Chapter Fifteen - Lemons

Friday, June 12


    Naked wife in bed next to me all night. Life is good right now. Nitro is closed down for the weekend and campin'. Last thing to do. Work. I'm sure Hayd can handle everything that needs to be done for this weekend. Her and Rye both.

    "I'm leavin', not even a kiss goodbye?"
    "Don't go to work. Stay and sleep."
    "I would if I could. Come on."
    "Mmm. Thank you Gorgeous. When you get up and around, go by Scott's. He'll let you know what all you need to get for this weekend."
    "Okay. I'll give Rye a call and have her go with me, if she's not busy today."
    "Call if you need anything."
    "I will."
    "Love you Hayd."
    "Love you too. Please don't die in some freak fire accident."
    "I'll try not to. One more kiss. I gotta go."
    "Bye Handsome."

    I fuckin' love that woman.

    "What it do baby?"
    "You're up already?"
    "I have to get somethin' out of the car. Melissa is horny."
    "Leave em here! Not in the car."
    "I do. I had to buy more yesterday and I didn't grab em last night when we got here."
    "Walk and talk. Let's go."
    "Dev raided your safe last night."
    "Yeah. He always does and takes major handfuls. It's whatever."
    "You talk to him at all recently?"
    "Just when he text me to get weed out of the safe. Why?"
    "He made Liz cry last night. She went up to Melissa's when he was in the shower and asked her for a ride home and shit."
    "The fuck he do?"
    "Yelled at her and brought up her dad."
    "Fuckin' idiot. What's up with her dad? He don't like Dev?"
    "Her dad is dead."
    "Oh! What he say about him?"
    "Nothin'. He said, I ain't your dad, blah, blah, blah, and it still hurt her."
    "Okay. Why did he say that?"
    "Sean called her Beanstalk, and it pissed him off real bad. Then I guess Hayden told him that Sean took her to the storage place after she had asked him, and something else about dancing..."
    "Hayd showed me a couple videos of Blondie dancin'. She's fuckin' good."
    "Anyway. He's not pissed off about all of that. He yelled at her for it because he's pissed off at the Beanstalk thing."
    "The fuck is Beanstalk?"
    "Liz's dad used to call her that I guess."
    "So Blondie told Sean that and he just decided to call her that?"
    "I don't fuckin' know. I don't know all the details. All I know is, Sean called her Beanstalk, Dev got pissed and went psycho on her, made her cry and shit, then she asked Melissa for a ride home. She wanted the fuck away from Dev last night."
    "She leave him?"
    "No. I honestly don't see it lastin' too much longer. Dev is jealous as fuck."
    "Yeah. He is. He don't got shit to worry about with Sean. He just needs to stop actin' fuckin' stupid."
    "Liz didn't like that shit last night Ode. He won't tell her not to hang out with him. He wants her to be happy, so he's suckin' it up."
    "He's gonna fuck this up himself. They both need to make some compromises here. He's puttin' this shit on himself lettin' her do shit he don't like, and he's probably tellin' her he's cool with it."
    "He is."
    "Yeah. But he ain't."
    "They need to figure this shit out on their own. I'm outta here."
    "You comin' with us campin'?"
    "Yeah. Melissa is goin', I'm goin'."
    "All right. See ya."


    "Mmm! Не вставать."
    "Don't get up."
    "I have to. I have to get in the shower and get shit runnin' down stairs."
    "You're no fun."
    "I was fun last night."
    "That you were. Both times."
    "Make me breakfast."
    "I don't want to get up and get clothes on yet."
    "Cook naked. I won't mind. Snap, snap woman."
    "So rude."
    "I'm fuckin' with you. You don't need to cook for me."
    "Do I need to leave before you open?"
    "You don't have to."
    "Are we okay?"
    "Would you be here if we weren't?"
    "I guess not."
    "We're okay."
    "Do you still love me?"
    "I love you Rye."
    "Are you fuckin' serious?"
    "I love you too Scott. Now you go and wash all the sex off you."
    "How about you come in here with me and wash the sex off you?"
    "Can we play before we wash?"
    "That was the plan."

    Oh! It's gonna be a good fuckin' day.


    After laying down last night I still couldn't sleep. I did eventually pass out though. I remember the last time I looked at my clock it was 3:30. A lot of shit on my mind I guess. Sean, Devin, our fight. Devin promised me he wouldn't be mad or jealous at this whole situation, but I don't see him being able to keep this promise to me. A silly nickname my dad gave me pissed him off so bad. I don't know. Should I talk to Michael about all of this? Kind of torn between two boys and he's not one of them. Would that be wrong? Will he put his feelings for me aside and just help me in a professional way? He is good at his job, and I could use his help.

    "Coffee mommy!"
    "Didn't sleep well?"
    "That last time I looked at my clock it was like 3:30."
    "Poor thing."
    "I sleepy! Sad face!"
    "You'll survive Lizzy."
    "What time do you go to work today?"
    "Four to ten."
    "You get to nap after I go to school. Lucky."
    "I actually slept pretty good. But then again I could use a nap."
    "I'm gonna jump in the shower. I'll get Devin up when I get out."
    "Okay. Breakfast should be done by time you get out."

    I should've woke Devin up and had him take a shower with me. He probably would of said no, because my mom is awake. Wouldn't have hurt to ask though!

    "Tortillo Boy..."
    "Still sleepin'."
    "Breakfast is ready. Come on, get up."
    "Mmm! Sex! Handle it."
    "I just got done getting ready. Open your eyes."
    "I'm sad now."
    "One morning without sex won't kill you. Come on, get dressed. Food."
    "You look fuckin' tired. How long you been up?"
    "I didn't fall asleep until like 3:30 this morning."
    "I don't know. A lot on my mind I guess."
    "Our little fight last night?"
    "Yeah. Don't worry, we're fine. Come on! Food!"
    "Ready for campin'?
    "Camping! I totally spaced! I don't think I'm going."
    "You said you were! Even your mom said it's fine."
    "I know! But, me and Sean have a dance that HAS to be done by Wednesday."
    "Nice! My girlfriend is gonna be spendin' the entire fuckin' weekend with another dude."
    "You said you weren't gonna get mad at this Devin."
    "I'm not mad at this. Just frustrated because you said you'd go and now you're not."
    "Something came up and me and Sean have to start from scratch."
    "It looked good when me and Jacob saw it."
    "We aren't doing that one anymore. That's why I said we're starting from scratch. This has to get done. HAS TOO! After this week I won't be so busy with dance. But this week is super important. Okay?"
    "Have Sean come with us and you guys work on whatever there."
    "I don't think that'll work. Plus, this is something special for my mom and I don't want anyone to see it until it's finished. We aren't even gonna be working on it at school."
    "Okay. I was just tryin' to think of a way to spend some time with you is all."
    "After this week, me and you will have tons of time to spend together. I promise. Now come on! Food!"
    "I smell bacon."
    "Me too! Come on! Hurry, before my pregnant mom eats it all."

    My Tortillo Boy is not okay with this. He's totally lying to me.


    Holy shit! Did I really pass out on the fucking floor down here? My back is killing me! Fucking great! Less than five minutes to shower and get dressed, and there's road work being done. Yep, I'm not making it to school on time. Someone calling me woke me up. That's good. No time to call anyone back, Oh! Liz. I have time to call her back.

    "I'm bored! Devin just dropped me off and Jacob and Melissa aren't here yet. Where are you?"
    "Home. I'm just now waking up."
    "Oh shit!"
    "Yeah! I can't really talk right now. I'm already going to late for school and I need to get in the shower and all that."
    "Okay. I'll see you in a few hours."
    "Bye Beanstalk."
    "Bye Ivan."
    "Don't call me Ivan."
    "Fine! Bye Russian Boy."
    "Okay! Bye Sean."


    Bored! I still have about 15 minutes or so before class starts. Fuck it! I'm going to go talk to Michael. Just let him put everything aside and help me. Please!

    "Hey you! Busy?"
    "No. Come in."
    "I need help with something."
    "Okay. What's going on?"
    "Can you put your feelings for me aside and help me in a professional way?"
    "Cool. First! I have good news."
    "Oh yeah?"
    "Yeah. I tore down my wall and let my mom in. We had a real talk last night. We talked about my dad, about Jim, about Devin, and a lot of other stuff. I feel so much better, and she was so happy I actually opened up to her. You were right."
    "That is good news."
    "Now! My issue I'm dealing with right now. Sean, you saw him in the truck yesterday. I'm very drawn to him. The dancer in me wants to be with him. BUT! The goofy Liz wants to be with Devin. I'm torn right down the middle. I need help."
    "Fuck them both and come back to me."
    "Michael! You said you would put your feelings aside and help me."
    "You're right. Tell me more about this."
    "Sean is awesome. I been waiting forever for a dance partner like him. He takes dance as serious as I do, so he satisfies that part of me. Me and him talked and we both have pretty strong feelings for each other. Devin obviously satisfies the goofy side of me. 50% dancer and 50% goofball."
    "Who are you drawn to more?"
    "I don't know! I wish I could mash them together into one boy."
    "That doesn't help me. Okay, who do you see yourself going further with in life? Think about it for a second. Who would be more finically stable and able to handle things unexpected?"
    "Money, Sean. Handling things, Devin."
    "Are you being hard-headed right now?"
    "I don't think I can help you Beautiful."
    "Advice then."
    "You won't really like it."
    "Break things off with Mr. Hart. Be single for a while, and step back and have a good look at the two."
    "I don't wanna hurt Devin. I can't do that."
    "That's the best advice I can give you. I may good at my job, but I can't always help people with their problems. You're split right down the middle, like you said. I can't fix that, you have to."
    "I don't know how. That's why I came to you."
    "The best advice I can give you, is the advice I just gave you Beautiful. Take a step back and just look."
    "I don't wanna hurt Devin."
    "Sometimes you have to hurt someone to make sure it's the right choice. For example, you hurt me and apparently Mr. Hart was the better choice."
    "Okay. I see what you're saying now."
    "Are you yourself around… Sean? Right?"
    "Yes and yes."
    "100% yourself?"
    "Can he handle you?"
    "Yeah. He talks as much shit as I do and he doesn't get mad when I... Oh!"
    "Still want to mash the two together?"
    "I don't think I have to. Damn it! I hate you."
    "Well, at least we solved your problem right?"
    "No! I'm gonna go find me a nice rock to hide under for the next thirty years."
    "That won't solve anything."
    "Yes it will."
    "What will it solve?"
    "Me not having to deal with shit for the next thirty years."
    "Mmm Hmm."
    "Shut up."
    "I didn't say a word. No one ever said life was easy Beautiful. When life gives you lemons?…"
    "Throw them at all the dumb asses?"
    "I guess you could."
    "I made you laugh."
    "Most people would make lemonade. You on the other hand would rather throw them at dumb asses."
    "Would you make lemonade?"
    "No. I'd take them to my mom have her make me a pie."
    "Mmm! Pie. I want pie now."
    "Go get one out of the vending machine for a dollar."
    "Those are fake pies! I only have $5 anyway. I need it for lunch not pie. Is that coffee?"
    "Gimme drink."
    "Not even a please?"
    "Gimme drink please?"
    "Take a drink and go to class."
    "Thank you!"
    "You're welcome. Now go."
    "Fine! Bye."

