Wednesday, June 10


    6:00 am. I'm wide awake with the meanest mornin' wood of my life! I do have an insanely hot woman in bed next to me. Mornin' wood plus hot woman. Mornin' sex! I like the sound of that.

    "What are you doing Babe?"
    "What does it feel like?"
    "My side hurts. Unless you want to do all the work, you need to stop."
    "I'm okay doin' all the work."
    "Be gentle."
    "I will. Get naked."
    "I thought you were doing all the work?"
    "Damn you woman."
    "Say please."
    "Please get naked?"
    "Fine, I'll get naked."

    There I go again! Bein' Puppet Boy.

    "I love the way you look at me. Like a lion stalking it's prey."
    "I do enjoy eatin' you."
    "I enjoy it too. I also enjoy you inside me."
    "This is goin' inside you."

    Dick sucks, finger bangs, and sex. My day is gonna be good!


    The sound of Liz's mom pukin' woke my ass up way too early. My other problem! My fuckin' legs are cramped and I can't move em because Liz is passed out on top of me. I like it. I'll deal with crampy legs.

    "Shut up mom. Puking all loud."
    "I know right?"
    "Oh, she woke you up too?"

    Uh oh! I feel a mean mornin' fart makin' it's way out!

    "That was loud and long as fuck Devin! Nasty ass."
    "I farted on you."
    "I moved my leg because I felt the heat of it."
    "I'm mad it don't stink."
    "I'm not."
    "I wanted to pull the blanket over your head."
    "I would've laughed so hard if you did that."
    "Fuckin' noted!"
    "You're comfy to lay on."
    "My leg is hella cramped."
    "Deal with it."
    "You fuckin' suck."
    "I would if you didn't just fart."

    Damn you morning fart!

    "Don't make my dick hard. I'm layin' on my stomach and you won't let me move."
    "Would it help if I did this?"

    Neck kisses! Nooo! Crazy man!

    "Damn you. Why did you stop? Where you goin'?"
    "You better not leave me hangin'."
    "But it's not hanging."
    "You know what the fuck I mean."
    "Pee! Then I'm gonna ride that."
    "Go pee. Faster! Go!"
    "Shut up."

    Morning pussy! She comes back, locks the door, and starts undressin'. I stop her. Yeah! Just wait!

    "Wait, stop."
    "Do you need to put your glasses on?"
    "No. Do somethin' for me."
    "Oh! Does Devin want a little striptease?"
    "Yes please."

    Oh! It's hot! Never knew a white girl could move them hips like that. Damn it!

    "You're so..."
    "Shhh, no talking."

    Okay! I'll just lay here then. She pulls my boxers off before climbin' on me. Yes. That's my pee pee all hard and stuff. Legs!

    "No, no, no. No touching. No talking."

    What!? Come on! Legs! I like how she has me pinned down. It's hot. Ooo! Neck kisses. They make me, go, crazy! Fuck it! I'm bittin' that neck of hers.


    Maybe I ain't bittin' that neck of hers. This shit is makin' me all fuckin' crazy. This isn't fair! Oh! I'm inside her! Can I touch now? Let's see.

    "What did I say Devin?"

    Come the fuck on! At least she's ridin' my dick good. She's all moanin' and shit, every time one little sounds comes out of me she puts her hand on my face. Fucker! She's gettin' tight. Nice! She puts my hands on her thighs. Legs!

    "You wanna finish me off?"
    "Yes please."

    And flip!

    "Harder Devin."

    I give it to her harder.


    And I stop!

    "No, keep going like that."
    "You said ow. I don't wanna hurt you."
    "Then not as hard, but still rough. Just don't stop."

    Heather could of took that poundin'. But then again she's been around the fuckin' block a time or a hundred. Okay! Still rough, not as hard. Let's bite on that neck now and see if that works.

    "Bite harder."

    Do what the woman says in bed! Trust me! It fuckin' works! I bite harder and there she goes gettin' all tight again!


    I'm gonna make this bed all wet right now. Watch this! On my knees, position her just right. There we go!

    "Oh no Devin…"

    She was smart enough to cover her face with her hand and a pillow, and that didn't really work. Liz is loud. Helped me get off. I like them loud girls. Get me every time.

    "You can do that with your dick too? My bed is all wet."
    "Change the sheets and flip the mattress. Good as new."
    "Did I get your face again?"
    "Pretty damn close. I made you bleed. My bad."
    "So now we know. Rough sex is what does it."
    "I did somethin' else too. Don't get mad."
    "I have a hickey don't I?"
    "I told you to bite harder. Plus, all the marks I left on your back from last night. One hickey won't kill me."
    "A lot of girls get pissed."
    "Just don't leave them where everyone can see them."
    "You won't see it when you have a shirt on. It's right there."
    "Oh! Okay, cool."
    "I never had sex like that. Girl takin' control and shit."
    "Like it?"
    "Loved that shit."
    "The striptease?"
    "I need a shower."
    "Take one with me."
    "Hell no! Your mom is awake."
    "No fun! Me first."
    "We handle your bed first."
    "Oh! Right. Okay, I'll go grab a sheet, you take this one off, and I'll help flip."
    "All right."

    Team work! And a knock at the door.

    "Breakfast is ready you two."
    "Okay. Thanks mom."
    "I bet she heard us. That pillow didn't help at all. You're fuckin' loud."
    "I know. I can't help it."
    "Will she say anything?"
    "I have no idea. You're the first guy I have had stay the night. If she does say anything, she'll say it to me when you're not around. Let's go eat."
    "Where are my glasses?"
    "Dresser. I moved them when we flipped my bed. Breakfast with my man and his glasses."
    "Don't make fun."
    "I'm not. I think you look cute in them."
    "You do these contacts the same way as any others right?"
    "Yes. Put them in the thingy with the solution crap."
    "Which one?"
    "This one. That one is the drops I told you about."
    "Right arm. Can we go eat now?"

    I think Liz's mom cooks better than my mom. She should! She works at the most expensive place in town. Like suit and tie place. Reservations a month ahead place! And Liz eats a lot! The fuck!? How is she not a fatty?

    "You eat a lot."
    "I like food."
    "She eats like a cow and doesn't gain a pound. The one and only thing I hate about my daughter."
    "Most girls her size eat like birds. Not Liz. She ain't scared to chow down. I took her to dinner, and she got a King Burrito and ate the whole thing!"
    "And one of your tacos."
    "Right! How are you not fat? For real?"
    "No idea. I don't go and puke after I eat if that's what you're thinking."
    "You have a lot of muscle. I know for a fact you don't go puke after you eat."
    "How do you know that?"
    "He's a Science nerd."
    "That's me."
    "I'm like Lizzy. I'm horrible at Science."

    Hey! A Liz burp. A loud ass one too. Nice!

    "Lizzy, we're still eating."
    "Compliments to the awesome chef mommy! Off to the shower."
    "You have laundry and other chores to do when you get home from school. Don't forget."
    "Can they wait one day? There's no school tomorrow."
    "That's right. Yeah. I suppose."
    "Thank you!"

    Alone with Amanda. I'm not comfortable!

    "Tell me about yourself Devin."
    "What do you wanna know?"
    "Yes. An older brother named Oden. The fire Chief."
    "I think I've met him. He does the inspections at my work. Big gentleman with tattoos and ears like yours right?"
    "That would be him."
    "I see it now. You two have the same nose."
    "Yeah. I have my mom's eyes and hair color and he has dad's."
    "What nationality are you?"
    "Spanish. Parents are from Spain. Well, my dad is. My mom was born here, but her parents were born there."
    "Have you been to Spain?"
    "Yeah. Parents took us a few times."
    "What do your parents do for a living?"
    "My mom is a nurse at the hospital. She checks everyone in and stuff. My dad runs a farm just outside of town with an old family friend."
    "Are you fluent in Spanish?"
    "Yeah. Spanish was the first language our parents taught us."
    "Excuse me, I need to go answer my phone."

    And I need to go get clothes out of my car. Shit! The one thing I didn't grab. My homework! I was gonna have Liz take it for me. Ode is off work today, maybe he can do it for me. Phone, new text, Ode.

    "You up?"

    My phone is ringin'! He's up!

    "Word up girl?"
    "What do you want?"
    "Are you in my room?"
    "Yup. Naked in your bed."
    "I fuckin' hate you dude."
    "What's up?"
    "Do you see a blue folder on my dresser?"
    "Can you drop it off at school for me?"
    "Come get it and do it yourself."

    Oh! I just remembered somethin'!

    "You should do it."
    "Principle is out today. So you'll have to give it to the school shrink. You should meet him."
    "I don't need to meet a fuckin' shrink."
    "I think he has the hots for Hayden."
    "Is that right?"
    "Yeah! I chatted with him last night. Apparently the dude is Liz's neighbor. She mentioned her and Hayden beatin' you up, and he was like, Hayden? Ms. Toledo's sister? I said, yeah and she's my brother's wife. He got this real sad disappointed look on his face and went inside."
    "All right. I'll take your shit for you."
    "Are you talking to your other girlfriend out here?"
    "Yeah! Say hi to her."

    Phone on speaker and pass it to Liz.

    "Mornin' Blondie."
    "This isn't a girl! You lie! Morning Oden!"
    "How was the play date last night?"
    "Legs around my head!"
    "Nice. Bet your ass slept nice and good."
    "Okay, I'm gonna go get ready. Bye Oden."
    "Later Blondie."

    Speaker off!

    "I had the sex with no condom on."
    "Are you fuckin' stupid?"
    "No! She's on birth control."
    "Oh. Did you like it?"
    "Right? I'm stealin' your condoms."
    "Whatever. Right nightstand, top drawer."
    "I'm off here. I need to shower and shit and then go meet this shrink."
    "Yeah, I need to get in the shower too. I'll see ya later."

    What else do I need to do before gettin' in the shower? Oh! Let's call Jacob.

    "What it do baby?"
    "Word up girl?"
    "Fuck Liz?"
    "No condom."
    "Always have one on you man."
    "No, I had sex with her, without one."
    "You stupid?"
    "She's on birth control."
    "Ah! Nice right?"
    "Yeah. Ditch school and let's go play in the dirt."
    "All right. Do I need to ask Melissa to give Liz a ride."
    "Let them figure it out. But have her drive her car to school just in case."
    "All right."
    "Shower! Bye!"
    "See ya."

    That all? Think! Yup! Shower!

    "You still ain't ready?"
    "I'm brushing my teeth. I'll be out in a minute."
    "You seen me naked. I don't care if you see me get in the shower."
    "Then don't mind me."
    "Melissa is gonna give you a ride after school. Maybe."
    "Jacob is ditchin' school to do somethin' with me and we don't know if we'll be done in time to pick you guys up. So she's drivin' her car to school just in case. Are you okay with that?"
    "Yes. Do you have to pee with me stranding right here?"
    "Come hold it for me."
    "No. I grabbed your contacts. They're right here, see?"
    "Right arm. Take my glasses... You look kind of hot in them. Nice!"
    "You have a big head."
    "Go away."
    "Fuck you."
    "Yes. But later."


    "Thank you Hayden. It looks cute."
    "You're welcome. Make up okay?"
    "Yeah. You followed my instructions good."
    "Cool. I'll go grab some shoes for you."
    "Hey Babe. Do I look okay?"
    "You look hot as always. I'm gonna take off. Dev needs my help with somethin' today."
    "You're cutting school?"
    "Yeah. Turn in my homework for me?"
    "Oh! Will you be able to give Liz a ride after school? If she needs one."
    "Yeah, that's fine. What if Jim asks me where you are?"
    "He won't. He won't even be at the school today. If he was, he'd call me himself."
    "These shoes okay Milly?"
    "Yes. Thank you."
    "I feel like I'm dressing a baby. Why aren't you doing this Jacob? You're the one who broke her."
    "I did it yesterday. You comin' out to Nitro tonight?"
    "Yes. Me and Scott are going together."
    "Nice! Been a good minute since Scott came out there."
    "So wait Babe... Thank you Hayden. Am I bringing Liz here? Or meeting you guys at Nitro?"
    "I don't know. You two can figure it out. One of you guys will hear from us at some point today."
    "Okay, that works."


    Kim is still passed the fuck out. This is a good time to go say good mornin' to my wife. Mmm!

    "What it do baby!?"
    "What's goin' on?"
    "Good morning Handsome."
    "Put lips here."
    "Oden kisses. My favorite!"
    "Had to come up and say hey before headin' out."
    "Where are you off to today?"
    "Dev wants me to turn in his homework so I can meet the school shrink. He thinks he has the hots for you."
    "Let's go talk in my room."

    Not a fan of that tone she used.

    "You okay Hayd?"
    "I dated Michael. The school shrink. Why does Devin think he has the hots for me?"
    "He's Blondie's neighbor and somehow you came up and Dev told him you're my wife and then he got this look of heartbreak on his face and went inside. What's the deal with this guy? Do I need to have Milly turn in Dev's shit?"
    "We met my senior year in college. We dated a little bit over a year. We never had sex, I actually made him wait. When we were about to have sex for the first time, the way it all happened hit really close to home. I literally ran out of his house in my bra and panties and never saw him again. Then Milly had that meeting with him... He was very upset to know I got married."
    "Close to home like how?"
    "He pinned me to the bed."
    "I've done that to you a shit ton of times. You're okay with it."
    "Yes. But, when you feel me wanting to move, you let me. You never just hold me there. He did."
    "What else?"
    "He said it was going to feel good because of how tiny I am. He never knew the shit that happen with my dad. So you can't get mad Ode."
    "That doesn't matter Hayd..."

    Knock at the door.

    "One second. Yeah?"
    "I'm leaving. Just wanted to come in and say bye, and thank you again."
    "You're welcome Milly. I'll see you after school."
    "Bye Oden."
    "Bye Milly."
    "Sorry. Continue."
    "It doesn't matter if he knew or not. I'm still pissed."
    "I knew you would be."
    "Your call Hayd. Am I meetin' this guy or not?"
    "What do you want to do?"
    "Do I have to worry about him?"
    "I honestly have no idea Ode."
    "Then I should meet the guy."
    "Don't do anything stupid."
    "I won't. I won't even bring you up."
    "Yeah you will."
    "Yeah. I probably will."
    "Nothing stupid like beating the shit out of him."
    "I won't hit the guy."
    "Wanna fuck?"

