Tuesday, June 9


    Hayd offered to come with to my drivin' buddy on this two-hour drive. She feel asleep about an hour in. I'm tired as hell, I can't roll down the windows or turn on the stereo. It's times like this I sometimes wish I still did coke. It would greatly help me out right about now.

    "We still haven't got there?"
    "Mornin' sunshine."
    "Shit Scott, I didn't mean to fall asleep on you. You look tired as hell."
    "You have no idea Hayd."
    "Ode gave me a little bit of coke. You want it?"
    "I don't trust it. You know that."
    "I'll do some first to show you it's okay."
    "You know what?... Fuck it. Give me some of it."
    "This is what I have. How much do you want?"
    "That's enough for two people Hayd."
    "Here... Half for me and half for you."
    "Ladies first."
    "...See? I’m good. It’s okay Scott."
    "Fuck… I forgot that coke tastes like straight shit."
    "Right? So, what do you know about Blondie?"
    "Not much. She showed up with Jacob and Milly yesterday."
    "Her legs?"
    "Long! She's just about as tall as Dev and Jacob."
    "Shit! She cute? Milly said she is."
    "Yeah. She's a very pretty girl."
    "Milly said she's cuter than Heather. I haven't met Heather."
    "Heather used to be cute. She was fuckin' perfect, not too big, not too skinny, just right. Now, you can tell she's all drugged out. All skinny and sucked up. Blondie is defiantly way better lookin' than her."
    "Devin told me she's pregnant."
    "Yup. He told me. When are you and Ode gonna pop out a kid or two?"
    "In time. Ode wants kids, he always has."
    "What's the deal with New York?"
    "We're going after the kiddos graduate. I have my house and my company there."
    "You do know Ode is gonna fuckin' hate it there right?"
    "Yeah. I got this nice piece of land I plan on giving to him so he can have his Nitro there if he wants."
    "He does like that club of his."
    "He just wants to be where ever I am. You're welcome to come with us Scott."
    "My life is here Hayd. My parents, my work. Plus, I'll still see you guys from time to time. Ode can't stay away from his dad for too long."
    "Right. He loves his pops."
    "Your mom is sleepin' like she hasn't slept in years. She's a fuckin' rock back there."
    "It's probably the best sleep she has had in her whole life. How are you doing? Coked out yet?"
    "Gettin’ there… I need to give my dad a call. Give me a minute."

    I should've called and left my parents a message last night before we left, but I didn't. Anna is always welcome no matter what, so It'll be fine that I'm bringin' her. Still, I should've called them. Better late than never I guess.

    "Hey Scotty."
    "Hey mom. Is dad around?"
    "Him and Richard are outside trying to coax our foal in the barn. She's so skittish of everyone they are having a hard time breaking her."
    "When did you guys get a baby?"
    "She was born about a week ago. If you checked in more..."
    "Yeah, I know. I been busy. I'm about fifteen, twenty minutes out."
    "Oh? It's barley six. You drove all night. Is everything okay?"
    "Anna is with me."
    "Oh no. How bad is it this time?"
    "She's alive. Ode stitched her up real good last night. But she's done mom."
    "Is it for good this time?"
    "I think so. She came to me to help get her out pretty much."
    "Scotty, you don't need to do anything stupid. Oden either."
    "Me and Ode won't do anything we don't need to do. No promises though, Hayden is back in town."
    "Hayden is back? That's not good Scotty. With Anna being here, Ry...."
    "I know, that's Ode's business."
    "Oden? I thought he was with the redhead? What am I missing?"

    I hand the phone over to Hayd.

    "Talk to her."
    "Anna? Are you okay?"
    "This is Hayden."
    "Oh! I'm sorry hun, you sound just like your mom. Why did Scotty give you the phone?"
    "No idea. Why am I talking to your mom?"
    "She asked what's she missin' between you and Ode."
    "Okay. Me and Ode are married."
    "When did this happen? Richard hasn't told us anything."
    "Richard doesn't know. Please don't say anything to him. Ode is going to tell his parents soon."
    "Okay hun. I'm in the middle of making breakfast. Then I'll get your mom's room together. I'll see you guys soon."

    Was not my place to tell my mom about Ode and Hayd getting married.

    "Your dad is at the farm Hayd."
    "Oh! Don't scare me like that."
    "Makin' sure you're still human."
    "Fuck you."
    "Language dear."
    "Mornin' Anna. Sleep okay?"
    "I did. I got blood on your pillow. I'm sorry."
    "Scott told me that's his huggy pillow mom."
    "Oh! That's why it smells a little funny."
    "Glad you still have your sense of humor. That is not a cum pillow Anna, I swear."
    "We are only joking Scott."
    "Yeah Scotty! Where's you sense of humor?"
    "Back home. With my cum pillow."

    Have you ever seen two grown ass men chasin' around a baby horse? It's actually pretty funny, the three of us all laughed as we pulled in and saw them.

    "All right, you two hang out for a minute while I go talk to my dad."
    "Okay Scotty."
    "Shut up... Hey! You two are doin' that shit wrong!"
    "What are doing here boy?"
    "I can't come see my mom and dad?"
    "Get in here and help us get this baby in the barn."
    "Hell no! I ain't chasin' a damn horse around. Take a break and lets talk."
    "What did you do this time?"
    "Nothin' but the reason I'm here involves Rich too."
    "All right. Rich! Give that baby a break and get over here."
    "That baby horse is gonna give me a heart attack. We're to old for this shit Lee."
    "I'm tryin' to get Scotty in here to get her."
    "What's goin' on Rich."
    "Still stomping around in the cow shit with your pops."
    "You talk to Ode recently?"
    "About four days ago. Him and Devin came by for dinner. Why? What stupid ass thing did you two do this time?"
    "We didn't do shit! I have somethin' in my truck you might like."
    "Oh yeah? What is it?"
    "I'll be right back."

    Rich has three favorite women. His wife, Gloria, Hayd, and Milly. I have a good feeling he's gonna be happy to see Hayd.

    "Come say hi to Rich, I told him I had somethin' he'd like in my truck."
    "Sit tight for another minute Anna."
    "All right."
    "Upsie Daisie!"

    I pick Hayd up like a sack of potatoes and carried her over to my dad and Rich. They both already have smiles on their faces.

    "You like it Rich?"
    "I do!"
    "Hi Rich! Hi Liam!"
    "Howdy Hayden."
    "When did you get back into town? My son didn't tell me or his mother anything."
    "Okay put me down! I guess he's been busy. Hugs!"
    "I hope you're here to get Oden away from that red head."
    "You don't like Kim?"
    "No. Either does Gloria. That girl can't keep her mouth closed for ten minutes."
    "Kim doesn't like me! She thinks me and Ode ar..."
    "That's my mother's ring on your finger."
    "Um... Yes."
    "Might as well tell him Hayd."
    "If you two went off and got married without telling Gloria, she's gonna be pissed."
    "Gloria is going to be pissed. But Ode is still with Kim. It's a long story."
    "I'll let him tell his mother. I won't say a word."
    "Thank you... Dad!"
    "Hayd isn't the only person who came with me."
    "Who else is with you?"
    "I'm not okay with that. Ryan will go by the house and Gloria will be there by herself. I need to go Lee."
    "That's your wife Rich. Go!"
    "I wanna see Anna first."
    "You guys can head inside. I'll get her and bring her in."

    Rich is just like Ode, or Ode is just like his dad. They both have the same need to beat the fuck out someone who even looks at their woman wrong.

    "You ready to go inside Anna?"
    "Richard looks angry."
    "He is. He knows Ryan will go to his house lookin' for you and Gloria will be by herself."
    "This is all my fault."
    "He's goin' home after he sees you. It's fine! Come on, hand me your bag."
    "Oh my gosh!"
    "Damn you Stink! The fuck out of here!"
    "That's Stink?"
    "Yeah, and he's still an asshole."

    Stink. He's my dog, or was my dog. He's old as shit and still a fuckin' asshole.

    "Oh! My god!"
    "Stink! Sorry Hayd."
    "This is Stink?"
    "Aww! Stinky Stink."
    "He jumped on your mom too."
    "We were like ten years old when you got him. You's a old ass doggy huh?"
    "He may be old, but he's still good at roundin' up all the cattle."
    "It's him's job huh!?"
    "And pissin' on the couch."
    "You pee pee on the couch Stinky?"
    "I hope you guys are hungry. Come on Stink, outside."
    "That name fits! My hands stank!"
    "You know where the bathroom is hun. Come, sit, eat."
    "I won't be staying long Quen. Just coffee for me."
    "I understand Richard. I know what Ryan will do with Anna here."
    "I'm so sorry Richard."
    "It's fine Anna. With Oden and Devin out of the house I worry about Gloria."
    "Ode knows. He's havin' Dev go by there later today, and I'm sure there's plenty of forks layin' around."
    "Joke all you want Scotty. Getting stabbed with a fork hurts."
    "Only Dev would stab someone with a fork and then throw the fuckin' thing at the person."
    "I have no idea where we went wrong with him. He's an odd one."
    "Naw! You went wrong nowhere with him. He's still gettin' good grades in school, works hard for his keep. He's a good fuckin' kid Rich, and you should see his new girlfriend. Ooooooo!"
    "He's not with the stuck up cheerleader anymore?"
    "No. This one is like six feet tall and all fuckin' legs."
    "Is she nice?"
    "I only met her once, but she seems nice. Cute as all hell, and those legs! Damn it!"
    "He was swinging her undies around last night right before Oden sewed me up."
    "What about undies?"
    "Dev last night with Blondie's panties."
    "You know why we steal panties right?"
    "Why do all men steal panties Liam?"
    "When smell my fingers just won't cut it."
    "Oh my god! Your dad is as bad as you Scott!"
    "No! I'm as bad as my dad."
    "Every time me and Ode have sex he takes my panties. So that's not true."
    "That's because he likes to wear em on his face like Nacho Libre."
    "That's mean Scott!"
    "It's probably true!"
    "God, I hope he isn't wearing my panties on his face."
    "My son's head is too big for her bragas."
    "Thank you Rich!"

    Conversations at the Davis breakfast table. Always classic!


    "Who ever is in my room, get the fuck out!"
    "Fuck you."
    "Don't forget to take that to mom later. Some coke there for you too."
    "What Ode!"
    "I'm off to work. Bye."
    "I fuckin' hate you dude."
    "Go back to sleep."
    "Are they still doin' work on Main?"
    "Yeah, will be all week."
    "Fuck! What time is it?"
    "I still have time. Go away."
    "Don't forget you need to open for Scott too."