    Lemonade! Silly Michael! 


    Got no sex this mornin', and I'm in a fucked off mood. What is so special about a dumbass dance that has Liz not wantin' to go with me this weekend? I'm pissed! Yeah, yeah! I told her I wouldn't be pissed and jealous about this whole Sean thing. But really? Fuckin' Really? The fuckin' dude is spendin' more time with my lady than I am. It fuckin' bugs me. A lot!

    "Why you lookin' all pissy today kid?"
    "Don't even fuckin' start in on me Scott."
    "Ooo! Feisty too!"
    "Fuck you."
    "What's the problem?"
    "Girlfriend problems."
    "What did you do?"
    "I'm just in a pissed off mood because she decided not to come with us weekend."
    "Ode said she was. What changed her mind?"
    "I don't know! Some dance thing came up that they have to get done A.S.A.P. So she said she can't go. She's pretty much spendin' the whole weekend and half of next week with him. I'm fuckin' pissed dude."
    "You're pissed off at a gay kid spendin' time with your girlfriend?"
    "He's on his way to spending more time with her than me. It's not fuckin' right! She's mine, not his."
    "If you're so fuckin' worried about it then stay home."
    "Even if I stay I won't really see her."
    "What ever they are workin' on, Liz don't want anyone to see till it's done."
    "You're thinkin' about this shit way too much kid. Psyching yourself out. Sean won't try shit with Blondie. He doesn't even like girls."
    "Who doesn't like girls?"
    "Takin' off?"
    "Yeah. Hayden called she needs my help today. We are going to have breakfast and then we'll be back here. Oden told her you would tell us what we need to get for this weekend."
    "All right."
    "Morning Devin."
    "Sorry. Morning Rye."

    Note to self! Don't ever be rude to Rye in front of Scott unless you want your ass kicked. Bad!

    "Are you okay?"
    "Bad morning. I'm good though."
    "Tell this kid to stop worryin' about his girlfriend and that he has nothin' to worry about with your brother please."
    "What's going on with Elizabeth and my brother?"
    "She's spendin' the whole weekend with him workin' on some dance. I just don't like my girlfriend hangin' around with another guy so much is all."
    "Oh. I don't know anything about that. You have nothing to worry about with my brother. I told you this yesterday."
    "I know. It still pisses me off."
    "He's not gonna hit on her or try anything Kid. Let it go."
    "My brother doesn't hit on girls who have a boyfriend."
    "Wait... Sean isn't gay?"
    "No. Who said he was?"
    "Oh Baby, you just made the kids day worse."
    "By tellin' him Sean ain't gay. You told me yourself he likes boys."
    "He does, and he is with a boy at the moment. But, he's also very much attracted to girls as well."
    "Does Liz know this?"
    "I don't know."
    "Come on Rye! Tell me please."
    "I honestly don't know Devin. Truth."
    "I need pot. I'm goin' upstairs. Don't bug me for like an hour."

    Oh! I'm not good. No Bueno!


    The kid is over thinkin' this shit. He just needs to relax and let thing flew like they need to. He's fuckin' pissed, and Rye made it worse. Can't be mad at the woman. She didn't know.

    "Come out into the garage with me for a minute before you take off."
    "Are you mad at me?"
    "No. Ears upstairs. Come on."
    "Does Blondie know this about your brother?"
    "Yes. I told Devin I had no idea because I didn't want to make it any worse than I already have."
    "He might go and kick your brother's ass now for the fuck of it. You know that right?"
    "Devin has nothing to worry about. I told Ivan to not do anything about his feelings for Elizabeth and he said he wouldn't."
    "He likes her?"
    "He has it bad for that girl."
    "Fuck. Dev can't catch a break. I feel sorry for the kid."
    "What do you mean?"
    "The last girl he was with was super cute and everything. But she cheated on him a shitload of times and ended up getting pregnant by someone. Blondie is smokin' ass hot. They fit good. They have a lot in common and shit and he's fightin' tooth and nail to keep her. And they only been a couple for like a week so far."
    "All he needs to do is trust Elizabeth. That's all."
    "He does trust her. But that's his girl Rye. Think of Ode with Hayd."
    "That bad?"
    "Dev's temper isn't as bad as Ode's. But it's fuckin' gettin' there. Ode use to break shit and yell at people before he said fuck it and just started beatin' people. Dev is still in the breakin' shit stage."
    "I'll talk to Ivan. Nothing else I can do."
    "I don't think it'll matter at this point."
    "If Devin tries to fight Ivan, he's going to get his ass kicked."
    "How do you know?"
    "Can you lift about 100lbs up over your head with just one arm?"
    "Can Devin?"
    "I doubt it."
    "Ivan can."
    "Are you fuckin' with me?"
    "No. Dancers are not weak Scott."
    "Your brother doesn't seem like the fightin' type."
    "He's not. But I also don't see him just standing there taking a beating."
    "That's Dev's problem if he gets fucked up."
    "I guess. I have to get going now. I'll see you in a bit."
    "All right. I'm takin' off here in a minute. I'll be back in about an hour maybe two."
    "Okay. Don't rip off anymore finger nails."
    "No promises."
    "Bye Scott."
    "See ya."

    Let's go bug Dev!
      "Dude! It hasn't even been ten minutes!"
      "So! My house. I can do what the fuck I want."
      "Did you just put coke in the blunt?"
      "Yeah. And mind your own fuckin' business."
      "I don't want my ass kicked... Can I hit it?"
      "Thought you went straight kid?"
      "Thought you did too Scott!"
      "...Fair enough! Here."
      "Mmm... Good ole cabby."
      "You good now that you got some weed in you?"
      "A little bit."
      "You're not gonna go beat the shit out of Sean are you?"
      "No. I will if I have too."
      "For what?"
      "Touchin' my lady."
      "He's gonna touch her! Get the fuck over it."
      "My legs."
      "Rye said you ain't got shit to worry about. You just have to trust Blondie."
      "I do trust her. I tell her to do what she wants so she stays happy."
      "Then it's your own damn fault your pissed off."
      "I'm aware of that."
      "I don't know what to tell ya Kid. Get up and let's go get this drive line. Finish smokin' this shit in the truck."
      "All right."
      The Kid is so fuckin' lost right now.


    It's English time! Mr. Ballas is yum! Aww! Sean looks as tired as I feel. Poor thing! Let's go harass him for a minute or five.

    "Hey you."
    "How late were you?"
    "Like an hour."
    "Get in trouble?"
    "No. Ms. Cooper is my first class of the day. She likes me."
    "Cool. You okay?"
    "My back hurts. I fell asleep downstairs on the floor last night."
    "Pop it."
    "I been trying to all morning. I can't get it to pop where I need it to."
    "Stand up. I'll pop it."
    "By lifting me?"
    "Yes. Stand up."
    "You can't lift me."
    "Stand up!"
    "Fine. If you hurt yourself, it's not my fault."
    "Shut up."

    Oh god! Sean is fucking heavy! But I got his back to pop. Three places! What!

