Chapter Ten - Whore

Monday, June 8


    I don't want to get out of bed at all right now. It's extremely comfortable sleeping in the same bed as Jacob. So comfortable that I don't even care he's snoring like a bear. I've noticed this. If we stay up really late, Jacob snores. When we go to bed at a decent time, he doesn't snore at all. Or! He could just be super comfortable and he snores because of that. It isn't too bad. I don't have to roll him out of bed at night. I like his snoring. It's cute!

    "Why is that fuckin' alarm going off before the sun is up?"
    "Sorry Babe. I have to get up and get ready."
    "What time is it?"
    "I'm not cool with that. Why are you gettin' up so early? School doesn't even start till 9:00."
    "I have a meeting with Mr. Avalon at 7:00. Hayden and I do. You can go back to sleep if you want, I'll leave my keys on the desk for you."
    "Set the alarm for 6:30, I'll need to go borrow a shirt from Dev."
    "I actually have one of your shirts and like four pairs of your boxers."
    "You're the one stealin' my panties?"
    "All girlfriends steal their boyfriends boxers. Anyway, here's your shirt and panties right here on the desk. I need to take a shower."
    "What shirt is that?"

    I grab the shirt and hold it up for Jacob to see it.

    "Hey! My Hatebreed shirt. I been looking fuckin' everywhere for that. I'm goin' back to sleep. Set the alarm for 7:00."
    "Will that be enough time to get ready?"
    "I'm a guy. It takes me 10 minutes to get ready. Now go away woman! I need my beauty sleep."
    "You're stupid!"
    "I love you too."

    First day back to school since the baby. I'm almost dreading it. I know everyone will be asking me questions. That's what I'm dreading. I don't want to answer anyone's questions on the matter. It's not anyone's business but mine.

    "You almost ready Hayden?"
    "Yes. Just waiting for this coffee, then we can go. Where's Jacob?"
    "Okay. Make sure you leave him the key and the code for the alarm."
    "The alarm code! I need to write it down for him. Is that French Vanilla?"
    "Yep. I'll make you some too."

    Hayden makes the best coffee in the world! Not sure how she does it, or what she puts in it. All I know is it's super yum!

    "Love your hair today Milly. It's all poofy and big."
    "Working at a salon, I pick up a few things. Same with makeup."
    "Your make up is always perfect. I can spend an hour on mine and it's still never as good as yours. We have to have a girl's night so you can teach me your shit."
    "That sounds like fun. I'll make you paint my toenails."
    "Only if you paint mine. You ready?"
    "Almost. Just writing Jacob a little note then we can go."
    "I bet you $20 if you kiss the paper, you'll find that note in Jacobs glove box later."
    "Okay, I have $20 to throw around."
    "Don't cheat and write that in the note."
    "I'm not! Okay I'm done. Let me go put this on my desk then we can go."

    I should've bet her $20 it would be in his pocket, not the glove box!


    What the fuck is wrong with me? Both, Ode and Jacob said to just leave this girl. Why the fuck can't I bring myself to just fuckin' do it? I must be a fuckin' idiot I guess. I can't wait to graduate and get out of here. I'll just leave and Heather will stay and do whatever it is whores do. Yup, my girlfriend is a whore.

    "You have to get out of here before my mom wakes up."
    "Fuck your mom."
    "You don't have to hear her bitch. I do. So please can you go?"
    "Fine! I'm fuckin' goin'. Shit!"
    "Thank you."
    "Yeah. Whatever."

    Heather's mom is Val. She's only a bitch to me, because she doesn't like me. Not really sure why she doesn't like me, I don't really care either. She can suck on my sack like her daughter does.

    "Here. I almost forgot."

    I threw a bag of coke at her and just walked out of the room.

    "Sleep well Devin?"

    Fuck me! Do I answer Val or keep walkin'? Fuck it!

    "No. I slept like shit."
    "Maybe your bed is more comfortable."
    "It is."
    "Maybe you should sleep in it more."

    Mumble somethin' fucked up and walk out.

    "Your mom likes my bed too."
    "Excuse me?"

    Walk out fast! Don't look back. Maybe that's why she doesn't like me. I need to pass the fuck out for another hour. Ode is in my bed, if I pass out on the couch he'll fart on my fuckin' face. You know what? To tired to care!

    "Oh, my lord! You're awake!"
    "Dump Heather?"
    "No. Pissed her mom off though."
    "I put my keys on your dresser."
    "Hey Dev?"
    "What Ode! Oh my god what!"
    "Go to sleep!"
    "Pinche verga!"

    Oooo! My bed! How I love you so!


    The one and only thing I hate about sleeping at Michaels is having to wake up at five in the morning. He has to be at school by 6:30 every day. I just want one more hour! One more!

    "Beautiful? Come on you have to get up."
    "I have to leave in five minutes. You have to get up."

    I just lay there in his bed and pull the covers over my head, only to have them pulled off by Michael. No!

    "Okay! You asked for it!"
    "I asked for sleep... Michael?"

    Where the hell did he go? Oh well! Just five more minutes. It's all I need. Five minutes is what I would've had if he didn't come in with a fucking air horn and blow it at me!

    "Get up and go home Beautiful. I have to go to work."
    "What Michael!?"
    "Don't leave without giving me a kiss."

    Who blows an air horn at their girlfriend?! Seriously! Fuck my life!


    Elizabeth should be happy I didn't pour a bucket of ice water on her. I was being nice with the air horn. I have a meeting at 7:00 and I can't be late. Having to fuss with her, I am now running late. Traffic is bad, the drive thru where I get my coffee was packed, I had to settle for nasty gas station coffee. Please let the rest of my day get better than this.

    "Morning Michael."
    "Morning Red. Make any new friends?"
    "Samantha. She was the first to welcome me today."
    "I have to introduce you to Cody. He's one of the English teachers, and he's single."
    "No! Don't you dare try to set me up with someone."
    "Okay okay! I have to run. I have a meeting in... 10 minutes ago."

    I make my way to my office and I see Melissa and her sister. I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at her for a minute. You have to be fucking kidding me! I know Melissa's sister, very well too. Hayden! Dated her for a year, and never got to have sex with her. Probably the only girl I've dated that I have struck out with. My day is not getting any fucking better.

    "Good morning Ms. Toledo. Sorry I'm late."
    "It's fine. This is my sister Hayden. Hayden this is..."

    Yup! She remembers me.

    "Um? You two know each other?"
    "Yes. We met my senior year in college. Good to see you again Michael."

    All right she isn't going to say anything. She's keeping her cool. So I'll keep mine.

    "Shall we go in and get started ladies?"

    Man, Hayden is still looking amazing. I couldn't help but to check her out a little as she walked in front of me. I stopped when I noticed the massive ring and band on her finger. She's married! Why the hell am I disappointed right now? Right! Because I dated her a year and never made it home! Stop it! You have Elizabeth.

    "Okay, Ms. Toledo, first things first. You need to fill out these papers. Simple paper work, letting us know who your guardian is now, new address if it's changed. It doesn't need to be done right now, but make sure you get it to Mrs. Aimes in the front office by the end of the day."
    "Okay. Question! I don't have three emergency contacts."
    "Ode and Jacob, Milly."
    "I can't use Jacob. He's not eighteen yet."
    "Your contacts must be over eighteen. In your case, two contacts will be fine."
    "If the school needs three, I can get a hold of Ode and get Scott's information, or Gloria."
    "Mr. Avalon said two is fine Hayden."
    "I'm just saying if they need three I can get them three."
    "If the District needs three, they'll call. But I'm almost positive two will be just fine."

    God Hayden's shirt is distracting. Damn it! Knock it off!

    "So, Ms. Toledo. How are things?"
    "Good. I moved in with my sister. Jeremy sold the house I was in, had my car repossessed. But my sister came to the rescue."
    "That's good. When you're down, the only other way is up. How are you holding up after giving birth?"
    "Better. I guess."
    "She still has her moments."
    "Understandable. Even when the decision is made to give up a baby most women still get attached. You're not alone."
    "I didn't want to give her up. I know I told you I didn't want her. I lied. I gave her up to protect her."
    "Protect her from what?"
    "My dad."

    The look Hayden gave Melissa was eerie. I've seen looks like that. They are almost always bad.

    "Ms. Toledo we don't have to talk about anything that makes you uncomfortable. We can change the subject if you like."
    "I'm doing good! Um, I have a boyfriend now. He makes most of my pain go away. He knows it's still there, but he knows exactly what to do and say to keep me happy. I love him so much."
    "Are you attaching yourself to him to mask your pain? A lot of women do that, not knowing they are actually doing it."
    "No. We been seeing each other for over four months. He gives me butterflies all the time. I see him and I just smile. He makes me really happy."
    "She is happy. I've known my sister my whole life and I can honestly say I have never seen her this happy. Jacob may be a little rough around the edges and stuff. But he's a great guy. He's good for Milly."
    "Is he a student here?"

    He's Jims nephew! I already know this. I still like to ask, the more details I know the better I can help someone.

    "Yes. He's Principle Hands nephew."
    "Ah! Mr. Sullivan."
    "I didn't know Jacob's uncle was the Principle here."
    "Yeah, he still gets in trouble like the rest of us. Uncle Jimmy doesn't let him off the hook because he's family."
    "Jim can't treat him any different. Same with the teachers here. If one of their students is their son or daughter, they have to treat them exactly the same as everyone else. Keeps things equal."
    "He doesn't want to be treated differently. He's okay with it."
    "Wait a second Milly. Jim Hands? Is Jacob’s uncle?"
    "Did he used to be one of the History teachers here by any chance?"
    "My freshman year he was."
    "I'll be damned! My senior year, he was my History teacher. Tattoos, rides a motorcycle right?"
    "Small ass world we live in."

    You have no idea how small.

    "Is your relationship with Mr. Sullivan good?"
    "Yes! Very good. He treats me great, we don't fight, we get along really good."
    "You two were seeing each other while you were pregnant correct?"
    "Did the relationship change at all after you gave birth?"
    "No. It's the same as it was."
    "Do you guys talk about the things that have happened? The baby, losing your house?"
    "Yes. Honestly Jacob is the only person here who knows the whole story. I opened up to him before I did to you. He was the only person who made sure to ask if I was doing okay every day. He even bought me lunch so many times because I didn't have extra money. Then he would slip $20 in my locker or in my purse. Hell! He was in the hospital and saw me give birth. The nurse thought he was the dad and gave her to him to hold. He..."

    He really cares about this girl. Jims nephew! The trouble maker, always fighting, talking back to teachers. Is a fucking good guy!

    "You got yourself a good one Milly! Did he freak out when he held her?"
    "No. He even fed her while we waited for her adoptive parents to come."
    "He told me he had a thing for me since the day he came here. I'm just realizing how long he's actually really cared. I mean, at first I thought he was doing all of those things to impress me. But that's not it at all is it?"
    "The way to tell is to look at the small things."
    "He was afraid of me."
    "If that's the case, then no. He was not trying to impress you. He was in a way, telling you he cares and that he's here for you. Make sense?"
    "Being afraid of a woman is completely different from thinking a woman is just beautiful and wanting to get into bed with her. When the man crosses over that threshold they tend to fall harder and faster in love with this woman. Honestly, being afraid of your partner. Not the afraid he's going to kill me but the afraid to lose you or get turned down by you. They make the best partners. They fight harder to keep the relationship fresh and not let it get old and boring. Yeah, you have these relationships that just work. Like puzzle pieces fitting perfectly together. Then you have relationships like you and Jacob. The pieces may not fit perfectly together, but Jacob will make them fit. If I to choose between the puzzle or the fighter, I'd choose the fighter any day. Hands down."
    "Wow. I never looked at it that way. Jacob and I have our differences for sure, but he defiantly goes out of his way to put me first. He doesn't have to do that, but he does."
    "You're his kryptonite."
    "I know. He doesn't like anyone messing with me."
    "Is he jealous?"
    "No, he trusts me 100% and I trust him. He just doesn't like it when people talk bad about me. He even punched his best friend for saying something dumb."
    "I see. The protective type."
    "Exactly! How did we go from talking about me to talking about Jacob?"
    "The way the conversation flowed."
    "This made me fall even more in love with him."

