Sunday, June 21


   Such a beautiful morning. Mornings like this is why I enjoy having my coffee out on the back deck. Listening to the waves crash on the shore and watching the seagulls fly around. On top of this beautiful morning, everything is in order. My lawyer has filed all the proper documents for Michael while I was away seeing him. She also contacted Leah. You must contact the other party and then they have 24 hours to file against it. Well, since this happen on a Friday and the court is not open on weekends. She lost her opportunity to file any kind of documents. Now Leah will just have to go to court with Michael. She cannot take Regan from Michael at this point.
    "Hi Grandma!"
    "Well hello my darling Bethany."
    "I came to play with the ducks in your pond. Look! I brought them some bread."
    "Run along. Don't let them bite your little fingers."
    "I won't!"
    "Your daughter's red hair is starting to pop through Sadie."
    "I know. How is Regan settling in with Mikey?"
    "She met a young man."
    "I did see a young man showing her around school. I don't have him in any of my classes, but I believe his name is James."
    "Yes. Regan is quite fond of him."
    "Mikey is allowing this?"
    "Michael had a chat with the young man and observed the two together and he does like him as well. So, yes. He is allowing it and he does approve him."
    "That's good to hear. What are your thoughts on it?"
    "She's too young to have a boyfriend. But if he makes her happy and is good to her then I approve also."
    "Is Mikey still like, Oh my god! A hormonal teen!"
    "Yes. He will get use to it. He told me about his adventure in the tampon isle. He was a little bit dumb founded."
    "All men think there's one kind and they work all the same. I can just picture his face right now."
    "I laughed myself when he was telling me. He said he just stood there like a deer in headlights."
    "Poor guy!"
    "He's heart broke though. He knows nothing about Regan. He's still lost with her."
    "They'll be fine Olivia. They just need the bonding time is all."
    "Yes. They have to start from scratch when they shouldn't have to."
    "I agree. Honey!? Don't chase the ducks! They'll bite you!"
    "No they won't mom!"
    "She will learn quickly not to chase the ducks. Just like you and Michael did."
    "Thank god you don't have those geese anymore. Those damn things were mean."
    "They were entertaining."
    "Yeah! All of you guys sat right here with your glasses of wine laughing at us trying to get away from them."
    "What time does your flight leave?"
    "6:30 tonight. Have you heard from Leah at all?"
    "No. My lawyer did tell me that Leah is very upset."
    "She's only upset because she's losing her free ride on the Mikey money train."
    "That is true."
    "Is he asking for child support?"
    "No. He wants nothing from Leah. Only his daughter."
    "Yes my Darling?"
    "You have a visitor."
    "Hi Uncle Mike."
    "Morning Red."
    "Who is here to see me?"
    "All right. You mind taking Bethany to see your sister please Darling?"
    "Round her up. I'll let Leah know to come on back."
    "She couldn't call first?"
    "She never does."
    "Beth! Come on in now. Grandpa is taking you to see Grandma D."
    "Oh! Grandma D always has cookies in her jar!"
    "Hurry up before he leaves you."
    "Here, take the bread! Bye Grandma. Hi Leah! Bye Leah!"

    Unexpected morning visit from Leah. I wonder what she wants.

    "What can I do for you this morning Leah?"
    "Where's my daughter."
    "Regan is where she belongs. With her father."
    "You can't just take her miles away without my permission Olivia."
    "Sadie, a favor?"
    "Of course."
    "In my office, top right-hand drawer in the desk is a green folder. Right on top, can't miss it. Mind getting it for me?"
    "Thank you Darling. Please, have a seat Leah."
    "I'd rather not make myself comfortable. I won't be here long."
    "This is my house you are in Leah. Lose the tone or you can leave now."
    "I just want to know where my daughter is."
    "With her father."
    "This folder Olivia?"
    "Yes. Thank you. Now, I cannot take Regan miles away without your permission? That's what you said correct?"
    "Guardianship documents Leah. The ones you signed to let her stay here. Remember?"
    "Read it. Slowly! And carefully."
    "Michael Elwin Ava… Avalon II."
    "And that is your signature at the bottom."
    "Look how small you wrote in II on this form. I would have never signed this if I knew I was giving my daughter to him."
    "Yet you were perfectly fine handing her over to me and my husband. Why?"
    "Do not get into my head Olivia."
    "I only asked why. Why is it you refuse to let my son see his daughter? He did nothing to deserve to be drug though the dirt all of these years by you."
    "She belongs with me."
    "Yet I have always had her."
    "Just tell me where she is."
    "With her father."
    "Give me the damn address Olivia!"
    "You think Michael is going to let you walk into his home and take Regan again? So blind Leah. And stupid. Tisk tisk."
    "You're the stupid one. Thinking all of this is going to work."
    "I'm the stupid one? I have multiple degrees hanging on my walls that say otherwise. One being paralegal. Guardianship before custody wins the case. You signed that document in front of Regan, my husband, and my lawyer. You! Gave her to Michael. Not me Leah. You."
    "You tricked me into signing those."
    "Regan was aware of whose name was on that paper. She was happy to go to her father. At least with him she'll have the parent that actually cares about her and won't use her. Your free ride is over Leah. No more of my son's money will be given to you. Do you understand?"
    "Give me something Olivia! So I can see or talk to my daughter."
    "Oh my god Leah! The custody papers! You have copies. Michael's address is on them. Be a bitch sometimes Olivia."
    "I am Darling. I'm sitting her enjoying my coffee while she stands there looking stupid. All she had to do was read the documents. Coming here to see me when you could've called, was nothing more than a waste of time. Unless you are here for something else?"
    "Plane ticket to go see my daughter."
    "Michael sends you $7,000 a month. Where is it?"
    "In my bank account. That is now locked. I can't get money out or put money in."
    "I will book you a round trip. One second… One flight leaves in two hours. Will that work?"
    "Okay. Return flight is tomorrow night at 9:45. All booked."
    "Thank you. I'll see myself out."
    "…You locked her account didn't you?"
    "I like your style Aunt Olivia! You're a bitch ninja!"
    "The account has another person on it now as a primary. It does not belong to Leah anymore."
    "Who's is it?"
    "Regan Olivia Avalon. It's her money anyway."
    "Does Mikey know about this?"
    "It was his idea Darling."
    "This casa de Avalon is sneaky and mean."
    "We do what needs to be done. We will do the same for you as well. Don't you ever forget that my dear Sadie. Excuse me. I need to call my son."
    "I'll get out of here. I need to go rescue my mom from the hyped up cookie monster."
    "Tell her I'll be by later for lunch and a chat."
    "I will. Love you."
    "Love you too Darling."


    It's fucking Sunday. 5:30 in the goddamn morning. Someone is blowing up my phone. Better be important. It's my mom. It's probably important.
    "I must have woke you."
    "It's 5:30 in the morning on a Sunday."
    "Leah is on her way to see you."
    "What? Why?"
    "She believes she can walk in to your home and take Regan."
    "Fucking kidding me?"
    "I bought her the plane ticket."
    "Sucked up her pride and asked you for money. Must have been hard."
    "Possibly. She's very upset that she gave guardianship to you."
    "She figured it out?"
    "No. I made her read it again. She says we tricked her because II was written to small."
    "That's not a good excuse."
    "I'm aware. She's upset her bank account is locked as well."
    "Wasn't her money to begin with."
    "At least she let you set up the account at one of the banks your father owns."
    "The only one there that doesn't have his name on it. I'm not stupid. I knew what I was doing."
    "I know Darling."
    "I do need to thank dad for locking it and changing the name on it."
    "You also need to finish the account. He couldn't remove Leah. He added Regan as the primary. She has to remove her mother herself."
    "Okay. When do we do this?"
    "After all the court stuff is finished."
    "All right. What do I do with Regan today?"
    "That's up to you if you want her there or not Michael. If not, have her go spend the day with the young man she met. Tell her not to come home until you call her, no texts to you either. Leah doesn't need to see her phone number."
    "I'll ask Regan what she wants to do. How much time do I have?"
    "Leah's flight leaves here in two hours. It's about a three-hour flight, plus the hour from the airport to your house."
    "Okay. I can sleep another hour. That's good."
    "Yes. Call me and keep me informed."
    "I will."
    "Bye Darling."
    "Bye mom."