    "Oh! Yes. Thank you."
    "You're fucking heavy."
    "I'm surprised you're as strong as you are. My feet came off the ground."
    "How many places did it pop?"
    "Like four. It was hurting bad up high and you managed to get it. It felt so good."
    "You look as tired as I feel."
    "I am tired."
    "Poor thing."
    "I'll live."
    "Devin is all pissed off today."
    "Different reason today. I forgot I was going camping with him this weekend. He mentioned it this morning, and I was just like, Oh! I can't go. Me and Sean have something that needs to be done by Wednesday. He got all pissed. Mostly because I said I would go and now I'm not."
    "I don't think he trusts you like he says he does. If he did, he wouldn't be so pissed off. You know?"
    "Yeah. I'm starting to think that myself."
    "It doesn't bother you?"
    "Yeah! A lot actually. I was talking to Melissa, and she told me that Devin is still the nerdy kid and super sensitive about shit."
    "It's not your fault he's that way. His issue is mostly with me, not you."
    "Yeah. He said, Oh! My girlfriend is spending the weekend with another guy. I told him this week is important and after we're done with this we'll have tons of time to spend together."
    "I don't have a problem with Devin coming to my house with you. If he thinks me and you are just fucking around have him come too. That way he can see that we're actually working our asses off."
    "He wouldn't enjoy himself."
    "Tell him to come with you one day and see if it helps. If it doesn't then maybe we shouldn't hang out and shit anymore."
    "Stop dancing?"
    "Together, yes."
    "No. My dad's last words... Don't let anyone stop you from doing what you love so much."
    "Come on Liz! You'd seriously leave him if he told you to stop dancing with me?"
    "I actually think I would."
    "That's kind of fucked up."
    "What if your boyfriend told you to stop dancing with me? Or to stop dancing all together?"
    "I'd leave him."
    "That's kind of fucked up."
    "Yeah. I guess we're both kind of fucked up."
    "A little bit. But we both know what we want out of this and obviously we both love it enough to not have someone tell us we can't do it."
    "If... Never mind."
    "Nothing. Forget it."
    "Come on Sean, just tell me."
    "If something happens between you and Devin and you two end up breaking up, will you be with me?"
    "Yes. I'll even let you keep your boyfriend if you want."
    "No. I don't want to have to separate my time between to people. I'd leave him for you."
    "You split your time with two people right now."
    "No. We mess around when she wants to. Her brother is okay with it because it keeps her mouth shut."
    "Oh! I thought you were in a weird love thing with brother and sister."
    "No. I'm in a relationship with one person."
    "Aww! I bet your three dildoes are so sad and lonely."
    "Fuck you."
    "You said you owned three! Not me."
    "I don't own one."
    "I know! You have three."
    "Why do I like you so fucking much?"
    "Because I'm cool as shit."
    "I'll let you continue believing that."
    "What? You can talk shit to me but I can't talk it back?"
    "Yes. It's fun! Oh, there's your girlfriend. I should move."


    History fuckin' sucks with Dev gone. I have no one to copy off of. I know I'm gettin' this shit wrong. Fuck it. I'm takin' a nap. Or not! Who's texting me? Ah! Dev.

    "Havin' fun learnin'?"
    "No. History fuckin' blows man."
    "Stop your bitchin'"
    "Why ain't you
    "Don't feel like it. Pissed."
    "Still? Get over it man."
    "New reason."
    "Why now?"
    "Liz ain't comin' with us this weekend. She'll be hangin' out with Sean."
    "Sean again? He ain't gonna hit on her or shit."
    "You sure?"
    "From what you told me. Yes."
    "He ain't gay dude."
    "Who said that?"
    "His fuckin' sister."
    "Liz know this?"
    "His sister said she has no idea if he told her or not."
    "Want me to ask her?"
    "No. I'm just gonna leave it alone."
    "This is why you're so fuckin' pissed off man. Talk to Liz and fix the shit before it blows the fuck up in your face."
    "Say what to her? Stop dancing because I don't like Sean? That's a stupid fuckin' idea."
    "Why is that a stupid idea?"
    "She will leave me if I pull some shit like that."
    "Whatever. Keep doin' what you're doin' and see if that fuckin' works then."

    Fuckin' Dev! He don't listen to anyone. I can't text Melissa, she leaves her phone in her locker. Fuck Dev! I'm texting Liz.

    "You're in trouble."
    "Who is this?"
    "Who gave you my number?"
    "Melissa did the day I picked you up in case I had to call you."
    "Okay. Why am I in trouble?"
    "Scott mentioned Sean being gay."
    "So you know too?"
    "I know Sean isn't gay and so does your boyfriend."
    "He's gay. I've heard him on the phone with his boyfriend."
    "Sean's sister is the one who told Dev he's not."
    "Sean hasn't said shit to me. This is the first I'm hearing of it."
    "Are you
    "You know Dev will be fuckin' pissed if you knew this shit all along and didn't tell him."
    "I had no idea Jacob."
    "Dev is probably already thinkin' you knew and didn't tell him so he'd be cool with Sean."
    "Why are you texting me this? Why isn't he?"
    "He isn't planning on tellin' you he knows. He don't wanna piss you off."
    "I'm texting him."
    "Don't tell him I told you. He said not to ask you shit."
    "What the fuck Jacob?"
    "My bad."


    Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Forward text, Sean, Send. Ooops!

    "Phone off in class. You all know the rules, it is not anyone's first day."

    Yeah Sean!

    "Who text this to you?"
    "My sister told Devin?"
    "What he said."
    "And now Jacob knows I like guys."
    "Hold on. Let me text my sister."

    He's taking forever!

    "She said she told him and when he asked if you knew she said she didn't know so it wouldn't make shit worse."
    "Jacob said Devin is probably already thinking I know and didn't tell him so he would be okay with you."
    "That's exactly what you're doing."
    "I know. I told Jacob this is the first I'm hearing about it."
    "Devin isn't gonna tell me he knows."
    "He doesn't do well when he keeps shit in. You saw what he did to Heather."
    "He does that shit to me in front of everyone, everyone will see him get his ass kicked by a fucking girl."
    "I'd watch that. I saw you kick Kim's ass."
    "It'll be just like that too."
    "Are you going to tell him you know?"
    "No. He's leaving it alone, so am I."
    "If he kicks my ass for any reason don't be pissed off if I hit him back."
    "I won't. I'll be mad at him for hitting you. I'd be mad at you if you hit him first."

    "Ms. Sanders. Phone. You can get it after class."
    "Sad face Mr. Ballas!"
    "Phone off and sit it on the corner of your desk. Matter of fact, everyone phones off corner of your desks."
    "You too! Phone off, corner of your desk Mr. Ballas."
    He pulls his phone out of his pocket and sits it on his desk. Nice!

    "Can we continue now?"

    I look back at Sean and he just shakes his head at me. Bored! Fifteen minutes until lunch. Come on world spin faster! It sucks that Devin won't tell me what Rye said to him. If he's gonna leave it alone, so am I. Better if he just told me, but I think I would still lie and say I had no idea. I'm a bad girlfriend. Well!… Yeah, I'm a bad girlfriend. Lying to him for my own gain really. And yeah, It may be fucked up to just leave him and it does hurt to even think it. But no one is going to stand in my way. Maybe Devin would understand more if I gave him my dad's DVD to watch. Lunch time! Yay! Devin is here already.

    "Hey you! Kiss me!"
    "Havin' fun learnin'?"
    "Oh! Loads! Having fun working?"
    "Haven't done shit all day."
    "Why not?"
    "Don't feel like it. Lets go eat."
    "What about Jacob and Melissa?"
    "They left already."
    "Oh! Okay. Where we going?"
    "Where do you wanna go?"
    "You think we have time to go to my house?"
    "I doubt it. Why?"
    "I only have $5"
    "I have money. Pick a place. Hurry up."
    "No. Jacob and Melissa went to the burger place. I wanna have lunch with just you."
    "Okay. Samiches? We don't even have to drive."
    "Sounds good to me."
    "No. To lazy."
    "It's right there Devin. You can't be that lazy."
    "I am that lazy."
    "That's pretty bad."
    "I know right?"


    Dev didn't wanna come with me and Melissa. Wanted to have lunch with just Liz. Wonder why? Don't care anymore!

    "Scott said Sean is gay."
    "Yeah. Don't say anything."
    "Sean's sister said he's not."
    "I know that fuckin' tone. What do you know? What did Liz tell you?"
    "Please don't involve me Jacob. You know it makes me uncomfortable."
    "All I'm askin' is what she told you."
    "She didn't tell me anything."
    "You're lyin'. Why?"
    "I don't want to be part of this Jacob."
    "She knew about Sean and didn't tell Dev huh?"
    "I'm honest with you."
    "I'm honest with you as well. What Liz told me, she told me in private. That's all."
    "I won't tell Dev."
    "Now, that's a lie."
    "Yeah, I'll tell him. He's my boy! I don't want Liz to go fuck around on him. Like Heather."
    "Okay. I'll tell you one thing she said. If you tell Devin! No sex for you for a month. Understood?"
    "Liz said she will not leave Devin for Sean. He has nothing to worry about."
    "She does know. Why is she keepin' it from Dev?"
    "Damn you Jacob. Yes! Liz does know. She's not telling him because she knows he won't be okay with it."
    "He wasn't okay with it when he thought he was gay."
    "That's his issue. He told her to dance, so he can't be mad. It's not fair to her."
    "He said he's gonna leave it alone and not tell her he knows."
    "He should talk to her."
    "I told her he knows."
    "Babe! It's none of your business."
    "I know. My bad."
    "What did she say when you told her?"
    "That it was the first she's hearing it. If Dev asks her, she'll say the same thing."
    "Yeah. Stay out of it Babe. Let them figure it out. It'll build up their relationship."
    "Or blow it the fuck up."
    "That too. If they were meant to be together they'll be okay. If not, then at least he got her for a while."
    "He's in love with her. He lets her do what she wants to so she stays happy and won't leave him."
    "She also doesn't want to be in a relationship where she has to constantly walk on egg shells. She doesn't want to hurt Devin, but the way they are working right now isn't good. They need to be open and honest with each other. At first they were. Now… They may not last."
    "That's what I told Ode this morning. I told him he made her cry and shit too."
    "What did he say about it?"
    "That they both need to make compromises to make it work."
    "That is true."
    "I need to find Dev a backup chick just in case."
    "What do you think about Emily?"
    "Dev won't go for a girl that Sean fucked."
    "Cheerleader here! Emily and Devin have messed around. More than once. And! She's the only cheerleader that doesn't sleep around."
    "Dev messed around with Sean's girl?"
    "They aren't a couple. Sean is dating a boy right now. Emily's brother. They play couple to hide the fact he's dating him. Her and Sean have sex every now and then. That's about it."
    "So the whole cheerleading team knows about Sean?"
    "No. I'm friends with Emily. I just happen to know a lot of stuff about kids at school. I just keep my mouth shut about most of it."
    "I bet I know somethin' you don't."
    "Oh yeah? About who?"
    "What about her?"
    "Let's just say you two have somethin' in common."
    "That doesn't tell me anything."
    "It's huge!"
    "She has a kid?"
    "Close! But no."
    "I don't know Jacob."
    "Think about the father of your kid."
    "She had sex with him too?"
    "Another teacher?"
    "Okay! You're on the right track. Last clue... Daddy Issues."
    "Daddy is... Oh my god! Mr. Avalon!?"
    "Ding, ding, ding!"
    "Who told you this?"
    "Dev told me and Ode on accident. She left him for Dev."
    "Wait! They were in a relationship?"
    "Yeah. He's her neighbor so it worked out."
    "Holy shit."
    "That's what I said."
    "That's big! I feel like I need to tell you something big."
    "How about something else Liz said."
    "Sean sniffed her armpits."
    "He fuckin' did what?"
    "Sniffed her armpits. Liz said it's a weird habit of his. He asked to smell her and she let him."
    "She fuckin' let him?"
    "Yeah. She said she liked it a lot. What does that mean when a boy does that?"
    "I don't know."
    "You smell me."
    "Yeah! But that's different. I love..."
    "Oh! We may have a problem."
    "Uh huh! No! He could just be fuckin' weird."
    "Do you go around smelling random girls?"
    "No. Well... If I was standing close to a girl I would smell their hair and shit. Not how I smell you."
    "Liz said he likes the smell of girls who don't wear perfume and stuff."
    "He's just fuckin' weird. Nothin' to worry about. Right?"
    "I have no idea!"