    I'm fuckin' tired! Falling asleep at like 3:00 in the morning then waking up at 7:00! I don't understand how Ode does this shit everyday even with coke. What do I need to take to mom? Ahh! Money. I fucked up, mom maxed out four credit cards and Ode is fixin' it for her. For some reason I don't want this coke, why don't I want this coke? I don't wanna be all wired around Liz's mom I know that. I don't want this shit to fucked up what I may have with Liz like it did me and Heather. I don't want it! Save it for Jacob.

    "Got coke here if you want it."

    My phone rings just as fast as I sent the text. Just fuckin' text dude!

    "Word up girl!"
    "What it do baby?"
    "Ode left me some coke. I don't want it."
    "What's wrong with it?"
    "Nothin', it's the same shit as yesterday. I just... I don't want it."
    "Uh oh!"
    "Liz is makin' your ass go straight!"
    "You're right. This shit is what fucked up me and Heather's relationship. I like Liz a lot dude, I don't wanna make the same mistake again. Do you want it?"
    "I don't do coke alone. So, no. I'm good."
    "All right."
    "You hangin' out with Liz after school?"
    "I don't know. I have to go to my parent's house when I get off work at 5:00."
    "Fuck! Your ass will be workin' all fuckin' day!"
    "I know! I have to open for Scott at 9:00 this mornin' too."
    "You might need that coke."
    "I got my Red Bull. I should be good. But if Liz wants to hang out can you drop her off at Scott's?"
    "Yeah, I have to drop Melissa off at work first."
    "Don't touch my fuckin' legs!"
    "I hate you!"
    "I have a favor to ask you."
    "Liz was tellin' me about her ex and he used to race and shit, and how much she missed it…"
    "You drive just as good as me Dev"
    "Not in dirt."
    "Ah! That's right. You're afraid of dirt. What do you want from me?"
    "You, Ode, and Scott can go from the road to dirt like it ain't shit. On the way to Nitro. How do you guys do that?"
    "Counter steer. The dirt road goes right. Turn hard right and get your ass end side ways and turn the wheel left and drift it."
    "Not like on the road."
    "No. You try to drift in dirt like you do on the road you'll get all squirrely, you try to drift on the road like you do in the dirt you'll roll your fuckin' car. Dirt, turn left to go right and right to go left. We can go out by Nitro and I'll teach you if you really wanna learn man. Just ask."
    "Yeah, I'll let you know. What is Melissa cryin' about up there?"
    "She can't lift her arm to brush her hair."
    "You fucked her up dude!"
    "A little bit. I'm off here, I need to try and help her."
    "Just put that shit in a pony tail for her."
    "Right. I'll see you in a bit man."
    "All right."

    I really do like Liz and I don't wanna fuck it up. She knows I smoke weed and she's fine with it. At least I think she is. She didn't say anythin' when I smoked with Scott last night. I do need to talk to her before some dumbass at school says something to her.

    "Get out of here Devin."
    "Just puttin' somethin' on the dresser. Sorry for waking you up."
    "You okay?"
    "Yeah. Just tired."
    "Get yourself some coke."
    "I don't want any. That's what I put on the dresser."
    "You goin' straight too?"
    "Yeah. I gotta go."

    Why the fuck does Kim care? She was bein' super nice too! Kissin' ass ain't gonna earn her any brownie points with Ode. He's done with that mess. Okay! Wallet, keys, weed, phone, testicle one, testicle two, and my Red Bull. I'm good to go!


    "Lizzy, It's time to get up. I gave you your extra hour."
    "I'm awake mom. I smell bacon."
    "Yes, come eat. I made enough for your friend too. I hope he's hungry when he gets here."
    "Hungry or not everyone loves bacon."

    Shit! I didn't charge my phone! It's so dead it won't even turn on. I hope Devin didn't call and think I'm avoiding him. Grr!

    "Yes Lizzy."
    "I need the battery out of your phone. I forgot to charge mine."
    "Charging on my dresser."
    "Thank you!"

    No missed calls, just one text from Michael.

    "We talk at lunch Elizabeth."

    Simple text back.


    Yeah! Michael is mad! Apparently I smelled like sweat and sex last night. I hope my mom didn't smell me and I really hope it wasn't me that made her puke. Blah! I need to text Devin and make sure he didn't forget about me.

    "There's bacon here!"
    "I like bacon."
    "Michael left, so you can park in his spot next to my mom's car."

    I make sure my mom is still in the kitchen busy and I lift my shirt and take a booby picture and send it to Devin. Ha!

    "I wanna suck on those."
    "I wanna suck on you."

    A dick picture! Yay!

    "Must be stuck in traffic to be able to take a dick pic."

    My phone rings.

    "Hey you!"
    "Yeah, traffic. I am literally ten feet from your street. I just can't turn yet."
    "Thank you for the picture of your dick."
    "You like that?"
    "Yes. Like mine?"
    "Don't show anyone."
    "I won't. I just turned down your street."
    "Okay. I'll meet you outside."

    He sounds super sexy on the phone! I like it!

    "Good morning!"

    I put one of my legs on his shoulder. Yep! I still got it! He kisses my leg then kisses me.

    "Flexy too! I like it!"
    "You have no idea how flexible I am yet."
    "You're killin' me!"
    "I like bacon."
    "Good morning Devin."
    "I hope you're hungry."
    "I could eat."
    "You're not eating mom?"
    "This has been done and waiting Lizzy. I already ate, plus I have to get going. Doctor's appointment this morning."
    "Everything okay?"
    "Yes. Just a checkup and ultrasound."
    "Oh! We get to see the baby! Yay!"
    "Does that make you and Jacob cousins?"
    "No, the ring on her finger does."
    "That's funny."
    "Why is that funny?"
    "Jacob thinks Liz is hot."
    "I see. All right you two, I need to change and get going. Don't be late to school Lizzy."
    "If I am it's Devin's fault not mine."

    I forgot about my mom saying she had a doctor's appointment this week. So exciting! Getting to finally see the little baby. Alone with Devin is exciting too!

    "I need to start getting ready. Just put your plate in the sink when you're done."
    "I wanna watch you change your clothes."
    "Well, then you better eat faster huh?"

    I take off my shirt and stand there for a minute before turning and walking to my room.

    "Bacon or boobies Devin? You said you wanted to suck on them."
    "Don't make me choose between bacon and boobies!"
    "Tick Tock!"
    "I choose boobies!"

    By the time he managed to make it to my room, I was just standing there. Naked. I saw him naked, it's only fair he see me naked right!?

    "Ooo! Naked."
    "If you don't like it I can get dressed."
    "No! Let me just look at you for a minute."
    "You want me to just stand here?"
    "Okay? A little bit weird."
    "It's not weird for me."
    "You're not the one standing here naked getting stared at!"
    "Let me take a picture."
    "Are you serious?"
    "Yes. Come on."
    "Hurry up."
    "Nice! Heather wouldn't ever let me take a picture of her naked."
    "That's because she's not cool like me. Can I get ready now? We don't really have time to do anything fun."
    "I'm sad now!"
    "Me too! You said you wanted to watch me get dressed though."
    "Don't mind me... Can we talk?"
    "Yes. What's up?"
    "I just wanna be honest with you about somethin' before someone at school tells you."
    "The main reason me and Heather's relationship went to shit is because of coke."
    "You do coke?"
    "I had some today... My brother does it in the mornin' because he works from 7:00am to 3:00am just about every day. I had a long night, and he knew I'd be dead tired today, so he gave me some. I had it in my hand, then Heather popped in my head. I was thinkin', this is the shit that fucked us up. Then I thought of you. I don't want the same shit to mess up what me and you have. I put it on my brother’s dresser and walked away from it. You're worth more to me than a few hour high. I just wanted to tell you that before someone at school goes up to you and asks you why you're with a coke head or somethin' fuckin' dumb."
    "Thank you for being honest with me. But I don't care if you do coke. The only thing I ask, is you never offer me any. Same with your weed. I don't care. Just don't offer it to me. I've tried it before and I didn't like it."
    "I'm happy you're okay with this. I just don't wanna chance anything. I like you a lot and I don't wanna lose you before I even get a real chance. You know?"
    "It's your life Devin. I'm not here to change you, I like you for who you are. Why would I wanna change something I like so much? Question!"
    "Are you okay with me wearing this?"
    "I take that as a yes."
    "Come here."

    He just wanted to give me a kiss. It was a nice soft one. I like it.

    "Mmmm. One more, just like that."
    "Any plans after school?"
    "No. My mom works tonight, she won't be home until around 10:30. You wanna hang out here with me?"
    "Yeah. Jacob will drop you off at Scott's after school. I have one thing to do after work, well two if you count me wanting to go home and shower."
    "I can take the bus and you come here when you're done."
    "I want you to come with me."
    "One condition!"
    "Help me with my Science homework later."
    "What's your grade in Science right now?"
    "What!? I'm failing Science. I have a D."
    "Try harder then."
    "I do! I have an A in Math, English, and P.E, and a B in History. I finally get to drop P.E and take an elective."
    "I have an F in English. You help me with English, I help you with Science. Deal?"
    "What elective are you thinking about?"
    "What do you do?"
    "Me and Jacob do Study Hall so we can just do nothin' and fuck off. Melissa did Cheer, but I don't know if she's gonna do that again this year."
    "Cheer. The closest thing to dance."
    "There's a dance elective."
    "I wanna start dancing again. When I stopped it actually hurt my mom."
    "Then take dance and make her happy again."
    "Yeah, I'm gonna take dance. Okay! I'm ready, how do I look?"
    "And! No heels today! Because you said nooo!"
    "You're to fuckin' tall for em!"
    "Blah, blah, blah! Come on, let’s go."

    Same car ride. Legs on his lap. It's a new rule in his car he says. My legs have to be on his lap. He keeps teasing me by putting his hand up my dress and playing with me! Driving me crazy! Dick!

    "How long ago did your parents split?"
    "They didn't. My dad died."
    "Oh. I'm sorry."
    "That's why we moved here. Cheaper living and stuff."
    "Where from?"
    "Nice... How did he die?"
    "Car wreck. A drunk driver ran a red light and hit us. The car rolled like seven times. I tried to wake him up but he..."

    Don't start crying Lizzy! You worked really hard on your pretty makeup! Instead of his usual leg kiss he grabs my hand and kisses it and give it a squeeze.

