Chapter Ninteen - Broken

Tuesday, June 16


    It's been too quiet at home. I'm use to Lizzy making some kind of noise in the morning and at night before I go to bed. The quiet makes me think too much. I hate eating alone. I call Jim sometimes just to have a conversation with someone over dinner and sometimes breakfast. It helps. He's also my way of checking up on Lizzy. He tells me she's been at school and her homework has been turned in. That's really good. I'm glad she isn't just out playing with her friends. I do love the little things she's been doing every day after school. Tidying up and such, and the little notes she leaves on the fridge for me. She knows if she keeps me happy I basically let her do what she wants. It's true, I only ask her to do her chores and her homework. She's been doing it, so I have nothing to complain about. Well, I do have one complaint. Not with Lizzy, but Jim. I don't see him enough. He's missing so much already, and I don't like it. However, Jim does live in a three-bedroom house. He said there's plenty of room for Lizzy and myself. By time the baby comes, Jacob will be gone. So, It really works out well.


    I've been thinking about it for a while. Do I really want to do this? Yes. Will Lizzy be okay with this? I have no idea. Will Jacob be okay with this? Again, I have no idea. Jim still needs to talk to Jacob, just like I still need to talk to Lizzy. The four of us all need to sit down and talk about it. Which is why Jim will be calling Lizzy and Jacob into his office today at lunch. It should be fine. Jacob and Lizzy are never really home much as it is. It'll be fine.
    "Coffee and breakfast turn out okay?"
    "Very good. You need to sleep over more often."
    "Are you sure Jacob will be okay with Lizzy and I moving in?"
    "I don't see why not. He's never home as it is, and this is my house. He'll deal with it."
    "I don't want anyone uncomfortable is all Jim."
    "It'll be fine. As long as you cook this good all the time, he'll be happy."
    "Okay. We're cleaning out the extra room this weekend?"
    "Yes. Are you sure Elizabeth will be fine with it?"
    "The room? Are you kidding? It's bigger than her room now."
    "Did she tell you her History class is doing a presentation at the rally on Friday?"
    "She hasn't really been around much the last few days."
    "I see. Well, all the parents are welcome to come. She has a big part in it, you should come and see her."
    "Of course. What time?"
    "The rally starts at 12:45. So be at school around 12:30 and you and I can walk in together."
    "Could I come earlier and we have lunch together?"
    "Sounds great. Be sure to remind me later so I can write it down."
    "Will do, I have to get going. Thank you for the amazing breakfast and amazing night."
    "You're very welcome. I'll see you in a few hours."

    I do love that man.


    Do I want to put an ad lib step right there? No. Box step then ad lib to a dip. Nice! I love it! Regular promenade to side step, turn, another dip to the floor this time. Hm? Maybe. I wanna do a beautiful drag too! Here at the end.
    "Will Sean even like that?"
    "Are you talkin' to yourself?"
    "Yeah. Don't mind me."
    "I'm finished if you wanna copy."
    "Oh! Yeah! Gimme!"
    "What are you doin'? Your notebook looking like a football play book or somethin'."
    "The fuck are you talkin' about?"
    "It's a Foxtrot I'm putting together Devin."
    "Oh. Looks complicated."
    "Yeah. Think of it like this. A musician can read music right?"
    "Dancers can read steps when they are written out like this."
    "Sheet music for dancers. Right arm."
    "Pretty much."
    "Is this what you guys are doin' in class?"
    "No. Me and Sean are doing a competition in September. We need to send in a video with three dances on it. All three need to be done and mailed off by Friday."
    "Fuck. You doin' everything?"
    "No. I'm doing this one right here and Sean is doing the other two."
    "Ah! Makin' the man do all the work."
    "Shut up."
    "Both of ya shut up."
    "Did you remember the bananas Puppet Boy?"
    "Fuck you."
    "We have to go see Jim at lunch."
    "Said who?"
    "Said this text from Jim."
    "Oh. Are we in trouble?"
    "I haven't done shit. You?"
    "Melissa can come with me and Em at lunch."
    "I'll probably just wait for my Babe. Thank you though."
    "I have no idea how long I'll be. Go with em and I'll meet you guys there."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Wait! Maybe we're in trouble for the Heather shit yesterday. I mean, you did kind of threaten her."
    "What did you do?"
    "I called her a whore. So did Blaine."
    "No. Jim would've called us in by now if it was because of that."
    "Hmm. I don't know! We'll find out at lunch."


    V-Frame, reverse for Liz here, on axis, leg over. Caress? No, leg over then over. Good. Three lifts. Here, here, and here. These here are not quite lifts. Mark for reference. That's it? Yeah. Done.
    "Hi Love."
    "Kiss. Mmm! One more. Thank you. I have something to show you."
    "It's about 90% done. What do you think?"
    "Is this a lift?"
    "No. A drag."
    "Okay. Foot work is amazing. Complex on my side."
    "Still the standard slow, slow, quick, quick."
    "This step here?"
    "Oh! It's simple. I promise."
    "Two dips. This one I don't understand."
    "That's actually the most complex move in this. Timing has to be 100% or I'll fall."
    "Okay. I have floor mats if you think we need them."
    "Overall, what do you think?"
    "From looking at this, it's going to be good. I'm not sure about this drag. I don't think I've ever seen a Foxtrot with one. And this low dip. I still don't get it."
    "I didn't really trust David enough to do a dip like this. We never even did lifts. But this here is my most complex Foxtrots I have ever put together. It's not finished though, I need you to help me finish it. Not steps, but I just need you to like... Stand there and let me look at you and move you. I have it all in my head how I want it. I just can't write it down right. I just need to do it."
    "Okay. Here."
    "Ooo! It's done?"
    "Yes. I told you all I needed was a few hours."
    "You slowed it down."
    "Yeah. It's slowed down as far as an Argentine Tango is allowed to go. Are you fine with that?"
    "Yeah. Should be interesting."
    "You like it?"
    "Close V-frame."
    "Mmm Hmm."
    "I like it."
    "Good. What you feel like doing for lunch?"
    "I have to go see the principle at lunch."
    "Are you in trouble?"
    "I have no idea. He wants to see Jacob too."
    "What did you guys do?"
    "Nothing! I thought maybe it was for the Heather thing yesterday, but he said Jim would've called us in by now if that was it."
    "One good thing about Heather is she won't go and tell the principle on someone. I doubt that's it."
    "Since I have no idea how long we'll be we can just get food here and hang out."
    "That works."
    "Shut up."
    "Kiss me and I'll shut up."
    "Agenda for the day."
    "Jive. That hand pass I want, we need to figure it out. I don't understand why we're fucking it up. It's simple."
    "Why don't we just change it?"
    "If we really need to, but I want to try and figure it out first."
    "Argentine Tango. I need Melissa's help, I'll talk to her at lunch."
    "Help with what?"
    "A song. I want her to record something for us."
    "That's awesome. I had no idea she could sing."
    "She's really good. So is Hayden."
    "You don't like using just the song do you?"
    "Not unless I have to."
    "You should play piano for my Foxtrot."
    "I have a few things record that I've done. You can listen to them later and if there's nothing you like we can come up with something."
    "I like how you do the music. You always make it work to what you need."
    "Yeah. It's good to know how to use your music to adapt to your steps."
    "You should teach me."
    "How to use your big music thingy."
    "Oh. I could, it's not too hard to figure it out."
    "What are these marks?"
    "Not quite lifts. I'll explain everything to you in detail later that you don't understand."
    "Did you do your homework?"
    "I do my homework in math every day. Do you need to copy?"
    "Can I please?"
    "Thank you."
    "You're welcome."


    English is way more fun now that I talk to Sean and Emily and all the stuff. And! I have something to look at. Sean! He really is fun to just sit and stare at. For many different reasons, but mostly because he's hot. Okay! Books and what not in my locker! Now we go see Jim. Fun!
    "I'll be out by the fountain."
    "Okay. Kiss!"
    "Ah, wait! One more."
    "Mmm! I'll meet you out there when... Mom? What are you doing here?
    "Hello Sean."
    "Jim and I need to have a talk with you and Jacob."
    "So we're not in trouble or anything?"
    "Okay. I'll be in there in a minute."
    "All right. Bye Sean."
    "Anyway! I'll meet you out there when we're done."
    "Okay. One more kiss and you go."
    "One more?"
    "Go now."
    "Thank you!"

    A talk with Jim and my mom. And Jacob? Okay!