    I love my job. Opening people's eyes to the things they don't see that's right in front of them. Good or bad it always seems to work out.

    "Let's move to a different subject. How are your feelings about being back to school?"
    "That bad huh?"
    "No! I'm happy to be back. Just dreading all the talk of me being back. A lot of kids here love to talk, and this is high school! It spreads quicker than the plague."
    "A real life soap opera."
    "Hayden, you been sitting there quietly. Anything to add?"
    "Everything you two talked about I've known already. So, no I have nothing to add."
    "Ms. Toledo?"
    "No, I think we're good."
    "Okay. You have about 15 minutes before the bell rings. You know where I'm at if you need anything. Make sure you fill out those papers I gave you."
    "I will. Thank you for everything."
    "You're welcome."
    "You can go ahead and go Milly. I'm going to stay and catch up with Michael."
    "All right. I'll see you later." 

    What is this all about? Wanting to catch up with me?

    "You have billions of dollars and you work at a high school."
    "I'd rather have a job than sitting at home on my throne."
    "By throne you mean pile of cash?"
    "You're married now?"
    "Yes. Jealous?"
    "A part of me is, yes."
    "The part in your pants?"

    I couldn't help but laugh at that answer. She has the same attitude as I remember. The main reason that made me want her so bad. Her "I don't give shit" attitude.

    "I knew you'd say something like that."
    "You're good at your job. You know that?"
    "That's what people tell me. Let me ask you, and if I'm crossing some line please tell me. Why did your sister say she gave up her child to protect her from your father?"
    "I'm curious myself."
    "I saw the look you gave her. I didn't like it at all. I've seen those kind of looks, they are never good."
    "You're the psychiatrist."
    "What did your father do to you and your sister?"
    "That is crossing the line. I'm leaving."

    I should've let her walk out of my office. I couldn't let her leave again.

    "One year Hayden!"
    "We dated for a year. I was good to you, I fucking loved you. We were in bed together about to have sex for the first time and you storm out of my house and disappear! Gone! What the fuck happened? What did I do?"
    "Do you remember how that "almost sex" started? The things you did and said to me?"
    "Most of it. Yes."
    "You're the psychiatrist. Take the question you asked about my father and fuckin' figure it out your damn self."

    The things I did and said. I remember pinning her arms down to the bed and saying how good it was going to feel. She's a small woman it was going to be tight... Oh! Holy shit! Her own father... Yeah, I fucked that relationship up badly. Sometimes being good at my job kicks me in the ass. What the fuck did I do? I didn't know her father did anything to her then. More importantly! What the fuck did this man say to Melissa to push her to give up her child?

        Did you get enough beauty sleep? I left you a towel on the back of the toilet if you want to take a shower. If you feel you need to brush your teeth, my toothbrush is the purple one. Or you can just use the mouthwash. It's in the second drawer on the right. If you want something to eat feel free to raid the fridge. Make sure you lock up and set the alarm before you leave. The code for the alarm is 397264#. Make sure the door is open before you put the code in and then you'll have about 45 seconds to close the door. Easy enough? GOOD! See you soon! Love you!

    I did take a shower and used Melissa's toothbrush. Is it weird usin' my girlfriend’s tooth brush? It kind of felt weird. Only because I know her mouth was on my dick last night. I also raided the fridge. Not even gonna say shit about all her sisters crap ass food in there. I passed. I'll raid Devs instead. Hopefully, he has more than just tortillas, beans, and rice in there. I was in luck though! The alarm system in this apartment is the same one at my house, so I didn't have any trouble settin' it. Okay! Done! Let's go bug Dev now.

    "What it do baby?!"
    "Word up girl! You want in on this?"
    "Yes, coke me."
    "How was anal last night?
    "She didn't like it as much as I did."
    "They never do."
    "Goin' to New York after graduation?"
    "Yup. Ode said you might go?"
    "I am goin'. Melissa asked me to go last night."
    "Right arm. Think you guys will last?"
    "I'm positive we will. I fuckin' love the shit out her man."
    "She's turning you into a softy! Ohhhh I love you Melissa! Suck on my dick baby. Fag."
    "Fuck you! I've heard you tell Heather millions of times you love her."
    "I also been with her two years, not two days."
    "I'd would punch you so hard right now if this wasn't Melissa calling me."

    I do my line Dev made me quickly before answering my phone.

    "What's up?"
    "Two things. One! I'm making sure you're up and stuff and two! I need a favor."
    "Jacob! Tell her hi! Tell her hi Jacob!"
    "Dev said hi. What do you need?"
    "Hi Devin. Liz just called me. She missed the bus you think you could go pick her up?"
    "Let's make Dev do it since she thinks he's cute and shit."
    "I got Odes car. I can't fuck around in it. Sooooo!... Oooooo!... No."
    "Do you have me on speaker?"
    "No. My phone is just loud and Dev is sittin' in front of me suckin' my dick."
    "Oh! The taste! If I say it I'll get punched."
    "If he says my vagina, please punch him for me."
    "He knows if he says your vagina I'll punch him."
    "That is exactly why I didn't say it! I'm not high at all so I'm not an idiot. Yet."
    "Anyway! I told her I'd call you. Can you pick her up?"
    "Yeah, where she live?"
    "You know where Blaine lives?"
    "Okay! Coming from my house. Her house is the weird duplex right BEFORE his house. She said she'll be outside waiting. I'll text you her number in case you need to call her."
    "All right."
    "Thank you Babe."
    "Yeah, yeah."
    "Whatever! I'll see you in a few."

    This fuckin' sucks! This gives me no time to do shit. I wanted to raid a non vegetarian fridge. If I leave right now I'll have time to hit up a drive thru. A car ride with Liz and her legs! This should be fun!

    "I have to go."
    "Tell Liz I said what up baby."
    "You should go get her."
    "I can't fuck around in Odes car dude. He'll kick my fuckin' ass."
    "Why do you have his car anyway?"
    "I have work right after school. Marcus is fixin' the scratch and it was easier for me to drive his car and him drive the 'Cuda."
    "You're not gonna be the one workin' on my car are you?"
    "No. That's Scott's deal with Ode. I'll be the one who takes her apart and put the new parts on. Motor work? No, not me. Scott is the man. He'll take good care of your dumb ass car for you."
    "As long as it ain't you fixin' it! I'm out of here to go pick up Liz and her legs."
    "Them legs are nice. I won't fuckin' lie."
    "Right! I'm out! See ya."
    "Bye sexy stud muffin."
    "Fuck you."


    This is so stupid! The bus is never early! It's either right on time or late. I still had at least 10 minutes to get outside. Now I have to ride to school with Jacob of all people. I really wish Blaine wasn't sick today, I would have rather caught a ride with him. I'm just standing here listening to hear Jacob's loud ass stereo when an old red ugly Mustang pulled up. What the fuck is this? This isn't Jacob's car! Did he get a new... old car? He was nice enough to reach over and open the door. It's okay Jacob! Please don't get out! Oh! His face!

    "What the fuck happen to you?"
    "Good mornin' to you too. And you're welcome for the fuckin' ride."
    "Sorry. Thank you for the ride. I walked next door to ask Blaine for one but his mom said he's sick."
    "You don't live too far, you could walk you know."
    "Are you kidding me? It's like an hour walk plus, I have heels on today. Seriously though, what happen to your car? I don't like this one."
    "I wrecked it Saturday night. This is just a loaner 'til mine is fixed."
    "Fuck! At least you're alive. Car wrecks are scary."
    "It happen so fast I didn't even realize what the fuck happened. I need food. Quick stop before school."
    "Okay... So! You and Melissa huh?"
    "Yeah, me and Melissa. Hair looks good by the way."
    "I tried to get Dev to pick you up, since you think he's cute and all."

    Damn you Melissa!

    "Melissa told you!? Oh my god! What I said is, if his ears weren't retarded he'd be cute. Why didn't he want to pick me up?"
    "He's driving his brother's car today and he can't fuck around or have people in it."
    "Devin's 'Cuda is sexy as fuck. I love them old Mopars."
    "His brother drives an old Mopar too."
    "Ooo! What kind?"
    "A 1969 Charger."

    Oh! I do love those old Chargers for sure! They are sexy as shit and most of time so are the men who drive them.

    "Is it orange?"
    "Is that a Dukes reference Liz?"
    "You caught that!? Nice!"
    "No. It's black. Funny that you're into old Mopars. Most girls don't have a fuckin' clue what one even is."
    "Or they think it's only Dodge."
    "That too. Okay, let's see what you know. List all the Mopars."
    "Dodge, Plymouth, Eagle, Jeep, and Chrysler... What?!"
    "Fuckin' aye! You want somethin' to eat or anything?"
    "I don't have any money. So, no thank you."
    "If you want somethin' tell me. I'm gettin' food for me and Melissa. What the fuck do you want? I'm payin'."
    "Okay. Um... The egg sausage thing with a hash brown, and a caramel frappe'"

    When Jacob went to grab his wallet out of his glove box, he accidently brushed my leg. It was weird as fuck! And he acted like it was no big deal.

    "Legs are all in my fuckin' way."
    "I'm sorry. You could've asked me to get it for you."
    "How fuckin' tall are you?"
    "5'9 and apparently I'm all legs."
    "That's what most guys at school say. You're all legs."
    "Why do guys like legs?"
    "We like long legs, and not chicken legs either. Leg like yours, long and thick."
    "I don't have fat legs!"
    "I didn't fuckin' say fat! Okay let me reword it different. They have meat on them, muscle! Not fat."
    "They are toned! Toned Jacob. Remember toned! Don't say meat or thick to a girl, they will think you're calling them fat."
    "You don't play any sports or anything, how the fuck do they look like that?"
    "I been dancing since I was 4."
    "No shit?"
    "No shit! These legs here are dancing legs."

    When ever someone opens their wallet or purse, I look in it. I'm kind of nosy! All I know is when I looked in Jacobs wallet I saw multiple 100 dollar bills. Whoa!

    "You have a lot of money for a high school kid."
    "The fuck you lookin' in my wallet for?"
    "I'm nosy."
    "Apparently. You get to hold everything."
    "Yay me. You don't work. How do you have money?"
    "I have my ways."
    "You sell pot don't you?"
    "I smell pot in here."
    "I have two joints in the ashtray. Why do you think I sell weed?"
    "You smoke it, you have a shit ton of cash. I assumed you did. I told you! I'm nosy."
    "I don't sell weed. If you really need to know, I race my car and make money that way."
    "Is that how you wrecked your car?"
    "Yes. Some people get mad when they are losin' and race dirty."
    "So it wasn't your fault?"
    "Does Devin race too?"
    "You guys race each other?"
    "Yeah, but not for money. We have friendly races."
    "Is the 'Cuda fast?"
    "Yes. Not as fast as mine or this car. But it keeps up."
    "How close? One car? Two? Three?"

    Jacob looks at me and just smiles. Yes Jacob! I know a little bit about racing too!

