Monday, June 22


    I slept good! Any bed is better than that stupid pull out couch bed. James twitches a lot when he's sleeping. Way more than he does when he's awake. I wonder if he knows that and just forgot to tell me about it. He wasn't lying about Opie either! I have no idea how many times I got kicked by him. At one point I got tired of it and woke up James to trade me spots. Instead, he made Opie move to the foot of the bed. We both got more room on the bed to move around. I scooted into the middle and rolled over and James scooted too and just held me some more. I enjoyed it.
    "7:00. Time for you to get up."
    "You have a little scratch right here on your chest."
    "From Opie. He kicks a lot."
    "I told you."
    "You twitch a lot in your sleep too."
    "I know. I can't help it. Come on, get up."
    "Move, I gotta pee."
    "I put a towel on the back of the toilet in case you wanted to shower."
    "Thanks. Where's Opie?"
    "Downstairs with my mom begging for sausage."
    "I knew I smelled sausage."
    "Yeah. Hurry up I wanna go beg for some too."
    "Have you… Never mind."
    "I was gonna ask if you need to get ready still but, you're dressed and ready to go already."
    "I just need to brush my teeth."
    "Turn that way."
    "I need to grab a tampon out of my bag."
    "Okay. Turned away."
    "Thanks! I'll be out in about 15 minutes. Will you wait for me?
    "Scared to walk downstairs alone?"
    "I'm gonna run out to my car in a minute but I'll be in here when you get out."
    "Thank you."

    Omelets with sausage, toast, and strawberry milk. Yum! James' mom makes the best omelets in the world. No idea what she put in them or how she even made them but, they were so good. So good.
    "Opie sure is loud in there."
    "Yeah. He knows I'm getting ready to leave."
    "Aw! Lets take him with us."
    "To many people at school will mess with him and some people are allergic to dogs."
    "Me and your dad have things to do today James. You know Opie doesn't listen very good with us and if we leave him outside, he digs under the fence."
    "Leave him in the bathroom."
    "I have no idea how long we'll be James."
    "Fine. If he can't stay at school for some reason one of you guys will have to come and get him."
    "I'll be right back. Here's the keys, grab that ball and put it in the trunk."
    "Oh! Ew!"
    "Here Sweetie. Two new balls so you don't have to take the nasty one."
    "Thanks Lily. I do not want that slobber ball in my bag."
    "And here is a baggy with some of his dog treats."
    "You haven't went out and put the ball in the car yet?"
    "No. Your mom gave me two new ones and a baggy full of puppy cookies."
    "You need to go outside before I open this door."
    "Okay. Puppy cookies and balls are in my bag. I'll be outside."
    "All right. Oh! Here, put these in your bag too. Opie's papers."
    "I'll be out in a minute."
    "Okay. Bye Lily."
    "Bye Sweetie."

    Opie looks adorable in his little shirt vest thing. I don't think he likes it to much. He keeps chewing on it trying to get it off. We did make it to school on time with about 15 minutes to spare. Dad will be happy and I get freedom points.
    "I need to go talk to the principle real fast about Opie. Take him with you to your dad's office."
    "Why can't he go with you?"
    "The principle is allergic to dogs. I don't want him in his office at all."
    "Okay. Come on Opie."
    "Go with Regan Opie... Are you serious? Regan has the ball!"
    "I do! See Opie! Come on."
    "Him not an asshole."
    "Yeah! He is."
    "Come on Opie lets go see my daddy. Knock knock dad!"
    "Come in."
    "Ah! He missed you."
    "James needs to talk to the principle about this."
    "He's in there now. I guess he's allergic to dogs. That's why I have him right now. Opie! Catch!"
    "Caught up in the dog you didn't even notice the couch behind you."
    "Huh?... Mom?"
    "Your hair looks pretty today."
    "Why is she here? Why are you here?"
    "I came to see you Regan."
    "I'm not leaving with you. Dad!"
    "You're not leaving with her Regan."
    "No! No, no, no! Michael please call that dog."
    "Are you scared of this dog Leah?"
    "Opie is a good boy mom. He doesn't bite. Huh Opie!"
    "Please keep him behind the desk with you! Michael!"
    "I had a dog and you weren't scared of her mom."
    "I wasn't to fond of her Regan. I thought your grandma was going to buy you a little lapdog, not a huge dog."
    "Pudding was awesome."
    "What kind of dog was pudding?"
    "A Collie."
    "A very big Collie."
    "You left the gate open on purpose huh?"
    "No I didn't. I had no idea the gate didn't latch Regan."
    "You're scared of dogs! Look... Opie, come here."
    "Regan please don't."
    "He's a service dog mom. He's not mean at all."
    "Okay! Sit Opie. Happy?"
    "Wow dad."
    "Mmm hmm… Come in."
    "No! Not you. Opie."
    "Good morning Mr. Larson."
    "Morning. Why are you making him sit and stay? Is he in trouble?"
    "Regan's mom, behind you. She's afraid of dogs. One small tail wag and she flips out."
    "Mom, James. James, my mom Leah."
    "You don't need to be afraid of my dog."
    "He's very big and pit bulls are known to be vicious dogs."
    "He's not mean. He's my service dog. He's trained and certified."
    "I just don't like dogs."
    "Is the principle allowing him to say Mr. Larson?"
    "Yeah. But if anyone has some issue with him I have to call home and have one of my parents come get him."
    "I have no issue with you bringing him to me if you can't get a hold of anyone. Leah will have to suck it up."
    "Wait! Mom is staying here all day?"
    "I used the last of my money to come here and see you. Your dad is giving me a ride to the airport tonight."
    "Can I go home with James after school?"
    "Yes. You two need to start heading to class. Feel free to bring Opie to me if you need to Mr. Larson."
    "All right. Thanks."
    "At lunch, can I leave and go right there to Subway with James?"
    "Yes. Now go."
    "Thanks. Bye."
    "Your bag Regan."
    "Oh! I need that. Bye!"
    "Right here Opie. Work. Thanks again Mr. Avalon."
    "You're welcome. Now both of you go."

    So I can't believe my mom is scared of dogs! I had no idea. I can understand if she was only scared of Opie. He's big and scary. He's a good boy though! Big and goofy too.
    "You look nothing like your mom."
    "I got her nose. Rest is all dad."
    "Your dad said your grandpa is Irish. Where did the black hair come from?"
    "My grandma. She's French, not Irish. Everyone in her family has the black hair."
    "Strong genes on her side."
    "I guess so."
    "Can you speak French?"
    "Oui je peux."
    "Nice! What did you say?"
    "I said, yes I can."
    "Can you dad speak French too?"
    "No idea. My grandma taught me. So she probably taught him too."
    "I can't believe your mom is scared of dogs."
    "Oh! You didn't see her freak out. Opie had the ball in his mouth and he was walking to her and she starting yelling at my dad to call him back behind the desk. She was on the back of the couch. It was kind of funny."
    "What did Opie do?"
    "Tilted his head at her and then walked back to my dad and drop his ball on his lap."
    "Slobber ball on your dad's nice suit."
    "He didn't care. He was tossing the ball for him."
    "Was he really?"
    "You have my homework right?"
    "Yep. It's in my bag."
    "Yes. I double checked before we left your house. Morning Ms. Cooper."
    "Good Mor... Is he allowed to be here James?"
    "Yeah. I have this note from the principle. If anyone has an issue with him or allergic to him I can take him down to Mr. Avalon's office."
    "Okay. Anyone in here allergic to dogs?... No? Okay! He can stay. Name?"
    "He's on duty? I can't pet him?"
    "You can. You're done Opie."
    "Wow! He was all serious, ears perked up and now he's just chill. Amazing."
    "No! Down! Sorry, he likes to jump up on girls for some reason."
    "It's fine. Take your seats so we can get started."
    "Come on Opie, work."
    "Will he fall asleep and snore?"
    "Not when he's working. He'll stay awake. Give me one of those dog bones my mom gave you."
    "Just one?"
    "Yeah... Here Opie. Lay down, stay."
    "He's a good boy."
    "Let me have him."


