Chapter Eleven - The End Of The Night

Monday, June 8


    Something isn't right. Why does Oden want to talk to Jacob in private? I know for a fact something is going on, because Oden never and I mean never calls me Melissa. Also the tone of his voice told me so, even Scott seems uneasy right now. Why do I all the sudden have this unpleasant ache in my stomach?

    "Is Oden okay Scott?"
    "He's good."
    "What's going on? Why did he make Devin take Liz to get food and why did he send me away to talk to Jacob privately? Even you look uneasy."
    "You'll find out as soon as they are done talkin' out there Milly."
    "You won't tell me?"
    "Nope. Sorry."
    "Come on Scott! Jacob is going to tell me anyway you might as well save him the breath and just tell me now."

    Scott didn't say a word. He just walked away and headed into the garage. What does everyone know that I don't? This is so irritating! I just want to go home. We weren't even supposed to stay here that long. Now Liz is out with Devin and who knows when they'll be back. I hope he isn't being a pervo and hitting on her. I hope they are getting along, I mean they are so much alike. I had no idea Liz was weird and goofy like Devin. To me she always seemed like the stuck up type. Mostly because she never talked to anyone, and the few times I had talked to her she was a tad bitchy. I was wrong, she's actually a pretty cool person. I also can't believe she said she would wrap her legs around my head. That got Jacob's hopes up along with another thing! I laugh to myself. Should I really mess around with Liz? I'm a little bit into girls, and Liz is super cute. I do have to agree with everyone, those legs are nice. I was about to start texting Liz when I saw Hayden pull in. Safe zone to see her husband I guess! Whatever! I need to text Liz and make sure everything is going good between her and Devin. I wasn't even halfway done when everyone walked in. I'll finish this text in a minute, save to draft.

    "What's going on Babe?"
    "We need to talk. All of us. me, you, Hayden, Ode, and Scott."
    "Okay. That doesn't answer my question. Hayden, what's going on?"
    "As soon as Scott is done we are going upstairs to talk. Ode called me and said something happen to mom to get here quickly. That's all I know."
    "What happen to my mom Oden?"
    "Not down here. You three go upstairs, I'll go get this guy."
    "Answer my sister Ode!"
    "Go upstairs! Take these two with you."
    "What the fuck ever Ode."
    "I don't need the attitude Hayd."
    "And I don't need you keeping shit from me and Milly about our mom."
    "I'm not. I'll tell you everything in a few minutes. Stop being pissy and go upstairs."
    "Come on Hayden. These two aren't going to tell us anything right now."
    "Jacob knows?"
    "I need pot! Going upstairs."
    "Leave him be. Come on."
    "I want to hit someone so bad right now."
    "Hit your husband. It won't hurt him at all."
    "Right? Maybe I will."

    Hayden and I make our way upstairs, Jacob of course is already smoking. We just sit down on the couch and wait for Scott and Oden.

    "I got in a fight today after school."
    "What? Why?"
    "Girl was getting crazy with my man! Then she called me a whore. So I kicked her."
    "Right in the fuckin' chest. Knocked her ass on the ground and she was gaggin' for air and shit. It was pretty fuckin' great."
    "You kicked her?"
    "Yeah! I feel so bad now, but it felt good when I did it."
    "You're to nice Milly. That's why you feel bad about it. I think it's awesome you stood up for yourself, you need to do it more often."
    "That's what me and Dev say."
    "It's true! Milly is a push over."
    "I don't like to be mean to people is all."
    "You don't have to be mean to anyone Milly. Just say no every once in a while."
    "I say no to Jacob all the time."
    "This is true."
    "No! Say no to other people. Not just Jacob. Hey where's Devin?"
    "Out with my friend Liz."
    "Dev better get somethin' out of her."
    "She has a boyfriend. She wanted a ride in Oden's car, and he made Devin take her."
    "Is she cute?"
    "Yeah, I think she's cute. Cuter than Heather."
    "With some long ass fuckin' legs."
    "Does she know how to use them?"
    "She's got legs! And she knows how to use em! Yeah, she's a dancer."
    "Wait! Liz is a dancer?"
    "Yeah, she told me today when I asked how they are so nice that she been dancing since she was four."
    "Wow! That's why they are so nice."
    "I have to see these legs you two are talking about."
    "Even Ode said something about em."
    "Oh? What did he say?"
    "Damn you have a set of legs on you."
    "All men love long legs. Sucks me and you got stuck with the short legs right Milly?"
    "Right?! I want long, nice legs."
    "I like your legs."
    "Yeah, but you like hers better Babe. Don't even try to deny it."
    "I won't. They are fuckin' nice."
    "Your boyfriend is a little too honest."
    "It's one of the things I love about him."

    "Until he says something that pisses you off. You going to smoke all that over there?"
    "You wanna hit this?"
    "Yes. Bring it here."
    "I think Melissa should take a hit."
    "No thank you."
    "Come on Milly! One hit isn't going to do anything to you."
    "Unless she starts coughin'."
    "I don't want any you guys."
    "You said you would take a hit sometime. This weed is good, it's more chill weed and not super stony."
    "Oh! It tastes good too. If you're going to try weed Milly, this would be the shit to try."
    "I have too much on my mind right now."
    "It'll help!"
    "You see Milly! You can say no to other people, more for me and Jacob."

(Click the computer for Sims Goodies!)

    It's official! This pregnancy has taken over. I been dying all day, and my newest best friend is my toilet. I also want strawberries real bad right now with peanut butter. I have peanut butter but no strawberries. Damn! I'm so grateful that Jim is on board with this. A little part of me thought he may not be okay with this. He's such a wonderful man. His nephew, Jacob is also a great kid. It's true, he gets into trouble a lot, smokes pot, but overall he's a great kid. Speaking of kids, it's nearly 7:00pm and Lizzy isn't home yet. She usually calls if something is wrong, or when she's not going to be home. I should call her before I start worrying.

    "Hey mom! I was just about to call you."
    "Are you okay? You usually check in."
    "Yes, I'm with Melissa. We are on our way to get something to eat."
    "You have homework and chores Lizzy. You need to get home soon."
    "My homework is done. That's one of the first things we did. Now we are getting food."
    "Well all right. Don't stay out too late honey, it's still a school night."
    "Okay mom, I won't. I'll be home in a few hours."
    "That's fine. You two drive safe."
    "We will. I love you."
    "I love you too honey."

    I'm so happy Lizzy found a friend to hang out with. She needed to get out more and socialize. I need to find me something to do tonight. I don't work, maybe I could go rent a movie or something. But do I really want to fight the traffic? Michael pulled up while I was chatting with Lizzy. Maybe he has a movie or two I could barrow. I'll go over and ask him, that way I don't have to deal with traffic. He answered the door with no shirt on! Oh, It made my day. What woman doesn't love seeing a fit man without a shirt on?

    "Hello Amanda."
    "Hello, sorry to come over here and bother you right as you get home from work. I have sort of a favor to ask."
    "Sure, what's up?"
    "Do you by any chance have any good movies I could borrow for the night? Lizzy is out with friends and I'm starting to get bored."
    "I'm sorry I don't. I have Netflix, I watch that."
    "Oh, well, all right. Thank you anyway."
    "The T.V I bought you guys connects to the internet, and I believe Netflix is already programmed in it. I could give you my password and stuff for it."
    "I wouldn't have a clue on how to set it up. Mind helping me?"
    "Of course. Give me a minute to put a shirt on and I'll be over."
    "Thank you Michael. The door will be open."

    A T.V that connects to the internet? I barley know how to check my e-mail. Good thing Michael is young and knows these things, I would of never figured it out on my own. Lizzy is the one who had to teach me how to get on the internet and check my e-mail. Why can't it be like my phone? Just one button click and talk to it? Why is Michael knocking? I told him the door would be open.