    I was totally drooling in my sleep. My pillow is all wet and gross. Flip pillow and back to sleep. That's better. Much better.
    "No dad."
    "Don't slap me."
    "Hey! No yanking on my bun."
    "Wake up."
    "It's Sunday. What time is it?"
    "It's Sunday man! Stop poking me!"
    "Get up."
    "Stop it!"
    "Regan... Your mom is on her way here to get you."
    "What!? Why!? Why are you letting her!?"
    "Calm down. Don't cry. Just relax."
    "Why are you letting her?"
    "I'm not Regan. She can't take you. I have guardianship and you're already enrolled in school. There's nothing she can do. She's wasting her time coming her. Okay?"
    "Okay. If you had a shirt on I'd blow my snot on it."
    "It wouldn't be the first time you got snot on me."
    "Does she know there's nothing she can do?"
    "She should know. Grandma called me at 5:30 this morning and gave me the heads up. What do you want to do?"
    "Do you want to stay here or do you want to go stay with James?"
    "For how long?"
    "Today and most of the day tomorrow. Unless you want to be here to see your mom."
    "I don't wanna watch you guys fight."
    "Exactly why I am giving you this option. It's up to you."
    "What if I can't stay at James' house?"
    "Then you have to stay here."
    "I can't go to Sadie's?"
    "Sadie went home for the weekend."
    "Oh. Okay."
    "You need to call James pretty soon. I over slept, I wanted to get you up and around about an hour ago."
    "Okay. Let me take a quick shower and then I'll call him. You get to put the bed away."
    "That's fine."
    "I drooled on that pillow."
    "Thirteen and you're still drooling."
    "I used to lay on the couch with you on chest and you'd fall asleep. When I got up, my shirt would be all drool soaked."
    "I was a baby! I couldn't help it."
    "You were three."
    "Oh. Well, yeah! I still drool."
    "Pretty gross Regan."
    "Shut up."

    I wonder why my mom thinks she can just come and take me. Grandma did everything right so she couldn't. My dad made waffles while I was in the shower. They taste just like Grandma's. So! Good! I don't feel like calling James this early. He didn't even leave here until like two in the morning. Let's text him and have him call me.
    "Call me when you wake up. It's super important."

    My phone rings right away. I hope I didn't wake him.

    "Good morning."
    "Morning. Are you okay?"
    "Can I come over and spend the night?"
    "Um... Really?"
    "Yeah. And most of the day tomorrow?"
    "What's going on Reg?"
    "My mom is on her way."
    "She leaves tomorrow sometime and my dad gave me the option to stay here or call you. I don't wanna be here. They'll fight and stuff."
    "Yeah. I'll call my boss and take tomorrow off work. My parents should be fine with you staying the night. My ex stayed before and they didn't care."
    "I drool."
    "When I sleep. I drool."
    "Like a river."
    "I'm kidding. About the river, not the drool."
    "Better bring your own pillow then."
    "I can't drool on yours?"
    "I drool on mine enough. So does Opie."
    "Ew! You drool?!"
    "Sometimes. When I'm dead tired. It's like a river."
    "Gross. Does your Playstation have Netflix?"
    "Um... No. But I can download it."
    "Cool. I'll get the password to my dad's."
    "Do we have to stay here or can we go and do something?"
    "What ever you want."
    "Okay. Are you wanting me to come get you now?"
    "I still need to get my things together."
    "Okay. So I can take a shower first. Don't forget my history book."
    "I won't."
    "Call me when you're ready."
    "Just take your shower and come."
    "All right."

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    It's weird to me that Reg's dad is letting her stay overnight at my house. This has to be some sort of test for me. Has to be! All right... I cleaned up my room, my bathroom, called my boss, and talked to my parents. Everything is good. Everything but Opie. He's being an asshole and won't let me leave, so he's coming too.
    "Can you wait for me to turn off the fucking car Ope? Fuck. There! Go run a minute."
    "Hi there."
    "I'm not ready yet."
    "Here's my stuff and my pillow."
    "The one you drooled on?"
    "No. Ah! Opie! Yeah! I missed you too you big oh goober. Incoming dad! He's so happy."
    "He wouldn't let me leave without him. Like he knew I was coming here. What all do you need to do?"
    "Just my hair. Come in."
    "Opie… Leave him alone."
    "He's fine."
    "I'll be right back."
    "A word Mr. Larson?"
    "I shouldn't be letting my daughter stay the night with you."
    "Yeah. I been thinking about this. Are you testing me or something?"
    "Not at all. Trusting you is what I'm doing. Regan doesn't want to see her mom. She can't go to her aunt's house because she went home for the weekend and the only other person is you."
    "Her aunt?"
    "Ms. Renner."
    "Oh! I didn't know she was family."
    "She's my cousin."
    "You two look nothing alike."
    "I got my mom's side and she got dad's."
    "Your dad has red hair?"
    "He use to. He's big, Irish, and a little bit mean."
    "I changed the subject on you. I'm sorry... Opie! Get back here."
    "He can go upstairs."
    "Go get Regan then. Anyway, you're trusting me, not testing me."
    "Pretty much it. Don't make me regret trusting you Mr. Larson."
    "I won't… Can I take Regan out sometime? Not under circumstances like this, but sometime?"
    "Shouldn't you be asking her?"
    "I figured you'd appreciate it more if I asked you first."
    "I do appreciate it. Yes, you may take my daughter out sometime. Her curfew is 10:00pm. If she's home at 10:01pm the only time you will see or talk to her for a while will be at school. Understood?"
    "Yes. Um... I made her cry last night."
    "Excuse me?"
    "I didn't mean to. She's hurt because she knows nothing about you and you know nothing about her. Then she said it took her way to long to realize what was going on and then she started crying."
    "Her mind was molded to hate me, that's why it hurts so much. Kills me as well."
    "I don't like her story. She's too nice to have shit like this happen to her."
    "I agree. It is what it is though."
    "I like her a lot and I don't like it. I don't know her at all and I'm falling head over hills for her. It's stupid."
    "What do you mean you know nothing about her?"
    "I know everything about her. What I mean is... I don't know her as a person."
    "I still don't follow."
    "Is she a bitch if she doesn't get her way?"
    "Oh! You don't know what type of person she is."
    "I wish I could help you out. I don't know yet myself. I do know she's not moody if you wake her up."
    "I know she drools."
    "I know she's a drooler. When she was a baby, she would sleep on my chest and soak my shirt. Same when she was three."
    "That's funny. Why is her mom coming to get her?"
    "No idea. Legal papers have been filed and she's enrolled in school. There is nothing her mom can do. She just wasting her time coming here. I have a feeling she knows this and she's coming for another reason."
    "Like what?"
    "Her bank account got locked. She has no money."
    "How did you manage that?"
    "I didn't."
    "My dad did. Wasn't her money to begin with."
    "Solid reason to do something like that."
    "Opie is drinking out of the toilet!"
    "Put the seat down!"
    "I did! He lifts it with his nose and drinks more!"
    "He can open the shower too. Mine anyway. He scratches at it until it pops open and he gets in there and pisses and sometimes shits."
    "Better than on the carpet."
    "Easier to clean too. That's why I don't care he does it."
    "Are you okay?"
    "Have you ever hit anyone when you twitch like that?"
    "Yeah. That's why most of the time I sit by myself at school. I don't wanna hit people."
    "I think you need shoes for the hardwood Ope. That was like the part in Bambi where he's trying to walk on the pond. His legs were hauling ass, but he wasn't going anywhere."
    "Don't let him kiss you. He was drinking toilet water."
    "Very happy dog."
    "He was up on the counter growling at himself in the mirror."
    "Wait till you see him with a full-length mirror. He goes psycho. You said you had to do your hair."
    "I did do it."
    "Took you that long to do a braid and put a little ribbon thing in your hair?"
    "No. It wasn't doing what I wanted it to do."
    "You have everything Regan?"
    "Yeah. Clothes, homework, and pillow are already in his car. This bag is my hair and make up stuff."
    "Phone charger?"
    "No! Thank you dad. Here, can you write down your Netflix stuff please."
    "You two plan on doing anything today?"
    "Like what?"
    "Out. Dinner, movie, something."
    "I don't know. Are we?"
    "If you want to."
    "Here, this is all the cash I have on me..."
    "$100! Ooo!"
    "Do not! Spend it on shit you don't need. Split the bill if you two end up going out somewhere."
    "I have money. I don't mind paying."
    "All right. Give it back."
    "Nope! Already in my bra."
    "Where's the $30 I gave you?"
    "Somewhere at the bottom of my school bag. Why?... WHAT!?"
    "My daughter is going to lose all my money."
    "No! It's totally safe in my bra."
    "Go buy a wallet or a purse or something."
    "Ew! No."
    "Purses are for girly girls. I play Call of Duty and blow people up on Halo."
    "Has Grandpa took you riding?"
    "On the dirt bikes? Yeah! All the time. Speaking of that!"
    "No! When I get my license I want a bike not a car."
    "Okay. I'll get you a bike."
    "Yeah! You can peddle around town like all the other cool kids."
    "That was the perfect set up too! Even I knew that was coming Reg."
    "I do not want you on a street bike Regan."
    "Why not? I know how to ride one. I rode Grandpa's Honda."
    "What was Grandma's reaction to that?"
    "Grandpa had to sleep in the spare room. He was in trouble."
    "Well, If you want a street bike like Grandpa's Honda you better save your money huh?"
    "Ah! You suck!"
    "I'm doing to you what my parents did to me Regan. I got an allowance. I never got anything from them, I had to save and get it myself."
    "But you love me."
    "That won't work on me."
    "Dang it."
    "I like the pouty lip."
    "Wanna bite it?"
    "Not in front of your dad I don't."
    "Respect. I like that."
    "My parents didn't want me to grow up an asshole."
    "I got a belt named God when I got into trouble."
    "Me too! My Grandma and Grandpa whooped my booty with the same belt."
    "I got whatever my mom could grab. Fly swatter, big spoon, a shoe, a book, and one time a potato. She has perfect aim."
    "All mom's do. My mom got me with an apple once. I was running in the house, which is against the rules. I saw her in the kitchen as I ran by and just kept going because I knew I was going to get an ass whooping. I turned the corner to run up the stairs and somehow she managed to hit me. To this day I still can't figure it out."
    "Right? How did you get a perfect curve on a potato?"
    "My mom spanked me with sticks off the trees. Look at my butt right here."
    "I'm sorry. I looked at her butt."
    "Have you showed this to Grandma?"
    "No. It's only like two months old."
    "Show me again."
    "What are you doing?"
    "Taking a picture of it."
    "I wish I had to fart."
    "Don't think I won't get you back if you ever do fart on me."
    "Are you done with my butt?"
    "Yes. This was from a stick?"
    "Yeah. Mom always made me pick my own. I thought, hey! It's a small one, it'll break and not hurt. No. It was bleeding and everything."
    "Yeah. It's a scar Regan. That's not going away."
    "Oh. I thought it was still healing. My butt is ugly."
    "Mine is too Reg. It has a huge crack down it."
    "Shut up!"
    "I looked at it. It's like a one inch little scar. Your butt is still cute. Sorry Mr. Avalon."
    "Is my butt cute dad?"
    "The little mole is."
    "Oh yeah! My butt mole."
    "I got like three butt moles."
    "I have one in the exact same spot as Regan."
    "You have moles everywhere James."
    "Should I ask or leave it alone? Only free one you two will get."
    "Leave it."
    "Yeah. Leave it."
    "Okay. I won't ask how she knows that. I will ask this. Was her shirt off too?"
    "Yes. She took it off on her own."
    "Yeah. Mine was off first. He likes the ladies."
    "And Mr. Larson said he wouldn't try anything with you."
    "I didn't. She asked me to show her something she would like, and I did."
    "You're very honest."
    "I'm uncomfortable right now. You know how to twist shit around to get the answer you want to what you didn't even ask. Seriously! Why try to even lie your way out with you?"
    "I'm trying to get Regan to understand that."
    "You know he has moles everywhere because you both had your shirts off."
    "Oh! That wasn't a free one at all."
    "Your dad knows how to word things. Brilliant by the way."
    "Thank you."
    "You ready?"
    "Phone charger."
    "Oh! Okay! Now I'm ready for real."
    "I need your number Mr. Larson."
    "Thank you. If I need to get a hold of Regan for any reason and her mom is around, I'll be calling your phone. Her mom doesn't need to see Regan's number."
    "No problem."
    "Opie! Car ride? He's so funny."
    "Call if you need to, from his phone and do not be late to school."
    "I'll come see you when we get there. But if we're late it's his fault. He's the driver."
    "As long as it took you to put your hair in a little braid, you might be the reason we'll be late."
    "Do not be late. Wake up early if you have to."
    "I get up at about 6:30 to get medicated."
    "Good. Wake her up too."
    "Will do."
    "Uh! Lets go. Kiss!! Bye dad."
    "Thirteen and you still kiss your daddy."
    "So! I love him and I made him smile like a goober."
    "Bye you two."
    "Bye dad. Come on Opie!"

