Chapter Eight - Nitro!

Saturday, June 6


   "Come on Tank! One more time before I have to head back to work."
    "I can't. I have to get ready and head over to Nitro doll."
    "You're no fun! Hand me my clothes. Hey, how long have you and Oden known each other?"
    "Shit, since like the 4th grade. It's a little awkward talking about Ode after I just fucked the shit out of his girl."
    "Something isn't sitting right with me."
    "What would that be?"
    "Our new neighbor. Apparently, she knows Oden. Had sex with him, and Devin said she was his high school sweetheart."
    "Hmm. I only know of one girl Ode has ever been with and they were a couple way before high school. Shit! They were a couple before they even knew what being a couple was."
    "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hayden is your new neighbor?"
    "Yes. Is she the one you're talking about?"
    "Yeah, that's Ode's great white buffalo."
    "The fuck does that mean?"
    "Ask Ode about her. I'm sure he'll tell you. All I'm going to tell you is Hayden isn't the one you have to worry about."
    "Are you saying Oden settled for me?"
    "No, I'm saying talk to him doll. I need to take a shower and get going though."


    I just lay back on Melissa's bed  and watch her go through boxes looking for something to wear.

    "You know what I just noticed?"
    "Besides the fact I'm standing here naked?"
    "Your bed is put together."

    She smiles at me before putting her shirt on and climbing into the bed and sitting on me.

    "Yeah. I needed you to leave for a while, so I took some parts and hid them. You didn't like your surprise Jacob?"
    "It was okay."
    "It was okay?!"
    "I loved it."
    "Yo! You guys done fuckin' in there?" Dev yells though the door.
    "All right, let me up."

   She gave me a pouty lip before rolling off of me onto the bed. Then smacks my ass when I bend down to pick my shirt up off the floor.

    "What up?"

    Devin looks around me into Melissa's room.

    "Hey! Her bed is put together. What the fuck is this shit?"
    "Yeah. Bitches be liars."
    "Fuck you!" Hayden yells from the kitchen.
    "Come on, put your shirt on, and let’s get the fuck out of here. Nitro!"
    "I think I'm gonna hang out here tonight man."
    "Go Jacob." Melissa says from the bed.
    "Come with us Melissa."
    "Shut up. You don't want me to stay here with you?"
    "I'm not the kind of girl that's going to keep you from having fun with your friends Jacob. A few things you need to know about dating me..."

    "Dating? Way to go dude."
    "Right. Continue."
    "Anyway! Few things. One, do what you want with your friends. Two, I trust you 100%. Three, don't make me regret trusting you."
    "I'm not gonna fuck around on you if that's what you're sayin'."
    "No, I'm not saying that at all. I see how many girls at school look at you Jacob."
    "He is sexy as shit isn't he?" Dev says with a nipple flick.
    "The fuck man? Don't flick my man titty. Do you see me looking at those girls at school Melissa?"
    "The blonde from science class."
    "Oh! Liz."
    "Yeah Liz. Do you like her?"
    "She's hot. I asked her out once and she turned me down. She has a boyfriend."
    "Yeah, she's cute. To skinny though."
    "Wait, what? You think she's cute?"
    "Yes. What's wrong with that?"
    "Nothin'. I like it."
    "Whatever! Go Jacob. Go have fun."
    "Come with us."
    "I don't want to go and be by myself."
    "Hold on Melissa." Dev says before stepping back from the door.

    "Hayden?! Wanna party tonight?
    "What are you talking about?"
    "Me and Jacob are going to my brother's club. We're tryin' to get Melissa to go, but she doesn't want to go and be alone."
    "Oden owns a club?"
    "Yeah. Nitro."

    Hayden throws her head back and laughs.

    "What's wrong with Nitro?"
    "Yeah! What's wrong with it?"
    "Nothing. Nitro is what I used to call him back in high school."
    "Holy shit! That's right! Tank used to too!"
    "Yeah, he's security at Nitro."
    "So what's up? You comin'?"
    "If Milly wants to go, I'll go."
    I turn to Melissa and ask, "What do you say?"
    "Screw it! Let's go."
    "Wait! Hold on! Do you guys hear that?" Dev says holding his hand to his ear. I look at Dev then over to Hayden.
    "Uh oh!"

    Hayden looks down at the floor for a second, then up and me and Dev.

    "That's Oden's car."


   I'm still pissed off because I had to work today. Everyone knows I don't fuckin' work on the weekends. And when the fuck are people going to realize if the cat can climb the fuckin' tree it can climb it's ass down? I'm over getting scratched by fuckin' cats. Before heading out, I stop by my locker and do a small line of coke.

    "Hey Ode! Leave some of that. I have to work another shift."

    Joe, the one and only co-worker who knows the real me outside of work. I close my locker and toss him the rest of the bag.

    "Thanks. How much do I owe you?"
    "Don't worry about it man."
    "All right. Thanks."
    "I'm out of here. See you on Tuesday and don't get too fucked up on that shit."
    "Yeah, Tuesday. Don't worry I won't kill myself."
    "Good. See ya."

    Before starting my car and heading home, I pull out my phone and call Devin.

    "What's cracka' lackin' big bro?"
    "I'm stopping by the store on my way home. You need anything?"
    "Case of Red Bull and a pack of smokes."
    "Tell Ode to get me some smokes and a couple Rockstars. I'll pay him when he gets home."
    "Did you hear Jacob? He wants a big black dildoe and some lube."
    "Yeah, I heard him. I'm off here. I need to do a few things and then I'll be home. What the fuck is that noise?"
    "Me and Jacob are driving a moving truck."
    "The fuck you guys get a moving truck from? You two assholes better not have stole that shit."
    "Naw! Our new neighbors. They needed wood for their bed and I said I know where some is. So we took the truck went to Nitro and got some wood pallets out of the barn. Is that cool?"
    "Yeah it's cool. Don't fuck shit up. I know how Jacob drives."
    "We did one lawn job!"

    I instantly start busting up laughing. Me and my friend Scott used to do lawn jobs back in high school.

    "How was the truck?"
    "The lean was scary as shit!"
    "What lawn?"
    "The one on the way to Nitro with all the gnomes."

    I laugh again.

    "Fuckin' nice! All right I'm off here. I'll see you in a bit."
    "All right."
    "Oh! Hey hey wait!"
    "What up?"
    "Ask Jacob if he's racing tonight."
    "Ode wants to know if you're racing tonight."
    "Is there someone who wants to try and beat the Boss?"
    "Tell him there's a guy with a Honda who wants to try and break his record."
    "Okay hold on. All right you're on speaker. Say that again."

    I repeat myself.

    "A Honda against the Boss? Is this dude for real? What kind of Honda?"
    "A CR-X. He said he can beat you. Come on Jacob. The easiest 500 bucks you can make."
    "Right. Is it souped up at all?"
    "He said it has some intake on it that gives it like 375 horses."
    "The Boss has 495 horses."
    "He said he can beat you. Come on Jacob! Make us some fuckin' money!"
    "I'm down."
    "All right. I'm out!"

   I have no idea how a seventeen-year-old kid ended up with a badass car like the Boss. The kid can fuckin' drive too! Me, yeah I have a nice car. A 1969 Charger. It was a junker my pops brought home one day when I was fourteen and he said,

    "Oden, this is your car. I'll buy the parts when I can and you'll put it together."

    That's what I did. I built my car from the ground up. Same with my brothers 71' Hemi Cuda'. It was a junker pops brought home one day. It was pops car. From the day he got the car to start for the first time my brother loved it. Little nerd with glasses, didn't know shit about cars, but he loved the shit out of the Cuda'. I'd steal the keys from time to time and take him for rides around town. Pops started to notice that every time he would work on the car, Dev would be right there wanting to help him with whatever it was he was doing. Dev got his license and pops handed over the keys and told him,

    "Don't fuck it up!"

