Chapter Twenty One - Deadline

Thursday, June 18


   Liz slept good, like a rock last night. No episode at all. I did stay up for a little bit, I had a feeling she would have one because of all the things we found in storage yesterday. But then again, she did have a really good night. Got her mind clear of most of it. Slowly starting to understand how this might work. Good night, clear mind, good night sleep.
    "No Sean."
    "Ah! Stop that!"
    "I thought you loved shoulder bites?"
    "I do!"
    "Then why tell me to stop?"
    "Nope! Call your mom."
    "Why? Do I have a missed call?"
    "No. It's Thursday and we have a deadline. You need to call her and let her know you can't go to school today. We have to get this done."
    "I have Devin's homework."
    "We can go to school and give Mills or Em our homework. But we need to get this video done today. We haven't even started on your Foxtrot."
    "Right! Fuck! We have to show Ms. Cooper our Jive."
    "Shit. We'll go back later too and show her our Jive. Plus side, we are pretty close to being done with this Argentine Tango. So most of the day we'll be working on your Foxtrot."
    "Okay, that sounds like a plan. Are you gonna call your mom?"
    "Yes. I need to copy your homework."
    "You never do your homework."
    "No, I do. We just been busy."
    "All my school work is in my bag right there."
    "I don't want to go through your bag."
    "There's nothing bad in there Love. It's four notebooks. Just open it and grab them."
    "Get them for me please? I don't like looking through a girl's bag."
    "Hand me my bag."
    "Thank you."
    "You're welcome Love. All right, I'm gonna call my mom, then take a shower."
    "I'm going down stairs to the kitchen to do this."
    "Love you!"
    "I love you too."
    "Oh! Question."
    "Will we miss any school when we go to Russia for your birthday?"
    "Just the Friday before. We'll leave Thursday after school. We come back on the 13th, that Monday."
    "So we'll miss Monday too?"
    "It's... 7:48am Thursday, right?"
    "It's 6:48pm Friday, in Moscow right now."
    "Oh! So we like gain a day?"
    "Something like that."
    "So we leave Moscow Monday and it'll be Sunday here?"
    "Okay. I was asking because I'm gonna talk to my mom about it right now when I call her."
    "Are you going to tell her what we plan on doing while we are in Russia?"
    "No. I'm scared to. What if she says no then not let me go. I'll just tell her it was spur of the moment thing when we get back."
    "You shouldn't lie to her."
    "Well, what if she's upset I didn't tell her?"
    "Don't say anything until the day before we leave. Just don't lie to her."
    "What if she is okay with it and she wants to come too?"
    "She won't be able to."
    "Why not? She has a passport."
    "Takes a few days to get a Visa into the country."
    "We'll figure it out. If she's upset just let her know what we plan on doing for your birthday."
    "There you go! Okay! I need to call her before it gets any later."
    "I'll be downstairs. You won't get lost right?"
    "No! I know where the kitchen is."
    "Okay. Yell if you get lost."
    "Go away now!"

   I don't ever get tired of her. Most guys I know get tired of their girlfriend around all the time. I enjoy every single second I'm with Liz. I enjoy her company, I enjoy sharing my bed with her, I enjoy everything I do with her. Even if it's just us sitting down staring at each other. She's extremely easy to be around. There's defiantly a lot of Liz in Liz. By that I mean, she's a handful sometimes. When her blonde is on a rage and she's just goofy as shit. I like it though! She's fun.
    "Good morning Ivan. You two sleep well?"
    "We did. Are you busy?"
    "Not at the moment. What do you need?"
    "I need you to call the school and let them know I won't be there today. Me and Liz have to get this video done."
    "Okay. I need to mail it off for you two tomorrow right?"
    "Yes. Me and Liz will have all our paperwork filled out and ready to go too."
    "Okay. Do I need to get a money order? Or is a check fine?"
    "I have no idea. I'll read over the papers we have and I'll text you and let you know."
    "Do I need to overnight it?"
    "Yes. We also need you to pick up one of those big envelopes with the padding in it for us."
    "I will. If I need to get a money order I'll go to the post office and get one and pick one up there."
    "Sounds good. Has Teresa started on Liz's dress?"
    "Yes. I gave her everything first thing this morning and let her know it's very important and it needs to be done today. She said okay. When I take my lunch I'm going to pick up some shoes for Liz. I was planning on buying her more than one pair. Several different colors, but then I thought about it. Not everyone likes the shoes I buy. So, I'm getting her one pair for this dress and if she loves them I'll go back and get a few more pairs."
    "You don't have to do that mom."
    "Ivan, woman dance on their toes. They need comfortable shoes. If she loves them, I'm buying her a couple more pairs. End of story."
    "Okay! I had no idea about this if she get's mad."
    "If she loves them, she won't be."
    "Me and Liz are getting married when we go home for my birthday."
    "I asked to marry me last night. She said yes."
    "What changed your mind?"
    "I don't see myself with anyone else. We are getting married because we love each other. I didn't expect to care so much for her. We showed you and dad her Rumba and something in both of us just changed. The room blurred and there was only me and her. Same thing happen with her. She cried because of me, and she didn't understand why she was all the sudden scared of me. I told her, we moved into the next stage of our relationship, and she understood that and she got scared for a minute thinking It would scare me away."
    "You two have a really strong connection with each other. Take the dance away and it would be the same. All dance did was push you two to each other. The chemistry you two have, will make you two very good dancers. You two will eventually feed of each other. Why do you think me and your dad are so good? We feed off each others energy and chemistry. I believe you two will go far together."
    "I just want to be with her. Every second, everyday. I enjoy waking up to her face everyday."
    "My baby boy found his love. We thought you were going to be with Emily forever."
    "Yeah. She had other plans. Liz was there and things happen. Good things. Great things."
    "Do you want me to call Sasha and her handle things? Or do you two just want to get married and then go out for a nice dinner?"
    "I don't know. I know I don't want anything huge. Not sure what Liz will want."
    "I can have her do something small and simple with just the family."
    "That'll work."
    "Hi Vey!"
    "Tell her I said, hello"
    "She said, hello."
    "Talking about me?"
    "Kind of."
    "Ask Liz what she wants?"
    "I told my mom we're getting married and she wants to know what you want."
    "As in?"
    "A Wedding. Something small with my family in Moscow or you do you want to get married and just have a nice dinner with my parents."
    "I don't want anything huge. I want something simple."
    "Small and simple with my family?"
    "As long as I can still wear a pretty dress and you get your Red Velvet cake I'll be happy. So, yes! Small and simple with your family will be perfect. Unless you just want the dinner. I'm fine with that too. But I still want a pretty dress."
    "Did you hear all of that?"
    "Did you hear all of that?"
    "Thank you!"
    "I did. I'll call Sasha."
    "Call the school first."
    "I will. Don't forget to text me and let me know if a check is fine."
    "Oh! Liz?"
    "Entry fee. Is a check fine?"
    "No! They will send our stuff back. You need to get a money order. Not any money order! It has to come from a bank or the post office. Or you can do... I forgot what it's called. But you do it at a bank, kind of like a money transfer. You get a paper with a number on it, but that takes a few days. Money order is the best way. And if you get it at the post office, you can pay extra and get tracking on it and you can see when it's been cashed and stuff. That's the only way I have ever done it."
    "Did you get all of that?"
    "Yes. Money order from the post office. Text me the amount before 1:00. That's when I leave to take my lunch."
    "Okay. I'll talk you to in a little bit."
    "You do know your dad will want Liz to sign a prenup."
    "I'm not making her sign one."
    "You need to bring it up to her."
    "I will, but I won't make her sign one if she doesn't want to."
    "Okay. I'll talk to you in a bit."