    I had a feeling Leah would spend all of the money I gave her to come here. I don't feel like spending all day with her. I can't give her any money, I don't have any. Not on me anyway. When I do have money on me it's very little and we all know she's not happy with just a little bit of money. Another thing! What is her problem with dogs? I don't remember her being scared of them.
    "Who is that James kid exactly?"
    "Regan's boyfriend."
    "How old is he?"
    "Regan is thirteen."
    "So. If I didn't approve of him she wouldn't be with him."
    "That's who she was with yesterday?"
    "And she stayed at his house?"
    "I told you she didn't want to see you, so she stayed at his house."
    "Why does he have a service dog?"
    "Leah, I'm working."
    "Only asking what's wrong with the kid."
    "He has Parkinson's."
    "He's a little young to have that."
    "Obviously doesn't matter how old you are."
    "Are you seeing anyone?"
    "That's none of your business."
    "What's her name?"
    "Okay! What's the WiFi password here?"
    "I can't give it to you. Here, use the hotspot on my phone. Password is MEA0407."
    "Thanks... The password is incorrect."
    "MEA has to be capital."
    "Oh... It's still not working."
    "It should. Are you connecting to the right one?"
    "Yeah. M.E.Avalon iPhone."
    "Oh, I have to accept your phone. Is it working now?"
    "Yes. Thank you."
    "Why doesn't your husband have a job?"
    "He isn't really qualified for anything."
    "Did he even graduate high school?"
    "Financial aid, community college. Tell him to get his shit together."
    "I been taking classes at the community college."
    "Have you?"
    "Yes. I'm just tired of being at home all day long doing everything. He does nothing at all. I had to leave my son with my mom just to come here."
    "Why did you marry him then?"
    "He wasn't like this when we got married. He was working and making decent money. Then he got fired and got lazy. He worked for his dad. How do you get fired by your own dad?"
    "You're not happy at all. I can see it."
    "I haven't been happy for a while."
    "Why have my parents had Regan for so long?"
    "Her and Derek don't like each other."
    "He doesn't really treat her to good."
    "And you still married him? Does he hit her?"
    "When ever she did something that deserved an ass whooping."
    "With sticks off the trees?"
    "But you do?"
    "Why did you forget about Regan?"
    "I didn't."
    "Stop lying."
    "I didn't forget about her Michael. Derek doesn't like her and I let her go to please him. And to please her. She hates him, but I didn't forget about her."
    "Why doesn't he like her?"
    "Reminds him too much of you."
    "I never even met the guy."
    "Derek Taylor."
    "As in, Julie Taylor's older brother?"
    "You married that fucking guy?"
    "He's a good guy."
    "No he isn't. He made fun of you because you were pregnant at fourteen."
    "He's changed."
    "People don't change Leah. He's with you for the money. He's the one who broke into my parent's house. You know that. What the hell is wrong with you?"
    "He does spend more money than I do. He said we should get a second car for the baby. I told him yeah get a nice SUV. He comes home with this tiny single cab truck. I still drive the Acura your mom gave me when she got her BMW. But I was so pissed when he came home with that truck."
    "I would be too."
    "I bought the house. We needed it. It only cost me $445,500."
    "What? Was something wrong with it?"
    "No! Well... Kind of. Old people owned it before me. They told me the showers and tubs and sinks are all backing up and they have no idea what the problem was..."
    "Septic tank."
    "YES! Your dad said the tank needed to be pumped to not say anything just put in an offer. So I did. I got the house, got the tank pumped. Good as new after that."
    "That's a nice house for that price."
    "Yeah. Your dad said it was a great steal."
    "It's a huge four-bedroom house. Yeah. It was a nice steal. You got lucky."
    "Derek Taylor... That's disappointing Leah."
    "I'm sorry."
    "You should've married Alec. He actually likes Regan."
    "I was with him for a while."
    "I know. You should've been good to him instead of cheating on him too."
    "Who told you that?"
    "He did."
    "Wait... You still talk to Alec?"
    "Yes. He emails me every now and then."
    "When was the last time you talked to him?"
    "I don't know. Maybe a month ago. Why?"
    "Just... Wondering is all."
    "You're sleeping with him again?"
    "You're twenty six Leah. You need to grow up and stop fucking around. You're a mom. Be one!"
    "You just said you like him."
    "I do like the guy. He's still one of my good friends even after he went and slept with you."
    "He is a great guy."
    "And has his shit together. Graduated college with an art degree. Makes good money with that tattoo shop he opened."
    "Regan likes him too."
    "He pierced her belly button for her birthday."
    "My daughter has her belly button pierced?"
    "Yeah. I told her it was okay."
    "I'm not okay with it."
    "It's a small little bar with pink gems. It's cute, she wanted it, I let her get it. His sister did her hair."
    "I am not a fan of that hair."
    "Either am I. But it was her birthday, and she wanted that too. She wanted it silver. Like grey hair. I ran out for a minute to pick up Dean from daycare. I walk in and her hair is purple. I was a little bit pissed. Maddie has this app on her phone... You take a picture of the person and then change the hair color so you can see what it'll look like. The silver color actually looked really good on Regan. Why she went purple, I have no idea."
    "I think I would've been okay with a grey color. That purple is too much."
    "Yeah I know. I told Maddie what the fuck and she said Regan said I was okay with it. Maddie wouldn't change it though. She didn't want to damage Regan's hair bleaching it again so soon. Her hair is beautiful and thick. Like yours! I'm so jealous."
    "You know Regan sings?"
    "I've heard her sing but, I never really listened. Make sense?"
    "Like a T.V in the background?"
    "She's extremely good. I have this video my mom sent me from my dad's birthday about two years ago. She learned to play a Pink Floyd song on the guitar for him and she's singing it too. It's amazing. Come here and watch it."
    "Wow... I... I didn't know she played guitar. I only thought she played the piano."
    "You don't know much about her either do you?"
    "No. I mostly used her against you."
    "Now you admit it! Was that so hard?"
    "Was it hard to admit that?"
    "No. You knew. Everyone knew. Look... I'm not fighting you in court Michael. Yeah! She's my daughter and I do love her. But, I brought her into this world for all the wrong reasons. I did her wrong her whole life. I got greedy. She's better off with you and I'll tell the judge that."
    "You should of never took her from me in the first place. I begged you to leave her with me. You took her anyway. Why?"
    "My parents told me to. They knew how much money I'd get out of you. She was perfectly fine where she was."
    "Yeah, she was."
    "I want to go home now. Can you please find me a sooner flight?"
    "I can't take you to the airport during school hours Leah."
    "Oh. Okay."
    "I'll try to find one around 2p.m. I can get you some money out of the bank for a cab and food during lunch. That's the best I can do."
    "Thank you Michael."
    "Are you okay?"
    "You know you can't lie to me. What's wrong?"
    "I need your help with something."
    "Financial aid. New term is starting soon and I can't pay it."
    "How much is it?"
    "Here, I'm logged into my school account."
    "Medical. Nice choice."
    "Just to be an RN. The cost is there, and that is when it's due."
    "You have good grades. Financial aid won't be a problem, and as long as your grades stay this good you'll continue getting it. But it sometimes takes a little bit of time. You might not get it before the term payment is due. But, your credits with stay there, so If you miss one term you can jump right back in with no problem."
    "Yeah. Should be able to. Here… Go to this website. It's real easy. Just a form you fill out, and check your email every day for an approval or denial."
    "What if I get denied?"
    "Then get a job. Life has finally caught up with you Leah."
    "This is so stupid. I'm having fun with these classes. You want to know what I been spending your money on? That! That right there. I am trying to get my shit together Michael. Look at my grades! $975 I can't pay. It really upsets me."
    "Leah... You do know you can go ask my dad for a job right? You're still family even with all this bullshit going on."
    "Can you talk to him and have him call me?"
    "Yeah... Here's your phone. Go to that website right now and fill out the form."
    "Thank you... Wait... Why is my balance $0?"
    "I paid it for you. You're welcome."
    "Thank you. Will you look up flights when you're done?"
    "I am right now on my phone."
    "Thanks. One more tiny favor?"
    "If I don't see Regan before I leave just tell her I love her."
    "Thank you."


    I'm not having the best day. I woke up with super itchy red eyes and had to take out my contacts. I must have touched something bad and rubbed my eyes. I washed dishes. But that can't be it because my hands were clean. Me and Sean did move stuff around in storage. That's probably what it is. Dusty boxes and I rubbed my eyes. Sean bought me a bottle of Visine, so my eyes aren't red anymore. That's good! Trying to read the board in Mr. Ballas' class... Not so good!
    "I can't read the board Sean."
    "Examples of, 1. Were. 2. We're with the comma thing. 3. Where, with a H. 4. Their, e,i,r. 5. There. 6. They're, with the comma thing. 7. Your and 8. You're, with the comma thing."
    "Apostrophe Sean."
    "Comma on top."
    "I got a headache from trying to focus on the board. This sucks."
    "Liz… You're not even writing inside the lines."
    "I'm not? Crap damn it."
    "You should of wore your glasses."
    "No Sean. It's bad enough I'm blonde and semi retarded I don't need my glasses to make it worse."
    "You writing with your face an inch away from your notebook looks so cool."
    "Shut up… Why are you laughing?"
    "You're writing between the lines and at an angle. What the fuck did you do in science?"
    "Devin did it for me. Then he said his glasses are still in his glove box if I need them."
    "You should really take him up on that offer Liz."
    "James has Opie here. Maybe he'll let you borrow him to walk around."
    "Shut up. How's that?"
    "Rewrite it for me."
    "I have shitty hand writing. Mr. Ballas will know I did it for you. Ask Em."
    "You suck. Emily?"
    "What's up Chuck?"
    "Rewrite this for me."
    "Are you drunk?"
    "No. Just blind."
    "You're blind?"
    "I'm as bad as Devin."
    "That's pretty bad Liz."
    "Her eyes are irritated, and she refuses to wear her glasses. Devin offered her his and she won't take them."
    "Sean, you said you wouldn't tell anyone I wear glasses. Don't tell anyone Emily."
    "Lips are sealed. Go up there and tell Mr. Ballas what's up. You can kind of read it."
    "You guys suck."
    "Mr. Ballas is big on the no cheating thing Liz."
    "I know. Okay, I'm going up there."
    "Don't fall Ms. Magoo."
    "Shut up."

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    This is so stupid!

    "Mr. Ballas, I need help."
    "I finished but no one will rewrite it for me because of your no cheating rule."
    "I can barley read this Elizabeth. Are you okay?"
    "I'm fine. I don't have my contacts in and I couldn't find my glasses this morning."
    "Okay. Let me grab a chair for you and I'll rewrite it for you."
    "Chair is behind you, just sit."
    "All right. Examples of the following… Were, w-e-r-e."
    "They were going to the movies."
    "We're, w-e apostrophe r-e."
    "We are."
    "We're here."
    "Where, w-h-e-r-e."
    "I know where you live."
    "Their, t-h-e-i-r."
    "Everyone takes their seats."
    "There, t-h-e-r-e."
    "He's over there."
    "They're, t-h-e-y apostrophe r-e."
    "They're all crazy."
    "Your, y-o-u-r."
    "Your face makes me laugh."
    "You're, y-o-u apostrophe r-e."
    "You're going to be late."
    "Good. Now go back to your seat."
    "Thanks for helping me."
    "You're welcome."
    "I could hear you guys laughing at me from up there."
    "Could you see us laughing at you?"


    Opie has been really good. Ignoring everyone who tries to pet him. My science teacher is allergic to dogs. I took him outside before taking him to Reg's dad. I'm not really okay leaving him with Mr. Avalon because Reg's mom is there and she's afraid of dogs. I don't like the woman but I also don't want her uncomfortable for over an hour. I'm not a dick like that. First thing I see when I walk into his office. Becky. What the fuck?
    "How may I help you Mr. Larson?"
    "Mr. Hoffman is allergic to dogs."
    "Okay. Will he listen to me?"
    "He might."
    "He might?"
    "Yeah. As long as you have his ball and this bag of his treats, you should be okay."
    "All right."
    "You should feed him one of his treats Leah."
    "Come on. Here, tell him to come and sit."
    "I don't think so. I don't want him to bite me."
    "He won't bite. He's very gentle I promise."
    "All right... Odie right?"
    "Opie. With a P."
    "Okay… Opie... Come… Sit… Good boy, here. Oh! He's very gentle."
    "Yeah... No! Down! I'm so sorry. He jumps on girls."
    "He's okay. Very heavy. Hello to you too. He's not bad at all. I was scared of him for no reason."
    "I've paid a lot of money on obedience training. I can't seem to break him with the jumping up on girls. But other than that he's really good."
    "I love his eyes."
    "Most people say that's the scariest thing about him. Those white eyes."
    "I was scared because of how big he is."
    "You're not the only scared of him. I still have issues at certain stores that won't let me bring him in because the owner is scared of him. But anyway, I have to get to class. Before I go… What the hell happen to you Becky?"
    "My stupid ass cousin."
    "Emily just snapped your leg for fun?"
    "No. I was talking about your purple haired friend and she pushed me down the front steps at my house. My ankle has a small fracture."
    "Her name is Regan. What did you say?"
    "That you're too hot for her and it makes you look desperate because she's ugly."
    "Reg isn't ugly. What the hell is wrong with you?"
    "She's just like Hailey. She has crazy hair for attention. Neither one of them is cute at all."
    "Ms. Martinez, you should know the young lady with the purple hair you're talking about is Regan Avalon... My daughter. The woman sitting there. That's her mom."
    "I am so sorry Mr. and Mrs. Avalon. Thank you James."
    "I'm not the one with the mouth that runs. I need to get to class. Come on Opie, off the couch."
    "He's fine. If Michael says he's okay on the couch."
    "He's fine."
    "Okay. Be a good boy. Thanks again Mr. Avalon."
    "You're welcome."