    "About one and a half. The fuck you know about car lengths in racin'?"
    "My ex drove a '79 Camaro. He used to race and drive fast and shit. I love it! The racing and going fast. Not the car. Chevy's are dumb. Devin's brother car fast?"
    "His car is fuckin' fast as shit. This one is a little bit faster, but my car. No matter how much I push her I can't keep up with him."
    "So you actually use the power of the car? You don't drive it because It's cool?"
    "Like a guy with a small dick who drives a Lexus or somethin' gay."
    "Yeah. I drive a car the way it's meant to be driven. If it's built to go fast I drive her fast. Why even buy a fast car if you can't drive it? It's fuckin' stupid and it's screamin', hey I have a small dick."
    "Or they're fugly."
    "Fugly with a small dick."
    "You think Devin would give me a ride in the 'Cuda?"
    "Yeah. Ask him for a ride home one day."
    "Did you tell him I said he was cute?"
    "It may have came up."
    "You fucking suck."
    "See the black car in front of us? Right lane 3rd car up."
    "That's Dev in his brother's car."
    "It would be sexy if it didn't have that gnarly scratch!"
    "That shit just happen! Dev works at a garage and has work right after school. That's why he's in his brother's car. Gettin' that shit taken care of."
    "Devin fixes cars and stuff?"
    "Yeah. The mechanics of motors are easy to him. His brother too. He's pretty fuckin' smart for a pot head."
    "I noticed that! I sat behind him one day in science and we got our tests back. He had a fucking A on it. I was like what the fuck?"
    "He's good at History too."
    "He was good in Spanish as well."
    "That's because he's Mexican. He took Spanish for the easy A."
    "Devin is Mexican? Hart isn't a Mexican name."
    "Hart is Dev's middle name. It's weird because Hart is his brother's middle name too."
    "That's actually not uncommon in Mexican families. At my old school I had a friend named Luis. He had three brothers and two sisters. The four boy all had the same first name. Juan. The two sisters also had the same first name. Olga. They all went by their middle names."
    "Dev and his brother go by Hart because people can't seem to say their last name without fuckin' it up."
    "What is it?"
    "I can't say that shit right."
    "Caro Sqillow or some shit."
    "There you go!"
    "The double L is said like E and the double R is rolled. So! Cada-Ski-Oh."
    "I can't roll my Rs so I fuck it up each time."
    "White it up like I did. Cada-Ski-Oh!"
    "See! Same thing. Why does Melissa think Devin's brother is hot?"
    "All women think he's hot. He's a fuckin' fireman and he all buff and huge."
    "You're big."
    "I'm small compared to him. He's fuckin' 6'6."
    "Whoa! 6'6? For real?"
    "Did I make you mad telling you Melissa said he's hot?"
    "No. Dev and Ode are like brothers to Melissa. They grew up together."
    "Dev's brother. Oden."
    "I have to see this Oden."
    "He's a panty dropper."
    "What is up with all this traffic right now?"
    "Right. We still have time, we're good."

    Traffic was seriously bad! Something is either going on or everyone just completely forgot how to drive!

    "You might want to get over when you can. We can take the back way to school."
    "That might be a good idea. Let me call Dev."
    "Put him on speaker. I'm nosy."
    "Word up girl?!"
    "What it do baby? I can see you in front of me. Left lane 3rd car back."
    "I see you. Tell Liz I said what up baby."
    "I have you on speaker."
    "Oh! What up baby?"
    "Nothing. What's up with you?"
    "Sittin' in a car."
    "Let us get in front of you so we can go the back way to school. Main traffic is fuckin' killin' me!"
    "I was going the back way myself. When traffic moves, you can have cutsies."
    "Liz wants a ride in the 'Cuda."
    "I hate you."
    "You can have the full tour of the back seat too, if you want Liz."
    "I am not having sex with you."
    "Not even a pee pee touch?"

    I had to laugh. Pee pee was funny! Even Jacob laughed. I'm having such a good time right now!

    "Okay! A pee pee punch I'll do."
    "No! Touch!"
    "Yeah! Punch!"
    "So fuckin' evil."
    "She wants a ride in Odes car too Dev."
    "Oh my god! Shut you trap Jacob!"
    "Come jump in then."
    "I can't! I'm holding food and stuff."
    "He wants that pee pee touch real bad."
    "Pee pee touches are nice when they end up in that back of a throat or inside a vaginer."
    "Pee pee and vaginer!? Why is this shit so funny to me?"
    "Dev is funny as fuck."
    "It's true. My words, they just come out funny. Like farts and queefs. The queef! The famous vaginer fart."
    "See Liz! Who the fuck says vagina fart?"
    "Pussy flatulence! Is common among all whores my friends."

    Jacob and me are laughing so hard we have tears coming out of our eyes.

    "Devin is making me ruin my makeup! I'm laughing so hard I'm crying."
    "Come get your cutsies Jacob before these assholes start honkin'."
    "Fill the gap more so no one can squeeze in."
    "I am! Hey Liz?"
    "Color panties you got on?"
    "Tell me the color of your first."
    "Black, red and yellow stripes."
    "Dark red."
    "What kind?"
    "You first."
    "Ooo! Dark red bum bum floss. I like it!"
    "Stop havin' phone sex on my fuckin' phone."
    "She won't give me a pee pee touch so I'm settling for panty talk."
    "Okay! Cutty time! Thank you sir!"
    "Hey! Jacob!"
    "Your turn. What kind and color are your panties?"
    "One of Melissa's pink thongs."
    "Hey! I put on a pair of Heather's panties before."
    "That's funny!"
    "I'm fuckin' joking!"
    "I'm not. I kind of liked it."
    "Answer his question Jacob."
    "Boxers! Black with batman symbols. Not even joking!"
    "Na na na na na na na na! Liz!"

    We managed to make it to school with about 15 minutes to spare. Thank god we time to eat! Melissa was sitting at one of the tables outside waiting for us. Her hair is poofy!

    "Morning Melissa! Thank you for calling Jacob for me."
    "You're welcome. Food me! I need non vegan food stat!"
    "Devin and your boyfriend were talking about their panties."
    "His batman panties."
    "Before you called me Liz went next door to Blaine's for a ride. His mommy said he's sick today."
    "He's sick huh?"
    "You three fuckin' suck! Didn't get me any food!"
    "Dude! Here! I got an extra one for you."
    "Aww! You do love me Jacob! Thank you!"

    I look over at Melissa and she just shakes her head.

    "Melissa showed me an old picture of you with braces and glasses last night."
    "What? Why would you do such a thing Melissa?"
    "I'll make it fair! Jacob has curly hair."
    "I know that! I've seen his hair out of the dreads. It's straight afro"
    "I'm sad now! You seen his hair before me."
    "I wanna see it now too! Is it for real afro puff?"
    "Think Beyoncé in that Austin Powers movie."

    Me and Melissa both say nice at the same time and then laugh. Devin is a brace face and Jacob has curly hair! Nice!


    I love having this place to myself! I can dance around the living room in my panties and not have Devin say something stupid about it. My music is loud, my weed and other drugs are right here. Heaven! I did a little spin in my dance and noticed Heather at the window waving at me. I obviously didn't hear her knock at the door. I wave her in.

    "Hey girly! Why aren't you at school?"
    "I had a doctor's appointment this morning. I wanted to stop by before heading there."
    "You want your usual 20 pills?"
    "No, I came to give this back."

    She gives me the bag of coke Devin gave her.

    "Is it no good? I can give you more."
    "I didn't even open the bag and try it. I'm going straight is all."
    "Why? You knocked up or something?"

    It was a joke! Not a serious question, but she did answer anyway.

    "I am, yes."
    "No. It's not Devin's. I been messing around with a guy named Blaine from school for the past six months. It's his baby."

    Blaine? Why does that name sound familiar?

    "I fuckin' told you Heather! I told you if you were going to be fuckin' around to get your ass on birth control. What are you going to do?"
    "I'm having the baby. Blaine has a girlfriend, and they been together for three years. She's one of my best friends and I don't want to break them up. I'm going to talk to Devin and let him know I'm pregnant and that he's the dad."
    "That's fucked up. Devin is a dick, but he's my fiancée's brother."
    "I don't want to raise a child alone Kim."
    "You should've thought of that before you opened your legs for another man. It's way wrong to pin a kid on someone. Plus! You're not even that crazy about Devin anymore."
    "I've been with Devin for almost two years. He'll be okay with this. I have to go."
    "All right."

    When she leaves, I immediately grab my phone to call Oden. I may not love Devin, he's a dick! But he's Oden's brother. I can't let this shit go. I just can't

    "Hey Sugar. I need to talk to you. It's super important."
    "Who's phone are you calling me from?"
    "It's mine. I bought it last night when I took off. Can we talk?"
    "Okay, what's so important?"
    "Heather just left. She brought back the coke Devin gave her. She said she's going straight."
    "That's it? That's not important."
    "She's knocked up Ode!"
    "Oh wait! That's not the best part! It's not Devin's."
    "Thank god."
    "She told me it's some guy named Blaine. I know that name! It's eating me alive because for the life of me I can't put a face to it."
    "If it's the same Blaine I know of, it's the kid who keyed my fuckin' car."
    "Oh! He raced Jacob and made him wreck!"
    "Yup. Is that all?"
    "No! She's going to tell Devin that he's the dad so she doesn't have to raise the kid alone."
    "No she fuckin' won't. I'll call him."
    "Okay, I'll let you go. I just had to call and let you know."
    "Thanks. I'll see you later at Nitro."
    "Alrighty. Love you Sugar."
    "Yeah. Bye"

    Yeah. Bye! I must have really fucked up last night.


    The new science teacher is hot. Red hair, big oh tatas. Devin likes! Paper football time! Let's see if I can hit Melissa in the head. Point out and aim. FLICK! I over flicked! It's no good! I managed to hit Liz. Hey Baby! I hit someone!

    "Okay, you guys. The bell has rung. My name is Ms. Renner and I'm your new science teacher. Since I don't know any of you I'm going to do a roll call. If you go by something other than what I have here please let me know so I can write it down."

    My name is first!

    "Devin Cara... I'm sorry I can't pronounce this. Who's Devin?"
    "That would be me Ms. Renny. I go by Devin Hart."
    "Mr. Hart pronounce your last name for me please."
    "Ca..." People are looking. "Duh..." Now Jacob is laughing. "Ski..." Melissa is laughing now too. "Ooooooooh!" And now the rest of the class is laughing.
    "Thank you for that Mr. Hart."
    "No problem Ms. Renny."

    White folk! She calls everyone else, I'm not payin' attention. I'm high and want to run up and down the halls for some reason. Possibly naked. She starts doing her teacher thing and then Heather walks in! Where the fuck was she it?

    "Hello, Ms.?"
    "Heather Gavin. I have a note."
    "Okay Ms. Gavin. I'm Ms. Renner. Have a seat so we can continue."
    "Hey Devin."
    "Where you been at?"
    "I had to take care of something. We need to talk after class."

    I hope she dumps me. But right now! I really wish my ringtone on my phone wasn't Call Me Maybe. Everyone turned and stared at me when I got a text. Jacob is laughin' his ass off. He knows this shit is my jam.

    "Phone off please."
    "But this is my jam!"
    "Off Mr. Hart."
    "Here's my number, call me maybe."
    "Are you done Mr. Hart?"
    "Probably not."
    "Fuckin' Call me maybe!"
    "Language Mr. Sullivan."
    "My bad."
    "All the other boys try and chase me. Here's my number. Call me maybe."

    I probably would've got sent to the office if Ms. Renny didn't start laughin'. Success! I got a text from Ode. He never texts me when I'm at school.

    "I don't fuckin' care what you have to do, you call me right fuckin' now you got it!?"

    The fuck did I do? I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything stupid yet today.

    "Ms. Renny I need to use the pooper."
    "Class just started."
    "I can't hold it."

    I managed to squeeze out a fart.

    "I have to poo."

    And another one. Liz and Jacob and a few other people are laughin' hard.

    "Thank you!"

