. Who told you?"
    "Jim and your mom were talking about it."
    "You live with Melissa?"
    "Kind of."
    "Just say yes."
    "I said kind of because, sometimes she kicks me out."
    "Stop being mean to her."
    "I ain't mean at all."
    "Okay! I ain't mean to girls."
    "Much better… My Love?!"
    "Are you naked?!"
    "It's safe."
    "Last thing I need is to see a dude in the nude."
    "Ha! I have to remember that one. My Love! Kiss me! Mmm! More."
    "Knock that shit off."
    "I missed him! You shut up."
    "Liz was fuckin' annoying as hell today without you man. She had no fuckin' idea what to do with herself."
    "It's true."
    "And you slapped Cole in the face."
    "That's fuckin' great!"
    "He told me to make him shut up so I slapped him. It didn't work."
    "You should've hit him harder."
    "He wouldn't let me. But I cupped my hand in a way so it made a loud ass noise. It was funny. Oh! Flinch is gonna call one of us tonight when he gets off work. We wanna dance out Waltz to music and I told him to come here or we go there. He said to go there."
    "All right."
    "You hittin' this Sean?"
    "No, I'm good."
    "Cool if I smoke?"
    "It's fine."
    "All right. Liz?"
    "I don't smoke weed."
    "More for me."
    "Pot head."
    "Looky this video I had Ms. Cooper record of me and Flinch."
    "He did that drag good. I'm surprised."
    "And the turns you said he wouldn't be able to do."
    "Yeah. He bows his arms out though."
    "He needs to for balance."
    "His frame is pretty good. Elbow dropped once. Not bad."
    "I'm so proud of him."
    "Yeah. You spanking him got his frame nice and solid. Oh! By the way. Regan does not like you spanking him."
    "Really? She didn't seem to care."
    "Read this text from James."
    "Aw! Why didn't she just tell me? I feel bad now."
    "Maybe she didn't want to make you mad or something. It's fine, now you know."
    "Why don't you tell Sean about the shit you did to me this morning."
    "The straddle grind followed by the neck bite she gave you?"
    "Yeah! That shit was fucked up."
    "I told Sean what you did. He thought it was funny because I told him how you had your hands all up in the air because you were trying not to touch me. At all!"
    "Melissa was right there! So was Dev and Emily."
    "And all three were laughing at you too!"
    "I know. That was fucked up Liz. How are you not pissed off Sean?"
    "Because it's funny. She got the rise out of you she wanted."
    "I felt it!"
    "Fuck you!"
    "When a girl sits on you and then grinds on you. The dick goes up. There's no stopping it."
    "Thank you!"
    "Not even if you think of your grandma naked?"
    "No. Sometimes it doesn't work."
    "Sometimes nothin' fuckin' works, and you have to walk around with a woodie."
    "Ha! I ask Sean all the time if he has wood. Woodie."
    "Alright, I'm done smokin'. Clothes now. I have to get back and pick up Melissa."
    "What do you want?"
    "I don't fuckin' know man."
    "All you need is a nice button-up shirt and slacks."
    "Most of my button up shirts are white, and I have black and khaki colored slacks."
    "What do you wear if you have to dress up?"
    "Um… Black slacks and a jacket. Almost like a tux but I leave the jacket open and I don't wear a tie. Like this in this picture here."
    "Okay. Is that too fancy Liz?"
    "No. That's perfect. I think guys look so good dressed this way. I'm not a fan of the full tux with a tie for some reason."
    "That's because you're simple."
    "Is that bad?"
    "No. Okay, all my nice clothes are in here."
    "This room has a shit ton of clothes."
    "It's all of our dancing clothes."
    "Not just ours. My mom's stuff too. Few things are Rye's and that small section there is my dad's."
    "Your whole family dances?"
    "Yeah. Grandparents on both sides were dancers. My mom and dad still dance here and there. My dad's brother and sister, their husband and wife also dance. One of my mom's sisters is a dancer and her husband is one too. Uh... two of my cousins on my dad's side dance, neither one of them are married. Then there's me and Rye. Oh! My great grandparents on my mom's side were dancers."
    "How many champs?"
    "Everyone expect my two cousins. My parents are four time world champions and eleven time Latin Ballroom champions. Uh.... My aunt on my mom's side is a nine time Latin Ballroom champion, my aunt on my dad's side is a ten time Latin Ballroom champion, his brother is an eight time Latin Ballroom champion and one time world champion. Grandparents on my mom's side… Seven time world champions and seventeen time Latin Ballroom champions."
    "That's goals right there! Seven time world champs and seventeen time Latin Ballroom champions. Holy shit!"
    "Yeah, they were good. My grandparents on my dad's side are two time world and fifteen time Latin Ballroom champions. They retired early."
    "What about you and your sister?"
    "Rye is a five time Latin Ballroom champion and I'm a six time Latin Ballroom champion."
    "I'm an eight time LB champ! What?!"
    "You also been dancing longer than me."
    "We need to do a world competition Sean."
    "I can't yet. I only have six LBCs."
    "Get two more then!"
    "You say it like it's easy to do."
    "I got my first win at eight years old Sean. It's not hard at all."
    "You were eight when you won a real dancing thing?"
    "Is that good?"
    "It's very good! I didn't get my first win until I was eleven."
    "I been dancing longer."
    "Eight is still impressive though."
    "I guess."
    "Anyway, this section here is all my nice clothes. Not dance clothes."
    "There's a difference?"
    "Yeah. Dance clothes have a lighter material. Easier to move around in."
    "And rips super easy."
    "Yeah. Here, new socks too."
    "I need socks?"
    "Yes. Dress shoes don't have much give to them. You wear normal socks and the shoes will be tight."
    "This shit is all new to me man."
    "You want me to just pick something for you?"
    "Yeah. Somethin' like that picture you showed me."
    "Okay… Are you taller than me?"
    "I'm 6'3."
    "By an inch... Okay. These are actually too long on me. They might be good for you, and you can keep them."
    "Try them on!"
    "Not with you watchin' I ain't."
    "There's a bathroom right behind you. Hold out your arms"
    "Aw! Now hug!"
    "Shut up. I know I have like three shirts that are too big. Here we go. These three right here."
    "I like this dark gray one. Is all this shit fitted?"
    "Most is. The pants might be big in the waist on you, but the length should be fine. Here, take this belt just in case. Everything I'm giving you, you can keep it. It doesn't fit me and I've never even worn it. The tags are still on the shirts."
    "$85 for a fuckin' white shirt? Serious?"
    "Yeah. It's a dress shirt, not a regular button-up shirt from Wal-Mart."
    "Oh. And I can keep all this? This shit costs a lot. Let me give you some money or somethin' for it."
    "Don't worry about it."
    "All right. Thank you sir. Bathroom is behind me… This door?"
    "Tuck in the shirt Puppet Boy!"
    "Fuck you. I don't need special panties or anything?"
    "Okay, I'll be back."
    "He's helpless."
    "Some people don't wear the fancy clothes."
    "I think his hair might fuck it all up."
    "Mmm… Maybe. Some guys can really pull it off though. You'd be surprised."
    "I love you."
    "I love you too."
    "Gimme kiss."
    "You two wanna knock that shit off?"
    "Woo! Jacob can pull it off even with his hair."
    "I told you, you'd be surprised."
    "I feel fuckin' weird as shit."
    "I feel like a douche bag in all this shit man."
    "You look fucking good Jacob. Melissa will love it. Might even make her panties moist. Mine are a little moist."
    "Yeah, because Sean just had his tongue down your throat and his hands all over your ass."
    "Nope! Moist from you cousin!"
    "Fuck you."
    "That sounds so wrong. If you said that in front of someone who didn't know the story they would be like, what the fuck kind of family are you guys."
    "Ha! Right?! But for real Jacob, you look so good. Honest."
    "Thank you ma'am."
    "Shoes to finish."
    "Shiny ass shoes."
    "Want some not so shiny?"
    "Yeah. These are tight as fuck on my feet anyway."
    "They're new. Here, try these."
    "These work."
    "Snap son!"
    "I feel so fuckin' weird."
    "You'll get used to it. You're only going to wear everything for a few hours anyway."
    "And you have a prom outfit now!"
    "Also true. Win, win. Thank you sir."
    "You're welcome."
    "I need to change out of this shit and get goin'."
    "Here's a garment bag for everything."
    "A what?"
    "Helpless Sean!"
    "Change and bring me everything and I'll show you how to put it all away."
    "I don't fold it and put it in a drawer?"
    "No. Never."
    "Look at his face!"
    "This shit is new to me!"
    "You don't wash it in a washing machine either Puppet Boy."
    "What? How the fuck you wash it?"
    "Dry cleaners in town or you can bring it back to me. I have a kit thing that dry cleans."
    "Go change. I'll tell you what you need to know."
    "Stop fuckin' laughin' at me you two."
    "It's cute how helpless you are."
    "Fuck you."
    "Go change."
    "All right."
    "His face made me laugh. I feel bad."
    "Poopy diaper face. You don't fold it? What!"
    "Seriously still fuckin' laughin'?"
    "It's only because you had poopy diaper face on."
    "Did you see how I put everything in the bag?"
    "You have one of those hooks in your car right?"
    "In the back."
    "Next to the holy shit bar Jacob."
    "The holy shit bar! That's fuckin' great. But yeah, there is a little hook there."
    "Hang this up on that hook or lay it flat in the back seat."
    "That's what that hook is for?"
    "Huh… I didn't know that shit."
    "Most people have no idea. Okay, Mills might know how to take care of all this. But if she doesn't you will."
    "One, if any of this gets wrinkled, do not iron it or throw in the dryer. Put it on a hanger and hang it in the bathroom when you take a shower. Or just turn the shower on hot and leave in there for like ten minutes. Dress clothes are different. You need to use steam to get the wrinkles out. Unless you know how to iron dress clothes. I do the shower personally because I don't want to burn my clothes."
    "Steam from the shower. Melissa has this weird steam thing. I saw her use it on a shirt she wore the other day."
    "I know what you're talking about. That thing will work too. I don't have one so I use the shower."
    "That it?"
    "Yeah. Don't wash it in the washer and don't iron it. I can't think of anything else really."
    "Dry clean and steam. That's easy enough."
    "Here… Tada! Little note in this clear pocket."
    "Thank you ma'am."
    "Oh! When you get home, take the shoes out of the bag. They don't stink like feet or anything but, the soles will make everything smell like rubber."
    "So… I can't wear my axe with this shit?"
    "No. The material is weird. Put your cologne or whatever on before you put on the shirt. Don't spray the shirt. You can spray the jacket though."
    "Write that shit down for me Liz. That's somethin' I'll seriously forget because I spray myself as I walk out the door."
    "There you go."
    "Nothin' special I have to do with the shoes?"
    "Not really. Just set them on the floor and don't set nothing on them. They'll lose their shape. Don't roll the socks either. Just leave them separated. I also put two more pairs in the bag just in case."
    "Yeah, I saw you did that. I can wash the socks normal right?"
    "All right. I need to get out of here. Thanks again for all this."
    "You're welcome."