    Liz is totally blind! Emily kept calling her Ms. Magoo because her face was an inch from her notebook. She still couldn't do it. No idea why she doesn't have glasses. She needs them. She's lucky she has Sean. He was helping her as much as he could.
    "Hi there."
    "Uh! Stop sneaking up on me!"
    "Stop being so scared. Come on, let's go get some lunch."
    "Where's Opie?"
    "Hanging out with your mom."
    "My mom?"
    "Yeah. I had her feed him one of his dog treats and she was like, Oh! He's gentle."
    "Yeah. When I left he was on the couch with his head on her lap."
    "I didn't want her to be scared for over an hour. I'm not a dick like that."
    "I feel so sorry for Liz today."
    "She doesn't have her contacts in and she can't see a damn thing."
    "She doesn't have glasses?"
    "I have no idea. She needs them though. Poor thing is super blind. OPIE!"
    "Was he good?"
    "He slept on Leah the whole time."
    "One point he started snoring, and he sounded just like Chewbacca. It made us all laugh."
    "Yeah, it's great when he does that."
    "What's Chewbacca?"
    "You're joking right?"
    "You never seen Star Wars?"
    "No... Why are you guys looking at me like that?! Mom! You never seen it!"
    "Your dad took me to see… What was it? Episode II?"
    "He took me to see that right after you were born. It was so crazy. Half the people were all dressed up, they had their kids dressed up."
    "Then everyone was pissed when we walked to front of the line. Hey! We been waiting for five days, get in the back of the line."
    "Yeah! Then Alec, Maddie, Troy, and all them showed up and you could just see the steam coming out of everyone's ears."
    "That's why you buy your tickets on pre sale."
    "We need to have a Star Wars day for Reg."
    "Is Star Wars the one with the guy with big ears?"
    "Yeah. Yoda."
    "He does this with his hands."
    "No. That's Spock from Star Trek."
    "It's not the same?"
    "You got my mom and dad laughing at me James."
    "The force isn't strong with this one."
    "Nothing Reg."
    "He's teasing you Regan. How are you doing over there Ms. Martinez?"
    "I'm almost done. Sorry."
    "Oh. That's Becky. Becky this is Regan."
    "What happen to your leg?"
    "I fell down my steps and fractured my ankle."
    "Ouch. That sucks. Get better soon."
    "Four to six weeks."
    "Oh. Ready?"
    "Yup. Let's go get lunch."
    "Your mom has a flight at 2:30. Invite her to lunch with you."
    "No! You two go. I'm fine."
    "I'm okay with it if Reg is."
    "No. I don't have much money on me. You two go ahead."
    "Dad gave me lunch money. I can pay for you. We're going to Subway. You like Subway."
    "Okay. You'll be here after lunch Michael?"
    "You'll run that errand for me?"
    "I will as soon as Ms. Martinez is finished with her work."
    "Thank you. Uh… Can I leave my bag?"
    "Yes. Hand it to me. I'll sit it right here. I lock my office every time I leave. It'll be safe."
    "Thank you. I'm following you two."
    "Wait… dad?"
    "Um… Out on a limb here but… Tout va bien?"
    "Dans une position dangereuse. Comme dans, ce que je parle français aussi?"
    "Tout va bien. Ne te bat pas avec ta maman. Je te parlerai plus tard. D'accord?"
    "Okay. I'm ready now."


    Chips and salsa before lunch. Yum! Well! It's yum when I actually get some salsa on my chip. Thank god I know where my mouth is.
    "Help me!"
    "You want me to feed you?"
    "No! Just guide my hand to the bowl."
    "You're hopeless right now."
    "No I'm not. I'm just blind."
    "I'm moving the bowl. Tell me when you can see it."
    "Stop. Thank you Love."
    "Good thing you got enchiladas today. I don't think you would've been able to handle tacos."
    "I know. That's why I got the enchiladas. Ah!"
    "Get up, get up!"
    "I spilled my drink!"
    "Almost all over you too."
    "Did it get in the chips and salsa?"
    "No... There, all dry, you can sit now."
    "Thank you."
    "Is this what it's like taking care of a baby?"
    "Yeah. Happy I don't have a diaper?"
    "Yes. Our food is coming."
    "I like food. You got the beef enchiladas right?"
    "I'll trade you half my chicken for half your beef."
    "That's me."
    "And the Pollo for you."
    "Can I get a refill please?"
    "Yes. Mango right?"
    "Okay. I'll be right back with that."
    "Thank you."
    "I hate how the refills aren't free here. I'm taking your plate."
    "My seat is sticky. Don't rip me off."
    "My food. Don't rip me off."
    "We each got four. I took two of yours and I gave you two of mine. Here's your plate."
    "Yum, yum, yum!"
    "Oh, you got the green sauce. I got the red."
    "So. I like both."
    "Here's your mango."
    "Thank you."
    "How is everything?"
    "Great. Call if you need anything."
    "I fucking hate when they come over and ask that when you have a mouth full of food."
    "I think they sit and wait for it."
    "Right? Ah! Oh my god!"
    "I am sitting your drink by me. You let me know when you want it."
    "Thank you."
    "Wow! You're blind."
    "Yupper. But you love me."
    "Are you going to wear your glasses if your eye doctor tells you to?"
    "Really? What if I bought you some new ones?"
    "If they're super cute then yes!"
    "Has this happen to you before?"
    "Yeah. I'll get special drops and can't wear my contacts for like a week."
    "So I'm buying you new glasses?"
    "Yes please."

    Please let me get though math today. I can probably sit with Cole or Regan and they can help me. But Mr. Lewis doesn't really write anything on the board. It's all book work. I should be fine. I hope I'll be fine. I probably won't be fine.
    "You okay Liz?"
    "I see a purple blur."
    "Need help?"
    "You don't have glasses?"
    "I couldn't find them. Can you rewrite this for me please."
    "You finished all fifty questions already? We just started not even 15 minutes ago."
    "Math genius."
    "So I met James' ex today. She broke her ankle."
    "I know. Emily told me this morning. Bitch got pushed down the stairs."
    "She told me she fell down them."
    "No. She called you ugly and Emily pushed her."
    "Oh… I'm ugly?"
    "No. You're hot even with the purple hair. She's probably just jealous of you."
    "She doesn't need to be jealous."
    "Flinch is your first boyfriend. You don't know jealousy yet."
    "I guess. Are these answers right?"
    "Yep. Math genius."
    "How the hell?"
    "Easy. 580,000x8 is 4,640,000. Divide that by 2 and you have 2,320,000."
    "That can't be right. You didn't even think about it."
    "Do it on your calculator and tell me I'm wrong."
    "Okay… Oh my god."
    "Whoa. Tutor me in math. I suck."
    "Rewrite my math homework please. I can't tutor you when I'm blind."
    "Get glasses and help me."
    "For now just copy."
    "I am."
    "Answer for 20?"
    "(215/100)x-(463/100)=x+(119/110) find x."
    "X is 582/115 = 5.061."
    "How do I show the work for that?"
    "Regan has my paper. Give her a second or turn around."
    "Oh, I'm done. Here."
    "Thanks. So! Em likes you."
    "She fucked up her cousin for talking shit about you."
    "Do you think I'm ugly?"
    "No. You're hotter than Becky. Flinch traded way up with you. That's the truth."
    "I don't think Becky is ugly at all."
    "Ballerina Queen is a bitch therefore she's ugly."
    "Oh. But wait! You're a bitch Liz. You're not ugly."
    "I'm only a bitch when I have to be. I'm not one 24/7. And! I got these killer legs so no one cares."
    "Damn legs of yours are ripped. I'm jealous."
    "I got a 6 pack too."
    "You do not!"
    "Wanna see it?"
    "Yes! I don't fuckin' believe you."
    "Holy shit."
    "How Liz?"
    "Dancing for fourteen years and I do yoga and pilates."
    "I need to do some yoga and pilates. I play football and my stomach don't look like that."
    "Yeah! Most guys want a 6 pack and you're a girl with one. That's not fair at all."
    "Dancers ain't weak."
    "I know. I've seen Sean in a fight."
    "Who did he fight?"
    "Yeah. You have English with him."
    "Oh! The guy with the long hair?"
    "What happen?"
    "He was backing out after school and he fuckin' hit Emily and broke her arm."
    "Oh shit."
    "Yeah. Sean was cool with him until he punched him in face. Sean was just like, look everyone is fine. Emily was holding back tears and shit and just said, yeah I'm fine I just fell down. Gianni! The dude was all, you need watch where the fuck you're walking, I don't have my license and this is my mom's car. Sean was trying so hard to get him to chill the fuck out and out of nowhere, BOOM! Punched Sean right in the face. That fight was over with just one punch from Sean."
    "Sean told me he's not a fighter."
    "He's not. But he won't just stand there and take a beating either."
    "That's what he told me too."
    "Does James fight?"
    "I've never seen him fight. He keeps his mouth shut and doesn't talk shit about anyone. I don't think he wants to fight. When he gets mad, really mad. It sets his P.D into over drive. It goes off the scales. One time, me and Sean had to carry him to the nurse. He had his arms over our shoulders, you know? He was walking fine, then all of a sudden his knees locked up and he couldn't really walk. I think he just stays clear of all that shit."
    "He wouldn't protect Regan?"
    "He will. He was breaking up a fight between Becky and Lee Lee, and Becky got pissed off at him for it and socked him in his mouth. Busted one of his teeth and everything. He was pissed. Pissed, pissed! He broke up with her right there on the spot in front of everyone. He can't handle that shit. He's not scared or a pussy or anything like that. He mentally can't handle it. Extra adrenaline I guess fucks with him a lot. But if he really likes his Regan he won't care about all that."
    "I don't want to see James like that."
    "Me either."
    "You're his girl Regan. It's what we do. We protect our girls."
    "Do you protect your Lee Lee?"
    "Hell no. She's fuckin' mean. She's not scared to hit a boy."
    "Here you go. Liz's homework."
    "I have a question Cole."
    "Becky talking about me. You think she's jealous?"
    "Oh yeah! Without a fuckin' doubt. They been broke up for... Damn... Over a year already and she's still trying to get him back."
    "So I do have to worry about her?"
    "Not with Em around."
    "I trust James."
    "You should. He won't even look at another girl. You're his girl. He only sees you. Becky might start some shit but fuck her."
    "And! Don't listen to a thing that comes out of her mouth."
    "That too. She will lie to you and try to turn you against him. You let Em or Lee Lee know if you don't wanna handle that shit yourself."
    "Or me."
    "Liz too! I've seen her in a fight. God damn! It was brutal."
    "I try."
    "It was pretty awesome. Don't fuck with Liz's guy. She'll fuck you up."
    "Noted! Don't hit on Sean!"

    My first real conversation with Cole. It was pretty cool. Thank god for Regan rewriting all of my work for me. I officially love the purple head. Weee!
    "Hi my Love!"
    "Hi Flinch and Opie!"
    "To blind to walk?"
    "Damn you Regan!"
    "Don't tell anyone."
    "Okay. I need to take Opie to your dad."
    "Opie can't dance?"
    "Opie can't handle himself with a full-length mirror. I just don't want him causing any trouble. Uh god!"
    "Are you okay?"
    "Please make Liz walk down the stairs Sean."
    "He won't drop me."
    "I'm turning around. Go!"
    "Okay! We're at the bottom."
    "I don't want to see anyone fall down these stairs."
    "I won't ever drop her. She's fine."
    "You're teaching me that moon walk thing. Don't forget."
    "I remember. I'll be in there in a minute. You! Come here."
    "Wait Sean! I have to see this!"
    "He only wants a kiss Liz."
    "I know!… Woo! It was a French too!"
    "Thank you for that Liz."
    "You're welcome."
    "Can we go now?"

    And there's the Ballerina Queen! Broke leg and crutches. Stupid ass.

    "Are you lazy or does Sean just enjoy carrying you around?"
    "Have you two seen James?"
    "He was out in the hall kissing his girlfriend, then he took his puppy to Mr. Avalon. He said he can't handle himself with a full-length mirror."
    "Okay. Everyone have a seat. You know how Monday's work."
    "I don't."
    "Have a seat and find out."
    "Okay, down now."
    "I can't see to boop you."
    "Boop! Thank you!"
    "Afternoon James. Have a seat."
    "Hi flinch!"
    "As you guys can see we have a dancer down. This effects you James. This is what I'm going to do. Hopefully, you three will be okay with this."
    "Us three?"
    "Sean and Liz."
    "I'm partnering Liz with you until Rebecca is better. Sean, since you been like my aid for so long and you still help when these guys ask, I figured you'd be okay with this."
    "I'm fine with it."
    "Okay, this weeks dance. Paper bag right here. Sean come pick a dance. No peeking! Just stick your hand in and grab a piece of paper."
    "This is new. You usually follow the list you gave us."
    "Yup. What dance did you pull out?"
    "Okay. Have a seat. Ladies, it's your turn. This bag, is your music. Liz."
    "What if we get a fast song?"
    "Adapt it. Meaning! No more copying dances you find online. You can look up moves and what not but do not copy."
    "I don't copy dances. Bag please… Jon… I'm blind."
    "Jonny Lang. Only a Man."
    "Never heard it."
    "It's good."
    "I'm trusting you!"
    "Take your seat."