    "Have a seat Elizabeth while we wait for Jacob."
    "Are we in trouble?"
    "Have you done anything I'm unaware of?"
    "Are you sure?"
    "You two are not in trouble."
    "Mommy! Your boyfriend is giving me a hard time."
    "Well, have you done anything wrong we don't know about?"
    "What Lizzy?"
    "Mean! Both of you. You have to yank Jacob's chain a little too! Not just mine Jim."
    "I plan on it."
    "What I do now Uncle Jimmy."
    "You tell me."
    "I haven't done anything."
    "Is that right?"
    "I swear!"
    "Come on man. I have not done anything."
    "Why are we in trouble?"
    "You're not."
    "Not funny."
    "They did it to me too."
    "If we're not in trouble what's goin' on?"
    "Jim and I need to run a few things by you two is all."
    "Mandy and I have been talking about this for some time now. Today we decided that her and Elizabeth will be moving in. We just want to know if you two are fine with this."
    "I'm fine with it."
    "I'm not if Liz get's the big room downstairs."
    "I don't care what room I get honestly."
    "Jacob, let Elizabeth have the room downstairs. You're never home anyway."
    "Either am I. That's why I don't care what room I get."
    "I wanted that room when I moved in and you refused to clean it out. Liz and her mom move in and you give it to her? That's not cool man."
    "Take the room Jacob. I really don't care."
    "That's not the point!"
    "Jacob, she's giving you the room. Take the damn thing and stop arguing."
    "Fine! Fuck!"
    "Watch your mouth while you're at it too."
    "Yes sir."
    "I'm cleaning out the room this weekend. You better be home to move your own things because I am not doing it for you."
    "Wait! We're moving this weekend mom?"
    "No. Jim is just getting things in order. But we are going to start packing things up."
    "Is there a problem?"
    "I work this weekend. Remember?"
    "Oh! That's right."
    "No! It's fine. I'll pack some things up after. I'll have Sean help."
    "We could use his truck if he's willing to help at all."
    "I'm sure he'll help. I'll ask."
    "So we're all on the same page?"
    "I don't want that attitude either Jacob."
    "You two are free to go."

    I don't really want to move in with Jacob! But if it'll make my mom happy living with Jim, I'll deal with it. Even if I said no, my mom would make me move anyway, so what would be the point of arguing the situation? And Jacob! Such a whiner baby over a stupid ass room! Come on Puppet Boy! Ooo! A sexy man!
    "Hey you!"
    "Hello. In trouble?"
    "No. My mom said we're moving in with Jim and they just wanted to be sure we were okay with it."
    "You're moving? That's it?"
    "Yeah. Jacob threw a fit over a bedroom. The one Jim was giving me is bigger, and he wants it."
    "Flip a coin for it."
    "I told him to take it. I'm not home much these days anyway. Either is he! So he really shouldn't have thrown a baby fit."
    "When are you moving?"
    "I'm not sure, but my mom wants to start packing things up this weekend. So after we get done working, I need to go home."
    "And! You get to help me."
    "Do I have to?"
    "I'll help you."
    "Thank you. My mom wanted me to ask you if you were willing to help us at all, because you have a truck."
    "If you guys need any kind of help, I don't mind helping."
    "Happy face. Now kiss!"
    "Let's go get food now."
    "I like food."


    I'm callin' bullshit! I wanted that room when I moved in. It's fucked up that he'd give it to Liz. Bullshit!
    "Word up girl!?"
    "I ordered the usual for you Babe."
    "You and Liz in trouble?"
    "No. They're movin' in. I need your help this weekend moving my shit down stairs."
    "I work this weekend dude."
    "Before work? After? I threw a fit and Jim won't help me."
    "After. It won't be 'till like eight or nine though."
    "Why did you throw a fit Babe?"
    "Jim gave Liz the bigger room, and I want it."
    "Let Liz have the big room dude. She’s loud as shit in bed and she has more shit than you do."
    "Liz is loud?"
    "Very loud. Downstairs is better for her."
    "Why don't you give your Uncle and Liz's mom the big room Babe?"
    "I don't wanna hear Liz fuck Sean."
    "Babe! You're never home, you're always with me."
    "That's what Jim said."
    "He's right. Plus, Devin just said Liz has more things than you."
    "I want the big fuckin' room with the bathroom okay!?"
    "You're never home dude!"
    "According to Liz, either is she."
    "Then give the room to your Uncle Babe. You and Liz both don't get the room. Problem solved."
    "If Jim wanted that room, he would of took it when he bought the house."
    "Maybe Liz's mom will want it. Remember, she's pregnant Babe. When she gets big, those stairs are going to be hell for her. She doesn't need to be walking up and down them all day if she doesn't have too. Think about that instead of yourself and your wants."
    "True. Damn it woman. Why do you have to make such good points to fuck my shit up?"
    "I'm not trying to. I just happen to know what it's like being pregnant and walking up and down stairs every day."
    "Give the room to Liz dude."
    "Shut up."


    Me and Sean were late getting back to school after lunch. Jim just happen to be walking back to his office at the time and seen us. We both got in trouble. Oops! Math done! Homework time! My phone is vibrating! Sean? Nope! Puppet Boy!
    "Melissa had an idea."
    "What if we just gave the big room to your mom and Jim?"
    "I told you to take the fucking room."
    "Look, your mom is gonna be all fat and shit soon and she doesn't need to be walkin' up and down the fuckin' stairs all day to take a piss and shit."
    "You have a good point!"
    "Melissa had the good point, not me."
    "Your girlfriend is smart Puppet Boy."
    "Fuck you."
    "Whatever. I'm gonna talk to Jim after class and let him know what Melissa said."
    "Okay. I'll give my mom a call and tell her too. Then they can figure it out on their own."
    "If I'm home and you have Sean stay the night or some shit don't fuck him all loud."
    "I'll try not to."
    "No! No! No tryin'! You will do it."
    "Fuck you."

    Such a baby! Just for that shit I will be extra loud just because! Aww! I have to use my legs?
    "No free ride today? Just an arm around me?"
    "Is it a must?"
    "Happy face! Boop!"
    "How come I never got carried around like Liz?"
    "Hey Emily!"
    "Hey Em."
    "You never carried me!"
    "You never asked."
    "Put Liz down and carry me."
    "I am not carrying you all the way outside."
    "Just carry her to the door Sean."
    "Yeah Sean!"
    "Okay! How did Liz get up there like that? Did she jump on you?"
    "No. I picked her up."
    "Okay, pick me up."
    "Don't freak out. I will drop you."
    "Wait! Pick her up so I can see how you do it."
    "Wee! Boop!"
    "Oh hell no! I'll walk! You carry your girl."
    "Don't be scared Emily! It's fun."
    "No thank you!"
    "Have Devin carry you."
    "Are you kidding me? He'd take ten steps and be winded. He smokes to damn much. Oh! You're making me nervous Sean."
    "Carrying Liz down the stairs."
    "I got her. She's not going anywhere."
    "Has Sean ever moved his boobies for you?"
    "No! Three years Sean! You never told me nor showed me this sexy man titty move?"
    "Show her! Grab one Emily."
    "Okay, I'm rea... Oh!"
    "Hot right?"
    "Yeah! Does Travis know you can do that?"
    "He made you do it all the time didn't he?"
    "You have no idea."
    "He see's that shit on T.V and gets a boner. Hey! You two ditching class?"
    "Tortillo Boy! Carry your girlfriend."
    "You wanna piggy back Em?"
    "No. Carry me like Liz."
    "I don't think I can."
    "You fuckin' suck. I'll see you guys later."
    "Bye Emily, Tortillo Boy, Puppet Boy."
    "Fuck you."
    "Melissa! Your boyfriend wants to fuck."
    "He always does.
    "Oh! Wait Sean! Hey!"
    "Did you get your butt shot?"
    "No. I got it in my arm."
    "No more plugs for Milly's jay!"
    "I know! Devin, you can have Jacob's condoms in seven days."
    "I hate you!"

    Aww! Poor Tortillo Boy! I must have ruined him.