    She don't ever say no to me!


    Am I really this good at fucking up all my relationships? I didn't want to leave Elizabeth. I was just so pissed off. She didn't cheat on me, I decided to believe her on that. I was trying to change her into something else. I love her, I really do, but I can't deal with how immature she is most of the time. The age difference maybe, or the way I was raised. Her letting Mr. Hart stay the night at her house, I didn't like that at all. He already took her to meet his parents. They apparently love her. She does look happy with him. Should I just let her go? I can't let her go. Elizabeth signed up for dance? Why am I looking at her file? Why did I just look up Mr. Hart's file? He's a straight A student? Minus the F in English. Mr. Hart does not seem like the type of kid who would be a straight A student. I quickly close the file when I hear a knock at the door.

    "Come in."
    "Good morning. Mrs. Aimes said to bring this to you for Jim."
    "I play principle when he's out. What do you have?"
    "My brothers homework for the week."
    "For Mr. Price or Mr. Hart?"

    This is Hayden's husband? This big fucking guy?

    "He finished it already? He didn't need to bring it in until Monday."
    "I'm off today and he asked me to bring it for him. And he said I should meet you."
    "Oh? Why is that?"
    "No idea. I was hopin' you could tell me."
    "I wish I could. I have no idea myself."
    "He mentioned cussin' at you Monday."
    "The Ms. Gavin incident."
    "I guess."
    "How are they handling it?"
    "They aren't. He knows that kid ain't his. She told him herself. He's done moved on."
    "Ms. Sanders."
    "If that's Blondie's last name then yes. Ms. Sanders."
    "Your brother has one hell of a temper when he's upset."
    "Mine is way worse... Okay, Dev said for me to come meet you because of my wife. I know it ain't your job to say shit, but everythin' you're askin' me is shit you already know the answers to. Dev told me he talked to you, now let me ask you a question. What's your deal with Hayden? And don't fuckin' lie to me, because she told me everything."
    "If Ms. Toledo told…"
    "Mrs! Carrasquillo."
    "If she told you everything, why are you asking me?"
    "I wanna hear it from you."

    I don't want to see this guy's temper. He looks like he could kill me with one good punch if he wanted to. Saved by the knock on the door. Thank you god!

    "One minute Mr. Hart. Yes?"
    "Hello! Ms. Cooper told me to bring this to you. Hey Oden! How's the booby?"
    "It's good. You pack some heat Blondie."
    "What do you have Elizabeth?"
    "I don't know. I was done with my work and she asked me to bring it."
    "Okay, thank you."
    "I'm off to go learn some more!"
    "You comin' with Dev later tonight Blondie?"
    "Yupper! Bye."

    I doubt that was enough to make him forget about out conversation.

    "That long legged white girl didn't make me forget what we were talkin' about."
    "What is it you want to know Mr. Hart?"
    "Why my wife ran out of your house in her panties for starters."
    "I guess I did something she didn't like. She punched me in the face then kneed me in the crotch and ran out."
    "Hayd doesn't hit anyone unless she's mad or scared. What did you do?"
    "She wasn't mad. I think I scared her. Why does this even matter? This all happened years ago."
    "I don't fuckin' care if it happen yesterday."
    "Okay. I didn't know anything about her father. Not until Ms. Toledo, Melissa, said something about him. I asked Hayden, and even then she didn't say anything to me. She just said to figure it out on my own."
    "And what do you assume her father did?"
    "I'm not 100% sure. But from what little details I have, I assume her and Melissa were sexually abused growing up, and that's why Ms. Toledo no longer lives in the same house as her parents."
    "Milly has her own reason why she left home. I suggest you choose your words wisely when you talk about my wife's father. It's a real thin line with me when that man is the center of conversation. That temper I mentioned, comes out real easy."
    "I was good to Hayden. Everything was great up until that happen."
    "You pinned her down to the bed and didn't let her move man! I've known Hayden my whole fuckin' life. I know she said stop and I know you didn't listen to her."

    He's right, but do I tell him that he's right? Stop being a pussy Michael! If you get punched, you get punched.

    "You're right. That woman made me wait over a year to have sex with her. When it came down to it, I was into it and I didn't listen to her. I fucked up! Nothing I can do about it now."
    "Nothin' you can say or do will make it right. I bet you're still kickin' yourself in the ass over her huh? She would've been a great fuckin' catch if she wasn't already caught. Get my wife out of you head, forget about her, and just stay the fuck away from her. Understand? Trust me. You don't wanna have a brawl with me."
    "You're right, I don't. Are we done?"
    "Yeah. For now."

    What the hell was that?!


    "Has Devin texted you or anything yet?"
    "No. I haven't even texted him. He said he'd text or call me. Lunch!"
    "Where do you feel like going?"
    "What do you feel like?"
    "Doesn't matter to me. Just something where we don't have to deal with traffic."
    "Hmm... Subway? It's just right there. We can even walk."
    "Sounds good to me."
    "So what's the deal with Oden and Hayden? They're married and he's living with Kim?"
    "Oden and Hayden belong together. Oden doesn't trust Kim so he has to leave her gently."
    "Devin said it was complicated."
    "It is! I gave you the short easy to follow version."
    "How's your side?"
    "Hurts. I never had a pulled muscle."
    "Dancing, I get them from time to time. They suck."
    "How do you deal with it?"
    "Wrap it and ice it."
    "I should have my side wrapped?"
    "Yeah. Buy an ace bandage and wrap it around yourself real tight and limit your movement. Don't bend over or reach up."
    "That helps?"
    "Yeah, trust me."
    "Maybe we can go by the pharmacy and buy one after school. Will you help me?"
    "Yeah. I'll help. Tell me about Devin."
    "What do you want to know about him?"
    "Why does he live with Oden and not at home with his parents?"
    "Him and his dad don't always get along. You can ask Devin anything. He's a pretty open person."
    "He's a straight A student. Did you know that?"
    "Devin is really smart. No idea why he's so bad in English though."
    "He asked me to help him with English."
    "Yeah. He helps me with Science, I help him with English."
    "That's cool. I have to help Jacob with History. He's so bad at it."
    "Besides History is he good at everything else?"
    "Sort of. He's passing, that's the only thing that matters."
    "Is Devin protective like Jacob?"
    "He wasn't with Heather. So I couldn't say."
    "I guess we'll find out."
    "Yeah. Am I paying? Or do you have money?"
    "I have money. Devin gave me $20. I left the $10 in Jacob's car."
    "Yeah. He found it and was upset."
    "Really? Why?"
    "You're his friend. He's just making sure you're okay is all."
    "So it's not his way of hitting on me?"
    "Okay, good. Samiches!"

    It has actually been a long time since I've been to Subway oil and vinegar! Yum! Melissa was a little weirded out when I ordered a foot long and ate the whole damn thing before she finished her six inch. What!? I like food!

    "Did Jacob tell you what him and Devin are doing today?"
    "No. He just said Devin needed his help with something. Maybe his car? I don't know."
    "Let's call them!"

    Contacts, Devin, call, and speaker!

    "Word up girl?"
    "What are you and Jacob doing?"
    "Playin' in a pool of jell-O naked."
    "That's hot. Me and Melissa are naked in the backseat of her car right now."
    "She's not lying Devin. Her legs were wrapped around my head."
    "Liz and Melissa are lickin' each other's vaginers dude."
    "What? Put em on speaker."
    "Tell Jacob what you just said Melissa."
    "Liz's legs were wrapped around my head."
    "Come here and wrapped yours around my head now."
    "I'm sad now!"
    "You two fuckin' suck!"
    "Oh my god Liz!"

    Me and Melissa cover our mouths so they don't hear us giggling.

    "You like that?"
    "Oh god yes. Just like that Liz."
    "My pants just got tight."
    "Mine too."

    We bust up laughing.

    "You two really think Liz and I are in the back of my car naked!?"
    "The fuck!?"
    "Evil! Gettin' my pee pee hard for nothin'!"
    "What are you guys doing?"
    "With each other?"
    "Shut the fuck up man."
    "So you two are pretty much just fucking around?"
    "Yeah. Pretty much."
    "My man cut school to go out and play with his friend. Wow!"
    "He loves me more."
    "Fuckin' sock you so hard."
    "Don't hit my Tortillo Boy! I'll hit you if you do."
    "Melissa won't let you hit me."
    "Don't involve me please."
    "Liz socked the shit out of Ode last night and he said it hurt."
    "She socked Ode?"
    "After Hayden punched him in the face!"
    "Yeah! He told her to punch him as hard as she could and she said no, then Hayden was like, POW! Right in his fuckin' face. Then Liz socked him. It was fuckin' funny."
    "Yeah! So don't hit him Jacob."
    "Liz socks people and my girl kicks. Nice set of girls we have right?"
    "Watch this. Liz?"
    "Tell Jacob about Heather's car."
    "Just a stupid ass Toyota."
    "Fuckin' nice!"
    "Heather drives a Lexus. Not a Toyota."
    "Toyota makes Lexus."
    "Oh! How do you know that?"
    "Because she's cool."
    "I like cars."
    "We need to start heading back to school."
    "Okay. We'll see you two later. Have fun fondling each other.


    Dev's doin' a pretty damn good job. Only had to show him once how to drift in the dirt. Only spun out like twice. He got it down though.

    "What's goin' on?"
    "What it do baby?"
    "Went by Scott’s and he said you two were out here playin' in the dirt."
    "He wants to impress Liz. He don't want her know he's afraid of the dirt."
    "He's doin' fuckin' good."
    "Only had to show him what to do once. And he spun out a couple times."
    "He just needed to learn how to counter steer is all."
    "I hear you got socked by two girls last night."
    "Blondie packs some heat in them arms of hers."
    "That's fuckin' great!"
    "I like Blondie. I won't lie, that girl is hot as shit."
    "Yeah. I asked her out a few times and got turned down. I'm pissed Dev got her so easy."
    "Let him have this one. You got Milly."
    "Her ex is twenty-seven fuckin' years old."
    "Yeah, that's what she told Dev. She said Dev has the bigger dick too."
    "Fuckin' nice!"
    "And... He said she ain't got no gag reflex. None! Said she swallows it whole and licks his balls all at the same time."
    "God damn. That made my man move just thinkin' about it."
    "Right? I wish Melissa didn't have one. Little bit jealous."
    "Shit... So am I!"
    "He's all happy she's on birth control."
    "It's nice not havin' to use a condom."
    "Right. Havin' sex with Melissa for so long without one, it sucks I have to use one now."
    "Same here with Kim. I have to use one with Hayd. She won't get on birth control."
    "Melissa has a doctor's appointment next week, and she said she was gonna get some. You can have my condoms."
    "I took Dev's this mornin'. He don't need em."
    "He's never gonna wanna use a condom ever again."

    Dev turned his car just the right way to sling dirt all over me and Ode. Not fuckin' right man!

    "I'm sorry ladies. Did I get ya?"
    "Fuck you man."
    "I'm gonna be pickin' dirt out of my nose for a week, you fuckin' dick."
    "You cryin' Ode?"
    "You wanna get fucked up right now?"
    "No, but I'll have Liz fuck you up."
    "She probably could and I'd let her too. And! You were wrong about the shrink havin' the hots for Hayd."
    "Mr. Avalon?"
    "Yeah, I thought for sure he did."
    "He dated Hayd for like a year and that ended with her kneeing him in the dick."
    "So I was right?! Kinda."
    "I told him to fuck off, and he was like, okay. He's scared of me."
    "Who isn't?"
    "Why did Hayden knee him in the pee pee?"
    "He did something she didn't like."
    "That's probably why Liz said my pee pee is bigger."
    "Holy shit!"
    "Fuck! I really do have a big mouth. I told her I wouldn't say shit, not a fuckin' word guys please."
    "Liz and Melissa have somethin' in common. They both fucked guys who work for my uncle. Holy shit."
    "What has Blondie said about this guy? Sex wise?"
    "That he was always kinda rough with her. Rough enough to make her bleed each time."
    "That's fucked up. Liz is small. Tall as fuck! But small. I'm scared to be rough with Melissa."
    "I wouldn't ever be rough with Hayd. I know her limit."
    "I found Liz's this mornin'. She said ow, and I felt bad."
    "Women will let you know. Hayd said she told this guy to stop and he didn't listen."
    "They fucked too?"
    "Almost. That's when she kneed him in the dick and left. To close to home for her. You know?"
    "I get it. How the fuck did you not beat the shit out of him?"
    "Took every ounce of willpower not to. I don't like the guy. Knowin' he was fuckin' Blondie makes me not like him even more."
    "I'm kinda still in shock here."
    "You hate Liz now too Ode?"
    "No. I like her just the same. She's cool as shit, and you two seem really good together. She's a good one for you."
    "Don't say anything for real."
    "Relax. I won't say shit."
    "I tell Melissa everything man."
    "Come on dude!"
    "He won't say a fuckin' word. Will you?"

    Oh shit! Ode is gonna fuck me up!

    "Fuck. Yeah! I won't say shit. Only because I don't want my ass kicked by you."
    "You have no fuckin' clue how hard Dev is tryin' to not fuck this up with Blondie do you?"
    "What? You fallin' already Dev?"
    "I can't fuckin' stop dude! Not even jokin'!"

    Dev's eyes are gettin' all watery. I can't make fun of him. I just can't. Melissa is the only girl ever who has made me cry. I get it! I fell hard for Melissa after I got with her. Shit just happens like that sometimes.