    "It's open! You didn't need to knock, I told you it would be open."
    "I don't walk into people's house without knocking."
    "Okay. Here's the remote, do whatever you need to do."
    "You should pay attention just in case you need to set this up again."
    "What's your Wi-Fi password?"
    "My Wi-Fi password? I don't think I have one."
    "How does the computer connect to the internet?"
    "With the phone."
    "You're telling me you have dial-up internet?"
    "I guess."
    "You're living in the stone age Amanda. I'll connect it to my Wi-Fi."
    "Do I need to get Wi-Fi? Lizzy does everything on her phone, and I only use the computer to check my e-mail."
    "No, you can steal mine."
    "Lizzy is the one who knows all about this stuff. She says I'm old because I don't know much about this stuff."
    "Just mess around with it until you figure it out. Plus, you can't be that much older than me."
    "I'll be thirty-eight this year."
    "I just turned twenty-seven."
    "No way are you twenty-seven. You look younger, I would've guessed twenty-four tops."
    "A lot of people say that, then I tell them I have a thirteen-year-old daughter and they shut up."
    "Okay, you are defiantly too young to have a thirteen-year-old daughter. You were what? fourteen when she was born?"
    "Just turned fifteen and three days later she was born."
    "You see her often?"
    "Not as much as I should. Her mom and I didn't exactly end on good terms."
    "How so? If you don't mind me asking."
    "She cheated me. She also told me she was on birth control, and she was for a while. I would see her take her pill every now and then. Then she just stopped taking them. I honestly never wanted kids, and she knew that. But then she was born and I just fell in love her."
    "When you thought you couldn't love anything so damn much right?"
    "I don't understand why some women do that. The whole have a child to try and keep a man."
    "In my case. It was for money."
    "That will sometimes do it."
    "Believe me, I know. I usually don't tell the woman I date about my money right away, my daughter too."
    "You have things to protect. It's understandable. Are you currently seeing anyone at the moment?"
    "I am not."
    "Oh! Jim said you went to France over the weekend with a girl. I assumed she was a girlfriend. My apologies."
    "It's fine. Okay, I'm done. You browse with these arrow keys, and when you found something you want to watch you press the select button."
    "Sounds easy enough. Would you like to stay and watch a movie with me? I'll cook us dinner. If you don't have plans."
    "Will the dinner be as good as the food you gave me not to long ago?"
    "I'm a professional cook. Everything I make is good."
    "All right! I'll hang out and have dinner with my bosses pregnant girlfriend. Why not?!"
    "Fiancée. He asked me to marry him over the weekend."
    "No kidding? Congratulations."
    "Thank you, and don't worry. Jim won't be mad."
    "I'm trusting you."
    "Good! You find us a good comedy to watch and I'll cook."
    "Sounds like a plan."


    Ode and Scott finally made their way upstairs. Scott has some DVD in his hand. What are we doing? Watching a movie now?

    "Scott needs to show you somethin' before we talk about your mom."
    "What is it?"
    "Security footage from yesterday."
    "I need a minute too fast forward to the part I want you two to see."
    "When was the last time you seen your mom Hayd?"
    "When I left."
    "Damn near five years ago."
    "Yeah, why?"
    "You'll see."
    "Okay, here we go. Sorry there's no sound, but we'll fill you in after we watch this. Top left screen you see your dad's truck, bottom right is by the registers. So kind of watch both screens if you can."

    The footage was hard to watch. My mom looked so lost, small, and old. She didn't look like this at all when I left. Milly has tears running down her face, she puts her head in her lap to hide them. Jacob is trying his best to stay calm, Ode and Scott as well. The end is what made Ode snap, Jacob looked away as soon as he seen my dad grab my mom by the back of her neck and pull her away from Scott. The slap across her face before pushing her into the passenger seat was the worst of it. I glance at Jacob when he starts shaking his head and notice his eyes are green. Ode gets up off the couch and paces for a minute before sitting back down beside me. Scott tugs at his hair when he's mad. Ticks.

    "What did you and my mom talk about Scott?"
    "Long story short and straight to the fuckin' point. She done, wants out, and if your piece of shit daddy won't let her go.... She's killin' herself."
    "What! No! My mom can't do that! Ode go get her and take her somewhere! Please!"
    "Milly, listen we done that before. We took her to my parent's house, she left and went back. We took her to the farm, and she fuckin' left and went right back."
    "But she's done now! Go get her please."
    "Calm down Melissa."
    "No Hayden! How can you just sit there and not be mad? That's mom! She gave birth to us!"
    "I am mad, we all are! Look a Jacob! Look at Ode! Look at Scott! How uneasy they are!"
    "That's enough! What do you fuckin' want me and Scott to do Hayd."
    "Let her try and leave..."
    "Go get my mom!"
    "Shut up and let me fucking finish Melissa!"

    Please god don't let me get into a fight with my sister. I will hurt her.

    "Let her try and leave and if it doesn't work, you two step in and get her."
    "We may not have the time Hayd."
    "Anna is a ticking time bomb girls. She may not even try and leave."
    "Hayd wants us to nothin', we do nothin'."
    "No! Go get my mom. Jacob take me to get my mom! Please."
    "That's a great fuckin' idea! Show up at your parent's house with a guy your dad don't know. He might cut Jacob all up like he did you."
    "Jacob!? You told him!?"
    "I had to, I'm sorry."
    "Show me! Right now Melissa."
    "No! It's none of your business!"

     I saw the look on Ode's face. He's getting ready to man handle my sister.

    "Scott, you may want to grab a hold of Jacob."
    "No. I'm sorry Melissa."

    Jacob grabs Milly under her arms and rips her up off the couch. He hurt her, The look of pain in her face told me.

    "Right side Hayden."
    "Jacob! Put me down!"
    "She deserves to know, please stop fightin' me."
    "Okay! I'll show her, please put me down, you're hurting me."
    "I'm sorry."
    "Show me Melissa."

    She did, and now I'm just as mad as these three guys.

    "He did this to you while you were pregnant? Why?"
    "He followed me home from school one day. He said if the baby came out with your beautiful blue eyes, him and mom would want her. Told me how much he missed you and your beautiful blue eyes..."
    "Shut up. Shut up. Shut up!"
    "Breathe Ode."
    "He wanted another you in the house to have for himself. I told him no, I was giving her up. He got mad. He pushed me to the ground, hit me and kicked me. When I was crawling away from him, he cut me on my neck then got on me and put his hand on my throat and choked me until I was blue in the face. He cut my side slow and said if I told anyone he did this to me, he was coming back and sticking the box cutter inside me to make sure I never had kids again or I was dead."
    "You gave up your daughter to protect her from dad because he wants to be a pedophile again. Just another kid mom won't protect."
    "What? Mom tried to protect you!"
    "No hard enough!"
    "How could she when she was on the floor passed out from having her head bashed into the wall?! I even tried! I would jump on dad, bite, scratch, pull his hair, and I would get thrown off into a wall just like mom! Don't fucking stand there and say she did nothing! You're fucking wrong Hayden!"
    "Why me!? Huh?! He never once held you down and put his dick you and told you how much he loves your tight little pussy. It was all fucking me! Every fucking time he caught Oden leaving the house, he would snatch you up out of bed and lock you in the closet and have his way with me. Telling me this is what a real man's dick feels like, not some high school kid dick. Why not you! Why just fucking me damn it! Why?"
    "You look just like mom Hayden. He forces sex on her all the time. It got so bad after you left. Her screaming and crying, I would run like hell like Devin's house to get away. He would come get me drag me out of the house by my hair beat me in the front yard. Your dad and my dad would fight, I would say, okay lets go. Your mom would be on the porch crying, Devin would be in the house hiding somewhere."
    "What are me and Ode doing Hayd."
    "Is my dad still working?"
    "Go get my mom tomorrow after he leaves for work."
    "I can't take off work Hayd."
    "I'll go with Scott."
    "Babe no! What if my dad is there?"
    "I'm not afraid of your dad."
    "It's done! Me and Jacob will go get her and take her out to the farm."
    "If shit goes down Scott..."
    "I'll fuckin' handle it Ode!"
    "Jacob, please take me home. I'll grab Liz's things out of the car and leave them here with Scott. I just want to go home."
    "Okay, can we go by my house first or..."
    "I just want to be alone tonight Jacob. Take me home."
    "All right."
    "I need to head over to Nitro."
    "I don't think I'm going tonight Ode. I just want to go home too."
    "All right. At least I got to see my wife today. Even though it was over fucked up shit."
    "I love you Ode."
    "I love you too Hayden."


