Chapter Seventeen - Gold Fish

Sunday, June 14


    Rolling around in bed today I sneezed. Kind of like sneezing on your period, you know! But instead of blood, some of Sean came out. I liked it. Uh! I don't wanna get… Where's Sean? Sad Face!

    "Sean? You in the potty?"

    No! Not in the potty. I might get lost if I go upstairs to look for him. Sad fucking face! The speakers beeped!

    "You okay?"
    "Why did you yell for me like that? I thought you hurt yourself or something."
    "You left me alone. Sad Face! See?"
    "Note right there on the table Beanstalk."
    "Oh! What is that?!"
    "I saw you get dropped off at school not too long ago and you had a green drink from Starbucks. Green Tea Crème Frappuccino yeah?"
    "My favorite! Thank you! What's yours?
    "Go ahead."
    "Ooo! That's super yum! What's in the bag?"
    "Blueberry Scones and Cheesy Danishes! Eee! Carbs and caffeine is a good way to start the day. Next time throw in a couple double chocolate chunk brownies."
    "All right."
    "You said you saw me at school with a Green Tea Frap?"
    "I looked at you all the time. Just like everyone else."
    "It's cool you remembered."
    "I asked the lady at the counter what the Green Frappuccino was and she told me. The scones and Danishes were just something easy. I got what I liked because I had no clue what you like. Sorry."
    "The Danishes and the brownies. I'm totally fine with what you brought. Thank you."
    "You're welcome. Okay! We need to talk."
    "Uh oh!"
    "What? Oh! No, no, no, no! Not the talk. Just talk."
    "All right. Your mom thinks you went camping with Devin and she's expecting him to drop you off later."
    "How are we going to do this? Me dropping you off."
    "No clue."
    "Hmm. Think you could the Principle and ask him to take her out to a movie or something?"
    "Certain time she's expecting you?"
    "Not really. She works noon to five today. I might not even need to call Jim. We'll figure it out."
    "Yeah. Hold on my mom is calling."
    "Hey her, zdravstvuyte Vey!"
    "Hold on."

    Love the Russian talk!

    "Here, it's on speaker."
    "Zdravstvuyte Vey!"
    "здравствуйте Leez! You teach her Russian?"
    "Only здравствуйте and Танцуй со мной so far."
    "Good. Teach more."
    "I will."
    "I'm gonna eat and let you talk to your mom. Bye Vey."
    "Bye Leez."

    God that Russian man is sexy! He brought me breakfast and coffee! Happy face! Okay! Enough cheesy goodness. How do I fold up this bed? Ah! Fucker! Sad face! Sean saw me struggling and come over to help me. He picked up the end and the fucking thing closed itself! What the fuck was I doing wrong? I was lifting it like he did. Meh! Good morning waves! What the hell? There's fish in the pool! A bunch of little gold fish! My eyes got a little bit watery. Sean! Happy Face!