    Walk fast holdin' your bum bum. Mission accomplished! The fake out bubble butt works every time! Now I get to run in the hall. Lets see what the fuck Ode wants.

    "Word up girl?"
    "Is Heather at school?"
    "Yes. Why?"
    "Listen to me and listen fuckin' good. She went by the apartment and gave Kim the coke you gave her. She's knocked up Dev."
    "It ain't fuckin' mine!"
    "No, it's Blaine's"
    "That's funny."
    "She told Kim she's gonna tell you it's yours."
    "The fuck?"
    "Don't let that girl rope you into this. It'll fuck up everything we have planned. Fuckin' handle it! Understand me? And don't fuckin' let her guilt you into to staying. End this shit now!"
    "Okay! I'm fuckin' mad right now. Why drag me into her whorness? I don't want a kid."
    "No clue. Just handle it."
    "I will."
    "Good. I have to go."

    I'm really mad right now! I don't want a kid, even if It was fuckin' mine I'd be pissed. I have a feeling I might do something stupid now. I need to get out of here. I'll go back to class, grab my shit and leave. I can go to work. Yeah! That works!

    "Feel better Mr. Hart?"
    "I'm not stayin'. I'm gettin' my shit and I'm fuckin' out of here."
    "Excuse me?"
    "I'm not fuckin' stayin' here for a whole hour with this fuckin' whore sittin' right here."
    "Dev! Relax! The fuck is goin' on?"
    "I called Ode, Jacob. This bitch got knocked up by fuckin' Blaine and she was plannin' on tryin' to pawn the kid off on me by tellin' me I'm the fuckin' dad. Nope! Done! Fuckin' done!"
    "Mr. Hart! Calm down."
    "I will be calm as soon as I'm away from this dumb bitch."
    "Devin stop it! Heather is crying."

    Don't you yell at Melissa. Jacob will stand up and knock you out. Don't do it. No! Don't!

    "Does it look like I fuckin' care Melissa?!"

    Smooth man.

    "The fuck Dev? Melissa didn't do a fuckin' thing to you. I should straight knock you the fuck out right now."
    "No! You won't Jacob. Let it go, he's just mad. Devin, grab your things and go. Don't make it any worse. Please?"

    Why is it the only women in the world who can completely calm me and Ode down are my mom, Melissa, and Hayden? Me and Ode have this really bad temper when we get really fuckin' mad. We get it from our dad. I don't snap and beat the shit out of people like Ode and Jacob. I just say really fucked up shit, sometimes I break shit. I feel everyone staring at me. Every mouth is wide open. Yup! I did that. Let everyone know Ms. Popular is nothin' but a whore and made her cry. I am a dick like Kim says. Before walkin' out I stop and kiss Melissa on the cheek not even givin' a shit if Jacob hits me or not.

    "I'm sorry for yellin' at you."
    "It's okay. You're mad. Go calm down, Jacob and I will see you later today.

    I was surprised Ms. Renny didn't stop me. She did call the school shrink. He caught me at the door. Fuckin' kidding me?!

    "Mr. Hart, my office now."
    "Fuck you! You ain't the principle."
    "I am when Mr. Hands is out. My office now!"

    Heather is here too!? Nope!

    "No! I don't wanna fuckin' be here. Just look the other way and let me go."
    "Tell me what's going on and then you're free to go."

    That's it!

    "She's pregnant, I'm not the dad, she was going to say I was. Can I go now?"
    "One minute. Ms. Gavin, what's going on?"


    "I went to the doctor to find out for sure, and yes I am pregnant."
    "Not mine!"
    "Calm down Mr. Hart."
    "Devin isn't the father."
    "See! She's been fuckin' everybody! I've known this for over a year. Why the fuck I even stayed with you I don't know! You open your legs for any mother fucker who calls you cute. Blaine though! Really! Fuckin' Really?"
    "Blaine's girlfriend is one of my best friends. I don't want to be the cause of them breaking up. I figured you'd be the better choice since we been together for nearly two years."
    "Oh wow! You're a fuckin' crazy bitch too?! Holy shit! I'm done!"
    "Mr. Hart!"

    God I need pot right fuckin' now.


    So! All of this traffic is from road work the city is doing on Main. Because of all this I ran something over and now have a flat. Scott would be a cheap fix if I only knew where his garage was. I could call Ode and ask him, but I can't call him while he's at work. I also know I can't change this tire on my own. Fuck it! I'll just text him.

    "Help me!"

    My phone rang as soon as I pressed the send button. Help me probably wasn't the best choice of words to send to Ode.

    "Hey Handsome."
    "Are you okay Hayd?"
    "I have a flat tire."

    I heard his sigh of relief into the phone.

    "Don't fuckin' text help me like that Hayd. I can't leave work to help you. I'm sorry Gorgeous."
    "I wasn't going to ask you to come help me. I was going to ask where Scott's garage is. It's not completely flat, I think I can make it."
    "It's his dad's old garage."
    "Oh! Okay! I remember where it's at."
    "You plan on comin' out to Nirto tonight?"
    "Have Scott come with you."
    "Okay. Why?"
    "Have him play boyfriend that way Tank will keep his fuckin' hands off you."
    "Julius still scared of Scott huh?"
    "Yeah. Just come with him please."
    "I will. I don't think he'll play boyfriend though."
    "I'll call him."
    "Good idea. He'll listen to you."
    "Go get your tire fixed. Be carful and I'll see you tonight."
    "Love you."
    "Love you too."

    Ode is right! Having Scott with me will keep Julius away from me. He's been trying to get at me for as long as I've known him. Ode has beat the shit out of him multiple times and he doesn't seem to get the point. Now he's afraid of Scott for a whole different reason. Scott is a country boy. He grew up on a farm, with cows, pigs, horses, all kinds of animals. Raised tough too! He can kill a cow and eat it for dinner and not even feel sorry about it. That's why Julius is afraid of him. Scott owns several guns and he isn't afraid to use them when he has too. Scott also shot Julius when we were seventeen. Julius doing what he does best! Hitting on someone's girlfriend. He learned his lesson the first fucking time when he hit on Scott's girl. Ode and Scott are best friends to the death. They both done some shit no one knows about, shit people don't need to know about. Basically, this Kim and Julius thing is going to end very bad! The first thing I see pulling in is Jacob's car. It looks so bad! Poor Mustang! Then I see Ode's car with the driver side sanded down. I wanted to cry! Then I wondered why the hell Devin wasn't in school.

    "What's going on baby girl?"
    "Hey Scott! Hugs!"
    "Your husband called."
    "He told you we got married?"
    "Sure did. 'Bout damn time you two got married. He's my boy and you're my girl. Fuckin' happy for you guys."
    "Next step is Kim."
    "Me and Ode already talked about that. He has to clean house before he cuts her loose. He doesn't trust her, he thinks she'll do somethin' stupid."
    "Clean house?"
    "All the drugs at the apartment and at Nitro. It's all going to the farm, then Ode will handle the rest."
    "She tries something stupid with my man, I'll snap the bitches fuckin' neck."
    "Feisty little thing aren't you? I honestly don't think she'll do shit. She's terrified of Ode."
    "Why? Ode is a great guy."
    "You and I know how to handle Ode when that temper of his gets out of control. Kim doesn't, she flips out, doesn't know what to do."
    "Leave him alone and let him go. Done."
    "She's the type of girl who's all, are you okay? Don't go! What's wrong? Please stay."
    "Eww! How does Ode even deal with that?"
    "It's called weed."
    "She doesn't smoke weed?"
    "She does. Along with a whole list of other shit too."
    "She was doing coke for a long time 'till she tried meth. Now she's stuck on that shit. She shots it in between her fingers so she doesn't have tracks on her arms or neck."
    "Ode hates people who do meth. Why is he even with her?! I didn't know he messed with meth. That actually pisses me off."
    "No, no. Ode doesn't fuck with it. He's does the weed, coke and ecstasy. Kim is the one who brought the meth into the mix. Ode doesn't even touch it, or sell it. She does. He used to set her up to shot, but he doesn't even do that anymore. He wants no part in that shit."
    "Okay. That makes me feel better."
    "So I get to play boyfriend tonight?"
    "Yup. Ode said Julius won't mess with me if he thinks we're a couple."
    "He said to do what I had to so he thinks we are and if I put my tongue in your mouth he'll kick my ass."
    "Closed mouth, no tit grabs, and no sex."
    "Pretty much. Let's get this tire changed for you."
    "Okay. Where's Devin?"
    "Upstairs gettin' stoned. He had a bad day and left school and came here."
    "I'll talk to him."
    "When was the last time you got tires on thing Hayd?"
    "Never. Why?"
    "You never noticed all the metal pokin' out everywhere? Look. This front tire is about to go. And you drove this fuckin’ thing from New York all the way here to California! You're fuckin’ lucky you didn't get a blowout. I'll have Dev change all four tires."
    "How much is this going to cost? I don't have much cash on me."
    "You think I'm gonna charge you? No, won't cost you a thing."
    "Let me give you something."
    "A kiss. Right here on the cheek."
    "Thank you. You can hang back upstairs if you want or downstairs with the muggles."
    "Okay Mr. Potter. First! I have to look at Jacob's car."
    "She's not as bad as she looks! I was surprised."
    "It looks so bad."
    "If he hit the tree on the driver side, he would've been fucked up. But it's not bad! The front axel and frame are the worst of it. Few weeks and she'll be good as new."
    "Ode's car looks bad too!"
    "Two hours tops! She'll be pretty again."

    For as long as I could remember Scott has always been a grease monkey. He can fix anything! From a coffee pot to a tractor. He's also good at building cars. He has so many different junkers at his parents' farm. He rebuilds them and then sells them. The one car that was going to put a nice wad of cash in his pocket is now his pride and joy. His 1951 Chevy. He rebuilt it and then couldn't sell it. It's not fast or a racer. It's just a cruiser. And she is beautiful!

    "Devin? You naked?"
    "No. You want me to be? Oh! Wait I forgot! I'm not beastly enough for you."
    "Shut up. Give me hugs."
    "Why do you and Melissa smell so good?"
    "We smell good?"
    "All the fuckin' time!"
    "Okay. What happen today?"
    "Heather's pregnant."


    "Oh? Well... Why didn't you use a condom?"
    "I may smoke a lot of weed but I'm not stupid. The kid isn't mine."

    Thank god!

    "You're happy it's not yours?"
    "Yeah. I don't need a kid right now. She told Kim that Blaine is the dad. He’s guy Jacob cut open. But she was gonna tell me I was the dad because we been together for two years and she thought I'd be okay with it. Kim called Ode, Ode called me."
    "That's messed up. Trying to pin a baby on someone. Kind of low."
    "What's messed up is I flipped out at school and called her a whore in front of everyone and made her cry."
    "Yep! That's messed up!"
    "I feel bad."
    "You can always apologize."
    "I could, but I'm not. Fuck her."
    "You get to put new tires on my car when you're done getting high."
    "I have to take Jacob's car apart too. You wanna hit this bong?"
    "I don't like smoking from a bong."
    "Fuck you, more for me."
    "Such a dick... Jacob's car looks so bad in the daytime."
    "Right! He's comin' by after school to see it. He might cry."
    "Ooo! Take a picture for me if he does."


    History. This shit is fuckin' boring with Dev not here. I've never seen him flip out like he did earlier today. Shit was crazy. Straight made Heather cry and shit. Not just a few tears either. Bitch was bawlin'. It doesn't matter how pissed off you are, you don't call a girl a whore in front of everyone. But it defiantly did knocked her off her high horse though. She's just like Blaine. Popular and they think they have the run of the school. Melissa says the whole thing is fucked up, and it kind of is. Even if the kid was Dev's, he wouldn't be fuckin' happy about it.

    "Mr. Sullivan? Principle Hands would like a minute with you in his office."