    "Mr. Lebedinsky, Ms. Sanders. A moment?"
    "Hi Jim... Principle Hands."
    "Time to use your legs."
    "Aww! Sup?"
    "Ms. Cooper tells me you two are just about done with this dance for your mom?"
    "Yes. It's done."
    "Okay. Tomorrow we'll all meet in here during lunch so we can see it. Is this fine?"
    "I was talking to your mother this morning over breakfast..."
    "…Okay. I played my part and told her you have a big part in a History presentation on Friday. Ms. Cooper is aware of this as well."
    "Don't worry! I'll come up with something good say."
    "As long as you say something along the lines of, this is my way of saying sorry and proving to you I still love this, nothing else will really matter."
    "I'll come up with something."
    "One more thing Samantha, before I go."
    "I had a chat with Ms. Stiles. Due to recent things that's been going on within the cheer squad, they are unable to get a routine together by Friday. Would it be possible to have another couple in here perform?"
    "Yeah. What about you two? Feel like dancing twice on Friday?"
    "I'm fine with it."
    "You haven't seen our new Jive yet."
    "Well, I loved the first one. I'm sure I'll love this new one."
    "Okay. We'll dance twice. Rumba first though!"
    "Well, there you go Jim. All set."
    "Good. I'll get out of your hair."
    "Bye Jim!"
    "Bye Elizabeth."

    So our Jive for school isn't a waste of time! We actually get to do in front of the whole school. That's cool.
    "Work, work, work."
    "Just making sure everything is exactly the way I want it."
    "You said you were going to explain these marks to me."
    "That's right. Not quite a lift. Do you remember when I took you to your storage and the one move I did with you?"
    "That was so hot."
    "That's what these marks are. Because if you look at it, just look at it. If I didn't say it wasn't a lift. What do you see?"
    "A lift."
    "Yeah. I just put these marks in so I know it's not one."
    "This one is different."
    "No. It's the same. You put your left leg over my right, then your right over my left."
    "Okay okay! I see now. And these are lifts?"
    "It'll be good."
    "Will it be sexy?"
    "I hope so. Melissa is coming by today with Jacob and probably Emily and Devin too."
    "I'm fine with people watching."
    "I'm only letting you know."
    "Love you."
    "я тоже тебя люблю."
    "What do you think I said?"
    "I hope it was, I love you too."
    "It was."
    "Now in English."
    "I love you too."
    "You feel like doing anything in here today?"
    "No. I don't want to work on anything in here."
    "Stupid ballerina."
    "Let me see your Foxtrot again."
    "I been thinking about this drag all day. I don't like it."
    "My Foxtrot. You're doing it."
    "I'll do it, and I'm not asking you to change it. Just… Is it a good idea?"
    "Why wouldn't it be? It's not a lift."
    "It just something you really don't see in a Foxtrot."
    "Are we arguing about this?"
    "It'll be fine. If it somehow doesn't work, I'll change it."
    "This dip here. How low exactly?"
    "I'll be about foot from the ground."
    "Oh! I see it now. The way you have my feet I wasn't seeing it. You're falling back onto my arm here, right? And I lower you?"
    "Yes. I guess you can call it not quite a dip."
    "Timing is extremely important on this part. Half a second off and I will fall. I also have this move in mind for my Paso. Not quite like this, instead of me falling onto your arm, you're going to grab me behind my neck and pull me to the ground. You know the knee slide in the Paso right?"
    "You're going to do that but grab me and pull me down with you. Same this with timing. Has to be right on."
    "We haven't even started on these two and you're telling me chorography for a Paso."
    "It's how my brain works. I come up with something and I see it being reworked into another piece. I want my Paso to be huge!"
    "You want it to have balls."
    "Yes! I'm excited! I haven't done any chorography in so long. Everyday I'm still realizing how much I love this. And you Sean! I needed you to show me this."
    "I needed you. With you, I grow more. You're not scared of trying anything new. I really like that about you."
    "That's why I thought your parents where going to hate our Rumba."
    "They probably do to be honest. But they respect what you're doing for your mom. So in that way, they love it. Take away the mom, they would hate it. Just a heads up too. This Tango they will put together for us will not be easy."
    "Just traditional right?"
    "Yes. But… Okay. My parents are pretty well known in Russia on the dance side. My Grandparents on both sides have danced most of their life, so have my parents and so have I. I'm telling you this because, my parents Tangos are why they are well known. Extremely complex foot work and fast turns. It's not exactly easy."
    "Are you famous too?"
    "No. People in Russia know who I am because of my parents. That's about it."
    "A Tango with super fancy feet! I'm ready!... Woooo!"
    "You cheer when people fall."
    "All the time. Unless they get hurt. Then I don't."
    "We need to figure out this hand pass soon."
    "Change it."
    "I really don't want to."
    "Stand up and let's figure it out."
    "Not here."
    "Why not? It's a tiny section. We'll go over there where no one is at and turn so no one can see."
    "Oh! Right here then. It far enough away from the mirror and everyone. We have to use this time, we might as well use it for small shit like this."
    "True. Okay! Where are we starting?"
    "Holding hands, turn, hand pass."

    It's such an easy hand pass! This is why Sean is getting so irritated right now.
    "Do that section by yourself."
    "Right there! Just, stay like that."
    "Turn your hand over."
    "It was me, wasn't it?"
    "Hold on... No I told you to do that. Look, I wrote it down so that our hands are the same when yours should've been reversed. Are you kidding me? How did I do that?"
    "The real question is, how did you not catch it sooner?"
    "Why didn't you?"
    "It's your chorography! I do what you tell me to Love. So! My hand go this way?"
    "Yes. I rewrote it so we won't fuck it up again. Now let's try it."
    "Aw snap! Sean got his hand pass!"
    "Yes I did."
    "Happy face for Sean!"
    "Few more times before the bell rings."
    "All right."

    Sean's fault! Not mine!

    "Is the Jive music done Sean!?"
    "Jive music is done Beanstalk!"
    "Cool. You said you had some piano tracks for me to hear?"
    "Oh yeah. You want just piano?"
    "Something with piano."
    "Okay. Here's one of the more recent ones I have. Me and Rye did it."
    "She plays piano?"
    "Yes, but she's playing violin in this."
    "Oh. Let's hear it."
    "Give me a second to transfer it over to the soundboard so we can hear it through the good speakers."
    "Okay. Sean!"
    "My fish are all gone today. Sad Face!"
    "I told you they would get sucked up."
    "I know. It was sweet of you to get me fish."
    "You wanted pool fish, I got you pool fish."
    "I kind of want a fish in a bowl now like you said."
    "I'll think about it."
    "So mean! You said you'd get me one."
    "I'm giving you a hard time! I'll get you a fish this weekend."
    "Happy face Sean! Thank you."
    "You're welcome. Ready to hear this now?"
    "Yep! Oh! I like the violin. Who is that singing?"
    "No it's not! You have a deeper voice than this."
    "This sound board does a lot of different shit. It's me."
    "You know what I always wondered?"
    "When people with accents sing. It's like their accent goes away. How is that?"
    "No idea. I guess it's just the way it comes out when they sing."
    "I like this. I really like it. Can we use it?"
    "If you want."
    "Put it on my phone for me?"
    "Thank you! Phone, cord."
    "You don't want to hear anything else?"
    "No, I like this one. I'm sold!"
    "Okay. We'll mess with it later to fit your Foxtrot."
    "Sounds good. When is Melissa and them supposed to be here?"
    "She said she would call. She has cheer, and then she wants to drop her car off at her house."
    "Is Emily coming too?"
    "Yeah. Not sure about Devin. Em said he works until eight."
    "Are we waiting on them, or are we going to work?"
    "I'm setting this up first so it's ready when they get here. Then we'll work."
    "You do that. I'm changing, you can peek if you want."
    "If I peek I might want to take you on the couch."
    "I'm fine with that."
    "I am too. Give me a few minutes. Change slow."
    "I'm naked already."
    "Yes you are."
    "I'll just sit right here. You finish."
    "No more than five minutes."
    "Have you done anal with a girl?"
    "Yes. Why?"
    "I wanna try it."
    "Right now?"
    "No. Later when we go to bed and in the mood."
    "What do you want right now when I'm done with this?"
    "I'm gonna look at the waves like this and you use your imagination."
    "Okay. From behind it is."

    I like it from behind too! He did hurt me a little bit, the way he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back to bite my neck. But, at the same time I loved it so much. It was some fun rough sex! Hair pulling and spankings, and at one point he put his hand on my throat and choked me a little bit. At first it scared me just a little bit, then his grip loosened when he bit my shoulder. Again! I loved it! Rough sex with me equals bleeding. Why does this always happen?
    "I'm sorry."
    "For what?"
    "You told me this happens when you have rough sex."
    "I also told you I like it rough sometimes Sean. I told you I don't bleed that much, you didn't know until you cleaned off and saw pink on your boxers."
    "Did I hurt you?"
    "When you yanked my head back. But at the same time I loved it."
    "I'm sorry."
    "Don't be sorry! I loved it."
    "I don't want to hurt you in any kind of way."
    "I understand that Sean. But I loved it and I know you did too."
    "I did."
    "See! Boop! Now kiss me."
    "Let's take a quick shower and work on this Jive a little bit before Melissa calls."