    "Go ahead Jacob! Make fun of me for cryin' like a pussy baby ball bag."
    "I feel you Dev. Melissa makes me cry. When we have sex, or make love as they would say, I just can't help it."
    "Cry baby."
    "Fuck you."
    "All three of us are cry babies."
    "The big bad Ode cries!"
    "Cry baby."
    "I love my fuckin' wife! Fuck you both. But you need to tell Blondie you told us."
    "Dev... Trust me. Tell her."
    "I'm honest with Melissa about everything."
    "And I tell Hayd everything. Tell her Dev."
    "What time is it?"
    "I'm goin' to go watch Liz dance."
    "You're gonna get in trouble for bein' at school man."
    "So! The fuck they gonna say? Please leave? I don't fuckin' give one shit!"
    "Relax Dev."
    "Right? Calm your ass down a little bit."
    "You comin' or not Jacob?"
    "Yeah, let’s go."
    "I'll see you two later. Relax Dev, and just tell her. Trust me, she'll appreciate it more if you just tell her."
    "All right Ode! Shut your fuckin' hole already! Fuck!"
    "Let him go man."
    "He's gonna fuck this up himself if he don't listen to me."
    "Yeah. See ya in a bit."
    "Yeah. Later."


    Dance! I love this shit! Sean is great too! Fast leaner and he has great ideas to add to mine to make this jive our bitch.

    "When we kick, we need to make sure our knees are close to the same height. You're taller than me so don't kick as high."
    "Yeah, I know this. I'm watching in the mirror and I'm watching you. You're a new partner. I'm still learning your height and shit. I'll get it. Nice hickey by the way. It looks great on you."
    "Shut up! I'm gonna give you a hard time when you show up to school with one. Just watch."
    "I have one! Right here on my chest. See?"
    "Nasty ass bitch."
    "I'm starting to like you!
    "Good! Hey you guys!"

    Jacob and Devin that is.

    "If you two are here to watch, please take a seat."
    "It's okay if they stay Ms. Cooper?"
    "As long as they don't interrupt anyone."

    I already danced for Devin today. Now Jacob wants to watch? Okay! I guess.

    "Okay! So what was that arm thing we were doing? The knees are good for now, but I need to work on that arm thing. I think I'm turning wrong."
    "You are. Let's do it slow and you'll see it's pretty easy."
    "All right."
    "I go over and turn like this. Then you turn and go under this arm."
    "Now we're back to back. Turn and go under my left arm..."
    "That's it! I was going right, not left."
    "Yep. Now do you admit it was your fault for getting elbowed in the face?"
    "No. Still your fault."
    "You're hard headed, you know that?"
    "Why does everyone tell me that?"
    "Really? You have no clue?"
    "What color is my hair?"
    "Fair enough. Full speed now?"
    "There it is. See, easy."
    "Nice! What else?"
    "I think we have it."
    "We got this down in less than twenty-four hours? Sweet!"
    "Jive is a sissy dance. Easy shit."
    "Those knees though!"
    "I know, I know! You want to work on the knees more? Or go ahead and show Ms. Cooper what we got?"
    "Fuck it, let’s show her."
    "All right. Ms. Cooper?"
    "Me and Liz are pretty sure we're done."
    "No way. Really?"
    "Me and Sean are pro!"
    "Show me. Everyone have a seat, we got a couple who are done."

    Arm thing was perfect, flicks, perfect. Knees? Let’s not talk about the knees. But Ms. Cooper is smiling and so is everyone else, including Jacob, Devin… Not so much. WHY!?

    "That was amazingly good you two. Only thing I have to say is watch those knees. You're taller than Liz Sean remember that. Overall though. Great job."
    "Liz has been on me about the knees as well."
    "They are right there!"
    "Liz is right. You almost got the right height. But like I said, it was amazing!"
    "Thank you! Water!"

    Before bending down to grab my water I grab Devin's hair and pull his head back to kiss him. I didn't like it! He just put his head back down and looked at the floor.

    "What did you do to my Tortillo Boy Jacob?"
    "Nothin'. To bad he missed you move your ass like that. I liked it. Um... The dance, not your ass."
    "You didn't watch Devin?…"
    "Liz is talkin' to you man."

    What's the matter?! Sad face! I get down on my knees in front of him and look up at his face. His watery eyes look back at me. What the fuck?

    "You okay?"
    "What's wrong? Please tell me."
    "I will. Later, when we're alone."
    "Yes, I promise."
    "Can I please have a real kiss now?"

    That one was much better! Happy face!

    "What do we do now Sean?"
    "There's only like five minutes left. So, not a damn thing."
    "Cool. Ms. Cooper? Can I go change please?"
    "Yes you may."
    "Thank you! I'll be right back guys. Cheer up Tortillo Boy."
    "I'm okay."

    Ran into Michael in the hall on the way to the bathroom. Please, don't stop me!

    "You have a minute Elizabeth?"
    "Not really Michael."
    "Then I'll be quick. I'm sorry for snapping at you yesterday. You didn't deserve it. I apologize."
    "I accept your apology, but it doesn't change anything. I have to go."
    "I love you Beautiful."
    "I... I wish I could say it back... Sorry."

    The bell rang as I was changing my clothes. Devin, Jacob, and Melissa were waiting for me outside the bathroom. Cool! And Devin grabbed my things from the dance room for me. Aww!

    "Thank you."
    "You ready?"
    "No. I have a few things in my locker to grab first. Then we can go."
    "We're takin' off. We'll see ya at the apartment."
    "All right."
    "I need to go by my house first. Is that okay?"

    He did put his arm around me as we walked. But why is he mad? This is killing me! Did I do something wrong? The car ride to my house was bad too! Legs on his lap and he barley even touched them. That's only because I tried to move them and he grabbed them so I wouldn't.

    "You can park in my mom's spot."
    "I'm gonna jump in the shower and get a few things together and then we can talk. Or do you wanna talk first?"
    "Talk first."
    "Okay. Sit, let's talk."
    "I fucked up real bad today. Ode told me I need to tell you. So I'm tellin' you."
    "This morning, on the way to school when I was tellin' you I thought Mr. Avalon has the hots for Hayden..."
    "Turns out he dated Hayden."
    "Me, Jacob, and Ode were talking, and Ode said she kneed him in the junk for somethin' he did to her that she didn't like. They never fucked, but when they were about to, that's when she kneed him and left him. The words just flew out of my mouth... That's why Liz said my pee pee is bigger."
    "Devin... You said!..."
    "I know! I said I wouldn't say anything, it just came out. I'm sittin' here cryin' like a bitch. I'm sorry. Ode said if I told you that you'd appri..."
    "Shut up! Look at me Devin, can I trust Jacob and Oden?"
    "Yes. I promise."
    "You're falling Devin. I see it."
    "I can't fuckin' stop! It's you, I don't know what it is you're doin' to me, but it scares the fuck out of me. I need you! And your fuckin' contacts don't get all foggy when I cry! I like them a lot!"

    I couldn't help myself! I had to laugh at him.

    "Don't laugh at me."
    "I can't help it! I like your contacts a lot! It was funny. That's what I'm laughing at. I'm not laughing at you."
    "I'm fallin' in love with you."
    "It's too soon to say the L word. Don't say it yet."
    "I'll wait for you to say it."
    "Are we okay Liz?"
    "Right arm."
    "Shower with me?"

    The shower was great. We had a little bit of fun. It calmed both us down. We're good! I am a little bit upset at Devin for telling Jacob and his brother about Michael. Melissa and Jacob both told me Devin talks a lot and sometimes doesn't think before saying things. But Oden was right! I do appreciate the fact Devin was honest with me about it. I like a guy who can just be honest with me. Devin, he's still mad too.

    "You okay Devin?"
    "Not really. I told you I wouldn't say anything and I did. I feel bad. I have a big mouth."
    "I was told about your big mouth."
    "By who?"
    "Melissa and Jacob. Let it go. We're okay Devin. I promise. Please stop being mad."
    "I need some weed and then I'll feel better."
    "Your ears are gross when you take those things out."

    I don't know why, but for some odd reason I stuck my finger in the hole in his ear. It was weird.

    "Ow! What the fuck Liz!?"
    "Oh my god! I'm sorry!"
    "I'm joking! Your face though!"
    "You're mean!"
    "That was fuckin' funny!"
    "No it wasn't!"
    "Okay, I'm sorry."
    "I hate you."
    "No you don't."
    "Yeah, I don't."
    "You're wearin' that tonight?"
    "No. I am wearing this."
    "Michael is home, and he talks to my mom. I don't want him to see me in that and tell my mom, Oh Elizabeth had on a tiny skirt and top on. So! I'll change at your place."
    "Right arm. Can I watch?"
    "I don't care. Can we stay at your place tonight?"
    "Yeah, if you want. Kim won't be a bitch if Ode is around."
    "Oden was at the school today. I wonder what he told Michael."
    "He told him to fuck off and then Mr. Avalon was like, okay."
    "I bet Oden scared him. Your brother is kind of intimidating, and fucking huge to top it off."
    "No one wants to be on Ode's bad side. He's fuckin' mean."
    "Really? He doesn't seem mean."
    "You never seen him mad, or seen him in a fight. It gets scary. I get mad and say fucked up shit, Ode beats people to an inch of their life. He makes sure he gets his point across."
    "What if someone messed with Hayden?"
    "Same thing."
    "Are you protective like Jacob?"
    "To a point. Jacob is bad."
    "How so?"
    "Blaine is your neighbor right?"
    "Have you not seen him recently?"
    "No. All I know is he made Jacob wreck his car."
    "Yeah. But that's not why he's home. He's not sick like his mom said either. Jacob fucked him up."
    "Bad enough to make him wanna stay home? Shit."
    "Jacob cut his face open with his knife."
    "Yeah. Don't mess with Melissa."
    "Jacob won't hurt me."
    "Naw! He don't hit girls. He won't even yell at you if you pissed him off. He'd just walk away."
    "I like Jacob. At first I didn't because he would hit on me and shit. But he's actually a good guy."
    "Melissa said you weren't protective with Heather."
    "No one talks shit about her, so I didn't have to do anything."
    "Sean talks shit about her. It's funny."
    "Sean used to hate all the popular kids. But bein' in that group is a good cover for him. You know? Because he loves pee pees."
    "Don't say that. Just say he's gay. I like Sean. I called him a bitch today. It was funny."
    "He was giving me a hard time because of my hickey, and I told him I was going to give him a hard time when he showed up to school with one. Then he was like, I do have one see! And I called him a nasty ass bitch."
    "That's fuckin funny. Did it piss him off?"
    "No. He just laughed. He's super cool!"
    "I don't know him good enough to say he's cool. You ready?"
    "Umm... No! I need to go grab my phone charger. Then we can go."
    "Hurry the fuck up!"
    "Can I drive?"
    "Legs though!"
    "Please?! I need to get better."
    "Legs!... Fine! You can drive."


    "Dev hasn't came back yet. You think he's good?"
    "Don't know."
    "What's goin' on?"
    "Dev spilled the beans about somethin' huge that has to do with Blondie. Not on purpose, but you know how Dev is. I told him he needed to tell her and he got all pissed off and started cryin' and shit."
    "He's in love with that girl."
    "Yeah! He's fallin' fuckin' hard."
    "So how was the play date in the dirt box?"
    "He got it down. Only had to show him once what the fuck to do. He don't want Liz to know he's afraid of dirt. Or was afraid of it."
    "Any races tonight Ode?"
    "None so far."
    "Now you do. I wanna challenge Dev."
    "That Impala can't beat the 'Cuda."
    "Dev don't know that. Not friendly either. Let him race and win some money. Help the kid out with Blondie."
    "Liz mentioned her ex driving an old Camaro and he use to race and shit and she missed it."
    "All right. But he don't need help with Blondie. He's already fucked her."
    "So! We are tryin' to make the kid look good. Hell, I'll even blow the race if I have to. Matter of fact I won't even fuckin' try."
    "Dev will know if you're just fuckin' around. Make the shit look real. If I'm takin' bets on this race and they notice you not tryin', they'll be pissed."
    "Look, look, look! Dev is lettin' Liz drive."
    "There you go! They're good. He actually fuckin' listened to me. He better have anyway."

    Blondie looks pretty damn hot drivin' that car. I really do hope he fuckin' listened to me and told her what he did.

    "Who's stupid Impala is that down there?"
    "Scott likes the Chevy's."
    "What year is the Impala Liz?"
    "It's a..."
    "Shhh! Let Blondie answer."
    "A 64' duh!"
    "And Heather's Lexus?"
    "A stupid ass Toyota."
    The stupid Toyota comment was funny. Made us all laugh. And Scott! He's impressed! You can see it in his face.

    "A girl who's into cars! Good job kid!"
    "I need to go help Melissa with something and change."
    "I wanted to watch you change."
    "You'll live. Bye!"
    "You let that girl drive your car?"
    "Yeah. Why does that surprise everyone?"
    "You don't see girls drivin' muscle cars. Ever!"
    "She likes my car and wants to drive it! So I let her. She wants to drive your Charger too."
    "Let her drive your car dude."
    "Nuh Uh! Not happin'."
    "What's wrong Ode? Scared Blondie will wreck it?"
    "You'd love it if she did wouldn't you Scotty?"
    "More money for me if she did."
    "Did you talk to Liz man?"

    That's right!