    Odd, I haven't done anything today. I said fuck in class, but Jim won't be pissed about that.

    "What I do this time Uncle Jimmy?"
    "Besides cussing in class?"
    "I'm in trouble for that?"
    "No. You're here because you need to give this shit to your friend."
    "What is it?"
    "His homework for the rest of the week."
    "Got suspended huh?"
    "Outburst in class and then he leaves school grounds. I don't have a choice. I got a hold of his brother and he didn't seem to care too much that I suspended him. All he said was okay and to give what I needed to you. What exactly happen?"
    "He got pissed because his girlfriend is pregnant by another dude."
    "Did he call her a whore and a bitch in front the whole class?"
    "Yeah. Me and Melissa tried to get him to relax, but he was just like fuck it I'm out and he left."
    "Any idea where he went?"
    "Probably work. Do I need to call him or something?"
    "No. I'm sure his brother got a hold of him. You plan on being home tonight?"
    "Yeah. Unless Melissa wants me to stay with her. But I'll be home anyway to get clothes if I plan to stay with her."
    "You had no issue this morning? You got here on time?"
    "Yeah. Melissa made sure I was up and not late."
    "Good. Get out of here."
    "All right."

    Please don't let this be about my fuckin' shirt! I tried to get out fast.

    "How many times have I told you not to wear that shirt to school?"


    "It's the only one I had! Don't make me turn it inside out again."
    "Get back to class."
    "Thank you sir!"

    Fuckin' Dev! Gettin' suspended on a Monday. What is this? Melissa at her locker? Nice.

    "Skipping class Baby?"
    "No. I'm on my way to the bathroom and I had to stop and get something out of my purse. What are you doing wondering around?"
    "Got called into Uncle Jimmy's office."
    "What did you do?"
    "Nothin'. He gave me Dev's homework for the rest of the week."
    "Got suspended."
    "Yeah. Lucky."
    "I talked to Heather before class."
    "Oh yeah? What about?"
    "I asked her what the hell."
    "She just said her and Devin have been together two years and she thought he would be okay about it."
    "Fuckin' stupid."
    "Right. I need to go to the bathroom. Girl emergency."
    "Yeah, yeah. Girls bleed."
    "Shut up. It didn't bother you last night."
    "It doesn't ever bother me!"
    "Give me a kiss and go back to class."
    "History sucks with Dev gone."
    "Why are you still here keepin' me out of class Melissa?"
    "Oh my god! Bye!"
    "Jacob, I really need to use the bathroom."
    "You said to give you a kiss. Now come here damn it."

    I do love the cinnamon lip crap she wears. All that bathroom talk made me need to shit. Fuck it droppin' a load will get me out of class longer. I was enjoyin' my peaceful shit till two guys walked in talkin'. I pretty much ignored them, then I heard one of them say Melissa. No, no! Don't talk about my girl. I lifted my feet off the ground so it looked like the stall was empty. I just waited and listened.

    "Easy Melissy is back. You see her today?"
    "She's still smoking hot."
    "Go hit it. She'll let you."
    "She's with that big fucker who drives that orange Mustang. Jacob!"
    "Jacob? They aren't together. That guy doesn't have a shot in hell with her."
    "No, they are together. Fact!"
    "How do you know?"
    "I was at Nitro Saturday and they were all huggy, kissy with each other."
    "That doesn't mean shit. She probably just wanted dick and Jacob was on call."
    "I don't think so. You should of came out. Jacob went ape shit on Blaine when he called her a whore."
    "She is one!"
    "No she's not. Everyone just thinks that because of everything Blaine said about her when she wouldn't go out with him. Come on Cole. You know better. You know that’s not Melissa."
    "It is what he said. Okay… So Jacob beat the shit out of Blaine? How is that even possible?"
    "He didn't exactly beat the shit out of Blaine. But Blaine challenged him to a race, and he made him wreck his car."
    "Good. Fucking hate that car and Jacob acts tough, but he ain't shit."
    "You think so? Check out this video I took of him and Blaine."

    Legs crampin'. Ass hurtin'. I sounded pretty tough in the video.

    "Holy shit! That's why Blaine isn't here today. He got cut the fuck up."
    "Yeah, maybe. Or he's scared of Jacob now. All I know is, I don't want my face cut open."
    "That shit doesn't make me scared of him. I'll fuck that guy up if he ever came at me sideways. He's just a bitch."

    Oh, is that right? Let me just flush this fuckin' toilet and walk out and fuckin' say hi!

    "Someone was in there?"
    "I was in there."
    "Jacob, I didn't say anything bad."
    "Delete that video off your fuckin' phone man."
    "Okay, look. Gone."

    Sean is a pussy. Now Cole! Let's chat with Cole.

    "Now what were you saying about my girl? I swore I heard you call her a whore. I hope for your sake I heard you wrong."
    "The word around school is she didn't even know who the father of her kid was. Blaine said most of it. He told a bunch of people him and Eas..."
    "Him and who?"
    "...Melissa. He said they had sex a shit load of times and all kinds of other shit. That's why Piper isn't her friend anymore."
    "Melissa knows who the dad is and so do I. You shouldn't be runnin' your mouth about shit you don't know anything fuckin' thing about."
    "You don't have a clue about Melissa man."
    "Tell me somethin' I don't know about. Try me."
    "Why don't you go and ask her daddy for something you may not know about."

    I punched Cole so fuckin' hard I straight KOed his ass. Jammed-up my hand, messed up my shoulder a bit, I can tell Sean wants to get the fuck out of the bathroom and away from me right now. He's scared as shit! Fuckin' good! He should be.

    "What do you know about my girls dad?"
    "I know that it’s not anyone's business but her’s."
    "What do you know about my girls dad?"
    "He's a drunk who beats up her mom. A lot of people know that because people talk too much.
    "You’re not afraid of me are you?"
    "No. But I'm going to be fucking honest. Cole is on the ground snoring and shit. I don't want to be down there snoring with him."
    "As long as my girl's name stays out of your fuckin' mouth you and me won't have any problems."
    "I've known Melissa since the 2nd grade. She's not a whore. Blaine got mad because she wouldn't get drunk and have sex with him. She's beautiful, smart, nice to fucking everyone. She doesn’t deserve it and you'd be a fucking idiot if you ever let her go."
    "Yeah. That's why I don't plan of ever letting her go."
    "And trust me… I’m not one of the guys you need to worry about here. And Emily isn’t one of the girls to worry about either."
    "What do mean?"

    Sean turns around to walk out and I stop him.

    "What do you fuckin’ mean by that man!?"
    "What I mean by that is, you’re not the only one who knows who the father is. Me and Em know. Melissa also told us you got to hold her daughter when she was born."
    "What the fuck?"
    "We got Melissa’s back just like you do Jacob… I need to get back to class."
    "What about this asshole on the floor?"
    "Cole’s a fucking idiot. He can find his way back to class when he wakes up."

    I guess Sean ain’t a pussy after all.


    The high school plague has infected the whole school. Everyone is talking about Heather and Devin. Devin's temper is so bad when he gets mad. All care flies out of the window and such hurtful things come out of his mouth. Liz was in the bathroom trying to fix her hair when I walked in. She'll have to wait a minute.

    "Hola Melissa. Help me?"
    "One minute! Girl emergency." I wave my tampon around.
    "Oh! Gotcha. I'll let you change your plug."
    "That's gross Liz."
    "It's pretty much what a tampon is."
    "I'll never look at a tampon the same. Thank you."
    "You're Welcome."
    "I can't believe what Devin did today."
    "It was crazy! It spread like fucking wild fire. Everyone is talking about it, and Piper is fucking pissed."
    "Wouldn't you be if your boyfriend of three years got another woman pregnant? Give me your clip and kneel down so I can fix your hair."
    "I would be pissed."
    "Heather and Piper are like best friends too. This whole thing is... It's fucked up! There you go. Pretty hair again."
    "Thank you. Heather can tell Piper that Blaine isn't the dad and they'll be okay."
    "True. But I don't think lying will work at all though. This is high school."
    "So much drama."
    "I can't wait to graduate this year. Then I am so out of this town."
    "I hear you there. What are your plans after school today?"
    "I have no idea. Jacob wants to go see his car, so I know I'm doing that."
    "He told me about the wreck when I asked what the fuck happen to his face. How bad was it?"
    "It could've been worse. He's alive, but it was scary. Jacob can drive extremely good. But the way Blaine hit the back of his car, there was nothing Jacob could have done to prevent it."
    "Wait! Blaine was the one who made Jacob wreck his car?"
    "Yeah. He didn't tell you?"
    "No. All he said was, some people get mad when they are losing and race dirty. Is Blaine okay?"
    "He's fine."

    I don't know Liz all too well, so I don't want to say too much about Saturday night. I probably shouldn't have even said it was Blaine. But you know what kids from school were there, they all saw it. Someone will talk! Who cares!

    "What are your plans after school Liz?"
    "Nothing. Going home and sitting on my ass like I always do."
    "You want to come with Jacob and I?"
    "I don't want to be a third wheel."
    "You won't be! Jacob will be!"
    "Ha! Okay! I'll tag along. I don't have shit to do."
    "Cool. We need to get back to class. We been in here for a minute."
    "We can always pull a Devin and tell our teachers we had to poo."
    "You can tell your teacher that, but I am not going into class and telling them I pooped."


    I'm surprised I made it though the rest of day without being called in to Uncle Jimmy's office. I did knock out a dude in the bathroom and left him there. Cole walked right by me in the parking lot and didn't even look up at me. His girlfriend, on the other hand gave me some mean stink eye. Bitch! Where the fuck is Melissa? I been standin' out here waiting for almost 20 minutes. Oh! I got weed in the car. Get high makes time fly!

    "Are we seriously getting in a car with Jacob high?"
    "You need a ride home too Liz?"
    "She's coming with us. Is that okay Babe?"
    "I don't fuckin' care. But I'm smokin' some of this before we go."
    "Okay Babe."
    "What took you so long to get out here?"
    "I had to turn in some papers at the front office and then I talked to Uncle Jimmy for a minute."
    "About me?"
    "Kind of. He just said thank you for making sure you came to school."
    "Why is Cole just sitting in his car staring at us?"
    "Because I knocked him out in the bathroom today."
    "That's funny!"
    "No it's not. Jacob?"
    "Him and Sean where in the bathroom talking shit about you, then Cole said something I didn't like at all. So I punched him and made him black out is all."
    "Aww! Jacob is your knight in shinny armor Melissa."
    "People are going to talk Jacob. You have to let things go sometimes. And are you sure Sean was talking crap?"
    "It was Cole… I don't like people callin' you a whore. By the way, Blaine is the one who started the whole whore thing. He's been tellin' people you guys fuck and shit and you have no idea who the father of baby is."
    "What! I never had sex with Blaine. He tried to get me to and I said no, then shortly after that is when Easy Melissy started."
    "I didn't say you did Melissa. I'm just tellin' you what they said and lettin' you know it's all Blaine. Relax Baby."
    "Uh, guys? Cole is coming over here with what's her face."
    "Hailey. Jacob please nothing stupid."
    "I'm gettin' high. If he hits me I'll hit him back. I promise I will not throw the first punch."
    "Jacob is like your puppet."
    "You wanna walk home Liz?"
    "Not really Puppet Boy."
    "I love my puppet!"
    "Fuck the both of you."

    Liz was in a way right. When Melissa tells me to do somethin' I do it. I guess Puppet Boy is better than pussy whipped. Wait! No it's fuckin' not! God damn women!

    "What the fuck is wrong with you Jacob? Hitting my boyfriend and just leaving him in the bathroom?"

    Whoa, whoa, whoa! Is this fuckin' girl yelling at me? Melissa will use her words, no clue what Liz will do. These two girls better fuckin' do somethin'!