    Poor helpless Puppet Boy! He seriously looks so good though!


    I followed the rules today even though I wanted to mess around with this music a little bit more before Cole comes by. I finished all of my homework, even my math. I didn't copy Liz this time. I used what my dad showed me and I did it all myself. I might have a few problems wrong but, I think most of it is right. Right now I am scrubbing the toilet. My dad thinks if the toilet is black it'll hide things. No dad! It doesn't. I see the poop ring in there.
    "Up here! I'm cleaning the toilet!"
    "I called you four times."
    "My phone hasn't rang at all."
    "The house phone."
    "That one didn't ring either."
    "Where were you?"
    "I been here dad. Didn't you notice the house is all clean and the floor has been mopped? I would have vacuumed up here but, you don't own a vacuum cleaner."
    "Where are all the dirty clothes?"
    "Next door in the wash. Amanda asked me if we needed a washer and dryer. I told her we did and then I asked if it was okay to do a load since we have the key, and she said it was fine and left the rest of her soap and dryer sheets for us. I also moved all of my music stuff next door. I put it all in the smaller room since parents always get the bigger one. But I promise you dad, I have been here the whole time and the house phone did not ring. Not even once. Call it if you don't believe me."
    "I left messages on the machine. You didn't hear my voice as I left them?"
    "No. Call the phone."
    "…See! Not ringing."
    "What the hell? The volume is on and up all the way."
    "Maybe it got broke when you moved?"
    "Maybe. Now I'm wondering how many calls I've missed."
    "The only time I left this house is when I went next door to put the clothes in the dryer. I'm not lying."
    "I know."
    "Well, here's all of my homework. I didn't copy this time. I used was you showed me and did the math myself. I hope it's all right. I doubt it though. Uh… Yeah! I'm going back up to finish cleaning the toilet."
    "Okay. What do you want to do for dinner?"
    "I don't know. Something easy I guess since Cole will be here later."
    "Pizza fine?"
    "Works for me. It's after six, I'll call him right now real fast and see if he's allergic to pizza. "
    "All right, let me know."

    Grab my phone and back to the toilet.

    "Hi. Still coming by?"
    "Yeah. I just now got home. I'm taking a shower and then I'm going to eat and I'll head over."
    "My dad is ordering pizza. That's why I'm calling."
    "Pizza is better than cold dinner I have here."
    "Anything you don't like on it? There's a deal right now at the place we get our pizza from. Two pizzas, one combination, and one a single topping. We usually just get pepperoni."
    "I'm not picky. What kind of soda do you guys get?"
    "Um… Last time we got Dr. Pepper for James. So whatever soda you want that's what we'll get."
    "Mt. Dew. What the fuck are you doing with all the grunt noises?"
    "Cleaning the toilet."
    "So pizza is fine and you want Mt. Dew?"
    "And! Flush! Okay! I'll let my dad know right now. I'll see you in a bit."
    "See ya."

    Bathroom is all done, and it smells good. The house is all clean and also smells good. Now I need to go check the laundry. First, I need to talk to my dad.
    "Hey dad, Cole said pizza works, he's not picky, and he wants a Mt. Dew for the soda."
    "Okay. I'll order it when he's on his way."
    "Okay… I sent him a text, and he said okay. Is my homework good? I'm pretty sure I got the word problems wrong."
    "They're actually right."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Cool. I'm running next door to check on the laundry. I did read the tags on your clothes it said, dry clean or they had to be washed on delicate. Grandmas washer has a dry clean setting. This one doesn't. So I had to wash them separate. But, all your work clothes… You want them hung up to dry like grandpa?"
    "They have to be hung. Everything will shrink in the dryer."
    "Okay, I'll hang them on the shower door."
    "Hang them on the curtain rod right there when you get upstairs."
    "I don't think I can reach that high."
    "Drape the clothes on the rail up there and I'll hang them."
    "Okay. Do you ever clean and stuff?"
    "On the weekend when I don't have to work. Why?"
    "You're not very organized."
    "I'm aware."
    "Okay, I'll be back in a minute. If I'm not back in a minute, I'll be back in two."