    "Was I right or wrong?"
    "You were right Ode!"
    "Don't get smart with me."
    "I'm not!"
    "Fuck you up."
    "Dude! You were right! She appreciated the fact I just came out and was honest with her."
    "So you guys are good?"
    "Yeah. We took a shower and had a little fun."
    "She swallow you whole?"
    "YES! And licked my balls all at the same time. Ooo!"
    "Wait! You sayin' that tall ass blonde girl ain't got no gag reflex?"
    "None! Zip! Nada!"
    "God damn."
    "Right Scott!"
    "She's stayin' here tonight so you're on Kim duty."
    "She won't do shit when I'm around, but I work tomorrow. So whatever she does when I'm gone you'll have to deal with."
    "I thought you talked to her?"
    "I did! Don't mean she'll fuckin' listen to me."
    "Liz told me to hit her back if she hit me."
    "Don't hit Kim. That'll just piss her off."
    "Have Liz hit her for you."
    "Blondie and Kim fight? I wanna see that shit."
    "Blondie might be able to take her. She hit me as hard as she could last night. I won't lie, it hurt."
    "That skinny ass blonde girl hurt you?"
    "She's fuckin' buff!"
    "She has abs too! They look better than mine!"
    "That's fuckin' great!"
    "You got stoner abs from coughin'."
    "I know!"
    "How the fuck is Blondie buff?"
    "She's a fuckin' dancer."
    "No shit?"
    "Me and Dev watched her dance today, or at least I did. This dumb ass was staring at the floor the whole time."
    "I was watchin' in the mirror. I saw her shake her ass."
    "Was she good?"
    "Yeah. I told Dev he needs to ask her to do a striptease for him."
    "I did ask her."
    "She gave me one. I liked it a lot. This mornin' though! Damn it!"
    "What she do?"
    "She didn't let me touch her, or talk or nothin'! She just pinned my ass to bed and had her way with me. And I let her."
    "Right! So Scott, guess who Liz's dance partner is."
    "No clue."
    "Rye Lebedinsky's little brother."
    "Sean? Isn't he gay?"
    "Wait! What? Sean is gay? Like dick only gay?"
    "Yeah. He's still in the closet, so don't say shit Jacob."
    "No wonder your fuckin' cool with him dancin' with Liz."
    "I saw Rye about a week ago. Came in for an oil change. She gave me her number and said to call her."
    "I thought she got married and had kids."
    "So did I! But no. I asked when she gave me her number. She told me she was only engaged, that's about it."
    "You call her?"
    "Why the fuck not? She don't look good no more?"
    "No, no! She's still lookin' good, I don't know. I don't wanna get back into somethin' with an ex girlfriend."
    "You're fuckin' crazy. That girl was good to you. She didn't even leave your ass after you shot Tank in front of her."
    "Yeah, then she went off to college and got engaged. And here I was clueless! Until my mom told me she got married. I called her and she told me, yeah! I am with someone. She wasn't that fuckin' good to me."
    "People fuck up Scott! Call her!"
    "I ain't fuckin' callin' her!"
    "Call her."
    "I'm about to fuck you up right now Ode if you don't lay the fuck off me. I ain't fuckin' callin' her! End of story."



    "That hurts a lot Liz."
    "Yeah. It'll help though, trust me. And it's pushing your boobies up."
    "Wow! It is! Mind helping me get dressed? I'm sorry."
    "Yeah! I'll help. Boobies!"

    Liz has officially seen me naked. It was not weird at all. Mostly because she didn't just stare me down. She just helped me put my clothes on and did my hair and make up for me. She did a better job than Hayden! Wow!

    "I'm totally stealing your hair and makeup tricks Melissa."
    "You did a way better job than Hayden. Thank you so much."
    "You're welcome."
    "Thanks for not staring at me too."
    "I looked though. I liked it."
    "Oh my god! You're as bad as one of the boys!"
    "I know right. How did you get that scar on your side?"
    "Caught myself on the kitchen counter."
    "Ouch. Okay! I need to change. You can watch! Only fair."
    "I'll stay and chat, but I won't really watch you."
    "Devin likes to watch me get dressed."
    "Does he really?"
    "Yeah. He just sits there all quiet staring at me."
    "I think I'd be uncomfortable if Jacob did that with me."
    "Why? You have a beautiful body. You don't even have stretch marks from being pregnant. Plus! Jacob is your boyfriend, you shouldn't be uncomfortable."
    "Your legs are amazing all the way up to your butt. Sorry, I looked."
    "It's nice too! Feel!"
    "Screw it! Come here."
    "Other cheek, I got a bruise on that one."
    "Jesus Liz! It is nice. Where'd the bruise come from?"
    "Birth control."
    "Oh! Is it good? I plan on getting some."
    "I like it. Get a shot every three months and no periods."
    "Well, no. You have a period every three months, and when you stop bleeding, time for you shot."
    "I like the sound of that."
    "Jacob will too!"
    "Devin told me what he did to Blaine."
    "All for calling you a whore? That's a bit much, don't you think?"
    "It was. I told him he could have handled it differently."
    "I had no idea Jacob was like that. I know he fights a lot, everyone has seen him fight. But to cut someone open? Fuck. I think you're lucky to have someone to protect you."
    "I'm to nice. Says everyone!"
    "Really? So you're a push over?"
    "Stop that!"
    "I can't! I don't like being mean to people."
    "You don't have to be mean to anyone. Do I look okay?"
    "Yeah. Those legs! Let me touch them again."
    "Jacob tries so hard to touch them."
    "Let him."
    "I would, but I don't want Devin to get mad."
    "Devin doesn't care, he's just rubbing it in Jacob's face."
    "Oden touched them and him and Devin got into a bitch slap fight. It was funny."
    "Devin and Oden fight all the time. It is funny to watch, mostly because Devin does really funny stuff."
    "Not real fights right?"
    "No! Brother fights."
    "Okay! Let's go see if your sister is ready."

    I watched Liz change! I know I said I wouldn't look. But I did, a lot actually. She has a smoking hot body! Lucky Devin!

    "Hayden? Are you about ready?"
    "I'm ready. Do you think Kim will like this?"
    "Oh! My! God!"
    "I have a woman boner!"
    "I'm sorry Liz. Your legs just beat by Hayden's boobs."
    "Those fucking heels! What size shoe do you wear?"
    "Damn you two and you tiny ass feet!"
    "How many inches are those Hayden?"
    "About six."
    "$1,500 well spent right?"
    "$1,500 on shoes!? You're crazy!"
    "No! Do they make your feet hurt?"
    "No! They're soft. Feel the sole."
    "Fuck your tiny feet!"
    "If you wore the same size shoe I'd let you borrow them Blondie."
    "Devin said I'm not allowed to wear heels."
    "He doesn't like me being as tall as him."
    "You're tall as shit Blondie! Six-inch heels and I'm still short as fuck."
    "You two are tiny! It's so cute."
    "To answer your question Hayden! Kim will not like it! Oden will. And Jacob, and Devin, and Scott."
    "I got your back if Kim comes at you all crazy."
    "Thanks Blondie. Let's go."
    "Oden is going to fight tonight."
    "Only if he does it topless! Meow!"
    "Oh Blondie! He will be. Mmm Mmm!"
    "Your husband is hot."
    "Trust me, I know it."


    "I like blunts!"
    "Don't get to fucked up. You're racin' tonight."
    "I am? Who?"
    "Not sure. Kim called and said someone she works with wants to race you."
    "What kind of car?"
    "Camaro. Only has a V8. Not a problem."
    "It ain't gotta Hemi!"
    "I was plannin' on drinkin' with Liz tonight too. Fuck."
    "There's alcohol here! Drink with her later."
    "Jacob! I seen your girlfriend naked! And I liked it!"
    "I touched Liz's butt! It's just as nice as her legs."
    "Let me see. Come here Blondie!"
    "Milly was right!"
    "The fuck Ode. Don't grab my girls bum bum."
    "Did you see Liz naked?"
    "I did Babe. I said I wouldn't look, but I did. It's so nice!"
    "Thank you!"
    "The fuck is Hayd at?"
    "I'm right here. I was locking the door."
    "Ooo! My dick just got hard. Please don't punch me Ode."
    "Lord have mercy."
    "Damn it Hayd!"
    "What Ode? You don't like it?"

    Oh! Shit!

    "I like it!"
    "Me too! I got the woman boner to prove it."
    "Woman boner. That's funny."
    "You want me to get into a fight tonight Hayd?"
    "Fine! I'll go change."

    Ode looks at me and Liz all kinds of crazy. He won't kick her ass but he'll kick mine! Scott, and everyone else got a kick out it.

    "No, no Hayd! I fuckin' like it. I rather see that get up on my bedroom floor right now and not on you."
    "Or under the passenger seat of your car where I found her panties."
    "No, I don't wanna."
    "My bad."
    "Let's get the fuck out of here."
    "Wait for me! Six inch heels and like four sets of stairs."
    "Get on."
    "I don't have any panties on Ode."
    "You're fuckin' killin' me here woman! You guys go ahead so you don't see my wife's pussy and ass."

    Ode is hatin' life so bad right now! Fuckin' Hayden! She's so hot.

    "Are you wearin' panties?"
    "She is not Devin."
    "Melissa has a thong on. That's why I'm commando. I gave her my thong. You need thongs for tight things Melissa."
    "That's what Hayden said. Or don't wear any at all."
    "Jeans, thong, thin and tight like her dress, nothing."
    "I don't really know these things! I'm a good girl."
    "At least you know to shave your jay."
    "You seriously saw my girl naked?"
    "Yes. I helped her get dressed."
    "She saw Melissa naked Dev."
    "Fuck off my legs dude."
    "Come on! Fuck!"
    "What about Scott? Can he touch them?"
    "I don't touch other guys' girls Blondie. Fuck yeah I wanna touch em, but no."
    "He likes lookin' at em though. That's why he's walkin' behind us."
    "It's true!"
    "See! Fuckin' perv."
    "Hayden said I can borrow her heels she has on."
    "Please don't."
    "Devin doesn't like Liz being as tall as him."
    "She's fuckin' tall enough!"
    "Melissa doesn't have to worry about rug burn on her knees when she sucks off Jacob. She just stands there."

    That was a fuckin' good one!

    "I'm joking! Don't get my thong bunched up."
    "No! You're wrong. I have to use a pillow because I can't really reach on my knees."
    "She's not even fuckin' lyin'!"
    "That's funny!"
    "I know right?"
    "Hayd has to stand with King Kong back there. Big ass fuckin' Mexican."
    "No Scott. My sister uses two pillows."
    "Or four! Ha!"
    "Naw! Hayden just latches on like baby suckin' mommy tit and just hangs out."
    "Jacob is the winner!"
    "If I'm the winner let me touch your girls legs."
    "You won't give up will you dude?"
    "Fine! Touch em."
    "Hey! Hands to yourself!"
    "Fuck Liz!"
    "Aww! My poor Babe."
    "Devin's legs!"
    "That's right. Mine! Ode! Hurry the fuck up!"
    "Fuck you! You try carrying 100 pounds down all these fuckin' stairs."
    "Dude! You're trained to carry over 100 pounds up and down stairs. Shut your hole."
    "Yeah! And it ain't fuckin' easy."
    "It's not man. I carried Melissa up the stairs and I was hurtin'."
    "He made me rub his back before sex."
    "Bum bum sex."
    "Oh god! You ready Scott?"
    "I never done ass sex."
    "You want to?"
    "Sure! I'll try it. Why not?"
    "Right arm."
    "You ain't rollin' with me Hayd?"
    "I thought I was going with Scott tonight?"
    "No one will see you with me."
    "Julius will."
    "Fuck him."
    "He'll tell Kim, Ode!"
    "So! Hayd wanted a ride, so I fuckin' gave her one. You leave with Scott. Now get the fuck in woman."
    "Devin! Can I..."
    "No! Road to Nitro is fun."
    "Lead the way kid!"
    "Get her Dev. We follow you tonight."
    "Oh shit! Liz is gettin' all giggle happy."
    "I am! Come on!"

    Leader of the pack tonight? Fuckin' nice!

    "No legs."
    "If you start to get scared, please tell me."
    "You won't scare me."
    "Okay. Because you, my lady are about to see what my purple bitch can really do."
    "I'm already getting horny."

Jacob and Melissa

    "Are you scared already?"
    "A little bit yeah. I trust you though Babe."
    "Call Hayden and tell her to tell Ode to let Dev hit the dirt first."
    "Okay, hold on."
    "Yes Milly?"
    "Put me on speaker."
    "Okay, what's up?"
    "Jacob said to let Devin hit the dirt first."
    "All right. Hayd will call Scott and tell him too."
    "Don't be scared of the dirt Milly!"
    "No idea what Hayden is talkin' about."
    "You trust me right?"
    "It'll be fun!"

Oden and Hayden

    "I've missed all this shit Ode."
    "Kim is gonna flip out on the shit you're wearin'."
    "So. I have backup."
    "Oh shit! I think Blondie might be able to handle Kim."
    "We may find out won't we."
    "Yeah. I fuckin' hate bein' in the back!"
    "Then shut the fuck up and get on it Ode."
    "My woman!"

Devin and Elizabeth

    "Like butter, It's like everyone just moves out of the way. I'm watching Jacob behind us, let him pull up and race him."
    "There's a signal for that. Tap the brakes twice. Watch."
    "Scared yet?"
    "No! I love this shit."
    "Another signal. Look behind us."
    "That's Oden."
    "Yeah, sayin' get the fuck out the way."
    "This way."
    "Holy shit Devin!"
    "Easy peasy!"
    "You could've warmed me that you were going into on coming traffic. Damn."
    "No! It was fun."
    "The real fun part is about to happen."
    "They're letting you pass? What's about to happen Devin? The road. Uh... It dead ends up there."
    "I know. Don't get scared. Fun! I promise."
    "I'm trusting you!"

Jacob and Melissa

    "Don't get scared now Dev!"
    "What's about to happen!?"
    "Oh god!"

Oden and Hayden

    "Get it Dev!"
    "Don't kill Blondie!"
    "He has it!"


    Don't puss out now! You got this shit. Left to go right!

    "Whoa! My heart damn near flew out of my mouth!"

Jacob and Melissa

    "Fuckin' aye Dev!"
    "I'm closing my eyes!"
    "Dirt is fun!"
    "No! Oh my god don't kill me Babe!"

Oden and Hayden

    "Told you he has it!"
    "Make them panties wet Dev!"
    "I bet Milly is pissin' herself."
    "Oh… Fuck! Ah! The scary part is when you get sideways. The drift part is fun. I really have missed this."


    "And now! The last fun part. Parking!"
    "At full speed?"
    "Holy shit! So close to the wall. Nice Dev!"
    "You... Just called me Dev."
    "Devin, sorry?"
    "No. It's okay. Weird. Just don't say Dev durin' sex."
    "Ah! Look at Melissa! She's all scared!"
    "Word up girl!?"
    "Fuckin' aye Dev."
    "Oh my god, I'm going to puke."
    "Melissa don't like the dirt."
    "Aww! Don't puke in your hair! Wait Melissa!"