    This is going to be a fun day. My mom came up with the idea. Lets just hope Reg isn't afraid of roller coasters.
    "Nervous to meet my parents?"
    "Are you sure? They're fucking mean."
    "Are they?"
    "Now I am."
    "Don't be. They're cool."
    "Don't be mean."
    "What are you doing?"
    "Grabbing my things."
    "I got it. Plus, if you walk into my house carrying your own shit my dad will seriously rip me a new one. Why are making this young lady carry her own shit."
    "For real?"
    "Okay. I got my pillow though. You grab those three bags."
    "Three bags for one night."
    "No. That's my clothes, that's my makeup and stuff, and that's my school bag."
    "Can the school bag stay in the trunk?"
    "Yeah. Here... I got your history book and my pillow."
    "Good deal. Opie... Get out of the trunk."
    "He's not finished with his car ride."
    "He'll have a 40 minute car ride here in a little bit."
    "It's a surprise."
    "Tell me!"
    "For a kiss?"
    "I will suck on you later."
    "Boardwalk. Roller coasters. Fun!"
    "You really want me to suck on you huh?"
    "It might be something you'll like."
    "Hey... This is Regan. This is my dad Lily and my mom Theo."
    "Uh... Really?"
    "No. Dad, Theo. Mom, Lily."
    "Hello. This one is as cute as a button."
    "Opie! You grey turd."
    "He likes fresh out the dryer clothes too?"
    "He's weird."
    "You need some help folding Lily?"
    "No. I got it sweetheart. Thank you for offering. Teach James to offer to help me fold clothes."
    "The young lady may want to see James' tighty whities Lily."
    "She's out of luck! None are white anymore. Either yellow or brown. James has issues."
    "Aw! Are you guys serious?"
    "Bleach might make them white again."
    "Don't encourage them."
    "No luck with bleach."
    "Hmm! I don't know then."
    "I told her to try the pressure washer at the car wash."
    "That might work Lily! Blast the poop off. Yeah!"
    "I like this one James. She has a sense of humor."
    "Thanks mom."
    "I'm still deciding. Tell me a joke."
    "Okay. Do you know who Helen Keller is?"
    "Yes ma'am."
    "Okay! So! Helen Keller walks into a bar, then into a chair, and then into a table. That one made all three of you laugh. Do I pass?"
    "Yes ma'am you do."
    "Come on, lets go put your stuff away."
    "So... You have potty issues?"
    "All the time!"
    "Thanks mom!"
    "I don't even wear tighty whities. Look... Big boy undies."
    "Ooo! Where is your bathroom?"
    "Right there."
    "Oh! Don't even have to leave your room to pee. Opie won't eat my stuff?"
    "No. He'll eat your tampons if you throw them in the trash."
    "Yeah. My mom gets so pissed when she catches him in her bathroom."
    "You can flush them you know."
    "Tell her that."
    "She should know."
    "Thanks. Reg said to flush your tampons so Opie don't eat them."
    "It's not the tampons he eats. He enjoys the pads and you can't flush those."
    "That's worse than a tampon! Gross Opie!… He thinks it's funny."
    "We leave in about an hour or so."
    "All right. I have one page of homework left to do first."
    "Okay. Put your clothes away, I need the basket."
    "Take it."
    "James! I just folded those."
    "Reg can refold them."
    "Give me the basket."
    "I Love you!"
    "Yeah, yeah!"
    "You don't have to fold those."
    "It's fine. It'll give me something to do right now. You do your homework, I'll fold these, and I'll just sit them on your dresser for you."
    "You're welcome."