    Liz is afraid of me. She wanted to kiss me all day but was too scared to actually like me, like me. The only fuckin' reason I didn't make any moves on her is because she has a boyfriend.... Okay! Maybe I did hit on her a little bit, who fuckin' cares? There ain't shit wrong with hittin' on her. She's been testing me all day! With them legs and stickin' fingers down her throat. That shit was hot as fuck! I had to think of my grandma to keep from gettin' a hard on. It's pretty fuckin' cool that I actually had a good time with her. She only wanted a ride in Ode's car and then after that she still wanted to hang out with me. I didn't have shit to do, so fuck it. Liz smells like vanilla. I like vanilla.

    "I think you're fucking hot and I've wanted to kiss you all day. To see if there was something here between us. But I didn't. I'm scared to know."
    "Why? I won't try anything with you. I'm giving you that power. I'll just be here, waitin'... for them legs."
    "I have a boyfriend! I don't want to know if there's anything between us. Because if there is something, I wouldn't know what to do."
    "Sometimes you just have to go with your gut I guess. YOLO."

    Oh! What's happening!? Them legs are wrapped around me, her tongue is in my mouth. My grandma is old and wrinkly! She's old! Wrinkly! It's workin'! Do I kiss her neck? No! I want to see if her heart is racing. It is, I did that.

    "Wait, don't move Liz."
    "I wasn't going to."
    "Shh! Listenin' to your heart."

    She gets close to my ear, I feel her breathin' on my neck. My grandma is old!

    "It's racing for you Devin."
    "I like it."
    "Do you always touch girls lightly like you are right now?"
    "Yeah. I don't man handle girls."
    "I love the way you're touching me. It's super affectionate."
    "Don't tell anyone that I'm an affectionate guy."
    "I'm going to post it online for everyone to see."
    "Fine, I'll tell everyone you wear glasses."
    "No! Okay! I won't tell anyone if you don't"
    "Deal. You smell good."
    "You still stink. I like it."
    "Right arm."
    "That's funny."
    "Right arm instead of right on. Does anyone every catch that?"
    "They either do and think I'm fuckin' dumb or they don't."
    "With you... It could go either way."

    I like her laugh too!

    "Fuck you."
    "Not right now. Maybe another time."
    "Did you just say you'd have sex with me?"
    "Can I move? My legs are cramping."
    "But I like them where they are though!"
    "On the plus side, you get to touch them whenever you want and I won't get mad."
    "Thank you."
    "I'm sad now!"
    "I'm sure you'll live."
    "Where are you goin'?"
    "Over here by these rocks."
    "Rocks aren't cool."
    "Trust me! Come over here."

    Liz is layin' on me. I guess rocks are cool. Not comfortable at all, but fuck it! I got a girl between my legs. What! My grandma is old!

    "I have to ask."
    "How the fuck do you fart two times LOUD in class and not laugh like me and Jacob were?"
    "I fart in class all the time, I don't give a shit."
    "We got in trouble after you left. We couldn't stop laughing."
    "You guys weren't laughin' when I came back."
    "I still was then you went all ape shit on Heather. Shut me up real fast."
    "Yeah, that shit was a dick move. I was mad as hell."
    "Your girlfriend got knocked up by another dude! You had the right to be mad."
    "I'm not mad she's pregnant. It's the whole tryin' to pin the kid on me is what pissed me off. Last year of our relationship kind of went to shit, so I don't fuckin' care."
    "If it was in the shitter why did you stay?"
    "No Idea. Probably just for the sex."
    "Was the sex good?"
    "Not really. I did all the work. Hold on a second Jacob is callin'."
    "Oh! Let me move so you can talk to him."
    "No you stay."

    Let's put this guy on speaker so all three of us can talk. That'll be fun.

    "Word up girl?"
    "Where are you? I dropped Melissa off and waited for you to show up."
    "Cedar Peak."
    "Thanks for ditching me Jacob."
    "I'm on speaker huh?"
    "We didn't ditch you Liz. Melissa has shit going on and she wanted to go home."
    "You guys could've called."
    "My bad. You guys havin' fun up there?"
    "I got to touch them legs!"
    "Then I wrapped them around him and stuck my tongue down his throat."
    "Nice! I'm off here. Come by my house after you drop her off."
    "Melissa kick you out?"
    "She didn't want me to stay."
    "She dump you?"
    "No. We'll talk later when Ms. Nosy ain't around."
    "I really am nosy."
    "All right I'll come by. I don't know when that will be though."
    "Call me when you leave her house."

    I wonder if Liz would get mad if I squeezed her butt. Let's find out!

    "Ow! Don't squeeze that side. I have a bruise, squeeze the other side."

    I did!

    "Boyfriend smack that ass to hard?"
    "No he doesn't smack my ass at all really. I got a shot in my butt."
    "So I don't get pregnant."
    "You're on birth control?"
    "Yes. I don't need a fucking kid in high school and! The shot stops my period, so no more plugs for my jay."

    I get to fuck this chick without a condom. I wonder what that's like.

    "I have a serious question Liz."
    "Is this going to go anywhere at all?
    "Yes, be honest. I just want a fuckin' chance with you Liz."
    "I am gonna give you that chance Devin."

    Fuckin' aye kids!

    "No, no, no, no, no! No but. I hate them! They always suck."
    "This is a good but I promise."
    "Okay! But!..."
    "But, you have to give me at the MOST two days to end things with my boyfriend. Can you do that?"
    "That but wasn't bad at all."
    "I told you! Can you do that? Two days tops."
    "Yes. Roll over and kiss me again."

    Liz kisses really good. 20 questions time!

    "How many guys have you been with?"
    "Two boys and four girls."
    "Four girls? Like makin' out or naked got each other off?"
    "Naked getting each other off."
    "You been with more girls than me. That's sad. Do you and your boyfriend have sex with no condom?"
    "No. The shot takes a few days to kick in. Those days have passed already but he's not chancing shit."
    "If we have sex, do I have to use one?"
    "You got any cooties?"
    "I've never had sex without a condom. So no I don't have cooties."
    "Then no, you don't have to use one. You'll be the first the guy to cum all inside me."

    My fuckin' grandma is old!

    "I will too. Watch!"
    "How many girls have you messed around with? You know, with your sex trick."
    "Does that include the two you had sex with?"
    "No. How many guys have you messed around with besides the two you fucked?"
    "None. And us kissing doesn't count as messing around! When I'm with a guy, I'm with him. It's just a plus if he's okay with me messing around with girls. I like pussy too."