    Liz was nice enough to hold Melissa's hair for her while she puked everywhere.

    "You made your girlfriend puke dude."
    "How was Liz?"
    "She was havin' fuckin' fun."
    "You made my sister throw up Jacob!"
    "Oh god it hurts to puke."
    "I have gum in my purse for when you're all done."
    "Thank you Liz."
    "You have fun Blondie?"
    "Yes! Melissa didn't."
    "Fucked up kid. Makin' your girl yuck everywhere."
    "I didn't fuckin' mean to make her puke!"
    "Want a kiss Babe?"
    "I love you and shit, but no."
    "I have gum! Chill it's only puke. I'd still kiss her."
    "Come here Liz. Kiss me, since my Babe won't."

    Nice! Two chicks kissin'! That's so fuckin' hot.

    "See Jacob! I even put my tongue in her mouth."
    "Fuckin' aye."
    "That was hot."
    "My sister just frenched Blondie."
    "Blondie is hot as shit."
    "She's seventen Ode."
    "I don't care! She's hot! I'm allowed to think she's hot. That's not wrong. Right?"
    "It's kind of pushing it Handsome."
    "Fuck it."
    "Kiss me now Devin!"
    "I don't give a fuck about puke mouth."
    "Thank you!"
    "Gross man."
    "The fuck you gonna do if Melissa gets pregnant? Not kiss her for nine months?"
    "I kissed her all the fuckin' time when she was pregnant."
    "You guys were a couple when she was pregnant?"
    "No. Well... I'm gonna say yeah."
    "Yeah. My Babe took care of me. He was even at the hospital when I gave birth."
    "And yes... He kissed me all the time. I didn't ever get sick when I was pregnant."
    "My mom is so bad! Our toilet is her new best friend."
    "Aww! Poor thing."
    "Her mom pukes hella loud. Woke my ass up this mornin'."
    "Gross. No more puke talk. You guys are gonna make me puke next. Notice I didn't even look at Melissa?"
    "Fuck you Liz."

    Liz starts makin' puke noises at Jacob. It's fuckin' funny as shit! He's gonna puke any second.

    "Stop it!"
    "Dev do somethin' with your girl!"

    My turn!

    "Fuck you Dev!"
    "Fuck you both! I'm goin' in."
    "Wait for me Babe. That was funny you guys."

    Alone with my lady! Put lips here and tongue in here. That's right. I like it.

    "Wanna go in?"
    "No. I'm not done kissing you yet."
    "You're not kissin' me now."
    "If you'd shut up I would be."

    It worked! I shut my hole, and I got more Liz kisses. Her lips are soft. And they taste fruity.

    "All you guys with your loud ass cars."
    "Who's this fine ass girl?"
    "My girlfriend. Liz. This is Tank."
    "Hey. Scott drove this 429 here tonight?"
    "He gave that to Jacob."
    "I been tryin' for fuckin' months to get that guy to sell me that Mustang and he just goes and gives it away to Jacob? He pay Scott for it?"
    "No. He felt bad that Jacob wreck his Mustang."
    "That pisses me off. You gonna let me dance with this one later?"
    "If she wants to dance with you she will."
    "No. I'm here with Devin."
    "Just one. I don't bite."
    "I don't think so. Sorry."
    "Why not?"
    "She said no dude. Lay off her."
    "Don't get tough with me Devin."
    "Or what? Go ahead. Hit me."

    Liz lets my hand go and stands in between me and Tank. Nice! Is she gonna hit him? No! Kick him! In the dick!

    "I ain't gonna hit your boyfriend Lizzy."
    "Don't call me Lizzy. I wanna go in now Devin."

    I like mean Liz! She was seriously willing to get punched for me. That's hot.

    "He wouldn't have hit me you know."
    "I don't care. Did it make you mad when I stood in front of you like that?"
    "No. You were seriously gonna let the big black guy hit you. Kinda ballsie."
    "You have my back and I have yours. That's how real girlfriends work. I'll have your back even if you're 100% wrong."
    "Right arm. Ode! Tank is here."
    "All right."
    "And he is mad as fuck at you Scott."
    "I don't fuckin' care. He won't fuck with me."
    "Why is he pissed at Scott?"
    "Because Jacob has that Mustang. He was like, he gave it to him? Yes. Did he pay him for it? No."
    "Why is he pissed at me havin' the 429?"
    "He's been tryin' to buy it off me ever since he rolled his car and Ode said not to."
    "Ode doesn't like the fact that the Mustang is faster than his Charger. The only fuckin' car in this town! That can outrun his. That 429."
    "Give me a ride Jacob."
    "I have. Several times."
    "A real one."
    "Let me touch your legs."
    "Damn it!"
    "You just gotta walk up and do this..."
    "You know you like it Blondie."
    "Make your brother stop that."
    "Stop it Ode."
    "I tried!"
    "Stop touching my legs."
    "I'll punch you again!"
    "You don't scare me Blondie."
    "You should be scared."

    Liz fight!

    "You asked for it Ode!"
    "Come on Ode! Don't let that skinny ass blonde girl kick your ass."
    "You done Blondie?"
    "That was fun!"
    "The fuck is goin' on down here?"
    "My brother gettin' his ass kicked by a girl."
    "God damn Hayd."
    "Hi Julius."
    "What's this I hear about you bein' pissed off at me Julius?"
    "Just a little bit Scott."
    "Over a fuckin' car?"
    "I offered you thousands of dollars for that Mustang and then you just go and hand it over to this fuckin' kid."
    "That fuckin kid?"
    "Yes! That fuckin' kid!"
    "Okay! Me, Milly, and Blondie are going to the bathroom now."

    Oh! Shit is gettin' good now! Scott is about to fuck shit up! And maybe Jacob too! He looks pissed.

    "Eyes back in your fuckin' head man. Starin' down Hayd like that."
    "That woman is fair game. Ode lost her years ago."
    "She's here with me. That woman you're talkin' about is in my bed every night."
    "You're fine with your best friend fuckin' Hayd?
    "It is what it is. Like you said, I lost her years ago."

    Nice! Jacob is rollin' a blunt! I like blunts.

    "Don't be pissed about this to Julius."
    "I been wantin' that ass for years."
    "We know. You remember what happened the last time you touched one of my girls right?"
    "That same piece in top side in my glove box."
    "Is that a threat Scott?"
    "You know damn well it ain't. I have no fuckin' problem walkin' up there, grabbin' that gun and shootin' your ass again."

    He ain't lyin'!

    "Still settling beef like a little bitch."
    "Oh! Shit!"
    "Excuse me?"
    "With a gun. You can't handle your shit like a real man. With your fists."
    "If I remember right! You and me fought how many times Julius? You didn't get the fuckin' point 'till I shot your dumb ass. Why the fuck would I want to waste my time usin' my fists on you when I can just get to the goddamn point?!"
    "You ain't man enough for Hayd."
    "And you fuckin' are?! You ain't shit Julius! The only girls you could ever get were the ones me and Ode had first!"
    "What the fuck is going on down here?! I can hear you two yelling from outside."

    Kim is here!

    "Apparently these two have unsettled issues."
    "Why are you letting these two fight Ode?"
    "They ain't fightin' yet!"
    "We're done. I ain't wastin' anymore breath on this mother fucker."
    "What is your problem Scott?"
    "This fuckin' guy with his eyes glued on my girl."
    "Your girl? Since when do you have a girl?"
    "Since I been back in town."
    "You're with Scott?"
    "Yes. Is that a problem?"
    "No. I can sleep better at night knowing you aren't trying to get into my fiancées pants. And Devin brought the new girl."
    "Hi. It's going to be a long fucking night! I can feel it."
    "Smoke some pot!"
    "Yeah. Give that blunt."


    Man! I thought for sure Tank and Scott were about to have a brawl right there. I was waitin' for that shit to happen! Then here comes Kim. Been a long time since a seen a real good fight. One between those two would've been fuckin' epic! They are perfectly matched, weight and height. Scott always wins in the end though. Hell! Scott can even kick my ass if he wanted to. But he won't fight me. Fuckin' Hayd in that god damn dress! Just about every guy in this place is lookin' at her, and to make shit worse! Every time me and her make eye contact she uncrosses her legs all slow so I see fuckin' everything! DAMN IT!

    "Hey Sugar!"
    "Okay, here's the deal. You don't like Blondie..."
    "I don't know her Ode."
    "Let me finish. Scott is racin' Dev tonight. I told him you called and said someone you work with wants to race. So if he happens to ask you anything just make up a name and tell him the guy drives a newer Camaro, V8, easy win. Okay?"
    "You guys are fixing the race so Devin looks good for the Blonde?"
    "Kind of, yeah. Scott knows his Impala can't beat the 'Cuda. But Dev doesn't know that. He knows how Scott builds cars so he'll think he's gonna loose. Scott will be racin' for real though. I need you on board with this baby. Help us make my brother look good for his girl. He likes her a lot and we just wanna help him out a little bit."
    "Come here."
    "Mmm. Thank you Sugar."

    I feel disgusted with myself for kissin' Kim. Had to do it! I need her to just go along with this shit. What the fuck? Fuckin' Dev!

    "You still smokin' weed? No more! You're racin' tonight, and no more beer either."
    "Oh yeah! And this is my first beer. Shut your hole."
    "How many have you had Blondie?"
    "This one is my forth."
    "Fifth. Four empty on the table and one in your hand."
    "That one is Hayden's."
    "Oh, my bad."
    "This is my forth Oden."
    "No more. Wait an hour or two before gettin' another one."
    "I do pace myself. I don't wanna be all sloppy drunk."
    "Good. Hayd?"
    "Yeah, yeah! Babysit."
    "Thank you. You good to dance Blondie?"
    "I'm great!"
    "Me and you are dancin' here pretty soon."
    "Um… Devin?"
    "Dance with him."
    "Okay. I'll be right here and you better be topless!"

    Off with the shirt and tossed on Blondie's head.

    "I can feel myself blushing!"
    "What did I say Liz?!"
    "Man candy! Meow!"
    "Alright! I'm done gettin' stared at like a piece if meat. Give me my shirt back."

    She fuckin' sits on it!

    "Are you serious?"
    "Yes. We all like it. Now go away so we can stare."
    "You women are too fuckin' much sometimes."
    "It's your fault."
    "How the fuck is it my fault Dev?"
    "Bein' all beastly and shit, and oh so handsome."
    "The kid is right Ode! You're so sexy."
    "Fuck you Scott."
    "Come on over here then big boy."
    "Oh god!"
    "See what happens when I take my shirt off Blondie? I turn straight men gay."
    "That's funny! You're still not getting your shirt back."
    "Maybe I should run a few laps and then come back and dance with you all sweaty and stanky."
    "I'm okay with that!"
    "She's like Hayden dude. She loves the real man smell."
    "No! It's different when the stanky sweaty man is your guy. If Scott was sitting here sweaty and shit, I'd think he stinks. But Ode all sweaty and stanky! Oh! I love that shit."
    "She's right. Remember I used to say you stink and now I say I like it?"
    "Yeah. Women are weird."
    "They are strange little creatures aren't they?"
    "But you men all love us."


    "Why does Oden wanna dance with me?"
    "It's what he does with every girl I bring here. He went to dance with Heather and she bitch slapped him and yelled at him and shit. That's one of the reasons he don't like her. At first he thought she was cool and then shit happen and he just... You know, slowly started to hate her."
    "How long were you with her exactly?"
    "Like two years."
    "Ah! Dance with me. Come on."
    "I'm to fuckin' high to dance. Cole and Sean are over there. Go dance with Sean."
    "You're okay with that?"
    "Yeah. Just dancin'. I don't care."
    "I don't want you to be mad or anything."
    "I won't be."
    "I promise! Now go away."
    "You have to dance with me at some point tonight."
    "I will when I ain't high as shit."

    I have a good little beer buzz going on right now and I just wanna dance! Cole and Sean have been smoking weed too, so let's hope he's not to high to dance. I don't wanna have to go dance with myself.

    "Hey! Are you too high to dance?"
    "Never too high to dance. I also don't want my ass kicked by your boyfriend over there. So I think I'm going to pass."
    "He told me to come ask you because he's to high."
    "If he kicks my ass, I'm kicking yours."
    "You can try. Come on!"

    It's official! Sean is is an awesome dancer! He's like me, he loves it! Nosy Lizzy time!

    "Do you think Devin's brother is hot?"
    "Oden? Yeah. I think Devin is too."
    "You think my boyfriend is hot. That's funny."
    "Devin will look just like Oden in a few years. Scott used to date my sister back in high school, so him, Hayden and Oden would come by a lot and Devin looks just like Oden did back in high school. Minus the different the hair color."
    "Who else do you think is hot?"
    "Blaine, Mr. Ballas, and Mr. Avalon."
    "Mr. Ballas has those eyes! Oh my god!"
    "Right! Pretty cool to actually talk to someone about boy crushes."
    "I like gay people. I have this friend from my old school who's gay, and he's cool as fuck! He's just like one of the girls."
    "Some are just one of the girls."
    "That's funny. Are you the girl?"
    "No. My boyfriend is. He takes better care of himself. Always wants to look good and shit. Like he's trying to impress the world. So he's the girl. I do want to get something straight with you though. I'm not gay. I like girls too, I just happen to be with a boy at the moment."
    "Yeah. I am attracted to girls too."
    "Are you attracted to me?"
    "No. I don't know you that well. You have a cute face and killer legs. I don't want in your panties or anything."
    "Okay. Have you ever had sex with a girl?"
    "Yes. Me and Emily have sex."
    "Does she know you like boys?"
    "Yes. She's my boyfriends sister."
    "Oh! So, she's like your cover?"
    "Yeah, pretty much."
    "Anyone else from school know about you?"
    "Melissa does. Only because her sister and my sister are like besties for life and Hayden said something to her. Melissa was just like, my sister said you kiss boys. So I told her yeah, I like boys. I have no idea if she told Jacob or not, so as far as I know just you and Melissa."
    "Devin knows. That's why he's okay with me dancing with you."
    "He thinks I'm gay? Not bi?"
    "He thinks your gay, yeah."
    "You said you wouldn't tell anyone."
    "I didn't! I told him that Ms. Cooper paired us together and he told me!"
    "Did he say who told him?"
    "Are you serious?"
    "Yeah. He messed around with her."
    "I know. She taught me his fingering thing, and she makes me do it to her."
    "That's funny."
    "I like it. Was weird at first because I had no clue what the fuck was going to happen, then she got off, and I was like wow. Then I fucked the shit out of her."
    "How often do you guys have sex?"
    "Whenever she wants it."
    "You have sex with your boyfriend?"
    "Do you give or take?"
    "Both. But I mostly give it to him good."
    "That's so awesome!"
    "What's awesome is you're not grossed out by all this."
    "I told you I like gay people! And bi people now! I'm pro gay. I'll even stand up for you if I have to. The way I see it, is we are all the same, with the same kind of feelings inside of us. Who gives a shit if you happen to have feelings for another boy or another girl? Transgender! Who fucking cares! We are all fucking human, we all bleed the same, love the same, hurt the same, and no one is fucking perfect. Love who you want and fuck everyone who wants to talk shit. I hate homophobic people with a fucking passion, I wanna hurt them all."