    By this time Dev was already fuckin' up in school, in life. He did everything I did when I was in high school. Including the coke and weed. Thinking back, I don't remember getting caught as much as he did. I've never spent a night in jail. Dev has been to jail more times than I can count. He got beat up a lot in school. He was the nerd kid! Straight fuckin' A student up till' around the 8th grade. He stole my weed from my room and got high. Pretty much never stopped smoking. It changed him. He tried so fuckin' hard to fit in and be the cool kid like I was. But you see, when you grow up in a small ass town with all the same mother fuckin' people, no matter how much you try and change... To them you're the same god damn person you were. That's what I hate about people. Fuckers want to dwell on the past and not the present. Fuck the past. Live right fuckin' now!
    I finish up what I had to do in town and head home. Pulling up I notice the moving truck covered in mud and dirt. I just shake my head and laugh. Walking up the stairs to the apartment I see Dev and Jacob sitting on the stairs smoking a joint.

    "You two gonna wash that truck?"
    "No. Get our shit?"

   Dev walks down and grabs the bag from me and walks back up and sit back down.

    "You two shouldn't be smokin' that up there by the new neighbors apartment."
    "Naw! They're cool. You should come up and meet them."
    "Yeah! It's two chicks and they are both hot as fuck." Jacob adds.
    "I don't need to meet any chicks. I have a girl. I'll meet em another time. Plus, I stink like smoke and sweat and whatever other funk I got throughout the day."
    "Whatever dude. Your loss."

    As I turn the handle on the door and go to walk in, I hear a familiar voice from above me.

    "I love the way you smell when you're all sweaty Nitro."

    I look up at Dev and Jacob who are just sitting there with stupid fuckin' smirks on their faces. Then all of a sudden I can hear my heart racing in my ears, and no it's not the coke.

    It can't be. Can it? There's only three people in this world who used to call me Nitro. I take my hand off the handle and rub the spot behind my left ear where there's a small tattoo of a half a heart. I take a deep breath and three steps backwards and look up. There she was. The most gorgeous woman I've ever laid my eyes on. The only woman who has my heart, along with the other half of my tattoo behind her ear. The woman I lost my virginity to in the 8th grade. My great white buffalo…

    "Hi Ode. I see you're still driving that old car.
    "Um, Hi."

    Say something other than Um Hi you dumb fuck!

    "Yeah, It's a classic. I love her."
    "Why do you look nervous?"
    "I did some coke. It's kicked in nice and good right now."

    Dev and Jacob start laughing like two little girls at the fact I'm high and can't keep my cool.

    "I did coke now I'm high." Dev mocks.

    Hayden looks over at Dev and then back down at me.

    "Still partying I see."
    "It helps when I literally work from 7am to 3am five days a fuckin' week. Smoke weed pass the fuck out for a few hours, then wake up put some coke in my coffee and I'm good to go. On the weekends, I just smoke weed"
    "That's not healthy Ode."
    "Me and you used to do coke races with lines two feet long."
    "That was a long time ago."
    "You wouldn't do a line with me right now if I asked? Like the good ole days?"
    "Maybe if it ends the same. In the back seat of your car."
    "Oh shit!" Dev and Jacob same at the same time.
    "Are you busy right now?"
    "No. Just finished unpacking the kitchen and my sister is trying to find something to wear for tonight. Devin invited us to Nitro. I hope that's okay."
    "I'm fine with it. Can I come up and talk to you? This is killing my neck."
    "Yeah, come on up."
    "Give me a minute I need to take this shit inside."

    I signal for Dev to come inside with me.

    "What the fuck Dev?! I talked to you on the phone! Why the fuck didn't you tell me Hayden was the new neighbor?"
    "Uh, because you didn't ask dude."
    "Give me a condom."
    "A fuckin' condom! Give me one."
    "Don't you have any?"
    "No. Kim is on birth control."
    "Okay. Hold on."

   Dev comes out of his room and hands me four condoms. I grab the collar of his shirt and picked him up putting him against the wall getting not even an inch from his face.

    "You fuckin' say a word to Kim I swear to god I'll beat the living shit out of you! You fuckin' got it?!"
    "Get the fuck off me Ode! Fuck dude! I won't fuckin' say anything!"

    I straighten the collar on Devs shirt and he flinches a little bit.

    "Sorry man. Um, Kim left a line in there on the desk. I'm good right now, so if you and Jacob want at it go ahead."
    "All right. I'll tell him. Have fun you beast."
    "Hayden called you a beast today."
    "Oh. Well, she isn't wrong."

    I put the condoms in my pocket and walk out the front and see a mini version of Hayden sitting behind Jacob with her arms wrapped around him.

    "Miss Milly! I haven't seen you around this past week. How are you holding up?"
    "I'm doing better. Thanks for asking and thank you for being the one who took me to the hospital and stayed with me as long as you could."
    "I was working a double; we got the call; we came. I saw it was you and you had nobody. You're Hayden's baby sister. I felt like I had to stay with you. Plus, I knew you'd be fine when I saw Jacob walking down the hall."
    "Yeah. You and Jacob both were great staying with me. Especially Jacob."
    "I saw a baby bein' born Ode. It was pretty fuckin' amazing."
    "Anyway, she's in there waiting for you."
    "Did she kick you out?"
    "No. I share yet another wall with her. I came out here because I don't want to hear what you guys do. Or don't do."
    "Me and Melissa know nothin' Ode. You feel me?"
    "I feel you."

    I have no idea why I'm so nervous. I do love Kim, I'm going to marry her. But Hayden! Hayden fuckin' changes everything. Walking into her place, she's nowhere in sight.

    "In the bedroom! Come in here I need your help."

    When I walk in she's standing on one of the end tables putting a picture hook in the wall.

    "Can you unwrap one of those big paintings and hand it to me please?" She asks, pointing at three wrapped paintings leaning against the wall.
    "Holy shit! Did you paint this Hayd?"
    "Yeah, and the huge one in the living room behind the T.V"
    "Do you sell these?"
    "Yeah. Mostly to people who see my portfolio and pay me to redo their house. I put some of my paintings in there as a shameless plug."
    "I've seen your work, I can't wait to see what you do to this place."

    She hops from the side table to the bed.

    "Smaller painting please. I have a few ideas and drafts of what I'd like to do. I have to run it by Val. I am just a renter you know."
    "If you're making it better so she can make more money off the next renter, I don't see why she would say no."
    "Right. Some owners are strict on the whole remolding thing in their homes. Last painting please."
    "Val's okay. Her daughter is dating Dev."
    "Really? The coke queen right?"
    "Yeah. That girl pops a shit ton of Molly too."
    "Don't let that girl do ecstasy then snort coke Ode. She'll kill herself."
    "I don't sell it to her. I don't sell anything to her honestly. Kim does. She's the one who told me about it. And she told me that she told her it's dangerous."
    "I met Kim today. Do they look straight?"
    "Middle one needs to go left a little bit. How did that go? Meeting Kim."
    "It was okay, I guess. Devin mentioned New York to her and whatever else came out of his mouth."
    "He told her about New York? What's wrong with him?"
    "Honestly. I don't like the way she treated Devin in front of me, or in general really."
    "What do you mean?
    "How often does she beat up on Devin?"
    "Whenever he smarts off to her. Why? Did she hit him in front of you?"
    "No. But she did in front of my sister and I don't appreciate that Ode. You know the home we grew up in."
    "I'll talk to her."

    Hayden plops down on the bed and pats the spot next to her. Of course I sat down! What am I? An idiot?