   My mom is right. My dad will want Liz to sign a prenup. He even made my mom sign one when they got married. It's not like my mom will ever leave him or anything. He just wanted to protect his things, and in a way hers as well. Just in case. I don't think me and Liz need one. I don't have any idea what he'll do or say if Liz doesn't agree to it.
    "Do you know what a prenup is?"
    "Yeah. Is that why you said you won't make me sign one?"
    "Yes. My dad will want you to sign one. But, I won't make you if you don't want to."
    "If he thinks we need one."
    "You're okay with this then?"
    "Yeah. Why would you think I wouldn't be?"
    "I don't know. I guess I thought you would think I didn't trust you or something."
    "Your money is your money Sean. If we ever got a divorce I wouldn't try to take you for everything you own. I'm not that big of a bitch."
    "It'll basically be just like my mom's prenup. What's mine going into this marriage stays mine. What's yours stays yours. The money I make during our marriage is mine and yours is yours. We get a divorce everything is set in stone. Mine is mine, and yours is yours."
    "I thought the money we make as a married couple becomes our money."
    "That's exactly the way I see it. Whatever money we bring home is ours. Not mine, not yours. But he will want us to have one. I told my mom no, and she said to bring it up to you."
    "I'm fine with it Sean. Promise. If he feels we really really need one, I will sign one."
    "Okay. I'm almost done with all of this, then I'm getting in the shower."
    "I texted Melissa when I got off the phone with my mom. She said she would turn in our homework for us and get our homework."
    "Was your mom upset you asked to skip school?"
    "Not at all. She told me my I.D came in the mail yesterday."
    "Did it?"
    "Yeah! She said she sat it on my dresser. I didn't even notice it."
    "When do you want to set up an appointment to do your driving test?"
    "When I have money."
    "I told you I'd take care of it for you."
    "I know. I'd like to do it myself though."
    "Can I drive today?"
    "If you want to. What are you looking for?"
    "Coffee filters."
    "It's in the coffee pot. It's one of those reusable ones. Just dump in it out in the trash and rinse it. You have that coffee, I'm getting me some Starbucks."
    "Sad face Sean!"
    "Aw! Does Liz want herself a green tea frap?"
    "Yes please! And a brownie!"
    "Are you buying?"
    "I'll put $5 on it."
    "I thought you spent that last night on an, Oh so cute little box for your mommy!?"
    "That was funny!"
    "Little box for mommy. I like it when I make you smile!"
    "Shut up! You're buying."
    "You don't have to wash those Liz."
    "I'm bored! Leave me alone. And I made your bed."
    "You say I'm spoiling you. You're spoiling me."
    "Cleaning for me. Doing my laundry for me."
    "I clean when I get bored! Plus, I hate fucking messes. Mr. Kick dirty clothes under your bed."
    "I don't kick my clothes under my bed."
    "I was making the bed and my foot touched something. I looked under there. There were three shirts and like five boxers under there. The brief kind."
    "Do I wear boxer briefs?"
    "No, you wear the big boy kind. I touched Travis' panties didn't I?"
    "Yes. I had no idea he left clothes here. I take that back. He did say something about a shirt he thought he may have left. I didn't feel like looking for it so I just told him no."
    "You didn't know they were they because you don't clean under your bed."
    "I don't need to! There's never anything under my bed."
    "What do you want me to do with his clothes?"
    "Whatever you want to do with them."
    "There is one shirt I want."
    "He'd be pissed if it's the shirt he was looking for and see's you wearing it."
    "Naw! I bought this shirt! It's ain't yours! You're trippin' homie."
    "You're trippin' homie! Weird coming out of a white girls mouth is all."
    "You don't like gangster Liz?"
    "Not really."
    "I'm keeping the shirt I want."
    "Go ahead, and then throw the rest outside in the trash can. Garbage comes today."
    "You don't wanna be a nice guy and give them back?"
    "No. He shouldn't have left them."
    "Okay. Did you take out the trash?"
    "I did before I started on this. I didn't put a bag in the can though."
    "I will. Where are the bags?"
    "Bottom drawer right next to it. Thank you."
    "Mmm hmm. Another question!"
    "I might have another answer."
    "Do I talk funny to you?"
    "Yes. You say, this and that really weird."
    "I don't understand. What's dees and dat?"
    "I'm done. I'm getting in the shower now."
    "But wait! What's dees and dat mean!?"
    "I love your smile."
    "I love you."
    "I also love you."
    "Go take a shower. We have to get going."
    "Kiss first."
    "Okay! Shower!"
    "No yelling!"
    "I'm not yelling!"
    "That was awesome!"
    "One more kiss."
    "Yeah! Shower."
    "Boop! Shower!"
    "Shut up!"


   I really do love that man of mine. I'm 100% comfortable around him and in his house. I clean his house! That's how you know I'm comfortable in someone's house. When I clean it. I love the door in the kitchen leading out to the back. The whole wall is a door! It opens all the way and boom! No more wall. I want a door like that in my house! And a basement like his. I like the waves. I like everything that's happening in my life right now. I'm happy. Really happy, and I never thought I would feel this way again. Yeah, I was happy with Devin and I was happy with Michael. But not like this. This with Sean is a different happy. I can't explain it. Ooo! Brownie time!
    "You never told me what your mom said about Russia."
    "She's fine with it. She said I grown quite fond of you and she misses me."
    "This weekend why don't we stay at your house? Or you can stay home and spend time with her. I don't want to keep you from your mom if she misses you."
    "I do need to be home this weekend after work. Packing, remember?"
    "That's right. And I have to help."
    "Yes! So you get to stay at my house. Easier that way."
    "Whatever you want."
    "Why did your mom wanna know if I wanted a big wedding?"
    "To set something up for us."
    "She's going to do it for us?"
    "No. My aunt is. That's what she does for a living in Russia. She's a minister and she owns a wedding place. Where you buy your clothes."
    "Bridal shop."
    "Pretty dress?"
    "If you want one."
    "How much will this all cost?"
    "Do we get any say in it?"
    "She's good at what she does. I trust her."
    "As long as you get your Red Velvet cake I'll be happy. Are you ready?"
    "No. I want to hear this song first."
    "Never heard this song before."
    "You're listening to the wrong radio station then."
    "I like this."
    "One of my favorites on the radio right now."
    "What is this? I want it."
    "Take Me To Church."
    "Music video. Ooo!"
    "I hate the music video."
    "What's wrong with it?"
    "Gay couple in it and this group of guys kills one of them at the end."
    "Aww! That's sad."
    "I love hearing you sing."
    "I just do. You're not bad."
    "I haven't heard you sing yet."
    "I can't sing at all."
    "Math and dance is all you know?"
    "Yeah. Pretty much."
    "How are you so good at math?"
    "I have no idea. My dad was the same way. He could see an equation and know the answer right away too."
    "You got nothing from your mom?"
    "I can cook. But that's from me hanging out in the kitchen with her growing up."
    "You do cook good."
    "I made you French toast! I haven't cooked anything real good for you yet."
    "The French toast was good. Better than my mom's."
    "Do you like shrimp?"
    "Let me cook you dinner tomorrow."
    "A shrimp dinner?"
    "Yeah! It'll be super yum. Promise."
    "Tell me about you."
    "What do you want to know?"
    "Something I don't know about you."
    "You pretty much know everything there is to know about me."
    "How old were you when you lost your virginity?"
    "Fourteen. What about you?"
    "Fifteen. Are you allergic to anything?"
    "Not that I'm aware of. You?"
    "Yes. Bullshit and idiots."
    "Oh. Then I am allergic to something too."
    "Bullshit and idiots?"
    "Are we ready now?"
    "Yes. Let's go get this Argentine Tango done."
    "No crying."