    "$35 for fifty gold fish that are all going to die by the end of the day."
    "Sad face!"
    "I turned off the pump. They won't die."
    "I got you fish to look at. Happy?"
    "I am. Thank you Sean."
    "You're welcome."
    "How long will they last in there? With the chemicals and stuff?"
    "I have no idea."
    "Look at you. All smiles because of little gold fish."
    "Not just the fish Sean. Everything already today and everything yesterday. You're spoiling me."
    "I'm only giving you what you want. I'll stop if it makes you uncomfortable. Just say the word.
    "I like it. You're my boyfriend now and I'm okay with it."
    "If it ever becomes an issue, please let me know."
    "I will."
    "What do you feel like doing today?"
    "Do we need to work on our Rumba at all?"
    "We can watch the video back and see if there's anything we need to work on or something we want to change."
    "What about the music?"
    "Easy! Five minutes and it'll be done."
    "Okay. Let's watch it."
    "All right."
    "What did you and mommy talk about?"
    "Yeah. I told her we are dating now. She's happy about that. Um... Ooops!"
    "What happen?"
    "We didn't turn the camera off last night."
    "Let me see!"
    "We made a sex video."
    "Did you leave it on, on purpose?"
    "No! You wanted to see my parents dance, then we danced and then went straight to the shower and then to bed. I wasn't even thinking about it."
    "I would've asked to make a sex tape eventually."
    "Next one will be better."
    "I like this one."
    "Me too."
    "You need to like cut all this out and put it somewhere. Can you do that?"
    "Yes. After I finish watching it."
    "I am loud! Oh my god!"
    "You're very loud. I love it."
    "I'm getting horny."
    "Okay! Turn it off! Do what you need to and tell me what else you and mommy talked about."
    "I'm watching this again with or without you tonight."
    "Anyway. My dad wants to meet you."
    "Oh! When?"
    "Not this weekend, but next weekend."
    "Not the weekend you work?"
    "No. After."
    "He's coming home that weekend?"
    "No, we're going with my mom."
    "To Russia?"
    "Um... What if my mom won't let me?"
    "Then he'll come here. But you need to let me know like three days ahead so he can make arrangements."
    "Okay. What else?"
    "I told her I want you to come with me to work and help me with Cora. She thinks it's a very, very good idea, and she'll pay you what she pays me."
    "Which is?"
    "$850 every two weeks."
    "Cash or check?"
    "Check. Why?"
    "I don't have an I.D."
    "Go get one for $20. Or I can put it in my account and just give you the cash."
    "What's better?"
    "Putting it in my account. Unless you want to pay $1 on every $100 to cash it yourself. But! You'll still need an I.D"
    "I only have $5."
    "Do you need to borrow $15?"
    "Yes please."
    "Now we have something to do. Go get you an I.D"
    "Is it hard to get a bank account?"
    "No. Just need an I.D and $100 minimum to put into it. My bank I use anyway."
    "Okay. I wanna do that when I get money. Will you help me?"
    "Yes. If you do that with your first check you won't have to cash it at the store. It'll all go into your account right there."
    "Will it be available?"
    "You won't get your bank card for a few days. You'll have a temporary card that you have to take inside to get money. There's no thing on the back for the machine outside. But yes, it'll be available that day."
    "Cool! Thank you."
    "You're welcome."

    Me and Sean accidently made a sex tape! How funny is that? He cut all of that out and put it on a separate hard drive and stuck it in his hiding spot so no one will find it. Brilliant hiding spot too. He had pictures of him and Travis in there that he gave to me and said do whatever I want with them. I cut Travis out and put the pictures in my purse. We watched our Rumba everything is almost perfect. There's two things we both agreed we should change. But we aren't gonna work on it today. We want a little break. It's kind of surprising that our Rumba is basically done already. With me and David, it would have taken a week or longer to finish one dance. I called my mom and asked if she was going to be home when I got there. She said she leaves for work in about an hour and she gets off at six. So that means she'll be home around seven or so. I don't need to call Jim and Sean can take me home and everything will be fine! Okay! Now let's go get me a cool I.D!

    "Here's the deal. My mom leaves for work in about an hour or so. I wanna go home and change and stuff before we go do this I.D thing. Is that okay?"
    "How does it work? Getting an I.D?"
    "Just fill out a piece of paper, take a picture, and give them the money. You'll get the I.D in the mail in about a week."
    "That sounds easy enough."
    "Yeah. What about the driving class online? You want to start on that today since we got a little bit of time?"
    "Yeah. Is it hard?"
    "Not really. You watch a 30 minute video and then do a test at the end. If you pass you'll get this certificate that you print out and take to the driving place and then you drive around the block."
    "The test at the end of the video hard?"
    "Take notes as you watch it."
    "That's a good idea."
    "It's what I did."
    "The driving easy?"
    "Yes. The only thing that most people fail is parallel parking."
    "Did you fail it?"
    "I did. But you get three marks. If the parking is the only thing you mess up you'll still pass."
    "Three fuck ups and I don't?"
    "Right. And you'll have to pay again to drive again."
    "Got ya! Do I drive their car?"
    "No. Your own car."
    "I don't have a car."
    "Drive my truck."
    "Your truck is big! I might hit shit."
    "Get over here and fill this out and do the test."
    "Right now?"
    "You paid for it already?"
    "Yes. Only $10. Come here."
    "You take notes too!"
    "Hey! You're the one who told me to take notes."
    "Come over here! I'll help you with any question you need help with."
    "Is the video boring?"
    "Very boring!"