    "You look good Ode."
    "You're looking good yourself Hayd."
    "So, how's the Japanese body tattoo coming along?"
    "It's finished."
    "No it's not!"
    "You fuckin' want me to get naked and show you?"
    "Yes! Because I don't believe you!"
    "All right."

    I stand up and close and lock the bedroom door. Hayden is just sitting on the bed watching me and smiling.

    "I'm waiting Nitro. OFF!"

    I take my boots and socks off first and show her my feet. Then off with the shirt and pants. Hayden's mouth drops open and her cheeks turn bright red.

    "The butt! Off with your panties!"

    We both laugh, and I turn around and let my boxers fall to the floor.

    "Now turn around."

    I do as she says, I cover my junk and I turn around.

    "Mm mm mm mm mm! You're bigger than I remember. Quarter back to fire man did you real good Ode."

    She walks around me looking at my work, touching my skin lightly with her fingertips. As she makes her way to the front, she brushes my butt cheek lightly. I'm starting to hear my heart race in my ears again. They way she tilted her head to look at my chest I see the small tattoo behind her ear. Without even thinking, I bend down and kiss her neck. She pulls away and shoves me against the wall.

    "I'm sorry Hayd."

    I see her chest move as she breathes heavy and with a gaspy voice she said, "Shut the fuck up."

   Next thing I know she's throwing herself onto me. I step forward and catch her as she wraps her legs around me. Her mouth on mine, I walk forward and drop her onto the bed. She sits up, pulls her shirt and bra off and tosses them to the floor. I put my hand on her chest and pushed her back onto climbing on top of her in the process. Kissing her neck down to her amazing tits. I give both the proper "oh I've missed you" sucking. Moving lower I unbutton her pants and she arches her back allowing me to pull them off. I grab the crotch of her lace panties and just rip them off her body and bury my face onto her. She wraps her legs over my shoulders and pulls herself into my face, moving her hips with me. Moaning loudly and ripping at my hair is driving me crazy! I feel her body start to shake and I stop and pull away.

    "Ode! Don't stop, I was almost there."
    "I want to be inside you when you cum. I want to feel it and cum with you."
    "Then get inside me!"

    I grab a condom out of my pants and put it and climb back on top of her, kissing her chest up to her mouth. She moves against me letting me know she wants it. I position myself and slide into slowly and she pulls away from my mouth and lets out a loud gasp. She opens her eyes and looks directly into mine. She has the most amazing blue eyes. Pulling all the way out of her and then back in harder each time.

    "No Ode. Slow. Make love to me like you use to."

    I do as she says. She closes her eyes and turns her head. I notice the tears. She always cried when we had sex like this. I'm not sure what happened. Maybe just being back with her, inside of her after almost four years. But seeing her cry made me cry too. One tear fell and landed on her cheek. Her eyes open and meet mine, grabbing around my neck she pulls herself to my mouth hard and kisses me. She pulls away looking in my eyes.

    "I love you so much Ode. I never stopped loving you. I never stopped thinking about you. I need you."
    "If I knew you were coming back, I would have never in this lifetime settled with Kim. You're my number one Hayd. I love you more than anything in this world. When I'm with you everything around us just blurs and it's just me and you."
    "Do you still want me and need me Ode?"
    "I never stopped Hayd. Tried, and couldn't. It's always been you. No one else."

    As I continue to move slow and steady in and out of her I start to feel her get tight around me.

    "Ode, Go faster."

   I grab her waist and pull her onto me, remembering how she likes it. She arches her back and lets out a loud moan, and again each time I push into her. I start feeling her pulsate around me. Hold on a little longer Ode!

    "Fuck Hayden! I'm gonna cum."
    "No! Just a little bit more don't stop!"

    Holding back. I continue going. Hayden starts breathing heavy and starts to shake under me. She closes her eyes and lets out the final loud moan I fuckin' love. Digging her nails into the back of my arms, I couldn't hold it any longer. She pulses faster I had to let go.

    "God damn it Ode!"

    I stay inside her till' she stops pulsing, then I go down and lick up all the juices that came out for me and she let out a small cry.

    "Hey! I'm still sensitive. Stop it."
    "I love your taste."
    "That was amazing as always."

    I kiss the inside of her thigh, then her knee, then her foot before getting off the bed.

    "Am I still a beast?"
    "Yes. What are you looking for?"

    I hold up the condom.

    "Oh! I don't have a can in here yet. Go flush it."
    "Here, hold it so I can get dressed."
    "Give it here. Just like old times. Hold this so I can get dressed."
    "I know right. Fuck! It's after six already. I have to go. I bet Tank called. I left my phone downstairs.
    "Go! I'll flush this for you."
    "Thank you."

    I finish getting dressed and pull Hayden into my arms and kiss her on the forehead.

    "See you at Nitro later right?"
    "Yeah. I need to help Milly find something to wear and stuff then we'll head out.
    "Oh. So you're not coming with Dev and Jacob?"
    "Give me your phone."
    "It's over there on the dresser."
    "Lock code?"

    I couldn't help but smile.

    "My birthday. That's funny my code for everything is 0327."
    "My birthday. What are doing? Erasing all the guys in my phone?"
    "No. I sent a text to my phone and then I saved my number in it. I'll text you directions to Nitro when I get out of the shower, and I'll let Tank know you're coming. But I really have to go now."

   I kiss her again and head out. I get outside and the three young bloods are still sitting on the stairs.

   "Being outside didn't help at all." Milly says.

    Jacob stands up and holds his fist out for a fist bump. I give him one. Can't leave the kid hangin'.

    "Is my sister decent? You know dressed?"
    "Yeah, you're good to go in. I need to jump in the shower. We leave in five you two."
    "Tank called." Dev says.
    "What he say? Where the fuck was I?"
    "Yeah. I told him you had to run a quick errand, and you forgot your phone."
    "All right, cool. Five minutes!"


   "Hayden? You naked?"
    "No, come in."

    The first thing I notice is the condom on the bed.

    "What? Oh sorry. Let me go flush that. I'll be right back."

    I'm not scared of cum. I just don't like to see other peoples condoms. It's gross. I pick up the wrapper off the floor Hayden missed and go into the bathroom to toss it.

    "Hey, you all right Hayden?"
    "He settled for Kim."
    "Aww! He's your lobster!"
    "Yeah. Now go away so I can shower."
    "Save some hot water for me."
    "I will. Bye!"

    I grab a box from the living room that has my name on it and take it to my room. As soon as I open the box, I realize it's not a box I wanted to open right now. I pull out the small pink beanie and hold it to my chest and start to cry. When I hear a knock at the door, I just ignore it.

    "Melissa, we're takin' off right now. I just wanted to say bye."

    Jacob walks over to me when I don't answer him and he notices what I have in my hands.

    "You want me to stay?"
    "No, go I'll be fine."

    He brushes a tear away with a finger, kisses me on top of my head and goes to walk out when I stop him.

    "Would you still want to be with me if I kept my daughter?"
    "Are you just saying that?"
    "No. I liked you while you were pregnant. We had sex while you were pregnant. I held her like she was mine when the nurse handed her to me thinkin’ I was the dad. No matter what you decided to do I would of still been here. Honest."

    "Jacob! Lets go!" I hear Devin yell from outside.
    "Give me a fuckin' minute!… You. Come here."

    Jacob pulls me up off the floor and into his arms and kisses me on the cheek.

    "I didn't want to give her up Jacob."
    "I know. You'll have another kid. Hopefully, the next guy is a good one."
    "Yeah, I guess. You have to go. I'll see you there. I need to shower and stuff."
    "All right."

   He kisses my lips and walks out. Hopefully, the next guy? Does that mean he doesn't want kids if we end up together for a while? Or was he referring to himself? He did wink at me when he said it.

    "Shower is all yours Milly. What's wrong?"
    "Nothing, I'm fine."