    I feel bad for some people. They got fast songs or upbeat songs. Me and Flinch got lucky and got a slow song. But the song sucks and I am not feeling it at all!
    "This song fucking sucks."
    "I know. I'm not feeling it. I do like the one section when the female voice comes in. I think I can work with that small part. Maybe. Sean?"
    "Not my Waltz. You guys figure it out."
    "This sucks. I'd rather pick my own music."
    "At least we didn't get a fast song."
    "Right? Okay! I'll figure out the music later. You're helping me Sean."
    "Now you! Come here, you got butt issues."
    "You poof your butt."
    "Again… What?"
    "You have a weak frame and your butt sticks out."
    "Yeah, you poof your butt."
    "Have fun with Liz by the way."
    "You'll see."
    "No! Tell me."
    "Long legs. Countless hits to my dick. Have fun."
    "Please don't knee me in the dick Liz."
    "No promises. Come here. Turn, okay. Frame like this."
    "Look in the mirror."
    "Poof butt! Right Sean? I'm blind here."
    "Chest out, shoulders back like this. Now look."
    "Don't slouch James. Straighten your back, chest out, shoulders back like Liz said. See how your butt tucks under?"
    "You're slouching again. Hold the frame."
    "For how long?"
    "As long as it takes to get down."
    "We can do it how my mom and dad taught me. When ever I slouched and my butt pocked out I got hit with a ruler. не совать задницу! Pow! Hard too."
    "That's not a bad idea Sean."
    "No spanking me."
    "We need a ruler right now! Pow!"
    "Hey! I just said no spanking."
    "Not even with my hand?"
    "You want this Waltz to be good or half ass?"
    "I want it to be good."
    "Then stop poofing your butt."
    "I have this feeling I might hate you by the end of the week."
    "At least our Waltz will be good."
    "Be happy it's not a Foxtrot. I wanted to kill Liz."
    "You almost did!"
    "It was an accident!"
    "What happen?"
    "She did this dip, and I dropped her. Her head bounced off the floor and knocked her out for a good minute."
    "It hurt. Back to your frame."
    "Tuck your butt in."
    "Okay! I can't do this anymore. I have to see what's going on. I'm texting Devin for his glasses. Pow!"
    "No Spanking!"
    "Cry Flinch!"
    "I am! Reg is the only one allowed to touch this butt."
    "Then a ruler it is!
    "Come on!"

    Hooray for Devin's glasses! He has a fat head though. They don't fit right and I can't bend them. Damn, I look good in these. These are the glasses Sean will buy me.
    "Can you see now?"
    "Yeah. Me and Devin are both near -7. I'm good! Now your frame."
    "Okay. Don't spank me."
    "Straight back, chest out and shoulders back. This… See this? How I can move this arm?"
    "It shouldn't really move. Elbow up, flat, and even with your shoulder. Hold it. He has it Sean!"
    "He has to hold it."
    "For how long?"
    "2 minutes."
    "That's a long time."
    "My parents made me stand like that for 45 minutes, and most instructors say 10 minutes."
    "Okay. This arm is starting to hurt."
    "Ah! No! Don't let that elbow fall. You got it Flinch."
    "2 minutes."
    "Drop frame."
    "That hurts my back."
    "Pick up frame."
    "Yes… Nope! Look in the mirror."
    "My ass again."
    "Yup. Your arm, shoulders and chest look good though. Have to get that back straight too. The point of this is to get your frame down so you hit it right each time. Sean!"
    "Frame!… See!"
    "So It's just my back now?"
    "Yeah. Again. Ah! Look! Nailed it!"
    "Nice. Hold it?"
    "Mmm hmm."
    "It hurts my back."
    "You slouch too much. Your stretching this muscle here in your back. You might be a little sore."
    "2 minutes."
    "Drop… Frame! Boom! What! No poof butt! 2 minutes and then we move on."
    "All right."
    "Ms. Cooper is smiling at us!"
    "You and Sean make good instructors."
    "Thank you!"
    "2 minutes."
    "…One more time for fun! Boom again! Okay! Moving on."
    "Everyone is watching us."
    "So, does it bother you?"
    "Nope. Next step?"
    "You need to be able to hold the frame while moving around. Even if we bend like this."
    "That might be hard."
    "It is at first. But you'll get it. Once that frame is perfect, it'll be easy."
    "How long does it take for you and Sean to get a dance down?"
    "Depends. Longest was about a week and our shortest was... Foxtrot Sean."
    "How long did it take us to get it down?"
    "6 or 7 hours."
    "Damn. Is it good?"
    "Why did you guys do a Foxtrot?"
    "Submission video for a competition."
    "Ah, all work and no play huh?"
    "We haven't even started on anything else yet. But! Yes, busy bees we will be. Frame! Boom!"
    "Thank you, thank you."
    "I had to see if you could do it in the middle of us just bullshitting. Okay! Let's see if you can do it in hold... Wa! Wa! Wa!"
    "My ass isn't poking out."
    "Why is this elbow down here?"
    "There you go! Simple box step. 1-2-3, 4-5-6, and 7. Okay?"
    "1, bring your feet together. 2, step forward with your left foot, without poofing your butt."
    "Sorry. Again."
    "1-2, nice. 3, step to the right with your right foot. 4, feet together. 5, step back with your right foot. 6, step to the left with your left foot. 7, feet together. The butt is good, the elbow sucks, and you keep looking at the floor. Head like this and just stare off into space."
    "My balance sucks. I don't think I can do that."
    "Try once. If you can't do it, we'll try something different."
    "Elbow up, head this way. 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7. You can do it! That was really good!"
    "It was you holding onto my arm right there."
    "I got you Flinch. Even if your balance is wonky two strong frames will even it out. Anything we do that you're uncomfortable with, we'll do it once. If you're still uncomfortable with it we won't do it. Okay?"
    "Okay. Sounds fair."
    "Box step works in a couple different ways. Facing each other like we just did, and there's this way."
    "Wait, wait! Frame?"
    "Same. My frame changes."
    "Let's try it this way. 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7. Tada!"
    "Hmm! Okay. It feels like you're pushing and pulling me."
    "I am. I'm leading you. Let's try a turn."
    "Watch the knees!"
    "Shut up."
    "Please don't knee me."
    "You won't get hit unless you step forward."
    "1-2-3 turn 4-5-6."
    "1-2-3, I let go here and turn, then grab you again, 4-5-6. On 3 turn like we have been. I changed what I do, not you."
    "When I let go that elbow better stay up. Watch that elbow for me Sean. Ready?"
    "I guess."
    "1-2-3... Oops."
    "…Oh! My fuck! Really Liz?! Okay, I'm bleeding. Does she bust your nose with her elbow Sean?"
    "No. You lost your frame completely and stepped forward. That's how Liz got you."
    "Gotta hold the frame Flinch. Here's a few tissue. I'm sorry."
    "Oh my god it hurts. You got me fucking good Liz."
    "It happens. I shouldn't have thrown in a turn this soon. Sorry. Ms. Cooper went to get an ice pack. Are you okay? Do I need to find a tampon for your nose?"
    "I'm fine. According to Sean, it was my fault I got nailed."
    "We’ll do other techniques to get the frame down before we try anymore technical shit. Waltz is a pretty simple dance."
    "If it's traditional. And I know whatever you teach James won't be."
    "Liz can teach me whatever she wants. I'll get it."
    "It only has to be about minute long. I'll come up with something good."
    "How do you make a dance not traditional?"
    "Add other elements to it. But you have to keep the 1-2-3, 1-2-3, box count or it's not a Waltz."
    "Okay. You have to keep the base? Right?"
    "Yup. Can't paint without a canvas right?"
    "Right, okay. I get it. Sean gets hurt dancing, do you?"
    "All the time. It's part of dancing."
    "Show him your ribs."
    "Oh! That's nasty. What happen?"
    "The same dip I got knocked out on. Sometimes your feet just come out from under you. Your first real dance wound Flinch! Wear it!"
    "Okay! I'm going to go around telling people you busted my nose up."
    "Tell everyone you ran into a door knob then. It doesn't look broke. Let me feel it…"
    "Cry baby! You're fine."
    "Let me see you and Sean do that turn."
    "Take out your phone and record for reference later."
    "Come on Sean Waltz with me… Pow!"
    "My butt is not poking out."
    "I like touching it. Now me… Thank you! Camera ready?"
    "See how Sean holds his frame and I don't hit him?"
    "It still comes pretty damn close though."
    "It looks close but it actually about two inches away."
    "That's still close."
    "Hold your frame and I won't elbow you."
    "What other dance styles do you do besides all this ballroom stuff?"
    "Ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary."
    "I like contemporary."
    "Really? Sean hates it."
    "It's not real dance."
    "How is it not?"
    "It has no base. It random moves mashed together."
    "Wait, so hip hop isn't real dance?"
    "Yeah Sean! What about hip hop?"
    "Hip hop has technique. So yes! It's real dance."
    "Does your mom offer it?"
    "Oh. Contemporary has a base!"
    "Ballet! It's seriously a super extreme version of it."
    "Ballet is graceful. Contemporary? Not so much."
    "Shut up."
    "Can you do the ballet where the girls are on their tip toes?"
    "En pointe? Yeah."
    "I don't believe you. You have really nice feet."
    "Because I take care of them Sean. Watch. Hold my shoes and socks. Your minds are about to be blown."
    "That's not tip toes."
    "Shut up… Tada!"
    "Oh god! It's one toe?!"
    "Yeah. I shut Sean up."
    "Yes you did."
    "How does that not hurt?"
    "Years of dancing Flinch… How about this?"
    "Ahh! Can you do that shit too Sean?"
    "Not as long as she can. I'm to heavy, she's only 90 pounds."
    "She's 90 pounds."
    "This right here is one of the main reasons why my legs are super buff. AH!"
    "Also how you break your toes."
    "I heard that pop."
    "It hurts! Oh my god!"
    "No crying!"
    "Shut up."

    Now I'm blind and my toes hurt.