   Thank god Scott let me use his truck today. My car can only hold so much shit. Even if I put the back seats down. Ode wants to move out A.S.A.P, so I'm working a little bit fast right now. Paint and floor right now and then everything else I can do while we are moved in. Rye is awesome! Willing to help me out today with paint. She's also stronger than me, so she got to load shit into the truck. Paint today, floor tomorrow. I gave Val my notice with my early termination fee, in cash! She was actually a little bit upset when I told her I was moving. Then again, she was in a pissy mood, anyway. Turns out she got a building fine. I wonder how that happen?! Don't mess with the man who does your fire inspections! That's all I have to say.
    "Everything okay over there Rye? That Russian talk sounded angry."
    "My brother is getting married."
    "I'm sorry. What?"
    "Him and Elizabeth."
    "Are you serious?"
    "It's what my mom said."
    "When is this happening?"
    "In a few weeks when we go to Russia for his birthday."
    "Holy fuck! They only been together for… How long they been together?"
    "Like three days I think. It's too soon! What are they thinking?"
    "Your mom is okay with this?"
    "Yes. So is my dad. I asked my mom if it was for citizenship to dance in Russia and she said no. They are getting married because they want to be together. Ivan really likes her."
    "They're too young! I think this is a bad idea."
    "Me too! My mom loves Elizabeth though. Said, she's an amazing young woman."
    "Blondie is fucking cool."
    "Yeah! You should spend some time with her."
    "The little time I have spend with her, I do like her. I like how she talks shit to Ivan. She also talked shit to Scott. It was funny."
    "She punches Ode. It's great!"
    "Does she?"
    "Yeah. Ode grabs her legs all the time, and she punches him for it. I don't feel sorry for him."
    "Scott likes her legs a lot."
    "So does Ode. Hell, so do I!"
    "I like her butt. She has a lot of butt for someone so skinny."
    "Booty Rye."
    "Booty. I'm Russian! Don't make fun."
    "Your brother speaks better English than you."
    "He's younger than me. It was easier for him to learn it. At least I don't talk like my mom."
    "My English is not broken like my mom's."
    "Your accent is almost as bad though."
    "I can talk in complete sentences. She can't."
    "Do I have an accent to you?"
    "Yes. I think I talk normal. You're the one who talks weird."
    "What do us Americans say that's weird to you?"
    "You can't pronounce your T.H's. They come out sounding like a D."
    "I can't help it."
    "Say they."
    "No. They."
    "I just said day!"
    "You said day."
    "No! I said day… Oh! Fuck you Hayden."
    "Just a tad slow there Rye."
    "Day... I can't do it! You don't have to laugh so hard at that."
    "The struggle is so real with you!"
    "Right!? Russian problems."
    "So, you excited to drive that Mustang tomorrow?"
    "No. I'm excited to race. But not excited about the car. Jacob's car is to big."
    "Are you scared of it?"
    "No. Just bulky. I don't like it."
    "Is Scott making you drive it first?"
    "Yes. That's why I won't be able to help you tomorrow."
    "I'm excited! I haven't seen you race in forever! You better show Jacob what's up Rye."
    "I'll try. The 429 is pretty mean. But if you know how to drive like I do, it doesn't matter how fast your car is."
    "Ode said Jacob is undefeated in his car."
    "Does he do races for money?"
    "Yeah. Jacob makes him a lot."
    "You know how much money Oden would make if Jacob lost?"
    "A lot!"
    "Maybe I should race him in my car."
    "Don't take the kids title from him. Might hurt his ego losing to a girl. Make Scott drive your car."
    "Scott has too much fun in it."
    "Your car makes a funny noise."
    "It's the turbine in it."
    "I don't speak car."
    "You want me to explain it?"
    "Small explosions in the motor move the pistons."
    "No idea what a piston is."
    "Okay. Um... Gas, spark, boom?"
    "I understand that. Gas explodes."
    "The bigger the explosion, the faster your car will go."
    "So, if you have a full tank of gas you'll go fast?"
    "No... Wow!"
    "That was the dumbest thing to ever come out of your mouth. Hold on."
    "Who are you calling?"
    "Because. Speaker so he can explain this."
    "What's goin' on?"
    "Scott, Hayden is dumb."
    "Fuck you Rye!"
    "You called me to tell me Hayd is dumb?"
    "No. I'm trying to explain turbine to her. Explosions move the pistons."
    "No idea what a piston is. I said, gas, spark, boom. She understood that."
    "I said, the bigger the explosion, the faster your car will go."
    "Then Hayden asked, if you have a full tank of gas you'll go fast?"
    "I don't speak car!"
    "Okay! Oxygen is flammable right Hayd?"
    "Yes Scott."
    "Turbo takes the air that goes into the motor, recycles it and pushes is to the pistons. Gas plus oxygen plus spark plug equals bigger explosion."
    "Turbine recycles car farts Hayden."
    "Yep, pretty much."
    "Car farts?"
    "A car without turbo, are you listening Hayd?"
    "Yes Scott."
    "No turbo, the air, normal air that goes into your engine as you're driving along goes through the motor and out the exhaust. Car fart."
    "So turbo doesn't fart?"
    "It does after it's recycled. Turbo sucks in the fart and recycles it, and pushes it to the pistons. More oxygen mixed with the gas causes a bigger expiation."
    "How does nitro work?"
    "It's a fancy can of oxygen. You push a button and it sprays into the area where the pistons are."
    "So nitro is better?"
    "Nitro is hell on your car. Turbo is cleaner and it doesn't run out like nitro does. It's a waste of fuckin' money for like one minute of top speed."
    "But how does it work!?"
    "Gas, spark, boom, Hayden!"
    "Okay! The faster you move your fuckin' legs, the faster you will move. Right!?"
    "Think of the pistons in your car as legs. The faster the pistons get pushed down the faster your car will move."
    "Then what the hell is gas spark boom?"
    "Oh my fuckin' god Hayd! Gas! Spark! Explosion! Right?!"
    "Gas goes into the area where the pistons are okay! The spark plug ignites it and pushes the piston down. Fuckin' follow?"
    "The bigger the fuckin' explosion is, the faster the pistons will be pushed down."
    "The faster they go down, the faster you go?"
    "Yes! Jesus fuckin' Christ Hayd!"
    "So a full tank of gas has nothing to do with how fast you go?"
    "Okay! So why does a potato in your tail pipe make your car blow up?"
    "It doesn't make your car blow up."
    "Yes! I saw it in a movie once."
    "Yes Hayd! Your car will fuckin' explode if you put a tader in your tail pipe. I'm done. Bye ladies."
    "I still don't really understand Rye."
    "You give me a headache."
    "How does it work!?"
    "Turbo make car go real fast!"
    "Shut up."
    "Yes! Please, shut up."
    "I don't speak car!"


   Argentine Tango is done! I really love it! I'm use to faster Argentine Tangos, but the way Sean slowed it down and the way he did his chorography works so well. Now! It's my turn to be mean. Foxtrot time!
    "I love the way you move in your Foxtrots."
    "All delicate and stuff?"
    "Yes. I like it."
    "You need to be more delicate to Sean. Foxtrot is very different. It's soft."
    "I know. I'm just getting the steps down first."
    "What part do you wanna work on now? This dip here or the drag you hate."
    "Okay. Arm out in front like this. Do not drop me."
    "I won't."
    "Arm like that, I lean back onto your arm like this, and you do the rest."
    "That's it?"
    "Yeah. The one move in our Argentine Tango where I bend down and have my leg between yours, that's how you'll be. Same leg bent and same leg straight."
    "Okay. How low?"
    "I wanna be about a foot off the ground. Can you go that low?"
    "Yes. I'm pretty sure I can."
    "As soon as the back of my neck touches your arm you lower me."
    "Don't drop me."
    "I won't."
    "Are you okay?"
    "You fell and didn't let my head hit the ground. Nice!"
    "I need to put shoes on."
    "Sweaty feet?"
    "Ooo! You look sexy in dress shoes and shorts."
    "Shut up."
    "So sexy!"
    "Okay, I'm ready. Let's try this again."
    "Yay! Lower."
    "I can't go lower than this."
    "Lean forward a tad and lower your arm."
    "Oh. I knew that."
    "Stop! Right there."
    "Got it. One more time and lets move on."
    "…Wee! Hi Sean!"
    "Easy right?"
    "Yes. We have about thirty minutes and we need to leave. Next?"
    "This other dip."
    "With the high kick."
    "Mmm hmm. Dip, I turn and face you."
    "We are just standing here for this long?"
    "Ah! Remember when I said I can't write it, I just have to do it?"
    "Just put your hands on my hips when I face you and I do the rest. Same with the next part where you walk behind me... Here, turn around and be me. I'll show you what I want."
    "All right."
    "You'll grab my arms like this and brush your cheek against mine, and I'll do my part."
    "I assume you know how to hold me in a dip like this."
    "Like this?"
    "Ha! That was fun! And yes, exactly like that! Now, I won't be holding you with my left arm at all. So be prepared to hold a little more weight."
    "Hold your hips up."
    "Duh! But there's still gonna be a little more weight."
    "Don't get mean. I thought you meant all of your weight and I was saying to hold you hips up to help me out."
    "If I make you hold all my weight all the time it'll kill your back. I know better Love."
    "I hate having a sore back."
    "Me too! Okay, slow, slow, box step, fast ad lib, fast turn, dip. Got that?"
    "Yes. Are we doing this turn too?"
    "Yeah! Why not do this whole section we just talked about."

