Saturday, June 20


    "This is my eight-year-old dance champion."
    "Look at my trophy mom!"
    "I see it Lizzy. Very cool."
    "Where do you want to go to celebrate Beanstalk?"
    "Ice cream!"
    "Ice cream it is."
    "How about some dinner first?"
    "Special day! Let Beanstalk have ice cream for dinner."
    "Please mom? Come on."
    "Come on mom! With cherries? I'll even buy you one."
    "How can I say no to my handsome husband and his pouty lip?"
    "Mine is better! Look at it mom."
    "Oh! Your daughter out pouted you Mathew."
    "Haha dad!"

    I didn't end up on the floor. I opened my eyes and see Sean sitting up in the bed looking at me weird with a cheesy grin on his face. Was I drooling? Snoring?
    "You were talking in your sleep. You want ice cream?"
    "I had a dream about my dad."
    "I know. You also said, haha dad."
    "What all did I say?"
    "Just haha dad and ice cream."
    "Did you try to wake me up?"
    "No. You were smiling and not twitching. I left you alone. Are you okay?"
    "Yeah. That... I..."
    "It was a dream about when I was eight and I just won my first competition. My dad was asking me how I wanted to celebrate. I told him I wanted ice cream, and my mom was like, no! Dinner first. I got all pouty and so did my dad, then I said, come on mom! Please and that my pouty lip was better than dad's. Look! Its better! My pouty lip won, and I said, haha dad. It was weird Sean. I've never had a dream about that. I do remember that day like it happen yesterday, but never had a dream about it. Michael's mom said you can suppress the bad things in my head. Is this what she meant?"
    "I don't know. Call her and ask."
    "That's right! She wanted me to call her this morning. Pee first and I'll call. Make your bed."
    "No... Okay."
    "Get use to the look Sean."

    That was so weird. I seriously never had a dream about that day. Let's see if this what Michael's mom meant. Speaker for Sean.
    "Good morning. It's Elizabeth."
    "Good morning Elizabeth. Sleep well?"
    "I did. I did what you told me to do. I fell asleep on Sean's chest."
    "Oh, did it help?"
    "I still had a dream about my dad."
    "About the night he died?"
    "No. It was a dream about the day I got my first real dance competition win when I was eight."
    "So, it wasn't a bad dream at all?"
    "No. It was weird to me. I remember that day like it happen yesterday, but I have never dreamt about it."
    "Do you think you would've had a different dream about your father if you didn't fall asleep on his chest?"
    "I think I would of. Because of all the things we talked about yesterday."
    "Do you remember what I had said? He can suppress the bad things in your mind."
    "Yes. Does that mean he can change my nightmares into good dreams?"
    "In a way, yes. We can't control what we dream about. The human mind works in so many different ways, we are still learning new things about it every day. Mr. Lebedinsky's heart calms you. Even though you were asleep, your brain was still processing his heartbeat. You still hear things as you sleep. Understand?"
    "Even though we can't control our dreams, his heartbeat still suppressed the negative in your mind."
    "So, if I fall asleep on his chest every night I won't have these dreams?"
    "Possible. We do move around in our sleep. If you move away before you enter the dream stage of your sleep then it won't work. But, it also could just be enough to work."
    "Yes and no basically?"
    "I still don't know why you wanted me to call this morning."
    "I only wanted to know if you had a good night sleep."

    Well okay then!


    My dog snores louder than my dad does, and farts more. He's supposed to sleep at the foot of bed. He does, then when I pass out he moves up to lay next to me. Sometimes with his ass in my face.
    "Damn it Opie! You stepped on my dick you asshole. Yeah?!"
    "Mail for Opie."
    "Oh. It's probably his fancy shirt. Open it. I need to get medicated."
    "Pharmacy called. Your refill is ready, so you need to go pick that up at some point today."
    "Okay. Is dad's ready too?"
    "Yeah. His were ready yesterday."
    "All right. What's in the box?"
    "Opie's certificate and two vests. He's officially a service dog."
    "I can't believe he actually passed the obedience training."
    "He's not retarded. Just big and goofy. Huh asshole? See!"
    "Opie, come. Try on your vest."
    "Blue isn't his color."
    "There's a red one in the box too."
    "Service dog. Do not pet."
    "You should take him with you today and see how he does."
    "He does real good. The only issue I have is people being scared of him and not wanting him in their store."
    "He is scary. Look at him."
    "He's not scary in that vest. It sissified him."
    "Stores can't deny him now."
    "Yeah... I don't feel good."
    "Like how?"
    "Take an insulin shot with your pill."
    "I only have two left."
    "You should've said something. I would've refilled that too."
    "I thought I had more. I'll call after I take a shower. Hopefully that'll be refilled too."
    "You can always use your dad's if you really need to."
    "No. I hate using a needle. I rather stick something to my leg and push a button."
    "Are you just hungry?"
    "No. I should eat though. It'll help."
    "All right. Take your shower and I'll call your doctor for you and then make you some breakfast."
    "He's chewing on his vest."
    "Because you said he looks sissified in it."
    "He does. That vest done sissified you Ope. No! Damn you! All that obedience training and he still punches me in the dick."
    "You wanted him."
    "He's my buddy that needs to watch where he drops his paws."
    "Your dad fell asleep on the couch yesterday and Opie decided to wake him up with a paw to his junk. He wasn't happy about it."
    "He's damn near 90 pounds. It hurts."
    "I gave birth to a 11 pound baby James. Stop crying."
    "Oh my god! You always bring that up. My bad for being a big baby. You should of ate less."
    "You're lucky you're to old for an ass whooping. Smart ass. I'll be downstairs."
    "I love you!"
    "Yeah yeah!"
    "Come here Ope. Take that sissy vest off. I told them black and red and they send you blue and red. Fucking idiots huh? Come on. Let's go outside so you can take a shit."


    Busy day today! Moving a few things to the new house and then the rest tomorrow. The floor should be dry today, and the boys better not scratch it. I should buy a pack of those pads to put under the legs on the table and what not. I have area rugs too. Those will be fine. Ode has a morning boner. Should I wake him up? Or just get on it?
    "Suck it or ride it Hayd. Don't just stare at it."
    "Get me wet and I'll ride it."
    "Sit on my face."
    "What?! It's your fuckin' turn to do all the work."
    "Fine! No morning sex for you. I'm getting up."
    "Get back here and lay back down. I'll eat that pussy a minute. Grab a condom since you're closer."
    "You gonna make me do that too?"
    "I don't want you to use them anymore."
    "As in pull out? Or as in baby?"
    "You sure? You said you wanted to wait till we got the fuck out of here and settled in New York."
    "I want one now Ode. Lets make a baby."
    "Okay. This one stays. Don't get scared of your daddy and run off and have another abortion. Don't fuckin' hurt me like that again."
    "This one stays."
    "All right. Lets make a baby."
    "I'm waiting."
    "I'm still gonna lick this pussy first."
    "Then shut the fuck up and eat it."
    "Fine! Since you're twistin' my fuckin' arm and shit."
    "Shut up."


    Fuckin' bored! Em is out of town with her parents, Jacob and Melissa are at Jim's movin' shit around. I still have like an hour to kill before I go to work. This fuckin' sucks. 
    "The fuck you doin'?"
    "Go to work."
    "Me and Hayd are takin' off. Here."
    "The fuck you givin' me these for?"
    "Me and Hayd don't need em anymore."
    "What? She's pregnant?"
    "Not yet."
    "Is this one gonna stick?"
    "Right arm. You gonna tell mom and dad?"
    "Naw. We will when she's actually pregnant."
    "I thought you guys were gonna wait till we all got to New York?"
    "That was the plan, but she wants a baby now."
    "That's pretty cool."
    "Yeah. Have you packed anything yet?"
    "Not really that much to pack. Bed, dresser, desk, and clothes is all I really have."
    "Right? Same here. Half the shit here we don't even need to take."
    "Take it all and have a yard sale or somethin'."
    "You have that balcony in your room. Take theses couches and the coffee table and put it all out there. Make a nice little chill and smoke spot."
    "I like that idea."
    "There's a few boxes right here and packing tape Hayd told me to give you. Pack up all the random shit layin' around. Get some shit done since you're bored."
    "All right. You guys gettin' the truck tomorrow?"
    "Yeah. Everyone is helpin'. That includes you."
    "I know."
    "I'm out of here. Hayd is waitin' on me."
    "I guess I'll pack some shit up since I have an hour to kill."
    "All right. Later."
    "Later gator."
    I'm gonna be an uncle? That's pretty fuckin' cool!