    "Being involved in somethin' like that how are you not afraid to be in car or drive fast?"
    "I don't know. I should be right? It somehow calms me."
    "Is that why you don't drive?"
    "No. I don't have money for the class in town and my mom works a lot and doesn't have time to take me."
    "Can you drive?"
    "Show me. Drive."
    "I'm not good with a stick! I kill the car at every light and plus there's too much traffic."
    "If you drive right now, the rest of the way to school. I'll give you the $200 for the class and I'll take you to em. In traffic, leave it in first and keep your foot on the clutch. When traffic moves slowly left off the clutch and let the car roll, then hit the brakes without lettin' off the clutch to stop and she won't die on you. No gas. Just clutch and brakes. Come on."
    "Okay! I'll drive."

    If I can drive Michael's car I can drive this one. Right!?

    "You're doin' good."
    "We're just sitting here."
    "We moved a few times. Look at these two! Word up girl!?"
    "What it do baby?! You lettin' Liz drive your car?"
    "Yeah! Why not? She knows what she's doin'."
    "Let me over Jacob!"
    "Ladies first."
    "See! Easy, the street right here goes all the way through, or you can go up and turn at the light. Your call."
    "Let's turn here."

    I need to let this car go! So I give gas and let it go! I hit every gear perfect and stopped perfect and guess what!? The car didn't die at all! What?!

    "You're a lyin' ass bitch! You hit every gear perfect, you didn't kill her. What the fuck?"
    "The other car I drove with a stick he told me neutral for stops. I kept it in first this time and got lucky she didn't die. I love your car!"
    "You even parked good. Nice! I'm a little bit turned on. You don't need to take that driver's class. You just need to do the driving. That's only $75."
    "No money Devin."
    "I told you if you drove I'd pay for it. I got you."
    "Thank you."

    Jacob and Melissa pull in we were walking though the parking lot to go sit at one of the empty tables. Jacob has his poopy diaper face on and Melissa is just smiling at us. Devin puts his arm around and people start looking!

    "People are looking at us weird."
    "Probably thinkin' how the fuck I got you."
    "It doesn't bother you?"
    "No, fuck them."
    "Hey! Wait up, I have a broken girl here."
    "Melissa is hurt?"
    "She pulled a muscle in her side."
    "Ow! Pulled muscles hurt so bad."
    "Oh my god! Where did you get that dress?"
    "My mom bought it for me. I'll ask her."
    "It's super cute! Just like you two."
    "You straight called it too!"
    "That's what I told Jacob."
    "Called what?"
    "I told Liz you and her would get along great."
    "Yeah, me and the stupid ass blonde get along."

    Jacob and Melissa's mouths fall open. It was funny!

    "Yup! I like the stupid ass pot head."
    "Wow! I'm good."
    "Right on the nose! Thank you, I really do like the weirdo Melissa."
    "That's awesome."
    "I like my legs."
    "Let me touch them."

    I lift one of my legs for Melissa to touch. Devin was okay with it!

    "Pure muscle! Damn Liz! And smooth. Wax?"
    "Nair. Wax gives me a rash."
    "My turn..."
    "Fuck off my legs Jacob!"
    "Damn it Dev! Fuckin' hate you."

    We all turn and see Heather standing there. Hello!

    "Not even broken up a full day and you're already with someone else? Hailey called and told me you two went to dinner and shit last night. What the fuck?"
    "At least he wasn't cheating on you. What? Are you mad?"
    "I was talking to Devin, not you."
    "I don't care. I answered."
    "Are you seriously with her?"
    "Yes. The fuck do you care?"
    "It's making her look bad because you traded up. Aww!"
    "I don't need this shit! I hope you enjoy my sloppy seconds."
    "Oh! I do enjoy them very much! Especially these two fingers."
    I hear Melissa gasp loudly behind me then Jacob...

    "OH! SNAP!"
    "Thank god Devin always wore a condom. Because I honestly don't think I could've handled the taste of your rank twat."
    "Fuck you Liz! I hope you two enjoy each other."

    Devin looks mad! Why does Devin look mad!?

    "Why are you mad?"
    "I'm not. That was fuckin' awesome."
    "Fuckin' aye! I even gave you the finger snap. Twice!"
    "That boys, is how a woman settles a little girls issues."
    "That was so mean Liz. But cool as hell!"
    "What can I say?! I like my Tortillo Boy."

    Mine! The four of us sat and chatted until the bell rang. No!

    "Are you coming Liz?"
    "Yeah. Save me a seat close to you and Jacob."
    "You! Come to me!"
    "What do you want now?"
    "Kiss me!"
    "I'm actually gonna miss you. I can feel it."
    "I already miss you! This sucks! Give me another kiss, I have to go."

    The second kiss was longer and sweeter. Fuck! I don't want him to go!

    "I'll see you later."
    "Text me if you can."
    "I will."
    "Bye Devin."

    Everyone in the hall was giving me a weird look. Did I start something? Do I have boogers? Even when I walked into class, people looked at me weird. At least Melissa saved me a seat.

    "Do I have shit on my face Melissa?"
    "No. Why?"
    "I feel like everyone is giving me stink face."
    "Whispers of you and Devin."
    "Can't anyone mind their business?"
    "This is High School. So no, they can't."
    "They're probably wonderin' how the fuck Dev got you."
    "That's not there business."
    "Only a matter of time before Liz is a whore starts circling."
    "I don't care! I know I'm not a whore, and fuck anyone who believes that shit."
    "I wish I had your screw them attitude. It hurts my feelings when people call me a whore."
    "Fuck them! You tell Jacob to let shit go, I'm telling you! Let shit go Melissa. You know you're not a whore, shake it off. You're not here to impress anyone."
    "Thank you! I been tellin' her this shit for months! If you ain't gonna listen to me, at least listen to Legs."
    "Seriously Melissa. Fuck everyone! Worry about yourself and your man right there."
    "I guess. You want to come with Jacob and I at lunch?"
    "I have a meeting with Mr. Avalon."
    "You see him a lot."
    "I have daddy issues."

    "All right everyone quiet down and take your seats."

    And the wasting of my life begins!


    Got to work late, Scott called and bitched about how he's losin' money. Fuckin' traffic! I tried to be there on time. Well, I did stop at the store, but he didn't need to know that. The delivery guy is here lookin' all pissed. Scott put me down to sign the order forms in case he wasn't there for some reason. Makin' me sign for shit. The fuck. I unlock and now I have to deal with this guy.

    "Couple of these are C.O.D."
    "They shouldn't be."
    "It's what it says on the order form."
    "How are these C.O.D and these aren't? Everything was ordered the same day from the same place."
    "I just deliver them Sir."
    "Give me a minute, I need to make a call to my boss."

    C.O.D my fuckin' ass!

    "What's up kid?"
    "The delivery guy is here and like five boxes are C.O.D."
    "They shouldn't be. The only thing I ordered that's C.O.D is the frame for the Boss and I know that shit ain't there."
    "It's not, but everything here that's C.O.D is Boss parts. I'm lookin' at the order form."
    "Then somethin' got fucked up on their end. How much is the total?"
    "Shit. I don't have that much in the safe. I have about six grand and I know Kim ain't got the code for Ode's safe."
    "I have three on me I need to take to my mom. I can call Ode and tell him I need to use it."
    "All right. I reset the code on my safe, so I'll text it to you."

    I can tell this delivery guy wants to leave already. Fuck him! He can wait a fuckin' minute!

    "What's goin' on?"
    "How much money you got at home?"
    "Enough. Why?"
    "Some parts came in today for the Boss and for some fucked off reason they are all C.O.D, Scott has about six grand here and I told him I have three on me. That I'd call and ask you if I can use it"
    "Yeah. Just make sure mom gets her money, and don't let fuckin' Kim see you put the code in my fuckin' safe."
    "I won't."
    "That it?"
    "All right, go handle your shit."

    It's official! The delivery guy is pissed off. Tellin' me to hurry up because he has other places to go. Dude! You get paid by the hour! Shut the fuck up. I found what Jacob got Melissa. $5,500 price tag. Damn! It's a pretty necklace. Aww! How cute! Jacob is pretty good at saving money. He don't buy shit but gas, weed, and cigarettes. No idea why he's not paying for his own car. This necklace could possibly be why. Any who! I pay the guy, he leaves, and now I'm bored. Is there seriously nothing for me to do right now? Let's text Liz, she did tell me to when I could.

    "Miss me yet?"
    "A little bit yeah. Bunch of people are talking about us."
    "Already? The fuck."
    "I walked in and everyone was for real looking at me crazy. Melissa and Jacob said people are talking."
    "You look amazing and people are probably wonderin' how the fuck I got you like I said."
    "That's what Jacob said too."
    "Want me to pick you up and go get lunch?"
    "Can't. Meeting with Mr. Avalon. I have a few dollars I can get something here."
    "Why aren't you working?"
    "Why aren't you learning?"
    "Because you text me duh!"
    "Nothin' for me to do right now. I tell these guys what to do and sit on my ass."
    "You don't get in trouble?"
    "Scott isn't here."
    "Oh! So you're in charge when he's gone?"
    "Pretty much. I saw what Jacob got Melissa."
    "Is it pretty?"
    "I guess. It's a $5,000 necklace."
    "How does he have that much money just from racing?"
    "He's good at savin' his money."
    "I wanna see you race."
    "You will eventually. I have to go, I'll text you in a bit."
    "Okay. I'll talk to you later."


    Step one is done. Get Anna to the farm, now we have to deal with Ryan when he decides to do somethin' stupid. Already talk to my mom today and let her know if he showed up to call me. If I can't get there Scott can. Last thing I need right now is for him to do somethin' to my mom. He'd be fuckin' stupid to do anything! He can't hide from me in this town. I just hope he's learned his lesson not to lay a hand on my women. That includes my mom. But I honestly doubt it. I also can’t believe Hayd got Scott to do some coke. He said he didn’t think he would miss it. But he did and now I have coke buddy back. Yeah! Hayd will do it with me but she won’t do dumb shit with me. Scott will. What's this? An unexpected visit from my pop? He looks pissed. Fuck!

    "What's goin' on pop?"
    "You tell me."
    "What do you wanna know?"
    "Why you didn't call me or your mother when you and Hayden got married."