    Sean was right! The video was super boring! But! He did tell me what I needed to write down and helped me with the test. I missed five questions. Sad face! But I still passed! Happy face! Eight or more I would've failed. I'm happy!

    "This piece of paper is pretty much your permit to drive."
    "With a licensed driver, yes. Guess what?"
    "Chicken butt?"
    "Okay what?"
    "You get to drive."
    "Your truck is to big! I've only drove my mom's car and Devin's car."
    "Devin let you drive his car?"
    "Yeah. Why that seem to surprise everyone?"
    "He doesn't really let anyone even touch his car. The only person I ever seen drive it is Oden."
    "He didn't believe I could drive. He made me show him I could and then after that he let me drive whenever I asked."
    "It was cool Oden let you drive his car."
    "I love his car! Is it hard to get a car?"
    "Kind of. I didn't lease my truck, I just went in a bought it."
    "Talk to Scott. He might be able to get you what you want."
    "The new Challengers are sexy."
    "He won't be able to get you a new car. I thought you liked the old ones?"
    "I do. But if I was to get a car like tomorrow! I'd get me one of those Challengers."
    "Get a decent used car."
    "You don't know who farted in those!"
    "They clean them before they sell them. You can get a good one for like $1,000 down. Lease it and pay on time every month and build up your credit. Then get the car you really want. One thing I do know about getting a car, if you're going to lease one. New one, not used. Is you need really good credit. That means you won't be getting a brand new car anytime soon unless you go in with cash and say, give me that car."
    "Ow! Ow!"
    "What happen?"
    "You popped my bubble, and it went in my eye."
    "I'm just being honest. Don't get your hopes set on a new car Beanstalk."
    "Sad face Sean!"
    "Kiss me!"
    "Come here then."
    "To lazy! You're in a rolling chair you come here."
    "Fine. Better?"
    "Happy face!"
    "Here's your paper, keys, lets go."
    "Your truck is to big!"
    "I have insurance! If you hit anything it's fine. Just don't make any U-turns."
    "You make them."
    "I know how in my truck."
    "Now I don't wanna drive."
    "You're driving. If you're going to use my truck to take your driving test, then you need to get to know it. Plus! It's an automatic, you just drive the damn thing."
    "FINE! Let's go!"

    I didn't hit anything, and I made one U-turn! You have to pull out a little bit further and make a wider turn. It's kind of like my mom's car. Hers is big to, but I don't need to make the crazy turns like I do in this truck.