    I was excited to work today. Then we passed the sign that said, Welcome To Monterey. I don't wanna be here at all. It's still way too much. Just breathe. It's okay. Sean is here.
    "This is the stop light Sean. They still haven't replaced the guard rail. Look."
    "Don't pay attention to that Liz."
    "Look that way. See that white house between the theater and library?"
    "That's my house."
    "Is it really?"
    "You were this close to home?"
    "Not even five minutes away."
    "That's fucked up."
    "We almost made it. Next light, turn left, and then home."
    "Stop thinking about all of this please. I don't want you to be upset."
    "I can't help it. Do we have time to go see my dad?"
    "Can you take me please?"
    "Five minutes then we go get a pretty ring?"
    "That's why we left early."

    Sean took me to the store first to get some pretty flowers. His idea. So weird, this place hasn't changed one bit. Ran into my old friend Lindsay. She got fat. She told me David and our other friend Melody hooked up after I left. That doesn't surprise me one bit. Also told me David entered the Classics this year with a girl named Stephanie Hooker. I remember her. She's a year younger than all of us and a gymnast. Not a dancer at all. So we'll see how that turns out.
    "This is my first time visiting my dad."
    "Is it?"
    "Yeah. I couldn't come see him. I couldn't handle it."
    "I'm here. Come on."
    "Okay. He's over here right passed the pond."
    "I'm following you."
    "God I hate graveyards."
    "I'm not a fan either."
    "My dad is the only one who doesn't have flowers."
    "He has some now."
    "He should always have some though."
    "You feel that?"
    "The breeze that came from nowhere?"
    "My dad is saying hi to us."
    "You think so?"
    "Yeah. Wanna sit with me?"
    "Okay... I like the little family photo you guys had put on his headstone."
    "Yeah. It was the last picture we all took together."
    "You lost weight."
    "Sorry. I made you smile though."
    "I needed to smile. Thanks. I lost weight and my friend Lindsay found it. She got fat."
    "That's fucked up to say about a friend."
    "She did though! She used to be small like me. Help me pull this vase up."
    "Just leave the flowers in the vase they're in."
    "Can't. The sign on the fence said no glass vases or bottles."
    "Oh. Okay... That's not coming out."
    "Try the other one."
    "Fuck, are you sure these come out?"
    "Yeah! Look at the other headstones."
    "They won't come out. I tried to turn them and everything."
    "We can leave this vase I guess. You think they'll throw it away?"
    "Probably not. They might pull these out and switch it. I hope so anyway, it'll be fucked up to throw someone's flowers away."
    "I hope so too. I'm ready now."
    "Pretty ring?"
    "Thank you for bringing me to see my dad Sean."
    "You're welcome. Help you up?"
    "Bye dad."

    That wasn't to bad at all. I needed to go see my dad. The jewelry store was super fun. We ended up getting a wedding set. Three rings, two for me and one for Sean. I got a pretty ring! I was in luck and they had it in my size and Sean's ring had to be resized. The lady said it would be done in about three hours or so. Works perfect! We'll work and then go pick them up on the way home. We still had a little bit of time to kill so Sean took me to meet Teresa. The lady who made my Rumba dress. She's so fucking nice! Instead of driving next door we decided to walk and I made Sean carry my bag.
    "Your bag is heavier than mine."
    "Is it? I don't have that much stuff in it."
    "Feels heavier."
    "Want me to carry it?"
    "No. I got it."
    "No crying Sean."
    "I'm not. I'm only saying."
    "Corlie! Oh my god!"
    "I missed you!"
    "I missed you too. How are you?"
    "I'm awesome."
    "Where's your mom?"
    "Over there."
    "You know this girl?"
    "Yeah. She was one of the kids I taught over at Novak."
    "This is Cora."
    "This is the little girl you want me to teach ballet to?"
    "She's way passed ballet Sean. Why are you crying when he tries to teach you?"
    "He's making me do things I know already."
    "That's no reason to cry. Why didn't you just tell him?"
    "He's cute. I can't talk to him."
    "He is adorable isn't he?"
    "Okay. So how far are you in ballet?"
    "She knows all the basics and most of the advanced stuff. She also knows tap."
    "Mama! Look! Liz!"
    "Hey Nicole!"
    "Hey! How are you?"
    "I'm great."
    "How's your mom?"
    "She's great too. In the same boat as you with that belly. Sorry had to give it a rub."
    "I'm not pregnant."
    "Oh my god! I'm so sorry."
    "I'm joking Liz!"
    "So mean!"
    "You know I adore you. So how far is your mom?"
    "About eight weeks. You look like you're about to drop this one out any second."
    "I have one more month to go."
    "Awesome. Boy or girl?"
    "Another girl. So your mom is expecting as well, what else is new with her?"
    "She's getting married. She's doing really good. She's real happy."
    "That's so good to hear."
    "When did you guys switch to here from Novak?"
    "Right after you left. Cora was sad and wasn't having fun anymore. She said she didn't want to dance, then a month later she wanted to. Took her back and all the classes were full, so here we are. Little more money here. No offense Sean. But it's so worth it! Everyone here is nice and they work one on one with the kids if they really need it."
    "My mom wants everyone to get their moneys worth."
    "Sean brought me today to work with Corlie because he said she was struggling."
    "I did mention to him that the only one who was able to teach her was you. Well, I said old teacher."
    "My mom put her with me because she thought it would be better. Novak wouldn't transfer her progress to us, so we assumed she was struggling. She's not old enough for any of the more advanced classes here."
    "I don't wanna do ballet Liz."
    "What is it you wanna learn then?"
    "The stuff you were doing before you left."
    "Oh! Contemporary."
    "We don't teach that here."
    "Novak doesn't either. I'm self taught when it comes to contemporary."
    "I can talk to my mom if Liz says she'll teach Cora contemporary."
    "I will if that's what she wants to learn."
    "I think it's unfair that you pay to be here and Cora isn't getting what she wants out of it. Liz is here to teach Cora for me. So if says she'll teach her what she wants, then let me talk to my mom. She's like me, she wants to make sure all the little ones get what they want here."
    "Okay. That'll be great."
    "Let's go talk to her real fast."
    "All right. So, how do you know Liz?"
    "We go to school together and she's my dance partner in our schools dance program."
    "And he's my boyfriend."
    "You're dancing again?"
    "Yeah. Turns out it really hurt my mom. I see a shrink because of my dad. He said I need to fix the parts of my mom that I broke and dance was the big one."
    "It was. It makes me so happy to hear that Liz. You're amazing, and this guy right here is also amazing. He dances in the show cases here. He's better than David. Just sayin'!"
    "Oh! Believe me! I know."
    "David is doing the Classics this year."
    "Yeah. I heard."
    "Are you two entering?"
    "That's great. I bet they miss you there."
    "Won three years in a row and I'm the youngest to win there. I still hold that title."
    "Yeah. Jason and Allie won't like the fact you're back."
    "They won the last two years?"
    "Yeah. Three years coming in second to you. They'll see your name on the list and be like, dang it!"
    "Ha! Right? You didn't tell me those two took over Sean."
    "You only asked if David was still doing them. Let's get in here and talk to my mom. It's almost 1:00 and I have to get to my class."