    "Moonwalk thing now Flinch."
    "Put your shoes back on."
    "Okay. Ready!"
    "Turn your other foot like this so you move to the side."
    "Uh huh."
    "Alternate and repeat."
    "That's it? That's easy."
    "Do it."
    "Okay! It's not easy. How do you do it? You're like gliding across the floor. I'm like bouncing."
    "Years of dancing Liz."
    "Come on! You said you'd teach me."
    "I just did. You're doing it right, try being lighter on your feet."
    "Oh! I almost did it."
    "Try it in your socks."
    "Ha! I did it. Still not smooth like you though."
    "I wasn't smooth at first either. Takes practice."
    "Whoa, whoa! You okay?"
    "P.D come with two left feet?"
    "Weird. You have wonky balance but you can actually dance."
    "I guess I'm not thinking about it when I dance."
    "Does it mess with you when you're having sex?"
    "Uh… I don't think so."
    "When a girl is blowing you, you can thrust and gag her and be like, sorry! My P.D."
    "That's fucked up."
    "You never done it?"
    "I have."
    "Ha! That's awesome."
    "Standing here bullshitting you haven't even noticed your gliding."
    "Look in the mirror."
    "Oh! Still a tiny bit choppy. I have to get it smooth."
    "You'll get it. You're pretty damn close right now."
    "So what's up with the Ballerina Queen talking shit about Regan?"
    "No idea."
    "She told Regan that she fell and I told her, no she got pushed. I don't think she liked the fact she called her ugly."
    "Would you like it?"
    "I don't care really. She asked Cole if he thought she was ugly."
    "What did he say?"
    "That she's way hotter than Becky. Then Regan said, I don't think Becky is ugly. Then I said, she's a bitch so she's ugly."
    "Yeah. She's not ugly at all but the bitch in her makes her dog ugly."
    "That's pretty much what I said to her. Then she was like, you're a bitch Liz I don't think you're ugly. I told her I have killer legs so nobody cares."
    "Thank you."
    "You ever get tired of people telling you how tall you are and shit?"
    "It doesn't really bother me."
    "Why can't every girl have your attitude? You're fucking cool."
    "Most girls are stupid."
    "I hope Reg has an attitude like you."
    "You don't know if she does?"
    "Not yet."
    "She's really nice, she might Melissa's attitude."
    "Mills is a pushover. I hope Reg isn't like that."
    "Melissa is so hot."
    "Smells so good too."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "You like Heather at all?"
    "I don't really know her. I do know she enjoys puking on guys."
    "That's gross. If you know you're gonna puke, don't suck dick and try to swallow."
    "Ballerina Queen good at sucking dick?"
    "No. Goes for a minute and then says her jaw hurts."
    "And she's fuzzy."
    "And she's fuzzy."
    "You think she's still fuzzy?"
    "That's funny."
    "It's her thing. Being fuzzy."
    "Which tooth did the Ballerina Queen bust out?"
    "Who told you that?"
    "She didn't bust any out. She had a ring on and broke these three teeth on the bottom and this one on top. Broke pieces off them. They didn't come out."
    "So those teeth are fake?"
    "Oh. So the real tooth is still in there?"
    "You have the cutest smile. Anyone ever tell you that?"
    "Every girl I meet tells me that."
    "Yeah. It was one of the first things Reg said to me. Then she sniffed me."
    "Why did she sniff you?"
    "She thought I smelled like vanilla. Whatever you wear sticks to Sean and that's what she was smelling."
    "She has the same vanilla stuff."
    "I know. My bedroom smells like the Pillsbury Dough Boys anus."
    "That's funny. You don't smell like it."
    "I might. You're used to it because you wear it."
    "No. I smell you. You smell like boy."
    "Like boy?"
    "Yeah. Like… Dark Temptation Axe."
    "Nice guess! It's the deodorant not the spray."
    "Sean has the body wash."
    "Doesn't do him any good. He comes to school smelling like Dough Boy anus."
    "Vanilla cupcake!"
    "Same fucking thing."
    "Yeah... Where did Sean get off to?"
    "I didn't even notice he left. Bathroom maybe?"
    "Hmm… Maybe."

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    Good time to go talk to Mr. Avalon. While Liz and James are messing around. I been wanting to talk to him since Friday. After everything with his mom. I want to do something and I have no idea how Liz will react to it. So I need his help.
    "Mr. Lebedinsky."
    "Do you have a minute?"
    "Yes. Come in and have a seat. Don't mind the snoring dog on the couch there."
    "I need your help with something."
    "Um… Friday… When Liz talked to your mom."
    "Liz said something about her favorite song being that Wide Awake song. What would happen if I played it with her there?"
    "It all depends on her. We both know it could either way. Trigger something good or trigger something bad."
    "Yeah. I don't want to trigger something bad. How can I avoid that?"
    "I have videos of Liz dancing. Her turns are way different now than they were before."
    "Not as fast or as consistent. I guess maybe it could be because she's rusty still or she's just holding back. I don't know. I do notice when certain songs play and she dances around it's different too, but still not consistent. It shouldn't be like that. It should always be consistent throughout whatever dance you do."
    "I honestly have no idea about dance. Or how it works. Umm… Are you saying Elizabeth is not at 100%?"
    "Yes. Even not at 100% she's still very good. But I think if certain songs make her come out more, then that song will bring it all out."
    "Unlocking her full potential. Maybe. But, it's still 50/50."
    "No way to avoid that?"
    "One second Mr. Lebedinsky."

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    He's making a phone call. His mom. He tells her everything I just told him and then hits the speaker on his phone and sits it on the desk in front of me.
    "Mr. Lebedinsky? Can you hear me?"
    "What is it you're trying to do?"
    "Trying to get Liz to dance the way she did before her dad died. Different songs make her move way different and I think that song will bring it all out some how. But I don't want to trigger anything bad. I want to know how to avoid that."
    "That song is in her head and it's connected to something very bad. So it will most likely trigger something bad. It could revert her back to square one. For example, if she was depressed, then that song could send her back to that stage. We do not want that. You have to be gentle with the mind sometimes Mr. Lebedinsky, but sometimes the mind needs that kick start as well. Understand?"
    "It all depends on Elizabeth."
    "Okay. How can I play the song?"
    "Without it triggering something bad?"
    "Have her look you directly in the eyes. If she tries to look away or close her eyes, don't let her. Have her concentrate on only you."
    "But… Be prepared in case that goes wrong. Remember… 50/50."
    "I don't want that."
    "You can also try it this way. Make a playlist on your phone, your computer, what ever you use to listen to music. Put the song in the playlist every six or so songs. If you two are in conversation and the music is only background noise then she won't catch it. But her brain will still process it. Okay?"
    "What if I had it playing while she's asleep? Like you had her do with my chest."
    "That could work as well. But she would have to be awake and fall asleep to it."
    "Try one of the suggestions I gave you. Do not… I repeat… Do not just play the song out of the blue."
    "You just said to put it in a playlist."
    "Correct. What I mean is… Michael?"
    "Don't go, hey Liz listen to this song."
    "Yes. Do not do that."
    "Okay. What if she catches it in the playlist?"
    "If she asks you to turn it off, just skip to the next song. That song will come on again. Keeping skipping the song until she doesn't catch it."
    "This is a delicate matter Mr. Lebedinsky. Treat it with care and be prepared for the consequences."
    "Like what?"
    "No woman wants to be with a man who hurts her how this song might hurt her."
    "So I shouldn't do it at all?"
    "It's up to you. Myself, I'd do it. Just do it the right way. Okay?"
    "Anything else I can help you with Mr. Lebedinsky?"
    "No. That's all I needed to know."
    "Good luck Mr. Lebedinsky."
    "Thank you."
    "Did that phone call help at all?"
    "A little bit. What would you do?"
    "I would do it. You can keep her calm. We both know this. Just do it right."
    "It's still 50/50 and I don't like that."
    "Roll the dice Mr. Lebedinsky."
    "Yeah. I need to get back to class. Thank you for the help."

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    This sucks! I fell down in P.E and scrapped my knee all up. The nurse told me to get antibacterial soap to keep it very clean and a wrap if I want to keep it covered so my jeans don't irritate it.
    "You okay?"
    "Stop sneaking up on me!"
    "I was beside you. That wasn't sneaking. Are you okay?"
    "No. I fell in P.E and my whole knee is scrapped off. The nurse sprayed it alcohol and wrapped gauze around it. It hurts so bad. I need to go to the store and get antibacterial soap and gauze wrap."
    "Okay. Piggy back?"
    "No. It hurts to just bend it."
    "Get you some Ibuprofen too. Help with the pain and swelling. Let me help you Reg. Come on, arm over my shoulder. Hop if you need to."
    "Just the arm around you is making it so much better."
    "Mmm hmm. Less weight on it. It's gonna suck when you take a shower."
    "I know. Knock knock dad!"
    "Come in!"
    "AH! Ow! Ow!"
    "Down! All the way! Stay!"
    "Are you okay Regan?"
    "No! I got a boo boo! Look!"
    "Yeah. Mom left already?"
    "Yes. She said to give this to you."
    "A note? Okay. Oh! My flipping knee."
    "Opie didn't mean to hurt you Reg."
    "I know. I still loves him! Yes! Can I still go with James? The nurse said I have to buy antibacterial soap and a wrap."
    "Yes. Do your homework. How are you at math Mr. Larson?"
    "I'm pretty good. I have an A."
    "I told Liz to tutor me. She's a math genius."
    "She has was people call a mental calculator."
    "She can see a math problem and just know the answer. It's cool."
    "Anyway, Regan is pretty bad at math. Help her if she needs it."
    "Okay and home by ten?"
    "Yes. Homework better be done."
    "I know! I have a question."
    "How much does a piano tuner cost?"
    "Um… The whole kit or just the wrench?"
    "Just the wrench."
    "About $20. But there's no music stores here."
    "There's a good one in Monterey I always go to. About an hour away. I need a set of strings for my bass. I can take her. If it's okay with you."
    "I'm fine with that. Have a seat Regan. First! Show me this belly button piercing."
    "Mom told you?"
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Are you going to make me take it out? James likes it."
    "Why Reg? Now your dad is giving me a look… Mmm… I like playing with it."
    "Show me Regan."
    "Don't make me take it out."
    "I won't... Maybe... I haven't see it yet."
    "Fine… See! Tiny bar with pink little gems."
    "Can I keep it?"
    "Should I make her take it out Mr. Larson?"
    "You can keep it Regan."
    "I didn't like that Mr. Avalon."
    "I could tell. So, what is it you like to do Regan?"
    "What do you mean?"
    "Grandma sent me some videos of you."
    "Which ones?"
    "Grandpas birthday was one of them. You playing the guitar and singing."
    "She played my guitar and started singing an Elvis song. It was awesome. I love the weird tone she has when she sings."
    "Can't Help Falling In Love?"
    "Yeah. She had no idea it was Elvis until I told her."
    "How do you know that song?"
    "Grandma use to sing it to me when I didn't feel good."
    "So did I."
    "Here… Watch these three videos I put on my phone."
    "You are singing it to me! How old was I here?"
    "How old was I here?"
    "About ten months."
    "I'm so tiny walking. Look James."
    "I didn't start walking until I was about eighteen months. You taught her to walk?"
    "Yes. Taught her to talk as well. She was making full sentences before she was two."
    "Is that why I'm awesome in English?"
    "Oh my god! Grandma sent you this one too? I wrote this song when I was twelve. I had all these letters I started to write to you but I never sent them. This is your song dad. I wrote it for you. Really listen to the words. Like really listen."
    "I started it over. This was right before my birthday. My hair is still black. See James?"
    "You look better with the black… Sorry, I know you love the purple. Press play."
    "Okay. Listen close dad."
    "I will."