    Even though Liz says she loved it, I am actually really upset about it. I don't like the fact I actually hurt her. I feel like shit. I do feel better after our shower. And we missed Melissa's call. She offered to pick up some food for everyone since none of us have eaten yet. That's good. I was thinking of getting something delivered here for everyone. Liz? She's always hungry, so she was happy.
    "I ate to much! I'm just gonna lay down right here on the couch and use Emily's lap as a pillow, and let my food digest a little bit."
    "We brought extra food for Devin just in case and you fuckin' ate it."
    "I like food."
    "We still have work to do. Why don't you go run a few laps around the house."
    "No Sean."
    "Yeah Sean! No! I like Liz right here. I can put my hand in her shorts so easy and rub her a little bit like this."
    "Stop it Em."
    "I like your woman."
    "I like her too."
    "I like me!… Mmm! Fuck!"
    "Stop it now! My dick is getting excited."
    "You know you like it."
    "Yes. Jacob and Melissa will be back down here any time and I don't want my dick hard. So please stop."
    "Lick my fingers now Sean."
    "More for me."
    "Let me lick one of them Emily."
    "Damn it."
    "Liz tastes so good."
    "Come on Em! I am begging you now."
    "Fine! Party pooper."
    "Your speakers beeped!"
    "Thank god."

    That was so wrong. They both knew what they were doing to me. Why do girls even do that? Tease their boyfriend? It's wrong. It's not funny. Not even a little bit. Don't do it.
    "Sorry we took so long. Jacob was searching for his weed in the car. He's upset now because he forgot it."
    "I never forget my weed."
    "I have some over there on the table. Help yourself."
    "Yes. All right there."
    "Nice! Do I need to go outside?"
    "No. Weed is fine in here."
    "Thank you sir!"
    "You ready Mills?"
    "Okay. You know the song right?"
    "I sure do."
    "Okay. Listen to this first so you have an idea on how I want it."
    "Oh wow! You slowed it way down."
    "Yeah. You can still read music right?"
    "I can."
    "This screen here."
    "Okay. Play the music back again so I can get it in my head. You want a hoarse voice or just low like you have it here?"
    "Just low. Right here, where I just wrote, uh?"
    "Okay, I want you to do that like... Like a moan you would let out when Jacob bites you. But not high pitched. Keep it in the octave and keep it sexy as you can."
    "Got it. Play it back one more time for me and I'll be good."
    "All right."
    "I love how it's so simple. What is it? Piano, guitar, and drums?"
    "No guitar, that's Rye playing her electric violin. It's a track me and her did a while back. I added the simple drum beat because it needed more."
    "I absolutely love it. Okay! Let's do it."
    "All right. Everyone needs to turn their phone off. If you're a cougher Jacob, wait until we're done to smoke that. Basically no noise at all, make it easier for Mills."
    "Vibrate okay?"
    "No. This microphone will pick it up."
    "Devin is supposed to call."
    "Can you silence your phone? Without it vibrating?"
    "Then do that. But you can get up and walk out."
    "That mic sucks."
    "No. It's a good ass microphone."
    "You know what I mean Sean!"
    "Anyway. Turn that screen toward you if you need to. Thumbs up when you're ready."
    "How exciting! Getting to hear Melissa sing! Oh! Shutting up. Sorry."
    "You're probably the only one here who hasn't heard her."
    "My Babe hasn't."
    "The fuck you talkin' about? I hear you sing every day."
    "You hear me messing around. You have never heard me really sing."
    "Ready when you are Mills."
    "I'm ready."
    "I didn't see thumbs."

    Mills is a pro at this. She has a really good voice, great actually. She doesn't want to be a singer though. She wants to be one who writes the songs for the singers. She's a great writer as well. Me and Em have heard her sing a bunch of times, Liz and Jacob haven't. They're impressed. You can tell by the smiles they have on their face. Four takes and we got down how I wanted it. Mills was also happy with it.
    "I love it! You're always good at changing music to make it fit whatever you need."
    "I've heard you do covers before. You know how to make them your own."
    "I get a copy right?"
    "Yes. And thousands of people are going to hear it as well."
    "That's awesome! You still have everything else I've recorded here?"
    "By any chance, maybe you can put them on a CD for me? I don't have my copy anymore."
    "Yes. I'll put it on the same disk with this one we just did."
    "Thank you Sean." 
    "You're welcome. What do you guys think?"
    "Amazing as always Mills."
    "I like it."
    "This is gonna be our Argentine Tango music?"
    "Yes. You don't like it?"
    "No! I love it!"
    "Good. All right, let me get this saved and get the CD started for you, and put everything away. Liz?"
    "Ready to work?"
    "No crying, we're almost done."
    "I know. Want me to grab your shoes too?"
    "You guys going to take off or hang out?"
    "I'm getting high."
    "I've been texting Devin. He's on his way."
    "Hanging out then. Okay."
    "Ahhh! Ouch!"
    "Are you okay Liz?"
    "She's fine."
    "I smashed the shit out of my finger."
    "Are you bleeding?"
    "You're fine."
    "It hurt Sean!"
    "No crying."
    "Shut up! Here's your shoes."
    "Let me see your finger."
    "These two here."
    "What did you do?"
    "I was closing my flight case and somehow I got my fingers."
    "That fingernail might fall off."
    "Ew! Sad face!"
    "Make a fist."
    "I can move them! See?"
    "I grab that hand."
    "Then grab it."
    "That doesn't hurt?"
    "Not really."
    "Bend down like you do at the beginning."
    "A little bit, but bearable."
    "Lean back."
    "Same. I'm good Sean."
    "Making sure."
    "Kiss them better."
    "Yes! Now here."
    "All better now?"
    "Yes. Do you need help with anything?"
    "No, I got it."
    "Okay. Pee! Then I'll be ready."


    Fuckin' Liz ate my food. It doesn't surprise me either! I had to stop and get my own food to eat, home, shower, and leave again. Work was pretty shitty. The Boss! Bitch is done. And she was bein' a bitch the whole time. I fuckin' hate Fords now. Hopefully Jacob doesn't get pissed off when he see's Rye drivin' it on Friday night. He can beat her easy in the 429, but Rye can fuckin' drive. She hugs the inside and just flies. It's so hot. Rye is hot! So is Em! Well hello my Mexican beauty.
    "Word up girl?"
    "Thank god you showered. I hate the smell of sweat mixed with grease."
    "Not even a how was your day? Damn."
    "How was your day dear?"
    "You ready to go in?"
    "Smoke a cigarette first."
    "Smell my fingers."
    "Are you serious Em?"
    "That's Liz."
    "I fuckin' hate you right now. Let me smell again."
    "Are you serious!?"
    "Fine. Let me put a finger in you so I have somethin' to sniff all night."
    "Go ahead."
    "Tasty too. Nice."
    "Hurry up and smoke."
    "What's everyone doin'?"
    "Sean and Liz are dancing, Jacob is smoking all of Sean's weed, me and Mills are watching those two dance and then cheering when they fall."
    "They fell?"
    "Yeah. Like five times. Then Liz slipped and fell and pulled Sean down with her. Knee to the dick fuckin' hard too. Made Sean cough and shit, Jacob looked like he wanted to puke."
    "Hurts gettin' hit in the pee pee. It's not even funny seein' it happen to someone else. I lied. It's funny."
    "He didn't get hit in the dick. He fell on Liz's knee."
    "Yeah, that's not funny."
    "Sean just laid there on the floor for a few minutes. Fuckin' Liz! She was all, what do you need Sean? A snack?"
    "That's fuckin' funny!"
    "Then Jacob was all, yeah Liz! A snack will fix a hit to the dick. Then Liz! When you get hit in the sack just get a snack. It was fuckin' funny. Liz is so awesome."
    "You okay?"
    "I'm good."
    "You miss her don't you?"
    "Yeah. I won't lie about it."
    "That why you kept her panties?"
    "I'm gonna give em back. I just didn't want em on my desk is all."
    "You need to go by Scott's tomorrow and get two back tires for your car."
    "Yeah, my dad has been telling me to get new ones. I don't have money for them."
    "I work tomorrow. Don't worry about it."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Yeah. I'll cover it."
    "Okay. You ready now?"
    "You know what? I think I'm gonna take off."
    "I'm not exactly over Liz. I don't wanna see her and Sean all over each other all night."
    "They're working. They haven't been all over each other at all. Come on, at least hang out for about an hour. Then I'll say I'm tired and we can go."
    "All right."
    "There's weed here! You can get high and you'll feel better."
    "I have weed on me."
    "Jacob is smoking all of Sean's. Let's go get high."
    "Why are we still standin' here?"
    "Come on!"

