Monday, June 15


    One thing I like more about sleeping in the same bed as Devin is, he's comfy! Like super comfy. He's a little bit squishy and he doesn't move a lot. Sean is pretty damn solid. Muscle is not as comfy! And! He's a bed noodle. I don't know if it's this pull out bed or just him, but he moves around so damn much, and he wakes me up! I'm a heavy sleeper too! AHHH!!
    "Oh shit! I am so fucking sorry! Are you okay?"
    "Is my nose bleeding?"
    "Elbow to the face Sean! OW!"
    "I'm so sorry."
    "You toss to much in your sleep."
    "It's this bed. I can't really get comfortable, and you don't spoon. You lay on top of me."
    "I cuddle!"
    "You start off cuddling. Then you scoot and scoot till you're on top of me."
    "You don't like it?"
    "It wouldn't bother me if I was comfortable. If you stay here tonight we're sleeping upstairs in my bed. I can't deal with this one another night."
    "Sad face!"
    "We can still sleep down here. Just not every night. I hate waking up sore."
    "Aww! I don't want you waking up all sore either! How about we alternate? Your room, then down here the next time?"
    "I think I can deal with that."
    "Happy face!"
    "You're still so beautiful without makeup."
    "Thank you! You're the first person ever to say that to me."
    "Most girls are all make up. You are not. I like that."
    "Move your boobies for me."

    It's so sexy!

    "That's sexy."
    "Lemme lay on you some more... Or not!"
    "Alarm to get up."
    "No! School! Blah!"
    "Have to go."
    "Your grades drop and you get kicked out of the dance program." 
    "Fine! I'm up! Shower with me?"
    "Yes. I need to go get some clothes."
    "Wait, show me how to close this bed first."
    "Press the button on the end here, and lift it up, and it closes itself."
    "There's a button!?"
    "Okay! Let's see if I can do it. Ah! I did it! WHAT!?"
    "Can I go get some clothes now? While you continue to do whatever that is."
    "My happy dance?"
    "Kiss me first."
    "Mmm! One more! Right here."
    "How about I do this instead?"
    "No! Don't stop, more bites!"
    "In the shower."
    "I'll be naked and wet."
    "…I'll be right back."


    Awesome fuckin' night's sleep! No girl laying on top of my ass. Just one arm wrapped around me. Uh oh!
    "Are you kidding me Devin!"
    "Oh yes! It stinks! Dutch oven!"
    "Breathe it in woman!"
    "I would punch you if I wasn't laughing so hard right now. Mix the brand!"
    "Nice! You farted."
    "Even girls fart."
    "That was awesome."
    "Okay! Enough! I need to go down to my car and get my clothes."
    "I'm gettin' in the shower."
    "Save some hot water for me."
    "Take one with me. Save water!"
    "Okay. I'll be back in a few minutes."
    "Hurry up."
    "Shut the fuck up."

    Emily farted!


    I cannot believe Devin farted and then pulled his blanket over our heads. Well, actually I can believe it. Devin is fucking weird, and he likes his own farts.
    "What are you doing here?"
    "I stayed the night with my boyfriend."
    "Yes Devin."
    "What happened to Liz?"
    "That's none of your fucking business. Just like it wasn't your business to send a picture of her and Sean to Devin."
    "I wanted him to know what they were doing behind his back."
    "They weren't doing shit behind his back."
    "It was enough to break them up at least."
    "Is that right?"
    "Here you are."
    "You have no clue what happen with him and Liz. And no Heather, It did not break them up. They already broke up before you pulled that shit. Nice try though."
    "So you and Sean broke up?"
    "Stay the fuck away from Sean."
    "Why? He's fair game now."
    "You're right! Go hit on Sean. Go right ahead. Oh! There's a cheer meeting today at lunch in Ms. Coopers room."
    "I didn't call for a meeting."
    "Piper did."
    "What? I'm the head cheerleader on this squad. Not Piper. She doesn't have the power to call a meeting."
    "Are you sure? We all agreed that we can't have a pregnant girl on this squad. We all voted Piper in."
    "You guys can't do that."
    "We can, and we did. You even been replaced."
    "By who?"
    "That fucking whore?"
    "Excuse me? You need to shut your fucking mouth. I don't care if you are pregnant Heather. I will still beat the fuck right out of you."
    "This is bullshit and you know it."
    "Aw! Did it hurt falling off that pedestal of yours?"

    I just walk away. If I stayed any longer, I would've hit her. Heather is unbelievable! I grab my clothes, my makeup, and I call Sean as I start heading back up to Devin's apartment.
    "Hey, is Liz with you by any chance?"
    "Yes. Putting on war paint."
    "Put me on speaker."
    "Okay, what's up?"
    "Are you aware Heather was trying to break you and Devin up?"
    "I saw a bunch of texts in his phone and missed calls. I didn't open and read anything. But Devin did tell me that she wanted to get back with him, as far as her actually trying to break us up. No, I didn't know."
    "Well! The picture of you and Sean she had sent to Devin was another attempt to break you guys up."
    "Fuck her."
    "I stayed the night at Devin's and I was heading down to my car to get my clothes and she stopped me and was talking shit saying, Oh! At least the picture broke them up. And I was like, bitch! They were broke up before you sent that fucking picture."
    "Yeah, that picture didn't do shit to me and Devin. But it's cool you said we were broke up before she did that. I bet it made her feel fucking dumb."
    "It probably did! Then! There's a then!"
    "She started talking about yo man Liz."
    "What about Sean?"
    "She's gonna try to pick up on him."
    "Fuck! She's fucking pregnant! I can't kick her ass!"
    "Ha! Right! Let her hit on Sean."
    "I'll just laugh in her face and walk away."
    "You want me to let her hit on you Sean?"
    "She can hit on me all she wants. I don't want that mess. She's Blaine's problem."
    "Oh! Piper and Blaine are back together."
    "Yeah. I know. I knew them being broke up wasn't going to last long."
    "Piper overruled Heather."
    "Oh! The mighty Heather has fallen!"
    "What the fuck are you two talking about?"
    "The cheer squad Liz. Piper came in and said, fuck her! I'm the head of this squad, anyone disagree? We all said, nope!"
    "Banished bitch!"
    "I was head cheerleader at my old school. I know how that shit works."
    "So you are aware of the dark side?"
    "Yes ma'am."
    "Nice! You'll fit right in."
    "Sean said the only idiot is Blaine."
    "And Heather!"
    "I don't count dumb bitches."
    "Awesome! Well! I need to get off of here and shower and all that fun stuff. I just wanted to call and gossip. Text me from your phone Liz. So I have your number."
    "Okie dokie!"
    "Sweet! See you guys in a while. Bye!"


    I'm excited everyone asked me to come back to cheer. Jacob is also happy. It is messed up how I was asked to come back, but it had to be done. Heather is going to end up losing everything and fairly fast. It sucks, but karma catches up to you sooner or later.
    "Come on Babe. Wake up."
    "I'm up woman. Damn."
    "You're lying in bed and your eyes are still closed."
    "Wake up!"
    "Okay! My eyes are open."
    "Good! Now get up."
    "Now! Get dressed!"
    "Love you!"
    "Am I taking my car? Or are you going to hang out after school with me?"
    "No idea. Probably hang out, Dev doesn't work today and he'll probably stay and watch Emily like he did with Heather."
    "Probably. So your car?"
    "Yeah. Ooo! The cheer get up."
    "Dusting her off."
    "Let me fuck you in it later."
    "I'm giving it to Piper."
    "The fuck you doin' that for?"
    "Get it dry cleaned."
    "I feel like I look stupid in this shirt."
    "I like it."
    "Your tits look good in it."
    "You asked, I told you. Don't give me that look."
    "I am not giving you any look Babe."
    "How's your side today?"
    "A lot better. Still a little bit sore though. Stop picking at your face!"
    "The scabs wanna come off."
    "I don't want a boyfriend with scars all over his face. Now stop it."
    "You don't let me do nothin'."
    "Shut up."
    "You never answered me about tomorrow."
    "Doctor’s appointment."
    "Oh! I'll drive myself. My doctor is going to be checking things and you don't need to see all of that."
    "Okay. You gonna ask about birth control?"
    "Yeah. I need to ask Liz what she has. She only has her period once every three months."
    "I like the sound of that."
    "So do I! I need new makeup brushes."
    "Go buy some."
    "And new makeup."
    "For real? You have that big ass box and you need more?"
    "Yes. I'm almost out of the colors I use the most. Plus! I'm a girl and I need makeup."
    "You're just as hot without any on."
    "That's like telling me to go to school nude Babe."
    "I think I'm ready. Let me make sure I have everything real fast. Phone, keys, okay. I'm ready, do I look okay?"
    "You look extra hot. Somethin's different."
    "Um... I did my makeup different. Instead of blacks and grey, I used dark red to match my shirt."
    "I like it. Let's go! Hungry!"

    Heading down to the car we run into Devin and Emily coming out of his apartment. It is sad that him and Liz broke up. They really did like each other. Now Em and Devin!? They have history! They know each other better and Em can handle Devin like Hayden can handle Oden. They fit just perfectly.
    "Hey guys."
    "Word up girls!?"
    "Hey Mills! Uh! You suck!"
    "I swear! You are the only girl who can pull off any color eye shadow. I hate you."
    "Oh! I thought I did something wrong."
    "You never do anything wrong. Ride with me to school, we need to talk."
    "At least you can drive all fast and stuff since I won't be in the car."
    "Fuckin' aye."
    "You two can go ahead. Me and Mills are right behind you. Bye."
    "They're tryin' to sync their periods dude."
    "That's fuckin' gross man."
    "Go away! Girl talk! But speaking of periods! Mine is super heavy rig…"
    "We're going! Fuck!"
    "Works every time!"
    "I know, right? So what's up?"
    "Oh god! What did she do now?"
    "That fucking girl is unbelievable Mills. I swear there's something seriously wrong with her."
    "What happen?"
    "I was walking down to my car to get my clothes, and she runs out of her apartment asking me why I was here. I told her staying with my boyfriend. She was basically like, oh at least I broke him and Liz up."
    "I know! She thought the picture she sent to Devin is what broke them up."
    "That picture didn't do anything."
    "That's what Liz said. I told Heather they had already broke up when she sent it. Then! She started talking about Sean."
    "You know where I'm going with this right?"
    "She's going to try to pick up on Sean?"
    "Sean doesn't want her."
    "Sean wants nothing at all to do with Heather.
    "Do you know what's going on with Sean and Liz?"
    "Well, you are my bestie! So I'll spill it. They're totally a couple. They told me."
    "Awesome! Liz won't put up with Heather trying to pick up on Sean."
    "Liz is only pissed that Heather is pregnant and she can't fuck her up."
    "Hailey told me that Heather is having an abortion because Blaine won't step up."
    "Yeah, she told me that too. Piper and Blaine are back together."
    "I know. That's why Heather wants to abortion."
    "First she thought Devin would okay with it. Bitch doesn't know Devin like me and you do. Then she thought Blaine would be okay with it. He was just like, It ain't mine!"
    "Did they use a condom?"
    "No idea. Drunk sex, so who knows."
    "How many times did they even have sex?"
    "According to Heather, like ten times."
    "I can see why Blaine thinks he's not that dad, you know?"
    "He's probably not. Everyone thinks you're the whore, so they all overlook what she does."
    "I'm so tired of this rap."
    "I defend you every time! What you did to Hailey though! Awesome!"
    "I felt horrible after I did that. But she was in my man’s face!"
    "Don't feel bad. She doesn't."
    "I don't do things like that Em."
    "That's why it was so awesome."
    "I guess. Can we stop and get food?"
    "I was planning to. I'm hungry."
    "Thank god!"


    Now I wish I would've read the text messages in Devin's phone. He did tell me she was trying to get back with him. Heather is pregnant! I can't kick her ass. I can do the next best thing! Help her fall further off her totem pole. Fuck it! She already hates me, and anyone who knows me really well, knows I don't keep my mouth closed for shit.
    "Would it be bad if I just bitch slapped Heather really had?"
    "I think as long as you don't hit her in the stomach you'll be fine, but hitting a pregnant girl is pretty bad."
    "She's gonna try and break us up."
    "Not going to happen Beanstalk. I don't want her, I don't believe the shit that comes out of her mouth, I don't even think she's cute. You don't have anything to worry about."
    "It sucks Sean! She'll do something, and I'll tell her shit, and if for some reason she hits me I can't hit her back."
    "Be the bigger person. If she hits you, laugh at her."
    "That's not being the bigger person! Being the bigger person means I just walk away."
    "But you won't."
    "Hell no! I may have to huh?"
    "It's never a kiss! It's always a poke on my nose."
    "Lean over here so I can give you a smoochie!"
    "Ah! Much better."
    "Thank you for breakfast."
    "You're welcome."
    "Anyone gonna be jealous that we're a couple?"
    "Yeah. He wants you real bad."
    "Wants me, wants me? Or just to fuck me?"
    "I don't think Cole is cute at all."
    "He's not."
    "Oh! Blaine is here."
    "Am I gonna be accepted?"
    "We're about to find out."
    "What if I'm not?"
    "Then I go where you go."