    Reg folds clothes weird. Not wrong or anything like that, but she folds like the people do in the stores. All fancy and shit. She only had to chase Opie down three times when he ran off with rolled up socks. I also forgot to tell her about my bathroom door. It's weird. If you don't push hard on it, it won't latch. Opie decided she's not allowed to pee alone.
    "Can I play that guitar right there?"
    "If you want."
    "How often do you play this?"
    "Never. I play bass. I bought that because I wanted to learn to play guitar too. Then I decided it was too hard. I played it maybe five times since I've owned it."
    "Why is Opie getting excited?"
    "He likes the sound of it."
    "You're funny Opie."
    "You play good."
    "I taught myself with videos online."
    "You play anything else?"
    "Piano. My Grandma plays too and she taught me. I wanted to play the one in your living room."
    "It sounds like shit. It was here when we moved in and all three of us tried to move it out to get rid of it and that shit didn't happen. Fucker is heavy. Makes me wonder how the hell the previous people got the damn thing in the house."
    "Movers probably. It might just need to be tuned. I know how to tune it."
    "If you know how to, then go ahead. But it's old as shit and might just be dead."
    "Maybe. I'll play with it tomorrow… Like the river flows, surly to the sea, darling so it goes, some things are meant to be. Take my hand, take my whole life too. Oh, I can't help falling in love with you."
    "Where the fuck did that come from?"
    "You singing just now."
    "Oh. I like singing too."
    "Fucking good too. I know one girl who can sing real good. Melissa. You met her yesterday. She's like the best fucking singer in this town. I don't know, you might give her a run for her money. You sing... How can I put this? Different."
    "Melissa has the typical pretty girl voice. But she can sing super high and super low and in between right? You have this weird tone. It's not bad! It's different and it's fucking good. That was pretty awesome Reg."
    "You like Elvis?"
    "That was an Elvis song you were just singing."
    "Oh! I only know it because it's a song my Grandma use to sing it me when I was sick or didn't feel good. We would be on the couch and I'd have my head on her lap. She would scratch my head and sing to me."
    "It's my mom's favorite song. She's a big Elvis geek."
    "I'm a Led Zeppelin geek."
    "I fancy Queen."
    "Do you really?"
    "Yeah. Under Pressure is the song that made me want to learn to play the bass. Was Stairway to Heaven the song that made you want to play guitar?"
    "No. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd was."
    "You're to young for Pink Floyd."
    "My Grandpa likes Pink Floyd. That's one of his favorites and I learned to play it as a birthday present for him. He liked it."
    "Did you sing it too?"
    "Yeah. He said it was the best present he ever got."
    "You know what I haven't got?"
    "A kiss from you today."
    "You want one?"
    "I am."
    "I'm stealing this guitar okay?"
    "You can have it. I don't play it."
    "Really!? I can have it?"
    "Yeah. You'll give it more love than I would."
    "Thank you."
    "You're welcome."
    "Is it gonna be weird sleeping in your bed together?"
    "I'll sleep on the floor if you want."
    "No. I'm just asking if it'll be weird."
    "Why would it be?"
    "I don't know."
    "The only weird thing will be Opie. He snores real loud."
    "He's not snoring now."
    "He's just napping right now. When he's in a dead sleep he snores, kicks, and farts."
    "Does he do any tricks?"
    "Yeah. He sits, lays down, speaks, stands, rolls over, and plays dead."
    "Make him play dead."
    "Opie! Sit. Pew!"
    "Oh my god! He was all dramatic falling over. That was awesome."
    "You have to make the gun... Dead dogs don't wag their tail."
    "He's funny!"
    "Anyway, you have to make the gun with you hand and say, pew."
    "Opie? Sit… Shake? Pew! I want him!"
    "Wanna see the best thing he can do?"
    "Opie... Who let the dogs out?"
    "Ah! Let me have him James."
    "Stop trying to take my dog."
    "I love him though."
    "I love the asshole too."
    "Can I ask you something?"
    "What do you like most about me?"
    "I haven't decided yet."
    "Why not?"
    "I don't know you yet."
    "Okay. Physically."
    "The boobs."
    "Yeah. They're perfect."
    "They're not even done growing."
    "I hope they're like wine."
    "Better with age?"
    "You take forever to do homework."
    "If you would stop bugging me It would be done faster."
    "I like bugging you."
    "Play Zombies and let me finish this, then you can bug me."
    "Oh yeah. Start it for me."
    "Hand me a controller."
    "Does it matter which one?"
    "Nope... There you go."
    "Go to controls right there on the menu."
    "Oh. Der."
    "Have fun."
    "Only one zombie?"
    "No. They like double each round. They get faster and harder to kill. Round one you shoot once and they die, round two you have to shoot twice, round three you have to shoot four times. You need to open all the doors and shit too. See all the wall panels?"
    "Go to each of those for money and guns. Easier if you kill all the zombies but one. Then you can run to each panel. That right there is what I call plinko. You throw a grenade in the hole for money."
    "Ah! It moves."
    "Okay. How far have you got?"
    "Like level 29. It gets fucking insane."
    "I'll beat level 29."
    "No you won't. You won't even get passed level 12. Open that door right there first and get your exo suit."
    "Do I need it? Ah!"
    "Yeah. Turn around and shoot the fucking thing."
    "You said to leave one alive! Ah! Help me! I have no bullets!"
    "Give me the controller... You have a knife you know. You get more money for knife kills."
    "Look, you see that one crawling?"
    "Leave that one alive. It's slow as shit and you get to all the wall panels and be okay. Here, I opened the door and got your exo suit. Now kill that zombie."
    "I'm scared to."
    "You're only on level four. It's not even hard yet."
    "I have to open all the doors?"
    "Yeah. But you need money."
    "Okay. Leave me alone. Killing zombies… Ah! James! Aw!"
    "Oh yeah. Level five has zombie dogs."
    "Thanks for telling me after I died."
    "No one told me about them."
    "Dang it."


    I don't feel like I'm going to have a good day after this. I do not want Leah at my house, I don't even want to see her. Where is she going to stay for the night? Will she want to come to the school tomorrow to see Regan? Regan called to ask permission to leave town for the day. James' parents are taking them to some amusement park. I'm glad I gave her money and glad she'll have a better day than I will. I'm going to be pissed if I sit around all day and Leah doesn't show up. I could pack up some stuff. But do I need to? We're moving right next door. It will keep shit organized and what not. Should I get online and get a bed and stuff for Regan? No, I'll let her do that herself. Hmm. Leah didn't even rent a car. A cab pulled in. Click record on my laptops recorder. She'll say something stupid that I can use against her later. Here we go.
    "Why didn't you rent a car?"
    "I didn't have the money to rent one."
    "Is that right?"
    "I'm only here to get my daughter."
    "She's not here. She went out of town with a friend. She won't be home until later."
    "You let her go out when she has school tomorrow?"
    "She didn't want to be here when you go here. So yes, I let her go out with her friend."
    "That's a lie."
    "No it's not."
    "Does Regan even have a room here?"
    "No. See the boxes over there? We're moving this weekend into a two-bedroom house."
    "Is there a way to get a hold of her?"
    "Will you call her so I can talk to her?"
    "That's my daughter! I have the right to talk to her."
    "Just like I had the right to see her whenever I wanted?"
    "You won't call her?"
    "Did you let me see her?"
    "Stop with the fucking games Michael."
    "I'm only playing the one you've played with me for the past ten years. Not fun is it Leah? I can see it in your face you're not having fun. Now you're understanding that coming all this way was nothing but a waste of time."
    "I'll be able to see her tomorrow."
    "Why are you doing this?"
    "Doing what?"
    "Keeping her from me."
    "Does it hurt yet?"
    "A little bit."
    "Good. Now leave."
    "And go where?"
    "No money Michael! I have $3 in my wallet."
    "You can take the big box right there and find a cozy spot under the bridge heading out of town."
    "I can't stay here?"
    "And you won't give me the money for a room?"
    "No. You should've planned better."
    "I did plan. Then it turns out my bank account is locked. I can't get any money out."
    "That's not my problem."
    "You had it locked somehow didn't you?"
    "No. Maybe the court did."
    "Why would the court put a lock on my account?"
    "Custody papers. You won't be getting anymore child support."
    "What happens to the money in there?"
    "Transfers back to me."
    "Like you need it."
    "I might just give it to my daughter."
    "You'll give a thirteen-year-old girl just about one million dollars?"
    "Why not? It's her money anyway. Wasn't yours to buy a new house or a new car like you did."
    "Just give me the money in the account and I'll go. You keep your precious Regan, I won't fight you in court, I'll leave and you won't hear from me again."
    "There's no fucking price on my daughter! What the fuck is wrong with you?"
    "I need the money to live Michael."
    "Have your husband support you."
    "He doesn't have a job."
    "Are you telling me I've been supporting you, your husband, and your kid this whole fucking time?"
    "Pretty much."
    "Leave! Get out of my house."
    "And go where Michael?!"
    "I don't care!… Get the fuck out of my way."

(Click the computer for some Sims goodies!)

    Knock at the door.

    "Am I interrupting the yelling here?"
    "No. What do you need Elizabeth?"
    "Does Regan need a bed or dresser?"
    "I told your mom I didn't want her bed."
    "No! It's my bed and stuff."
    "Oh. No. Regan might want that big armoire though."
    "Oh! She ain't getting that. My daddy made that for me. What about my dresser?"
    "She's going online tomorrow to pick out what she wants."
    "Okay. Most of our stuff is going in storage or being put in a yard sale. My mom had me come ask if there's anything over there you want or need and we'll leave it for you."
    "The bar stools."
    "Okie dokie! I'll let my mommy know. Me and Sean are off to the storage place and then work. See you tomorrow."
    "Excuse me. Could I possibly get a ride to a hotel?"
    "They're busy Leah."
    "Well, we would, but we don't know you. Sorry."
    "She can find her own way."
    "Um... Are you okay?"
    "I'm fine."
    "I'm fine Elizabeth."
    "Call or text me if you think of anything else you need. Okay?"
    "Will do. Thank you."
    "You're welcome. Bye"
    "How old is that girl?"
    "Seventeen. Why?"
    "She's ridiculously tall."
    "I'll be right back."

    I wished she would've stayed a little bit longer. I'm done dealing with this. Fuck it. I have maybe $75 in my nightstand. If it gets Leah out of my house, she can have it.
    "Here. Now go."
    "What the hell is $73 going to get me?"
    "A room for the night."
    "Cab, food, and all that."
    "Spend it wisely. Money is not free."
    "It is for you. Your parents put money into multiple accounts for you each month."
    "No. They put money into two accounts I have control of. I can only add money not take it out. Those belong to Regan. When she turns eighteen she'll have full access."
    "Why wasn't I aware of this?"
    "Why would you be?"
    "How much money does our daughter have?"
    "Two accounts. One from my dad and one from my mom. They been putting ten grand in those accounts pretty much since the day you told me you were pregnant. Roughly two hundred and forty grand a year. Thirteen years plus the nine months you were pregnant. That's... One hundred and sixty-five months. Add it up. Twenty grand a month for one hundred and sixty-five months."
    "That's over three million."
    "3.3 million."
    "How much do you put in each month?"
    "None. When she turns eighteen I'll match whatever is in both accounts. Why are you so interested in this?"
    "My daughter makes more money than me."
    "So. What does this have to do with anything at all?"
    "I'm leaving. Can you please call her for me. I'm asking nice now Michael."
    "Speaker and you stay right here."
    "Okay. Thank you."

    I call James. Like my mom said. Leah doesn't need Regan's number.