    Am I too young to know how to do laundry? I've noticed most kids my age are attached to their phones. Not me. I'm attached to my notebook and my piano. My dad is attached to his work. He's always on his phone or on his computer communicating with clients that he has back home. He even does some of his video conferences at school when he needs to. Like right now, me and Cole had to kick him out of the living room because he was talking. When you track music it doesn't matter. You just plug in and go for it. When you track vocals, it's with a microphone. You need silence. My dad was being too loud. We sent him to his room.
    "So, you like the underlay I came up with?"
    "Yeah. Made it pop like you said It would."
    "It needed something. It was too flat the way it was."
    "That guitar solo you did is dope too. I fucking love the blues sound it has."
    "I love blues music."
    "Me too."
    "Okay… We got the chorus down, what next?"
    "Uh... The ending chorus with just you. After your verse."
    "That's right! I forgot you wanted me to end the song."
    "You want to work on this last verse tonight too? Or do it tomorrow?"
    "My dad goes to bed around ten."
    "Play by ear then?"
    "Yeah. Let's track this last chorus."
    "Why don't we just track the last verse with the chorus? Get out of the way."
    "If it doesn't feel right we can fix it tomorrow."
    "Sounds good. Hi dad. We need quiet."
    "I'm done for the night."
    "I had no idea you had a full sleeve tattoo hiding under your suit. Not bad."
    "Thank you Mr. Eller."
    "Cole brought extra headphones if you want the full experience."
    "Bring a chair over."
    "I'm starting the music right before your guitar solo."
    "Did you hear me playing the guitar upstairs?"
    "I didn't."
    "It's dope. You ready?"
    "You control the playback and record. The start is where it needs to be."
    "Fingers crossed I nail it in one take."
    "I'll be amazed if you do Reg."
    "Me too. Okay! Silence."

    I didn't get it in one take. I redid it three times until me and Cole were both happy with it. It's so good! I'm super proud of myself.
    "Fire Reg."
    "Fire means good right? You're not firing me?"
    "Fire means good."
    "Oh. What did you think dad?"
    "Very good. You sing with a lot of emotion. You make sure everyone feels it."
    "Grandma tells me that, and James did too."
    "It is true. Excuse me, it's almost eleven and I need to go to bed. Five comes early."
    "Cole is saving this a different way so he can work on it at his house."
    "Unless you want me to leave now. It can wait. We can save it normal and I'll do what I need to at home."
    "How long will it take?"
    "Not too long. About thirty, maybe forty minutes. I have to save each line, instead of one merged track."
    "I want to see how he does it."
    "All right. I just ask you guys keep it down."
    "We will. Night Mr. Avalon."
    "Night dad."
    "Okay, show me what you're doing here."
    "Just right click on each line and go to export. It's easier to go in order and save each line as 1, 2, 3, and so on. Don't change the format, just leave it as the project file."
    "Okay. You can't just export the whole thing at one time?"
    "You can but it takes longer for some reason."
    "That's true."
    "All preference though. I'd rather do it this way because it's faster."
    "Each line will stay where it's supposed to?"
    "No. I'll have to move each line to their right spot. Only bad thing about saving it this way."
    "Oh. I wouldn't have the patience for that. I'd rather export it all at one time."
    "Preference. You ever heard of Sound Cloud?"
    "No. What is that?"
    "It's this website… Here, this is my Sound Cloud."
    "Oh! It's a place to upload your music."
    "People actually get discovered on this website. You ever hear of Fetty Wap?"
    "Well, he got discovered on here."
    "Is it free?"
    "Yeah. I got a paid account. It's $150 a year and I can upload an unlimited amount of stuff."
    "What does the free one give you?"
    "Like three hours or something like that."
    "Three hours isn't that much music."
    "Yeah. For $50 you get like six hours."
    "And you said yearly? Not monthly?"
    "It's yearly. And you can distribute your tracks to all these different groups so people will actually hear them. With the free account, you can't do all that shit."
    "That's pretty cool. Does James have one?"
    "No. He doesn't want his shit to be stolen."
    "It can get stolen?"
    "The tracks that you upload can be downloaded. But you can set it so people can't download it. These days though, people figure that shit out."
    "Yeah. I'll look into it more. I like the idea but, I think I'll wait until I have more things recorded. Right now I only have one thing done."
    "The video?"
    "No. It's something I did yesterday."
    "Can I hear it?"
    "Sure. It's in my folder on the desktop."
    "Is this just… random writing?"
    "Did you write this random or did you write it from experience?"
    "Oh. Experience."
    "Who abandoned you?"
    "My mom."
    "Oh. I'm sorry."
    "She kept me from my dad my whole life. He's been trying for a while to get me from her. The last year or so I been living with my grandparents. My dad's parents. My grandma saw it as the perfect time to get me back to my dad. So she filed guardianship papers. My dad is named after my grandpa and my mom didn't even read the papers well enough to notice it said Michael II and not Michael. Fucked up part about it is, she was only mad for a day. She's not even fighting my dad for me. She got married and had a baby and seriously forgot I even existed. She didn't even really know I was with my grandma the whole time."
    "That's pretty shitty Reg."
    "She kept me around to have something to hold over my dad's head."
    "So… She kept you from your dad. The parent who actually wanted you! Just for a monthly child support check? That's petty shit right there. The fucked up thing about that is, a shit ton of women do this shit all the time. Have kids just so they can get on aid and not have to work. Just sit on their ass and do nothing but whore around."
    "My mom never really whored around. She did just stay at home and did nothing most of the time. Then she got married... Well, she got married because she got pregnant. Where I'm from you actually get more aid if you're married and unemployed. The guy she married is worthless. He could never hold a job longer than a month. I just don't get it."
    "Greed. People want money for nothing."
    "That's what James said. He said, there're two kinds of people in the world. People like him and my dad. They work for their money and enjoy it for the fact they earned it. Then, there're the people who just want it for free."
    "Yeah. That's 100% truth right there."
    "Yeah… How's the saving going?"
    "Two more lines to go."
    "Okay. I'm going to put this pizza away real fast. You want me to wrap some up for you to take?"
    "Uh… Sure. Give me a few slices of each."
    "All right, and your soda?"
    "When you're done with that can you save the whole thing for me please?"
    "I was going to."
    "Cool. Thank you."
    "Pizza and soda are right here in this bag for you."
    "You're welcome. I had fun tonight. You take all this seriously and you're easy to work with."
    "Yeah. You though…"
    "Ms. Perfectionist. You have to have everything perfect."
    "Why half ass it?"
    "…You have a point."
    "But yeah. I had a good time too. I'm done. This is saving for you now."
    "Same time tomorrow?"
    "Sounds good to me. I don't have shit to do."
    "All right. I'll walk you out."
    "Here… You don't need to carry my bag for me."
    "Are you sure?"
    "I'm sure."