    I'll get high and be cool, or I'll get high and wanna kick Sean's ass. Let's not kick Sean's ass.


    Poor Sean! I broke his wiener. Not on purpose! I feel so bad. Jacob did make him feel better by rolling a joint for him. Let's just give Sean a minute to let his balls drop back down.
    "Feel better?"
    "I'm so sorry Sean."
    "I let go of your hand and you didn't. You've been dancing long enough to know, when you're falling to just fall. That way no one gets hurt."
    "I know. I didn't think you'd fall too. Are you mad at me?"
    "Are you lying?"
    "No. I am not mad. Shit happens, I'm sure you get hurt sometimes too."
    "I have a soft muscle in my calf that tears real easy. I'm hurt a lot."
    "How did that happen?"
    "Cheer. I did a back handspring and landed in a hole or something. Sprained my ankle real bad and destroyed my calf. I guess I tore it so bad that it just stayed weak."
    "That's not good. You never had any kind of surgery to have it repaired?"
    "No. The doctor actually recommended it, but I told him no because I had way too much shit going on at the time."
    "You never even let it heal did you?"
    "There's your problem."
    "When I flex my leg you can see it. Look."
    "Holy shit. That's like a five inch tear. That's not good at all Liz. Look how deep that is."
    "Gross huh?"
    "You should really think about getting that taken care of. That way you don't have to worry about it."
    "The insurance I have now doesn't cover it. After my dad died, me and my mom had to get new insurance. I ran away from my mom one night after we had a fight and I tore it. I literally hopped home on one foot and at the hospital they ran my insurance and it was denied. So I'm pretty much screwed at this point."
    "I'm taking you after the Classics."
    "That's way too much money Sean. No."
    "It'll be your birthday and Christmas presents for the next three years. I don't want you hurt."
    "Okay. I'll let you take me."
    "Я люблю тебя."
    "I love you too."
    "You remembered."
    "I am actually."
    "Are we done for the night?"
    "It's only nine. I say we finish this Jive. It's pretty much done already."
    "Two day dance. Nice."
    "It really is. I've never danced with anyone who got steps down so quick. Even Rye wasn't as quick as you."
    "You learn quick too. Not just me."
    "I enjoy dancing. Okay, I'm done. Back to work. You fall again, please let go of my hand."
    "I will. Help me up… Ahhh! Hey! Smack my booty again."
    "You fuckin' picked her up like nothin' man."
    "She only weighs like 90 pounds."
    "I do not! I'm 110."
    "I got weighed at the doctor this morning. I'm 110, there is no way you weigh the same as me Liz. You're like a foot taller."
    "Let me pick you up."
    "No Sean. I hurt my side the other day."
    "I won't hurt you. Promise. Come here."
    "On the couch with you."
    "She pulled a muscle in her side, be careful Sean."
    "I won't hurt her... There. Done. Hurt at all?"
    "No. Not at all."
    "You're about the same as Liz."
    "Jacob, pick Liz up, then Mills and you tell me."
    "All right. Come here woman!"
    "Fuck Jacob! All rough and shit."
    "Fuck you. Back on the couch."
    "So mean!"
    "Please don't hurt me Babe."
    "I won't. I'll pick you up like Sean did."
    "The fuck?"
    "Was I right?"
    "Yeah. Liz might be a little bit heavier, but it's pretty damn close. Fuckin' weird."
    "Let me pick you up Jacob."
    "You can't fuckin' lift me."
    "She can lift me and I'm 195."
    "Wow! I can't even do twenty push-ups."
    "People think dancers are weak Sean. They all underestimate us."
    "How much can you bench?"
    "About 275."
    "Are you fuckin' serious?"
    "Fuck! Dev was sayin' how he wanted to kick your ass and shit. I think you could fuck him up with one good punch if you wanted to. You could kick my ass."
    "I don't want to kick your ass or his. It's not my thing. But I also won't stand there and take a beating. And I'm aware he wanted to kick my ass. Me and Liz had a talk about it."
    "Oh yeah?"
    "Yeah. It was when she decided not to go camping and I guess he got pissed off, and I just told Liz not to be mad if I hit Devin back. If he kicked my ass for any reason."
    "Dev won't fuck with you unless you give him a reason to."
    "Your speakers beeped! Emily!"
    "Sean and Jacob are giving each other handies! Hurry!"
    "The fuck Liz?"
    "Aww! You fuckin' liar! It's safe Devin! Liz lied."
    "Let me pick you up."
    "I wanna see if you weight more than Liz."
    "She does dude."
    "What? You do. Liz has bird bones. Tall as shit and like 90 pounds."
    "I am not 90 pounds!"
    "Melissa and Liz weigh the same."
    "I know. I've picked Melissa up before."
    "How is it possible? You're the Science guy."
    "Body mass. Liz is skinnier than Melissa."
    "No I'm not."
    "Yeah you are. If you didn't have all the muscle you have you'd be like an 80 pound anorexic chick. Melissa has meat... I am not calling you fat! But she has meat on her bones. You not so much. You have muscle, she doesn't. So it evens out. Make sense?"
    "Why does Sean weigh more than me? We're the same size pretty much and he said he's 195. I'm like 185."
    "Same reason. Look at his arms and legs. Do yours look like that? No, they don't. Same with Ode. He's 6'6 and damn near 240 pounds. He's fuckin' solid muscle. Muscle has weight to it."
    "How much do you weigh?"
    "Like 180 with a stoner gut."
    "So you have more fat than muscle?"
    "Yeah. Pretty much."
    "Are we done with this weight thing? Can me and Sean get back to work?"
    "First! Where's the weed."
    "Get your boyfriend some weed Jacob."
    "Fuck you."
    "Your boyfriend wants to fuck Melissa."
    "He always does."
    "It's true!"
    "Did Sean ever get his snack?"
    "Aww! Man you're fuckin' lucky you missed that shit. My dick still hurts from seein' that shit happen."
    "Em said you wanted to puke."
    "Yeah! Sean got up off the floor coughin' and gaggin' and shit."
    "It fucking hurt. And no, I didn't get my snack."
    "I'll give you an extra yummy snack later. Meow!"
    "Let's finish this up. We have one more section and this is done, and we have to at least start on the Argentine Tango tonight. That video needs to be in the mail before 2:00 on Friday. My mom is going to overnight it."
    "And we still have to hope it gets in on time."
    "Yeah. If the dances are really good will they put someone else in reserve?"
    "No idea. All I know is the reserve is for anyone who has a late video. Like over a week late. It's what it says in the paperwork we have."
    "I still rather try to get it in on time."
    "Me too."
    "Last section. Come on."
    "No crying."