    "He shouldn't have been talkin' shit. You! Can't handle your own shit you have to have your girlfriend do it for you?"
    "I made him walk over here with me. What shit was he talking?"
    "Called Melissa a whore?"
    "How is the truth talking shit?"

    No fuckin' idea how Melissa did it! But she managed to kick Hailey square in the chest. Melissa is fuckin' tiny! Knocked her flat on her back and knocked the wind out of her. Cole just stood there lookin' at me and Liz. That, what the fuck just happen look.

    "Damn Melissa!"
    "Fuckin' aye!"
    "Get your girlfriend out of here Cole."

    He did as she said. Picked her up off the ground and walked her back to his car and they took off. Liz is all smiles and giggles, Melissa has a small smile on her face. That was fuckin' awesome! To bad Dev missed that shit."

    "That was awesome! You straight crane kicked the bitch!"
    "That felt really good you guys."
    "I'm still tryin' to figure out how you got your leg that high."
    "Did you forget I was a cheerleader Jacob?"

    Me and Melissa look over at Liz, then back at each other. I'm sure she was thinkin' the same shit I was.

    "What? Do I have booger nose?"
    "Are you two ready?"

    I could tell Melissa was proud of herself. Shit! I'm proud of her! One thing Dev said about Melissa and he was right, if that Melissa doesn't stand up for herself enough. She needs to stand up for herself more and stop lettin' people walk all over her.

    "What are you lookin' for over there?"
    "Hayden bet me $20 if I kissed the note I left you today, I'd find it in your glove box. She owes me $20"
    "It's in my pocket. Your keys are in there though."
    "I saw them."
    "The backseat is too small! It sucks back here."
    "My seat is all the way up. Sorry."
    "I fell you Liz. I'm too tall for backseats too."
    "Tall folk problems!"
    "How tall are you Liz?"
    "Damn! Your mom is tall too. Your dad tall at all?"
    "Like 6 feet."
    "I told Liz this morning she's all legs."
    "Then called them fat."
    "No I fuckin' didn't."
    "He said meat and thick. Tell your boyfriend what those words mean to a girl."
    "Yeah Babe. You said they're fat."
    "Told you!"
    "Then I said muscle!"
    "They are fit and toned."
    "Thank you!"
    "But yeah Liz, Jacob is right you are all legs. I wouldn't mind them wrapped around my head."

    Ooo! I like where this is goin'!

    "You ever been with a girl Melissa?"
    "I've only made out with a girl. What about you?"
    "Yeah, I done it all with girls. At my old school, I was the party girl. I had a boyfriend, so I messed around with girls and he didn't give a shit."
    "How many girls have you been with?"
    "Four girls, two guys. I'll wrap my legs around you head if you want me to. In case you had no idea! You are fuckin' hot!"
    "Oh, please god let me watch."
    "You want to watch me wear Liz like a scarf Babe?"
    "I don't do threesomes. So you'll just have to watch."
    "I don't want to share Jacob. He's mine. So yeah, your stuck watching Babe."
    "I'm completely fine with that! My pants just got tight."
    "Oh god!"
    "Your man has a boner!"
    "You know Liz, I think you and Devin would get along good. You two are kind of... Weird."
    "I'm blonde. The stupid and weird in me is real."
    "Devin is funny as hell though."
    "I know! He said pussy fart this morning."
    "The oh so famous queef!"
    "What the hell did the three of you talk about?"
    "Pussy farts and panties."
    "She's not even fuckin' lying! It was great."
    "I bet you Hayden's $20 if you ask Dev he will say, vaginer farts and panties."
    "No way! I know for a fact he will say that."
    "Vaginer. Why is that word so funny to me? I wonder if he says, hey let me eat that vaginer to a girl."
    "He probably does!"
    "Ask him Liz. He'll tell you."
    "I don't want to! He might think I'm asking him to eat mine."
    "According to Heather, Devin is awesome in bed."
    "I don't need to know about Dev in bed."
    "Is he really? Interesting!"
    "Give him that pee pee touch Liz!"

    My new mission! Get Dev and Liz to fuck. After I watch her and Melissa.


    Ode told Scott I'd be working all day all week because I got suspended from from school. I'm okay with that! Beats sittin' at home all day with Kim. And! Mo money for me. On another note, Jacob's car is being a whore! Me and Scott took off for lunch, and he had two of his other guys pull the engine and transmission. Now if it was me and Scott doing it, it would of took us about an hour. Took these two guys over two hours to do it and to make it worse! They managed to snap the fuckin' drive line in the process. Fuck tards!

    "This shit is fucked up Scott."
    "I'm fuckin' pissed. If me and you would've done this ourselves this shit wouldn't have happened. I even fuckin' told them before we left to unhook the drive line. I told them! Two fuckin' hours with their thumbs up their asses wonderin' why it wasn't comin' out. So they go king kong on it and snap the god damn drive line."
    "Yep. When are the parts supposed to be in?"
    "Body parts will be here in a few days. Frame and the axle a week or so. I'll order a new drive line later."
    "Back burner the Boss for now?"
    "Pretty much. I'll look at the engine and see if it needs anything. It looks good, but won't know till I get in there."
    "Can I help? I wanna learn more than just the engine in my car."
    "Yeah. If you wanna learn, I'll teach."
    "Right arm. Thanks."

    I like cars in a different way than Jacob does. Okay that's a lie! I like to drive fast and race too. But! If Jacob's car was to break down he wouldn't know what the fuck to do. Me! I can fix the fuckin' thing. Well, my car at least. I know my car inside and out. Like Ode with his car and Scott with his. We all seen our cars grow and come to life. Am I makin' any fuckin' sense here?

    "Oh, my god!"

    Melissa! Ooo! And Liz! Hey baby!

    "Oooo! Don't cry Jacob."
    "Why?... Oh, my baby is all kinds of naked."
    "Todd and Sam snapped your drive line pulling the engine."

    Jacob looks like he wants to cry. I'd cry if it was my car. Go ahead Jacob. Cry. It's okay! I won't make that much fun of you.

    "You okay dude? Do I need to fetch you a box of tissue?"
    "I'm mad! Look at my fuckin' car man."
    "I been looking at it all day. I'm sick of it! All crumbled up and orange"
    "Can I get in the trunk?"
    "Yeah. You didn't break that part."
    "Fuck you man."

    This is fun fuckin' with Jacob.

    "Was someone in my trunk Dev?"
    "No. You're the one with the key."
    "The driver’s key opens the trunk. This is my spare, Scott has the original. I had somethin" in the trunk and it's not there now."
    "If it was weed you probably smoked it."
    "I'm not fuckin' kiddin' man!"
    "Go fuckin' ask Scott! Fuckin' yell at me!"
    "What the hell is going on?"
    "Your boyfriend lost somethin' and he's going bananas."
    "This shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!"
    "What up baby?"
    "What did you lose Babe?"
    "I got you somethin' and I had it in my trunk and it's gone now. And I'm gettin' fuckin' pissed."

    Okay! Let's get Scott. Jacob is mad now.

    "Jesus Devin! You scared me!"
    "I'm sorry Melissa. I'm too lazy to go find him.
    "I have customers Dev! What the fuck was that about?"
    "Jacob is having issues."
    "What's going on?"
    "I had somethin' in my trunk and it's gone now."
    "I have it. I was in the trunk this morning taking out the tail light so I could get the order number off of it. I saw the price tag on that thing and took it out. I trust my guys and everything, but I didn't want to leave that thing in there. So I took it out and put it up for you. It's upstairs in my safe."
    "Okay. Thanks."
    "What is it?"
    "Is it pretty?"
    "Is it a dildoe?"
    "I'm not sayin' shit! Jacob bought it, it's his business!"
    "It's a dildoe for Melissa."
    "It's not a fuckin' dildoe! I give my girl plenty dick, she doesn't need one."
    "What is it Babe?"
    "What is it Scott?"
    "No! Talk to your boyfriend Milly."
    "At least tell us if it was pretty or not."
    "Hello... Someone care to introduce me to this blonde girl?"
    "That's Liz. Look at the poles Scott! Look at them!"
    "Yeah! I see em' Dev. Like I said, I ain't sayin' shit!"

    It's a dildoe! Don't matter how much dick you give your girl! She'll still want a fuckin' rubber dick. But speakin' of girls! Liz!

    "What up baby?"
    "Nothing. You smell."
    "Fuck you!"
    "Fuck you back!"
    "How was school? Were you thinkin' of me all day? Naked in a kiddy pool full of Jell-O?"
    "Everyone was talking about you and Heather. All fucking day long!"
    "Oh! Melissa straight crane kicked Hailey in the chest. Damn near knocked her out. It was so fucking awesome! She was like, POW!"

    Damn those legs are long! I want those fuckin' legs! Bad!

    "Kick your leg again. Slower."
    "Come on!"
    "Melissa! Devin is being creepy!"
    "He's always creepy."
    "No I'm not! I just told her to kick her leg like you did today."
    "Dev! You should of fuckin' seen Melissa! It was fuckin' great!"
    "What happen?"
    "Cole was talking shit. I knocked him out, he was on the ground snoring and shit..."

    Damn It!

    "...Then after school Hailey came up to me all, why did you hit my boyfriend? Then Melissa was like, BAM! Knocked the wind out of her."
    "Man! I picked the wrong day to get suspended. I would of loved to see Melissa kick some ass. Look how small she is! I bet that shit was funny as hell to see."
    "I was laughing so hard! Jacob had poopy diaper face on."

    Poopy diaper face! I have to remember that shit!

    "I was just standin' there smokin' my joint and here comes Melissa's leg."
    "Even Cole was like, holy shit."
    "He didn't do anything?"
    "No. Melissa told him to get her out of here and he did."
    "It felt good when I did it. But now I feel bad."
    "Fuck that! Don't feel bad."
    "Maybe Liz can cheer you up. You know, with her legs around your head like you guys talked about on the way here."
    "Ooooo! I want to watch! Let me watch. Please let me watch! Please?!"
    "Fuck you man! My girl, I get to watch!"
    "Damn it! You guys fuckin' suck!"
    "You wanna see somethin' cool Dev?"
    "Hey Liz?"
    "Hey Jacob?"
    "First year Dodge made the Charger?"


    "What color is Dev's car?"
    "Plum crazy purple."

    Oh, my lord!

    "What's the difference between the Barracuda and the 'Cuda?"
    "Same as the Cornet and the Super Bee. Same car, different name."

    I love you!

    "The rarest Mopar?"
    "Mmm... It's a tie between the 1970 Hemi Cornet R/T and the 1971 Hemi 'Cuda convertible. Both cars only had a certain number made and both are super hard to find."
    "Look! Dev has poopy diaper face now!"
    "Wait! Hold on Jacob. I'm not impressed yet. List all the Mopars."
    "Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, Jeep and Eagle."
    "Please marry me!"
    "Oh! Liz's panties are about to drop."

    Yeah! I heard my car pass by to make the u-turn into the garage.

    "They are?"
    "Wait for it!..."
    "MY CAR!"
    "Hold on to your panties Liz. Man candy!"

    Fuckin' girls and Ode! I'm good lookin' too! Look at me!

    "What it do baby?"
    "What's goin' on boys? Miss Milly, and I have no idea who you are."
    "I'm Liz."
    "Damn! You have a set of legs on you! Good job Dev."
    "Wait! Her legs aren't the best part!"
    "Ask her a Mopar question! Anything! Ask her! Go ahead Ode! Ask!"
    "Give me a hard one."
    "Vanishing Point."
    "1970 Challenger R/T."
    "The fuck? First gen Cornet."
    "1949 to 1925. Second gen, 1953 to 1954. Third gen, 1955 to 1956… Should I keep going to eighth gen?"
    "What the fuck? Are you for real?"
    "Yes. Can I have a ride around the block in your car now?"
    "I... Um, Yeah? I can give you a ride. Only if you can tell me what year..."
    "My... Car... Is. I like you Blondie! My car done Dev?"
    "Yup. She's over there and she's all pretty again. My keys for your keys."
    "Thank you! Give me a minute and I'll give you a ride."