    Nana!!! She's old as shit!
    "What kinds of shit have you done with girls?"
    "I guess I'm the "guy" I get in there and take control and eat the fuck out the pussy, fingers, toys. She gets off I lick it up. I love the taste of girls"
    "Okay, you may want to move."
    "I'm comfy! Plus, I already feel it."
    "My bad. It has a mind of it's own."
    "Who was the other girl you had sex with?"
    "Yeah. I lost my baby balls to her."
    "You guys dated?"
    "No. We just had sex the one time. It was our first time and it was weird as fuck."
    "My first time was weird too. Plus, my boyfriend at the time had a small dick, it didn't do much for me. My boyfriend now! When we had sex I was like, okay this is what it's supposed to really feel like. I'm a bleeder too. Not to sound gross, but every time we have sex I bleed a little tiny bit. I don't like it."
    "Some girls do. Nothin' really wrong with it. Just to much friction and you bleed."
    "How the fuck do you know that?"
    "Science nerd."
    "Okay, what do you mean by friction?"
    "Being dry. If you fuck before you're all wet and ready to go, you could bleed. Think of it like a rug burn."
    "It happens all the time. Wet or dry."
    "Do you have Chlamydia?"
    "No! I was tested when I got on birth control."
    "Then I have no idea why you're a bleeder. You're just fuckin' weird, or maybe! You're just tight and you get stretched and bleed each time."
    "Is that even possible?"
    "You're tiny as fuck, so maybe. Or your boyfriend is just to fuckin' rough with you."
    "He is kind of rough most of the time."
    "There you go. Who are you seein' anyway?"
    "Guy from my old town."
    "That's why we don't see you with him."
    "And the fact he's twenty-seven and we can't go out places. We just hang out and have sex."

    This fuckin' guy is older than Ode! What the fuck?

    "You're dating a guy ten years older than you?"
    "Yeah. I love him, and I told him I was okay with not being able to go out with him. That was a lie. I need that. I want to be able to show my guy off."
    "You can show me off."
    "You want me to show you off?"
    "Yeah. I'll take out on dates and stuff like we did today. I want to show you off. And them legs."
    "What time is? I left my phone in your car."
    "It is... 9:42. You need to go home?"
    "Yeah I do. But I don't want too. I'm having a good time with you and if my mom is still awake she'll wonder why you're dropping me off and not Melissa. Or she'll ask if you're the guy I'm seeing."
    "She doesn't know him?"
    "She knows him, but not that we are dating. I came home with a hickey, so she knows I'm seeing someone, just doesn't know who I'm seeing."
    "Okay. What are gonna tell her if she asks if I'm the dude?"
    "Can I tell her yes?"
    "If you want to. I don't care. Or you can tell her we all watched a movie and Melissa and Jacob passed out and I offered you a ride."
    "That sounds believable. I can do that."
    "All right, let's get goin'. The walk down is better than the walk up."
    "We need cardboard so we can slide down."
    "That's funny! Me and Ode used to do that shit."
    "It's fun as hell!"
    "Right!? Cardboard for next time. Remember that shit."
    "For sure!"

    I think I'm going to have fun with this one. She's not all uptight like Heather. I don't think Liz would get mad and kick me out if I farted and pulled the blanket over our heads. I think she'd get a kick out of it. Let's test this! Car fart! Damn it! It wasn't loud, but it's a stanker! Yes!

    "Oh no! That's nasty Devin! No more Mexican food for you!"
    "It smells good! Come on take a big whiff!"
    "I did smell it! I still do and my window is down!"
    "You rolled down your window and all that stank went to you! At least you're laughin' and not yellin' at me."
    "Farts are funny! The loud ass ones and the silent killer like you just did."
    "You like farts. That's funny!"
    "I do! I can't fart without laughing. I don't know how you can fart and not laugh."
    "I laugh when they stink real bad."
    "Toilet bowl farts are funny too!"
    "The hollow fart."
    "Or the ones that sound like you're crumbling an empty water bottle."
    "The machine gun fart."
    "Oh my god! The conversations we are going to have are going to be so awesome!"
    "So will the sex."
    "I'm looking forward to your sex trick."
    "I wanna see yours."
    "Can you drive and get your dick sucked at the same time?"
    "Um... No. The gear shift. Plus, my dick is gross right now. I been workin' all day, I don't want you to suck it. I lied, I do really want to suck it. Not right now though."

    Damn it Dev! She offers you say fuckin' yes! Not no! Damn it!

    "I don't care. Some girls like the man taste and smell. I'm one of those girls."
    "Gear shift. Won't work."

    Stop with the fuckin' excuses you dumbass! Ask to pull over! Please ask me to pull over.

    "If my mom is asleep you want to hang out for a while? Better than pulling over."

    Even better!

    "Yes. I'll be mad if she's awake now."
    "If she asks if you're the guy I been seeing you can still stay. If not, another time."
    "The fuckin' zipper on my pants is going to break."
    "Think of Jacob."
    "Okay, that worked."
    "He won't get to watch if me and Melissa get down."
    "Your best friend will see me naked, and we will be dating."
    "He's not allowed to see you naked! No bueno! He's gonna be fuckin' pissed."
    "I want Melissa so bad. I want to taste her. I wonder if it's as good as she smells."
    "She smells so fuckin' good."
    "Right?! Intoxicating. Oh, my panties are getting wet."
    "My zipper is screamin' for help over here."
    "Unzip your pants then!"
    "You unzip yours!"

    Oh shit! She did.

    "Now you."
    "All right, that's better."
    "Can I see it?"
    "My pee pee?"
    "No! Your jay!"

    She wants to see the pee pee, I'll show her the pee pee!

    "Ooo! I don't know if I can swallow that."
    "Yes! It's going to be fun trying to get all of you down my throat."
    "I told you if I wanted to impress you I'd show you my dick."
    "You were right."
    "Is this seventeen-year-old pee pee bigger than your twenty-seven-year-old pee pee?"
    "Yours is thicker, and it has a nice curve to it. Lizzy like! Lizzy like a lot!"

    Next test! Grab her hand and put it on your pee... Oh! She put my hand in her pants. Yeah! She's wet. I like it! She took her pants off! I like that even better! Then she licked my fingers. Fuuuuck! I'm pulling over!

    "Get in the back."
    "Show me your trick I show you mine?"
    "That's the plan. Get in the back woman!"
    "You have a napkin or something so I can go pop a squat behind that bush?"
    "Glove box. Wait, you're goin' over there in your panties?"
    "Yes. I don't want to get pee on my pants."
    "Hurry up!"

    Since she's over there taking a piss I might as well try to piss. You ever try to piss with a massive hard on? It fuckin' sucks! Shirt needs to come off for this ride with Liz.

    "Look at you! All topless... You have a tattoo."
    "Yep. Get in."
    "I like where it's at. Way… Down... Low… Right… Here."

    I just got my pee pee touch!


    What in the world am I doing? It feels so right though. I want this. Even he said this sex thing doesn't have to end with sex. No sex, is no cheating.

    "My trick first. Get in there and get all cozy."
    "I'm okay with that! Get in here and suck this pee pee. Three fingers didn't convince me."
    "Ever been with a girl who swallows?"
    "Yes. But I got puked on once. Now I say I'm gonna cum."
    "That's funny. You don't have to tell me shit."
    "I won't. I'll just stay right here and enjoy myself."
    "No sex?"
    "Not unless you want to."

    Devin is bigger than Michael. Not longer, but thicker. I almost thought I wasn't going to be able to take it all. But I did! With no problem.

    "I'm convinced now! Pinche cristo!"

    He gets off in Spanish? Okay whatever! I keep going. He still touches me lightly, then grabs a hand full of my hair and pulls it. I'm fine with it, I love my hair pulled. Lets see how far I can go with this. Michael got super pissed when I did this to him, lets see if Devin will get mad or not.

    "Oh! Why do I like your finger there? Does that mean I'm gay?"
    "No..." I mumble the best I can.
    "Good, I like it."

    I love this guy! He let me put a finger in his butt and he's okay with it. Nice!

    "Uh oh..."

    I swallowed every ounce he gave me and I didn't stop sucking.

    "Fuck! You're still goin'? Ah! Okay stop! No I lied, don't stop! God damn! The fuck Liz?"
    "Kiss me now."
    "I'm gonna do more than just kiss you."

    The way he moved me so I was under him was seamless. He's obviously messed around back here before. I didn't even hit my head or anything. I feel him put his fingers in the waist band of my panties to pull them off so I arch my back and let him.

    "You have no idea how hot it is when a girl arches like that for the panty release. Or maybe you do."
    "I do."