    The next I know Sean is kissing me! On my effing mouth! What the fuck?!

    "What was that?"
    "Nope, you're still not attractive. But thanks for everything you just said. It actually means a lot coming from someone who's straight. A lot of people aren't okay with it. You know?"
    "I like girls too! Me and Melissa straight made out tonight and Devin and Jacob got all horny off it."
    "Melissa is fucking hot."
    "She smells so good."
    "I know right?! It's like her lure. She walks passed you and you get a whiff of her. Makes any man a little bit hard."
    "If I had a dick it would be hard. Surprised Jacob doesn't have a boner constantly."
    "Maybe that's why he wears baggy pants. You never know!"
    "That's funny! You think Jacob is hot?"
    "He's okay. I can tell he has that personality where he'd flip if a dude hit on him. So... That makes him unattractive to me. And I will admit, I don't ever want to make him mad."
    "I heard about Blaine."
    "It was fucked up. I was here that night, and I had a video on my phone. But he knocked Cole out cold. We were in the bathroom and Cole was talking about Melissa, we had no idea Jacob was in the shitter. So we were just talking away. He was saying she's a whore and I was defending her. I've known Melissa a long ass time, I KNOW HER. She's a good girl. But long story short, I showed Cole the video, and he called Jacob a bitch, he came out of the stall got in my face and told me to delete the video. I deleted it. Then boom! Knocked Cole out. He was fucking snoring. No joke."
    "I would've wanted to see the video."
    "I still have it. Cool thing about iPhones your deleted files go to a different part of the phone. I restored it. I only recorded it because I fucking know Blaine will twist the story somehow."
    "Show me!"
    "I don’t have my phone on me. It’s up in Cole’s car. Remind me at school and I'll show you."
    "How bad was it really?"
    "Pretty bad. Jacob got him good. From his chin all the way up to his forehead. Swung his knife under hand and Oden was standing next to Blaine, and he got his blood flung all over his face. It happened fucking fast too. Like... Blaine didn't even finish the last word of his sentence fast. Jacob was already pissed because he wrecked his car. Got his shoulder dislocated and shit. Blaine was asking for it."
    "Jacob's shoulder got dislocated from the wreck?"
    "Yeah. Melissa was mad that Jacob was hurt, and she punched Blaine right in his face. Even Devin hit him."
    "He just stood there and took it?"
    "No. Julius... You know Julius right?"
    "Yes. Okay. When you race dirty here at Nitro, Julius throws road spikes. Like the cops use, he throws them four flats tires end of story. BUT! That night. Blaine keyed Oden's car. So! Oden was pissed, but Oden won't beat the shit out of a kid. All I know is when Jacob wrecked, Oden flipped the fuck out. Blaine was going to leave, and Julius got lucky with the spikes, and then he busted out the window with his elbow and literally drug Blaine to Oden. Julius held Blaine the whole time. Then at the end of everything Oden got in Blaine's face and told him something, then gave Kim a wad of cash and said, take him to the hospital."
    "That's all fucking crazyness!"
    "Blaine is lucky Oden didn't fuck him up for keying his car."
    "He's the one who keyed his car?"
    "Yes. Don't piss off Oden. He's mean."
    "That's what Devin said. He doesn't seem mean to me."
    "Don't get me wrong Liz. Oden is a cool fucking guy and yeah, he's nice. But, he has a really bad temper and he snaps. It's not pretty. I've seen him beat the fuck out of Julius."
    "Devin also said that."
    "He's being honest. Oden is a whole different person when he's pushed too far. He's scary as fuck."
    "And Devin said that too."
    "If Oden ever gets into it with someone, just move far away from him. Don't ever try to break it up. That's all I'm going to say."
    "Oden will hit anyone who tries to break up his fight. I told you, he's a whole different person."
    "Even a girl?"
    "Even a girl."
    "Devin didn't tell you that did he?"
    "No. He left that out."
    "You'll see what I'm talking about eventually."
    "Devin isn't like that right?"
    "No. He'll fuck someone up if he has to, but he's not like Oden."
    "That makes me feel better. I don't wanna get socked by my boyfriend."
    "Scott is the only person who can stop one of Oden's fights. He's not scared to get punched."
    "I would think Scott was mean before Oden. He just has that look. You know?"
    "Scott is mean too."
    "Like Oden?"
    "Mmm... He's… I swore to my sister to not talk about Scott and his issues. Sorry."
    "He's worse! Isn't he!?"
    "If I answer honestly will you let it go?"
    "Scott is WAY worse than Oden."
    "Sorry, I'm nosy."
    "Are you scared of Oden now?"
    "No. Are you scared of him?"
    "No. I know better! Plus, you don't need to scared of him. He's a good guy! Seriously."
    "I'm not scared of him! I still like him the same."
    "What about Scott?"
    "No. I like Scott. He let's me use his bathroom instead of the muggle one."
    "The muggle bathroom."
    "It's where the muggles hang out! You didn't know?"
    "I thought they hung out at the train station, wondering where the fuck platform nine and three quarters was."

    Okay! I might be a little bit scared of him now! But I'll still beat him up and talk shit to him. It's fun!


   Did I just see Rye's little brother kiss Blondie? At least she pushed him away and quickly as he kissed her. That's good. Let's see if he can handle Hayd, I wanna dance with Blondie. Laser pointer on Hayd's face. Notice it Scott! There you go. Hayd made the point to walk up to the left side so Kim could see her. Mean mug at Hayd, and now me. Damn it Hayd.

    "Yes Handsome?"
    "One. Stop walkin' all sexy and shit with them hips. Pissin' Kim off."
    "Of course not! You see the kid dancin' with Blondie?"
    "Hey! That's Rye's bother! And god damn! Blondie is getting down!"
    "Yeah. Anyway I'm about to cut in and dance with Blondie. You got Sean?"
    "Yep. I can get Rye's number from him. Haven't seen or heard from my bestie in a long time."
    "She's back in town. Went to see Scott, and she gave him her number and the mother fucker won't call her."
    "He's an idiot."
    "I heard she got married and had a kid."
    "Nope. Engaged. I guess shit went bad, and she came back. I didn't know she was here 'till Scott told me today."
    "The whole gang here in town. Oh no!"
    "Right. Damn I like watchin' Blondie dance."
    "Me too! You're all sweaty. I like that more."
    "You ready?"
    "Following you!"

    The kid can handle Hayd! Now, let's see if I can handle Blondie.

    "You're holdin' back Blondie! Dance with me like you were with Sean. Don't be scared."
    "Are you sure? Your wife is right there."
    "She knows what's up. She's only watchin' because she likes watchin' you dance. Come on. Show me a good time. Or are you scared?"
    "I am not scared."
    "I think you are."
    "I will punch you again."
    "As long as still get my dance."
    "I don't think you can handle me Oden."
    "Try me."

    Damn it! Never seen a white girl move her ass and hips like this. Hayd can, but not like this fuckin' girl. She smells good too. Fuckin' Dev! Lucky fuckin' pig.


    I'm done with Ode bumpy grindy with my lady! My turn! He didn't even push me away by my face! Nice. Just walked away smilin' like fat kid in a candy store. Liz Passed the Ode test! Right arm.

    "You dance like Ode. All grindy. I like you better because I can do this..."

    Neck kisses! Made me latch onto her and grind up against her even more. Bites now?! Ah!

    "Mmm I feel you like that."
    "Neck kisses and bites are my weakness. You're killin' me here."
    "You're killin' me with this thing here."

    Pee Pee touch!

    "I want you right now."
    "We can leave after I race."
    "Yeah. Let's do that. Sean kissed me."
    "On my lips."
    "You let him?"
    "No. I pushed him away as soon as his lips touched mine."

    Why is this dude kissin' my lady?

    "Don't be mad. It was nothing."
    "I'm mad."
    "Devin, please don't be mad."
    "Fine. I'm not mad."
    "Yeah. I'm still mad."
    "At me?"
    "No. At him."
    "Please don't beat him up."
    "I won't."
    "Thank you."
    "Kiss my neck some more."

    There we go! I'm all better now. Ode had to go and fuck it up! Race time!


    "Who's ready for a race huh?!"

    Everyone who comes here, comes for the races.

    "We got a good challenge tonight. Devin Hart! In his 1971 Hemi 'Cuda. And! Sid Davis! In his 1964 Chevy Impala. Whoever wants in on the action, pay the pretty lady behind the bar. 30 minutes! Topside."
    "Ode!? You said I was racin' a Camaro! What the fuck!?"
    "Relax! It’s only an Impala. You got it!"
    "Dude! I know how Scott builds cars. Man! Liz is gonna see me get my ass handed to me by a fuckin' Chevy."
    "Well then, you better give that purple bitch all she gots huh?"
    "This is fucked up. I'll be up top."
    "Warm them tires!"
    "Yeah, yeah!"

    Lets go see what kind of bets we got.

    "What do we got?"
    "It's good tonight. Just about every person bet. 55 fucking grand Sugar."
    "Damn it! That's a new record."
    "Everyone is split down the middle, but there's more on Devin."
    "I'll be up top."
    "All right."

    Again with this god damn phone!

    "Yes Sugar? Oh! My phone. Thank you."
    Devin listened to me and warmed up his tires. Good boy. Hello rock! Hold on!

    "Blondie! Come here!"
    "What do you want?"
    "Room for two up here."
    "Okay. Um... Grab my wrists and pick me up. No panties."
    "What is it with girls and not wearin' fuckin' panties?"
    "Shut up. You know all you men love it."
    "It's true. You know how to start a race?"
    "I sure do."
    "You wanna do the honors tonight?"
    "Oh! Fuck ya!"
    "You're giving her my job tonight Sugar?"
    "It's her man racin', let her do it tonight."
    "I don't want to if Kim is going to be pissed."
    "No, Ode is right. That's your man racing. Have at it. I'm not pissed."
    "See! Kim isn't always a bitch."
    "But I am most of the time."
    "That's true!"
    "If you're totally okay with it, I'll do it."

    I do what I do. Say the rules, what happens when you don't follow em. Lights flash! Good to fuckin' go!

    "You're up Blondie."
    "I haven't done this in almost two years! I'm so excited!"
    "Get it girl!"
    "I'm so on it!"
    "Fuck that white girl has a set of legs on her."
    "That's my brother's girl Tank. Leave her alone."
    "She thought I was gonna punch Dev and stood in front of him to protect him."
    "Yeah. She wasn't havin' that shit."

    Willin' to take a hit for Dev? Now that's a good ass woman. And fuckin' Blondie can start a race! She's sexy about it. Walks behind the cars and runs her hands down the side of each of em as she walks in between them to the front. Steppin' in a way each hip moved high as fuck with each step. Fuck! She points at Scott and then puts her hand to her ear. Scott revs his engine. Same with Dev. Not one word came out of that girl's mouth. She raises one arm and then the other, turns toward the crown of people and wiggles her fingers and everyone starts fuckin' cheerin'! That a girl Blondie! Turns back around arms still up, looks at Scott and give him a nod, The at Dev with a little nod. I counted in my head. Five seconds! And she throws her arms down. Damn it Blondie!

    "Nice job Blondie! God damn!"
    "Pick me up so I can see better that way."

    I get her back on the rock and bend down so she can sit on my shoulder. She's fuckin' lighter than Hayd!

    "Yes. Thank you!"

    I happen to look down at Kim, she's pissed. I'm not allowed to have a white girl on my shoulder? The fuck!

    "Get it Dev!"
    "He's good!"
    "Yeah. He got this shit from me. Watchin' me and Scott race back in high school."
    "You race anymore?"
    "From time to time."
    "I wanna see you and Jacob race."
    "I'll lose against that Mustang."
    "So! Make it friendly! Come on!"
    "All right."
    "After this race!"
    "Last lap! Ah!"
    "Dev gots it!"
    "Hell yeah he does! Can Hayden start a race?"
    "I'll start you guys then call her over to finish. Yeah?"
    "That works. Here they come."
    "Devin! Yay!"
    "And Scott! Woo! Let me down! Victory kisses for my man."

    Bro hug from Scott and some major tongue play from Blondie.

    "Mission accomplished! Damn that felt good. Be a good ass minute since I raced."
    "You like how Blondie started it?"
    "Ooo Wee Son! Damn!"
    "Sexiest part was her not sayin' a fuckin' word. I felt the dick move. I won't lie."
    "It was hot. That girl! Is fuckin' hot!"
    "Move your car. We go another race."
    "Yeah. Blondie wants to see me and Jacob go a few laps."
    "Yeah. Dev! Move your car! Settle down! We have another race tonight. By request from the long-legged blonde girl here. It's a friendly race! If you wanna bet do it among yourselves. Jacob Sullivan! 1970 Boss 429 Mustang! And!... Me! In my pride and joy! 1969 Dodge Charger! If you're down to race Jacob move your car to the fuckin' line! Get it!"