    "She told you?"
    "She didn't have to. I saw my mother's ring on her finger and she didn't deny it."
    "What do you want me to say pop?"
    "You married Hayden, and you're still living with Kim. Fill in the blanks."
    "It's complicated. I need Hayd. You and mom both know this. She was never gonna come back here. So I settled for Kim. When she came back, it was like nothin' ever changed. The feelings for each other's are still there, still the same. No one knows we got married, and that has to do with Kim. I don't trust her not to do somethin' fuckin' stupid if I just up and leave her. I have to work at it a little bit. Plus, she's been fuckin' cheating on me."
    "Let me guess, Julius."
    "He'll never fuckin' change."
    "And Hayden is okay with her husband living with another woman?"
    "Hayd knows what's going on and she understands. As far as me sleepin' in the same bed as Kim... She ain't okay with it."
    "When do you plan on telling your mother?"
    "I'm scared to! She's gonna be fuckin' pissed."
    "You don't have to live with her when she's all pissed off."
    "Believe me, I have my own crazy at home."
    "Scotty mentioned Devin's new girlfriend. Have you met her yet?"
    "Suerto pinche cerdo is what Dev is."
    "That never fuckin' end! And she's hot too!"
    "Scotty said she was tall and cute."
    "He ain't lyin'! She's damn near as tall as Dev. You and Lee get that horse in the barn?"

    I looked my pop right in the eyes and laughed my ass off. Hayd was smart enough to get a video of my pop and Lee chasin' this little horse. It's fuckin' great!

    "No, Anna did."
    "How the hell did one tiny ass woman catch a horse?"
    "She got in there and sat down on the ground with a carrot and let the baby come to her. Anna loves that little horse. Lee even let her name it."
    "Oh yeah? What does she call it?"
    "Willow. Anna seems happy at the farm. A part of me isn't happy she's there. That husband of hers will eventually show up at the house when I'm not there. I'm not comfortable with it."
    "I talked to mom today. I told her to call me if he showed up and you weren't there."
    "He can't be stupid enough to show up there."
    "No! He will. Is that why you're home right now?"
    "Yeah. I worry about your mother."
    "I won't let anythin' happen to mom. Either will you."
    "I have this bad feeling you and Scotty are going to do something stupid."
    "Only if we have to."
    "Does he know Hayden is back?"
    "No. But it's only a matter of time before he does. It fuckin' sucks too, because Milly lives with her. Milly's boyfriend is just as psycho as me when someone fucks with his woman."
    "Besides being psycho, is he a good kid?"
    "Oh fuck yeah! He's a damn good kid. Dev's best friend. Mom has met him and she likes him a lot."
    "Jacob? Right?"
    "Tell me about Devin. How's he doing?"
    "Good. Still workin' his ass off over at Scott’s Garage. He got suspended from school yesterday and I told him he's workin' all week. He don't need to be sittin' on his ass all day gettin' high."
    "Good. He doesn't need to be getting high all day. He still doing coke?"
    "I don't think so. I gave him some this mornin' and when I talked to Kim earlier, she told me he left it on the dresser and walked out. When I asked Dev about it, he said he doesn't wanna fuck up his relationship like last time. I think he's done with it."
    "That's good. Got himself a girl to set him straight."
    "You know he really likes her when he lets her drive the 'Cuda."
    "No shit? How'd she do?"
    "He said they got off Main and she opened her up and that it made his pee pee hard."

    Me and pop both had to take a minute to laugh. Pee pee! It's fuckin' funny!

    "Oh! That's another thing about this girl. She's a Mopar freak. Ask her any Mopar question and she'll bust out with the right answer."
    "Nice. I bet the 'Cuda gets her bragas wet."
    "I bet it does. My car has the same effect on girls too. What's up with that Challenger that you got off Scott?"
    "Got her started yesterday. She sounds good."
    "Drive her yet?"
    "No. Soon! She's coming along though."
    "Vanishing Point pop!"
    "She will be my white bitch."


    "You want Jacob and I to bring you back a burger and fries Liz?
    "I'll text you and let you know. If not I have $2, I'll get something from the vending machine."
    "I don't want your money Jacob."
    "It's only ten bucks. Take it and get yourself real food and not crap out of the vending machine."
    "He won't take no for an answer. You might as well just take it Liz."
    "Fine! Gimme."
    "Your welcome!"
    "Yeah, yeah thank you."
    "No manners."
    "Shut up."
    "See! Melissa, do somethin'."
    "Be nice Liz."
    "I ain't your puppet Melissa."
    "I tried. Sorry Babe."
    "Fuck you both."

    Me and Melissa both laugh. It's fun ganging up on Jacob. He doesn't actually get mad at us either, he knows what's going on. He seems to be okay with it. I know for a fact he enjoyed walking down the hall with me and Melissa on both sides of him. Two hot chicks and Jacob in the middle! Made some heads turn! What?! Now we go talk to Michael. We both have shit to say and some feelings will be hurt.

    "Close the door and sit."
    "Don't use that tone with me."
    "I use this tone when I'm pissed off."
    "I don't like it. Don't use it."
    "Stop fucking around Elizabeth."
    "What the fuck Michael?"
    "What the fuck Michael? What the fuck Elizabeth!? Do you know how pissed off I am at you right now?"
    "A lot?"
    "Yeah a lot! Your exact words, we are not breaking up, we are still a couple! One day later you're fucking around with someone else, sucking his dick and whatever the fuck else you guys did, and the make-out session this morning? What's going on with you?"
    "Turns out I like the guy. I'll be honest too! I loved spending the entire day with him. He took me out to dinner. In public! I loved it! And I loved what he did to me in the back of his car."
    "I knew you had sex with him."
    "No we didn't. He simply showed me something super awesome. No dick, just fingers."
    "I finger you all the time."
    "Not like he does."
    "Squirting... Can you make a girl do that?"
    "Yes. I don't like it so I don't do it."
    "I love it."
    "I don't. You like him because of that?"
    "No. I liked him way before he even did that to me. We get along awesome."
    "We don't?"
    "We get along fine. But you're more serious than me, and I can't be myself 100% with you. You tell me I'm childish and get all pissed off at me. You're trying to change me and I honestly don't like it."
    "I'm trying to make you a better person. Yes, you are immature most of the time and I fucking hate it."
    "I'm just me! I like me! I'm weird and I'm goofy! It's who I am, my dad was weird and goofy just like me! My personality is all me and my mom have left of him, and you're trying to take that away? NO! I rather be with Devin. He likes for who I am and he won't ever change a damn thing about me. I didn't realize until now you were trying to do this. I'm so done Michael."
    "Then go fucking be with him Elizabeth, because you're right. I can't deal with the goofy 24 fucking 7."
    "I already chose him. I was coming in here today to break things off between us."
    "I'm glad we got this all figured out. You can see yourself out."

    Don't cry Lizzy! Don't cry! Call Devin and have him come pick you up for lunch. Stop crying first damn it!

    "You okay? The fuck is wrong?"
    "Lunch?... I need you right now Devin."
    "Okay, I'm on my way. Calm down, relax."

    It took him literally ten minutes to get here. He was hauling ass for sure! I wasn't even done with my crying fit!

    "What happen?"
    "You were honest with me and I need to be honest with you. I lied to you Devin and like you, I don't wanna fuck this up either. I need to be honest and I need you to not hate me."
    "I won't hate you. What did you lie about?"
    "My boyfriend."
    "Michael was the one I been seeing. Not some guy from my old town."
    "Holy shit."
    "Please don't hate me!"
    "I don't hate you!"
    "He was trying to change me. He told me himself! The weird and goofy in me is just like my dad. It's all me and my mom have of him and he was trying to wean that out of me."
    "The weird and goofy is one of my favorite things about you. You can take shit and dish it back just as hard. Dumb ass white girl."
    "Fuck you Tortillo Boy!"
    "You see!"
    "Kiss me Devin!"

    This kiss was way different in the best way possible! Before kissing him behind his ear, I whisper in it.

    "I 100% belong to you now. Please don't hurt me."
    "I don't plan to."
    "Thank you for not hating me after being honest with you. The meeting was him wanting to tell me how pissed off he was at me. And I told you I was going to end things with him, so I did."
    "I promise my feelings for you are exactly the same. I don't say I promise unless I mean it."
    "I know. You promised I would love your sex trick."
    "We don't have time to go get any lunch now."
    "Oh! Hold on!"

    I call Melissa.

    "Hey Liz."
    "Burger and fries for me and Devin?"
    "Of course! We are just now walking out the door here. I'll have Jacob run and order it for you guys."
    "Thank you!"
    "You're welcome."
    "Tada! Food is on it's way!"
    "Right arm."
    "You stink."
    "You don't."
    "Jacob gave me money for lunch."
    "Oh yeah?"
    "Yeah. I had $2 and said I was going to get food from the vending machine and he gave me $10 and told me to get real food."
    "You should've told me you didn't have money for lunch. I would of gave you money or brought you somethin' you wanted. All you have to do is open your hole and ask."
    "My jay wants to ask your pee pee something later."
    "It's listenin' now. Feel."
    "I like!"
    "No! Feel."

    He did! He didn't care there was people having lunch ten feet away. Hand up the dress, panties to the side and two fingers in. In and out a couple times too! The best part is when he put those two fingers in his mouth.

    "Mmm god... See, I didn't lie."
    "I want you so fuckin' bad right now."
    "You'll have to wait. Jacob and Melissa are on their way with food."
    "Would your mom be mad if I accidently fell asleep at your house for the night?"
    "I don't think so. You wanna stay the night with me?"
    "Okay. I do have to warm you about something."
    "I sometimes have this nightmare. Um... It's like a replay of the night my dad died. My mom says talk and sometimes yell in my sleep, and most of the time I wake up and like fly out of bed and land on the floor halfwayhalfway across my room. If that ever happens when you're staying with me I need you to not freak out. If I end up on the floor like I normally do, I just need you to get to me and just hold me for a minute and I'll be okay. Just don't freak out. If you do, go get my mom. She won't be mad if you woke her up I promise."
    "That's fucked up. Bad enough you had to see it, but to have it replay like that? How do you deal with that?"
    "That's why I see the school shrink. Seeing death stays with you no matter how hard you try to let it go. Don't freak out if it happens! Promise me."
    "I promise I won't freak out."
    "Thank you."
    "Mr. Avalon... He's not supposed to have relationships with students."
    "I know. That's why we never really went out. My mom would go to work and I'd go to his house and we would have sex. It was a big part of our relationship. I don't want our relationship to be all about sex Devin."
    "You hold that power. When you want sex, you let me know."
    "You're okay with that?"
    "Yeah! I like hangin' out with you and talkin' shit about people. Like you sayin' my pee pee is bigger than Mr. Avalon's."
    "Please don't tell anyone I was seeing him. He's really fucking good at his job and he's a good guy. I don't want him to lose his job."
    "I won't say anything."
    "Thank you. What do you have to do after work that you want me to tag along for?"
    "I have to go see my mom and drop somethin' off for Ode."
    "You want me to meet your mom?"
    "Yeah, why not? I met yours."
    "Will she like me?"
    "She has no reason not to like you. She's not mean or anything."
    "Okay. Oh! Food!"
    "I like food."
    "Me too!"