    He took his time with my legs. Making sure you kiss, lick and bite every inch of them. He didn't even lick my jay! I was hoping he would, but my mouth is okay too. The way he put two fingers inside was different. It was weird, but it felt so good.

    "I'm sad."
    "You're good to go. I don't need to eat that vaginer."
    "You still can if you want."
    "Nope. My turn for my sex trick."
    "Fingering me is your sex... Oh! Wow!"
    "Don't tense up. Relax and go with it."

    I took a deep breath and went with it like he said to. I've been fingered before, but not like this. It almost feels like I need to pee. But I don't need to pee, I just went! Oh it feels so good.

    "Oh my god, oh my god! Devin?..."

    He looked me straight in the eyes and just smiled. Oh my god that smile. He moves faster and harder when he feels me get tight around his fingers. Oh shit! I let out the loudest, longest moan of relief ever! This is squirting? Oh my god I love it! I kept cumming and he kept going. It was almost never ending. Where have you been my whole life you awesome sex trick you. He pulls his fingers out rubs my clit hard and then slaps it. Oh! I like it!

    "Slap me right there again."
    "You like that?"
    "One more time."

    He slapped me again!

    "Hey! I said no!"
    "I heard yes. Did you like my trick?"
    "Oh my god! I fucking love it. I've never came so hard in my life. I feel weak."
    "I told you, you'd love it."
    "This isn't pee right?"
    "Thank god!"
    "You never had this happen?"
    "No, never. I want more."
    "Right now?"
    "No. Next time."
    "You're the first girl to get my face all wet. You're a gusher. That's hot."
    "Am I supposed to say sorry?"
    "Say thank you."
    "Thank you."
    "It's almost 11:00."
    "Shit! Really? My mom hasn't called so I know I'm not in trouble.
    "Can I keep your panties?"
    "I guess."
    "I need proof we messed around."
    "Smell my fingers isn't enough?"
    "No. Get dressed. I still need to go by Jacob's house."
    "I'm all wet and stuff."
    "Here. Use my work shirt."

    He let me use it before he did to wipe his seat. So nice. His tattoo is sexy. It's on his stomach below his belly button. It's a sexy spot!

    "What does your tattoo say?"
    "Es Sus Imperfecciones Que Le Hacen Hermosa. It's somethin' my mom use to tell me all the time."
    "What's it mean?"
    "It's your imperfections that make you beautiful."
    "I like that. It's so true too."
    "Yeah. You ready?"
    "Yes. Can I have a kiss?"
    "I'm startin' to think you just like me for my kissin' now."
    "No, I like you because of your car."
    "That's fucked up."
    "I'm kidding! You work your tongue like you do your fingers."
    "You have no idea. Wait till I eat that vaginer of yours."
    "I'll hold you to it."
    "That's hot."

    The car ride to my house was great, even though we didn't talk much. I had my legs on his lap, he rubbed them, and pulled up my pant leg and kissed them. I never had anyone be so into my legs. Michael likes them, but he doesn't do anything that Devin is doing. I love it so much.

    "Is my car too loud to pull in?"
    "Yeah. Just park here and I'll walk up."
    "I'll walk you up if you want me to."
    "Can I pick you up in the mornin' and drop you off at school on my way to work?"
    "Yeah, I'd like that. Give me an extra hour to sleep."
    "Right arm."
    "Come on. Walk me to my door. Oh! My shoes and shit in your trunk."
    "That's right."
    "Shit, I have homework too! Fuck it, one day won't hurt me."

    I notice the lights are off but the T.V is on. My mom is watching a movie without me! Wait, Jim is here?

    "Would it be wrong to use your pooper?"
    "No, my mom is awake with her boyfriend Jim."
    "That's right, your mom and Jacob's uncle."
    "You met my mom before?"
    "No, Jacob told me."
    "Okay. Come in and say hi and go pee or whatever."

    As soon as I open the door, I notice this man isn't Jim. Oh shit!

    "Hey mom. Sorry it's so late."
    "Your mom is watchin' a movie with Mr. Avalon."
    "He's my neighbor. Why are you guys watching a movie together?"
    "Michael set up Netflix on our T.V."
    "Nice! Oh! Mom, this is Devin. Devin, this is my mom Amanda and you know Michael."
    "You drive the purple car right? I've seen you pull out of Jim's as I was pulling in."
    "That would be me. Liz? Pooper?"
    "Sorry, first door right there."

    I'm so uncomfortable right now I want to puke.

    "Is that boy you been seeing Lizzy?"

    I shoot a look at Michael and he raises both eyebrows at me. He looks mad.

    "Yes, he is."
    "You weren't with Melissa were you?"
    "No. I was. Devin and Jacob too..."

    Devin help me!

    "Me and Melissa went and got food, and when we got back Devin and Jacob were there. We all ended up hanging out, and her sister brought home a movie and we all watched it. Jacob and Melissa fell asleep and Devin said he would drive me home."
    "I wanted to meet you too. So it worked out."
    "Nice to finally meet you. Lizzy doesn't say much about who she's seeing. I'm glad she brought you in to say hi."
    "Probably because she doesn't like my ears."
    "They're dumb."
    "So you've said, many times."
    "At least you don't have that awful nose thing like Jacob. Your ears aren't to bad."
    "Thanks. I'm sorry I have to get goin'. I'll see you in the morning."

    Thank god he only kissed me on my head!

    "Nice meeting you Devin. Drive safe."
    "I will. Goodnight."

    Awkward silence!

    "He's cute Lizzy."
    "Yeah. I'm going to jump in the shower and go to bed. He's picking me up in the morning so give me an extra hour."
    "Mr. Hart isn't allowed on school grounds this week Elizabeth."
    "He's only dropping me off."
    "Why isn't he allowed at school?"
    "He had an issue today at school which resulted with him getting suspended for the rest of the week."
    "I see. Maybe he shouldn't drive you Lizzy."
    "It's fine mom. He's only dropping me off. He won't get in trouble unless Michael is out watching and says something."
    "All I said was he's not allowed on school grounds."
    "Excuse me, I need to go hug my toilet."

    Pregnant woman problems! I don't want to be alone with Michael right now! Breathe!

    "What did you do tonight Elizabeth?"
    "Watched a movie like I said."
    "You don't smell like you only watched a movie."

    I smell?

    "What do I smell like?"
    "Sweat and sex. Why are you lying to me?"


    "I spent the day with Devin. We didn't have sex Michael."
    "What did you do?"
    "We messed around. But we didn't have sex."
    "What did you do Elizabeth."
    "I sucked his dick, and he put his fingers in me and got me off. That's it."
    "Why don't I believe you?"
    "I'm telling you the truth Michael."
    "So your idea of a break is, messing around with another guy?"
    "I don't know... It just happen."
    "You like him?"
    "Yeah, a lot actually. You happy?"
    "No. Not at all. It's late I'm going to bed. I'd kiss you goodnight, but I'm not comfortable with another guy's dick in my mouth. Goodnight Elizabeth."

    Fuck my life!


    It's damn near midnight, I'm fuckin' tired as hell. Dev better have had sex with Liz to be this fuckin' late comin' by. Fuckin' finally he calls.

    "What it do baby?"
    "Word up girl? I just parked up the street, I'm walking up now."
    "All right. I'll be out back."

    Dick! He was supposed to call when he left Liz's house, not when he's here! I could've been jerkin' off or some shit.

    "What up beaner?"
    "Nothin' my part African brother."
    "You fuck Liz?"

    He pulls her panties out of his pocket and tosses them on the table.

    "Fuckin' aye!"
    "We didn't fuck. I made her squirt all over my backseat and she managed to get my face all wet too."
    "Fuckin' nice! So you got them legs wrapped around you?"
    "Them my legs now."
    "Are you fuckin' serious?"
    "The fuck? I ask her out on one date and I get turned down, you two hang out and now she's your girl?"
    "Yeah. When her and Melissa get down you can't watch."
    "Hurts, don't it?"
    "Yeah! Damn it."
    "Liz has no gag reflex."
    "None! Zip! Nada!"
    "Fuckin' aye Dev."
    "Swallows too."
    "She didn't puke on you like Heather did?"