    Jive?! Done! Danced it though three times in a row. It's so good! Like our Rumba we still want to dance it though some more to really nail it down. But it's done! Check that shit off the list. Next! Argentine Tango! Fun! First, pee and water.
    "Ten minute rest please!"
    "Agreed. Come here and sit."
    "Only a few things I want to work on."
    "Ten minutes Sean!"
    "I'm only showing you."
    "Fine, show me."
    "Okay. Argentine Tango has this swing kick. You know what I'm talking about right?"
    "You can do it?"
    "Okay. That is right here after this lift."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "I want to work on this lift tonight and this part right here..."
    "The sentada?"
    "Why? I know how to do that too."
    "Everyone does it different."
    "Stand up. I'll show you how I do it."
    "Show me."
    "Open your legs a little bit, come on."
    "Like this?"
    "Yes. Same stance. Left leg here. You got me?"
    "Okay. Left leg wrap, and right leg over and back. Bam!"
    "Oh! Not how I had it in my head at all. I like your way much better."
    "Cool. Kick now?"
    "Close V-frame."
    "Close V-frame."
    "Let me move you."
    "Arm up and back this far."
    "Okay. How do you want me though? Let me move myself! If you like it, you like it, if not, your way."
    "All right."
    "Boom! Huh? Huh? Huh?"
    "That was fuckin' hot. Sorry Sean."
    "Wow Babe."
    "You like?"
    "Yes. Now with the kick. You know, arm up and then swing."
    "...Ah! Oh my god Sean!"
    "Holy shit Liz! I wasn't expecting you to kick like that! I almost dropped you."
    "I know! What the hell where you expecting? Straight legs and just up?"
    "Okay. Your dance. Straight legs it is."
    "No, no, no, no, no! I like the way you do it. You actually kick. I like it. I know how much force you have now. Do it again."
    "You drop me I will hurt you."
    "No. I drop you, we're even for the dick earlier."
    "...Fair enough!"
    "Woo! That was awesome!"
    "Right! Liz is so sexy. Sorry Babe."
    "No, I agree with you. Sorry Sean."
    "I'm sexy Sean."
    "I'm aware."
    "I'm sexy and I know it! Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle! Yeah!"
    "The look on Sean's face! That's fuckin' great!"
    "Her happy dance is just as bad."
    "Aw! Sad face Sean."
    "Back to this kick. I want you to do one thing."
    "Point your feet more."
    "I'll have shoes on, it won't really matter."
    "No what?"
    "No shoes."
    "We're doing an Argentine Tango bare foot?"
    "You are."
    "Are you serious?"
    "Yes. You said you had feet wraps right? One's long enough to up to your knees?"
    "Yeah. A shit load of them."
    "Those are your shoes."
    "Uh... Okay?"
    "Trust me."
    "I do!"
    "Point your feet more. One more time."
    "Okay… Good? Or more?"
    "No, that was perfect. Stop with the wiggle dance!"
    "Ten minutes now! What other parts?"
    "This lift at the end."
    "So just the two lifts tonight?"
    "Yes. Get them out of the way."
    "Okay. Tortillo Boy is awful quiet over there. What's wrong?"
    "Liar. What's wrong?"
    "Nothin' is fuckin' wrong Liz! Damn!"
    "Devin! What the fuck was that about?"
    "She asked, I told her, she asked again."
    "So you yell at her?"
    "It... I didn't mean to Em."
    "It's time for us to go Devin."
    "I'm sorry!"
    "Don't tell me sorry. Tell Liz."
    "I'm sorry Liz. If you're not ready to go Em, we can stay. I'll just sit here quietly 'till you're ready to go."
    "I'd rather go now before you get anymore pissed off and shit goes down with you and Sean."
    "I don't want no part of this shit."
    "Nothin' is gonna go down with me and Sean. Calm down Melissa."
    "I only asked what was wrong. I didn't mean to upset you Devin."
    "I'm fine... Actually, no I'm not. Here's some weed since I was smokin' yours. Later."
    "Wait for me Devin."
    "Naw. Get a ride with Jacob and then you can go home."
    "I did nothing to you Devin. Don't give me attitude."
    "What attitude? I just wanna go home and go to bed. Alone. That's it."
    "Para estar a solas con las bragas?"
    "Fuck you Emily! I'm out of here."

    What about panties!

    "Fuckin' idiot!"
    "What about panties?"
    "Devin has a pair of your panties."
    "The red thong?"
    "No, they're pink with different color little stars."
    "Pink with stars?"
    "Yeah, they were on his floor. He said he was going to give them back."
    "Dev ain't givin' em back. No guy returns panties. They toss em or keep em. Right Sean?"
    "I toss them when they don't smell anymore."
    "Oh my god."
    "Wow! Why are you laughing Babe?"
    "Because I toss em when they don't smell anymore too! That's fuckin' great!"
    "Wait, are you two telling me he's going home to sniff Liz's panties?"
    "I don't like that! I want my panties back."
    "I don't like it either! What the fuck?!"
    "Sounds like Devin may not be over Liz."
    "He's not Mills. He told me himself. He wanted to leave, and I made him come in and hang out for a while. He didn't want to see you two all over each other."
    "Me and Sean kissed one time all night. I was just a tiny tap on the lips."
    "I know. I guess that was too much for him."
    "You knew what you were getting into with Devin."
    "Yes Sean! I know! I can handle Devin. He's just like Ode. Just leave him the fuck alone and he'll be fine. I just wanted him out of here before shit got out of hand."
    "It wouldn't have."
    "And if it did?"
    "I don't know!"
    "You look mad."
    "He's Russian Liz. They all look like that."
    "Are you mad Sean?"
    "A little bit."
    "You both got disrespected in my house and I stood here and done nothing."
    "You could've said something."
    "No he couldn't have Liz."
    "Emily is right. If Sean said anything to Dev it would've just pissed him off more and then shit would've went down."
    "Sean knew what he was doing when he did nothing."
    "Ten minutes are up."
    "Two small things, then we go to bed so I can get my snack."
    "Ah! The bed time snack."
    "I want a snack later too woman."
    "I'll sit on your face."
    "That is one of many reasons why I love you."
    "Everyone is getting laid tonight but me! Looks like it's just me and Bob."
    "Her dildoe. Battery operated boyfriend."
    "Oh! Buy me one Sean."
    "My dick isn't good enough?"
    "Wait! Is that you saying you two did it?!"
    "You said it Sean! Not me."
    "I been dying to know if you two have sex."
    "How is he Liz?"
    "You know how he is!"
    "Yes! Me and Liz had sex. That's all! No details Liz. Our sex life is no one business. Another thing! I am not buying you a dildoe."
    "Come on. Let's get these two lifts out of the way."
    "The first one is really simple. Come here."
    "Turn away from me."
    "Uh huh."
    "I pick you up like this. Lean back... More, more. Right there. Right leg straight, bend your left knee and bring it up."
    "Like this?"
    "Yes. Left arm over my shoulder, right arm straight over your head. Fingers like this."
    "Okay. I lean my head back too right?"
    "Got it. Put me down."
    "Down, just lean up and my grip here will loosen and you'll just slide. This small turn don't worry about it, V-frame."
    "Arm up and kick!"
    "Yes. Try it all together?"
    "Man! I wish I was sexy like Liz."
    "Me too!"
    "I love it so far Sean!"
    "Oh! I forgot about this part at the end. Easy, turn away from me."
    "When I grab you like this pick your knees up."
    "Like you're sitting in a chair. No, no. Not down. Think the chair is here and just pick up your knees. I got you."
    "Oh! Like this?"
    "Yes. Just make sure when you do it both knees come up at the same time."
    "Bam! Easy!"
    "You'll be there and I come up behind you and do this..."
    "Ha! Sorry. I like it."
    "Okay. When I do that and you feel me grip you like this, knees up. I do the rest."
    "Okay… Ooo! A boobie squeeze too! Nice!"
    "Done! Now, last lift is a little more complex. Hand. Other one. Stand next to me, half turn and basically roll onto my shoulder."
    "My back right?"
    "Yes. Same as the other lift kind of. You're going to lean back and all of that, but your left arm will be around me different."
    "Here, get on. Arm around me under my left arm."
    "Limp body?"
    "No. Both legs straight like this. Tighten the arm around me. I'm only going to be holding you here. So you have to help me with that arm."
    "Perfect. Couple turns with you up there and when you feel me do this just straighten your back. Straighten your back."
    "Tiny slide and I got you like this. About a half turn I'll let your legs down and face to face like this. Got all of that?"
    "I think so. Lets try it with the turns and everything."
    "All right."
    "Your face when I came down and our foreheads were touching. It was so hot!"
    "You like that?"
    "That was Sean's sex face!"
    "No it wasn't."
    "It kind of was. I love it!"
    "It's hot Sean! Don't change your face."
    "I'm not going to."
    "Anything else?"
    "No. I just wanted to get those few things out of the way."
    "Okay. My feet and legs hurt."
    "No more show! It's over?"
    "10:45. I'm done, and Liz said her feet and legs hurt."
    "Massage them for her Sean!"
    "I plan to Em!"
    "Happy face!"
    "We're gonna get out of here. I'll hook you up with some weed tomorrow since me and Emily smoked all yours."
    "Don't worry about."
    "All right. You women ready?"
    "Do you think I'll be home by 11:00?"
    "We won't even be to the apartments before 11:00 Em."
    "Dad still locks the dead bolt on the door?"
    "Yes! And he still won't give me a key for it."
    "Rye isn't here. You can sleep in her bed."
    "Let me call Devin. Give me a minute."
    "I can talk to Hayden and have her and Oden go downstairs and you can have her bed."
    "No. I'd rather crash out here if I have to."
    "Probably not the best idea Em."
    "As far as Devin will know, I went home. I'm going out to the car to give him a call. I'll be back."

    Sean and his waves. Lights off!