    Fuck! I can't say shit to Dev! I need the sex! Damn it Melissa!


    Lunch was actually really good. Devin did seem a little bit distant though. I wish he would've said something. I wish I told him Jacob told me. But then again, Jacob is pretty much his only friend and I don't want to fuck that up. Bored! I'm finished with my math and I did all my homework from my other classes. Hmm. Who can I text? Tortillo Boy! Why not!

    "Do somethin' then."
    "Send me a picture of your dick."
    "You have one already."
    "You're no fun! I'll text Jacob for one."
    "You better not! That's fucked up."
    "He sent one! Hold on I'll send it to you."
    "I'm joking! I don't wanna see his dick."
    "How would you feel if a girl was sendin' me nudes?"
    "I'd wanna see them. Then get off on them and then get you off with your dick deep down my throat."
    "Not cool! Pee pee hard at work. Thanks!"
    "Licking your balls at the same time."
    "Stop it now."
    "I'm so wet. Come lick me dry."
    "You fuckin' suck."
    "I know. I love sucking on you."
    "If I send you a pee pee picture will you stop?"
    "Hold on."

    Yay! Dick picture! Let's tease him some more!

    "Oh god! I want that inside me right now."
    "I fuckin' hate you."
    "In and out nice and slow. Moaning in your ear and scratching your back."
    "Come on!"
    "Biting your neck."
    "I like neck bites."
    "I love driving you crazy when I bite on your neck. Turns me on so much."
    "I'm sad! You're torturing me! No fair!"
    "I just want you inside me."
    "I want inside you too! I can't! You suck!"
    "What time are you leaving?"
    "Scott is closing at 7:00. So, probably around 8:00 tonight."
    "You work till then?"
    "Yeah. Have Jacob drop you off here and we'll get down on Scott’s bed."
    "That's so wrong."
    "My car?"
    "In the parking lot?"
    "I'll pull around back."
    "People will hear me."
    "So. I have to go. I'll talk to you in a bit."

    Just in time for the bell too! Dance time! Mmm... Should I change? I don't wanna! Ahhh!

    "Oh my god Sean!"
    "I thought you weren't scared of lifts?"
    "I'm not! You fucking came out of nowhere! It scared me. I don't wanna get dropped."
    "Trust me I know what I'm doing. I won't drop you."
    "Okay. Put me down now."
    "Mmm… No."
    "You smell good. Let me enjoy it for a minute. I'll put you down when we get to class."
    "I don't stink."
    "You smell like..."
    He sniffs me! Ha!

    "It's called Vanilla Cupcake."
    "I like it."
    "I thought you liked stinky pits?"
    "I do. I like that better than Vanilla Cupcake."
    "Am I getting heavy yet?"
    "No. You're not heavy at all."
    "You are. Fatty."
    "I am not fat."
    "Boobie squeeze! Ooo! Nice!"
    "No fat."
    "Can you move your boobies?"
    "Grab one again."
    "You can! That's hot. Aww! My ride is over. Sad face!"
    "Aww! You have to use your legs now. How sad."
    "I'm gonna kiss you later. Just because."
    "I might let you this time. Maybe!"
    "Hello again Ms. Cooper!"
    "Hello Elizabeth, Sean."
    "Me and Sean need to talk to you about something."
    "Okay. Give me one minute to get things going and we'll chat."
    "Okay. Sean..."
    "What's that girl's name right there?"
    "Rebecca. Why?"
    "Ballerina queen."
    "Yeah. What gave it away?"
    "Her feet. I saw them when she was changing her shoes."
    "I've seen them before too. Toes are jacked."
    "Right! Cheap shoes or she's been doing it a long ass time."
    "Only about five years."
    "Cheap shoes. She needs to take care of those feet."
    "Did you do ballet before all the ballroom stuff?"
    "Yeah, and tap too. You?"
    "Ballet. I think everyone starts off with it. Unless you start at an older age."
    "No tap?"
    "Not really. I can do it though."
    "You progressed fast huh? Because of your mom?"
    "Yeah. She always made sure I practiced and shit."
    "You're really good."
    "I work hard. I like it."
    "First competition win?"
    "Eleven. I still can't believe you got your first one at eight. Blows my mind."
    "I work hard too."
    "I'll let you know when I smell your shoes."
    "I don't wear shoes! So! Ha!"
    "I'll just have to smell you then huh?"
    "I'll let you. Weirdo!"
    "You don't have any weird habits?"
    "Not really. I like to put a finger in a guy's butt when I suck him off. That's weird to most people."
    "Not to me. I like it."
    "I bet you do. You have any cool sex tricks?"
    "I don't think so."
    "What has Emily or your boyfriend said?"
    "That I last a really long time."
    "Really? Like, you can hold it in?"
    "I guess. If I don't want to get off yet, I don't. When I'm done, I'm done."
    "What about you?"
    "I have no gag reflex."
    "You suck dick like a porn star. I like the sound of that."
    "Do you swallow when you suck dick?"
    "No. I don't like it."
    "Do you eat jay?"
    "Oh. Yes."
    "When a girl gets off do you lick it all up?"
    "I do. I like it."
    "Me too."
    "I love to eat jays too."
    "Dick move a little?"
    "Just a little bit. That's kind of hot."
    "Is your boyfriend gay or bi?"
    "Gay. Acts gay, talks gay, makes me watch fucking chick flicks with him and shit."
    "I hate chick flicks."
    "You're not the only one."
    "Okay you two, what did you need to talk to me about?"

    Did I just have a sex conversation with Sean? Happy face! We talked to Ms. Cooper and let her know everything Jim wanted us to. She pretty much said, okay and she would talk to him after class today. Step one in project fix my mom? CHECK!

    "Should we help anyone since we have nothing to do?"
    "No. They want any help they'll ask."
    "Some of them should really ask. Just sayin'!"
    "Yup! I'm glad I got a partner this year."
    "Yes. I would just help everyone in here."
    "Like a teachers aid?"
    "Kind of. No one ever wanted to work with me. They are all scared of learning something new."
    "What do you mean?"
    "Most of these guys just find a dance online and copy it. I don't copy dances."
    "It's no fun copying dances."
    "We're going to be copying one."
    "Not really. Yeah! We are, but the Rumba is old. We'll freshen it up for sure, but for the most part I want it to stay as close as possible to it."
    "We'll figure it out."
    "What other dances is Ms. Cooper going to make us do? You know?"
    "Yes. I have the list in my email."
    "Can I see?"
    "Yes. Hold on."
    "I saw your lock code! 3275!"
    "Hard-headed and nosy."
    "I just say blonde."
    "Here you go."
    "Ooo! Lemme see! Are these in order?"
    "Yes, but sometimes she'll change it up."
    "There's no Paso on this list. Sad face!"
    "No. But look. See how it says free on the list here and there?"
    "Mmm Hmm."
    "Any dance we want. So you get your Paso and I'll get my Argentine Tango."
    "Tango is on here."
    "Yeah. No Viennese Waltz either. Just a normal Waltz."
    "You can make it Viennese so easily and sometimes no one will notice."
    "Ms. Cooper will."
    "Contemporary is on here."
    "I fucking hate contemporary."
    "I don't think it's real dance."
    "I like it. Gives you a chance to do weird moves and shit."
    "I honestly have no idea how to even do it. I saw it and didn't want to learn it."
    "I'm pretty good at it."
    "At least one of us is."
    "Oh! Text message from Travis. Can I read it?"
    "No. Give me my phone back."

    Lean and peek!

    "Are you serious?"
    "I'm nosy."
    "Fine. Here, read them."
    "Travis is your boyfriend. Okay! I just saw his wiener."
    "Oh! I forgot about that picture. It's not his, It's mine."
    "I saw your wiener."
    "So. You've seen a dick before. It's like tits. You've seen one set, you pretty much seen them all."
    "Travis is cute! This is him right?"
    "He's cute. Is he skinny?"
    "Yeah. I bet you have more muscle than he does."
    "Aww! Any boobie pictures?"

    Sneaky boobie text!