    I set the small beanie on the bed next to me.

    "I'll be fine. You have something I can wear right?"
    "I'll put an outfit on your bed for when you get out of the shower."
    "Cool. Thanks."

    Hayden walks into my room and picks up the beanie and smells it.

    "It still smells like baby."
    "I know."
    "You and I aren't so different Melissa."
    "What do you mean?"

    She tosses the beanie back into the box and then sits next to me on the bed.

    "I got pregnant when I was thirteen."
    "Thirteen?! Oden?"
    "Yeah. Mom is the only one who knew. She took me down to the Family Health place and I got an abortion."
    "Oden never knew?"
    "Ode knew. We were both way to young. Him and I both agreed that it was better this way. So I kind of know your pain. I'm here for you Milly."
    "I know. You and Oden never talked about it after?"
    "Yeah, we did. Me and Ode had plans. We were going to be in New York together. Buy a house have a family. Shit happens and shit falls apart. You know that just as well as I do."
    "I sure do. Okay! Shower time."
    "Yes! I will find you something cute to wear and I'm going to find my hair straightener and Miss Milly. You will look super gorgeous tonight for your stud muffin."


   "About fuckin' time! You two pop a quickie?"
    "Fuck you."
    "Fuck me? The fuck is wrong with you? You guys break up already?"
    "No, she's havin' a moment right now."
    "A baby moment?"

    "Will you two queers up there hurry the fuck up?!"
    "Suck my sack! We're fuckin' coming."

    "We rolling in the Boss or are you taking your car?"
    "Mine. Who knows, maybe I'll get to race."
    "So who's this guy with the Honda?
    "I don't know. I've only seen one Honda around town and thinking about it. I've seen it parked outside Blains house."
    "Blaine drives a truck to school every day."
    "He has an older brother who graduated last year. Maybe it's him."
    "So I'm racin' Blaine's brother?"
    "Maybe. We'll find out."
    "I don't give a fuck who it is. Either way, they can't beat the Boss."

    "About fuckin' time. Did you two stop on the way down and suck each other's dicks? Let's roll."

   Honestly, I think the only car that can beat the Boss is Ode's. Maybe one day for shits and giggles I'll ask him for a few laps. Tank on the other hand. That dude had me. He was racing his Chevelle SS, that car was sexy as hell. On the last lap, he somehow hit a turn wrong and rolled his car. The rules are, clean race, no bumping, you don't finish you lose. This includes wrecking your car. You wreck your car you lose, you bump the other driver, you lose and get four flat tires. Ode has one of those nail things that the cops use. So when he sees a foul play he unrolls the nails and boom! You're walkin' home bitch.

    I pull into the other lane and slow down to let Dev get beside me. I shoot him a look and he flies ahead, following his lead weaving in and out of traffic. Like a hot knife through butter. I have to admit, the 'Cuda has some balls. We finally catch up to Ode, Dev pulls to the right of him and I pull to left into oncoming traffic. He looks over at Dev then over at me, laughs and waves bye and just like that Ode was fuckin' gone. Giving the Boss all she has I catch up to Ode, she had no more to give and Ode stayed at least 2 car lengths ahead of me. I pull back and slow down to see if Dev catches up. When I see him in my rearview I speed back up to the speed limit.

    Driving and smoking weed makes my problems go away. I was in a perfect mood until I pulled into Nitro and saw a guy standing next to the only Honda in the parking lot. Fuckin' Blaine. I pull up and park next the to step where Ode was standing. 

   "What happen Jacob? You know you can't beat me right?"
    "Hey! I'll admit when I'm beat. You sir! Had me beat. I gave her all she had and you still fuckin' stayed like 2 cars ahead of me. I was like, "fuuuuuck that car is fast."
    "American muscle baby. Enough horsepower to blow the dust off your grandmama's panties."
    "For sure!"
    "That's the guy your racing over there."
    "Yeah, that's the douche that sliced the tires on the 'Cuda and threw the brick through my back window."
    "Seriously? Is this gonna be a dirty race?"
    "I wouldn't put it passed him Ode."
    "All right. I'll have the spikes ready. Where's my brother?"
    "He was right behind me."
    "He's afraid of dirt. He's probably pussy driving up the dirt road."

    I laughed. It's true, Dev is afraid of the dirt. When he's in the passenger seat he's fine. But while he's driving and get just a little bit sideways he gets all scared. Ode heads in after finishing his cigarette, I pull out my pack and light on while I wait for Dev. After four or five hits into my cigarette, Dev pulls in and I point at the spot next to my car for him to park. Right about now is when Blaine stormed out of Nitro huffin' and puffin' and cussin' and shit.

    "Fuck your brother Hart!" Blaine yells as he shoves Dev onto his car.
    "The fuck is your problem Blaine?"

    I drop my cigarette on the ground and step on it before walking over to break up those two idiots.

    "You two need to stop fuckin' around before someone inside yells at Tank and he comes out and beats both your asses."
    "What's the issue you have with my brother?"
    "He told the black guy not to let me downstairs."
    "It's his fuckin' club! He can deny anyone he wants.
    "I told him not to let you in."

    Blaine now gets in my face. Not a good idea man!

    "Why the fuck did you tell him that? I buy from him. I'm allowed down there."
    "For starters, you need to get the fuck out of my face before I hurt you. Two, I told him you're to one who sliced Dev's tires."

   I dodge his punch and when stumbles I give him a knee to the gut and he fall on the ground.

    "Fuck this guy Jacob. Let's go inside."

    When we get up the stairs and reach the door we both stop dead when we hear a loud scratch of someone's car getting keyed.

    "Dev, please tell me that asshole didn't just key my car."
    "No. Worse."

    I turn and look at Dev, and he has a horrified look on his face. He starts to walk toward Ode's car and I follow him. At the same time, me and Dev both said, "Fuuuuck!" Blaine keyed Ode's car from the hood all the way down the side to the back of the car. I rub my hand over the scratch, and it's deep.

    "This shit ain't gonna buff out Dev."
    "Dude. Ode is gonna be fuckin' pissed."
    "Let's go break the bad news to him."
    "I don't want to. Maybe he won't even notice."
    "Such a pussy man."

    Heading inside Dev notices Blaine walking behind us.

    "He's gonna try and get in with us."
    "He won't get in."

   We walk downstairs and already hear Ode mixing at his booth. Tank steps aside before we get to the bottom step. Then steps back in the door after me and Dev pass though.

    "Blaine didn't follow us down here."
    "He needs to find a good fuckin' spot to hide. Ode is going to fuck him up."
    "You're telling him right? I don't want to."
    "Such a pussy man. Go roll one and I'll go tell him."

   I don't wanna tell Ode about his car either! I walk across the club, stopping at the middle bubble bar for a quick high. Ode has one bubble bar with weed oil in it. Gets you high and leaves a fruity taste in your mouth. Alight, let's do this! I walk to where Ode and wait by the step for the okay to come up and talk to him.

    "What's going on?"
    "I have some pretty bad news Ode."
    "What's that?"
    "Blaine keyed the shit out of your car. Deep too. Like you'll need to bondo and sand deep."
    "Are you fuckin' kidding me?"
    "No. I thought it was my car because I knocked him on his ass outside."
    "He's being a little bitch because I told Tank not to let him down here?"
    "Yeah. He came out tryin' to start a fight with Dev."
    "Fuck that kid! Fuck it! Tell Tank if he wants down here that bad, to let his bitch ass in. I'll deal with him after the race."
    "All right."

    I let Tank know everything, he said okay. Now! I need to get fuckin' high! I plop down in the seat next to Dev who just lit the joint he rolled when I went to talk to Ode.

    "Let's get high Jacob!"
    "I need to get high."