    I still can't get over how good Jacob looks in nice clothes. I was quick enough to get a picture. I sent it to my mom to show Jim, and I sent it to Melissa. Melissa was all, wow! My man is a hotty huh? It was funny. Jim was impressed too! He has never seen Jacob in nice dress clothes. I worked on my Paso for a little bit before I cooked dinner. Vey ended up staying late at the place next door to her studio. Turns out! Vey can also make clothes. So whenever something has to be done and they need a hand, Vey goes and helps out. That's cool! But dinner! I made teriyaki chicken, with white rice, broccoli, and other veggies. Home made teriyaki sauce! Not from a bottle. What?! As usual! I ended up making enough to end starvation in a third world country. It's fine though! There's plenty for Vey when she get's home and even Rye if she comes home.
    "That teriyaki sauce was fucking good."
    "Thank you Love."
    "You're basically my wife already. I like it."
    "Did you put your clothes away today?"
    "Make your bed?"
    "Why not?"
    "We just mess it up anyway. Why bother?"
    "Hey! I did the dishes tonight. That's not lazy."
    "What happened after you loaded the dish washer?"
    "You said I did it wrong, and you reloaded it yourself."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "I load it that way all the time and everything comes clean. You're just fucking picky."
    "I love you."
    "I love you too."
    "Flinch is calling! Answer… Speaker… Sup?"
    "You and Sean still coming by?"
    "Do you need a toothpick?"
    "Do you need a toothpick?"
    "No. I almost got it."
    "Anyway! Yeah, we're still coming by… Do you have company?"
    "Yeah. I have two friends here right now. We're rehearsing for a competition next month."
    "You guys gonna win?"
    "We won last year. We're headlining this year."
    "Won as a solo dancer two years ago."
    "He's like you, but Hip Hop. You're the Ballroom queen and he's the Hip Hop queen."
    "Fuck you."
    "They're good. They're touring with some musician at the end of the year."
    "What? No way! Is Sean lying?"
    "No. we're touring Spain and Mexico from December 3rd to February 16th."
    "I'm so jealous!"
    "I'm sorry?"
    "Shut up."
    "Oh! Sean?"
    "Are you still going to Los Angeles with us next month?"
    "Me too?!"
    "Liz can come too. I'm going to talk to Reg and see if she wants to go too. I doubt her dad will let her though."
    "What's in Los Angeles? I might not want to go."
    "UHH show."
    "UHH? Urban Hip Hop? Right?
    "Part of Seneca Industries?"
    "Me and Sean are doing the Classics this year. You have to come watch us since we're going to watch you."
    "I went to the Classics last year. My dance crew performed there during the second intermission."
    "Really? Since when has Seneca merged the Classics with UHH?"
    "Um.... Last year was the first year I think. Right Sean?"
    "Yeah. Liz won the Classics three years in a row."
    "I know who Liz is. I been part of Seneca since I was twelve. I know what's up."
    "What? You know me?"
    "I know you were the youngest to win the Classics. That was huge news. Just like me being the youngest to win the Hip Hop side."
    "I don't know you."
    "Do you follow Hip Hop?"
    "Not really."
    "There you go."
    "How do you know me before Sean?"
    "Sean didn't realize who you were when you came here?"
    "No! He didn't put it together until he saw my Classics trophies. Then he was like, fuck yeah! I get to dance with this bad ass."
    "I was not like that."
    "In your head you were."
    "Does the Classics have awards like UHH?"
    "UHH Awards! Like the Oscars and shit. I've won Dancer Of the Year and so on."
    "Oh! Yeah, there's the awards for Classics. I only won, best choreography, up and coming, and the Dancer of the Year. Only twice though. My first year I wasn't even nominated."
    "I wasn't my first year either. But speaking of the awards! Sean! That's coming up too. The day before our Los Angeles show."
    "I know. I already got my ticket."
    "Why? I said I got you. Just like the Los Angeles show. All the tickets are in that back and shit. Not up front."
    "Oh. I can't return it."
    "I got you. You coming to Liz?"
    "Yes please. What about Purple Head?"
    "That's why I said her dad might not let her go. We would leave Friday morning and not be back until Sunday night. I don't think her dad will let her spend a whole weekend with me."
    "Hmm... Maybe we can make it seem like she's going with me and Sean somehow."
    "No, I don't want to lie to her dad."
    "Well, just ask then."
    "Yeah, I'm helping them move this weekend and I plan on talking to her dad myself. Instead of just asking her."
    "I think he'll appreciate that more. You asking him instead of her."
    "I know for a fact he would. Okay, You guys can head over whenever you want. But, I'm finishing my stuff first because these guys have to leave around twelve."
    "Can we go now Sean? I wanna watch them."
    "We can go now. I need to piss first."
    "Yay! Have you ate Flinch?"
    "No. I'm getting ready to make me a sandwich."
    "No, I'll bring you some dinner."
    "Who made it?"
    "I did."
    "I don't want food you made if it's shit."
    "She made teriyaki chicken. The shit was so fucking good."
    "My mom is the chef at Bernat. I cook just as good."
    "Bernat has good fucking food."
    "All my mommy's recipes."
    "Yeah! Bring me dinner."
    "Say please!"
    "Please bring me this good fucking food Sean speaks of."
    "Have your friends ate?"
    "Yeah. They showed up with food like assholes."
    "Aw! I got you Flinch! We'll head over in about ten minutes."
    "Come through the back door. It'll be unlocked for you guys. Sean knows the way."
    "All right. Bye Flinch!"
    "Bye Lizzy!"
    "Only my mommy calls me Lizzy!"
    "Wah! Bye."

    Flinch was in heaven when he was eating my food. At first, he wasn't sure if he wanted to eat it, and I was like, take a bite! Then he was like, oh! Funny guy. Another thing! Flinch and his friends are so fucking good! Makes me wanna learn how to hip hop real bad. At one point I stood off to the side and danced too. They didn't care I did that. One of them, Stephen or Sweeper. Whatever you want to call him. He came over to me and he was like, no, you do it this way. Then Flinch was making fun of me because I still couldn't do it. They're different hip hop dancers. They do what Sweeper calls robotics. They move like little robots. They can do all sorts of hip hop. Sean showed me some videos. But they mostly do the robot stuff. Flinch by himself. He's like… He doesn't do the robot stuff when he's doing solo stuff. He's smooth and shit and not pop lockish. Flinch is actually a bad ass. No joke. Now, the third guy. How can I say this? He kind of sucks. He can do the moves and everything but, he can't hit them like Flinch and Sweeper can. But he's a big guy and they need him for their special moves. Oh! Oh! Oh! All the music they dance too! It's Flinches music! He makes it on this little thing that's like a piano and over to the side it has buttons. I think he called it a beat pad? I don't remember. But they had to change a move in their routine and the music wasn't feeling right to Flinch, so he busted out this beat pad and plugged it into Sweepers computer and redid a small section of the music. What?! It was cool! Then Purple Head called, and he took a break to talk to her. She's sad! She feels left out because we are all over here hanging out and she's not. So me! I'm trying to get her to sneak out and come over. Flinch did say, I wish you could come hang out too. I heard him! He said that!
    "I'm trying to get Purple Head to sneak out."
    "Liz, please don't. I wanna see her and shit but I do not want her in trouble."
    "Fine! I'll stop."
    "Thank you. We're going to run this through a few more times then these guys are leaving."
    "Okay… All I heard is, I wanna see her."
    "He also said he doesn't want her in trouble Liz."
    "She's supposed to get in trouble Sean."
    "Now you sound like Em."
    "Shut up."
    "James was saying he wants her to go to Los Angeles to Liz. If she sneaks out and gets in trouble, that's a guarantee her dad won't let her go."
    "Los Angeles is a month away still."
    "Whatever. She gets in trouble and can't go… It's all your fault."