    Good lunch. Jacob wouldn't take his money back no matter how many times I shoved it in his stupid face. I'll be in his car later so I'll just leave it in there. He'll eventually find it. P.E came around and I was allowed to go and sign up for an elective to replace it. Dance was full, but Mrs. Aimes let me sign up for it anyway. She said to go in and see if there was room and if not there's two spots open in Cheer if I wanted to do something close to dance. Ms. Cooper! My history teacher is the dance teacher, how cool!

    "Good afternoon Elizabeth."
    "Hello. Mrs. Aimes told me to come in and see if you had room for one more."
    "You're in luck! I do have room for one more. Unfortunately, you won't be able to pick your own partner. Only one boy is left."
    "I'm cool with that."
    "Sean? Are you okay with this?"

    Sean is one of Blaine's friends. His gang plays football and I always wondered why he didn't play. He dances! Cool, I guess. Ms. Cooper sends me to the bathroom to change into my P.E clothes because I had a dress on. Let's go take these wanna be dancers to church!

    "Welcome back. First, I have a few questions for you. You have any dance experience?"
    "Been dancing since I was four."
    "Then you have a good partner. Sean has been dancing since he was six. You have a few years on him, but you'll be good together. Second, what kind of dance did you mostly do?"
    "None really. I know tap, jazz, ballet, ballroom, pretty much everything really. But what I love the most is Latin."
    "Wow! Are you willing to help the others if they need it?"
    "I guess."
    "Starting next week we'll be dancing in front of the whole student body. Every Friday. You'll all learn the same dance and then I'll pick the best couple to perform."
    "Okay. I have a question."
    "Do you teach us the dance or can I do my own?"
    "You choreograph?"
    "Yes. Say we are doing a Waltz. Can I do my own moves with elements of the Waltz? Let's be honest, most of these dances are really boring."
    "If your partner is okay with it I don't see why not."

    Awesome! I can do my own thing, that is if Sean is okay with it. I really do hope he is, because I wasn't lying! These dances suck!

    "Hi Sean."
    "Are you cool with doing our own moves?"
    "Why do you think I don't have a partner? No one is okay doing their own moves. I'm with you, these dances are fuckin' boring."
    "Cool! I wondered why you didn't play football with your group of friends. You dance!"
    "I'm not a football fan. I'm not really that big into sports at all to be honest. People have been talking about you all day."
    "Anything bad?"
    "Not really. They are all wondering why the hell you're with Devin and how he managed to get you. They say you're too hot for him."
    "That's funny."
    "Heather said she called you out this morning, and you got all scared and hid behind Devin."
    "Now that! Is fucking hilarious!"
    "From what I saw this morning, you said something to her and Jacob was like, SNAP! Then Heather stormed off all pissed. Heather? That girl is so full of shit her breath stinks."
    "You're part of that group and you talk mad shit about them. That's fucking funny. I like you!"
    "Most of them are full of shit, and all these people here believe everything that comes out of their mouth."
    "I don't. I don't care really. Like all the talk of me and Devin. Fuck them! It's none of their business why I'm with Devin or how he got me."
    "They can't mind their business."
    "Of course they can't. What dance are we doing? Looking around, those guys look like they are trying to do a Cha Cha, and those two over there are trying really hard to do a Jive."
    "Blah! They aren't flicking their feet enough."
    "Those two kind of suck. Last year Ms. Cooper took us to watch this ballet, and they thought it would be cool to try and do a swan dive. He fuckin' dropped her and busted out four of her teeth."
    "Oh fuck! If you can't do a lift, don't do it! I've seen way too many people get hurt."
    "Are you cool with lifts?"
    "Yeah. Just don't bust my teeth out."
    "I'll try not to. How much do you weigh?"
    "Mmm... About 110. Give or take."
    "Yeah! No problem."
    "Show me! Let's show these guys how to do a swan dive the right way."

    No hesitation! No wait, hold on a second! We just fucking did it! Nailed it! What?! Now I remember why I love this so much!

    "Wee! Ha! Awesome!"
    "Sean? You know lifts are not allowed."
    "Me and Sean know what we're doing though."
    "I'll admit! That was a perfect swan dive..."
    "Come on! Let us do lifts."
    "Don't make a habit out of it, but I'll allow it. I'm sure you both know which dances allow lifts and which ones don't."
    "Yes. The Jive doesn't have any. It's all about feet flicks."
    "That's correct. Get to it you two."

    "We almost got in trouble!"
    "Ever since the busting of the teeth Ms. Cooper banned lifts."
    "We got this shit!"

    My mom is going to be some happy! Nosey Lizzy couldn't help but listen to Sean's phone conversation with his girlfriend while I was getting my things together.

    "Yeah. I'll meet you there."

    Sean turned his head to grab his water, and his phone came off his head and I heard the other person say, Okay. I love you. I was shocked out of my panties when I heard the voice on the other end. It was NOT A GIRL! Holy shit! Well! At least Devin won't be mad that Sean will be touching my legs! He hangs up the phone and I'm standing there in shock staring at him with my mouth hanging open like a dumb ass.

    "Oh god please tell me you didn't hear that."
    "Uh? Um? I... If you want I can pretend it was your dad."
    "Please don't say anything."

    Oh! I'm telling Melissa!

    "I won't say anything."
    "Thank you."

    OH MY GOD!


    School is out, and now it's time for me to go to work. Yay for me! Poor Jacob is going to be all bored because Devin wants to hang out with Liz. I told him to go hang out with them, but he said no he doesn't want to watch them two get all kissy face.

    "Liz takes for fuckin' ever!"
    "She's changing her clothes. She signed up for dance to replace P.E"
    "Dev is gonna hate whoever touches his legs."
    "He'll have to deal with it."

    My phone vibrates in my purse. A text from Liz.

    "Get in here!"

    Probably another hair issue!

    "I'll be right back Babe. Liz needs help. I think."

    I walk in and Liz is fine. Hair looks good, make up looks good.

    "You okay Liz?"
    "Sean is gay!"
    "Shh! I know."
    "You do?"
    "He has a girlfriend though."
    "That girl, is his boyfriend's sister. She's their cover. How did you find out?"
    "He was on the phone. I'm nosey and I was listening."
    "Keep it hush. He's a great guy and It took him a long time to get into the popular group."
    "I told him I wouldn't tell anyone."
    "You told me!"
    "I trust you though! Ms. Cooper paired us together."
    "Really? He's an awesome dancer, you guys are going to be amazing together. Jacob said Devin won't like whoever touches his legs."
    "He's the one who told me to sign up for dance. He'll get over it."
    "I'm going to be late for work. Come on, let's go."
    "Onward to the hair cutty place!"


    "Let me touch your legs."
    "You fuckin' suck Liz."
    "If I let you touch my legs, you'll tell Devin. He'll get mad at you because you touch them. THEN! He'll get mad at me because I let you touch them. So! No!"
    I'm doin' it!

    "HEY! Hands to yourself!"

    Damn it! So close!

    "I'm telling on you."
    "Go ahead! Dev won't do shit to me."
    "You want me to kick you like Melissa did Hailey?"
    "You're stupid."
    "Did Dev tell you that you look hot today?"
    "Yes. Do you think I look hot today?"
    "You always look hot. Don't act like you don't know."
    "I'm telling Devin you're hitting on me."
    "I'm not fuckin' hittin' on you! The fuck Liz?!"
    "I'm joking! Damn! Don't get your panties all bunched up."
    "Whatever! How did you get Dev to let you drive that 'Cuda?"
    "I didn't. He made me drive it because he didn't think I knew how to drive. And he said if I drove he would pay for the driving class and take me to them."
    "The whole course or just the driving?"
    "He said I don't need the whole course. So he's paying for me to do the driving part."
    "Devin saw the pretty necklace you got for Melissa."
    "I know. Don't tell her what it is."
    "I won't. I wanna see it."
    "Let me touch your legs."
    "I don't wanna see it."
    "You don't give up do you?"
    "I asked you out several different times! You turned me down, Dev takes you for a ride in Ode's car and fuckin' gets you. How is that?"
    "I was seeing someone."
    "Bullshit! You had that dude when you went with Dev. Fuckin' try again."
    "I don't know Jacob! At the time it was because I had a boyfriend. I only wanted a fucking ride in his brother's car. I didn't expect to fall for Devin like I did and he didn't expect to fall for me! It just fucking happen."
    "Was the guy you were with really twenty seven?"
    "Yes. Boys gossip just as much as girls!"
    "Dev talks a lot. He also said you told him his dick was bigger. I got a kick out of that."
    "What did he tell you?"
    "Everything with your dark red panties right there on my table."
    "Oh shit! Yeah! Smell my fingers wasn't enough for him."
    "How do you not have a gag reflex?"
    "Why the fuck are you asking me that?"
    "Melissa wouldn't ask. I told her everything too."
    "I don't know how I have no gag reflex. Anything else you wanna ask?"
    "Let me touch your legs."


    "Did Devin tell you that you can't watch me and Melissa mess around?"
    "I don't wanna talk about it."
    "Aww! Do you have any tattoos?"
    "No. Ode offered when Dev got his and I said no. I didn't want Jim to see it and get all pissed off."
    "Are you kidding? Jim has a shit ton of ink! I don't think he would've got mad."
    "I didn't wanna chance it."
    "I want a tattoo."
    "Ask Dev. Ode knows a guy that will come give you one."
    "I'd get in trouble!"
    "Then don't fuckin' get one. Why didn't you let Dev see you naked?"
    "He saw me naked this morning. He wanted to watch me get ready. It was weird because he was like, just stand there and let me look at you for a minute."
    "It wasn't weird for him. I guarantee that!"
    "Do you do coke?"
    "Yes. But I don't do it alone. So if Dev stops I stop."
    "Melissa is okay with it?"
    "She's never said anything about me doing it. I don't know."
    "Does she do anything?"
    "Drug wise?"
    "No. She doesn't even drink."
    "Do you and Devin drink?"
    "Yeah. Not when we're high on coke though. That shit is dangerous and Ode is like, NOPE!"
    "Oden watches over you guys. That's cool."
    "You do anything?"
    "I drink. I tried weed and didn't like it."
    "Made my heart goes super fast, and I freaked out."
    "Some weed will do that shit to you. Me and Dev smoke chill weed. Get's you the right amount high to where you just wanna relax and chill. We also smoked the stupid stony weed."
    "Stupid stony weed?"
    "Yeah! Get's you so fuckin' high that we do dumb shit. It's fuckin' fun."
    "That's funny! I had no idea there were different types. I thought it was all the same."
    "Naw! Smoke some with Dev sometime and you'll see what good weed is, and if you freak out you'll be in good company. Dev will calm your ass down."
    "Maybe I will. Why not?"
    "I been tryin' to get Melissa to smoke with me. She said she would, but I doubt it."
    "Don't pressure her. Let her come to you and ask."
    "I do ask her more than I should."
    "See! Don't do that. Trust me."
    "Maybe if she see's you smoke she'll smoke too."
    "I don't know. Melissa seems like the good girl type."
    "She is! Fuckin' sucks she has such a bad rap though."
    "And I thought Blaine was a good guy this whole time."
    "He's a fuckin' douche bag."
    "I know that now. Have you met Devin's parents?"
    "Only his mom."
    "Is she nice? He wants me to meet her today."
    "Yeah, she's hella nice. Cooks some bomb ass food too."
    "I'm nervous to meet her."
    "Don't be, she's hella cool. Look at this shit! It's slow at Scott's right now!"
    "I drove that purple car right there!"
    "You almost made her your bitch too!"