    Corlie and Nicole totally made my day! I love this little girl and her mom to death! I thought I was here to teach a little girl ballet. Nope! Not this little girl. I done taught this one all she needs to know! Sorry Sean! Russian talk. Meow!
    "Okay, I told my mom everything you told me, she's fine with it. But she wants to talk to all of you. I have to get upstairs, my mom will put you guys in a room and all of that. Sound good?"
    "Yup. Bag?"
    "I sat it right there. Kiss... I got to go."
    "Have fun Love."
    "I always have fun."
    "Come sit."
    "Hi Vey!"
    "Hello Leez. Ivan say you teach Cora all need in ballet?"
    "Yeah. She knows all the basics and most of the advanced stuff. I taught her well Vey."
    "I believe you Leez. You very good. Ivan tell you we no teach contemporary yeah?"
    "Yeah. I have no issue at all teaching her contemporary is that's what she really wants."
    "They pay to get what want. Cora no get what want. Dat why I talk to you. I want you get money worth."
    "I'm sorry. I didn't understand that."
    "Vey wants you guys to get your moneys worth here."
    "Yes. No fair you pay and daughter no get what she want. Ivan want me to bring Leez in to work here, but I no need new instructor. But if Leez want to teach contemporary to Cora and maybe other then I let her."
    "Not a problem Vey. Sean wants me to work with Corlie. If you want to offer contemporary and give me some more students that's also fine."
    "How many can you teach at once?"
    "Hmm... At Novak I had a group of like twelve or so."
    "Okay. Dat about normal size. I no know contemporary. Any dance require to do?"
    "Contemporary is an extreme version of ballet basically. So you have to at least know all the basics."
    "You fine come with Ivan on weekend to work?"
    "Okay. Come. I show you room I got left. Is little small, but work for now. Only one student."
    "Eee! Excited Corlie?"
    "Ivan class here. He do two class today, when done with Cora you can see if he need help."
    "Your room here on top floor. Here key, no lose! Is good or is too small?"
    "It's shaped weird, but plenty big. This will defiantly work Vey."
    "If need more room we move seats out."
    "It's perfect for now. Today all I'm gonna do is go over some basics with her."
    "I have someone bring case of water for fridge. After done you need come to me so I can get you on pay sheet yeah?"
    "Okie dokie! Thanks Vey."
    "Welcome. If need change, bathroom right cross there."

    My own room with my own key! Happy face!

    "Okay Missy! First thing first. Selfie! I need to send this to my mom."
    "Send it to mine too."
    "Sent. Now we work. You remember all your ballet?"
    "Show me. Five basic positions. 1st… 2nd… 3rd... 4th... And 5th. Very nice!"
    "See! I told you!"
    "Blah, blah, blah! Grand Plié... Perfect!"
    "I'm only making sure Corlie. Pirouette... Ah! Don't tilt that hip when you pick that leg up."
    "I didn't!"
    "Watch. Hips straight, leg flat. You did this. Do not do that. Again... Nope."
    "She had this issue last time."
    "I remember. 3rd position. Hips straight, leg flat. Hold it. See now?"
    "Again... There you go! Let’s see if your toes are still strong. En Pointe. Up! Stay as long as you can."
    "It hurts already."
    "Stay on them Corlie. Don't bow your feet that much."
    "OW! That's as long as I can do it."
    "That was pretty good. Work on that for me though. Okay?"
    "Now, contemporary. Teaching techniques include yoga and pilates to strengthen your core up. Like I told Vey, contemporary is an extreme version of ballet. It has a ton of ballet in it. From classic to modern and my favorite! Improv! Pretty much anything you want. Contemporary may look easy, but it is not. It's a very athletic dance style. Keep all you know about ballet in your head but get rid of all the stiffness. Make sense?"
    "Yes. I watch videos on the computer at home."
    "Okay then. Let’s do some pilates."

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    I ended up sleeping until noon. No clue why my dad didn't wake me up. He knew I wanted to hang out with James today and that I wanted to do all my homework and chores early. As soon as I rolled out of bed he made me do everything. Daddy probation! But I am learning that if I just do what he asks me to do I can do what I want. Kind of! You know, freedom points. I really like James and I really wanna hang out with him as much as possible. So I need all the freedom points I can get.
    "Dad, can you check my math please? I finished it, but I'm pretty sure it's wrong."
    "Bring it here... Most of it is right. Only these five here are wrong."
    "Is that okay or do you want me to erase and try again?"
    "You're fine."
    "Cool. Can I call James now?"
    "Did you do everything I asked?"
    "Everything but clean the toilet. The bottle of cleaner stuff under the sink was empty. But I did use the brush and cleaned it as good as I could. Almost out of dish soap too. I wrote both down on a piece of paper and stuck it to the fridge for next time we go to the store."
    "Did you really?"
    "Yeah. Turn around and look at the fridge."
    "I see."
    "Grandma made me work too dad. This chore crap isn't new to me."
    "Just because you're a teenager doesn't mean you have a free ride. And I'll be damned if you end up like one of those disrespectful kids."
    "Are you kidding? Grandma and Grandpa both used a belt of my butt if I messed up to bad."
    "The belt Grandpa called god?"
    "They both put the fear of god in me dad."
    "You're not the only one."
    "Can I call James now? I did everything. I'm learning fast if I just do what you ask without crying about it I get freedom points. I like James and I wanna hang out with him whenever I can. Plus! I have his History book and he needs it for his homework."
    "If you did finish everything, then yes. You can call him. Here's your phone."
    "Thanks. Pizza and a movie?"
    "Sure. I am going to have a chat with Mr. Larson. You are aware of this."
    "I know. Please don't scare him away dad."
    "I won't."
    "I won't! Not yet anyway."
    "Kind of my job."
    "I'm sure it is! I'm going outside to sit at the table and call. Is that okay?"

    I like James way too much for my dad to scare him away this soon.

    "Is two in the afternoon your mornings?"
    "No. My dad took my phone."
    "In trouble already?"
    "No. I had to do chores and my homework first is all."
    "What are you up to today?"
    "Nothing. Hoping you'll come over."
    "I will when I get home. I'm at the store right now."
    "I thought you didn't work today."
    "I don't work weekends. I'm here picking up my pills and shit and waiting for something else to be refilled. Please don't pet my dog."
    "Some little kid was trying to pet my dog."
    "Let the little kid pet your doggy."
    "He's my service dog. He can't be distracted."
    "Oh! So I can't pet him either?"
    "You can. Just not when he's working."
    "Your dog has a job."
    "Yeah. He works for cheap too. Only in dog snacks."
    "Awesome. So you could take him to school too huh?"
    "He can go anywhere I do. But I won't take him to school with me."
    "Why not?"
    "I don't need him there. If something happens, my teachers and friends know what to do. That's why I showed you how to use my insulin shots."
    "Okay. What's his name?"
    "Like from Sons of Anarchy?"
    "Yeah. That's where I got the name from."
    "I love that show."
    "Me too."
    "Sucks how it ended with..."
    "Ah! No! I haven't seen the last season yet. Don't spoil it for me."
    "I have Netflix. We can totally watch it today."
    "Oh, I'm down for that."
    "Pizza and Sons! My kind of day."
    "Right? Do I need to get anything while I'm here at the store?"
    "Um… Something to drink unless you're okay with Dr. Pepper or water."
    "As long as it's regular Dr. Pepper and not that cherry shit, I'm fine."
    "The cherry is so gross. But yeah, it's regular. Oh! I want something. I'll pay you when you get here."
    "You don't have to pay me. What do you want? A big box of tampons?"
    "No! I want a bag of Whoppers."
    "Will you share?"
    "If I said yes I'd be lying."
    "I should probably get more than one bag then."
    "Probably. My dad said he's gonna have a chat with you when you get here. I told him not to scare you away."
    "He won't scare me away."
    "Are you sure?"
    "I'm pretty sure. He just wants to get to know me is all."
    "Don't lie to him. He knows when you do."
    "Why would I lie to him?"
    "Just saying."
    "I have nothing to hide Reg."
    "Daddy tip! Being honest with him goes a long way. He asks you something, just be honest."
    "Noted. Okay, I have to go. I'll call you when I get home."
    "Okay. Bring Opie!"
    "If your dad is fine with me bringing him I will."
    "Okay! I'll talk to you soon."