    That shit was fuckin' funny when he told me!

    "No. She sucked me off and kept going, I had to tell her to stop."
    "I know that feeling. Sometimes you have to say stop."
    "She put a finger in my bum bum. I liked it."
    "Right?! Melissa does that to me. Thank god I ain't the only one who likes that shit."
    "At first it was weird. But then I was like Oh! I like it!"
    "That's all you guys did?"
    "Yeah, pretty much. So why am I here?"
    "Ode told me to fill you in."
    "Okay, what's goin' on? When and where?"
    "Tomorrow me and Scott are going to get Anna while Ryan is at work."
    "All right. I guess I'll just be on stand by."
    "Why didn't you ever tell me you got rid of a body for Ode?"
    "You keep your mouth shut about that shit dude."
    "Do I look retarded?"
    "Fuck you! I told you all kinds of crazy ass shit I've done, and you fuckin' dissolve bodies and shit! All Breaking Bad style."
    "No I don't. You can't completely dissolve a body. It's not possible, you still have bones at the end."
    "How did you do it?"
    "Me and Scott cut the dude up and feed him to the two boars he has at the farm. Them bitches eat everything! Including bones."
    "Brutal man."
    "Shit like that stays you. If shit goes bad tomorrow, you'll see Scott be a really bad man. He'll pull his gun and shoot like it ain't nothin'."
    "Ode too?"
    "No. Ode likes to beat people with the crowbar in his trunk. Scott shoots."
    "Those two are fuckin' scary man."
    "Yeah. Good people though."
    "For sure. Another thing. You told me you had no idea if Ryan hit Melissa or not."
    "Wasn't my place to tell you."
    "How many times have you seen him hit Melissa?"
    "Way too many to count."
    "I almost fucked up with Melissa tonight."
    "What did you do?"
    "Hayden didn't want Ode and Scott to do shit. Melissa wasn't havin' it, Ryan cut her up real good about three months ago. Ode brought it up, I pretty much held her and told Hayden to lift her shirt and look. When I yanked her up off the couch I felt one of her ribs pop and she said I hurt her."
    "She did break up with you."
    "No. I explained to her that Hayden needed to see what he did. She needed that push you know? And worked, she saw the scars and told Ode and Scott to go get her mom. She said thank you, said I love you, kissed me goodnight, and I left. I'm fuckin' mad as fuck at myself. I never meant to hurt her. Physically hurt her."
    "She'll be okay. She's tougher than you think."
    "Still man! She's fuckin' small! And I snatched her up all rough and shit. I shouldn't have done it."
    "Ode would've done it if she wasn't showin' Hayden."
    "Yeah! He told Scott to grab and hold me and I just did it myself."
    "You guys will be all right. Stop kickin' yourself in the ass and smoke some pot!"

    I have to ask Dev about Hayden. Melissa left out some major details that I found out today.

    "You know what their dad did to Hayden right?"
    "Yeah. Found out she was havin' sex and he showed her what a real man is. Over and over. If you don't want that shit to happen to Melissa you won't tell him you're fuckin' her."
    "Hayden and Melissa are his girls. Fuckin' disgusting! I'm surprised Hayden isn't fucked up from that shit. Ode got her pregnant to see if that would stop things and her mom made her have an abortion."
    "Fuckin' serious?"
    "Yeah! They planned it. She was gonna come live with us. After the abortion Ode told our parents she lost the baby. They said she could still come live with us, but she never did."
    "How old where they?"
    "Like fourteen I think."
    "That's a big thing to do just to get away. Do you know who the father of Melissa baby is?"
    "No. Do you?"
    "Yeah. I tell you, you take it to your fuckin' grave."
    "All right."
    "Jeremy Tunnell."
    "He didn't fuckin' quit! He got fired, he's the one who gave her the black eye?"
    "Yeah. She told her mom who it was and their dad went to his fuckin' house and spilled everything in front of his wife and kids."
    "Sounds about right."
    "I love Melissa more than I love myself. I hate seein' her with all this weight on her."
    "Take it off then."
    "How do you think?"
    "I am not walkin' into this dudes house and shooting him."
    "You don't need to. All you need is a needle full of nothin' but air, and boom dead."
    "For real?"
    "Science nerd Jacob. I'm smarter than you think."
    "I know you're fuckin' smart. I find it weird, some of the shit you know."
    "I weird myself out sometimes. The air bubble is a good one though. Pretty much untraceable, and it's pretty much a heart attack."
    "You're almost psycho Dev."
    "Are you scared of me?"
    "No! I'm scared of Ode and Scott!"
    "Me too!"
    "Your dad fought Ryan before?"
    "My dad fucked Ryan up. He's a big ass mother fucker like Ode."
    "That's what Melissa said. That he's big like Ode."
    "He is! You need to meet him one day. He's a good guy."
    "I will someday, I'm sure."
    "I'm tired as hell dude. I'm taking off, I told Liz I'd pick her up and take her school in the mornin'. I need sleep and my panties back."
    "She wasn't lying about the dark red thong. Lucky fuck! I'm a little bit jealous, I wanna touch those legs. One finger, one small touch!"
    "You touched them! Gettin' your wallet out of your glove box. She told me."
    "I accidently brushed her knee! That shit don't count."
    "Nope! My legs."
    "You know why they are so nice?"
    "She's a dancer. We hung out all fuckin' day! We talked. Do you know her boyfriend is fuckin' twenty seven?"
    "He's older than fuckin' Ode!"
    "Who is he?"
    "Some guy from her old town. She said my pee pee is bigger."
    "That's fuckin' great! Seventeen-year-old dick is bigger than his twenty-seven-year-old dick. You should have Liz dance for you."
    "A striptease. Oh! That would be so hot!"
    "Right. You see her naked?"
    "No, she had her shirt on. She saw me all naked and shit. She liked it. Said my tattoo is sexy."
    "Man, every girl who sees that fuckin' thing all say the same shit. It's in a sexy spot! I should've got one that day too when Ode offered."
    "You were bein' a little bitch! No! My uncle will see it and get mad! Waa!"
    "I thought you were leavin'?"
    "I am. You good on weed? I have some on me if you need some."
    "I'm good. Thanks man."
    "All right, me and my panties are out of here."
    "See ya!"

    How the fuck did Dev get Liz in the first fuckin' try?! This shit is madness! Fuckin' Dev!


    Feels good to know Jacob wants my girls legs. My legs! That mouth too! Oh that mouth! She can suck some pee pee! Shit! My zipper is screaming for help again. I'm all tired as hell and I slip and damn near kill myself on the stairs. I look at my hand to see why it was wet, it was blood. Then I notice the rest of it on each step. What the fuck? Hayden and Melissa! I run like hell, again almost killing myself on the stairs. Then I see her by my door. Holy fuckin' shit!

    "Devin? I'm so sorry, I didn't know where else to go. I'm sorry."
    "Did he follow you here? Where's your car?"
    "I walked through every brush and field. I wasn't followed. I'm positive I wasn't."
    "You fuckin' walked here? Look at you! You can barley hold your head up."
    "I'm sorry, I thought Oden would be here."
    "Stay right here. I'll be right back, somethin' happens you yell."
    "Please stay."
    "I'm going right upstairs. Sit tight."

    I bang on Hayden's window like a madman. Wake up Hayden! She pulled the curtain back and I'm pretty sure the look on my face scared the shit out of her, she ran straight to the front door.

    "Devin, oh my god are you okay?"
    "Come now!"
    "Is it Oden?!"
    "No, look over the rail."
    "Oh my god! Mom! Go wake up Milly!"