    "You're going to hit Mr. Avalon's car."
    "No I'm not."
    "Yes! You are. Back up, pull that way and then turn in."
    "I have to park wide too?"
    "Big trucks can't make sharp turns. That includes parking."
    "Got it. Am I good?"
    "Yes. Not too hard right?"
    "I don't like how I have to make wide turns. I like being able to just turn you know?"
    "Yeah. It's takes time to get use to it."
    "Have you met Michael yet?"
    "Come meet him!"
    "All right."
    "Hey Michael! Came to bug you and introduce you to Sean since you guys haven't really met yet."
    "Afternoon. Elizabeth said you and her have something special planned for her mom?"
    "Yes. Her idea, she wants to make her mom happy again."
    "Your accent is Russian? Correct?"
    "I got my permit today!"
    "Good. For a minute, I thought you were going to hit my car when you were pulling in."
    "Sean made me back up before I did. I'm not use to a big truck."
    "Every vehicle drives different. Your mom gave you the money for the test?"
    "No. I did it online. Sean paid for it."
    "Your mom said you went camping."
    "Uh! I was going to. Don't tell her!"
    "Lips are sealed! Does Mr. Hart know where you been the last few days?"
    "Not exactly. I seen him yesterday, and we ended up ending things."
    "I'm sorry to hear that."
    "He knows I was spending the weekend with Sean, but not that I stayed at his house. I didn't want to make things worse so I kept that to myself."
    "Make things worse?"
    "Yeah. The last few days, ever since Sean came to pick me up the other day. Me and him haven't been doing good."
    "I see."
    "He's really jealous and was angry at everything. We talked yesterday and we both decided it would be better just to be friends."
    "Ended things like adults in a good manner. That's good."
    "Yeah. We both care a lot about each other and we didn't wanna ruin what was left."
    "Good. What else is new?"
    "Mmm. Nothing."
    "You got a job."
    "Oh! Yeah! I got a job!"
    "Oh yeah? Doing what?"
    "Sean's mom owns a dance studio and I'll be teaching there on the weekends. I get to teach little guys like Bethany."
    "Speaking of Bethany, I was supposed to ask you if you'd be up to watching her for Sadie for a few hours after school on Mondays. She said she'd pay you $20 an hour."
    "I don't know. Maybe! Let me get back to you on that."
    "Talk to her about it when you can. You guys can figure it out."
    "Okay. Well! Me and Sean are on a time limit right now. Just wanted to come say hello. But we gotta get."
    "All right. Nice meeting you Mr.?
    "Leeb... Uh!"
    "Don't hurt yourself. Lebedinsky."
    "I'm sorry. One more time."
    "Got it."
    "I don't. I told you I would forget."
    "He just told you Elizabeth."
    "I can't understand his accent."
    "That's a lie."
    "This is what I have to deal with every time I say, that. Don't! I can see it in your face!"
    "Some people don't appreciate that Elizabeth."
    "He said he was gonna make fun of the way I talk."
    "You're right. I don't think I can even if I tried."
    "I know! Okay! We're out of here. Bye Michael."
    "Bye you two."

    The expression on Michael's face was a little to happy when I told him about me and Devin. I didn't mention anything about me and Sean only because Sean told Emily not to say anything. He doesn't want to say anything I won't either.

    "Who's Sadie?"
    "Ms. Renner."
    "She's Michael's cousin. He got her the job at school."
    "Bethany is her daughter?"
    "How old?"
    "Eight. She's so effing cute!"
    "What are you doing?"
    "Getting ready to change my contacts."
    "You wear glasses?"
    "Yeah. Don't tell anyone!"
    "Why would I tell anyone you wear glasses?"
    "I don't know. No! Where did you go?!"
    "What happen?"
    "AH! Don't move!"
    "I dropped one of my contacts."
    "I can see it."
    "Look straight down and to the left."
    "Awesome! Thank you."
    "My mom uses the same ones you do. She can't stand touching her eyes."
    "Me too! Wear these for seven days, then change them. Done! Okay, let those soak and minute. Clothes."
    "You want me to leave while you change?"
    "No. I don't care if you see me naked."
    "Come here. Turn around. There! Better!"
    "How did you undo my bra like that?"
    "That was cool."
    "When is your birthday?"
    "September third. Yours?"
    "July thirteenth."
    "Oh! Coming up very soon."
    "The big 1-8!"
    "What do you want for your birthday?"
    "Come on!"
    "I have everything I want and need."
    "I'll make you a cake then!"
    "Okay. That works for me."
    "What kind?"
    "Red velvet."
    "My mom makes a good red velvet cake with homemade cream cheese frosting. Oh my god!"
    "Have her make it then."
    "No! I'll make it and have her help me."
    "Your mom cooks good?"
    "Yeah! She's the head chef at Bernat."
    "Are you serious?"
    "Impressive. I go there all the time with my parents. Food is good."
    "My mom can pretty much make anything and everything! The whole menu there and the special drinks are all her own recipes."
    "No shit? The pineapple ice thing is so fucking good."
    "That's cool."
    "I have a question."
    "I might have an answer."
    "Why did... I don't like this shirt. Why did you tell Emily not to say anything about us?"
    "I didn't know if you would be okay with it."
    "Everyone will know right away that we're a couple. Unless you don't want them to know."
    "It's not that. It's just not her place to tell people. Let them all find out on their own."
    "Will you hold my hand and stuff at school?"
    "If you want me to."
    "What about picking me up in the morning?"
    "I can do that. Or you can stay with me."
    "I need to talk to my mom tonight."
    "Do I look okay?"
    "Very pretty."
    "You look good!"
    "Can I wear heels around you?"
    "Yes. Why?"
    "Devin wouldn't let me wear heels."
    "Why not?"
    "He didn't like me... AH!"
    "Poke your eye to hard?"
    "Yes! Anyway! He didn't like me being as tall as him."
    "You are tall enough without them."
    "I don't wear them to be taller. I'm use to being on my toes and the heels help."
    "You been dancing too long."
    "I guess. Even with flat shoes on, I catch myself on my toes, it's natural. Look at my shoes, see how the toe is worn out more than the heel?"
    "Yeah. I like your feet."
    "Not my legs?"
    "I like everything."
    "I like your nose."
    "Only my nose"
    "No. I like the way you talk, the way you treat me, the way you look naked. Damn! You need to take your shirt off more! You're sexy, and I like everything about you."
    "All Russians are sexy."
    "Sexy like you?"
    "No. No one has these good looks."
    "Shut up."