    It made my dad cry, and he turned around in his chair. Is he mad? Does he hate it?
    "You hate it don't you?"
    "Did I hurt you?… Dad?"
    "I'll see you at home later Regan."
    "You said if I asked you a question you would answer. You're avoiding the question."
    "I love it Regan and yes. It hurts."
    "I'm sorry. This song tells you how I felt without you."
    "I know. Every time I called you back your mom hung up on me."
    "I believe you."
    "I won't ever lie to you Regan. You have to remember that."
    "Here… Do not tell your grandma I gave this to you."
    "A credit card?"
    "It's a limited credit card I asked for on my account. It has a $3,000 a week limit. Your pin is 0402. You can call the number on the back and change the pin if you want, you call the same number to check how much money you have left. Free withdraws at the bank. Anywhere else will charge you $2.00. Do not lose that card Regan."
    "I won't. Um… If there's a decent keyboard at the music store can I get it?"
    "Your money Regan. Spend it however you want."
    "If I don't spend all the money does $3,000 get added onto it?"
    "No. It'll reset to $3,000 every Sunday. I'm giving you $3,000 a week."
    "You trust me with this much money?"
    "Yes. Just don't spend it all on shit you don't need."
    "You want all your other money back?"
    "James, can you put my card in your wallet please."
    "I have something for you dad."
    "A hug. Because I haven't really gave you one since I've been here. Not a real good one anyway. Stop looking all sad and stand up and hug me."
    "I love you."
    "I love you too dad. Um… Can you put those videos on my phone too?"
    "Yeah. Sync it to mine."
    "I don't know how!"
    "Give it to me."
    "I'm going to go take Opie out. You want me to put your bag in the car?"
    "Yeah. Thank you."
    "Yup. I'll be back."
    "Videos take a minute to send over."
    "That's okay."
    "You need to read that letter your mom left for you. I read it to grandma earlier. She said to let your heart break so you get it."
    "Let my heart break? What's in this letter?"
    "The truth. Everything. I told her not to leave without giving you some explanation, and she wrote that."
    "Will it break my heart?"
    "It might."
    "No. I don't wanna read it."
    "You need to Regan."
    "Right now?"
    "No. But I want you to tonight at home with me there. There's things in it I'll need to explain."
    "Okay. Here, you hold onto it. You'll remember you have it."
    "All right… Come in."
    "Hello!… Oh! Change of plans?"
    "No. Just transferring something to Regan's phone and then we can get out of here."
    "Hanging out with Ms. Cooper today huh?"
    "Yes. Is that a problem?"
    "No. I like Ms. Cooper."
    "You can call me Samantha after school hours Regan."
    "Okay. I like Samantha... It feels weird."
    "Okay. Ms. Avalon."
    "I see what you're doing. Fine! Samantha it is."
    "My phone done yet?"
    "Go faster phone! Hi James."
    "My dog pissed on your tires. Sorry."
    "There's plenty of car washes to drive though Mr. Larson."
    "Opie get down."
    "He's fine James. He looks much bigger without the vest on."
    "The vest sissifies him."
    "How's your nose?"
    "Still hurts. I'm good though."
    "What happen to your nose?"
    "I'm working with Liz until Becky is better, and she was teaching me how to do a turn and nailed me in the nose with her elbow. It was bleeding and everything."
    "Aww! Poor thing."
    "Liz will teach you good James. She's an eleven time dance champ."
    "She's a champion dancer like Sean?"
    "Yeah. She teaches better than I do. So does Sean. I want to see if she can dance just as good with someone other than him."
    "And you give her the shaky guy with jacked up balance. Good job Samantha."
    "See Regan, James calls me Samantha."
    "Only after school."
    "My dad and Samantha have a date."
    "Really? How cute."
    "I know huh!"
    "I can take away freedom points too you know."
    "…Is my phone done now?"
    "Yes. Just checking to make sure they went on there. Yep. Here you go."
    "Thank you."
    "Homework better be done when you get home."
    "I know."
    "Mr. Larson…"
    "I know. Help with math and home by 10."
    "Yes. Call if you need to."
    "I will. Hugs and kisses. I'll see you at home. Love you."
    "Love you too. Don't spend all that money Regan."
    "They can't be that… Hold on… Come here. You want this one. 88 key Korg $500, has reverb, pitch control, chorus."
    "Pedal jack?"
    "Yeah. I don't think it comes with pedals. You might have to buy that separate."
    "Okay. I want a looper stomp box."
    "Why? It has chorus."
    "Looper is better.
    "Okay, analog…"
    "I like that one. I'll have enough. I'll need to buy cords and other pedals too and those are all pretty cheap."
    "Okay. Get out of here."
    "See you tonight. Love you."
    "I love you too. Drive safe."
    "We will. Bye Samantha."
    "Bye you two."


    I know my mom told me to not give Regan so much freedom. But she's been good. Hasn't got into any kind of trouble. Made it to school on time like she promised. She deserved it.
    "Are you okay Michael?"
    "What's wrong?"
    "Did you watch anymore of those videos after I left last night?"
    "No. I went straight to bed after I walked you out. Why?"
    "This, Regan wrote this song for me when she was twelve. I love it and I hate it all at the same time. Just listen to the words."
    "Her tone is so amazing. Different and… amazing. And only thirteen. Wow!"
    "Look at the goose bumps on my arms. That chorus."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "You hate it because you can literally feel her pain?"
    "But you love it too?"
    "I do. I love everything about it. Even the pain. She tried just like I did."
    "That's a good thing Michael."
    "I know. Just… I don't know."
    "Great at helping others but you can't help yourself."
    "Yeah. I'm still lost with Regan. I don't know if I can be a dad. I don't think I know how anymore. She doesn't need me like she did when she was three."
    "You're doing fine Michael. You're over thinking this. Just go with the flow. You gave her base rules to follow, and she does follow them. She's a very good kid."
    "I'm the only one she has. I don't want to fuck this up for her. That's all."
    "You won't. You just need to breathe and stop over thinking this. Okay hun?"
    "Her mom threw her away."
    "Read this. I told her not to leave without some explanation to Regan. She wrote this."
    "…Oh my god!"
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Do not give this to her Michael."
    "I have to. My mom said to let her heart break so she gets it."
    "Your mom is crazy."
    "No. She's right."
    "Regan will know everything, her heart breaks, I fix it. She needs to know I'm here for her."
    "Okay. That makes sense. Here you go. Good luck."
    "You ready?"
    "Okay. I'll meet you at your house. I need to go wash my car."
    "Dog pee on my tires."
    "I see. All right, since I have a little bit of time I'll stop and grab us some food."
    "Sounds good."


    It's official! I have to wear my glasses for seven days! Drops in both eyes twice a day for seven days and then I have to go back to my eye doctor to see if I can wear my contacts again. I got the glasses I wanted. Thank you Sean!
    "Why are you watching my videos Love?"
    "Why don't you dance like this with me?"
    "What do you mean?"
    "Your turns Liz. Then this salsa here. Look how fast they are and how consistent they are.
    "Oh. They're not when I'm dancing with you?"
    "No. Some of these videos have rehearsal footage on them. Did you know that?"
    "Yes. Why?"
    "How many pirouettes can you do in one spin?"
    "Sixty seven."
    "Are you kidding?"
    "That's more than the girl who holds the world record."
    "I know. She did fifty-five in tap shoes. I do sixty seven bare foot."
    "Show me."
    "That wasn't sixty seven. But it was still awesome."
    "How many was it?"
    "No way! Hold on."
    "One more time! Come on leg! Kick harder. Hold my glasses."
    "I see what you're talking about. I'm not dancing at 100% am I?"
    "No. You're still amazing though."
    "Maybe I'm rusty."
    "Do you trust me?"
    "Yes. What are you doing?"
    "Give me a minute and you'll see."
    "Okay. Glasses please."
    "Oh... Here."
    "Thank you Love."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Only forty-seven? Man! I used to just be like BAM! Do it like nothing! I need to work on that."
    "Come here."
    "No. Just look at me."
    "Hold on… To close for glasses. Hi Sean!"
    "Hello. Hand here."
    "What are you doing?"
    "Trust me. Don't look anywhere else but in my eyes."

    No, no, no!

    "No! Turn it off Sean!"
    "Stop! Look at me Liz."
    "Look at me Liz. Open your eyes and Look at me."
    "Why are you doing this?"
    "I'm trying to help you. Breathe Liz. I'm right here."
    "I'm wide awake… I'm not blind anymore… I'm wide awake."


   I push away from Sean and walk to the window. Sean is helping me. This is the song that got me sixty-seven! The song replays. Just dance Lizzy! This is your favorite song! Do a couple of turning leaps and then pirouette! Song ended and I'm still spinning. I still have my ballet brain! Not dizzy!
    "Play it again!"
    "Yes Love?"
    "Woo! I wish the camera was on."
    "It was."
    "Show me!"
    "Becky is the Ballerina Princess. You're the Queen."
    "Shut up. Replay my jam."
    "I picked up every piece and landed on my feet."
    "I'm wide awake."
    "Aw! Your speakers beeped and cut of my song."
    "It pauses the music. Better?"
    "Yup! Glasses?"
    "Here. Music to low?"
    "Nope. Hi Vey!"
    "Hi Leez. Shoe be in trunk for few day."
    "Oh! Thank you."
    "You have glasses today."
    "Yeah. Dusty storage and I rubbed my eyes. Contacts held all the yuck. Drops and glasses for seven days."
    "It happen."
    "Come watch this mom."
    "What dees?"
    "Liz doing pirouettes… Seventy-four."
    "One spin?"
    "No! Play! Let see."
    "My fancy pants turning leaps."
    "Right here. Count them."
    "Ебена мать!"
    "English please?"
    "I say, holy shit."
    "I said, right!?"
    "I got seventy-three."
    "I got seventy-four."
    "I get seventy-four too."
    "The last one wasn't a full turn. I started facing the pool and stop facing the corner here."
    "Still seventy four to me."
    "Me to Leez. Dat seventy four."
    "I beat my own record of sixty-four. What!"
    "Dat good. I only do about thirty and I need shoe. You do without shoe."
    "I bet I could do more with shoes on."
    "Seventy-four bare foot is so much more awesome though."
    "Okay. I leave two lone. I make food and open door when done. Beep come eat."
    "All right."
    "Thank you for the shoes Vey."
    "Do it again."
    "See! I stop here."
    "Still seventy-four Liz."
    "I this what you were trying to do?"
    "Yes. I noticed you dance different with me. Certain songs I would play you would dance different too. I talked to Mr. Avalon's mom today and I asked her what would happen if I played this song. She said it's 50/50. I'm just… Just trying to bring all of you back. Make sense?"
    "Trying to help you."
    "You're welcome."
    "I love you Sean."
    "I love you too. You're not mad at me?"
    "Olivia said that it might hurt you and no woman wants to be with someone who hurts her like this may have."
    "It did hurt. But then you said, I'm right here. I had a small flash back, I guess. Of me dancing around to this song."
    "I thought you needed to hear it. I'm sorry if I hurt you even a little bit."
    "That's where you ran off to today? To see Michael?"
    "Yes. Just needed a little bit of advice. He told me to roll the dice. I guess I rolled good."
    "You did. Can you download that song?"
    "What song?"
    "The one for the Waltz."
    "Oh… what was the name of it?"
    "Only a man. We looked it up on your phone."
    "No, James did. Only a Man, Jonny Lang?"
    "There you go!"
    "Okay. You only want a small section in the middle."
    "Yeah. The song is blah."
    "Transferring it over, one minute."
    "You need fish in your pool."
    "They will get sucked up and die."
    "Come here."
    "I'm spinning!"
    "Stop spinning and come here."
    "I'm doing the music for your Waltz. Stop crying."
    "Boop! Play it."
    "I don't like this song at all."
    "Me either. Stop! Right here is the part I want."
    "Well, wait. I want the beginning where it's just the guitar. Can you cut that and put it in front of this part?"
    "Yes. Pay attention. See the other sections right here on the bottom?"
    "Play the song to where you want it."
    "Right there."
    "Okay. Click this arrow and drag back to the front. Then go up to edit and cut. See how it's gone?"
    "Uh huh."
    "Right click on the line below the song and click paste. See?"
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Mute the top line by clicking on the little speaker, and press play."
    "Oh! That's easy."
    "Now! The tricky part."
    "Uh oh!"
    "Mute this line and unmute the other one. You can click on the music and drag it over if you want. It makes it easier. Play, then stop at the part you want."
    "Click the arrow and drag to the front. Edit and delete. Drag the music to end of the music on the second line. Tricky part! Making the music line up. Unmute this second line and play. You hear the jump in the music?"
    "Drag this back a little more. Play… Nope. Little more… There we go."
    "No yay yet. Tell me when to stop again."
    "The part at the very end where both voice say, wherever you lead. I want that at the end of the section I want."
    "Okay. Lets cut that part first. Click this yellow arrow and drag it where you want. The yellow arrow is where the song will start playing. Play."
    "Just the very end right there. Where's there's no music."
    "You can't have the music just cut off."
    "Copy this line. And paste it on line four and mute it. We can fade this out. It'll sound better. Okay. Play, tell me when to stop."
    "Click the arrow and drag to the end. Edit and delete. Now you."
    "Okay. I don't need to drag these two. I drag the one we duplicated to the end of line one right?"
    "Mmm hmm."
    "I drag this one to the end of the one I just moved. Play."
    "Unmute all the lines."
    "Oh! Now play… The music jumped."
    "Fix it."
    "Can I move the yellow arrow so we don't have to listen to the whole thing?"
    "Okay. Move this back a little bit. Play… No! Little more… Yay! Now what?"
    "Select that line."
    "Ah! I moved it. No!"
    "Fix it."
    "Damn it. Okay, select it… Damn you!"
    "Arrows Beanstalk."
    "Oh! Duh! Okay selected."
    "Right click on it. Distortion, fade out."
    "Done. Play?"
    "There's to much silence there."
    "Move the last line over."
    "Okay now play. Yay!"
    "Move the yellow arrow to the front and listen to the whole thing now."
    "Go up to file and click export. Click no on that window. Now click on shared network, then Sean Desktop, Desktop, Liz."
    "Aw! My own folder."
    "Enter the name you want the file to be."
    "Click that arrow and click lossless."
    "Not MP3?"
    "No. Lossless is better."
    "Now transfer it back to the soundboard."
    "Ha! I seen it pop up on this screen."
    "Double click it."
    "Oh! On the big speakers. Now I can start on this Waltz."
    "Have fun. I have homework."
    "I'm working. Shhh!"
    "Shut up."
    "For a kiss."
    "Yes. Now! Leave me alone! Working."
    "No yelling!"
    "I'm not!"
    "Speakers beeped! Food!"