    "Mr. Larson, may I speak to Regan?"
    "Yeah. It's your daddy."
    "Shut up. Hi dad."
    "Have you guys left?"
    "Yeah. We are on the road right now and Opie already farted twice. He's gross."
    "I told you not to give him the tomato off your hamburger. It's your fault he's gassy."
    "It was on my wrapper and he got it himself. I didn't give it to him, I listened to you. His farts stink."
    "Oh! Sorry. What's up?"
    "Talk to her."
    "Mom? Put dad back on."
    "He has you on speaker... Hello?"
    "Call ended. I guess she doesn't want to talk to you."
    "What the hell did you tell her?"
    "The truth. Excuse me while I take this call… Hello."
    "Take me off speaker dad."
    "You are not on speaker Regan. Promise."
    "Why did you do that?"
    "She will not leave here until she talks to you."
    "Okay. For you! I will talk to her."
    "I'm putting you on speaker."
    "Talk to your daughter."
    "Why did you leave when your dad told you I was coming?"
    "I don't wanna see you."
    "Why do you hate me all the sudden?"
    "All the sudden? I've hated you ever since you met Derek."
    "I have done nothing wrong to you Regan."
    "You done everything wrong. Derek came along and it was like I didn't even exist anymore. I stayed with grandma and you never once called or came to see me. Nothing. You kept me away from my dad all these... sorry dad, sorry Theo, Lily… You kept me away from dad all these fucking years because you're greedy and lazy. You don't care about me at all. You care about MY MONEY! My money my dad sends for me. Let's not forget about the lies you told me about dad either."
    "I never lied to you."
    "No? I thought he left you when you got pregnant? If that's true, then why was dad so damn happy to get me?"
    "I have no idea. When you get back tonight me and you are going home."
    "My home is with my dad where I should've been all along. Not with you. Dad? Speaker off now. I'm done."
    "I'm not done Michael."
    "She is."
    "I'm here."
    "Don't let her take me."
    "I'm not. She can't anyway, we talked about this already."
    "Sorry for cussing. Bye-bye purple hair?"
    "No. You're fine."
    "Make her leave now. Give her money and make her go."
    "She still wants to see you."
    "She can see herself to the airport and then home."
    "I agree."
    "I don't want my day anymore ruined. I'm gonna go now."
    "Don't let this ruin your day."
    "You want anything? Candy apple?"
    "Really? Not candy?"
    "I like the green apples."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "I'll call you when we get back tonight."
    "Call from James' phone. If your mom is still hanging around I don't want her to see your number pop up."
    "Delete my number for right now."
    "I did."
    "Okay. I'll call you tonight. Love you."
    "Love you too. Have a good day."
    "I will. Bye."
    "Bye... Leave."
    "Can you at least give me a ride to a hotel?"
    "Fine. I'll drive you. After this, I am not doing anything else for you. Understand?"
    "Just give me a ride."
    "Keep giving me attitude and you'll walk. Shut up. You will sit in the passenger seat and not say a fucking word to me."
    "All right."


    This kitchen window! Ah! It's so amazing! All my counters came today and thank god no one scratched my floor. Everyone would’ve been dead. Dead like Devin!
    "Don't dragged that across my floor! Pick it up and carry it!"
    "Damn! Sorry."
    "Ode! Help your brother before I kill him."
    "I pushed a box, and she flipped out dude."
    "Pick it up and carry it and she won't flip out."
    "Pick it up and carry it."
    "Don't fuckin' get smart with me."
    "No beating each other on my floor either! Go outside in the yard and beat him if you need to."
    "Scott is bringing a portable car port thing. So whatever we ain't keepin' can go under it for now and we can figure out what to do with it."
    "Yard sale like Devin said. Why keep shit we don't need. Me and Rye will do it this week. Neither one of us has shit to do."
    "Pops and Liam are coming by sometime this week too."
    "Good. I don't like my car sitting in the sun."
    "You ain't the only one. They'll do a good job. We will have a garage."
    "Where are they building this garage exactly?"
    "Where the cars are now. It's gonna be detached from the house."
    "Okay. I don't want my windows blocked though."
    "You want em to cut down that big ass willow tree and have em build it right back here in the corner of the lot?"
    "I think I do. There might be room with the tree. You know how Rye's drive way has the little garden in the middle and it's like a little turn around?"
    "Maybe they can leave the tree and we have a little turn around like her."
    "Hmm. Plenty room to do that. I like that idea. That way I don't have to back all the way out to the street. I'll tell my pops when I talk to him later."
    "How many cars?"
    "Four. That's what you said you wanted."
    "What about Jacob's car? He pretty much lives here too."
    "We'll still have the thing Scott is bringing. Have Milly park her car under it. It's the only car without leather. Buy her a thing to put up in the dash to block the sun so her dash don't get fucked up."
    "That'll work. So much room on that side of the house and like none over here. It's weird."
    "Maybe they were gonna do a garage and driveway like we are and never got to it."
    "This window is fuckin' cool."
    "I love it. I had to retouch the paint this morning but that's okay! Look at it."
    "When Scott gets here we're bringin' in the fridge. Tell me now where you want it."
    "Look around Ode. Where does it go?"
    "Corner right there?"
    "Mmm hmm."
    "All right... You work like a man you know that?"
    "Counters and shit needed to be in. Stove, washer, and dryer should be here tomorrow."
    "What are we doin' for dinner tonight?"
    "Sounds good."
    "I hate how I can hear the toilet upstairs flush."
    "Listen good and you might hear Dev fart."
    "Oh god! It's bad enough I have to hear you fart every morning."
    "It's what men do. Wake up, piss, fart."
    "You think we're making a good decision having a baby right now?"
    "It might be too late to bring this shit up now Hayd. You got pregnant fuckin' fast last time, it might happen just a fast this time. And you ain't gettin' an abortion either."
    "I want a baby now. I'm just asking if you think it's a good time."
    "Best time as any. We both want this, that's all that matters."
    "Have you told anyone besides Devin?"
    "Scott. He's happy."
    "He would be."
    "Uncle Scotty."
    "We have to make our kid call him that."
    "He'd fuckin' hate us. Who have you told?"
    "Rye and my mom."
    "Did mama cry?"
    "She did. Just like the first time. It killed her when she made me get that abortion. But she's happy this is happening now. Like really happing. She's extremely happy."
    "She wanted you to be able to keep the first one. But she knew better."
    "Yeah. What do want? Boy or girl?"
    "It doesn't matter to me."
    "I don't want a girl."
    "I don't want to deal with a hormonal teenager. I remember me and Milly growing up and the periods. Oh god!"
    "You're a fuckin' bitch when you bleed."
    "I know! So is Milly. I don't wanna deal with that shit. I want a boy. It'll be easy. You get to have the talk with him about the joys of masturbating when he's a teen."
    "Pops told me, if you masturbate your kids will be blind. Look at your brother."


    Work was fun today. I actually got to help Sean when I was done with Corlie. He's really nice and has a lot of patience. Why can't he be like that when he's teaching me a dance? So update! We told my mommy that I was moving in with him. She was upset, but she's okay with it. Sean wanted to make it up to her. He was asking me if she had got anything for the baby or if there was something she needed. She's been looking at tons of different things online. She's bad at walking away from the computer without closing the browser. She bookmarked this one crib that comes with a matching changing table. Total cost? $5,500, a lot  right!? But! The crib converts into a toddler bed! So I think it's worth it. I looked it up on my phone and showed it to Sean and let him know this is the crib she wants. Sean said, let's go get it! So that's what we did. We ended up getting a different one. Same one! Different wood. Solid cherry wood. It's so much more prettier than the other one. It did cost more though. $6,500. Boo! Sean didn't care! We also got bedding for it and a few stuffed animals that I thought were super fucking cute and a few outfits. Unisex ones because we don't know what mommy is having yet. Last! We got a little bassinet! For when the baby is to small for the crib. It can chill next to my mom's bed. Grand total! $6,827.65! Again! Sean didn't care. Now! Off to Jims.
    "Hello Lizzy. And hello Sean."
    "We got something for you! Hi Jim! Come look. Both of you! Come on!"
    "Calm down Lizzy. Did you eat a whole bag of sugar?"
    "No. Just excited. Come look. It's in Sean's truck."
    "I'm in the middle of cooking dinner hun."
    "Me and... Can I call you Jim?"
    "You may."
    "Me and Jim can bring it all in."
    "Don't forget the bags in the backseat."
    "What did you two get?"
    "A surprise you'll love."
    "Are you two staying for dinner? Plenty for the four of us."
    "Yeah. We don't have anything to do tonight."
    "Did you two put everything nicely in storage?"
    "Yup. All stacked nice and stuff. Oh, Michael said he wants the bar stools."
    "Okay. We'll leave them for him. How was work?"
    "Fun. I love Corlie to death."
    "I'm so glad you ran into her and her mom."
    "Has Nicole called you?"
    "She has. I have tomorrow off work and me and her are having lunch."
    "Here or there?"
    "I'm going there. I also got her baby an outfit. It's right there on the couch."
    "Aw! Ruffle panties! How cute! And little booties that match. I should get her something too huh?"
    "She would love it if you did."
    "Special delivery for Mandy."
    "Oh my gosh! This is the crib Jim."
    "And changing table. There's one more box and the bags."
    "Do you need a hand Mr. Lebedinsky?"
    "No. The other box isn't as heavy as these two."
    "You two got the cherry wood. You shouldn't have done all this Lizzy."
    "You're upset because I'm moving in with Sean and he wanted to make it up to you."
    "Thank you Lizzy."
    "Thank Sean. He bought it all."
    "Liz... Bags."
    "I thought you had it Sean."
    "Shut up."
    "Tada! All for you!"
    "A bassinet too."
    "Yeah. Bedding for the crib and other goodies are in the bags."
    "How adorable is this little giraffe."
    "Right!? Look at the little lion one."
    "Aw! He's adorable too. I love the bedding you picked out."
    "It was either plain pink, blue, green, yellow, or a full cool set like this one. Me and Sean opened all of the bedding and put it on the crib on display and this one brown and green looked the best."
    "We got in trouble for doing that too. They wanted us to buy all the ones we opened. Liz got us out of that."
    "We were testing! But we got the animals too because of the little animals on the sheet and stuff."
    "And it could work for a boy or a girl."
    "Yeah. Same with all the little outfits we bought."
    "Ha! Sean bought those just because!"
    "Look Jim. Tiny little Converse All Stars."
    "I didn't know they made these so small."
    "Jim has tears mommy."
    "I'm happy. All this baby stuff around and it just got real."
    "Lizzy… Your dad cried like a little girl when I told him I was pregnant with you."
    "Will you cry Sean?"
    "I don't know."
    "We're staying for dinner."
    "Okay. Where do you want all of this stuff?"
    "My... Our room. This way Mr. Lebedinsky."
    "He's so handsome."
    "Jim? I know."
    "No! Sean."
    "Okay hun."
    "So mean!"