    Now back to Purple Head.

    "I'll meet you halfway."
    "What if my dad wakes up? I don't want to be grounded."
    "Plus side, he won't make you dye your hair."
    "Yeah. But I like to be able to call and see James when I want."
    "You see him every day at school."
    "How do I tell if my dad is really asleep?"
    "Does he snore?"
    "Go see if he's snoring."
    "He is. I can hear him from downstairs."
    "Come over."
    "What if he wakes up?"
    "Tell him it was my idea."
    "That won't work. He'll just ask why I listened to you."
    "Are you in your jam jams yet?"
    "Come over!"
    "Fine! It I get in trouble I get to punch you. Real hard."
    "Deal! I'm walking that way right now."

    Back to Sean!

    "I'll be right back."
    "Where are you going?"
    "To meet Purple Head."
    "Are you serious Liz?"
    "Flinch will be happy."
    "Not if she gets caught… He's going to be pissed at you."


    I really shouldn't be doing this. I know I'm going to get caught! I can feel it in my gut. Oh crap! The alarm is loud when I press a button! Cover the little speaker… Better! Is dad snoring? Yes... Okay. No turning back now.
    "Hi Purple Head."
    "Shhh… Bedroom window is open."
    "Oh, sorry."
    "You walk fast."
    "Flinch only lives a few houses down."
    "I'm getting caught. I can feel it."
    "Who cares. You'll be having fun and you get to see Flinch at school every day."
    "Okay, we don't have to whisper anymore. Can I ask you something?"
    "How did you and Sean end up having sex for the first time?"
    "Me and Sean actually had sex before we were a couple. It just… Kind of happen. We really didn't plan it."
    "Oh. Since you had sex right away is your relationship based on it?"
    "Not at all."
    "How many times a week do you guys have sex? Sorry for the sex questions."
    "It's fine. We have sex a few times a week."
    "I want to have sex with James. But he doesn't want to."
    "He probably doesn't want to right away is all. Some guys are like that Purple Head."
    "Yeah! That's what he told me. He said he wants to, but he can't do it. Not yet. How do I let him know I want it? Like really want it and make him want it too?"
    "I don't know. I guess when you guys are all over each other and into it you know? Just tell him you want him inside you. If you guys are all hot and heavy making out and shit, he may not say no."
    "He just doesn't want to take something from me I can't get back."
    "You told me that. Just try what I said. But don't force it either."
    "If he says no just let it be?"
    "Yeah. Look both ways before crossing… Now run!"
    "Where are we going?"
    "Back door."
    "Flinch might be mad you're here."
    "What? Why?"
    "He told me to not get you to sneak out."
    "Thanks Liz."
    "But he said he wanted to see you!"
    "Okay. That's good I guess. Now where are we going?"
    "Downstairs. Have you not been here?"
    "I have. Only in his room, living room, and the kitchen. Is Opie down here?"
    "Yeah. He's so funny with the mirror. See! He's chilling with Sean."
    "James gave me a really weird look in the mirror."
    "He'll get over it. Hi My Love!"
    "Hi Sean. Opie!"
    "She said Flinch gave her a look in the mirror."
    "He's pissed off. He asked where you went and I told him."
    "He'll get over it. Smile at him in the mirror Purple Head… See! He's over it! He smiled back!"

    James wasn't mad at all really. He's mostly just tired. It was fun watching him dance. Even Liz was dancing with them. Kind of! She was off to the side trying to dance like them. She didn't quite get it. She even tried to get me to dance. I don't dance at all. I wouldn't know where to start! I just wanted to watch anyway. I officially got to meet Stephen. I didn't really meet him at the music store. Just saw him and James talking and he rang up our stuff with a nice discount on it. But it was busy, so James couldn't really introduce me properly then. I knew he was nice then when he added his discount on our stuff. But now I know for a fact! He is super nice! Nick is nice too. I guess. He was on his phone and just looked up and said, hi nice to meet you. Liz is giving James a hard time! She keeps saying, stop dropping your elbow! I think it looks fine.
    "Liz is pretty hard on James."
    "She's the same way with me when I don't get something the way she wants it."
    "I'm not seeing his elbow drop like you guys are saying."
    "It's not dropping to his side. That's why you're noticing it. It falls down below his shoulder. But he's real quick bringing it back up. Liz can tell because she can feel it. Watch, it's coming up… Right… Oh! He didn't drop it that time."
    "He's smiling because he didn't. Liz is so pretty when she dances. I loved the dance you guys did. The one where she wore the pretty white dress."
    "Her mom's Rumba."
    "So sweet she did that for her mom."
    "So, can I get a boy opinion on something?"
    "I guess."
    "How do I make James want to have sex with me?"
    "Um… I don't know. Most of the time, sex just happens. You don't really plan it."
    "That's pretty much what Liz said."
    "When me and her had sex for the first time, It just happened. We didn't say, hey let's fuck. It just happened on it's own."
    "How did it happen?"
    "We were making out and messing around and one thing led to another and I was inside of her and it felt right. Neither one of us regretted it. I've wanted Liz for a while. Not to have sex with her or anything like that. I wanted to be with her, I wanted to get to know her. I didn't have the balls to talk to her. If I did, I bet I would have got her sooner. I got her know and that's all that matters."
    "Should I just leave this whole sex thing alone and let it happen?"
    "I would. But, it won't hurt to hint at it a little bit."
    "The way Liz does it without telling me, she just… The way she kisses me is different. And every guy knows that kiss and what it means."
    "Normally you guys kiss and it's soft right?"
    "Kiss him deeper and harder."
    "Deeper and harder?"
    "Press against his lips harder. Grab his head and pull him to you and kiss him harder. Does that make sense?"
    "No. I'm new at this Sean."
    "Ask Liz to kiss you like that."
    "Um… How do I ask Liz?"
    "Tell her you need help with something in the bathroom. Go in there right now and stick your head out in a few minutes and ask her for help."

    What am I doing? Maybe Sean is right. I need to just leave this alone. Why do I really want James all of a sudden? I'm making myself super nervous. Am I really going to have Liz kiss me? Okay! I'm doing it! Screw it!
    "Hey Liz? I need help."
    "What's up?"
    "Come in here."
    "Oh!… What's up?"
    "Kiss me deep and hard."
    "I asked Sean how to get James to have sex with me. He told me how you kiss him when you want sex. Deep and hard. Then said to ask you to kiss me."
    "Yeah, I kiss him more aggressive."
    "Show me?"
    "Wait! I'm nervous. You're a girl."
    "It won't be bad because I'm a girl. Just close your eyes like you do with Flinch and I'll do the rest."
    "Do I kiss you back?"
    "You can if you want. I won't mind. I like girls and you're hot. I'll like it."
    "Okay, I feel better now! I'm ready. Just do it."