    I'm going to be in trouble! It's almost 9pm and me and James are not even in town yet. We got everything at the music store and then we got dinner. On the way out of town there was a huge accident on the freeway. We are stuck! Bye bye purple hair. Man!
    "You need to call your dad."
    "Let me take a picture of all this and send it to him so he knows I'm not lying to him."
    "Fucking sucks! We been sitting here for 45 minutes. There's no way in hell you're gonna be home by 10 Reg."
    "At least my homework is done. Hold on, dad calling… Hey dad."
    "Are you two okay?"
    "Yeah we're fine. We were making perfect time and all of a sudden cop lights everywhere. James said I won't be home by 10."
    "Are you still in Monterey?"
    "Yeah. We just got onto the freeway. We been sitting here for 45 minutes."
    "Yeah. It's 10 to 9 Regan. You won't be home until almost 11."
    "Am I in trouble?"
    "No. This is out of your control. At least you let me know what's going on."
    "Tell your dad the tow truck is leaving now and they're letting people go through."
    "Did you hear James?"
    "Yes. Don't speed to get home by 10. Just get home okay?"
    "Not in trouble?"
    "Mad at James?"
    "Why would I be mad at him?"
    "Just wondering. Okay, I'm getting off of here. I'll see you when I get home."
    "Okay. Drive safe."
    "We will. Love you."
    "Love you too. Bye."
    "Bye. My dad said don't speed to get me home by 10. Just get me home."
    "So who was that guy at the music store?"
    "Stephen. Everyone calls him Sweeper. He's in the same dance crew I'm in. There's three of us."
    "Oh. You guys good?"
    "Me and him are, the other guy is good too but, mostly muscle. But he’s an okay dancer."
    "What's his name?"
    "No cool name like Flinch and Sweeper?"
    "No. Just Nick."
    "I wanna see you guys dance."
    "Okay. Here… Our YouTube page."
    "Oh! Which video do I watch?"
    "Anyone you want."
    "What are these UHH Headliner ones?"
    "UHH is an urban dance competition. We won it last year and this year they brought us back as headliners because if you win you can't enter the following year. Two years ago I won as a solo dancer. UHH where I met Sweep, Nick, and Ronnie. They were a trio. But Ronnie got hurt and Sweep asked me to take his spot. I'm actually in a different crew with Sweep. A five member crew. I've known him before he put together his trio crew. Now, I was able to enter last year in a group. That's not against the rules. But I was also headlining and competing at the same time, same as this year. Next month we have Seattle, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Then the following month we have New Jersey, New York and Florida. Then the month after that is Los Angeles again for the finals."
    "Oh! You get paid to headline?"
    "Yeah. $300 per performance. If we dance twice in one city we get $600."
    "You said you're competing this year?"
    "Yeah. I compete every year I can. I do solo division and group division."
    "It's not all in one?"
    "No. Solo, duo, trio, and group. Four or more members."
    "That's so cool. Which one of these UHH videos is the best?"
    "Detroit and Boston are the two I like the most."
    "Okay. Detroit first since it's newer… How do you pop your chest like that?"
    "Like this?"
    "Yeah! These guys move their shoulders when they do it."
    "They can't do it like I can. It's like my thing. No one in UHH can do it but me, and everyone asks how the fuck I do it."
    "It's a secret?"
    "Yeah. It's my thing. I do it all the time. Makes the girls go crazy."
    "Does it really?"
    "You guys got fan girls huh?"
    "We do. I don't like it."
    "I'm serious! I don't like it. They all wanna fuck you because you're almost famous. Fuck that."
    "You're almost famous?"
    "We got asked to be back up dancers for some Spanish hip hop singing group and tour Mexico and Spain with them."
    "December 3rd to February 20th."
    "This December?"
    "Are you doing it?"
    "We already signed the contract."
    "Why do you look all sad?"
    "I won't get to see you on your birthday or Christmas or Valentines day."
    "Come with us. Stephen is bringing his girlfriend."
    "My dad won't let me go."
    "Be real good and he might."
    "I guess. I'll ask but don't get your hopes up."
    "We'll still talk and shit Reg. Put Skype on your phone and we can video chat."
    "Okay. Does Stephen always wear that mask thing?"
    "Yeah. He makes weird faces when he dances and he doesn't like people seeing them."
    "Are these music videos?"
    "Yeah. Watch the one called Ritual."
    "Okay… Oh! Before I forget I bought this for you."
    "An auxiliary cord. Thanks."
    "I got it for you so you don’t have to set up another phone to your bluetooth. Your radio has a port right?"
    "Yeah. Right here."
    "Hiding in the center console, that's cool. How do I change your radio?."
    "Oh. Options on the screen. Then source and then AUX."
    "Plug in here. Will the music from the video play through the speakers?"
    "It should."
    "Oh! I like this music."
    "That's my music."
    "Rapping too?"
    "No. That is Nick. Music is mine."
    "This video looks all professional."
    "It is. Stephen's family owns a small production company. They film commercials for the local businesses and stuff."
    "You guys all play your part huh?"
    "Yeah. All in house."
    "That's so cool. You need to send me the link to this page so I can watch all these later."
    "Press the menu button. The two lines. Go to send URL in text."
    "Oh. Easy enough. Pick a song you think I might like."
    "Hmm… Slow or fast?"
    "Don't matter."
    "Go to music."
    "There already."
    "Okay, go to Hollywood Undead."
    "American Tragedy."
    "Coming Back Down."
    "I like this."
    "Down in the dirt, with your blood on my hands. I blacked out, but now I do understand, that you were too good, for this world so you left it. Everything turned red, and then you made an exit. I don't even know, if it was your time. But like all good things, that pass you by, just like a lost soul, in the time of need. It made me grow up fast, and put some blood on my knees… What?"
    "Nothing! That was good for someone who's not a rapper."
    "Shut up."
    "Another song."
    "My choice."
    "Okay. Queen?"
    "No. Swollen Members."
    "Black Magic."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "It sounds like carnival music. This is cool. I like it."
    "Okay! I added my card to my phone and I downloaded a song."
    "Don't waste your money on that shit Reg. Download the music on your computer and then use iTunes to add it to your phone."
    "To late now. I got it already."
    "Take your card off your phone Reg. Apple will seriously rip you off. If you download something that costs money and it fails and you redownload it it'll charge you twice and randomly charge you for shit you didn't want. Trust me, I know. That's why I got that Galaxy. Right now, just look up songs on YouTube. Or use Pandora on my phone."
    "I do like your phone. It has more stuff and it's easier to use. Is Pandora free?"
    "Okay. I took my card off. Pandora is downloading, and I am on YouTube. My song now?"
    "Better not be something dumb."
    "Kongos! Walk! Come with me now, I'm gonna take you down. Walk! Come with me now, I'm gonna show you how."
    "Opie is in the back like, are you two serious?"
    "Aw! We love you Opie. Who sings the Dogs Out song?"
    "He'll bark to it back there."
    "That's the point!"
    "Baha Men, Who Let The Dogs Out."
    "Opie! Who let the dogs out? He's funny."
    "Wait for it…"
    "Wait! I have to record him! Can you turn on this light real fast? Thank you… Okay done."
    "He howls too?!"
    "Yeah. You do it."
    "Ahwoooo! Let me have him."
    "I got a song for you."
    "All right."
    "White Trash Beautiful."
    "Lonely Road."
    "You like all kinds of music."
    "I really like this one. Sing it to me!"
    "Too much pride for me to up and take the blame. Deep inside, it's killin' me with pain. Every night when I sleep I call your name. I walk along the lonely road. I walk along the lonely road. My back is strong, I'll carry the load. I'm on the grind, in time I'll pay the debt that's owed. I walk along the lonely road."
    "I have so much fun hanging out with you."
    "I don't bore you?"
    "No. Do I bore you?"
    "You did at the music store. You played just about every guitar there."
    "You played some of the basses and the cool little drum machine thing."
    "I shouldn't have bought that. I only have $113 for the rest of the week and still need to fill up my car."
    "When do you get paid?"
    "I can put gas in your car if you want."
    "No. I can get some money from my mom if I need to. You get to buy us lunch all week."
    "Now leaving Monterey!"
    "Ahwoooo! Uh oh!"
    "Glove box."
    "Nothing to drink. Shit."
    "Chew it."
    "I can't. They can't be crushed or chewed. We need to get off here. Sorry."
    "Can you dissolve it under your tongue?"
    "Takes too long. Okay, I'll be right back. Want anything?"
    "Share one?"
    "That works."
    "All right."
    "It's okay Opie. He'll be right back, he just needs to get water for his medicine. Come on Opie! Sit. Opie… Look! There's dad! I told you he'd be right back."
    "Get in the back Opie… Here."
    "He went nuts."
    "He usually does. Where the fuck did I set my pills?"
    "I have them."
    "Oh. Thank you."
    "Good now?"
    "Yep. You good?"
    "I lied. I'm not good."
    "What's wrong?"
    "I need a kiss."
    "Oh! Now are you good?"
    "Good. Now let's go."
    "We need to go to my house and get your stuff too."
    "That's right! It's fine. My dad knows I'll be late anyway."
    "You're hot."
    "You're not to bad yourself Reg."


    My Waltz is almost done. Thank god I have Sean to help me. Not create, but dance it with me. To make sure everything is how I want it. Flinch will dance way different from Sean does. Flinch has frame and butt issues.
    "James won't be able to do those two turns you had me do."
    "Yes. His balance is real shitty Liz. You have to remember that."
    "I'll have him try it once and if he can't do it I'll change it. That was our deal. Anything else?"
    "The drag. It's hard for me to keep your feet on the ground.
    "It's fine. It's not a competition."
    "Ms. Cooper will say it's a lift and you guys will get marked down."
    "Fuck… Any ideas?"
    "Not my Waltz."
    "Come on Sean."
    "Do a couple rotations instead of the drag. If I can't get it, he can't."
    "What about a drag this way?"
    "Yeah! This one will work much better."
    "Okay, let me change that. That's it? I'm done."
    "Let's see… He has to hold his frame. You got a lot of turns in here."
    "Do it with me once please? With the camera on."
    "Okay. Music too?"
    "Yeah. And the clicks."
    "Four clicks."
    "I'm ready!"