    "Are you sure?"
    "I'm positive."
    "Here's your phone back. You got another text."
    "Those... Are nice. Really nice."
    "Only fair. I saw your wiener. Don't show anyone."
    "I won't."
    "What was that for?"
    "You were looking at me. So, I booped your nose. Boop again! HEY!"
    "That was my boobie, not my nose."
    "Are you mad?"
    "No. You're fun."

    We just sat there and talked shit the whole time. It was fun! Nosy Lizzy time!

    "Does Blaine know about Heather?"
    "Yes. He's not happy about it either. Mostly because of what Devin did. His girlfriend left him and everything."
    "You don't have Science with us! He cussed at the teacher too."
    "I know all about it. Made Heather cry in front of everyone."
    "He must be really good at making girls cry. He made me cry last night."
    "Said, I ain't your dad, I can't tell you no. And he was yelling at me. It hurt."
    "Why was he yelling at you?"
    "Because I didn't text him to let him know you took me to my mom's storage."
    "That's fucking stupid."
    "I know. How was he with Heather for two years?"
    "She stayed for the free coke. He stayed just to have a girlfriend. They fought a lot."
    "Coke. She would go off on him when he wouldn't give her any. But, that's because of Oden. He doesn't want anyone to kill themselves. So, he won't sell anyone a lot in a short period of time. Same goes for Devin. Oden won't give him a lot."
    "Do you do coke?"
    "No. I've tried it. I don't like it, I like weed. And I like to do ecstasy with girls. Makes sex extra amazing."
    "Yeah. Do it with me sometime."
    "Sex or ecstasy?"
    "Okay... I like beer and vodka. I almost took that beer in your fridge last night."
    "You could of. I wouldn't have cared."
    "I'm gonna take it now."
    "Go ahead."
    "The bell! Let's go!"
    "I need to get all my shit first."
    "Okay. I need to grab some stuff out of my locker too. I'll meet you outside?"

    Jacob and Melissa are by my locker waiting for me? I didn't ask for a ride or anything. Maybe Melissa said to give me one?

    "Hey Guys."
    "Get your shit and let's go."
    "Sean is giving me a ride today."
    "Are you sure that's a good idea?"
    "Does Dev know he's givin' you a ride?"
    "Yes. Me and Sean have a project that needs to be done by Wednesday."
    "Dev wants to see you before we take off. He told me to drop you off at Scott's."
    "He didn't tell me anything. Me and Sean have shit to do and we can't fuck around."
    "Whatever. Let's go Melissa."
    "Give me one minute with Liz Babe."
    "I'll be in the car."
    "Maybe you should come with us and meet Sean later."
    "I can't Melissa."
    "Liz... You're going to make Devin upset."
    "He knows what's going on. We already talked about it. And if he really wanted Jacob to give me a ride he should of text me and asked first."
    "Okay. I can't leave Jacob in the car forever. I'll see you later."
    "All right. Have fun this weekend."

    Devin doesn't tell me anything, but he tells Jacob? What the hell is going on here? I'll call him in a few minutes. I'm little pissed and I just want to cool down first.

    "You ready?... Hey, you okay?"
    "No. I need to call Devin here in a minute. Apparently he told Jacob to drop me off at his work or something."
    "Why didn't he tell you himself?"
    "That's what I'm wondering. I'll call him in your truck. I still need to cool off a minute."
    "I have one thing to do before we head to your house. Is that okay?"
    "Yes. My mom is still home. We have about an hour before she leaves."
    "Sounds good."

    Devin isn't answering his phone! I just sent him a text to call me when he could.

    "Where are we going?"
    "My boyfriend's house. He needs a ride to work."
    "Emily can't take him?"
    "No, she has cheerleading after school."
    "He doesn't drive?"
    "He does. He has a flat tire."
    "Change the tire. Doesn't he have a spare?"
    "He has no clue how to change a tire."
    "Do you?"
    "Yes. But I don't have the time to do it for him. He's already late for work."
    "He could've called a cab."
    "He won't take one. He says they're to dirty."
    "Wuss. Do you want me to get in the back when we get to his house?"
    "If you don't mind."
    "The back is big. I won't cry about being tall back there. I bitch all the time when I have to sit in the back of Jacob's car. Melissa will have the seat all the way up and I'm still all smashed in."
    "Lay down. Problem solved."
    "That's what he says. Lay down and stop your bitchin'."
    "Is Jacob getting his orange Mustang back? Or is the red one his now?"
    "Scott is fixing it for him. The red one is Scott's that he loaned him."
    "I know the red one came from Scott. He was trying to sell it for a few months, then he took the for sale sign off and it just sat in his parking lot for about week before Jacob got it."
    "Why do you drive a truck and not a nice car like your mom and sister?"
    "My truck is nice."
    "I know! What I meant was... Uh."
    "An expensive ass car?"
    "I didn't want one. I wanted this truck, so I got it. I don't need to show off the fact I have money in a fancy ass car."
    "I wish I could get things when I wanted and not have to worry about money."
    "Get a job."
    "I don't drive! How would I get to work?"
    "Learn to drive then."
    "I do know how to drive. I don't have the money for the class to get my license."
    "Take the class online for $10, then pay the $75 to drive."
    "No money Sean."
    "Ask your boyfriend for it."
    "He already said he would pay for it."
    "There you go."
    "Still won't have money for a car though."
    "Be really nice to him and he might ask Scott to hook you up with one."
    "He has access to cars?"
    "Scott rebuilds car. The Mustang Jacob is driving, Scott built that."
    "Cool! Devin told me his dad built the 'Cuda and Oden built his Charger."
    "Did Scott drive a cool car in high school like Oden?"
    "Scott has a cool car now."
    "He drives a truck and a stupid Impala."
    "He's selling the Impala right now. The truck he uses when he needs to go pick up parts and what not. You haven't seen the 1951 Chevy at his place?"
    "Oh! That bitch is sexy for being a Chevy."
    "That's his car."
    "Oh! But what did he drive in high school?"
    "An old Plymouth Fury."
    "NICE! What year?"
    "I don't know."
    "I love them old Mopars."
    "You like cars?"
    "Yeah. Weird right?"
    "A little bit. Now I see why Devin likes you so damn much."
    "He likes me for my legs."
    "Everyone likes those fucking legs of yours. You have any idea how many people actually talk about you at school?"
    "Anything bad?"
    "No, but every guy I hang out with all talk about how hot you are, how long your legs are, how bad they just want to fuck the shit out of you."
    "You talk about me too?"
    "Yes. I don't say I want to fuck the shit out of you. I do talk about how long your legs are and how tall you are."
    "Aww! You don't think I'm hot?"
    "You're very attractive, yes."
    "Not hot?"
    "Yes Liz! You are hot."
    "Thank you!"

    Travis lives on the same street as Devin's parents! We passed right by their house. Oh! There's that Challenger. Hello!

    "I fucking love that car!"
    "Devin's dad has an old Challenger. We just passed their house."
    "Oh. You've met his parents?"
    "Yeah. They're really nice. Devin's dad is bigger than Oden. He looks scary and shit but he's super nice."
    "Does Oden look like him?"
    "They both do. All three of them have the same nose. Devin has his mom's eyes and hair color. Oden is almost identical to his dad."
    "That's funny!"
    "Shut up and get in the back."
    "I'll get in the back, but I won't shut up."
    "I figured you wouldn't."
    "It's to small back here."
    "Lay down and stop bitching."
    "I knew you'd say that! That was awesome!"
    "Shut up."
    "Sean?... Sean!... Sad face!... Sean?"

    Travis is tall and skinny, but he's so darn cute! His hair looks better than mine! For real! It's shinny! I want pretty shiny hair! I must know what he uses!

    "Hi. You said a friend was coming with you, I wasn't expecting a girl."
    "I'm Liz."
    "Nice to meet you."
    "Same here."
    "Um... Okay."
    "There's no need to be rude to her. You knew someone was coming with me."
    "It's fine Sean. I'll just sit here quietly. I'm not even here."
    "Is this the girl Emily told me about?"
    "What? I told you about her."
    "What you told me was you have a new dancing partner, not a dance class cuddle buddy."
    "Cuddle buddy? Who the fuck told her that?"
    "Our cousin."
    "Fucking Rebecca."
    "Mmm Hmm."
    "I was showing Liz something on my phone. Rebecca needs to get her shit straight before talking any kind of shit to Emily."
    Thank god my phone is ringing! Tortillo Boy!

    "Sorry, but can you guys not fight for a second? My boyfriend is calling."
    "Be sure to tell him about your dance class cuddle fest with another boy."
    "I don't know you, but I have no problem punching you in your fucking mouth right now. I was super nice to you and you've been nothing but rude to me. I am not trying to steal your fucking boyfriend so chill the fuck out."
    "You told her about us?"
    "Yes. Trust me, she's cool."
    "Can I call my boyfriend back now?"
    "Thank you."

    I can see it in Sean's face. He's super uncomfortable right now. Probably mad as hell too! His ass face boyfriend better keep his mouth shut for five minutes!

    "Word up girl!"
    "Hey you! Sorry I missed your call a minute ago."
    "It's cool. What's up?"
    "Did you tell Jacob to drop me off there?"
    "No. You told me Sean was giving you a ride. Why would I ask Jacob to?"
    "Him and Melissa were waiting for me after school and he said that you told him to give me one because you wanted to see me before you guys left. He got all pissed and stormed off when I said no."
    "I do wanna see you again before we leave, but no I didn't tell him that. I'll ask him what the fuck when I see him later. But I promise I did not tell him that shit. We talked at lunch! Everything is cool."
    "Are you mad?"
    "No. Still pissed that you're not comin' with us. But I'll get over it."
    "If you have service at all, you can always call me and send me nudies."
    "You need to send me a bunch to hold me over for the weekend."
    "No! I don't want my boyfriend to come home with one buff arm."
    "I switch hands every now and then."
    "That's funny!"
    "I need to get off here. Scott is givin' me the crazy stink face. I'll call you before we leave."
    "Later gator."