    I do want to be accepted, but if I'm not oh well! Fuck them. I hop out of the truck and everyone is looking at me crazy. Hailey, Piper, Blaine, and Cole. I hope it's because I'm with Sean and not because I have boogers. Blaine's face! Ow!
    "Whoa! I wasn't expecting Liz to jump out of your truck."
    "Who were you expecting?"
    "Her car is parked right there and she's over there with Devin."
    "You and Devin switched girlfriends?"
    "Something like that."
    "I like this one better. She's hot and tall, look at that ass! I hate you."
    "You think I'm hot Cole?"
    "I think you're hot too."
    "Thank you Hailey."
    "Yeah, everyone thinks you're hot Liz. These two, me, and even Piper here."
    "I want to lay you down and lick every little inch of your body."
    "I'll take that as a compliment. Thanks."
    "What's the deal Sean? You steal her from Hart or did you two swap girls?"
    "Her and Devin broke up and Em left me for him."
    "I told you her and Sean broke up Blaine."
    "Am I okay here or do I need to go away?"
    "It's Sean's call. You're his girl, if he says you fit in with us then you stay."
    "She'll fit in. Her and Piper have something in common."
    "What do me and Liz have in common?"
    "You both want to knock Heather off her pedestal."
    "Heather already hates you Liz."
    "So. Fuck her."
    "Did Heather win?"
    "Breaking you and Devin up."
    "Why did you guys break up?"
    "Devin being Devin I guess."
    "The psycho jealous Devin?"
    "Yeah. I didn't like it, so we decided to just be friends. Us breaking up had nothing to do with Heather and shit she was pulling."
    "Let's walk and talk."
    "You coming to Lee Lee?"

    Sean grabs my arm as I go to walk away and pulls me in for a kiss. I liked it.
    "What's your issue with Heather?"
    "I just don't like her. Trying to break up me and Devin, and she going to try and hit on Sean. It sucks she's pregnant. I can't kick her ass. She's fucking stupid."
    "She thinks because she has money she rules all."
    "Sean has money and he doesn't act like that."
    "Sean is a good guy and he doesn't have to throw his money in anyone's face."
    "Yeah. Am I okay in this little group? Be honest."
    "The vibe I get from you, just your whole persona. You were miss popular at your old school. Am I wrong?"
    "Head cheerleader, party girl, with the quarter back boyfriend."
    "You just have that look. You'll fit right in. Lee Lee?"
    "Yeah. You also seem like you're a fucking bitch too. I like it."
    "I am a bitch. I don't take shit from anyone."
    "You should join cheer. We could always use another girl."
    "I'm in dance. That's how me and Sean ended up together."
    "Ah! Becky said you two were all cuddly with each other on Friday."
    "Yeah! Emily told us that. And no, we weren't."
    "Becky's favorite thing to do is cause trouble. She twists shit around."
    "Yes, just like Heather."
    "I love how you stepped in and overruled her."
    "Melissa should have never handed her the head spot."
    "Melissa was the head cheerleader?"
    "We needed Melissa to come back. She's our high flyer."
    "Nice! She's so small."
    "Yeah. So what are your plans with Heather?"
    "I don't know. I can't do much to her. She's pregnant."
    "I would love to see another one of your fights. Straight savage what you did to Kim. Me and Cole were like, oooohhh! Get her! Fuck!"
    "I wish one of you guys pulled out your phone and got it. But anyway! Rumor is! She's getting an abortion really soon."
    "She made an appointment. She goes on Friday."
    "That's so wrong. She should've kept her legs closed."
    "Devin doesn't want her, my man wants nothing to with her. She's already standing alone. I don't think you and I have to do anything at all but sit back and watch. She's already starting to be faded out."
    "I don't want her to hit on Sean. I don't even want her to look at him."
    "Liz... You have nothing to worry about with Sean. He wants nothing to do with her and he doesn't even like her."
    "She's been trying to get Sean for a while though. Even when she was with Devin. Emily kicked her ass real good one time and she didn't get it."
    "It's like I said Hailey. She thinks her money can get her whatever she wants. Seriously Liz, you have nothing to worry about. Just sit back and watch her look stupid trying to get him."
    "Is Blaine really the dad?"
    "He could be. She doesn't even know if he is the dad. That's why me and him got back together. He actually was being a man and stepped up you know, then she told Hailey he may not be the dad and that's when he said, fuck you."
    "Blaine is an idiot. But, he will man up to his actions."
    "You called your boyfriend an idiot."
    "He is! But he's fucking hot and I love the guy."
    "How's your chest Hailey?"
    "My bruise is going away."
    "It was so awesome what Melissa did to you. Sorry."
    "I called her a whore to see what she would do. I didn't expect her to fuckin' kick me. But it was pretty awesome huh?"
    "Yeah! Cole was shocked as hell too!"
    "He laughed at me. But I was laughing too, so it's okay."
    "I was laughing! It wasn't funny! It was just that fucking cool."


    Kind of cool talking to Piper and Hailey. Not really sure what to think of them yet, or if I can even trust them. I know how the popular kids work.
    "You never texted me Liz!"
    "Oh! I'm sorry! Text me! 559-2122."
    "Number saved! Hey Melissa."
    "You guys gossiping?"
    "Not really."
    "Me and Lee Lee are just making sure Liz will fit in."
    "She passes."
    "Bring your uniform Mills?"
    "I did. It's in Em's car."
    "Does it need to be fitted?"
    "Nope! Still fits."
    "Good. Trying to get Liz to join."
    "I'm in dance!"
    "Honestly, there is no one in this school that can dance better or as good as Sean."
    "Yes. Join cheer."

    I pull up an article on my phone along with a list of videos and hand my phone to Piper. What!?
    "You're a dance champion too."
    "Yeah. Eight time LBC, and three time national. Sean is a six time LBC."
    "Someone in this school can dance better than Sean. I'll be damned."
    "I wouldn't say better. I been dancing longer, that's all."
    "And I was sitting here thinking, this girl is going to make Sean look bad. After watching two of those videos, I was way wrong. Now I really want you to join. You already know the in's and out's and you're a dancer! Win, win for all of us."
    "You need help with cheers?"
    "No. Sometimes we could use help with half time routines."
    "I'll help you guys. But, I can't do anything until next week. Me and Sean are working on something right now, so I'll be busy."
    "Speaking of Sean! You three may want to turn around and check this shit out."
    "Ooo! Sit back and watch Liz."
    "No. I'll be right back ladies."
    "Handle your shit Liz!"
    "Go savage on her like you did on Kim! So Piper can see!"


    Looks like Piper and Hailey took Liz in. They all ran off together, so far no fights. They were laughing at something. All three of us standing over here heard them. So far so good.
    "Is that Liz I smell on you?"
    "She smells good."
    "I'm aware."
    "You guys fuck yet?"
    "That's none of your business."
    "Sean picked her up last night."
    "So. She stayed the night at my house. Doesn't mean we had sex."
    "You never kiss and tell."
    "Because it's no one's business that's why."
    "Simple yes or no will do. We don't need the dirty on it."
    "As long as we've known Sean has he ever talked about his personal life?"
    "No, never!"
    "What makes you think he's gonna start now?"
    "Have you touched her legs? At least give me that."
    "Yes. I've touched her legs."
    "Have your ears touched her legs?"
    "Are you serious?"
    "He's not gonna tell you shit Cole. Just leave it alone. His girl, his business."
    "I'll ask Liz."
    "She won't tell you anything. She might sock you though."
    "Oh! Blaine! You missed Liz fuck Kim up."
    "Yeah at Nitro."
    "Lee Lee told Piper. She didn't tell you?"
    "No... What happen?"
    "Kim punched Devin in the face and made his nose bleed and Liz plowed her down and just beat the fuck out of her."
    "Liz? That Liz over there, fucked up Kim?"
    "Yeah! Kim got up and was like, what the fuck is wrong with you! And Liz was like, want some more you dumb fuckin’ bitch?! It was fuckin’ amazing. Me, Lee Lee, and this guy were like, fuck!"
    "Liz is stronger than she looks. She popped my back for me and feet came off the ground."
    "Fuck. You're not a small guy either."
    "I know."
    "You're baby mama is walking over here Blaine."
    "She's not coming over for you this time."
    "Yeah. Em told me she was going to."
    "That girl doesn't give up does she?"

    I happen to look over where Liz is and saw her walking this way. Liz said she won't hit her. So what will Liz actually do?
    "Hey Sean, Cole, Blaine."
    "What do you want Heather?"
    "I came over here to talk to Sean not you Blaine. Can we go for a walk?"
    "Okay… Emily said you guys broke up?"
    "What's going on with you and Liz?"
    "Ask her."
    "Hello! Excuse me while I squeeze past you to get to my boyfriend right here."
    "Heather wants to know what's going on with me and you."
    "Well, I did just say, my boyfriend. Does that answer your question Heather? Or do I need to write it down? Or maybe rent a plane and sky write it for you?"
    "Do you always have to be such a bitch?"
    "To stupid bitches I don't like, yes!"
    "You don't even know me."
    "I know you well enough to know I don't fucking like you, and why do you keep trying to steal my men? Can't you find your own?"
    "I get plenty of boys."
    "I know. That's why you have no idea who the father of your kid is. FYI Heather, fucking boys doesn't mean you got them. It just means you're a fucking whore."
    "Whoa! I felt that breeze all the way over here."
    "Shut up Cole."
    "Don't tell Cole to shut up. You no longer hold rank in this group to tell any of us to shut up."
    "Excuse me?"
    "Did you three hear me stutter?"
    "Nu uh!"
    "They heard me. So I know you fucking heard me too. Are you lonely yet Heather? Standing there, all by yourself? Is it cold? Do you need a blanket? Sean has one in his back seat he might let you borrow. As long as you don't mind that it smells like my pussy."
    "Oh shit..."
    "Liz is savage Blaine! I'm telling you!"
    "Liz ain't shit. She's acting tough to impress the three of you."
    "At least I don't need to open my legs in attempt to impress someone. It's also not impressive to puke on guy while trying to take their load down your throat."
    "Oh! There's that breeze again. I'll take the blanket if she don't want it. I won't mind the smell."


    Woo! I did not know Liz was this mean. Heather just stands there with a dumb look on her face. She's at a loss of words. You can tell she's trying to think of something to say. I don't think she has anything.
    "Piper took your title as head cheerleader, Melissa took you spot in cheer, your attempt to break me and Devin up failed, the same shit won't with Sean. Everything that's happening to you right now, you did all by yourself. Gold star for you! Me?! I took your spot in this group, but you can keep all the slut and whore because I don't want that shit. That's all. Buh Bye!"
    "You're a fucking bitch."
    "And I own it. Anything else?"
    "I want to hit you so fucking bad right now."
    "Go right ahead."
    "No. I saw the damage you did to Kim. I helped her clean up. I don't want me face looking like hers."
    "Aww! You're scared of me! That's so fucking adorable! I'll tell you what. I'll give you one free hit. Go ahead. Hit me."


    She did hit Liz. Socked her right in the face. Liz didn't even flinch or blink an eye. What the fuck?
    "What the fuck was that? I gave you a free hit! At least you could've done was hit me as hard as you could."
    "That was as hard as I could."
    "Liz didn't even flinch Sean."
    "I know."
    "She didn't even hit me hard!"
    "All that coke made her weak."
    "Fuck you Blaine."
    "I did. Wasn't that great."
    "No? You kept coming back for more."
    "I fucked you three times. You been telling everyone we been fucking for months."
    "We have had sex more than three times."
    "No! We haven't! You fuck around so much that you actually don't even fucking remember? You don't even know who knocked your ass up. I stepped up when you said it was mine, then you went and told Hailey you actually didn't know who the dad is, thinking she wouldn't fucking tell me. You're all kinds of fucking crazy Heather. The hot ass blonde girl standing next to Sean is right. Everything that's happening to you, you did your fucking self. Maybe I should jump into this and walk my ass over there and tell Melissa who really started Easy Melissy."
    "I heard you started that."
    "Fuck no Liz. Heather did! I covered for her and said it was me."
    "Whoa! Wait! I told Jacob it was you."
    "I told Liz it was you."
    "And I told you guys it was me. Because she wouldn't fuck me."
    "She wouldn't fuck you then she got pregnant."
    "She told me she had a boyfriend, and I left it alone."
    "You said you two fucked a bunch of times."
    "No I didn't."
    "Yeah you did!"
    "No Cole, he didn't. Heather said that to Em. Em told me."
    "Lee Lee is the one who told me. Oh! My bad Blaine, I went along with that shit and got knocked the fuck out in the bathroom by Jacob."
    "And look at my fucking face!"
        "Shit is getting good Sean."
        "Uh huh."

    "You asked me for one fucking thing Heather! You didn't want Melissa to find out you started that shit. So I did that for you! I had to fix Piper and her and make them be friends again. Melissa fucking hates me now. And all along you been adding fuel to this? For what!? To make me look worse than I already do? I did nothing wrong with Melissa when I asked her to fool around. I didn't know she was seeing someone, I ask her to have one beer with me and hang out and she told me no. I left it alone after that."
    "I was making sure this wouldn't crumble."
    "You could've let me in on all of this. This right here! Is the first I'm hearing this shit. What else did you say I did?"
    "That Melissa had no idea who her kids dad is."
    "Melissa is aware of who her kid belongs to. She's not a fucking whore like you."