    It's perfect! The new drag worked out nicely and I got it right on with the music. Pats self on back! Now the hard part! Teaching Flinch.
    "I wish I could send him the video. Homework to look over."
    "The video is short enough to text. Want to do that?"
    "Give me your phone and the cord."
    "Phone and cord!"
    "Okay. I'm converting this to a smaller size for phones. But it'll still be super clear and all that."
    "Okay. Gimme!"
    "I haven't put it on your phone yet."
    "Oh. So… was I dancing different just now with you?"
    "Yes. Turns were smoother."
    "I had no idea I was lacking. I thought I was dancing the same."
    "Either way you're still amazing Liz. Here's your phone."
    "Thank you! Flinch's number?"
    "Number saved, new text, attach video. Hey! It's Liz. Here's our Waltz, what do you think? And send. Now I send it to my mommy. Did your dad ever email you back?"
    "I haven't even checked my email in a few days. My mom hasn't said anything either. I'll check it now."
    "My mommy likes my Waltz."
    "It's good. James hasn't responded?"
    "Not yet."
    "My dad said… Hold on, let me put this in a translator for you to read yourself."
    "There you go."
    "Aw! Is the drag a good idea?! Psh!"
    "I knew he wouldn't like the drag."
    "Shut up. Been a while since I've seen a perfect old Jive, thank you for that. Yay! Argentine Tango… I bet your mother said it's too slow. Ha! She did! I love it. Out of the three dances you sent, that Argentine Tango is the best. Nice work Ivan. Aw! One last thing… That woman you dance with is very beautiful. Hehe! I'm beautiful."
    "Keep reading."
    "She looks like she will go very far with her dancing. She knows little tricks to make a dance better. I'm sure she's told you them. Why yes I have! You two are great together. Make her your wife and don't let her go. I'll see you this weekend. I can't wait to meet her and be sure you warn her about how your mother and I choreograph and teach. Talk to you soon. Ivan. Aw!"
    "Yeah! He likes you."
    "He hates my foxtrot! Boo!"
    "Only the drag."
    "Not changing it!"
    "Not asking you to!"
    "It's after 11. I'm ready for bed."
    "Finish your homework?"
    "No. I got math."
    "Here you go Love. I gotta pee. If Flinch calls answer it."
    "Are you peeing with the door open?"
    "Why not?"
    "Phone is ringing!"
    "Answer it! I'm wiping my jay! Speaker!"
    "Uh… Is Liz there?"
    "Wiping her jay."
    "Oh! This is Sean! For a second I thought I called the wrong number. And I didn't need to know Liz was wiping the pussy."
    "I had to pee! Get my text?"
    "Yeah. You seriously finished our Waltz already?"
    "Took you no time at all. And it's good."
    "I try! Sean said you won't be able to do those two turns toward the beginning."
    "Probably not. But I'll try them. That was our deal."
    "Anything else?"
    "No. I think I can do the rest. Won't know until I do it. Fucking asshole!"
    "Fuck you."
    "No! Not you! My dog jumped on the bed and landed on my dick."
    "I am! The shit fucking hurts."
    "Does it hurt Sean?"
    "You have no idea."
    "I want a dick for a day."
    "She wants to play with it."
    "I wanna swing it around and pee standing up."
    "We don't swing our dicks around."
    "I don't swing mine around."
    "I'd swing mine."
    "I bet you would."
    "Why are we talking about dicks?"
    "Your dog stepped on yours."
    "What are you wearing Flinch?"
    "Nothing. I'm naked."
    "You're no fun."
    "Reg thinks I'm fun."
    "I know."
    "You're lying! What did she tell you?"
    "That she saw you naked and stuff."
    "And stuff?"
    "Mmm hmm."
    "What stuff?"
    "Did you enjoy her sucking your wiener?"
    "Yes! Yes I did! And thank you for the tips you gave her. Oh my god! Thank you!"
    "You're welcome. Flinch licked her jay too Sean."
    "That's gross."
    "No! No! She was fresh out of the shower, fresh everything! Fuck you! It's been over a year and I only licked the clit. Fuck you both."
    "She loved it."
    "I know she did."
    "Are you mad she told me?"
    "No. Just… Don't tell anyone. I don't want her dad finding out."
    "I won't tell. Sean might though."
    "No I won't."
    "Did she tell anyone else?"
    "No. She said she trusts me the most for some reason."
    "Can we trust you?"
    "Yeah. The only person I'll tell is Sean."
    "Sean doesn't repeat shit, so I'm cool with that."
    "She just wants a girl she can trust and vent to is all. She really likes you and she wants to make sure you stay happy so you won't leave her. I told her not to try to hard because that can sometimes fuck it up. I said just let the relationship go the way it wants to. Go with the flow you know?"
    "Yeah. She doesn't have to try hard. I really like her too. Things are really good right now."
    "What about Ballerina Queen?"
    "So far she hasn't done shit. But I wouldn't put it passed her."
    "I told her to not listen to a damn thing out of her mouth."
    "Yeah. Thanks for that."
    "Does your room still smell like anus?"
    "We were talking about my Vanilla Cupcake today and I told him Regan has the same stuff and he said his room smells like the Pillsbury Dough Boys anus."
    "Then I said you smell like dough boy anus Sean."
    "It sticks to fucking everything! My car smells like it now."
    "So does my truck."
    "Me and Regan are letting the other girls know to stay the fuck away."
    "Is that what it is?"
    "Yes. I also rub my jay all over Sean's stuff."
    "You do not."
    "Do you really!?"
    "That's funny."
    "No it's not!"
    "Yes it is!"
    "That pen you're using was in my jay. Smell it… Ha! He smelled it!"
    "It don't smell like you."
    "You want it to?"
    "Okay! I'm hanging up now. I'll see you guys tomorrow."
    "All right. Goodnight."
    "Do you seriously rub my things on your snatch?"
    "No. I only rub your face on it."
    "I'm okay with that."
    "Hurry up so I can rub it on it."
    "I'm almost done."
    "Believe me! I am going as fast as I can!"
    "Horny bitch."


    My dad was not lying to me! I'm not in trouble for being home late at all. I did keep texting him and letting him know where we were and that we had to go to his house first to get my things. He wasn't even mad when saw the amount of stuff I actually bought. He just looked at everything a shook his head.

    "Let me the receipt."
    "Right here in my pocket."
    "I didn't spend it all!"
    "I better see you playing with all this shit."
    "I still need to buy one more thing. I didn't have enough money."
    "A laptop to track everything I do."
    "Mine won't do it?"
    "Look, I bought this program. It's the same one James and Sean use. He said I need a good laptop with these specs here."
    "Yeah. My laptop doesn't have that much space or that fast of a processor."
    "James said he'd take me next week to get a laptop like his. He said it was about $1,000 with tax and everything and he doesn't have any issues with the program crashing or lagging on him."
    "Okay. You bought two guitars?"
    "No. I bought the electric one. It was on sale for $575. The normal price was $1,400. I couldn't pass it up. The acoustic in the case James gave me. He doesn't play it and he said I'd give it more love than he would. And! That small amp he gave me too. He said it's not loud enough for him, but it has real clear sound."
    "All right."
    "Oh! When I went to the store for my soap, I also got potty cleaner and dish soap."
    "You didn't need to buy that."
    "We needed it and I was at the store anyway… Where's my pillow?"
    "I don't think you came in with it."
    "Dang it! I need two pillows. One for my head and one to cuddle."
    "Take my extra one."
    "Thanks... Why do you look bummed?"
    "I'm not."
    "I'll take a fast shower after I move all this stuff and you can go to bed."
    "Your mom's letter."
    "That's right. Let me finish moving this stuff."
    "You want help?"
    "No. I'm almost done. Right here is fine right?"
    "Do I really need to read mom's letter?"
    "Yes. Come here."
    "Uh! You said you read it?"
    "I read it."
    "Tell me what's in it."
    "Just read the letter Regan."
    "It's two pages! Front and back."

    I got halfway through the letter when I decided I didn't want to read it anymore. I tried to give the letter to my dad, and he made me finish reading it. If I wouldn't read it he was going to read it to me. My mom cheated on my dad with Alec. She's cheating on Derek right now! With Alec! My dad's best friend. That's why Alec always treated me like his own daughter. Because of my dad. AND! My little brother… Is Alec’s son. Not Derek’s.

    "Dean... My baby brother... Is Alec's son... Alec Dean Burke... She even named him after Alec."
    "I asked your mom to show me a picture of Dean. I knew right away. She didn't deny it when I asked. Her and Alec even did a paternity test."
    "Alec isn't giving her child support?"
    "He is. Your mom said he gives her a couple hundred every week. In cash."
    "Derek is clueless?"
    "Your mom thinks he knows."
     "She... She got pregnant just to have something to hold over you?"
    "I don't know."
    "You didn't want me either."
    "Things changed before you were even born Regan. I told you that. It also says it right here in the letter, I didn't expect your dad to fall in love with you like he did. You became his world… I wanted you."
    "I wish you would've tried harder."
    "I couldn't deal with the fighting. Most of the time you would be right there poking your head through the curtains looking outside at us. I didn't want you to see that. So yes. I didn't try as hard as I could of. I'm sorry."
    "Will you abandon me too?"
    "Never. I finally got you back. You are where you belong. I will never use you as a tool to hurt another person."
    "I'm tired now. I need to change and pull out… My bed… Please go."
    "Go take your shower and I'll pull out the bed for you."
    "I said I'm fucking tired now! Go away!"
    "Okay… Goodnight."
    "I am not your enemy."

    I took pictures of the letter and sent them to James. Not sure why I did. I can't sleep. I'm wide awake. The pain is fresh. Best time to write. My tears keep falling on the paper and messing up the ink. I'm crying even more because the ink is messed up. A text…
    "I'm so sorry Reg."
    "My mom never wanted me James. My dad didn't want me either."
    "That's not true. Your dad loves you to death. Don't say shit like that."
    "Why do I feel so alone right now?"
    "You're not alone Reg."
    "Don't abandon me James. Please."
    "I won't. I promise."
    "You're the only person keeping me from going crazy right now."
    "Your dad is there too. He never once lied to you. He is not your enemy Reg."
    "I know."
    "Fresh start. Remember? Your dad needs you and you need him. Go to him."
    "I want you though."
    "I know. We hang out all day long at school. We don't need the bonding time like you and your dad do. Go talk to your dad."
    "Okay. I'll see you in the morning."
    "Night Regan."
    "Night James."

    James is right. I need my dad right now. He's the only one who can put me back together. Or just hold me and let me cry. What do I do if he's sleeping? Do I wake him up or just climb into his bed?
    "Dad? I need you… Are you awake?"
    "Can I please… Please lay with you?"
    "Thank you. Can you just hold me please."
    "I might drool on you."
    "I'm sure you will."
    "I love you."
    "I love you too Regan."
    "I missed the sound of your heart. Like I remember it somehow."
    "You never slept in a crib. You always slept on my chest, even at night."
    "Was I a daddy's girl?"
    "You were more fond of me. Your mom always wanted to go out and hang out with all her friends and whatever else she wanted to do. Most of the time it was just me and you."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Did she really call the cops on you because you wouldn't give me to her?"
    "Yeah. When the cops showed up and made me hand you to her, you started crying. Started yelling dada, then nana, then papa. She just turned around and walked out the front door. There was nothing we could do."
    "You promise that won't happen again?"
    "I promise that will never happen again."
    "Go to sleep now."
    "I am but you keep talking."

    Funny, I'm a daddy's girl. I really do love my dad. And I'm not lying about the drool. I will drool on him.