    I was impressed when I saw Liz open up the 'Cuda this mornin'. She's a hot ass girl who's into fuckin' cars! Not many girls are! It's amazing really! How is that not hot as fuck? AND! She's gettin' Dev to stop doin' coke. Well, his choice but it's because of her.

    "Word up girls?!"
    "What it do baby?"
    "Hey you!"
    "Body parts came in today. Me and Scott took the motor apart and she's fuckin' good dude. The Boss will be done sooner than we expected."
    "Fuckin' aye!"
    "Blah, blah, blah! Where's my kiss?"
    "I don't wanna touch you. You look all hot and shit and I been in, under, on top of cars all fuckin' day."
    "Then don't touch me! Lean in and kiss me damn you."

    Is this how Dev feels when I get all kissy face with Melissa?

    "Hey! I ain't payin' you to stand out here and kiss your girlfriend."
    "What it do baby!?"
    "This kid tell you the good news?"
    "Yeah. Fuckin' stoked! I miss my baby."
    "Hello Liz."
    "You look very pretty today."
    "Thank you!"
    "Did you tell your woman she looks pretty today Dev."
    "Why the fuck not? What's wrong with you?"
    "I told her she looks amazing. That's better than pretty."
    "Clock out and get the fuck out of here."
    "Keys. I'll be back in a few minutes."
    "All right! I'm outta here. Get your shit out of my car! See ya Dev!"


    "Is it official with Blondie?"
    "Yeah. She scares me."
    "Like her that much huh?"
    "Yes. It wasn't scary with Heather. I didn't even expect to fall for Liz like I did."
    "Shit happens."
    "Right. I gotta get, I'll see you tomorrow."
    "All right."
    "I need to pee!"
    "Muggle bathroom is over there, or you can go use mine."
    "Yours please."
    "You know where it is."
    "Stop starin' dude."
    "I can't get over those legs. I told your dad about her."
    "What he say?"
    "Just asked if she was nice, he's home right now."
    "Is he?"
    "Yeah, got mad because Anna is at the farm, got worried and came home."

    My dad always has shit to say to me!

    "You're not following the rules in my car!"
    "Oh? What rule would that be?"
    "Ah! That rule!"
    "Another rule. We are going to my house first, whatever you see there don't repeat to anyone."
    "I won't. I'm nervous to meet your mom."
    "You get to meet my dad too."
    "No pressure!"
    "They won't hurt you. Plus! My dad has somethin' you'll love."
    "What does he have?"
    "A 1970 Challenger."
    "Ooo! Will he let me drive it?"
    "I doubt it."
    "Aww! No fair. How much did you pay for this car?"
    "My dad paid Scott's dad like $200 for it."
    "A steal!"
    "Not really. It didn't have a motor or anything in it when he got it. Same with Ode's cars."
    "You guys built your cars?"
    "Ode built his. My dad built this one. This was his car, and he gave it to me when I got my license."
    "That's cool! Your dad is into old Mopars?"
    "My dad likes old cars in general. Not just the Mopars."
    "Oh! What floor do you live on?"
    "3rd. Why?"
    "Thank god I don't have heels on."
    "Wanna piggy back up the stairs?"
    "No! I was sayin' to piggy back me."
    "You're crazy! Is that Heather's Lexus?"
    "Yeah, she lives here too."
    "Stupid Toyota."
    "How do you?... Never mind."
    "How do I know Toyota makes Lexus?"
    "I like cars Devin."
    "I like your legs."
    "WAIT! STOP!"
    "Holy shit! She scared me!"
    "That's Hayden. What!?"
    "Check my mail to please?! Here catch!"
    "Hayden is hot too."
    "She smells just like Melissa."
    "Oh my lord!"
    "Is that Blondie?!"
    "Bring her up so I can meet those legs everyone is talking about!"
    "We're comin'!"
    "Is Hayden nice?"
    "Yeah. Stop by my apartment real fast."

    Why the fuck is Heather here talkin' to Kim!? Nope! I'm usin' Hayden's shower!

    "Introduce us Devin."
    "Liz, Kim, Kim, Liz. I need to get somethin' out of Ode's safe."
    "Yeah, he called."
    "Give me one minute to grab some clothes and shit and we'll go upstairs to Hayden's"
    "Can I go now? I'm for real uncomfortable and I don't wanna be here."
    "Yeah. Here's her mail and keys. She's in the apartment directly above us."
    "Thank you."

    I am fuckin' pissed! I just know Heather told Kim some fucked up shit, I fuckin' feel it.

    "Why are you here?"
    "Talking to Kim."
    "You both made Liz uncomfortable. I don't fuckin' appreciate that shit!"
    "We didn't do anything to her."
    "Come on Kim! You're fuckin' nice as shit when you first meet people. The second she walks in the door, in the most fucked off attitude, introduce us!"
    "My bad."
    "Fuck this!"

    I grab everything I need in record time. I don't wanna be around either one of those two right now. Fuck that! I'm tellin' on Kim. Why? Because I fuckin' can that's why!

    "What's goin' on?"
    "Fuckin' Kim being rude as shit to Liz is what the fuck is goin' on Ode."
    "The fuck did she do?"
    "We walk in the apartment, her and Heather are in the living room talkin' and with the most fucked off attitude possible Kim was like, introduce us! Liz got so fuckin' uncomfortable she straight fuckin' left Ode. I'm fuckin' pissed."
    "Why is Heather there?"
    "I don't fuckin' know! I don't want Kim or anyone to fuck this up for me. I'm fuckin' begging you please do somethin' Ode."
    "Are you cryin'?"

    My contacts got a little bit foggy yeah.

    "Please Ode!"
    "Okay! Go blow your nose and fuckin' relax."
    "Thank you. I'll be at her house for the night so my bed is free if you want it"
    "All right."
    "Oh! Can I bring her to Nitro tomorrow?"
    "Yeah. You know I'm gonna test her out right?"
    "I am positive she won't bitch slap you like Heather did. She's a dancer, so she'll dance with you."
    "She's a fuckin' dancer?"
    "Since she was four."
    "Good job Dev! Damn good job."
    "I'm fightin' hard to keep it. You have no idea Ode."
    "Fuckin' sucks you just got it and you're already fightin' to keep it."
    "Fuckin' right?! I'm off here. I'm goin' upstairs to use your wife's shower. And Liz is up there with Hayden."
    "Hayd is safe zone."
    "Yeah. Talk to Kim!"
    "I will! Relax."


    Hayden is super nice! She didn't even care I came up without Devin. She does smell good too! Just like Melissa!

    "That Kim lady made me uncomfortable. I already talked shit to Heather today, I didn't wanna waste my breath on that again."
    "Kim is kind of a bitch. She likes to beat up on Devin a lot."
    "I'll kick her like Melissa did this chick at school."
    "How awesome was it?"
    "It came out of nowhere! Straight crane kicked her. Jacob was so proud of her, you could see it in his face."
    "Odd request, but can I touch your legs?"

    I put both legs on her lap just as Devin walked in.

    "These legs are bangin' Devin! Shit!"
    "My legs!"
    "Does it make you mad that I let girls touch them?"
    "No. I'm usin' your shower Hayden. Madness downstairs."
    "Blondie told me. Why is Heather down there?"
    "Fuck if I know! I'm pissed right now. I called Ode to do somethin' about it. It was bullshit what she did."
    "Yeah! Kim was extremely nice to me when I first met her. Heather must have said something to her."
    "I know she did. You okay?"
    "Yes. I like Hayden, she's nice."
    "Okay. Shower, then we leave."

    Nosey Lizzy Time!!

    "I found your panties in Oden's car."
    "Did you really? Where at?"
    "Under the seat. I was trying to move it back, and I found them."
    "That's kind of embarrassing."
    "Who is Kim exactly?"
    "Ode's fiancée."
    "He's engaged and he's boning you."
    "Yeah. He likes me better anyway."
    "You two make the cuter couple. You're hot and Oden is just, Oh my god!"
    "A lot of women want that man."
    "I wanna see him without his shirt on."
    "You will eventually. FYI! He's hotter topless."
    "His ears are stupid like Devin's."
    "I know! They smell so bad sometimes."
    "Something to look forward to with Devin! Blah!"
    "They call it ear cheese."
    "That's fucking gross!"
    "I know right?!"
    "How long have you known Oden and Devin?"
    "Pretty much my whole life. Same with Scott. We all grew up together."
    "Sid is Scott right?"
    "Right. You'll eventually meet a guy named Tank. That's Julius, and just a heads up, he loves the pretty little white girls. So watch yourself around him. I'm being serious."
    "Hayden, I put my clothes in your hamper. I ain't goin' back downstairs."
    "That's fine. I'll make sure you get your clothes when I do laundry."
    "Can I have your shirt?"
    "No. It was a birthday present from Jacob. You can't have it."
    "Mean! Did you clean your ear cheese?"

    Me and Hayden both laugh.

    "Yes! I always clean my ears. That shit stank if you don't."
    "I told her Ode's ears smell sometimes. Basically warning her about yours."
    "And about... Julius? Too."
    "I forgot about Tank. He'll hit on you, he won't give a shit you're only seventeen. He loves him the white girls."
    "That's what I told her."
    "You'll meet him tomorrow."
    "I will?"
    "Yeah. You said you wanted to go to my brother's club. You don't want to now?"
    "I do! He'll be there?"
    "He's the bouncer there."
    "Oh! Okay."
    "You ready?"
    "I been ready."
    "Say hi to your mom for me."
    "I will."
    "Thank you."

    Oden pulled in as me and Devin made our way to his car. He looks mad. Or does he always look like that?