    Liz nudges me and has me look in the direction where she was at with Piper and Hailey. They are all walking over here. Including Devin and Jacob. Jacob and Blaine, I don't want any part of this shit.
    "Melissa! Come here for a minute."
    "Please come here a minute?"
    "The fuck you thinkin' man?"
    "Relax Jacob! Matter of fact why don't you come over here with her. Ladies, Hart, just stay right there for a minute."
    "Anything fuckin' stupid I'll cut you open on the other side. Fuckin' feel me?"
    "I’m still not afraid of you. Just get the fuck over here. Heather has something to say to your girl."
    "Piper? Hailey?"
    "Heather isn't going anywhere Babe."

        "Heather is about to meet Karma."

    "Tell her, or I will."
    "Tell me what?"
    "Nothing! Blaine is being an idiot as usual."
    "Just say it Heather."
    "There's nothing to say Melissa."
    "Fighting fucking hard to keep rank! Fine, I'll say it! Heather is the one who started Easy Melissy because she wanted everyone to over look the shit she was doing and see you. What else did she say Cole?"
    "She's the one who was telling people that you and Blaine fucked a bunch of times and that you had no idea who your kid belongs too."
    "I know the last part. Emily told me. I just let it go because it didn't matter at that point. But, me and you were really good friends Blaine. Why did you do this for her? Do this to me?"
    "Wanna talk now Heather?"
    "I paid him five grand."
    "You hear that Hart?"
    "Yeah. I never gave her ecstasy."
    "Kim does. And how much does she charge you?"
    "$10 for twenty."
    "Why so cheap?"
    "Why so cheap Heather?"
    "So I wouldn't tell Devin that she was stealing from his brother and selling behind his back."
    "What!? I got blamed for that shit! I got my ass kick by him and I had to give him five of my paychecks to pay all of that shit back. The fuck Heather?"
    "I'm sorry."
    "Naw! Fuck you! You try gettin' your ass whooped by a 6 foot 6 giant. It ain't fun! Even when he's beatin' your ass at half power it fuckin' sucks."
    "I was there when Ode beat the fuck out of him for that shit. He came through the door fuckin' swinging, and I grabbed him tryin' to get him off Dev and he straight sock my ass right in the face. After he was done beatin' the fuck out of him, he set him on the couch and cleaned him up and said, don't you ever fuckin' steal from me again. Me and Dev looked at each other like, what the fuck is he talkin' about."
    "Now you guys know... Since Heather is being honest now! How about you talk to Sean."
    "Talk to me about what?"
    "It's in my purse right there. Front pocket."
    "When did you say you found this?"
    "Friday. Heather dropped her purse, and I helped her pick everything up and when I saw it I put my foot on it so she wouldn't see it."
    "Found what?"
    "I believe this belongs to you."
    "I have been looking for this for fucking months. My Grandpa gave this to me before he died. How did you get this?"
    "When Emily lost her phone. You gave her your keys to check in the truck. I helped her and when I opened the center thing it was in there."
    "And you just took it? This has been in my family for about 150 years."
    "It's just a necklace Sean."
    "No it's not!"
    "Lemme see please... A rosary?"
    "Yes. With my family crest on the back of the cross. Only seven were made and that's the last one. Just... Just put it in your bag and hold it for me please."
    "I had no idea she took that Sean. I'm so sorry."
    "Not your fault Em. I got it back. That's all that matters."
    "Can I go now?"
    "Maybe you should say sorry to these guys first. Melissa befriended you when you had no one and you stabbed her in the back. Har... Devin trusted you and you stabbed him in the back. And Oden! Everyone who knows Oden, knows not to fuck with the guy. You need to beg Devin not to tell him everything."
    "Will me saying sorry fix anything with you three?"
    "Fuck no!"
    "Fuck you Heather. You're garbage."
    "Ooo! I like mean Melissa! Kick her like you did Hailey!"
    "Why Liz? She's not even worth it. You are no better than a whore on the street. Get pregnant and then have an abortion because you have no idea who the father is."
    "You gave up your kid."
    "I gave up my daughter so she would have a good life, not because I didn't want her. If I was stable enough, that little girl would’ve never left my arms. So don't you EVER! Compare my action to yours. I gave her life! You're ending one. I'm done. Babe?"
    "Following you. You! You're fuckin' lucky I don't hit girls. Pregnant or not your face would've looked worse than his when I was finished with you."
    "What Blaine?"
    "I'm sorry."
    "I accept your apology, but it doesn't change anything between us."
    "I know... Just wanted you to know. I fucked up. I still consider you one of my best friends. I really am sorry. Not just for this. You know?"
    "Yeah... One day I'll be able to call you friend again. But not today. Thank you... For apologizing."
    "You actually fuckin' man up. Not bad."
    "My rap as an idiot is true Jacob... You know this... And my face knows it."
    "Yeah... I ain't sorry about that."
    "I deserved it... I don't ever want an apology from you for it."
    "I promise you won't man... See ya 'round."
    "Mmm hmm."

        "What the fuck just happened?"
        "He may be an idiot, but he will man up to his actions."
        "Hmm... I like that."

    "Can I please go now?"
    "Yeah. Let Heather go."
    "I hate each and everyone of you."
    "Just get the fuck out of here Heather! You did all this shit. I don't know about these guys, but I was fuckin' done! Shit like this may fly where you come from but it don't here."
    "Me and Devin are heading in too. Liz? Sean?"
    "Yeah. You got everything out of my truck?"
    "Mmm hmm. What are you doing!? Ha!"
    "Cheer me up!"
    "Thank you. Why does a poke on my nose cheer me up?"
    "Hold on! Boop!"
    "Yeah, that shit don't work on me."
    "You suck Blaine. Let's go guys."
    "So! Emily farted in bed this mornin' and pulled the blanket over our heads."
    "Oh fuck you! You did that, I farted to mix the brand."
    "That's awesome!"
    "Hear that Sean?! Liz likes farts so make sure you fart as much as you can around her."
    "They're funny."
    "The day we went and seen you my stomach growled and he thought I farted."
    "I still think it was a fart."
    "Unless she says, hey do you hear that? Then yeah, it was her stomach."
    "See Sean! I told you I announce my farts."
    "You seen her eat food right?"
    "I seen her murder a large combination pizza."
    "Have you seen the King Burrito at Boarder?"
    "Yeah. I can't even finish that thing."
    "Liz can."
    "And one of your tacos."
    "Are you one of those freak girls that can eat and not gain an ounce?"
    "I hate you. I see chocolate and I get bloaty."
    "I see chocolate and get hungry. Then I eat it all."
    "Do you work out? Make yourself puke?"
    "High metabolism... Sorry. Science nerd."
    "Whatever Tortillo Boy said."
    "Tortillo Boy?"
    "He's Mexican!"
    "Ah! Gotcha!"
    "Em is Mexican too."
    "Do not call me Tortillo Girl."
    "I won't. No! Not the bell! Let the life wasting begin!"


    Well! That was an eventful morning! Blaine did what me and Piper wanted to do, so we didn't have to do anything. He took her down in every way. It was fucked up actually.
    "We aren't in your car."
    "So! Legs here."
    "Trade me spots so I can lean against the wall."
    "Trade me spots!"
    "Fine! So mean."
    "There better?"
    "These legs are awesome. Shut your hole and you don't look at me like you wanna fuck me up."
    "Punch him Liz."
    "HEY! No bueno! Aww! That fuckin' hurt."
    "And now you know how me and Ode feel."
    "Did you guys see Heather punch me in the face?"
    "Yeah! She said, I want to hit you so bad, but I saw what you did to Kim so, no."
    "She's scared of you. That's fuckin' great."
    "Is that why your cheek is a little red?"
    "Yeah. I gave her a free hit and she didn't even hit me hard. Cole was like, she didn't even flinch Sean."
    "Hard enough to make your cheek red."
    "It didn't even hurt! I was like, what the fuck was that!?"
    "You're one tough white girl."
    "I don't put up with shit, and I call it how I see it."
    "Stupid blonde."
    "Fucking nerd."
    "I have nothing."
    "You fuck some jay last night?"
    "Did you love it?"
    "It was pretty good. You suck some pee pee?"
    "Liar! It's like one of your favorite things to."
    "I didn't suck his dick."
    "You know he's looking forward to it."
    "I'm sure he is."
    "Suck his pee pee."
    "I will sooner or later."
    "You guys do anything yet?"
    "Why not?"
    "I don't know. Why are you so curious right now?"
    "I feel like bein' nosy."
    "Okay. Wonder where Heather is."
    "Probably in the bathroom cryin' or left."
    "Are you mad a her?"
    "Yeah. I got my ass kicked and had to pay back everything that was missin'. I don't like gettin' my ass kicked by Ode. It sucks. Sean looked pretty pissed too."
    "She took something from him that couldn't be replaced and has been in his family forever. How would you feel?"
    "I'd be pissed off too. Can I see it?"
    "Yeah... Here."
    "You said rosary I was expectin' plastic beads. This is… Silver. Real silver, not some fake shit. This is really nice."
    "How do you know it's silver?"
    "Did you see how I bounced it in my hand?"
    "Silver makes a different noise. Here, I'll show you. These three quarters. Listen."
    "Now listen to the rosary. Hear the difference?"
    "I do! That's a cool trick."

    It still amazes me how smart Devin is. The silver thing was pretty cool. I had no idea it made a different noise. I guess you learn something new every day. I wonder if I put my legs on Sean's lap he'll do the same thing Devin does. Devin misses my legs. As usual, he doesn't let me move them when I try. They just stayed on his lap the whole time. He's still my Tortillo Boy. And I copied his science work. Ha! On to English! Mr. Ballas! Yum! Oh! Sean, even yummier!
    "Hey you!"
    "You look upset. What's wrong?"
    "I'm mad that Heather took my shit."
    "Boop! Better?"
    "Little bit."
    "Aww! Stop it. You got it back."
    "Yeah, I know. I just don't appreciate people that steal. You know?"
    "Yeah. Devin showed me a cool trick with it."
    "Oh yeah?"
    "Mmm hmm. He wanted to see it, so I handed it to him. Then he was like, oh! This is silver and showed me how to tell with quarters. It was cool."
    "Silver makes a difference noise."
    "I didn't know that! That's why it was so cool. Is it really as old as you said it is?"
    "Looks really good for being so old."
    "It's been taken care of."
    "What happen to the other ones?"
    "I know two were buried with who ever had them and the rest just got lost I guess."
    "Are you gonna pass this one on?"
    "Yes. If I have a son."
    "Girls won't get it?"
    "The way it's always been, the oldest son get's it on his 16th birthday. My Grandpa had four daughters, my mom is the oldest. I'm the oldest grandson, so he gave it to me."
    "I want it. I think it's cool."
    "Well, you can't have it."
    "I know. I just like holding it for some reason."
    "You can hold it all you want, but you can't have it."
    "Trade me spots please?"
    "I wanna sit by the wall."
    "All right."

    He did switch spots with me. Legs on his lap! He does grab on them and rub on them. Yay!
    "Legs bother you here?"
    "I like you giving them attention."
    "I like them."
    "You should give them more attention."
    "I give them plenty don't I?"
    "Your head gives them more."
    "Attention is attention."
    "I like the way you look at me."
    "You're beautiful and easy to look at."
    "Even without war paint."
    "What does the dark side do for lunch?"
    "Whatever. Why?"
    "Wondering is all. Are we going to go get food or eat here?"
    "Whatever you feel like doing."
    "Okay. Heather wasn't in class today."
    "She went home."
    "Did she really?"
    "Cole said she got in her car and drove off. I assume she went home."
    "She's all mad."
    "I don't want to talk about her."
    "Okay. Sorry."
    "Why are you giving me the, I want to rip your clothes off look?"
    "Because I do, and I wanna kiss you right here on your neck."
    "Go right ahead."

    Whenever I kiss his neck he takes a deep breath in. I love it so much. He moved his hand to my butt and squeezed it. I like that too!
    "Don't you two look cute."
    "Hey Emily."
    "Am I interrupting cuddle time?"
    "Piper wants you to come to the cheer meeting today at lunch."
    "No idea. She just said to ask you. If you and Sean have plans for lunch you don't have to come."
    "We haven't really decided what to do yet."
    "So you're not coming?"
    "Okay! She said to ask, and I did."
    "Piper trying to get you to join cheer?"
    "Yeah. She said there's no one in this school that dances better than you and I should join."
    "Are you going to?"
    "No, I rather dance."
    "In other words, she wants to hang out with you Sean."
    "I'm fine with that."
    "I really do wish I could make fun of the way you talk."
    "We talk funny to you?"
    "I'm not making fun! Boop! I like the way you talk."
    "It is sexy isn't it?"
    "Yes. Everything about him is sexy."
    "What do you think of him topless?"
    "I'm sitting right here."
    "So! You guys do it yet?"
    "Sorry! Sorry!"
    "Ooo! Mr. Ballas, meow!"
    "Hubba hubba!"
    "Mmm hmm."

    Me and Emily look at each other and then at Sean and laugh. That was cool.