    Okay! What the hell is Jacob's problem? Why would he tell me Devin wanted him to give me a ride for? Devin said he didn't ask him. I do believe my Tortillo Boy.

    "Thank you guys."
    "What's the deal with you and Sean?"
    "Nothing. I have a boyfriend."
    "Don't mind him Liz. I should've warned you he could be a fucking dick sometimes."
    "Me? I'm not the one who was all over someone else."
    "I wasn't all over her!"
    "I'm sorry I believe my cousin over you."
    "You believe the bullshit that comes out of her mouth. It's her favorite fucking thing to do! Start random bullshit!"
    "Don't talk shit about Rebecca."
    "Believe me! I'm not! I'm stating the fucking truth about her."
    "Sean, I'm getting really uncomfortable here."
    "I'm sorry."
    "Why are you uncomfortable? You're the cause of all this fighting."
    "No I'm fucking not! Your dumb ass cousin is. I'm done with this shit."
    "Liz! Get back in the truck."
    "No Sean. I'll call Devin to come get me. I don't deserve this shit."
    "Neither do I. Please, get back in before traffic starts moving."
    "Let the home wrecker go Sean."

    No words at all! Sean straight back hands his boyfriend so fucking hard in the mouth it busted his top and bottom lip open. It was cool!

    "How about you get the fuck out."
    "You busted my mouth open and you're going to make me walk?"
    "Call Rebecca. I'm sure she'll be happy to give you a ride. Get out."
    "Three years and you're just going to throw it away just like that?"
    "Just get out."
    "Fine. This right here Sean. Me and you, it's done."

    For a second I thought he was gonna bitch slap me! Giving me a crazy ass look as he walked passed. I should've slapped him, I don't think Sean would of cared at this point.

    "Liz... Please get back in. People behind me are honking."
    "Okay. Um... Turn down this street up here. It's back tracking a little bit and it'll take a little bit lon…"
    "I know. I was going to."
    "Why are you mad at me?"
    "I'm not."
    "I don't like your tone."
    "I'm not mad at you. Sorry for my tone."
    "Boop! You smiled! Happy face!"
    "That instantly put me in a better mood. Thank you."
    "And your tone is gone."
    "I'm sorry for all of that."
    "You hit him fucking hard! Look at your hand how red it is."
    "I didn't want to hit him. Home wrecker made me mad."
    "I'm not a home wrecker am I?"
    "No. We did nothing wrong. He was just being an idiot."
    "Is he always like that?"
    "Yes. He never liked the fact I like girls too. Always called me greedy because of it."
    "I'm greedy too then."
    "Are you okay?"
    "Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?"
    "He was extremely rude to you from the second he got in the truck."
    "I'm fine. He's lucky I didn't punch him in his mouth."
    "I pretty much did that for you. You're welcome Beanstalk."
    "Thank you... It's later, can I kiss you now?"

    He pulls over and puts the truck in park. I'm nervous! I changed my mind! No I didn't! Oh! He's a good kisser.

    "Mmm... I'm not done... Come back here."

    His lips are crazy soft!

    "Your lips taste like peaches. I like it."
    "One more since you like it."
    "We got all day to kiss again. I don't want to make out on the side of the road."
    "Sad face Sean!"
    "Come here."

    Yay! Happy Face! We got the DVD done, and Sean even made a second copy of the whole video for my mom. He said VHS won't last forever. For now, I put it in my box under my bed. Kissed Sean a few more times. Got a few things together for when we get to his house, washed the few dishes that were in the sink, tidied up a little bit, and I called Jim! He's home and said to come by so we can get things going. Step two in project fix my mom? CHECK! And hey! Jacob is here! Yay!

    "I didn't think Jacob would be here."
    "Why is he here?"
    "He lives here. Jim is his uncle."
    "Oh! I did not know that."
    "Mmm hmm... Come here."
    "No... Mills is walking up."
    "Oh... Come on, let's get this shit done and get out of here."
    "Hey you guys!"
    "Hey Melissa!"
    "What are you guys doing here?"
    "We need to show Jim something."
    "Okay. Hi Sean."
    "Hello. You smell like weed."
    "Jacob is over there smoking. I was sitting right next to him and then he told me to come and see who pulled up."
    "What his problem today?"
    "What do you mean?"
    "The ride to Scott's. Devin said he didn't tell Jacob to drop me off there."
    "Oh! I have no idea why he said that."
    "Oh well, I need to get this done with Jim. So I'll chat with you after."
    "Okay. Come this way and go in through the side door."
    "Following you."
    "I'll be a minute. My mom is calling me."
    "All right."

    Speaking Russian! Meow!

    "You're in trouble Babe."
    "For what?"
    "Telling Liz that Devin said to drop her off at Scott's."
    "You called Dev and told on me Liz?"
    "I sure did. We had lunch together today Jacob. He knew Sean was gonna give me a ride and everything and he's fine with it."
    "If you say so."
    "What's your problem Jacob? You're like picking on me. Kind of hurting my feelings here."
    "I'm not fuckin' pickin' on you. Just makin' sure you don't go and fuck shit up with Dev, with Russian boy over there."
    "I am not doing anything wrong with Sean."
    "Babe, I asked you to stay out of it. Let Liz and Devin handle whatever issues they have."
    "Listen to your girlfriend Puppet Boy. I'm going inside now."

(Click on the computer for Sims Goodies!)

    Telling me I'm fucking shit up with Devin. He doesn't know anything. Well, he probably does. Devin likes to talk.

    "Hi Jim!"
    "Ready to watch this?"
    "Yes. Give me one minute to finish this up"
    "Okie dokie!... Whatcha doin'?"
    "School work."
    "Cool. Anything exciting?"
    "Not really."
    "Can I raid your fridge? I'm thirsty."
    "Help yourself."
    "No water?"
    "Unlimited supply in the sink."
    "Sad face Jim."
    "Cups are there, ice is in there. Sink? Right there. Stop being picky."
    "I'm not picky."
    "Not what your mother says."
    "Cups are here you say?"
    "Sean! Am I picky?"
    "From what I know so far, yes."
    "You're supposed to say no!"
    "Okay. No, you're not picky at all."
    "See Jim."
    "Still not what your mother says. Mr. Lebedinsky."
    "Hello. A lot of tattoos."
    "Right! And he's our principle slash rocker dude who rides a motorcycle!"
    "You make it sound like I'm a bad guy."   
    "No! Ms. Cooper talk you today?"
    "She did."
    "She is fine with it. She's actually really excited to see what you two have and she thinks it's really sweet what you're doing for your mother."

    Step three in project fix my mom? CHECK!

    "We're out of here Uncle Jimmy."
    "All right. Have a good time, and nothing stupid."
    "No promises on the nothing stupid. See ya!"
    "Bye you guys."
    "Bye Melissa, Puppet Boy."
    "Fuck you."
    "Come on! She called me Puppet Boy. I don't like that shit."
    "You know what else he doesn't like?... BLAH!"
    "We're leavin'! Come on woman."
    "Bye guys."
    "Oh! I need to move my truck. I parked behind you. I'll be right back."
    "Okay… Has Jacob always been scared of puke?"
    "For as long as I can remember. What's with Puppet Boy?"
    "Melissa asks him to do something, and he does it. He's her puppet. It's so darn cute!"
    "I see. All right, let's watch this video and get you guys on your way."
    "Let's do this!"

    Step four in project fix my mom? CHECK! Step five! Is to make it better and pretty. Shouldn't be too hard. We got this.


    "Pull your car into the garage and let's get goin'."
    "Jacob is on his way. He's leavin' the Mustang here and riding with Ode and Hayden, so we have to wait for him too."
    "I almost forgot..."

    The fuck I get punched by Ode for?

    "The fuck Ode?"
    "That's for makin' Blondie cry last night."
    "You made that girl cry? What's wrong with you?"
    "Who the fuck told you I made her cry?"
    "Jacob. The fuck you doin' yellin' at her over some dumb shit Dev?"
    "I'm an idiot. I didn't mean to make her cry. I said, I ain't your dad, and she started cryin'. It just came out."
    "Why did that make her cry?"
    "Her and her dad were hit by someone who ran a light and he died."
    "Blondie seen her pops die?"
    "That's fucked up."
    "Yeah... I still feel like shit."
    "Besides that... Why are you lettin' her do shit you don't like?"
    "I want her to be happy. So I let do what she wants and hang out with whoever she wants."
    "Yeah. I don't like it. He's spendin' more time with her than me."
    "Then fuckin' tell her that."
    "She knows! But then I told her to do whatever that I won't be pissed."
    "But you are."
    "Dumbass... Where the fuck are those two girls at in my fuckin' car?"
    "I told you not to let Rye drive it. You know she ain't bein' gentle."
    "I trust Rye. Girl can fuckin' drive, you taught her good."
    "Yeah. That Honda of hers? Fuck!"
    "Hayd was tellin' me it makes a funny noise every time Rye changed gears. I had to explain to her what turbo was, and she still didn't get it."
    "That Honda can outrun that 429 with no fuckin' problem."
    "Aww! Ode is cryin' because a girl can beat him at racin'."
    "Fuck you Dev. You guys fuck yet?"
    "Few times last night and this mornin'. It's still fuckin' good."
    "The fuck? I ask you and get punched, but when Ode asks you tell him."
    "You wanna see what happens when I punch Ode?"
    "No. I need to call Liz. You two ladies finish cluckin'."
    "Move your car first!"
    "I am!"

    Purple bitch is all snuggly in her spot for the weekend. Now we call my lady. I'm sad! I want her to go.