   Not sure what happened. I know I hit the floor really hard and I know my head is fucking killing me.
    "Liz? You okay?"
    "What the fuck just happen?"
    "What day is it?"
    "Thursday the 18th. Why?"
    "You were out for like forty seconds."
    "Was I really?"
    "Yes. Do you feel like you need to throw up?"
    "No. I feel fine. I just need an aspirin."
    "Okay. You need to let me know if you start to feel like you want to throw up. You hit the floor fucking hard."
    "What happen?"
    "It was like the kick in our Argentine Tango. I wasn't expecting that much force. When you went back and did the kick that fast, It threw me off balance and I fell. I tried to break your fall so you wouldn't hit the ground so hard, but it was so fast I ended up landing on top of you. I was asking if you were okay and you were out cold. I'm sorry, no matter what I did you still would of hit your head."
    "You fall. It's part of dancing. Aspirin now?"
    "Oh! Right. Do you need water or do you still have some over there?"
    "Is my one water still in the freezer?"
    "Yes. You want that one?"
    "Yes please."
    "You look really dazed. Are you sure you're okay? No blurry vision or ringing in your ears?"
    "No. I'm okay Sean. You'll be the first to know if I start feeling like I have a concussion. Right now I just have a killer headache."
    "Just making sure. Falls like that can be very bad."
    "I know. Let's do this dip again and then go."
    "You don't want to take a break?"
    "We don't really have time. It's like our Argentine Tango. You know how much force I have now. Come on, one more time."
    "You're not angry or anything right?"
    "Not at all. Shit happens Love. It's okay."
    "Let me go grab a mat. Just in case. I don't want that shit to happen again."
    "Now we have to make sure not to trip on the edges here."
    "This is a big ass mat, and it's thicker than the normal ones."
    "Yeah, it's a little bit softer. I wish I had a smaller one though. Ready?"
    "Yep!... Haha! Awesome! Again! This time with all those other parts."
    "That dip hurts Liz."
    "Does it?"
    "Yes. We need to do something with it. I don't trust it."
    "Hmm... Change the dip?"
    "No. Change the way I stand so It doesn't kill me or you."
    "Okay. How?"
    "I have to think about it for a second."
    "Me too. Okay! Lets just do it one more time with these other parts and we'll come up with a way you stand so it doesn't kill your back. Can you do it one more time? Or no?"
    "I'm good. Question. Are we kissing here?"
    "We can! But at the same time we can't get caught up in a kiss and lose count. I actually prefer the fake out kisses so I don't lose count."
    "Good point. Fake kiss it is."
    "I'll try not to kick so hard this time for you."
    "All right."
    "Mmm! Nice. From here. I turn, promenade, slow, slow, fast, fast, side step, turn, then the dip to the floor."
    "Okay. One more time with all of that?"
    "Are you sure?"
    "Yes. Just kick like you did just now."
    "Okay... Yay! Hi Sean!"
    "Hello. I like it."
    "Yes. Have to figure out that dip though."
    "We will. Gimme kiss and lets take a quick shower."
    "Let me sniff you."
    "Pit sniffer!"
    "You love it."
    "I do!"

   My head is still killing me, and I got a huge bump now. I keep rubbing it and it's making it hurt even more. Maybe I should just stop touching it.
    "Stop pushing on it Liz."
    "I can't help it."
    "You're going to make it worse."
    "I just want it to stop hurting."
    "It'll stop hurting if you... Ah! Don't! Do I need to tie your hands up?"
    "Oh! Kinky!"
    "I will never tie your hands up in a sexual way."
    "Why not?"
    "I'm not into that."
    "I'm hungry Sean."
    "Yeah. What do you feel like eating?"
    "A big ass burger and a pound of fries."
    "Okay. Can you wait or do you want something now?"
    "I can wait. I wanna sit down and eat."
    "Hold on a minute. Rye is calling me."
    "Okay... Hello?"
    "Let me talk to Elizabeth."
    "Hey Rye!"
    "Hayden told me to call you."
    "To ask you something."
    "How does turbine in a car work?"
    "Sucks air from the exhaust, recycles it and pushes the extra air into the motor. Mix of gas and the extra air causes a bigger boom that pushes the pistons down faster to make your car go faster."
    "Holy crap!"
    "I told you Rye!"
    "I'm not the only girl who likes cars!"
    "But you don't know how turbo works?"
    "No! I have a turbine system in my car. Hayden is the one who is car dumb. I was trying to explain it to her and she asks, if you have a full tank of gas you go faster?"
    "That... Is a pretty stupid question. Sorry Hayden!"
    "I don't speak car!"
    "God forbid you ask what torque is."
    "What's that?"
    "Thank you Elizabeth. You get to explain it to her since it was you who opened your mouth."
    "The easiest way to explain torque and turbo all at the same time. Ready Hayden?"
    "Turbo is how hard you'll hit a wall and torque is how far you'll take the wall with you."
    "I love that explanation! I need to remember that."
    "Okay, so torque is better than turbo?"
    "No. Torque and turbo are two completely different things. Turbo is speed and torque is power."
    "Dumb it down for me Blondie."
    "Oden is torque. He's fucking huge and strong."
    "Okay. Now Turbo."
    "Um... The faster you move your legs, the faster you will walk. The pistons are legs. The faster they get pushed down, is how fast you will go."
    "That's what Scott said."
    "And you still don't understand?"
    "Torque is power, turbo is speed. That's all you need to know."
    "But how does..."
    "That's all you need to know Hayden!"
    "Uh! Bye!"
    "You never told me your sister's car had turbo in it."
    "I'm sorry?"
    "I hate walking into class after it already started."
    "Everyone turns and looks at you. I don't like it. And! I wanted to watch everyone."
    "Class just started like fifteen minutes ago, we'll still be able to see everyone. Unless Ms. Cooper makes us go first."
    "Should we go first? So we can get back and get our Foxtrot done?"
    "You just said you wanted to watch everyone."
    "I'm torn now."
    "After you."
    "Let's go show these guys what's up."

   We probably should‘ve gone first because we're on a time schedule and all. But I wanted to watch everyone and Ms. Cooper asked us when we wanted to dance. I'm surprised! Few people are really good. Others, not so much!
    "The ballerina listened to me."
    "I know."
    "She needs to loosen up. She's way to stiff."
    "Yeah. Ms. Cooper will tell her."
    "Flinch is really good! I'm surprised."
    "He really is. He's also not afraid to ask for help. He takes whatever me and Ms. Cooper tell him and he does it right."
    "Shows he willing to learn more, or just not look stupid."
    "I think he may want to learn more, but I've never asked him."
    "I will. I'm curious now."
    "Shhh! Listen to Ms. Cooper. You're to sniff, watch."
    "Very well done. What is one thing I am going to say about this Rebecca?"
    "To stiff?"
        "Told you."
        "That was awesome."

    "You need to loosen up those steps. I've told you this all last year as well."
    "Loosey goosey arms Rebecca! Think of swimming for a really long time and your arms go all blah! Loosey goosey!"
    "Excellent way of explaining that Elizabeth."
    "Thank you! What it is Rebecca, you're a ballerina. Slow and graceful. So when you speed it up you tend to get stiff. I was the same way when I started to do other dance outside of ballet. My teacher always told me to think of swimming for a really long time or swimming in thick water. It took me a while to get it down. You'll get there. Just remember loosey goosey!"
    "Take Elizabeth's advice and use it."
    "I will. Thank you."
    "Anything else to add Elizabeth?"
    "Only because I'm picky! Your count was off in the last section. You went to go right and you caught yourself and it messed you up for a split second."
    "I know! You told me I was one count off yesterday and I worked on it all night. I don't know what happen."
    "I didn't even see that mishap."
    "It was small like a half count. But I'm picky, so I saw it. Pretty cool you took what I said to you yesterday."
    "I didn't at first actually. Em told me you're really good, to listen to you."
    "I been dancing for fourteen years and Sean for twelve. We won't lie to you if you ask for help. Well, I don't know about Sean. But I won't lie to you."
    "I won't lie! What the hell?"
    "Are you two ready?"
    "Yupper! Our Jive is a little bit different from everyone else's."
    "How so?"
    "Sean's idea! It's like a 50's Jive."
    "Like in Grease?"
    "Yeah, a little bit."
    "Grease is one of my favorite movies."
    "I hope you enjoy it!"

   It was all perfect, but one thing. That damn hand pass! That was my bad. And Sean almost fell, but he recovered nicely! You couldn't even tell. Every floor is different and you have to keep that in mind. And he did, that's why his recovery was so awesome. But that hand pass. Damn it! Even Sean gave me a look like, you fucking know better!
    "I'm sorry Sean."
    "That can never happen at the Classics Liz."
    "I know. Great recovery by the way."
    "Right? I thought I was going to fall on my ass."
    "What did you think Ms. Cooper?"
    "I think I want to go watch Grease now. First Jive was great, but this one was amazing. Back turns were spot on, kicks were perfect. You missed one hand pass."
    "You saw nothing!"
    "No. I saw it. Every dancer messes up, you just have to keep on going."
    "But was it good?"
    "Yes. Okay, so I think it's pretty clear who should dance tomorrow at the rally. If anyone disagrees we can take a vote."
    "Why don't we just take a vote? Let us choose."
    "I was going to suggest you and Sean dance."
    "Let us vote."
    "Okay. Take five minutes and talk to your partner. And no! You cannot vote for yourself. After five I'll ask you guys in the order you danced in."
    "What do you think Sean?"
    "Rebecca and James. They were the best ones besides us."
    "I choose them too. She needs to loosen up though."
    "Mmm hmm. How long did it take you to get out of the stiff stage?"
    "Like a month. I told her it took me some time to make her work harder at it."
    "She will too... Hungry Liz?"
    "My belly is saying, feed me Sean!"
    "A pound of fries."
    "Yes! And a big ass burger."
    "How is your head right now?"
    "No! Don't touch it."
    "So mean!"