    "My brother never comes home early."
    "Is he mad?"
    "Probably. Hold on. The fuck you home for?"
    "Handlin' shit for you. Is Heather still up there?"
    "I don't know. Liz thinks you're mad."
    "I'm not mad. You look very pretty today Blondie."
    "Thank you. Are you gonna ask to touch my legs too?"
    "Can I?"
    "Fuck off my legs Ode."
    "If I remember right, you slapped my wife's ass. Several times! Only fair I get to touch your girls legs."
    "Damn it! Fine!"

    The Devin affect! Everyone all of a sudden wants to touch my legs!

    "That's enough Ode."
    "Shh! No it's not."

    Devin slaps Oden, Oden slaps Devin. I'm standing here laughing my ass off at the bitch fight. It's funny!

    "My legs!"
    "I like them too!"
    "Fuck off Ode!"
    "Fuckin' make me!"
    "Are you two done?"
    "My legs!"
    "Fuck you! Give me ten minutes to shower, and handle Kim, and get Hayd. We're goin' with you."
    "Can you meet us there? I'm goin' to her house after."
    "Why take two cars? What do you wanna do Blondie?"
    "I don't care. Whatever Devin wants to do."
    "Hurry up dude!"
    "Shut the fuck up! I'm here doin' you a favor."
    "Now go do me one and go tell Hayd to get ready."

    What's going on right now? Wife? Ass smacking? Huh?!

    "Hayden told me Kim is your brother's fiancée."
    "She is. Hayden is his wife."
    "What? I'm confused. He's married to Hayden and engaged to Kim?"
    "He was engaged to Kim when he married Hayden. They only been married a few days. It's complicated."
    "I was telling Hayden how hot Oden is and shit. How embarrassing!"
    "She's used to it."
    "I just realized! You lost your baby balls to your sister."
    "I know. Funny right?"
    "It actually is!"

    I didn't even notice Hayden's massive ring on her finger before. I just now noticed it because I was looking for it. It's huge! And pretty!

    "Back already?"
    "Ode said to get ready. All four of us are going."
    "I thought I heard his car. Why is he home early? And why am I going?"
    "I called him and told on Kim."
    "Right! Why didn't you say anything to Kim?"
    "I fuckin' did! I just didn't wanna get into it with her and get my face all busted up again."
    "Blondie said she would kick her like Melissa if she hit you."
    "I would too!"
    "With your legs you'd probably fuckin' kill her."
    "Would anyone miss her?"
    "Probably not. All right! I'll change."

    Me and Devin sit down on the steps and wait for Oden and Hayden.

    "I hear Kim yelling."
    "Nothin' new. They fight all the time. Kim is dumb, she can't keep her hole closed."
    "Does she really hit you?"
    "Yeah. I don't hit girls, so I pretty much just take it."
    "If she deserves to be hit then fucking hit her back."
    "I'm not that kind of guy Liz."
    "Want me to hit her?"
    "She'll hit you back. I've seen her fuck up dudes, she's mean."
    "I don't care if she hits me back. I hope your brother doesn't see my panties sitting here."
    "Hold on."

    Devin walks down to do a panty check.

    "Nope! You're good."
    "What about now?"

    I open my legs my and the worst thing happen! Oden walks out and looks right up at me! Devin is laughing at me! Oh god!

    "Nice panties Blondie."
    "You saw nothing!"
    "Okay. I didn't just see your pink panties."
    "Touch my girl's legs and see her panties. I hate you."
    "Hey Blondie. Where's Devin?"
    "Down there with Oden looking at my panties!"
    "She's lyin'! I did not see her pink panties!"
    "Oh! I'm sure you didn't!"
    "Let's go."
    "Can I drive?"
    "Hell no! You and Dev get to sit in the back."

    Damn it! I tried! I wanna drive the Charger now! The one thing I love about old cars is how roomy the back seats are. The Mustang is small! This Charger is not!

    "He wants me to put my legs on his lap."
    "Oh. Yellin' and shit in my car like a damn fool."
    "I got to touch them Ode."
    "Me too. Nice right?"
    "I got to bite on them and lick them and all kinds of shit, so fuck the both of ya."

    The car ride was fun! Oden and Hayden talk so much shit to each other! It was funny! It's like me and Devin, and how we talk shit to each other. I love Hayden! She's so fuckin' cool!

    "Oh! Even though she's all rusty she's still sexy!"
    "Watch this Hayd... What kind of car is that Blondie?"
    "1970 Challenger R/T."
    "What the?"
    "Let me out! I wanna go look at it!"
    "She even knows Toyota make Lexus."

    Challenger! She's ugly and sexy all at the same time! I'm horny now!

    "I thought I heard my son's Charger."
    "Hey pop."
    "Hey dad."

    Whoa! Devin's dad is fucking huge! I'm standing on the other side of the car hoping he don't see me. He's kind of scary!

    "Hello again Rich."
    "Hayden. Why didn't you bring your new girlfriend for us to meet Devin?"

    All three of them look over at me. Hey! I'm hiding here! Devin's dad looks at me then at Devin and smiles and shakes his head yes. Yay! He likes me!

    "Hello over there."
    "Dad, Liz, Liz, my dad Richard."
    "I like your car. Can I drive it?"
    "Not ready to be driven yet."
    "Start her up pop. I wanna hear it."
    "You got it runnin'?"
    "Right arm. I wanna hear it too."
    "You boys play. I'm going in to see Gloria. Blondie?"
    "I wanna hear it too!"
    "No ignition yet pop? You have to ghetto start her?"
    "I had Scotty order one for me today."
    "Ghetto start?" I ask Devin.
    "Hot wire pretty much."
    Yep! She's sexy as shit! Oh! Wait!

    "The timing is a little bit off."
    The three of them look at me all kinds of crazy.

    "Do I have boogers?"
    "No mocos. Is this white girl of yours for real Devin? You're good! The timing is a few seconds off."
    "Sounds really good though."
    "Blondie is gettin' hotter and hotter Dev."
    "I know right?"
    "I like this girl."
    "So do I dad. So do I."
    "Poles pop."
    "I like those too! Let's go eat."
    "I like food."
    "My mom cooks good."


    Good fuckin' night! Good food, good beer, and good company. Mom and pop like Blondie a lot, that's a big plus for Dev. She's a hot ass fuckin' girl that's into cars! That's fuckin' hot! Now! Let's get this over with and tell mom I got married.

    "Me and Hayd have somethin' to tell you mom."
    "Are you pregnant?"
    "No. Not yet."
    "We got married mom."
    "You guys what?! Oden?"
    "They didn't even tell me. They went off and did it all secret and shit."
    "Language in front of the ladies boy!"
    "I didn't even tell my mom or Milly. Everyone was upset."
    "I'm happy. Very, very happy. Just hurt. I have boys. I was supposed to be part of this."
    "We're sorry Gloria. We'll eventually have a reception for everyone."
    "That's wonderful! You're still living with Kim?"
    "It's complicated mom. But I'm takin' care of it."
    "You have always been complicated Oden."
    "Yeah. Anyway! I got some good ass weed. I know you want you want some Dev, what about you pop?"
    "Take it outside."
    "No, I'm still chatting with your mom."
    "I don't smoke weed."
    "All right."

    Been a while since I smoked weed with my pop. I was surprised he said yes, and I'm happy mom ain't all pissed off. I do feel bad me and Hayd hurt her feelings though. A reception was not in the works. Hayd just said that to spare her feelings, but it's okay! If Hayd wants one to make my mom happy, then I'll give her one. No big deal.

    "What do you think of Blondie pop?"
    "Tall and beautiful. I hear she's making you quit the coke."
    "No. She doesn't care that I do it. It was my choice. I like her a lot and coke was a big issue with me and Heather and I don't want it to ruin us."
    "Neither one of you need to be doing that shit."
    "I'm a grown ass man pop."
    "Then you should know better! It's bad enough you sell the shit. Don't get caught up Oden."
    "I'm smart about it. I ain't stupid."
    "You have money. Why are you mixed up in this?"
    "When I first started sellin' I wasn't making that much money. Now it's just good to have extra cash layin' around. Plus, most of it goes to you guys. When that debt is done, I'm done. I promise pop."
    "Good. Ryan drove by about five times today."
    "Are you fuckin' kidding me?"
    "I wish I was. Five is what I counted, he may have drove by more."
    "I shouldn't have Hayd here. And Blondie! That white girl doesn't need to thrown in the middle of this shit."
    "No she fuckin' doesn't Ode. Damn it! One fuckin' thing after another! Give me a break! Fuck!"
    "Dev is fightin' hard to not fuck this up pop. He's scared of her."
    "You just got with this girl and you're already fighting?"
    "That's what I said."
    "You like her that much?"
    "Yes. I'm afraid everything that happens will make her leave."
    "Some shit you can't control Dev. When shit happens you just gotta prey like hell she's still there."
    "I want a relationship that's easy. Like you and Hayden."
    "Me and Hayd just fuckin' work, and we were friends for a long fuckin' time before we even became a couple."
    "Am I interrupting?"
    "Naw! Come over here and sit Blondie. Let's have a little chat."
    "Ode! Come on dude!"
    "What are we gonna talk about?"
    "My brother."
    "Okay. What about him?"
    "He's scared of you."
    "The fuck Ode?"
    "I kind of figured he was."
    "The best way to make sure this girl don't leave you is to be honest with her Dev."
    "I have been!"
    "Really? What do you know about my brother?"
    "He drinks, smokes weed, does coke, he's a nerd, he wears glasses, and he's afraid someone at school is going to say something to me that'll make me leave him. That's about it."
    "What are you afraid someone will tell her?"
    "The coke thing mostly. But with Heather, who knows what she'll get people to say."
    "So you don't even know?"
    "I guess not."
    "Blondie, help me out here."
    "Stop trying so hard with me Devin. I know you're not perfect and I still like you a lot. I'm not a sheep like everyone else at school. I don't care what people have to say to me about you. I promise you I am not going anywhere, anytime soon. If anyone has something mean to say to me about you they'll find out what these legs and these guns can do."

    Damn! She flexed her arms and Blondie is fuckin' buff!

    "Damn Blondie! Hold on, hold on! Dev take this. Hit me."
    "No way!"
    "Come on! Hit me right here."
    "In the man boob?"
    "Yeah, as hard as you can."
    "Kick him instead."
    "No! I'm scared of those legs."
    "What's going on out here?"
    "Tryin' to get Blondie to hit me as hard as she can."
    "Oh! Like this?!"

    Hayd punches me right in the jaw. She's short! that's as far as she could reach. Pop, Dev and Blondie are laughin' at my dumbass.