    Everything went smoothly! The price of the I.D did go up at the beginning of the year. $27, Sean was okay with that. We had an early dinner, and he brought me home. I got bored! I ended up doing the few dishes that were in the sink and a small load of laundry. I see Michael!

    "Hey you!"
    "Evening Beautiful."
    "Why do you seem all happy for?"
    "I'm in a good mood. Had a good day."
    "What did you do?"
    "Nothing! I was lazy all day long, and I enjoyed it."
    "Cool. Can I come sit with you?"
    "Yes you may."
    "Was my mom lonely at all the last few days?"
    "A little bit. She came out and talked to me when she saw me out here."
    "Talk about me?"
    "We did, and other things as well. She's very happy you opened up to her Beautiful."
    "I know! I could see it in her face."
    "How are you? After things with Mr. Hart."
    "I'm good. We're both good. It's better this way."
    "You and Mr. Lebedinsky?"
    "He was the better choice. We kind of swapped girls. The girl Sean was seeing is actually really into Devin. Has been for a while. I told her to call him, because he's into her! She's the one who said it and I was just like, we are!"
    "You set him up."
    "I guess. He deserves to be happy. He's a good guy."
    "I'm sure he is Beautiful."
    "I'm just so happy that our breakup was good, and we're still friends. He doesn't have many."
    "Some people can't end a relationship and stay friends. Mostly because that person is still there, and it hurts more. Then eventually the person fades away along with the friendship."
    "Are you saying me and Devin will fade each other out?"
    "No Beautiful. I'm saying some people end up like that."
    "I hear your phone ringing."
    "Oh crap! I thought it was in my pocket! I need to get it. I'll come back and chat more if you're still out here. If not! I'll see you tomorrow."

    Phone! Missed calls! Tortillo Boy!

    "Word up girl!?"
    "Hey you!"
    "I need your help!"
    "I can't find my glasses. Are they there?"
    "Um... Hold on walking to my room... Yes!"
    "Okay! Cool. I was flippin' out. Ode would be pissed if I lost those. $200 pair of glasses."
    "They are here."
    "Can you bring them to school tomorrow for me? I don't really have time to stop by tonight to grab them."
    "Yeah. I will put them in the extra case I have and! In my purse! Done!"
    "You're welcome."
    "You know… Me and Emily are pretty much a couple. Are you okay with that? Being so soon?"
    "Yes. I am 100% okay with it. Promise."
    "Are you with Sean?"
    "Not right now. I'm at home."
    "No... That was funny! Are you guys together?"
    "Oh! Wow! I really am blonde! No! I'm at home! Duh!"
    "Yeah. We are. You told him he could have me and he jumped on it. I like Sean so I said yeah. And why the hell did you tell him to try to get me to suck his dick for?"
    "He told you!? Yeah! I said he'd thank me later."
    "Oh my god!"
    "Jacob said me and Sean swapped girls."
    "Yeah! Me and Sean were saying that too!"
    "Jacob thinks it's funny."
    "It kind of is. I need to get off here. My mommy just got home."
    "Okay. I'll see you tomorrow."
    "You sure will."
    "Later gator."