    That's all done. I found her a not so nice hotel for $30 a night. I didn't even see the room, but by the look of the lobby. Yeah! But hey at least she has free Wi-Fi and HBO. Down time. No daughter tonight. I did give Samantha a rain check. Let's go ahead and give her a call and cash it.
    "Busy tonight?"
    "Nope. Getting ready to find something to cook for dinner."
    "Cook for two. I'm coming over."
    "We have work tomorrow Michael."
    "So. Regan is with James and I'm free tonight."
    "Fine. Come over."
    "I'll be there in about 30 minutes."
    "Okay. The door will be open."

    Done! Next? Call my mom. She wanted me to keep her informed.

    "Hello Darling."
    "Hey. You told me to call you about Leah."
    "That's right. What happen?"
    "Are you aware that the man she's married to is unemployed?"
    "I had no idea."
    "Regan's money I’ve been sending every month has been supporting all of them."
    "That does not surprise me."
    "I did do something you'll like."
    "I had my laptop recording everything we were talking about. Including Regan's chat with her on speakerphone."
    "Well done Darling. You need to send me that file."
    "I will when I get home. She's pretty pissed off about her account being locked. She said she needs the money to live."
    "It was not her money to spend on them and not her daughter."
    "That's pretty much what I told her. Then, get this. She wanted me to give her the amount of money in the account and she would leave. Not fight me in court and I get Regan."
    "She wanted you to buy your daughter?"
    "Exactly what it sounds like right?"
    "Yes. You didn't do it did you?"
    "No. I told here there's no price on my daughter and to get the fuck out of my house. Then she started hounding me for money. She came here with little to no money. Barley enough for the cab ride from the airport to my house. I gave her $73, it's all the cash I had. I found her a cheap hotel for the night and told her to spend that money wisely on food and what not."
    "She didn't appreciate the $73?"
    "No. She saw the ATM in the hotel lobby and asked for more. I just turned around and walked out the door, got in my car and left her there."
    "She didn't ask to see Regan?"
    "She did. I called Regan on speaker so she could talk to her. Regan was pretty pissed off that I did that. But she put Leah in her place. I enjoyed that."
    "How so?"
    "She told Regan that she did nothing wrong and Regan said you done everything wrong. That's she's just greedy, lazy, and a liar."
    "Well put."
    "Yeah. Then Leah tried to tell her she never lied to her and Regan just said then why was my dad so happy to get me? Leah just said I don't know. That's pretty much it."
    "Is Regan behaving herself with this young man?"
    "James. And yes. His parents took them to a place called The Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. Roller coasters and stuff. They're not alone together."
    "Is she staying the night with him?"
    "If she wants to, I am allowing it."
    "Is she staying the night with him?"
    "That's a big step Michael. You are giving her too much freedom letting her stay with him."
    "She's earned it. James keeps her on the right track. She now understands if she just does what I ask her without bitching and crying, I let her do things she wants. She likes James a lot and her freedom points are building up quickly. She makes little lists and notes and pins them to the fridge."
    "Yeah. Grocery lists and lists of things we need. Like dish soap and shit. She hates being dirty and hates clutter lying around. My house has never been this organized. Ever! I can actually find shit now. She did all of it on her own. I didn't even ask her to do it."
    "Well, she was not allowed to be lazy here."
    "That's what she told me. At least you guys have been putting good values in her head. She's a good kid."
    "You two still have a ways to go."
    "I know. I had a chat with James today. He told me that she cried because we know nothing about each other, and it took her way to long to figure out what was going on. It hurts her."
    "Talk to her Darling. Spend time with her. Get to know her."
    "I do enjoy my time I spend with her, but sometimes I don't know what to say to her."
    "Just ask her about her day. And then spark a conversation in any way you can with her response. You know how to do that. You didn't graduate at the top of your class because you're stupid Michael."
    "I know. She still drools in her sleep."
    "I'm aware."
    "Can you do me a favor?"
    "Of course."
    "Can you email me all the old pictures of me and Regan that you have? I'm going to have Samantha help me with something."
    "I was going to buy a photo album and then I thought about it. I want to go girly and make it. Samantha is pretty crafty."
    "That is a good idea. Making something instead of buying it is much more meaningful. I also have videos. Do you want those as well?"
    "Yeah. Anything you have with me and Regan."
    "I will do that as soon as we get off of here."
    "I do need to get off here. I'm driving to Samantha's and I'm just about there."
    "Okay. Thank you for keeping me informed."
    "You're welcome. I'll talk to you soon."
    "Okay Darling. I love you."
    "I love you too."

    I do hope Regan will like what I want to do for her. But I'm not crafty. Samantha likes to do all the do it yourself crap. I think she'll enjoy helping me. Maybe I can just tell her what I want and she'll do it for me. I know how she works though. She won't do it for me. She'll tell me to shut my mouth and do it myself.
    "It's open Michael!"
    "Hello. Kiss now, right here. Mmm mmm mmm! Thank you. Make yourself at home. You know how to work the remote. Anything to drink?"
    "Beer. If we didn't drink it all the other night."
    "Long day?"
    "Regan's mom is here."
    "Money pretty much."
    "Give her any?"
    "All I had was $73. I gave it to her and found her a nice little hotel for thirty bucks a night."
    "Nasty. You know for the price that place has roaches. Beer."
    "Thanks. Do you mind helping me with something?"
    "Taking off your clothes?"
    "Yes. But later. I want to do something for Regan. My mom is sending me a bunch of different pictures and I want to make like a photo album."
    "Why not buy one and put the pictures in that."
    "I want it to be special I guess."
    "I see. We'll come up with something nice."
    "I want it to be almost like a baby book. We never made one for her. I'm the one who taught her how to walk and talk. I don't think she knows that."
    "We can defiantly do something like that. Milestones with the pictures, like you want. We can also put little facts about you here and there too. You have your mom send old pictures of you as well and will put them all together. You like that idea?"
    "Wouldn't that take away from my bonding time with her?"
    "No. Look at the book with her. That's still bonding."
    "Okay. I sent a text to my mom. She's sending old pictures of me too. I don't have a photo printer."
    "I do. I'm the craft queen in these parts."
    "Will you just do it for me?"
    "No. I'll help you if whatever you're doing is ugly as shit."
    "It probably will be to be honest."
    "I know."