    Let's give Liz a minute to find her panties. Good! Now put them back on.

    "Oooooh! My... FUCKING GOD MELISSA!"
    "I told you!"
    "I don't even care his ears are stupid like Devin's. I wanna rip his clothes off with my teeth!"



    Crazy ass white girl! Them legs are killer though! Dev traded up, or at least I hope he did.

    "What's goin' on?!"
    "Oooode! Give me a minute, I'm trying to find a drive line for Jacob's car."
    "I walked thought the garage. She's fucked up. I can already feel my wallet gettin' lighter."
    "Todd and Sammy snapped the drive line pullin' the engine. I'm fuckin' pissed about that."
    "Should've had Dev do it."
    "That's what I said. He wants to help work on the engine. He said he wants to learn more than just the 'Cuda."
    "Good. Teach him."
    "I said I would."
    "Was Hayd lookin' good today?"
    "She always looks good, you lucky fuckin' pig you."
    "How much do I owe you for the tire."
    "Dev changed all four. She had wire pokin' out everywhere, fuckin' lucky she didn't have a blowout driving that all the way from New York."
    "How much do I owe you?"
    "Don't worry about it. I had her give me a kiss. It was a nice wet one too."
    "I will rip your head off and throw it through the fuckin' window."
    "It was a tap on the cheek! Relax Ode."
    "Shoot your ass like you did Tank."
    "It was a flesh wound! But he got the fuckin' point. Maybe you can take a nice chunk out of the other leg for Kim."
    "Kim isn't worth it."
    "That chunk would be out of his head."
    "I actually need to tell you somethin' Ode."
    "Ryan came in yesterday."
    "The fuck he want?"
    "Radiator hose. Anna was with him."
    "Do I even wanna know?"
    "Another cast on her arm. She looked old. I remember way back in the day, she was literally the most beautiful fuckin' woman I've ever seen. She's broken Ode. She's at the end of her rope. I talked to her alone for maybe one minute tops. She's tired, she's done, wants the fuck out. If he won't let her leave..."
    "Spit it the fuck out Scott."
    "If he won't let her leave, she's takin' her own way out. Fuckin' feel me Ode?"
    "Ah fuck! Here we go again."
    "Talk to Hayd. See what she wants us to do about it."
    "Milly too."
    "No. no, no! Jacob will want in on this. He doesn't need to be involved Ode."
    "I talk to Hayd she's gonna tell Milly. Even if I say don't do it."
    "Fine, go out there and get Milly and Jacob. We'll talk upstairs."
    "Hold on."
    "Who you callin'?"

    I know exactly what Hayd will say to do. Almost no need to even ask her.

    "Hey Handsome."
    "No. Are you okay Ode?"
    "No. You need to come by Scott’s right now."
    "What's going on Ode? I'm worried now."
    "Just go get in your car and come right now. Please."
    "Tell me first!"
    "Damn it Hayd! It's your mom, get the fuck here!"
    "What happen to my mom?"
    "Stop Hayd. Just get here. Please!"
    "Okay! I'm walking out the door right now. I'll be there in about 15 to 20."
    "Thank you. See you in a few."
    "I love you."
    "I love you too."

    Hayd is so fuckin' hard-headed sometimes! Drives me insane.

    "Done. She's on her way... FUCK!"
    "I told Blondie I'd give her a ride in my car."
    "Legs for days on that one."
    "Yeah, no shit. Okay. I'll have Dev give her a ride. Make him go get her somethin' to eat. Is that fine if he takes off?"
    "Yeah. It's cool."

    This is bullshit! There's no way in hell I'll let Anna hurt herself to get away from this man. Hayd may say she doesn't care about her parents, but she would be lying. Hayd loves her mom. This is going to be bad. I can feel my blood boilin' inside me right now. That's when you know I'm about to do some fucked up shit.

    "Hey Blondie somethin' came up. Rain check on the ride or Dev can give you one."
    "I'll go with Devin."
    "All right. Go take her to get somethin' to eat. You got money?"
    "Yes... You okay? You look like you wanna puke or punch someone really hard."

    I look over at Milly and Jacob then back to Dev.

    "Su padre entró ayer. Madre fue golpeado de nuevo."
    "Pinche Mierda! Qué tan mal esta vez?"
    "Bastante malo. Puede ser que necesite de nuevo su ayuda. Por favor llevársela por un tiempo. Te pondré en adelante."
    "Okay. You ready to go Liz?"

    I wait for both car doors to close before talkin' to Milly and Jacob.

    "Melissa, go inside with Scott. I need to talk to Jacob. Privately. Sorry."
    "Um... Okay."

    I could tell Milly was upset that I made her leave. But this chat with Jacob is somethin' she doesn't need to hear right now.

    "What's going on Ode?"
    "I'll talk to Hayd, she'll tell Milly, Milly will tell you..."
    "The fuck is going on Ode? Spill it!"
    "Scott told me Milly's mom and dad came in yesterday for a radiator hose. She was beat up with another cast on her arm. Third one this year. She wants out, she's done and he doesn't let her leave she's taking herself out."
    "Killin' herself?"
    "No! No, no, no! Anna is everything to Melissa, Ode. She won't be able to handle this. I'm still puttin' her back together after the baby. She will NOT! Be able to handle that. Her mom being gone will destroy her Ode and I don't think... FUCK! I have to tell you!"
    "Tell me what?"
    "He cut Melissa up like three months ago. Four inch scar on her side and one on the back of her neck."

    I didn't want to hear that!

    "Does Hayden know about this?"
    "No. She only told me. He told her not to tell anyone and she didn't. She just barley told me yesterday."
    "I'm mad right now."
    "There's one more thing Ode."
    "That night he also told Melissa, if her daughter ended up havin' the same blue eyes as Hayden he would..."
    "Shut the fuck Jacob! Don't... Just don't finish that statement."
    "She gave up her daughter to protect her."
    "Look. Scott doesn't want you involved. But it's your decision."
    "What are you guys going to do?"
    "Somethin' that isn't going to end well."
    "What did you tell Dev?"
    "The same thing I told you, and that I would need his help again."
    "Again? What?"

    Here we go! I trust Jacob knowing this. He's a good fuckin' man.

    "Yes, again. If things don't go well Milly's dad won't be walkin' away."
    "Dev fuckin' killed someone before?"
    "No. Me and Scott have. Dev is science smart. We had a problem gettin' rid of the body. Dev handled it for us."
    "Like in Breaking Bad? Dissolving bodies?"
    "Somethin' like that I guess."
    "How many will this make?"
    "Three. One, was an accident. Two, was not."
    "Out fuckin' around fightin' and Scott pushed the guy and he fell on rebar."
    "The other?"
    "The guy I used to get my coke from. He ended up givin' me heroin. You notice when I get coke I use my finger and taste it?"
    "Well, I used to just do a line. Anyway, he gave me heroin! Scott went with me that day and when we got back we sat down at the table to do a line. He made em' up for us and he did his before I did mine. As soon as it hit him he stood up, slapped the straw out of my hand and said, It ain't fuckin' coke Ode! And then he hit the floor."
    "Scott almost fuckin' died. For some reason... I forgot to put my bag of medical supplies in my locker before leavin' work. I had it in the trunk of my car. I ran quicker than shit grabbed a needle and a bottle of Narcan, got back to Scott loaded the needle and shot it in his arm and he was good as new. Fucked up real good for a few days. But he’s alive. I don't know if he gave me heroin on purpose or not, I didn't fuckin' care! Handled!"
    "I didn't know Scott did coke."
    "He don't anymore. He doesn't trust it. He's happy with his weed."
    "I knew you're mean as shit. But fuck Ode!"
    "I protect what's mine. Ring any bells Jacob?"
    "If I had to, I'd kill for Melissa."
    "It's way different man. Saying and doing. That shit stays with you."
    "Does Hayden know this shit?"
    "Yes. I keep nothing from Hayd."

    Jacob doesn't seem to be afraid of me after tellin' him my dark past. I've realized him and I aren't to different. I've known this. The night he pulled his knife on Blaine and cut his face open, it opened my eyes even more. I saw a lot of me in Jacob. He's quietly thinkin'. The look on his face tells me he's thinkin' fuckin' hard about somethin'.

    "What rollin' around in that head of yours right now Jacob."
    "Melissa told me you beat the shit out of her dad a long time ago with a crowbar outside a bar. Why didn't you just end it then?"
    "Scott stopped me. Someone inside called the cops, he heard the sirens and pulled me off of him. If I was alone, I would've killed him."
    "Does Melissa know about any of this?"
    "No, I don't think so. I think Hayd left her in the dark on all this."
    "Melissa said she wants to watch me cut her dad up like I did Blaine."
    "Where the fuck did that come from?"
    "I asked the same fuckin' thing! All she said was, he hurts my mom."
    "She may do as Hayd always did and just looked the other way and never asked questions."
    "Hayden doesn't know the details?"
    "Nope. Never wanted to know. And that's good! The less she knows the better. Just in case."
    "Melissa knows somethin's up. She's been standing by the window the whole time watchin' us talk."
    "I never call her Melissa. So yeah, she knows somethin's up."
    "There's your wife."
    "Mmm! Damn it! She's hot right?"
    "Melissa is hotter."
    "You are greatly trippin' boy! Come on, lets go inside and get this shit figured out."


    So happy my mom wasn't mad that I wasn't home after school. She was only upset because I didn't call sooner. But! She's okay with it! I'm so glad Devin didn't blow my cover when I told her I was with Melissa. Now that would've been bad. I love this fucking car though!

    "What did you brother tell you in Spanish? I only understood a few things."
    "He has some shit goin' on right now and wanted me to give you a ride. No offense, but my brother doesn't trust you. Keep hangin' out with Melissa and he'll come around."
    "I don't trust people I just met either."
    "Does anyone?"
    "You're not mad?"
    "No. I may be nosy as shit, but I do know when something isn't my business. I get it."
    "It's eatin' you alive isn't huh?"
    "You have no idea!"
    "You passed Spanish and you have no clue what we said. That's funny."
    "How do I move the seat back? I can't find the lever thinger."
    "Yeah, it's weird. Reach further back under the seat."

    Panties!? Oh! Cute ones too!

    "I found the lever and some panties."
    "There's panties under the seat?"
    "Yeah! Look, cute ones too."
    "You're not gonna steal those are you?"
    "No, these are custom fitted panties. Who's H.A.T?"
    "Hayden Anna Toledo. Melissa's sister."
    "She boned your brother?"
    "Yeah, they boned in my car too."
    "That's funny!"
    "No it's not! I hate knowin' my brother's man juice is all over my backseat."
    "How long they been boning for?"
    "Forever. He's only been with two girls his whole life."
    "That's cool. How many girls you bone?"
    "Really? You seem like someone who has been with more."
    "You don't know me."
    "Tell me about you then."
    "Why not? Okay! Why only two girls?"
    "Heather didn't know me growin' up so she didn't care what people said. Plus, she thought I was cute."
    "You are cute. Your ears are dumb though."
    "I'm takin' that shit as a compliment!"
    "The only two girl's thing have to do with you wearing glasses and having braces?"
    "Yeah, and the fact I was a super nerd. I changed a lot since then, but I'm still the same nerd to everyone I grew up with. I still fuckin' wear glasses! I hate people!"