   I like my little work crew I have. All the girls are doing all the work. The two boys are outside smoking weed on the porch. Slackers.
    "I am not paying you two to sit out here and get high."
    "You ain't payin' us at all. Shut your hole."
    "Go paint your room Devin."
    "Milly and Emily already finished her room, and they started on the bathroom. You two have done nothing."
    "Don't make me call Ode."
    "Let me smoke this first!"
    "Fuckin' pussy, scared of Ode."
    "Fuck you dude. You're scared of him too."
    "It's true."
    "Out here."
    "I ran out of paint for the kitchen."
    "Really? I thought I bought enough."
    "All gone."
    "All three?"
    "Jacob go get that other can of paint out of the truck."
    "Not even a please?"
    "No. You haven't worked enough for a please."
    "Fair enough!"
    "Can I have some of that?"
    "I can't say that either."
    "Thank you. Hayden thinks if you have a full tank of gas you go faster."
    "That's fuckin' funny."
    "You're never going to let me live that down are you Rye?"
    "No. It was the stupidest thing to come out of your mouth."
    "Here's your paint. Blunt!"
    "No! Me first."
    "The Russian smokes weed."
    "Hayden thinks a full tank of gas makes you go faster dude."
    "That's fuckin' great!"
    "Stop laughing at me."
    "We love you Hayden! Even though you're car dumb."
    "How the fuck did gas even come up?"
    "She said my car makes a funny noise and then I tried to explain turbine to her. Gas, spark, boom, and she said that."
    "Okay! Jacob's car doesn't have turbo why is his so fast?"
    "302 motor in it with a $6,000 intake."
    "So the 429 is faster because it's 429?"
    "Yes. But Scott made the 429 fast just like Jacob made his fast."
    "The 429 is faster because it's more than 302."
    "429 is a bigger motor."
    "How does a bigger motor make you go faster?"
    "More room for more air."
    "Three people explained turbo to me today. Your turn Devin."
    "Turbo sucks in car farts and pushes it in the motor."
    "Rye said car fart today."
    "It's what it does."
    "Scott and Blondie said legs. The faster you move your legs, blah, blah, blah."
    "Good way to explain it."
    "I love how Elizabeth explained torque to Hayden."
    "What did she say?"
    "Hayden asked if torque was better than turbo. She said, the best way I can explain both torque and turbo, is turbo is how hard you'll hit a wall and torque is how far you'll take the wall with you."
    "Yeah! Liz pretty much nailed it with that."
    "Okay! I have a good question."
    "Oh no!"
    "Shut up! Why is a V8 a V8?"
    "The motor is a V shape and it has eight pistons."
    "Oh! So a four-cylinder has four?"
    "Yep. And a six-cylinder has six."
    "So the number of pistons is how fast you go?"
    "Yes, a little bit. But how fast they move is how fast you go."
    "Now explain torque."
    "Okay. Scott's truck is a V8. Right?"
    "Yeah. Says it on the side."
    "Liam's truck...."
    "Is fucking huge!"
    "Yeah. His truck has a Cummings motor in it. Mostly torque because he pulls that big ass trailer with cows and shit in it. Torque is more for pullin' shit. Scott's truck is faster and Liam's isn't. But! Liam's has way more power."
    "Scott's is a 4x4 though."
    "Doesn't matter. All 4x4 does is makes your front tires move and helps a little with forward momentum."
    "What's that?"
    "So Liam's truck is better than Scott's?"
    "It's all preference Hayden. Liam needs the pullin' power. Scott doesn't. Ask Ode this shit. Not me."
    "He gets irritated when I ask."
    "I'm gettin' irritated!"
    "Fuck you."
    "Some people understand cars and then there's you."
    "I like how Elizabeth likes cars. I thought I was the only one."
    "Yeah. She's cool."
    "I need to hang out with her more."
    "You will since her and your brother are getting fucking married."
    "What? You fuckin' serious?"
    "Hayden! Why did you say that? Ivan doesn't want anyone to know about this. I told you that."
    "It just came out. I'm sorry. Don't say shit you two."
    "I'm tellin' Melissa."
    "Why are they gettin' married?"
    "So Elizabeth can dance in Russia."
    "Oh. I'm done smokin'. Let's go paint this fuckin' room dude."
    "All right."

   Okay! That was my fault. It just slipped out! Rye looks like she wants to hit me. Please don't hit me Rye! You're way bigger than me.
    "Why did you say that in front of him Hayden? He's not over her."
    "I know. It slipped, I feel so bad right now."
    "Ivan is going to be pissed at me."
    "You think Devin will call her?"
    "Emily will call Ivan."
    "At least I didn't lie to him."
    "I was trying to spare his feelings. He's sensitive. You know that."
    "Give me a break Rye, it was an accident."
    "I know. I do need to leave pretty soon. I told Ivan I would help him tonight."
    "How much of the kitchen is left?"
    "One wall. I went around and into the um… Clothes room?"
    "Laundry room."
    "Yes. I went around and in there like you said."
    "Okay. Let's finish this last wall and I'll give you a ride back to Scott's."
    "All right."
    "Have you thought about New York at all?"
    "Yes. If Scott doesn't want to go, then I'm not going. I don't want to leave him."
    "There's no jobs for you here Rye. You can't live off Scott forever."
    "I have an income Hayden."
    "From a dance studio you never go to."
    "I go when I need to."
    "Come work for me."
    "If Scott doesn't want to go then I'm not."
    "He won't go. His life is here."
    "Maybe if I say I want to go he'll come."
    "I doubt it Rye."
    "If we don't go will we still see you guys?"
    "Yeah. Ode can't away from his dad for to long."
    "Dad's boy."
    "He really is."
    "I saw your dad at the grocery store yesterday. I didn't see your mom though."
    "My mom is at Scott's parent's house."
    "Did she finally leave him?"
    "She did."
    "That's really good!"
    "Yeah. My dad didn't recognize you did he?"
    "He didn't see me. He was getting into his truck as I pulled in."
    "I'm so glad I haven't ran into him."
    "Me too. It's only a matter of time though."
    "I have Ode and Scott on speed dial."
    "You should have Oden get you a little gun."
    "Do you still have yours?"
    "I do. It's at home collecting dust. Do you want it?"
    "Well... What do you think?"
    "I think if you have any doubt at all, then take it. Because a lot can happen before Oden or Scott can get to you."
    "You're right. Yeah, I'll take it."
    "Okay. Go by my house on your way home and I'll show you how to clean it and what not."
    "Is it registered?"
    "Yes. To a Penny Pebbles."
    "Oh my god! Ode's gun is registered to a Dixie Flopping."
    "Dick flop?"
    "Scott's is registered to a Wong Hunglo."
    "That's great!"
    "Small balls, floppy dick, and a big dick."
    "Ode doesn't have a floppy dick."
    "And Scott isn't hung like a moose."
    "Who's small balls?"
    "Maybe Julius."
    "I don't know! You know what they say about them black men."
    "Not true! We both seen it remember? He's not big at all."
    "Oh god! You're right!"
    "It's fat though."
    "Ode's is nice. He has this curve to his that's just like, oh my god!"
    "Scott's is nice."
    "Don't ever tell him that."
    "He's average. He's not huge and he's not small either. He defiantly knows how to use it though. No complaints ever."
    "Have you had better dick?"
    "I only been with one other guy and I didn't enjoy it."
    "You guys do kinky shit?"
    "Not really."
    "Either do me and Ode. We'll do anal every now and then. That's about it."
    "I don't think anal is kinky. Me and Scott do it too."
    "I want to know what the hell Devin does in bed. He was having sex with Blondie and me and Ode could hear them from upstairs."
    "I think she's just loud. Me and Scott heard her and Ivan having sex. Was she loud like faking it?"
    "No! That moaning was real."
    "She makes Ivan loud. I've heard him and Emily have sex too. Well, her not Ivan, but when he was having sex with Elizabeth, I heard him too."
    "We heard Devin too."
    "Maybe Liz is the one good in bed."
    "I can get Ode loud."
    "Scott talks a lot during sex."
    "Does he really?"
    "What kind of shit does he say?"
    "You feel so good and shit like that, and he makes me talk dirty to him in Russian."
    "Do you?"
    "No. I call him an idiot and stuff in Russian."
    "That's so funny!"
    "Whatever makes him happy."
    "If he only knew."
    "Don't tell him."
    "He doesn't ever ask what you say?"
    "Yes. I just tell him, I love your dick inside me or something."
    "You're funny Rye."
    "I love him. I have to be mean sometimes."
    "I know what you mean. I bust Ode's balls all the time."
    "Me and Em are out of here. She has to be home early."
    "Did you paint your room?"
    "Melissa and Jacob are finishin' it."
    "So you're not coming back?"
    "I don't know. No, maybe."
    "Bye Devin!"
    "Later gators!"
    "Oh! Hey!"
    "Give Rye a ride to Scott's."
    "Are you sure Hayden?"
    "Yeah! I can finish this last little bit."
    "Is that fine Devin?"
    "Hurry the fuck up!"
    "I will tell Scott on you."
    "No! Please no! He'll hit me."
    "I know."
    "Put your roller in the sink before you go."
    "I'll talk to you later. Don't forget to come by on your way home."
    "I'll call you when I head that way."