    I miss the legs on my lap! I'm sad! History is boring as shit. I done finished all my work and now Jacob is coping it. Really slow too!
    "Here, thanks."
    "What did you do when I was gone?"
    "Guessed on what I didn't know. How was Emily sex?"
    "Took a poundin' like a champ."
    "Fuckin' aye! So she's better than Liz?"
    "Liz can't take it as hard as Em can."
    "Emily is better then?"
    "Liz sucks the pee pee better, and she does this thing were she latches on like a monkey, and she's super fuckin' flexible. Em isn't."
    "How flexible?"
    "I could put both legs behind her head without a problem."
    "Yeah. It's hot."
    "You gonna tell Ode about Kim?"
    "No. It won't really matter, all he'll do is say, my bad for kickin' your ass. He won't give me my money back or anything."
    "You stayin' after school to watch Emily?"
    "Probably. Ain't got shit else to do. Why not watch a bunch of chicks bounce around?"
    "Melissa said she has some meeting to go to at lunch."
    "Yeah. Cheer thing. Em is goin' too."
    "What do wanna do for lunch?"
    "Eat what... Don't answer that."
    "I thought you were gonna say..."
    "And vaginer!"
    "There it is!"
    "I miss Liz."
    "Let it go man."
    "Them legs!"
    "You got to touch em today. I saw her put her legs on your lap."
    "They're nice! I like em around my head better."
    "I'm sure you do."
    "You don't want em around your head?"
    "I... Yes! Yes I do."
    "I think Melissa will get that chance before you."
    "You're probably right."


    Tacos! Yeah! I decided I wanted Mexican food. I probably should've picked something a little more healthy, but no. I wanted tacos. Sean is on the phone with his mom and I'm just sitting here stuffing my face and listening to him talk in Russian. It's so sexy.
    "Sorry. I told her to text me when she made it home and I would call when I got a minute."
    "It's fine. I love listening to you talk in Russian. It's hot."
    "My mom has your photo book."
    "Oh! Cool."
    "My dad is really impressed with all the videos."
    "Yeah. He's looking forward to meeting you."
    "Oh! That's right. I need to talk to my mom about that."
    "I can just tell my mom you can't go and he'll come here."
    "No! I wanna go to Russia. Let me ask her first."
    "All right."
    "Thank you for lunch."
    "Thank you for choosing real Mexican food and not Taco Bell."
    "I hate Taco Bell."
    "It's weird to me that we can sit here and stare at each other and not laugh. Me and Travis couldn't do this. And me and Em couldn't either."
    "I enjoy looking at you. You're hot."
    "Also, a form of affection."
    "You're so affectionate."
    "As are you. You like to cuddle and lay on me at night."
    "I warned you about that."
    "I know. It doesn't bother me."
    "I love it when you're on top of me."
    "I enjoy that very much too."
    "Horny bitch."
    "Hey. I'm not the only one."
    "I love sexing it up with you. You last forever and it never stops feeling good."
    "Just making sure you get yours first."
    "Aww! How sweet of you. How many times have you got Emily off in just one night?"
    "I think the most times I got her off in one night was four."
    "All dick?"
    "I wanna see how many times I can get off now."
    "I would be happy to help you with that."
    "How do you feel about changing our Jive?"
    "We can if you don't like it."
    "I stopped by the dance room before meeting you outside and Rebecca was trying to teach James the arm move I taught you."
    "Ms. Cooper already saw our Jive. Will she say anything?"
    "Mmm... Yes, she'll ask if we said it was okay or not. Then they would get an F if we said no."
    "Do we have time to do it?"
    "I think we can do it. The Jive we have now is kind of lame."
    "It was easy chorography! I had no idea what you were capable of at the time, so I dumb it way down."
    "Yeah. What do you want to do? Let them have it or give them an F?"
    "Your chorography your call."
    "I like James, he's a really cool guy, and an awesome hip hop dancer. I say let them have it and we change ours."
    "All right."
    "Anything in mind?"
    "I'm thinking."
    "What about, instead of doing something newer, we do something older."
    "Like traditional?"
    "There's not really a traditional Jive is there?"
    "Not really. But what do you mean by older?"
    "Have you seen a Jive like from the 50's?"
    "Formal or Rock n Roll?"
    "Rock n Roll."
    "Yeah, I've seen the movie Grease."
    "What do you think about doing something like that? Not like in that movie, but along those lines."
    "I like it. I think it's gonna be super fun."
    "All right."
    "Keeping me busy Sean!"
    "This isn't busy."
    "We need to talk to Ms. Cooper about the Classics. Seriously, nine dances and whatever she has us do every week. It'll get a little bit overwhelming."
    "Scared to work hard Beanstalk?"
    "No! I just... Yes."
    "Let's wait on that. My mom has all the paperwork for us to look at. Lets look over all that before we talk to her."
    "All right. Can I have one of your tacos?"
    "No. Go order a few more if you're still hungry before the check comes."
    "To lazy."
    "Take one."
    "Thank you!"

    Math always goes by so fast. To easy for me. As always I finish my work fast and end up doing my homework from all my other classes. Everything but Science. I got about halfway done when the bell rang. Thank god! I hate Science. No need to go and change for dance. Well, I just don't want to. Wee!
    "Hey you!"
    "For the first time, the first words out of your mouth are not, don't drop me."
    "You said you would never drop me and I trust you."
    "Oh! So you didn't before?"
    "That's fucked up."
    "I'm joking! I trust you."
    "Yeah! Now you do."
    "Stop giving me a hard time."
    "I'm not."
    "I like being carried. I like how everyone looks at us weird."
    "You know those girls are telling their boyfriends to carry them."
    "And they are like, no! I'm to weak. Boop!"
    "Ow! Why did you pinch my booty so hard?"
    "I didn't. Did I?"
    "Stop giving me a hard time."
    "I'm not. Booby squeeze!"
    "Are you ready to use your legs now?"
    "Too bad."
    "Sad face Sean! Nope! Ha!"
    "I could scare the shit out you right now and you'll be begging me to never lift you again."
    "Fine! I'll use my legs."
    "You ate too many tacos. You got heavy."
    "That's mean!"
    "I'm joking."
    "I'll forgive you for a kiss. And not just a tap on my lips. It has to be a good one."


    It was a good one! Tongue action and booty grab. I loved it! And so did the few students who walked by and gave us a, WOOOOO! Yes people! This is my man, keep walking!
    "Mmm. Am I forgiven?"
    "Mmm Hmm. One more. A tap will do this time."
    "Are you good?"
    "Mmm! For now."
    "Good. The bell rang let's go."
    "Ms. Cooper won't be mad."
    "My stomach hurts."
    "Too many tacos."
    "I don't know if I need to poop or fart."
    "Let me step away while you fart."
    "I don't trust it right now."
    "Then it's probably poop."
    "Stop laughing!"
    "You're funny."
    "I hate using public potty's"
    "And you have to sit for both one's and two's."
    "Yeah. The paper ass gasket sometimes sticks to my butt and when I stand up it get's my leg all wet. It's gross."
    "Paper ass gasket?"
    "I don't know what they're called!"
    "Me either. After you."
    "Thank you! Ms. Cooper! What are those paper ass gaskets called?"
    "I'm sorry. What?"
    "The paper things you put on the toilet to pee."
    "Toilet protector? I have no idea myself. I like paper ass gasket."
    "Ms. Cooper said ass gasket."
    "I would say I can't believe you just did that. But after getting to know you I can believe it."
    "You two plan on working on anything today?"
    "I don't know."
    "Me and Liz decided to change our Jive, but we don't want to work on it in here. If that's okay."
    "Really? Your Jive you have is great."
    "Rebecca liked the chorography, so her and James are going to use parts of our Jive and we are doing a new one. So we are just going to sit down and come up with something today."
    "Will this new Jive be done by Thursday?"
    "Okay. How's the Rumba coming along?"
    "It's about done."
    "Me and Sean still need to go back and watch the videos and see if there's anything that needs to be changed or whatever and make it perfect. But yeah, it's just about done."
    "Recording yourself is a great idea. Not many people do that."
    "I like to."
    "Sean says it's an extra pair of eyes."
    "Good way of looking at it. Okay! I guess you guys can go ahead and do whatever you need to do, and if it looks like someone needs help please don't be afraid to step in a ask if they need a hand."


    I see so many people that could use help. Sean said to let them come and ask for help, so that's what I'm doing. Sean is looking up videos on his phone for reference. And me! I get to write everything down. Why do I always have to write everything?
    "I like that slide. Can you do that?"
    "Yeah. Little bit of wax on your shoes and you can slide around all you want."
    "Yeah! Novak had their floors waxed one time and I swear everyone was falling on their asses."
    "Duct tape on your shoes will fix that problem. Cheap trick."
    "I actually use duct tape a lot. I'll scuff up my shoes on the cement or use the cheese grater thing and sometimes that doesn't help."
    "Yeah. You can get the best shoes money can buy and they're the worst shoes ever. So duct tape."
    "Hey Sean, we need help."
    "Hi Liz."
    "What's up?"
    "The arm thing Becky took. We can't seem to get it."
    "Keep elbowing her in the face?"
    "Sean elbowed me a bunch."
    "It was your fault!"
    "Nope! Yours!"
    "Is it okay if we use it? She said she asked you, but I know she didn't."
    "It's fine. Show me where you're not getting it. Come on Beanstalk you get to help."
    "Yay! No more writing."
    "Okay, do it slow and let me see… Right there. You're right, Rebecca isn't."
    "You're turning wrong like I was."
    "Show us?"
    "Okay. James right?"
    "Or Flinch."
    "Come here. Like Sean said you have it. So you, Rebecca watch me not James. We'll go slow"
    "Hands... You okay?"
    "Did you eat lunch?"
    "You're shaking like you need some sugar in you."
    "Oh. I'm fine."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Yeah. I have P.D I can't help it."
    "Oh! I feel like an asshole now. I'm sorry."
    "It's okay. You didn't know."
    "People call you Flinch because you shake?"
    "That's mean."
    "No. I started it."
    "Oh! Well okay then."
    "Don't mind the shaking."
    "Okay, slow like I said. Watching Rebecca?"
    "Right here... See where you have it wrong?"
    "Yes. I got it now."
    "You're welcome."
    "Thank you Liz."
    "No problem Flinch."

    That was odd, but cool at the same time.

    "So, he's shaky right? You said he's a really good hip hop dancer."
    "He is. With P.D your movements are sometimes jaggy. It works in his favor when he's doing like pop lock stuff. It's actually really cool."
    "I wanna see what he can really do."
    "You will. Most of the time their free dance is something with Hip Hop. Rebecca hates it but she does it anyway."
    "Stupid ballerina. Does she take moves often?"
    "Yeah. When she see's something she likes, she'll use it."
    "I'd be pissed if it was my moves."
    "I would of been if it was something more complex. But since it was something really simple I don't really care."
    "I would be mad either way only because she didn't ask."
    "Okay! I may be a little bit irritated only because she didn't ask."
    "You're sexy."
    "I know."
    "Boop! Here, hold my legs some more. Love on them."
    "If you didn't have pants on I'd bite one of them."
    "Pant leg goes up really easy. See! Bite. Oh! And a kiss. I like that too."
    "Why do you like your legs loved on so much?"
    "Do you like when a girl scratches your head and plays with your hair?"
    "All guys like that shit."
    "Same thing I guess. So! Devin touched my legs today."
    "I know."
    "How do you know?"
    "People talk too much."
    "Are you mad?"
    "No. Why would I be mad?"
    "Devin would've been pissed if someone touched them."
    "I'm not jealous like Devin. It's doesn't bother me at all. I trust you, just don't make me regret trusting you. That's all I ask."
    "I won't make you regret it."
    "I hope not. I like you too much and it'll hurt."
    "I don't wanna hurt you ever."
    "Then don't hurt me."
    "I'll try my hardest not to. I promise. Can I ask you something?"
    "Do your parents know about Travis?"
    "No. The only one in my family who knows is Rye."
    "Oh. Would they not like it?"
    "I'd probably get kicked out."
    "That sucks."
    "I told you my parents are very conservative. They wouldn't like it."
    "They thought Emily was your girlfriend the whole time?"
    "Emily is cool, doing that for you guys."
    "Yeah. I treated her like a real girlfriend. I took her out on dates, she needed anything I got it for her. But she had her side boy. I wasn't the only one she was messing around with."
    "Yeah. The three years I was with her brother she was messing around with him."
    "Oh! I didn't know they messed around that long."
    "Heather came along and I guess Em told her that Devin was good in bed or whatever and she wanted him."
    "Devin told me he's only been with two girls. Three including me."
    "Him and Em never had sex. She thought it would be wrong because of me. So they only messed around."
    "Oh. You ever take her to Russia?"
    "If you went to Russia and I don't go with you, will you cheat on me?"
    "You cheated on Travis."
    "Yes. Months in Russia I get bored and want sex."
    "So you would cheat on me?"
    "No. If you didn't go I wouldn't go."
    "What do I need to do to go to Russia?"
    "Get a passport and a Visa."
    "How much does that cost?"
    "Doesn't matter. I'd pay for it."
    "How much?"
    "Passport about $100. The Visa… It all depends where you get it really."
    "Do you need a Visa and stuff?
    "No. I have citizenship there."
    "What about here?"
    "Not exactly. I'm here on a work Visa."
    "Oh! Is your mom a citizen here?"
    "Yes. She got her green card because she owns a business. My sister got hers because my mom and dad put one of their dancer studios in her name. Kind of a loophole. My work Visa is though my dad and is set up as a transfer to the studio I work at with my mom."
    "Okay. So if you don't work you have to go back to Russia?"
    "I'd get deported. Yes."
    "And there's only two dance studios here right?"
    "Yes. I'm not old enough to be considered a business owner. I have to be eighteen."
    "Since your mom has her green card can she give you her studio so you get yours?"
    "Yes. That's what she's doing when I turn eighteen."
    "Cool. What if I wanted to become a Russian citizen?"
    "The easiest way for you to become one would be to marry a Russian citizen. It's called second residency."
    "Okay! Say me and you got married in Russia. Would we be married here?"
    "Mmm... I don't think so. I do know if you get married in Russia at the U.S Embassy it's an U.S marriage not a Russian marriage. That's how people from her get married in other countries. Or they get their license here and just go where ever and have a fake wedding."
    "What if we had a kid? U.S citizen or Russian?"
    "Both. U.S because of you and Russian because of me, and it wouldn't matter if our kid was born here or there."
    "That's cool."
    "Yeah. Not to complicated. Do you need to go by your house after school?"
    "If you want me to stay the night with you again I do."
    "I do."
    "Then I need to go home first and get some stuff."