    I was trying to avoid the me and Sean question. Then I changed the subject really fast! I didn't want to stay on it just in case.

    "Mommy! Miss me!?"
    "I did! How was your trip?"
    "Um… Me and Devin broke up."
    "Oh! I'm so sorry honey."
    "The pieces you told me about are clear now."
    "You chose the dancer?"
    "He was camping with us. His mom went out of town this weekend and his sister is dating Devin's, brother's, friend... Yeah! She had him come with so he wouldn't be home and bored all weekend. He actually knows who I am mom. Him, his sister, and his mom saw me win the Classics three years in a row. He wanted to dance with me. Just dance, and we did. It..."
    "It made me remember why I fucking lived for it! And Sean likes me because of me and not because I'm a great dancer. We connected more than I expected. Devin saw it and we talked and we both decided it was better to just be friends."
    "Devin loves you enough to let you go and be really happy."
    "Yeah. Sean got me a job."
    "Doing what?"
    "Teaching kids ballet at his mom's studio. $850 every two weeks! I can help you pay bills now mom!"
    "How will you get there?"
    "It's on the weekends and Sean teaches there too. I'll be going with him. I start this weekend!"
    "That's great Lizzy."
    "Another cool thing! Okay! I was in town already when we talked earlier. I was with Sean."
    "Okay. You didn't have to lie to me about that hun."
    "I'm sorry. But look!"
    "Oh my gosh! You got your driving permit. That's wonderful! But, how did you pay for this?"
    "I did it online! Sean paid for it. And! He also got me this! It'll be in the mail in a few days."
    "An I.D! This is good. You'll be working and you'll need it. Now Lizzy, don't take advantage of this boy because he has money."
    "I'm not! I even said no to him. He wanted to help me get things started is all."
    "Okay. Just making sure."
    "He asked me something really important mom."
    "To dance with him in the Seneca Classic this year."
    Her eyes got real big and her mouth dropped open.

    "I'll take extra shifts to pay for the entry and whatever else…"
    "I already said yes mom. His mom is taking care of everything! Entry, clothes, hotel, everything. She wants Sean to dance with me, she thinks we'll be amazing together! Mom! Don't cry!"
    "I'm happy Elizabeth! Come here!"
    "I want you to meet Sean."
    "I would love to meet him."
    "Um... Can he stay the night? Or me stay at his house? Please? He wanted me to stay with him, but I told him I had to talk to you first."
    "Whatever you'd like Lizzy."
    "Thank you!"
    "I'm going to go jump in the shower."
    "Okay. I'll give Sean a call."
    "Okay hun."

    I called Sean and let him know I could stay with him tonight. Unless he wanted to stay here. He rather stay at his house, which is fine. I love it there. I told him everything me and my mom talked about, that way if she asks him something he won't be lost. I don't like lying to my mom. But I have to keep this Rumba a secret still! Telling her about the Classics is what she needed. She's so fucking happy! I love it.

    "All fresh and clean mom?"
    "Sean is on his way. He said he would rather stay at his house."
    "That's fine."
    "I did get bored today. I washed the dishes that were in the sink and did a small load of laundry. And! Tada! Folded."
    "Thank you."
    "You're welcome."
    "You made my night Lizzy. I had a bad day at work, and you made me forget about everything."
    "Good! I'm glad I made your night. I love seeing you happy. I hope you like Sean."
    "I'm sure I will. Is this him now?"
    "Yeah. I'll be right back."
    My sexy Russian boyfriend! Meow!