    That was not bad. Liz's lip taste fruity. I get how to kiss him now. I guess it was better I kissed a girl and not a boy. She showed me, then she made me show her. She approved. I kissed Liz twice. I liked it a little bit!
    "I'm so nervous."
    "Don't do it until you guys are making out and rubbing all over each other. Then grab his hair and pull him and just go at it like I showed you. You won't be nervous when you're all into it. I promise."
    "Your bra strap was twisted all weird."
    "If he asks what you needed help with. Tell him your bra strap got twisted weird."
    "Oh! Okay."
    "I like your peach lip balm by the way. Tasty."
    "Shut up."
    "It's true!… Hey Flinch! One more time or are we done?"
    "I'm done. My elbow didn't fall the last three times we did it and I'm dead tired."
    "Okay. That's your copy of the music. Ready My Love?"
    "Yes. You want us to drop you off at your house?"
    "Um… I'm going to hang out a little bit longer. I mean… If you're too tired I'll leave James."
    "You can stay and hang out. I'll walk you home later."
    "Okay… I don't need a ride."
    "Okie dokie! Night, don't have too much fun while you're all alone."
    "She's taking a shower with me and I'm gonna play with her."
    "Aw! You made your Purple Head blush!"
    "She knows what's up. Right?"
    "See! She loves the play dates just as much as me."
    "Let's go Liz. See you guys tomorrow."
    "I'll walk you guys out. Can you take Opie upstairs with you?"
    "Yeah. Come on Opie, bed time… He wants you."
    "You need to go shit Opie?"
    "He runs up the stairs! I love your dog Flinch. He's funny."
    "Do I wait down here now?"
    "Where ever you want Reg. My house is your house. You can walk these guys out with me or you can go up to my room and start the shower."
    "Wink! That was cute."
    "He always winks at me then smiles like that."
    "Why don't you have a super adorable smile like Flinch, Sean?"
    "Every time I take my shirt off you'll know why."
    "I saw a picture of you with no shirt today… It's her wallpaper James! You gave me a look! I'm sorry!"
    "Why are you sorry? Guys take off their shirts all the time, and I did not give you a look."
    "Take your shirt off Flinch."
    "I'm not taking mine off!"
    "No. She wants me to take mine off. I said, Reg? As in, I'm asking you if it's okay."
    "Oh! I don't care… I see your moles!"
    "I take my shirt off and she pokes me."
    "I like them! They're everywhere. And I mean everywhere!"
    "Flinch doesn't look bad without a shirt. But... How are you toned like that?"
    "You saw some of my videos and you don't know?"
    "I guess I saw the wrong ones."
    "Okay, watch."

    He did this cool thing! He got up on one arm and like did a spin onto the other arm. Best way I can describe it. He did it like three times, then did a spin on his shoulder, then laid on his back for like a second and pick himself up with one arm, like into a handstand. But he wasn't straight up. He was sideways. Then! He kicked off the floor into a straight up hand stand and push up. It was so cool! I have not seen any video of him doing those moves.
    "Whoa! Teach me the arm spin thing! That first move!"
    "You want to learn Hip Hop? Like for real?"
    "It would look good on my dance résumé."
    "Okay… Remember what we talked about today?"
    "Seneca Awards."
    "Oh! Okay."
    "Everyone who is nominated performs. Right?"
    "A nominee who was supposed to dance got hurt recently. It's a girl! Her name is Jazen. We all call her Jaz. She pulled out of her solo performance for the Awards. But! Everyone dances in a mega crew. Meaning every single nominee is in one huge group doing a routine. The top dogs… Jaz, me, Sweep, a guy who calls himself Fiction, and another guy name Terry Tran. We are looking for a replacement to do Jaz's part in this routine. It's not a huge part and her choro is pretty simple. I have a video of her teaching it to the other girls. Learn her choro, record it, and give me the video. If she likes it, she'll pick you to replace her and I guarantee she'll teach you some Hip Hop."
    "Okay. What kind of Hip Hop?"
    "It's more like street Hip Hop. Here… I just texted you a link to her YouTube page and here's my personal YouTube with everything I can do. I do way more shit than you saw tonight. What I do with them is robotics. That's what they did before I joined them. It's what they do."
    "I want the link to your YouTube too."
    "I gave it to you."
    "No. I just have the one with all three of you."
    "Oh! I'm sorry. I thought I gave you both. There, texted you too. Kiss now… Thank you."
    "And thank you! Um... Awards? I'm lost. Sean and Liz obviously know what you're talking about. I don't"
    "Yeah. Uh... I'll tell you about it this weekend. I actually want to talk to your dad about it. With you there. Not by himself. Is that okay?"
    "It's nothing bad Purple Head. It's something cool."
    "If it's something for you and your dancing I'd like to go too."
    "That's why I'm going to talk to you about it this weekend with your dad. Remember, I said I wanna ask him first to take you out sometime?"
    "That's all."
    "Who's going?"
    "Sean and Liz are, Sweep is bringing his girlfriend, and Samantha will be there."
    "Who's Samantha?"
    "Her dad's girlfriend."
    "Ms. Cooper Liz."
    "Oh! Duh! I should of known that."
    "Anyway, I didn't even want you to know about all this yet. I am wanting you to come with me. Or us. Me, Sean, and Liz are going in his truck. I want to ask your dad is all."
    "I understand. I won't say anything and I will forget about this whole conversation."
    "Thank you."
    "Mmm hmm!"
    "Now you! Text me your email address and I'll send you that video of Jaz. If you're serious about this, get her choro down. It's a one night performance. I think you could do it. I'm here to help you too."
    "All right. Email me that video and I'll check it out and let you know if I need any help."
    "Don't over due it Liz. We still have ten dances to choreograph for the Classics."
    "Flinch just said it's one routine for one night."
    "I know. But you said you want to learn this too."
    "Classics come first. I can learn Hip Hop at anytime Love."
    "Aw! Opie! Is dad taking to long?"
    "Shit! Sorry Ope! Come on, let's walk these guys out."
    "Don't forget the video Flinch!"
    "I won't. As a matter of fact! I'll do it right now. I have it in my email...… Done!"
    "I got a new email! Thank you!"
    "Now we can walk you guys out. Come on Ope."

    Finally alone with James. I am way nervous right now! Way more than before. Breathe.
    "I see your moles again."
    "Come on."
    "I'm following you."

    The shower wasn't like this morning. We still kissed and all that. But there was no biting. Well, I bit him. He likes it a lot. Then I did it. I kissed him how Liz showed me and he went with it. He kissed me back the same way. I like this. We stopped long enough to get out of the shower and get on his bed. Still all naked. I was expecting him top get on top of me to finish our kissing but he didn't. He wanted to do something else. This time! It was way different. He licked it more. He put his tongue inside me and it didn't hurt. Liz was right! Then! He did something very unexpected! He put a finger in me. It didn't hurt at all. But it made me jump and gasp real loud.
    "Am I hurting you?"
    "No. Just surprised me is all. Don't stop."
    "I wasn't going to. Just making sure I'm not hurting you."
    "Not hurting me at all. I like it… Like it… Uh!"