    "Hey you!"
    "Word up girl?"
    "Not playin' with your girlfriend?"
    "No. He's upstairs talking to his mommy."
    "Come with us!"
    "I can't! I want to though! I'm gonna miss my Tortillo Boy. Sad face!"
    "Jacob said you guys went to his house?"
    "Yeah. We had to get Jim's okay on our dance. We showed him a video, we where there for maybe 20 minutes tops then took off. You ask him why he told me to give me a ride?"
    "Not yet. He just called to say he was on his way. He don't like talkin' on the phone when he's drivin'. I'll ask when he gets here."
    "So! I saw Sean do something really cool today."
    "Oh yeah?"
    "Yeah! First, do you know Emily's cousin Rebecca?"
    "Okay! Well, she's in dance too right? I asked Sean if he knew what other dances Ms. Cooper was going to make us do, and he said yeah I have a list in my email. He was showing the email, and I was like leaning over to see the screen right? I guess Rebecca told Emily that me and Sean were cuddling or some shit! Anyway! Emily told her brother what she said, Sean's boyfriend is her brother."
    "Well! He needed a ride to work today and me and Sean went and picked him up. He was so fucking rude to me the whole fucking time! I was so uncomfortable!"
    "Want me to go fuck him up for you?"
    "Sean did!"
    "What? Sean kicked his boyfriend's ass because he was rude to you?"
    "Sort of, but no! He was really rude to Sean as well. I got out of the truck and I was gonna call you to come get me. Sean was telling me to get back in the truck and not to listen to this dick, then his boyfriend said something that I didn't really hear, and Sean backhanded him in the mouth so fucking hard that it busted open his top and bottom lip. It was cool."
    "You have to backhand someone hard as shit to do that."
    "He hit him fucking hard Devin. His hand was all red and a little bit swollen. I thought it was cool. I just wish I knew what he said."
    "Ask Sean."
    "I did! He won't tell me."
    "You think it was something about you?"
    "I have no idea. I'm nosy as shit and it's eating me alive here."
    "Beat it out of him."
    "I might have too!"
    "Let me watch."
    "Beat him up like I did Kim."
    "Yeah! Hey, I have to go. Jacob just pulled up."
    "Sad face!"
    "I'll call you tomorrow if I can."
    "You better!"
    "If I can, I will. I promise."
    "Okay. I'll miss you!"
    "I'll miss you too. Later gator."

    I miss her already! I'm sad!

    "Word up girls?"
    "What it do baby?"
    "Liz told me somethin' interesting about you today."
    "Yeah, I know."
    "Why did you do that?"
    "I figured you'd wanna see her and shit. She said no."
    "She saw Sean bust open his boyfriends face today."
    "Wait… Melissa, you were on the phone today and you said, Sean did what to your brother? Who were you talkin' too?"
    "Liz said he backhanded him so fuckin' hard it busted open his top and bottom lip."
    "Fuck! You have to hit someone fuckin' hard to do that."
    "That's what I told her."
    "Why did he hit him?"
    "Liz said she didn't hear him and Sean won't tell her."
    "Do you know?"
    "Jacob, please don't involve me."
    "I'm only askin'."
    "Yes, I know."
    "We're waitin'."
    "Liz probably didn't hear him because she got out of Sean's truck and was walking away. Sean was telling her to get back in and Travis said, let the home wrecker go. Sean hit him, and told him to get out of his truck and walk. Travis broke up Sean."
    "He hit him for callin' Liz a home wrecker?"
    "Can we get goin' now?"
    "That shit don't bother you Dev?"
    "Nope. These guys are waitin' on us."
    "All right. Let's go."

    It bothers me. It's cool that Sean defended my lady and shit, but it should've been me not him.


    I see why Sean finds it so relaxing just sitting here looking into the pool. Makes you feel like you're living under water. This pool still needs fish! You know! Something to look at other than just the waves. What the hell was that? Crazy basement noises!

    "What are you doing?"
    "Your speaker made a noise just now."
    "What did it sound like?"
    "Beep, beep, beep."
    "It's the sensor on the door. Whenever it opens it beeps down here."
    "Oh! So you know when someone is coming down here."
    "Yeah. Can't hear when someone knocks. That's why my mom had the sensor installed."
    "We shouldn't be making a habit out of this."
    "You don't like kissing me?"
    "I do. Just..."
    "Yeah. I'm already the cause of your guys rough patch right now, I don't want to make it any worse than it already is."
    "Kiss me again Sean."
    "Yep! It's going to be a habit!"
    "It's only kissing. It's not like we're having sex."
    "I guess. Here, my mom thought you might be interested in this."
    "What is it?"
    "Open casting call for some music video looking for a female dancer."
    "Oh! How cool that she thought of me and not one of her students."
    "You're better than her students, and she thinks you have a good chance getting it. She said she would even take you and pay for everything if you're interested."
    "This is in New York."
    "I don't know Sean."
    "Think about it. It's not until next month."
    "I will. Okay! So what are we doing?"
    "I guess we can start working on this Rumba. You got the piece of paper we wrote the times on?"
    "Yep. Right here in my pocket."
    "Five parts we need to change."
    "And it has to flow with what is there already."
    "This could be hard."
    "See the time I put a star by?"
    "I don't want to change that. We will just to show Jim, but when we do it on Friday, I want it the same as it is in the video."
    "All right."
    "We might get in trouble."
    "So. This is your dance Beanstalk. What you say goes."
    "Okay. We're doing it naked!"
    "Mmm… No. We can do it naked down here if you want."
    "Are you hitting on me Sean?"
    "No. What if I was?"
    "I'd like it. Let's watch this video a million times and figure it out."
    "We should've stopped somewhere and ate. I'm hungry."
    "Go ask your mommy to make you dinner."
    "She's not here."
    "She left?"
    "Yes. Won't be home until Monday."
    "She went camping too?"
    "No. Russia to see my dad. She goes every other weekend."
    "House to yourself all weekend."
    "Travis usually stays, but that's not happening."
    "Order a pizza and let's get to work."
    "What kind?"
    "I don't care. Combination I guess."
    "You're paying right?"
    "No. You're the rich boy. I'll give you my $5 to tip the guy."
    "$5 tip is kind of cheap. Don't worry about it I got it. You seen my phone?"
    "Last place I saw it was in your truck."
    "Go get it for me."
    "I'll get lost."
    "Lazy! I'll be right back."

    Let's take this time and change real fast. We might be dancing, we might not. Either way I'm changing into more comfortable clothes. And! I made sure I grabbed my deodorant. Pit sniff! I'm good! I hear Sean talking, he must be on the phone, and he sounds a little bit mad. Let's go be nosy! Ooo! Yay! He put's it on speaker for me! Emily? Yep. Emily.

    "It's a little fucked up what you did Sean."
    "Why did you tell him me and Liz were all over each other?"
    "I didn't tell him that. What I told him was, Becky was trying to say you guys were, and I told her I highly doubt Sean and Liz were all over each other."
    "I was showing her something on my phone and she was leaning in to see the screen. I tried explaining that to him and he just kept on. Made her uncomfortable, and she got out of my truck in the middle of traffic and was going to walk home."
    "He's pissed off because you hit him over a girl."
    "He shouldn't have disrespected her for no reason at all. It was bullshit."
    "What's the deal with you and Liz?"
    "Nothing at all."
    "Are you getting back with Travis when all this blows over?"
    "What about me?"
    "What about you?"
    "Me and you Sean."
    "I don't know. I just want to be single for a while."
    "No. That's not what I meant. Are we still a quote couple end quote."
    "Oh! Do what you want."
    "I'm leaving you too."
    "All happy when you say that. That's fucked up."
    "You know I love you Sean, but this bitch is moving on."
    "All right."
    "I really am sorry about my brother. Be sure to apologize to Liz for me please."
    "I will."
    "I'll talk to you later I need to get off here."
    "Okay. Bye."
    "That was funny how she said she was leaving you."
    "We were never a couple. We just played it good, you know?"
    "Pizza now!"
    "That's right. Combination, where are ordering from?"
    "I chose combination, you choose the place."

    Pizza ordered and delivered! We ate like two cows and are nice and full. Now! This video.

    "You need another chair down here so I can sit next to you."
    "Right here's a cozy seat."
    "On your lap?"
    "Best seat in the house."
    "Ooo! It is cozy."
    "Your ass isn't boney and you're super skinny."
    "I got booty. Don't hate."
    "I want to grab a handful of it."
    "Go for it. This side though. I have a bruise on the other cheek."
    "From what?"
    "Birth control shot."

    Sean has his hand on my thigh and is rubbing it with his thumb and occasionally resting his head on my boobie. I like it. Damn it.

    "I have an idea for that last part."
    "It's like a windmill thing. Let me up and I'll show you. Now you! Come here, behind me, hands on my sides like a normal Rumba. It'll be 1, 2, 3. Watch, 1... 2... 3… See how I'm turning as I do that?"
    "Yes. Just don't hit me in the face."
    "I won't. 4 is a half turn. This hand on my stomach and this one around my back and on my side over here. I go back like this."
    "5 is up. Bam! Got that?"
    "I think it'll flow really good too. Go back on the video a little bit. Right there, and pause. That whole section right there we'll do but instead of you just pulling me in and doing the hip grind that Jim doesn't want, we'll do what I just showed you. What do you think?"
    "I don't know. Let's do it and see if it works."

    It felt like it flowed really good!