   "Hayden, I think we're lost."
    "We can't be. I followed Ode's directions."
    "Let me call Jacob."
    "Good idea. We're lost."
    "You just said!... Never mind!"

    "Where the fuck are you guys?"
    "Hayden got us lost."
    "Have you passed my house yet?"
    "No. Hayden, we need to drive up more."
    "Don't turn down my street. Go passed it."
    "Okay. We are now passing your house."
    "Go all the way down the road until you get to the dead end."
    "Hayden, you messed up! Turn around I don't think you were supposed to turn."
    "You have Jacob on speaker. I heard him say go all the way until it dead ends."
    "At the end of the street don't make that left."
    "See! Now turn around."
    "Women can't drive or follow directions."
    "My sister can't."
    "Okay! Once you get turned around, stop where you turned left."
    "Okay, we are stopped."
    "See the dirt road on your left-hand side?"

    "Pass the weed baby boy!"

    "Who's that?"
    "Kim. She just got here. Anyway, follow the dirt road all the way around and up the backside of the hill. You'll see an old ass building with a shit ton of cars. As you pull in you'll see my car right next to the steps and you'll see Ode's keyed up car."
    "Someone keyed Oden's car?"
    "Ohhh! Holy shit!" Hayden says beside me.
    "Fuckin' Blaine."
    "Wait. Blaine is there?"
    "Uh huh."
    "I'm... I don't like Blaine Jacob."
    "No one does. He's a douche and the bag it comes in."
    "No, you don't understand. You ever hear anyone refer to me as, "Easy Melissy?"
    "Yeah, a time or two."
    "Yeah well he's the one who started that."
    "I'll handle him if he starts anything. Just hurry the fuck up and get here."
    "We're here I'm looking at your car. It has four flat tires."
    "I'm kidding Jacob! Your car is fine."
    "Don't say shit like that. That's fucked up."
    "It's just a car Jacob."
    "My car."
    "Whatever are you coming out here to walk us in?"
    "Do I have to? Ode told Tank you guys were comin'. He'll let you in. You don't need me."
    "Whatever, you suck. We'll be in soon."
    "Your face!"
    "I'm high."
    "Mmm Hmm."
    "Why the fuck are you still on the phone? Get the fuck in here."
    "Hurry up."

    I hang up the phone and toss it in the glove box. I turn to Hayden to say something when Jacob bangs on the passenger window. Hayden and I both let out a high-pitched scream and Jacob just stand there laughing at us.

    "What the fuck is wrong with your boyfriend Melissa?! I damn near shit and pissed myself all at the same time!"
    "Come on you guys, you made me walk up a shitload of stairs to come out here and get you."
    "You told us to walk ourselves in Jacob."
    "I did? I'd be an asshole if I said that."

    Hayden just shakes her head and walks in ahead of us. Out of the corner of my eye I see Oden's car and I had to stop and look.

    "So Blaine did this?"
    "Did what?"
    "That!" I say pointing at the car.
    "Oh yeah! Yeah, he got mad. I knocked him on his ass. Uh? Then he keyed the car!"
    "You go in a fight with Blaine tonight?"
    "Naw! He went to hit me because I got between him and Dev. I knocked him on his ass."
    "Can we go in now? I'm thirsty, and probably hungry."
    "Probably hungry?"
    "Yeah, I haven't decided yet."

    As we make our way inside Nitro, I notice a lot of kids from school on the top floor. Jacob takes my hand and leads me down the stairs.I hear We Found Love by Rihanna playing.

    "I love this song!"
    In a high-pitched voice Jacob turns to me and sings, "We found love in a hopeless place!"
    "If you wanna hear anything let Ode know. He's the mix masta! Nothing slow though. He'll tell you to get the fuck out. On blast too! With his mic, it's funny as shit."

    When we get down to the basement, I notice how packed it is, and loud. I see Hayden laughing with a big colored guy who I assume is Tank from what I've heard.

    "2 1/2 hours to race time Jacob." He says.
    "Cool. Tank this is my girlfriend Melissa, Melissa this is Tank."
    "I know Hayden's little mini me Jacob. Last time I saw you, you were smaller. Damn girl! You grew up in all the right places!"
    "Julius! That's my sister!"
    "Calm your titties Hayd. I'm sayin' she's beautiful."
    "Oh and I'm not? We look a like."

    Jacob laughs and I do to a little bit. Tank looks at Jacob and I, then at Hayden, then back to us.

    "Bitch be crazy!" Using his thumb to point at Hayden.
    "Good to see you Julius! You have to dance with me later." Hayden says as she puts her arm around Tanks back.
    "For sure. Let me know."

   Hayden pulls me away from Jacob and links arms with me.

    "Ode is topless and sweaty!"
    "I have to admit Hayd, Oden is fucking hot!"
    "Hotter than your tall, tan, and handsome counselor at school?"
    "I've never seen him without a shirt. I don't know though! Mr. Avalon doesn't look as beastly as Oden. Look at him!"
    "Oh, I am Milly. Mommy likes."
    "Milly like too!"
    "Like I said, you and I aren't too different. Come on our dates are sitting back here."
    "You have a date here?"
    "Yep! Devin!"
    "I see."

    Oden is a seriously good look guy. I have never really noticed. What I did notice was the loot of drugs and alcohol on this huge table Jacob and Devin were sitting by. Also in the same area were five kids from school. One of them being Blaine, who just ate something that looked like a candy and then feeding one to his girlfriend who was sitting next to him. Then, I look over at Jacob using his I.D to make coke lines for him and Devin.

    "Hey! You said you only smoke weed!" Hayden yells at him.
    "I lied! Coke is good too."
    "Okay. Let me show you guys how it's done. Give me a bill."
    "Hayden! You're seriously not going to do coke are you?"
    "Not my first time Milly. Relax! Maybe you should try some."
    "No thanks."
    "What's going on here?" Oden says behind me.
    "Ode! We need to show these two how to do coke. You good for a hit?"
    "I am. Kim is swamped over there and hasn't brought me any."
    "What do you say Nitro? Coke race?"
    "Hey! I want in on this!" Devin says, waving his arm in the air.
    Oden looks at Jacob, "You in on this?"
    "Fuck it! Why not!"
    "Okay! I know you two have done coke races before, but the way Hayd and me used to do it is a little bit different."

    Oden pours out two small bags and uses Jacobs I.D to make four separate piles, then spreads each pile out so it was close to two feet long. THEN! He started to make swirls and zigzags with the coke. All the people in the area stood up and watched Oden. After he was done with his four master pieces he stands up and puts Hayden on the same side of the table as him, while Jacob and Devin stayed where they were.

    "That's a lot of coke." I say to Hayden.
    "No it's not. It just look like a lot because it's all spread out."
    "Did you see the line I had made out Melissa?" Jacob asks.
    "Each of these are the same amount as the line I made."
    "Okay, first one to finish their fucked up line is the winner."
    "I smoke way too much weed to snort something like this dude."
    "Stop being a pussy Dev."

    Then Oden pulls his wallet out of his pocket and hands everyone a bill to roll up.

    "You feel like counting us down Miss. Milly?"
    "What do I say?"
    "Are you ready? We'll put our heads down and then you say go."
    "Easy enough."

   I wait until I see that everyone finished rolling up their bills into little straws.

    "Okay! Are you guys ready?"

    I see Jacob take a deep breath and let it all out. Hayden, Oden, and Devin did the same, then they all put their heads down.


    Everyone in the area still standing and watching these four snorting up their lines. Jacob was the first to finish he throws his arms in the air, then Hayden and she gives him a high five. Oden was next then Devin. Who stood up and fell back on the couch.

    "The young blood finished before both of us Ode!"

    Oden looks over at Devin who looks like he wants to puke everywhere.