     Now I see why he said I have no idea yet about all this. I get it now! As much as I love this and I don't want him to stop, I grab him by his head and pull him up to my face. He fought me for a second then let me pull him to me. Now we can finish our kissing. I pulled on his hair and scratch his back and his neck. I learned the scratching and clawing drive him crazy. He took a second to tell me then he bit down on my shoulder. Pretty hard too! It hurt but felt so good. I didn't mind. In these moments things like that don't hurt me. I love them. Especially the bites on my curve of my neck. Those make my body shake and make me moan. I shake and moan, he bites more. I also love him breathing heavy on my neck and feeling his chest move fast against mine. I also feel him rubbing on me. Down there. He's moving in a way so I feel it. It's not by my hole, he's rubbing himself on my clit. It's so awesome.
    "I want you inside me right now."
    "I… No."
    "Reg… We haven't even been together a week."
    "I can't do it Reg. I'm sorry."
    "Let me up."
    "Where are you going?"
    "You're seriously just gonna leave? Reg… Stop."
    "I've come to the conclusion that you don't want me at all. I'm leaving."
    "Out of all the things you could be pissed off about, you're gonna be pissed at me for this?"
    "You told me yourself that you weren't going to take something from me unless I was absolutely sure it's what I want. Do you remember that?"
    "This is what I want James! I'm positive I want you to have this. I want you to have it. I'm giving it to you and you're still telling me no! It's making me feel like you don't fucking want me. At all!"
    "You have no fucking idea how bad I want you Reg. I'm driving myself insane trying to keep myself from having sex with you. I almost did just now too! I stopped myself and rubbed on you a different way."
    "Is it because I'm a virgin? Is that why you won't have sex with me? Do I need to go find someone to do me first?"
    "No! You being a virgin means nothing to me. You could not be a virgin and I'd feel the same fucking way for you. You're the most beautiful thing I have ever seen Reg. You drive me crazy on a daily basis. All you have to do is smile at me. You're everything I want I want and more and I don't want this to ever end and I don't fucking want anyone else. Ever! I don't want to chance fucking this up by having sex with you too soon."
    "You don't want anyone else?"
    "I only want you Reg."
    "Then prove it to me James. This is what I want. You're not taking anything. I'm giving it to you. You make me feel the same way when you smile at me. At school with all the other boys… I only see you."
    "I… I grabbed Liz's ass today."
    "I made out with her in your bathroom downstairs."
    "Are you serious?"
    "Yeah. I asked Sean how to get you to have sex with me. He told me to leave it alone. But then he said it wouldn't hurt to hint at it. Then he was telling me how Liz kisses him when she wants sex."
    "That's where that came from."
    "Sean said every guy knows that kissing."
    "We sure do."
    "I'm sorry I made out with Liz."
    "It doesn't bother me."
    "Is her butt nice?"
    "Best ass I've grabbed in a while."
    "As good as it looks?"
    "Oh yeah!"
    "You're stupid."
    "Not mad?"
    "I promise I am not mad that you grabbed her butt. As long as you're not mad I asked them how to make you have sex with me."
    "I'm not mad at all… I'll have to thank them tomorrow."
    "Do you want me to show you why? Or tell you why?"
    "Show me."
    "Come here… You don't need to kiss me like that anymore."
    "Are you sure this is what you want?"
    "Yes. I want you to have it."
    "Don't hurt me."
    "Emotionally or right now?"
    "Both. But right now."
    "I can't do that. No matter what I do it's going to hurt you."
    "We don't have to do this."
    "I want this. Just do it like you did with Becky."
    "Hell no."
    "We were in the back seat of her mom's car and I was not gentle about it. Not even a little bit. I just stuck it in without any care in the world. I am not doing that with you Reg."
    "Be gentle with me please."
    "I am. I'll go slow and when it starts to hurt you tell me and I'll stop. I won't pull out though. I'll just stop going in that way you get used to it."
    "Okay. I'm sorry now for bleeding on your bed."
    "You won't bleed that much."
    "No. Most of it will be on me."
    "Oh. Well, I'm sorry for that."
    "It's fine."
    "You have a condom right?"
    "I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't."
    "Do you need to put it on now?"
    "I'm not ready and you're…"
    "Not ready either."
    "Get me ready then."
    "I am."
    "Where are going?"
    "Nowhere. Just opening this drawer right here… See?"
    "Latex free."
    "Yeah… I love when you do that."
    "Scratch your neck and back all gently?"
    "Mmm hmm… I love the soft touches."
    "I love the bite and kisses on the curve of my neck."
    "I know. They make you dig your nails into my back. Which I also love."

    Him getting me ready was just kissing me, biting me, and licking me some more. I had to get wet he said. Don't laugh! I'm still new at this! He also did the finger thing again. This time, he said, last time I'll feel this. I didn't understand what he meant, and he told me! He said he could see that I'm a virgin and he put his finger in me a little bit and circled around something right there. Then said, this won't be here anymore. I just kind of giggled at him. I told him to leave a bite on my thigh like Liz has. He tried to! But I was laughing too much, then he put his finger back in me and used his thumb to rub me at the same time. The laughing stopped, and he gave me two bites. One on each thigh. Again! Liz was right! The finger makes the laughing stop. I was super relaxed until James sat up and grabbed the condom off the bed.
    "Oh god! Wait! Wait, wait, wait!"
    "We don't have to do this Reg."
    "No, it's not that. Oh my god! I'm nervous about the pain."
    "I don't think it'll hurt as bad as you think. I've heard girls talking and I've talked to them myself. They all said it hurts for not even a minute, and it's a stinging feeling. Not really a pain."
    "Liz said it would only hurt a minute."
    "This is up to you Reg. If you're too nervous we don't have to do this. I'm happy with finishing you off without sex."
    "Just try your best not to hurt me please."
    "I'll try my best to make it not hurt as bad. It's going to hurt. I'm not trying to scare you out of this, I'm just being honest with you. It'll hurt no matter what."
    "Are you ready now? Or no?"
    "I am… You're not doing anything. You put it on and now you're just kissing me and stuff."
    "Shhh... Tell me right away when It hurts. Okay?"
    "I will."
    "You need to relax. I know you're nervous but, you breathing hard and tensing up is gonna make it worse. I promise, I'll try not to hurt as much. Breathe."
    "Okay, I'm ready… Wait! I'm not! I felt you move it to the hole and got scared again. I'm sorry."
    "Your pace Reg. I am not doing anything until you say so."
    "Deep breathe in my nose… Out my mouth… Okay… Uh!"
    "Am I hurting you?"
    "No, not yet. I was expecting it to like your finger. It's not."
    "I am not skinny like my fingers. Would it help if I kissed you alone your neck right here?"
    "Mmm… Yes… Ah, stop, stop, stop!"
    "I can feel it when you tense up."
    "Yeah. You get tight around me."
    "How far in are you?"
    "Not even an inch. Barley just the tip... I felt you relax just now."
    "You can really feel it?"
    "Kiss me some more… On my mouth too."
    "You tell me when to go in more."
    "You can go, but don't stop kissing me. It does help."
    "Now you're breathing hard."
    "Oh, I'm good."
    "…Oh god! Stop… Sorry, sorry."
    "Don't be sorry."
    "It does sting like crazy. Not pain. Stinging."
    "You're scooting up Reg."
    "Sorry. Uh! I didn't say go!"
    "That was you scooting down onto me. Not me."
    "Fuck… Are we doing it this way now? You scooting down?"
    "I think I like it better this... No! I can't do it. You do it… Don't laugh."
    "Okay, you can go again."