    "Oh! That was nice."
    "Was it!? I couldn't watch in the mirror."
    "I was. I like it. Question."
    "How flexible are you?"
    "I can do this..."
    "Oh! Basically anything a gymnast can do then."
    "Yeah. I can do flips and all that cool shit too. I'm really, really flexible."
    "Did you do gymnastics at all?"
    "No. Why did you want to know how flexible I am?"
    "After that part we just did... Watch the video. See how your mom just… Kind of leans her head back?"
    "What if... This is just an idea! If you hate it we won't do it. Come here and stand this way. Turn. Other way. Okay. 4... 5... 6, spin this way."
    "7, knee up. 8, I grab your ankle and you just lean all the back as far as you can go and your leg will be up here."
    "Windmill, turn, and bend."
    "Yes, just adding three more counts to what you have. You said you wanted to fresh it up. It's kind of the same, instead of your head it'll be your body."
    "Okay. Lets try it out."
    "Oh, you're fighting me right there."
    "I wanna do it slower than that."
    "Here grab my ankle and let me lift my leg to show you how much slower."
    "You're blushing Sean."
    "That's sexy. I like it. Your dance, your call."
    "I love it. We're kind of working backwards here."
    "A little bit. Mark off that last time. Another question."
    "Can I turn that on?"
    "The camera?"
    "Yes. Reference. So we can go back and see if there's anything we want to change. Think of it as an extra pair of eyes."
    "I used to record myself for the same reason. I don't mind."
    "I got a job for you."
    "Cry. The time we just marked off, rewrite it in this notebook... if there's... there's no more room in this one... Hold on."
    "Lemme see!… Wow Sean!"
    "This is all steps for dances you choreographed?"
    "Holy shit!"
    "Here. Brand new notebook. Write down what we just did."
    "1 to 8…"
    "And the time on the video somewhere in there so we know where it goes."
    "Okay, done! One down four to go."
    "Sit on my lap some more."
    "I was planning to."

    We got everything worked out to the way we wanted it. All the way to the very last time! We are a little bit stuck and we're starting to bicker at each other like an old married couple. Friction builds chemistry! So it's good! Kind of.

    "I'm sorry!"
    "That's the third fucking time you got me in the dick in like 30 minutes Liz."
    "We need a break."
    "Oh my god!"
    "It's 2:53!"
    "No wonder we want to kill each other. I'm done for the the night. Or morning."
    "Yeah. How do I turn this off?"
    "I got here. Remote."
    "I can't fucking believe it's 3:00 in the morning. Where the hell did the time go?"
    "I happens. Um... Are you comfortable sleeping in my sisters room? I really don't feel like driving this late."
    "Yeah. But I have nothing to wear."
    "I can give you something of mine, if you're okay with that."
    "That works. Can I use your shower?"
    "Come here first."
    "You're gonna smell me aren't you?"

    Why do I like this so much? Oh! Pit sniff all the up to my neck and a bite. No!

    "I'll go get you some clothes and stuff. Let that heart stop racing."
    "I hate you."
    "Lights on or off?"

    I said it once and I'll say it again! It's so beautiful for just being pool lights.

    "I stole my sister's shampoo and stuff for you."
    "Oh! This is good shit."
    "She does hair and makeup for a living. All she get's is the good shit."
    "You need a bed down here."
    "The couch pulls out if you rather stay down here."
    "Both couches?"
    "Yes. You want to sleep down here?"
    "Pull both out and stay down here with me."
    "All right. I'm going back upstairs to shower."
    "Are these easy to pull out?"
    "I'll get it."
    "Okay. Off to roll around in your shower."

    I effing love Sean's shower! I got curious when I noticed this control panel thingy on the wall and I pressed a button and water shot out of these jets on the wall. It was awesome! I stood there and enjoyed myself. It was like a massage! Felt so good! What's better than Sean's shower? Sean himself with no shirt on! Dayum!!!! No fucking joke!

    "I sat your sister's things on the counter in there. And I got off on your water jets."
    "I was pushing buttons and made water shoot out of the walls. It was awesome! Like a massage!"
    "Yeah. It helps when you're all sore and shit. Just stand there in heaven for a few minutes."
    "RIGHT!? I was like, aww!"
    "I think your phone is beeping in your bag. I keep hearing something coming from it."
    "It's probably dying... Yep! Here's my cord can you plug it in for me please?"
    "Yes. Window or stairs?"
    "Damn! I wanted that one."
    "Come lay with me. Room for two and I don't bite."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Yeah! Come here I'll even move over and give you the window side of the bed."
    "Happy face! I spoon, so don't get offended."
    "I won't."
    "Another thing. My dreams about my dad make me freak out in my sleep."
    "Okay. What do I need to do if that happens?"
    "Not freak out when I fly out of the bed and land of the floor crying and shit."
    "Heartbeat Beanstalk. I already know how to calm you down. You'll be fine."
    "Thank you. Cuddles?"
    "Come here."
    "Kiss? Maybe?"

    Or make out! That's fun too! Hand in my pants? Why am I not stopping him? Instead, I pull them off! What the hell Lizzy?! He sits up and just stares at me. Not really staring! But he's looking me directly in my eyes. So what do I do!? I take my shirt off! Way to go Lizzy! I love neck kisses and bites too! He's really close to my spot between my neck and shoulder. There it is! The nails in his back and the moan in his ear let him know. Aww! Don't stop! Sad face!

    "Over here. I don't want the bed we're sleeping on to get all wet."
    "Good idea!"
    "I think biting you right along here is the right spot?"
    "Yeah. Let me suck you."
    "The no gag reflex! Yes, please show me."
    "Pants off."
    "Done! Are you one of those girls I have to warn before I cum?"
    "No. I swallow. I love it."

    Giving head is one of my favorite things to do with a guy. I really do enjoy it. I love the way Sean is just laying there watching me. The way he bites him lip occasionally and his moans are sexy. Time to show him my no gag reflex.

    "Whoa. Even licking my balls. I love it."

    Finger time! Oh! He loves it! I love how he's grabbing a handful of my hair and pushing my head further onto him. He does last a long fucking time! First time ever! My jaw is hurting.

    "Wow! My jaw hurts. Cum already!"
    "I'm enjoying it! Come on, don't stop. Little bit more."
    "Let my jaw rest a minute and you eat this."

    He does! Happy face! He's a biter too! I fucking love it! Thigh kisses? Love those too! Stomach kisses? Love those too! Neck and mouth? Yup! I feel him rubbing against me while we kiss. No, no, no! I don't want sex! I move his hand from my boobie to my jay. He got it! Finger me. Yeah! He knows Devin's trick! Nice! Instead of Devin's rub and slap, he licked me. Ah! Sensitive! I giggle and push his head away and pull him up to me. Kisses! I love the soft ones behind my ear.

    "Let me inside you."

    No Lizzy! You tell him no! Don't wrap your legs around him and pull him in! Horny little bitch! Congratulations! You just cheated on your boyfriend. It's so good though. Great actually. He didn't fuck me either. He went nice and slow. Pulled all the way out and back in slow. Seemed like it went on forever. Never stopped feeling amazing. The kisses on my neck and behind my ear got me going. There it is.

    "Bite my shoulder now. I'm right there."

    He does what I ask. He feels me and moves in and out a little bit deeper and faster.

    "Cum with me."
    "I'm waiting for you."
    "Just... Keep going like that."

    The closer I get, the deeper I dig my nails into his back.

    "Oh my god."
    "No, no. Little more."

    That little more is all I needed. I love the way his dick pulses inside me and the deep moan against my neck.

    "Shit... No... Don't move yet. Give me a second."
    "Kiss me now Sean."
    "Oh... That was fucking good."
    "Mmm hmm... That lasted forever and never stopped feeling good. I'm tired now."
    "Other bed now? Sleep."

    I just stood there for a minute. Before grabbing my clothes. What the fuck did I just do!? No! No! No!

    "Are you okay?"
    "I'm no better than Heather."
    "I cheated on Devin like she did."
    "Liz... You're better than Heather in every fucking way possible. Don't say shit like that. If you didn't want this you could've told me no."
    "I wanted it Sean. I wanted you inside me. I wanted to have sex with you. I really, really wanted it."
    "Why are beating yourself up then?"
    "I feel horrible right now. But... At the same time I don't. Does that make any sense?"
    "You feel bad because you cheated on Devin, but you don't because of the shit you two are going through right now."
    "Is that it?"
    "Yes. I'm pretty sure it is."
    "This stays between us Sean."
    "I don't tell anyone my business. What happens between me and you, stays between me and you."
    "Thank you."
    "Is this going to make shit weird between us?"
    "You're so afraid of things getting weird between us."
    "Yeah... I like everything single little thing about you. I want you and I don't want shit to get weird and you go away and never come back. I..."
    "I'm jealous of Devin. I feel like a dumb ass saying that. But I am. He has you and I want you. Honestly, I'm a little bit happy you guys are in a rough patch. Don't hate me for saying that. It just... Gives me hope, I guess. Like the light at the end of the tunnel and that light is you. I'm just being honest. Sorry."
    "I didn't know you wanted me that much."
    "I do. I'm sorry for being happy about your issues with Devin."
    "Honestly! If it was reversed, and it was you in a rough patch. I'd be happy about it too! So, no Sean. I don't hate you for saying that. Is it weird I like that you're jealous of Devin?"
    "Mmm... I... I don't know. Bottom line. I want you, just friends or my girlfriend. Like I said, I don't want shit to get weird between us and you leave."
    "Do you feel like it's weird?"
    "No. Right here, right now, what we just did. Felt right."
    "Like it was meant to be?"
    "The advice that was given to us. Leave it be and see what happens."
    "We didn't plan this. It just happen. And yeah! It felt right."
    "We're okay then?"
    "Yeah. We are perfectly fine Sean... Better than fine."
    "Come here."
    "Kisses and cuddles now?"
    "The quicker you get over here and in this bed with me, the quicker you get your kisses and cuddles."

    Me and Sean will be fine. But, I still need to fix this with Devin. Please call me tomorrow Tortillo Boy! I kinda fucked up!