    Awesome day! At some point we lost James' parents and they have Opie. We got on a ride and then when we got off we couldn't find them. Me and James put everything in his mom's purse so we can't call them or anything. We all had a plan though. If we somehow got separated we would meet at the center food court. That's what we did and they were not there. We even waited a little bit and had ice cream. So now we're walking to the parking lot and hopefully they're at the car.
    "I had a lot of fun."
    "Good. Better than sitting around at my house all day right?"
    "Yeah. How did we manage to lose your parents and Opie?"
    "No idea. I'm surprised Opie hasn't found us."
    "They wouldn't just let him go would they?"
    "No. But he somehow got away from them they can't really catch him."
    "My legs hurt."
    "Piggy back?"
    "Can you handle a piggy back?"
    "One way to find out. Get on."
    "I don't wanna make you fall."
    "I won't fall."
    "Okay. If I get heavy you can just drop me. I won't care."
    "I won't just drop you. That's fucked up."
    "Did you have fun today?"
    "It was cool they let us take Opie on that one boat ride thing."
    "It wasn't really a ride. Just a little boat that circled the park once."
    "Oh! Caramel apple for my dad. Can we go right here and get one please?"
    "You want anything?"
    "Something to drink. And we still need to stop by the photo booth thing by the exit and get our pictures."
    "How does that work?"
    "The barcode on our wristbands. You know how they got scanned when we got on rides?"
    "Any ride that has a camera, it goes to the photo booth. They scan our wrist band there and our pictures come up and they print them out for us."
    "That's cool. You can put me down now while we stand in line."
    "Did you spend all the money your daddy gave you?"
    "No. I only used that money to buy us ice cream. Your mom paid for everything else. How much will the pictures cost?"
    "Can't be to much."
    "It's an amusement park. You're bottle of water is $2 James. $2!"
    "Your apple is $6."
    "I like how you always hold me. You don't care about PDA."
    "I'm only using you to keep my balance."
    "That's so mean!"
    "I'm joking. I don't give a fuck if people see us kiss and shit."
    "You don't kiss me in front of my dad."
    "I probably won't ever kiss you in front of your dad."
    "I don't feel right kissing a girl in front of her parents."
    "You kiss me in front of yours."
    "That doesn't bother me."
    "Your little ribbon thing in your hair is coming untied."
    "Fix it for me... Ow!"
    "You pulled my hair."
    "What if I pulled it like this?"
    "I like that. Pulling a few hurts. But the way you yanked my braid didn't. I like it."
    "How long does it take to order your shit? Damn."
    "Right? They should have already decided what they all wanted a long time ago."
    "Might as well sit down."
    "As soon as you sit the line will move. Watch!... See! I told you. Come on."
    "Help me."
    "Uh! I can't lift you! Use your legs and help me."
    "I'm to lazy right now."
    "Ya bum!"


    My night ended up being great. Dinner was decent. Samantha isn't the best cook in the world. But it's not black and burnt and it's edible. It's all right. Dessert was better. Didn't have food. I had pussy. And it was very good. Shame I have to leave soon. Work tomorrow. I got a text from Regan. They all made it back safely. She had a lot of fun. Then I got a picture message from her. A picture of a caramel apple. It made me smile. She actually bought me a caramel apple.
    "Do you want to print those pictures before you leave?"
    "Yeah. I haven't even checked my email to see if they came through. I got a text from my mom saying they all been sent."
    "And there's videos too?"
    "Yes. There's five videos. I wish I could put them on a disk."
    "You don't know how?"
    "I do. I just don't have disks."
    "I don't either. I have an extra USB flash drive. Does your T.V have an USB port on the back?"
    "It does. I have no idea if it'll play videos though. I've never plugged anything into it."
    "It probably does. You got a fancy ass T.V. Laptop is right there. Go ahead and open your email and all that. I need to go use the little girl's room. Make my bed."
    "All right."

    There's pictures in my email that I forgot existed. Pictures of me and Leah right before Regan was born. My mom holding Regan in the hospital. My dad holding her in the hospital. And me holding her in the hospital. There has to be like eighty pictures here. All the way up to her last birthday. Some of these I did have. I lost them when my old laptop decided to die on me. I'm glad I got them back.
    "I love that one of you and Regan at the piano."
    "Does she play?"
    "She does. One of the videos my mom sent is of her playing when she was about seven."
    "Show me."
    "I think it's this one here... No. Hold..."
    "Wait! Oh my god! Look at her go! She's so tiny walking."
    "She got walking down around ten months. She was talking before she was two as well."
    "I love how she's holding on to one of your fingers. You got better looking with age Michael."
    "Shut your mouth."
    "You had pimples! Look."
    "I was fifteen going through puberty. Stop talking shit."
    "Okay, now the one of her playing piano."
    "Here we go."
    "Wow. How can little tiny fingers play that damn good?"
    "No idea."
    "Were you playing this young?"
    "I was. I wasn't this good though."
    "Does she play anything else besides the piano?"
    "Not that I know of."
    "That video right there. The thumbnail looks like she has a guitar. Play that one."
    "Huh! I guess she plays guitar too."
    "That's a Pink Floyd song. She learned a Pink Floyd song for your dad's birthday! How sweet is tha... Whoa!"
    "Uh… Regan can fucking sing too."
    "Uh huh! You got a talented little girl Michael. Damn!... Real men cry Michael. No need to wipe your tears away all fast so I don't see them."
    "What if you had a kid that you wanted to be with you, but the father kept it from you for ten years. Then you got your kid back all the sudden and you realize you know nothing about your own child. How would you feel?"
    "It would break my heart."
    "I'm so sorry."
    "What time is it?"
    "Um… 10:17."
    "I need to get going. I made a folder on your desktop and saved all the pictures in it. The videos are in there too. Can you put those on that flash drive while I go to the bathroom and get dressed?"
    "I sure can."
    "You don't have to print out those pictures tonight."
    "Okay. I'll do it tomorrow after work. I'll go get a few more ink cartridges just in case. There's eighty six pictures here."
    "Yeah. I didn't think my mom would send that many. How much does the ink cost? I'll pay for it."
    "Don't worry about it Michael."
    "Are you sure?"
    "I don't want your rich boy money!"
    "I was only offering! You know? Being a nice guy."
    "I'm going to do a man thing right now."
    "I'm keeping your panties."
    "Are you serious?"
    "Okay. I farted in them a few times today."
    "I know. Once while you were sitting on my couch."
    "You're welcome."
    "Go pee and go home Michael."
    "Yes Ms. Cooper!"


    All beds are put together. Thank you Ode and Scott! Everyone has ate dinner and getting settled in. Now it's time to show these guys some Risky Business. New floor plus socks equals floor skating. It's a must!
    "Since we're all sitting here doing nothing at all, let's have some fun."
    "Like what?"
    "Floor skating! Everyone has socks on."
    "Floor skating Ode! Haven't you seen Risky Business?"
    "You want us all to slide across your new floor in our socks?"
    "Yeah! Watch... Whoa! Shit!"
    "Oh my god Hayden! Are you okay?"
    "Oh my ass."
    "I already fell on this floor once today. I'm good."
    "It was fuckin' great!"
    "No it wasn't dude! When I fell, I smashed my balls. Stop fuckin' laughin' all you."
    "How the fuck did you manage to fall and smash your balls?"
    "I was goin' out to get somethin' out of my car. I was comin' down the stairs all fast and as soon as I hit the floor I slide and bounced off the wall. This fuckin' guy was just standin' there laughin' at me."
    "It was fuckin' funny man."
    "Thank god me and Milly don't have balls to smash."
    "No! We do. The boys just don't like it. Huh Babe?"
    "That shit fuckin' hurt Melissa."
    "It wasn't on purpose."
    "What she do?"
    "We were gettin' ready to go bed and she was walkin' on her knees and got my balls."
    "On accident! I'm sure Hayden has smashed Oden's before too."
    "No. But she straight socked me in the dick one time when I pissed her off."
    "The fuck you do?"
    "I don't even remember."
    "You and Scott were drunk, and you said my face looks like someone farted on it."
    "That's right!"
    "The fuck you tell her that for man? Hayden is fuckin' hot."
    "Her sneeze face isn't."
    "You wanna get socked again?"
    "Don't break his pee pee! I still wanna be an uncle."
    "Wait! What? Ow!"
    "Leave it to my brother's mouth."
    "Here, help you up Milly... Oh god! Uh! I may have used to much lacquer."
    "You kicked me in the who ha Hayden. Oh my god!"
    "At least you don't have balls."
    "It still hurts!"
    "Breakin' my girl's vagina. The fuck?"
    "Floor skating!"
    "Wait… What did Devin mean? Still want to be an uncle?"
    "Oh, me and Ode are trying to have a baby."
    "How exciting! You could be pregnant right now and we don't even know."
    "We only had sex about four times without a condom Milly."
    "Once is all it takes. Trust me, I know."
    "I know very well too."
    "Let's not talk about that Hayd."
    "You got Hayden pregnant before?"
    "Yeah. Leave it at that."
    "Oh. Well, good luck with this one. Hope what ever happen then, doesn't happen this time and you guys get your kid."
    "They will Babe."
    "You two done fuckin' around? I'm tired."
    "Yeah. Come help me up Babe."
    "Let's hope I don't fall when I do this shit..."
    "Woo! The kid knows how to Tom Cruise it across a floor."
    "Hand for ya both."
    "Thank you."
    "Thanks Babe. Night guys."
    "I'm goin' night night too… Son of a bitch!"
    "Dev is like fuckin' Bambi."
    "Fuck you Ode."
    "Get up and walk man. Stop crawlin'."
    "Hell no."
    "Take off your socks Devin."
    "To late now! I'm at the stairs. I hate your floor. But the kitchen looks fuckin' good. Nice job."
    "Thanks. Night Devin."
    "Your couches suck."
    "They're new. They still need to be broke in."
    "I don't like em. I like mine."
    "I don't like leather couches."
    "We need new ones."
    "Couch and Loveseat?"
    "I'll go buy some tomorrow with Rye."
    "No wood on em like these. That's what I don't like."
    "Okay. You tired?"
    "Yeah. Do I look tired?"
    "You do. Ready for bed?"
    "Go on. I'll turn off all the lights and shit."
    "You know the code to my safe right?"
    "My birthday?"
    "Yeah. If something happens and you're here alone my gun is in it."
    "Rye gave me hers."
    "That little ass thing? That'll only piss someone off. Use mine and make your point loud and clear."
    "Yours will knock me on my ass Ode."
    "Probably. Aim good so you don't have to shoot twice. I'll be in bed."
    "I'll be in there in a minute."
    "Hurry the fuck up so you can suck this dick."
    "Fuck you."
    "I will if you hurry the fuck up."