    Oh he's down! Jumped right in the car did a warm up lap and stopped at the line. I give my position to Scott, get in my car and do the same lap stoppin' at the line. These guys are about to see the Big Bad Ode get his ass whooped!


    "If I had panties on they would be soaked."
    "Wanna watch this race before we take off?"
    "Yeah! Did you not hear Oden? I asked for his race."
    "Did you really?"
    "Ode is gonna get his ass handed to him!"
    "He knows! Was me starting the race better than Kim?"
    "Fuck! You were hot! Got all these people goin' and shit. I was watchin' you in the side mirror. How do you make your hips do that when you walk?"
    "You like that?"
    "I'm starting this race too."
    "My man is going to kick Oden's butt."
    "He knows. That's why it's friendly."
    "They're waitin' on you!"
    "Hayden, eyes on me."
    "Trust me!"

    Liz is so fuckin' hot! Doin' the same thing as before. Them hips don't get old! Wait... What is she doin'?

    "Liz wants you to go over there with her Hayden."
    "Nice! I'll be back!"

    Kim looks pissed! The hottest thing was when Liz stood behind Hayden. She rub her cheek with her, and hands on Hayden's hips. Stop screamin' help zipper!

    "That's so hot."
    "I know! Wow!"
    "And they're off! Gallop Mustang!"
    "Did Hayden look hot guys?"
    "You both did."
    "Kim doesn't think so. She's giving me the, I will kill you look."
    "I got your back."
    "I'm not into girls what so ever. But damn Blondie! Feeling you breathe on my neck and face! I wish I had panties on!"
    "You played right into it too! You closed your eyes, your mouth opened a little bit, head went back a bit. You fucking love it!"
    "You are like the sexy master! No joke!"
    "I try!"
    "It was fuckin' hot! I'm surprised you guys can't hear my zipper screamin' for help."
    "Oh god!"
    "My man has a boner! I'll handle that later."
    "The Charger and the Mustang are like two inches apart. Is Jacob not tryin'? The fuck?"
    "Maybe my Babe thinks Oden will beat him up if he wins."
    "No. They both know that Mustang is faster."
    "Maybe it's just that much faster. Winning by two inches is still winning."
    "I'm gonna go ask."

    Jacob is probably drivin' like a bitch.

    "Is Jacob drivin' like a bitch or is that Mustang only an inch fuckin' faster?"
    "He should be at least one car ahead. He ain't givin' her all she gots."
    "Why did your girlfriend call Hayden over to start the race?"
    "I don't know Kim."
    "Is she trying to pull something?"
    "I doubt it."
    "She could've called me over."
    "I don't think she really likes you Kim."
    "Why? I was nice tonight."
    "You first met her and you were a straight fuckin' bitch to her."
    "Not really."
    "You're fuckin' stupid."

    And now my nose is bleeding! Nice job Kim! Thanks a fuckin' lot! Bitch!

    "The fuck happen Dev?! Oh shit!"

    Holy shit! Liz is kickin' ass! I guess Ode saw all the commotion and pulled off the track. Jacob did too. No one is stoppin' this fight? Okay!

    "What happen?!"
    "Kim punched me. Look at my nose dude!"
    "Blondie is fuckin' shit up! God Damn Dev!"
    "Ode! Break it up!"
    "Hell no! That's Dev's girl Hayd."

    Damn it!

    "Fine! I'll get her off Kim."

    Liz is a ground and pound fighter like Ode. She's so hot.

    "Come on Liz, that's enough."
    "Look at your nose! My poor Tortillo Boy. Sad face!"
    "What the fuck is wrong with you!?"
    "Want some more you dumb fucking bitch!?"
    "That’s enough Liz."
    "Don't you ever lay another hand and my man again. EVER! I will fuck your shit up all over again. And I'm not even fucking lying."
    Ode whispers in Liz's ear as he walks passed.

    "Fuckin' nice Blondie. Damn."
    "Thank you."
    "Is my nose broke Sugar?"
    "No. But you and I need to have a talk Kim."
    "Right here? Right now?"
    "Right fuckin' here! Right fuckin' now! I've told you multiple fuckin' times to lay the fuck of my brother..."

        "Is that his mean voice?"
        "I don't like it."
        "No one does."

    "…You bust his fuckin' nose up in front of all these people! For what Kim!?"
    "He called me stupid."
    "You punched him for that!? Yeah, you are stupid for that."
    "Lay off Ode!"
    "Or fuckin' what Julius?!"

    Uh oh!

        "Why is everyone..."
        "Yeah. We need to back up too Liz. Over here by Jacob and them."
        "Ode is about to fuck Tank up man."
        "Oh god! I'm not watching this shit."
        "Me either! Tell me when it's over Babe."

    Liz is the only girl who didn't turn away. Okay?

        "Is your brother gonna win?"
        "Yeah. Scott might break it up before anything happens though."
        "He's standing right there! Why is he not scared like everyone else?"
        "Scott ain't scared of shit Liz."

    Back to the fight!

    "Yellin' at a female like that in front of everyone!"
    "You better back the fuck of me!"
    "This ain't the place Ode!"
    "I want her to look just as dumb as she made Dev look. No fuckin' right to lay a fuckin' hand on my brother!"
    "The skinny ass blonde cunt made her look plenty dumb!"

    Did he just call my lady a cunt? No bueno!

    "The fuck Tank!?"
    "Don't fuckin' move Devin! Let me handle this shit!"
    He says Devin when he's about to snap.

    "No! He fuckin' called Liz a cunt dude! Fuck that!"
    "Stay put!"
    "Devin! Don't come any closer. I mean it! I don't wanna fuckin' hurt you!"
    "Dev! Don't do it man!"
    "No? What if it was Melissa he called a cunt."
    "Look at Ode! He's seconds away from fuckin' snappin' man. I'd let him handle it."

    Jacob is right. I'd get my ass killed if I got in that mix.

    "Fine! Fine. I'm stayin' right here Ode."
    "You would've got your ass kicked Devin."
    "You had my back Liz."
    "I'd rather not see you get beat up by someone twice your size. Saying what the fuck and going for it is good enough for me."
    "Mmm Hmm."
    "You fucked Kim all up. It was awesome."
    "I told you I'd hit her if she hit you."
    "Please stop makin' me fall in love with you. It's scary."
    "I'm just being me."
    "I know! And I fuckin' la la la!"

    She laughs at me. Then kiss me. Fruity lips! Aww! Scott broke up the fight. Come on!

    "Go park my car Blondie."
    "For real?"
    "YAY! Thank you!"

    No! Come back! Ode is makin' you leave so he can kick my ass!

    "Why did you call Kim stupid?"
    "Because she is. She got all pissy at me because Liz called Hayden over to start the race and not her. I told her Liz doesn't like her because she was bitch to her, and she said she wasn't and then I said, you're fuckin' stupid."
    "Okay. Blondie fucked shit up! Damn it!"
    "Me and Hayden tried to stop her."
    "She's fuckin' around in your car."
    "She's just crusin' around the track. She's fine."
    "I think she's scared by herself. She needs to hurry up. We're takin' off."
    "Give me your keys. Don't let Blondie wreck my car."
    "I won't. See ya at home. Later gators!"
    "Bye Devin."

    Flag Liz down! Or chase her if I have to.

    "Are you scared by yourself?"
    "Let's go."
    "My place. Ode has my keys, and he said don't wreck his car."
    "He's letting me drive it all the way to your house?"

    No problem driving fast with me in the car. If she wants to get her license she has to not be scared to drive alone.

    "Why are you scared to drive alone?"
    "If something happens, no one will find me."
    "Good reason. You need to not be scared. You love to drive. I see it."
    "If something happens, I don't wanna be alone."
    "How's your nose?"
    "I'm fine. I'm used to it."
    "Can we talk?"
    "Yes. What's up?"
    "Sean told me a few things tonight, and I just wanted to tell you what he said is all."
    "About me?"
    "No. Oden."
    "What about Ode?"
    "Mostly everything you told me. You know, how he gets mad and get scary. Then he said if I ever see Oden in a fight to never ever try and break it up."
    "Yeah. Ode will knock you out."
    "Sean said when Oden snaps, he's a totally different person."
    "He is. The term for it is Black out, or Red out. Whatever you wanna call it. Everything in his mind shuts down except that person he's fightin'. He's on auto pilot and his one task is to beat that person and anyone who tries to stop him. I told you he gets scary. You were pretty damn close to seeing it tonight."
    "He knew he was about to snap huh? That's why he said he didn't wanna hurt you."
    "First clue, he said Devin. Not Dev."
    "Sean said Scott is worse than Ode. But he didn't say how. He said he swore to his sister that he wouldn't talk about him and his issues."
    "Scott... I don't really want to tell you either Liz. I'm being honest."
    "Fine, I tell you, you lock it away, toss the key, and forget I told you. Deal?"
    "Scott has a gun on him at all times. He don't waste his time on idiots who try and fight him. He pulls out his gun, and he shoots the person."
    "Like... He kills people?"
    "No. He gives them nice flesh wounds and that leave nasty ass scars."
    "Oh! Okay. You said Oden beats people to an inch of their life. Scott just giving someone a flesh wound isn't worse."
    "Ode puts people in the hospital for weeks."
    "See! That's way worse."
    "He put Melissa's dad in the hospital for damn near three weeks. He had to have his face rebuilt with bone and skin graphs."
    "Oh my god! What the fuck did he beat him with?"
    "Crow bar."
    "Have you noticed the small scar under Scott's left eye? Looks kind of like a wrinkle."
    "Scott broke up that fight. When he grabbed Ode to pull him off he swung and nailed Scott right in the face. He didn't swing it at him. But the upward swing is what got him. And honestly, if Scott wasn't there Ode would've killed him."
    "Why did Oden do that to Melissa's dad?"
    "That's another thing you put in your box with Scott's gun."
    "He raped Hayden."
    "Holy shit! Her own dad? What the fuck? Melissa?"
    "Never touched her like that. Beat the shit out of her countless times though."
    "Have you seen the scar on her side?"
    "No. Jacob told me about it though."
    "She said she caught herself on the kitchen counter."
    "No. She was about five months pregnant when that happened. Her dad cut her open with a box cutter."
    "That's so sad."
    "Yeah. You see Melissa and see how fuckin' nice she is to everyone, and then you know the shit she's been through. You just think, who the fuck would wanna hurt her? Seriously."
    "Right. She so small too. Five feet tall."
    "Worse one of them all. Ryan Toledo. Ode and Scott ain't got shit on him."
    "I wasn't supposed to tell you any of that Liz. Ode's orders. I'm trustin' you with this shit. Please don't fuck me over."
    "Tell me what?"
    "About... Thank you."
    "Put your legs on my lap. I do it for you."
    "Okay. Did you have a good time tonight?"
    "Yeah. I got to dance my ass off, seen you race, and I beat the fuck out of someone. All I need know is some nice good affectionate sex from you. All slow and nice."
    "I will give it to you however you want it."
    "Where is Sean's accent from?"
    "He's Russian."
    "He thinks you're hot."
    "As long as he don't hit on me, I'm okay with him."
    "He thinks Oden is hot too."
    "All the girls love Ode!"
    "Apparently! That's funny!"

    Kim is loading bags and shit into her car? What's going on?

    "She's crying Devin."
    "Yeah. Park so I can go talk to her."
    "Do I need to stay in the car for a minute?"
    "All right."
    "What are you doin' Kim?"
    "I'm done. I'm leaving."
    "Where are you going?"
    "Home. I already talked to my mom."
   "You're leavin' because Ode yelled at you?"
    "In front of everyone Devin! Ever since Hayden came into town your brother hasn't touched me or kissed me. I'm not stupid. He's not over her at all. Tank told me that Hayden wasn't the one I had to worry about. He was right."
    "When did you talk to him about Hayden?"
    "When she got here. I knew you and Ode wouldn't say anything. So, I asked him. Look, I need to go. I want to be out of here before Ode gets home."
    "Okay. Well, take care Kim."
    "You too."

    I wait for Kim to leave and drive down the street before I try callin' Ode.

    "Let's head up while I try and get a hold of my brother."
    "It's loud in there. He may not hear his phone."
    "He has it on vibrate in his pocket."
    "How many times are you gonna call?"
    "'Till he answers. Fuck it! I'll try Scott."

    Scott answers!

    "What up Kid!"
    "Put Ode on the phone."
    "He's workin'"
    "Tell him to put a few fuckin' songs in the queue and put him on the phone. It's important."
    "Hold on."

    Somethin' isn't right here. Why is my bedroom door open?

    "What Dev?"
    "Hold on dude... Fuck!"
    "Are you okay?"
    "What happen Dev?"
    "Dude, we pull in and Kim is loadin' up her car with shit. My laptop is gone, my money stash gone. She even took Liz's bag of clothes."
    "She took my clothes? What the fuck?"
    "Check my room Dev. Now!"
    "No need. I can see the safe doors open."
    "Fuck the drugs. Check my safe."
    "It's reading error. Won't let me put the code in."
    "Star, star, 0, 0, 6, 4. Then put the code in."
    "Everything is here. Money, your personal stash, gun, all here."
    "She say where she was goin?"
    "Home. I had like $4,000 Ode."
    "Fuck! She took the goddamn money from the race. She left the book, the money bag is gone. 55 fuckin' grand. Oh! I'm fuckin' mad. No one got paid here. You need to take Blondie... Can we trust her?"
    "Yes. I promise you can trust Liz."
    "Okay. Have her sit tight for now. Give her a shirt and pajama pants, boxers, whatever for the night. I'll leave you some money to get her some clothes in the mornin'. Scott is on his way."
    "All right."

    This is fucked up!