    "Hey you! Sorry I made you come back for me."
    "It's fine. I told you I wanted you to stay with me."
    "I told you I had to talk to my mommy first! You remember everything I said right?"
    "Cool. Come meet my mommy."
    "I'm nervous."
    "Don't be! My mommy is awesome!"
    "Okay. Following you."
    "She's hiding."
    "No. Puking."
    "Sit. Give her a minute."
    "Hey, where are you going?"
    "To grab my bag."
    "Don't leave me by myself."
    "Okay. I'm coming back. Better?"
    "Hey mom. You okay?"
    "Yes. Sorry you two had to hear that."
    "This is Sean. My mommy Amanda."
    "Nice to meet you, and thank you."
    "Helping Lizzy remember her love for dance."
    "Oh. You're welcome."
    "I like your accent."
    "Thank you."
    "Lizzy told me you have actually seen her dance in the Seneca Classic?"
    "Yes. I seen her win three years in a row."
    "Sean told me David is doing them."
    "Oh? Still winning?"
    "No. What place did you say he took?"
    "The first year he didn't dance with you he came in second and last year he came in seventh."
    "My goodness. Seventh is a big drop."
    "I still don't think he's really serious about it. I know he wasn't with me."
    "You worked so hard. Choreographed every dance every year."
    "It was hell the last year. I had blisters the size of quarters on my feet. I was hurting so bad."
    "You where still good enough to win."
    "It was that Foxtrot. I remember you were tied with the couple who took second for the whole third round. Your last dance was your Foxtrot, and you guys scored perfect all the way across the board. It was amazing."
    "I wish I was there to see it."
    "I'm glad you weren't mom. You know?"
    "Yes. Lizzy tells me you're a Latin Ballroom Champion?"
    "Yes. Six time."
    "I can't wait to see you two dance. You two are matched pretty close. She says you're great."
    "The day I sat in and watched everyone."
    "I work hard. I enjoy it."
    "I do have a question if you don't mind."
    "Lizzy told me everything is being taken care of for the Seneca Classic this year. Money wise. Are you sure that's fine? I can take extra shifts at work and help pay."
    "No need. My mom is handling everything. She'll pay for you if you'd like to go."
    "Okay. I am definitely going. So, please let your mom know. Myself and my fiancée."
    "All right."
    "Well, it's getting late. I'll let you two get going."
    "I need to grab my things. Come help me Sean?"
    "Okay, I'm going to bed. Be sure to lock up Lizzy."
    "I will mom. Goodnight."
    "Goodnight you two."

    That went awesome!

    "I like your mom. She's really nice."
    "I told you she was awesome."
    "This one. My purse, my phone, my charger. I'm good!"
    "All right. Let's go."
    "Oh wait! I forgot something!"
    "Boop! Okay! Now we can go."


    I didn't have to wait around for Emily. She was already there when I pulled in. And her stupid beetle car. Fingers are gettin' excited!

    "Word up girl?"
    "Waiting on your ass."
    "Are you cryin'?"
    "A kiss might make me feel better."
    "Yes. Heather gave me a shit face when she got home like 15 minutes ago."
    "Fuck her. Come on."
    "You smell so bad."
    "I will shower."
    "Good. I got a hug from Ode and he stinks too."
    "Did you tell him that?"
    "Yes. He just laughed at me and walked away."
    "What about Jacob and Melissa?"
    "I talked to Melissa for a minute. What took you so long?"
    "I went to the store."
    "What do you think?"
    "I told you I had condoms If that's what you went and bought."
    "Always good to have some."
    "All right! Shower! Bed is there."
    "And panties on the floor."
    "Panties. See?"
    "Oh. My bad. I had no idea those were there. I swear."
    "Liz is fuckin' small! Damn!"
    "Where do you want me to set these?"
    "I don't fuckin' know."
    "On the desk they go! Now go wash the stink of you please."
    "Be naked and ready for all of this."
    "Okay sexy man."