    "You all right Dev?"
    "I'm out of breath, dude! I told you, I smoke too much."
    "All right. I have to get back up there. I only put up three songs to play. Hayd, make sure these two don't kill themselves."

    Jacob plugs one of his nostrils with his thumb and snorts back what didn't make it down. Hayden did the same thing and let out a loud gagging noise that made me laugh.

    "OH! It tastes like shit!"
    "I know right." Jacob says before plopping down on the couch by Devin.

    Hayden walks over and sits next to Devin and throws both legs on his lap and grabs him by the head and kisses his cheek. He smiles and turns bright red. I sit down next to Jacob and rest my head on his shoulder.

   "So, what is all of this on the table?"
    "Weed, coke, molly, some meth is over there at that end by those guys. They're the only three besides Kim in here that do it."
    "Have you tried meth?"
    "Yeah. On accident. Me and Dev both. We didn't fuckin' like it."
    "How did you guys try it on accident?"
    "Kim shoots it. With a needle. Me and Dev were in his room smokin' and Ode was at the kitchen table getting some ready for her. He got up and went into his room me and Dev thought it was coke that he left us. So we split it and snorted it and Ode came out of room just as we finish and crying about how bad it burned."
    "What did Oden do?"
    "Laughed at us. Then told us good luck sleepin' you two dumb asses just snorted meth."
    "How long were you guys awake for?"
    "About two days. I fuckin' hated it. Makes you all paranoid and shit. Dev was trippin' bad. Like cryin' and shit. Ode told me he would be ballin' because he couldn't fall asleep even after smoking hella weed."
    "Aww! Poor thing!"
    "We like coke. It gets you high like meth, the comedown is way better, and you're not up for days."
    "Does Oden do it with Kim?"
    "No. He doesn't like her doing it. He smokes weed, snorts coke and every once in a while he'll pop a molly."
    "That big ass jar right there, that's molly. Ecstasy."
    "Have you tried that?"
    "Nope. After the meth thing I was like fuck that! I ain't tryin' anything else."
    "So, why did Tank tell you two hours until race time when we walked down?"
    "I race my car and make money."
    "I see. I wondered why you always had money and no job."
    "The Boss is undefeated. Driving calms me. Like weed. You ever gonna smoke some weed with me?"
    "I don't know. I'm the good girl, or at least I was. But maybe I will sometime. I'll take a puff."
    "Hit. Not puff."

    After a while, I start to notice the three of them getting all fidgety and can't seem to sit still. I laugh out loud at them.

    "What's funny?" Jacob asks.
    "You three! Can barley sit still."
    "The coke kicked in. I need to fuckin' do something!"
    "Me too! Wanna fuck Hayden?"
    "No, you're to young for me."
    "Am I not beastly enough for you?"

    All of us laugh at Devin. He's actually pretty funny!

    "You're just like Ode! I'm high lets fuck. Fuck this! I'm dancin'!"

    Hayden walks over to Tank and says something to him, and he presses a small button on the wall next to him, then turns and looks at Oden. After a few seconds Oden looks over at Tank, towering over Hayden, Tank points down at her. She holds up one finger then does a cheesy a little dance. Telling Oden she wants one dance with Tank. Oden gives Tank the thumbs up and they both start heading over to the dance area on the other side of the room. Before they reach the floor, Hayden runs up to Oden and pulls back his headphones and says something in his ear. After typing something on his laptop the current song that was playing fades out right in the middle and Rosa Parks by Oatkast starts playing. Hey! Me and Hayden get down to this!

    "Lets go dance Jacob!"
    "I don't dance."
    "Dance with me?"
    "No, Jacob will kick my ass."
    "Well, looks like Tank is going to have two cute girls to dance with! BYE!"

   My sister and Tank are dancing, grinding on each other, I get behind Tank and do the same thing as my sister. He looks over his shoulder at me and just smiles, then looks over at Oden and points at him. Oden just laughs and points back. When the song ends he kisses Hayden on the lips and then me on my cheek. The next song starts to play and Hayden grabs me and we do our grindy dance together.

    Jacob must have got jealous because out of nowhere he slides in between Hayden and me and grabs me around my waist and pulling me into him. I put my arms around his neck and we just dance. The music lowers and Oden grabs his microphone.

    "Dev! We have a lonely dancer over here. Get the fuck up and come show this beautiful woman a good time!"

    The music goes higher as Devin makes his way over. Hayden puts her arms in the air and moves her hips rubbing against Devin. Surprisingly, Devin has moves! Being about a foot taller than Hayden, he was in control. Hayden let him do whatever he wanted. The music dies out and Hayden grabs Devin's face and kisses him on the lips, then steps back laughing and clapping her hands. Good job Devin! Hayden approves! Devin looks over at Oden and just smiles.

    "My brother's the fuckin' man!"

   Everyone cheers as Devin walks to the middle of the room and throws one arm in the air with pride. Hayden, Jacob, and I just laugh.

    "Alright! We got ourselves a challenge tonight ladies and gentlemen! Jacob Sullivan! Blaine Price! Anyone who wants in on this action pay the pretty lady behind the bar. This shit kicks off in thirty minutes. Everyone up top!"

    "Did you know Devin could dance so good?" I ask Jacob

    Jacob puts his arm around me as we start walking up the stairs.

    "Dev's a fuckin' beast baby."

    We both laugh and continue outside.


   I do like to see my baby brother in control. Boy has rhythm! He needed a girl like Hayd to dance with. I knew exactly what Hayd was going to do with him. It confuses me though. Dev's girlfriend is the head cheerleader, so you would think she could dance right? No. She fuckin' sucks.

    "How many bets do we have Kim?"
    "75. Just about twenty grand cash. Most money is on Jacob of course."
    "No surprise there. Okay. I need to talk to Tank. I'll see you up top."
    "Alrighty sugar."
    "Tank! Come here a minute."
    "What's up?"
    "Make sure we have the spikes ready. Jacob has a feeling that this race isn't gonna to be clean, and even if is clean throw the spikes anyway and fuck his shit up."
    "All right. Reason why?"
    "The fuckin' kid keyed my car."
    "Yeah, Jacob said it's pretty bad. I haven't seen it yet."
    "I'm sure your woman has tissue if you cry."
    "Let's hope she does."

    I grab my megaphone from behind the bar and notice Kim forgot her phone. I must have hit a button when I grabbed it because her text messages popped up on the screen. Going to hit the lock button on top, I stop when I see Tank's name and part of the last message that was send. Thank you for the... Normally I don't look in peoples phone, but this is different. I click the message and the whole conversation pops up.

    "You comin' by on your lunch break doll?"
    "Of course. You know I love that big black cock of yours."
    "LOL! See you later."
    "You sure will"
    "Thanks for the pink doll."
    "Thank you for the dick baby."

    I wanted to throw the phone against the wall and beat Tank to death with the crowbar Kim has behind the bar. Fuck it! I stick the phone in my pocket, grabbed what I needed, and headed out. The first thing I did top side was look at my car. It just made me even more furious. I just had to walk away. Jacob and Blaine are ready to go. They have their cars started, Jacob does one quick lap to warm up his tires. Smart kid. I look to my left and I see Hayd, Dev and, Milly sitting in the back of Hayd's Yukon. I walk to my rock, the one I stand on every time we have a race. Tank on one side, Kim on the other. I turn on my megaphone and begin to talk.

    "All right fellas and ladies! Here's what we got! Undefeated! Jacob Sullivan in his Boss Mustang, and Blain Price in his Honda CR-X. Three laps around. Rules are fuckin' simple! Keep it fuckin' clean! No bumping. No pushing, no fuckin' breaking in front of the other driver! You race dirty you get the spikes and you lose! You wreck your car, you lose! Flash your highs if you understand."