    "I know huh!"
    "It's just pool lights. This is amazing."
    "Come sit with me and Sean."
    "Come sit Babe."
    "Okay. What are we lookin' at?"
    "The waves."
    "I never knew a pool could be so relaxing."
    "This is Sean's favorite spot in the house."
    "I can see why. It really is amazing."
    "Is there a fuckin' fish in your pool?"
    "Right there."
    "There's another one over there."
    "Why do you have fish in your pool man?"
    "Liz wanted fish to look at. There was 50 in there."
    "Aww! Sean got you fish to look at! Babe! Why don't you ever do anything sweet for me like that?"
    "I don't know."
    "Why don't you take her to a nice dinner and give her whatever was in the trunk of your car?"
    "That'll work."
    "I could do that. I can't think of a better way to give it to you."
    "Go to Bernat. I'll have my mom get you guys a table there."
    "Isn't that place like suit and tie?"
    "A nice button-up shirt and slacks will be fine. And nice shoes. Not those you have on."
    "I have none of that shit."
    "I do if you need to borrow something."
    "Is there a place here to get that shit?"
    "Not really. The best place I think to go is Del Monte Shopping Center in Monterey."
    "We can go to Gilroy Mall too Babe."
    "Monterey is an hour drive. What size shoe do you wear?"
    "Yeah, I'll take you up on that offer."
    "All right. Just let me know when."
    "There! I did somethin' nice for you."
    "Liz and Sean are Babe."
    "Give me this one woman!"
    "Okay! Kiss."
    "Love you."
    "I love you too Babe."
    "Aww! Puppet Boy has feelings!"
    "Fuck you."
    "I like it. Just you saying I love you to Melissa. You're not as hard as your outer shell."
    "Every man has a soft spot for the woman they love. Even Jacob."
    "And Oden with my sister."
    "And Scott with Rye."
    "Scott is tough and shit and mean as hell, but you're right. Campin' over the weekend with everyone, I saw a whole different Scott when he was around your sister. And yeah, I'm the same fuckin' way."
    "Can I be honest Liz?"
    "You and Sean are much better together than you and Devin where. The way you guys look at each other, and you two look great together as well."
    "Yeah. People see me and Jacob and think, why is she with him? The good girl with the bad boy."
    "People are stupid. You can't really help who you fall for. Me and Devin for example. The only real thing we had in common was cars. He made me laugh and I liked it. Me and Sean fell for each other for obvious reasons. It just happens. Can't really fight it."
    "Why did you really leave Devin?"
    "We both agreed Oden was right. To just be friends. But honestly. Devin lost me when he brought up my dad. I tried to let it go and move past it, but I just couldn't. Then we had the conversation about him not being okay with Sean. He tried so hard to make sure I was happy but at the same time he wanted me to stop dancing. The one thing that really makes me happy. He knew that."
    "Conflicting there. He wanted you to be happy but have you stop doing the thing that makes you happy."
    "Yeah. But what broke us the most was the dad thing."
    "What happen to your dad? If you don't mind me asking. I know he died, but how?"
    "Jacob knows. He never told you?"
    "He didn't tell me. But he was the one who told me he died."
    "Not my place to tell anyone about that. It's fucked up what happen."
    "My last dance competition I did was about two years ago. My mom had to work a double that day, and I thank god every day for the man who called in and said, fuck you I quit. It was just me and dad. On our way back, we were literally two blocks from home, and a drunk driver ran a red light and hit us. He was in a truck, a big ass one like Sean's and me and my dad were in his car. A brand new Charger, my dad had just got it like a week prior to this. But we got hit and our car rolled like seven times and stopped when it hit the guard rail thing. We were upside down. I saw the truck speed off. The driver didn't even call 911. I did after I tried to wake my dad up. He just wouldn't wake up no matter what I did."
    "Wow. I'm so sorry Liz."
    "I see Mr. Avalon because I have these nightmares from time to time. It's a replay of the night. I saw everything, I was awake the whole fucking time. I heard my dad yell my name right before the truck hit us. I don't want to see it over and over. The worst fucking part about all of this is, they never even found the person who hit us. They found the truck and when they ran the plates, it turned out that the truck was reported stolen that night. We assumed he was drunk because there were empty beer cans and bottles in the truck. That's what the cops told us. The person who took my dad from me is still out there. Alive and breathing, while me and my mom are still hurting."
    "You didn't tell me that part. That's your problem Liz."
    "What is Sean?"
    "I can't remember if I read this or saw it on T.V. But there was this woman who had a daughter that was raped and murdered. She got up the next morning and went outside to get the paper before waking up her husband and when she opened the front door, her six-year-old daughter was lying there. Naked in the front yard. She goes on to say how she would have these nightmares every night of her opening the front door and seeing her daughter. Once they found the man who killed her and he was put in prison for life, her nightmares stopped. She said she found her daughter’s peace and her closure that she needed to move past her daughter's death."
    "Oh my god! I know what you're talking about! It was on… Oh god! Dateline or something right?"
    "Sean might be right Liz. You just need some kind of closure."
    "Maria mentioned that to me. I need to find closure. But, what if they never find the person? Will I have these nightmares forever?"
    "We need Dev! He's the Science nerd."
    "I don't think Devin knows about things like this Babe."
    "Maybe over time they'll fade away. I don't know."
    "That sucks Liz. I really am sorry."
    "Yeah. I'm a little bit broken."
    "You're perfect."
    "No one is perfect Sean."
    "I think you are."
    "We all have our issues Liz. My dad beat my mom, Hayden and I every single day growing up. The scar I have on my side that I told you I got from catching my side on the kitchen counter? I got that from my dad when I was about six months pregnant."
    "Holy shit! Why?"
    "I'm... I..."
    "No. Don't tell me. I can see the pain in your eyes already. I don't need to know."
    "He did things to my sister, when he found out her and Oden were having sex."
    "Oh! You too?"
    "No. Never me. He always said it was because he loved Hayden. She could be our mom's twin and he loved her and the things he did to her. Saying Oden isn't a real man, I am. But he loves Hayden."
    "That ain't fuckin'..."
    "That's not love Melissa."
    "Thank you!"
    "My dad told me if my little girl was born with the beautiful blue eyes like Hayden, that he was going to take her from me."
    "That's… It made my stomach hurt."
    "I know right?! I never ever wanted to give her up. She was mine. I wanted her. But… I had to protect her. There was no way in hell I was going to let that innocent little girl live the same way I did. I told my dad that and he cut me open on my side and on the back of neck with a box cutter. Told me if I ever said a word to anyone he was going to come back and make I never talk to anyone again. So yeah, I'm broken too Liz, and defiantly not perfect either. But if you ask Jacob, he'll say the same thing Sean just said. You're perfect."
    "You might be more fucked up than me Melissa. I only knew your dad was a drunk and beat up on your mom. Kids at school talk about it. But this! Beyond fucked up. Your own dad! Dads are supposed to protect you, not do this kind of shit."
    "Exactly what I fuckin' said!"
    "He's not a man at all. I'm sorry Melissa but your dad is just a piece of shit."
    "I know."
    "But I think your strong. The shit you been though, the shit you did. Giving up your daughter. You're way stronger than me."
    "Not really. I cry every night over my daughter. But I understand what you're saying. I'm still here and didn't take the easy way out. Right?"
    "Yes! You'll have kids someday. It doesn't mean to forget your daughter. Or replace her either. When the time is right and you're ready. You'll have another kid, and you'll love that one just as much. Give her a baby Jacob!"
    "I ain't givin' her one tomorrow, but I'll give her one or two when she's ready."
    "Aww! See! Jacob can do sweet things."
    "My Babe already said he wants kids some day."
    "Are you guys broken at all?"
    "I'm not."
    "I am."
    "How so Jacob?"
    "I used to be a good kid. Not a nerd and shit like Dev. I got good grades and never fought at all. Dev doesn't know this shit about me, I don't talk about it at all. Melissa is the only one I really told about this. I had a brother who died when he was two years old. He had epilepsy, and one night he had a seizer in his sleep and died."
    "How long ago?"
    "Five years next month."
    "He was still a baby!"
    "That's what Melissa said. The thing about it is, he fuckin' hated his crib. He would scream and throw the biggest fuckin' fits you've ever seen. Every night when I'd hear him gettin' ready to throw a fit, I'd get out of bed and get him out and put him in my bed with me. He would have seizers at night all the time and they always woke me up, and I was able to roll him over on his side in case he puked or hurt himself somehow. That night when he had one it didn't wake me up. I have no idea why it didn't because like I said, they would wake me up every single time. I woke up the next morning around 5:30 freezin' my fuckin' ass off. One thing about my brother! For a little guy, he was the biggest blanket hog. I'd wake up with just a corner of my blanket on me. So I thought he took my blanket. I opened my eyes and realized my blanket was still on me. My brother's body against mine was the reason why I was freezin' my ass off."
    "That's fucked up Jacob."
    "It fucked me up. The reason I am the way I am today is because of that shit. My parents had a hard time gettin' pregnant with him. He was their little miracle baby. So was I actually."
    "Yeah. My mom has some problem, not sure what it is. But I was born seven weeks early."
    "No way! You're to fucking big to be a premature kid."
    "I was! So was my brother. I was supposed to protect him, beat the fuck out of bullies for him. I loved the shit out of that little man."
    "Tell Liz and Sean about the string on your wrist Babe."
    "His second birthday he was pissed off because I didn't get any presents. He grabbed a yarn ball out of my mom's crochet basket and had her cut a piece off for him. He walked over to me with this big ass smile on his face holdin' it up all proud and shit, and he goes, for you Acheob! I tied it in a knot right here, put it on my wrist and never took it off."
    "Is my mascara running Liz?"
    "No! Is mine?!"
    "You're good."
    "Jacob totally wins the sad story of the night."
    "Right!? Even he has tears."
    "I'm allowed to cry over my brother. Don't judge me."
    "No is judging you Babe. Now, how do you not have a sad story Sean?"
    "Nothing has ever happened to me. Me and Rye lived a pretty sheltered life."
    "Your rosary you said your Grandpa gave you. He died. That's sad."
    "Yeah. But it didn't mess with me too much. He was old."
    "It feels good talkin' about my brother. I never used to be able to."
    "Same here with my dad. It took me a while after he died to be able to talk about it. Feels really good though huh?"
    "Jacob is a softy!"
    "Fuck you."
    "Don't worry cousin! I won't tell nobody!"
    "Uncle Jimmy and your mom ain't married yet. I still have time to think you're hot and shit before it gets weird."
    "Like Devin losing his baby balls to his sister?!"
    "That's fuckin' great!"
    "Wow! I hate you guys so much! That's just wrong to say!"
    "Even Sean is fuckin' laughin'!"
    "I didn't even think of it like that. I know you lost your virginity to Devin and I know your sister and Oden got married, just didn't put it together. It's funny. I'm sorry Mills."
    "I have no idea about you guys, but I'm having a great fucking time right now."
    "I am too!"
    "Yeah, I'm not even high anymore and I'm havin' a good time."
    "Your speakers beeped!"
    "Oh my god! I totally forgot about Em!"
    "Me too! Shhh!"
    "Are you guys having a four way without me?"
    "You just missed it Emily!"
    "Did you get a hold of Tortillo Boy?"
    "Yeah. He's still being a dick. He told me to come sleep in his bed and he would sleep in Ode's. What kind of shit is that?"
    "The bullshit kind."
    "Exactly! So I called my brother over and over until I woke his ass up. He's waiting up for me so, we gots to go!"
    "We were waiting on you Em."
    "Any weed Sean?"
    "Whatever Devin threw at me before he stormed out."
    "Me and Jacob smoked that. It was only enough for two joints."
    "I have weed at Melissa's, I'll hook you up."
    "Sweet! Let's get going."
    "Bye you guys"
    "See you guys mañana!"
    "Bye Jacob!"
    "Later Liz."