    Girls in little shorts! Mmm Hmm! I like it, I like it a lot! Boobies and bum bums. Yes please!
    "Are any of these girls as flexible as Liz?"
    "No. She's super flexible. She'd put all these girls to shame."
    "She should join then."
    "She was going to, then I told her to take dance."
    "Stop talking about me!"
    "That fuck?"
    "How long you been standin' behind us?"
    "Since, she's super flexible."
    "Oh! Word up girl?"
    "Your glasses."
    "That's right. Walk with me to my car. You goin' that way anyway right?"
    "Yeah. Sean is in his truck waiting for me."
    "Okay. I'll be right back, yell if any boobies fly out."

    Alone with Liz! Kind of.

    "You and Emily have been messing around for like three years?"
    "Just about."
    "Why haven't you ever dated her until now?"
    "She wouldn't leave Sean."
    "I see. Miss me?"
    "I miss your mouth. Em can't suck the pee pee like you can. Miss me?"
    "Yes. I can't miss anything sexual, because I have nothing to compare."
    "Who's better?"
    "I don't know. You're both good kissers."
    "You guys do anything at all?"
    "We've made out and slept in the same bed together. That's it. Oh! I saw his dick."
    "He whipped it out and showed you?"
    "No. When he was showing me his email, his boyfriend text and I was being nosey, and he said, fine read them. So I did and there was a dick picture and I was like, I saw your boyfriends wiener, and he was like, no, that's mine."
    "When was this?"
    "While we were still together."
    "I saw it on accident Devin. Even Sean said he forgot is was in there. You can't get mad."
    "I won't get mad if you don't get mad at me."
    "Em asked me if I had any nudes of you. I showed her."
    "Did you really!? What did she think?"
    "She liked it."
    "Nice! Hey Flinch!"
    "Hey. I need your help Dev."
    "My car won't start. I asked Sean for a ride and he said to ask you."
    "Gas in it?"
    "Yeah. I filled it up yesterday. All of my lights and shit are coming on, so I don't think it's my battery."
    "Try and start it so I can hear it. It might just be because it's a ford... Okay, open your hood for me."
    "You check your water and oil regularly?"
    "Clean your sparks plugs and all that stuff?"
    "Yes… Um... You're a girl."
    "Who happens to like cars. Why are you two looking at me funny?"
    "They're both as surprised as I was when I found out you're into cars. Come help me."
    "You're the car guy Devin. You fix it."
    "What does it sound to you Liz?"
    "Make sure the spark plug wires are good, they sometimes jiggle loose."
    "Wires are fine. Next!"
    "You know what the problem is don't you?"
    "Yup. Next!"
    "Okay. Try and start it again."
    "I'm waitin'!"
    "The fuel filter isn't getting any gas."
    "Ding! Ding! Ding!"
    "You're a girl! You're not supposed to be into cars, let alone fix mine."
    "If my truck ever breaks down, my girlfriend can fix it. That's pretty cool."
    "Can you fix it Dev? What do I need to do?"
    "How do we fix it?"
    "Really!? He asked you to fix it not me."
    "Fine. Try and start it one more time, but this time pump the gas."
    "Nothing! Next!"
    "Shut your hole. Your fuel filter is plugged."
    "Ding! Ding! Ding!"
    "Do I need a new one?"
    "No. Just pull this one off and blow it out and put gas directly into it and it should be fine."
    "I don't have a can to get gas."
    "I have a small gallon can in my trunk. Have these two go get you a gallon."
    "Are you guys in a hurry at all?"
    "You mind?"
    "I don't have money."
    "I got it."
    "No. Here's $10."
    "Hold on, what kind of gas are puttin' in this car?"
    "Just regular unleaded."
    "This car is way to new for this shit to happen. You need premium. Little bit cleaner gas."
    "Oh. I didn't think it mattered. No one at the dealership said shit."
    "They won't. They don't know shit about cars, they just sell em."
    "Okay, so these guys need to get premium?"
    "No. You have gas light that comes on?"
    "Yes. It comes on and I have about twenty miles."
    "When the gas light comes on, reset your miles and at about eighteen put premium in it."
    "Keys Devin."
    "Here, this key right here."
    "Can we take the 'Cuda? Please!? I got my permit, I can drive legally now."
    "You got your permit?"
    "Yeah! I did the test online."
    "Right arm."
    "Go! Don't fuck my shit up either Liz."
    "I won't. Thank you!"

    Sean got Liz her permit? Cool, I guess. I told her I'd do it for her, and I still would. I guess I don't have to anymore.
    "You and Sean swap cars like you did girls?"
    "No. They went to get gas. You know James?"
    "James, Jacob, Jacob, James. Or Flinch. Whatever you wanna call him."
    "What's goin' on with your car?"
    "Dev said the fuel filter is plugged."
    "It's not anymore. I got it, now we're just waitin' on those guys with the gas."
    "No problem. It's what I do. Fix cars."
    "Odd that Liz knew what was wrong."
    "Fuckin' Liz knew what the problem was?"
    "That's hot."
    "Right. You sharin' that?"
    "Yeah. You smoke?"
    "You ever try it? It might help with your P.D."
    "I thought about it before. But, I don't want to try while I have to drive and then work."
    "Try it on a weekend."
    "I'd hate to get like a reverse effect and it make my P.D worse."
    "The fuck is P.D?"
    "He shakes real bad. That's why people call him Flinch."
    "Oh. I thought only old people got that shit?"
    "I got it from my dad. My grandpa has it too. They say it could be passed on."
    "It is hereditary."
    "Fuckin' nerd."
    "Fuck you dude."
    "How the fuck are you so smart when it comes to Science? I seriously don't fuckin' get it."
    "I don't know. I like it I guess."
    "You've always been Science smart."
    "He's a nerd trapped in a stoner body."
    "I'm not that smart. I'm failing English."
    "How? You speak English."
    "English is hard."
    "Are you still getting your letters mixed up?"
    "Yeah. It's not as bad as it used to be though."
    "That could be the problem."
    "I know it's the problem."
    "The fuck you guys talkin' about? You text and write just fine."
    "Autocorrect on my phone and I write slow."
    "Isn't that dyslexia?"
    "You get numbers mixed too?"
    "No. Just my letters."
    "That's not bad. Some people with that get both numbers and letters mixed up."
    "And colors too. As far as I know, my only issue is letters."
    "So you can't read?"
    "I read just fine dude. I just can't write good. I don't wanna talk about this anymore."
    "Okay, why are you lettin' Liz drive your car still?"
    "I have a hard time sayin' no to her. Plus she's legal to drive now. It's all good."
    "She got her license?"
    "No, permit."
    "When the fuck did this happen?"
    "No idea. Sometime over the weekend I guess. She did the test online."
    "Sean paid for it?"
    "I guess."
    "Before or after you guys broke up?"
    "I don't fuckin' know dude. Who cares."
    "Sounds like you do."
    "Are you tryin' to piss me off Jacob?"
    "No, just askin'."
    "Where the fuck are those guys? The gas station is only a block away."
    "They stopped somewhere to fuck in the back seat of your car."
    "Shut your hole dude. Seriously."
    "You never know!"


    I fucking love this car! I decided to go the long way to and from the gas station just so I could drive longer. I'm having fun!
    "Is Devin going to get mad that you're driving his car all fast?"
    "No. This car is meant to go fast. Are you scared?"
    "No. Just don't kill me and remember there's gas in the trunk."
    "Crap! Get my phone for me. It's in my purse."
    "It's Devin."
    "Answer it and put it on speaker... Hey you!"
    "The fuck you guys at?"
    "On our way back."
    "Are you fuckin' around in my car?"
    "Yes and driving fast."
    "Hurry up."
    "Fine! I'll drive faster."
    "James has to go to work. You guys need to stop fuckin' around and hurry up."
    "I'm not the one driving."
    "Hurry up Liz."
    "Shit! I didn't know he had to go to work!"
    "Yeah. Stop fuckin' around an..."
    "Okay! Bye now!"
    "Later gator."
    "Uh! I feel bad now! I hope he's not late."
    "Devin wasn't mad."
    "I told you he wouldn't be. Plus, he loves me."
    "Does he?"
    "Yeah. He told me he did. He fell hard and fast for me. It scared him."
    "Do you love him?"
    "I didn't fall for him like he did for me. I mean… I did, but not hard like he did. I had very strong feelings for him, and I did… I do love him. But I was never IN love with him. You know what I mean?"
    "Yes. I love Em."
    "Yeah! Like that! I love this car."
    "I need to give you a ride in my sister's car."
    "Why? It's just a Honda."
    "Is it a special Honda?"
    "Kind of."
    "Can I drive it?"
    "She won't let you drive it."
    "No fair!"
    "You wouldn't be able to anyway."
    "The stirring wheel is on the right side."
    "Is it really?"
    "Yeah. And it's faster than this car."
    "So is Jacob's car."
    "Rye's car is faster than that Mustang."
    "Scott said the only car in this town that can outrun Oden's Charger is that Mustang."
    "Why does she have a fast car for?"
    "She likes them."
    "She race at all?"
    "She used to when she was in high school."
    "Cool. Oh! I hope those two aren't getting Flinch high."
    "I doubt it. He doesn't smoke weed."
    "I don't like how people smoke weed and then drive."
    "Devin does all the time. That didn't bother you?"
    "Devin is never like... Capacitated when he's high."
    "Weed affects people differently, and he smokes a lot."
    "You smoke weed."
    "I haven't seen you smoke any."
    "I'm not a pothead. I don't smoke it everyday, only when I can't sleep or I'm really stressed out. You don't stress me out and you help me sleep, so I haven't needed to smoke any."
    "Aww! You get to carry the gas."
    "Here you go. I'm off to harass Puppet Boy and Tortillo Boy."
    "Have fun."
    "I will!"

    It's so much fun harassing Jacob! He's not as cool as Devin. Jacob gets his panties bunched up way to easy.
    "Fuckin' took you guys long enough."
    "I was playing in your car. Leave me alone."
    "You two didn't stop somewhere and fuck in it did you?"
    "Yes. We fucked all over it! You can smell it when you get in."
    "That's fucked up."
    "That's fuckin' great!"
    "We didn't have sex in your car. She's lying to you."
    "Couldn't let me have a little bit of fun Sean?"
    "It's like asking me to have sex in my mom's bed. It's just wrong."
    "See Devin! I told you that was wrong."
    "I never fuckin' asked you to fuck in my mom's bed."
    "No, Scott’s."
    "Oh yeah! Then I said in my car behind Scott’s"
    "After I said it was wrong."
    "You didn't even wanna do that. No! I'm to loud, people will hear me."
    "Devin! Why?"
    "Givin' Sean a heads up."
    "Like saying, have her suck your pee pee?"
    "He will fuckin' thank me later!"
    "You didn't tell him why Dev?"
    "No. It'll be a nice surprise for him."
    "Oh my god you two need to shut up."
    "Wait! I'm curious now. Why will I thank you?"
    "Come on you guys! Flinch is right here."
    "Don't mind me. I just want my car fixed."
    "All right. Try and start it and pump the gas as you do."
    "…Nice! Thank you Dev."
    "No problem. If it worries you at all go by Sid's and he'll get you a new fuel filter and shit. But you're good to go."
    "Will it happen again?"
    "It could, but it's not that big of an issue. If you want I can give you my number and if it happens again today you can call me and I'll come help. I don't work today so I'll be able to go and fix it again if I need to."
    "Yeah, give me your number."
    "All right. Thanks again."
    "Bye! Have fun at work."
    "Oh! Wait, your change."
    "Oh, thanks."
    "Me and Sean are taking off too. We have shit to do."
    "And me and Jacob are off to look at girls some more."
    "You guys do that."
    "I'm only lookin' at Melissa. He's lookin' at all of em."
    "They are all hot!"
    "Bye you guys. Oh! Glasses! Glove box."
    "Right arm. You need to let me know what kind of contacts these are so I can get some."
    "Insurance covers them?"
    "Right arm. Go away now."
    "Oh! By the way Devin. Thank you."
    "For what?"
    "What do you think?"
    "I fuckin' knew it!"
    "Sean! I told him I didn't suck your dick because you said you don't like people knowing about your personal life."
    "Are you mad at me now?"
    "Do you love it Sean?"
    "Yes. Very much."
    "Melissa needs to get rid of her gag reflex. I fuckin' hate you both."
    "Buy her some bananas to practice with Puppet Boy."
    "One, fuck you. Two, she can practice with my dick."
    "I said bananas so she had something bigger."
    "Oh shit!"
    "What Liz?"
    "Fuck you."
    "I love pissing him off! It's so easy to do."
    "Later I'm gonna ask him if he bought bananas just to fuck with him."
    "I'm gonna ask him tomorrow."
    "You guys are a little bit fucked up."
    "You laughed too Sean."
    "It was funny. Like when you said you scream in your panties."
    "When my stomach growled, and he thought it was a fart. I said, I whisper in my panties and sometimes it's a scream."
    "That's a good one! I don't ever whisper in mine."
    "I know! And you fart on girls."
    "Showin' them I care. Plus! You were layin' on top of me and I was tryin' to get you to move. And it worked!"
    "She laid on top of you too?"
    "Every fuckin' time! She starts with one arm, then a leg, then her whole fuckin' body. I'd try to move and she'd move with me and I'd just say, fuck it and let her stay."
    "I elbowed her in the face this morning on accident."
    "I elbowed her once too. She didn't wake up or anything, she just mumbled a little bit."
    "Oh, I nailed her fucking hard. I felt so bad."
    "I thought my nose was bleeding."
    "At least you didn't give her two black eyes."
    "I'd hate myself if I did that."
    "All right, are you ready Sean."
    "I'll see you tomorrow Tortillo Boy."
    "Text me the name of those contacts. I might forget."
    "Okay. Uh… You got my phone?"
    "I put it back in your bag."
    "My purse is still your car."
    "Go get it. It's unlocked."
    "Lock it when you're done please."
    "Yeah, yeah!"