    "Ode is gonna leave some money for me... Well, for you actually. So I can take you to get some clothes in the mornin'. Are you okay with one of my shirts and boxers or something for the night?"
    "Yes. What all did she take?"
    "Remember when I said whatever you see here, you don't repeat?"
    "My brother sells weed and shit. She took it all. My laptop, my weed stash, and my money I been savin' for like two years. Your shit! I'm sorry Liz. I'll understand if you wanna go home."
    "I'm still here. It's only clothes. Only mad about my shoes. They were awesome. But just having clothes stolen isn't going to scare me away. I like you too much."

    Fuck it! Grab her, kiss her. Now...

    "I love you. You don't have to say it back. I just wanted you to know. I had to say it."
    "Okay! Now I wanna go home."
    "I'm joking."
    "That's not funny. I almost started cryin' like a little bitch."
    Please say it back. Yeah?

    "I'm not saying it back just yet though. I am falling in love with you. I can't say it yet. But know I feel the same for you as you do me."
    "I'll take that."

    Finally got to see her change her clothes. Nice! We lay out on the couch and watch a movie while we wait for Scott. Not even ten fuckin' minutes in she passes out. On top of me. Again! I'm cool with it! I was close to passin' the fuck out too when the door opened. It's not Scott! It's Ode!

    "Both of you all passed out on the couch."
    "Yeah, I thought Scott was comin'."
    "I closed down early. Everyone is on their way."
    "Can you get her off me without waking her up?"
    "I'll try."

    Success! All tuck in snuggly in my bed.

    "Blondie is lighter than Hayd. Fuckin' weird."
    "I know. So what happen with the bets?"
    "Kim said 55 grand. Book says just under 55. I need to pay everyone tomorrow. I look at the book and add it all up and figure the shit out."
    "So I don't get my money?"
    "Probably not. But I won't get mine either. I'm just giving everyone their bets back. Now do you understand why I said I don't trust Kim? This shit right here. That's 55 grand out of my fuckin' pocket."
    "Fucked up."
    "What's goin' on Kids?"
    "Some bullshit."
    "What all she take?"
    "Emptied out the safes, took Dev's shit, and Blondie's bag of clothes she had."
    "Why take the girls clothes?"
    "She did fuck her up tonight. What all did she have in her bag?"
    "Clothes, toothbrush, shit like that. Nothing important really. She only pissed that her shoes are gone and she has nothin' to wear tomorrow."
    "I'm sure Hayd or Milly might have somethin' for her."
    "Where is Blondie?"
    "My room passed out. Where I should be too! Naked. Possibly inside her."
    "I even said I wanted to see a Blondie and Kim fight today. She fucked Kim up!"
    "Did she even get a hit on Blondie?"
    "No. One punch and Kim went down and she got on top and pounded away 'till this kid pulled her off."
    "She was willin' to get punched by Tank."
    "He asked her to dance, and she said no, he kept on her. I said to lay off, and he got in my face and Liz stood in between us."
    "Nice! She's a keeper Kid."
    "Yeah. Can I go to bed?"
    "No. I need you to do somethin' first."
    "When I lost my phone, and you used that tracking thing on the computer to find it. I need you to that with her phone."
    "That's gonna take like 45 minutes dude."
    "So. I wanna know where she is."
    "Fuck. Fine, whatever."
    "My laptop is on the table."
    "Shut your hole and let me work."
    "What Ode?"
    "My laptop is on the table."
    "Fuckin' hate you dude. I hate you too Scott. For laughin'."
    "It's fuckin' funny that this guy still does that shit to you. I remember back in the fuckin' day you'd get so pissed."
    "Tell Oden to stop bein' stupid again!"
    "Fuck the both of ya."


    I knew Kim would eventually do somethin' stupid. There is a plus side to it all. I don't have to worry about how to get rid of her. But! I also don't see this bein' the only shit she's gonna do. For now, we just wait.

    "Where's Hayd?"
    "Went upstairs to change. Jacob and Milly went to his place. She was hurtin' and just wanted to sleep."
    "I'm tired."
    "Yeah. Same here. Your ass needs to use some vacation days and close down Nitro for about a week and just sleep your ass off like a meth head."
    "I'm serious Ode. Take a fuckin' break. Take Hayd somewhere. Spend time with your fuckin' wife. Your ass is loaded! That 55 grand Kim took isn't hurtin' you one bit."
    "Hayd always wanted to go to Spain and met the rest of my family."
    "There you go. Handle your shit here and take her."
    "You know what I wanna do that I haven't done in a long fuckin' time?"
    "Weekend camping trip."
    "My parents went to the spot to camp a few weeks ago. My dad said the lake is full of fuckin' fish right now. Catchin' em left and right."
    "Smoked salmon."
    "Yes. We're goin' camping."
    "I'm down. Hey Gorgeous. Campin'? Yes or no?"
    "I haven't been camping in forever. So yeah, I'd go."
    "I'm down. I found Kim. She's still in town."
    "Take a guess."
    "Tank's house."
    "Yep. His house or Nitro."
    "She's not at Nitro."
    "She cleaned you out here. You don't know, she may be cleaning up Nitro for you."
    "One last thing for me to do."
    "A lot of money at Nitro dude. You seriously don't care?"
    "I seriously don't care. Everything there can be replaced."
    "Whatever. I'm goin' to bed. I left the tracker open, as long as you don't close it out it'll stay on her."
    "All right. Night."
    "Night night Devin."
    "Oh! You have anything that Liz can wear tomorrow?"
    "Oh shit, I don't think so. I have a few pairs of jeans, but Blondie is tall. They won't be the right length."
    "Don't worry about it Hayd. Me and Scott are goin' to get her shit back tonight. We need your car though."
    "Why my car?"
    "It's quiet."
    "Okay. I'll go get the keys. Night Devin."
    "Keepin' my ass up all night Ode."
    "That piece really in your glove box?"
    "Bring it."
    "I don't feel like shootin' anyone tonight."
    "Then don't."
    "Here you go Handsome. Pink key is the one for my apartment. Place to myself tonight. Winky winky!"
    "Better be naked when I get back."
    "Ooo! I set the alarm at night, so I'll text you with the code."
    "Okay. You ready?"
    "As I'll ever be."
    "You two be careful."
    "We will."
    "And you need to call Rye tomorrow."
    "Not happenin' Hayd."
    "We'll be back soon. Give me a kiss."
    "Love you."
    "Love you too."

    I was right. Kim wasn't at Nitro. Everything was still there, so we loaded it up. Changed the lock on the door and now. The short walk to Tanks house. Parked right next to Tank's truck. Kim's car. Lights are all off. Sleepin' or hidin'?

    "What are we doin' Ode? Breakin' into the car or kicking in the door?"
    "Car first. It's probably not even locked."

    I was right again.

    "Everything there?"
    "This is Blondie's bag. Here. Dev's laptop. Take this whole bag. There's weed and money in, and his laptop was in it. I'm pretty sure it's his shit."
    "What else?"
    "There's like five pairs of shoes. I have no idea which pair is Blondie's."
    "Right there. Black pair with the pink laces."
    "Are you sure?"
    "I was checkin' out the poles when she showed up with Dev today. I'm positive those are hers"
    "Everything else in here is Kim's clothes and shit. Only money was in that one bag."
    "Then it's inside."
    "Yeah. Fuck the weed and shit. I just want that money."
    "Easy enough. Lets go get it."
    "Fuck that. Kick the door of it's fuckin' hinges. You know you want to."
    "I do like kickin' doors in."

    I do like it! I do it all the time. For my job! Not for fun. Okay! Sometimes for fun.

    "Look at these two mother fuckers all cozy in bed together."
    "Did you really have to go and kick my door in Ode?"
    "Me and Scott will be out of here as soon as Kim gives me my fuckin' money."
    "What money?"
    "From the race tonight."
    "You took Ode's fuckin' money? Are you crazy?"
    "Don't act like you don't know."
    "No Ode! She said she took your weed and shit. Nothin' about no fuckin' money."
    "I don't have your money."

    With no hesitation! Scott pulls out his gun, cocks it, and points it right in Kim's face.

    "There ain't not need for that Scott! Give Ode his fuckin' money Kim. Scott will fuckin' shoot you. Trust me! I know!"
    "Listen to your boyfriend Kim. Give me my fuckin' money."
    "Okay, put the gun down Scott."
    "No. Not 'till the money is in Ode's hand."
    "Count it."
    "It's all there Scott!"
    "Count the fuckin' money!"
    Scott has her terrified! But she does what he says. 53 grand? Good enough.

    "53? Didn't you say 55 Ode?"
    "About 55. I'll cover what I need to. This is good enough for me."
    "All right."

    Scott points his gun at the wall and fires.

    "Jesus Scott!"
    "Lucky he didn't shoot you Kim. He fuckin' shot me. TWICE!"
    "And it looks like you still didn't fuckin' get it. Still hittin' on me and Ode's girls."
    "You do know you're fired right Julius?"
    "Figured as much."
    "Not because Kim is here right now."
    "All I'm gonna say is Kim needs to stop leavin' her phone lyin' around. Or at least delete the fuckin' text messages in it."
    "Are you fuckin' serious Kim?"
    "How long?"
    "No. I'm asking Kim."
    "A few months after we got here."
    "Two fuckin' years!? Oh! I need to get out of here Scott. Before someone gets hurt."
    "Let's go."
    "What Kim!?"
    "I'm sorry."
    "No you're fuckin' not! Everything you fuckin' have I got for you! Your car! Your fuckin' job! That shit was all me. Then you go behind my back fuck around on me for two fuckin' years!? Take my money, my brother's shit, and Blondie's shit. Now you say you're sorry and you want me to believe you are?! Even Tank knows not to fuck with my money."
    "I know where it all goes."
    "So does she!"
    "Look, I'm going back home to my parent's house in the morning. Devin and Blonde's shit is in my car. Your weed and everything else is that bag over there."
    "I don't want the fuckin' weed. Go to parents and don't you fuckin' come back. Do you fuckin' understand me?"
    "And if you want your job back you better start kissin' ass."
    "I need that job. I can't get anything else."
    "Yeah? Whatever I need, whatever Scott needs, you're gonna do it. And you're not gonna bitch about it. Even if Scott wants you to clean his toilet at the garage. You're gonna fuckin' do it."
    "All right."
    "Good! Let's get the fuck out of here. My wife is waitin' for me."
    "Your wife?"
    "What Kim? You thought you were the only one with secrets?"
    "You asked me to marry you and you're already married?"
    "I got married four days ago. After I found this."
    "My phone. You had it this whole time?"
    "You married Hayden."
    "I sure fuckin' did. I asked that woman to marry me damn near seven years ago."
    "I knew I recognized that massive rock on her finger. I couldn't remember for the life of me where the fuck it came from."
    "So, everything Devin said was true? New York and everything!"
    "Why did you even bring me here?"
    "I actually cared about you Kim. Now! I don't fuckin' care at all. I just want you gone, and I want you fuckin' stay gone."
    "I'll be gone soon enough."
    "Good. Don't come back."
    "Don't you worry. I won't."
    "I'm fuckin' serious Kim. I hear you're back... You're gonna get fuckin' hurt. Don't... Fuckin'... Test me."
    "Don't threaten me."
    "Ode will put you in the hospital just like Scott will Kim. Shut your fuckin' mouth."
    "Really?! Why don't you have my back right now?"
    "Because unlike you Kim... Julius knows what the fuck I am capable of."
    "Let's go Ode. Before you do somethin' stupid."
    "Yeah... Let's get the fuck out of here."

    The drive back home seemed long. I'm still not calm. Kim will come back.

    "You good Ode?"
    "Yeah. Kim will come back."
    "Yeah. She's stupid and she don't know what the fuck you or me are capable of."
    "She knows I won't hurt her is the thing."
    "You know girls to do that for you."
    "Yeah, and you won't fuckin' call her."
    "Let it go Ode. I'm out of here. I have an extra lock at my place. Have Dev come by and pick it up and change the lock on the door upstairs."
    "You let him off tomorrow?"
    "Yeah. I don't really need him. Let him spend the day with Blondie."
    "All right. I'll let him know. Go home. I'm crashin' the fuck out."
    "In the same bed as your wife."
    "Fuckin' right I am. See ya."

    So tired it hurts walkin' up all these god damn stairs. I walk in to drop off my brother and Blondie's shit, and there's Dev! Butt ass naked in the kitchen.

    "Put some fuckin' clothes on."
    "Don't look at my pee pee."
    "Why are you naked?"
    "Why not?"
    "Whatever. Here's your shit and Blondie's shit."
    "Right arm. Back to bed. Bye."
    "You need to go by Scott's tomorrow. He has an extra lock. I want you to change the lock on the door for me. Can you handle that?"
    "All right. I'm changin' the code to the alarm. I'll write it down and leave in on the table for you."
    "Okay. Can I go now? I was actually about to do somethin' in there."
    "Have some sex?"
    "Go! I'm changin' this code and headin' up stairs."

    Fuckin' Dev.

    "Hey Handsome."
    "Mmm, you're naked."
    "You told me to be when you got back."
    "I'm actually to fuckin' tired to do shit right now. Sorry."
    "Then sleep. It's fine."
    "Hey, I didn't say you could put clothes on. Get over here."
    "If I'm sleeping naked so are you. Off with your panties."
    "Fine. Happy?"
    "Come here."
    "This is nice. Been a long time since we just laid together like this."
    "Yeah. You still wanna go to Spain to meet my family?"
    "Scott said I need to use my vacation days and take you. Said I need to slow down a little bit."
    "You do Ode. You worry me sometimes."
    "Kim knows we're married."
    "You told her?"
    "Yeah. Her and Tank been fuckin' for two years."
    "I feel like an idiot."
    "You have me. So don't feel like that."
    "You're right. She was hella pissed off when I told her about us."
    "So. Fuck her."
    "She's leavin' town, goin' back to her parent’s house. I told her to not fuckin' come back."
    "I have a feeling she'll come back."
    "Yeah. She will."
    "So, Spain huh?"
    "Shhh... Sleep."

    Just sleep.