    I don't know what he did. But I felt this weird rip or pop, and hurt so bad! I tried to scoot up again, but he held me and didn't let me. I guess he didn't want me to pull off of him. He did say he wasn't going to pull out. He said he was going to stay in so I got used to it. But, oh my god! This sting hurts so bad! Like, I started to cry.
    "Stop! Please… Stop, stop, stop."
    "I'm so fucking sorry Reg."
    "Oh my god… I felt this weird rip or something… Oh god… It hurts James."
    "I knew it was coming. I felt it, I was trying not to slam into you like that. It just happen. I'm so sorry."
    "Oh god… How far in are you now?"
    "All the way."
    "Are you okay?"
    "I like how you brushed my tears away for me."
    "Are you okay Reg?"
    "Yes. That rip feeling… I'm… Not a virgin anymore?"
    "No… Plus side. The painful part is over."
    "There's more? This isn't it?"
    "This is me waiting for you to tell me to go."
    "Oh... I still need a second for this burn to go away. Am I bleeding?"
    "I don't feel like I am."
    "It won't leak out. There won't be much at all, trust me."
    "Sorry. Yeah, you're bleeding."
    "You wiped it on your bed. Your sheet is white James."
    "So. You wanted to know if you were bleeding, I felt around, and you are."
    "It's not that much."
    "I told you. That's all there's going to be. I promise."
    "It almost feels like a rug burn."
    "Yeah. That rip feeling was the worst."
    "It was the best part for me. Sorry."
    "It hurt so bad James. It still hurts."
    "I'm sorry."
    "Is that what you meant by, pop that pussy?"
    "That won't happen again?"
    "Nope. One time deal."
    "You can go now. I still want kisses too."
    "I'm still going to go slow. You tell me if you want me to go faster, and if it hurts, you tell me to stop."
    "Okay… Oh my god."
    "Am I hurting you still?"
    "No… I feel you… Mmm... I feel you go almost all the way out and then back in. I love how you push kind of hard… Like that… When you're all the… Way in."
    "Fucking love your sex face."
    "I love you James... Are you okay?"
    "Yes... I actually felt it that time. You looked into my eyes and said it. Felt it."
    "I mean it."
    "I know… I love you too."
    "I made you cry."
    "You're the first one to make me do that."
    "Absolutely nothing to be sorry about."

    The way he kissed me soft and the way he was going slow felt so good. Liz was right. Again! It only hurt a minute and then it felt amazing. He did start to go a little bit faster, but I told him no, to go slow like he was. I love this. Oh! Wow!

    No response. He just held me tighter, went a little bit faster and bit me on the curve of my neck just right. He knows what he's doing. Me clawing the shit out him? He didn't care one bit. This way of me getting off is the best. It's awesome. I couldn't really push him away like I can when he's licking me. My whole body feels weak, and he kept going. Even when I couldn't take it anymore, I didn't tell him to stop. When he did stop, he actually hurt me a little bit. I felt him get off. It felt like it does when I suck on him. But, inside of me. I love that feeling. He didn't pull out when he was done. He just laid on top of me and held me. I love feeling him breathe hard on my neck. I started to scratch his head, neck, and down his back like he likes, and he kissed me extra super soft on my neck and behind my ear. It almost wasn't even a kiss it was so soft.
    "I love those extra super soft kisses that are almost not kisses."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Kiss me like that… Mmm."
    "I love when you breathe heavy on my neck."
    "I've never been kissed that. I've always kissed girls soft like that. But never got it back. I love it too."
    "I like this the best."
    "Me too."
    "I wish I could stay here with you and just hold you all night."
    "You think your dad would be pissed if he woke up and I was there?"
    "I honestly have no idea. I told him that we slept in the same bed together and all he said was, that doesn't surprise me. Then when I asked if he was mad he said no. I don't think he'll be mad. I don't know."
    "You want me to stay with you?"
    "Yes. You'll need to park on the street though. I don't want to wake my dad up."
    "Oh my god!"
    "You okay there?"
    "Yeah. I didn't expect you to pull out of me like that. I'm fine."
    "Well, all girls are different."
    "There's blood on my bed."
    "Wait! Don't sit… Up."
    "I just made it worse didn't I?"
    "Sorry! You have a lot on you too."
    "I'm fine with it. Come take a quick shower with me and we'll go."

    I'm starting to enjoy these showers with James. Oh! I'm so sore right now. It's a little bit uncomfortable.
    "Am I walking funny?"
    "I don't know. Walk that way… No. I don't think you are."
    "I feel like I am. I'm so sore right now."
    "I'll be fine. Don't forget your pills."
    "I don't ever forget them."
    "You should get a condom too."
    "I should?"
    "Mmm hmm."
    "I don't want sex to become a habit with us Reg."
    "It won't. I might want sex again though."
    "I looked up birth control at school today."
    "Yeah. It doesn't matter how old you are and you don't need your parent's permission to get it."
    "Birth control is probably a bad idea Reg. You guys were talking about birth control to stop your period. Your dad is not stupid."
    "Oh. I didn't even think of that."
    "There's other types that doesn't stop it."
    "You shouldn't go behind your dads back Reg."
    "I just figured it was easier because you're allergic to latex."
    "The latex free condoms aren't hard to find if that's what you're thinking."
    "They're not?"
    "No. They're with all the other condoms. They're just as easy to find and buy as any other kind."
    "Are you going to tell your dad?"
    "Do you not want me to?"
    "Not really."
    "Then I won't tell him."
    "Kiss… No, a super extra soft one... Mmm… You ready?"
    "Yeah. We go quick so O-P-I-E doesn't follow. Ready?"
    "Yep… Aw! He's already crying."
    "He'll live."
    "Poor thing."
    "Let me throw this is the wash real fast and we can go."
    "I love your washer. It's just like my grandmas. Nope! Hers has a dry clean option. Yours doesn't."
    "We take our shit to the place in town."
    "Presoak then wash. Use bleach! Not the regular soap."
    "You do it."
    "Move. Don't know how to use a washer."
    "Yes I do! I didn't know there was a presoak option. I just throw my clothes in there and press start."
    "There. All done."
    "You're welcome. What time is it?"
    "We're going to be so tired at school."
    "I'm tired now. Let's go."
    "Remember to park on the street."
    "I know. What time does your dad wake up?"
    "Is he pretty quiet?"
    "Yeah. He doesn't ever wake me up. Are you grumpy when you get woke up?"
    "No… Yes. Sometimes."
    "Shut up. Come on."
    "You're not grabbing your things?"
    "No. Everything is fine in the car. I'll walk out and grab it when we wake up."
    "Um… Condom?"
    "They're in my pocket."
    "Oh. We have to be super quiet. My dad's window is always open."
    "My bed is out already and my jammies are on it. So we can just walk in and pass out after I change."
    "All the lights are off. That's good."
    "I'm so nervous my dad might be up."
    "We're about to find out."
    "True. Silence… Let's go."

    Thank god! Everything was the way I left it. Dad is still sleeping. If he got up he made sure I didn't notice. All cozy in my jammies, now we sleep.
    "Did you just put those condoms in the pillow case?"
    "Yeah. Your bed sucks."
    "I know. Hold me?"
    "I am holding you."
    "All night too?"
    "No promises. I do roll over and stuff."
    "You're stupid."
    "I love you Reg."
    "I love you too."
    "Get off me now so we can sleep."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Night James."

    I hope my dad doesn't get pissed at this.