    That was weird! Liz's panties on my floor. Isn't that a bad thing when your new girl comes over for sex and finds your ex girlfriends panties? Emily is fuckin' cool. I know she didn't care. She probably thinks Liz is hot too. But... The fuck do I do with them? Give them back? Throw them away? Keep them? I'm keepin' them. Fuck it! Emily still looks fuckin' good naked. I like it!

    "Drop the towel and get over here now!"
    "What do you want first? This thing here? Or these here?"
    "I want your mouth on mine first. Then on my body, then all over my this pussy, and then that inside me. In that order."

    I added somethin' extra! She fuckin' loved it! I licked her all the way from her leg to her neck, then kissed her. I really have missed her. Even though we only messed around and never fucked, she was good to me. She treated me really good and all that shit. And! She fuckin' smokes weed with me. This vaginer still looks and tastes good. Fuckin' have to wear a condom. This fuckin' sucks! I hate these things now! But, they are better than cryin' babies. And! I'm inside her! Not as tight as Liz. I'm sad! Still feels fuckin' good though!

    "Oh my god Devin! I like that thing in this hole better. I've said that curve of yours was sexy. But damn! I love it! Fuck!"
    "This curve can do the same thing my fingers can do."
    "Show me."
    "I won't last long if I do."
    "You don't need to last much longer. I'm right there. Can't you feel it?"
    "Oh! I fuckin' feel it!"
    "Make this bed wet."
    "I do love makin' beds wet."

    Assume the squirting position! God I love her sex face! It's better than Liz! She looks like she wants to eat me alive. And you know what? I'd fuckin' let her.

    "Oh... Fuck!"
    "I ain't done!"
    "Then fucking keep going! Harder. There you go!"

    Ooo! Hard as I can go and she can take it. Nice!

    "Uh oh! No, no! No te muevas!"
    "Puedo mover ahora?"
    "Oh my god! Why haven't we ever had sex? Fuck Devin! You're pretty awesome in bed."
    "I been told. I'm fuckin' tired from that. That was fuckin' good!"
    "You owned this pussy."
    "Fuck ya I did! You took that poundin' like a fuckin' champ."
    "I love it hard like that. I love your dick!"
    "And it loves you."
    "Can I stay? I brought my things in case you said I could."
    "One condition."
    "Help me flip the mattress."
    "Help me flip the mattress! Hurry up!"
    "Cierre su agujero."
    "Para cansado."

    Team work! Now sleep! Or not.

    "Be my boyfriend now."
    "I thought that's why you came here."
    "You said you wanted to see if the sex was good first you asshole."
    "It was fuckin' good."
    "Are we a couple? Yes or no?"
    "Yeah! I guess."
    "Yes or no!"
    "Yes Em! Yes."
    "About fucking time."
    "What? I asked you to be with me before Heather even came here! You can't say, about time."
    "Then you say it."
    "It's about fuckin' time you got with me Em! Fuckin' took you long enough! You fuckin' bitch."
    "Fuck you! You fuckin' four-eyed nerd!"
    "I'm serious. It's about time."
    "Sorry I made you wait forever."
    "I love you. You know that right?"
    "You've told me a time or two. And you still wouldn't break up with your fake boyfriend!"
    "Shut up."
    "I have a question about Sean."
    "Did he ever smell you when you were all sweaty and shit like you are right now?"
    "All the time. He likes it for some reason."
    "You like it?"
    "No. I thought it was weird."
    "He smelled Liz. I thought it was his way of hitting on her."
    "No. It's not his way of hitting on her."
    "How does he hit on girls?"
    "He's fuckin' Russian! He doesn't have to. All he has to do is say something with that accent and the panties just fall off."
    "Do you think they messed around?"
    "I doubt it. Sean won't mess around with anyone's girlfriend."
    "All right. Sleepin' now!
    "Night Devin."
    "Still sleepin'!"
    "Night Em!"

    I really had nothin' to worry about?! What the fuck! Damn it!