    I fuckin' knew Liz sucked his pee pee. It's her favorite thing to do! I want her to suck my pee pee again. Damn! Fixin' James' car made me miss all the girls bounce around. Fuck!
    "Where did you get off to with Liz?"
    "She had my glasses and then I had to fix James' car."
    "What happen to his car?"
    "Fuel filter was plugged."
    "Devin to the rescue."
    "Make your gag reflex go away."
    "What? I don't think I can. Why?"
    "Liz has no gag reflex."
    "Ask her! Make her teach you."
    "I bet Sean is having the time of his life with that mouth."
    "I know he fuckin' is! It's fuckin' awesome havin' your pee pee sucked and your balls licked at the same time."
    "I have no idea how some girls can do that. Mills! Do you have a gag reflex?"
    "Yes. You two must be talking about Liz."
    "How does she do it?"
    "No idea."
    "Finger each other's mouths till you both have no gag reflex."
    "Mills mouth is not the hole I wanna finger Devin."
    "You and I have already made out. What's a little bit more going to hurt?"
    "My feelings! Because Jacob won't let me watch."
    "You won't let me watch either man. Lose, lose for the both of us."
    "How about we all go at it in a four way?"
    "Hell no!"
    "I don't want my balls anywhere near Jacob's. I pass."
    "Looks like it's just you and I Em."
    "I'm down."
    "Give me a ride to my work so I can turn in my shirts."
    "Then my place yeah?"
    "Aww! No bueno!"
    "You both had Mills. It's my turn."
    "Let's call Liz."
    "Yeah! Girl three way!"
    "Come on!"
    "I'm sad now!"
    "Come on Mills. Let's go fool around."
    "Following you! See you in a bit Babe."
    "Are you fuckin' serious?"
    "Yes. BYE!"
    "Dude! The fuck just happen?"
    "I don't know."
    "What do we do now?"
    "Fuck it! Let's go to your place and get high." 
    "Fuck it."

    We just got ditched by our girls. They wanna eat each other's vaginers. I'm cool with that! Kind of.



    The little things I do to keep my mommy happy. Before heading to Sean's I cleaned up the house a little bit. There were a few dishes in the sink. I washed them. I took out the trash. Well, Sean did for me. I even left her a nice little note on the fridge for her. Keep mommy happy and she pretty much let's me do what I want.
    "My fish are gone."
    "Yup. The pool guy comes on Monday. He turned the pump on. There's still a few in there."
    "Sad face! My fishies!"
    "If you really want some fish I'll get you some in a little bowl for you."
    "No! Pool fish. Michael has a saltwater pool with star fish in it. He told me."
    "Star fish will stick to the bottom. They won't really get sucked up."
    "Buy some star fish."
    "I don't think you can, and my pool isn't a saltwater pool."
    "Why do people have saltwater pools?"
    "I don't know."
    "Where's your mommy at?"
    "Went to the store to get stuff for dinner. Rye and Scott are going to be here and I told her you'd be here too."
    "Dinner with everyone. Cool! Will it be yummy?"
    "Yes. My mom doesn't cook bad."
    "As long as it's yummy I will eat it."
    "It'll be fine. Looky here."
    "Classics stuff."
    "Ooo! Let's see."
    "Look at the deadline."
    "Less than a week to come up with three dances and you wanna redo our Jive."
    "Why don't we use our Jive as one of the dances for the video."
    "I guess we can, but it has to be awesome. Like really awesome. Because this video is like an audition tape. The dances aren't great we don't get to dance in the Classics."
    "Yeah. They'll put us in reserve. Look, read right here. Reserve is for people with late applications or below average dances. If another couple drops out for some reason they go to the reserve. So it has to be awesome."
    "It will be."
    "Whoa! Wait..."
    "Ten dances?"
    "Oh! Okay... New rules this year. The tenth dance is for the winner. We can either do an encore of a dance we did or it can be one we didn't do. They are no longer showing scores for the third round."
    "They did that last year. The scores for the third round. But the encore dance thing, that's new."
    "We have to bring our own hair and makeup people now too?"
    "I'll have Rye do that for us."
    "Okay, so… Jive for the video. What other two dances?"
    "Something we can get together fast but be awesome at the same time."
    "I can put together a perfect Argentine Tango in a few hours."
    "How fast can you get something together?"
    "I'd like to do a Paso. But I..."
    "Your Paso's are extremely complex. I don't see you putting one together in the time we have."
    "That's what I was gonna say! Um… Same with a Foxtrot. But! I can come up with a perfect one in like a day. Not hours. I could do one in hours, but I rather it be really good."
    "I rather not do a Foxtrot for the video if it's going to be rushed. Your Foxtrots are so good that I don't want it to be dumbed down."
    "It won't be."
    "Are you sure?"
    "We still have to make the Rumba super perfect too! Damn it! I don't think we can do this."
    "Use the Rumba, Jive, and my Argentine Tango for the video."
    "No. I rather not use a copied dance. I rather come up with a Foxtrot."
    "Okay. The Rumba is done. All we really need to do is nail it down 100%. So, lets watch back the video and make sure it doesn't need anything else."
    "I don't see us sleeping much tonight, or this week!"
    "Right. Change your clothes and pick some shoes and lets get to work."
    "No crying! Come on."
    "There. Now change and pick some shoes!"
    "And no crying!"

    The Rumba is perfect! All we need to do is dance it a few times to really nail it down. Like Sean said. Sean even did the music. It was fun watching him on the big music thinger. Rumba! Done!
    "Your dance, your call."
    "We just did it four times in a row. It's done. Facial expression, turns are all good. No dick hits."
    "Okay. So the Rumba is done? We can move on?"
    "Yeah. I still wanna dance it though some more to really, really get it down you know."
    "For sure. Jive now?"
    "Yeah. We got a little bit done already!"
    "What? We have nothing."
    "We did some research."
    "Oh. Let's put our heads together and see what we can come up with. I'll do the Argentine Tango, so you don't have to worry about coming up with anything for that, and you'll do your Foxtrot. Yeah?"
    "Sounds good to me. Your Speakers beeped!"
    "Probably my mom. Hol..."
    "Or not! Yeah!"
    "What are you two doing?"
    "Hi Scott!"
    "Hello Blondie. Here, I brought the chair down I ain't puttin' it together."
    "This isn't the one I asked you to get Rye."
    "So. This one is better."
    "DIBS! You get the old chair, I get this one."
    "How much did this one cost?"
    "For a fucking chair?"
    "It is better than the one you wanted. Stop whining and say thank you."
    "Thank you."
    "Now answer my question. What are you two doing?"
    "I'm putting this chair together. Scott, put this chair together for me."
    "Hell no."
    "You two are just staring into space?"
    "We just now finished a dance and now we have to bust out three more in like five days."
    "Holy crap! For what?"
    "Wait, wait, wait! You two are doing the Seneca Classic this year?"
    "Yeah. Entry deadline is in six days. They want everyone to send in a video with three dances on it with the entry form. Me and Liz are in brainstorm mode right now. Or we were until she got sidetracked by a chair. And we need a favor from you."
    "Apparently this year all the dancers need to bring their own hair and makeup people for some reason. So you're going to do that for us."
    "I'm going to?"
    "And if I don't want to?"
    "I'll tell mom."
    "I'll tell mom. That's funny."
    "Damn it. She'll make me do it."
    "I know."
    "Good thing I want to huh?"
    "I figured you'd want to."
    "So what three dances are you guys doing for the video?"
    "Foxtrot, Argentine Tango, and a Jive."
    "Why a Jive?"
    "We're redoing our Jive for school because someone in class took some of our choreography for theirs. We don't have much time to get in our entry stuff so to make it easier we're using our new Jive."
    "Smart. Since the deadline is right there. Scott help her!"
    "No. Blondie gots it."
    "I probably don't."
    "Fine! I'll help the skinny ass blonde girl so you'll stop givin' me that look."
    "Thank you darling."
    "Yeah, yeah."
    "What dance did you guys just finish?"
    "A Rumba for Liz's mom."
    "Aww! How sweet."
    "I kind of broke my mom's heart when I stopped dancing two years ago. Our teacher is letting us do this for her. My way of saying, I'm sorry I hurt you and proving to her I love doing this."
    "That's really sweet. Why did you choose to do a Rumba for her?
    "My dad died two years ago. That's why I stopped dancing. But, my mom still watches her wedding video, and I wanted to recreate my mom and dad's first dance for her."
    "I'm sorry about your dad. I hope your mom loves it. I really do."
    "Me and Sean hope so too."
    "Can I see it?"
    "Uh... I don't care. Sean?"
    "Is mom home?"
    "No. She's upstairs talking to dad on the video chat on the computer."
    "Oh! You really feel like showing everyone? Including my dad?"
    "And Scott!"
    "Yeah! I get to meet your dad."
    "Our dad doesn't speak any English. You'll just have to wave and make Ivan talk to him for you."
    "I can't say, zdravstvuyte Ivan?"
    "You taught her how to say hello! Not bad."
    "I can also say, tasty so moy! Why are you laughing Sean?"
    "Rye is laughing too."
    "What are you trying to say?"
    "Dance with me. Did I say it wrong?"
    "Like this Elizabeth... Tantsuy-so-mm-noy."
    "Tantsuy so mnoy."
    "There you go!"
    "Happy face!"
    "Same our last name."
    "Close! But, no."
    "Leeb Elizabeth. Not Lee."
    "Yes. Don't feel bad it took Scott forever to get it too."
    "It's true."
    "All right, I'll be right back."

    How exciting! I get to meet Sean's dad! It's only on video chat, but it's still cool! And this new chair! It's cool too! And big. Dibs!
    "If this chair breaks it's your fault Scott."
    "It won't break. Rye, why don't your legs look this good?"
    "I haven't danced in close to six years."
    "Just wear heels all the time."
    "I don't really like heels."
    "Dance so your legs look like Blondie's."
    "Not every dancer has legs like that Scott. For example! My mom has been dancing most of her life and her legs don't look like that."
    "I'm always walking on my toes. Even in flat shoes. I can't help it."
    "Walk on your toes Rye. Snap, snap."
    "Shut up. So! What's going on with you and my brother now that you and Devin broke up?"
    "Me and Sean are dating now."
    "Oh. How does Devin feel about that?"
    "He's the one who told Sean he could have me."
    "So he's fine with it, that's good."
    "Yeah, and Devin is with Emily now. You know Emily right?"
    "Yes. It's always good to see a nice mutual break up where no one got hurt."
    "I know right."
    "The fuck was that?"
    "Sensor on the door. Sean needed it."
    "I needed what?"
    "The sensor on the door."
    "Oh. Put your shoes back on. My mom will be down in a minute."
    "I like this chair."
    "Does it even fit under either desk?"
    "Yes. Fits under both. Hand me my shoes please."
    "You have really nice feet for a dancer."
    "Sean said the same thing."
    "Soak and wrap?"
    "Yeah. I'll be doing a lot of that for the next month."
    "Yeah. It's really hard work. I don't think Sean can handle it."
    "I'll be fine."
    "Ivan will work you hard, you'll need to put him check from time to time."
    "Do I look sexy in heels and shorts?"
    "I want to touch your butt. Can I touch it Sean?"
    "Your sister wants to touch my butt Sean."
    "It's nice. Let her touch it."
    "Here you go!"
    "It is nice! You got butt for being a skinny girl."
    "I got butt Sean."
    "Booty Rye."
    "Hey Rye? Say, that."
    "Ah! She says it like you do Sean! Dat."
    "Don't say that word around her."
    "Dat word."
    "You're as bad a Scott. He does that to me too."
    "I also do it when you say, this."
    "Say, this Sean."
    "Dees! That was cute! One more time!"
    "Happy face! Your speakers beeped!"
    "Okay. My mom and dad are both going to see this, watch your knee on the last part and please don't knee me in the dick."
    "I know. Zdravstvuyte Vey!"
    "здравствуйте Leez. Come meet husband Ivan."
    "Zdravstvuyte Ivan."