    Fast food dinner at 10:00pm is so bad. It'll make you fat, and Opie is so spoiled! He got two regular hamburgers with nothing on it but meat and bread and his own large cup of water. I need to get the hang of James' bathroom door. Opie keeps coming in when I go in there. I got out of the shower and I was standing there drying my hair with the towel and here he comes. I was going to kill some more zombies but I couldn't figure out how to turn on his game. Why can't I figure it out? Oh well. Guitar it is.
    "I see your moles."
    "Why are you wearing two different color socks?"
    "Because life is too short for matching ones."
    "I thought you were going to kill zombies?"
    "I couldn't figure out how to turn on your game."
    "Power button on the controller."
    "Oh! I'm dumb."
    "No you're not. How are we doing this?"
    "Doing what?"
    "Sleeping. You said it would be weird. Am I sleeping on the floor?"
    "No. In the bed with me."
    "All right."
    "You're going sleepy now?"
    "No. I'm just laying here. Put away the guitar and come here."
    "Okay. Light off?"
    "Yeah, I'll turn this one on."
    "That's a cool little light."
    "It's a regular lamp. Just has a colored bulb in it… Why did you take your shirt off?"
    "Why not? Yours is off."
    "I don't sleep with a shirt."
    "I don't sleep with a bra. Does this bother you? Me sitting on you."
    "No. I like this belly button piercing a lot for some reason."
    "You just like playing with it."
    "That too."
    "You still want me to suck on you?"
    "If you want to."
    "Kiss me like you did last night first."

    The way he grabbed my hips and flipped my onto his bed was cool. My reaction was to wrap my legs around him. He didn't mind that. The neck bites! Oops!
    "I'm sorry."
    "Being loud and clawing."
    "You don't have to be quiet here, and I don't care about the clawing. I like it."
    "I don't want your parents to hear me."
    "They won't. There's a room and a bathroom between us. I wanna hear you."
    "I didn't feel you like I do right now last night."
    "I wasn't between your legs last night."
    "I like it. Can I see it?"
    "What do I get if I show you?"
    "I'll suck it."
    "Let me see you."
    "I take my pants off and you take yours off."
    "I don't want you to see it. Well, the string anyway."
    "Tuck it in."
    "Are you serious?"
    "I don't think it'll stay in."
    "You're doing it right now?"
    "You want me to go to the bathroom and do it? Turn away and don't watch me."
    "Okay, I'm turned away. I just told a girl to tuck in her tampon string."
    "And I'm actually doing it! Okay, I think I got. If not you're just gonna deal with it."
    "Your pants are still on."
    "No, no, no!"
    "Let me take them off."
    "Um... Okay."

    New kissing spots! My legs and thighs. I really like it. The thigh kisses tickled. A lot! Then he kissed me… Right... There!
    "I thought you don't do that when a girl is on her period?"
    "You're fresh out of the shower and I'm not licking the whole thing and... and... I don't care!"
    "You said you wanted to look at it."
    "I did. Nice tuck job."
    "Shut up."
    "Let me lick it."
    "Go ahead. I only stopped you because you said guys don't when a girl is bleeding. Continue... Wait, wait!"
    "Will I like it?"
    "I promise you will."

    This is better than fingers. Sucking and biting. It's awesome. He doesn't care that I'm tugging at his hair or being a little bit loud.
    "Okay... Oh my god, oh my god! Stop now."
    "Mmm! I… I can't handle it anymore. Please!"
    "You taste good."
    "Let me kiss you now."
    "If I kiss you right now and you like it, I swear I will love you forever."
    "Why? Becky didn't like it?"
    "No. She made me go wash my face and use mouthwash before I could kiss her."
    "Kiss me... I don't mind it. Now lick these."
    "Let me see you lick them."
    "Lick mine, I'll lick yours."
    "You're fucking hot Reg. I told you you'd taste... yourself one of these days."
    "It doesn't taste bad at all."
    "No it doesn't. I could've told you that."
    "Let me see you now."
    "You don't have to suck it if you don't really want to."
    "I want to. Coach me. Tell me what to do. No! Tell me how you want me to do it. How you like it."
    "Let me see it."
    "Still want it in your mouth?"
    "You shave it."
    "I keep him nice."
    "I just... Suck on it?"
    "You don't even have to suck. Just put it in your mouth and go up and down. Sucking and flicking your tongue is a plus."
    "Flick my tongue?"
    "Like I was doing to you. Do that right here on this little spot."
    "Like this..."
    "Mmm... Yeah, another… Fuck... Stop and listen."
    "When you go up use your hand and go up when you do."
    "Grab it with your hand… Go up like this."
    "Oh. And down too when I go down?"
    "Yes... You don't gag when it hits your throat."
    "Am I supposed to? Am I doing it wrong because I'm not?"
    "No, no! You're doing it right. Some girls are gaggers and you're not."
    "That's not a bad thing?"
    "No... Don't stop."
    "I wanna swallow."
    "I... Haven't had sex in over a year. Maybe you should pass on this one."
    "I won't last that long and it might be too much for you."
    "Okay. Can is there if you puke."
    "I'll puke?"
    "I don't know. There's a girl at school who's known to puke on guys when they cum in her mouth. So, can is there. Please don't puke on me."
    "Liz said if I wanted to swallow and I'm scared it'll taste bad, just to make sure it's at the back of my mouth so it just goes down."
    "So... When you cum or get ready to, just push my head down."
    "All right... Hey!… No teeth."


    Reg isn't bad at all. She's better than Becky. Lasts longer too. She's not just doing it to please me. She's enjoying it. I think. I hope. Like I told her, no sex in over a year. This isn't going to last much longer. I did what she asked and pushed her head down. And she went down more. I felt it go down her throat a little bit. No gagging!
    "Ah fuck... Stop now. Shit Reg. You swallowed my dick like nothing."
    "I wasn't supposed to do that?"
    "Are you kidding me? That shit felt good."
    "I tasted it and thought it wasn't back far enough. I didn't mean to swallow it. It almost made me gag."
    "You have no gag reflex."
    "Yes I do. Look... UH! See! I guess if it's bigger than a finger I don't have one."
    "Maybe. Fuck."
    "Am I hurting you?"
    "No. I feel better after that."
    "Why don't you wanna have sex with me?"
    "I don't want to right away is all. I never said I don't want to."
    "Do you?"
    "Right now?"
    "Yes. But I won't."
    "I wanna have sex with you."
    "I don't know Reg."
    "Are you going to make me wait months and months?"
    "No. How about this... One month. Then we'll have sex. I just want to be sure me and you last a while. I don't want just a fling with you. I want a relationship."
    "Yeah. Me and you just dating for a few weeks. I don't want that with you."
    "You wanna be with me for a long time? Right?"
    "Yeah. I really do like you. And I love your mouth."
    "Shut up."
    "What is it you want?"
    "What do you mean?"
    "Do you want us last longer than a few weeks?"
    "I really do James. Okay... Can I be honest with you?"
    "I kind of hope you're always honest with me Reg."
    "I will be."
    "Good. What were you going to say?"
    "I wanna be the type of girl who only has sex with one boy. You're probably thinking I'm young and there might be someone better than you and I wanna try it all out first. But that's not me. I don't wanna be that kind of girl."
    "Why not wait till you're married then? Why waste that on me?"
    "You want it and I just wanna make you happy."
    "No Reg. Having sex with you won't make me happy. Well, it will, but I don't need it. Just being with you, you being my girlfriend. That's what makes me happy. We don't have to have sex at all if you don't want to."
    "What if we last a really long time?"
    "Then I'll marry you, pop that pussy, and divorce you."
    "All those years just to tag a virgin."
    "Will power and patience Reg."
    "You're so mean."
    "I have to give you a hard time."
    "I wanna be that girl James. A one boy girl."
    "When we reach that point when we know we don't want anyone else then we can have sex. We don't have to wait till we get married."
    "I can deal with that."
    "Is anal considered losing my virginity?"
    "Uh... I guess it all depends on what you consider sex. Me? You can't use your poop hole as a loophole."
    "That's funny."
    "You mouth isn't a virgin anymore."
    "No! Thank you."
    "Ah! Opie! I'm still naked."
    "Opie go. Grab my pants too."
    "Hey! Spank me again... One more!"
    "That last one hurt a little bit."
    "Right. Here's your pants."
    "Ready for Opie?"
    "Yep. Opie come here... Hey! That's my spot."
    "That's his spot. I get to share mine with you."
    "I am. I just want to hold you is all."
    "Oh god! Opie wants hugs too."
    "Opie lay down and go to sleep. Asshole."
    "Let me know if I fart in my sleep."

    This is all I want right here. I'm happy. Regan makes me happy.