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    That's one thing he didn't tell me. He has a doggie! I had a dog that my Grandma got me for my twelfth birthday. She was a collie named Pudding. One day, my mom or someone left the gate open, and she got out and got ran over by a car. What?! No Sons on Netflix! This sucks.
    "Dang it!"
    "No Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. What the heck?"
    "It should be on there. I saw it not too long ago."
    "I typed it in and nothing is showing."
    "You spelled it wrong. There you go."
    "Thank you."
    "I thought it was going to be pizza and a movie?"
    "James hasn't seen the last season. So it is now pizza and Sons."
    "This doesn't look a show you should be watching Regan."
    "I watched it with Grandpa."
    "Can James bring his doggy?"
    "Why does he want to bring his dog?"
    "He's his service dog. His name is Opie."
    "He doesn't need his dog here. He'll be fine."
    "I wanna meet his doggie. Please?"
    "I guess."
    "Cool. Any good pizza around here?"
    "Yeah. You want me to order now?"
    "No. Just asking."
    "Someone is coming by later to bring a T.V for you."
    "Is it a cool T.V?"
    "It's a flat screen that mounts on the wall. That's all I know."
    "I should have Grandma mail me my XBox."
    "What's wrong with that one?"
    "Oh! I didn't even notice that! You have a XBox One! Can I have it?"
    "It's there if you want to play it."
    "Do you have a XBox account to play online?"
    "Buy me the Zombies expansion for Call of Duty!"
    "Do I look like I'm made of money?"
    "There's two Call Of Duty games there. Play those."
    "Okay! Best of five. You win, I'll get you the expansion you want. If you lose, then you better save your money and get it yourself."
    "Which one?"
    "Advanced Warfare. You're about to get your butt whooped by a thirteen-year-old girl."
    "We'll see."
    "Yeah! We'll see you get beat by a thirteen-year-old girl."
    "Should I have a roll of toilet paper handy for you when you lose and cry like the thirteen-year-old girl you are?"
    "You need it handy for when you get beat by this thirteen-year-old girl."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "What!? Don't like it when I talk smack?"
    "Your foot right there will be in your mouth real soon."
    "I'm sure it will."
    "I know it will."
    "No sniping! Change your gun you cheater."
    "Aw! Don't like it?"
    "No! It's more fun if we're both running around. No hiding."
    "Fine. Five 5 minute rounds. Map is on random."
    "Sounds good... Wait! My phone. Don't start yet."
    "Hurry up before my deal expires."

    It's my boyfriend!

    "Are you home now?"
    "Yeah. I told you I would call when I got home."
    "Are you coming over? You can watch me whoop my dad's butt on Call of Duty."
    "You're playing Call of Duty?"
    "XBox or Playstation?"
    "XBox. Best of five. If I win he buys me the Zombies expansion."
    "I have Zombies."
    "Is it worth it?"
    "Oh yeah!"
    "Bring it!"
    "I can't. I have it on my Playstation."
    "Sorry. You wanna call me back when you're done beating your dad's ass?"
    "Come watch me do it. My dad said Opie can come too."
    "Okay. I'm walking out the door right now."
    "Did you remember my candy?"
    "Thank you."

    Opie is a big ass doggie! He made me fall in the bushes when he jumped on me. Turns out he likes me! He's a good doggie. So! Best of five. It's two to two right now, and dad is getting mad and James is sitting next to me laughing.
    "Stop with the god damn grenade launcher Regan."
    "There's no crying in Call of Duty dad."
    "Hey! No! No cheating!"
    "You want to launch grenades I'm hiding and sniping."
    "Not fair!"
    "There's no crying in Call of Duty."
    "No hiding! Come on! There's like one minute left and I need one more kill."
    "So do I... Oh! Uh oh!"
    "Nooooo! Best of seven!"
    "Campers suck!"
    "Grenade loggers suck."
    "Best of seven! Come on."
    "The deal was best of five."
    "Dang it!"
    "Aw! I need to step outside for a victory smoke."
    "Smoking kills dad."
    "I'm aware."
    "You got all mad at your dad."
    "Wanna go a few rounds?"
    "I don't know the controls on XBox."
    "No. Give me the controller."
    "Okay. A is jump, B is to crouch, X is to reload, Y is to switch your gun, right stick is to look around, left one is to move, push the right one down to use your knife, top right button is to throw grenades, left is your flash or special ones, left trigger is to aim, and the right is to shoot."
    "Okay. Hey! Don't shoot me. Give me a second to..."
    "HEY! You're a liar!"
    "Yeah. I had an XBox before my Playstation."
    "You suck."
    "There's no crying in Call of Duty Reg."
    "Shut up. There's someone here."
    "Oh, Jacob got his car back."
    "Haven't met him. What happen to his car?"
    "Wrecked it."
    "Pause! That one?"
    "His Mustang looks different from yours."
    "His is a Boss. Mine's not."
    "His Mustang is a Boss 302. My Mustang is a GT."
    "Your T.V is here. Turn the game off."
    "You need help?"
    "No, I think we got it. Or he does... A hand Mr. Sullivan?"
    "Naw I got it. This bitch is heavy for a flat screen though."
    "Just sit it over there by the stairs. Ms. Toledo."
    "Hello. Here's the wall mount and the remote."
    "Thank you. Have you met my daughter?"
    "I have not."
    "This is Regan. Regan this is Melissa, and that is Jacob."
    "Hi. I love your hair."
    "Thank you."
    "Hi James."
    "Oh shit! Nose is cold on my ass crack. Who's dog is this?"
    "He don't bite does he?"
    "Come here boy. He's a bad ass dog. What's his name?"
    "How old?"
    "About a year."
    "Aw! Him still a puppy."
    "This ain't no damn puppy."
    "Yes him is! Hi Opie! Oh my god!"
    "He likes girls."
    "I like him too. You just a big oh lover huh?"
    "How much did he cost you?"
    "$4,500. My parents got him for me from a breeder in Los Angeles."
    "Was his ears cropped already?"
    "No. I took him in and had them done."
    "He's a good lookin' dog. Back legs are all buff."
    "His dad is so buff he waddles when he walks."
    "Nice! You work him at all?"
    "Not really. I'll make him run every once in a while. Up and down the stairs in my house. That's about it."
    "I want one Babe."
    "Can't have a dog. Jim is allergic to em. Cats too."
    "Aw! We're sitting here petting him. We're going to kill your uncle when we get back."
    "Naw. He has Benadryl. He'll live."
    "Wow Babe."
    "It's true. You ready?"
    "Yeah. Bye Opie! I love him!"
    "Thank you for my T.V Jacob."
    "Thank my uncle. I'm only the delivery guy."
    "Oh. Thank him for me?"
    "Yeah. Oh, the remote and wall mount."
    "I already gave them to Mr. Avalon."
    "All right. We're outta here."
    "Thank Jim again for me Mr. Sullivan."
    "I will."


    So that was the purple haired girl that Hailey was telling me about. She's very cute!
    "Mr. Avalon's daughter is very cute."
    "I don't like her hair. I think she'd be twice as cute with a normal color."
    "Hailey told me her and James are dating and that she's also a virgin."
    "James got himself a virgin huh? Nice. Taggin' it or stickin' with it?"
    "James isn't like that Babe. He won't do anything with her unless she's ready."
    "How do you know?"
    "One. He dated Emily's cousin Rebecca for like a year. He never did or tried anything with her until she said so. Two. Liz told Hailey that James told Regan he doesn't want to have sex with her anytime soon."
    "Number two was a fuckin' mouthful."
    "James has a bad ass dog. I want him."
    "Very handsome puppy."
    "He ain't no damn puppy."
    "Yes he is."
    "I'd be drivin' my ass to Los Angeles right now if Jim wasn't allergic to dogs."
    "Keep it at my house. You basically live with me anyway."
    "Maybe. I need to run to the store for Dev. You need to buy him a pack of smokes."
    "Okay. You need some too?"
    "No. I have a half a pack right here and a full one in the glove box."
    "I've missed this car."
    "Right!? My baby right here."
    "Defiantly more comfortable. I need to leave a towel in here to put on seat so I don't burn my legs on the leather."
    "Whoever detailed it at Sid's did a good fuckin' job. I don't have the patients to sit here and do all this little shit. Dev is always bitchin' at me about it. Tellin' me my dash will crack and the leather will get all fucked up if I don't keep up with it."
    "He's probably right."
    "Yeah. I know. Anyway, money. You know what to get?"
    "Marlboro Black?"
    "Yeah. Red Bull and a Rockstar and get whatever you want."
    "Can I keep the change from this 100?"
    "Okay! I'll be right back."