    The three of them sit and chat for a minute in Russian. Me and Scott are clueless! Every once in a while Vey would turn her laptop to us and we just smile. I really do hope they ain't talking shit and we're smiling like a couple of idiots.
    "Yes. Talking about me?"
    "Yes. My dad said you're very tall. He figured the guy in the videos was short, and he said you're very beautiful."
    "Cool. I'm nervous."
    "Traditional parents watching."
    "They both know it's not a traditional Rumba. I told them we recreated your parents first dance and why, it'll be fine. Don't be nervous."
    "Okay, I'm good."
    "The way I'm setting this up right now, you're going to hear a click noise. Four clicks and then the music will start."
    "Relax Elizabeth! You look so tense."
    "I haven't danced in front of anyone in like two years. Your parents have been dancing forever. I'm just a little bit nervous."
    "Breathe! They won't judge you."
    "We only see dance. No judge."
    "See! Relax!"
    "We'll be dancing in front of the whole school and then in the Classics. Get back into it Beanstalk."
    "You're right! Just do it, I'm ready! Watch the knee on the last section, I'm good."
    "That's the spirit!"
    "Here Rye. Whenever you're ready Liz just give Rye a nod and she'll press play."
    "Okay, Oh wait."
    "School version or Jim version?"
    "Which ever one you want to do."
    "Okay. I'm ready when you are."

    I'm extremely nervous! It's only four people Lizzy, not thousands. But Sean's parents have been dancing since before I was born! They are very traditional! That's way I'm nervous and that's why I think they'll hate this. Maybe they will like it because of the reason I'm doing this. Get back into it Beanstalk! Deep breath in and out. Jiggle your arms a little, shake it out! Don't look anyone in the eyes but Sean’s. You know what to do Lizzy! One more deep breath and nod. As soon as the music starts and Sean touches me, everything instantly faded. It was just me and Sean, no one else. This is how I get back into it. Me, my partner, and no one else. This time this Rumba is doing something to me. I feel my grip on Sean get tighter for some reason, more affectionate. It made him look at me different. Not different like, what are you doing. But different like, I love what you're doing. It's the exact same way he looks me in the eyes when we have sex. But still different. Deeper, if that makes any kind of sense. All of the sudden tears started falling. Not for my mom, or my dad, but for Sean. Why am I so emotional right now? The more real the emotion is the more beautiful the dance will be. It was perfect. Smooth gliding, no dick hit at the end. This is our Rumba now. Everything comes back into focus and the four of them are all smiling, Vey even has teary eyes. I turn away quickly and put my head on Sean's chest. His heartbeat isn't working! The tears just keep falling. We whisper.
    "Are you okay?"
    "Your heart isn't working."
    "What's wrong? Please tell me."
    "I'm crying because of you and I don't know why."
    "My heartbeat won't stop those tears."
    "You're not hurting Liz."
    "What's happening to me right now?"
    "We... We pretty much moved into the next stage of our relationship. Faster than I thought it would. The second I touched you everything became blurry, and I only saw you."
    "I'm falling Sean. I don't think I can stop myself."
    "Then don't. Look at me. Don't be afraid of your feelings."
    "I need you Sean."
    "I'm not going anywhere."
    "Ivan? You guys okay?"
    "Are you okay?"
    "Yeah, we're fine. Liz sometimes gets emotional with this Rumba. She just needed a second."
    "I didn't want you guys to see me cry."
    "Более реальной эмоции, более красивые танцы станут."
    "Я сказал ей, что папа."
    "My dad said, the more real the emotion is, the more beautiful the dance will become, and I told him that I've told you that."
    "Oh. I know you said no judging Vey, but I want this perfect. Me and Sean think it already is, but do you have anything that could make it better, but leaving the dance as it is? Ivan too?"
    "One minute. We have little chat."
    "It was beautiful Elizabeth. My mom had tears."
    "You're really flexy."
    "That's it?"
    "No! It was really good. I had a smile on my face the whole time. You're defiantly hot. Sorry Rye… Sean."
    "Me and Ivan have little talk what you ask. Rumba is continue move yeah? Hips, body, arms. Dance miss lot of dat. Not continue move, but hips and body. Need little more, but is perfect. No change nothing else."
    "Me and Sean had to replace those parts because our principle said it's to sexual. But we did leave the one in at the beginning."
    "Yes. We see dat one. If he say no to those, then is perfect. No change nothing. Mom will love. I got tears. Dat mean I love too."
    "Вы двое собираетесь делать танго?"
    "Мы еще не решил. Почему?"
    "Если вы решили сделать один, может я и твоя мать хронограф его?"

    The three of them look up at me all crazy. English please!

    "Is there Tango on the Classics list?"
    "Yeah. Just about every dance you can think of is on there. We just have to pick nine. Well, ten this year."
    "You want to do a Tango?"
    "I guess. I was thinking you pick four and I pick four and your parents could pick number nine for us."
    "They want to choreograph a Tango for us for the Classics. That's why I was asking."
    "Really!? Awesome. Yeah!"
    "Okay. We got six dances picked out now."
    "Yep. Jive, Foxtrot, Paso, Viennese Waltz, Argentine Tango, and Tango."
    "I'll take the Jive since it was me who wanted to change it. I'll pick one more and you pick two more."
    "What about the encore they want? Are we gonna do one more dance or just re-dance a dance we have?"
    "Mmm... Let's do a tenth."
    "Okay. What dance?"
    "What dance Rye?"
    "You two pick your last dances first. Sean?"
    "Mmm... Samba and Quickstep."
    "Aww! Quickstep is my least favorite dance."
    "It’s all in hold."
    "So is the Tango."
    "Yeah! But, you’re not moving super fast in a Tango."
    "Are you scared?."
    "I think you are."
    "…What’s are tenth dance Rye?"
    "I'll choose… Another Rumba. Since this one was so great, I want to see what you guys can come up with on your own."
    "I'm fine with another rumba. Liz?"
    "I am too."
    "So we got our ten dances."
    "Я буду приходить домой на следующей неделе, а не вы сюда в Москву. Мы будем работать на него, то."
    "Okay. My dad said he's going to come home next weekend instead of us going to Russia."
    "Tango next weekend. Cool. I'm ready!"
    "Do you remember those little translator things we had Rye?"
    "Yes. I still have mine somewhere. But the key pad is Russian."
    "They make them in English right?"
    "Okay. Dad will need yours and can you get one for Liz please."
    "Why? They have you!"
    "Just in case."
    "I'll pick one up tomorrow."
    "Thank you."
    "You're welcome. Damn!"
    "You two dancing together... Wow!"
    "Perfect Raisa? No?"
    "Yeah! I could feel the chemistry you two have just flying off you."
    "Vey? Мне нужно идти."
    "Прощай, моя любовь. Поговорим завтра."
    "Пока папа!"
    "Пока Raisa."
    "Не дай ей уйти. Я вижу, как вы смотрели друг на друга, и это будет где-то за просто танцевать."
    "Она моя подруга."
    "Да, но это больше, чем это. Это не?"
    "Я влюбился в нее."
    "Не дай ей уйти."
    "Я не буду."
    "Не пытайтесь слишком трудно. Просто держать ее счастливой и доверять ей."
    "Я знаю. Я поговорю с вами в ближайшее время."
    "Скажи ей свидания для меня."
    "My dad said bye."
    "Bye Ivan!"
    "Да папа?"
    "Расскажите Скотта свидания для меня."
    "My dad said bye Scott."
    "Пока Ivan."
    "You remember!"
    "You only beat it in me for like six years."

    Everyone goes back upstairs to do whatever it is they want to do. I sit down on the couch to take off my shoes and try to figure out what going on with me right now. Where did these emotions come from all the sudden and why does Sean seems to scare me now? Not scary like he's going to kill me. I don't know! I think about it and I just cry. I feel like I need to run away. The speakers beeped.
    "You okay?"
    "Yes... No."
    "What's wrong?"
    "You scare me all the sudden."
    "I don't want you to go."
    "I'm not going anywhere Liz."
    "Now I know how Devin felt when he said he was scared of me. I get it now. It is scary Sean. I have never ever felt like this for any of my boyfriends. I'm scared."
    "What exactly are you scared of? Besides me."
    "No! I'm not scared of you. I guess I'm scared that you don't feel the same for me, and scared it's gonna get weird between us."
    "What makes you think I don't feel the same way about you?"
    "I don't know."
    "From the very second I saw you, I thought you were the most beautiful girl I have even seen. I never once talked to you because you scared me. The day you walked into the dance room and Ms. Cooper said, only one boy is left! I got so fucking nervous I wanted to run to the bathroom and puke. I'm surprised words even came out of mouth when you sat down next to me and started talking."
    "Yes. I'm nervous every second I'm with you."
    "For the exact same reason I scare you."
    "I'm falling just like you are and it scares me too."
    "Don't hurt me Sean. Please?"
    "I'd never hurt anyone I love."
    "Thank you."
    "No more crying."
    "It's happy crying now! Not sad."
    "I know."
    "I don't know about you Sean, but I plan on staying in the relationship a long time."
    "I'll stay as long as you'll have me."
    "What if that's forever?"
    "Then I'll stay forever."


    It's fun to rev up the boys from time to time. The look on both of their faces were priceless! I wish my phone was handy to take a picture.
    "Thank you again for taking me to drop off my shirts."
    "No problem. Are they mad you quit?"
    "No, I gave them my notice when Hayden said she was coming back."
    "That's cool. So what do you feel like doing? For real mess around or get some food and tell the boys we messed around?"
    "I could eat. How can we kill some time?"
    "We can go bug Sean and Liz."
    "Aren't they super busy?"
    "Yeah. I'd still go bug them."
    "At least call first."
    "Okay, one second... Sean, call, speaker."
    "I didn't mean this second Em."
    "What's up Chuck?"
    "Nothing. Getting ready to eat here in a few minutes."
    "Can me and Mills come crash dinner?"
    "I don't care. You know how my mom cooks, always enough for twenty people. But Liz, Rye, and Scott are here too."
    "So. Me and Mills need to kill a few hours and I said, let's go bug you and Liz."
    "Me and Liz aren't busy right now. Just putting something together. You guys can come hang out and watch, if Liz is cool with it."
    "Cool with what?"
    "Em and Melissa need to kill a few hours and they want to come here and hang out."
    "Oh! Yeah! I'm cool with it."
    "Okay. Come by."
    "You got weed?"
    "Can I smoke it?"
    "All right! We'll be there in a few. I'll text you."
    "Dinner and a free show! That's how it's done."
    "I thought you stopped smoking weed?"
    "I did for like a week."
    "Jacob has been trying to get me to smoke with him."
    "Do it. It wouldn't hurt to try it."
    "I'm a good girl Em."
    "Who's freak nasty in bed."
    "Don't tell Jacob I told you what we do."
    "No worries! I'm dying to know if Sean and Liz had sex yet."
    "Is Sean good in bed?"
    "Yeah. Sean lasts forever!"
    "He can hold it in?"
    "I guess. He makes sure the girl always gets hers first. No matter how long it takes."
    "Is Sean big?"
    "He's the biggest I've had."
    "I've seen Devin's. Sean is bigger?"
    "Yeah. But Devin has this curve that's just like, oh my god! Is Devin bigger than Jacob?"
    "Jacob isn't as thick. But he definitely knows how to use it. Sean is thicker too?"
    "Hmm… They might be about the same size actually. But Sean is longer. Every guy has his pros and cons."
    "What are Devin's?"
    "Pro! That curve of his for sure. Con, he doesn't really last that long going into pound town. Now Jacob."
    "Pro, he'll go down on me forever and ever if I let him. Con, because he's a big guy he sometimes gets tired and makes me get on top and finish. Now Sean."
    "Sean! That man is fucking perfect Mills. No cons all fucking pros."
    "He's amazing in bed. The way he makes love to a girl all slow and shit. He pulls all the out and goes back in all slow too, and pushes against you hard when he's all the way in. Drives you up the fucking wall."
    "Sounds like you're going to miss him."
    "I love Sean to death. He's one of my best friends. I also love Devin to death. We had a thing for each other for a really long time. I want to be with him. I just need to get over the short sex."
    "Devin is a great guy. But he has issues."
    "I know. I can handle him better than Liz could."
    "Liz was so lost at the end there."
    "He showed me a full body naked picture of her."
    "I watched her change her clothes and grabbed her butt."
    "A pair of her panties where on his floor."
    "He had no idea what to do with them, so I tossed them on his desk. Then this morning when I went down to my car for my clothes, they were gone."
    "Maybe he tossed them."
    "Or kept them."
    "That's possible too."
    "Why keep them though?"
    "He loves her."
    "Oh! Okay, I get it."
    "Does it bother you?"
    "No. Should I be worried?"
    "Devin, no. Liz, no idea."
    "Liz is the one who told me to call Devin."
    "Oh! That's right. Then no, you have nothing to worry about."
    "Shit! We're here already and I didn't text him."
    "Text him now."
    "We... Are... Out... Side. Done! Lets go chow down on some good ole Russian food."
    "As long as it's not Vegan food, I'm good."

    There was meat! And it was oh so good!


    Dinner was awesome! I'm super full and I really don't feel like doing anything. But, we are on a deadline and we need to get this shit done. We watched all the videos Sean had me write down and we got something going. It's really good so far! 50's style Jive! It's fun as hell! More high energy than our old Jive. I'm all sweaty and so is Sean. Meow! We did fall a few times and Emily cheered. The cool slide that Sean wants to do is proving to be harder than it looks. He fell a few times, and I cheered! He did eventually get it. Then fell again. And I cheered.
    "I'm not liking that hand pass at all."
    "I don't understand how we're both missing it."
    "I need a break to think about it for a minute."
    "Thank god! I need to pee. Turn off the camera."
    "I did."
    "Wait! You had that thing on? I'm sitting here smoking weed."
    "You're fine. The camera doesn't get that couch."
    "Okay, good."
    "You two better not hit on my boyfriend while I go pee."
    "I won't. Mills might though."
    "I will not."
    "Sean... Sean!"
    "Don't hit on my friends while I go pee."
    "I'll try not too."