    I didn't even knock! I run into her room and shook the shit out her.

    "Melissa! Wake up!"
    "What the hell Devin!?"
    "Get the fuck up now, come on."
    "Is Jacob okay? What happen? What did he do?!"
    "No! He's fine! Come on."

    I swear Melissa grew wings and flew down the stairs. How the fuck did she get down there so fast?

    "Dad wouldn't let you leave would he?"
    "No, I waited until he fell asleep and I left."
    "She fuckin' walked here."
    "I had to make sure I wasn't followed."

    The one thing about Ode's car is it has it's own sound, and there's Kim right behind him. I wait to hear his car shut off and his car door to shut before yellin' at his ass.


    I yelled in a way Ode knew I wasn't fuckin' around. He grew wings too! Kim, not so much!

    "Open the fuckin' door Devin. Come on Mama. I got you."
    "Ode, be careful."
    "I got her Hayd. Milly, get the keys out of my left pocket and get the bag out of the truck of my car."
    "Who is that Devin?"
    "Hayden's mom."
    "What the fuck happen?"
    "This is somethin' you don't ask questions about Kim."
    "Okay, I'll go help Melissa. That bag can sometimes get heavy."
    "Dev! Get in here."
    "Call Scott, keep callin' him till he answers. If he doesn't answer go over there and get him."
    "All right."

    I'm not tired anymore! Damn it!


    This is not the kind of shit I wanted to come home to. At least she's safe for now. Hayd comes out of the bathroom with a damp washcloth and hands it to me.

    "I'm afraid to touch her."
    "I got it."
    "I'm okay Hayden."
    "No you're not mom."
    "I'm okay."
    "No you're not Mama. Your cheek bone is broke, I don't even need to touch you to tell."
    "You see mom."
    "Ode, Scott didn't answer. I'm on my way over there."
    "All right. Scott is gonna take you out to the farm. Please don't leave this time Mama."
    "I won't. I promise."
    "Here's your bag Sugar."
    "Thanks. I wish I could use super glue on you, but I can't. I have to stitch you up."
    "Can you do this Ode?"
    "Relax you two. I got everything I need right here. I been trained to do shit like this. I got it."
    "I'd stay and help Sugar, but I can't deal."
    "Go to the room then Kim."

    Hayd stood up and scratched the back of my neck and then squeezed it. Mmmm! Keep in mind! Kim is still standin' right fuckin' there!

    "I'll help you Ode. Just tell me what you need me to do."
    "You can start by getting your paws off my fiancée."
    "Not now Kim! Either stay in here or go in the room."
    "Please don't fight in front of my mom."
    "We aren't fightin' Milly."
    "Can I have some water please?"

    I should be extremely uncomfortable right now with both Hayd and Kim in the same room. But I'm not. I'm 100% calm.

    "Milly, you need to call Jacob and let him know your mom is here."
    "Is it okay is I ask him to come here?"
    "It's not a good time Milly."
    "He can come if you want, but you need to talk to Hayd."
    "Who's Jacob?"
    "He's my boyfriend mom. He was going to go get you with Scott."
    "He can come."
    "Thank you mom."
    "Here's your water."
    "Thank you."
    "You ready Mama?"
    "Local shot?"
    "I'm ready."

    As soon as I touch the needle to Anna's face Kim run into the bathroom to puke. The woman has tattoos and piercings and this she can't handle? Hayd sat on the couch and held her mom's hand, looking away! She can't hang either. At least she didn't run away and puke.

    "Devin and Scott just pulled in and Jacob is on his way. Eww! Doesn't that hurt mom?"
    "I'm use to it Milly."
    "Give it about ten minutes to kick in and I'll stitch you up."
    "Uck! I couldn't watch that!"
    "At least you didn't run and puke like Kim. One of you want to go knock on the door and let her know it's safe to go hide in the room?"
    "I'll do it."
    "Thank you gorgeous."

    Dev and Scott walk in, and Scott just shakes his head. He ain't fuckin' happy.

    "Hey Anna."
    "Hi Scott."
    "How are you?"
    "Better now that I'm here."
    "Ode will get you all fixed up and we'll get goin'. It's a long ass drive, I brought you a pillow so you can pass out in the back on the way out there."
    "Thank you."
    "I'm goin' to the shower and then bed. I told my woman I'd pick her up and take her to school. Peace!"
    "Whoa! Wait! Your woman? You better not be talkin' about Heather."
    "No, I did what you told me to Ode."
    "Oh my god! It's Liz!"
    "See! Melissa knows!"
    "Mmm Hmm!"
    "This kid took her up to Cedar Peak."
    "No shit? Please tell me you got a piece of them legs."

    He pulls out her panties and swings them around over his head. We all laughed. Including Anna.

    "Shower, bed! BYE!"
    "I need to meet these legs."
    "They're fuckin' killer Hayd."
    "I'm a girl and I want them."
    "Jealous?!" Dev yells from the bathroom.
    "A little bit man!"
    "I won't lie. I wish she was over eighteen. I hear my Mustang."
    "My man is here! That was fast. I'll go down and meet him."
    "Let him know what to expect Milly."
    "He knows."

    I needed to see Anna smile and hear her laugh. It's been way too long! It made my night. Hell! It made my whole fuckin' day! The farm is a good place for her. Like me and Scott, Anna and his mom Quentin grew up together. Liam, Scott’s dad, is just as tough as Scott. He won't let shit happen to her. My pops as well. He used to work with Ryan. My pops that is. Ryan does construction and landscaping, and my pops pretty much does a little bit of everything. Anna used to work at the hospital, she was one of the pediatricians. That's how my mom knows Anna. My mom is the intake nurse, the one who checks everyone when they come in. The story goes, Anna went into work one day with a bruise on her neck. My mom asked what happen, Anna told her and my mom told pops that night. He quit his job with Ryan and got one workin' for Liam at the farm. If you haven't figured it out yet, my pops and Liam know each other because of me and Scott. The three of us, Hayd, Scott, and me all grew up together. Tank came in later, not really sure how he ended up in our tiny circle, but he did. I was wrong when I thought his days of hittin' on my girls was done and over with. After all these years, he's still doin' the same shit.

    "What's goin' on!?"
    "What it do baby?"
    "Gettin' ready to sew this woman up. Have you met Anna yet?"
    "Anna, Jacob. Jacob, Anna"
    "Your face almost looks as bad as mine. What happen to you?"
    "I wrecked my car the other night."
    "Shame. At least you're alive. How long have you been seeing my daughter?"
    "About four months."
    "Are you good to her?"
    "Yes ma'am."
    "You sound drunk mom."
    "My face is numb Milly."
    "Okay! Let’s get you stitched up."
    "Jacob and I are going to go upstairs for a minute. I have some clothes I don't really wear anymore I'll send with you. They'll be okay until you and Quentin can go shopping."
    "Thank you dear."
    "Can I go with you guys?"
    "Yeah, be my drivin' buddy while your mom sleeps in the back."
    "Are you okay with that Ode?"
    "You don't have to ask me to go anywhere with Scott. I trust you both Hayd."
    "Look at this kid with his glasses on!"
    "Don't make fun! I'm goin' to bed. Goodnight Anna, I'll come by sometime this week and see you."
    "Okay. Next time you see your mom please tell her where I am."
    "That reminds me! You need to drop somethin' off with mom tomorrow. It's in my car, I'll grab it when I'm done here."
    "Just sit it on my dresser. Sleep!"
    "Hey! You need to open for me tomorrow, I won't be drivin' back tonight."
    "That all? Can I go to bed now?"
    "Goodnight Devin."
    "Night Hayden."


    I'm still so angry at Jacob for what he did to me today. I felt a rib pop and I have a bruise already starting to form on my side. He really did hurt me. After he explained why he did it, I understood. Hayden did need to see what happen to push her to have Oden do something. Now it was for nothing, my mom is here and she's safe. That's all that matters. Oden is taking good care of her.