    I actually hate when those two ask me to buy cigarettes for them. I don't like the fact that people might think I smoke when I don't. I also don't like telling Jacob no when it's something small like this. So I suck it up and just do it for him. He's my man and I love him.
    "I hate buying you guys cigarettes."
    "I don't want people to think I smoke."
    "Everyone knows you don't."
    "Look! He didn't even need any. He's smoking right now."
    "He probably bummed one off Scott."
    "Word up girls?!"
    "Here's your shit."
    "Thank you sir."
    "Boss holdin' up good?"
    "Yeah. Who detailed it?"
    "I did. Why?"
    "Wonderin' is all. Good job on it."
    "What happens when I get bored at work. You need to take better care of it."
    "I don't even smoke in it."
    "You smoke weed in it."
    "Wash your car more dude."
    "Fuck you."
    "We need to get back to your uncle's Babe. Are you two done?"
    "Will pettin' a dog kill my uncle since he's allergic to em?"
    "No. Why are you out pettin' dogs?"
    "That James guy was at Mr. Avalon's house when I dropped off that T.V for Jim and he had his dog there."
    "The fuck is he doin' at his house?"
    "Kickin' it with Mr. Avalon's daughter."
    "He has a daughter?"
    "The new girl with the purple hair. You seen her."
    "That's his fuckin' daughter?"
    "Holy shit."
    "And a virgin."
    "Flinch caught himself a virgin. Right arm."
    "Oh my god! What is it with boys and virgins?"
    "That pop."
    "You can feel it when you pop that cherry."


    Mr. Larson seems like a great kid. I haven't had my chat with him yet. I been mostly watching him and Regan and seeing how they get along. Regan told me he has Parkinson's. I'll admit, I didn't exactly believe her. Parkinson's is something that affects older people. Mr. Larson is only sixteen years old. His Parkinson's is very noticeable when you pay attention. For example. He'll blink with one eye or blink hard. He'll make fists to try to get his hands to stop shaking. Also noticeable when he walks. He can't walk in a straight line. He tends to trail off to the left or to the right and he'll also stumble like he tripped over something. Not a huge stumble, more like a slight limp. His dog Opie is very good at his job. The walking. When he would trial off, Opie will lean against his leg to him walking straight. I'm sure if he's on a leash he would pull him to the side if he can't lean against him. Regan knows all about it as well. When Opie was wandering around smelling things and such and not next to Mr. Larson. He would trail off, and Regan would grab his elbow or his wrist and pull him back. He doesn't seem to mind that she does that. He just smiles at her and gives her a quick kiss on her forehead. She's completely fine with this disease he has and he's completely fine with her help. Very obvious he likes her and very obvious she likes him. I'm still not 100% okay with all this. Regan is only thirteen. But I do see that he makes her happy. Seeing her happy, smiling, and laughing makes me feel real good. Makes me hate the fact that I've missed out on so much of her life. I'll admit that I didn't try as hard as I could to see her more. I do regret it now.
    "Pizza will be here in about 30 minutes. Give us a little bit of time to have a chat Mr. Larson. Come have a seat over here with me."
    "James is fine Mr. Avalon. We aren't in school."
    "Michael is fine."
    "Is this the chat Reg mentioned?"
    "It is. Are you nervous?"
    "No. I have nothing to hide."
    "Do you drink or anything?"
    "No. I was offered weed from Jacob and Devin. Devin said it might help with my P.D but I didn't try it. I honestly don't think I will either."
    "Marijuana has been known to help people with certain things. It’s been proven that marijuana does help with the effects of Parkinson’s. "
    "Yeah. Me and my dad’s doctor wanted to give us a card to try weed. But we don't want to try it. We do fine on the meds he gives us. Plus… I sometimes run the cash register at work. Last thing I need is to be high there and get fired for it."
    "You two can always try it on a weekend."
    "Yeah. Me and him think alike sometimes. We’re afraid we might like it and start smoking it like a pothead. We talked about it! We don’t want to get addicted to something is all."
    "Good point… What does tag a virgin mean?"
    "Dad! I'm sorry! He heard me on the phone with you last night."
    "Tag a virgin means... I'm thinking of a way to say this without looking like an asshole."
    "Just with her to fuck her?"
    "There you go."
    "Is that why you're interested in my daughter?"
    "No. Her being a virgin is the last thing on my mind. I don't even plan on having sex with her anytime to soon."
    "What if she said she wants to tonight?"
    "I'd tell her no. Having sex right away in a relationship is like... To me, it'll base our relationship on just that. Make sense?"
    "I want to hold off on that as long as we can. I rather get to know her first. Everything about her. Plus, I don't want to take anything from her that she can't get back just for kicks. I'm not that guy."
    "Is he lying dad?"
    "No he is not."
    "I been honest. I have nothing at all to hide."
    "Who kissed who first?"
    "I kissed her. She said she never kissed a boy and wanted to try it. I gave a close mouth kiss on her lips. Then she stuck her tongue down my throat when we kissed again."
    "That last part was a lie."
    "How do you do that? I said that to see if you'd know it was a lie."
    "I'm very good at reading people. Part of my job."
    "You can't lie to him James. Can't lie to my Grandma either."
    "She opened her mouth, and I stuck my tongue down her throat."
    "You don't even plan on trying anything with her are you?"
    "No. Not unless she wants to. She's the boss. Not me."
    "Opie! No!"
    "What did he do?"
    "He farted! I heard it. Oh! Now I smell it! Gross Opie."
    "He does that."
    "Oh my god, he stinks! You guys can't smell him?"
    "Not yet anyway. He's been known to clear... There it is!"
    "Oh wow! Let's open this back door."
    "Sorry about my dog making air biscuits on your couch."
    "I'm sure he didn't mean to."
    "Opie air biscuits."
    "He's a very smart dog. I was watching you guys walk around and I was watching him lean against you to keep you walking straight."
    "Yeah. My balance sucks sometimes and I walk to the side. I can't help it."
    "Does it bother you or will it embarrass you when Regan grabs your elbow when you start walking to the side?"
    "Not at all. I actually like it a lot. I didn't even ask her to do it. I just told her what Opie does, and she just did it on her own."
    "What stage is your Parkinson's in?"
    "You're very young to have this. The youngest I met before you was about thirty."
    "I got it from my dad. My Grandpa has it too. It runs in his side of the family. I'm the sixth one to have it."
    "What stage are they in?"
    "My dad is in stage two and my Grandpa is in stage five."
    "How old is your father?"
    "Thirty-nine. He uses a cane when he walks and my Grandma takes care of my Grandpa. He can't do much of anything anymore. Me, I have Opie."
    "Regan mentioned a shot you have to take?"
    "Its insulin. I don't have to take it. What it does is it reacts to the meds I take. So if I have one of my P.D episodes before my meds are kicked in I take the shot. It speeds up the meds and gets it into my system faster."
    "What are your episodes like?"
    "A seizer. But it's not one. Best way to describe it."
    "That doesn't like a good time."
    "It's not. Most of time my jaw will lock up. So I can't yell for my mom. My insulin is in a pen. I sick it to my leg and push a button. I always have one on my night stand just in case, and Opie knows to get it and bring it to me. Even if I'm downstairs in the kitchen. He'll run up and get it."
    "It's pretty amazing what service animals can do. I had no idea he did things like that."
    "Yeah. The only time he's not with me is when I'm at work and school. When he went through all the training I thought I had to just drop him off and pick him up. But when I got him enrolled, they told me I was the one who was going to be training him. It worked out. He's a good boy."
    "That makes perfect sense. Letting him known you're the one he works for."
    "How does he know when he's working and when he's not?"
    "He always does what he's supposed to when he's with me. But If I want his full attention in public. Real work. I tell him."
    "Yeah. Watch... Opie work."
    "Try to pet him."
    "He won't bite me?"
    "He doesn't even acknowledge it. He just sits there."
    "Yeah. But he can still sometimes get distracted when someone pets him, but most of the time he does real good. You're done Opie."
    "Right back to Regan."
    "He likes me."
    "He really does. Most of the time he'll jump up on a girl and let them pet him for a minute and just walk away. He's been loving up on you all day long."
    "I had a dog back home. But my mom or someone left the gate open and she got out and got ran over by a car. I love doggies."
    "I think dogs just know if you're a dog person or not."
    "They are known to sense things like that in humans."
    "He thinks I'm pretty. Just like his daddy does."
    "Can I ask you something?"
    "You and Reg's mom."
    "What is it you want to know?"
    "Why weren't you around much?"
    "Her mom wouldn't let me. Partially my fault as well. I didn't try as hard as I possibly could to see her. I do regret that. I missed out on most of her life. She's thirteen years old and we don't really know that much about each other. That's not right in my book."
    "I remember mom yelling at you a few times to leave. Out on the porch. She would tell me it was someone trying to sell her something."
    "Your mom isn't to fond of me anymore. She wanted the whole cake to eat on her own and I wouldn't have that."
    "What do you mean?"
    "Me and her aren't together anymore because she cheated on me. She wanted me for one thing and him for another. It doesn't work like that."
    "So… You didn't leave her when she got pregnant with Reg?"
    "No. My parents took her in when she got pregnant and got kicked out. Then she cheated on me when Regan was three. I asked her about it and she flipped out and left. I had Regan for maybe six months until her mom begged her parents to let her come home. Then she came a took Regan from me. I was literally on my knees, crying like girl, begging her to not take Regan from me. She did anyway."
    "That's pretty shitty."
    "It's a very shitty thing to do to someone."
    "Yeah. Especially to someone who wants to be in their kids life."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Is her mom okay with her being here?"
    "She has no idea Regan is here."
    "How the hell does she not know?"
    "I been living with my Grandma."
    "Okay. She doesn't go see you there?"
    "No. Not really."
    "I feel like I'm missing something here."
    "Your choice to tell him Regan."
    "Tell me what?"
    "My mom took me from my dad so she could take the money that comes out of his butthole. She got married and had a kid and pretty much forgot all about me. But she didn't forget about the seven grand my dad sends every month."
    "What the fuck? Sorry. What the hell?"
    "Messed up right?"
    "Yeah. You're rich, and your mom is greedy?"
    "Pretty much."
    "Here... Read this."
    "Wait a second... BeauSoleil? As in the biggest French imported wine?"
    "Yes. Keep reading."
    "Holy crap. You're not just rich. You guys are filthy rich."
    "The money comes out of his butthole James."
    "Okay. You have money. A lot of it too, and you're making Reg buy her own video game?"
    "Yes I am."
    "That's messed up right?"
    "No. I like it."
    "James understands what I'm doing."
    "Money isn't free Reg. You have to earn it. You have to work for it. What your dad is doing is showing you the value of a dollar."
    "Exactly right."
    "I know that! I don't ask for much. Do I dad?"
    "You haven't yet."
    "You like me for my money now huh?"
    "Your dad has all the money, not you."
    "Nicely put."
    "You know what I mean!"
    "I don't care about the money Reg."
    "Is he lying?"
    "I wasn't paying attention. Look at me and say it."
    "I do not care about the money."
    "He's not lying."
    "How the hell do you do that? Seriously."
    "Pupils change when someone is lying. Notice I always look you in the eyes when you're talking to me. Another give away is the lack of eye contact."
    "Shy people look at the ground."
    "Yes. But when they answer a question, they tend to look up at you."
    "They do! Huh! You're good."
    "Can't really help people when they live on a lie right?"
    "So, you don't like me more because of the money James?"
    "No. Nothing has changed. There's different types of people out there. There's people like me. The kind who are completely happy with the money they earn. Makes them happy knowing that they worked hard for it. Then there's people like your mom. She wants the money for free and she wants enough so she can wipe her ass with it. Sorry if that came out messed up. Saying that about your mom."
    "You're not wrong about my mom. She's never worked. She lives off the money my dad gives her. My dad works for more money. Does that him greedy?"
    "I do not. I work because I love what I do. Plus, I'd rather have a job and not sitting at home all day rolling around naked in a pile of cash."
    "Gross dad."
    "Some rich people do that?"
    "Most likely. I for one, am not one of those people."
    "Don't tell anyone about my money please. I don't want friends that are just my friends because of that."
    "What me and you talk about stays between me and you. And apparently your dad too."
    "He asks, I tell. I like my freedom points."
    "I will not ask you about every detail in your relationship Regan."
    "You told me you wanted me to tell you when me and James had sex."
    "Yes. I would like to know when that happens, but I don't want details. I only ask that you to tell me so I can get you protection. So I know you're being safe."
    "A little bit uncomfortable Mr. Avalon."
    "My apologies."
    "You don't have to worry about condoms. But It's cool you'll buy her some."
    "It'll give me peace of mind. But I also hate that I'll have to buy her some. You should've seen me in the tampon aisle at the store yesterday."
    "Noticed light, regular, heavy, yellow, orange, plastic, cardboard and thought what the hell?"
    "I bought my ex tampons once and got the wrong kind. I'm lucky to be alive right now. Never again will I buy a girl tampons. No way."
    "Not even for me?"
    "No! You girls get all bat shit crazy when you're bleeding. Accidently buy plastic ones when you wanted cardboard and it's the end of the world."
    "I do not go bat shi... Poop! Crazy."
    "You must be on day one. Just wait for it Michael."
    "Thank you for the heads up."
    "Stock up on chocolate too. Makes the bat crazy go away."
    "Shut up!"
    "You made me buy you Whoppers! Those are chocolate."
    "Oh yeah! Where are my Whoppers?"
    "Right there."
    "Do not give Opie any of those please."
    "I won't. I know chocolate is bad for doggies."
    "Can I have Opie?"
    "Aw! He's my new buddy though."
    "You don't take someone service animal Regan."
    "He's so cute! Huh Opie? Ah! He licked the inside of my mouth."
    "He spends most of his day licking his ass too."
    "Ew Opie! Frenching me with your butt mouth. Gross! I still love him. Pizza is here."
    "Here... $15 to tip the guy."
    "Sons and pizza with Opie."
    "What about me?"
    "And my boyfriend."
    "I do officially approve him Regan."
    "Yes. Do not hurt my daughter Mr. Larson."
    "I will try my best not to."


