Chapter One - My Maria

Sunday, May 31

    "Driving is a privilege Elizabeth, now listen to me. Gently give it gas."
      "Mom, I'm not an idiot I know how to make a car move."
    "Pay attention to the road, shut up and listen."

    Driving was much easier and more fun when it was my dad teaching me. All my mom does is yell at me to listen, when clearly I am listening to her. She really doesn't want me to be driving at all to be honest. Mostly because my dad died over a year ago in a car accident. She has to realize that I won’t end up like him. Hell it wasn't even his fault.

    "Elizabeth stop!!" My mom screams.
    "Jesus mom! What the hell!"
    "There's a stop sign there. You almost ran it!"
    "Oops. I'm sorry."
    "Oops, I'm sorry!? This lesson is over get out of the driving seat now!"
    "But mom it was an...."
    "Now Elizabeth!!"

    I guess driving and daydreaming don't go together at all. One mistake and she flips out on me! I'll be talking to Maria about this tomorrow at school. Maria is the school counselor at Wes McCain High. I been talking with her for over a year and she's an amazing person. I was hesitant at first to see her, but now she is my one and only real friend. My mom doesn't count well because she's my mom. My mom thinks I'm still a little girl. Hell she still thinks I'm a virgin. Shortly after my dad died. I was depressed and just plain pissed off. I was like fuck it lets have sex. It was pretty awful and weird, and it didn't get better over time. Poor guy. I could get myself off better than he could, and by that I mean he never could. Like I said, poor guy.

   "Dad watch out!!" 

    I must have fallen asleep on the couch while I was watching TV. It's been over a year and I'm still having these fucked off dreams about the night my dad and I were in the car accident that killed him. Drunk driver ran a stoplight and hit us. I obviously made it out okay, but these nightmares just won't stop. Every night is a replay of that horrible day. It’s five in the morning I might as well stay up or else I’ll miss the bus to school in a few hours. I need to take a shower anyway. I wake up all sweaty after I have my nightmares. By the time I get out of the shower, brush my teeth and hair I notice a moving truck parked outside. Someone is finally moving into the house next door. The house has been empty for about six months now. I'm not sure what happened to the old couple who lived there before. My guess they retired to some island somewhere. Who knows! Checking out all the stuff they are taking into the house is all hip and modern. Some hotshot straight out of college would be my guess. 

Monday, June 1

    Damn bus is late this morning. It must be a Monday thing, because I've noticed it's only Mondays when she's late. Finally, at around 8:10am she shows up. A new record! She's usually 30 minutes late and not 10 minutes late. Good job bus driver lady! The one thing that totally sucks about being late to school is not being able to talk to Maria before class. I have a lot to talk to her about today. Oh well, it can wait 'till lunch time, I guess.

    Class today just seemed to drag on and on. I have so much on my mind today. My mom, who's moving in next door and these never-ending nightmares. Maria and I talk about them all the time. She says if I talk about it they will go away in time. A year later, and they have yet to go away. Lunchtime finally rolls around so I head to Maria’s office and she's not there. Strange. I decide to sit down and wait for her. She probably just went to the bathroom or something. As I start looking around, I notice Maria’s diplomas aren't hanging on the wall anymore. What the hell is this all about? I look up at the clock and realize there's only 10 minutes left before lunch is over. I need to go talk to the principle.

    "Good afternoon Elizabeth." Mrs. Aimes says from behind her desk. She runs the front office, and she has to be the nicest old lady I know.
    "Hey Mrs. Aimes, is Mr. Hands in? I need to talk to him, it's urgent."

    She hits the intercom button on her phone and I hear Mr. Hands say, "Send her in I have something for her." Something for me? I walk into his office and before I can say anything he tells me to sit down.

    "So Elizabeth, I assume you're here because of Ms. Cruz?" He asks
    "Yeah, I am. Where is she? Is she ok?"
    "Yes, she's fine. But I hate to be the one to tell you this. Ms. Cruz no longer works here at Wes McCain High."

    I feel my heart fall to my feet. Maria. My one and only friend is gone.