    "Did you bring clothes for tomorrow Babe?"
    "Yes. Your mom is so small."
    "I know. Do you think these will fit her?"
    "I don't know. Anything is better than the blood stained clothes she has on now."
    "True... Jacob we need to talk."
    "Why don't I like where this might go?"
    "I'm not leaving you Babe. We just need to talk about what you did to me today."
    "I said I was sorry for hurtin' you."

    I lift up my shirt and show him.

    "Damn it."
    "It hurts so bad Jacob."
    "You need to show Ode. I don't really want to say it, but I think I may have broke somethin'."
    "I know! That's why I'm showing you. I have to wait for Hayden to not be around to show him."
    "I didn't even squeeze you that hard."
    "It was the way you yanked me off the couch Babe."
    "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that."
    "It's okay. I'll be fine."
    "No, it's not fuckin' okay Melissa. I'm not okay with this."
    "I'll be fine Babe. I still love you and I still want to be with you. That's all that matters."
    "I love you too."
    "What the hell happen between Devin and Liz?"
    "First she was mad that we left. Then I explained to her you had shit goin' on and you wanted to go home, and she was okay with it and she's fine now."
    "Thank god! I didn't want her to think we skipped out on her. So details! I know you know! Spill it!"
    "They didn't fuck. She sucked his dick off real good and he did his sex thing on her and now they are pretty much a couple."
    "His sex thing?"
    "He says he's the master at makin' girls squirt."
    "Got you!"
    "It was her first time apparently."
    "Really? She like it?"
    "He said she did. She also stuck a finger in his ass."
    "NICE! Did he like that?"
    "Yeah. He said it was weird at first though."
    "That's awesome! I totally called it too! That they would get along good."
    "Right. I told him I was jealous."
    "Are you?"
    "Yeah! I asked her out on a date and she turned me down and fuckin' Dev gets her on the first fuckin' try! I don't ever get turned down! That's my problem."
    "Aww! My Babe is jealous because Devin got the legs."
    "I fuckin' am! I'm not even lyin'."
    "I should probably be mad at you for this, but I'm not! I think it's funny."
    "She has no gag reflex."
    "What? How does she do that?"
    "Ask her. Please ask her."
    "Oh my god! I am not asking her that!"
    "No fair!"
    "Anyway! Are you ready to head back down?"
    "Yeah. I hope Ode is done. I don't wanna see him stitchin' her up, it'll make me mad. She seems like she doesn't like me."
    "It takes her a minute to get used to people. You're fine Babe."
    "Was she followed here?"
    "No, she made sure is wasn't. My dad will end up going to Devin's parent's house looking for her, but his mom and dad won't say anything. I don't even know if they know she left. Either way, they won't say anything. All right! Let's go."

    I hope these clothes somewhat fit my mom. I pulled out pants with elastic just to be safe. They should be fine. Like Jacob said, anything is better than what she has on now. We walk in as soon as Oden was cutting the long stitch on her face. Eww! It looks so painful!

    "Okay mom, here's some clothes. I grabbed mostly pants with elastic, two pairs of jeans, some shirts, and I just bought this pack of undies. Not even open yet. It should hold you for a week or so."
    "Thank you dear. I hate to ask this of any you, but can one of you spare a little bit of money? I'll pay you back when I can."
    "I have money."

    Jacob answered before anyone else could and the three of them knew this would help my mom get over the threshold with Jacob. He needed to do this. He opens his wallet and stares at it for a second.

    "How much do you need?"
    "I don't know."
    "All right. Here, this should be enough."

    He hands her four 100 dollar bills.

    "No, this is way too much. One will be just fine."
    "No. Keep it, I have money. This isn't hurtin' me at all."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Positive. Please, take it."
    "Thank you... Jacob."

    My mom stands up and gives Jacob a hug. Good job babe! She quietly says something to Jacob, I only heard it because I was standing right there.

    "Don't let anything happen to my Milly. Be like Oden, and do what you have to, to protect her."
    "Yes ma'am."
    "He's a good one Milly, and very handsome. Don't let him go."
    "I don't plan on ever letting him go mom."
    "Am I free to go now?"
    "Yeah. Make sure you keep those stitches..."
    "I know the drill Oden. Thank you… Such a shame you two aren't together anymore. You two were the best things for each other. Breaks my heart."
    "We should tell her Ode."
    "Tell me what?"
    "Me and Hayd got married a few days ago."
    "I thought I heard the piggy tails girl say you her fiancée."
    "It's a long story Mama. But, me and Hayd are together, and we got married."
    "That's great news."
    "You have to understand why I didn't call and tell you and why I didn't call to let you know I was back in town mom."
    "I understand Hayden. As long as Oden is around nothing is going to happen to you."
    "Believe it or not Mama, but the man standing beside you is a lot like me. He won't let shit ever happen to Milly. We already seen what happens when someone calls her a whore."
    "Couldn't be any worse than the crowbar that put Ryan in the hospital for almost a month."
    "It was bad mom. The kid isn't in the hospital but it was bad."
    "How bad?"
    "I cut his face open with my knife."

    Oh! Why did you tell my mom that!

    "Did he really deserve getting his face cut?"
    "He called your daughter a whore, called Dev a lame ass trying to be cool like Ode. No one messes with my family. My friends are my family. End of story."
    "That rings a lot of bells doesn't it Oden?... Scott?"
    "He's a good kid Mama."
    "Loyal is what I see. That goes a long way with me."
    "You approve of me being with Melissa?"
    "Yes. It makes me so happy to see how happy she is. How happy Hayden and Oden are. You two girls have been through so much, and yet you still came out perfect. All five of you. Milly, Hayden, Oden, Scott, and even Devin. You guys are so perfect."
    "No one is perfect mom."
    "In my eyes Hayden, you kids are. I'm ready to go now Scott."
    "Let's get to it."
    "Give me two minutes to run upstairs and put some clothes on. I'll meet you guys downstairs. And you... I'll see you tomorrow handsome."
    "Mmmm! Them lips."
    "You two are so perfect it hurts. I love you so much Oden. Thank you for all your help."
    "I love you too Mama. Call me when you guys get there."
    "We will."

    Jacob and I stay behind and help Oden clean up before heading up to bed. I still need to show him my ribs as well.

    "All right you two. I'm hittin' that shower then crashing out."
    "Can you look at something real fast Oden?"
    "Sure, what's up?"

    I lift up my shirt and show him. He looks around me and Jacob and shakes his head. He doesn't look mad though!

    "This from what Jacob did today?"
     "Yes. And I ain't fuckin' happy about it either Ode."
    "Anything broken?"
    "I don't know. Lets have a look see. Um... This is gonna hurt like a bitch. Pre warning you."

    YES! It hurt like a bitch! He has to push and rub his finger down every rib. I even started crying.

    "Nothin' is broke. You're good, gonna be sore as fuck for a few days though."
    "It hurts so bad! I felt a rib pop when he picked me up the way he did."
    "It's a pulled muscle. What you felt was the muscle tearing. They fuckin' hurt."
    "I pulled a muscle in my chest before. That wasn't cool! I couldn't even reach around to wipe my ass."
    "I feel you! I've done that shit multiple times, but nothin' is broke I promise. You'll be fine Milly. Is that all?"
    "Yes. Thank you Oden."
    "You're welcome. I'll see you two tomorrow. Night."
    "Night man."
    "Thanks again for everything Oden. With my mom too."
    "It's my job to help people. Come here! Give me a hug and get the fuck out."
    "I love you too Oden."
    "I love you too Miss. Milly. Go to bed!"
    "Goodnight Oden."
    "Night Milly"

    A perfect ending to a messed up day. Mom is safe and sound on her way to the farm with Scott and Hayden. Devin got himself a nice set of legs. I have my man beside me in bed. At the end of the night, everything turned out perfect. Just perfect!