    I had the most awesome day. I officially have a job! I am on Vey's pay roll now. Me, Sean, and mommy packed up a few things like she wanted. Sean bought us all Chinese take out. It was super yum! Regan and Flinch are outside with a puppy. A big fucking puppy!
    "Hey guys."
    "Hi Sean. Hi Liz."
    "Is this your puppy Flinch?"
    "Opie. Come here."
    "You know his puppy Sean?"
    "Yeah. Opie is his service dog."
    "Does he have a cool vest?"
    "Yeah. Actually came in the mail today."
    "His name is Odie?"
    "Opie. With a P."
    "He sure is a handsome guy. Ah! And strong! Oh my god."
    "He likes girls. He sees one, and he has to jump up on them. Has to."
    "He jumped on me today and I fell in the bushes."
    "Aw! Did you help her out of the bush Flinch?"
    "No. I laughed at her."
    "How mean!"
    "I helped her! Do I look like a dick?"
    "Yeah! Really! Dickhole!"
    "You will learn what not to say around Liz."
    "Yeah. Sean made the mistake mentioning his dildoes."
    "I don't own one!"
    "I know! You have three!"
    "You guys and your shenanigans at the store yesterday made Reg ask me what douche was."
    "Jay cleaner."
    "Is it really flavored?"
    "No. It's a bottle of water you squirt in your jay. Are you done laughing Sean?"
    "How do you say douche in Russian?"
    "Just like you say it in English."
    "I got one! How do you say fart?"
    "Now I farted."
    "я пукаю."
    "Haha! Regan likes farts."
    "No! Opie farted on me today."
    "He made a mean air biscuit on her couch. Her dad had to open the back door."
    "Air biscuit! I love it! Say air biscuit now."
    "Воздушный бисквит."
    "That's a lot."
    "It's a nice night. Nice and cool."
    "A lot of stars too."
    "The boys don't care about stars and shit. Huh Sean?"
    "It's pretty cool your dad let Flinch come and hang out."
    "Yeah. He wanted to get to know him and stuff."
    "Does he approve?"
    "Yeah. I'm happy about that. Oh! I did what you told me to do last night."
    "Um... Nair?"
    "It's weird."
    "What did you do with Nair?"
    "What do you think she did Flinch?"
    "Well, I seen her legs last night and they weren't hairy. But I'm pretty sure you guys are not talking about legs."
    "We might be."
    "They're not. The smirk on Liz's face and Regan is blushing. Dead give away it's not legs."
    "Oh! Are you baby butt smooth Reg?"
    "Yes... Liz told me to do it! She said most boys hate hair down there."
    "Why weren't you around when I was dating Becky?!"
    "Is she fuzzy?!"
    "Yeah! She would never shave that shit. I even said I'd do it for her and she was like, no!"
    "That's fucking funny! Fuzzy Becky!"
    "Wouldn't even trim it."
    "You should've stopped eating it."
    "I like it too much."
    "I'm gonna get all bushed out for you Sean."
    "If you do that, I will not lick it. That is gross to me."
    "What if I get pregnant or something? I'll be all big and can't see my jay to do it."
    "I will make you sit on the counter in the bathroom with your legs open and I will shave you."
    "That's funny! These two are laughing too!"
    "I will shave you! Not even joking."
    "He's such a gentleman! You'll shave my jay for me. I wanna get bushed out now just so you do shave me."
    "You won't even reach the bush stage."
    "I don't know what's more funny. Liz wanting to bush out or you saying it with the Russian accent."
    "Jou wone even reash da boosh stashe."
    "Yeah! Oh shit! My side is starting to hurt."
    "So glad you guys find humor in the way I talk."
    "Sean said he was gonna make fun of the way we talk."
    "I don't think he can."
    "I couldn't even if I tried real hard. We tested this. Liz tried to teach to say that and it didn't work out."
    "It was so cute watching him try! TH-AT."
    "D-AT. See! I can't do it."
    "Day. Close enough!"
    "Stop it now."
    "I'm only giving you a hard time Love. I'm not making fun."
    "So... Guys really don't like hair down there?"
    "I don't."
    "I guess it doesn't matter to me."
    "Flinch likes his nose tickled."
    "That's gross."
    "Since I'm kind of getting guy's opinion here. What if the girl is on her period..."
    "No! Not lick it. Sex."
    "Oh. I do in the shower."
    "I've only had sex with one girl and never when she was bleeding."
    "Would you?"
    "I guess."
    "Em said it feels way better on her period. That's why I do it."
    "I have never had sex on my period."
    "I don't wanna talk about periods anymore."
    "Any word on the Ballerina Queen swimming at the dump?"
    "No. I don't think she's dumb enough to do that."
    "She went swimming."
    "That's funny she took that literally, and you told her yes."
    "I wish I knew what the hell you guys are talking about. I wanna laugh with you."
    "The Ballerina Queen is Becky. She's my dance partner at school. Liz told her she's way to stiff when she dances. Which is true! Ms. Cooper tells her all the time. But Liz told her loosey goosey arms. To think about swimming for a long time or swimming in real thick water. She took it literally and went swimming."
    "That's not funny."
    "No. The funny part is when she called me and said she didn't swim long enough because her arms didn't feel different. Then I said to try the thick water at the dump."
    "That's not funny either. That's gross."
    "It's fucking funny. It's not to you because you're not a dancer."
    "Oh! How long have you been dancing?"
    "Fourteen years."
    "Holy crap! Serious?"
    "What about you Sean?"
    "Twelve years."
    "Dang! You guys are like super pro. Have you been dancing that long?"
    "No. I only been doing it maybe nine years."
    "You need to teach me some hip hop Flinch."
    "Fourteen years and you don't know any?"
    "Sean knows some."
    "I only know what you showed me."
    "Are you self taught?"
    "I wanna see what you can do."
    "Me too."
    "You'll see it eventually. Ms. Cooper sometimes let's me do a solo for the rallies."
    "Can you do that weird moon walk thing?"
    "Moon walk! But sideways."
    "Oh! You mean this?…"
    "Yes! Teach me that."
    "I can't teach you in grass. Remind me on Monday and I'll teach you in class."
    "Yay! Did he teach you that Sean?"
    "He tried to. I can't really do it."
    "You can almost do it."
    "I move way different from you. It's hard for me."
    "It looks easy."
    "It's not."
    "You both move way different. You can tell."
    "We move right. Huh Sean?"
    "Pretty much."
    "There's a right way and a wrong way to move when you guys dance?"
    "Yeah. Ballerina Queen? Wrong! Me and Sean? Right! Flinch can even move better."
    "You're just picky. Rebecca moves just fine. She's just to stiff."
    "Stiff is wrong!"
    "You just agree with her."
    "Girls are always right."
    "No. We just let them think they are."
    "No! No, no! We are always right."
    "Me and James know that!"
    "Mean! Someone is getting a text."
    "No. It's my alarm on my phone. I need to get medicated."
    "You take pills?"
    "I have to."
    "Oh. For your... Uh..."
    "Don't hurt yourself. He takes them for his Parkinson's."
    "You wanna go in so you can take your medicine and finish our episode?"
    "We have to go to work tomorrow, so we need to go to bed soon."
    "Sex first!"
    "I'm okay with that."
    "Let's go get naked! Night guys."
    "Opie! Come on. Night."