    They both flash their highs.


   Kim runs over and stands between both cars.

    "Are you ready?!" she yells to Jacob.
    "And are you ready?!"

    Throws her arms up for five seconds and then down.


    She runs back over to the rock.

    "God I love Jacob's 'Stang!"
    "Tank, on the third lap throw the spikes and make sure Jacob doesn't hit em."
    "Got it."
    "Are you cheating Ode? Why are you throwing the spikes on the third lap?"
    "Kid keyed my fuckin' car."
    "Oh fuck. Okay."
    "Besides, this is my club, I can do whatever the fuck I want."
    "Our club. I helped buy this land."
    "Everything is in my name. My name Kim. What I say goes around here. Got it!"
    "What the fuck is your problem tonight Ode? Your car got keyed. Easy fuckin' fix! Get the fuck over it!"

    I was about to lay into Kim when I heard a loud crash. I turn around to see Jacobs’ car go out of control and hit one of trees. To my left I see Milly start running to the track and Dev grabs her and picks her up off her feet telling her, "the track is live! Let Ode handle it!" and carries her over to Hayd. When the slow motion stops, I yell at Tank,

    "Throw the fuckin' spikes and don't let that mother fucker leave this god damn lot!"   

   Tank notices Blaine heading around and toward the exit runs over and throws the spikes just in time for Blaine to run them over and sends his car out of control and come to a dead stop. Tank uses his elbow to bust the driver's window and pulls Blaine out though it and brings him to the rock.

    I get to the driver's side of Jacobs's car I notice all the airbags are popped out and Jacob is sitting there unconscious. I reach in and kill the car. Remembering my EMT training, I check everything before I even open the door to pull him out. Obvious dislocated shoulder, neck is fine, top of his spine also fine. When I open the door, his eyes pop open and he leans back in his seat.

    "Hey don't move yet men."
    "Do I still get my money?"
    "Yeah. What the fuck happen? I didn't see it."
    "He clipped my rear end. I don't know if it was on purpose or not.
    "Doesn't matter. I already called it. Dirty."
    "My car Ode."
    "We'll take her to Scott. She'll be good as new. Promise."
    "I don't have the fuckin' money to fix her Ode!"
    "Don't worry about it. I got it covered. I got money. Come on, get out."
    "Is my arm broke?"
    "No. Shoulder is dislocated, and your face is all fucked up from all the glass. Tank has Blaine. How do you wanna handle this?"

    Jacob gets out of his car holding his shoulder, and everyone cheers because he's okay.

    "I don't know Ode. Make Tank hold him so I can get one good punch on him."
    "Jacob!" Milly calls from the Yukon trying to wiggle her way out of Devs grip.
    "Let her go Dev." Jacob says back.

    Milly runs up to me and Jacob and stops with a disgusted look on her face.

    "Eww! Here let me get that for you."

    She reaches up and pulls a huge shard of glass out of Jacob's forehead and then laughs. Jacob pulls her to him with his good arm and kisses her for a good minute on the mouth. The three of us continue walking to the rock. Without saying a word, Milly flies forward and lands a decent punch right to Blaine's jaw, Jacob immediately follows with a full-body punch right to his nose and blood pours out both nostrils. Blaine, with his head down, starts laughing.

    "Tough guy from the Slums of Oakland, coming into this town with your fancy-ass Mustang, befriending Oden's little brother. Probably felt sorry for the guy because he's a lame-ass trying to fit in..."

    At this point, Dev and Hayd started to walk over. I saw Jacobs's eyes change, and so did Milly. She steps away from Jacob and stands by her sister. She's scared. Blaine continues to talk.

    "Devin is the lamest guy here! He tries to be cool like his brother. Trying to be cool rolling around in his dad's old Barracuda."

    He laughs again and Dev steps in and gives Blaine a damn good kick to his stomach.

    "I didn't befriend Dev because I felt sorry for him! I didn't even fuckin' know him. But everyone knows you, Blaine. Football player who thinks he's tough and can do whatever the fuck he wants, to whoever he wants. I fuckin' saw you slash his tires, and I waited for him and gave him a ride home and let him know what I saw you fuckin' do. I don't give a fuck if he is posing trying to be cool. That guy is my boy no matter what you or anybody else fuckin' says."
    "The guy is a fuckin' joke! Heather Gavin! Come on man! Bitch is a bigger whore than the one you're with Jacob!"

   It happened fast! From the sound of Jacobs switch blade to the blood that was flung on my face. Jacob swung his knife under hand cutting Blaine's face from his chin to it eyebrow. Then he grabs Blaine's face and dig his fingers into the fresh wound making him scream in pain.

    "If you want the other side of your face to stay pretty, you won't say another fuckin' word about my girl or my boy. Do you hear me?"

    He digs his fingers in more.

    "I hear you!"
    "Look them both in the eyes and say sorry."
    "Come on man!"

    A little more with his fingers and Blaine starts falling to his knees, but Tank keeps him on his feet.

    "FUCKIN' SAY IT!" Jacob yells not even an inch from his face. "Look her in the eyes and fuckin' say it!"

    Blaine looks up at Milly.

    "I'm sorry."

    Jacob digs at his face again.

    "Fuuuuuuuuuck! I'm sorry! I'm sorry for calling you a whore and a slut. I'm sorry!"
    "Now Dev."

    Weeping from the pain Jacob has been inflicting on him, he pretty much does what Jacob say at this point.

    "I'm sorry for slashing your tires and for all the times we all beat you up. I'm sorry for fuckin' up Oden's car. I'm sorry for making you wreck your car."


   Jacob finally lets go of Blaine and wipes the blood on his hand off on Blaine's shirt.

    "I'm done with this fuckin' guy Ode."

    He stumbles back and tries to pick his knife up off the ground but falls to his knees and just stares at the ground. Milly walks over, picks up his knife and hands it to him before grabbing his face and kissing his lips. Then she looks over at Dev. Walking to Jacobs good side, Dev bends down and wrap Jacobs around his neck and both him and Milly pull Jacob up off the ground and walked him to the Yukon to sit.

    "Ode?" Tank says behind me.


   I look over at Hayd. She's looking at me and shakes her head no.

    "Blaine. Listen to me and listen fuckin' good. You got cut from the busted window in your car. Understand?"
    "You and Jacob were fuckin' around up by the pond."
    "Tank, have his car towed home. Kim, take him to hospital then home."
    "What are you going to do Ode?" Kim asks.
    "Fix Jacobs arm, then I'm going to have Scott come pick up his car."
    "Alrighty. Here's the money from the race. I'll see you at home later."

    When Kim steps forward to kiss me, I turn and walk away.

    "Ode! What the fuck is your problem right now?"
    "I'm fuckin' good Kim! Please, just get this fuckin' kid out of my sight. Go! I'll see you at home later"

    I kiss her on the cheek and walk away. She leaves with Blaine, Tank is calling the tow truck. I fuckin' need Hayd.

    "How's it hangin' Jacob?"
    "To the left a little. I'm in a lot of pain here Ode."
    "All right. You two take him downstairs get him cleaned up and get him some whisky."
    "I don't want fuckin' whisky Ode."
    "Oh! Trust me Jacob. When I pop that shoulder back in, you're gonna want some whisky in you. Four shots should do it. Dev make sure it's the good shit."

    I look over at Hayd as the other two walk Jacob down. She reaches for her purse and pulls out a hand wipe and wipes the blood off my face.

    "That was some diabolical shit Ode."
    "You should've seen what me and Milly seen."
    "What did you guys see?"
    "You know how some people have those eyes that change color slightly when they're mad, sad, horny?"
    "Jacob's eyes changed from the light hazel color to a dark green and around the pupil stayed the light hazel color. Boy was fuckin' pissed! He's fuckin' loyal though."
    "Should I be worried about him being around my sister?"
    "No. Milly is 100% safe. Jacob isn't gonna let shit happen to her."