    "Oh! I get it! Like this!"
    "Okay! Enough you two. Damn! That kind of hurt Blondie. My man titty is gonna have a bruise."
    "You told me to hit you!"
    "That was dirty! Hayd hit me, then you hit me when I wasn't expectin' it."
    "Cry baby!"
    "Crazy ass white girl!"
    "At least my legs are nice!"
    "My legs!"
    "We have to get goin' Dev and Blondie have a play date and we been here a few hours."
    "All right."
    "Call me when that car is ready to drive. I wanna drive her."
    "Me too!"
    "Now that depends. How did she do with that 'Cuda Devin?
    "You drove the 'Cuda Blondie?"
    "Nice! Yeah, how did she do?"
    "Good. She acted like she couldn't drive for shit. Surprised the shit out of me when she got off Main and opened her up. Hit every gear and didn't kill her at stops. I don't know about that Challenger though dad."
    "Okay. I'm not saying no, but we'll see."
    "Yay! Cool."
    "We're out of here pop. Call if you guys need anything."
    "I will. Nice meeting you Liz."
    "Nice meeting you too!"

    Blondie is hot! I won't lie!


    "I can't believe you asked my dad to drive his Challenger."
    "I drove a Challenger before."
    "I never really paid attention to what kind of car he drove. I just noticed it was new. What's faster? This one or his?"
    "I didn't drive his fast. So, I'll say this one. It's has a V-8, 6 speed if that helps."
    "It doesn't. It ain't got a Hemi though!"
    "It does not have a Hemi! I had fun at your parent's house. I socked the shit out of your brother! Hurt my hand a little, he's all muscle."
    "That was funny! I didn't think you'd do it!"
    "I wasn't going to! Then Hayden came out and straight socked him in the face. That was funny! Those two are so good together it's disgusting."
    "Right. Where am I parking?"
    "Um... Just pull in and park anywhere. Just make sure Michael can get out in the morning and don't park in my mom's spot."
    "Okay. My car won't wake him up?"
    "It's only 9:30. He's still up, and if not his bedroom is upstairs and it shouldn't wake him."
    "Are you sure your mom won't get mad if I stay?"
    "Yes. I texted her at your parents. She just said not to be loud when she goes to bed."
    "Don't make fun when I have my glasses on later."
    "Why would I make fun? I wear glasses too. You should get those contacts you wear for a week then change. You can even sleep in them."
    "Yeah! I have a box not even open if you wanna try them. Are you near or far sighted?"
    "Near, -7"
    "So am I! Yeah! If you wanna try them, you can have them."
    "I don't wanna take your contacts if that's all you have."
    "I get them four boxes at a time. I'm good."
    "Okay. They don't get dry at all?"
    "Sometimes they do, but there's special drops in the box for when that happens. I got them because I don't like touching my eyes. That and when you go to put the first one in and you poke your eye real hard! That sucks."
    "Sit on the counter and get real close to the mirror."
    "That's funny!"
    "It works!"

    I like watching Liz change. I like naked Liz a lot. She don't wear panties and night. That's hot!

    "I got paired with Sean in dance. He's gonna be touching my legs."
    "So. I happen to know he's not that into girls."
    "I heard him on the phone with what I thought was his girlfriend. How did you find out?"
    "His "girlfriend" is one of the girls I messed around with. She told me."
    "Cool. Here you go."
    "Thank you."
    "Do my homework for me."
    "It's Science! You're good at Science."
    "Give it to me! 1 is B, 2 is A, 3 is A, 4 is C...."
    "Wait! Okay, 5?"
    "B, 6 is C, 7 is B, wait! 7 is D, 8 is C, 9 is D, 10 is true, 11 is true, 12 is false, 13 is true, 14 is false, 15 is false, 16 is true, 17 is true, 18 is true, 19 is false, and 20 is No. The number of protons in a nucleus tells you what chemical element an atom belongs to. An example would be... Give me a second. Okay! An example would be all copper atoms have 29 protons. Done! Why are you looking at me like that?"
    "You just did my Science homework in like two minutes! This would of took me like an hour. You're fucking smart!"
    "A little bit."
    "Dumb ass."
    "I'm jumping in the shower. Will you be okay by yourself for like fifteen minutes or so?"
    "Yeah. I'm gonna go outside and smoke."
    "Okay. You can go out in the back and sit at the table."
    "All right."
    "Gimme kiss. I'll be out in like fifteen minutes."

    I'm a dumbass! I should've asked Liz if I could take a shower with her. Damn it! Mr. Avalon has a sissy car! It looks cool and shit though. But like I said, it ain't gotta Hemi!

    "Evening Mr. Hart."

    The fuck?!

    "I didn't even see you sittin' there. My car didn't wake you up did it?"
    "No. I was awake still. What year is that car?"
    "3 speed or the 4?"
    "4 speed."
    "Good looking car. You don't see that many teenagers driving classics these days."
    "Yeah. She was my dad's car, he gave her to me when I got my license."
    "Your father has good taste."
    "He has a 1970 Challenger he's rebuilding right now."
    "Is that right?"
    "Yup. Took Liz to meet my parents tonight, and she went crazy over it. Weird that a girl like Liz is into cars. She so full of fuckin' surprises, it blows my wig off."
    Let's see if I can get a rise out of Mr. Avalon.

    "Will you be able to get out in the morning, or do I need to move my car?"
    "It's fine. Amanda is letting you stay the night on a school night?"
    "I see. How are you and Ms. Gavin handling things?"
    "We aren't. I moved on, so does she."
    "Are you sure the baby isn't yours?"
    "I'm fuckin' 100% positive it's not. She's five weeks pregnant. Four weeks ago, I was out of town with my brother for our cousins wedding. Week one, period. I don't fuck girls when they're bleedin'. Week two, conception. I was no where fuckin' near her. And I never once had sex with her without a condom."
    "You're correct on the weeks Mr. Hart."

    Is this guy trying to get a rise out of me with this Heather shit? Really! Fuck you!

    "I don't have an A in Science for bein' fuckin' dumb."
    "How was Elizabeth with your parents?"
    "Great. They loved her."
    "Who loved me?"
    "My parents."
    "Evening Elizabeth."
    "Hello. Why are you guys talking about me?"
    "We aren't. I ask if I needed to move my car, he asked if your mom was lettin' me stay the night, I told him you met my parents, he asked if they liked you, and he asked if I was sure Heather's baby wasn't mine."
    "You didn't tell him me and Hayden beat up your brother?"
    "No. He said to hit him!"
    "Hayden? Ms. Toledo's sister correct?"
    "Yeah. She's also my brother's wife."
    "I see. Well, it's getting late. I'm off to bed. Goodnight."
    "I'm ready for bed too."
    "You wanna mess around?"
    "Can we just cuddle and go to sleep?"
    "Spooning is fun."
    "Shut up! I left the mouthwash on the counter for your cancer mouth."
    "All right. I need to get somethin' out of my car real fast and I'll be in."
    "Your glasses?"
    "Yes. Don't make fun."
    "I'm not! Hurry up." 

    I need to think for a second. I was tryin' to get a rise out of Mr. Avalon, and it didn't work. Not until I said Hayden was my brother's wife. He got poopy diaper faced and went inside. I bet he has the hots for Hayden and now he's all pissed off because the kid who took his girlfriend is married to his brother. I got the rise I wanted! Fuck it!

    "Holy shi… Crap. Are you okay?"
    "I'm fine. You didn't hit me. You wear glasses. I had no idea."
    "Mommy! Hey! You look cute in your glasses! I like it. Lemme see the baby!"
    "You can't see much yet, but this spot here that looks like a lima bean. That's the baby."
    "So cool!"
    "How far along are you?"
    "Just about seven weeks."
    "Right arm."
    "Right arm?"
    "He says right arm instead of right on. You looked at your arm like, what?"
    "I know. I guess I'm to old to get that. Are you done in the bathroom? I want to shower before bed."
    "I'm good."
    "I have to pee!"
    "Me to Lizzy. Hurry up.
    "Night Amanda."
    "Goodnight Devin."

    Liz's mom has long legs and is tall as fuck too! Lucky Jimmy!

    "Mimi time! Ahhh!"
    "Oh fuck! I didn't expected you to pounce on my ass like that."
    "Kiss me with your minty fresh mouth!"

    Late night make-out session. Liz is grinding on me. Uh oh! My grandma is old! No, no, don't bite on my neck! It turns me into a madman! Oh! There's them boobies!

    "You still wanna suck on these?"
    "Yes. My turn to be on top!"

    Handful of ass and flip! Legs!

    "Those aren't my boobies."
    "I love the attention you give them."
    "I love them."

    I get to the second thigh and there's the release arch. Shorts want to come off? I think so! Hello vaginer! You look tasty, I'm gonna lick on you for a minute. Yep! tasty!

    "Oh god Devin."

    Them legs are officially wrapped around my head! She's pullin' at the blankets and at my hair. No! Don't push my head away! I'm sad now!

    "Devin… Get up here."
    More kisses? I like kisses too. I also like when she pushed my boxers down and pulled herself on me. I'm inside her! No condom, and it feels fuckin' good! Don't fuck her Dev. Make some lovin' to her. Kiss her neck and them boobies, maybe bite on em too. Found it! The spot on between her neck and shoulder. Bite here for maximum satisfaction!

    "I can feel the difference without a condom Devin. I love it. Feel different to you?"
    "Yeah. I could get use to this."
    "You better. Am I hurting you with my nails on you back?"
    "No, I fuckin' love it."
    "Bite me some more."

    The quiet moans and the clawing on my back is drivin' me insane. She get's tighter claws harder. Rub the clit and go faster.

    "Oh god, keep doing that."

    Told you!

    "Don't stop."
    "I have a 30 second feelin' right about now."
    "I have a... Oh fuck!"

    I put my mouth over hers. It got loud there for a second! Her mom is right in the other room. Okay! My 30 second feeling was more like 10 seconds. It's Liz's fault! Gettin' all tight and pulsy around my pee pee. I came all inside her like I said I would! It was awesome!

    "Oh my god. That curve of yours got me. Hit the right spot every time. Wow!"
    "Good news or bad news first?"
    "When you stand up a bunch of little Devin's are going to run down your leg."
    "I might like it. I'll use my finger and lick up all the little yous. Good news now."
    "I didn't make you bleed."
    "I honestly never had sex all slow and affectionate like that. You're amazing."
    "I'm gonna sleep good tonight."
    "We need to put on clothes. Just in case my mom walks in instead of knocking in the morning."
    "Can't have your mom seein' my pee pee."
    "Cuddle me now."
    "Come here then."

    And out like that! I love this fuckin' girl.