    I love that fact I got to hang out with James all day. And Opie! He's my new buddy. Hung out with Sean and Liz for a good 30 minutes. Met Jacob and his girlfriend Melissa. Melissa is super small! I'm taller than her! My dad couldn't hang anymore. He got tired and went to bed. He's trusting James will leave after this episode like he said he would. Alone with James! I asked him to pull out the bed while I went upstairs to change and do my girl thing. Now I'm super comfy! First thing that happened as soon as I crawled into the bed next him? Kiss!
    "I have been waiting all fucking day to kiss you like that."
    "I love how you bite my lip almost every time… What are doing?"
    "Trying to get you to touch my face."
    "No. Soft. Like this."
    "Like this?"
    "Mmm hmm."
    "You like your face touched."
    "I do."

    He pretty much grabbed my wrist and showed me how to touch his face. Made me follow his chin with one finger. Made me scratch his head and the back of his neck. I like how he's showing me a thing or two. Well! Showing me the things he likes anyway. He just has his eyes closed enjoying every second of it.
    "Can I see what you did last night?"
    "No. I'm on my period. I don't want you to see things."
    "I won't see anything. Just pull down to here."
    "Nice... I like it."
    "That tickled when you brushed your finger on it. Wait, what are you doing?"
    "Trust me."
    "I don't wanna do anything James."
    "We aren't. Just trust me."

    All he did was kissed me real soft right there. I like it!

    "That's all I wanted to do."
    "I liked that. Kiss me like that right here on my belly now."
    "…You have your belly button pierced."
    "Yeah. My dad would probably flip out if he ever saw it."
    "I like it."
    "Having fun playing with it?"
    "Kiss me again."
    "What exactly do you want?"
    "Soft kisses. I like them."
    "Okay. What about right here?"
    "On my hand?"
    "Somewhere that I'll like."
    "What about here?..."
    "I like it right there on my shoulder."
    "How about here?..."
    "I like it better right there on my neck. More."
    "One more spot. Right here…"
    "Neck and behind my ear. I like those spots the most. And my belly."
    "How about this?..."
    "That just came out on it's own."
    "It happens when you bite a girl right there on her neck. Little moan was hot. And a little bit loud."
    "I know. It just came out."
    "Did you like it?"
    "I did. It made my belly feel warm."
    "I bet it did."
    "Show me something else."
    "You'll let me do something?"
    "Lift up your shirt more."
    "How far?"
    "I wanna see your boobs."
    "Oh. Better?"
    "I like how you're not shy."
    "I like you. I don't need to be shy around you. You like?"
    "I do. They are bigger than my ex. I like them a lot."
    "This is something I'll like? Showing you my boobies?"
    "What then?"
    "Try not to be loud like you were a minute ago."
    "Okay... Woo... I'm sorry."
    "For what?"
    "Clawing you."
    "Trust me. I do not mind that. At all."
    "I need to go use the bathroom real fast. Girl stuff."
    "You just did all that like 20 minutes ago."
    "I know. But… I feel that I need to."

    Maybe I didn't need to use the bathroom! James knew that!