     I hand Hayd Kim's phone.

    "What's this?"
    "Kim's phone. Read the text messages."
    "Oh, my god! I'm so sorry Ode."
    "I'm not."

    I pull her to me and kiss her. Mmm. I needed that to calm me down a little.

    "I'm not fuckin' sorry one bit."
    "I love you Ode."
    "I love you too Hayd."
    "Come on. Let's go pop this kid's arm back in."
    "I need to call Scott."
    "Do I know this Scott?"
    "Scott Ian Davis!"
    "I know this Scott. How many other people stayed here after high school?"
    "As far as I know just those guys."
    "Oh. Do I need to leave while you call?"
    "Nah! We and can walk and talk."

    I make my call to Scott and let him know about Jacob's car. He knows the Boss. He was upset to hear what happened, but happy to fix it up for him. I also asked if he had a car Jacob could use for the time being.

    "Does he want another Mustang?" He asks.
    "Somethin' he can race, somethin' nice and fast."
    "I have that 1970 Boss 429. Tested her out about a week ago. She pushes out around 575 horses."
    "Faster than the old Charger of yours."
    "We know this. Don't let Tank get his hands on it. I fuckin' mean it."
    "Fuck him. I got a '69 Impala? Fast, but not real fast."
    "Naw, bring that Boss. He'll enjoy that bad boy."
    "All right man. On my way." 

    I put my phone in my pocket and walk over to the bar and put Kim's phone back where it was.

    "Jacob is nice and drunk Ode!" Dev yells across the room.
    "I'm not drunk! I'm buzzed and I'm feelin' good. Let's just get this shit over with."
    "I got you a loaner car to drive. Scott is on his way right now and he's dropping it off when he picks up the Boss."
    "What Kind of car?"
    "An old slug bug. It's all he had."
    "A fuckin' Volkswagen? Are you serious?"
    "He's fixin' your car at a discount and throwin' in a loaner. Be happy it's not a Pinto. Hayd I need you to hold Jacob on this side."
    "I'm too tall for a slug bug."
    "Are you ready Hayd?"
    "Are you rea..."

   I pull upward on Jacob's arm and we all heard the good pop. Jacob yells in pain then starts laughing when he moves his shoulder around.

    "I wasn't fuckin' ready Ode! Ahhhhooooouuuch! It still hurts! But fuck it feels good to be able to move it around."
    "It'll be sore for a few days. You'll be fine."
    "Yo Ode!" Tank yells from the top of the stairs.
    "Tow truck just left. You need me for anything else or can I get the fuck out of here?"
    "You put the spikes away?"
    "Then go the fuck home."
    "See ya brotha!"
    "You guys want to hear anything while we wait?"
    "Black Eyed Peas! Gone Going please." Milly says.
    "Jukebox okay?"

    Milly's song starts playing before I get back to the couch. Her and Hayd are singing the words. Hayd used to sing to me all the time. Milly's voice is just as beautiful has Hayd's. Feeling the wad of cash in my pocket I remembered I had to pay Jacob. I count out $1,500 and hand it to him.

    "Hey Ode. You only owe me $500. What is this?"
    "For someone from the slums of Oakland... You're fuckin' loyal man."
    "What you did tonight... Scared the shit out of a lot of people. Including the four of us. You showed us what kind of man you are. Crazy as shit when someone fucks with Milly! Loyalty and respect go a long long way with me man."
    "I know if any of you guys were in my shoes, you would've done the same thing. Maybe not cut open a guy's face. But you would've had my back. I've seen shit growing up that I probably shouldn't have never seen. When you don't have much of a family by your side, at least you'll know your friends will always be there. You know? My friends are my family and no one fucks with my family. When they do, they get dealt with. Apparently I like to cut people."
    "You earned the respect of a lot of people tonight. Everyone is gonna know not to fuck with Milly, and not to fuck with Dev. Respect! It's all I have to say."
    "Naw man, thank you."
    "Total bromance moment! Fuckin' nasty!"
    "Are you mad because I'm not having a moment with you Hayd?"
    "No, no! Suck his dick! I'm totally fine with it."
    "Come suck it Ode! Give your lover what she wants. Right here, come on. Come put your mouth all over it you fuckin' beast."
    "Fuck you both!"
    "I'll suck it if he won't Jacob."
    "There you go! Milly will suck it for you! I just got a text from Scott. He's here so lets go say our goodbyes to the Boss."
    "My baby is leavin' me!"
    "You'll get her back in a month or so."

    We all grab a trash bag before heading out to help Scott. Top side, I notice Scott had put a car cover on the 429. Good call!

    "Yo! We gonna unload this slug bug first?" I ask as I give him a look to play along.
    "Hi Scott!" Hayd yells from behind me."
    "Is that fuckin' Hayden? Damn it she's lookin' good."
    "Fuck off of my kool-aid man."
    "Better watch Tank around that piece of candy. You know how he loves those small white girls."
    "Yeah. He's fuckin' Kim."
    "What? Fuckin' kiddin' me? Kim as in, your fiancée?"
    "Mmm Hmm. Saw the texts in her phone."
    "Handle it Ode."
    "I will. So what's up we unloadin' this thing or what?"
    "Yeah, in a minute let's go check out the damage here. Keys in it?"
    "Should be."
    "Okay! If she starts we're good. If not, then we have to think about new motor blah blah blah. Which means more money."
    "I have money! You know this. The car was runnin'. I turned it off before I pulled Jacob out."
    "Well! Let’s see if she restarts shall we?"

    He climbs into the driver's seat and turns the key. The motor clicks twice and nothing.

    "Come on sweetheart." Scott says to himself.

    He turns the keys again and nothing.

    "One more time!" Jacob yells behind me.

    Scott turns the keys one last time and lets the engine turn for a few seconds. Then she came to life.

    "Ooooo wee! Boys! For a second there I thought she was dead! She still might need some motor work. But she's in good hands kid. She'll be good as new. I'll take real good care of her. All right Ode you wanna help me get this bug of the flat bed?"

    We get the car unloaded and Jacobs car loaded and ready to go when Jacob pulls the cover off the 429.

    "The fuck?" he says
    "Hey kid! I'm gonna need that cover back!"
    "DUUUUUUUDE!" Dev says walking up to the car running his hand down the side.

   After talking to Scott about getting my car fixed and sending him on his way. I walk over to Jacob and put my arm around him.

    "Literally the only fuckin' car in this town that can outrun mine."
    "Boss 429. She's fuckin' sexy Ode"
    "I figured, hey! He drives a Boss, why not leave him with one.
    "It defiantly isn't a slug bug."
    "It defiantly isn't a slug bug."

    I hand over the keys along with the ones that were on his key ring.

    "You ready to roll the fuck out of here Jacob?"
    "Yeah. Melissa!"

    He walks around to the passenger door and opens it.

    "You rolling with me or what?

   Milly looks over at Hayd, and she nods her head yes. She walks over and gets into the passenger seat and Jacob closes the door. He walks around to the driver's side and gets in. Hayd, Dev, and I stand and wait for Jacob to start the car. Oh she's sexy. Dev giggles like a little girl and runs over and gets into his car, and the three of them drive away. Hayd and I just stand there and watch until the taillights disappeared.

    "That brought back so many memories." Hayd says as she puts her head against my chest.
    "Yeah. For sure."
    "Jacob opening the door of that old car for Milly. I had flashbacks of when you used to do it for me."
    "What do you say Hayd? Wanna go for a ride with me? Like the good old days?"
    "Yeah, I do."
    "Let's roll gorgeous."