    "The new counselor starts tomorrow. His name is Michael Avalon."
    "I don't give a shit about a Michael Avalon! I want Maria back, not some asshole who knows Jack shit about me and my problems!"

    I'm so pissed my hands start shaking as well as my whole body.

    "Calm down Elizabeth. Ms. Cruz left your file with Mr. Avalon this morning, and I'm sure she told him about you as well." I raise an eyebrow at Mr. Hands. I'm sure he knows how mad I am.
    "Here this is for you. Ms. Cru... Maria wanted me to give this to you" he finally says reaching into his desk and handing me an envelope.

    I snatch the envelope out of his hand, shove it in my backpack, and storm out. I go to my locker to get my math book still irate I slam it shut and start hitting it. The other kids walking by looking at me like I'm some kind of psycho. If someone tries to say something to me I'll most definitely show them, psycho. Us females can turn psycho on and off as easily as a light switch. It's the sad but true truth about females. Be sure to write that down in the danger column of your female guides boys and mark it in red!

    I pretty much slacked off for the rest of the day. I didn't even care that I got detention and had to stay after school. I was so upset I didn't want to do anything. I'm actually surprised Mr. Hands didn't give me detention for yelling at him. Lucky me, right? Mr. Hands is a cool guy. Young and handsome and I'm pretty sure he has a crush on my mom. I get to go home at last! As I'm walking up to my front door, I notice the new neighbor’s car parked in its stall. A brand new Dodge Challenger. It's sexy as hell! Makes my mom's Tahoe look like a piece of shit. Hawaii plates, so my new neighbor is from Hawaii. Why would anyone move here to San Jose from Hawaii? An idiot! But the car is still sexy regardless.

    Same thing every school night. I come home, do my homework, eat, shower, brush my teeth and then sleep. Story of my life. As I'm putting my homework folder away, I notice the envelope from Maria at the bottom of my backpack. I sigh loudly as I open it up and read the letter inside.

"Hey Elizabeth, let me start off by saying I am sorry for saying goodbye to you in a letter. I waited for you as long as I could this morning to tell you in person. I got a professor’s job at the University. It was much too good of an offer to pass up. The pay is better, everything is better. But listen, the new guy taking my job at Stray I handpicked myself. I met him at the University when I went to my interview. He's good at what he does, graduated at the top of his class, and to top it all off he's muy caliente! I gave him your file, and I told him everything we've talked about. He's up to date, so please talk to him. I have to run now or else I'll miss my flight. Remember, I love you muchos chicka.
Con mucho Amor!

    I lay on my bed and think to myself can this guy be as good as Maria says he is? I guess we'll find out tomorrow. I must have dozed off for a good hour all I know is I am hungry as hell right now. I think I'll go make me a grilled cheesey and eat it outside since it's a nice night. Grilled cheesey is my favorite!

    As I sit down to eat, I hear the neighbor come outside. He must be on the phone because I hear him say, "Ok mom I'll let you know tomorrow for sure. I love you, goodnight." His deep voice is as sexy as his car, and I instantly start to feel funny in my panties if you know what I mean. I didn't have the courage to look over the bushes at him as I got up to go inside. I'll see him eventually, maybe in the morning? We shall see.

    Brushing my teeth all I could think about was Mr. Sexy Voice. What does he look like, or his body, is his dick big? Oh my god, Elizabeth you and your dirty mind! I giggle a little bit and nearly choke on some toothpaste. I don't even know this guy and I'm wondering what his dick looks like. What am I going to do with myself.

Tuesday, June 2

    Last night was the first night I didn't have any nightmares. Which is good because I don't have to take a shower this morning before school. This gives me time to take a look at Mr. Sexy Voice next door. Why do I have butterflies in my stomach? This guy could be fugly! Fugly guys drive nice cars. Anyway! By the time I went outside to catch the bus, his car was gone. Next time, Mr. Sexy Voice, next time. I'm still debating if I should go meet the new counselor or not. I mean Maria really thinks I should. I do trust her opinion on most things. Ok, fuck it I'll go meet him and see if he's as good as Maria says he is. As I reach for the doorknob to his office, the bell rings. Yes! Saved by the bell! I'll just wait 'till lunch to see him.