    "Opie took my spot."
    "He'll move when you come back over here. See."
    "I didn't need to use the bathroom like I thought."
    "I know."
    "More experienced than you."
    "It's called being horny."
    "Oh, I like it."
    "Everyone does."
    "Kiss my neck and stuff some more."
    "Will you run off to the bathroom again?"
    "Are you sure?"
    "Does this prove it?"
    "Yes is does."
    "You should take your shirt off too."
    "I should?"
    "Yeah. I'll kiss your belly and stuff too."
    "I'm not a fan of my nipples getting licked on and shit."
    "I'll leave your boobies alone then. Can I kiss your neck though?"
    "If you want to."
    "Take off your shirt."
    "I like your little moles."
    "Having fun poking at me?"
    "Yes. They're cute. Kiss me some more."
    "Like you were before I ran off to the bathroom."
    "Let me restart this episode. Background noise just in case."
    "All right."
    "There we go. Much better... Woo!"
    "I liked how you touched me like that. It gave me a little shiver."
    "Lay down with me now."
    "What else can you show me I'll like?"
    "I don't think you'll let me do it."
    "I will."
    "Wait, wait, wait."
    "You put your hand in my pants. I don't want your fingers inside of me."
    "I wasn't going to."
    "Oh. Okay. What were you going to do?"
    "Tell you or show you?"
    "Show me."
    "This is what I was gonna do."
    "I... Mmm."
    "I like how it's making you flinch a little."
    "I like it... You're… You're not gonna stop?"
    "No. You want me to?"
    "No. I like it."
    "I like the faces you're making."
    "Stop looking at me."
    "Oh god! Sorry."
    "Not so loud Reg."
    "It just came out. Bite me on my neck some more. But don't stop rubbing on me. I'll be... Mmm… I'll be quiet."
    It's really hard to be quiet! I like what he's doing. Every noise that comes out a little to loud he just goes, shhh in my ear and continues with his kisses and bites. Wait a second... Uh... Uh oh!
    "Uh god!"

    He put his mouth on mine very fast with that one! He knew it was coming. My legs started to shake a little bit and he got real close to my face. Whatever just happen, I like that the most!
    "Okay, okay. Stop... Stop, stop, stop."
    "What about that? Did you like that at all?"
    "Uh huh. Look at knees. They're shaking. Not really sure what happened, but I liked it the most. I felt you move your finger lower to where I said not to. But I liked that too. No mess?"
    "Hand is clean. No mess... Uh..."
    "No blood."
    "You just touched yourself in front of me. Wait, wait."
    "What?... You... just put my fingers in your mouth."
    "I put mine in my mouth too."
    "I like it."
    "Should I be grossed out?"
    "No. It's normal for some guys to get a girl off and then lick it."
    "I got off?"
    "Oh. You licked my... Cum?"
    "Does it taste bad?"
    "No. Try some."
    "No way."
    "You will one of these days. Watch."
    "Kiss me if you're gonna stare and smile at me."
    "I need to go."
    "It's after midnight and I told your dad I'd leave a long time ago."
    "It doesn't... It doesn't feel right that we did all of that and now you're just leaving."
    "No... I'm not leaving this very second Reg. But I need to go pretty soon."
    "Okay. Let's finish this episode and then you can go. Only 15 minutes left."
    "All right. Hand me my shirt."
    "Are you gonna show me more stuff like this?"
    "Oh yeah."
    "Will I like it?"
    "If you liked all this, then yes. You will like it."
    "Look at Opie. He's like, can I come up now dad?"
    "Come on Ope."
    "Oh! Plopped on me."
    "You're a traitor you fucking asshole."
    "Him not an asshole."
    "He really does like you for some reason. Did you feed him Whoppers?"
    "No. Just gave him lots of love. And pizza crust."
    "We all give him pizza crust."
    "Are you okay?"
    "That was a really big twitch."
    "It happens."
    "Opie perked up when that happen."
    "It's his job. Notice how he look at me for a minute before putting his head back down?"
    "He was making sure I didn't twitch like that more than once."
    "Oh. He's smart and a goof ball all in one."
    "Yeah. He's a good boy."
    "Can he stay the night?"
    "He won't stay. He'll whine at the door till you let him out and then he'll run home."
    "Yeah. He's trained to pretty much stay with me at all times. He freaks out when I'm at school and work."
    "Aw! He loves you."
    "My buddy."
    "How long have you had him?"
    "I got him for my birthday. Not this one that just passed, but the year before. So a little bit over a year."
    "Oh. He was puppy puppy when you got him."
    "Yeah. About two months old. I got a picture on my phone."
    "Aw! He had ears."
    "Why did you cut them off for?"
    "His dad had his ears cut, and I thought it looked really good."
    "Did it hurt him?"
    "No. I took him to the vet, and they put him to sleep and did it."
    "Come on. Let's take him outside to piss and then I have to go."
    "All right. Potty Opie? Yeah! He needs to go."
    "Hopefully, he doesn't piss on your dad's tires again, or Liz's mom's. Don't piss on mine you asshole. Damn it."
    "Laughing at me."
    "He thought it was funny too. Look at him go."
    "Let him run around a minute. You, come here."
    "Did you have a good time today?"
    "I really did. Your dad is actually pretty fucking cool."
    "I know. I'm just now learning that. I'm so glad he likes you and approves of you."
    "Your story sucks Reg."
    "Your mom and what she did. The story. It sucks. It's fucked up."
    "Oh. Yeah. I know."
    "You should've been with your dad the whole time. He wouldn't have ever used you like she did. I don't even know your mom and I fucking hate her. I’m sorry."
    "Don't be sorry. You're exactly right. She half assed it all these years for my dad's money. I spent most of time with my Grandma. At least I got the attention I needed from her. She was my mom. My mom is just a woman I know."
    "I... I didn't mean to make you cry Reg. I'm sorry."
    "It took me way to long to realize what was going on. It hurts me that my dad missed my entire life. I know nothing about him. It's not right."
    "Think of it as a clean slate. Start brand new."
    "That's what we're doing."
    "Then you guys will be good. I should ask him if I can take you out to dinner or something."
    "Shouldn't you be asking me?"
    "I think he'll like the fact I'm asking him."
    "You're probably right."
    "I'm starting to like you a fucking lot Reg. Two days and I'm falling hard for a girl. Fucking stupid."
    "It's not stupid."
    "Yeah it is. Hardly know you."
    "You know pretty much know everything about me."
    "I know that. What I meant was I hardly know what kind of person you are. If you're needy or a bitch if you don't get your way. Make sense?"
    "Yeah. You wanna know if I snore, drool, or fart in my sleep."
    "Pretty much."
    "I like you a fucking lot too. It's stupid because I don't know you either. You might fart in your sleep."
    "I'll let you know if you fart in your sleep if you let me know."
    "Opie, come on. Get in."
    "Pouty lip is kind of cute. I might bite it though."
    "I'm okay with that."
    "I gotta go. Give me a kiss."
    "Oh, your History book."
    "It'll give me a reason to come see you tomorrow."
    "Cool. One more kiss... Text me when you get home so I know you made it okay."
    "I live like six houses down."
    "I'll text you when I get home."
    "Mmm! One more kiss."
    "Night Regan."
    "Night James."
    Third little heartbreak!


    I feel like an asshole making Reg feel like I used her saying I had to go right after we messed around. I had no intention to make her feel that way. I should've known better. I know you do not say that shit to a girl. Ever! I really wanted to just stay with her and sleep with her. No sex. Just sleep. I don't want to push it with her dad. I don't want to get her in any kind of trouble. I'd rather stay on her dad's good side so I can see her when I want. I have this feeling that this relationship is going to be real tough. I am falling for her before I even know her. I want her right here in my bed naked. But I don't. I meant what I said when I said. I don't plan on having sex with her anytime soon. I won't do it. I do not want this relationship to start off with sex. I don't want it to be based on it either. I'm over thinking this shit. I need to just let this play out how it's meant to. She's the boss. When she wants something she'll let me know. No problem.
    "You like Regan a lot huh Opie? She's pretty and she's fun to hang out with and she loves you. Her dad isn't bad either. You like his car tires. Pissed on them like five times. I like her a lot Ope. We should've stayed with her huh? Yeah. We should of. We'll see her tomorrow. You can run around a shit. Bring your ball and make her throw it for you. You can even piss on her dad's tires again."