    That was awesome! I knew everything about Melissa already. Devin told me. But Jacob! Wow! I never knew he had a brother that died. It's so fucking sad how he found his brother. I would probably lose it too. He really did love his brother. I saw the tears sneak out of his eyes and run down his cheek. I like Jacob! He's not as tough as he seems to be at all. All of us are a little broke somehow. Even Sean! I just don't think he wanted to tell me, or maybe he didn't want to with everyone here. He likes his personal life to be private.
    "My Love?"
    "Are you broke too?"
    "My Grandpa didn’t die from natural causes or old age. He killed himself. I don't talk about my personal life. Never did, never will. It's no one business but mine. That's why I said I have no sad story."
    "You won't even tell me?"
    "I will tell you anything you want to know. All you have to do is ask, and keep it to yourself."
    "Okay. Why did your Grandpa kill himself?"
    "My Grandma died, and he wanted to be with her. It was an assisted suicide in a hospital. He didn't shoot himself or anything like that. He was approved for it because he had arthritis so bad in his knees he couldn't walk anymore. He was stuck in a wheelchair and in a lot pain every day. He wanted everyone in my family to be there with him in the hospital. He wanted to go surrounded by all the people he loved."
    "How does that make you broken?"
    "He supported me when my parents didn't."
    "Back in my Grandpa's dancing days, certain things weren't allowed. My Grandpa was like me. He grew to hate traditional dancing. So he started to change his way of dance, adding elements of his own to a traditional dance. After losing so many competitions, he eventually reverted back to strictly traditional. The Argentine Tango and Viennese Waltz I showed you the first day you came here. I actually came up with those for the last competition with Rye. The Argentine Tango wasn't exactly the same I did change it a little bit. But when I showed my parents and Rye, they all hated it. Rye said it was way too intense for her, and my parents said this is not the kind of dance that'll make you a winner. I didn't even show them my Viennese Waltz after that. My Grandpa was always there watching us dance, and he asked to see both dances I came up with. The first thing out of his mouth was, I never realized how much you are like me. At the time I didn't understand why he said that, and then he told me his story and how he has always been chained to something he once loved and grew to hate. Like you, he thought my Viennese Waltz was brilliant. I told him that Waltz was my struggle in dance. The rise being me pulling away from traditional and the intense fall being my parents telling me no I can't dance this way. It won't take me anywhere. One thing he always told me, and will always stick in my mind is, dance is forever evolving and in your generation, traditional will become irrelevant."
    "Hmm... He was right."
    "I know. I did that competition last year for him. He's been gone for two years now. But it was for him. I choreographed five dances by myself, that had the right amount of content they needed and they rest was all me. Just me. My mom did all the paperwork to enter us and when she saw what I was teaching my partner, she flipped out. She was going to withdraw us. You have no idea how hard I fought with my parents over that. They kept telling me this will not win, you have to change this and this and do this instead. I told them no. I said this is for my Grandpa and I'm doing it my way. They basically told me not to go crying to them when I lose. When I won, it was my dad who apologized to me. It took my mom some time to completely wrap her head around what I actually had done. Her thing is, or was. If her dad couldn't win shit doing it his own way, then there was no way I would win doing it my way. They still rather me do traditional, but they let me do whatever I want now."
    "Your mom seen me win three years in a row. She should've known that not all traditional wins over everything else."
    "Mmm... Your dances were more traditional. They had more traditional content than you in them."
    "Not my Paso's."
    "True, but they still had a lot of traditional content. The thing is, my mom can't really see past it. So to her, you were traditional. Make sense?"
    "Yeah, kind of."
    "I saw what was you and what wasn't. She didn't."
    "Going back to my Grandpa, that day at the hospital he wanted me to promise him one thing."
    "He wanted me to promise him to continue evolving my work, and make him proud."
    "I think you did that last year."
    "I know I did."
    "Now I fully understand why you were so upset about the rosary."
    "He gave it to me to that day. He had it in his hand the whole time and told me to hold his hand and say a last prayer with him, then he closed my hand around it. It's the only thing I have left of him. I wish he was still here so you could meet him. He would've loved you."
    "Thank you Sean."
    "Opening up to me."
    "You're welcome. It's after 1:00 already?"
    "You ready to shower and go to bed?"
    "I am. Thank you for massaging my legs and feet."
    "You're welcome. Come on. Shower then sleep."
    "Where ever you want."
    "Upstairs. Your bed is awesome. Oh! Rumba music for tomorrow!"
    "It's done and on a disk and I put it in your bag right there."
    "When did you do this?"
    "All of that equipment behind us and you're asking me when I did this?"
    "I had it going when you and Em where on the couch. You went to the bathroom, and I checked it and it was done so I put it in your bag."
    "Sneaky! And going through my purse!"
    "No! I opened it, dropped it in and closed it. I did not dig in it or anything."
    "I'm giving you a hard time Love."
    "Because it's fun. Shower! Then you get your bedtime snack."
    "No snack tonight. I'm tired, I think I want to save it for tomorrow."
    "Я люблю тебя."
    "I love you too."

    It doesn't matter who you are. Everyone is a little bit broken. It's part of being human.