    As usual class drags on, but today I only have one thing on my mind. Mr. Sexy Voice. I wonder if my mom has met him yet. I'll ask her later when she gets off work, she'll tell me if he's fugly or not.

    "Elizabeth! Are you paying attention?" Mr. Tunnell says loudly and made me jump 10 feet in the air.
    "What now? Yeah, I'm paying attention."
    "Ok, so what's the answer to the question I just asked?"

    Damn you, Mr. Tunnell! Damn you!

    "Five?" I say with a big cheesy grin on my face and the entire class burst into a roaring laughter.
    "No, No Elizabeth. Five is not the proper name for flu."
    "Oh! Influenza."
    "Influenza is right. Please pay more attention in my class."

    I have no idea why I said five. Math is after lunch. Speaking of lunch, I need to go meet this new counselor. Which is in about 30 or so minutes? Those 30 minutes felt more like three hours. Science is way too boring for me. When the bell rings for lunch, I walk down the hall to the counselor’s office. I walk in and he's sitting at his desk working on the computer. Maria was right he is muy caliente!

   "Elizabeth, please come in and have a seat."

    Holy fucking shit! Mr. Sexy Voice is my new Maria?!

    "Mr. Sexy Voice?" I say quietly.
    "Excuse me?" he says leaning back in his chair with a sexy grin on his face.
    "I said thank you."

     He defiantly heard what I said, I just know it. I know that grin! I use it on my mom when I really want something. Well, on the plus side Mr. Sexy Voice is not fugly.

     "So, Maria told you everything about me" I ask.
     "Just everything I need to know. The death of your father, for instance, and your night terrors."

     Night terrors? I heard no one call my nightmares that before. I just set there tapping my finger on his desk.

     "Is there anything you want to talk about today Elizabeth?" he asks.
     "Yeah, my mom has been teaching me how to drive. All she does is yell at me. She has no patience."
     "Ok, so why don't you enroll in the drivers training class downtown?"
     "Yeah right. With what money? I don't have a job and my mom sure as hell won't put up the money." I reply in an angry tone.
     "My apologies. Anything else on your mind?"

     Can I see your penis? Maybe touch it? I think to myself and I can feel myself blush a little bit.

     "Well, I was going to talk to Maria about my new neighbor, but I don't want to talk to you about it. No offense."
     "Non taken! I bet your new neighbor is a pretty cool person."

     As I look up at him he has a grin on his face. What's with the grin? Oh god he's sexy. I really do want to see this man naked.

     "He has a sexy car!"
     "Is that right?" He said with a chuckle.
     "Yeah! I happen to really like Mopars. Why my mom drives a Chevy, I have no clue." I say with a big ass smile on my face. This guy seems cool. Cool and sexy! Lizzy likey!
     "Chevy's aren't that bad of cars. Hell my first car was a Chevy."
     "I'd like my first car to be as cool as your Challen..." I stopped mid-sentence and my eyes widened.  

     Shit! I hope he doesn't think I'm some sort or stalker calling him Mr. Sexy Voice and saying his car is sexy. Ok, calm down Elizabeth! Maybe he didn't catch it.
       "My Challen?" he asks raising an eyebrow at me.  

     Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!

     "Nothing. Sorry I have to go get something to eat before lunch is over. I say quickly.

     I stubble getting up out of my chair. Oh, my god I'm so embarrassed! Somehow Michael beats me to the door.

     "Hey! Hold on a minute Elizabeth. Before you go, If there's anything you need to talk to me about. Anything at all you know where I live." He said as he handed me a business card and gave me a wink.
     "Uh okay. Thanks." I kept my head down I couldn't look him in the face.

     As I turn to walk out the door, he stops me again.

     "Oh, and by the way. I saw you outside yesterday checking out my car in the driveway."

     Michael Avalon you sly son of a bitch! He let me talk and talk, and he knew I was talking about him the whole time! Man, I feel like a fucking tool! On another note! His car is still sexy!