    Bladder empty! Melissa and Emily are topless on Sean's couch taking selfies. Sean is still at his computer, I don't even think he noticed them.
    "Too busy to notice the two topless girls on your couch Sean?"
    "What? Yes, I wasn't paying attention to them."
    "What are you guys doing?"
    "We told Devin and Jacob that we were going to my house to mess around. We're taking pictures and teasing them."
    "One of you need to put a boobie in your mouth... Now you turn around to watch Sean?"
    "Pull out a tit Mills."
    "I don't want Sean to see them."
    "Okay. There! Put your mouth on it."
    "Wait! You need to make a sexier face Emily."
    "I can't when I'm trying to take a picture."
    "Gimme! I'll do it. Suck that boobie! Woo!"
    "Oh! That's hot! Look Mills."
    "I like my bite face."
    "Send it to Devin! I wanna see what he says."
    "I don't get to see it?"
    "Roll your ass over here and look then."
    "Nice. Back to what I was doing."
    "Send it!"
    "I did. I'm waiting for his reply."
    "I bet it just says, I'm sad!"
    "AH! It does!"
    "Melissa's phone is ringing!"
    "It's my Babe."
    "Don't answer it!"
    "I want in on this. I already made out with Melissa. Let me make out with you now."
    "We can say we stole you from Sean and we're have a girl three way."
    "Melissa gets to take this picture. Make out or licking your chest?"
    "Lick her chest!"
    "Sean's ease dropping over there."
    "No I'm not."
    "Yes! Lick my chest."
    "I'm gonna lick you here and then all the way up to your mouth and kiss you."
    "I'm fine with that! Here, let me switch it to video. Devin will like that better. Take your shirt off Liz."
    "Sean, roll over here if you wan..."
    "I'm waiting."
    "Wow! You rolled over here fast."
    "If Devin gets to see this, then I get to as well. Hold on! Turn around Liz. Better!"
    "The Sean bra slinger."
    "Your bra just flew off! How did you do that?"
    "Come here you!"
    "Whoa! I can tell this isn't your first time."
    "No. I like girls a lot."
    "Ready when you are Liz."

    I did stop at her neck for a quick bite. She let out this sexy little moan. It was so hot! Hand on her neck and tongue in her mouth. I like Emily! She's fun!
    "Your phone stopped Em."
    "Let me see."
    "Let me bite your neck again."
    "Unless you plan on getting me off you better not."
    "I'll eat that jay better than any man can."
    "My dick moved a little bit."
    "Panties a little bit wet. The face you made while you said that was so fucking hot. I'm stealing your girlfriend one of these days to mess around with her. Not even joking."
    "Have fun."
    "He's okay with me messing around with girls."
    "You wanna watch Liz go down on me Sean?"
    "Devin would kick my ass."
    "I wanna see Liz suck your dick. I have to see this no gag reflex."
    "Look! See!"
    "No! Two fingers doesn't prove it."
    "Then you stick to fingers in."
    "No! I want to see you swallow Sean's dick."
    "I love you. You're a freak girl. I like it!"
    "I own a strap on. I'll rock your fucking world Liz. You have no idea."
    "Have you used it on Sean?"
    "Yes she has."
    "Nice! That's hot!"
    "Sean's a freak too Liz. He likes a finger in butt when you suck his dick."
    "I know. So does Devin."
    "So does Jacob."
    "Jacob!? Really? He doesn't seem like the type."
    "He said not to, and I did it, and he didn't stop me. Then after that he would be like, put a finger in."
    "It feels good! Of course he's not going to stop you. It's not a gay thing like everyone thinks. A lot of guys do it, fucking Blaine does it."
    "Why does it feel good?"
    "I don't know. Why does it feel good when you girls get your pussies licked?"
    "No idea."
    "Okay! Send the video now."
    "Oh yeah!"
    "We have to watch it first."
    "That moan you did was so hot! I did that!"
    "You got me right in my spot. I was totally yours for the taking."
    "Send that shit to me. My girlfriend, I want it."
    "Me too!"
    "And me please."
    "Don't mass send it to everyone. Send it to Devin by itself."
    "Okay. Mass send to you guys."
    "I got it!"
    "So did I."
    "My phone went off over there I got it."
    "Now Devin!"
    "Sent! Who's phone is gonna ring this time!"
    "Probably mine again."
    "YES! Sean, shhh!"
    "I know."

    This is going to be fun!

    "Hola mi amor."
    "What the fuck!?"
    "What's wrong?"
    "Not fair! Pee pee is hard."
    "Did you like my video?"
    "I did too!"
    "Hi Tortillo Boy!"
    "Hi Babe!"
    "You three fuckin' suck."
    "Man! Mills sucks tits so good! And Liz! Oh my god! This girl eats pussy better than you Devin."
    "And you too Babe."
    "What! The! Fuck!"
    "I know how to get a girl to cum real good with just a flick of my tongue."
    "I hate you three so much right now. I'm fuckin' sad!"
    "Yeah, you guys need to drop Liz off where the fuck ever and come handle us."
    "Handle each other and send us the video."
    "Hell no!"
    "Fuck you Em."
    "Whoa! What are you doing Liz?"
    "What does it feel like?"
    "Uh... Oh god! Oh!... Oh my god! I gotta go Devin"
    "Wait! No, no no!"
    "HA! He's gonna be so pissed I hung up on his ass."
    "That was fucked up."
    "That was fun!"
    "I know!"
    "Maybe we should get going and take care of our men."
    "I am not leaving until I see Liz swallow that dick."
    "I am not pulling my dick out."
    "I've seen it before Sean."
    "Melissa hasn't and I'm sure she doesn't want to see it"
    "I want to see Liz do it too."
    "You're out numbered Sean. Liz! Suck yo mans dick."
    "Are you three fucking serious?"
    "I like sucking your dick. Come here and lets get it over with."
    "No! You're going to swallow it and then not finish and leave me hanging."
    "No she won't. As soon as we see she can actually do it we'll leave and she can finish you off."
    "Fine! I can't believe I'm doing this right now. You two better not tell Jacob and Devin."
    "We won't"
    "Roll over here to me."
    "He might get stage fright."
    "I'm topless, Liz is topless, Mills is almost topless."
    "I'll make sure he doesn't get stage fright."
    "Here I'll help!"

    Emily pushed me back on the couch and pulled off my shorts and licked my jay! Sean's face changed and so did Melissa's. They both are horny now.
    "Yeah! No more stage fright! Come here."
    "Wait! Kiss me Emily. I wanna taste me."
    "Me too? I want to taste."
    "Melissa is a freak too! Woo!"
    "Are you guys good?"
    "I liked that. I want to go down on a girl now."
    "You will Mills. Suck that dick Liz!"

    They want to see me swallow Sean! So I did! I showed them I could. God, I love how he pushes my head down on to him.
    "Oh my god!"
    "Ooo! Yeah, you guys need to go now. Okay! Stop for... Aw!… Okay okay!"
    "Sad face Sean."
    "How the fuck do you do that!?"
    "I don't know."
    "I need Jacob now."
    "That was fucking hot! Okay! We're leaving now. Thank you for that! And Liz that pussy is good! Damn!"
    "Thank you!"
    "Bye ladies."
    "Have fun you two! See you guys mañana!"
    "Lock the door on your way out Em."
    "Will do."
    "Are you mad at me for all of that?"
    "Not at all. Let me pull out this bed."
    "Ooo! Sean loving! Lizzy like."
    "You know what? Let's take a shower and head upstairs. It's after ten already."
    "You have to try and be quiet. I love that you're loud and all but my mom's room is fairly close to mine."
    "I'll end up biting you or something."
    "That's fine with me."
    "Okay, lets go shower."
    "Sniff away."
    "Thank you."
    "That turns me on so much! No idea why."
    "You're weird."
    "Okay pit sniffer."

    It's always fun in the shower with Sean. Another weird thing! He likes to wash me. Not my hair, but my body. Okay! I guess it's not that weird. I wash his back for him. Sean's bed! So fucking soft and cozy! Oh my god!
    "I'm stealing your bed Sean."
    "It's super comfy!"
    "Check this out. Scoot over."
    "Whoa! You're jumping on your bed and I can't even feel it on this side. Magic bed, I must have it."
    "It's memory foam. It absorbs all movement and forms to your body. That's why it's so comfortable."
    "We need this downstairs."
    "I'm sure they make them for a pullout bed."
    "You should see if they do and get one."
    "I might do that."
    "Happy face!"
    "Only bad thing about this mattress. It can't get wet. Not super wet anyway, so if you want the Devin thing done to you we need to go to the couch."
    "I don't need it done to me. I wanna stay right here."
    "What do you want me to do to you?"
    "I want sex like we had the first time."
    "Okay. I want to kiss every inch of your body first."
    "Please do. You want me to..."
    "Oh! That's a mood killer for me."
    "I thought Scott and Rye left?"
    "I did too. Fuck."
    "Um… Is that an iPod dock on your dresser?"
    "It is. Your blonde hair is changing colors."
    "Nothing. Anything in particular you want me to put on?"
    "No. Just put on some good mood music."
    "Okay. I have a playlist with like slow songs. Will that do?"
    "Hopefully, it drowns those two out."
    "Bring it over here and sit it on the nightstand."
    "I am."
    "Now! Where were we?"
    "Me kissing every inch of your body."
    "Ah! That's right. You want me to finish what I started downstairs?"
    "Let me do what I want to you."
    "I want you to feel good too Sean."
    "I don't need you to suck my dick for it to feel good for me. I want you to just relax and let me do what I want. Let me make this time all about you."

    He did an amazing job making this time all about me. When he said he wanted to kiss every inch of my body, he literally kissed every single inch. Even my feet and every toe and my hands and each fingertip. I made him go back and kiss my fingers tips again. I love it so much. The sex isn't like the first time. It's better. He's making love to me. He's slowly pulling all the way out and slowly going all the way back in. I'm loving this. I love the way he's looking me in the eyes, I love the occasional kiss on my lips and neck. I close my eyes for one second to take everything in and when I open them tears start rolling down my cheeks. He's not hurting me, he knows he isn't. He uses his thumbs to wipe them away without stopping his movement in and out of me. My crying somehow got a little out of hand and that's when he stopped.
    "Are you all right?"
    "Yes. Please don't stop."
    "What's wrong?"
    "Nothing. You… I'm not sad or hurting. It's just the way you're making love to me right now. I love it. Please don't stop."


    He continues like I asked him too. Instead of turning my head so he couldn't see me cry, I just looked him in the eyes. This is the closest I have ever been to anyone. He feels me getting closer, and he puts his forehead against mine. He blinks and I feel the tear from him hit my cheek. He stops again. Kisses my lips, then my neck, and behind my ear and he whispers to me.
    "Don't ever leave me... Please Liz."
    "Tell me you love me."

    He looks me right in the eyes. His are all teary, mine are probably red from all my crying. He just looks at me for a second without saying anything. He bites lip to hold back tears or maybe even words.
    "Never mind. You don..."
    "I love you Elizabeth."

    He's looking at me differently now. Not in a bad way, and his breathing changed too. He only wants me. Just like I only want him.
    "I love you too Sean, and I'm not ever! Gonna fucking leave you."


    With that I got a sexy ass smile from him before he bites down hard on my neck making me let out a loud moan. He didn't care that it was loud, and either did I. He's moving faster and little bit harder now. Not to hard! Just hard enough so it still felt extremely good. My moans are getting louder and again, he doesn't care. I cover my mouth with my hand and he pulls it away and pins it on the bed above my head. He wants to hear me. Oh god!
    "Sean! Oh my god! Uh! Keep going... Fuck!"
    "Ah! God damn! I needed to hear you to get off like that. Fuck! Oh! No, no, no, no! Don't do that."
    "Tighten my jay like this?"
    "Ah! Yeah! Don't do that. We get sensitive to you know. That was good. Really good."
    "I love how it was all about me. I love you all sweaty too. Sniff me?"
    "Mmm... I love it."
    "Now that's what I call a big fuckin' finish kid!"
    "Oh my god! I can never look Scott in the eyes ever again. Ever!"
    "Хорошая работа там!"
    "Rye said nice job, and I told her to shut up."
    "Oh my god. I'm embarrassed now."
    "I'm not."
    "Of course not. You just praised by Rye and Scott for your job well done."
    "I hope we didn't wake your mom."
    "If we did she's probably laying in her bed shaking her head. And she'll tell my dad too."
    "You're lying."
    "No. She'll tell him."
    "How embarrassing!"
    "It'll be fine. Come here."
    "Cuddles! Yay!"
    "And sleep. I'll sleep really good tonight."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Do we need to put clothes on?"
    "No. Door is locked."
    "Good. I feel like being naked with you. You stay naked too."
    "Kiss me... Mmm! One more!"
    "I love you Liz."
    "I love you too."
    "Sleep now."
    "Boop! Goodnight."
    "Спокойной Ночи."

    Sean… He's it for me. I don't desire anyone else anymore. Not even Michael. And I need to learn some more Russian. And steal this fucking bed!