    It was not my intention to upset Devin at all! I was trying to make conversation. I feel bad now! So I did the only thing I could think of to make him feel better. I stuck my finger in my eye and pulled out one of my contact lens. Yeah! I'm a little bit blind too!

    "Look Devin." I hold up my finger for him to see.
    "I'm a four eyes too! Don't tell anyone though."
    "Okay! I have a good question."
    "How do you ask a girl to eat her pussy?"
    "You want me to eat yours?"

    I fucking knew it!

    "No! How do YOU ask a girl."
    "I don't ask. I just do it. Why?"
    "Me, Melissa, and Jacob were talking about you and how you say vaginer. I said I wonder if he says that to a girl. Hey girl let me eat that vaginer. Jacob said to ask. So I did."
    "Right arm."
    "Heather said you're awesome in bed."
    "I am. I won't lie."
    "You're so full of shit!"
    "No, I pooped today."
    "Okay poopy pants! What makes you so awesome in bed?"
    "I learned how to do somethin' cool and Heather loved it. So I'm awesome."
    "What did you learn to do?"
    "I'm not tellin' you. Let me show you."
    "I'm not having sex with you."
    "We don't have to fuck for me to show you. I promise you'll like it."
    "I have a boyfriend you know."
    "So! We won't be fuckin'."

    I'm curious as hell right now! Bad Lizzy! No sex is not cheating. That's how I see it.

    "I have a cool sex trick too."
    "What is it?"
    "Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine."
    "Okay. Deal, you first."
    "I have no gag reflex. I can suck dick and lick balls all at the same time."
    "You can... What? Prove it! I don't believe you!"

    I open my mouth and stick three fingers down my throat. It made him blush and smile. Possibly gave him a boner too! He looks just like his brother when he smiles. He's not cute anymore. He's fucking hot! Uh Oh!

    "That's hot a fuck! My sex trick is, I make girls get off in a different kind of way."
    "There's more than one way?"
    "Yes. I'm the master at makin' girls squirt."
    "What's that?"
    "Are you serious?"
    "Yes! And you said you only been with two girls."
    "I only fucked two girls. I told you we don't have to fuck for me to show you."
    "Okay. So what is this squirting thing? Yes, It's a serious question, because I have no idea what it is."
    "It's hard to explain. Let me show you."
    "I don't know. Okay! I'm not saying no. But let me think about it. I'm curious as fuck, but I have a boyfriend. So just let me think about it."
    "No sex is no cheaty. That's all I'm going to say to help you think."
    "What if I want sex after?"
    "Then I'll give it to you good. Or you can run to your boyfriend's house."
    "I feel bad right now."
    "Don't fuckin' puke in Ode's car!"
    "Not sick! I feel bad."
    "Why? Because you turned me down? Trust me, I'm fuckin' used to it."
    "No. Melissa was right."
    "She usually is."
    "Are we getting along good?"
    "I don't know. Let's find out. You're a fuckin' bitch ass booty cracker! Fuck you!"

    I just look over at Devin and laugh my ass off.

    "Bitch ass booty cracker? Fuck you Tortillo Boy!"
    "I love me some tortillos."
    "Hey! Tortillo is my fucking word! Don't steal my shit."
    "No! It's my fuckin' word. But you can use it. I'll be nice."
    "Deal! Yeah! We are getting along pretty good aren't we?"
    "I think we're both borderline retarded."
    "I'm blonde! My stupid is real, I have no idea what your issue is."
    "I smoke too much weed."
    "Stupid ass pot head."
    "Stupid ass blonde."
    "My legs are nice though!"

    For some reason I turned in the seat and put my legs on Devin's lap. I just did it! He didn't care. He grabbed one of my calves and squeezed it, then he squeezed the other and just left his hand there. So! I left my legs there!

    "They are nice. How tall are you? I'm 6'2 and your damn near as tall as me today with these shoes on."
    "You're too tall for heels. Don't wear em anymore."
    "Shut up."
    "This will go on forever."
    "No it won't."
    "Yeah! It will."
    "Where do you wanna eat at?"
    "Some place good. Oh! Mexican!"
    "I have some Mexican in my pants if you wanna eat that."
    "Serious! You know any good Mexican food place?"
    "Yeah. I know one, but we'll have to go down Main."
    "They are still doing road work too."
    "Fuck it! We're goin'!"

    This little place Devin took me to wasn't far at all. But because of all the traffic it took us almost 45 minutes to get there. It was so worth it! The food was bomb! Devin made me try cow tongue. It was super yum!

    "What's tongue in Spanish?"
    "Lingua. I'm sad!"
    "Your legs aren't on my lap like they were before."
    "There! Better now?"
    "Legs in Spanish?"
    "Poopy diaper face in Spanish!"
    "Cara caca pañel."
    "You said caca! That's funny!"
    "Quiero besarte tan pinche malo."
    "Traffic is fuckin' bad."

    I understood kiss and bad. He wants to kiss me bad? He's a bad kisser? Maybe he wants to kiss my ass? No fucking clue!

    "I wish this car had a cool stereo instead of the original one."
    "That one isn't hooked up. Open the glove box."
    "Plug me in I wanna hear a song first."
    "No Call me maybe!"

    He put on a Bruno Mars song! And he's singing! I love it!... Uh Oh!

    "One shot for my pain..."
    "One drag for my sorrow!"
    "Get messed up today..."
    "I'll be okay tomorrow! Hey! Why did you turn the music off?"
    "My brother is callin'."
    "I'd say to put it on speaker because I'm nosy. But I won't."

    My legs are cramping! I try to move them, but Devin doesn't let me. Asshole!

    "We have to get back. My brother needs his car."
    "Okay. My legs are cramping. Let me move them for a minute, I'll put them back I promise."
    "Fine! Damn!"
    "Do I get to ride in your car next?"
    "If you want to. Legs!"
    "Fine! Damn! Pick another song."
    "What do you like?"
    "Anything. Just pick a song."

    I love this car! It has some boom in the trunk. Not like Jacob's, not all crazy loud. It sounds so good!

    "I like this song even though I don't understand the Spanish part."
    "Por Si Alguna Vez Te Vas by Ms Krazie."
    "You'll have to text me that."
    "Here, text it to yourself."
    "Okay. Slowly tell me the name again."
    "Por Si Alguna..."
    "Spell that."
    "A-L-G-U-N-A. Vez Te Vas."
    "Thank you. I saved my number in your phone too."
    "Hey! Where's Jacob's car? He's my ride!"
    "I can give you a ride home."
    "All of my shit is in his car. Let me call Melissa. Maybe he can come back."
    "Okay. I need to go talk to my brother. Let me know if you need a ride home. We can go by Melissa's and get your shit out of his car."
    "Thank you."

    I feel like I got ditched! Why would they just leave me? I mean I had an awesome time with Devin. But still! Rrr! Melissa's phone went straight to voice mail! I wanna cry!

    "Melissa's phone is going to voice mail."
    "My brother said to give you a ride home."
    "I feel like they ditched me. They could've called me! I wanna cry now."
    "Melissa's mom got hurt. Jacob took her home. He won't leave her, she comes first. But they didn't ditch you."
    "Her dad hurt her mom?"
    "People talk Devin."
    "Is she okay?"
    "I'm not ready to go home."
    "We can go do somethin'. If you want."
    "Like what?"
    "You ever been to Cedar Peak?"
    "No. I never heard of it."
    "It's that small mountain right over there. You can see the whole town from the top. It's pretty cool at night."
    "Okay! Lets go."
    "Give me a minute to grab my shit from inside. Here's my keys if you wanna go get in."
    "I have to pee."
    "Go pop a squat behind the dumpster."
    "For real?"
    "No! Come on."

    Scott lives upstairs at his garage. That's cool! He'll never be late for work!

    "Wait here for a second. He might be naked or some shit."

    He was only up there for like 30 seconds before yelling down to me to come up.

    "He is naked, but he said it's cool."
    "Nice!... Hey! You're not naked! You lie!"
    "Bathroom is there. I'm gonna smoke some of that weed. So take your time."
    "I'll dittle my cooter while you smoke weed."

    They were talking about something. Kind of quietly too. Damn it! I can't make shit out. I heard Scott say he's going to Nitro? No idea! Devin said he might stop by if he can.

    "Are you done playin' with yourself in there?"
    "Can I come out now?"
    "Yeah. You took what I said seriously? You didn't have to stay in there."
    "You're right about the blonde thing."
    "At least my legs are nice!"
    "You should make Dev happy and wrap em' around his head. He's had a bad day."
    "A very bad day. Put legs here."
    "Maybe another time. Come on lets go."
    "Hold on... Liz Right?"
    "I believe that stuff on the table is yours."
    "Hey! My shit! Jacob and Melissa left it here for me. Cool!"
    "Have fun at make out point you two!"
    "You're taking me to a make out spot?"
    "Yes. But not to make out! Scott you suck dude! The fuck?"
    "Devin said the town looks cool at night up there. I still want to go. Come on Tortillo Boy!"
    "I'm comin' stupid ass blonde."

    The drive was so pretty! It's outside of town. The town is blah! But the outside! Is pretty!

    "Every time you give me a ride I have to put my legs on your lap?"
    "Yeah, you have a problem with that?"
    "No. I like your car too. She's sexy."
    "Sorry I don't have a cool stereo like my brother."
    "It's fine. I still like it."
    "I like your legs. They ain't all chickenish either, all fit and shit."
    "Thanks for not saying meat or thick."
    "They aren't fat. So why would I say that?"
    "What's Nitro?"
    "My brother club."
    "He lets you go?"
    "Yeah. You should come with us on Wednesday. Me, Jacob, and Melissa."
    "Since your brother owns it can I get a drink or five?"
    "Yeah. If you wanted to drink, we could've went to my place. There's booze there."
    "The town already looks pretty."
    "We still have a few more miles to go. Just wait."

    Why am I having such an awesome time wit Devin?! All we did was drive around all day. Sitting in a car for a long time, some people get bored. Not me. I love this! I missed this!

    "Ta Da! Cool right?"
    "It's pretty."
    "Let's get out and walk up more."
    "I have heels on."
    "I have flops in my trunk. Take em off."

    The half-mile walk up this tiny trail was so fucking worth it. The view of the town is awesome! I love this place!

    "Okay! I need to sit. My legs hurt."
    "Shut up and come sit with me."
    "You like this place?"
    "Yeah. The lights peaking though the fog. It looks so cool!"
    "Told you."
    "Are you trying to impress me with all of this?"
    "If I wanted to impress you, I'd show you my pee pee."
    "You're stupid!"
    "You know... I actually had a good time today hangin' out with you. You're cool, and I thought you hated me for some reason."
    "I had a good time too. And no. I don't hate you. I just didn't know you really."
    "I fuckin' like you Liz, and not just your legs."
    "That's why I felt bad today. I have a boyfriend who I'm happy with. But I can't help it! I like you too. A lot actually. You're funny as hell, fun to be around, we get along great. I'm getting torn here."
    "Sorry for bein' cool and stuff."
    "I think you're fucking hot and I've wanted to kiss you all day. To see if there was something here between us. But I didn't. I'm scared to know."
    "Why? I won't try anythin' with you. I'm givin' you that power. I'll just be here, waitin'... for them legs."
    "I have a boyfriend! I don't want to know if there's anything between us. Because if there is something, I wouldn't know what to do."
    "Sometimes you just have to go with your gut I guess. YOLO!"

    YOLO... Fuck it! I sat on Devin's lap and wrapped my legs around him and I did it. I kissed him and I didn't stop. The way he touched my arms lightly and the way he used his tongue to kiss me. I pulled away and just stared up at the sky, and he rested his head against my chest. It took a minute for the earth to stop spinning so fast. What I feared! There was something! And we both felt it! Uh oh!