   Rye is so funny! Calling Scott an idiot in Russian and he thinks she's talking dirty to him. I think that's the funniest thing ever.
    "Kitchen Milly!"
    "Need help?"
    "No. I'm just about done. You can clean the rollers in the sink for me."
    "Just run water over them until the water runs off clear."
    "Oh! Okay."
    "Where's Jacob?"
    "Finishing up Devin's room."
    "Did he tell you anything exciting tonight?"
    "Sean and Liz?"
    "Devin is so upset."
    "He's not over her that's why."
    "I know. It's way to soon for Liz and Sean to get married. Are they waiting until they graduate?"
    "No. This is happening in a few weeks."
    "So she can dance in Russia?"
    "No. They are getting married for real. Rye just told Devin that to spare some of his feelings."
    "Sean asked her?"
    "Yup. And she said yes."
    "But it's a Russian marriage?"
    "Yeah. I don't think they'll be married here. There might be some other reason why they're getting married. Maybe it is so she can dance in Russia. I don't know."
    "Where do I put these when they are clean?"
    "Fill up the other side of the sink and put them in the water. They'll stay soft that way."
    "Paint looks good."
    "Yeah. Tomorrow I'll be doing the floors and the stairs. You and Jacob can handle packing up a few things right?"
    "All done! Wash this one please. Painting is all done. Minus your boyfriend."
    "What about me?"
    "All done Babe?"
    "Yeah. Where do I put this shit?"
    "Rollers to Milly and the paint tray in the tub in my room. I'll wash them here in a minute. Oh, and Milly when you're all done and empty the sink take a paper towel and wipe out the sink while the paint in the bottom is still wet."
    "Does anything need to be loaded in Scott's truck?"
    "No. But what you can do is put all the paint in the laundry room away from the wall and then make sure all the doors and windows are open upstairs. Leave the balcony door closed though."
    "All right."
    "I like how your boyfriend works when he wants to."
    "I just had to get high."
    "Most people get high and just wanna chill. You're weird."
    "All right, hurry up you two and let's get out of here. I still need to drop off Scott's truck and stop by Rye's house."
    "That Russian is hot!"
    "She is!"
    "Don't tell Scott you think she's hot."
    "I ain't that dumb!"


   We been working non-stop all day long. For now, we decided to do the Foxtrot good enough for the video and then make it perfect later. We're running out of time and it's getting late. We got the high kick dip down. We figured out a way for Sean to stand where it doesn't hurt him and has a good hold on me at the same time. But still it's been a hit and miss all day. I managed to kick him in the back of the head at one point. We both found it really funny. Speaking of that! We took a break and watched the video so I could see what exactly happened. Too much force and he fell forward. I saw how he tried to break my fall, but like he said it happen so fast he couldn't avoid it. But he did try. Sean was right too! I hit the floor fucking hard! The noise it made when my head bounced off the floor made me feel sick to my stomach. Even Sean was like, yuck!
    "I love the drag at the end."
    "Sean hates it."
    "No I don't. I just don't think it's a good idea."
    "It's beautiful and it flows really good. Trust her."
    "I do!"
    "Then shut up and just do it."
    "Yeah Sean!"
    "Are we done? Can we please do this video now? My legs are getting heavy and we still need to fill out all the paperwork."
    "Yeah. What dance first?"
    "Let's go, Jive, Argentine Tango, and then Foxtrot."
    "Works for me!"
    "Where do you want me Ivan?"
    "Center against the mirror. That way you can pan back and forth easier."
    "Do we need to move the couches?"
    "We haven't had to, I don't think we need to now."
    "Your speakers beeped! Pretty dress!"
    "Don't get side tracked. Come back here. We do this first and then you can see your dress."
    "Fine! Hi Vey!"
    "Hello. What doing?"
    "Getting ready to do our video. Wanna watch?"
    "Yes. Dress?"
    "No! We do the video first."
    "I hang here. I got shoe too."
    "You didn't have to."
    "I told her to get you shoes even if you said no."
    "Why? I have tons."
    "We went through your shoes today. You said none of them will be pretty enough for your dress. Your words, not mine."
    "Thank you Vey."
    "Welcome. They go nice with dress."
    "Can I see?"
    "No, no. After video."
    "Aw! Sean?"
    "What my mom says goes."
    "Где вы хотите, чтобы я сидеть?"
    "Вон там. Просто наведите один из стульев одного там."
    "Talking about me?"
    "No. She was asking where she should sit."
    "Don't lie."
    "I'm not! She's moving a chair over there."
    "I don't believe you."
    "Rye, what did me and mom just say?"
    "Something about Liz in those shoes."
    "I knew it!"
    "Why Rye?"
    "I'm giving you a hard time Ivan! She asked where she should sit so she won't be in the way."
    "I don't believe you."
    "Teach more Russia Ivan. We no talk about you. Promise."
    "You believe my mom right?"
    "Ready now?"
    "No crying. What's the battery on that say?"
    "Says 95%"
    "No crying!"
    "Kiss! Right here... Thank you!"
    "Let's get this done now... Ah! No crying!"
    "You two are way to cute! They are cute right mom?"
    "Yes. I like Leez."
    "Me too! She's fun."
    "I'm fun Sean."
    "Can we please do this now? No!"
    "Jive. We'll start over h..."
    "Come on!"
    "Boop! Made you laugh!"
    "You have my side hurting Elizabeth! Mom is sitting here trying so hard not to laugh too."
    "I try not to encourage her to be silly on deadline."
    "Thank you mom."
    "Okay, okay, okay! I'm done! Let's do this video now."

   My legs are officially pudding! Sean wanted to do each dance twice for the video just in case one time was better than the other. Good idea I guess. I wanna know what Vey thinks and then pretty dress!
    "My legs are pudding."
    "Yeah. We are done."
    "Thank god! What did you think Vey? Honest."
    "I like old Jive lot. Most people who do old Jive like dat miss back turn or flick. You two no do dat. Was very very good. I like Argentine Tango lot too. Was little slow for me. I like faster, but still very good. Kick in front was… Удивительно."
    "The kick at the beginning was amazing."
    "Yes. Most no kick like you do."
    "I notice you dance no shoe, but still on toe."
    "No, no! On toe good. Dat how good dancer do. Even in shoe, still on toe."
    "What about our Foxtrot?"
    "I love drag at end. Who make Foxtrot?"
    "Who choreographed it?"
    "Yes. Who make it."
    "I did. Sean choreographed the Jive and the Argentine Tango."
    "You put lot detail in each move. It more… Комплекс то нужно быть."
    "It's more complex than it needed to be."
    "Is that bad?"
    "No, no! It very very good. You very graceful in each move. From way you put hand, to way you point toe in kick. I only see from distance no up close. Even in video, it no close. I see up close and you..."
    "Why are you crying Vey?"
    "You very good Leez. Very beautiful. Me no come up with anything like dat. Even pause in middle with Ivan was beautiful. You two fit better than I thought. Ivan good dancer too. But I think Ivan need someone like you to really show what he can do. You two have strong connect. Not many dancer have dat with partner. Неужели она понять, что я говорю?"
    "Do you understand what she's trying to say?"
    "Our chemistry?"
    "Yes! You two have strong connect. Stronger the connect the better both dancer become."
    "Great chemistry flows between each person and they feed off each other. Me and Sean have that."
    "I know. I see dat in you two. You need send dad Foxtrot so he see."
    "Tell him I want know what he think."
    "I will."
    "Pretty dress now?"
    "Can I see Foxtrot one time more?"
    "It's up to Liz."
    "She wants to see the Foxtrot again."
    "Oh! I think my legs can handle one more dance for your mommy."

   I made Vey cry twice! It's so cool she loves my drag that Sean hates. My legs went from pudding to straight blah! Now! Pretty dress for real!
    "Take my shoes off Sean."
    "No. You take mine off."
    "Give me your feet."
    "I was joking."
    "Take off own shoe. No lazy."
    "Ha! Your mommy called us lazy."
    "At the moment she's right."
    "Pretty dress now?"
    "Here shoe, and here dress. I hope you like."
    "Whoa! Holy shi... Crap! These are expensive shoes. You left the price on the box Vey."
    "No look at price. Open box."
    "Ooo! I now own a pair of silver shoes! Happy face!"
    "Try on. Make sure fit."
    "Oh my god!"
    "No like?"
    "These are the most comfortable shoes ever! Like walking on little clouds. Thank you Vey. I love them."
    "Dang these are nice. I can turn good and they don't slip like new shoes."
    "Pay more for better shoe. Same shoe I wear when dance, I get nothing else."
    "I love them Vey! These are awesome shoes Sean!"
    "I know. I get my shoes from the same place."
    "Are the boy shoes like clouds too?"
    "They're so soft."
    "Come look dress now."
    "I hope it what want."
    "Please don't get caught on the sheer Mr. Zipper... Wow! This turned out better than I expected."
    "Look tag on inside."
    "Lorenzo Bridal. M. Sanders. You had her leave the tag on."
    "No. Her idea to leave tag. I tell her to be carful with shirt, that dad pass. She decide to leave tag for you."
    "This is so awesome. It's perfect. Thank you so much."
    "Is what want? Yes?"
    "Yeah. It's perfect Vey. Thank you."
    "Go try on. Make sure fit."

   I didn't expect my dress to come out this fucking good. My ideas before when I went in for clothes, never came out this good. There's little details she added to make it more beautiful. My favorite part is the tag she left on. Made it extra special. My little cloud shoes are perfect too.
    "What do you guys think?"
    "It fit good?"
    "Yes. It fits perfect. You like it Sean?"
    "I do. You look amazing Liz."
    "Very beautiful Leez."
    "I love all the extra details she put in too."
    "Yes. She very good at what she do."
    "All my other clothes that I'll need, will she be making them?"
    "If you want her to make your clothes for dance, I can have her do for you. No issue on dat."
    "Awesome. Okay! I'm done twirling around. I need to take everything off before I stink it all up."
    "I leave two lone. You need food? I make food."
    "I could eat."
    "I like food."
    "I make food."
    "Thank you."
    "Thank you Vey."
    "Shower before we get started on our paper work Love?"
    "Yes. Let me start transferring everything off the camera first."
    "Okay. I love my dress Sean."
    "I love how you're standing there naked with just those shoes on."
    "These shoes are fucking awesome! $3,000 well spent! Okay, I'm putting clothes on now. Are you okay Love?"
    "I've never really been praised on a dance from my mom like you did. Everything she loved was you and everything she hated was me."
    "That's not true at all Sean. She said she loved all three dances. The only bad thing she really said was our Argentine Tango was slow and she likes them faster. But she still liked it. Are you mad?"
    "Please don't lie to me."
    "I'm not. I'm used to it. I'm happy with everything she said, even the bad. She was right on when she said I need someone like you to show how good on a dancer I really am. Even though all the good was for you, I feel like it was for me too because I am part of this."
    "It was for you too Sean."
    "You made sure every tiny little detail in your Foxtrot was perfect. The way my hands were and my feet, knee bends. Everything! I don't get into that amount of detail in anything I do. You are really good Liz. Seeing the Foxtrot on paper looked so simple and when we got into it, it was anything but simple."
    "I'm really picky when it comes to dancing. It has to be perfect."
    "I'm picky too. But I don't get that detailed like you do. Like my hands! At one point you told me my fingers were to spread out to close them. I don't really worry about shit like that."
    "I love you."
    "I love you too Liz."
    "Are you ready to get in the shower?"
    "I am."


   I wasn't lying to Liz when I said I wasn't upset. I'm really not. I'm used to not getting good praises from my mom. But, Liz was right. The good was for me too. I thought my mom was going to hate Liz's drag in her Foxtrot. Turns out she loves it. It shut me up on the whole, it's a bad idea thing. My mom was right about Liz being graceful in in every single move too. All I could think was, wow. Like my mom, I've only seen her from a distance too in the Classics. Being up close and being part of it, there's no words to really describe it. She's overboard picky with the tiny little details. It was things judges won't even notice. Well, maybe the judges in the Classics will? If that's the case, then I need to be overboard picky too.
    "Paper is all done. I used your address like you wanted me to and I filled out your paper."
    "Thank you."
    "I also put down Lebedinsky dance Studio as the place we represent. Is that okay?"
    "Yes. Do you need the address or anything?"
    "No. I found the card behind your driver’s license. Cute picture by the way."
    "Your mom's dinner gave me heart burn! I love spicy food, so it's totally worth it."
    "Do you need a Tums?"
    "Yes please."
    "In the mirror in the bathroom."
    "Thank you Love. How's the video coming along?"
    "I just got done cutting each dance apart. We need to pick the best of the two takes we did."
    "Okay. Let's watch them."
    "Jive, you missed that hand pass on the first one."
    "Toss it and use the second one."
    "Second one was perfect. You have to get that hand pass down. I told you your hand had to be one way, and we worked on it so much, that you keep turning your hand back the wrong way."
    "I know! It's like habit now. I'll get it down. Don't you worry Love. Argentine Tango! I think both were perfect."
    "Yeah. Neither one of us fucked up anywhere in it. So, let’s look at facial expressions."
    "The one with better faces is the winner! Wait! Do you make that face in the second one?"
    "I don't think I do. Lets see... No. I don't."
    "I don't like your face in the first one. It's like an, oh my god Liz is fucking heavy face. Toss it!"
    "Both Foxtrots were good too weren't they?"
    "I think so."
    "Here, let my move this window here. You watch the first one here and I'll watch the second one here."
    "Okay. Fuck up on mine already."
    "Show me."
    "Our heads."
    "Oh! I see. That was me. It's perfect on mine. See?"
    "Yeah. Second fuck up! Hand."
    "Look at the hand here."
    "I like it on yours. Mine is blah!"
    "I love your facial expressions on mine. You made this Foxtrot with a Viennese Waltz kind of feel to it. The almost sad look on your face is just fucking amazing. Look."
    "I see what you're saying. I got more in to the character of the dance in your video."
    "I think yours is better one. Here on mine, the dip to the floor I wobble a little bit."
    "There's no wobble in mine."
    "The drag and end is good here."
    "Here too. Your call."
    "Delete mine and use yours."
    "Okay. Any order they need to go in on the disk?"
    "Jive, Foxtrot, and Argentine Tango. That's what I wrote on our papers, so put them in that order."
    "Okay. This is going to take about 45 minutes to an hour. What do you want to do?"
    "Homework then Rumba a few times."
    "You got my homework too?"
    "I did. I also stole Devin's Science homework again. What's your best subject?"
    "History. They make you take a test to get your citizenship here. American History. So I made a point to pay attention."
    "Smart. Science first, then I'll do math while you do History. Switch and copy and then English together. Sound good?"
    "My bag is upstairs."
    "Let's go upstairs then."

   It's so weird how Liz finishes her math so fast. She started on it and she was finished in five minutes. Maybe even less. She even showed her work for each question and was done that quick. I'm not even halfway done with my History.
    "Leez, you no clean. I get."
    "No, It's fine Vey. I'm a guest in your home, it's the least I can do."
    "She likes to clean."
    "Containers for left over food?"
    "Last drawer over here under the coffeepot. Good luck finding the matching lids."
    "That's why it's called, tupper where the hell is the lid!"
    "Leez make me laugh."
    "Liz is weird."
    "It's called blonde Sean."
    "You send video to dad?"
    "Not yet. I'm doing the video first and then I'll send it to him."
    "Send all three."
    "I will."
    "Tupperware lids is just like losing socks in the dryer. Ha! Found you! You little stink face."
    "Stink face."
    "You cook too Leez?"
    "I do. I'm making dinner tomorrow."
    "Need me pick up food?"
    "Sean is taking me tomorrow after school to get a few things."
    "You cook good?"
    "Her mom is the chef at Bernat. And yes, Liz can cook just as good."
    "I like Bernat. We go lot, very good food."
    "Everything on the menu is my mom's own recipes."
    "Yeah. Even the special drinks."
    "My mom likes the blueberry watermelon one."
    "That one! Is actually mine! She was coming up with all those drinks one night and I was helping her. I kept saying to make one with blueberries, and she wouldn't do it. So when she went to use the bathroom, I threw watermelon and blueberries in the blender and made it. She was like, oh! This is good!"
    "Yeah! She was mad at first and then I was like, try it mommy! Then she wasn't mad anymore."
    "I get what need and you make for me here?"
    "Yeah! I'll make you a big pitcher of it if you want Vey."
    "Ivan, I like Leez lot."
    "So do I."
    "Are you one who put fish in pool? I get bill for new part on pump. Raisa say she no do it."
    "Yes. Liz wanted pool fish to look at downstairs. I told her they would get suck into the pump and die. I didn't know they would break the pump. I'll pay for it."
    "You give Leez pool fish? Dat sweet Ivan. But no more pool fish. Get one in bowl."
    "How much is the bill? I'll pay it tomorrow."
    "Was only $30. I pay already. Is fine Ivan. No more fish in pool."
    "There might still be a couple in there."
    "There was only three the other night. They might be gone now."
    "How many fish you put in pool Ivan?"
    "You put dat many in pool?"
    "Liz wanted them. I wanted to see her happy."
    "It's funny now! Who puts gold fish in their pool?"
    "I do if it makes you happy."
    "No more fish in pool. Leez want fish get one in bowl."
    "You laughed when Sean said fifty."
    "Dat is lot of fish. I thought it was maybe five or six. Fifty lot and it funny. Now know why it broke pool."
    "Done! Dishwasher is going. This pan here on the stove is clean. I'm gonna use it tomorrow so I just sat it here. Is that fine or do you want it put away?"
    "Dat fine."
    "Done yet Sean?"
    "Yes. Trade now."
    "No learn when copy."
    "We usually don't copy, but it's getting late and we're getting tired."
    "I see. You two do three dance in two day?"
    "No. Jive was about three days, Argentine Tango was two days, and our Foxtrot was maybe six hours. Foxtrot still needs fine tuning, but it's done."
    "Six hour Foxtrot? Dat is too good to be only six hour."
    "We worked all day. We took breaks to use the bathroom and snack. But it had to get done."
    "Feet and legs no hurt?"
    "My back is killing me and my legs are 100 pounds each right now."
    "My feet hurt and my legs are pudding."
    "You need better shoe Leez. Dance shoe only good for so long den they get... They no good no more."
    "All the shoes I have I've worn a lot. I do need new ones. No money though."
    "I get shoe if you need."
    "I don't know Vey."
    "If she's offering, I'd let her buy them for you Liz. You will need them for the Classics."
    "Okay, I got a pair for our Jive. It's a pair I hardly wore, so they are still in great condition. Shoes for my Paso I don't want heels like you bought tonight. Can we go together when I need shoes for my Paso?"
    "Off the top of my head I think heels like you got me will be fine. Just grab a couple different colors for me."
    "I can do dat. Just like shoe I get? They have closed toe too."
    "You know what? Let’s wait on the shoes for now. Until we get into our dances and I know what I want. Then me and you can go shopping."
    "That good idea. You want me to get shoe just for rehears? Gold color is less money because it no sell many. But same shoe. I can get one open toe and one close toe for you to rehears in. Yeah?"
    "Just say yes Beanstalk. You will need them."
    "I feel weird! It's a lot of money!"
    "No feel weird. You pay me by make Ivan happy. Deal?"
    "That's a good deal Liz."
    "It is huh? Okay!"
    "I pick up tomorrow. Now, when work all day. No over due. Need breaks. Is important."
    "We do take breaks mom."
    "I'm only saying Ivan. Dat's all."
    "We both know better. We take our breaks and eat. We don't want either one of us passing out."
    "Done! English time."
    "I'm not done. You show way too much work."
    "Slow poke!"
    "I go bed. Make sure you put everything in car for me so I no forget. I leave keys here on table."
    "I will. Night mom."
    "Night Vey. Thanks for everything."
    "Welcome. Night you two."
    "You were rude to your mommy when she was talking about how we need breaks."
    "No I wasn't."
    "Oh. Sounded like you were. I was about to beat you up."
    "You can beat me off if you want."
    "Ooo! With my mouth?"
    "Even better."
    "Get down with the 69 so I get mine at the same time."
    "Only if you're on top so I can lick your butt."
    "I walked in at the wrong time."
    "Hi Rye. Off to see Scott?"
    "Have him lick your butt."
    "He does sometimes."
    "Goodnight you two."
    "Night! Done yet?"
    "Here you go."
    "You didn't wait for me."
    "Are you crying Love?"
    "No. Thank you."
    "Will your dad love me like your mommy does?"
    "I do hope so. I want everyone in my family to like you. My grandparents won't though."
    "You're not Russian."
    "Oh. Fuck them."
    "I agree."
    "My head hurts again."
    "Have you been pushing on your bump?"
    "No. I guess all the work we have been doing, I haven't been thinking about it that's why it wasn't hurting."
    "I'm done. Let's go downstairs and check this video."
    "And aspirin… Whoa!"
    "I got you. Sit back down. Are you okay?"
    "Yeah. I think I just stood up to fast."
    "You want me to walk you upstairs so you can lie down? I can handle everything by myself."
    "No. I wanna stay with you."
    "Okay. Come on."
    "Following you."
    "Are you sure you're okay?"
    "I'm getting worried about you. Aspirin and water."
    "Thank you. I'm fine Sean. I promise if I start feeling wonky I'll let you know."
    "Can you fill out this envelope? You have better hand writing than I do."
    "Yeah. I need the address."
    "Oh! It is... On one of these papers... Here you go."
    "And the return address to here right?"
    "Yes. Need my wallet again?"
    "Yes please... Thank you my Love."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Did the video finish while we were doing homework?"
    "It did. Do we need to write on the disk?"
    "No. But you need to write our names on a piece of paper and put it inside the case."
    "No dances need to be written on it?"
    "No. The dances on the video are listed on our paperwork."
    "Oh! Okay. Can you write our names down too?"
    "Thank you."
    "Is your dad's middle name Maksovich too?"
    "No. Maksim was my grandpas name."
    "The one who died?"
    "If we have a boy, can we name him Maksim?"
    "If that's what you want."
    "All done."
    "Make sure everything is in there. Money order, papers, and disk. Then steal it up."
    "I did. Its all done ready to go in mommy's car."
    "All right. Give me one minute to finish this email to my dad."
    "Aww! It's not in English."
    "My dad can't read, write, or speak English."
    "What does it say?"
    "Mom wanted me to send these to you and she wants to know what you think."
    "Looks like more than just that."
    "Russian has long words. Like, hello. It's spelled з-д-р-а-в-с-т-в-у-й-т-е"
    "Russian has a different alphabet. We have 33 letters. American alphabet on has 26."
    "How do you spell hello in Russian in English letters?"
    "Yeah. You still feel like doing our Rumba?"
    "No. Head hurts. We can do it tomorrow at school during lunch. Our Jive too."
    "Okay. Bed then?"
    "You want to go up while I run this out to my mom's car?"
    "Yeah. I wanna lay down now."
    "Okay. I'm done with this. I'm ready to walk up when you are."
    "I'm good."


   My fucking head! It's worse right now than is has been all day. The lights in Sean's room are making it worse! Lying down. Eyes closed. Ah! That's a little bit better.
    "Are you still alive over there?"
    "Yes. Lights off please Love. They are making my head feel worse."
    "Much. Thank you."
    "If your bump is bigger and your head still hurts tomorrow, let me take you to the hospital please. It'll make me feel better."
    "My mom's Rumba though."
    "After school."
    "Thank you."
    "Hold me Sean."
    "I love you Liz."
    "I love you too. I fall more and more in love with you every day. I can't even picture myself with anyone else anymore. Only you."
    "Me too. I only want you. I put the bottle of aspirin and water over there on your nightstand in case you wake up and need to take one."
    "Thank you."
    "You're welcome. Try to get some sleep."
    "I will. Kiss."
    "Спокойной Ночи."
    "I know that one."
    "What did I say?"
    "You said, good night."
    "Mmm hmm. Good night Beanstalk."
    "Night my Love."

   Deadline is done. Everything will be in the mail tomorrow. Hopefully, me and Sean won't be sore in the morning. And I hope this headache goes away too. I don't like hospitals. They scare me.